May 9, 2008

  Machi chuu doko demo uso bakari,
  Hayku nen mae kara shouchi da yo,
  Ima sara aki kankeru kurai,
  Dare demo dekiru
Fans of the series Rurouni Kenshin AKA Samurai X should’ve recognize those opening lines as the 1st verse for the 7th ending theme song of the anime, DAME! Since this is quite a heavy rock song, at times I feel that it doesn’t suit the feudal era of the series. But because of all the action in it, sometimes it does feel quite suitable.
  Ai wa nagusame no,
  Dougu nanka nai n da shi
Sung by You Izumi, just like the powerful song itself, one needs to have a powerful voice in order to sing it. Yeah, get prepare to scream and shout from the top of your lungs. Actually, there isn’t any screaming nor shouting in the sense that you have to go wild and crazy while belting out this song. Probably because of the loud voice needed, it may sound like so at first.
  Dame dame dame de dame na hito ne,
  Ittai nani wo yatteru no,
  Un ja nai tsuki ja nai,
  Motto jitsu ryoku misete
When I sing this song, at first it started out great and perfect so much so I think I really do sound very close to the singer herself (yeah right). As the song progresses and the more ‘energy’ I need to sing it, towards the end of the song, I kinda notice that I’m close to being out of breath and it’s like I’m struggling to even say my lines. Especially the bridge part, where I totally need to use up my lung power for those powerful lines but even so, due to my lack of breath, I went slightly out of tune. Till today, I’m still having that problems. Maybe I need bigger lungs.
  Dame dame dame ne onna wa mou,
  Sonna otoko ja kanji nai,
  Itsudatte kurakura toki sou na hodo,
  Otoko ni natte choudai
Even the chorus wasn’t kind to my voice, especially the last few lines. Okay, so perhaps this part I need to do a little shouting to get it right. In a way, the last few lines of the chorus sounded like it went to a little higher pitch, but in all that shouting it flew past by me and I wouldn’t notice a thing if I didn’t do some post-singing analysis.
  Dame dame dame de dame na hito ne,
  Ittai nani wo yatteru no,
  Kono tsugi wa tsuyoi toko,
  Motto kicchiri misete
The lyrics of the song sound like as though the singer herself is taking out her frustrations on her ‘useless’ lover (assuming that’s who she’s referring to). Yeah, since ‘dame’ means no in Japanese, it could also means an incapable person, hence a useless person. On the other hand instead of just paying lip service and criticizing, the lyrics also has the singer telling what her love should at least do. Yeah, you should show her how strong you are buddy. Not in physical terms but more on the maturity and emotional level. Isn’t that what most girls look for?
  Dame dame dame ne onna wa mou,
  Sonna otoko ja horenai yo,
  Itsudatte kurakura toki sou na hodo,
  Otoko ni natte choudai
Perhaps I need to persevere and practice even harder. There’s a danger that I may lose my voice first. Even though at the back of my head I knew that this song isn’t that suitable for my voice, but what to do. I really kinda like this song when I first heard it years ago and I still do. Hopefully all that screaming and shouting will one day bear some fruit… Hopefully.
Rurouni Kenshin

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