Wild Drive

November 28, 2005

   MANTAN na ENERUGII wa ikiba wo nakushite Komatteru ze,
   Dare ka ga chotto yurasu dake de taikutsu na haretsu suru ze
Oh yeah… That’s the opening lines for the song Wild Drive taken from the anime Yugioh. For the past few weeks (or even months!) I have this sudden craze to sing this song ever since I first heard it.
   I ride, white line no ue wo, Oh, Oh, Oh
   Sit down, shinrai shitteru basho de, Oh, Oh, Ooohhhhhhh
Alright… I still have it. I can also proudly say that I sound so much alike like the original singer himself (yeah right *faints*), Nagai Masato. Further more, I sang this song nearly every week and several times per session (a little obsessed here, isn’t it?).
   Hitori ni, hitotsu zutsu moraeru, jiyuu to jounetsu no te ni,
   Kagayaku tame ni umarete kita, bokura no tabi wa tzuzuku
There’s seems to be no stopping of me from singing this song!!! I’m on a roll! Alright, let’s take it from the top and sing this once more. Here we go!
   Bokura wa mada shizuka ni, tobira wo tataiteru…
Aaaoowww….. Yeah!!!

Flint The Time Detective

November 26, 2005

In some ways, this anime reminded me a little bit about Pokemon. At least those small cute creatures and their individual special abilities in Flint The Time Detective. It’s about these prehistoric stone age father and son duo trying to stop the villainess Petra Fina and her 2 dumb henchmen from getting some ‘time-related-device-thing’, I think. However, they were fossilized (frozen, that is) by her and fast forward millions of years into the future, the duo are unfossilized by the members of the The Bureau Of Time And Space Investigation members Toby, Sara and that professor who’s name I always forget. This bureau travels back in time to protect history from being altered from bad guys (the usual baddie of course, who else is there). I also noticed that at the end of most episodes which involves those small cute creatures, will become part (as in live-in) of the bureau. So it accumulates. Wow, that’s gotta be alot of them by now. Yup, looks like it. I wonder how much more of those could be added and would the evil Petra Fina finally get what she wants, that is, to be with her mysterious true love whom she always fantasized about (the latter definately a no-no because she can’t get the job done in the first place).

Yamamoto Yoko

November 25, 2005

I can still remember some parts here and there the last time I watched Soreyuku! Uchuu Senkan Yamamoto Yoko (What a mouthful! Plus, there are several other titles to the name of this anime in English). Let me recall… It’s about this girl Yamamoto Yoko, a highly skilled pilot, losses her memory after some accident, gradually regains her lost memories during space battles (recurring flashbacks, that is). Although, I’m not really sure, if the space battles involved are video game simulations or actual ones (or maybe both!). My mind’s still quite blurry on this one. Then she has her 3 other team mates to help their team TERRA to beat the bad guys kind-a-thing. Now my mind is a total blank. Can’t recall anything more. Er… but did one of the girls (not the heroine, of course) died near the end?

Astro Boy

November 19, 2005

This was the one that started it all, Tezuka Osamu’s Astro Boy. Without it, where would the development of Japanese manga and anime be right now. Currently, this version of Astro Boy is the more polished version. That is, in terms of the drawing, animation and sound. But the overall storyline still remains somewhat similar. You see, Astro is a super-ahead-of-its-time robot created by Dr Tenma as a replacement for his late son, but was later revived by Dr O’Shay to help the police fight against bad robots. As usual, not being a 100% robot, he also experiences some feelings and tries to go through life as a normal young lad. However, there’re some parties who look down upon him (not because of his size). So he tries his best to fit in. And like most super hero stories, battling with evil androids (I also noticed that the building structures are sure to get damaged during the fight), and protecting the good and innocent citizens from harm are all part of the ingredient. Isn’t it typical. But like I said, this was one of the pioneers, so I guess it wouldn’t be a bad thing after all reviving back a little nostalgia.

