Zero No Tsukaima: Princesses No Rondo

May 16, 2009

Good news: Finished watching the third season of Zero No Tsukaima called Zero No Tsukaima: Princesses No Rondo. Bad news: It isn’t as good as or better than its prequels as I really hoped it to be. Sighs… Well I thought it would be a great end to the trilogy but sad to say it isn’t so. Perhaps one reason why it didn’t lived up to my expectations was that I read somewhere that ever since the 2nd season, the storyline ‘detracted’ itself from the novel, which the 1st season anime was based on. So for old time’s sake, that’s probably the reason why I continued watching this.
In this 12 episode anime, first thing I noticed is that the characters from the 1st season such as Kirche, Tabitha, Guiche and Montmorency have more appearance and role since I found them being sidelined in the 2nd season. Not only that, those new characters in the 2nd season like Cattleya, Eleanor and Giulio have been sidelined. Are they playing musical chairs or what?! Take for instance that Giulio guy. As far as I remember, he only appeared for a short appearance in 1 of the early episodes before vanishing to who knows where before a real short one in the final episode. Since the war against Albion has been won, are they implying that his presence is unnecessary? Plus, that busty maid Siesta although she is still an annoying gal, I find that she is less so in this season. Which is a good thing.
At first the word ‘rondo’ in the title may indicate something to do with the musical term which refers to a movement. But later I found out that the kanji writing is pronounced and read as ‘rinbu’ which means a round dance or dancing in circles. I’m still trying to figure out how the title is related to the storyline. Maybe the storyline is going around in circles and doesn’t really have any major development. Just kidding.
This season still maintains its usual comedy, romance and adventure. Especially the one between tsundere Louise and perverted Saito. Now these 2 are the main reason why the series has garnered so many fans. It’s so funny to see them bickering. Plus, you’ll notice how Louise gives Saito a kick in his crotch (ouch!) more often and she still has that small boobs inferior complex. Some things never change. But we like it lah…
So from the previous season, we know that Saito took on the entire Albion army by himself and nearly died. See, that is what you get for trying to be a hero. I’m not going to bore you with the details of the previous season and if you’re interested to know what happened then, read my blog on it! Anyway in episode 1 we see the happy reunion of Louise and her familiar Saito back at Tristain Academy. Yeah, the episode starts off with the duo doing something steamy. After 3 seasons, Saito is still going strong. Woot! However they got interrupted when Siesta busts in. It is that time that Louise notices the rune encryptions of Saito’s hands are missing. Gasp! Without it, Saito won’t have his super powers during battles. Soon everyone gets to know about it when Louise tells Kirche but the latter spews it out loud in her surprise. Agnes then tells Louise that she is to bring her and Saito to meet Henrietta.
During the journey, the usual squabbling and since Saito doesn’t have his runes, he is no longer Louise’s familiar and just an ordinary person (so she thinks). During a break in the woods, Louise wonders off herself in her usual anger towards Saito but meets a strange creature which suddenly threatens her. A mysterious voice introduces herself as Sheffield (that villainess from the previous season) and she wants to bring Louise back to her master, Joseph. Louise lets loose a random blast in hopes Saito will notice and come rescue her. Sheffield then says how she too is a Void user just like her and unleashes several demons to capture Louise. Saito arrives in time to save Louise but without his runes, he’s having a hard time fending them off, till Agnes appears that is. Sheffield decides to back off after receiving orders from Joseph to do so. Soon the trio continue their journey and arrives at Henrietta’s castle, which looks so empty. Henrietta has sold the furniture in order to help her people rebuild the country after the war with Albion has ended. Henrietta wants to bestow the title of Chevalier title on Saito which makes him a noble after his heroic deeds. But he turns her offer down citing his powerless state now. Derflinger then comes up with a theory on how the contract between Saito and Louise was nullified because during his battle with the Albion army, he temporarily died and his heart ceased. As we know he was revived by the magic of a very busty elf lady named Tiffania. With that, Henrietta decides to send the trio on a mission to find this lady.
That night, after Louise has a nightmare of Saito leaving her, she wakes up and finds Saito out on the rooftop. Louise breaks down and is so afraid that Saito would leave her, she tells him that she doesn’t care if he isn’t a Gandalfr anymore, just as long as he stays by her side. Saito promises to stay by her side by doubts if he could protect her without his usual powers. He then suggests redoing that summoning ritual again but Louise is reluctant because she is afraid of the different outcome that Saito won’t be her familiar anymore. Saito tries to comfort her and I don’t know what he’s thinking but he’s saying about continuing what they’re doing this morning (that steamy affair…). But Louise gets real embarrassed since Saito is rushing it as she unleashes her explosion blast on him. The next morning as they prepare to leave, Louise is still not over last night’s incident and decides to make him walk instead of letting him sit with her in the carriage. Not only that. Louise degrades Saito from a dog to a water flea. Ah well, back to normal.
