Mai-HiME Characters

March 11, 2006

Yeah… I still haven gotten over that Mai-HiME anime yet. That ‘oh-it’s-such-a-great-anime’ feeling is still residing in my heart. Still crazy about it. Wasurenai yo! So here’s a brief description on the characters of the series.
The HiMEs
Mai Tokiha

As you all know, she’s the main heroine of the series (and the one who stole my heart!). A new transfer student to the Fuka Gakuen, she’ll soon learn about the responsibilities about being a HiME and balancing it out with her school life as well. For more detailed info on this pretty kawaii bishoujo, read my blog on 4th March 2006 (you’d better!)
Equipment: A pair of bracelets and anklets
Child: Kagutsuchi – a hybrid between a dragon, phoenix and whale
Dearest one: Takumi Tokiha and Tate Yuichi
Natsuki Kuga
The serious and mostly in times of tense situations, the one with the rational and calm voice of reasoning. A rugged kind of lady, if I should say. Usually dressed in that black leather outfit and rides a motorcycle. Skips many classes to investigate the First District, whom she believed to be the one responsible behind her mother’s death. Because of this, she’s quite knowledgeable about the HiMEs and its consequences and tries to prevent them from gathering at the Fuka Gakuen at first. Normally doesn’t express her emotions to others and may seem ‘snobbish’ by keeping to herself at first too. But sometimes gets herself into embarrassing situations beyond her control. Oh yeah, she likes collecting lingerie too. How ironic.
Equipment: A pair of pistols that shoots ice
Child: Duran – a wolf embedded with cannons
Dearest one: At first was her late mother, later on it was Fujino Shizuru
Mikoto Minagi
A petite girl with great fighting skills who is looking for her lost brother Ani-ue. She became very attached to Mai because she saved her life from drowning. Gets hungry often too and likes to eat. Plus, she also like Mai’s ramen. At first, seems like she doesn’t know things girls her age should know like bras and love, and is quite confused about the latter. Later on, she had a misunderstanding and fall-out with Mai when Mai thought she ‘killed’ Takumi. But they became good friends again in the end and found out that Reito is actually her long lost brother.
Equipment: A black sword named Miroku whom she always carry around with her. Also it looks like it’s too heavy for her to use effectively.
Child: Miroku (not to be confused with her Equipment) – a weird looking one eye round bug
Dearest one: Mai Tokiha and Ani-ue
Shizuru Fujino
The president of the Student Council who enjoys sipping tea. Seems very laid back and easy going kind of lady. But in fact harbours a very deep affection for Natsuki. Yeah, she’s a lesbian as you’ll find out later in the series. Although she doesn’t show it, she protects Natsuki indirectly and would prevent any harm done to her. Because of this, she became a little ‘crazy’ as she went around disposing off her enemies. But later on realises her mistake and still manage to ask everyone’s forgiveness with a smile. Also, the last HiME to be revealed, if you discount the fact that you already know that mysterious lady in white robe is Shiho.
Equipment: A weird looking halberd/spear.
Child: Kiyohime – a six headed hydra
Dearest one: Natsuki Kuga
Midori Sugiura
The energetic and very ‘hyped’ lady. Has that ‘patriotic sense-of-responsibility-and-duty’ kind of attitude about being a HiME. She claims that she’s seventeen but nobody seems to believe her. At first she works as a waitress alongside Mai and Akane in the cafe. But she’s always clumsy and breaking plates and glasses during her shift. Later on she became one of Mai’s substitute teacher. She loves archaelogy and likes to drink (and getting drunk too!). P/S- Her voice reminded me of Ranpha of Galaxy Angel. Could it be her, the same person?
