Full Metal Panic Fumoffu

July 13, 2007

I didn’t really watch the other seasons in the series first when I decided to watch Full Metal Panic Fumoffu. Well, you know me. That’s because I read that this is the more light hearted and comical version among the Full Metal Panic series. I mean, the other sequels and prequels too have their share of comedy, but it’s more related to the military life and such. Yeah, what are the chances that I would really understand a series if I watch them in order, since I’m such a blur case.
Being not a true Full Metal Panic hardcore fan, as I’ve mentioned, I decided to watch this because of the comedy aspects relating to the high school life of the 2 main protagonist of the series, Sousuke Sagara and Kaname Chidori. In the Full Metal Panic original series, the former is a 17 year old highly skilled military specialist working for some secret organization and is assigned to protect the latter. But every kid that age in Japan still needs to attend high school, right? So you can expect some romance and a little action here. Just like in Ranma and Akane’s case. How long will those 2 have to wait until they manage to confess to each other? Dunno. Perhaps the oblivious Sagara is understandable, but Chidori, she’s really hesitating. Plus, Sagara has a small cross scar on his left cheek which may remind you a bit of Kenshin Himura of Rurouni Kenshin, though there’s no relation between the 2.
So it’s gonna be hilarious and fun to see how a military trained background Sagara tries to cope with his normal everyday school life at Jidai High School. Yup, not with hilarious results and outcome based from his military style thinking and analysis. Luckily, Chidori’s there to ‘quell’ his ‘extremeness’. Yeah, everytime Sagara does something wrong, he’ll get his punishment and beating from Chidori in the form of her paper fan. Right smack on his head! Oh the impact. So much so it becomes a conditioned response as the series goes by. Probably that’s Chidori’s way of ‘affection’ for Sagara.
Though the series has 12 episodes, some sources has quoted 17 episodes. The reason being is that 5 out of the first 6 episodes are actually only 15 minutes long and the rest are your usual half an hour long story. But so as not to confuse myself, I’ll just use the 17 episodes one for my blog. Another good thing is that the episodes in this series can stand alone by itself without having the viewers to actually sit and watch in order, though it’s advisable to do so. Meaning, most episodes, don’t really bear any relation to its previous one. Most of them.
To start things off in the first episode, it’s mainly Sagara receiving a love letter in his shoe box. Yup, it’s a love letter. But what does Sagara think of it? He thinks it’s a threat bomb letter and even goes all out to take safety precautions to diffuse it! Uh-huh, the school’s shoe locker exploded not because of the letter but the bomb diffuse equipment (explosives, that is – fight fire with fire) from Sagara himself! If that poor girl ever finds out his responds to him, I think she’ll dump him. Sagara’s collecting the fragments of the torn letter and concludes it may be a death threat. Yup, he’s making up the missing lines by putting in his own to sound like one. Haih… Of course Chidori from the looks of it knows that it’s a handwriting of a girl and is indeed a love letter but Sagara gives an excuse that the antagonist may disguise himself as a girl to get him and concludes that he’s gonna ‘take action’.
I think it’s out of jealousy rather than not wanting to see any harm to whoever that Sagara’s admire is as Chidori decides to stay back after school at the promised meeting place. Chidori and her best pal, Kyoko, really did wait but since nothing much was happening and that girl has been waiting there for a long time too, Kyoko decides to go home first. Come nightfall, 3 gangsters approached that girl and are disturbing her. This prompts Chidori to come out and challenges them as she lands a punch in one of their faces. Because of that, the gangsters plan to rape her and got her cornered when suddenly they got shot by some rubber bullets which made them flee.
We see that it’s actually Sagara camouflaging as those bushes and he has been observing that girl the whole time and watching for any ‘threatening’ moves and is prepared to neutralize it if there’s any. Can this guy’s thinking get any worse? That girl approaches Sagara and asks if he has read her letter but Sagara isn’t keeping his guard down as he told her that he had blown her letter to bits and that if she’s some sort of terrorist aftering him or what? Of course a normal school girl would feel offended, humiliated and hurt as she ran away in tears and heartbroken. Well, another fan smack from Chidori. But it seems Sagara still didn’t learn his lesson as the next morning, Chidori manages to stop Sagara in time before he detonates another letter in his shoe box. With that, we find out it’s just a thank you letter from ‘A Mysterious Terrorist’. You know who lah.
Episode 2 begins with Sagara playing a shooting game at the arcade and because he took it too seriously and panicked, he caused the machine to explode. Because of that, he along with Chidori and Kyoko are banned from entering the premises again even though it wasn’t the latter 2’s fault. Then at the alley, they’ve been threatened by the gangsters in the last episode seeking revenge as they challenge Sagara. He agrees. Chidori isn’t worried about Sagara’s safety but for the gangsters. Uh-huh. After hearing several gunshots, Chidori asks if he had shot them all but Sagara says he merely fired some warning shots to scare them.
