August 24, 2007

  Kakusenai hodo mabayui hikari,
  Seijaku yaburi kono yo ni yomiageru,
  Hageshiku yuragu kawaita daichi,
  Ichino wo kakete hibana butsukeau
Ah… This song reminds me of the good ol’ days when I was watching the anime series Yugioh. Though the local tv station didn’t really manage to all all the seasons, as far as I remember, because I was so into this series at that time, I decided to download and listen to the rest of the opening and ending themes of the series. To my surprise, the 5th opening song, Overlap, caught my attention and I instantly fell in love with it.
  Mou ichido dake ii kiseki okite yo,
  Kako ni nakushita kioku no PEEJI wo torimodosu,
  Chikara wo…
Sung by Kimeru, Overlap is another one of those rock songs with a fast beat and catchy tune. The opening electric guitar play is already enough to get me into the mood. Though I could say that there may not be enough ‘variety’ in the tune but I guess the song is captivating enough to sustain my attention.
  Yami wo tsuranuku shinjiru kokoro,
  Tamashii nemuru basho sagashite,
  Mabataki dekinai surudoi gankou wo moyasu
Since there is no vocal backgrounds at all, singing this song doesn’t make me feel that awkward or uncomfortable. And at one point, I even thought I myself sound as close as the singer himself (perasan betul!). I guess I was at my peak form at that time. But ever since, I haven’t felt that way anymore. Must’ve been brought down to earth.
  Hikari to kage no futatsu no kokoro,
  KURISUTARU ni utsuru mirai e,
  Ima ugokidasu, Akaku minagiru eyes
At first the lyrics for me seems hard to remember (it is still) because this isn’t your typical love song as the lyrics are more abstract something about light and darkness. I think. Plus at that time my Japanese vocabulary isn’t that good. Though I’m over this song now, I can’t help think back that I once liked this song so much that I would sing it several times per session. Yeah, perhaps I’ve got too much of it already by over doing it.
  Kasaniaru eyes…

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