In episode 2, Siesta decides to join the gang since getting to know Saito is no longer Louise’s familiar. Yeah, looks like she thinks she has the chance to make Saito hers now. Well I guess they could use a cook on their journey too. But you know Siesta is awfully clingy onto Saito. And her boobs pushing onto his arms… Can’t blame Louise if she takes out her frustration on him. That night when the gang stops for the night, Agnes decides to spar with Saito to see how much his skills have diminished but Saito still manages to get by. As they continue their search the next morning, Saito spots a familiar girl and recognizes her as Tiffania and rushes to her. When Tiffania sees Saito, in her delight she jumps on him. Now Tiffania’s boobs rely defy odds because they are so huge and bouncy… No wonder Saito could recognize her… Yeah, just like Saito says "It’s a bust revolution!". By the way, I’m glad that they decided to retain Mamiko Noto as the voice of Tiffania since she made a short cameo one back in the previous season. Anyway Louise and Siesta are quite pissed to see Tiffania due to her enormous boobs (uh huh. Even larger than Siesta’s) but Saito explains to them to clear up the misconception back in her cottage. Well looks like the girls have another ‘competition’ in their hands. But Louise continues to pick on Tiffania and since baka Saito stood up for her, Louise storms out. Siesta manages to catch up to her and the duo form and unlikely alliance against Tiffania. Hey, less competition the better, right?
However they are soon being surrounded by several wolves that are being controlled by Sheffield. She wants Louise to call out the other Void user but she doesn’t know what she is talking about. Louise tries to use her magic but it isn’t effective (Siesta has fainted by the way). In her desperate attempt, she decides to cast a familiar summoning spell attempt in hopes Saito will be summoned. The risk and uncertainty is there since nobody has ever done it before. With that, Saito then appears out from a green bubble (Louise must be so relieved) as surprised Sheffield decides to withdraw once again. Later they recontracted again by kissing and Saito has his runes return to his backhand. Hooray! Looks like Saito too is happy being Louise’s familiar, even if it means more torture and pain. But Siesta soon shoves Louise away and hugs Saito, thinking that he’s here to save her. Yeah, how Louise wish that stupid maid would continue sleeping. Is the alliance off? As Sheffield apologizes for her failure to Joseph, she confirms the return of Gandalfr but Joseph isn’t disappointed and tells her not to rush it. Back at Tiffania’s cottage, everyone is happy that Saito is alright and when Louise calls him a dog, Saito barks like one in his happiness.
Tiffania agrees to follow Saito and co back to Tristain in episode 3. She reveals how she has been living alone ever since her mom died. The gang arrives at Henrietta’s castle and everyone gets to know she’s a half-elf (her mom is an elf while her dad is a human from Albion) after she removes her hat and revealing her pointy ears. Henrietta assures her that she will not hate her. Is there some sort of discrimination and hatred towards elves? Tiffania also explains the ring on her finger which she used to save Saito. Also we find out that Derflinger was the one who transported Saito away from the Albion army and into the nearby forest. I didn’t know that talking sword could do that. Why didn’t he do it earlier? Henrietta thinks Tiffania could use her magic for greater good but Tiffania remembers some violent and tragic memories of her own (something about elves didn’t want to get in some conflict but were slain anyway) and declines and run away. That night, Saito is awakened by Tiffania’s strange but beautiful song. Hmm… Gandalfr, God’s left hand, the valiant shield of God. Windalfr, God’s right hand, God’s gentle flute. Interesting. Perhaps in later episodes it will shed some more light and info about this. Saito and Tiffania chat about the latter wanting to see the world, how she lost her mom to the military and her ability to use magic even if she doesn’t know whether it’s good or bad. Saito understand her since he too comes from another world and offers an ear to listen to any problems if she has any. Tiffania is grateful but Saito decides to go back after getting that feeling that Louise may unleash some painful punishment for straying.
The next day, Saito decides to accept the Chevalier title from Henrietta. With that, he gets a cool cape of his own. Furthermore, Siesta has got permission to be Saito’s personal maid. Oh great. Just what Louise needs. Tiffania decides to stay at Henrietta’s castle for the time being and I don’t know how, she and Henrietta are distant cousins. Must be some royalty connection thingy. Saito, Louise and Siesta take a ride back to Tristain Academy and to their surprise a large crowd gathers to welcome them. It seems that with Saito’s new title, he is made the vice-captain of the Order of Undine Knights in which is headed by Guiche. Other members in this order include the bespectacled Reinard, chubby Maricorn and Gimli (no, he isn’t a big sized bearded dwarf). Well I guess with his elevated status, Kirche and Montmorency has to look at him in a different light and respect. Get my drift? Add more to the harem! (Sadly it won’t happen…). Here’s another fine mess he’s gotten into.
