Main Characters Who Die In First Episode

February 20, 2010

Yes, you read that right. So you must be thinking, if they are to be the main characters for a particular series, then their sudden deaths in the first episode supposedly killed them off, wouldn’t it be ironic they will still remain to be the main characters and appear for the rest of the episodes? Unless they get resurrected alright. You can’t be a main hero if you don’t make frequent or enough appearances regardless if you’re alive or the undead. So in this blog, here are the 15 characters who died in the first episode and would have stayed dead if they have not been brought back to life somehow. How they were killed, how they were been given a second shot a life and the consequence and effect of themselves after their revival.
Kouichi Hayase (Linebarrels Of Iron)
Kouichi Hayase 
Death: A gigantic Machina named Linebarrel fell on him while on his way to buy bread for his bullies.
Resurrection: Linebarrel linked his soul with its life force.
Aftermath: Attains super physical abilities and initially becomes proud and arrogant of his version as the hero of justice. Gradually learns from his mistakes and puts his powers for better use after the death of his best friend Yajima and joining JUDA, to fight against a terrorist group KATO-KIKAN who is bent on world domination.
Hiro Hiyorimi (Kaibutsu Oujo)
Hiro Hiyorimi 
Death: An iron beam fell on him after pushing Hime out of harm’s way.
Resurrection: Hime uses her half immorality flame to revive him.
Aftermath: He becomes Hime’s life servant-cum-slave and though he may not be strong or fast, he assists her in other ways he can, usually as a human shield. Hey, he can be resurrected anytime by her if he dies. Just don’t take too long from between the time he dies and the time Hime resurrects him. Hiro gradually learns about Hime’s battles with the royal throne and grows to protect her.
Sakura Kusakabe (Bokusatsu Tenshi Doukro-chan)
Sakura Kusakabe
Death: Violent clubbings from Dokuro’s Excaliborg.
Resurrection: Dokuro’s chanting of "Pipirupirupii~".
Aftermath: Heck, this guy dies at least once in every episode. So you could say that his life has turned into a living hell. He has to be careful with what he says or do or else he could find himself at the receiving end of temperament Dokuro. Because Dokuro has chosen to live with him, his other classmates start to think he is some sort of paedophile and his initial crush for Shizuki shifts to Dokuro. A faint hint that he likes all that pain?
Kazuki Mutou (Busou Renkin)
Kazuki Mutou 
Death: Impaled through the heart by a Homunculus while trying to save a girl.
Resurrection: Tokiko puts a Kakugane as his heart’s replacement.
Aftermath: Insisting to go back to his ordinary life, Kazuki follows Tokiko around to fight Homunculi and their masters to protect humans and those he cares from being eaten by those monsters. He also creates his own Busou Renkin (Arms Alchemy) which resembles like a lance called Sunlight Heart and learns to use and control its powers.
Arcueid Brunesteid (Shingetsutan Tsukihime)
 Arcueid Brunsteid
Death: Shiki Tohno got the urged to kill her when he first sighted her on the streets because he sensed her Nanaya ancestral blood. Good thing we can’t use such a reason in the real world.
Resurrection: She’s a vampire so she can’t die. :).
Aftermath: She hires Shiki to help fight against the main antagonist Roa, who is on a killing spree. Ironic, eh? To recruit someone who tried to kill you in the first place? Maybe she was after his ‘killer’ instinct. Okay, just made that one up.
Kei Kurono (Gantz)
Kei Kurono
Death: Got hit by an oncoming train while trying to save an unconscious homeless person on its tracks.
Resurrection: Suddenly and mysteriously appear in an apartment with other people who have recently died whereby a black sphere named Gantz is supposedly responsible for their resurrection.
Aftermath: Reluctantly forced to get involved in a life and death survival game in which the only way to live is to win. Initially Kei is a selfish person who cares for nobody but himself. But when his best friend dies in the game, he changes and starts taking care of other people in this same predicament and tries to prevent any more deaths. Slowly, his leadership and skill earns the respect for the others.
Nozomu Itoshiki (Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei)
Nozomu Itoshiki 
Death: Hanged himself from the sakura tree branch due to his life’s despairs.
Resurrection: World’s most positive girl, Kafuka Fuura happen to pass by and uses her weight to snap the rope but her pulling could be the actual cause in speeding his death. And that Nozumu guy has got the cheek to say what if he had really died…
Aftermath: Okay, so this guy did not really die but could have if you look at it in both ways. He continues to be the world’s most negative person even if he continues his job as a teacher, spewing negative examples and lessons of life, culture and phrases (all so true!) to his students. Also tried to kill himself several times but fails miserably. Nothing changes, eh? Only more to add to his eternal despair…
Tsutomu Senkawa (Birdy The Mighty)
Tsutomu Senkawa 
Death: Got killed as a human shield when Federation police officer Birdy Cephon Altera was trying to apprehend an alien criminal in one of her mission.
Resurrection: Fuses his soul with his body.
Aftermath: Till his body is fully repaired, Tsutomu is stuck in sharing the same body with Birdy. Has a hard time trying to lead a normal life as he has a tough time trying to keep his family and friends in discovering Birdy’s real identity. So the duo cooperate to take on evil aliens bent on using unsuspecting humans in their whatever experiments.
C.C. (Code Geass)
Death: Took a bullet shot right in the forehead meant for Lelouch.
Resurrection: She’s an immortal so she can’t really die. :). Plus, her revival wasn’t shown in the first episode and somehow mysteriously appeared several episodes later alive and well.
Aftermath: After granting the powers of Geass to Lelouch in exchange for her wish to be granted, she passively oversees Lelouch’s missions as Zero.
