Tears To Tiara

March 27, 2010

Though RPG genre animes are not my usual cup of tea, but when I briefly skimmed through the synopsis of Tears To Tiara that this is a harem RPG, I thought it would be a little good thing to try and watch this series. Maybe not. So I was thinking since this is an RPG-like theme, perhaps there is this single main guy and his party, a bevy of beautiful babes, going on some whatever mythical and epic quest, slaying dragons and monsters along their way and at the end of their arduous journey, obtain the thing that they’ve been looking for. Add in some fanservice and catfights, meow… So okay, it did not really happened like the way I hoped it would be.
Based on the 2005 adult PC game of the same name, there are a few fanservice here albeit not much and it is not the main factor here. Ecchi fans will be glad to look elsewhere. Those who are in for a fantasy-like adventure should give this series a try. Though I am not familiar nor have seen much of this kind of genre, a rookie like me would say this is rather okay. Not that it totally sucks or is it that great that it could match Hollywood’s Harry Potter series or the Lord of the Rings trilogy, but you know me, for instance fantasy-like names and places, sometimes they just sound odd to me and some are just hard to pronounce or remember. Though this series does not amount to tough tongue twisting names, it took me a few episodes before I could remember the names and terms. Even though they are single names and averagely 6-8 characters. Shame on me.
Okay to start things off in the first episode, the setting is your fantasy-like and medieval-like era. As narrated at the start, several Ages have passed which include Age of Gold, Age of Giants and so forth. Currently is the Age of Iron which is also currently known as the Age of Humans. And you know when humans rise to power, they can get pretty corrupted and such. For instance the all powerful Holy Empire has conquered the lands as far and wide as they could reach. On Erin Island, a tribe of Gael people live a peaceful life until well, some fat evil priest, Drwc and his imperial army, invade the village seeking a Gael Priestess, Riannon. All the men are away hunting while Riannon who foresaw this incident has the women and children escaped. Drwc finds out that these people are the direct descendant of the Elf King Pwyll and so he plans to make Riannon a living sacrifice to revive the Demon Lord Arawn so that he could lead a rebellion and overthrow the Emperor of the Holy Empire and be the new ruler. Fat dreams he’s got. Riannon has her lips sealed tight and willing to die if not for the soldiers holding 2 innocent children at hostage did Riannon gave in. When the Gale men has returned and those children told their First Warrior, Arthur, about what happened, he embarks on a rescue mission to save his sister. By that time, Drwc is in the process of reviving Arawn at a tomb though Arthur and the rest are making their headway deep inside. Drwc revives Arawn as the latter takes a form of a human and approaches Riannon.
In episode 2 as Arthur battles Drwc, Riannon is floating in her sub-consciousness and as she hears the voice of Arawn. He tells her to open her eyes and though reluctant at first, she manages to do so and sets herself free. Drwc is happy that Arawn is revived and orders him to kill Arthur but in a twist of event, Arawn kills Drwc instead. With that fatty gone, Arthur still doesn’t trust the Demon Lord and is going to kill him. Riannon’s pleas to let her saviour go fell on deaf ears and to prevent further bloodshed, Riannon wraps her red scarf around Arawn and proclaims to be his first wife! Yeah, woman number one. Arthur is devastated because he thought that he was supposed to be the one to marry her. Well, another thing in this Gael custom is that whoever marries her will be the next chief of the tribe. So much for that, Arthur. Yeah, with Arawn reluctantly being made the boss, Arthur too has to reluctantly serve under him. And you thought the guys have a say in this. Anyway the trio have to get out of the tomb fast because a rising number of undead skeleton zombies are surrounding them. As they hack and slash their way through, they meet a legendary sage and wise they both know, Ogam, who guides them out. Once they are reunited with their tribe, they know that the events will invoke the wrath of the Empire. So Arthur gathers his men to prepare and fight against the Empire. Back at the Empire, the general of the imperial army, Gaius (man, how big and heavy his sword is), learns about Dwrc’s fate and feels the Gaels has to be eliminated.
In episode 3, the Gaels are preparing to leave Erin for their original hometown in Albion. Arawn is attacked by a female archer/ranger, Morgan (you wonder if her bottom half clothing is enough to make a handkerchief…). However she got restrained by him and we learn she is also part of the Gael tribe and had failed in her mission to get a ship for their journey. To make things worse, the ship got confiscated by the Empire. So in order to take responsibility of her failure, she decided to die an honourable death by fighting Arawn. Not wanting to make a bad example, Arawn decides to take custody of her. And yeah, Morgan announces that she becomes second wife. Wow. Is this guy good or what? So Arawn and the rest plan to seize their ship from the Empire and make their getaway. The plan is a success after making a surprise attack on the imperial guards. However Gaius is there and a short duel ensue. So we learn that Arawn isn’t really a Demon Lord and it’s just some name people came up and gave to him. Now does this answer our questions why he’s got the stuff which heroes are made of? Gaius throws a dagger made of electrum at him though he blocks it and gets a little injured (that element was known to have almost killed Arawn the last time around). Gaius asks Arawn’s goals so the latter replies he is not after the kingship but the King’s Road, Regulus. Though Gaius doesn’t understand, Arawn says he will when he is about to die. The Gaels make their great escape and sail towards Albion. Ogam heals Arawn’s wounds and tells about some power struggle which split the kingdom during his absence after his friend Pwyll’s lineage ended. Soon Arthur comes in seeking for a rematch and this time he lost. He admits that he’s fighting as Riannon’s brother and not First Warrior as he wants to make certain himself if Riannon chose the right guy to be her husband (letting go of his sister fetish?). Arawn assures him that he’ll take care of her.
They arrive at Albion in episode 4 and head straight towards the castle Avalon. As Arawn opens the gates, he is greeted by 2 house elves, Limwris and Ermin, who have been taking care of this huge kingdom ever since. Must be one heck of a full time job. The duo are delighted to learn that Arthur and Riannon are descendants of Pwyll. And since Ermin is in awe of who Arawn is, she decides to be his third wife. Uh huh. So far, this guy is having girls automatically being his wife. And he doesn’t even have a say in it. After giving them a tour of the place and how this place was created by angels, Arthur gets upset because his father was killed by an angel. Arthur and Arawn visit the armoury but got into a magic trap set by another house elf, Epona. She humbly apologizes after finding out the real identity of those ‘thieves’. Later everyone goes hunting (including reluctant Arawn since it’s the tribe’s tradition that the chief has to lead the hunt) but the only creatures they could hunt are giant crabs. Kill or be killed! While everyone is having crab meat feast, Arawn sees Riannon praying at a cliff. They talk about a God named Myrddin who gave humans of this world fire and as a result was punished. But Arawn assures her that Myrddin isn’t suffering and has somewhat become part of this world. Meanwhile Gaius is leading his huge army towards Albion.
With Gaius deciding to head to a bustling city called Londinium first in episode 5, Arthur drags Arawn into another hunt. However they realized that this hunting ground belongs to another tribe so they go look elsewhere. While resting in the forest, Morgan gets drunk and challenges Arthur to a duel, in which Arawn permits. The fight stops when they hear someone playing a harp approaching. He is Taliesin, a wondering minstrel. After sharing delicious mushrooms with them and playing a beautiful tune for them in return, he indicates he knows that they are the Gael tribe and that they are on the Brigantes tribe territory. He leaves without revealing anything further. Arawn and co pay Londinium a visit as they hid themselves via robes and cloaks. It would be very bad if their presence is known. That night, they decide to ambush and steal the carriages of goods being delivered by the imperial guards. Though they are successful, they later realized it’s a trap because the crates are filled with nothing but sand. Knowing Gaius is on their tail, they abandon it and retreat. I guess without any other food, the only way is to hunt more crabs, eh? Are we sick of eating crabs day in day out? Morning comes and yeah, another crab hunt but this time they see a female rising out of the water and towards them. And no, she’s not a crab, mind you.
She turns out to be a Sea Elf named Llyr (pronounced as Sui-r. I don’t know. Don’t ask me). In episode 6, she is sent by her people to serve Arawn after learning of his revival but she arrived too early and decided to take a nap. I don’t know how long she was sleeping but by that time the tides washed her away. Yeah, something like that. After hunting and feasting on the crabs, Arawn finds a seal skin and uses it as extra fire fuel. Then they learn Llyr is missing something very important to her and it turned out to be the seal skin. So what does this mean? Without it, she can’t return to her homeland and according to their customs if a man takes the seal skin and is unable to return it, they become engaged. You guessed it, Arawn’s fourth wife. He’s sure amassing wives and at this rate, who knows he’ll end up with how many at the end of the series. Everyone welcomes Llyr back to Avalon and she tries to help out with simple chores like washing and cooking but is a total klutz. At least she’s good in her combat skills. That’s because soon after another high ranking officer of the Empire, Buburuks, and his second-in-command knight, Octavia, are on a recon mission. But you know that guy became too greedy and thinks of this as a chance to rise in the ranks and orders an ambush on the Gael tribe. But the Gaels anticipated this and turned the tables on them. Lots of imperial soldiers died due to his selfishness so Octavia has no choice to give the retreat order. Buburuks shows he is just a coward by not even caring about his own men when fleeing for his own safety. He even pins the blame on her back at the barracks! A$$hole!
Arawn and co pays Londinium another visit in episode 7. They go watch a gladiator match while Morgan is interested in finding an important family heirloom in a form of a red branch. Epona seems to also be a merchant, selling weird stuffs. Perhaps that’s where they get their money. Anyway the first gladiator match sees a little Miner Elf, Rathty against a giant ogre. It’s like David vs Goliath. Just like in that biblical story, Rathty beats the ogre with her super huge hammer. How does she manage it anyway? However the mayor of Londinium, Creon, decides to kick Rathty out because she’s a kid and there goes her hopes for obtaining the first prize which is some rare silver steel. And since it turned out so, Arthur offers Rathty to join them but she refuses. The next match sees Octavia taking on Buburuks. That guy obviously isn’t happy and is going to settle the score even though everything is his fault. He even cheats by using archers on chariots since Octavia is too much to handle (she’s not even fighting him at her full strength. Just useless). Morgan can’t stand this one-sided battle and jumps in without second thought. They win and knock Buburuks out. Octavia is grateful to Morgan so the latter accidentally tells her she is of the Gael tribe before rushing off. As everyone leaves, they notice Rathty tailing from behind as she begs to join their group after realizing who Arawn is. Though Arawn wants Rathty to make weapons for them, she much prefers to make pots and pans instead. Yeah, make peace/food and not war.
Arawn sees a book drawn by Ermin about Arawn and Pwyll in episode 8. I know the drawing is horrible and each story page has them slashing and kicking butt. Some picture story book. Gaius finds out that some security force of the senate, Rublum, led by its commander Lidia who seems to hate Octavia, is to take charge of Gael’s elimination. Morgan spots the Rublum forces’ ships from afar and judging by their distance, they will arrive at night. They prepare an ambush then however these forces are no ordinary soldiers as they can easily spot the traps the Gaels made. Arawn then confronts Lidia but Arthur starts charging. Soon he learns that Rublum are a level above them and are forced to retreat. Lidia decides not to pursue them. Back at Avalon, the injuries are high and morale low as Arthur blames himself but Arawn slaps some sense into him as doing so won’t change a thing. Meanwhile Octavia is shocked to find human corpses in the warehouse crates but gets knocked out by a guard.
So Octavia has been bound and gagged in a crate in episode 9. Seems Lidia is still holding a grudge over a match between them that Octavia won. Crazy Lidia would very much like to see her suffer. Elsewhere, Arawn and co are digging underground to infiltrate an imperial guard base as suggested by Rathty. They too are surprised that the crates contain human corpses and couldn’t understand why the Empire needed them. Arawn opens a crate that Octavia is in but doesn’t let the others know. Their presence is alerted as the imperial guards swarm the place so the Gaels set fire on the warehouse after taking crates that are filled with food. They pass by Lidia on their way out and indicate to her that it was payback. Back at Avalon, the gang are relishing their fine catch but notes an empty crate (the one Octavia was in). Later Arawn goes to see her and since she is still loyal to the Empire, tries to fight him. However Arawn realizes she is injured and puts away his sword. She then collapses.
Octavia wakes up from a nightmare that her brother had been killed in episode 10. She is being treated by Riannon. However Arthur isn’t pleased that an imperial soldier is here and thinks she is a spy. Arawn tells him to find out more about her first before doing anything hasty. Octavia wanders around Avalon and observes some of the Gaels. She and Morgan become close friends. Also, she notices a pair of kids, Elyr and Conul, following so she volunteers to teach them the basics of swordsmanship, delighting them. Arthur learns that Octavia’s family was murdered by the Empire so she decided to join the imperial army to change things from within. Later Octavia helps the Gaels with the number identification of the crates as Morgan notices a crate having a red coral resembling the red branch though she claims that isn’t it. Octavia later tells her that Morgan may have some illness when she was young so her granddad knowing the medical qualities of the red branch, used half to treat her and the other half to pay the doctor in order to save her. Morgan is thankful that she knows the truth. However Arthur still intends to duel her to find out her true nature. In the end, Arthur accepts her so Octavia denounces her loyalty to the Empire and joins the Gael tribe and their struggles. A good thing (or bad depending on how you look at it): Octavia did not become Arthur’s fifth wife. Stopping at four, eh?
