Ichigo Mashimaro OVA

January 4, 2008

Happy New Year! Well, 2007 was another eventful year for animes with lots of anime shows coming out. Hopefully the year 2008 will usher even more interesting animes for me to watch (especially comedies and high school ones). So let me begin with my usual anime blog.
Yay! It’s been a long time since I’ve heard from those cute girls who do cute things the cute way. Sounds familiar? Yup, they’ve finally come out with an OVA, which is Ichigo Mashimaro OVA. Not that I have a lolita fetish, but because of the tv series, I’m compelled to continue watching this OVA to see what more cute adventures the quintet will have.
The other main reason why I wanted to watch this 3 episode OVA is because of Miu. Yes, she is that troublesome and mischevious little brat who likes to annoy those around her, which is the main reason why the series was so darn funny in the first place. I’m interested to know what sort of trouble she’ll be getting into. *Evil grin*. I’m such a sadist. It’s really hard to forgive her but at the same time you really have to love this girl.
Also let’s not forget Miu’s typical face down arms spread out punishment whenever she says or does something wrong. It still amuses me and never ceases to break me into laughter. Those who have been following this punishment would well say Miu definitely deserves it as she brought it upon herself. Interested to see what’s in store for our gals? Read on…
Episode 1
The episode starts off with Nobue waking up from her morning slumber. She’s such a cigarette addict that she reaches to her pack once she awakes. Kids, remember smoking is bad for your health. Later, Miu barges into Nobue’s room like as though it’s her house, to ask how Nobue’s been. I think Nobue would be better off without her. We see Nobue talking on her handphone about some job interview and before she ends her call, Miu mischeviously yells "FUNGAAAAAAAAH!!!" at her handphone. Of course Nobue gets pissed off but decides to pull her cheeks rather than give Miu her usual punishment. Miu in return says that she’s just trying to make a good impression. Note, Miu will never have a good impression. Soon Chika comes in to remind Nobue that she’ll be late. Erm… Is that a bullseye with the words ‘launch’ on Chika’s forehead? I have a good idea who drew that.
Later Ana and Matsuri meets Chika at her home to go to school together. Chika runs off first but as usual, Miu stirs up trouble by saying that the countdown begins. Ana and Matsuri thinks Chika is gonna explode or launch into space as they cover their heads in fear while Miu counts down from 5, 4, 3, 2, 1… Nothing happens. Chika comes back and wonders why the rest are taking so long. Well, the writing is still on her forehead.
At school, I suppose Chika has realized Miu has played another prank on her as we see the same graffiti on Miu’s forehead this time whereas Chika has cleaned up hers. Yes, oil pens don’t come off easily. Later when the teacher asks Miu to solve a question on the board, Miu tells her to press her forehead, which she did. Miu then answered hesitatingly "Four… Pretty much four… Five?" before she yells back "What’s 1/3 of an hour supposed to mean anyway?!". This got Miu to stand outside the classroom as her punishment. Even so, that brat can still cause some annoyance when she SMS Chika that she wants to sneeze but is unable to do so. Hey, is that the black devil at the bottom of the handphone screen? Eventually Miu does sneeze which attracted the attention of the whole class.
As Nobue’s filling up her scooter at a gas station, Ana seems to be taking a nap right in the middle of class! Matsuri notices that Ana’s elbow is gonna push over her crayon case and puts it away before Ana drops it. The teacher then notices Ana sleeping but Matsuri tells him not wake her up. The teacher has a deep thought before he says something to that Sasazuka kid he usually picks on. But it seems the teacher continues his lesson rather than asking Sasazuka to stand outside the classroom. Remember that kid refused in the last episode of the tv series and the teacher himself went to stand outside? He doesn’t want to happen again, doesn’t he? And though Miu is back in her seat, Miu has the guts to take a nap while her teacher teaches. Tired of standing?
Meanwhile Nobue is at an interview at some convenience store as the interviewer is going over her resume. What’s this? Special skills: Soccer, straight right? What is that? Then this part… Your motivation: I want to study sociology… FUNGAAAAAAH!!!. The interviewer than says "Umm… I heard you said this on the phone too. Is this … your catchphrase?". Hahaha. Nobue is bloody pissed off when she say her resume with Miu’s writing on it. In her rage she quickly rides off in her scooter. Oh oh. Somebody’s gonna be in big trouble. Kids, remember don’t ride recklessly like her. She’s doing a wheelie! Yeah, that old man’s still there, on the overhead bridge.
