Inu Yasha VS Bakura

January 30, 2006

Actually there’s nothing similar about Inu Yasha of Inu Yasha and Bakura from Yugioh. The only thing that they have in common is that they both have long white hair and the fact that I’ve once mistaken both of them as females! Yeah, Inu Yasha because of his long hair, dressing and cat ears (then I too found out he was actually a dog!). Bakura because the person who dubbed the voice was a female (or a guy that sounded like a girl). With a reliable word-of-mouth information source (Thanks, Mei), here’s a comparison between the two:-
Inu Yasha: Wants to find and collect all the scattered shards of the Shikon jewel so that he can be a full demon.
Bakura: Wants to collect all the 7 millenium items so that he can open the gateway to unimaginable dark powers.
But mission always thwarted by:
Inu Yasha: His brother Sesshoumaru.
Bakura: His eternal nemesis Yugi.
Other half:
Inu Yasha: Half dog demon and half human. Good side is full human and evil side is full demon.
Bakura: Good side is Bakura Ryou while evil side is Yami Bakura
Inu Yasha: Under the full moon, he reverts back to full human form.
Bakura: Usually during battle phases with opponents, switches to Yami Bakura without the other Bakura’s awareness.
Inu Yasha: A small black pearl dot which is his father’s grave in his right eyes.
Bakura: Millenium Ring which he obtained by killing 1 of the 6 priests, Mahado.
Inu Yasha: Tetsusaiga, a sword made out from his father’s fang. Can destroy many youkais in a single swing but can only be used to protect humans. Other weapon used are his claws.
Bakura: Dark Necrophia, his prized and most ‘terror’ card in his Ghost Deck. Other cards include Ouija Board, Death Messages and Puppet Master-Controller Of Dead Spirits.
Inu Yasha: Imprisoned 50 years within the Goshinboku/God Tree. Freed by Kagome.
Bakura: Imprisoned 2000 years within the Millenium Ring. Freed by Ryou Bakura and then possesed him.
Past life:
Inu Yasha: Same as before.
Bakura: A grave robber in the streets of Egypt.
Inu Yasha: Rash, seems to hide his true feelings from others, always protect the ones he love.
Bakura: Quiet, deceptive and scheming and always try to hide his real intentions. Over confident during battles.
Love interest:
Inu Yasha: Kikyo. But Kagome has a peculiar resemblance to her so he may habour some feelings there.
Bakura: None.
Character role:
Inu Yasha: Main role, of course. Heck, he’s the main star and he’s got the anime named after himself.
Bakura: Side role. Not even supporting. His role mainly is to help piece together here and there certain storylines and to offer variety.
It’s obvious that Inu Yasha seems to be the better character. But where would Yugioh be if not for the Bakura character. So it depends on which character you like most. It’s still open to debate/discussion.

Haih… This is another one of those animes where I really don’t understand what happen at the end. El Hazard: The Alternate World is supposed to be a mini sequel to El Hazard: The Magnificant World. That’s because you’d be lost trying to understand the characters if you didn’t see the prequel at first. In this particular sequel, a new character is introduced, namely the Priestess of Water, Qawoor, is on her way to her coronation ceremony when she’s ambushed by a Bugrom warrior. Then she’s found unconscious by Makoto and as you know developed a crush for him. Now that adds to the tension and jealousy for the other 2 ladies, Nanami and Shayla-Shayla, who’re also trying to gain his affection. Yeah, I guess three’s a crowd. Anyway, before you know it, some strange device of Makoto is activated and it whisks most of the main characters to another strange land, Creteria. Of course, they’ll be separated and scattered here and there at first but later on will come together later on. Now this is the part where I really become blur. What’s the Eye Of God got to do with the Spring Of Life? I mean I notice some machine that’s supporting the kingdom is dying. So our Makoto tries to fix it. To make matters worse, there’s a mad emperor who’s eyeing on Qawoor. So what happens when someone is jilted? Yeah, he loses all sense of logic and wants to destroy them. You know the if-I-can’t-have-her-nobody-else-can kind of mentality. Moving on, at the end after some weird machine is activated, everything went back to normal as if all this weird things never happened, and our heroes manage to get back to El-Hazard and complete Qawoor’s coronation. So here are my many questions. What’s the significance of Shayla-Shayla and Jinai’s entrapment in a large cave with funny looking bugs who wants to eat them? What happend to Princess Rune Venus’ lover, the farmer? Weren’t they in love? Doesn’t Makoto care, notice or even bother that there are girls vying for his love? What’s Ifurita’s appearance in Makoto’s dream have any significance in this anime? What does the last episode of lesbian-hentai between Fatora and Alielle with Qawoor mean? Oh, forget it. The more I ask anymore, the more blur I become. Now I just need to sit back and think back all the good parts from this anime. Yeah, the part where Nanami, Shayla-Shayla and Qawoor attempting to get hold of Makoto’s love. Hahaha! Wait a minute. Did Qawoor gave way to Nanami somewhere near the end?