Those 3 gangsters are reporting back to their lady boss who is disgusted with their failure even though they outnumbered him 3 to 1. She decides to kidnap Chidori so that Sagara has no choice but to come and rescue her and meet their demands. Next day at school in the student council’s room, the student council president, Atsunobu Hayashimizu, calls Sagara about that video game incident but they both wonder where Chidori is when one of those gangsters suddenly barges in to and tells them about how Chidori is kidnapped by using his handphone and calling his lady boss. If Sagara doesn’t show up, the gangsters will do whatever they want with Chidori. While that gangster is bragging, Sagara locks the door as the secretary of the student council, Ren Mikihara, pulls the curtains. Sagara pulls out a wire and is gonna get that terrified gangster to spill some answers.
At the warehouse where the gangsters are waiting for Sagara when the latter finally shows up. The lady boss told him to disarm himself first. It’s so funny to see Sagara taking out weapon by weapon so much so you’d be thinking how he fit and hid all those in the first place. Yeah, those gangsters are starting to sweat. Before the lady boss could order her underlings to attack, Sagara points to the ceiling to reveal the lady boss’s little bro, Yoshiki, tied up and being held hostage. Looks like he’s done his homework too. He too threatens to kill Yoshiki if she kills Chidori as he demonstrates with a push of a button on his remote which brings Yoshiki closer to falling to his death. And something about his motto about never negotiate with terrorists, pissing off Chidori. Then another funny part because Sagara threatens the rest of the gangsters as he lists down their names and whatever trivial info about them and what could happen to them. This guy’s scary. How can he remember all that info with such precision. Soon, all the gangsters panicked and ran away leaving the lady boss alone. No choice, she releases Chidori because she loves her little bro very much. Then it is revealed that Yoshiki’s just playing along. Previously Sagara barged into his class and begs Yoshiki for his help in return for some soft drink. That kids easily bribed. So Sagara’s not merely a psychopath, he’s a really dangerous psychopath!
In episode 3, Chidori’s determined to beat the lunch crowd in order to get her favourite bread. Is Japanese school’s like this every recess hour? I mean, they really rush and push each other to buy bread. Worse than pasar malam. Luckily Chidori manage to get hers but spots a troubled Sagara and tells him that he needs to be assertive if he wants to get any bread. With that, he thanks her, takes out his handgun, fires a shot into the air and demands for a plain bread or else he’ll shoot again, pointing his handgun at the crowd now. Of course everybody there panics and soon a stampede occurs as they rush for their safety. Is this his interpretation of being assertive? Yup, those 2 are being called again to the student council’s room and tells them because of the mental stress caused by that incident, the workers refused to return and work there. Who wouldn’t. So for that duration, Sagara, Chidori and their pals have to stand in as temporary bread sellers. But it seems their PE teacher doesn’t like that idea and plans to sabotage it. Since he underestimates Sagara, he gets into all sorts of traps placed by Sagara as a preventive measure to keep the food safe. So much so that he has been caught in the act by the principal. After several days, the bread workers return and everything returns to normal. And all this while Sagara never knew of the PE teacher’s real motive. Call it lucky or blur.
Sagara does an all-nighter for some assignment in episode 4. He manages to finish his work with the help from borrowing from Chidori’s notes. As he’s dozing off, he suddenly hears a loud scream and thinks it’s a burglar as he springs into action. Only thing is, the victim thinks he’s the burglar and Sagara gets bug spray in his face. Because of this, Sagara forgot to bring Chidori’s notes to school, thus enraging her. Plus, today’s the day of the assignment’s deadline. Furious, Chidori drags him along with her into a taxi to get her notes back. Upon arriving back at Sagara’s home, they manage to get her notes but the taxi driver didn’t wait for them and goes off. In a hurry, they stole a nearby bicycle and head for the train station. But some mad police woman caught glimpse of them and a frenzy chase ensued. Yeah, that police woman’s really obsessed in getting them. But the bicycle can manage to outpace the police car and keep it at a reasonable distance? But that police woman isn’t gonna give up that easily. Psycho. After they manage to loose the police car (that crazy police woman crashed the car), they reached the train station only to find the train is gonna leave soon. By pulling off some cool sommersault manoevres, they manage to get on in the nick of time. Only thing is, they boarded the wrong train. They’re going somewhere else. By evening, the duo manage to arrive back at school only to Chidori’s horror that their teacher who’s suppose to hand their assignments to fell sick. To make things worse, Sagara knew about this all along but he mentions Chidori never gave him time to explain. Yup, Sagara’s sick too. Thus the whole assignment collection has been postponed, making their crazy day adventure real pointless.
