School Days – Valentine Days OVA

October 17, 2008

OMG! That bastard is still alive! That freaking two-timing idiotic jerk is still alive! Well, after that shocking finale in the anime series School Days, there has been a lot of hatred and cursing about a particular male character from that series. So when the producers came out with a one episode OVA of the series called School Days – Valentine Days, it came as a surprise to me. Even those characters who have died or gone away, are being ‘resurrected’ for this OVA.
After that gruesome ending, I’m not sure of the timeline of this single OVA episode. Heck, maybe it has got nothing to do with the storyline after all. I feel that this OVA episode can serve as a stand-alone episode. Why, it’s only 20 minutes long even after taking into account the opening and ending themes. Less than that actually. About 18 plus minutes.
Now, after watching this episode, this is what a love harem comedy is supposed to be all about. Yeah, that’s right. As you might have guessed it from the title, the theme is Valentine’s Day and the setting and tone of the series is much more different and light hearted than the tv series. Get ready to have some laughs. So those who have watched the original tv series and dread how everything turned out, rest assured, watch this one for the comedy and don’t let your biasness and prejudices spoil the fun of this OVA.
The episode starts off with the girls soaking in an outdoor hotspring inn high up in the snowy mountains. Courtesy of Kotonoha’s dad invitation and offer since this hotspring is associated with one of her dad’s companies so they got free passes to it. I knew that Kotonoha’s family is wealthy but I didn’t know she was this wealthy. Not only that, Kokoro then mentions that they have free passes to Dubai and Hawaii too! Wow. Hikari is really impressed (sarcastically) as Sekai notes that this is the difference between them. Otome then is staring at Kotonoha’s boobs and says she isn’t normal at all. Though Kotonoha is embarrassed, Otome then restrains her and suggests that they see what happens if they fondle them, with Nanami as her partner in crime. Unfortunately, you won’t get to see any yuri scenes furthermore. That’s because Setsuna swims by and says that it’s not the size that matters, but the satisfaction. "SATISFACTION?!". Yeah, enough to send the girls shouting out loud in disbelief. Except innocent little Kokoro of course. She doesn’t understand those adult lines.
Meanwhile Makoto is looking bored, sitting in his room with Taisuke, who is feeling impatient and restless because he thinks they have to go peek at the girls if they have the heart of a true hot-blooded man. Yeah, right. Just then, they heard the girls calling Makoto’s name and are tempting him to come join them in the mixed bath. I guess it’s normal for the duo to turn into perverts and in their surprise opens the door to confirm it. But as soon as they did that, the girls threw a wooden bucket at their head. Yeah, they were just kidding. Can’t be that easy, huh? As the duo are crying in frustration on the floor, Makoto narrates "And thus was the beginning of out happy days. Or so we thought… We were too young to know better". Got that right.
The next scene shows Sekai, Hikari, Otome and Nanami dining together at a cafe. Hikari talks about the upcoming Valentine’s Day and wonders what Sekai is planning on that day. Though Sekai says she doesn’t have anything in mind, Hikari tells her that she’s lying as she reminds her about Makoto. Though Sekai says she’s planning to give Makoto some obligation chocolates, Sekai shoots back at Hikari about Taisuke’s case. Otome seems to be on Sekai’s side like asking questions if Hikari has even confessed to Taisuke. Obviously that girl doesn’t want anybody else sticking their nose into this case. Nanami then says though it’s a waste to give chocolates but it’s an opportunity. This gives Sekai an idea but Otome isn’t pleased with her reaction. Setsuna then comes by and tells Sekai that all the other customers are looking at her. In her embarrassment, Sekai gets up and apologizes. Looks like she’s slacking on her part time job.
