More Mai Tokiha

June 30, 2006

Even though it’s been a long time since I’ve last talked about Mai-HiME or Mai Tokiha, don’t think that I’ve already forgetten about her! She’s never left my heart a single bit. Plus, I’m still ever crazy and in totaly head over heels over her! So for today’s pictorial blog space will be part of my eternal shrine dedicated to this pretty kawaii bishoujo. Forever Mai Tokiha!!!
 EARTH ANGEL… Truly an angel sent from above
HOT!… Yeow! This burning flame of love really hurts. And it hurts so good!
SUNSET SHADING… Even in such shading Mai looks gorgeous than ever.
 HUH?… Mai spots something which boggles her mind. Perhaps me? (Perasan!)
 BLOWING IN THE WIND… Ah… gentle blowing breeze, lush scenery. What a romantic scence.
 WELCOME… Mai’s part-time job as a waitress. I hope my table’s soon to be served.
 YOU’RE UNDER ARREST… You can arrest me anytime baby. I’m guilty of love in the first degree.
 ENVY… There’re even guys asking her out, much to the jealousy of other girls. Just watch and dream on ladies. You don’t even come close to her. Wait a minute… Do I even stand a chance?
CRYING IN THE RAIN… Who’s the %#^&@ who made her cry?! Let me at ’em!!! I’ll make sure whoever that $&^#* pays for what he/she did to Mai!
 POWER UP… Mai’s battle aura glowing and she’s already in intensed concentration.
 DOWN… Mai spots a pensive look.
 I’VE GOT THE POWER… Mai during one of her battle modes.
 HAHAHA… Laughter is the best medicine.
 ZETTAI MAKENAIDE!… Go Mai! Ganbaru ne! You have my everlasting support.


June 25, 2006

It has been a long time since I’ve watched an anime without a Christian related theme. Yup, Amaenaideyo is more of the Buddhism and Shinto related kinda stuffs anime. But the ironic part is that this anime doesn’t really preach much Buddhism values Yay! No boring parts. Sorry if I’m being rude. However, it’s actually HENTAI!!! What the?! Using such religious themes for a hentai anime? Some combination, I’d say.
Let’s get a little grip first of how this weird combination came about. We have this 16 year old boy, Ikko Hatanaka, who is being sent by his parents to live in the Saien Temple, headed by some old hag named Jotoku-Baa. Yeah, you can hear him complaining why would his parents do such a thing. Who knows? Maybe that wasn’t so important.
Then you’ll start to notice that the other occupants of this temple are resided by only girls! So, Ikko is the only guy there. See where I’m heading. And you’ll see some tension and quarelling between Ikko and Chitose Nanbu. You’ll pretty much guess too that these 2 are gonna be like romeo and juliet but always bickering.
The other girls include Haruka Amanogawa, a second year senior at the temple whom if you notice seems to enjoy ‘seducing’ Ikko or verbally allowing him to get ‘naughty’ with her. Also another second year senior is Sakura Sugai, the no-nonsense and more serious one. The rest are 1st year which include Sakura’s little sister Hinata (the usual no expression and taciturn kinda character), Sumi Ikuina (what thick eyebrows you have. Reminds me of an old western comedian), and Yuko Atoda (the tomboyish and slightly violently brute gal). And they have a weird looking pet which I can’t seem to make out. Couldn’t be a dog or a cat. So is it some kind of a devil animal? But it seems quite close with Hinata.
Anyway in the first episode you’ll get to know what the temple’s job is. Something like a community service kinda job such as exorcism (which gives people a peace of mind). And those kids aren’t actually full time workers there as well. They go to school, have  outdoor activities and go back home too. In addition, Jotoku-Baa is the vice principal of the school those 7 teens attend! So by the end of episode 1, we’ll get to see their 1st action when they encountered some possessed doll. Dolls and stuffed animals previously cared and loved by their owners are now being thrown away. So they need to perform a ritual to cleanse those ‘restless spirits’.
And this is where the pervertness comes into play. You see, Ikko has some mysterious hidden powers. When he sees naked women, there’ll be some terror wave of aura and his hidden powers are unleashed. During normal times he can’t seem to remember or recite the right words. But after this, suddenly wah so terror! With some mumbling of the right verses, the spirit is excorcised. But afterwards when everything has calmed down, he becomes a pervert himself! And he’ll start to pounce on the girls. But they always kick and punch him away. So ironic! How unfitting of a monk. So basically in the first episode, Chitose was the ‘victim’ (as most of the episodes will be her). Don’t worry the other girls will get their turn too. Note, I’m not smiling or happy here and no, I’m not a pervert!
So in each episode you’ll start to notice a pattern. A particular theme for that particular episode. Then some ghost or spirit appears in one of that episode’s characters whether possess or disguise or whatever form. Then there’s that need to exorcise the spirit. But discovered that the spirit is too strong. So there’s only 1 way. Yup, you guessed it. Ikko must use his powers. So the girl(s) either purposely strip themselves naked or by some accident or misfortune (more like convenience), their robes are off. Makes you wonder, why don’t the girls where anything else but their bras and panties underneath? Hot, you say. Yeah, their bodies are hot. Hahaha.