CLAMP Campus Detectives

January 27, 2006

Another one of those detective type animes. CLAMP Campus Detectives is much more different than Detective Conan. You see, there are 3 pretty boys here (Nokoru the Student Council President, Suoh the secretary and Akira the treasurer) running the ‘detective agency’ as a team unlike in Conan who seems to work alone. Plus, the setting is within the CLAMP campus itself rather than the whole city. Speaking of which, the campus is really really huge, and it seems as though it’s like a city all by itself. Yeah, I guess you really need that space when you have 10,000 student and teachers from kindergarten to university level. But the crime solving mysteries here (including the goriness and violence) are more toned down as this are elementary school kids. Wait, Conan is a kid too. Ah… but he’s a high school kid shrunked into a small fry, remember. Anyway, these 3 boys seems to be idolized, well-liked, apple of the eye of the campus’ girls. Uh-huh, girls there seem to fall head over heels or swoon over them (well, at least most of them). So, the theatrical and romantic Nokoru pledge that he and his team would do anything in their power to help damsels/maidens in distress or in need. Yeah, it may sound like a little pervert here, but it’s all done with good intentions. Altough I find the animation and drawing here is slightly better than Detetive Conan, this series doesn’t really have hundreds of episodes which spans several years. Which means you could probably finish this in 7-8 months. Maybe it’s because there weren’t many delinquents in the campus (little children seem to listen and behave better than grown ups some times, don’t you think?). Even so, how bad could they be? I mean it for an elementary school level, of course. Okay, maybe there are. So if you like pretty young boys in shorts, then I suppose this anime is your kind of cup of tea. For me, it’s so-so lah. By the way, is the CLAMP campus’ mascot some sort of a fish, bird or Kirby?


January 21, 2006

ALERT! ALERT! GAY SHOW! GAY SHOW! That was what my perception is when I saw a few clips of Gravitation. I may be wrong, but hey, there’re some elements of homosexuality there right? *pukes*vomits*faints* First I thought that this guy, Shuichi, was a girl at first, but I wasn’t sure. Then I did a little research and I found out that he was a he all along. The story’s something like this. Shuichi an aspiring singer-songwriter one night was composing some lyrics when a gust of wind blew his composition into the hands of the handsome romance novelist, Eiri. After reading it, Eiri critisizes Shuichi’s work and says that he has no talent. How would anybody feel about this? Angry and mad of course. And that’s what Suichi felt and since then he wanted to confront Eiri of his rudeness. But at the same time Shuichi seem to have fallen in love at with him as well. So although there will be elements and factors that will try to break them up, somehow some mysterious gravitating force will bring them together (hence the title Gravitation. What a title). The part that bothered me most was the part where these 2 guys kissed! *pukes*vomits*faints* Yeah… they actually showed several scences where they locked lips! ALERT! WARNING! CODE RED! GAY SHOW! GAY FILM! GAY ANIME! Fans of the series may rebuff my statements. I know, it’s suppose to be that shonen ai romance type of anime and probably many girls would just swoon over the good looking blonde. Of course there’ll be comical moments and if you like animes that deals with relationships among characters then I guess this anime is okay to have a look at. But I still can’t believe they kissed each other! That image has been burned right to my brain! Ugh! Yucks! I think I’m gonna be sick…*still puking & vomiting*

