Mai Tokiha

March 4, 2006

Okay, I have a confession to make. I’m really really really obssessed and infatuated with this particular girl. I mean, I’m crazy over her and still can’t stop thinking of her nor get her out of my mind. Who’s that lucky girl you asked? Well well… *smiling* It’s no other than Mai Tokiha! Yes, that very pretty kawaii bishoujo from Mai-HiME.
So this little blog space is dedicated to her and from time to time I’ll look back to this blog space and read it again and again with all my hearts content. *Swooning* Note: Information source below from
Name: Mai Tokiha
Age: 15 years old
Date of birth: 22nd July
Star sign: Cancer
Height: 157 cm
Weight: 46 kg
Blood type: Type O
Hair colour: Brownish-orange
Eye colour: Violet
Vital statistics: 87-56-83
Favourite colour: Yellow orange
Favourite pastime: Cooking and Karaoke
Favourite food: Amai Tamago Yaki (literally ‘sweet omelette’)
Siblings: A younger brother, Takumi Tokiha
Mai Tokiha striking a stunning pose
A high school freshmen, Mai received a scholarship to study at the Fuka Gakuen along with her sickly brother, Takumi. She’s an orphan at a very young age since her mother died trying to save Takumi. Since then, she has always been carrying the responsibilities and burden of taking care of her little brother (as her mother’s last wish before passing away).
Therefore, at times she may act more than a big sister and like a mom to him.
Overall, she’s quite a cheerful, friendly and happy person. Also smiles alot too and tries her best to help out anybody in need. But all this took a drastic change when she found out about the HiME stuff and had to reluctantly get involved. She became confused and angry as now she not only has to deal with her school life but to take care of Orphans as well.
She loves cooking. Because of that she has some extraordinary culinary skills. Like Mikoto, she really dig Mai’s ramen. Later on too, Natsuki too commended on her noodles. Yum… Wish I could taste her cooking too. *Sighs*. Besides that, she also took a little CPR lessons which became handy when she saved Mikoto’s live.
Also, she loves to go karaoke-ing (yay… just like me. Looks like we both have something in common there *winks*). Not only that, she likes to do so with her friends. I must say, she’s got quite a nice voice there.
To ease her financial difficulties, she took up a part time job as a waitress in a cafe. And to earn more money, she took up a job as a life guard at the beach during her summer vacation. Because of this, she has no time for her friends and they soon leave her out. This made Mai quite depressed and brought back some memories of her painful past.
At first she seems to dislike her classmate Tate Yuichi, due to several ‘perverted incidents’ (like his face on her breats, you know what I mean). But after that comforting words from Tate, their relationship improved alot and then soon developed feelings for each other. On the other hand, the student council vice-president, Reito Kanzaki, does seem to have a liking for her and have on 2 occassions asked Mai to go on a date with him. He seems to let Mai take her time on deciding and doesn’t pressure her for an answer right away. Cool guy. But still, Mai’s still pretty confused then. But eventually, it’s Tate that she loves. As for Mikoto, I don’t think she’s really into that lesbian relationship when she finally told her ‘I love you’. It’s just that they’re so attached to each other so I’m sure they developed that kind of bond, you know what I mean.
Of course, there’re a few people who disliked her. But that’s for a short while only. Like Shiho at first liked Mai. But when she found out she liked Tate, she became jealous and see her as a threat and competition to her ‘boyfriend’. What about Nao, then. She sure said some pretty harsh remarks about Mai ‘trying to be a good girl by being nice to everyone’. Plus, there’re times when she and Mikoto had a fallout. That’s because after a little misunderstanding when Mai thought that Mikoto had ‘killed’ her brother.
In conclusion, Mai at the end accepted her growing popularity among her peers and no longer feels left out. And just like Mikoto said, ‘I like it when Mai smiles. I’m happy when Mai is happy’. How true, so do I. And it makes me sad to see her with a frown. Oh, Mai… let my express my love for you once more. Mai-chan hontou ni daisuki!!!!!
Yeah… And I’ve amassed a few pics of Mai herself. Isn’t she the loveliest anime gal ever. Anybody who objects shall be dealt with with extreme prejudice! No lah, just kidding only. I don’t care what everybody else says about her. All I know is that to me, Mai will always be here in my heart. Maybe I’ll get to marry her one day. *A very very long sigh + swoon*
Looks like I’m off to further daydream about her!
(Click on the pictures below to have a larger view to admire this charming lady! )

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