June 25, 2006

It has been a long time since I’ve watched an anime without a Christian related theme. Yup, Amaenaideyo is more of the Buddhism and Shinto related kinda stuffs anime. But the ironic part is that this anime doesn’t really preach much Buddhism values Yay! No boring parts. Sorry if I’m being rude. However, it’s actually HENTAI!!! What the?! Using such religious themes for a hentai anime? Some combination, I’d say.
Let’s get a little grip first of how this weird combination came about. We have this 16 year old boy, Ikko Hatanaka, who is being sent by his parents to live in the Saien Temple, headed by some old hag named Jotoku-Baa. Yeah, you can hear him complaining why would his parents do such a thing. Who knows? Maybe that wasn’t so important.
Then you’ll start to notice that the other occupants of this temple are resided by only girls! So, Ikko is the only guy there. See where I’m heading. And you’ll see some tension and quarelling between Ikko and Chitose Nanbu. You’ll pretty much guess too that these 2 are gonna be like romeo and juliet but always bickering.
The other girls include Haruka Amanogawa, a second year senior at the temple whom if you notice seems to enjoy ‘seducing’ Ikko or verbally allowing him to get ‘naughty’ with her. Also another second year senior is Sakura Sugai, the no-nonsense and more serious one. The rest are 1st year which include Sakura’s little sister Hinata (the usual no expression and taciturn kinda character), Sumi Ikuina (what thick eyebrows you have. Reminds me of an old western comedian), and Yuko Atoda (the tomboyish and slightly violently brute gal). And they have a weird looking pet which I can’t seem to make out. Couldn’t be a dog or a cat. So is it some kind of a devil animal? But it seems quite close with Hinata.
Anyway in the first episode you’ll get to know what the temple’s job is. Something like a community service kinda job such as exorcism (which gives people a peace of mind). And those kids aren’t actually full time workers there as well. They go to school, have  outdoor activities and go back home too. In addition, Jotoku-Baa is the vice principal of the school those 7 teens attend! So by the end of episode 1, we’ll get to see their 1st action when they encountered some possessed doll. Dolls and stuffed animals previously cared and loved by their owners are now being thrown away. So they need to perform a ritual to cleanse those ‘restless spirits’.
And this is where the pervertness comes into play. You see, Ikko has some mysterious hidden powers. When he sees naked women, there’ll be some terror wave of aura and his hidden powers are unleashed. During normal times he can’t seem to remember or recite the right words. But after this, suddenly wah so terror! With some mumbling of the right verses, the spirit is excorcised. But afterwards when everything has calmed down, he becomes a pervert himself! And he’ll start to pounce on the girls. But they always kick and punch him away. So ironic! How unfitting of a monk. So basically in the first episode, Chitose was the ‘victim’ (as most of the episodes will be her). Don’t worry the other girls will get their turn too. Note, I’m not smiling or happy here and no, I’m not a pervert!
So in each episode you’ll start to notice a pattern. A particular theme for that particular episode. Then some ghost or spirit appears in one of that episode’s characters whether possess or disguise or whatever form. Then there’s that need to exorcise the spirit. But discovered that the spirit is too strong. So there’s only 1 way. Yup, you guessed it. Ikko must use his powers. So the girl(s) either purposely strip themselves naked or by some accident or misfortune (more like convenience), their robes are off. Makes you wonder, why don’t the girls where anything else but their bras and panties underneath? Hot, you say. Yeah, their bodies are hot. Hahaha.
Speaking of which, the midway intermission has those girls in a sexy pose. And there’re other times where Ikko accidently stumbles when the girls are half naked only to be beaten up and be called a pervert. Plus, they seem to ‘bully‘ him in a way by making him do most of the temple chores. Wow. Is that how life in a temple is suppose to be?
