May 30, 2009

Although I’m still not familiar nor really understand what is going on, that still didn’t prevent me from enjoying and looking forward to each episode of Sekirei. I’m not saying that the terms and jargons of this series can cause non-hardcore fans like me to have tremendous headache, but it’s enough to get by. This is one of those action comedy harem animes with lots of fanservice in it. How many animes out there can mix action and harem together?
So what on Earth is a Sekirei? Literally in Japanese it means wagtail, which is a kind of bird. No, you’re not going to see characters in this series which resembles our feathered friends. Instead, as far as I can understand, Sekireis are super-powered beings with enhanced powers or abilities created by a mysterious but large and powerful conglomerate, MBI. Thus Sekireis are mainly made up of busty babes, little lolis and androgynous characters which even experienced ol’ me have a hard time of telling whether they are male or female. How many are there? 108 of them. Possibly more. Woah! Over a hundred Sekireis?! Don’t jump the gun just yet. You’re not going to see all of them appearing here. Just the main ones. Why are they named Sekireis? My theory is that since kirei means pretty or beautiful in Japanese, I guess it’s just right to name these bishoujos so, right? Right.
So what are the roles of the Sekireis, you ask? Okay, I’ll try to simplify this as simple as possible. You see, the MBI is led by some crazy chairman named Minaka Hiroto. He’s planning to unleash a battle royale style competition through his Sekirei Plan and has considered himself the Game Master. Well, at least he’s not one of those world domination maniacs. Probably he gets his kicks from seeing beautiful ladies kick each other’s butt. The setting? The entire capital city of Shintou. And the time frame is the year 2020 by the way. Thus it is the destiny of a Sekirei to battle each one of their kind till she is the last one left standing. The winner of this tournament is then able to ascend to Heaven with their Ashikabi. Ashika what? It’s a term in this series to indicate a Sekirei’s master. So before a Sekirei can really engage in a battle royale, she has to find an Ashikabi of her own and be ‘winged’, that is enter into a contract. How? Simple. Just kiss. So be careful next time when you kiss a girl… Just kidding. You can easily identify that one is a Sekirei with a bird-like crest behind the neck.
And how does this entire harem thing comes in? Who is the lucky guy that we are all eagerly waiting to know (yeah, right)? Meet Minato Sahashi. Erm, looks like your ordinary guy. Not the kind of perverted losers who want a bevy of beauties by his side to satisfy his sex crazy fantasies. Anyway, Minato’s experiencing a streak of bad luck. He does what Keitarou of Love Hina does. Yep, he fails his university entrance exams not once but twice. That makes him a 3rd year ronin if he ever decides to try again. Thus he is unemployed and unattached (read: no girlfriend). Really down on his luck.
Although episode 1 starts off with a confusing flashback (at least to me), about a Sekirei babe in some conflicting fight with another of her kind and the massacre of several MBI army, Minato is contemplating of returning back home after another year of flop when a busty lady comes dropping down on him from the sky. She is Musubi, a Sekirei and is trying to escape from several lightning attacks from twin Sekireis, Hikari and Hibiki. Before Minato knows it, he is dragged by Musubi as they run away from the relentless lightning attack and successfully gives the twins the ditch. Next thing Minato knows is that he opens his eyes to find himself sleeping back in his rented apartment and Musubi is sleeping next to him! I guess it’s natural for a guy to take a liking on such a bootylicious lady but of course this innocent guy gets a nosebleed to find Musubi semi-naked sleeping next to him! One thing viewers tend to notice about Musubi is that she’s an airhead, a little slow at times and isn’t shy walking naked in public (if that ever happens). With no place to go and hungry, I guess nice guy Minato has no choice but to let her stay here but the only catch is that they better not let his landlord find out or else he’ll kick Minato out due to his strict no gender mixing policy. Because of that, Musubi is very grateful and thinks he is her Ashikabi.
We also see that Musubi is a big eater, emptying fast Minato’s wallet and he may be forgiven if he starts thinking that she’s some kind of parasite who sticks with a guy just because of his money or food (thankfully, Minato isn’t the kind to have that thinking). As the duo takes a walk, they’re being spotted by Hikari and Hibiki doing some part time job. Hey, even Sekireis have to earn a living. Another round of chase. I wonder how much the repair bill is going to cost seeing they’re blasting away like as though they own the city. The duo are trapped in an alley when Musubi feels hot (not that kind of ‘hot’ lah!) as she starts to kiss him. A pair of illusion wings sprout from Musubi’s back as her crest lights up and it seems Musubi’s attacks has powered up. Hibiki and Hikari decides to flee seeing that Musubi has been winged (it seems they’re targeting unwinged Sekireis). The twins are confronted with a masked Sekirei, Homura who give them some advice in which they scoff off, but yet again escapes when Homura displays his fearsome power.