Tiffania decides to come stay with Saito and Louise in episode 4. However with such big busts, Tiffania seems to be attracting the male students. In addition, she doesn’t want to let others know that she’s a half-elf. This is going to be tough with that kind of unwanted attraction, eh? To make things worse, a snobbish royalty brat Beatrice Yvonne Von Guldenhorf and her underlings doesn’t like her and constantly bullies Tiffania. As usual Saito stands up for Tiffania but Guiche pulls him away as he warns him about messing with Beatrice because she commands some army of hers called Dragon Knights. But does Saito give a damn about all that? Meanwhile Louise is having fantasies of spending time with Saito but since that guy is more interested in helping Tiffania and her problems, don’t you think this pisses off Louise? And since Tiffania doesn’t want to cause anymore trouble, she reveals her true identity in class. I don’t know if being an elf is a crime or not because everybody is reacting like as though it’s the end of the world. Even the teacher! Beatrice decides to hold an inquisition against Tiffania. I wonder if she has some grudge against elves too. Anyway part of this inquisition has Beatrice asking Tiffania to step into some boiling water to prove her faith. What old outdated method is this?! She can hold such an inquisition because she’s some powerful brat. If Tiffania won’t do it, she is to be exiled and returned home. Tiffania’s words on how pitiful Beatrice is and that she’s akin to a child upsets the latter further so she orders her knights to just throw her into the cauldron. Saito steps in and decides to take all this responsibility on Tiffania’s behalf in exchange for letting her free. Since she doesn’t agree, Saito decides to use force. Guiche and the rest of the Undine Knights have no choice but to get involve and back Saito up.
The fight between the Dragon Knights and Undine Knights is so noisy that it woke Louise up from her perverted dream (even Siesta is embarrassed on what kind of dream she’s having). Yeah, that tsundere girl is having the nicest dream of her lifetime on Saito when the noise ruins it all. She is so pissed! She storms out to stop everyone. Beatrice tries to use her authority but it seems Louise knows about the proper process about holding an inquisition and questions back Beatrice. In a way, you could say Beatrice didn’t follow proper procedures so that brat is back up against the wall. Even her underlings decide not to get involve further with her. Be afraid. Be very afraid of Louise. Tiffania comes up to Beatrice and wants to be her friend, not holding any grudge for what she has just did. Beatrice then breaks down in tears. Looks like she has reflected and repented on what she’s done. Later Saito is in the infirmary with Tiffania alone. Tiffania says her boobs are somewhat a problem and wants Saito to touch them to see if there’s anything wrong. Would a guy like this miss this opportunity? Okay so he’s trying to control himself and do some cost-benefit analysis but hey, he’s going to do it since he’s helping Tiffania, right? Just when he touches her boobs, Louise and Siesta comes in. Oh the shocking horror! So great timing. Yeah, even Siesta doesn’t mind Louise whipping Saito this time.
Because of that, in episode 5 Louise makes Saito sign a pledge like how he loves small boobs, among other things. How embarrassing. Saito tries to tell Louise that it was Tiffania who is the one who told him to touch her breasts but Louise isn’t convinced. So he walks out citing that it’s no use of him staying around if his master can’t trust her own familiar. Saito goes to join the rest of the Undine Knights who seems to have garnered a little popularity of their own after taking on the Dragon Knights. Everyone in the Undine Knights becomes a hit with the ladies except for Saito and since they noticed this, they decide to cheer him up. Their idea of that seems to be digging an underground path which leads to the girl’s bath. Yeah, now they’re peeping toms. Where’s the honour in that? Since there is only 1 small tiny hole, each of them has to fight to have a peep. Louise has a chat with Tiffania at the bath and even though she’s still disgusted with her oversized boobs, she finds out that Saito was telling the truth about touching Tiffania’s boobs and feels a little guilty. Hey, even Tiffania asks Louise if she wants to touch them! When the guys finally spot Louise and Tiffania, Saito tries to stop them but their ruckus causes the girls to notice a tiny hole in the wall. With their presence busted, all of them decide to escape back up but Saito gets knocked out in the process. Unfortunately each of them got what they deserved as the girls unleash their wrath of them.
Saito comes to and is about to get one too but a gust of wind brings him away into the main hall. It seems that this is the work of Tabitha but since she was in the bath too, yup you’ve guessed it, she’s totally naked! She proceeds to hide Saito when the girls come in to look for the final perpetrator but leaves after they are unable to locate him. But Tabitha is clinging on to Saito and just then they heard some ghost-like sounds. Tabitha faints from fear and Saito spots several little dolls dancing on their own in the hallway. He remembers how he danced with Louise before but is snapped out of his flashback when Louise appears to tell him about it. Saito tries to explain how he was dragged into this peeping tom mess and to his surprise, Louise believes him. She also apologizes for not trusting him on Tiffania’s case but mentions not to touch other girl’s boobs other than hers (hey girl, remember you don’t have any. Haha!). Saito hugs her from behind and they could’ve nearly kissed if not for Tabitha waking up and murmurs "Ghosts…" before collapsing shortly. Haha! Another misinterpretation. After making up and this… Louise thinks Saito has a fetish for little boobs now. Which is good news and bad news. She gets even pissed off to know Tabitha is naked. All that convincing down the drain. So the next day, Saito is semi-naked and is forced to sign a pledge that he will like no other girl’s breasts smaller than hers. Haha! This also includes not to touch other girl’s boobs. But Siesta suddenly puts Saito’s hand on her boobs and says how she still allows Saito to touch hers. Louise is super upset and you know the consequences if Saito breaks his pledge even if this one isn’t directly his doing, right? Here comes the pain.