Back in school, Matsuri and Ana are having a discussion over some meal thing but since Ana is too loud, she has attracted the attention of her fellow classmates. Remember Ana can’t speak Japanese in the eyes of her other classmates. But they all conclude that since Ana has been in Japan for awhile, it’s right that she could speak some Japanese. I guess Ana got it to her head as she gloats to the rest not to lump her with heteroclitical foreigners who’re good in Japanese because she’s a purebred Brit. Before Ana realizes her flawless (or flaw in this sense) speech, the rest of the class gives a sounding clap. So can her secret be considered safe?
At the same time, Miu and Chika are fighting over their meal when Miu receives an SMS without a title saying that the thing she forgot is out on the street (I notice her other inbox mail is something like ‘Give back my CD’, ‘Give back my book’ and ‘Don’t just take my hw’. What the?). Miu rushes out of the school gates and picks up Nobue’s resume lying on the ground. Then she heard "Fungaaaaaah!" from a distance and saw Nobue leaning on her scooter. Hehehe. It’s payback time. Yay! First appearance of Miu’s typical punishment! I was expecting this. With that, Nobue rides back (now adhering to the speed limit) and that old man is still on the overhead bridge.
Later the quartet are walking home from school with Matsuri telling Ana how she could freely speak Japanese in class from now on. Miu than starts to feign starvation (must be lah) and wants to go get some grub at the store and pesters Chika. Of course, Chika knows all of Miu’s tricks and won’t bow to her pressure like Miu threatening not to let Chika copy her homework (like real) or calling her a cheapskate. Miu then turns to Ana because she detects a ‘rich person’ and soon takes Ana’s wallet (no manners!) and searches through. Miu is shocked to find 3000 Yen and wants Ana to make her her servant, which of course Ana says she’ll do. In the shop, the gang are taking some stuffs and we see that old man behind the counter. He wants to press that mark on Miu’s forehead but since they left the money and rushed out, he didn’t get to do so. Too slow.
Back home, Nobue is going through some sketch comic as she lights up. Later, Nobue takes a break outside smoking and drinking a can of coffee. I’m not sure what she saw because Nobue got freaked out when she take a look at the can. As usual, Miu is causing some annoyance with her whatever quiz. You know that bus question if so much people got on and so much people get down, how many passengers are left. Since it’s Miu asking the question, there’s gotta be some trick in it. Uh huh. The answer’s something less than expected because 1 of the passengers was a failure as a human being. Miu herself is a failure as a human being. Then as Chika is studying, the trio are trying to find the meaning of Shangri-La. Afterwards, Chika joins in to find the meaning of her name and as usual Miu comes up with her own theory with Matsuri’s by saying it’s some grasshopper species and such. Remember Ana’s? Yeah, that hole cave thing that Miu gave her which pissed her off. Miu’s still at it. This time she’s reading the meaning of it as ‘A sunken place, an incomplete place, a fault, a point of loss’. Twice!
In the evening as Matsuri and Ana prepares to leave, Miu says goodbye to ‘sunken place’, pissing off Ana. But I suppose that girl has learned to be more patient and cope with Miu’s irritating character. Then Miu comes in to the bathroom while Nobue is soaking herself in the bathtub. I think the way Miu is looking at her is trying to send signals to press her bullseye mark. Nobue does and Miu scorns her for being a coward and not a man. Nobue’s a girl lah. That bullseye mark finally comes of Miu’s forehead but it’s kinda sore. Looks like Nobue used some force to get it off. As Nobue enjoys her beer can while soaking, Chika comes in and Nobue mentions something about happiness and utopia. Matsuri is seen with a box of Jasmine tea (earlier on Chika tells Matsuri that this the meaning of her name) but as usual, Matsuri is still that klutzy girl. While Ana is having dinner with her family, later that night Nobue comes downstairs to get some milk and Chika to get her pudding. Only thing is, the pudding in which Chika has put her name on it, has been crossed out and written ‘Pudding’ instead. Chika could only sigh.