Ayashi No Ceres

January 20, 2006

Could someone tell me what the ending of Ayashi No Ceres means and what it’s all about? I mean, I’m quite lost even when I’m watching halfway (and probably everyway!) throughout the series. From the opening credits, you might think that this is a hentai anime, but it really isn’t. This is what I understand. Aya Mikage and her twin brother Aki are decendents of Ceres, a celestial maiden who came down from the heavens to take a bath in one of Earth’s streams (why would a celestial being do that? Isn’t the water in heaven heavenly?). But her robe was stolen by a mortal. So in order to get her robe back she was forced into marriage to this guy and thus bein the mixed blood relationship kind of thing. So fast forward to present day, unlike any other teenagers who gets presents or parties when they turn 16 on their birthday, Aya and Aki get a rude shock when they find out that their grandfather is trying to kill them. Why didn’t he do it much earlier? So we see Aya running here and there avoiding assassination bids after bids. Oh, did I mentioned that Aya can unwittingly transform herself into Ceres which have some super powers but she seems to want to keep her away too and not transform too frequently. But luckily she’s got a good pal-cum-protector Yuuhi to keep things at bay for awhile. Then I also understand her twin brother hoped onto the otherside of the bandwagon and joined his grandpa in hunting down and kill her own twin sister. This really brings family feud to a whole new level (but he sacrificed himself and died at the end). Also, there’s this guy, Tooya, at first was on Aya’s grandpa’s side, then later on, donno what happened, switch sides and becomes Aya’s other protector. Then the 2 became a couple and I think they got married at the end (because of Aya’s pregnant tummy, I assume). Err… so could anyone please tell me what is really going on and what this is all really about? Maybe I should watch this anime again, if they re-run it of course.

Anime Clips Overload Part 2

January 14, 2006

Woooaahhh……. Over the past few days, I’ve been experiencing another wave of watching anime clips, thanks to the fast internet speed. Somehow I’m getting addicted to this, and I’m loving it (not McDonalds, mind you). Let me see, I’ve seen Akane Maniax, Ashita No Joe, Beet The Vandel Buster, Betterman, Bottle Fairy, Burn Up Excess, Burn Up Scramble, Cat Soup, Cat’s Eyes, City Hunter, Colorful, Comic Party, Cosplay Complex, Crest Of The Stars, E’s Otherwise, Eureka 7, Galaxy Express 999, Genshikin, Girls Bravo, Grave Of The Fireflies, Gravitation, Gungrave, Hellsing, Honey And Clover, Jubei-Chan, King Of Bandit Jing, Last Exile, Lost Universe, Love Love, Lunar Legend Tsukihime, Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha, Mai-Hime, Marmalade Boy, Mirage Of Blaze, Najica Blitz Tactics, Neoranga, New Fist Of The North Star, Ojamajo Doremi, Orphen, Panyo Panyo Di Gi Charat, Parasite Dolls, Rozen Maiden, Rune Soldier, Samurai Champloo, Samurai Girl Real Bout High School, Samurai Gun, Silent Mobius, Someday’s Dreamers, Speed Grapher, Star Blazers, Steamboy, Stellvia Of The Universe, Sunabozu, Tenjou Tenge, The Twelve Kingdoms, Trigun, Tsubasa Chronicle, UFO Princess Valkyrie, Uta-Kata, Vampire Princess Miyu, W-Wish, Yumeria, Zettai Shonen, and Zone Of The Enders. Wow… that’s way lot more than the last time. Well, the usual same elements of any anime trailers/videos/clips. You might be thinking, why do all this? It’s because… since I’m an anime freak and so desperate to add anime titles to my list, now I can really say that I’ve watched those animes before. HAHAHAHA!!! Oh yeah. Part 3, maybe?
(Click on the picture below to have a larger view of this anime montage)