Sagara, Chidori and their friends head over to the beach in episode 5. Yeah, some girls in swimsuits. Fan service? Because Sagara uses his shotgun to split open the watermelon, this causes all its juice and seeds on Chidori. In her anger, she storms off to clean up after hitting Sagara with a baseball bat. But it seems they’re being watched by a kid named Masatami Hugo atop some huge mansion on the cliffs. He’s taken by Chidori’s beauty and asks his butler, Washio, to invite her over for some tea. Chidori is approaced by Washio and after his explanations, she agrees. Meanwhile, Kyoko tells Sagara that Chidori may be gone for a while is probably she’s still mad. Sagara sets off to find her and his investigations lead him to Hugo’s mansion. But after being rejected to enter at the gates, Sagara thinks Chidori’s being kidnapped and tortured. Thus, he decides to sneak in. Of course the mansion detects an intruder and Hugo sends Washio and his 2 other subordinates to take care of things. As I’ve mentioned that I’ve never seen the other Full Metal Panic seasons, the way they show those 2 subordinates make it as though they’ve appeared from there before. Though I may be hugely mistaken. Sagara manage to defeat those 3 blokes with ease and with sheer pure luck (Washio even thinks that it’s a detailed calculation of his plan, which isn’t). Soon he confronts Hugo only to see him having tea with Chidori. And after some ‘lecture’ from Sagara, he sweeps Chidori off her feet, leaps off the cliffs as he parachutes down to the beach below. Well, though Sagara didn’t say it, but I suppose Chidori still thinks that deep down inside his heart he still cares and looks out for her.
The class take an art field trip in episode 6. And their art teacher seems to be very passionate about it so much so I don’t really know what he’s blabbing about it. Their assignment involves a human model as a subject but nobody volunteers. Kyoko suggests Sagara because he’s good at ‘standing still’. As Sagara agrees and everybody else discusses what pose for Sagara, the former has some private chat with the art teacher. Because of his flowery language, Sagara concludes that he has to be one with nature. Soon Chidori notices Sagara is missing and their art teacher doesn’t permit them to choose another model so they decided to go look for Sagara. Because Sagara wants to be a ‘good model’ he has laid traps along the path to prevent his other classmates from getting close to him. Yeah, they all go down one by one as they try to reach him. Eventually after a hard fought battle, Chidori manages to capture him and as revenge they tie him upside down the tree and start painting away.
In episode 7, Chidori meets her senpai Fuwa as she ponders if Sagara is able to adapt to normal school life. Fuwa invites Chidori to an amusement park this coming Sunday. I’m not sure whether it’s out of jealousy or trying to protect Chidori but it seems Sagara and Kyoko decide to go spy on those 2 this coming Sunday. Okay, so I think it’s the latter reason because Sagara thinks Fuwa wants to steal some secret information of their school through Chidori and plans to intercept. But Kyoko warns him about Chidori hating him if he does something rash and so Sagara decides to lie low for now. So far so good until some gangster shows up and is harrassing Chidori and Fuwa. Though Sagara wants to intercept, but Kyoko kept reminding him about that hatred thingy. No choice, Sagara spots the amusement park mascot costume, Bonta, knocks that guy out and ‘steals’ the costume. That park mascot looks like some giant mouse with a green Irish hat. I think.
So if you’re wondering how the term Fumoffu came about for this series, it’s because whoever wears the costume can only say the words "Fumo Fumo". Weird. Though Sagara manages to scare the gangsters away, he has caught the attention of the security guards as Sagara tries to avoid being captured by them. Later Chidori and Fuwa are together in a ferris wheel when the latter confesses that he wants Chidori to be his girlfriend. But after seeing that Bonta being chased around, Chidori smiles and declines his offer and tells him that she likes somebody else. Luckily Fuwa’s an understanding guy and accepts her decision. After they both part, Chidori manages to find Bonta and distracts the security guards and has a chat with Bonta. Probably she knows that it’s Sagara behind it but acts as though she doesn’t want to blow his cover. After some heart to heart talk, Chidori leaves. Only thing, the chase begins again when the security guard spots him.
Chidori and Kyoko are being chased by gangsters in episode 8 but a guy, Issei Tsubaki, saves them. Though Chidori tries to thank him but Tsubaki is quite rude and scorns her, pissing Chidori off a little. At school, Sagara and Chidori are being called to the student council’s room and have received orders to shut down the school’s karate club. In addition, all the members must leave the dojo as it will be torn down. However, those 3 bald muscular karate club member triplets refuse to do so unless they can beat them. Since Sagara isn’t your chivalrious knight, he’s using sorts of ‘dirty tactics’ and any meams to beat them like using a weapon instead of hand-to-hand combat, luckily to be stopped by Chidori. Though Sagara defeats them, but the karate club president, which is Tsubaki himself appears and tells Sagara that he’ll have to beat him instead. Sagara seems to be losing to Tsubaki when the latter is gonna make his final blow on Sagara. As he put on his glasses, he spots how beautiful Chidori is. Yup, another Mr Magoo here. He doesn’t scorn her anymore too. Because he’s so taken in by Chidori’s beauty and not paying attention, this allows Sagara to land Tsubaki 1 super punch. Though Tsubaki admits that he has lost, he tells Sagara that he’ll fight Sagara again over Chidori. Uh-huh, this guy’s in love now.