Scarron and Jessica make their returning appearances in episode 6. This time they are trying to match-make Siesta with Saito by giving the former some love potion as they even sneak into the Tristain Academy grounds to help her. The person who takes this potion will fall in love with the 1st person he/she sees. Even if Siesta has her usual fantasies on Saito, she just can’t bring herself to use it because she feels it’s best not to rely on magic when it comes to feelings of the heart. I don’t remember how but Siesta manages to persuade Louise to ‘lend’ Saito to her for an hour. Probably Louise has had enough of letting go her frustrations over Saito. So Siesta tries to play newlyweds with Saito and even dresses in a naked apron but you know, Louise’s threatening look has Saito have second thoughts as he excuses himself to the toilet. Poor Siesta wonders if she should use the love potion and starts fantasizing.
When Saito returns, she is startled and accidentally drops it outside her window, which lands on Montmorency’s head. Oh oh. Guess who is the first person Montmorency sees? Why, it’s Louise! She’s deeply in love with her! Not only that, she kissed her! The potion then spreads to Louise as she too turns lovey-dovey. Soon the hilarious love scene spreads to Beatrice and even Jessica and Scarron themselves! Tabitha could’ve been a victim but she blows them away when they touched her boobs and flies off in her Sylphid. Holy sh*t! Lots of girl kissing girl scenes! Jessica gets one from Louise, Montmorency locked lips with Beatrice and Scarron has Saito in his grasps trying to smooch him but the latter kicks his crotch to escape! Hahaha! They’re like desperate little girls deprived of love. Hopefully this series doesn’t turn into a yuri show. With the affected girls now trying to go after Tiffania, she uses her elven magic to erase it all away. Siesta who probably after witnessing the horrifying effects of the potion, she doesn’t want to end up yuri like them, then apologizes for the trouble caused while Jessica and Scarron takes this opportunity to escape the school grounds. Later Tiffania tells Saito and Louise that the memory erasing magic is the only spell which she can cast. Finally Tabitha rides out on her Sylphid at night after receiving a letter from Sheffield to complete a mission in exchange for her mentally instable mom’s recovery.
The fight over Saito continues between Louise and Siesta in episode 7. Siesta throws down a challenge to Louise that if Saito can find Louise during tonight’s Sleipnir Ball, Siesta will give up on Saito. So what is this Sleipnir Ball anyway? As far as I’m concerned, it’s some sort of masquerade party whereby students of Tristain Academy uses some magic mirror to portray themselves as the most beautiful and ideal person they think. Not only that, Henrietta will also be at the ball too. So Louise tells Saito to find her during the ball and as a reward, he can continue that steamy affair with her. Some motivation. Later Saito overhears several students about a recent mysterious sighting of a large object. Saito thinks it is Sheffield’s plot to kidnap Louise so he tries to find her but ends up meeting Siesta who teasingly lifts up her skirt to reveal her thigh. Yeah, Saito gets another kick in the crotch from his master. Always such good timing, huh? That night during the ball, Louise masquerades herself as Cattleya. Other hilarious masquerades include Guiche who disguises as himself because he thinks he’s the most beautiful person in the world. Beatrice and her underlings masquerade as Tiffania so there are several big boobs elves now. Then some hot sexy looking lady which turns out to be headmaster Osmond! Too bad Guiche was trying to hit on him. Meanwhile Saito tries to warn Louise about Sheffield’s plan but can’t seem to find her as Louise nervously waits and hopes Saito will find her real quick. However Saito finds Louise outside the balcony and acting different than usual. Soon they both kiss. Sheffield then interrupts the party by breaking the magic mirror which causes all the students to return to their normal selves. Saito then discovers that the one he kissed was Henrietta! They could have had round 2 but to make things worse (as predicted), Louise caught them both in the act! Now she can’t raise her fist against her majesty but I can’t help pity her since she gets to know that even her close childhood friend is on to Saito, though it’s a misunderstanding. Is Saito really that hot? Jokes aside, Louise runs away in tears. Henrietta meanwhile must be feeling guilty for betraying Louise like that.
Saito chases after Louise who has run out from the school grounds. However Saito is being confronted by Tabitha who attacks him. Saito is confused why Tabitha is doing so. While he evades Tabitha’s ice attack, it seems Sheffield has got Louise in her grasps (kidnapped once more?) and hypnotised. Saito’s determination manages to overpower Tabitha but he still doesn’t kill her because he views her as his friend. Because of that, Tabitha is unable to complete her mission and decides not to follow Sheffield’s orders anymore as she flees. Saito’s voice manages to snap Louise out of her hypnotism spell as he tells her to come back. However, Louise is still upset with him and like a little girl, refuses to go back with him, even surprising Sheffield herself. Louise and Sheffield struggle so much so Louise falls off her craft but luckily into the arms of Saito. She still continues to throw her tantrum but Saito kisses her to calm her down. Seriously, is that all it takes? Louise even gets her trust in Saito back after he says how she’s the most important person in the world. Ah, those magical words girls want to hear. Sheffield then summons an army of demons to take Louise back by force but a mysterious force vanquishes them all. A very large plane-like craft hovers over Tristain Academy and Sheffield once again retreats. Then to Saito and Louise’s surprise, they spot Colbert and Kirche onboard! OMG! That guy is still alive! I thought he had died in the previous season. It goes to show that you just can’t kill some characters in some animes.