Minato and Musubi arrive back at their apartment and the former is surprised to see his TV turning on by himself. On it is Minaka who congratulates him for partnering Sekirei #88 Musubi and explains to him about the Sekirei Plan since he is now a player. Plus, he has to keep this Sekirei Plan a secret from the general public, or else. Better listen. Before things can settle down for Minato, an MBI men comes knocking on his door and Minato panics because he thinks he’s toast. But he’s just here to hand some clothes to Musubi. After he leaves, the landlord catches Minato living with a girl so he instantly kicks him out. Heartless. Didn’t even hear his explanation. But with Musubi’s positivism to support him, the duo try various places to find a place to live but to no avail. At the park, Minato gets depressed but Musubi cheers him up as she kisses him once more and says she’ll do anything for him. She then flies and takes him up to the clouds to have a beautiful look of the night sky and the city below. Meanwhile Minaka is standing atop his MBI tower and is excited that some legend is soon about to begin.
Remember Musubi being an airhead? After taking Minato up so high, she has no idea how to land. Yeah, they’re dropping like a brick in episode 2. Free fall! So I guess the flight thingy was just temporary, huh? Thankfully, a tree in the compound of Izumo Inn broke their fall (there’s a reason later on how a little tree can make them a safe landing). There they meet the landlady, Miya Asama, who invites them in for a change of clothes and dinner. We find out her late husband, Takehito, previously worked in the MBI (there are hints that the corporation may have something to do with his death) and because of his policy of never refusing help, Miya takes them into her guest house. Looks like the pair will be living here from now on. They also meet other tenants which include the equally busty Uzume and the mysterious Kagari (common sense tells us that he is that Homura guy. So to avoid confusion, I’ll refer to Homura when he is masked and Kagari when he isn’t).
The next day, Minato and Musubi goes back to their previous apartment to gather their belongings to the new place. Since Musubi is a fist type Sekirei, looks like she has the strength to carry the heavy load. Minato also meets his little sister Yukari who is to study in a college in the area. She is here to give Minato some girl clothes as previously requested by him. After they parted and the duo walk back to Izumo Inn, Minato finds out a little more from Musubi about the different Sekireis and their abilities. Meanwhile, we see a Sekirei named Akitsu sitting like though she is abandoned when a guy Hayato Mikogami comes up to her and is interested in making her part of his collection. However, one day noticeable about Akitsu is that her Sekirei crest is on her forehead. Sekirei’s with such markings are considered ‘discarded’ Sekireis and without a number, and thus cannot be winged. Though Akitsu cannot be winged, she sticks by Hayato as gratitude for saving her from being abandoned.
Back at Izumo Inn, while Uzume and Musubi get acquainted in a hot bath together (nothing steamy here, mind you). Minato is at the compound and wonders how that tree could break their fall when he envisions a little girl asking for help. Musubi then finds out that Uzume is also a Sekirei and starts to enthusiastically fight her. Though Uzume isn’t interested, however Musubi is too excited to stop until Miya comes by to stop them and lectures her that no fighting allowed is one of the rules of this house. Though Miya has that eternal smiling face, whenever we see a dark aura and the appearance of a Hannya mask (a devil-like mask used in theatres), it means you’d better listen to her or else. Enough to even scare the toughest gangster and make the most stubborn ruffian listen. Meanwhile, Homura is confronted by another Sekirei, Tsukiumi, who challenges him to see who is the strongest. But Homura tells her to find an Ashikabi instead. However Tsukiumi is reluctant because she is known to be an Ashikabi hater (because she fears them doing this and that on her?). Also, Minato continues to have that weird dream whereby that little girl, Kusano or Kuu for short, is pleading for his help.
Episode 3 begins with Kuu’s flashback about an MBI researcher, Takami (I think she’s Minato’s mom) telling her about finding her onii-chan and subsequently being attacked by Hayato and his Sekirei #43 Yomi which forces her to unleash her great plant-like powers. In the morning, Musubi spars with Miya but the latter proves why she is the master of the house with her awesome powers. But this doesn’t put Musubi down as she gets even more encouraged by it. Minato goes off to work part time in some construction site and befriends another colleague named Seo Kaoru. Seo is quite interested in Minato’s lunch but Hikari and Hibiki appears to beat him up for causing trouble to others as they apologize to Minato before realizing he was the guy with that Musubi girl. It seems Seo is the Ashikabi of Hikari and Hibiki. Meanwhile, Kagari gets a call from another MBI staff, Tamaki, about how that madman Minaka has sent SMS to all Ashikabis about the location of the Green Girl Sekirei #108. First come first serve. Kagari/Homura then says how he is the protector of unwinged Sekireis.