Thus their adventures of exorcism include that video game outlet spirits in episode 2 (restless spirits who just want to keep on playing video games), or in episode 3 where one of Ikko’s classmate begs him to get a date with Sumi but later on found that the the classmate is a spirit who admires Sumi since young, or visiting some haunted house in episode 4. In this episode too you’ll know that Chitose is some horror movie geek. Knowing every little significant and insignificant details about anything horror movie related. While the rest are scared out of their wits, Chitose (and Hinata because you know why) seems to be having a lot of fun.
One thing different about episode 5 is that there’s no use of Ikko’s powers. That’s because this episode focuses more on Sakura and how she deals with an admirer of hers known over the Internet (which is a spirit too. You should have seen this one coming). In the end, the spirit realizes and went in peace on his own. So not much pervertness here except in the beginning of the episode where the girls dressed sexily to attract customers to their booths for their school cultural thing.
Then there’s that Power Rangers spoof in episode 7 and in episode 8 focus a little on that whatever pet. Hinata brought something back but didn’t tell anybody what it is. So her elder sister jumped to a conclusion that she’s having a child. And she got a little freaked out there. Actually, it’s a kitten. So that little black pet got jealous and decided to run away. Ikko and Hinata went looking for it. Found it. Bla bla bla some stories which goes like I didn’t abandon you and I still love you. And in this episode, 2 mysterious figures who seem like troublemakers chants something and turned that kitten into a monster. The funny part was that when Hinata decided to unleash Ikko’s powers, and when she does so, got no effect on him. Like so bengang only. Yeah, seems that Ikko prefer bustier women compared to undeveloped child’s body. At least he won’t be called a paedophile. However, the other girls manage to show up in time (and all of them are the ‘victims’).
Episode 8 is more on Yuko and how she became more feminine because of an admirer. But it doesn’t fit her so she went back to her usual tomboysish ways. Then there’s that unfulfilled dream of a dead singer in episode 9 who temporarily possesed Chitose’s body to sing but felt reluctant to leave when the going gets good. And that visit to that temple up in the snowy mountains to help a monk living alone there with his temple chores in episode 10. In this episode you’ll see that the 2 mysterious troublemakers want to unleash Ikko’s powers.
By episode 11, the girls seem to be relying more and more on Ikko’s powers with this Christmas themed episode. Then there’s some discussion among those high ranking monks and Jotoku-Baa about Ikko’s problem. With Chitose overhearing their conversation, she somehow believed that Ikko could control his desires.
So this is true in episode 12 where it’s dawn of the New Year and people are thronging the temple to make that New Year resolution and prayers. Then the 2 troublemakers turned everyone into some zombie and started attacking them. During the attack, Ikko was knocked unconscious and Chitose is on the verge of being ‘raped’. With her cry of help, eventually Ikko awoke and for the first time manage to unleash his hidden powers without the use of any pervertness. Thus everything turns back to normal.
In the end, we can see Ikko praying and saying something like he’s gonna work harder bla bla bla. And you’ll see that he and Chitose are still bickering like lovers. But they’re all 1 big happy family. Wonder what happened to those 2 troublemakers.
But it doesn’t end there. There’s still episode 13, although this episode is more comical and light-hearted. In the beginning we see the Saien Temple teens in some game show and they won a trip to some resort all thanks to Chitose’s knowledge of horror movies. This episode has actually become more hentai than the rest. That’s because you can now actually see the breasts of those girls! It’s clearly shown unlike in previous episodes where the necessary parts were blocked.
And those 2 troublemakers. They seem so less serious here. They wanted to harness Ikko’s powers only to be conveniently foiled by those girls sleepwalking or some unfortunate bloopers. In the end those 2 went back to their apartment and just let it be and look forward to next year. So who are these 2 anyway?
Overall, it’s because of the pervertness which made this anime funny. Other than that, the storyline isn’t something which could really boasts about. There are instances in the anime where they explain terms and ideology of Buddism. But I don’t seem to understand it anyway. Eventhough there’s a sequel, I somehow felt unenthusiastic to watch it. I’m guessing that there’s gonna be more pervertness and hentainess (since I saw another new face there).

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