Episode 2
Chika and Nobue are arguing about the latter wanting to have some pudding but Chika is thinking about saving it as a treat after lunch. Cheapskate. That’s what Nobue tells her little sis as she walks away fuming. Back in Chika’s room, her other pals are there and they proceed to talk about pudding like how to make it and such. Miu suddenly announces to play hide and seek and asks for everyone to hide. Chika is very suspicious. We see Chika hiding under a table near the fridge as she’s saying to herself that she has faith in Miu and this is just a precautionary measure. Miu then comes down and opens the fridge as she takes the pudding. Chika’s fear comes true. Looks like Miu’s intention is to eat the pudding while everyone’s hiding. Chika confronts Miu and ticks her off. Miu then laughs like an idiot (I purposely say that) as she tells Chika that she has underestimated her because Miu takes another pudding out from the fridge and says she bought an identical looking one. Well then, Miu should just took out hers, right? I think she purposely did this to piss Chika off.
Nobue is outside washing her scooter when Miu says something about her lighting up. Nobue says gotcha and that she hasn’t lighted up yet when Miu turns the hose bigger, causing Nobue to get wet. Back in her room, Nobue is surprised to see Matsuri in her cat ears cosplay outfit again. That girl still has that fetish for Matsuri and Ana. And it’ll be even better if Matsuri is in some cute outfit. While Nobue is swooning over it and even asking Matsuri to say ‘Nya~", Miu feels left out and jealous. Miu opens the window and leaves through it. Shortly, she returns wearing a rabbit ears cosplay outfit. Nobue wonders if those rabbit ears would look good on Ana and asks her to try them on. She does. Nobue digs them but Miu again feels jealous and tries to take it back and says "If a rabbit is alone, it will die". Miu gets her usual punishment. Soon Miu toss away her rabbit ears and leaves through the window again. As Nobue puts back those rabbit ears on Ana, Miu comes back in a full tiger suit as she hits Matsuri and Ana. Roar! "The strong shall win in the end!", that’s what Miu proclaimed. Unfortunately, she got her usual punishment outside the rooftop.
Miu comes back in a dracula suit and decides to suck Matsuri’s blood. I don’t know but Chika is just putting her mouth on Matsuri’s neck but the latter is acting as though she’s really being bitten. As Ana quoted, there’s something wrong with this person’s head. Miu turns to Nobue but later decides not to because Nobue’s blood if of an old woman’s. Nobue scoffs at her and says that she’s just in junior college. Chika is annoyed by the ruckus and draws a cross before showing it to Miu. However, Miu just laughs it off. Chika rushes down to get some garlic but by the time she returns, Miu has already discarded her dracula costume and is playing some video game. Short attention span? Later Nobue is seen drying a pair of sneakers and is saying something about washing certain stuffs in a washing machine and how she found bread crumbs in all of Chika’s favourite clothes. Of course Chika said that it was Miu who put the bread in her pocket in the first place.
Matsuri is seen squirming in pain because she smashed her little toe on the table. Miu decides to alleviate her pain by slapping her back…?! Yeah, she’s saying focus the pain to somewhere else. Then she did some CPR thingy but of course it didn’t work. I think it’s best if she just go away, just like Chika suggests. After the pain is gone, Matsuri shows the gang about some maths book for 7th grade which she accidentally bought. Miu snatches it and shows it to Nobue, who tells Miu that she’s in junior college. Miu then teases her that her ability would be on that level. Usual punishment. However, Nobue mentions that she didn’t even do anything yet. Uh huh. It seems Miu actually anticipated that and does that in advance! Does Miu really enjoy that position? Anyway, as soon as Miu gets up, we see her lying in her usual punishment position. This time is for real. Haha. While Nobue browses over the book, Matsuri takes out another children storybook. Soon, Nobue is really enjoying it when Matsuri reads the book to her. Miu wonders if Matsuri will be able to make it through life and asks Ana about on how is Matsuri today. Ana replies the usual. Being the klutzy girl she is from tripping down the stairs, falling asleep in the infirmary, hitting her head on her own table after picking up a pencil, to falling down after taking her shoes, and getting stuck while changing clothes. All in a day’s work. I suppose Ana is like her guardian, looking after her clumsiness.
With that, Miu decides to rehabilitate Miu by holding her black hair (brown actually) while they still can. I don’t think it’ll work. Soon Miu asks Nobue to help them but Nobue’s busy admiring Matsuri’s happy face and how comforting it is. Miu does some weird comforting pose by throwing her head back and upside down with her hands halfway in the air. Yeah, there’s not comforting at all. Plus, Nobue mentions she can’t become a bride now. I think every guy who sees Miu will think twice. However, Chika is trying to hold back her laughter when Miu does that pose again making Chika laugh.