Since Seo got that SMS, he and his Sekireis drags Minato to the botanical garden to find the Green Girl. Homura is at the garden’s gates when he is being confronted by Yomi and Akitsu. Yomi’s job is to get the Green Girl for her Ashikabi as she heads in first while Akitsu uses her ice power to stall Homura. Musubi decides to go give Minato his handphone seeing that he has forgotten to take them and as she arrives at the botanical garden, she mistaken Homura for Kagari but dismisses it because she thinks Kagari doesn’t wear a mask though he looks similar. Airhead. Well, at least his identity isn’t busted. Musubi heads in then. Inside the garden, Minato is being led by visions of a crying Kuu and Seo seems to know that she has already chosen Minato as his Ashikabi and decides follow him and see for himself. Though Minato manages to find Kuu, scythe wielding Yomi arrives and starts attacking. Luckily Musubi appears in time to defend Minato. Musubi snaps Yomi’s precious scythe easily which pisses her off as she unleashes her fury so much so Musubi’s clothes get blown away, leaving her only in her undies (like Ikkitousen series, remember anyone?). In the end, Musubi rips Yomi’s clothes and presses upon her Sekirei crest. A light glows from it as Yomi collapses and her crest disappears. I found out that this is a way to defeat a Sekirei. Musubi proclaims how she protected Minato and her modesty. Seriously, how can she fight with one hand while the other is covering her boobs? I don’t know, but she did it. With Yomi’s loss, Hayato couldn’t feel her presence anymore and tells Akitsu to return. The rest then escapes as the garden is soon surrounded by MBI helicopters. Back at Izumo Inn, Miya finds out that Minato has brought back Kuu. Another tenant for her inn. Later that night, Kuu tells Minato how she was the one who cushioned his free fall. He thanks her and Kuu wants to him to be her Ashikabi. Yeah, she kisses him as her wings sprout. That’s 2 Sekireis Minato has now. And it’s going to grow…
In episode 4, as Minato leaves for work, he is being closely watched by a mysterious bespectacled girl in a room filled with monitors. Yeah, she’s interested in him. Minato notices Kuu crying on his way out as she mentions something about her brother Shiina whom she is quite close to and has opposite abilities of hers. Minato then comforts her. As Minato finds out Seo has quit his job, Musubi continues her morning spar with Miya. Minato comes home from work and to his surprise finds Seo there. He finds out Seo was Takehito’s best friend and his visits at Izumo Inn are mainly for free meals (remember of Miya’s policy not to refuse help?), though Miya personally thinks he’s trash. Seo’s a freelancer problem solver now? Hikari and Hibiki then come in to apologize and retrieve their useless Ashikabi for causing inconvenience. That’s one problem he can’t solve.
That night as Kuu heads to the toilet, she got the scare of her life when she thinks she has saw a ghost. She runs to Minato who then checks around the inn with Musubi but finds nothing. The next morning as Miya visits the grave of her late husband, Musubi and Kuu help out to make lunch. You know, Kuu looks cute and weird in that wagtail outfit. Uzume sure has lots of those weird outfits. Meanwhile Yukari bumps into Shiina in the streets and I’m not sure if she has shotacon because she’s totally taken in by his looks and trying hard to control herself. Then Sekirei #38, Mitsuha, a Sekirei under Hayato finds Shiina and is under her Ashikabi’s orders to bring in unwinged Sekireis. Yukari, who doesn’t know what’s going on, takes Shiina’s hand and flee. Back at Izumo Inn, Minato wonders the fate of defeated Sekireis as Musubi explains who they are being taken away by the MBI. Though Minato isn’t too fond of the idea of a Sekirei being separated by her Ashikabi, Musubi says how being with the person they love is a reward for the last standing Sekirei and vows not to lose. Because that bespectacled girl, Matsu, notices how close Minato and Musubi is, she declares that airhead her enemy. On a day whereby Musubi is running some errands, she unleashes several satellite lasers to blast her. Hey, can she do that? I mean, putting holes in buildings just like that just to keep her busy. That’s because Matsu comes in the bath surprising Minato who the heck is this never-seen-before woman. Meanwhile Yukari takes Shiina back to her place and wonders what to do next (hopefully nothing ecchi) while Musubi continues to evade all those lasers like a pro.
Musubi comes home with her clothes in tatters in episode 5 while Matsu continues to seduce Minato. Matsu gets irritated when Musubi comes back a little earlier than expected but she has to cut short her seducing because Miya says how illicit sexual relationships are forbidden (that Hannya mask again…). As Matsu introduces herself to the rest (she was the one Kuu thought saw as a ghost), she reveals her secret room filled with monitors. It seems she is hiding from the MBI. Meanwhile Mitsuha and Akitsu continue to find elusive Shiina when Homura appears before them. They attacked him but have to retreat after realizing they’re not up to match with his superior fire power. He could’ve nearly burnt himself (couldn’t say the same for his handphone when he tried to call Tamaki) if not for Tsukiumi using her water powers to cool him down. She’s still ranting about not wanting an Ashikabi and would kill him if she had one. In Yukari’s room, she’s still thinking of what to do with Shiina when he tells her that she is his Ashikabi. At this point, I’m still wondering if Shiina is a boy or a girl. Experience tells me Shiina’s a boy but because I thought all Sekirei are females, that’s why I’m in doubt. Later I found out that there are a handful of male Sekireis. So Shiina’s a boy…
While Minato is sleeping, Matsu sneaks into his room and kisses him because she’s interested in him (in experimenting terms, that is). Yeah, she’s his Sekirei now. Sekirei #02 at your service. However they both get their punishment of no breakfast when Miya barges in to catch them in the act. The next morning, Matsu thinks of getting a morning kiss from Minato but met with Musubi’s lips instead. Ugh! Thankfully, there is no effect when 2 Sekireis kiss. Minato sees Kagari in bandages as Miya feeds him before her usual sparring with Musubi. Then Minato gets another dream whereby he dreams of Tsukiumi saying how she’ll kill him. Scary. So Minato goes to ask information specialist Matsu more on this particular Sekirei and finds out more about the Sekirei Plan. It seems that 90% of the Sekireis in the city has been winged and that the next phase will soon to begin. Also Matsu mentions how it isn’t unusual for other unwinged Sekireis to be attracted or react to an Ashikabi that has multiple Sekireis. Matsu then finds out the Sekirei in Minato’s dream and suggests he go find and befriend her. Minato and Kuu are searching through the city (Minato being the bait actually) and at the same time, Hikari and Hibiki are attacking Tsukiumi but the tables are turned on them. Minato also meets Seo and the latter seems to know Minato has got more Sekireis and Matsu in particular. How does he know? Well, he made that secret room door for her. When the twins arrive with Tsukiumi hot on their tail, Tsukiumi starts to react to Minato’s powers as she feels hot and her knees feeling weak. Because of that, she declares that she will kill him. A dream come true, eh? More like nightmare.