Speaking of which, the midway intermission has those girls in a sexy pose. And there’re other times where Ikko accidently stumbles when the girls are half naked only to be beaten up and be called a pervert. Plus, they seem to ‘bully‘ him in a way by making him do most of the temple chores. Wow. Is that how life in a temple is suppose to be?
Thus their adventures of exorcism include that video game outlet spirits in episode 2 (restless spirits who just want to keep on playing video games), or in episode 3 where one of Ikko’s classmate begs him to get a date with Sumi but later on found that the the classmate is a spirit who admires Sumi since young, or visiting some haunted house in episode 4. In this episode too you’ll know that Chitose is some horror movie geek. Knowing every little significant and insignificant details about anything horror movie related. While the rest are scared out of their wits, Chitose (and Hinata because you know why) seems to be having a lot of fun.
One thing different about episode 5 is that there’s no use of Ikko’s powers. That’s because this episode focuses more on Sakura and how she deals with an admirer of hers known over the Internet (which is a spirit too. You should have seen this one coming). In the end, the spirit realizes and went in peace on his own. So not much pervertness here except in the beginning of the episode where the girls dressed sexily to attract customers to their booths for their school cultural thing.
Then there’s that Power Rangers spoof in episode 7 and in episode 8 focus a little on that whatever pet. Hinata brought something back but didn’t tell anybody what it is. So her elder sister jumped to a conclusion that she’s having a child. And she got a little freaked out there. Actually, it’s a kitten. So that little black pet got jealous and decided to run away. Ikko and Hinata went looking for it. Found it. Bla bla bla some stories which goes like I didn’t abandon you and I still love you. And in this episode, 2 mysterious figures who seem like troublemakers chants something and turned that kitten into a monster. The funny part was that when Hinata decided to unleash Ikko’s powers, and when she does so, got no effect on him. Like so bengang only. Yeah, seems that Ikko prefer bustier women compared to undeveloped child’s body. At least he won’t be called a paedophile. However, the other girls manage to show up in time (and all of them are the ‘victims’).
Episode 8 is more on Yuko and how she became more feminine because of an admirer. But it doesn’t fit her so she went back to her usual tomboysish ways. Then there’s that unfulfilled dream of a dead singer in episode 9 who temporarily possesed Chitose’s body to sing but felt reluctant to leave when the going gets good. And that visit to that temple up in the snowy mountains to help a monk living alone there with his temple chores in episode 10. In this episode you’ll see that the 2 mysterious troublemakers want to unleash Ikko’s powers.
By episode 11, the girls seem to be relying more and more on Ikko’s powers with this Christmas themed episode. Then there’s some discussion among those high ranking monks and Jotoku-Baa about Ikko’s problem. With Chitose overhearing their conversation, she somehow believed that Ikko could control his desires.
So this is true in episode 12 where it’s dawn of the New Year and people are thronging the temple to make that New Year resolution and prayers. Then the 2 troublemakers turned everyone into some zombie and started attacking them. During the attack, Ikko was knocked unconscious and Chitose is on the verge of being ‘raped’. With her cry of help, eventually Ikko awoke and for the first time manage to unleash his hidden powers without the use of any pervertness. Thus everything turns back to normal.
In the end, we can see Ikko praying and saying something like he’s gonna work harder bla bla bla. And you’ll see that he and Chitose are still bickering like lovers. But they’re all 1 big happy family. Wonder what happened to those 2 troublemakers.
But it doesn’t end there. There’s still episode 13, although this episode is more comical and light-hearted. In the beginning we see the Saien Temple teens in some game show and they won a trip to some resort all thanks to Chitose’s knowledge of horror movies. This episode has actually become more hentai than the rest. That’s because you can now actually see the breasts of those girls! It’s clearly shown unlike in previous episodes where the necessary parts were blocked.
And those 2 troublemakers. They seem so less serious here. They wanted to harness Ikko’s powers only to be conveniently foiled by those girls sleepwalking or some unfortunate bloopers. In the end those 2 went back to their apartment and just let it be and look forward to next year. So who are these 2 anyway?
Overall, it’s because of the pervertness which made this anime funny. Other than that, the storyline isn’t something which could really boasts about. There are instances in the anime where they explain terms and ideology of Buddism. But I don’t seem to understand it anyway. Eventhough there’s a sequel, I somehow felt unenthusiastic to watch it. I’m guessing that there’s gonna be more pervertness and hentainess (since I saw another new face there).

