Tsubasa Chronicle Soundtrack

June 26, 2009

I really do miss that anime Tsubasa Chronicle. It was one of those romance fantasy adventure genres that somehow captured my attention. Maybe I was new to the world of anime that time and was touched by the bonds, emotions and relationship of the time and dimension travelling group. Though I haven’t rewatched it yet for nostalgic reasons, perhaps in the near (or distant) future, I might just consider doing so.
Anyway one of the plus points of this series besides the storyline is its background music. It’s like everything here complements each other from the music to the animation and to the characters. So it’s no wonder after watching into several episodes of the series, it didn’t take me long to go look for the background music, which until today which I considered to be one of the best compilations for such a genre.
The soundtrack album which I am to blog here mainly refers to the soundtrack of the TV series. Since it spanned over 2 seasons, there have been 4 albums released. They are named Future Soundscape I to IV and each album on average consists of 20 tracks, inclusive of the TV edit version of the opening and ending themes. Though the background music occupies a big majority on each album and are composed by Yuki Kajiura, there are also vocal tracks which featured other artistes as well. Although not every background music is to my personal liking, listed below are the tracks which I have been listening to ever since I’ve got my hands on them. And of course, in alphabetical order:
1) A Song Of Storm And Fire
2) Believe
3) Blue Clouds
4) I Talk To The Rain
5) If You Are My Love
6) Lost Wings
7) Ship Of Fools
8) Storm And Fire
9) Strange Names
10) The Dreamers
11) Through The Gate
Hmm… That doesn’t seem quite a lot, doesn’t it? Nevertheless as I’ve said, these are my favourites. But if you noticed, these tracks are mainly from either Future Soundscape I or II. Of course even if I had to pick one to be my favourite of all favourites, it would undoubtedly by A Song Of Storm And Fire. This is an exciting battle theme befitting for action and fighting sequences in the series. This thrilling piece is mainly voice-driven, like the ones you usually here in large choirs. There are also strings in the background to complement this piece perfectly. Hearing this track evokes a feeling of an epic battle between good and evil as they clash. Then the intermediate part slows down slightly with a melancholic tune which adds to the suspense before bursting into its usual lively and grand finale.
My second favourite track is Storm And Fire, which is a shorter and vocal-less version of A Song Of Storm And Fire. Though not as upbeat as the latter, but nevertheless it is still a good piece and variety for action scenes. In replacement of the vocals, the strings and flute solo takes centre stage. I find the flute play fast and creative, which I also feel is the part of the song which I liked best.
The Dreamers is next in line not only because of the violin play, but the Latin guitar pickings. How I wish I could try and follow the fast and smooth pickings even though it’s just a short stretch but until today I can’t because well, it’s just too fast. Oh well, I guess I have to be happy and satisfied by just listening to it. Of course both the violin and guitar complement this piece well.
If you have watched the TV series, then you should very well know and remember that Through The Gate is a dramatic lively piece whereby the gang finishes its mission of finding a piece of Sakura’s feather in the present world and are preparing to leap though a time dimensional gate to the next world. Likewise, Believe is another upbeat track whereby it gives a feeling of another mission accomplished. With heavy bass lines and dynamic string pieces, it also gives off a sensation of hope.
I Talk To The Rain is a song which initially starts off in a dramatic slow pace as it incorporates slow strings and solo mezzo voices. Then the piece picks up in tempo before ending on a slower and melancholic note. If You Are My Love is a slow piano piece which gives off emotions of sadness and sorrowfulness. The slow strings and flute enhances this effect. A piece which is mainly played by flute (at the start) and strings (from the middle) and is accompanied by the gentleness of the piano is Blue Clouds. This slow song at least gives off a calm and soothing sentiment like that feeling you get on a nice bright and blue sunny day.
A slow piano solo is suitable for the track Lost Wings (though as the song progresses, you can hear slow strings in the background) and is yet another one of those soothing background music. If my memory serves me well, I think there is a vocal and more upbeat version of this song sung by the seiyuus of Sakura and Syaoran. Though Sakura’s voice of singing her part in this tune isn’t bad, however it is Syaoran’s voice which instantly had my hairs stood on ends. Uh huh. So unfitting. I never wanted to hear this song ever again. Ship Of Fools sounds a bit like an Arabian song because of the tune of the voices and other musical instruments like bell chimes which brings to mind such Middle Eastern impressions. Like running through the markets of a Persian street while being pursued by Arabic guards. Yeah, feels like that. I’m not sure what string instrument they use for Strange Names because this piece too sounds like another one of those Arabian tunes. I’m sure the tune of the flute does.
I’m sure that there are a variety of other beats throughout the 4 albums, ranging from slight variations (in terms of musical instrument variety) or total revamp (but keeping the main tune of the piece intact). Whether they are fast or slow, upbeat or sad, depending on your flavour in music, I’m sure that there is one which will suit your taste, even if you’re not a fan nor have you watched the series. Besides the original soundtrack, there are also vocal albums, which are compilations of all the full versions of opening and ending themes of the TV series and also vocal tracks from the original soundtrack. Those who are infatuated with the series and still can’t get enough would be happy to know that there are several Drama CDs and albums. For me, I’m satisfied with the handful of background music that I have. So even if I don’t rewatch the series, hearing these tracks sure do bring back nice memories when I was watching them. Though by now, I can’t remember much of it ;p.

Tsubasa Chronicle

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