March 3, 2006

  Yukikau hito wa minna,
  Omoi nimotsu seotte,
  Tooku ni yureru kagerou no naka ni,
  Ashita wo mitsukeru
Everytime when I start my karaoke session, I will usually start off with this song first, that is, Alone, the second ending theme for the anime Gensoumaden Saiyuki.
  Kono te wo koboreochiru,
  Suna no you na kanjou,
  Ano toki mune ni sasatta,
  Kotoba ga fui ni uzuku kedo
Yeah, this song somehow serves as a good warm up before I proceed on to the rest of the other songs on my karaoke list. Another reason being, alphabetically, this is the second song on my karaoke CD (the first being Akai Hana from Eden’s Bowy). Plus, there’s no random feature on my audio player. So just sing the first song I want to sing lah.
  Hatenai yoru wo kazoe nagara,
  Jibun wo kakera sagashite ita,
  Ushinau hodo ni kono omoi ga,
  Tashika ni natteku
Sung by Shimokawa Miyuki, the song starts off at a softer pace at first. Then gradually you’ll start to notice the other instruments coming in, which make this song a great one to both listen and sing. Ehem… ehem… Now that I’m done with this one, I can confidently move on to the next song. Hehehe…
  Ima nara kitto aruite yukeru doko made mo

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