Hunter X Hunter OVA

June 22, 2006

When I first watched the first episode of Hunter X Hunter OVA, I was kinda lost already in the plot or what’s going on. Yeah, that’s because the first episode itself already felt heavy with lots and lots of information that sounded like you’re suppose to know before hand.
How true. I found out that this particular OVA is actually a continuation from the 62 episode Hunter X Hunter series. Yup, right where it’s left off. And since I didn’t see those previous episodes, you could say that I’m very blur.
With only 8 episodes in total, the whole OVA takes place in 1 night. Hmmm… You could say that they really drag this show. Or rather it’s gonna be a looooong night. Hehehe. But the atmosphere is really dark and grim too. Anyway, in episode 1, we see our 4 heroes (I assume), with Kurapica telling Gon, Killua and Leorio about his chain-generating powers. Yeah, Kurapica’s chain-dagger weapon looks cool to me. Like metal rings on his fingers attached with long metal chains. But when he explained its use or its effects, I’m like ‘err…’, ”uummm…’, ‘what did he just say?’.
Besides that, the conversation was also about how Kurapica needed the help of those 3 in order to track down a notorious cold-blooded spider gang called Genei Ryodan. I believe that this gang was somewhat responsible for the complete massacre/genocide of Kurapica’s tribe because of their scarlet red eyes. And Kurapica’s the last remaining member and was somehow spared. Is it because he’s got a different set of scarlet eyes? Does he look that scary with those eyes? Not to me. Not sure either.
Now back at the Genei Ryodan, the members are seemingly hanging around in some abandon building. And they’re discussing about finding ‘the killer‘. Apparently, in one of the previous episodes, one of their members was killed (by Kurapica) and they’re trying to get revenge. But they’re not sure who the identity of the killer is. So the head of the gang, Kuroro Lucifer, splits the gang into several groups and functions.
Speaking of the Genei Ryodan, some of its members reminded me of those horror movie monsters. Yeah… We’ve got a mummy (Bonorenolf), a zombie (Coltopi), a frankenstein (Franklin), and a count dracula-cum-ninja (Feitang). Just short of a werewolf. Then there’s  the scheming Hisoka, who seems to be planning something especially against Kuroro in the background. Others include Pakunoda, the bodyguard for Kuroro, Nobunaga, a bored looking samurai, Shizuku, has a vacum-cleaner for a weapon (!?), Machi, a tough and skillful looking chic, Shal, a ranma look-a-like, and Phinx, some guy with an attitude, that’s all I can say. Of course as Kuroro the leader, in a way he seems cool in that outfit and is the rational, calm and competent one. Somehow I felt that some of the members didn’t play any significant part in the OVA and was just sitting there just to make its presence known and not doing anything much in particular.
So as in episode 2, Kurapica decides to spy on the Genei Ryodan by cross-dressing. At first I didn’t recognise that this was Kurapica and was guessing ‘who’s this lady?’. Killua offered himself to head to where the gang’s new base only to find multiple buildings surrounding it. Of course it was an illusion created to make their base hard to find. So Kurapica enlisted the help of another of his friend, Melodies, to assist Killua. Melodies may not look like she’s up to the task but she actually has a very keen sense of hearing. Yup, she can identify different types of heartbeats and to whom it belongs and even from a distance. So be careful of what you say because the walls do have ears.
By the end of episode 2, Kuroro and 5 others (Machi, Shizuku, Nobunaga, Pakunoda and Coltopi) left the building in search for the killer. And it seems that they’re after Sukuwara, some guy with affection for dogs. But Kurapica and co are waiting near the hotel where Sukuwara is currently staying. And by episode 3, with Kurapica unable to contain his anger, he started to go after the Genei Ryodan, much to Gon and Leorio’s disapproval. But at the same time Sukuwara has received a call about the situation which may threaten his life so he’s on the run too.
So happens that the Genei Ryodan saw Sukuwara driving out from the hotel and they gave chase too. Wow… I didn’t know the way the Genei Ryodan run was so terror. So fast, up and on the side of the walls. At this point too, Gon who’s pursuing Kurapica on foot and Leorio’s pursuing in his car, lost him but manage to meet with Killua. But the Genei Ryodan sense somebody is chasing them and so they split-up with Pakunoda, Coltopi and Nobunaga continuing to pursue Sukuwara.
Not wanting to fight them, Gon and Killua surrenders and became the Genei Ryodan’s hostage. And in episode 4, Sukuwara is caught up (thanks to that traffic jam) and was interogated in the streets. Eventually Nobunaga sliced his head off! Meanwhile Pakunoda shoots Sukuwara’s memories into Nobunaga and Coltopi. I’m not sure whether they knew the killer is Kurapica or not, since in the end it wasn’t very clear either.
Anyway, when the gang reunited in some hotel, Leorio who was in some disguise (not as in outfit, but the gang didn’t recognise him either), relays a code to Gon and Killua that the power will be cut off by 7pm. So in episode 5 when the lights go out, Kurapica abducts Kuroro in a flash. As the members slowly come to terms with what’s happening, while waiting for their others members to arrive, Pakunoda received a phone call from Kurapica regarding Kuroro and what needs to be done for the hostage transfer. So basically, Pakunoda is facing a dilemma whether to save the gang or the leader. I didn’t get this part too.
Kurapica seems to trust Pakunoda then the rest, but she seems to honour her words not to reveal Kurapica’s identity either. In episode 6, as Kuroro is being held hostage and been driven to the airport, he mentions to Kurapica that he is of no value as a hostage and therefore this whole thing will is useless. Kurapica still not thinking straight, punched Kuroro a few times. But Kuroro’s unfazed. With the rules of the hostage transfer all set, Pakunoda sets out alone to retrieve Kuroro, but Gon and Killua are in the custody of the other Genei Ryodan back at their base.
In episode 7, they finally meet in an airship. With lots more talk and condition from Kurapica and with Pakunoda’s unconditional acceptance (I think Kuroro was slightly shocked to hear that since he did mention to notice Kurapica’s weakness. So was Kurapica, since she didn’t ask anything further), he stabs his chain-dagger into Pakunoda and Kuroro’s heart. Yeah, something like if they break their promise they’ll get killed. And off Pakunoda heads back to retrieve Gon and Killua for the transfer. By the episode’s end as Pakunoda gets ready to board the airship with those 2, a mysterious shadowy figure appears. Who is it?
It’s Hisoka! As it’s revealed in episode 8. So everybody, especially Pakunoda was shocked to see him. The reason? He wants to have his final fight with Kuroro, as planned all along. So in 2 airships, the head off to some desolated cliffs (like those you see in American deserts) and make the hostage transfer. The transfer goes smoothly and soon Gon and Killua are reunited with Kurapica, Leorio and Melodies. And after they’ve gone, Hisoka (who then renounced his membership in the gang) and Kuroro face off with Pakunoda watching from within the airship.
Kuroro told Hisoka that he has no more powers due to that chain-dagger stab. But Hisoka didn’t believe him and proceed to attack. Just stopping short of hitting Kuroro as he now believed his words. Feeling disappointed he left. The thing is, Pakunoda and Hisoka left Kuroro behind. Didn’t understand. And when they land back at the airport, Hisoka said something about everyone’s luck changed and how it differed from his predictions. With that he said goodbye and walked away. Meanwhile, as Kurapica felt disappointed having not managed to dispose the whole gang, but he felt relieved when Gon and Killua returned unharmed. Then he collapsed of exhaustion.
At the same time as Pakunoda makes her way back to the base alone, she reminisces about things in the past and of the gang. Wonder what’s those encounters with those bunch of cats meant. Anyway, as she heads back to the base, the other Genei Ryodan’s asking about what happened since Kuroro wasn’t with her. Somehow I felt that she’s gonna die when she decided to shoot her memories to Franklin, Phinx, Shal, Machi, Feitang and Nobunaga. I was right. I think she broke one of the agreements she made eariler on with Kurapica. We can see that chain wrapping and tightening around her heart. Ouch. Dead. And those who have witnessed her memories finally understood why she did so. But I didn’t (’cause I didn’t get shot by her bullet. Hehehe).
In the last scene we see Kuroro standing alone on that cliff and blaberring something philosophical sounding until sunrise. Haih… didn’t comprehend this part either. End of story. So he decided not to go back because he’s afraid he’ll die? Afraid of death? He doesn’t seem to have that look. Looks like he’ll be standing there for the rest of his life lah.
Overall, I manage to grasp the whole story generally but not much in detail as I’ve mentioned that I didn’t watch the tv series. The drawing’s ok since mostly it’s dark so you couldn’t see anything clearly (or maybe it’s the tv transmission. Think not). Also since I’ve watched this anime dubbed in mandarin and with malay subtitles, I couldn’t really judge on the actual voice and sound of the series. Oh well, heard that there’s another OVA after this too. Maybe it’ll help me understand this a little better.