Rublum has discovered Avalon’s position in episode 11 and a report about Octavia being seen talking to the imperial guards has Morgan refusing to believe that Octavia had betrayed them. She goes to ascertain it herself and true enough sees Octavia talking to them in the forest at night. Morgan confronts Octavia but Elyr and Conul say that they were just talking her to pick mushrooms. Though Octavia made them promise not to go out of the castle walls, they go out just to find the mushroom but Elyr got kidnapped by an imperial soldier. They use Elyr as bait to draw Octavia out. Morgan decides to trust Octavia as they both set out to rescue Elyr. Seems that Octavia’s earlier meeting with them was that they want Octavia to help them betray the Gael but she refused. Octavia comes face to face with Lidia as we learn Lidia’s hatred for her is that Octavia didn’t finish her off in their duel, leaving her to live in shame rather than die in honour. Morgan jumps in to save Elyr and soon the entire Gael tribe appear to help them out. While both sides duke it out, Octavia and Lidia have their rematch. Octavia claims that it was Lidia who left her in shame and didn’t finish her off first. Lidia was just a strike away from finishing Octavia but hesitated so Octavia felt humiliated and that’s how the fight ended in Octavia’s favour and she letting Lidia lived. Though Lidia refuses to believe it, as they continue fighting, they remember how they both grew up quite closely and happily together. In the final blow, Lidia lost as she breathes her last breath in Octavia’s arms. They confess that they both loved each other and back then, they didn’t want each other to die. Too bad it has turned out this way.
Riannon is captured by Gaius in episode 12 while she’s putting wreaths for the fallen soldiers. Arthur desperately wants to go save her but Arawn feels they need to wait for more information first. While Riannon is at Gaius’ base (she isn’t treated as a prisoner and is free to roam around), she helps to heal wounded soldiers and even make delicious Gael stew for them. Gaius then shows Riannon his massive troops and that her tribe won’t stand a chance but she is optimistic that her side won’t lose because they have hope, will and determination in their hearts. Arawn decides to meditate to find Riannon since their hearts are connected. That night, Riannon is surprised to see Taliesin entertaining the troops with his music. Then she hears Arawn’s voice and follows it. A guard spots her and yells out to stop her but she doesn’t listen. He fires an arrow but Taliesin takes the hit. Gaius decides to let Riannon go after Taliesin hands the arrow back to him. Riannon reunites with Arawn and the search party in the forest and is delighted to see each other. Too bad Riannon said how she only heard Arawn’s voice and not Arthur’s, hurting his pride. Probably that guy has been shouting her name aloud that half of the world could even hear it. Noisy guy.
Arawn feels the need to form an alliance feeling that Gaius may make his move soon. In episode 13, Arawn suggests to make an alliance with a neighbouring tribe, Brigantes. Ogam reveals that the Brigantes and Gaels may be blood related seeing that they were from the same lineage but the Gales migrated to Erin. The gang arrive at Brigantes territory and to their surprise are being surrounded by Brigantes warriors and Taliesin. Seems he is from their tribe. They request to see the Brigantes chief but Taliesin says he is dead and refuses to let them pass. The tribe has no chief fearing of its curse of whoever becomes one, will die. Arawn suggests that both sides send a representative warrior to settle the deadlock. Arthur represents the Gael while Taliesin stands for Brigantes. However noting that Taliesin is injured, Arthur is reluctant to fight him. He goes off for a while before coming back to fight. During the fight, Taliesin overwhelms Arthur. Then they notice that Arthur dislocated his shoulder just to make this fight fair even though Taliesin was faking his injury. Beats me why he did that. Arthur earnest words like how he realized they’re both alike and that no Gael person would want to steal victory from the weak soon has the entire Brigantes their full support. The match is considered a tie. As for Arthur’s dislocated shoulder, the girls put it back in no time. The painful way. Taliesin having a liking for Epona? Is he just teasing or what?
You know having a war means needing massive funds, right? Same case even if though this is an anime. So Arawn takes the gang to his tomb for treasures in episode 14. After a few episodes of fighting human soldiers, I’m beginning to forget that this is an RPG anime. Yeah, the party take out robots and a large menacing ogre before securing the treasure. They see a mural with one of the character’s face been scratched off. Riannon sees a short vision of Pwyll’s past and a girl named Primula visiting Arawn’s tomb. Though Ogam reveals that this used to be Myrddin’s monument, Arawn had wanted to be close to his coffin. Though the mural represents the absolute God, Watos, and His 12 Spirits, they counted that there are 13 so Arawn notes that one of them is a failure. Arthur remembers how an angel resembling closely to one of them killed his father. Meanwhile Gaius is having an audience with the senate and is pleading for more reinforcements to attack Gael which has fallen on deaf ears. However the senate isn’t amused, laughing it off and turned the tables on him as they think Gaius is planning a rebellion to overthrow the Empire and accusing him of treason. A report from their spy indicates that Arawn is no big threat and is only seen hunting and getting drunk at night. Gaius thinks that this might have been Arawn’s doing all along so he intends to gather his own army.
Riannon wakes up from a vision of Arawn in the past with Primula in episode 15. Soon the Gael tribe set out to make their first move by attacking the Empire. As they trek through the forest, those who are elves feel that they are getting weaker and that their magic are being sapped by a spell called Gravitas. Then they reach a swamp area and hordes of undead corpses appear in their way. No turning back either since a huge tree fell to block their path. They are reluctant to fight because those undead warriors are slain Gael warriors. Even if they eventually have to fight them, they are still able to move and continue their attack. So physical weapons are basically useless. Arawn decides to use his magic powers to save them. Calling it Candid, the powerful ray from the sky wipes out the enemies and as a result, Arawn turns white and this triggers Arthur’s memories that he was the one who killed his father right before his eyes. Arthur is determined to avenge his father’s death. Riannon tries protects Arawn but Arthur is filled with too much hatred to see what’s going on. Arthur charges and stabs his sword into Arawn. Arthur realized what he has done but it is too late. However Arawn doesn’t blame him. Arthur runs away in guilt and shame. When word of this gets to Gaius and though Arawn escaped injured, he prepares his troops for attack.
Gaius starts his attack on Avalon in episode 16. With Arawn in coma while confused Arthur who knows where he’s running too, Riannon takes charge of the command. Not bad for a lady herself. Arthur arrives at a ruin and finds Ogam there. Ogam reveals that his true form is a dragon and the reason why he fights. Seems long ago, his home was destroyed when the second moon fell onto it. Thus he still fights for those he blames are responsible for it. Arthur thinks of going back to help his pals but Ogam reminds him that he has ran away and if he’s seeking the truth, go to Gorsedd Arawn (Arawn’s Throne). I guess they stayed too long so boar-like enemies appear so they both fight them. Arthur realized how Arawn had called him a friend all the while. Then a giant mechanical golem appears so Ogam transforms into a dragon to fight it. I’m not sure if Ogam meant that this is the one responsible for his home’s destruction. Arthur lets Ogam do his battle and leaves. Meanwhile Morgan and Octavia try to sneak back into Avalon (earlier on, the Gaels are divided into 2 groups to defend the castle) by causing a commotion in the enemy’s camps before rushing back from the front gate. Llyr had a mischievous idea by throwing Rathty into the fray so that she could temporarily take out the army with her hammer shockwave and in good timing, allowing them to slip back into the safety of the castle walls. Though they are safe for the time being, a huge battering ram is on the way here.
Arawn sees a vision of Myrddin, Pwyll and Primula in episode 17, reminding him of the past and urging him to wake up. Night falls and both sides retire for the night. Gaius in his tent, tells his loyal subordinate Decimus, that he plans to overthrow the Empire and be the next ruler once he achieves this victory. He thinks he can create a better country than it is now so Decimus reiterates his loyalty to follow him. Gaius then immediately kills the senate’s spy hiding behind the tent. Arthur has reached the Brigantes’ territory and Taliesin notes how he is a changed man. Arthur realized he was naive and followed blindly all those laws and customs and has learned how his people are irreplaceable friends. With that, the Brigantes rally behind Arthur as he leads them back to Avalon. Better hurry because Gaius ahs unleashed his battering ram and is gradually successful in breaking down the heavily armoured front gate so much so Riannon has to order her people to retreat back into the inner walls. Good thing that there are a few of those tough gates to buy them some time.
As Gaius is a few moments from breaking the final gate, Arthur comes rushing back with his Brigantes backup in episode 18. With Arthur back, everyone’s morale gets a further boost with Arawn’s awakening. Yup, he’s back with a bang. Literally, he blasts the final gate open. Erm… Is that necessary? But in the process, it took out the battering ram. Gaius charges at Arawn but the latter leaves it to Arthur to deal with him. As Gaius fights Arthur, he began to realize Arawn’s earlier words. Since Regulus could also mean little king, he realized that Arawn’s goal is to make Arthur as the next king. So Gaius fully concentrates on defeating Arthur. However Arthur lands the killing blow on him. Before he dies, he orders Decimus for their troops to surrender and pleads for them to spare the lives of his soldiers. He also wishes for Arthur to make this a better country to live in and calls him king. Meanwhile a man in white, Lector, is seen appearing before the senate. He informs the shocked council that the Emperor is already dead and proceeds to burn all of them. They deserved it anyway.
The Gaels start rebuilding Avalon in the aftermath in episode 19. Decimus reports the murder of the senate council so Arawn and Ogam think that the 12 Spirits are making their move. There have been reports of a massive dark force and they think the culprit is the Cauldron of Resurrection in which corpses are used to create an army of undead. They plan to cause some avalanche to wipe them out but may need the help of some giants. That night, Taliesin wants Riannon to read his future since he admits he is afraid of his known fate. Though she reads his fate as inevitable hardships, she feels fate can be changed. After Riannon leaves, Epona appears so Taliesin teases her again. He tells his story when he was young, he heard a beautiful elf melody and that’s when he decided to become a minstrel. After he walks away, Epona starts singing so this prompts Taliesin to realize that she was that elf back then. The next day as everyone set out their journey across the mountain, Taliesin gets separated and finds himself in a dragon graveyard. Not totally a graveyard since a dragon egg hatched nearby. The baby dragon quickly got acquainted with Taliesin. He hears and follows a voice to a room. That voice, introducing himself as Lucifer, prepares to tell him the true past of this world and place.
The flashback in episode 20 sees Arawn being made the 13th Spirit and Myrddin treating him as his son. Myrddin taught Arawn, whose real name is Lucifer, many things about the world and the workings of the 12 Spirits. Like how they deemed numbers 13 or 11 to be bad luck and though Lucifer wanted so much to be part of the 12 Spirit, Myrddin assures him he will because there will be 11 Spirits soon. So we also learn that these same Spirits were the ones who created the world and humans based on their perceptions of a perfect world. However it wasn’t so and there’s some facility that is imprisoning them to make sure that they are extinct. Why don’t just wipe them out with a snap of a finger? Myrddin and Lucifer visit one of those facilities and to Lucifer’s surprise sees a little girl (Primula) surviving under all these intense cold conditions. Myrddin explains how the 12 Spirits’ influence does not exist in this world and they need to create a better place. However Lucifer’s eyes are clouded and his thinking still inclined to that of the 12 Spirits. To make him open his eyes, Myrddin freezes Lucifer so that he could watch him do a forbidden deed by teaching the girl how to make fire. He then sings the Song of Origin which causes him his life.
Lucifer has been made as the 12 Spirit as Myrddin’s replacement in episode 21. Though he finds the world now filled with warmth and flowers, he finds the remaining humans without free will and being programmed to praise the 12 Spirits as long as they lived. Having realized that this isn’t the ideal world Myrddin had wanted, he decided to leave the 12 Spirits and in the process got cursed by them. Though Lucifer managed to free the humans, he lost his powers as a 12 Spirit. Back in the present, Taliesin now understood everything rejoins the group in the midst of their plan of causing an avalanche with the giants. However a sudden blizzard is making things hard so Taliesin tells Arawn that he is going to sing the Song of Origin to make the avalanche, even if it costs him his life. Though Arawn is against it, Taliesin says that 1 life is enough since Arawn can’t do it because of the curse. Arawn understands and leaves it to him. Taliesin sings the Song of Origin and successfully bring the avalanche to crush the enemies. I don’t know, I just find that song funny. A choir of men singing… Anyway in the aftermath, everyone mourns Taliesin’s death especially Arthur. Epona sings a final song for him.
