Cheer Song

May 23, 2008

  Haru wa te wo furi hohoende,
  Natsu wa jounetsu wo furimaite,
  Kisetsu wa utsuri kawatte,
  Aki wa fuyu ga tomodachi
Another one of my favourite anime karaoke songs is Cheer Song, from the ending theme of the series Beyblade. One good obvious reason is because this song is easy for me to sing. Nothing else. Okay, maybe because the song also does sound good itself but mainly it’s quite easy and relaxing on my vocal cords. No strenuous and taxing high pitch and sustaining lines.
  Kaiketsu dekinai koto tte,
  Shinrai yuujou aijou kanjou
The song is sung by system-B and the singer himself sounds like as though he is singing through his nasal and in a ‘sleepy and lazy’ way. Because of that, I think I sound quite close to the singer whenever I sing (emphasis is on ‘I think’). Basically the entire song sounds just like that but luckily for me, there are background vocals to back me up, which makes the singing experience more enjoyable.
  Donna toki demo kumo wa nagareteru,
  Itsudatte onaji sora wa nai,
  Ruisen takamatte ochiru shizuku datte,
  Kanashii wake dake ja nai
Just like the title of this song, the lyrics is mainly about trying to cheer one up when one is feeling down and gloomy. Since life isn’t a bed of roses, there are good times and there are definitely bad times. What’s important is not to lose hope and look forward to the future. Sounds easy? Well, let me sing this song again first. Though I must say that I’m having a little trouble with my timing somewhere in the second verse and second bridge. I seem to either say the words too fast or too slow. Other than that, I’m okay.
  Yuuki wo dashite kotoba ni shite miru,
  Saa tabidatou kibou no machi e,
  Yakusoku datte kanarazu kanau sa,
  It’s gonna be a clear day
I kinda noticed that the animation for the tv series just shows the main character, Takao, sitting on a top as it just slowly spins round and round and round. Nothing much happening unless there’s one point where Takao nearly fell off but manages to get his balancing act together. Also the entire lyrics for this tv version is in hiragana and katakana writing and there is no kanji words in sight.
  Sensou datte itsuka naku naru sa,
  Sou omoeba kitto sou naru,
  Guuzen kasanatte okiru dekigoto mo,
  Sore wa imi aru koto
When the song reaches its finishing lines, it kinda reminded me of a Christmas song because of all the bells ringing as the music starts to fade away. But I think this song is fit for all occasions. Rain or shine. And I’m glad that I’m happy singing it. Isn’t it such a cheerful song?
  Yuuki wo dashite…
  Yakusoku datte…
  It’s gonna be a clear day…

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