June 17, 2006

Here’s another one of those magical adventure genre anime. At least that’s what I think when I’ve finished watching Popotan. Yup, also another short running anime series with only 12 episodes and that’s that. No sequels or whatsoever.
So here’s the basic premise. It’s about the adventures of 3 sisters and their maid who live in some large European style Christmas house which has the ability to travel through space and time. Each time they time travel, they will arrive at a different spot and time. With this, it shows how they made some impact with the lives of the people they meet during their journey. Why do they do this? I don’t really know, even with the explanation at the end didn’t really help.
The eldest sis, Ai, seems like the dreamy and blur kind but she’s not as dumb as she looks. Plus she can talk to plants. The middle sis, Mai, is that typical raging teenager while the youngest one, Mii, the energetic and genki type who likes squisshy things and rubbing her cheeks in it. Their maid, Meah, is that typical no-expression and no nonsense kind of character. Though at certain parts where I think she tried to be a little funny (with no expression) but it seemed a little lame. Doesn’t really suit her but funny lah. Oh yeah, they have that pet ferret, Unagi too. She can transform into some human form but only at the end of the show giving the details of the next episode. Hmm… Strange.
So let me try to blog this episode by episode. In episode 1, we see a young boy Daichi coming up to the house to take some ghost pictures to prove their existence to his non-believing classmates. Of course the sisters and their maids gladly helped him. The sisters doesn’t seem to look scary especially Mii, who looked kinda cute. Amazingly, Meah was more convincing.
In this episode too, you’ll learn that the sisters are searching for Popotans. Yup, it’s actually dandelions. Note that in actual fact it’s actually tanpopo but the sisters seem to refer to it that way. And they want to meet ‘that certain person‘ whom they see in their dream too. By the end of the episode, the sisters have to leave on another trip and so with that giant glowing popotan in the background the house and its inhabitants start to disappear leaving pollens of popotans behind (I think that’s what it is), leaving Daichi and one of his girl classmates staring in awe and disbelief that they’re gone.
Episode 2, different time and different place. This time the focus is more on Mai where she’s fed up of time travelling as she’s tired of making new friends and then losing them. So she’s feeling kinda in a pinch. Until she meets Konami, a nice girl and she became good friends with Mai. As these 2 were getting along, Mai suddenly received news that they must again time travel. Torn between staying and going, Konami understood the situation (although she didn’t tell her that she’s going to time travel) and will patiently wait for her return. And so off again the sisters go.
Now episode 3 focuses more on Mii. Yeah, this episode is more light-hearted. She decides to be some magical girl and help people in need. Of course most of it doesn’t turn out well and if it does it’s because of coincidence. But her act caught the attention of a father in distraught. His daughter, Lilo, is sick in hospital for so long and so he thought that she could cheer things up. As Mii agreed to do so, she slowly opens up Lilo’s heart. As they caused havoc around the hospital, Lilo becomes more and more cheerful. But I wonder what happened to her in the end. She’s the only character not shown at the end of the series.
Episode 4 focuses more on Meah. As a young mysterious young girl arrived at their house thinking that it’s some toy shop. Quite a nuisance as she’s always pestering Meah. She told her that she came from the village nearby. As Meah went to investigate because the sisters are slowly missing one by one, she found that the village is abandoned a very long time ago and the girl is some restless spirit. Not wanting them to leave, she hypnotized the sisters in some ideal dreams of theirs. But with some fight, Meah managed to subdue the little girl and drag the sisters back to the house just in time before the next time travel.
Episode 5 isn’t really anything much except the sisters visit some hot spring. But at the end of the episode, as the house is going to time travel, Mai and Meah were left behind as they were just coming back from the springs. Too late. So the sisters are now separated. In episode 6, the house arrived in a place seemingly familiar to Ai and Mii. It’s actually the previous place 5 years in the future! Eventually they meet up with Mai and Meah, who’re already settled down. Again Mai felt torn of moving back with the sisters. However, she had to reluctantly go back. That’s because when the sisters aren’t in the house, time stops for them. Yeah, Mai and Meah hasn’t aged. Not even their hair grows anymore. No choice though.
Episode 7 sees them in some beachside. In this episode you’ll get to see Daichi again, but this time all grown up. As he tries to investigate the sisters and their mysterious disappearance, some strange spectacle guy, Keith shows up and beats him up asking him not to get invlove. But this guy seem to also pick a fight with the sisters and especially Meah. He must really have some connections there. As the sisters cannot reveal their identity, Daichi again understood and is willing to wait one day if anybody should ever want to listen to their story.
Here’s another episode focusing more on Mii. In episode 8, the sisters arrived next to a Shinto living family, Nono and her strict grandpa, who oppose anything non traditional. Because so, Nono sneakily does fun things with Mii. Of course, it was Mii who persuades her in the first place.
And in episode 9, Mai is faced with her past once more. They returned to the same place like in episode 2. Mai was curious that the girl looked so much like Konami. But in fact, she’s actually her daughter, also named Mai. Before her Konami died, she had always waited patiently for Mai’s return, but she never did, that’s why her daughter hold so much grudge against her (had that potrait of her her mom drew during the time wih Mai). Plus it reminded Mai of her earlier encounter with Konami as this Mai doesn’t want to make any friends and rather be alone. Eventually, she learned not to hate her and became friends with her.
In episode 10, the sisters seem to be close in finding that person. Also in this episode you could see that Meah previously worked for 2 brothers who also time hoped. Don’t know what happened to them in the end. Their house was on fire. Didn’t get it. So Meah and Keith had a face off in the episode end. With Keith wanting to send the sisters to see that person but Meah disagree as it’s too soon. Keith paralyzed Meah and the house teleports without Meah.
Finally in episode 11, the sisters meet that person, Shizuku, and asked the reason of their journey. But Shizuku told them that the place they’re in now is some sort of a pitstop and people who time travel usually decide at this point whether to continue or to stop. If they decide to stop, then they’ll get to go back to that particular time they want to live in. Of course the sisters were torn at first. Keith was like the ‘batu api’ saying things like how their journey seriously affected those people’s lives. So eventually they went their own separate ways.
Episode 12 opens with Konami’s daughter and Daichi’s son talking about the sisters. As we see Mai went back to live with to live back with Konami, Mii went back to Nono’s place, whereas Ai became a teacher in yound Daichi’s school. But each of the people the sisters are currently interacting with seem to notice that their other sisters aren’t around and thought that they had some big argument. Eventually they came to realize that the sisters were more happy when they’re together. So they understood and with that the sisters eventually meet back at their house.
Then with some miracle, Meah teleported back to the same place. How did that happen? I don’t know, maybe must be for some convenience as the series is gonna end. Yeah, with some words from Meah, Keith suddenly looked like a dog with a tail between it’s legs. In the end as Konami’s daughter and Daichi’s son were wrapping up their conversation, some mysterious house appeared nearby. It’s the sisters and their maid once again! So they’ve decided to continue time travelling and make other people happy, huh. End of story.
Conclusion, the story’s kinda ok. Makes you think that in real life too, that when some person that has touched you in your life and is gone, you’ll always remember that person in your heart. Except there’re some nudity parts, which I didn’t really quite like. Usually when the sisters are taking a bath and their breats are exposed. Generally, though it ends quite well, like I said, it’s kinda ok.
Oh yeah, the opening song starts with something like a pun of their names. Ai, Ai, Ai, I love you. Mai, Mai, Mai, My darling. Mii, Mii, Mii, Help me. Popotan! Has it got something to do with the anime I, My, Me Strawberry Eggs? Maybe not. But I find it a little funny.


June 16, 2006

  Hatenaki yume motomeru shirubenaki sekai de…
Currently somehow I’ve got this craze to sing Blaze, the opening song from the anime Tsubasa Chronicle. Each time I’ll at least sing it two times before moving on to the next song.
  Kasanaru omoi kokoro tsukisasu kodou,
  Shizuka ni tsuzuku tamera mo nai uta
Sung by Kinya Kotani, this song is quite suitable for my voice, if I should say. Yeah, no high pitches or parts where you need to sustain your voice for a long period of time. Well, maybe there is for the latter, but it’s not that bad.
  Tooku sora no kanata kara mazariatta bokura no kage,
  Hitsuzen to kimagure no naka shirusareta kioku
Though the singer’s voice is generally low, at first I had some trouble singing it because so. Especially the verses. Couldn’t reach that low initially. But now, I seem to be doing pretty fine. I may even come to think that I sound just like the singer himself!
  Hatenaki yume motomeru shirubenaki mirai de,
  Boku ga hikari nakushite mo itsuka
Hmmm… I still can’t figure out whether that some parts is it an electrical guitar or a synthesizer. Especially the beginning after those first lines before the song comes into full blast (and other parts which sound like it too).
  Kimi ga tomoshite kureta kirameku mune no honoo,
  Tsubasa ni kawaru kibou no kakera…
I feel like doing another round… Oh yeah… Once more from the top…