Arthur and the ladies head to Gorsedd Arawn in episode 22 while Arawn, Ogam and the other Gael warriors head to Palladium for the final battle. At Gorsedd Arawn, it’s like the sword in the stone as Arthur finds Excalibur. Just kidding. It’s named Dyrnwyn instead. As he touches it, he receives memories of the time Lucifer and Primula first met Pwyll. Pwyll was trying to save Primula from whom he thought Lucifer was preying on. Lucifer throws him his Dyrnwyn sword and challenges him. He continues to taunt him about the facilities holding the humans but Pwyll felt he couldn’t do anything. After more inspiring speeches to open his eyes, Pwyll realizes who Lucifer is and that’s when their friendship began. They fought a battle to severe their connection with the Heavens and create their own perfect world called Annwn. In the final battle, Arawn got injured when he used himself as a decoy so much so he has to go into a long slumber to heal his wounds. So he and Pwyll enact a protective barrier around the world and Dyrnwyn in the stone. With the barrier weakening through time, it won’t be long before the Heavens start another attack. Arthur pulls Dyrnwyn out of the stone and at the same time, the majestic aura of the sword disintegrates the enemies that are approaching them. Don’t play play with this sword, said to be capable of killing a god! Now to reunite with Arawn and the rest.
The gang head into the giant tower at Palladium in episode 23 after Arthur uses his Dyrnwyn to undo the magic barrier locking the front gate. They approach an obelisk but lava soon surrounds them. Somehow they are saved as they are being teleported away but are separated into different groups. Morgan and Octavia find themselves in an arena ring and it seems Creon, a servant for the 12 Sprits too, is bent on making them fight endless hordes of enemies. Up for a challenge? Llyr and Rathty arrive at the Cauldron of Resurrection and plan to destroy it while Arthur, Riannon, Arawn and Ogam face a resurrected Drwc. He activates the obelisk which gives out the Gravitas effect so Arawn and Ogam hurry to the room to destroy the tip of the obelisk while Arthur and Riannon have their grudge match with the undead priest. However Drwc unleashes a spell which inflicts injury on Riannon every time Arthur slashes him. Riannon gets a vision of Primula as the latter tells her not to give up. With renewed determination and free from Drwc’s spell, they are prepared to take on Drwc.
Llyr and Rathty are having their hands full with the hordes of enemies coming their way in episode 24. Same case with Morgan and Octavia but they’re rather enjoying the fight. Drwc binds Arthur in a spell and is ready to impale him but Riannon uses her space altering magic to shift the attack back to Drwc. Drwc then pleads for more power as he suddenly turns into a monster much scarier than any alien creature I’ve ever seen. It’s bloody fast too! Ogam transforms into a dragon to take out the obelisk though it may cause him his life, he assures Arawn that he isn’t planning to die yet. With Arawn and Arthur’s swords resonating, Ogam is able to destroy the obelisk and Arthur defeating the monster. With Gravitas gone, Rathty and Llyr easily take out the Cauldron of Resurrection and send all the undead armies dropping lifeless like flies. With that, Morgan and Octavia set their target on Creon and kill him. The gang are reunited in a huge room filled with white flowers. They see a dead body in the centre as Lector appears to tell them that he is the Empire’s Emperor and is already dead.
In episode 25, they learn Lector is one of the 12 Spirits and was the one responsible in killing Arthur’s father. He framed Arawn for it and the reason for his father’s murder was because he refused to tell where Arawn’s resting place is so that he could put Arawn to sleep for good. The whole place then turns into a rotting place with bones. Lector plans to annihilate this world so the rest fight him but couldn’t even touch him. Lector unleashes his skeleton army and continues taunting their imperfect race. I guess he got too cocky and when Arthur managed to just scratched his cheek, he becomes shocked and crazy that this shouldn’t have happened. He’s going to destroy the world as he unleashes Merkadis, some giant monster and chariot to destroy the world. This was the creature that almost took Arawn’s life in the last war and he thought he had destroyed it. Well, he was wrong. Lector lets Merkadis devour him to obtain full power. The entire room soon crumbles as Merkadis becomes more powerful. As the floor collapses, everyone falls to their doom. Fortunately, they are saved by Taliesin and his army of dragons. Woah! That guy is still alive! Don’t care how just glad he’s back. But no time for that, they’ve got apocalypse to deal with first.
As hideous and large Merkadis has turned to in episode 26, his electrum spewing blasts are not to be taken lightly. Yeah, it can annihilate an entire mountain! Now we know the possible cause of the world’s end. But Ogam says there’s a way to seal that monster. An incantation known as Words of Power in the Book of Poems will do the trick but he notes only Riannon can recite those verses. However Riannon doesn’t know so Arawn and Arthur will buy enough time to attack Merkadis till Riannon remembers. Arawn gets injured a little and Riannon’s healing is of no effect because of the electrum element. For once Arthur gives Arawn the lecturing so he gets back on his feet. Riannon enters a vision whereby she sees herself and everyone. Then Primula appears and this prompts her to remember the Words of Power. She had it in her all along, just that she was afraid of its powers and thought it was the cause of her loneliness. Back in reality, Riannon recites the words and holy sh*t! It’s so damn powerful that not only it disintegrates Merkadis but disbursed the surrounding darkness and turned it into a bright sunny day! Lector emerging from Merkadis couldn’t believe mere mortals are doing this to him and before he could ask Watos for help, Arthur comes swooping down and finishes the job by stabbing that coward right in the chest with Dyrnwyn. Good riddens. That night back at Avalon, Arawn sees a vision of Pwyll who wishes for him to continue guiding Arthur. The next day, a ceremony is held to crown Arthur as the Crown Prince of Albion Kingdom with the crown Pendragon. Everyone rejoices with the beginning of a new era. In the aftermath, we see Ermin still continuing to sketch her picture book, Octavia training Elyr and Conul but runs away when Morgan calls her to accompany her for a hunt, Taliesin teasing Epona, Rathty doing her blacksmith stuff while Llyr is still a klutz. Lastly, Arawn prays at Myrddin’s grave with Arthur and Riannon.
Even though I don’t see enough RPG genre animes, I guess the ending is pretty okay. Not bad. What more do you expect? Though the road to Annwn is just beginning and may be long and arduous, but the main evil force has been defeated (for now) and the good guys won. Yeah, the 12 Spirits are dwindling in numbers if you think about it. Probably if they ever made a sequel, perhaps they’ll come down with a full invasion force. Or maybe they should sit quietly and watch how the beings they create go on living their happy lives. That would be better. Why need God then? So called perfect beings they are, really. Initially it bugged me that Taliesin’s sudden ‘revival’ was left unexplained but after thinking about it, he didn’t really die from the avalanche because (not because it was the last episode, okay) he was just flushed and covered with snow. Soft landing, right? Right.
Thinking back, the harem factor was probably never the issue here. Yeah, Arawn’s got 4 wives now but it is amazing that all of them got along so fine and well. See, no bickering and arguing. So friendly and nice to each other. Is this really a harem anime in the first place? Unfortunately in the real world most can’t even get along even with just 1 spouse ;p. Anyway it still bugged me that Octavia and Rathty didn’t become part of Arawn’s harem. I did a little research and found that in the PC game, Octavia did become Arawn’s wife after some understanding. Maybe 5 is considered to be a crowd, here? Maybe he needs to spare some chics for others too, you know. That guy sure has got whatever to get the girls to become his bride. And you thought it was supposed to be a guy’s job to do the proposing. At first glance, I noticed the art and drawing from the anime is much different than the PC game. The anime version is of course your standard bishonen and bishoujo feel while I find the PC version leaning more towards kiddie-like. Since I didn’t play the game, I’m not sure the amount of blood and gore but the anime does have its fair share. All the hack, slash and arrow penetrating action do contribute to some of the bloodshed. Not to mention cutting off limbs of creatures and such. Gory.
The character development is nothing much to shout about and even if there was, it probably revolves mainly around Arthur, Riannon and Arawn. Definitely Arthur has matured and grown from a blind Gael-custom follower into a person who is able to carve destiny and fate with his own hands and lead his people to freedom. Riannon may not possess much fighting skills but she is no damsel in distress either. She can pull it off whenever the need calls to. Arawn and Ogam’s wise words and thinking make them likeable characters. So I guess people calling him the Demon Lord in the first place don’t really understand him well or just downright jealousy. It’s just a name. The rest are of course ‘stagnant’ like Llyr’s pessimism, Morgan’s brashness (has she ever thought of covering up a little? Guess not) and Octavia’s no nonsense and steadfast character. As mentioned before, I might not have seen many of this kind of genres so I find some of the character design and costumes to be quite well down. For instance I like the costume design for Pwyll and the way Llyr engages her trident to shoot magic shots during battle.
Later as I found out that most of the character names are taken and based from Celtic or Welsh myth origins. Furthermore, the storyline is closely based on Britannia during the Dark Ages and the Roman Empire. On a trivial note, each of the episode titles is short, usually reflecting that episode’s particular subject or topic like a place or action. The opening theme by Suara, Free And Dream, is a lively and upbeat tune befitting RPG genres. I find it funny a part whereby Arthur and Arawn were fighting side by side, taking down hordes of incoming enemies while taking turns throwing an apple and taking a bite from it. No time to stop for a bite, eh? The first ending theme by Aira Yuki is Blue Sky True Sky and the animation features Primula running around. I guess it’s a place where she gets more screen time seeing that she is only featured in flashbacks or Riannon’s inner heart. The second ending also by Aira Yuki is Weeping Alone sounds slower though I still consider it to be a pop piece.
After watching this series, it’s not that I garnered any interest in watching RPG genre animes. If they add in bishoujos and the harem factor yeah, maybe I would consider. But you know this kind of genres is more or less the same thing. A band of good guys saving the world. Do we really need to be in this sort of predicament in order to save the world? Hopefully not. We should save Earth while we can though it’s not going to take magic and sorcery to do so. On the other hand, maybe I need to let word go round and earn myself a Demon Lord reputation and draw in the babes… What’s wrong with that? Just a theory of mine that opposite attracts. Hope I won’t turn into an evil last stage boss instead. Worse still, they may get disappointed after getting to know the real otaku me. Can that be enough for me to be called a Demon Lord?

Tears To Tiara

Akikan OVA

March 26, 2010

Empty cans taking a bath at the hotsprings? Oh heck, even if that doesn’t make much sense, it didn’t deter me to go watch the single episode of Akikan OVA. You know, those cans that materialized after somebody ‘kisses’ them by putting their lips on the lids. Then the grateful cans become servants to their masters known as Owners. Unfortunately if you’ve got a perverted master like Kakeru, then life is going to be tough. Real tough. Tell that to Melon.
So yeah, hotspring episodes can only mean 1 thing. Fanservice. What a better way to make the most out of fanservice via OVA. Come to think of it, even the TV series has some fanservice in it but I saw that some time ago so I can’t remember much. I remember loving Kakeru’s punch lines and thus the other reason why I looked forward to watch this OVA. What kind of pranks will he be up to? Well, you just got to watch to find out.
Yeah, the episode opener sees all the main girls in the series falling in love with Kakeru as though he is some hot hunk. Uh huh. They’re all over him. Fortunately that was just some naughty story Kakeru reading for Gigolo (for those who can’t remember, his real name is Goro Amaji and has been given this twisted nickname by a certain twisted fella beginning with ‘K’), who is having massive nose bleeds upon hearing that stimulating story. As for the girls minus Airin, they are preparing to enter the hotspring. However since some of them are Akikans, it isn’t a good idea to enter hot water. My science knowledge is not good so I don’t know what damaging effect it will have on them. To solve this problem, Najimi provides them a cold bath. Seems odd for such a pool at a hotspring inn but it’s better than getting into a hot one. Remember that lesbian witch, Kochikaze? I’m sure she is having a swell time too, rubbing her assets over Najimi’s back and gently swiping loli Misaki’s soft skin. She calls it skinship. Something Yell and Budoko aren’t fond off. Kochikaze quickly jumps into the hotspring so that she could have the 2 girls all to herself while Yell and Budoko are left crying in vain.
Melon then hears Kakeru’s gentle voice, beckoning her to come into the cold bath with him. Just when blushing Melon is about to get in, to her dismay that Kakeru is talking and acting out with a real melon can! Is this guy really insulting her or what? Furthermore, when Kakeru sees the real Melon, he gets cheeky by going into shock mode and wondering which is the real Melon! Of course when Kakeru stands up, Melon gets embarrassed because she gets full view of his little snakey pal. She blasts him away with her melon blast. Too bad the other girls also caught full view of his snake while he’s being blown away. Obviously they’re disgusted except for Najimi. Urm… Why is she looking so happy? And perverted…? But will that guy learn? Nope. Because he quotes how his passion has just begun. Uh oh.