I’m just as surprised as the rest of the gang who finds Colbert alive. So in episode 8, onboard the giant ship in which he has named Ostland, Colbert reveals back in the previous season’s fight with Benibiru, he didn’t really die. Tabitha cast a spell which made his heart stopped temporarily, making looked like he died. Kirche then took him back to her home in Germania and nursed him back to health but never got the chance to told the gang about this. While recuperating, Colbert was able to spend his time researching and building Ostland, courtesy of Kirche’s rich family funding. By the way, why is Kirche so lovey-dovey with Colbert?! Perhaps she has given some thought that she will never be able to win Saito over and that it’s better to go for intellect older men? I’m wondering why the heck do they need to fake his death for anyway. While Saito is glad of Colbert’s return, Louise is still disturbed about Saito’s relationship with Henrietta. Siesta and Tiffania learns about it so the latter gives Louise a magic crystal which allows one to see what happened last night. Good for only one use, especially popular with wives who want to know if their husband is straying… I guess Louise is desperate to know… She tries to aim the crystal at Saito but Derflinger realizes what’s happening and tells his partner to run. The 3 ladies chase him down all over Ostland.
Saito then runs into the cockpit only to find Kirche on top of Colbert! Saito’s surprise costs him several seconds as the girls managed to pin him down and Louise points the crystal at his forehead. However, Louise is stumped to see Saito fighting with Tabitha instead. Kirche then explains about Tabitha’s case (if you can, recall that Tabitha focused episode back in the first season). In short, Gallia is now currently ruled by a cold-blooded tyrant Joseph who is Tabitha’s late father’s younger brother. Tabitha’s mom took her place by consuming a drug which made her mentally insane. Since then Tabitha has been bestowed the Chevalier title and forced to go on many life threatening dangerous missions. Thus Kirche suspects last night’s short duel was an order from Joseph. But since Tabitha has failed to accomplish it, she doesn’t know what will happen to her.
Meanwhile Tabitha has gone back to her hometown to see her bed-ridden mom but finds her missing except for a mysterious elf named Vidalshal waiting for her. He admits that the Gallia army took her but not sure of its destination. Tabitha attacks Vidalshal with her magic but finds his magic more powerful and overwhelming. He is here to take Tabitha back to Joseph. She tries to resist once more but he is just too much for her to handle. Even Sylphid is no match for him. Back at Tristain Academy, Saito and Louise go see Henrietta and requests for her to go on a rescue mission to save Tabitha. However Henrietta forbids them to do something that dangerous and wants them to leave this matter to her as she needs to gather evidence. She wants Saito to promise her not to do something rash. Louise sense something when Henrietta puts her hands over Saito’s while saying that but regains her composure after realizing what she has done. As Henrietta leaves the school grounds, Louise says how she believes in Saito after Siesta and Tiffania said how they won’t really get to find out what Saito really did last night.
In episode 9, everyone searches the school grounds for any clues relating to Tabitha (not sure why Maricorn smothers Saito in his manly breasts… disgustingly hilarious). Suddenly a cute girl named Irukuku drops down from the sky onto Maricorn. And she’s naked! Now if you’re thinking you’re watching the wrong anime series then don’t switch to another channel just yet. Because Irukuku looks very similar to Lucky Star’s Konata Izumi! Only bustier. Anyway she hugs Saito (much to Louise’s dismay) and tells him to save her sister Tabitha. I didn’t know she had a little sister. Even the gang has doubts because you know, she’s taller than her older sis and is bustier unlike flat chest Tabitha… Irukuku explains how her sister was stripped off her Chevalier title and has been captured along with their mother. Saito and the rest decides to go rescue her but Guiche says they need to seek permission from Henrietta first as the Undine Knights are under direct orders of the queen, they can’t simply just act and must have her orders to do so. Thus Saito, Guiche and Maricorn decide to go persuade her.