Tsukiumi starts attacking in episode 6. Kuu tries to attack back but Minato stops her saying that his purpose is to befriend her. Hikari and Hibiki continue to unleash their lightning attacks and power up with Seo. A disadvantage of being an unwinged Sekirei is that her powers are weak. Seo has Tsukiumi in his grasp and wonders if she could be his Sekirei when Minato declares how Tsukiumi is his. Seo has to let go because he got zapped by the twins who are furious as they mentioned they are to be his only Sekireis. Tsukiumi is touched by Minato’s words and wants him to take responsibility as she kisses him. Yehaa! He has now got Sekirei #09 under his harem. Musubi just then arrives at the scene and seeing that Minato has more than 1 Sekirei, Tsukiumi declares herself as his legal wife. Yeah, Musubi too wants to be Minato’s legal wife. Wonder if she know what that means. So Minato returns to Izumo Inn with yet another Sekirei. With a new Sekirei under Minato, competition is getting tough as Kuu now clings on harder to her onii-chan while Matsu loves watching the bickering drama between Tsukiumi and Musubi. Even if Tsukiumi is a tough lady, she still can’t beat Miya. Don’t mess with the landlady. Kagari himself is surprised that Ashikabi hater has got herself one but Tsukiumi can’t seem to put her finger that Kagari and Homura are the same person and keeps wondering if they’ve met somewhere before.
Elsewhere, Yukari remembers how Shiina told her about the Sekirei Plan and even suggests to kiss. Woah. Control yourself Yukari. Back at Izumo Inn, the usual fight over Minato like we usually see in harem animes. Tsukiumi is relieved to find out that Uzume isn’t Minato’s Sekirei. Tsukiumi and Musubi takes a bath together while Kuu has a chat with Minato about which one he likes best. Well, he has to like everyone, right? That’s what being in a harem is about. Thankfully, Minato is a humble guy as he says how he’s grateful for them choosing a loser guy like him. With that, Kuu pecks his cheek and this sends an uneasy shiver down Tsukiumi and Musubi in the bath. Yeah, the harem battle starts now! Poor Minato has got his hands full. He’s got to worry about the battle with other Sekireis and their Ashikabi, what more a battle among his own Sekireis. But we love it lah! So Minato’s got a naive airhead, a loli with onii-chan complex, a secretive bespectacled hacker, and a crude aggressive and possessive short tempered woman in his harem. It sure is getting rowdier by the day. Ah, variety is the spice of life. Meanwhile Minaka is glad that another Sekirei has been winged and that the 2nd phase is going into motion soon.
Episode 7 starts with a flashback of Minaka and Takami back in 1999 when they were students and doing some excursion on some unknown island whereby the found several tubes with bodies in it (Sekireis, I presume) and that’s when Minaka started his crazy idea of playing God and becoming the Game Master. At Izumo Inn, Minato’s Sekireis are fighting for their right to sleep next to Minato. Because they can’t resolve it peacefully and all ended up sleeping with him, Miya intervenes and draws up their sleeping rooms. Nobody gets to sleep with him. There, solves it. As Miya goes out shopping, Musubi is watering the lawn with Kuu when Sekirei #04 Karasuba, also known as the Black Sekirei, unexpectedly drops by at Izumo Inn for a visit. It seems she and Musubi know each other well. However Matsu dreads the fact that she is here and quickly goes into hiding. Something about she’s like a dog for the MBI and will obediently do anything under the corporation’s orders. Karasuba is here to ascertain that Musubi was the one who defeated Yomi and soon leaves after Musubi still remembers her promise with her. The TV then has a sudden announcement from Minaka who says MBI have bought over the city and is sealed. Normal inhabitants need not worry and those leaving will be thoroughly inspected at exit points.