They decided to go return the book by taking a ride there. The whold gang stared at Matsuri with her lovely pink bicycle. Too moe, huh? They managed to exchange the book for another one. As the girls chat, we see that old man sitting alone on some bench. The girls then head home. Back home, Miu fires a rubber band at Matsuri while she’s reading a book. Nobue is mad and tells Matsuri to fire back at her. Since Matsuri is that weak girl, she’s hesitating to shoot back. Miu even mocks her for not having the courage to hurt somebody when Matsuri manages to fire it, sending Miu flying back and her face hitting the wall. At the same time, making Ana spill her drink on her dress. Is her shot that powerful? I wonder if Matsuri let loose the rubber band was because she was too weak to keep it in place. Is it real that Miu has hurt her nose? Matsuri is apologetic but Nobue being the sadist she is tells Miu to keep on going. Even Ana stood up and tells Matsuri that this is payback time after all those years of torment. Miu isn’t done with it yet as she rushes over to Matsuri to give her a flying kick but Matsuri using her instincts blocks it with her knee. Ouch!
Chika returns with a towel to dry Ana’s dress but to find Matsuri being chased by Miu with her donno what weird moves. Chika tells Miu to jump into her arms as she spread her arms open. Miu thinks that she’s been in love with her all along and rushes to her, only to crash somewhere else. Later Miu is saying something about hp (hitpoints) and that Matsuri’s act took away 127 hps from Miu. Then something about the need to increase Matsuri’s hp of 2 only, like going to a garden and eating a seed that fell from a tree. She’s been playing to many games. Miu then suggests push-ups. Um… Matsuri’s really having a hard time too. Then Miu notices Matsuri’s voice is too soft and weak and tells her to shout "ORAAAAAAA!!!". Matsuri still sounds weak… but cute. Whereas Miu sounds more brutal. What do you expect? Then Miu said some gibberish "Ojape! Kyojabanyubyoradapike!". I’m not making this up. This is what she actually said. And I had to pause a few times to catch and even write down that non-existant word. Though they tell Matsturi not to continue, Matsuri gets teary because she thinks what would happen if everyone went away. After a short chat, Miu concludes that they need to find and look for her that’ll overwhelm her surroundings.
Erm… I wonder why they put some oversized horse head mask on Matsuri and the rest standing in a row? Miu says that they need to hear a few words from their leader. Usual punishment for Miu. Finally a shy Matsuri manages to say "Yo!" which surprises everyone else. Miu gets up and gives Matsuri a thumbs up and says "All okay!". What’s all okay? Well, at least I know that her brain is something which isn’t okay.
Episode 3
Nobue is seen lazing around at some lake while she closes her eyes and enjoy the moment… with a cigarette in her mouth of course. Back home, Nobue and Chika are talking about the upcming long holidays and being trapped in their home during it. Later Ana and Matsuri comes over to their place and Ana tells them that this coming holidays, she and her family are staying home. Then something about Ana thinking to herself about how she scorn her British cousins when she visited Britain last time because she couldn’t understand a thing they said and it tire her out so much so she would like to get her revenge by leaving them alone if they ever come here.
Meanwhile Matsuri says she’s going to her grandparent’s place and that’s why she has to store her physical strength now. What physical strength is that? Anyway after hearing all that, we can’t blame Chika for sulking and wanting to go somewhere for the holidays. Nobue said some remarks which causes Chika to throw a pillow at her face. Miu is watching from outside the window. Miu decides to cheer Chika up with some words and asks if she wants some cake that she took out from her fridge. But Miu purposely scoops a piece of the cake and shoves it on Chika’s forehead. Chika’s instant reaction? A slap right across Miu’s face.
Miu is then seen searching for something in Nobue’s room with the latter watching irritatingly. After Miu finds whatever she wants to, she gets her usual punishment. It seems it’s a coupon to stay at some inn, which Nobue won as a lottery prize during New Year’s day. Chika is all excited and wants to go but Nobue refuses, causing Chika to throw a tantrum once more. Ana and Matsuri says how there aren’t things planned for Chika always. Nobue quips that she’s being pitied on. I suppose Nobue is being sympathetic because she says it will be boring if only she and Chika went along (hint hint). Miu instantly gets up and says she’ll join them but Nobue rejects her. With that, Miu joins Chika throwing a tantrum on her bed. Ana tries to make it sound like they want to tag along too (she even gives Matsuri that elbow cue). With that, Nobue decides to go. Yay! Everyone is happy. They’re thinking how the place, Izu, is like when Miu starts her usual exaggerated ranting, which lands her in her usual punishment position.