Meanwhile Vidalshal is seen talking to Joseph. It seems the reason he is in cohorts with Joseph is that he wants Joseph to use his powers to prevent people from going through some evil gate which has been active lately to prevent the awaken of some powerful devil which may threaten his people. That evil power is what everyone else knows as the Void magic. Even if Joseph agrees, Vidalshal’s requirements are still too much and wants Vidalshal to serve under him. He has no choice but to agree. As Joseph says how his precious niece Charlotte (Tabitha’s real name) will share the same fate as her mom soon, Vidalshal goes to see Tabitha sitting next to her mom’s bed in a room. He tells her how he’s doing some drug that will make her go insane as well and even though she has not much time left, he gives her a storybook to read and pass the time. Back at Henrietta’s castle, she turns down the trio’s idea to rescue Tabitha as she doesn’t want to have a war with Gallia (the Albion one was too much already). Saito in protest, gives back his cape and Chevalier title and the other 2 follow suit. Since it turned out like that, Henrietta has no choice but to arrest them and have them thrown into the dungeons. Luckily they have Plan B, which is Louise. She then comes to Henrietta’s room and tries to persuade her. Some chat about how Louise is asking her about her majesty feelings on Saito as a friend and woman instead of a position as queen. Seeing how Louise cares about Saito and his importance to her, Henrietta thinks how she never had someone like that. But since Louise isn’t going to give up on her Gallia rescue plan, Henrietta throws her into the dungeons with her buddies after Louise returns her cape and declares she is no longer a noble (meaning, she’s a commoner now). Too bad they don’t have Plan C. Now how are they going to get out. Digging with their spoons will take forever! Sylphid is seen outside the prison window as it flies away.
Irukuku later tells the rest what has happened so they decide to bust them out. While the guards are being distracted with the hovering of Ostland, Colbert and Kirche break out Saito and the rest. Isn’t this illegal? Now they’re all like accomplices and committing treason against the queen. When everyone gathers later, Derflinger tells Irukuku to reveal her true identity or else he will. We find out that Irukuku is Sylphid and that she is some sort of legendary rhyme dragon with high intelligence among others. Wait a minute. Is Tabitha related to a dragon too? Or was Irukuku just making that up? Don’t know, since she still refers to Tabitha as her onee-sama.
The gang takes refuge at Scarron and Jessica’s bar in episode 10 with Henrietta’s army on patrol around the kingdom. There, they discuss their plan to rescue Tabitha. Colbert will use his Ostland as a distraction to head to Gallia via Germania so that Saito and the rest can directly head to Gallia through the south (both Tristain and Gallia are neighbouring countries). Scarron and Jessica give the group some travelling (and quite revealing) outfits so they would look like travelling entertainers and raise less suspicion. The reason why Colbert is helping them is because he feels indebted to Tabitha for saving her life. Reinard, Gimli and Siesta decides to go along with Colbert while the rest follow Saito. Meanwhile Sheffield and Joseph are in some hidden lair filled with hot molten lava. Something about Joseph nearly completing a giant creature named Jormungant. That night, Colbert finds Ostland heavily guarded. Lucky thing Siesta tagged along so he requests her to do a little flirting. I can’t believe those guards were so amazed in seeing her lift her skirt and suspicion of a maid approaching them at night didn’t come to mind. Some guards. Because of that, the rest knocked them out and manages to get onboard and start Ostland. Reinforcements came but it was too late because Ostland is already flying. Agnes leads her troops to follow Ostland and it seems their plan is working well. However Ostland is taking lots of damage from the Dragon Knights so Colbert decides to surrender before anything serious happens. It doesn’t matter if they get to Germania or not because their main role is to provide enough distraction so that Saito and co can cross into Gallia’s borders. When Agnes spots Colbert, she immediately turned furious and nearly killed him. You could say she has been fooled thrice. But she decides not to kill him and bring him to Henrietta as proof. On the other hand, Saito and co are passing through the south border and nearly got caught at the checkpoint. Phew. After lots of trudging through the forest and Louise’s personal thoughts on Saito’s courage and how he’s always been lonely, they finally reached the main city of Gallia.
Thanks to Kirche’s flirtatious ways, they managed to get info that Tabitha is held in Al-Hambra from a drunken solider in episode 11. However that place is heavily guarded. Thus they plan to make all the guards drunk in order to save her. How? The guys will serve them drinks laced with drugs while being distracted by the girls dancing on stage. That’s right. You’ll get to see the girls in very skimpy outfits. Also, Kirche seems to now have respect for Louise and her Void powers. Later when Louise is in her room trying out a skimpy outfit, Saito walks in. Though embarrassed but Louise somehow likes it when Saito stares at her so it’s no surprise that Saito can’t control himself and forces her onto the bed. Could’ve had another steamy moment but Guiche walked in. Once again, intimacy, interrupted. To hide it all, poor Saito gets another kick in the crotch. He must be impotent by now. Back at Tristain, Agnes frees Colbert and those on Ostland because she feels she has the opportunity to stop the hate chain. I mean even if she still hates him for burning down her village, he was also her saviour. If Agnes kills him, then his students will hate her and would do the same to her. Thus the cycle never ends. Plus, she tells him how Henrietta is to give them all a pardon. Tabitha is seen reading the storybook to her mother but this time she breaks down after thinking nobody would come rescue her as this is the price to pay for betraying her friends.