Karasuba meets Miya on her way and there is a standoff between the 2. They engage in a short display of power battle and we learn that Miya is Sekirei #01! Karasuba goes back to her Ashikabi in his Ferrari and along the way she spots Mitsuha and Akitsu and decides to let go some steam. Akitsu suggests to run away upon realizing the Black Sekirei but Mitsuha doesn’t know anything so she starts attacking Karasuba. That’s why we shouldn’t be so cocky in the first place. Blood thirsty Karasuba slices Mitsuha in a single strike (not sure if she’s dead or not) while Akitsu runs away. At Izumo Inn, Musubi reveals to Minato about her promise she made to Karasuba. Something about the necessity of humans. If Musubi wins, then her theory of falling in love will come true. Otherwise, Karasuba’s view of not needing those useless humans stand. Thus they promised to be the last 2 Sekireis so that they could battle each other. Musubi also wants all Sekireis to be free and to fly with their own wings. Meanwhile Yukari is walking through the streets with Shiina dressed in a girl’s dress (unsuitable if you ask me) as a disguise. Hayato watches them from his car and notices Shiina isn’t winged yet and decides to move on his own seeing that his previous Sekireis failed to do so. At the same time, Tsukiumi and Musubi continue their rivalry over household chores but Miya ups the ante by saying the first person who comes back from shopping gets to sit next to Minato for dinner. And off Musubi and Tsukiumi go. Nice method of getting things done in a way. That night, a Sekirei draped only in white cloth defeats another Sekirei while another drunken busty Sekirei, Kazehana watches the city from a building while commenting on the blowing unpleasant wind.
The capital is tightly sealed in episode 8 but an Ashikabi Haruka Shigi (yes, a guy with a girl’s name) and his Sekirei #95 Kuno decides to flee but is spotted by a disciplinary squad Sekirei #104, Haihane. She looks like a zombie version of Freddy Krueger. No choice they have to U-turn back into the city. After Minato does his chores with his Sekireis, Minato goes to visit Matsu in her room whereby she tells him several information about defeated Sekireis. It seems that during a fight when a Sekirei is defeated, there is a rule which must have the victor wait next to the body of the vanquished as respect till the MBI comes to pick up and verify. Recently there has been several defeated Sekireis but the winner is not in sight. Speaking of which, didn’t Musubi too broke that rule during her fight against Yomi? For the record, Musubi beats Tsukiumi for the 3rd time in a row, reaching back home from her errands first. Now we see Kuu in a cute mouse costume so this prompts Minato to asks Miya more about Uzume since she’s always out. She says that Uzume has these weird costumes to cheer up a precious person who is in hospital. That person is Chiho and is Uzume’s Ashikabi. Speaking of which, she is there visiting her now. Uzume comes home late to find Tsukiumi and Musubi once again arguing about being Minato’s legal wife. Matsu then notices a stain of blood on Uzume’s pants. Elsewhere, looks like Hayato confirms losing Mitsuha as his Sekirei so he decides to move in and make Shiina fill in that gap as Akitsu monitors the unsuspecting duo. Yukari learns that Shiina is looking for his sister Kuu and she agrees to help him find her after she tells her own story of how Minato used to look out for her when they were younger.
Uzume makes another visit to Chiho but when she leaves the room, she is being confronted by an Ashikabi who seems to be blackmailing her into doing jobs against her will in order to save Chiho. He shows the picture of Uzume’s next target, Kuno. Tsukiumi learns about a Sekirei breaking the rule of not being next to the body of the defeated and decides to go find the culprit along with Musubi. Haruka and Kuno are trying to find a way to escape when they are being confronted by that white cloth Sekirei. By now, viewers should know that she is Uzume with all the things falling into place. Kuno’s high pitch screaming ability only manages to restrain Uzume for a while before she comes pursuing them again. Luckily Musubi and Tsukiumi arrive in time to save them and the latter concludes she is the culprit. They are still unaware of Uzume’s identity and Uzume feels uneasy because she doesn’t want to fight them yet. Drunk Kazehana reeking with alcohol smell then casually walks by and says how she doesn’t like all this.
So in episode 9, Kazehana’s interference is because she doesn’t like an unfair fight. Meaning, 2 Sekireis against 1. So Tsukiumi tells Musubi to go play with Kuno. Though Musubi enthusiastically introduces herself, Kuno feels ‘defeated’ in all aspects. Kazehana then whisks Uzume away after introducing herself as Sekirei #03 to panty flasher Tsukiumi (haha). Tsukiumi turns around to find Musubi is missing along with Haruka and Kuno. Somewhere, Uzume and Kazehana has a little chat and the former challenges the latter to a duel. Back at Izumo Inn, Matsu decides to do some seducing experiment on Minato when Kagari interrupts. Since Minato flees, Matsu turns her attention to Kagari, so he burns her a little as a warning. Kagari then experiences some chest pains and asks Matsu for some medicine. Wait a minute? Is he a she? Nothing conclusive yet. Meanwhile Musubi drops onto Minato (deja vu?) and drags him to his old apartment so that she could let him hear Haruka and Kuno’s story. Minato and Haruka instantly click because the latter too failed his entrance exam twice. Haruka explains that he doesn’t care for the Sekirei Plan and wants to leave the capital but the tight security of the MBI and disciplinary squad makes it impossible to do so. Furthermore, Kuno is a weak Sekirei and doesn’t have any other abilities. Even her voice ability is her only one, she’s still weak nevertheless. Funny to see Kuno sinking into depression and apologizing to Haruka everytime certain comparisons are made between her and Musubi. Before they leave, they want Minato to keep this a secret.