While Yell and Budoko are washing their respective Owners, Kochikaze comes into the cold bath to comfort Melon. I guess any woman would do for her, huh? She starts to get yuri with her but before anything big could happen, they hear Gigolo’s scream. They enter a room to find him sprawled lifeless on the floor. Najimi thinks there is a murder case going on and that’s when Kakeru comes in to play detective. I’m not sure if he’s some perverted detective. Topless and wearing suspenders? After some info analysis such as his occupation being some unimportant minor role since birth, Kakeru concludes that the culprit is one of the girls. However the girls beat him up instead and throw him out, convinced that he himself is the culprit. True enough, Gigolo comes to and in his dizzy state wonders why Kakeru did this to him. Kochikaze seems sexy from Gigolo’s point of view so this time he really nose bleeds. Enough for any guy to die from loss of blood. Of course he just didn’t die. Note the sexily disgusting Otoya mid-intermission. Trying to undress his kimono top while saying "I love you"? Disgusting.
The girls go back to their bath when they are surprised to see Miku sitting in the cold bath. She ended up here after chasing her cat Owner. Still evasive, eh? Miku then thinks this is a trap set by them and leaves in a huff. However Najimi notices she left naked and thinks that is something a girl shouldn’t do. No choice, they all go and find her. In their haste, Melon got mixed up wearing Yell’s clothes while Najimi wore Budoko’s. They decide to get a quick change in the nearest room and are surprised to see Airin changing. Since Kochikaze is rummaging through her clothes, especially her panties, she kicks them out.
Melon opens a room only to find a very afraid Kakeru naked only clad with a mask covering his crotch area. You know, that mask’s long nose seems to signify something of his :). Why is Kakeru so scared? Because he’s being cornered by that gay Otoya guy! Yeah, he’s getting so excited and stimulated that he can’t stop himself. I believe Kakeru is desperate when he says this thing is his special item that he uses in order to assault Melon and the rest and thus doesn’t want to use it on him. Hahaha! He’s going to get screwed instead. Kakeru wants Melon to save her master but she just heaves a sigh, closes the door and walks away. May God have mercy on your soul, Kakeru. I don’t know if he’s about to lose his virginity. To a man.
Then Melon enters the next room but slips on a banana peel. This results in lots of sushi and other food to fall over her body. While it may seem like fanservice to viewers, it seems more of an inviting feast for the cat watching nearby. Say, doesn’t that cat look like Miku’s Owner? Anyway the cat starts pounding on Melon, licking her here and there. Miku then sees this and gets jealous on what her Owner is doing. Yeah, what does that can got that she hasn’t. It’s sushi, Miku. She steps in but slips on a banana peel. As a result, all the food is spilled on her. The difference is that she has a live octopus over her bottom half… But that’s not the end of their problems. That’s because they’re being surrounded by dozens of hungry cats. Let the licking begin! I’m not sure if they’re in distress or enjoying it. Maybe kind of both. The other girls come in to see what’s happening and aren’t amused with so much of the food being wasted. Najimi then lures the cats away with a flower. Yell, with a penchant for moving objects, also follows Najimi obediently like a cat and soon Kochikaze too (must be one of her yuri thoughts on her).
Budoko starts teasing Melon over her uncoolness so the latter throws a fishbone at her with complimented insults. Not amused Budoko does the same and before they know it, a food fight begins. Remember kids, do not waste food like this. Miku gets caught in between and just like anybody who gets splat in the face, doesn’t take this too well. So she unleashes a blast at them and leaves to search for her Owner. Now Melon and Budoko are mad so they chase after Miku. Unfortunately, Melon bumps into Kakeru who is frantically running away from Otoya (he’s screaming "How could I afford to get f*cked by him at this place?!"). Why unfortunate? The mask’s long nose of Kakeru hit her face. I’m not sure if Kakeru’s doing it on purpose because it’s like he’s trying to push and rub it into her face. The expected result? An explosion enough to destroy the inn. Luckily the inn still stands.
In the aftermath, Kakeru, after badly beaten up, is being tied up outside on a tree. Too bad innocent Gigolo too has been tied the same way as him. Blaming him entirely that their hotspring trip is ruined, Kochikaze calms Melon down by inviting them to go back to the bath once more while leaving the guys to hang around. But a fate worse than death awaits the boys. That fate is in the form of Otoya and he is over-the-moon that he has found them. His happy maniacal laughter indeed makes him sound like a crazy sex fiend. Just watch out your behind, okay?
So all is well, ends well? Not for Kakeru, though. His plan to screw the girls (I think) ended up being backfired. Hell yeah, he sure doesn’t change, does he? So does Otoya. Kakeru’s still got his punch lines and personally I still find them hilarious. Seeing that this is a filler episode, don’t get your hopes up if you want to know more about the storyline in the TV series such as the Akikan Elect. Like we’re so interested in that anyway. Just sit back and relax watching mindless fanservice.
Speaking of fanservice, considering that this is an OVA, based on my past experiences on watching them (not that I’m a pro on it, mind you), I thought that there would be shots on the girls’ top going totally bare (not that I was really expecting them, mind you). Well, you could say that they are strategically covered. But even so, that didn’t ruin the fun for this how. Unless you’re a hardcore ecchi/hentai person, that’s a different story.
That’s so much I can say about this OVA. Nothing much either. Just a little thought, though. You know when you go to public baths or hotsprings and after you have finished bathing, you’re supposed to drink milk right? I wonder the irony if the Akikans drank that. Does melon, grape juice or sports drink go well with milk? It would be even odd to see them drinking their own flavoured can. Now, what is the possibility of a beach episode for empty cans? No empty can talk please…


Peach Girl

March 20, 2010

I’m sure we all have been guilty at one point in our lives by judging a book by its cover. All of us have a natural tendency to classify and assume at first glance a person based on our stereotypical and bias views. Of course that is a bad thing but I guess as humans, that is only natural. Thus it was one of the main reasons why I decided to pick up and watch Peach Girl. Hey, can’t judge an anime by its looks too, right? Need to sit down and watch the entire story before formulating any comments or criticisms.
Our main protagonist is Momo Adachi, an ex-swimming club member. People always mistook her for being a playgirl because of her looks. Yup, she is tanned because of her past club activities and this doesn’t help since her hair is bleached out. In contrary to her appearance, Momo is actually a nice girl. On the other hand, her so called best friend, Sae Kashiwagi, is a pretty looking and gentle girl on the outside, thus it is no surprise that many people would love to be near her. However deep down in her heart, she’s a total b*tch. Saying that she is Momo’s best friend is just lie and at least that is what Sae claims for Momo to be. More like frenemies if you ask me. More towards the enemy part, that is.
The interesting thing about this series is watching how twisted Sae screws up Momo’s life with all the lies she can come up. Man, you really got to ‘love’ her ability to do so. She is one character you will definitely love to hate! Even Momo herself once quoted that Sae is some sort of parasite that feeds on other people’s unhappiness. And that unlucky person seems to be Momo. Of course you’re not going to see how Sae plans to take everything away from Momo, who has a hard time trying to fend herself from that b*tch’s scheme. Being a normal girl too, Momo has to face a love triangle dilemma.
So in episode 1, we see Momo having a crush on classmate Kazuya "Touji" Toujigamori. While the other boys are badmouthing Momo, Touji is the only one who dismisses all their unfounded claims, thus the reason why Momo likes him. However, Sae having a penchant to steal whatever Momo wants, goes to the extent of even trying to steal this crush of hers. Not wanting that, Momo lies and randomly points to another guy as her boyfriend. That guy happens to be Kairi Okayasu and is quite popular with the other girls. Somehow this Kairi guys takes a liking for Momo at first sight. Yup, he winked at her. As expected, Sae tries to steal Kairi to be her boyfriend. Kairi isn’t a dumb playboy and knows that Sae’s words are contradicting (about some bag she bought to rival Momo’s) and ‘dumps’ her because he prefers nice girls like Momo. To make matters worse, rumours are spreading in school that Momo and Kairi are a couple! Momo is disheartened because if Touji ever finds out, it’ll be the end of her chance to be with him. That’s not the end of the problem. There are several girls who formed a fan club for their beloved Kairi and they don’t like what they see. Furthermore, another nasty rumour is that they both kissed! Momo thinks this must be Sae’s doing but surprisingly, it is Kairi himself who created this. Momo is upset but Kairi isn’t lying. They did kiss. Two years ago when he nearly drowned at the beach where Momo worked part time as a lifeguard. Momo saved his life by performing CPR. Ever since, he felt grateful but Momo insists that it wasn’t her. Yeah, some long haired lifeguard guy. Ugh. Even so, that doesn’t make the rumour go away. Simple. Kairi thinks a way to dispel a rumour is to turn it into reality. He kisses her by surprise! He even tried to kiss her a second time but got kicked where it hurt most. Ouch.
Momo is definitely worried if Touji is to find out about this. So as part of her plan not to get tanned anymore, Momo tries to stay away from pool activities. Kairi continues to bug Momo by being friendly with her. Touji notices this and later confronts Kairi and tells him to stay away from Momo. Then later Touji and Sae eavesdrop on Momo and Kairi talking and they are taken aback because Momo finally lets it out that she has feelings for Touji. Sae is upset because her ‘friend’ lied to her. So she secretly sets up a meeting between Momo and Kairi at the pool while she drags Touji to see their ‘flirting’. During that time, Kairi who doesn’t know how to swim, fell into the pool so Momo had to dive in and save him by doing CPR. After leaving Kairi at the infirmary under the care of the school nurse, Misao Aki, Momo and Touji leave and to Momo’s surprise, Touji confesses that he liked her all along. And she thought she had too many surprises for the day already.
So in episode 2, Momo and Touji start dating. She finally gets her wish after all these years. However, Momo wish to keep their relationship a secret, not wanting others to think she hopped to another guy. At least till the rumour dies down. But Sae isn’t going to let them live happily ever after. Yup, that b*tch continues to copy Momo by buying stuff the latter buys and even plans to break them up by claiming that she is dating Touji herself! She does so by planting a hairpin in Touji’s wallet. When Momo’s sees that hairpin, she gets confused and convinced that Sae is indeed dating Touji though that guy doesn’t even know whose hairpin it was. Momo runs away but is comforted by Kairi. Touji is still puzzled over what happened as Sae knowing Touji has never kissed a girl in his life, takes this chance to trick Touji into doing a practice kiss with her! She forces himself on her but Touji tries his best to restrain. And all in good timing, guess who walk pass by? Yup, Momo and Kairi. This confirms it. Sae continues to let the duo fall into her trap by making them wait at 2 different places. As Momo waits by the pool, Kairi comes by to talk and comfort her. This is part of Sae’s plan to have Touji see for himself that Momo is flirting with Kairi while continuing to lie and shed crocodile tears that Momo said dating him was boring bla bla bla. So Touji takes Momo to the spot where he and Sae had their practice kiss. Touji prepares to kiss Momo but she shoves him away.
Touji knows that he is wrong trying to kiss Momo without her permission so in episode 3, he waits outside her house to apologize and talk with her. But that’s not the end of her woes yet. The next day, Sae continues her scheme by trying to make Momo look like the villain. She put on some make-up to make it as though Momo had hit her and then made a big dramatic scene that she was being pushed over the tables by Momo. Touji is absent from school due to appendicitis and I guess it is bad enough so much so he had to be hospitalized. Because Momo was late to enter class, she doesn’t know about this so leave it to b*tch Sae to manipulate things further. Sae spread nasty rumours about Momo in order to turn everyone in class hate her. That rumour turns out to be Momo trying to steal Touji away from Sae whom she is dating currently in addition to keep Touji’s hospitalization a secret from Momo. Why that total b*tch! At the mean time, Sae pays Touji several visits at the hospital and tries to make a move on him. She further spread her lies by saying that she invited Momo but she refused to come. Kairi finds out the truth about Touji’s hospitalization and tells Momo about it. It doesn’t take a genius to know how pissed off she is. Sae, you’re going to get it real good this time. Can she?
