Wild Eyes

June 27, 2008

  Akai shizuku nijimu kuchibiru ni,
  Fuwari nageki no kiri furete yuku,
  Sora ni ukabu kagami utsukushiku,
  Haruka yoru no kanata terashiteru
Well well. Somehow I have a hard time trying to understand what this song, Wild Eyes, is all about. This song is the ending theme for the tragic love story anime, Basilisk. Partly a reason why I can’t understand is because my Japanese still isn’t that good and another reason is that even though I looked up at the translated lyrics, it still boggles my mind. Probably there are some hidden meanings to the lyrics. Yup, the words of the lyrics isn’t your typical simple love song.
  Furisosogu amata no hoshi ni omoi hasete,
  Shimeyaka ni fukai kizu na no ito,
  Tsuyoku tsuyoku musubu
If I just accept the words as they are then maybe I won’t have so much headache of trying to understand what it means. Because of so, it’s like I’m not even know what I’m singing. As though the words are just words. Nothing more than that. Till this day, I’m still really unsure. The lyrics include describing abstractly the scenaries and atmospheres as the singer experiences them through some abstract emotions of hers. I think.
  Ruri iro ni kagayaku kira no hitomi,
  Yami yori no tsukai ni tozasarete mo,
  Tsunaida yume no hashi dare mo ubae nai kara,
  Mugen no asu utsushite
Speaking of which, this song has got no karaoke version! Oh no. And I thought at least anime songs sung by Nana Mizuki should all have a karaoke version. You know what that means, a duet with Nana Mizuki herself. It could’ve been another one of those easy-to-sing songs on my list because there isn’t any long sustaining high pitch lines. What’s more, there aren’t any background vocals so it could mean that this song is best sung with amazing and reasonably powerful vocals. What are the chances with me? But I guess it’s better than long sustaining high-pitch lines.
  Asai nemuri tsudzuku reimei ni,
  Hitori inori ni komete ori ageru,
  Namida aoi kumo ni kizamarete,
  Itoshii anata no kage oikakeru
This song is purely a rock song and it fit quites nicely for the setting of the anime. You can guess that it’s such a song with the wild playing of the synthesizers as its opening. The guitaring itself too has quite some heavy rock playing in it especially the solo part. Accompanied with heavy bass and drum beats, it may get a little loud at certain parts. So if you wanna feel what it’s like to attend a noisy rock concert, turn up the volume and dance like in a trance, shouting and screaming while you’re at it. Nope, I haven’t done it myself. But it’s good to know this song does have such potential.
  Nikushimi no honoo uzumaku kono chijou de,
  Kegare naki kokoro tsuranuiteku,
  Atsuki atsuki chikai
Since the lyrics do not generally repeat itself, I find myself hard to remember them all even after singing (or even listening) several times. Given that as mentioned earlier on, I don’t understand the words to this song. Maybe just the first few lines of the chorus. Ah well, better be happy with what I have. Say, Nana Mizuki, fancy having another go of this number with me?
  Ruri iro ni kagayaku kira no hitomi,
  Yami yori no tsukai ni tozasarete mo,
  Tsunaida yume no hashi yuukyuu ni tsudzuri yuku,
  Kanderu kiseki kitto…

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