Asobotto Senki Goku

February 10, 2006

The thing that Gensoumaden Saiyuki and Asobotto Senki Goku have in common is that both anime series is based on the novel Journey To The West, and they both have that monkey boy, Goku and priest, Sanzo. Monkey Typhoon, as it’s more commonly known here, has a more comical nature as compared to Saiyuki and the storyline is somewhat different (or else why would they make such an anime in the first place).
It’s something like this. In the future, a large part of the world has transformed into a desert wasteland making humans unable to dwell. So, they seek refuge in the world of Meshichi and live together with Anbots. But then, some virus is threathening the humans’ existence and thus an alliance of association robots (hence, asobotto) is formed to find the 49 keys in order to save the human race from extinction.
Made out of the mysterious priest, Sanzou (who’s being awaken from his cryogenic sleep), the playful and ‘with-an-attitude’ and sometimes idiotic Goku, Tongou the big cat, the spikey haired Jou, and Susie, some sort of petite thief. A bunch of misfits at first impressions, I’d say. In this series, during battles, Goku can transform himself into some kick-ass, fierce looking robot. Plus, with a mere whistle, he can summon a mechanical horse to aid him as well. As for Sanzou, his power-up seems to be a harmonica, used only when they’re gonna lose (why doesn’t he use it in the first place?). But he seems unable to defend himself most of the time. Ironic, but don’t ask me.
Of course, on their journey, they’ll meet all kinds of obstacles and characters that, well you know, sometimes make you think that whether or not they’re with or against them. Like Mion, a cutie lady who wants to collect all 49 keys herself for unknown reasons (she has a golden mechanical weasel which she sometimes keep in her hat!). But I think they keep bumping into each other because Mion has a little crush on Sanzou. Well, since I wasn’t addicted to this anime, I’d probably watch this for amusement purposes.
Oh yeah. One thing I noticed is that, most of the bad guys here just look the same. Maybe they all came from that one same bad seed, huh?

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