Futari Wa Pretty Cure

January 13, 2006

Mitai! Mitai! I want to see this anime! After watching just a couple of video clips I downloaded from the internet, I seem to ‘fell in love at first sight’ for Pretty Cure. Yeah, it’s not so much about the storyline you see. It’s because of the 2 pretty kawaii bishoujos, Nagisa Misumi and Honoka Yukishiro (haha, you should’ve seen that one coming). Ohh… they’re just sooooo pretty *faints + eyes rolling*. In addition my heart skipped a little just to think about them (I’m not a pervert, okay). I think that’s pretty much about what attracted me to watch this anime. The storyline’s average. Two contrasting characteristic ladies, one a sports-active type (Nagisa) while the other the studious type (Honoka), one day encountered a shooting star which carried 2 weird (some may call it cute) creatures, whose land is being undersieged by some evil force. So without any further thought, these 2 creatures bestowed some magical powers upon these 2 girls to help save their land. Pretty average storyline, huh? I mean, why pick ordinary school girls? Well, I guess in their land, looks can really KILL!. Or maybe these 2 girls are bored and wanted to get a real life or they couldn’t resist desperate pleas from cute things. So, our 2 girls then can transform themselves into magical defenders of light, Black Cure (looks like a maid) and White Cure (looks like a bride). Oh, and those transformation scenes reminded me of those Gaban and Baja Hitam days (maybe even Power Rangers). A little lengthy and over-exaggerated, showing nearly every part of their body/dress being transformed. Wow! I think it’s the dress in which their magical powers come from, don’t you think? I mean, look at Superman, he wears his underwear outside and doesn’t feel embarrassed about it. Well until then, good luck ladies! I’ll be dreaming about you both in times to come (I’m still not a pervert, okay).

Little Wing

January 9, 2006

  News days, hajimari no asa, sekai to KISU shiyou
Does that opening line sound familiar? If you don’t know, it’s Little Wing from the anime Scrapped Princess. I heard this song while I was watching the trailer of this anime and was suddenly attracted to it. And I haven’t even watched the anime yet! Yeah, it’s true sometimes the music makes you want to watch the anime.
  Blowing in the wind, hon no sukoshi no yuuki to ai wo POKKETTO ni
The Scottish bagpipes at the beginning of the song may mislead one to think that this would be some traditional Scottish hymn. But then, it’s quickly followed by some cool guitar strumming and it only gets better from there.
  Yeah! Ushinau mono na no nani mo nai yo,
  Take my way! Kono te no hira de, kiseki wo CATCH shitai
With Masami Okui on the lead and JAM Project accompanying in the background, this is guaranteed to be one catchy, lively and lovely tune. After I’ve downloaded this song, I felt that I needed to download a karaoke version so that I can sing along. Guess what, I found it shortly (after 2-3 days, that is). Wow! That’s so fast!
  Hateshinai sora to daichi, soshite mirai wo tabi shiteku
Yeah… Now I can sing to my heart’s content. If only I had the time, that is. Oh well, gotta make do with what I’ve got. And as the saying, practice makes perfect, in no time, I may be able to sing and even sound just like the singer herself (yeah, yeah *pukes*)!
  Umaretate no tsubasa wa, oh! Kitto kitto kitto someday kagayaitekunda!

Strange Dawn

January 7, 2006

One of those animes where I didn’t get the whole picture at the end. Strange Dawn (as the title is strange as well) starts off by showing 2 best-of-girl-friends Eri and Yuko, sucked into a strange world. Reminds me of that part in Gulliver’s Travel. Yep, that part where the inhabitants of this world are small people like the size of er… hamsters, I should say. Plus, they looked like dolls/beanies with short limbs. As expected, in this world there’re many tribes and factions but they’re not living harmoniously as they should and it looks like a war is going to break out any time soon (just like in the real world). Therefore the ‘advent’ of this 2 ladies in the eyes of these small people are some sort of a terror god-saviour-protector like creatures. But you know, these small people too have their ulterior motives and want to persuade these 2 girls to be on their side for whatsoever political or other reasons. In the mean time, the 2 ladies are still blur on what’s going on and are in the midst of trying to comprehend and adjust to the different environment. Sure, at times they may have a little tension among themselves and engage in a little teenage petty squabble. Then, they’re sorry and made up. Of course, they wouldn’t want to stay here for the rest of their lives, so they need to find a way to get back to their own world. So the village’s so called branded traitor, Shal and his friends/followers decided to help them out and off they go on some journey. While the in-show’s several storyline and plots were confusing (cause I didn’t understand what’s going on) they ending was like ‘huh… what happened… just like that only ah?’. Yeah, they got transported back to their own world with some magic stone at some shrine-looking place. In the midst of that, Shal and co are fighting off the ‘baddies’ who wanted to prevent the ‘sending-off ceremony’. Some weird-happy ending, I guess. So would the tiny people finally live in peace? Maybe. Perhaps Eri and Yuko may just wake up the next dawn of sunrise and find that this is all just a strange bad dream. Just kidding. Just added that last bit myself.