Momo rushes to the hospital in episode 4 but to her horror sees Sae on top of Touji and trying to kiss him! Yeah, all this is perfectly orchestrated by that b*tch. Momo tells Kairi to take Sae away while she straighten things out with Touji. However Touji has been fed with all the lies Sae has told him so no amount of convincing from Momo could make him open his eyes. Touji even thinks that Momo is the baddie here and trying to make things worse! Desperate to make Touji listen to her, Momo threatens to jump out from the hospital’s window! It’s a long way down. Touji agrees but the strong breeze blows Momo off her balance. Luckily Touji caught her before she fell to her doom. Meanwhile Sae tries to team up with Kairi to break the duo up saying that they’ll get the lovers they want that way. However Kairi isn’t amused with her trick and refuses. It was part of his sly plan to get to know more about her. Two can play that game. However his slip of the tongue causes Sae to find out that he and Momo did kiss. So she rushes back to the room and just as Touji is about to believe Momo’s story, Sae barges in to tell them about that kiss. Tension arises when Momo shoots back the same thing about him and Sae but Touji says that kiss was a practice. Obviously even if his intentions were good, no girl would accept a kiss, not even a practice one, from any other girl. With that, Touji suggests that they should break up but Momo insists that she should be the one who should break up with him as she storms out, leaving Sae very delighted. Happy now, b*tch? Damn right she is.
Even if they have broken up, Sae has no intention of leaving Momo alone. Why, that b*tch! In episode 5, Momo has been forced to represent her class in all of the swimming events. Ten of them to be exact. Fearing that Momo would steal the limelight from her if she wins her races, yeah, another round of lies to be concocted. Momo learns from her old schoolmate that Touji doesn’t hate tanned girls and the reason she lied was because she liked him too and wanted to discourage Momo. But she got over with it and felt she needed to lift that burden off her shoulders. Yeah, some help that was. Thankfully, Kairi is always there to comfort her. During the swimming competition, after a few races, Sae convinces several girls to cut the shoulder strap of Momo’s swimsuit. Though not 100% successful, the rip is there. One of the girls who were part of the conspiracy nearly drowned but Momo saved her. Momo notices her rip but finds that there isn’t enough time to sew it back. Not wanting others to find out, she continues her race as slow as a turtle in order to keep it from totally breaking apart, prompting her classmates to boo her. The girl that nearly drowned felt guilty and realized that Momo isn’t a bad person after all and lends her swimsuit to her so that she could perform better. After she leaves, Kairi comes in to the locker room and suddenly hugs Momo.
Sae haters would definitely love episode 6 because it is her turning point. Kairi arranges for Touji who has been discharged from hospital to hear about Sae’s true colours. Kairi ‘praises’ Sae over her mind control and lets her to the bragging explanations on how people judge others by their looks. Something about a lion and a deer example. So if Sae displays a weak and weeping helpless girl, everyone will show sympathy for her and the opposite against cruel-in-comparison Momo. Now that Touji knows the truth, he is feeling guilty of how he mistreated Momo. Though Momo won her remaining competitions, back in class, her classmates are mistreating her for being a playgirl. Kairi, not wanting Touji to take all the glory, ties him up in the locker. Of course, that was just part of his plan. Touji manages to break free and rushes back to class just when the guys are pinning down Momo to apologize to Sae (Momo slapped her after finding out what she had done). Touji then comes in and surprises everyone by apologizing and then asserting his love for Momo. Though everyone is confused with the different story they’re hearing from Touji (because all the while it’s from Sae’s mouth), slowly they realize that Sae had been lying along and start to shun her. Yeah! That’s right. You get what you deserved! However Sae tries to turn things around by saying that she’s the victim but Kairi brought other girls who then pinpoint that Sae was the one responsible for stealing their boyfriends! Crumble to ashes from all those deceits, girl! Everyone then apologizes to Momo so Touji suggests that they start anew again. Those magic words bring tears to her eyes…
To atone himself, Touji shaves his head a little in episode 7. Momo finds out that Kairi was the one who planned the downfall of Sae and goes to thank him. He’s such a sweet guy even though if he says that he wants her to be happy and in case she and Touji do not go well, he’ll always be her replacement. Because Touji once again tries to kiss Momo and the latter instinctively pushed him away, Momo suggests to have a love sign of their own to show their love for each other by making an L-shape sign with their hand. But Touji is a little embarrassed to do so (he managed to do so right in front of class. Oh, the embarrassment). Sae is now a lifeless frail girl (I admit that I sound like a sadist but I enjoy seeing her in this pitiful state. Haha! I’m no different…) and she is being bullied by other girls. However Momo still helps her up. Because of that, Sae becomes grateful to her and pesters her to do whatever she wants. Regret saving her, eh? One day, the duo are being approached by some magazine editors who want Sae to be their model (obviously for her looks lah). During her modelling shoot, a famous actor, Jigoro (wait a minute, that’s his name? As in gigolo? *Laughing like mad*), suddenly falls in love with Sae. Just how popular is this guy? Well his pheromones are so deadly that he can actually cause loser girls around him to, well, literally drop dead. Yeah, drop dead gorgeous. Somehow this doesn’t affect Momo because she loves Touji very much. Plus, Jigoro doesn’t seem to like Momo as from his eyes, she is like bullying Sae. One day, Jigoro comes to school looking for Sae, much to everyone’s shock and they get and even shocker surprise because he kisses Sae! Holy sh*t! Sae gets her confidence back and you can tell with that devilish laughter, signalling that the b*tch is back. Play that Elton John song!
While Momo happily dates Touji in episode 8, Sae becomes the envy of other girls because she is dating hottie Jigoro. However Sae isn’t happy because she seems to be jealous that Momo and Touji are so happy together! Oh no. She even tries to compare how her date is much better than them but Momo doesn’t care because she’s happy with the way things are. I don’t know what that Jigoro guy sees in Sae but he is willing to do anything for her. Even take her out on a spending spree. Sae buys so much stuff to her heart’s content but she still does not feel satisfied. Yeah, I think it has to go back to this: She gets her happiness from other people’s misery. So she once again gets Touji to meet her where they had their practice kiss and attempts any lie that she loves him. But Touji has learned his mistakes and won’t fall for her tricks again. Therefore, she wants Touji to give her a goodbye kiss and forces herself on him. Touji tries to push her away but the hole Sae dig causes him to trip as she pecks him on his cheek and that’s when Momo drop by. Momo slaps Touji and then immediately kisses him! Momo tells that b*tch to get her filthy hands off her Touji. Yeah, Momo also knows that Sae had set this up so that she could ‘witness Touji’s betrayal’. With her plans foiled, Sae runs away promising never to come between them again. Can we really truest her on that? Nope. She starts thinking real hard that the duo had wise up when Jigoro says he will do anything that she wants even if she is in love with another guy. Anything? Damn…
It’s Momo’s birthday in episode 9 so Touji plans a romantic dinner at his place. He shops for her birthday present and Sae seems to be tailing him from the shadows and jotting down several stuff. That night in the midst of their romantic session, all is ruined when Momo receives a frantic call from Sae saying that she has been dumped by Jigoro and wants her to go talk to him. I don’t know why she has to oblige but Sae at the same time tells Jigoro a different story that Momo likes him and tells him to date her. Once Momo gets into Jigoro’s car, Sae dresses exactly like what Momo wears and even puts on the same perfume. She enters Touji’s room and because it is dark, he can’t recognize her and he got fooled by it all as they ‘continue’ their make out. At the pier, Jigoro tries to kiss Momo but she shoves him away. She calls Sae and that’s when Touji realizes a different ringtone. He gets the shock of his life to see Sae. She continues to say she loves him and that Momo is dating Jigoro but Touji is fed up with her lies and goes out to look for Momo. Kairi earlier spot Momo in Jigoro’s car and calls Touji about this so the duo drag Sae along to where Jigoro might be. Jigoro tries to talk to Momo but she is too scared and thinks he is going to assault him so much so she accidentally tripped in a warehouse and several boxes came crashing on her. Jigoro takes her back to his apartment and that’s when the rest come by. Jigoro just came out of the shower and semi-naked Momo just regained consciousness and thinks she has been done in. Sae takes a photo of them before Touji and Kairi barge in. Touji is upset to see what has happened and starts punching confused Jigoro. Later at the park as Touji comforts Sae, Kairi thinks of that they need to get revenge on Sae.
In episode 10, Kairi tricks Sae to do an audition for his friend. Turns out some perverted S&M guy is scaring the daylights out of Sae. She deserves it, right? When Kairi tells them about this revenge plot, Momo feels it isn’t right and goes to rescue Sae. Momo knocks the S&M guy out and Sae isn’t happy to hear this revenge thingy. She starts blaming Momo (not listening to Kairi that it was him only who planned all this)though she admitted that nothing happened between Momo and Jigoro. Momo tells her back of her past deeds but that b*tch hasn’t learned her lesson. She feels that if she can’t obtain happiness, nobody can. Oh dear. She is going too far. As Touji plans to make up for Momo’s birthday, he plans to take her to the amusement park. However Sae calls Touji and shows him duplicate photos of Momo and Jigoro. She threatens to expose the pictures. Though Jigoro is famous and might get away with the scandal, Momo will definitely be expelled from school. She gives him a deadline or else she will do so during Jigoro’s press conference. Touji is in a dilemma whether to really believe Sae or not. At the amusement park, Sae continues to stalk Touji. Momo senses something wrong but Touji won’t tell. While riding the Ferris wheel, time is nearly up and Sae is at the press conference getting ready for the biggest scoop for the reporters. That’s when Touji (hiding his handphone to call Sae) tells Momo that they should break up because he’s sick with it all. Momo is shocked with it all. That night, Touji meets Sae to retrieve all the photos and its source. Sae then wants him to date her but he refuses since he never agreed to be her boyfriend. Knowing this would happen, she reveals that she still has the original source back in her home PC. Touji is upset with her dirty tactic. The next day in school, everyone is shocked to see Touji and Sae walking in hand in hand. Kairi tricks Touji so that he could explain things to Momo. When she does, Touji did the impossible as he kisses Sae right in front of their eyes! OMG!
But Momo still believes that something is wrong so in episode 11, she waits outside Touji’s house in the freezing cold just to see him but he continues to ignore her. I know he wants to protect her but not saying anything seems to make it even worse. In the end, as much as it hurts them both, Touji throws all the pictures of her and the perfume and tells her to leave. NO! I can’t believe Sae is winning this game! Seeing how down Momo is, Kairi steps in to cheer her up as he takes her out. Doesn’t matter if he’s got the cash to splash (from his elder brother Ryou who is a video game creator by the way) but it is all for Momo to make her happy. Yeah, going to the extent of giving her a whole new makeover look by dressing her up, doing her hair to make her look like a gorgeous woman. That night when Momo thinks Touji is at her doorstep, she rushes out only to see Kairi. She feels disappointed so Kairi lets her cry in his arms.
Several months passed and it’s the start of the new school semester in episode 12. Now Kairi is in the same class with Momo. Too bad Touji and Sae too. The class takes an outdoor camping trip and it seems Momo is enjoying her company with Kairi. However, Sae still isn’t happy that Momo is happy. Like all that heartbreaking break up were memories of yesteryear. Damn that b*tch! Now she’s gotten Touji away from her and she still isn’t satisfied. Touji and Sae are still officially a couple in the eyes of others but we know that guy is just playing along. Momo then spots them kissing in the woods (Touji giving in to another of Sae’s demands). Ugh. Get a room, please. Of course with Momo being too close to Kairi, those fan girls aren’t pleased and makes Momo get lost in the woods. Of course Kairi gets to know all this and manages to find her. Now it’s their turn to kiss. Momo is confused with her feelings because she still likes Touji but feels comfortable whenever Kairi is around as he is the only person she can rely on and immune to Sae’s schemes. But Kairi replies that he is happy just to be with her and doesn’t care if she still loves Touji as long she is happy. Those heartfelt words were enough to have another round of kiss. So is Momo going to settle for Kairi?
Seems like it. Momo and Kairi are dating now in episode 13. Kairi’s fan girls threaten to harm Momo but Kairi tells them off not to make him hate them more than it is now. Better take a hike, girls. Then Kairi notices Misao wearing a necklace that Ryou gave to her and still thinks she has feelings for his brother that he despises (because Ryou dumped her). Momo learns that Misao was Kairi’s personal home tutor since Kairi was a delinquent when he was young. Then Momo sees a photo of Kairi and another girl with that same necklace too. She confronts him about this but he throws away the picture as they kiss. Suddenly that girl in the photo appears and hugs Kairi. She is Morika and claims to be Kairi’s ex-girlfriend. Oh yeah, now things are heating up. It seems Morika wants to be Kairi’s girl once again and regretted that she dumped him 3 years ago for Ryou. Kairi obviously doesn’t want to and Momo obviously isn’t happy (more like jealous) though Kairi says they never seriously dated. I guess she can’t hold a grudge forever so she trusts him and is back on good terms. Morika even had a little confrontation with Momo, mocking her tanned skin and all that and if could’ve escalated into catfight if Kairi didn’t come by and tell Morika to go away. At least Momo is convinced that he truly loves her. That night, Momo plans to give Kairi a handphone cover as a gift and wants to meet up. At the bookstore, Momo is surprised to see Kairi talking with Morika and agreeing with her to meet at a hotel. All that trust went down the drain as Momo throws a tantrum, throws his stupid gift on the floor and runs away, leaving Kairi no time to explain himself. After all that she has been through, can’t blame her for doing so.