When Minato and Musubi come home, Tsukiumi and Kuu are seen waiting for them and they are suspicious that the duo might be doing something secretive behind their backs. This doesn’t help at all when Musubi says how all this is a ‘secret’. Tsukiumi takes out on poor Minato and I guess Kuu too joins in. That night Uzume and Kazehana comes home all drunk and drops like a log sleeping next to Minato. Of course that guy has another shock of his live when he finds 2 naked babes by him. Not as shock as his Sekireis (especially Tsukiumi) will soon find out. To make matters worse, Kazehana is also interested in Minato and starts flirting with him. Before another fight could occur, Miya steps in. She tells the gang how Kazehana was a former residence of Izumo Inn. Uzume recalls the duel she had with Kazehana and could’ve lost if the latter decided to press her Sekirei crest. So to make things up, Kazehana wants Uzume to take her drinking. So that’s why they got all drunk. Next morning, Minato discuss on how to let Haruka and Kuno escape but Tsukiumi isn’t too fond of that idea. Matsu then tells Minato the origins of the Sekirei Plan and the history of how Minaka became its chairman. Since MBI’s sole purpose is the execution of this plan, anyone participating and then withdrawing would become instant enemies of the MBI. They may even resort to killing and not even the Ashikabi will be spared. While Minato is having second thoughts about the escape plan, Musubi comes to reassure and support him as usual. Meanwhile Karasuba is soaking herself and notes how things will get more interesting after learning Haihane has let an Ashikabi and his Sekirei go.
Episode 10 starts off with a short touching and romantic flashback on how Kuno met Haruka (at least that’s how Kazehana viewed it). The gang are at Seo’s place and he agrees to help Minato and Haruka out. Initially he wanted to charge a fee but when he gets a call from Miya… You know the rest. Seo shows the map of the capital which is the supposed battlefield and that it’s being divided into 4 areas. The south, east and west areas are controlled by powerful Ashikabis so their only chance of escape is through the north. Why isn’t there a powerful Ashikabi controlling that area? Seo hints of a Hannya devil which lives there. Uh huh. I guess Miya’s reputation is so fearful that nobody dares challenge her. They’re supposed to dash across the bridge in the north because even though there are guards, they won’t be inspected. But there will be 2 problems. Firstly, the MBI satellite surveillance and secondly, the disciplinary squad. Minato says how he’ll inform Matsu to hack it while Musubi mentions how she’ll take on the squad. With that all settled, the plan starts tomorrow night. In the meantime, Tsukiumi and Matsu are discussing about Sekireis running away without the fight. Tsukiumi doesn’t like it because she thinks it’s a Sekirei’s destiny to battle each other and that she thinks Matsu who has never stepped out of Izumo Inn, to be akin like Kuno’s case of running away. So Miya offers to test Tsukiumi powers and in a single blow, her powerful blast not only causes a ripple in the ground but also rips off Tsukiumi’s entire clothes (only leaving her undies. See, how Ikkitousen this is? How come the panties are the only one remains unscathed?). Tsukiumi then wonders who Miya is exactly.
The night before the escape, everyone gathers at Izumo Inn for a farewell party. Haruka questions why don’t Minato escape the capital too since he too wishes to live peacefully with his Sekireis. Minato spots Tsukiumi outside and excuses himself. Though Tsukiumi still doesn’t want to get involved in the escape plan, Minato says how Musubi will be the only one capable of fighting the disciplinary squad. This prompts Tsukiumi to ask him if he’s worried about the contract or Musubi. She then places his hands on her boobs and asks if he really wants her too. Matsu interrupts so Tsukiumi takes the chance to go off. Meanwhile Uzume has returned home and Kazehana knows she’s been doing some jobs against her will. The next morning, Yukari and Shiina continue to find Kuu while Hayato follows them and plans to make his move tonight. Miya also meets Kagari and believes his transformation has begun though he says it isn’t definite yet. Musubi is excited by that ripple left by Miya in the ground and feels encouraged to do her best during her morning practice while Kuu confronts Tsukiumi and boldly tells her that she isn’t Minato’s wife because she doesn’t want to help Minato. That little kid’s words at least made her do some serious thinking. Must be the ‘wife’ word. Nightfall comes as Minato, Musubi, Kuu, Haruka and Kuno prepares to leave according to plan.
Episode 11 starts off with Karasuba telling her Ashikabi about that flashback we’ve seen in the first episode. How Karasuba fought with Sekirei #08 AKA the Sekirei of Fate, but the latter died after rescuing a young Musubi. Karasuba feels her death is a shame and that she should’ve died at her hands instead. At the same time, Minato and co dashes across the bridge when Seo and his Sekireis blast a transformer station as a diversion. While Homura and Kazehana watches from a distance, Takami is upset that Minaka knows all this would happen as well as he watches on. Well, he didn’t call himself the Game Master for nothing. Kuu on the other hand, distracts the bridge guards with her plant powers. However reinforcements arrive a little early so Matsu tells the gang to abort their plan. But Minato is bent on saving Kuu since she’s in a pinch (and remembering the promise he made to her). Seeing Minato’s determination, Matsu volunteers herself to go save Kuu as she tells Minato to carry on across the bridge. For once, Matsu leaves the Izumo Inn riding on a motorcycle. Biker babe looks hot! Even Tsukiumi is surprised on what Matsu is doing. Are you still unconvinced to go? Matsu arrives in time to rescue Kuu as she gives her a bazooka that shoots little plant capsules which sprout giant plants whenever she fires. Shiina notices the plants and that Kuu is here as he rushes to find her along with Yukari. Unknown to them, Hayato is following them.