Yeah, Tsubaki’s really serious in challenging Sagara in episode 9 as he waits and waits and waits. Sagara didn’t turn up. Why? That’s because Sagara found another letter in his shoebox locker and plans on detonating it again! Luckily after that paper fan smack from Chidori prevents him to do so. The next morning, Tsubaki’s mad that Sagara didn’t show up and soon barges in to his class and demands an answer. It seems Sagara has thrown away his challenge letter without reading it. This made Tsubaki really mad and is gonna pound Sagara. But because he isn’t wearing his glasses, he accidentally pounds the school janitor. At the student council room, Hayashimizu tells them that they can’t use Chidori as a bet and tells them to settle it by helping out the recuperating school janitor with his chores. The one who gets accepted by him wins. They both agree. At the school janitor’s place, because those 2 competitive blokes are trying to outdo each other to win his attention, they’re causing more trouble than anything else. But it seems the school janitor’s quite tolerant since he thinks that they’re trying their best to help him.
After some lecturing about working together instead of trying to outdo each other, the both of them agrees. Looks like they really could get along well. Then the final blow to the school janitor is when they invite him to eat some fish they cook. He eats the fish, compliments them for their work and asks where did they get the fish from. They told him they caught it from the school’s koi pond. You might guess that the school janitor is slowly losing his cool as he gradually removes his bandages and proceeds to take out a chainsaw and tells those 2 that the fish is some koi that he has taken care of and have grown attached over the years. It’s like his child to him. Uh oh. Before you know it, he cranks up the chainsaw and all hell breaks loose. Yeah, his face is all black and his eyes and smile is giving out that evil shine. He’s gonna slaughter those 2! As the school janitor turns into a monster, in his rage the entire school is damaged as the 2 try to flee from him. I can’t believe Sagara can’t beat this guy with all the guns and bombs. Maybe he’s accustomed to fighting humans not monsters. The next morning, their classmates find not only the school building heavily damaged but Sagara and Tsubaki sprawled in a corner mentioning how nothing had worked on ‘him’. But looks like the school janitor’s back to normal. For now…
The gang reads a notice on the bulletin board in episode 10 warning them about some sex offender in the area and has something to do with ‘pony’. Kyoko gets her horrifying experience when she’s walking back alone that evening only to be approached by some guy wearing a horse mask and going "Pony, pony". Some sick fella. Furthermore, he’s got some hairbrush and wire in hand. Though Kyoko tries to run but her assailant manages to catch up with her and we hear her screaming. Next morning, a serious Sagara seems to be telling Chidori about last night incident about Kyoko. Chidori is feeling the chills as her heart sank when Sagara concludes his sentence "He gave her a ponytail". Well, Kyoko seems unhurt except that she now spots some ponytails and because of that wire used, she can’t really change back her hairstyle. Okay… Nothing that serious. Though Sagara has suggested several ways (don’t even wanna think about it) to capture and make that sex offender talk, Chidori suggests going to the police station, in which they did.
As Chidori’s telling her case to Yoko, the female police officer there, the latter gets hyped up when Chidori mentions sex offender. Yup, you’ll recognize her as that crazy police officer who crashed the police car while chasing Sagara and Chidori back then. Because of that she’s being demoted to a desk job and is desparately gonna get her previous role back by nabbing this sex offender. Yeah, she’s really obssessed even mapping out the location of the attacks. Thing is, Yoko can’t seem to clearly remember Chidori’s face but clearly remembers Sagara’s and says how she’ll beat the crap out of him if she sees him. Likewise, Sagara’s telling Chidori how he’ll kill her if she notices him. But since Chidori’s here for Kyoko’s revenge, she agrees to cooperate with Yoko by being the bait.
That evening, Sagara’s in his Bonta outfit. Looks like it’s permanently his. And it seems he has fitted inside the Bonta suit with lots of those high-tech computerized controls. How can so much thing fit in there? Seems like a lot of space inside. Anyway, he’s keeping watch when Yoko spots him and thinks he’s the sex offender. Soon they both exchange rounds of gunfire. Crazy. Because they’re both engrossed with each other, Chidori notices the real sex offender as he starts chasing her. Sagara and Chidori fires 1 shot at each other which at the right timing, hit the sex offender right in the face. After the sex offender comes to a grinding halt on the ground, Yoko realizes that the real sex offender is the one chasing Chidori and asks who is that Bonta guy. Chidori replies it’s a friend of hers. Chidori soon smacks Sagara because he and the sex offender is conversing in a weird language. Do they understand each other? I mean one is going "Fumo fumo" an the other going "Pony pony". Yoko unmasks the sex offender and asks why he did it. I’m not sure but something about ponytails turn him on and that there are too few women with such these days. Sick guy. Yoko then arrests and takes him away while Chidori in her disbelief mentioning to herself how there’s something very very wrong in all these. Yeah, everything is.