Hazumu Osaragi (Kashimashi: Girl Meets Girl)
Hazumu Osaragi 
Death: An alien spaceship crashed right onto him while he is taking a walk on Mt Kashima to sort out his feelings after fresh being rejected from his confession.
Resurrection: The alien of the ship, Sora Hitoshi, feels responsible for his death and revives him as atonement.
Aftermath: However, Hazumu’s body has been reconstructed as a female! It isn’t easy trying to switch living a life as a boy to a girl but many people began to see ‘him’ differently as tomboy childhood friend Tomari and the girl who rejected him earlier, Yasuna, starts to develop feelings for him. Not to mention Hazumu’s loser male buddy friend, Asuta, and his perverted dad.
Yuji Sakai (Shakugan No Shana)
Yuji Sakai 
Death: On his way home, time suddenly freezes and a monster starts sucking the life force out of everyone.
Resurrection: Well, the real Yuji died some time ago and that he is just a Torch, a temporary replacement of humans who died. But since Yuji is no ordinary Torch but a Mystes containing a powerful treasure called Reiji Maigo, his blue flame restores his existence at the stroke of midnight.
Aftermath: He befriends a Flame Haze, Shana, who saved him from being devoured earlier on. Though she makes it her mission to protect him from Denizens of the Crimson Realm, together they fight against these antagonists who seek to use Yuji’s powers to destroy the balance of the world.
Silk Koharuno (Ultimate Girls)
Silk Koharuno 
Death: She and her buddies got accidentally stomped on by UFO Man while trying to take a closer view of another monster battle in the city.
Resurrection: UFO Man sacrifices and lends her part of his powers.
Aftermath: As a result, Silk and her friends have to become the city’s protectors since UFO Man has shrunk to a very tiny self and unable to fight the monsters himself. Silk’s shyness and embarrassment (especially when her fighting suit starts to deteriorate and threaten to make her fully nude in front of thousands of eyes)becomes her greatest asset and power up in fighting the monsters.
Pete Pumps (Ginban Kaleidoscope)
Pete Pumps 
Death: His stunt plane crashed during a stunt practice.
Resurrection: I’m not sure if you can call this resurrection but for some unknown reasons, God forbade him to enter Heaven till the next 100 days so he is somewhat sent down and stuck in the body of the obnoxious ice skater Tazusa Sakurano.
Aftermath: While waiting for the 100 days to pass, Pete tries to help improve her public image and cold and bratty attitude. Because he possesses her body, he has no control over his actions and sees and does exactly through her eyes and movements.
Yusuke Urameshi (Yu Yu Hakusho)
Yusuke Urameshi 
Death: Got hit by a car while trying to save a kid playing his ball in the street.
Resurrection: The Spirit World did not expect him to die yet and thus being offered a chance to be revived by Guardian of the River Styx, Botan. Initially reluctant to go back to the living world but after seeing how his mom, childhood friend and even his delinquent rival cried for him at his funeral, he changed his mind.
Aftermath: Hired as the Underworld Detective in charge of investigating paranormal activities in the human world. Oh yeah, he has unearthly powers now too.
Makina Hoshimura (Shikabane Hime)
Makina Hoshimura
Death: Already dead at the start of the episode as she and her entire family was being brutally murdered.
Resurrection: Revived by a Buddhist monk named Kesei Tegami via hugging.
Aftermath: Makina becomes a Corpse Princess possessing remarkable physical skills and is being tasked to hunt down others of her own kind who go berserk (like killing of other innocent people) with her cool dual sub-machine guns. She must kill 108 other Corpses in order to gain entry to Heaven and also exert revenge on the mysterious organization responsible for her death. Initially Keisei was her contract priest but after his death, Keisei’s younger brother Ouri takes over the contract between them.
Life After Death…
Well, like they say, it takes one to stare in the eyes of death or experience a near fatal one before realizing the importance of life. So by being given a second chance, most of these characters here use it to their fullest. There are other characters which die early too but I was reluctant to include them in this list. For instance Hyatt of Excel Saga. She has a habit of dying every time and reviving instantly for unknown reasons but because she made her appearance in the second episode, I guess I can’t put her in. Same case with Kazuto Tokino of UFO Princess Valkyrie. Though his soul is shared with the said princess, we only see that UFO crash landing on him in the second episode. Then there’s the case of Nagasumi Michishio of Seto No Hanayome. He nearly drowned and was brought back to life via CPR (haha, can’t forget that mouth to mouth one from Masa) but I got a feeling he never really died. Of course there is Rebecca "Becky" Miyamoto from Pani Poni Dash. What? Don’t remember she died in the first episode? She didn’t. Jijii just accidentally (or maybe purposely) put up a deceased picture of her like as though it’s her funeral while introducing class 1-C’s new homeroom teacher.
Therefore we should never take life for granted. We must live life to the fullest each day as if it is our last day. Only that way we would learn to appreciate life and all those around us. But even so, looking at it this way, no matter how many days we are given to live, it won’t be enough. Having said so, now I need to watch more animes before my time is up. What?! You call that such a waste of life?! Trading the outdoor sunshine and fresh air for staring at the idiot box for endless hours? Does it matter if I’m happy? Uh huh. With the numerous amount of animes churning out each year, I’d say I’ll never get to finish them all even if I live forever. I’m like the living dead. Yeah, maybe they’ll show reruns up in Heaven.

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  1. Tony Sun Says:

    aika from blast of tempest


  2. Ashton Says:

    you forgot at least 2 more animes


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