1/3 Junjou Na Kanjou

May 19, 2006

  Nagaku nemureani yoru ga kimi e to omoi,
  Sore wa koi nan desu to sasayaku yo
That isn’t exactly the opening lines of 1/3 Junjou Na Kanjou, one of the many ending songs from the anime Rurouni Kenshin. This is actually the first 2 lines of the first verse as the song starts of with lines from the chorus accompanied with a solo electric guitar picking.
  Tomedonaku katari nakeru yureru todou wa,
  Binetsu majiri no tameiki e to kawaru
Sang by Siam Shade, this is another one of those typical rock songs. You know, the electric guitar pickings and playing style, the drum beats, the ‘rock’ voice. Yup, your usual recipe for a typical rock song.
  Give me smile and shine days, kimi no smile de,
  Itetsuku yoru samusa no mo good koraerareru
For me, I wouldn’t say that this is a really tough song to sing, though I don’t sound exactly or perfect (what do you expect). Plus, this is one of the oldest songs, meaning that I’ve been singing it for years already (not every day lah, but on and off). So I should be quite familiar with it.
  Kowareru hodo aishite mo, Sanbun no ichi mo tsutawaranai,
  Junjou na kanjou wa karamawari, I love you sae ienaide iru my heart…
I’ve noticed throughout the times, that the part where the singer drags and sustains his voice during the lines ‘My Heart…’, in the beginning I’ve always seemed out of breath and gasping for air. But now, like no sweat only. Like pro some more (yeah, right!). But the most important thing is that after all this time, I still find it quite enjoyable to sing. That’s right. Keep it on…
  My heart…

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