Chidori’s telling a ghost story to her friends who’re getting scared in episode 11. She must be a real convincing ghost story teller. Except for Sagara who has never shown any signs of fear (does that meeting with that monster school janitor count as one?) thus they challenge him to go to some supposedly abandoned and haunted hospital. There, one of their classmates, Mizuki spots an old woman looking out of the window, freaks out and decides to chicken out by running away leaving Sagara and Chidori alone. With that Sagara decides to enter the hospital to find the old lady. So your usual horror film elements which may indicate something supernatural like a patient zooming fast around the corner before disappearing, the telephone suddenly rings but Sagara threw a cup at it to make sure it isn’t an explosive, hearing voices of small children coming from upstairs, and a head flying outside the window. It’s so funny to hear Sagara’s response "I’m glad that’s not a bomb". Yeah, because Sagara doesn’t think of all those as ghostly events, this is pissing off Chidori in a way, though she’s scared of it all. Finally when they encounter a ghost of a young girl soaked in blood, Sagara’s still not scared, prompting Chidori asking the ghost to do something scary. You know what? The ghost smiled. *Smack* With that, Chidori is really mad now as she heads across the room to the ghost when the floor suddenly collapses.
Though Chidori comes to and is still a little dizzy, to find Sagara panicking because there’s blood all over the place. Upon checking, to their relief it’s just paint. Then it is revealed that the whole ghost thing was just an act put up by 2 kids to protect some guy called Gen. So they just scare people away because they’re always picking on Gen. When Chidori asks about the old woman, the kids say they never used any old woman in their tricks, causing Chidori to freak out before passing out again. Soon the 2 kids too panic when they realize it and rushes out of the hospital. But that old woman’s a real person as she turns out to be Gen’s mom. So it’s all their imagination. Chidori open her eyes to find herself riding as a pillion while Sagara pedals. She asks if he was worried about her back then, he gave a soft one word answer "Yes". Though Chidori didn’t hear it, but I think she’s happy to know that he cares for her as she keeps pushing him for an answer, nearly throwing Sagara off course.
Hayashimizu orders Chidori and Sagara to help the school’s rugby team with the former their manager and the latter the additional rugby player in episode 12. Why? Since the school’s rugby team is so weak (yeah, all the players are sissies as well), the principal decides to disband it. But because of the rugby club’s captain pleading, he decides to give them 1 more chance but on 1 condition. That they have to beat a strong rugby school club, Garasuyama High. We see how ‘soft’ those Jidai players are during their usual practice (even Chidori thinks they’re goners and no hopers at this rate) and they got into a mass brawl with Garasuyama players at some restaurant. Those tough and hardened Garasuyama players of course are mocking them all the way. With that, Sagara promises to tone up the Jidai rugby team, his style of course.
Uh-huh. It’s like some military boot camp training as we see them going through harsh training and Sagara giving them ‘words of encouragement’. Not really sure whether they’re insults or copyrighted words because there’re a lot of censored beeps coming out from Sagara’s mouth in nearly every sentence. But so darn funny. You could say the training paid off in a way. Match day arrives and because Sagara isn’t knowledgeable about rugby rules, he kicks the opposing team’s rugby captain’s face causing the latter to be out cold while Sagara is out himself for foul play. With that, the other Jidai rugby members gets motivated and encouraged by Sagara’s ‘sacrifice’, and starts playing a violent game. Yeah, all the Jidai members have turned into tough cookie monsters and beasts so much so the Garasuyama side are terrified as the tables are now turned. The brutal, aggressive, sadistic, one-sided match ended up with Jidai winning and Garasuyama ended up more than their pride being hurt as they completely crushed the latter with a huge winning margin scoreline. I wonder if you could really call that a game.
If you’re wondering if that white haired girl Teletha Testarossa is gonna make her appearance, she does now in episode 13. She must be a real genius to have such a high military position at that age, furthermore being dubbed ‘The Goddess’. Under the suggestion of Commander Mardukas, Teletha agrees to take a vacation as she decides to go visit Sagara’s high school in Japan. Though Mardukas is reluctant but Teletha says that he must keep his promise to support her decision no matter what. Next time be careful with what you say and agree. At Jidai High, Kyoko’s rushing in and telling how a pervert has appeared in the school grounds. Sagara and Chidori dispatches to the scene to find a strange man standing there. Because his back his facing them, Sagara quickly throws him over only to realize to his horror that it is his commanding superior Mardukas. Yeah, it seems Sagara is quite fearful of this guy, obeying and answering every single orders military style. We hear that Mardukas accidentally walked into a girl’s locker room and was unable to explain himself. And he tells Sagara that he’s here visiting a college professor with his ‘daughter’ who’s on a 2 week transfer student as they go inspect the school grounds.
Finally the leave for Sagara’s hose and Mardukas isn’t impress with the cleanliness as he orders Sagara to quickly clean up the place. No choice, Sagara has to burn the midnight oil, which concerns Chidori a little. The next morning and a squeaky clean house, a tired Sagara hears his door bell ring and to his surprise finds a genki Teletha at his doorstep. With that, Mardukas tells Sagara to keep a close watch on her and that if he ever attemps anything perverted, he’ll not hesitate to rip him apart. Yeah, Sagara’s really sweating. Before Mardukas leaves, he also tells Sagara that Melissa Mao will soon arrive to help out. Soon Teletha is introduced to Sagara’s class as a transfer student and everybody is impressed with her. Except Chidori of course. Yeah, she’s wondering what on Earth is going on. By the look of things, it may indicate that they’re both rivals for Sagara’s attention, if you know what I mean. Chidori offers to ‘teach her stuffs while Teletha excitedly accepts to learn her lessons. Lessons in love that is. And Sagara’s feeling the heat because he has got to guard both of them now. As if 1 woman isn’t problematic enough. Sorry. I didn’t mean to be insulting.