As Minato and the rest run across the bridge, as expected they are met with Haihane and another disciplinary squad member, Sekirei #105 Benitsubasa. Musubi eagerly takes on Benitsubasa (also a fist type like Musubi) as they exchange several magnificent blows. Because Musubi is being an airhead, Benitsubasa unleashes a combo of hers to send Musubi crashing to the ground and causing the bridge some damage. Minato hangs on for dear life because he can’t swim if he ever falls off. On the other hand, Haihane corners Haruka and Kuno. Back at Izumo Inn, Miya talks to Tsukiumi on how Matsu and Kuu are doing their best for Minato because their feelings for him are the same as hers. So after all that talking finally reached to her head, eh? Tsukiumi decides to go help Minato because she doesn’t want to become a widow. It has got to be that wife thing in the end. Benitsubasa continues to pound Musubi with her combos (speaking of which, Musubi’s now totally naked except in her undies). Musubi is knocked unconscious when she tries to reach for Minato. As Minato gets the strength to pull himself up from the bridge edge and is shocked to see Musubi’s Sekirei crest disappearing. Oh no! It can’t be happening that Musubi has been defeated!
While Minato is saddened by the loss of Musubi in episode 12, Haruka uses his body to shield Kuno from Haihane’s claws. Kuno then uses her ultimate move (after kissing Haruka) and unleashes a very gentle and melodic voice which causes Haihane and Benitsubasa to lose their fighting will. But after she finishes singing, Kuno’s body couldn’t handle it as she coughs out blood. The effects of Kuno’s power then disappears as Benitsubasa prepares to attack Minato. Luckily Tsukiumi arrives in time to do battle with both the disciplinary squad members. Tsukiumi is pissed because her (shopping) rival has been defeated. However Tsukiumi gets pinned down under a beam during the duel. Meanwhile Matsu and Kuu thinks something is wrong with Minato and decides to go to where he is. Kuu could’ve been reunited with Shiina if Matsu didn’t sped off. Unfortunately, Yukari and Shiina are being surrounded by Hayato along with Akitsu and his other male Sekirei, Mutsu. Sword slashing Mutsu is going to get rid of Yukari by slicing her with his sword when Shiina dives to save her. It is then when they both confessed that they love each other and kissed. Too late Hayato. He’s being winged. See lah. Wait some more lah. With that, Shiina unleashes her destructive decaying powers which sends Hayato and the rest retreating.
On the other hand, a strange light starts to glow from Musubi’s body and a voice telling Minato to teach those little birds love. Yume possesses Musubi’s body and easily throws away Haihane and Benitsubasa just like that. Yume then says how Minato’s gentle and warm heart which woke her up and proceeds to put his face in her boobs (remember Musubi’s naked…), pissing off Tsukiumi and Kuu, who thinks this must be some underhanded tactic to catch them off guard. Karasuba then arrives and is happy to see Yume again and starts attacking her. As Yume evades her slashes, she hints that the one who will fight her is Musubi. Before Karasuba could strike her, Yume disappears and Musubi is back to her old airhead self again. Karasuba stops attacking and walks away after a short friendly talk with Musubi as though her fight with Yume didn’t happen at all. Minato is overcome with emotion and rushes to hug Musubi. Yay! Musubi’s back. Is that legal? Heck, who cares. However, time is up and the satellite starts to fire its beam as it splits the bridge into half. Haruka and Kuno are thrown into the air but a mysterious white cloth grabs hold of them before the duo are being blown across the bridge by a mysterious gust of wind (we all know who, right?). Haruka and Kuno are safely across the bridge as he shouts to Minato to come with them but that guy says he has to stay back because he has things to do even though he isn’t pretty sure what it is. Haruka and Kuno continue their escape, promising that they’ll meet somewhere else. Elsewhere, Kazehana confirms Minato’s manliness while Karasuba hopes Musubi will grow stronger.
Minato is getting emotional about how he’s a useless bum depending on the girls. Musubi once again cheers him up by saying that everyone’s doing their best because of him and that Minato should be himself. The other girls think Musubi is going to steal the limelight once more and decides not to lose out as they hug him. Better escape before the MBI arrives. In the aftermath, we see Hikari and Hibiki profusely apologizing to Miya for Seo’s intrusion of free meals for 3 days. She doesn’t mind, unless Seo minds that Hannya aura… Also, Minato’s Sekireis continue to fight over him, Tamaki couldn’t believe the revival of Sekirei #88 and wants to investigate, Hayato rues his lost of winging another Sekirei though Mutsu notes he has many of them back home, Haihane and Benitsubasa lamenting their loss to that big breasted woman (Haihane making a cheeky remark how Benitsubasa’s will be only a B-cup if hers ever get that big), Karasuba feeling happy because things are getting interesting, the Ashikabi who blackmailed Uzume decides to let her off the hook for her betrayal seeing that she’s still useful to him, Shiina and Yukari continue to kick ass beating other lowly Ashikabis and their Sekireis, Kagari’s chest continues to experience pain and his boobs are now obvious as Kazehana hints how a Sekirei forcefully reacts to a destined person and finally Minaka noting how the story hasn’t really ended yet and is just the beginning.