Ichigo 100%

June 10, 2006

I was somehow caught by surprise when I finished watching Ichigo 100%. No, it’s not that this is such a super terror-merror good anime with a terror-merror storyline. It’s just that I thought that this anime had 24 episodes in total.
Yup, I’m only half right. 24 episodes of 15 minutes each. Meaning, that 1 show actually shows 2 episodes. I’d only realized this when I last the last episode, where the ending credits seemed a little different and there was no preview of the next episode. So I decided to check it out, and that’s when I was a little surprised. Stupid me.
Anyway, to start things off, this anime has a little hentai element in it. From first looks, you’ll pretty much guess that this is another one of those animes where there’re a few girls who’re chasing after 1 guy’s affection. Just like Da Capo, Shuffle, or even Ranma 1/2.
In episode 1, we see this guy, Junpei Mannaka, sneaking away towards the rooftop of his school building, when suddenly some girl fell in front of him. Thing is, her panties were exposed and it was strawbery patterned. And that Junpei guy suddenly fell in love with that girl (talk about love at first sight, if you know what I mean). But the girl left abruptly leaving her notebook behind. So eversince then, he vowed to find her and make a film or movie with that scene in it. Sounds pretty perverted. But Junpei is a film director aspirant and it’s his dream to be one. So with this as an inspirational start?
However, Junpei doesn’t really know who the girl is. So he decided to ask his friends Komiyama and Okusa about their opinions. They suggested that it might be the Nishino Tsukasa, the school’s prettiest girl. At first they were talking so loud in the school corridor about strawberry panties and such, that Nishino overheard it and told them off. Coincidently, those guys caught a glimpse of what Nishino’s wearing too. Yup, it’s strawberry patterned panties too. So this made Junpei believed that she’s the girl who earlier fell down before his eyes.
So desperately needing to confess his feelings, Junpei did some chin-ups to steal Nishino’s heart. Amazingly, after watching such stunt, Nishino agreed to be Junpei’s boyfriend. Wah, so easy. If only there’re girls like that in this world (maybe got also). So as the two started to date, they had to juggle with their studies as well as the high school entrance exam is just around the corner.
So Junpei enlists the help of one of his classmates, Aya Toujou. At first impressions, wearing thick glasses and having those braided pig-tails, you’d come to think that she’s a nerd. I mean, everyone in school thinks she’s ugly and unpopular. Hey, but to me she looks pretty fine. Anyway, as the story progresses, you’ll find out that Aya is actually the girl who fell in front of Junpei’s eyes earlier on. Just like that Superman disguise. Eventually, when she loose those specs and her hair, she seemed more beautiful and every guy just stared at her with awe. Unable to recognize that this was the same Aya as before. So it’s the same for Junpei too. At the same time, you’ll notice that Aya has some sort of a crush on Junpei and she has a quite a talent in writing scripts (much to Junpei’s joy).
So entrance exam comes, they sit for it, wait for the results and what do you know, Junpei and Komiyama flunked! Oh the horror, the only high school with a film club, his dreams of attending such high school is dashed. However Junpei and Komiyama managed to enter it because somebody who passed gave up their place, as they were on the reserved list. Who is it? To Junpei’s surprise, it was Nishino! Yeah, she said something like how much this film club thing meant to him, bla bla bla. Plus she sat for another entrance exam at another school. So it wasn’t any big deal. At this point, I could see that their relationship too hit rock bottom. So fast already got cracks.
So anyway, before the start of the new semester, Junpei got a new camera for his film club and started practising with it in the park, only to accidently film a girl’s panties. That girl, Satsuki Kitaouji, of course would feel violated and proceed to throw his camera into the lake. Now, Junpei’s really sad and mad, but in the first place it’s his bad (nice rhyme).
And as school starts, to add to Junpei’s woes even further, Satsuki is also attending the same class with him! So an argument ensues. They got reprimanded by the teacher. And there’re series of violent ‘attacks’ from Satsuki towards Junpei. But surprisingly, after all that whacking and violence, Satsuki actually confessed boldy to Junpei that she’s in love with him! Why? That’s because he’s so fun to be with. Uh-huh. I guess that pervertness earlier on doesn’t really matter now huh.
Moving on, in order to start the film club, Junpei supposedly needs 5 members initially. With himself, Aya, Komiyama and Hiroshi Sotomura (you can never get to see his eyes), they needed another member. Luckily there was Satsuki and in a way you could say she saved the day. Plus the film club’s teacher representative, Shiori Kurokawa is one of those sporting and hyped kind of lady. With such a nice figure and bust to add to it, you know the situation, right? Oh yeah, the reason why Komiyama and Hiroshi joined the film club was to get girls!  They think that the film club is just a facade to hide it’s true intentions of getting to watch half-naked girls in bikinis or undies without any backlash. Some perverted guys they are.
Up till now, if you’ve counted that there’re 3 girls already showing interests in Junpei. So in episode 9 (or 4 if you like), we’re introduced to another girl, Yui Minamito. Although petite in size, she’s only 1 year Junpei’s junior and in some ways acts as a child too. Her sudden return to stay with Junpei has really caught him by surprise. Another thing about Yui is that, she can somehow take off her clothes while sleeping!!! And she likes to sleep naked too! But with such a child’s body, there’s really nothing much to see, if you know what I mean.
So the rest of the episodes generally sees how he girls vye for his affections. Well, not really. Since Nishino is attending another high school far away, the relationship between her and Junpei doesn’t really go anywhere. Because of this, Nishino dropped a bombshell to Junpei that she wants to break up with him. Also, it’s because of Junpei’s hessitation and indecisiveness to really choose which girl he really wants to be with.
Though, Aya really likes Junpei deep down in her heart, she’s quite shy to express her feelings to him. And most of the time it just doesn’t materialize and she usually gives way. While Yui’s relatioship with Junpei has taken more of a older brother kind of relationship. So not really lover’s kind. As for Satsuki, although there’re times that she boldly confesses to Junpei, she however seems to be rejected. But that doesn’t stop her as she’ll always try again the next time.
So as mentioned above, there’ll be events like that film club’s summer trip to get some inspiration to make their first film, or Valentine’s Day where Junpei didn’t know he received which chocolates from which of the girls, or Junpei and Satsuki working part time at some fast food outlet. Mostly Junpei gets into situations that are misunderstood or he tries to help out. That kind of stuff. But generally he’s a nice guy though perverted too at times.
So at the end of episode 21, as Junpei and Aya finished watching a movie together, we’re introduced to another girl, discussing and debating some differing views about the movie they just watched. Seems arrogant though. Another girl soon to be after Junpei’s heart? Well, good thing, no. You’ll find out she’s Misuzu Sotomora. Yup, Hiroshi’s younger sister. No nonsense and serious, later she joins Junpei’s film club and installs herself as the vice president of the film club. Yeah… she and Satsuki don’t seem to get along. Those 2 will be at each other’s throat most of the time. Both also hot-headed and violent.
So the last episode sees how the movie club needs somebody to play the heroine part. Though Satsuki wanted to play it very much. But Misuzu seems to oppose it because she caught a glimpse of the perfect person for the role earlier on but didn’t get to know her name. So the gang went to search for this mysterious girl. As it turned out, it’s actually Nishino! What a small world. So as Junpei asks Nishino to play the lead role, she unconditionally excepted it. And that’s the end of the story. You’ll see the end credits with the gang in filming action.
Though there’re many funny moments, there’re some tense moments as well. Well, in the end Junpei didn’t really decide which girl he wants to be his girlfriend. Plus, like Da Capo and Shuffle, there isn’t any fist fights among the girls who’re in love with Junpei. I felt that they just love him at their own pace. I’d say that the animation colour is like, how’d you put it, ‘bright and rich‘. Something like that. The storyline’s rather ok and decent too. Didn’t really felt anything great but couldn’t help that sometimes I feel that Junpei’s indecisiveness is so irritating. Why can’t he just be straight or true to his feelings. Yeah, I know, he wants to have them all but doesn’t want to hurt them. Come to think of it, I think I also like that if I’m in such situation. Hehehe.