It’s a swimming period for the class everyone gets into their school swimsuits except for Teletha who gets into a tight fitting outfit because of the advice she got from that perverted Kurz Weber. The funny part is when Teletha dives in, everybody’s waiting for her to resurface. Time passes… She’s not resurfacing and they think she may have drowned. With Sagara panicking and fearing the worse, he rushes and dives in like a rock! With his full clothes on! We see Teletha resurfacing at the end of the other side of the pool. She can hold her breath so long. After dragging Sagara out, Teletha thinks about giving him a CPR only to be intercepted by Chidori. Probably Teletha has that intention of kissing him. The 2 ladies started arguing when Sagara comes to. Kyoko asks him what is his relation with Teletha. After some deep thoughts, Sagara says due to some circumstances he cannot give details about their relationship as it is way ‘beyond your imagination’. All the girls get excited and misinterprets it as a romantic forbidden love. See, wrong choice of words. A jealous Chidori then stomps away. Hehe. Even Kyoko quipped that Chidori’s got a rival now.
Later, Sagara thought he’s gonna get some relief when Melissa arrives but finds out due to some storm, she is unable to come. Probably it’s all part of her plan to leave them alone. Sagara pleads for her not to abandon her comrade but it fell on deaf ears. Sagara turns to Chidori for help by asking to stay over but Chidori refuses as she say it’ll get in the way of their ‘special relationship’. With no where left to turn, Sagara passes out. Probably the stress here is too tremendous compared to the battlefield. In the end, Chidori decides to stay at Sagara’s place to help out as the latter’s sick in bed. But with 2 ladies trying to outdo and loggerheads with each other, things could only get worse as they spill a bowl of rice on his face. Deja vu isn’t it? Remeber that school janitor’s case?
In order to spend her last days with them, Teletha suggests to visit a hot spring inn as their school vacation in episode 14. Melissa and Kurz seems to join in too. This episode may be a little ecchi but don’t worry. All the necessary parts are strategically covered and blocked. Also that perverted Kurz wants to take a peek at the girls at the hot spring and manages to recruit Sagara’s male buddies, Ono D and Shinji. Of course, if Sagara’s oblivious to love, then this ecchi stuff is out of the question for him as he decides to sit this one out. At the hot spring, Kurz and his newly recruits are taking action only to be foiled by that male-female wall barrier defence and finding out that there’s some high sensory laser device which shoots at anyone trying to take a peek around the corner. You’ll also see Chidori and Teletha getting along quite well. Okay, maybe not so. That’s because there’s 1 night where Teletha decides to sneak and sleep with Sagara but unfortunately (or fortunately), Chidori knew this would happen and have handcuffed her hand with Teletha’s. How disappointing.
After exhausting all means, Kurz decides to make a mad dash run at a certain time at night from a distance (at the woods?). It seems the whole forest area has that laser beam too! Though not clearly mentioned, but I think Sagara set them up because he’s looking back at Kurz and co suspiciously when they decided to do that ecchi thing. So a lot of blasting as the trio make a run for the girl’s section. A lot of near misses but in the end, it got Wurz and Ono D. Shinji’s thinking of giving up but after some last words of encouragement (yeah, something about burning the view to your eyes), Shinji gets all fired up and wow! Such transformation. He manages to destroy and dodge all the lasers like as though he’s a pro. It’s all so bloody exaggerating but funny. Finally in 1 last blow, the explosion propels Shinji into the girl’s section area. But he got his face in Sagara’s crotch! Why is Sagara there? He tells him that the men and women’s bathing place switch places after 10pm. What a bummer. Kurz must be really disappointed on the way back. Teletha’s final day at school sees her getting a little emotional as her classmates gave her a heartfelt farewell. With that, Teletha’s back resuming her duty and vows to protect those good people.
In episode 15, Ren along with Sagara and Chidori are walking home when they witness some clash between 2 rival gangsters. We find out that 1 of the gang is supposed to be under Ren’s family, the Mikihara. The other gang, Ryujinkai manages to defeat the Mikihara gang and took away all their money. Ren recognizes them and comes in to help but the gang leader, Shibata recognizes Chidori. Remember the part in the amusement park where Chidori’s saved by Sagara in a Bonta outfit? Yup, it’s this guy. Chidori threatens to call Bonta if he’s gonna cause any more trouble. Soon Shibata realizes that she’s Ren’s friend and apologizes. Back at Ren’s home, Shibata suggests to their boss about hiring a bodyguard when Chidori comes in with Sagara in a Bonta suit. Uh-huh. Chidori’s playing interpreter too. The boss thinks all this is a big lame joke and sticks his sword at Shibata. Well, Shibata did loose to that Bonta, right? With that, Sagara runs up to the boss and quickly throws him over. With that, the boss changes his perception and allows him to train his henchmen. It’s so funny to see the gangsters doing their laps around town, following Bonta as passerbys stare the weirdness of it all. Meanwhile the Ryujinkai plans on kidnapping Ren to force the Mikihara group off their turf.