That’s right, 12 episodes isn’t enough to satisfy my insatiable need for a second season. A second season is highly probably because at the end of the last episode, a large "To be continued" sign lets viewers wanting for more. Perhaps the sequel will take some time since the manga is currently ongoing and depending on how popular this anime is, the producers may just make the sequel when the time comes. They’d better! Thus I felt that all these dozen episodes were just to serve as an introduction and build-up suspense before the next stage of the Sekirei Plan. It’s going to get deliciously exciting from now on. More characters and more awesome fights. Really looking forward to it.
There is an OVA filler episode which lasts only 10 minutes, though. It’s about Kuu who decides to join Musubi and Tsukiumi’s shopping race to be Minato’s legal wife. However noting that she is still small and susceptible to danger, everyone decides to help her from the shadows and let her win. Unfortunately Kuu gets lost and distracted by a cat so much so Musubi and Tsukiumi had a hard time bringing her back to the right path without blowing their cover. At that expense, they caused some damage to the streets. Even when Kuu finally arrives at the mart, she is unsure what to buy and it’s up to the duo to ‘remind’ her in some trench coat disguise. After Kuu safely returns home, Musubi and Tsukiumi start their real race. They come home and notice Kuu coming in from the gates. Kuu knows that everyone has helped her from the shadows and proceeds to thank them and admits her defeat. But Tsukiumi decides to let Kuu be with Minato anyway since she did her best on her first outing. As the ladies take a bath and reflect the day’s events, Kuu wakes up on Minato’s lap. Minato express his wish for everyone to go shopping together without racing and this has Kuu saying how she loves everyone.
Though the drawing and art is the contemporary kind with gorgeous looking babes, I can’t help feel that some of the characters look the same in terms of facial details. For instance, to me Homura/Kagari looks like a serious version of Shiina, who in turn looks like a less menacing version of Haihane. Then sometimes at a certain angle, I couldn’t differentiate between Minato, Seo and Haruka. Though I think the producers tried their best to give variety and uniqueness to each of the Sekireis in terms of their design and abilities. Of course, you can’t have a bevy of beauties without fanservice. So if you’re a little ecchi lover, all those fanservice shots may provide some much needed eye candy. Sometimes I get the feeling and wonder why some of those busty babes have such huge boobs. Besides the fanservice reason, wouldn’t it be a liability during battles? Some of them are dressed in a way which are quite revealing like Tsukiumi which made me go, "Why in the world does she need to wear a skirt that’s so short and revealing because it makes no difference if she doesn’t wear one either". At comical times, the characters would go into chibi mode and they certainly look cute especially Kuu.
New seiyuu Saori Hayami did a nice job making Musubi a ditzy girl. Likewise Kana Hanazawa makes Kuu sound cute whenever she goes squealing "Hmmph Hmmph". She was also the voice of Potemayo of the anime of the same name and Yuuka in Kyouran Kazoku Miki. Marina Inoue’s assertive voice fits Tsukiumi nicely as she has with previous roles like Kana in Minami-ke series and Chiri in Zetsubou Sayonara Sensei series. Among the many other casts include Shinnosuke Tachibana as Minato (Sana of Myself; Yourself), Aya Endo as Matsu (Miyuki of Lucky Star), Romi Paku as Karasuba (Nana O in NANA), Shizuka Itou as Benitsubasa (Wilhelmina of Shakugan No Shana), Sayaka Ohara as Miya (Alicia of the Aria series) Yuki Kaida as Homura/Kagari (Fuji in Prince Of Tennis), Hitomi Nabatame as Uzume (Miki in Muteki Kanban Musume), Jun Fukuyama as Hayato (Kei in Special A) and Toshihiko Seki as Minaka (Mousse in Ranma 1/2).
The opening theme is named as the same as the series and is sung by the seiyuus of Minato’s 4 Sekireis. I don’t know but the song starts off on a nice note and when it gets to the chorus, I feel the tune isn’t suitable. The same quartet also sang the main ending theme, Dear Sweet Heart which feels like an all-girl R&B group. Then there’s a special ending for episode 11 by Saori Hayami entitled Kimi Wo Omou Toki which is a slow piece and has a feel of sadness in it. Some of the background music especially those for battle and action scenes are quite fitting and gets viewers in the mood of the suspense.
Having taking a liking for this series, I too feel like being an Ashikabi and having a Sekirei harem of my own! I wonder what kind of ladies I should wish for. Should I go for the tsundere class or the maid type. Ah heck, all of them would be fine. Just keep the love comin’! Erm, sounds like one of those perverted ubiquitous harem… Till the next season comes up, I’ll be dreaming of it. So hurry up with the next stage already! "You are my destined one, my Ashikabi…".


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