Based on a pc game of the same name, I’m not sure how close the anime Wind – A Breath Of Heart follows it. But that’s not important.
Even though there are only 13 episodes and each episode’s running time is only 10 minutes (12 minutes or so for the opening credits), I somehow still unable to grasp what actually happened. Yeah, a short spanned anime and I still don’t get it. At least the last part where it’s suppose to explain it all.
So the first episode opens with some sort of a flashback between a boy and a girl. You know, the boy is going somewhere far away but the girl doesn’t want him to go. So as a parting gift for the girl to remember him by, he gave her a harmonica carved with his initials on it. And some parting words which goes something like "No matter how far we are, but if our feelings are the same, we’ll always be together". Something like that.
Fast forward a few years later, this guy Makoto Okano (the guy earlier on in the flashback as you’ll get to know) and his little sister, Hinata, returned to his hometown Kazune City. A town where everyone (nearly) posses some quasi-magic powers. Then of course, he’s a new transfer student in his school and gets to meet up with one of his old pals, namely the loud-mouth and sometimes exaggerating Tsutomu Tachibana (the kind that seems to provide comic relief at times) and the responsible and ‘ideal school girl’ Kasumi Shikoin.
Then one day after school, as Makoto and his pals were hanging out a cafe, Makoto forgot to bring back some book that he’d earlier left in his desk. So he rushed back to get it. Upon entering the school building, he heard a familiar melody of someone playing a harmonica. Curious, he followed the sound which leads right to the school’s rooftop. And what do you know, the girl turned towards him with a smile. And before you know it, that girl, Minamo Narukaze, yup, that girl from that flashback earlier on. Yeah, so the 2 childhood friends reunite.
As Makoto and his sister continue to adjust going on with their daily lives, in episode 3, Makoto meets a strange girl, Hikari Tsukishiro, on the way back from school. What’s so strange about her? Well, you see, Makoto noticed that a kitten was stuck on a tree and proceed to help it down. With Hikari witnessing the event, she confronts him on why he did so. Like duh. But anyway, you’ll start to know that this Hikari has a very negative and grim outlook on live.
Yup, saying things like now that this kitten is saved, are you going to abandon it, or who’s going to take care of it, or even why doing such a kind act in the first place if it only leads to more misery. But as you know, Makoto is one of those nice guys, so he’d explained to her (which I didn’t remember what is it) something about helping others or making others happy (I think so). Anyway, he was trying to be positive about life but Hikari seems to have her doubts about it.
So over the next few episodes, the mystery of this quiet town will unravel slowly. But at the same time showing how Makoto and co and his little sis spend their days, like spending the day at the beach. Before I get to the remaining facts of the storyline, allow me to comment on the characters first and other few things first.
Let’s start off with Hinata. Yup, she kinda reminded me of Akane Suzumiya of Kimi Ga Nozomu Eien. She’s really the genki and energetic type plus at times she tend to say things which doesn’t make sense. Though she has some power to make her jump high into the air. Although Minamo likes Makoto very much, she’s pretty reserved and shy when it comes to expressing her feelings to him. In addition, she’s kinda like a klutz and isn’t good in cooking though she still tries her best to cook good food for Makoto. Oh yeah, she has the power to create wind. I mean the air not as in ‘stomach’, mind you.
Then there’s the 2 sisters working at the cafe where Makoto and pals usually patron, Nozomi Fujimiya, and her little sister Wakaba (with the power to heal). Nozomi has some heart disease and because of this she maintains a positive outlook in life and lives each day meaningfully. Also sometimes she sometimes likes to make flirtatious jokes with Makoto. Although not really mentioned, but don’t you think Tsutomu and Kasumi are like a couple. I mean, look at the way they interact with each other (not lovey dovey, of course). Kasumi doesn’t hesitate to get aggressive on Tsutomu whenever he steps out of line. And they’re usually seen together. Hmm…
Oh yeah. I’d noticed that in every episode, you’ll get to see some airship drifting quietly over the town. I wonder what significance does it have? Anyway, when I finished watching the series, it didn’t. It was mentioned by Hikari that it’s some sort like a protector watching over the town. Is it? Still not sure at the end though.
Speaking of which, besides, Hikari who runs a general goods store, isn’t what she seems to be. A loner, she avoids communicating with anybody if possible. So in on of the earlier episodes, you’ll see her pulling out a sword from some mystic portal. And in episode 9 is where the turning point is.
In the end of that episode, Hikari uses her sword to attack Wakaba, but of course she only manage to wound her. Due to Wakaba’s powers, her injuries were healed in no time. This causes Makoto to be furious and so he went to confront Hikari to get some explanation. But before he managed to do so, Minamo’s dad already went over to Hikari’s place to settle things. Seems like he knows what’s going on and what’s going to happen to him as he asked for Makoto to take of his beloved Minamo.
Sadly, Minamo’s dad died in another one of Hikaro’s attacks. So in episode 11 and 12, you’ll get to hear Hikari’s side of the story what’s happening. Now this is the part where I don’t get it. This is what I understand (I hope). Hikari is some sort of a guardian of the town who’s been around for a very very very long time. Uh-huh. And there were some Gods involved too, but not quite sure how, except that they’re using Hikari (at least that’s what she thinks).
She attacks and kills people from time to time to prevent some great disaster which will befall on the town. What disaster? That part wasn’t clear. Another thing is the term ‘assimilation‘. What I understand is that, people who died from Hikari’s attacks are assimilated into the wind. Er… yeah… Something like that.
That’s because long ago, the citizens of this town were ‘shown the dream‘. What dream? I don’t ever recall whatever it is. But that dream won’t last forever. When it’s over, what’ll Hikari’s existence be, as she asked herself. Yeah, I also don’t know because I’m so blur still. In the end of episode 11, in order to prove what Makoto said is true (again something about positive outlook on life), she fell of the cliff herself.
Funny thing is, in the beginning of episode 12, I didn’t see any continuation from where it left off in the previous episode. So how did Makoto saved her? Not important anyway. So… more lecturing from Makoto about how we strive to protect our loved ones, don’t want to see them sad, bla bla bla. And with that, Hikari felt comforted by his words and decided to give up. Wow… can become salesman like that.
But what she meant by giving up is that she’d ‘disappear‘. With the wind picking up and those assimilated souls gathering, slowly Hikari vanishes into thin air. Too bad Makoto. No matter how hard you tried to save her, I guess she’s really gone with the wind. Hahaha. Oops. Bad me. In addition, she erased all the memories of Makoto and everybody else associating with her.
But somehow at the end of episde 12, you’ll see Hikari standing and watching over Kazune City. Huh? What does this mean? I thought she… But anyway, she looked happy and her eyes no longer look ominous (at least changed colour from red to blue). Maybe she’s free of her burden and curse? Hard for me to say.
And just before the closing few seconds of episode 12, as Makoto and Minamo head to school, Makoto looks to his right. And if you’re sharp enough, you get to see a short glimpse of Hikari in the midst of those students walking. What was it, Minamo asked. Oh, nothing as Makoto replied. End of episode 12.
Then came the disappointing episode 13. I thought that this episode would clear up some queries I had in my mind. Boy, I was wrong. This episodes is just a reminiscence of Minamo pondering about her relationship with Makoto. That’s it! Yeah… a lot of re-runs of clips from past episodes about Minamo and Makoto, situations that made Minamo doubt Makoto’s feelings for her. Like the part where she saw Makoto and Nozomi walking together in the street. Looking a little jealous there.
Haih… so if you don’t watch episode 13 or you watch this episode first before episode 12, I guess it’s alright. Because there’s really no relation to it. So the series ends with Minamo emotionally crying asking Makoto about their relationship. What a disappointing end.
In conclusion, one thing I like about this anime is because it’s short! But too short that I don’t understand the whole thing. I find the storyline is rather average, even if I’m not confused. Plus there are a few scenes where it’s computer generated graphics. Not the most high-tech or awe-inspiring graphics. Somehow it felt rather ‘cheap’. And this is the first anime I know where there’s only an opening credit, no ending credits. Yup, the end of each episodes just picture the wordinds to title of the next episode. Like there’s a head but no tail. So strange.