Back in Al-Hambra, the Baron gives Kirche’s travelling entertainers to perform but with 1 condition. All the soldiers are definitely going gaga over the busty babes. But the most hilarious one is Louise, who is trying hard to gyrate her hips and non-existent boobs! She’s like struggling so much so the soldiers are laughing! Then it’s time for Kirche to honour her part of the deal. She sends Louise to Baron’s room and we find out that perverted guy has a fetish for small boobs! Can’t believe that there are such people in this world! Louise’s role here is to put the sleeping drug into Baron’s drink but realizes she doesn’t have it anymore (she must’ve dropped it when she put it in her bra. Uh huh. Was she thinking her boobs was able to hold it in?). Saito spots the sleeping drug on the ground and when Tiffania tells him what she had saw, he busts into Baron’s room. Baron threatens Louise life when he realizes they are no ordinary performers but Tiffania uses her magic to erase his memories. Their plan has worked as every guard is snoozing under the drug. As they go rescue Tabitha, Saito is met with Vidalshal, who then engages in battle. Irukuku recognizes this man who is the one who kidnapped Tabitha. Though Vidalshal may prove a little too much for Saito, with the help of Louise’s Dispel chant on Derflinger (surprisingly it didn’t go awry), Saito manages to break through Vidalshal’s magic barrier and much to the latter’s surprise. Tiffania urges Saito not to kill him because she knows the elf race isn’t the kind to go to war for any reason and thinks there must be an explanation for him doing so. Vidalshal tells them where Tabitha is but warns them of Joseph’s cruelty and that it won’t be over yet. Soon the gang goes to rescue Tabitha and upon meeting her, Tabitha breaks down in tears. She’d never expected them to come. Meanwhile Sheffield reports to Joseph of this development but he doesn’t mind because he’s about to unleash his new toy.
Louise wakes up from a dream in episode 12. She dreamt how close Saito and Tabitha was and was going to blast him but is startled to know she has lost her magic powers. While the gang are taking a break in the forest, Louise comes up to Saito to tell him that she can’t use her magic. It can’t be a nightmare come true, can’t it? I mean, not only she can’t use magic but Tabitha seems awfully close to Saito, reading him that storybook. Why is Tabitha blushing?! Does she have feelings for him now? Way to go Saito! Now that’s another girl to add to your list. Anyway once Louise mentioned being magic-less, Tabitha quickly stood up and says how she’ll be the one who will protect Saito because he has saved her. Uh oh. Meanwhile Joseph is ready to unleash Jormungant while Osmond searches the rescue party in his Ostland. We see that the previous night, Giulio gave him some Great Spear in case Osmond ever encountered obstacles in Gallia (Giulio did some investigations on Gallia and concluded something fishy is going on there). Saito and co continue their journey back to Tristain and since Louise is panicky about her loss of powers, she begins to wonder if she’s with Saito was because he’s a Gandalfr. When they reached the border, a large armour knight comes dropping from the sky, blocking their path. It’s Jormungant with Sheffield on its shoulders and their target is Louise. The gang engages in battle but finds that Jormungant is too strong for them. Jormungant than has Louise in its grasps. Louise is thinking of sacrificing herself but you know Saito don’t believe in that kind of crap and his short outburst manages to give Jormungant some pain and release Louise. They could’ve fallen to their deaths if not for Tabitha and Sylphid. Saito hugs Louise from her back as she feels a little better.
Ostland arrives and the rest regroup on the ground. We find out that the Great Spear is some military cannon. Having the power of Gandalfr, Saito immediately knows what to do with it and orders the guys to set it up. Upon firing a shell, they find out that their shot was unsuccessful because there is some barrier on it so Derflinger suggests the Dispel move. However Louise still has no confidence, ranting like a little kid. Tabitha then takes the chance to kiss Saito and become his knight! Woah! Memories of moments spent together with Saito flow through Louise’s mind and when she desperately doesn’t want him to leave her, the magic starts flowing back through her body. Probably this was just a ploy by Tabitha to let Louise get her powers back. Louise uses the Dispel attack as Saito fires another shell to send Jormungant exploding into smithereens. Joseph watches from afar and he isn’t angry nor disappointed at all. Rather in awe of the amazing powers of the Void user. What is this guy up to anyway? Louise and Saito are resting in a room and they reconcile. Yup, they kissed each other twice before they go back to their usual bickering ways. Oh yes, looks like Louise upgrades Saito back to a dog. Back at Henrietta’s castle, Louise is ready to receive her punishment but Henrietta gives her a royal mantle. Which means, Louise has become Henrietta’s sister and the next in-line for the throne. She’s a royalty now. Henrietta gives back Saito’s Chevalier cape and welcomes Princess Charlotte to Tristain. Everybody rejoices. But if Louise thinks everything is going to end well, she had better think again because to her surprise, finds Tabitha snuggling real close to Saito’s arms. Punishment time! But she can’t blast him because Tabitha swiftly takes Saito away on her Sylphid. Now Louise has got another set of problem on her hands. Yeah, she has to chase him with Tabitha in the picture now.
