Koharu Biyori

December 5, 2008

For those who have fetish for maid lolicons, I’m sure Koharu Biyori would appease you, if not stimulate a bigger appetite for the maid genres of the anime world. That’s right. I’m not saying that this show is filled with maids to the brim from start to finish, but at least the main character is one. And you know, anime maids are definitely more cute and moe than those in the real world (that depends on your tastes). Wait a minute. Am I saying that I have maid fetish too? Now I don’t really have such fetish but I do find them cute. That’s all.
If you are planning to watch this 3 OVA episode of nearly 30 minutes each, then be warned that there are lots of ecchi and fanservice scenes. Uh huh, what maid genre would be complete without it. Some of the scenes even show females being topless. However, it’s all in the name of comedy. At least, that’s the way how I looked at it. Okay, maybe to satisfy hardcore ecchi lovers as well. Each of the episodes are split into 3 parts so there are a total of 9 little stories, if you want to look at it that way.
In the near distant future, leave it to the Japanese to come out with human-like robots. Not just maids but they can even range from all walks of life. They’re ready to do whatever whims and fancies their masters wished for. Are people in the future that deprived? Is having a real human worse off than a robotic one? Perhaps in serving and taking orders effectively ;p. But that’s not the case in point. So before we could really live out the real thing, there’s no harm of dreaming it and possibly making it into an anime, right?
Episode 1
In part 1, at a company called Maid Works which sells various forms of female robots, Takaya Murase, a young working adult is browsing through the store with the help of the store manager, which I shall refer to as Tenchou, who seems to be quite knowledgeable and passionate about the robot dolls in her store. She can be a good salesperson. Takaya spots a blonde doll and without a doubt, he wants that one.
Back at Takaya’s apartment, he receives the package from Maid Works and is pretty much looking forward to it. You can tell on the look of his face that he’s a little pervy. By the way, did you notice the various figurine dolls on his closet? Too many… Reminds you of that guy in NHK Ni Youkoso. Takaya is surprised to find the blonde girl naked and thinks it’s part of the company’s fanservice. When the blonde girl open her eyes and spots a doll, she thinks that doll is her master. Until Takaya corrects her. Thank goodness she won’t be serving something 1/10 her size. Hey, doesn’t this blonde girl look a bit like Nagi from Hayate No Gotoku?
Anyway she soon finds out that Takaya is a pervert and a dress-up doll freak! Unlike most obedient maids who quickly serve their master without question, I kinda find this one to be a little, how do you put it… have a little conscious. Uh huh. She can even tell what’s wrong or right and because of Takaya’s weird fetish, she becomes embarrassed and is reluctant to do his biddings. Most of the time, that is. But he’s still her master. So as Takaya is trying to force a maid dress on her, she punches him. I’m not sure if his nosebleed is as a result of her punch or the fanservice shot he got. He gave a thumbs up.
Once Takaya comes too, he finds himself in bed and that girl has put on the maid costume. But he is horrified to find that she has cleaned up his entire room by discarding away all his figurine collections! Any collector would certainly get upset. Her reason was so that she could create a pleasant working environment by throwing away all those ‘cursed dolls’. If you had a girlfriend, you’d definitely not want to display such items openly. Takaya tries to play reverse psychology by saying that those cursed dolls may have a restless spirit of their own and come back to haunt her, in which she really believes it. So this is another one of Takaya’s ploy to get her dressed up as a miko priestess to ‘purify’ her. She must be dreading every second of it. Since she can’t take it anymore (because she thinks she’s programmed as a maid), she decides to run away after calling Takaya a doll maniac and a dress-up doll pervert.