Kotonoha comes home to find Kokoro going through various recipe books about making chocolates for Valentine’s Day. Kokoro asks her sister if she has anyone in particular to give her Valentine chocolates. Back at Sekai’s home, Sekai finds her mom passionately making chocolates. Still making some at that age? "No matter how old a woman is, she’s always young at heart". Now that’s the positive way to look at things, Sekai’s mom. She then asks if Sekai has a boyfriend. Though Sekai didn’t give an answer, but I guess we can all tell by her body language. Sekai’s mom proceeds to teach her to make some chocolates. Yeah, you have to put one’s feelings into it and then wait for the impact. The impact of a taste that he’ll never forget when he first puts it in his mouth (no hentai thoughts here!) and he will instantly fall in love with you. Furthermore, Sekai’s mom is giving her lecture like as though she’s attacking the enemy. "Zero in and strike! Strike! Strike! Strike!". I know that Valentine’s Day can be a battle zone for some.
But the next disturbing scene is at Kotonoha’s home. I don’t know if it’s for real or not, but Kotonoha is dressed in a cape and making chocolates with unthinkable ingredients. Lizards. Ginseng. Squids. You get the idea. She’s like a witch trying to make some poison! Reminds you of that story in Snow White, huh? Not only that, she’s got Kokoro as her little assistant. I wonder if they’re really making chocolates. What’s this? Kotonoha taking out a chainsaw and starts slashing the air?! I think we’re in the wrong horror thriller show.
Valentine’s Day arrive and at class, Taisuke is reading his and Makoto’s love fortune for that special day. Taisuke must be really expecting something good out of it. "An unexpected girl will forcefully approach you", "And you will progress 1 step further into manhood". Don’t believe everything you read. Taisuke seems passionate about everything but Makoto doesn’t give a damn. Taisuke thinks of going to check his shoe locker again but Makoto tells him to check his desk first. When he does, Taisuke is sad to find nothing and thinks he’s been ignored this year. I think he’s been ignored all the time. Sekai is watching the duo from behind and thinks that they are idiots.
It’s evening and the day is coming to an end. Uh huh. Those 2 guys didn’t get anything and Taisuke is cursing his luck and youthful days of his. Just then, a blushing Otome then comes by and is asks Makoto to come with her for a while. She then takes Makoto’s hand and brings him along somewhere. It then hit Taisuke that Makoto is the one that is going into manhood alone. Feeling frustrated? Bye bye you loser. While Taisuke is branding Makoto a traitor, Hikari is getting ready to give her chocolates to Taisuke.
At the school garden, Otome is finding it hard to tell Makoto but eventually manages to sum up her courage and give him her chocolates. However, she tells him that it’s just obligation chocolates since they have known each other since young. Soon, they heard Sekai calling out Makoto’s name. She too has chocolates in hand. Yeah, the rivalry intensifies. Note the lion and tiger aura of Otome and Sekai respectively! Sekai too hands her obligation chocolates but Otome soon pulls Makoto away and says that he doesn’t have to accept them since they are obligation chocolates. Sekai says the same thing to Otome’s chocolates as they tug and pull Makoto. He’s going to break at this rate. He manages to break free and tells them to calm down. But the girls aren’t satisfied still because it took them quite a long time to make them and wants him to choose. He has no choice, even if they’re both obligation chocolates.
As Makoto steps back, he bumps into Kotonoha. Holy sh*t! So that weird stuff she was making is for real! What in the world is that evil purple aura coming out from that chocolate cake with tentacles! Hideous! Sekai and Otome notes another rival has appeared. Oh great. That’s what Makoto needs. If you think he has to choose between 2 is bad, it gets even worse with 3 now. Triple trouble. The girls are awaiting his choice and we can see their eyes glowing in evil red. Makoto realizes that this is not good at all and whatever choice he picks, his fate is sealed. He’s going to be killed! Haih… If he only realized that back in the tv series. Makoto tries to run away and escape but the girls are hot on his heels. At the same time, Hikari is disappointed that she didn’t manage to give her chocolates to Taisuke because that jerk was gone the moment she turned her eyes away for a moment. Makoto then ran pass by her and the chasing pack slams Hikari to the shoe locker. I don’t know why, but did you notice that Sekai and Kotonoha are carrying a knife in the other hand while chasing down Makoto?