But Momo soon learns in episode 14 that Kairi agreed to meet up Morika at the hotel was to help Morika who wanted to get back with Ryou. Ryou then takes Momo out and explains things. Seems that Ryou and Morika were actually dating and was fooling around with Kairi. When a clear choice had to be made between them, Morika chose Ryou. Because of that, it was made to believe that he stole Morika away from him and that it is okay that Kairi hates him. Momo feels that Ryou is much a kinder and good person and so much different than Kairi. However Ryou seems to have an ulterior motive. One day Momo calls Kairi for a date but he’s in the shower so Ryou impersonates him and takes his place. When they meet, Ryou says that he is here to tell her on Kairi’s behalf that he can’t make it. His kind actions make it even more believable for Momo. He invites her to his company’s party. It seems Ryou is quite famous as people flock around him. What’s this? Sae is working part time there too? After the party, Ryou tells Momo that she resembles his dead girlfriend and wants to hold her. Momo agrees and that’s when Kairi comes by and punches his brother! Momo explains what is happening but Kairi says she mustn’t fall for his lies. However Momo doesn’t believe him and tells him back the nice person Ryou is and that he doesn’t know what is actually going on. Hey, wait a minute. Isn’t this what happened between her during that spat Touji and Sae at the hospital? Reversal of roles, eh?
Momo finds out the hard way that Ryou is a bad person in episode 15. Yup, Ryou tries to force himself onto Momo in a room. She kicks him where it hurts most as several wooden planks fall on him, enabling Momo to make her escape. Luckily Kairi comes across her so she repents her action. No wonder Kairi is immune to Sae’s lies. Yeah, he experienced it closer to home. Well, here’s another development. Sae actually falls for Ryou! No crocodile tears or scheming lies. She actually does start to have feelings for him. I think there’s a trend for all the girls Ryou dates because he gives them the same kind of necklace. So Sae brags to Momo that she’s dating Ryou and would even consider giving back Touji that she’s bored with (that b*tch!). Momo and Kairi go to confront Ryou at his office but when Momo is in the toilet, Ryou got the guts to even come in! Thankfully Momo’s got a pepper stray in hand. Ryou warns Momo that Kairi won’t embrace a girl he doesn’t truly love before making his slip away. Kairi starts to avoid Momo so after school Momo goes to Misao’s house to seek some advice. Just then, Kairi shows up. What does this mean? Momo concludes that the girl in the photo wasn’t Morika but Misao (they sure look identical. Only difference is Misao wears specs and is chubbier. Sorry). She wonders if he still has feelings for her and Kairi nods his head to indicate yes.
Can’t blame Momo for feeling disturbed that Kairi still loves Misao after all these while. So was it all lies that he told her he loved her? Well, Kairi tries to explain in episode 16 and to get Momo’s attention, attempts to drown himself in the school’s pool. So this was what happened. Basically, Misao was the first person who accepted as he was and took care of Kairi, thus those feelings developed over time when she was his personal tutor. One day during a company trip, they tagged along he realized Misao’s true feelings when he saw her wearing Ryou’s necklace. Then she told Kairi she was going to quit being his tutor. He felt betrayed and ran away. That’s when he swam into the ocean and nearly drowned. However he was saved and learned that Misao actually went looking for him when he was missing for 4 days and was worried sick. That’s when he really fell for her and couldn’t care who she was in love with. Though Kairi loves Momo, he loves Misao more. Therefore Kairi wants to break up with Momo in order not to hurt her further. I can’t believe this breaking up game is so easy? Feel like it, break up. Feel like it, get back again. After they part, so happen that Momo bumps into Touji and let the cat out of the bag. Next day in school, Touji confronts Kairi and punches him, regretting that he left her in his care. Later Touji meets with Momo and tries to kiss her but she pushes him away, citing that she still loves Kairi. Touji feels relieved as he was just testing her and wants her to go and tell Kairi her true feelings. She does so and tells him that she wants to start anew and doesn’t mind being second best for now. She is going to work her way to his heart till she becomes his number one (sex even included? That desperate?). Well, it worked.
It’s the summer vacation in episode 17. Sae seems to be happy with her date Ryou showering him with all the gifts she bought from the money she earned from things she does that Ryou told her to do. Momo advices her that she is being used but Sae turns a deaf ear. Until Sae realizes Ryou set her up to do a porn video instead of a video game promo. Scared to death, Sae locks herself in the bathroom and calls Ryou for help. He agrees that she doesn’t have to do it but on 1 condition: Never to show her face again. Devastated, Sae calls Momo. I don’t know how but they manage to gather all their classmate and gatecrash the room and whisk Sae away. Though Sae initially seems stuck up, she eventually apologizes and thanks everyone. That girl actually sincerely apologized? Man, things have certainly changed. Momo, Kairi and Sae confront Ryou but that guy plays it cool and doesn’t give a sh*t if Sae knows his true colours or leaves him. However Sae is still in love with him and can’t leave him. Hmm… Perhaps she’s getting her own retribution, eh? Momo and Kairi work part time at a convenience store and to add another surprise, Sae buys them an ice cream treat as gratitude. Wow! That girl actually has turned over a new leaf. While Sae and Momo are out talking, Misao comes into the store but faints due to fatigue from dieting. Kairi brings her to the back room and thinks of kissing her when Momo comes back…
Though Momo knows that she is still second to him, can’t help feeling gloomy and all that. In episode 18, sneaky Sae seems to try to play matchmaking for Momo. I don’t know if it’s a good idea even if her intentions are good. Therefore it’s kinda odd to see Momo being advised by Sae. Of all people. So I guess Kairi is finally going to make his move. He goes to Misao’s house and confesses that he loves her. However Misao rejects him since he only sees him as her little brother (hinting that she may have feelings for Ryou). So Kairi calls Momo and tells her what happened and decides to take a trip to sort his feelings out. He even tells her that during that period if she finds anyone better, then go ahead and fall in love with him. With Kairi’s part time post vacant, Sae gets another scheming idea. She makes Touji take up that part time job. Yeah, she loves seeing the drama unfold between 2 ex-lovers, eh?
Kairi’s journey makes a bad start in episode 19. He is robbed and realized it when he couldn’t pay his meal at a ramen store. So he works there to pay his debt and lives with the elderly couple. You could say this is some sort of long distance relationship as Momo eagerly waits for any reply from Kairi. If you need more convincing that Sae has changed, then this should be it. Sae sets up so that Momo could hear her confession of her past evil deeds to Touji. She hands him all her copies of that picture with Jigoro and apologizes. That is when Momo learns about the sudden break-up and that Touji did all that just to protect her. Sae goes to apologize to Momo but the latter is in no mood so she better get her face out of her sight. Because of that, Momo is once again tormented if she still has feelings for Touji. Then on a night whereby they watch the fireworks, Touji asks if he would be given another chance to go out with her if Kairi is no show but Momo pretends that she couldn’t hear his words. Kairi works hard, thinks hard and so with a little indirect help from the ramen shop husband, Kairi realizes his feelings for Misao were just admiration. He calls Momo and plans for them to go on a trip together when he gets back.
As Kairi waits to meet up Momo in episode 20, he comes across Misao as she tells him that she is going to confess her feelings for Ryou. Ryou appears and some disgruntled guy starts to beat him with a stick. When Momo arrives, she sees Kairi and Misao getting into a taxi to follow Ryou to the hospital (don’t worry, the criminal have been apprehended). Yeah, that guy didn’t tell why or where he was going when he called Momo, just that he’d be late. Can she wait that long. An hour seems like an eternity. Touji then arrives and because Kairi doesn’t show up, Momo leaves with Touji to their intended destination, the beach. Misao finds out Kairi is supposed to meet Momo and tells him to go. He rushes over but Momo has already left so he starts calling Momo’s friends but they know nothing. Sae agrees to help Kairi look for Momo by heading to the beach. However a typhoon is coming. That means, everyone is stuck where they are as public transport is temporarily shut down. Momo and Touji are together in the room alone so well, erm, let’s just leave it there. Kairi and Sae part ways once their train stops at the nearest station (Sae going back after learning her beloved Ryou is hospitalized). Kairi takes a cab but a landslide prevents them from going further so Kairi is going to walk the next 20km in the rain. Now that’s some real determination. He finally arrives. The next morning, that is. All bright and sunny like as though the storm was never here. Touji and Momo prepare to leave via train at the station when Kairi sees them hand in hand and feels devastated. Well I guess for Momo she has the right to be happy so it’s no surprise that she feels it’s okay going back to Touji.
Momo and Touji are once again a couple in episode 21. Momo is still unaware of what Kairi went through so she is upset when he acts like as though nothing has happened and that typical cheery mood of his (he doesn’t want to worry her). One of Momo’s friends isn’t happy that Momo decided to go back to Touji (because she herself got dumped by her boyfriend) and later apologizes for taking it out on her. Kairi notices both Misao and Sae had bruised marks over their cheek. So later when both girls met, Sae starts vehemently ticking off that pig (Misao) not to steal her man. This was what happened during the storm. Another storm was brewing at the hospital. Misao confessed to Ryou that she liked him and he felt happy and thought it had been a one-sided love all the while. As they nearly kissed, Sae came in and is shocked to see what is going on, went over to Misao and slapped her. Ryou then slapped Sae and told her to go away. Heartbroken Sae cried so loud but Ryou paid no attention. That is when Misao started to have doubts about her feelings for Ryou. Yeah, he has seen his true colours. Momo on the other hand gets confused to find a picture of herself in Kairi’s student handbook (he was taking pictures of several girls with his new digital camera as requests from his buddies and accidentally took one from passing Momo) when Kairi earlier said that Misao is still more important to him.
Though Momo continues to date Touji in episode 22, she still wonders if Kairi has feelings for her. Misao confronts Ryou and tells him to forget what she said that day and wants him to make up for Sae’s mistreatment. Because Ryou doesn’t want to answer calls from Sae, she gets Kairi to help her meet up with Ryou. One night, Ryou, Sae and Kairi meet up but the former brings Misao too. Catfight… Not. Ryou isn’t going to change his mind over Sae so I’m not sure if this is true or not, Sae claims that she is pregnant. Ryou doesn’t panic because he thinks it is one of her lies. Yeah, real life drama right in the middle of the street. Momo and Touji are passing by and happen to see that commotion. But they’re smart not to get involved. Kairi follows them back to Momo’s house but gets disheartened to see them kissed. When Touji is gone, Momo thinks he is still around but is surprised to see Kairi. However he starts crying and runs away, confusing her even more. Next day, Sae is happy that Ryou agrees to take her out (actually Misao told him to do so and settle things). However he gives her cash and tells her to do whatever she wants with it because he has no intentions of being the father. She slaps him so he leaves. Touji takes Momo to the Ferris wheel where they broke up and suggests that they start things anew from here to erase bad memories of this place.
In episode 23, Sae actually wanted to kill Misao by pushing her towards an oncoming truck! Luckily Kairi restrains her. She kicks up a fuss saying that things would be better if she wasn’t here. Misao slaps her and to think because her actions are harming the baby. Then in school, Momo hands back Kairi’s student handbook but Kairi suddenly hugs her and wants her to be his girlfriend. It gets a little childish because as Touji comes in and tells him to let Momo off, Kairi pleads to him to give him back her Momo. No way, man. Yes way. No. Yes. No. Please. Anyway Momo leaves with Touji. See lah. He had his chance but blew it. Now he wants her back so much, she’s gone. Elsewhere Sae talks to Ryou and she has no intentions of having an abortion while he got dumped by Misao. Ryou explains that he always envied Kairi and felt lonely but Sae replies that she too experienced the same thing with Momo and wants to make him a family so that he won’t feel lonely. Just when Ryou begin to realize Sae’s true kindness, Morika sends her thugs to beat up Ryou for his betrayal. Ryou gets beaten up badly while Morika restrains Sae (managed to call Momo for help. Yeah, she was in the midst of a difficult decision to choose either Touji or Kairi once and for all). Finally Sae can’t stand it and goes to protect Ryou but gets kicked in the stomach. The thugs panic and don’t want to take responsibility and runs away. Sae remains unconscious as she is taken to hospital. Momo, Touji and Kairi arrive at the hospital at Sae’s side. Once she awakes, Ryou informs her that the doctor said that she was never pregnant at all. Since she wanted a baby so much, she even showed symptoms of pregnancy. Sae starts crying so the gang leaves her alone as the trio continue where they left off. Touji or Kairi. Tick tock tick tock.