The next day while Sagara is resuming training with his ‘students’, he receives a message that Chidori and Ren have been kidnapped by Ryujinkai. Sagara is analyzing that these gangsters are too weak to face their enemies now as they need more training. But Sagara has a plan to make them all strong. That night as Sagara and the Mikihara henchmen arrive to raid the Ryujinkai’s building, they’re all dressed in Bonta suits! Did he made them overnight? I mean each Bonta suit is equipped with the latest technology and for combat purposes. I think it’s more of the Ryujinkai in shock to see oversized rats invading them rather than their combat skills which contributed to the Ryujinkai’s defeat. As the Bontas storm in SWAT style, Sagara manages to arrive in the room where Ren and Chidori are being held hostage. Ryujinkai boss threatens to shoot Chidori but the latter bit his hand allowing Sagara to fire a rubber bullet at his head, knocking him out. So how effective is this Bonta suits? Why the next day over the tv news, we see several police members foiling a drug smuggling operation wearing Bonta suits. Everybody should have one. Looking cute and dangerous.
In episode 16, due to the lack of rooms in Jidai school, everyone is using everyone’s room for their club activities. It’s really havoc and out of place. Hayashimizu has to find a solution and notices that the social science club has only 2 members. They are willing to give up their club room but on 1 condition. To decide whose club their room should go to, they have to participate in an experiment and tells them all to gather at the park. Once everyone gathers, he tells them all that the experiment is about flirting and each club must send 3 members and get as many opposite gender back at this spot before 4pm. The one with the most numbers wins. Well it seems Sagara has joined the photography club and is being mocked by other clubs about his unattractive attire. Soon they make a bet that if Sagara doesn’t get at least 1 girl, he’ll have to swim in the lake naked. Sagara agrees. And the experiment soon starts.
So you could see all those ‘losers’ trying to ask girls to come meet at the place at 4pm. I guess Tsubaki’s pretty good looking too after saving a few ladies from some menacing gangster. Meanwhile, Chidori’s walking around with the social science club member who is observing ‘juicy data’ and spots one of Sagara’s members luring some elderly lady into the alley. As she follows, to her horror Chidori finds out that Sagara is actually ‘hunting’ women. Once that woman gets into a certain spot, a cage will sprung down to capture her. And he’s already got 7 infuriated ladies behind the bars. An enraged Chidori smacks Sagara and tells him to release all of them, which he did. Chidori tries to give some advice on flirting with words, but I guess those words seem alien to him as Chidori’s words are played really fast forward! Can’t here a single thing. Even the subs also zoomed pass by. Sagara tries this approach out but fails because his lines are all military lines. I’m not sure what this part is all about as an old woman comes up to Sagara looking for a gift for her grandson. Sagara gives her a model tank, which she accepted and thanked him very much before waving goodbye as Chidori watches from a distance.
Time’s up as everyone gathers back at the spot. Who won? Tsubaki’s karate club. Since Sagara ended up with no woman, he has to fulfill his end of the bargain. Before he could take off his top, a gorgeous looking lady in a kimono comes up to him. She’s telling him how he promised her dinner and she’s quite looking forward to it as they both walk away arm in arm. Everybody must be in real shock and their jaws open wide. Of course Sagara’s blushing and doesn’t know what’s going on. After some distance from the crowd, Sagara asks who she is when that lady bursts into laughter and he soon realizes her as Chidori. Must be the laughter that gave her away. Plus, I find Chidori looking quite pretty in that. Sagara agrees too as he compliments her how beautiful she looked. But that doesn’t mean he has fallen for her, right?
Episode 17 has got to be the ultimate hilarious unfortunate event ever in this series. It all began when Sagara brought some dangerous bacteria container to class and Ono D accidentally opened it. Why? That’s because Ono D had eaten some very spicy bread and the spiciness has got to him. Naturally, one would quickly take the nearest liquid (or anything that resembles one) to quench himself from the spiciness. And tadah… the container with an unknown bacteria has been opened. Sagara realizes what has happened and immediately took preventive measures by sealing his whole classroom off. Even those people not from his class like Tsubaki is caught in it. Sagara’s reason for doing this is because he tells them all that the bacteria spreads through air and that everyone in the class has been infected. Everybody starts to panic. I mean who wouldn’t. They’re all still so young and have yet to experience much of life’s beauty’s ;). It’s quite funny to see everybody going to pound on Sagara. Yeah, that slow motion mirage-like view accompanied with those angry mob looks. Hehehe. Everybody’s breaking down but luckily they’ve got a calm and reasonable Chidori to clam things down. She’s giving them some motivational speech and words of encouragement. With that, everybody accepts their fate and tries to look on the positive side.