Somehow I felt rather a little confused about the love relationship even when I’ve finished watching Kashimashi – Girl Meets Girl. You see, it’s one of those boy-meets-girl, no wait, or is it girl-meets-girl (as said in its title) kind of anime.
To get what I mean, here’s the plot. We start off with the first episode seeing this high school guy, Hazumu Osaragi, having some lonely walk on some hill. Looking and examining some plants on the way. You’ll notice that he’s some floriculturist as he has some wide knowledge and passion in plants and flowers. At the same time, his classmate buddy, Asuta Soro, is riding around town on his bicycle desperately trying to find him, only to encounter 2 of his other girl classmates, Tomari Kurusu and Ayuki Mari, along the way.
You’re wondering what’s going on, right? So are those girls. Well, you see, Hazumu had just confessed his feelings to this particular he has a crushed on, Yasuna Kamiizumi, but he was rejected. Thus, of course Hazumu felt dejected and went to a place to find some solace. And that Asuta guy thought that by bringing him ‘erotic magazines’ should console/cheer him up. Much to Tomari’s dismay at first.
Anyway, also at the same time some alien mother spaceship which is looming across our planet Earth doing some research, when some techinical malfunction occurs. With that, the spaceship falls into Earth’s orbit and guess what. It crashes right onto Hazumu!!! Really! I was going like, ‘hahaha…’ and ‘dang…’. Of all the places, it had to crash there, some more right on him. Hazumu must be really having a bad day.
So feeling sorry that the aliens have ‘damaged one of the humankind’, one of the aliens, Sora Hitoshi (what a weird jumpsuit with 2 antennas sticking out), took to the task to ‘repair’ Hazumu’s body. The catch is, he had rebuild his body in a form of a girl’s. Yup, now Hazumu has physically become a girl! I wonder why couldn’t he make after a guy’s body in the first place. Ulterior motives? Well, actually Hazumu’s body is modeled after some artificial intelligence creature named Jan-puu (her voice reminded me of Milfeuille of Galaxy Angel). Yeah, she’s that spunky energetic girl, supposedly the spaceship’s auto-pilot.
Now another weird thing is, after Sora had finished rebuilding Hazumu’s body and returned it back to Earth, he had to tell the whole world! Yes, the whole world, from Paris to New York, on how sorry he was for what happened and how he transformed Hazumu from a boy to a girl’s body!!! That’s got to be really embarrassing. Therefore, this of course attracted the interests of reporters.
In the second episode, you can see how these reporters bug and harrass Hazumu, who’s still confused over what’s happened. But luckily, Hazumu has got Tomari. Yup, at first looks she seemed to be Hazumu’s ‘guardian/protector/guide‘ since his transformation. Tom-boyish and a little violent, with some threatening words from her mouth, those reporters started to back off and you’ll never see them again. Wah… so easily get scared. Cannot become paparazzis like that lah.
Oh, have you noticed that when Hazumu was a boy, you never get to see his eyes? Yeah, somehow his hair conveniently covers it. Plus he was somewhat acting like a girl even when he was a boy. Cries a lot, getting bullied (but Tomari’s always on his side protecting him), so girlish lah. So I think when he became a girl also quite fitting.
So the next few episodes you’ll get to see how Hazumu adjust his daily life of from a boy to being a girl. Because he doesn’t know much about being a girl, he usually gets ‘exploited’ in certain circumstances. For instance, when Asuta asked to have a view of Hazumu’s breasts just to be sure, or to show him what bra Hazumu’s wearing. Of course, in a flash, you’ll see Tomari giving him her ‘super kick-in-the-face‘. And you’ll see this funny moments several time as well.
Then there’s also Hazumu’s perverted father. Yeah, his father has really become some weird perverted since Hazumu’s transformation. Everytime looking forward to have a father-to-son/daughter bath, or taking photos of Hazumu in revealing outfuts or sexy poses. But all his plans come to a grinding halt when Hazumu’s mom does some wrestling move on his dad. But each time his dad never learns and keeps coming back for more. And then the same thing happens again. So hillarious.
In addition to Hazumu’s woes, space aliens Sora and Jan-puu decided to do a research on love and school life with Hazumu being the main subject. Uh-huh, so Sora disguises as one of Hazumu’s teacher while Jan-puu goes around invisibly hugging her half brother/sister. Yeah, she calls him onee-nii-san.
Then there’s Hazumu’s homeroom teacher, Namiko Tsuki. I really liked her character because she brings a lot of comic relief. Always claiming that for 35 years without a boyfriend bla bla bla… my duty to protect the students yada yada yada… and before you know it she drops into some hole or falls off something. So funny, I tell you. And with the appearance of Sora, she hopelessly fell in love with him at first sight and ever since tries her best to attract him. But to no avail as Sora doesn’t seemed to be interested in her advances.
As time passes and Hazumu gets used to his new life, Yasuna now notices Hazumu. Uh-huh, by the end of episode 5 and beginning of episode 6, you’ll see Yasuna kissing Hazumu much to the surprise and shock of the on-looking Tomari. But of course, Tomari just shrugged it off.
You see, there’s some story to Yasuna’s rejection towards Hazumu earlier on. Since young, Yasuna has been suffering from some strange condition. She can’t see the actual facial appearance of men. Yes… she only sees them covered in grey blur and couldn’t differentiate one from another. Are you getting it? So, Hazumu’s the first guy that Yasuna could actually see clearly his face. And she was afraid that if she accepted his love at that time, he’d turned into one of those grey blurs. But now since that Hazumu’s a girl, she felt more secured. Wow… some condition I’d say.
But it’s explained by Sora something like this. That this condition is when we couldn’t differentiate between animals and insects. Isn’t it so true. I mean, I can’t tell the difference between a dog and another dog of the same species. They look the same to me! So I guess this explanation was kind of ‘fitting’ and made me go ‘Hey, why didn’t I noticed it like that before?’.
So as the story advances, you’ll learn that besides Yasuna, Tomari too has slowly developed some feelings towards Hazumu (but she had always liked him too when they were little). Plus, her feelings towards Hazumu has made her more ‘feminine‘. Like in episode 9 where there’s this summer festival so Tomari wanted to buy a yukata to join Hazumu and Yasuna. The hillarious part was that Tomari’s mom couldn’t believe her daughter had turned into a women and she thought Tomari had lost it but at the same time was overjoyed.
While the feelings of other characters too were confirmed. As in episode 7 where Asuta wants to be ascertain of Hazumu’s feelings for him but ended up knowing that Hazumu considered him to be his buddy, and that’s it. Heartbroken, but I guess he eventually accepted it. What about the reserved and quiet Ayuki. She seems to be watching the love triangle from a distance. Though she admitted that she prefers to watch rather than to go ‘on stage‘. Plus, she assures Tomari in episode 8 that she doesn’t harbour any feelings for Hazumu. Hmm… Even so, I’m not quite sure in the end.
As the story progress, Yasuna and Tomari’s love towards Hazumu grew even more but they seem to hold back. As for Hazumu, because he/she couldn’t decide which to choose, he became indecisive and decided for now to have both of time, as not wanting to hurt the other’s feelings.
Until in episode 10, which is the turning point, where Tomari once again secretly saw Hazumu and Yasuna embracing each other at a train station. But of course, she misunderstood the situation and shrugged it off. Then at the end of episode 10, Tomari became a little desparate and kissed Hazumu (so is it a girl kiss boy or a girl kiss girl?) at that same spot at the train station, this time with Yasuna secretly watching in horror. And when Hazumu and Tomari found out that Yasuna was watching them, Tomari and Yasuna exchange some harsh words before Yasuna ran across the tracks and slapped Tomari!
Then Yasuna’s condition started to worsen. Now she couldn’t see girls even. Not even Hazumu. She went into depression. Of course this affected Hazumu and Tomari as well, but they didn’t know what to do. Fed-up of what’s going on, Ayuki finally stood up and had some talk with Hazumu. Using some biological references and explanation with plants withering and so and so (didn’t get this part), she said something like because you can’t choose either one, both of them will eventually die. Something like that. And with that, Hazumu knew what to do.
Yup, Hazumu eventually chose Yasuna. But before he did that, Hazumu decided to spend one last day filled with fun with Tomari (reminded me of that part from Onegai Twins where Karen dated Maiku) before he confesses to Yasuna. After that, Hazumu went searching for Yasuna and when he/she finds her, he/she belted out his/her feelings for her. And what do you know, suddenly Yasuna is cured of her condition and she can see normally again.
But at the same time, Sora and Jan-puu were leaving planet Earth because before Yasuna’s miracle, they found out that their research was going nowhere, and decided to pack up and leave. Much to Jan-puu’s dismay as she’d never see her half brother/sister again. And with some lenghty closing explanations from Sora about love, and off they go.
In the end, we can see that Hazumu and Tomari together spending their time gardening. Of course, also spend some time with their other friends as well. But I wonder what that last part meant. The part where Hazumu skips over some rocks across a river asking Tomari to come as well.
Overall, I find that this anime quite ok. I couldn’t understand the part whether Yasuna and Tomari loved Hazumu as a boy or as a girl. I mean of course it doesn’t matter to them, but it’s kinda weird to see that kind of love between girls. Gives me an impression of a lesbian relationship. But I’m glad that eveything turned out well (maybe except for Namiko’s case. Lost her beloved Sora, still getting bumped into things. Still so funny). I must admit that I felt a little heartwarming feeling at the end.