Equipment: Long battle axe
Child: Gakuteno – a pointy headed lion or is it a dog?
Dearest one: An archaelogist professor whom she deals with (but we never get to see him until the last episode).
Nao Yuki
The bad-ass girl among the HiMEs. Don’t be fooled by her cute innocent looks. She uses that and her HiME powers to rob guys. So young already so like that. But you can’t blame her. She went through a lot of bad and bitter experience and injustice during her younger days. Her mom got hospitalized by her attackers and they got away while Nao herself was sent away to Fuka Gakuen. That’s why she loathes Natsuki the most who has it ‘easier’. In the end, she became a nun, but not that goody kind. She’s still slightly her naughty self though. How ironic too.
Equipment: Claws (reminds you of Freddy Krueger, don’t they)
Child: Julia – a spider and scorpion hybrid
Dearest one: Her mother who’s in hospital
Yukino Kikukawa
Shy, quiet and most of the time an introvert. She is Haruka’s assistant in the Student Council and looks up to her. This is because Haruka has always stood up for her through the times when she herself is unable to do so. A contrasting pair in terms of characteristics, I’d say. As she’s quite knowledgeable in many areas (one of those studios type), most of the times she has to quietly correct what Haruka says. After Haruka graduates, she succeeded her.
Equipment: A hexagon mirror
Child: Diana – a seed like plant with tentacles
Dearest one: Haruka Suzushiro
Akira Okuzaki
Disguised as a boy and sent by her clan to the Fuka Gakuen to learn more about the HiMEs. Roomates with Mai’s younger brother, Takumi. Though, she seemed cold to him in the beginning, but in time, her feelings for Takumi became stronger. I don’t know about everyone else, but I knew Akira was a girl right from the start, until that part where she said that she’s suppose to make everyone into thinking that she’s a guy (huh?). Also, she likes to paint and draw. Followed Takumi to the USA for his treatment in the end to keep watch over him (and to be close to him, of course).
Equipment: Double bladed daggers
Child: Gennai – a giant bullfrog
Dearest one: Takumi Tokiha
Yukariko Sanada
As a nun, she provides that you know comforting and encouraging words of God to students in despair and delinquents. However, I see her as quite a ‘weak’ character among the HiMEs. After she found out that she herself was a HiME, she became confused about God and strayed a little from her belief. Plus, that art teacher Ishigami, seems to be making her even more confused about her beliefs and love, as he wants her to win the ‘carnival’ as well. She’s also the culprit which made the HiMEs started to fight among each other. In the end, she gave up being a nun and married Ishigami, but still keep a close tabs on the church since Nao and Miyu became nuns.
Equipment: a bow
Child: St. Vrus – a unicorn head (something like a knight chess piece)
Dearest one: Watari Ishigami
Shiho Munakata
A little girl who’s very much in love with Tate. Although they’re not related by blood, she seems to call him Oni-san (brother). At first she and Mai got along quite well until she found out that Mai and Tate had developed feelings for each other. She became jealous and disillusioned and wanted to ‘erase’ Mai so that she would not take Tate away from him. Also, she may seem very childish at times and has that child-like behaviour. In time, you’ll also get to identify her ‘evil suspicious stare’ trademark. In the end, I’m not sure whether she really approves of Tate and Mai’s relationship eventhough she regained her sanity and since she still wants to cling on to him.
Equipment: a flute
Child: Yatagarasu – a one legged crow/raven
Dearest one: Tate Yuichi
Akane Higurashi