Outside Maid Works store, she is having a dilemma of wanting to go back or not because she remembers Tenchou’s words that if a robot maid is returned, the company has to pay a big compensation and dispose of the robot. I guess that’s a big no no. Takaya then comes by to get her and she remembers his words while she was a display at a store, "I need no one else but her". This made her change her mind as she wants to continue serving him. Takaya then decides to give her a name, Yui, which made her touched. If Yui thinks it’s over when she reaches home, then she’s got it all wrong because back in Takaya’s room, he is displaying his reserve figurines (I guess he has too much for not displaying them all in the first place) and what’s worse, he’s back to his crazy dress-up ways. Yui must be thinking, life would be better if she’s scrapped metal.
In part 2, Yui and Takaya are taking a walk in the streets and this is part of Yui’s plan to not let Takaya dress her up so frequently. Since they’re out, he has no chance to go to his wardrobe to put clothes on her. Meanwhile, a very busty girl, Minori Sumitomo, finds a lost child at a park, Ayumi Hagiwara and proceeds to do some dance to cheer her up. Yui and Takaya happen to pass by and Yui is horrified to see such bounciness (unless you’re like those perverted guys staring…) and thinks it’s a crime. As Takaya tries to talk to Ayumi, we see 2 ‘A-cup Idol Miko Sisters’ (okay, so that title wasn’t necessary), Ran and Sumire Midou summoning a giant octopus to wrap its tentacles around Minori. Fanservice time! You’ll notice that this will happen once in every episode, the miko sisters summoning a giant octopus to wrap Minori with its tentacles. I wonder how most people find this a turn on.
As Takaya chats with Ayumi, his soothing words seems to capture her heart. But Yui doesn’t believe it that Takaya seems like a good hearted person. And she always thought her master was a no good dress-up doll freak. Believe it now! As they are about to go find Ayumi’s parents, Minori comes back (dripping wet in some liquid…), she suggests going to her cafe. Back at Cafe Cowbeya, the gang finds that Minori’s dad, Tetsushi, also runs the cafe. But what’s worse is that he too has some sort of costume fetish as he takes out his ‘dream’ on Minori, who has no qualms about it. The 2 guys went about their discussion about the best fabric etc, and Yui can’t believe Minori is receptive to it. Even Ayumi wants Takaya to tailor her! Thus the guys initiates a Dress-up Battle. After several outfits (some embarrassing ones) and lots of battle-like comments, the duo ends up with a draw. But they both love it. So are those perverted spectators. At that time, Ayumi’s mom, Kanae, who thought there was a party here, comes in and is relieved to see her daughter. Yeah, another busty woman. Doesn’t she look too young to be Ayumi’s mom? Anyway, Tetsushi requests the help of Yui and Kanae to serve the hordes of customers coming in to the cafe. At the end of the day, they’re successful and Yui notes Takaya’s good side of helping others. All that mood is ruined when Minori and Ayumi hugs him as the former wants him to continue working here and the latter thinking of working here too.
In part 3, Yui is excited when Minori brought her relative’s baby to her place, since they’re moving. Though it isn’t her baby, Minori really wished this was hers and images of Takaya being her husband comes up. Soon Minori has to leave to help her dad out with the large number of customers and entrusts the little baby in Yui’s care. All is fine until the baby starts screaming. Yui wonders what does this mean. Erm… I thought maid robots have such cases programmed? She calls Takaya but he sounded so happy so she doesn’t want to ruin his fun and tells him that the loud noise is from the tv. Yui should have thought about this at the start, as she requests for a download programme for babysitting knowledge. Urm… Isn’t the beam from the satellite in outer space too excessive? Yui then takes off the baby’s diapers and he ‘shoots’ her with his pee (don’t mind the obvious viewing of his male anatomy). The pee must have a damaging effect because Yui detected an error and the function is now damaged. Haha, so high-tech robot but still not waterproof.