That is, until Sagara says that he has a vaccine but only enough for 1 person. You could see everybody slowly moving away from each other and that aura of ‘unfriendliness’ and hostility. Hehehe. After all what Chidori has done, everybody’s gone berserk again and chaos ensues as they try to grab the vaccine. Everything went down the drain just like that. Chidori manages to restore order again when she tells them a draw would only fairly decide who gets the vaccine. So they need to get a paper stating ‘Atari’ (meaning a win). As the students pull out the paper one by one, we see a yet so close yet so far situation because most of the other papers have the starting words ‘Ata~’ on it like ‘Atatakai’ (warm) and one even ‘Atatatatatatatatatatatata’! Hahaha. Those who didn’t get it are depressed about their impending doom. While Mizuki doesn’t want to die before she gets a boyfriend, she suddenly decides to have Tsubaki as hers, much to his dismay. Yeah, she’s quite clingy to him. She’s all over him. With a handful of them haven’t taken the draw yet, finally it’s Sagara’s turn. Um… He got the winning ticket. With that, everybody again slowly is breaking down and saying how they could accept their deaths but Sagara getting the vaccine is most unacceptable as chaos once again erupts. During the ‘bashing’, the vaccine container broke. Things just couldn’t get worse, could it?
Because of the commotion, the next door teacher forcefully opens the classroom door and yells what is going on. With that, since everybody knew the bacteria spreads by air, they don’t care anymore as they all rush out. Tsubaki tries to attack Sagara but the latter knocks him out with a rubber bullet while Ren went to spend her last moments drinking tea in the student council room. I think Ren does like Hayashimizu and vice versa because when the latter walks in and Ren says she has to leave him, Hayashimizu responds "I can’t leave you". Meanwhile Sagara quickly takes Chidori to the infirmary and tells her to strip naked. Chidori thinks he wants to sleep with her but actually Sagara may have guessed how the bacteria works. At the same time, Kyoko and Ono D are chatting outside and the latter’s in some discomfort. Do these 2 have feelings for each other? Well, it seems Ono D tried to confess but he stopped short when he suddenly feels much better and no more in pain. Soon, his clothes start to disintegrate followed by Kyoko’s as she’s wondering what’s going on in embarrassment. Back at the student council, Ren’s clothes too has been disintegrated by Hayashimizu gives her his coat to cover up.
We then hear Sagara over the phone with the person supposedly send him the container. I don’t really understand what it’s all about except that it isn’t a dangerous bacteria but an experiment accident to break down petroleum turns out to break down nylon and clothing fabric instead with human body temperature. Thus, it’s called the Full Monty Bacteria. Good news is that the bacteria dies out in 2 hours and nobody’s going to die. Though everyone may be relieved, but Sagara knows the implication about his own. Yeah, he’s sweating. He doubts he’ll even live much longer. We can see all those students (and even that school janitor with his chainsaw!) with that evil shine in their eyes as they chase after Sagara. Well, we don’t get to see it because as the end credits roll, it’s just a pitch black background but you could hear the pandemonium of a really angry mob. The final picture shows Sagara being cornered against a wall and requesting for backup and we see those students holding various dangerous weapons. Is this the end of Sagara? Maybe for this season. Perhaps that’s why he didn’t go back to school in the next season. Just kidding. Only speculating.
Overall, I kinda like all the hilarious any funny stuffs especially Sagara himself when he does all those analytical reasonings and actions based on his military style background. However, with all the humour and comedy, it still isn’t enough to make me feel like watching the other seasons in this series. Probably I won’t feel at a lost because like I said, this season can stand alone by itself.
In each episode, there are tons and tons of trivias and parodies for you to spot. For a blur case like me, I can’t remember if I actually spot one. Like that episode where Sagara coaches the weak Jidai rugby club players. The dialogue from Sagara are actually lines from the movive Full Metal Jacket. Or even that crazy police woman Yoko, which is actually a spoof of the police anime Taiho Shichauzo (You’re Under Arrest).
Which comedy anime doesn’t have its characters in chibi form. Okay, maybe most of them have. For this one, it’s right at the end credits as you could see the chibi characters walking in line like a marching parade. And if you happen to notice the background setting in the early episodes will be morning and spring and as the series progresses, its setting will change to evening and autumn. By the way, I happen to notice that all the songs in the Full Metal Panic series are sung by the same person, Mikuni Shimokawa, that is. So this Fumoffu is no exception either.
With the drawing, art, animation and voice acting all pretty consistent, don’t ever try to attempt any antics that Sagara does. It is definitely dangerous. Even if you’re from a uniformed background, I’m sure there are other ways to solve any hostility. On second thought, maybe it’s best to fight fire with fire. And with people like Sagara around, I’m sure we can all ‘rest in peace’. Hehehe. Doesn’t that sound ambiguous? Causing more havoc and mayhem instead of quelling the threat and sometimes making a mountain out of a mole hill. All this seems pretty familiar in the real world, doesn’t it?

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