A shy and timid girl who works as a waitress along Mai in the cafe. Though she and her boyfriend Kazuya are very much in love, she hides the fact that she’s a HiME from him, as she’s afraid that he won’t love her. But even after he discovered it, his love for her didn’t waver a single bit. And that made her loved him even more, thus their love bloomed more than ever, even right to the end. As she is the first HiME to be killed (so sad), she became a ‘vegetable’ after losing her dearest one (very sad indeed).
Equipment: a pair of large tonfas
Child: Harry – a tiger
Dearest one: Kazuya Kurauchi
Fumi Himeno
She’s the maid and assistant for Fuka Gakuen’s director, Mashiro. She seems to be always by her side, thus she rarely goes out and be seen in public or at any other places. Quite soft-spoken, she devotes herself to Mashiro. The weird part is that Fumi’s Child is also the director herself. After the HiME incident had ended, she took over Mashiro’s post and became the new director of Fuka Gakuen.
Equipment: a scythe
Child: Mashiro (at one point I saw that the Child Mashiro transformed into a sagittarius?)
Dearest one: Mashiro Kanzaha
Alyssa Searrs
The 13th and fake HiME. She’s been infused with HiME powers when she was born in order to bring the Golden Era to the Searrs Foundation. At first she’s the Golden Angel of the choir group of the Fuka Gakuen and is very afraid in meeting other people other than her caretaker Miyu. But later on, she turned into a cold and ‘mad’ in order to complete her mission. Because she’s the fake HiME, her defeat opened up an extra pillar and make room for 2 HiMEs instead of 1 in the end. Also, she can create and summon Orphans.
Equipment: None (but sometimes I feel that it’s her hair)
Child: Eclipse 1 Artemis – a laser satellite in space
Dearest one: Her father (though I feel that Miyu should be her dearest one)
Other notable characters
Mashiro Kanzaha
The wheel chair ridden director of the Fuka Gakuen. Though at times she can actually stand up and walk. Sometimes you wonder who’s side is she on as she doesn’t reveal much information and just enough to know. Then at times too, seemingly conspiring with Nagi, doesn’t that make you suspicious? As she’s the winner of the last ‘carnival’ and her real body is encased in a crystal in the Land Of Fuka. Because of the destruction of the pillars, she was finally released from her imprisonment and decided to put an end to this ‘carnival’ once and for all.
Nagi Homura
Another mysterious characther that posses clandestine knowledge about the HiMEs. Also, you may sometimes think that Nagi may be that ‘bad guy’ as he seem to summon Orphans to test the HiMEs. But he’s just a follower of this whole ‘carnival’ thing. Besides, appearing here and there, so who is he really?
Reito Kanzaki
The vice-president of the Student Council and Lord Kokuyou’s earthly vessel. Later on, it’s also revealed that he’s the long lost brother of Mikoto. He’s also the most eligible bachelor guy in the whole campus and the kind where you know girls would really want to be with. But seems to have set his eyes on Mai. Though he’s quite cool, understanding and isn’t rash in deciding things. Still trying to ask Mai for a date in the end, huh?
Haruka Suzushiro
The board of discipline director for the Student Council. Loud-mouth at times and usually tend to mis-spell and mispronounce words in her speeches. May seem bossy to get things done but that’s her character. Plus, she may not show that warmth gentle display of friendship to Yukino but deep down in her heart, she’s still her best friend. Also, despises the Student Council president, Fujino very much, and calls her ‘buzuzuke women’.
Tate Yuichi
A member of the student council. Not really in love with Shiho as he treats her like his little sister (they’re childhood friends) and not the kind of relationship Shiho wants. Yeah, you already knew that he and Mai didn’t get along well at first. But later on, that love feeling just blossomed. That first kiss with Mai is still elusive, isn’t it?
Miyu Glear
The adopted daughter of Joseph Glear (a priest alongside Sister Sanada). Actually her name is an acronym for Multiple Intelligence Yggdrasil Unit, and is a robot in-built with many weapons and features. Also, her task is to take care of Alyssa. That’s the only time when she seemed to smile a little and not being cold and serious. Though defeated midway through the series, her revival at the end helped led into ending the ‘carnival’.
Takumi Tokiha
Mai’s sickly younger brother. Borned with a weak body, always felt that he’s a weakling and a burden to her sister. Though at times he try his best to be strong and independent. In the end, he managed to undergo treatment for his condition in a hospital in USA.
Chie Harada
Mai’s classmate and gossip queen. She and Aoi are like inseparable best of friends.
Aoi Senou
One of Mai’s helpful classmate. She and Chie are like inseparable best of friends.
Youko Sagisawa
The doctor of Fuka Gakuen and Midori’s best pal.
Masashi Takeda
The Kendo club captain and in love with Natsuki. Though at times his expression to Natsuki may be a little misunderstood and ends up at the receiving end.
Kazuya Kurauchi
Akane’s boyfriend and one of Mai’s classmates too. Also works as a waiter in the cafe along with Akane and Mai.
Well, I guess that’s about wraps it up. Oh, before I go, I just want to say… MAI-CHAN ITSUMO MOTTO MOTTO DAISUKI!!!!! Hehehe… I guess I’m really obssessed with her!

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