Yui imagines how Takaya will discard her since she’s a useless maid. She searches his closet to find lots of baby stuff in it and also an adult size clothes for babies, which she puts them on. She then decides to play mother and feed him with her breast milk but she doesn’t have so. But the baby is still sucking at her boobs. What is the sensation she is feeling now? When she finally manages to get him drink from the bottle, Yui thinks how cute he is, until he pooped, that is. While washing his diapers, the baby nearly fell off the apartment’s balcony. Yui manages to make it in time. She thinks she can’t really take her eyes off him and can’t help staring at his ‘little elephant’. Surprised at first, she soon finds it cute! The rest of the day sees Yui’s babysitting skills getting better as she adores the baby even more. When Takaya comes home, he is shocked to see the baby and even thinks it’s possible for a robot to get pregnant. Of course he gets even more surprise to see Yui in that baby costume. Same thing when Minori comes back to pick him up. Yui did mention how this is what babysitters have to wear. Something not right in the programme. But the baby does look happy.
Episode 2
In part 1, while Yui is helping Minori out at the cafe, a beautiful maid robot girl named Kuon comes in to pick up stuffs she earlier ordered. It seems Kuon knows Yui because she came from the same place, Maid Works. Kuon wonders why Yui is working here and concludes she has been abandoned by her master. Of course Yui introduces her perverted master while Kuon is ranting about being alone and all that. It seems that she is masterless and always get depressed whenever she thinks of it. Uh huh, she thinks she’s just a left over to be displayed for eternity.
At Maid Works store, Yui visits Kuon in her room. It’s such a depressing and gloomy atmosphere. She even reads her depressing diary which tells of how other obsolete models were sold but she’s still here. Kuon then mentions how Yui broke the record of being the fastest sold doll in the shop and herself who has top notch functions is left to rot. So to sort things out (more like jealous), Kuon proposes entering a Maid Robot Contest. Things start of with a cooking contest with Kuon making an exquisite French meal while Yui having trouble with the onions (crying too much). Then it’s the Ice Loli Test, whereby Kuon is licking and sucking a popsicle… It looks so convincing… and so turn on… Then a pantyhose putting on contest and finally a service test to see who can serve their master better. While Kuon puts up a great display of service, Yui feels she has no self-confidence until Takaya gives her some advice. This in turn made Yui feel better and when it’s her turn, she really does shine. Everyone is so absorbed with it, except for Kuon who doesn’t get it and heaves a loud unbelievable "Huh?!".
Though Kuon won the event, Yui tells her how since she isn’t good enough, she’ll use her way to please her master and tells Kuon to come visit her place sometime. Tenchou then arrives to congratulate her for beating their rival company, MP, and comforts her by saying that someday she’ll find a master of her own. But the actual fact is that Tenchou notes that Kuon is the best maid robot of her store and she can’t let her go because she is so well made. I see, wanting to keep her to yourself forever, huh? Yeah, can’t say the truth to her face either. The next morning, Yui is surprised to see Kuon watching tv at her place. Kuon mentions that she had invited her to come and she’s ranting how the best maid is waiting for her destined master to come. Oh, only if she’d knew. Kuon wants Yui to serve her tea and Yui notes another weird person has appeared.
In part 2, Takaya notes that Yui is still down over the recent contest. He even tried putting on several clothes on her to cheer her up. Erm… Isn’t that fetish only cheering himself? Tetsushi then suggests to take the gang to the beach. Yui couldn’t believe it at first but since Takaya says it’s a rare chance for her, it’s better that she enjoy herself. Minoru has Takaya to put sun lotion on her back and is enjoying every moment of it until she finds out it was her dad’s old filthy hands. Even Kanae and Ayumi are fighting over Takaya. This guy is sure lucky. When Takaya asks Yui if she can go into water, she tells him that she can even walk on water and proceeds to show him. But that method somehow burned her lower portion of her swimsuit ("My butt is on fire!!!"). Later Takaya teaches Yui how to swim and it seems Minori and her dad too has a cafe here.