I also don’t know how this happened but soon Sekai’s mom joins in the chase. Yeah, she’s in her bikini and wants Makoto to have some with her. "I’ll give you a taste of an adult’s pleasure". Not only that. Kokoro is in this too! She’s in a ribbon cat outfit and still has that onii-chan fetish. Holy cow! Thank goodness this isn’t the original tv series whereby Makoto went around doing in girls he comes across! No lolis, no other people’s wife! You know, this guy can break the world record in running across the globe in… Heck, I don’t know how long but it seems time didn’t pass at all. That’s because it’s still evening but Makoto has been cornered by the 5 ladies at the top of the school rooftop. Since he is indecisive, Kotonoha then suggests that he eat all their chocolates at once. I think their evil red eyes are more of being sadists rather than force love. Yeah, they’re being yandere, you know… They restrain him and stuff it all together down his throat! At least take off the wrappers lah. Wow. He does really have a big mouth. But I guess the taste must be really out-of-this-world. In a negative aspect, that is.
While barely alive, Makoto tells them that he will give his reply and impression some other time. Sekai thinks it’s White Day, which is only a month away. Relieved, the girls then walked away and look forward to it. Makoto, please note down that another D-Day in your diary. Makoto manages to crawl his way back to class when he sees Setsuna there. She gives him a chocolate which is smaller then her palm. Though Makoto thinks it’s another obligation chocolate, Setsuna tells him that it’s okay if he doesn’t want to accept it. But I suppose he doesn’t want to disappoint her and eats it. Surprisingly, he finds it delicious and feels much better. With that, Setsuna proceeds to give him a giant size chocolate! Wow! Where did she take that out from? Uh huh. That little chocolate was just a small sample, part of the rest of this. Setsuna then tells him that the chocolates are not from her but from a person who is too shy to give it to him personally and that she’s just being told to do so on her behalf.
Makoto then asks who is it from. Now this is the shocking part which I didn’t see coming nor guess. Sestuna’s answer… Taisuke! WTF???!!! THAT IS FROM TAISUKE???!!! Since when did that guy turned gay?! Another disturbing scene as Taisuke appears in make-up! He’s doing his lovey-dovey expression to Makoto! Holy *#&$#@!!!!!!!!! I can’t believe it turned out to be something yaoi! Something gay! NOOOO!!!! That’s right Makoto. Scream all you want. In an empty classroom, nobody can hear you scream. Okay, maybe not. Thus, Makoto’s final narration "Truth is sometimes stranger than fiction. And thus was the beginning of our happy days. Or so we thought, young and foolish as we were. My springtime of youth stumbled into further confusion…". Before Makoto could finish his sentence, it seems that he has been cut off. Like somebody taking him away by his throat. Have fun.
OMG! That ending was totally unexpected! Of all the girls, I was thinking that he may ended up with one of them or none. But Taisuke?! Probably he’s been hanging around with him for so long, so much so that loneliness of not being able to find a suitable girl turned all that hope into gay love. Woah. If it’s true, then Makoto has really got to stay away from this guy. So where did his manhood he yearned so much go? More like turned into gayhood. Yeah, if you note the ending animation sequence, there will be a picture of Taisuke’s girly expression somewhere at the end as the handphone’s screensaver image.
This episode is the best one among the series. I really enjoyed it very much. Ah, if only the series had more episodes like this. But after watching this, it doesn’t feel like ‘dessert’ to wash away the awful ending of the tv series. My feelings and thoughts for the tv series still remains unchanged. Makoto is still a guy that viewers will love to hate even after watching this one. Though I’m glad nothing bad happened in the end, but I feel that this OVA episode is some sort a revenge for the girls. Yeah, Makoto getting a taste of his own medicine. It would’ve been more fun if Setsuna had been in that chase too but I guess the producers reserved her little role for that finale. Shocking but hilarious.
So it goes to show you that when you have a harem, it’s really hard to choose which one to give your full attention to. As I’ve said before, this is one aspect where sharing isn’t a good point to emphasize. And even if you fail to give your Valentine’s Day chocolates to your loved one, don’t stuff it down his/her throat forcefully. Of course, it is the thought that counts too. Now, I wonder if there are any girls out there who are willing to give me their chocolates too… NOO!!! Since I haven’t received one before, I’m thinking I’m turning into a loser like Taisuke!!! *Sinking into deep depression*.
School Days

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