Groove Adventure Rave

November 18, 2005

A fantasy like adventure, Rave is actually quite entertaining to watch. It is even more comical combined with the several (if not, all) weird and interesting characters. In addtion, the names of the characters, items, places, sound all very ‘terror’. We have this young kid Haru Glory, who is the successor of Rave, his strange looking companion Plue, the ‘sometimes blur & naive’ but pretty Elie, another weird-hentai-map feak creature Griffin Kato, and Musica the thief with the ability to control silver. The adventure is something like this. Haru wants to find his long lost missing father, but since his the new Rave Master, he has to gather the scattered Raves to destroy Demon Card (the most evil organisation) the remaining Dark Brings (the evil version of Raves). Elie has no whatsoever memories of her past, but she has something to do that Ethelion thing which is inside her, which can be very destructive. Along the way there’re small side stories here and there to add spice to the journey. And as usual, the season ended with the potential of another sequel. But hey, just like Haru, I also like Elie’s smile, which means I’d probably watch this whole anime again if it’s ever repeated. Puyo! (There’s a strange penguin who always says that at the end of his sentences, right?). And then there’s that magician Sieghart, and the Oracon Seis, the 3 purple booty shakers and Lucia Rareglove… Aiyah… Too many things going on to take into account at once.


November 15, 2005

I have this weird feeling when I watched Gatekeepers. Not so much of the storyline of protecting the Earth from alien invasion, but the protectors are actually made up of high school kids. Well, not just ordinary kids. You see, these special children posses some special ability called the ‘gate’ which helps when counter-attacking the ‘Invaders’ (that’s what those aliens here are called). The 2 main characters Shun and Ruriko, who’re childhood friends, unexpectedly meet and soon are working alongside with each other. And there’s abit of a love triangle here too. Although at first Ruriko dislikes Shun, but later on discovers that she has a little crush on him, however Kaoru (another member) already declared her love out loud for Shun, but he doesn’t take this all serously. And then there’s that ‘blur’ Reiko girl. Maybe there’s no real chemistry. But overall, you know in the end the good guys win, bad guy losses, but leave some room for potential return. I think there’s a sequel after that. Anyway I haven’t watched it yet.

Mobile Suit Gundam Wing

November 14, 2005

This is quite a popular anime in Japan. Gundam is one of those animes where they spawned several sequels, spin-offs and cross-overs. Not to mention the toy industry as well. This one in particular, Gundam Wing is nearly similar to all those other Gundam series. At least the big gigantic gun/sword wielding robots are concern. Set in the future, several factions fighting each other using these robots for supremacy or whatsoever reasons. You get the point. So I believe that in this anime that there are 2 factions, Earth and Space Colonies (some decendents of the Earth faction). So the Colonies decided to fight back against the oppressive Earth and its alliances using 5 highly trained young guys. You can guess the rest already. Good thing is (or maybe a bad thing) that I’m not really much of a Gundam fan, plus the anime is aired quite early in the morning. Meaning I’m missing it most of the time.

Digimon Tamers

November 12, 2005

The TV station decided to rerun another anime, Digimon Tamers, which is the third season of the Digimon series. Since, I’m not much of a Digimon fan, I didn’t sit and watch this entire season, and mostly because it’s also shown quite early in the morning. As I can recall, this season’s storyline is nearly as similar to the previous two Digimon’s. You know, a bunch of chosen children who have this small and strange digital device when activated, would enable their Digimons to power up and turn into better (and more ferocious looking) monsters (not to mention the name change as well). So they try their best to protect their world and at the same time thwart the evil Digimon’s schemes. Only this time around, the main character’s Digimons came out from cards and the CGs are much better and improved when the Digimons morphed. Oh well, If I’ve nothing else better to do and I’m awake too early, then I guess there’s no harm watching this one. Eventhough, I’m not too sure what’s going on most of the time.

Princess Nine

November 11, 2005

As far as I know, Princess Nine is the only baseball anime in the baseball-crazy Japan. Since I didn’t manage to watch the entire anime, only bits here and there, and that’s only the beginning parts where it shows how all the girls came to be part of the Kisaragi Girls High School Baseball Team. The main character focus were between Ryo and Izumi as the latter didn’t like the former at first (I could be wrong. Hey, I only watch the first few episodes remeber?). I suppose most of the episodes will tell the trials, tribulation and relationship of these 10 ladies (9 players and 1 seemingly cheerleader) and how they will get along among each other. So certain episodes may reveal certain interesting (or peculiar) characteristics about each girl. And then eventually how they rise up to being the best all girl baseball team in Japan. Reminds me of that American show where Madonna starred in a long time ago.