Now this part I didn’t get it. We see a Power Rangers-like spoof with Yui, Minori, Kuon, Ayumi and Kanae as the good guys against the evil duo of Ran and Sumire and their giant octopus. After a short scene of a tentacle-wrapped Minori, our heroines defeat the menacing threat with a rugby ball…?! Later when Takaya asks Yui did she had a happy time, Yui isn’t pleased and thinks that he did it just make her happy only. Then as the girls take a bath (nakedness here very obvious. Be warned), they chat over thinks like Minori’s oversized boobs and Kanae giving Yui some advice. At night, Yui meets Murase again and apologizes for what she said earlier on. As they reconcile, they made a promise to do this more often.
Part 3 has Takaya at Cowbeya as Tetsushi mentions how Takaya has an interest in the MP new product announcement fair. Just then a sexy maid robot, Sakuya, comes running in and hugs Takaya. It seems Takaya knows who she is because she is his ultimate customized figurine. They have a chat over Takaya’s nice design and all the feelings he poured into it to make the ultimate life-size figurine. Back at Takaya’s place, Yui finds out that Sakuya is one of those dolls she discarded earlier on and thinks she is the cursed spirit. Then another cue from the miko sisters to have Minori wrapped in tentacles. And she’s not even one who is cursed. I know, it’s fanservice. But of course, Sakuya brushes it off that she’s one as it’s unscientific. After telling their tale of how Sakuya was being made into this world from a figurine to a life-size model, Yui wonders if he stills want to do those things with her. Sakuya then asks Takaya hasn’t done in on Yui yet, which made her blush as Yui replies he can’t treat everyone as he likes. Then more red face for Yui when Sakuya says how she’s seen it all on Takaya.
That night, Sakuya says how she can now help out with Takaya’s secret activities. But luckily that was just a bad dream from Yui. Since she can’t sleep, she went out to the balcony to find Takaya there. Yui asks if he wants to customize her body as well, but he replied that he prefers the way Yui is right now. The next day, Sakuya tells them she has to go back to MP because since she’s just a test model, she needs to get checked every day. Before she leaves, she tells Takaya to do his best on his secret activities, sending shock waves to him. Yui says a normal male can’t hold it in when Sakuya says how funny just thinking about it. It’s revealed that Takaya’s secret activity is to release his secret energy to awaken his powers to fight someone he can’t see. Yup, he’s shadow boxing. Since Yui is blushing, Sakuya teases her what could she be thinking his secret activity was. Hehehe. Naughty girl… After she leaves, Takaya says how he didn’t do his secret activity last night but will do so tonight. Yui gives a lethargic answer asking him to go do it please.
Episode 3
For those wondering something amiss for part 1 of this episode, which somehow has the characters attending school, just be advised to watch this part first. It starts off with Yui rushing late to school when she bumps into someone and in the process ‘dismantles’ herself. After putting herself together, that someone, a graceful polite lady whom we shall refer to as Onee-sama, helps her up. Her kindness seems to make Yui blush. Once Yui enters her class, we see Kuon sitting next to her and Minori, the class rep, ticking her off for her tardiness. Minori continues to sarcastically tease Yui about their difference in boobs size, which at the same time sends Ran and Sumire into depression.
Just then, Kanae, the homeroom teacher comes in and she has Ayumi as a talkative doll on her shoulder. Kanae loves whacking Ayumi whenever she talks too much. During class, Yui wonders if a robot like her is suited for school when she notices her short skirt. Minori happen to look back and is surprised to see what Yui is doing, playing with her skirt. Minori then gets an idea as she tells Kanae that Yui isn’t feeling well and would like to escort her to the infirmary. Another unnecessary comment from Ayumi "Don’t leak it", makes Kanae strangle her right to the blackboard.
But it seems Minori has taken Yui inside the toilet cubicle. Yeah, due to small space constraints, she’s confronting her with her boobs. Too close. Minori tells Yui not to play dumb as she saw her lifting her skirt to masturbate in class! Woah! Yui’s face instantly turns red as she tries to convince Minori that she’s not doing that. Minori continues to tease her saying that she’s so bold to do it in the middle of class when Onee-sama comes in. Minori decides to investigate this later and leaves. Yui greeted her before leaving.