The scene changes to some old movie being played on tv when it is being interrupted by a news saying that the movie will be cancelled. This causes that old man who is watching it to drop the remote control as he is in shock. Even though there isn’t much emotion displayed, but at least his expression changed a little. That night, Nobue hears that the weather tomorrow will be fine for going out and heads back to sleep. Must be those wish dolls. Four of them. Looks like the young quartet. As expected, Miu’s one look ferocious.
The next morning, the gang prepares to leave. I didn’t know Nobue has a car driving licence. First time seeing her driving. While Nobue reverses her MPV with Chika, Ana and Matsuri inside, Miu directs Nobue. Nobue then asks the girls that did they bring everything along. Everyone answered yes. With that, Nobue drives off. Yeah, they left Miu standing there. Miu chases after them and says that they forgot something. Haha. If it was just a prank, it was a good one, especially on Miu. As Nobue drives along the highway near the seaside, Chika is tired of hearing the some travelling CD songs. Nobue suggests to play some song when Matsuri requests for some children song.
Eight hours later, the gang stops to take a break. We see Miu coming out from the boot. Wow. Can she stay in there for so long? Won’t she have DVT (deep vein thrombosis)? More importantly, how did Miu get in there if Nobue herself asks how she got there. Miu must’ve snuck in somehow. Remember, Miu isn’t just an ordinary girl. It looks like Nobue did get lost after all since she herself admitted that this trip should only take 2 hours. Kids these days rely to much on technology because Nobue is blaming that this car has no GPRS. Bad sense of direction if you ask me.
Anyway they managed to get to the inn and check in. Hey, something here seems real familiar. Yeah, even Chika notices it. Why is the mood and atmosphere the same like as though it’s back at their place? Uh huh. That’s what Nobue tried to tell Chika all along. No difference wherever they are. Something on the tv programme caught the eye of Nobue of Miu… The Over-mature Young Wife. Ooooh. Let’s have a look shall we? Dang. A display message saying that this programme has a fee if one wants to watch it. Chika then asks Ana and Matsuri to go have a look at the hot bath. Matsuri still has problems trying to keep her balance while taking off her socks. However this bath is different from the ones they’ve always been. Why, there is a huge window which makes outside viewable. Chika says she can’t go in or else she will be exposed. Though Chika eventually takes a dip, she still doesn’t feel comfortable. Even Ana and Matsuri agrees. But Nobue tells them not to worry because she’ll be watching over her. Such ambiguous meaning. Yeah, Nobue really does hidden intentions. Soon she tells Ana and Matsuri to embrace themselves and take off their towels! Luckily those 2 didn’t get what she mean.
Miu reads a sign on the bath which says how this will improve one’s sterilization. She then says Miu is gonna be a mother tomorrow. Of course Nobue says that it would be disastrous if it were to happen. With that, Matsuri asks how does one get pregnant. Well, Nobue seems tongue tied. She gives that stork answer but Chika teases her because she’s blushing. With that, they splash water at each other. Hehe, Miu farted in the bath again. Yeah, she did that back in the tv series.
After bath, Miu feels hungry and wonders what is for dinner. Nobue says that since there’s a kitchen, they’re cooking themselves. However, Nobue forgot to buy the ingredients. So how are they gonna manage? Diet, Nobue says? Didn’t think so. Nobue has no choice but to go buy some. Yeah, some Initial D parody here as Nobue rushes to the convenient store just in time before it closes. Kids, don’t drive like her. Back at the inn, we see them making a nabe for dinner. After dinner, we see Nobue and Miu getting up, satisfied with their meal, walks away and says how the food was okay and that every human has 1 merit at least. Chika doesn’t seem pleased and says what about cleaning up. Miu talks back by saying that since Chika is good at cooking, she should be good at cleaning up as well. Eventually Miu and Nobue ends up doing the dishes.
As Matsuri and Ana practice their English, Miu comes in and suggest to tell some scary ghost story with the lights off. Miu starts off by saying "I was sleeping at my house. I woke up, there was…" before passing the torchlight to Ana. Ana then says "Meibundo’s… old man… haiku… He’s standing there reading haiku". Since it wasn’t that scary and no climax, Miu passes the torchlight to Chika. Chika responds something about the haiku being hypermetric that it wound up being a sutra chant. I don’t know, but they find it quite scary. Even Chika herself is having goosebumps. Next is Nobue but she just said he was surprised and woke up. Miu feels that Nobue is scamping and to round it all up, Miu asks Matsuri to make it real scary. This one is really scary and unexpected. That’s because Matsuri concluded that when he woke up… he wet his bed! WARGH! Yeah, it’s real scary alright. Just kidding. Didn’t work. Miu switches on the lights and they ask her what happened in the end. Miu’s reply is that she doesn’t know because they’re so boring. This lands Miu her usual punishment outside the inn.