Momo makes that decision in episode 24 and she chooses Touji. But Kairi isn’t happy so he knocks him over and takes Momo to run away with him. How childish. Sore loser. Kairi tries to tell her that he loves Momo more than ever, that he needs her and his love for Misao is totally over. But she isn’t buying it after all that she had went through. Eventually Kairi lets her go as Touji catches up to her. In school, Touji suggests for them to go on a trip while Sae tries to cheer Kairi up and not to give up his fight for Momo. Looks like she has given up her love for Ryou (at least that jerk too turned over a new leaf). As Kairi continues to be gloomy, on the day of the trip to meet Touji, Sae tells Momo the things she didn’t know happened on that typhoon day. Once more, Momo starts to have that confusing feelings. Her story is confirmed further when she hears Misao’s side when Ryou was first attacked. Misao also advices her that both guys also went through a lot and she’ll be happy if she choses one of them rather than being indecisive and hurting them both. Just like history repeating itself, Misao realized she is holding back Momo like she did for Kairi that day. Touji is seen waiting and it’s more than 30 minutes that Momo is no-show. Kairi and Sae are hiding and watching and the latter thinks this is Kairi’s chance to get Momo back. Touji heads for the station and soon Momo arrives. She breaks down upon not seeing Touji anywhere but thankfully he just when to buy some drinks. He believed that she wouldn’t stand up on him without a valid reason. Feeling relieved, they both head for their trip.
Momo is feeling down and guilty during her trip in episode 25. Touji being the gentleman he is, listens to her problem and offers her advice. On the other hand, Kairi is going back to the beach where it all started. Sae tagged along thinking he was going after Momo and a love triangle fight but they ended up boarding a different train. So she’s a sadist in this nature now, huh? Don’t worry. Kairi isn’t going to kill himself but let all his bogged down feelings out. Yeah, shout all you want, buddy. A storm is building up so Momo and Touji take refuge at an inn. Kairi notices his handphone cover is missing and desperately goes to search for it in the rain. Sae cheekily borrows his handphone and SMS Momo that Kairi is going to be fish food. Momo thinking that Kairi is really going to commit suicide thinks of going there but Touji stops her seeing that all this may be just a prank. Plus, he thinks that if she goes, it will raise Kairi’s hopes and that will hurt him more if she goes on a sympathetic reason. If she really wants to go, then Touji suggests breaking up. After they kissed, he notices Momo shedding tears so he allows her to go. Momo then calls Kairi, in which Sae picks up the call. Momo is still in a dilemma so Sae tells her back about her indecisiveness. So Momo made up her mind to go because she realizes how much she loves Kairi. Nice guy Touji wishes her all the best as she is able to decide and ‘warns’ her that she’ll never be happier than the guy she dumped.
The typhoon didn’t materialize and it’s amazing that Kairi is still searching for the missing handphone cover till dawn. He finally spots a surfer guy having it and pleads for him to return it. However he is reluctant since there is no proof. Kairi gets desperate and struggles with him so his buddies beat him up. Surfer guy’s girlfriend tells him to just return it so he throws it into the sea. Kairi goes into the waters knowing well he can’t swim. Just when he got it, the wave pulls him under. Thankfully Momo just arrived in a taxi and dives in to save him. She pulls him back to shore and conducts CPR but to no avail. That’s when all her I-love-you confessions came out. Too late. See lah. Don’t want to say early, chai see. Not. That’s when Kairi opened his eyes so they’re glad to see each other and embrace. Then they confess they love each other and kiss. Sae takes a picture of them and admits she was the one who sent the SMS. Upset Momo chases her but no time for that because it’s better if she and Kairi hold hands and kiss once more. Ah, that mystery silhouette at the beginning of each episode now turns out to be Momo kissing Kairi. Solved. Momo finally narrates how they met and got back together at this sea and that so many memories melt and blend together here.
Okay, at least Momo finally made a decision in which guy she wants to be with. I’m sure this would appeal to Kairi fans and while Touji followers would definitely abhor such an ending. For me, it doesn’t matter as long as she is happy. From a certain angle point, Momo may look like a guy-hopping-slut. I mean, at first she had a crush on Touji and then b*tch Sae had to screw things up so she gradually fell for Kairi. Then Kairi had his love problem with Misao so Momo went back to Touji. Now finally it ended with Kairi. Ding dong here and there, don’t you think. But you can’t blame her after all that she has been through. Speaking of Kairi, it still irks me that when he has got his chance to be closer with Momo, all of a sudden he starts thinking about Misao. Putting that admiration conclusion aside, if he was serious about being in love with Misao, why did he go all out to ‘date’ Momo? Wasn’t he serious? Then when he lost it, he began to realize. So it’s true that you only really appreciate the things you have when you start losing them. I don’t know about Ryou’s case for Sae but I felt it was more or less the same thing. Though Sae managed to give up on him, after that last incident, Ryou has become at least a little more thoughtful.
Though Touji may not be a perfect person but his understanding and kind personality is something that all of us needs to emulate. He tried to protect Momo no matter what and never blamed her. He was even willing to give her encouragement even if it means against his chances of getting her back and gracefully letting her go even if it means he’ll never get to hold her hands or kiss her again. He’s such a sweet guy. Aww… Speaking of kisses, I didn’t keep count of them but it seems this series has shown quite a little of them. After several moments, kiss. Err, nothing wrong with that from this genre, right?
As for Sae, initially I hated her character and I guess many viewers would agree with me. If Momo is the Peach Girl, then Sae should be B*tch Girl. Haha! Note how I used that profanity word to describe several times in this blog. Jokes and blasphemy aside, but as the episode progresses, she too changed after experiencing love herself. She’s still the mischievous girl but not amounting to any dangerous threat. Something about Sae bugs me. It’s her ability to turn into 2D. I’m not joking. She can actually become as thin as a paper or a size smaller. Did she learn some kind of ninjutsu or what? I thought it was just a visual representation to show her current mood but certain parts in the story made me convinced that she had ‘skill’ like when she wanted to eavesdrop on Touji and Momo and there’s no place to hide so she turned 2D and slip herself hidden under card boxes to do so. Say, what happened to Jigoro anyway? Perhaps after he found out that he was being tricked into Sae’s scheme, he decided to ditch that chick and get on with his movie lifestyle. Another question remains for me. Why did Morika hired thugs to beat up Ryou for his betrayal? Perhaps when she wanted to get back on good terms with him, that deceptive guy didn’t want to.
If you want to talk about the pairings at the end of the series, seems that it only ends with Momo and Kairi. I thought at least maybe others like Ryou, Misao and Sae would end up at least with either one of the other. Fans of the shoujo genre could quickly identify with the good looking bishies drawn in this anime. Well, at least the main guys and girls look good. However, as compared to the manga art, I find that the latter is much more horrible! Excuse me, but that is my personal impression. The anime version of Momo looks much better. Way much better. Sure, the manga Momo is drawn in that stereotypic way but I can’t help feel that she sometimes resemble a Ganguro Girl. I thought she was some kind of a thug or heavy metal rock star. Just ugly. Oops. Yeah, I’m guilty for judging a book by its cover.
So the important 2 lessons learned from watching this series is that over-used book cover judging idiom. So do you think beauty pageant contests are sending the right kind of message? I know, it’s still the inside that counts. Secondly, trying to break up somebody else’s happiness just because you can’t have them is just plain jealousy and childish. Too bad this happens a lot in the real world. But thankfully just like how even though Momo’s tanned complexion is unfavourable to many, there are hot heartthrobs who are after her attention. There is surely someone for everyone. So any girls out there willing to date this out-of-shape useless anime otaku? Guess not. Back to 2D girls for me. :)

Peach Girl

I wonder if this is the second season to the horny series. Kanokon ~Manatsu No Daishanikusai~ though indeed is the sequel to the 2008 TV series but it has only 2 episodes and is released in the form of OVAs. To my surprise, I thought it was going to take at least a few months between the episodes but it only took a week for both episodes to be released.
For those who don’t remember what this story is about, oh heck, forget about the storyline. If you don’t like ecchi animes, stay away from this one because this anime is hovering closely to the hentai line. We’ve got a very busty gravity-defying-scientifically-impossible-boobs fox spirit named Chizuru who is totally in love with a little kid named Kouta. She doesn’t mind doing horny stuff with him even if they’re in public but he does. At a not-a-flatchest-but-rather-compact-boobs wolf spirit named Nozomu to the mix and there you have it, a love triangle with the ladies fighting each other for Kouta’s affection. So with this being an OVA, expect to see uncensored versions of you-know-what.
Episode 1
Kouta gets up during the hot summer vacation and is greeted by Chizuru in a PE outfit. What a way to start the day (and episode) with something ecchi. Something bugs me during the opening credits. No, not Akane turning down Tayura. But rather instead of Chizuru and Nozomu hugging and pinning down poor Kouta in the middle of the street, twins Ren and Ai also joins the bunch! I didn’t know they have feelings for Kouta. Not that I can remember. Some messy public tussle that is. Kouta is sure tangled in some bloody mess, is he? Anyway, back home after Kouta brushes his teeth, Chizuru wants him to do horny morning stretches with her. Leave it to that girl to think up of ecchi things. She can be a porn star if you ask me. How did summer gymnastics turned into sex gymnastics? Ask Chizuru, the expert. So while Chizuru is frolicking at Kouta’s place, poor brother Tayura has to do the cleaning and house chores instead. Meanwhile poverty-stricken Ren and Ai are so poor and helpless that they can’t even get a decent meal and flop big time to even catch a cicada! Poor girls. Lack the strength to even catch a bug. Studious Akane is at the library when Tayura thinks of calling her to ask her out to the festival. Of course she gets embarrassed when her handphone rings and shuts it off immediately. No prizes to guess how Tayura feels. As for best friends Kiri and Yuki, they’re out shopping with each other.
Kouta is diligently doing his physics homework so bored Chizuru can even turn that subject into something horny. Thermal expansion of something that gets bigger and harder when it gets hot. You know what she’s talking about. Chizuru then feels hot so she does some fanservice (literally) by fanning her skirt to purposely show Kouta what’s underneath. I wonder if he can finish his homework at this rate. Speaking of Nozomu, I wonder why she isn’t with Kouta, hugging all over him. Instead, she is lying naked in her empty room doing nothing. Elsewhere Ren and Ai are so hungry that they are starting to imagine the clouds as soft ice cream and tofu. Yum. Kiriyama and Mio are going to the former’s house together but Kiriyama gets embarrassed when he sees Kumada and Sahara. They both know of their relationship and wish them the best and not to get their cover blown. Chizuru suggests to Kouta to have flowing soumen so she goes to clean her body. Kouta should have seen this coming because she is using her body for the noodles to flow! Though that kid is very embarrassed, I’m sure many viewers would find it stimulating as the noodles flow over her body, through her cleavage… I don’t know why Kouta just didn’t tell her to stop. Maybe he really wanted to eat flowing soumen so he tries to do so with his eyes closed. Because of that, his chopsticks picked the wrong places (ahem, ahem!). Chizuru must really love it. Finally it took that kid long enough to realize that he can’t do it as he rushes out. Nozomu finally arrives outside Kouta’s apartment but since nobody answered, she has a bath outside the garden in the hot sun. Huh?
Tayura is taking walk and gets himself a drink at a vending machine. Akane just came out of the library and sees him. She goes to talk to him as he learns why his call was cut off. Tayura gives her a bean soup can drink that he bought by mistake as she obliges since her skin is dry due to the library’s air-cond. Yuki intends of buying a digital camera but has spent most of her pocket money. Kiri dismisses the idea of lending her money. I don’t know how but Yuki got it. Kouta and Chizuru are out searching for rhinoceros beetles. Chizuru suggests that she sits on Kouta’s shoulders to catch them. Yeah another attempt for a horny move. After catching it, Chizuru makes a horny statement of its horns. Shining black, thick and bent backwards. Can’t she think of something else? The duo spot Ren and Ai (tree hugging?). The starving twins rushes to Chizuru as their ‘mama’, pleading that they haven’t eaten anything since yesterday. Kouta gives his room key so that they could have some leftover noodles at his place. Chizuru’s mom, Tamamo, and her assistant, Yukihana, pays a visit to Kouta’s room but find the poor twins and Nozomu slurping on their noodles.
As Tayura and Akane part ways, he asks if she is still mad about yesterday’s incident. But she didn’t give a reply and only said goodbye. Chizuru and Kouta come back and she isn’t pleased to see her mom here. And she thought she could have all summer with Kouta alone. Now she’s got to deal with her mom who isn’t leaving anytime soon and her snow woman assistant. Everyone heads over to Chizuru’s place for more food as Tamamo gives Chizuru and Kouta yukatas to wear. Chizuru thinks her mom is being considerate to let her and Kouta go to the fireworks alone but all that evaporated because Tamamo tells her to go there alone and that mommy will go with Kouta together. Tamamo further puts words in Kouta’s mouth that he promised her to do so, upsetting Chizuru. Nozomu joins in the tussle to have Kouta go to the fireworks. Summer is sure lively, eh?