As recess nears, Ran and Sumire made a plan to dash out of the class to the bread canteen. Determined not to lose, the other classmates soon follow. The duo use several tricks to stop the chasing pack, in which they ultimately summon the giant octopus. Surprisingly, the octopus caught Kuon and Yui. When Ran and Sumire arrives at the canteen and requests for the special noodle bread, it seems Kanae and Ayumi beat them to it. So close yet so far. Ayumi gets another mom’s-hand-in-her-face when she teases the duo about if they want the bread so badly. Unfortunately, the bread drops on the floor. When Minoru arrives to seek an explanation why the duo ditch class, the octopus grabs her. Ah well, I guess sooner or later it still has to be her.
At the infirmary, Yui and Kuon are there to find a male and female silhouette behind the curtain. It turned out that doctor Tetsushi is taking out his advances on nurse Sakuya. Yui knows it’s wrong to do it in school but Tetsushi thinks he’ll let them wear it too. Sakuya restrains Yui and as the doctor gets ready to do something perverted on her when Onee-sama coolly says how he’s not obeying rules, abusing privileges and harassing people. Minori is shocked to find her dad doing this and runs away calling him a pervert as Tetsushi chases after her. Sakuya too backs down and runs away after Onee-sama gives her ‘that look’. Yui thanks her as Onee-sama gets close to her. She then put both hands on Yui’s cheeks and says how she’s always been watching over her and is closing in for a kiss!
Actually, all that was just an online simulation game as Yui takes a heavy breather from that shocking development. Now it all makes sense. Takaya then comes in and Yui tells him off about such games, especially the plot, what is so good about it. Takaya then starts imagining what if Yui was in the same grade as him and Yui says such imaginations are only allowed in games. If that Takaya had Yui during his schooling years, she’ll leave him for a different master. This prompts Yui to ask him where he works. Takaya points at the screen and to Yui’s horror, Takaya is Onee-sama! Then we see all the other characters at their computer playing this simulation too. It’s the trend these days, everything is online now! So does Yui prefer Takaya to play dress-up with her? Not. Hey, doesn’t that game simulation has that Maria-sama Ga Miteru feel?
Part 2 has Kuon still bumming around in Takaya’s place. Did she overstayed her welcome? Kuon has that I-don’t-care attitude till Takaya shows up, in which she does an instant switch to a polite serving maid. Takaya then gets a phone call and tells Yui he has to go back to work now. Because of this, Yui becomes depressed. At Cowbeya, Kuon tells this to the rest and Tetsushi notes how Takaya hasn’t come in for some time. Kuon thinks Takaya has problems with women when Sakuya comes in to hug Takaya but hugged Kuon instead. Two rival robot companies, but Sakuya chose to ignore Kuon. Sakuya wonders why Takuya isn’t here, seeing that she saw him pass by with an unknown woman while advertising for MP. This shocks Yui and Minori. So the ladies decide to play detective and follow where Takaya has gone to. Obviously, their sleuth outfits stick out like a sore thumb. They soon discover Takaya is indeed with an unknown woman. Yui is saddened but Kuon and Sakuya says how if their master is happy, they have to respect his wishes. Yui has flashbacks of several important memories she spent with him, after which she soon collapses.