It’s bedtime and Miu starts things by throwing pillows at Ana. Furthermore, she’s instructing who should sleep where. I wonder why everyone wants to sleep with Nobue. Chika suggests through rock, scissors and paper but Miu says that Nobue is all hers. They have to decide fast or else they won’t get to sleep. With that, Ana and Chika teams up and throws their pillow at Miu’s face. Later that night when everyone is sleeping, Nobue notices that Matsuri is still awake and talks to her. Nobue promises to stay awake till Matsuri falls asleep. Matsuri then asks what if a burglar comes in. Nobue replies that she’ll knock him out cold. Matsuri also wants Nobue to hold her hand till she falls asleep. It seems Miu is listening to it all.
In the dead of the night, Miu suddenly screams "A night attack!". Nobue instantly gets up and wants to know where that person is so that she could feed it to their dog. Miu then on the lights and says who is the one going to be fed to their dog. We see Nobue holding Matsuri in her arms. Chika is in shock and wonders if Nobue has already made an advance on Matsuri. Though Ana says that it isn’t Nobue’s intention, Miu interrupts and tells Nobue not to say she’s cute again. Nobue tries to say that this is just a misunderstanding but Miu jumps to conclusions by saying that if she doesn’t let go of Matsuri she’s gonna… she jumps on top of Chika… Holy cow! Miu kissed Chika! That pervert! Oh the horror! Chika’s first kiss stolen by an annoying brat. Miu is gonna target Ana as well but Nobue trips her to make Miu land in her usual punishment position and tells her not to get carried away.
Since everyone’s up, might as well go for a night walk. Though Chika tries to apologize about the misunderstanding, Miu once again cuts in and says what misunderstanding. Another usual punishment down the grassy slope. As they sit down and enjoy the cooling night breeze, Ana mentions about a transparent wind. She goes on saying sometimes when the wind blows, the usual scenery seems to change into a different colour. Chika mentions that even though it’s the same place, she feels that the colour today is different from usual. Ana then says because the wind has no colour, that’s why one feels different depending on your mood. As everyone smiles, Nobue adds "There may be lots of happy moments hiding in the scenery that we take as natural. Even though we usually don’t notice them, I’m sure when the wind blows, we will notice". Chika soon laughs and says that line was so cheesy. Uh huh. It seems Nobue said saomething which doesn’t fit her. Nobue mentions she said nothing and gets up to head back to sleep. The next morning as Nobue drives back, the rest are sleeping in the car but the way they show things seems to indicate that Nobue got lost again. It’s gonna be a long drive home.
Berry Cute Till The Berry End
Overall, I guess the misadventures of the quintet still pretty much meet my expectations. There isn’t any major changes nor differences from the OVA and the tv series so much so you could say that this OVA is somewhat like an extension to satisfy hardcore fans of the series. Even the characters themselves don’t pretty change much as you can tell their quirky personalities right from the start. If you’ve been watching the tv series that is. Maybe somethings are better off the way they are. Matsuri is still klutzy and innocent while Miu is still annoying as ever. Yeah, that old man is still around.
The opening and ending theme still doesn’t appeal to me and even follows the same format as the tv series in the sense that the opening theme, Akkan Berry Berry, is sung by the voice actresses of the 4 young ladies, whereas the ending theme, Yuumachi No Kaze, is sung by the voice actress of Miu. Uh huh. A case of deja vu? Well, just like the tv series too, the opening theme is as upbeat and cute while the ending theme is also a slower ballad. Yeah, they still sound kiddie and girly as ever.
Though not much (what do you expect? There are only 3 episodes), there are some little ecchi scenes as well, that is, when the girls are taking a bath. It won’t amount so much to hentai. You’ll just get to see their naked backs. Perhaps the lesson to learn here is to take life as it is. Everyday is a beautiful day if you could just stop for 1 moment and take a closer look of your surroundings. Okay, maybe it won’t happen in today’s time. But I suppose it’s important for us to have a happy and fun-filled childhood. But then again, kids like Miu are an exception. Good thing the girls also learn how to tolerate and live with a weirdo like her. Something we all need to also, right? FUNGAAAAAAAH!!!

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