Duel Masters

November 6, 2005

Another anime based on card games. Although with a much different concept from Yugioh, Duel Masters focuses on a young aspiring duelist Shoubu, who wants to become the greatest duelist in the world (yeah, who wouldn’t want to) just like his father. Of course, like in Yugioh, he has a couple of friends to accompany and support him all the way, namely Sayuki, Rekuta and that cute & kawaii (in my opinion, of course) Mimi. As usual, I didn’t understand the basic card and game rules, so I was very blur even when they explained it. But I know the cards are divided into several categories like Fire, Water, Light and Darkness, and our hero seems to prefer playing the Fire type cards. Along the way he fights battles, wins them, and then his opponents becomes his friend, although there are some which isn’t the case. Compared to Yugioh, there’re more comical elements. However, since this anime is shown very very early in the morning, I always tend to miss it (somehow the sleep factor is overwhelming). And somehow also, I prefer much to watch Yugioh.


November 5, 2005

I noticed something after watching Pokemon several times. That each episode is generally the same plot, just that each time they present it differently and in another way. It’s like this, Ash and his friends journey from town to town, and in each town they encounter some young Pokemon-trainer-in-training and makes friends with him or her. Then Team Rocket comes along (with that poetic introduction!) whether to steal Pokemons or other things like cash and food using that particular episode’s Pokemon that they focus on. Eventually they both battle and at the end as usual, the young heroes win while Team Rocket losses and gets blown away and disappear into the sky. I’m not actually a fan of Pokemon. It’s just that, this anime is one where it’s shown at the ‘right’ time. Meaning, not too early, not too late, and not when I’m out. So what the heck, I just watch it just for some laughs. Pika… Pika… Pika… That’s what the yellow thing always and can only say, right?

Kidou Tenshi Angelic Layer

November 4, 2005

I’m not really into this anime, besides the great opening and ending songs. I’d say Angelic Layer is a little draggy and there’s relatively no physical violence, except the doll fighting part. The doll fighting what?! Look, it’s not a hentai anime or anywhere near it. It’s about a tournament where the contestants uses dolls called Angelic Layers, which when thrown into some special arena, becomes lifelike and moves and fights as well. Of course, the owner controls them using some weird headset and controllers. So we focus on this litle girl, Misaki, who knows nothing about this, suddenly gets interested at first look, buys her first doll, whom she named Hikaru, then before you know it, after a few training sessions, she actually has potential hidden talent in it and goes off participating tournament after tournament. You’ll then notice that she actually never loses a single fight! Not even to an old experienced player! Wow, I wished I had such good skills too when I was young. But anyway, I didn’t sit through and watch the whole season. I just watch some episodes here and there. And somehow I didn’t mind if I didn’t understood a particular episode beacuse I missed the earlier ones. Is that a good or a bad thing?

Sakura Taisen

November 3, 2005

I remember one of the early animes that I watched was Sakura Wars. About a group of female fighers-cum-opera performers (Some weird job combination isn’t it). But this isn’t exactly a comedy type anime. It’s more of a good-versus-evil kind of drama/thriller. They use some kind of a mech type robot to fight some strange demons, and when they’re not fighting, they perform theatrical plays to the public. And there’s always that obnoxious Sumire trying to boss around showing her authority whenever possible especially to Sakura, since she’s the newcomer. Well, at the end, they eventually got along just find and manage to defeat the evil forces. But that’s just the first season. Since then it has generated several sequels and even video games. Not only that, there’re several soundtracks too! Just like forming a pop group and releasing their own album. Although overall I find this anime a little draggy, I’m not quite sure whether I’d watch it again or not… since the I even haven’t watch the sequels yet too! But you know me, maybe those ‘pretty kawaii koutetsu no otome’ may do the trick.

Kiddy Grade

November 2, 2005

Downloaded and watched a few short clips of Kiddy Grade from the internet. Well, the main thing that got my attention was the 2 main cute-pretty-kawaii-daikirei protagonists, Eclair and Lumiere. Or else I would’ve passed this anime by (sounds a little bias isn’t it). So here it is, these 2 ladies working for the G.O.T.T. like obedient dogs (forgive me if I may sound disrespectful, but isn’t it?), doing their dirty laundry, only to find out that the real ‘bad guys’ are the ones that they’re working for and in higher authority. So, they go all out to seek the truth and justice while uncovering Eclair’s mysterious past. Like the saying, ‘Sometimes Loyalty Is Better Than Authority’ or ‘The Truth Is Out There’ (the latter’s already taken). At least in this anime. Now… where can I find more pretty pics on the lovely Eclair an Lumiere.

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