In part 3, Tenchou is doing a diagnosis on Yui in her workplace and thinks that some pressure has forced her to undergo an immediate shutdown. Takaya is waiting anxiously by her side as Kuon and Sakuya waits outside. At Cowbeya, the cafe experiences a slowdown in business with Kanae and Ayumi as the only customers so far. Ayumi then stood up and asks why did Takaya leave. Tetsushi replies that he wants to be by Yui’s side when she wakes up. Teary eyed Ayumi says that’s cheap because it’s always Yui. Minori understands how she feels and decides to go see Yui. Tetsushi gives some hot coffee flask, Kanae a bento, and Ayumi lending her rabbit doll. This prompts everyone to tease Ayumi that she is tsundere. As Sakuya is cleaning Takaya’s place, Kuon has a talk with Tenchou about master-servant relationship and about Takaya who seems to have good relationship with many other females. This causes Tenchou to spilt her drink out at her face. She decides to reveal something to Kuon because she still doesn’t know about it. It was enough to shock Kuon.
Takaya is at Yui’s side as he tells her how he has made many dresses for her as he tells her to wake up because everyone is waiting for her. Actually, Yui has already awaken but she’s pretending to be asleep as she doesn’t have the courage to face him. As Yui thinks deep, she hears a voice and that unknown woman comes calling to Takaya. Takaya goes to her but Yui’s inner voice wishes for him to stay. Until Yui finally grabs Takaya’s hand and asks him where is he going and that she’ll not allow such things. That sounded like an indirect confession and Yui soon realized things and blushed. Takaya reassures Yui that she is the only robot maid he needs. Yui soon asks who that unknown woman is and it is revealed that she is Tenchou. She really does look different without her specs and hair down. It’s revealed that they were discussing about the new maid robot’s abilities and looks and thanks to Takaya, Tenchou has got lots of ideas. So Yui has just being paranoid for nothing. Everyone then arrives and is relieved to see Yui awake as they toss her in the air. The final scenes show Takaya and Yui walking together hand-in-hand through the woods and the rest go about with their daily lives like Tenchou obsessed with her new project, Kanae buys Ayumi a new cat doll, Sakuya doing her advertising for MP and not forgetting that tentacles over Minori fanservice cue over at Cowbeya. Must be a new attraction. Finally we see Yui and Takaya enjoying tea together as they watch the scenery.
Always at your service, master…
Ah, that was such a nice end to it. Though Yui is glad that Takaya sees her as the only one, I guess it’s okay for her to put up with his dressing up fetish. Well, not everyone is perfect. Not even maid robots. It’s best to accept them for who they are. Hopefully, Kuon would find a master for herself in the future, but you know Tenchou’s hidden intentions, right? I can’t help feel that Ran and Sumire’s presence are just for the fanservice cue. It’s like the series can do without them as they don’t make that much appearances.
The drawing, art and animation are your usual bishie kind and there’s one thing I’d like to mention about the perverted side extra characters in the series. Obviously, they look like fish people! I mean, with those cod-lips and large black eyes, don’t you think they look like one? Probably it’s the producers way of depicting them. Don’t they remind me of those 3 fish bodyguards in Seto No Hanayome? The resemblance is there…
Another thing is that the opening theme song, Apron Dake Wa Toranaide! sung by Eri Kitamura (voice of Yui) sounds naughty. Not only that, the lyrics are a little naughty too. Something about don’t take off my apron… Viewers too can have lots of fanservice shots in the opening credits animation. The ending theme for the first 2 episodes, Love Song Kamoshirenai, is sung by Eri Kitamura and Satomi Akesaka (voice of Minori), and is slower and also have some fanservice shots. The final episode’s ending theme, Hora Atta Kanan Desu, also by Eri Kitamura is a slow lovely ballad, which suits how the way the series ends. There are other seiyuus which I recognized like Ami Koshimizu as Kuon and Ai Shimizu as Sakuya.
So remember real life maids and anime maids are 2 totally different aspects. Of course many otaku fans would prefer if there are some in the real world. Probably cosplay comes to mind and it’s just cosplay. What about robot maids then? Ah yes, anime is a place only where such impossible dreams could happen. So life-like, so human-like, so near perfection. Probably it mirrors of what we humans desire to be, huh? Okay, from this series’ aspect, perhaps from a perverted point of view. Remember maids are not toys for the perverted.

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