June 2, 2006

  Kagayaite itai yo ne,  Itsumo waratte itai yo ne,
  Heya no sumi no GURIIN mo genki da shi
I remember that this is the first anime song that I fell in love with. Thus, making it the first anime song that I’ve taped. Yup, it’s Sora, the first opening song from the anime Chuuka Ichiban.
  Demo yume mite’ta tomodachi ga akiramete osamatta,
  Yuukidzukeru kokoro no dokka de HOTTO shite ‘tari shite
The singer of this song Maki Ohguro, though I didn’t know whether the singer was a guy or or girl at first, as the voice may seem ambiguous to either gender. Though I didn’t really find out (even up till now) I have a feeling that the singer may be female. But that doesn’t stop me from listening over and over again.
  Ima nara umi e mukou BASU ni ma ni au,
  Kondo dake wa misugoshicha ikenai ki ga suru
This is quite a lively and catchy piece with trumpets blazing in the background and especially the solo part. Another one of those songs where it wants to make you get up and do a little dance of your own.
  Aoi sora no shita de mou ichido, Tsubasa wo hirogete,
  Ichido shika nai life, Sou da yo ne mottainai yo ne
I don’t sing this song quite as often as before mainly because I really don’t sound good. Uh-huh, you know me, don’t have that singing voice. Somehow it’s rather difficult for me to match and hit the right tone of the song.
  Akai sora ni dakarete doko made mo, Kaze wo oikakete,
  Arukinareta michi ni, se wo mukete hashitte miyou
And that last part of the song which goes ‘nah nah nah nah nah…’ was quite long. Lasted for a minute plus. At first sound so odd, then funny, now like normal. Oh well, continue with my singing…

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