The Fourth Avenue Cafe

October 10, 2008

  Kuuseki ni mitsumerareta,
  Taikutsu na kyuujitsu ni wa,
  Owaru koto naku ga anata,
  Nagaretsudzukete iru
One of my favourite songs from the anime series Rurouni Kenshin is The Fourth Avenue Cafe, and this song still remains one of my top favourites despite I’m listening to it lesser these days. Of all the ending themes in this series, this 4th ending song has the shortest span in terms of appearance as it is only shown for a meager 4 episodes! Hey, I kinda noticed that the number 4 here seems to have some sort of role. The name has that number, it makes its appearance after 3 different ending themes and it appears for less than 5 episodes. Coincidence?
  Wakatteite mo kidzukanai furishite,
  Oborete ita yo itsudemo,
  Dareka no koto omotteru,
  Yokogao demo suteki datta kara
I have got that feeling that all the anime songs sung by L’arc~en~Ciel will not have any karaoke or instrumental versions of it. Okay, so maybe I have not heard nor even know every anime songs that they sing but the ones that I have seems to lack those versions. Why why why don’t they do one? I suppose they have their reasons. Will the song sound much horrible without the lead singer’s voice? I doubt it.
  Kisetsu wa odayaka ni owari wo tsugeta ne,
  Irodorareta kioku ni yosete,
  Sayonara ai wo kureta ano hi wa,
  Kono hitomi ni yurameite ita
At that time I was really looking high and low for this song but I just couldn’t find it. One reason why I wanted to sing this song so badly was because my voice seems to fit this song quite nicely. Not to say that I sound exactly like the singer but it’s easy on my vocal chords. The pitch of this music suits me, especially the verses. So perhaps the chorus lines will be a little challenging since there is a line which has me needing to go to a slightly higher pitch, but even that is manageable. Most of the time, that is. But even with that small hurdle, it’s not a big thing.
  Ato? Dore gurai darou soba ni ite kureru no wa,
  Sou omoi nagara toki wo kizande ita yo
So far, this is the only anime song which I can play from start to finish on my guitar. Well, at least with the few simple chords in hand, I’m able to strum and sing by myself if I don’t feel like doing a duet. Of course by playing with only a guitar, it does feel and sound a little ’empty’. And I kinda noticed that when I’m in this mode, my tone goes a little off. Perhaps I really do need a karaoke version. Or is it the singer’s voice covered up my flaw?
  Yosete wa kaeshiteku oh nami no you ni,
  Kono kokoro wa sarawarete,
  Kyou no machi wa ai mo kawarazu omoimegurase,
  Sorezore ni egaite yuku oh
As for the original song itself, there are some cool acoustic guitar pluckings which I tried to follow (but failed miserably) other than the electrical guitar solo. As the song progresses, the tone of the music it gives you a feel that you’re in the Great Depression Era in the early 30’s. That’s because of that jazzy and steamy trumpet playing style (or was it some other horn instrument) and the other fanfares throughout the song, which projects such an image, especially during the bridge. Though there are some piano play but it’s not as obvious nor does it stand out. The only time it does is when the song is at the end, when once all that lively music reaches the end, the music comes to a near halt, leaving listeners with a slow piano solo and the singer’s seemingly breathy voice to end it all.

  Sayonara ai wo kureta ano hito wa,
  Tooi sora ni koikogarete,
  Kono hitomi ni yurameite ita
Besides, this whole song has that feel that you’re in during those olden times. Most probably it’s the way the song was sung and not the lyrics. Speaking of which, the lyrics does indicate something close to nostalgia and the boring uncertainty which makes the singer yearn for his lover. But as long as I’m singing this song, the only nostalgia for me is thinking back while I was watching this anime series and being awed by this awesome tune. Although, it was just for a short period of time.


  Utsuriyuku machi nami ni,
  Tameiki wa koboreta wo…
Rurouni Kenshin

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