Grander Musashi RV

January 6, 2006

This anime actually ended several weeks ago. Watching the last episode of Grander Musashi RV made me go something like ‘oh… I see… uh… like that ah…’. You see, in the second last episode, the ‘bad guy’ Kuki Jr got hold of he Devil Legender (the evil one, you may have guessed) and as a result, the evil-ness of the Legender possesed him (not to mention the change in appearance and dressing as well). So he decided to challenge the rest to a battle where the winner will get hold of all the Legenders. We can also see all of the other Legender’s terror powers when unleashed. But during the battle, Kuki Jr’s ‘inner self’ was fighting very hard with this evil force and try to avoid it’s dominationg influence. As expected, he loses out to Musashi and then returned back to normal again. For the first time, Kuki Jr and Musashi weren’t at each other’s throat and actually shook hands. So he wasn’t such a bad guy after all, isn’t he? And then it ended where everybody just fishes casually by the river bank saying what type of fish the enjoyed catching most. Well, it seems fitting since there’re no more Legenders left to collect. Also, we got a glimpse of that little ‘romantic moments’ with Yun and Mio, and Taku and BB. The rest looked so blur and wondering what’s going on. Oh, come on, didn’t you guys notice it in the first place. Ah well, what was my initial reaction again? ‘Oh… I see… uh… like that ah…’. Not too bad actually.


January 1, 2006

What a way to start the new year with an anime blog. This time will be the futuristic space adventure Vandread. It’s about in a time where men and women are mortal enemies and they’ve been fighting each other using gigantic robots, mainly the men uses robots called Vanguards while the women’s are called Dreadlings (you may guess that’s how the title came about). On another usual day for another battle of the sexes, a Vanguard pilot, Hibiki and 2 of his comrades got captured by the renegade all-women pirates (these women are against their own kind and are highly on the wanted list) ship called Nirvana. In the midst of chaos they get sucked into some trans-dimensional portal which warps them gazillion miles away from their homeworld. As expected, these 2 ‘species’ (if I may call these men & women so) didn’t get along very well at first, but you’ll know as time goes by they will. So they set on a journey to return back to where they came from and on their long journey they’ll learn that the existence of ‘The Harvest’ (some alien species who ‘harvest’ bodies of other living creatures as a way to continue their survival and existence as they don’t have productive organs of their own. Some weird creatures they are) will soon threaten their survival and thus have to hurry back home to warn their kind. But ‘The Harvest’ seems to like picking a bone with them. So our heroes must join forces (and their robots, that’s how the title is now really derived from) to stop this menace. The anime boast some great CG animations especially the space battles. But I think the producers were having a little ‘naughty’ intentions when they decided to cast a large number of sexy looking ladies. I mean look at the way most of them dress, it’s a little revealing. An excuse for the futuristic thing. Then the 2nd season saw more info regarding ‘The Harvest’ and a new comer, Misty, whom provides a little ‘romance-entertainment’ as she and Dita fights over Hibiki’s love and attention (like he cares). But Misty loses out at the end (she gives way, that is). Overall, it’s enjoyable and I’d watch this anime again, after a long while, that is. Oh, I also wonder why Hibiki seems to tolerate and respond everytime the naive and cute Dita calls him ‘Uchuujin-san’ AKA Mr Alien? Doesn’t he gets annoyed? I thought he’s a little hot-headed. Oh well…

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