Detective Conan

December 23, 2005

This must have been a really really long running anime. Detective Conan actually spans over 400 episodes over 8 years! Plus, there has been numerous opening and ending songs to it. This doesn’t even include movie length features (also in abundance). I can say that this anime is the Japanese equivalent to the American cartoon, The Simpsons (in terms of air time, course). You see, Conan is a very very smart, meticulous and is very sharp in spotting details. Furthermore, he looks like a 7 year old kid. But wait, looks can be deceiving, he actually became so overnight. Kudo Shinichi is a up and coming seventeen year old detective, but one night while on a date with his girlfriend Ran (which also partly becomes a crime solving date), some bad syndicate made him eat some weird experimental pill and his body has shrunked as a result of it. So he conceals his identity as ‘Shinichi’s cousin’ and ‘temporarily’ lives with his girlfriend and her seemingly hopeless detective dad. As expected, he solves crimes like a breeze and the suspects usually gets very surprised to be exposed by such a small kid (they seem to belittle children and think that they’re dumb). But in most cases Conan seems to be humble, in the sense that he usually puts Ran’s dad asleep and then go on ranting on the clues and evidence. So it may seem to other people that he’s really in deep thought. I mean, after hundred of episodes, couldn’t they tell the difference. But of course, this is partly to hide is true identity as well. Meanwhile, he’s also on a quest to find out the baddies who’re responsible for his shrunken stature and tries to find a cure for it. Overall, if you like short detective shows, then this anime isn’t so bad to watch. Oh yes, one thing I noticed is that, the characters here have ‘proportionately large’ ears. Hmmm… Maybe it gives the anime some identity in the ‘over-saturated large eyes industry’.

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