Well, the ending wasn’t really a satisfying one but at least for this season it ended on a good note. Maybe mediocre is the correct word. A possible sign that there is going to be a 4th season? There better be one because I still feel this whole series is left hanging. For instance, let’s take a look at the characters. Joseph, the main villain still remains undefeated and none of our heroes have actually met him face to face. What ever happened to the group of villains Reconquista which was the main villain back in season 1? Perhaps no more Albion, no more Reconquista? What about Louise? In the last episode, she’s kinda like an emotional wreck, an insecure little girl, fearing that she could lose Saito forever. But thankfully Saito still likes her and doesn’t really give a damn about those master-familiar crap. So okay, maybe he needs a little control over his straying ways…
As for the new characters, they don’t really play much of an impact. As for Tiffania’s case, she was just brought in because she saved Saito’s life. Nothing else. Then her role throughout the series is being reduced to a side character. Same with that Beatrice brat. Probably she just had 1 episode which features her prominently (no, that yuri one doesn’t count). Hey, now that she is infatuated with Tiffania, is she really a yuri girl? Then Irukuku’s presence came too late although she has been Sylphid all along. It’s like the producers had to turn her from a dragon to a human so that we viewers could understand what’s going on instead of cracking our heads trying to figure out what the dragon is saying. Even so, her role was pretty redundant after Tabitha has been rescued. And that Vidalshal guy? He’s like here today gone the next. What happened to him? Gone home? Will he be back if there’s a next season?
So because of the way things ended, many characters didn’t play much of a significant role in the end and thus the ending felt like a little rush job. For this particular season, I guess the main focus here is on Tabitha with half the storyline on it. Well, that’s just the later part. The earlier half feels more like filler episodes. Ah well. Can’t complain since those comical episodes did made me laugh. Especially the yuri one. Hey, now I just remembered. What happened to that ring Sheffield stole from some water guardian back in season 2? I thought Saito was going to return it? So many questions, so little answers… But even so, fans of the series can still find some familiar stuff retained such as the fanservice pose during mid-intermission. Yeow! Louise hot…
Speaking of fanservice, there is an OVA filler episode for this season. The usual gang heads to the beach and since this world’s swimsuits are like fully clothed sleeping pyjamas, pervert Saito and Osmond conjure a plan to make the ladies wear sexy one piece swimsuits as giving their prayers to the Water Spirit. Even Henrietta dons them as the guys plot nose bleeding ecchi activities for them. Then they make the girls wear even more revealing swimsuits and play games like the mandatory blindfold watermelon hitting game, they finally decide to have selected girls an ultra sexy piece through a beach volleyball game whereby the winner gets to wear them. Since they want to see Tiffa badly in them, they rigged the match letting Tiffa-Siesta win against Henrietta-Agnes. But I don’t know why they didn’t do the same for Kirche-Tabitha team and let Louise-Montmorency win since they want to see the former’s boobs too. That night, Louise stumbles upon the guy’s scheme and is going to make them pay. Next day, the guys are waiting for the girls when only Montmorency showed up informing them how the rest got injuries and wants Saito to meet Louise at a rocky place. He goes only to be surrounded and tied up. This is a set up by the girls to slowly lure the other guys 1 by 1 and tie them up to a rock and beating them up as punishment. The girls then go off to have their own fun. And the tide’s rising too. Suddenly a giant octopus emerges and attacks the girls. Fanservice time. Tentacles wrapping around them, rubbing here and there. Ah, all too familiar. Saito manages to free himself as he quickly cuts the monster’s tentacles to free the girls and save the day. Later as Saito grills those leftover tentacles, the girls secretly try out those ultra sexy swimsuit just to have a feel when Saito comes by to serve them takoyaki. He spots them all (including those loser guys still tied to the rock, trying real hard to take a peek) and to make things worse, Louise’s top came off. Another painful memory, eh? Worth it?
Just like in previous seasons, ICHIKO once again sings the opening song. Another powerful lively pop beat called You’re The One. Hmm… Is there a pattern here? All her songs have that lively energy feel to it and are in English words. I find the end of the opening credits animation a little funny at first. That’s because we see Saito being flanked by Siesta and Tiffania before Louise gives him a drop missile kick right from the sky onto his head. He’s going to have one big headache. Rie Kugimiya also sings the ending entitled Gomen Ne. As usual, this slower piece is about Louise singing her complains about Saito and her uncertain feelings for him. Yeah, I think there’s definitely a pattern here. Part of the ending credits animation sees chibi Saito running away (probably from Louise’s punishment) and sleeping on Tiffania’s waterbed-like boobs, among others. Uh huh. You sometimes wonder if she has shoulder aches for shouldering such heavy assets. One thing which boggles me in the ending credits is the white rabbit. At the end of the credits, you’ll see the rabbit unmask itself to randomly reveal the face of a female character in the series. What does it mean?
I’m not a real hardcore fan of the series but I won’t say if there is a sequel, I’ll definitely watch it. Hopefully it will answer many burning questions that has filled my head to the brim so much so I already forgot what it was. Plus, I’d really love to see how Saito handles his newfound harem now that he has 4 girls to deal with! Tabitha is the girl I least expected to have feelings for Saito while Tiffania doesn’t really show those lovey-dovey affections but I have a feeling she still loves him. The main heat is annoying Siesta and fickle Louise. Now if only Kirche didn’t gave up, it would’ve been a quintet… Oh wait a minute. I forgot to include her highness Henrietta. There’s a high probability, you know… So hurry up and make a 4th season already!
Zero No Tsukaima

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