November 21, 2008

  Bokura wa mucha mo suru kedo,
  Nakitai toki ni wa naichatte alright,
  Konkyo no nai jishin demo,
  Toriaezu ‘coz I’m included in your life
If anyone who has seen the anime series, Girl’s High or also known as Joshi Kousei, I’m sure you will definitely and immediately identify with those opening lines. Well, if you’re a fan of that series of course and not just the kind that see-and-forget. This is the ending theme of the series entitled, Incl. (pronounced as, included).
  Sonna koto wo dare ka ni,
  Iwareta wake ja nai no ni,
  Jibun de katte ni,
  Dame ni shita
Sung by Meg Rock, just like in the singer name herself, this is another one of those lively and upbeat rock songs. The songs starts off with some muffled sound effect and soon the singer singing the opening chorus accompanied with only the drums before the whole song starts to come into play with the heavy funk-like bass.
  Atama de wakaru koto ga,
  Kokoro de wa dekitenai,
  Minna to onaji,
  Sokudo ja nai kara
Amazingly, somehow I manage to sing this song with great ease and confidence. Considering that the singer has a high-pitched voice which is so suitable for squeaky anime girly characters, I thought that this song would be one of the impossibles. After trying out a few times, I got addicted to it. The verses and bridge are simple enough and don’t require me to go to a much higher pitch. So much so I think I sound close to her! (Yeah right, there I go again dreaming).
  Shiawase no mihon to ka,
  Deteru to no imi ni,
  Madowasareteru uchi wa,
  Kitto surechigau
The only part which has me needing to go a higher pitch and is just a short little line in the chorus, namely the ‘toriaezu~’ part. At first it was tough, then slowly I started to notice that I can sing it without much difficulty. Albeit not perfect nor consistent, but hey, it’s better than most other songs. Plus, majority of the times when I sing this line, I don’t really face the problem of going off pitch. Not even the sustaining lines at the end of the bridge pose any ‘threat’ to me. Hehehe.
  Bokutachi wa ima datte,
  Mada yume no tochuu,
  Akirameta furi wo shite,
  Zutto sagashiteru
Other than that, the lyrics of this love song is quite easy to remember and that most of the lines of the repeating chorus are the same. On a trivial note, I saw the original Japanese kanji lyrics and was stumped when the 1st verse lyrics has a line which has ‘x’ in it. I wonder what it meant, so upon closer listening (after many many times), I feel what the word was and meant was ‘dame’. Sheesh. Why didn’t they just put that word in the first place. There isn’t much background vocals either but even so, it’s just a short one in the last lines of the chorus. Plus, if you like wild electric guitar playing, the solo part gives you some treat although it’s just a short one.
  Bokura wa mucha mo suru kedo,
  Nakitai toki ni wa naichatte alright,
  Konkyo no nai jishin demo,
  Toriaezu ‘coz you’re included in my life
Just for the record, the anime series’ ending animation shows the girl casts of the series doing a jiggling dance of their own. I once tried to copy them. Some are easy while some I still unable to get it right till today. But each time I see them do that, it never ceases to bring a smile to my face. However, I can’t seem to dance and sing this song at the same time. I’d go helter-skelter. Perhaps I should just enjoy singing this and nothing more. Now to go off with a bang, just like how the song ends with its trademark guitar strumming and drum beats, then finally over and out with the sliding of the funky bass line.
  Toriaezu ‘coz you’re included in my,
  I’m included in your life…
Girl's High

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