Ueki No Housoku

February 25, 2006

There must be something really interesting when I first watched The Law Of Ueki. Yeah, I somehow got addicted after just watching 1 episode of it. In addition, this anime is relatively new in Japan, as it’s still being aired over there. I’d love to summarise what this whole anime is about, but it wouldn’t do any justice to it. Plus, you wouldn’t understand the whole picture if I didn’t do some bragging.

There’s this tournament that will decide who the next God will be. Uh-huh. God here isn’t that One And Only One All-Mighty. And the current God, AKA Kami-sama, is portrayed as a merrily-hippie-womaniser kind of God (I know what you’re thinking). So candidates to be the next God however need to select a mortal to fight on their behalf. And as you know, the current God decided what would be more interesting than to use middle school kids as each God Candidate‘s representative.
When a God Candidate has chosen his/her representative, that representative (AKA Power User) will be bestowed some awesome but mainly weird kind of powers. Hmmm… Now that’s the interesting part about this. And I can say that the producers are quite imaginative and creative. For instance, changing coins into whirlwind, changing beads into bombs, changing towels into steel, changing shadow in robots, changing cotton into stakes, changing ring into rocket, changing earth into scythe, changing tomato into magma. The list goes on and on and there’re quite a number of these Power Users and you’ll get to see how they creatively use their powers in battles.
Of course, the winning God Candidate will become the next God and as for the Power User, he/she will be given the most ultimate & prized ‘Zai’, the Blank Zai. What’s that? Well, Zai is actually ability (Mandarin = Cai) to do something, like Zai to sing, Zai to dance, Zai to do homework, etc. You get the point. After each fight among Power Users, the winner will randomly receive 1 Zai while the loser will lose his powers and is out of the tournament. However, if a Power User uses his/her power on a Non-Power User, 1 Zai will be erased or deleted as a penalty. And if one has zero Zais, that person will disappear from the face of the Earth! Sounds like a lot to know, right? But if you’re an addict like me, you’ll know these terms like the tip of your fingers after watching several episodes.
So this anime focuses on our hero Kousuke Ueki, sometimes blur, naive, and stubborn but with a great sense of justice and friendhsip (if only there were such people in this world). Chosen by God Candidate Kobasen because of this, Ueki has the ability to change trash or garbage into trees. Along with his classmate, Mori Ai, the 2 embark on a quest to win the tournament and obtain and keep the Blank Zai from falling into the wrong hands. Unlike other people who have their own desires on what they want to use the Blank Zai, Ueki doesn’t. His reason is just that. Like I said, if only therer’e such people in this world. However, Ueki seems to have very low number of Zais (an average Power User has approximately 100 Zais) because he seems to use his power to defend bully victims. But he makes them up in battle phases he wins. Oh well, easy come easy go. Ironically, justice here seems blind, though. So Mori has to always warn and remind Ueki before he gets into a fight with a Non-Power User.
Along the way he learns and discovers how to use his ability, defeating Power Users alike and making many friends along the way (due to his sense of justice!). But when Kobasen was sent to Hell after breaking a forbidden rule not to help Power Users engaged in battles, Ueki becomes even more determined to hunt and take down Robert Hayden and his henchmen known as Robert’s 10. And you guessed it, he single-handedly took down each one of them (well, with the exception of Rinka). But I was a little disappointed with the fight between Ueki and Oni, one of Robert’s 10. He seems to be like one of the tough guys, but got beaten so easily and so fast. *sighs*
If you notice, Ueki seems to take alot of beating from his opponents at first. A normal person would’ve been unable to continue or died already. But yet, he’s able to stand up, devise a comeback plan and win. How’s this possible? Well, you see Ueki isn’t exactly a mortal. He’s some sort of a Heavenly Being just like Robert Hayden himseld. Meaning, they’re born in Heaven so they’re abe to use Jingis (AKA Sacred Treaures – some gigantic weird looking weapons) during their battle phases. Yeah, it’s some scam from their dads so that they can eliminate the competition and be sure that they become the next God.
As the story progresses into the second round, the remaining Power Users form teams up to 5, battle each other. Plus, as a twist, Robert is no longer around and is replaced by Anon, which is supposed to be Robert’s dad’s real son. Yeah, his father found out he was getting soft after that gruesome battle with Ueki and decided that he’s no longer of use to him and is thus replaced. Some kind of father, I tell you.
Overall, I found this anime to be quite entertaining although at times I go blank when they explain certain strategies or stuffs like that. Oh yeah, somehow most of the characters remind me of other anime characters as well:-
Ueki reminded me of Yahiko of Rurouni Kenshin and Haru Glory of Rave
Mori reminded me of Elie of Rave
Rinka reminded me of Koran of Sakura Taisen
Sano reminded me of Ryouga of Ranma 1/2
Hideyoshi reminded me of Goku of Asobotto Senki Goku
Kobasen reminded me of Ichiro of Angelic Layer
Kageo AKA Black Shadow reminded me of Kippei of Aishiteruze Baby
Karl Paccho reminded me of Onizuka of Great Teacher Onizuka
Myoujin reminded me of Maruko of Chibi Maruko Chan
Kami-sama reminded me of Harima of School Rumble
Margarette reminded me of Nerine’s dad of Shuffle
Gitar reminded me of Nagi of Tenjou Tenge
Yugo reminded me of Shino of Naruto
Marilyn reminded me of Candy of Candy Candy
Note that I used the word ‘reminded’ as they don’t really look 100% alike but has a close resemblance to that character. Maybe there’re other characters which resemble other anime characters, but I couldn’t think of it right now.
If I ever become a power user, my guess is that my power would be to change faces into smile and laughter. HAHAHAHAHA!!!!!! Alamak… Kena sendiri…

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