Lovely Complex Soundtrack

June 13, 2009

It’s about time I do another short blog on anime soundtrack. This time round will be from the anime series Lovely Complex. It sure brings back good nostalgic memories when I was watching that love comedy romance series. Tall girl loves short boy. But short boy too dense to know tall girl’s feelings even if it’s spelt right in front of his face. The roller coaster emotional ride that tall girl has to endure in this All Hanshin-Kyojin relationship of theirs.
I think I should stop before I lose myself in the plot (you can read my blog on that series if you want) and should concentrate on the soundtrack album. Released somewhere in September 2007 just as the series is about to finish, the soundtrack entitled Lovely Complex Kyun Shi Ni Music Collection, consists of 35 tracks and does not contain the TV size version of the opening and ending themes like what many other anime series usually does. As usual, listed below are my favourite tracks from the album, in alphabetical order of course:
1) 22 Seiki No Bach
2) Akane Iro
3) Dry Tears
4) Orchestra Na Risa
5) Premier Amour
6) Ragtime Na Risa
7) Risa
8) Theme Of LoveCom
Uh huh. You count them right. Only 8 miserable tracks that really appealed to me. I’m not saying that the rest sucks nor are they horrible sounding. Just that they aren’t to my taste. Besides, some of the tracks have several versions of it. For instance the track Theme Of LoveCom has an orgel version (which sounds like a lullaby considering the music box like sound) and an orchestra blues harp version. So that’s 3 songs already though the basic tune remains and they vary a little.
Out of the 8 favourite tracks, my personal favourite one is Risa. Because of the lively and upbeat fanfare, this piece suits the character Risa well. Heck, the track is named after her, right? This piece has a jazzy feel to it and I’m sure most of us wouldn’t mind shuffling our feet or two to the cool saxophone play. Besides, there are other tracks in the album which are named after Risa’s moods such as Fuan Na Risa (a slow cello solo with a melancholic tune), Bosa Na Risa (a Brazilian bossa nova tune), Samba Na Risa (a typical samba and tropical tune and feel) and Kabuki Na Risa (sounds like a fast cowboy solo piece).
Ragtime Na Risa as listed above is another one of my favourite Risa-themed tracks. As its name suggests, it is a ragtime piano piece. As far as I can remember, usually played when there is nothing out of the ordinary is happening. Just a normal day without all those heart stopping moments. Then there is Orchestra Na Risa, which is a slow orchestra piece mix with light and easy piano play. By the way, this track has the longest duration among the other tracks in the soundtrack as it lasts over 3 minutes.
Next is the theme, Dry Tears. I find this piece to be quite dramatic with a hint of sadness in it. Usually played when Risa experiences painful feelings (like when Otani is being a jerk. At least according to Risa’s view). The song starts off with a soft and slow piano and strings. As the song progresses, the crescendo and full effects of the orchestra is gradually introduced to the dramatic effect it needs.
I don’t remember if 22 Seiki No Bach is ever played in the series, but this piece as like what its name suggests, could’ve been an upbeat and lively piece if that music maestro Bach was to survive in the 22nd century. The creative play of the harpsichord, piano and pipe organ accompanied with an R&B-like background beat makes this tune a catchy one. Another Bach-like piece is 18 Seiki No Bach which sounds like a horror tune using pipe organs like those you hear in horror movies.
Akane Iro is another slow piano piece accompanied with some strings. It gives a feeling of a romantic atmosphere, I’d say. Just like the track Premier Amour, another easy piece. I’m not sure if the instrument at the beginning is a piano or a harp. I think it’s a harp. But I can tell that the rest of the song is mainly dominated by the piano while being accompanied by the soft cymbals in the background. Last but not least is Theme Of LoveCom, which is a moderate track which fits as the theme of the series. I think it’s usually played when a problem is resolved or the characters are resolved to do something or move on. There’s a Ska version of it which sounds a little comical. Feels a little like a chase song…
Other noteworthy tracks include Complex (a dramatic pop beat featuring wind and guitar instruments with strings as background accompaniment), Dunk Shoot (another funky samba piece with lively fanfare), Deep Past (a variation of Akane Iro but an even slower piano solo with a little sad tone), Eki Made Dash Eki Kara Dash (feels like a song needing to rush somewhere as time is running out), World’s End ~Chikyuu No Hate~ (feels like a tune for impending trouble with its fast, short and sharp piano and strings. There’s a very slow and soft piano of it called pf version), Honobono (a slow string piece which can stir some emotions), Gakuen Seikatsu (a comical fun piece with trumpets blowing), Manzai Combi (sounds like a song befitting a clown’s performance. Isn’t that what a manzai combo closely resembles?), Maity No Theme (sounds like a super hero tune with those choir voices in the background), Seiko No Theme (sounds like a lively sunshiny mahou shoujo theme) and a rap-like R&B piece, Shouganezee (I think it’s a piece for the in-anime rap star Umi Bouzu).
If you really like this series so much, you’d be happy to know that there is a drama CD as well as the opening and ending singles for it. Since there is a live action version of the series, I’m sure there is a soundtrack for it too. For me, I guess the anime soundtracks for the background music are enough. I’m still listening and enjoying them, though. Now that isn’t a complex thing to enjoy.
Lovely Complex

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