Episode 2
The hot summer continues with Kouta, Chizuru, Tamamo and Yukihana having breakfast at Kouta’s place. Tamamo further teases Kouta about Chizuru’s cooking, upsetting her. As for Ren and Ai, they’re having problems even catching a river fish for their meal. Yeah, those group of boys does it better. Kiri and Yuki wake up after camping on the school rooftop. Yuki gets an idea of filming Nozomu who is seen rolling and lying around doing nothing in her room. Is peeping legal? Not if they call it observation. As Kouta and Chizuru prepare to go out in their yukatas, Chizuru plans to show him her slip and smothers him in her boobs. But all that is ruined when Tamamo appears in a very short yukata so Chizuru tells her old hag which has past her prime to stop seducing Kouta. Tamamo takes this opportunity to show her enormous voluptuous boobs as proof. Tayura sums up his courage to ask Akane out to the festival but after seeing her upset reading some weird book at the library, he hesitates. Even after she is done, he tries to offer her his bean soup drink but she refuses. Later Tayura treats Akane to ice cream so she asks him why don’t he have some. He misinterprets and tries to bite from her stick. She punches him. While Kiri and Yuki tail Nozomu around town, Ren and Ai could only watch the (tasty) goldfish being sold at the roadside. As Tayura watches Akane eat her ice cream, she notices him and tells him off that he had better not think of any weird stuff. But Kiri and Yuki come by and think that Akane may be the one who has perverted thoughts, embarrassing her. Akane learns that they are on an observation project on Nozomu so Nozomu shows her the proper way on how to suck a popsicle. The perverted way. Haha!
Kouta and Chizuru are at a vast field with rows of bed of flowers. Chizuru is going to do it with Koura right out in the open when it starts raining. Yeah, her plans dampened. They take shelter are a nearby hut and since they’re soaking wet, they strip naked but kept their distances. Chizuru thinks of hugging for body warmth since nobody will be coming but Kouta knows too well of her intentions. A struggle has Chizuru falling on top of Kouta in a compromising position. She intends on showing Kouta her part as poor embarrassed Kouta tries to stop her and keep her modesty covered. That’s when the rain stopped and the sun out again. Kouta is relieved but Chizuru obviously isn’t. Tayura and Akane soon part ways and this time he doesn’t manage to say anything. Kiri and Yuki think he sucks big time but will help out when the situation becomes hopeless. Later as Kouta talks to Chizuru to cheer her up, the latter says she isn’t mad because being with him makes her happy enough. Then she suggests hugging him in which he obliged.
In the evening, Tayura calls Akane and his nervous voice is obvious. He asks her out to the festival. It seems she agrees to come though she gave an excuse that he knows the best place to watch the fireworks. That place is the school’s rooftop and everyone else is there having a picnic (Ren and Ai must be so delighted). Akane isn’t happy that she’s been ripped off so she gives Tayura the cold shoulder. Yeah, the rest even prepared a special spot for the both of them. Nozomu comes up to Kouta and wonders where has he been all day and thinks he has been flirting with Chizuru. Nozomu starts hugging Kouta so the eternal rivals start arguing that Kouta is their lover. The fireworks start as Sahara gets drunk with a little sip. Tayura tries to get close to Akane but stops when she sees what he is doing. She says that this is a nice place to watch the fireworks, making him happy. But that doesn’t mean he can put his arms over her shoulders yet. The next morning, Kouta wakes up to see Chizuru in a sleeveless dress (hey, it’s better than all those kinky outfits) as they greet each other good morning.
This OVA does not feel anything much besides an extension over the TV series. There is relatively no plot here except to see how the characters interact and do whatever to pass the time during the summer. So those expecting to see that new character Minori who appeared in the final episode of the TV series and learn more about her would be disappointed as she doesn’t make her appearance here at all. Though this OVA offers nothing much and is another one of Chizuru’s attempts to get kinky with Kouta, I felt that the other main focus is between Tayura and Akane. Though not officially a couple yet but if he is patient and take a slow step, I’m sure he’ll win his way to that strict disciplined class rep. Besides, it’s not that she totally hates him.
It was obviously less fun in this OVA because Nozomu wasn’t there to bug Chizuru 24/7. Because of that, not much fighting over Kouta which made the TV series funny in the first place. Another thing about Kouta is that I still find him a weak guy. His pleas for Chizuru to stop doing ecchi stuff feels pathetic. It is like he does not want her to do so but at the same time do not want to hurt her feelings by being too forceful. He whimpers and wails in desperation each time Chizuru moves in. In a way, it is annoying and irritating to me. As for Chizuru, her horniness says it all. It’s either you love her or loathe her, depending on your stand on ecchi animes. In fact, she has never changed. Though the OVA does show some of the females being topless, perhaps due to the duration of the number of episodes and the story, it is less ecchi and ‘naughty’ as compared to the TV series. As for the drawing and art, I’m not sure if it is the same as the TV series but upon closer look, it is somewhat a little less refined.
Unless you are an ecchi or hardcore fan of the series or simply have too much time to waste on your hands doing nothing (like what the characters do for their summer here), then you should pass on this one. I don’t know if having memories of the TV series would make me laugh and smile at the funny parts or cringe at the near-hentai sections. But I do know I do not EVER want to have a girlfriend as horny as Chizuru. I’ve said this before that she could be responsible for the declining moral standards in today’s society, but if it’s not her, there’s a big chance that somebody else would. Define that to Chizuru…


I remember vaguely after watching the first season that I wasn’t going to watch the sequel if there were to be one. I guess you can call me a hypocrite because I felt that there is some compelling force which made me have the need and urge to watch Suzumiya Haruhi No Yuutsu Season 2. Yeah, the long awaited and much anticipated second season has come and gone just like that. While I’m still thinking how the first season was how so great that it turned into a cult series, gave birth to a new ‘religion’ called Haruhism and launched the then rookie Aya Hirano to stardom. But what the heck, God works in mysterious ways.
With much said, there is of course good news and bad news in my humble opinion. The good news: The episodes are aired in chronological order! Yahoo! That means viewers like me do not need to scratch their head over the mixed up, jump-here-jump-there episodes. It’s a smooth ride in terms of trying to follow the flow of the storyline. Now the bad news: Because of being aired in chronological order, they are also showing episodes from the previous season! What the?! That means, in addition to 14 new episodes, viewers will also have to watch reruns (if you ever intended to. I didn’t) of its previous 14 episodes. That’s 28 episodes in total and it’s not like they show the previous season first then the second or vice versa but in-between since it is well, in chronological order. But heck, it beats otherwise. Because of that, there is no next episode preview so I guess it makes viewers guessing if the next episode is a new or a repeat.
So what are the new and exciting ‘adventures’ that will await our quirky boring-normal-human-hating-but-alien-time-traveller-esper-loving gal Haruhi? Well, that’s the interesting part of the series. You can’t help love her one-kind thinking to make full use of fun with her SOS Brigade members, no matter how illogical they sound. And there’s Kyon’s sarcastic punch lines too. They have to keep her preoccupied to her whims and fancies and not make it boring or else it would be like in the previous season whereby the world nearly ended. In order not to confuse myself, I will only blog the new episodes and name them accordingly as per the new season and not accumulative with the previous season.
Bamboo Leaf Rhapsody
Episode 1 begins with Kyon and the other SOS Brigade members gathering in their club room (which by the way was ‘stolen’ from the computer club). Of course Haruhi brings in a little bamboo tree so that they could write their wishes for the Tanabata festival. With 1 condition. Oh dear. Now this is what I understand from all those mumbo jumbo explanations. Theoretically if you follow the story, those who believe should well know that the wishes are granted by a pair of stars that represent Orihime and Hikoboshi, Vega and Altair. Theoretically those stars are many light years away so if you make a wish and wait for it to come true, you’ll have to wait twice that long. Who lives forever except God, right? I don’t know how but Haruhi says it’ll take 25 years because it’ll work out somehow. So she wants her members to write down their wishes for each star that will be granted in that period of time. I don’t want to list down what they wrote. And this is a race to see whose wish will come true first? Like who’ll remember. But soon after that, Haruhi has that depressing and gloomy look.
Kyon gets a message from Asahina to wait in the club room after everyone leaves. We know that guy loves that klutzy time traveller so he’s willing to do so. It seems Asahina wants him to go back 3 years in time with her. Why? Classified information. Ah, those trademark lines. Kyon is sedated and when he opened his eyes, they’re on a park bench 3 years ago. Asahina then falls asleep. That’s when the grown up Asahina appears. It would be bad if they’d both see each other. She tells Kyon to head south till a school and assist the person at the entrance. Before grown Asahina leaves, she wishes for Kyon to keep this a secret from her youthful self. As Kyon carries sleeping Asahina and reaching upon the school gates, he spots young Haruhi trying to get in! Yeah, she still has that attitude back then. Before Kyon knows it, he had become her accomplice in getting her inside school. Trespassing, aren’t we? Thankfully, the place is dark so Haruhi can’t see their faces clearly. Haruhi makes full use of Kyon by ordering him to draw some alien symbol on the school field. Yeah, I remember something vaguely like that. So that was his doing?! Haha! Once done, she asks him if he believed in aliens, time travellers and espers. So I guess the way he nonchalantly answered them meant yes. Kyon guesses correctly that the alien message is for Orihime and Hikoboshi because he of a certain someone (Haruhi lah). So surprised Haruhi wonders if there is such a person at his school and would like to meet her. The conversation ends with Haruhi leaving.
When Asahina wakes up, she panics because some device of hers is gone. Is that bad? Very. Why? Without it, they can’t get back to normal time. Uh oh. Thinking there might be a way, Kyon takes out the Tanabata note which Nagato gave him earlier on as they proceed to her place. They meet and due to some technical jargon which I don’t understand, the future and past Nagato are one so she recognizes them. Nagato is going to help solve their predicament and leads them to a room and prepares a pair of futon for them and tells them to sleep. She’s not thinking of anything undesirable, is she? As they tug in and Nagato shuts the door, before Kyon think further, Nagato reopens the door and they’re back 3 years in the future. How did that happen? Nagato froze time and space in that particular room so yeah, 3 years went by in just an instant. Yeah, just like that. Later Kyon and Asahina had a chat as she apologizes for the way time travellers work for they follow their superior’s orders without question. So back in school, Kyon realizes that he may be the one responsible for giving Haruhi all these unnecessary ideas. So that’s why she is so quirky. Whose fault, eh?
Endless Eight
The hot summer vacation has just begun in episode 2. Kyon is watching TV with his sister when he gets a call from Haruhi, ordering to meet and bring lots of cash. He always pays, literally. Haruhi decides to go to the swimming pool and the usual fun. Later at the cafe, Haruhi lists down all the stuff that they’re supposed to accomplish during their short summer break. Next day, Haruhi decides to go to the festival so she has the gang out shopping for yukatas. That night at the Bon Odori festival, Haruhi and Asahina play goldfish scooping while Nagato buys a mask (Ultraman? Must be an alien thingy). Then they play fireworks so Kyon wonders if Haruhi has completed her homework. She chides him that it should only take 3 days and has already done it before the vacation. Yeah, even Kyon is surprised why does a person like her have brains. Then it is decided tomorrow will be cicada catching hunt and the one who catches the most gets to be the brigade chief for a day. Seriously, do you want that position? As expected Haruhi catches the most and retains her position and releases all the cicadas at the end. The next day, everyone is unexpectedly called by Haruhi to dress up in large frog mascots doing odd part time jobs by handing out balloons. It’s bloody hot in there. Once it’s over and Kyon expecting their cash payment is instead being told that their ‘payment’ is in the form of those frog costumes. Uh huh. Haruhi really wanted them badly. Sweating their asses off for it? Gotta be kidding. That night they went stargazing at Koizumi’s place. They continue their great run of activities like baseball batting, movie marathon, karaoke, bowling, test of courage and goby fishing contest among others. They’re really on the move. On the second last day of summer vacation, they’ve completed their list so Haruhi asks if they want to do anything more. Well, they’ve done a lot already. What more does she want? Because nobody answered, she has them to rest on the final day before school reopens. So the final day sees Kyon trying to finish his homework. Impossible. So I guess he goes to bed and sees what comes tomorrow.
Don’t be startled if you’re watching the wrong episode because episode 3 somehow feels the same as its previous. Just a little change in dialogue, screen angle and maybe their clothes. But it’s pretty much the same. Haruhi calls Kyon, meet at swimming pool, doing a list of summer activities, Bon Odori festival visit, catching cicadas and part time job. Hmm… Is there something wrong? You bet. That night Kyon is awakened from his slumber from a ghost-like crying from Asahina. Kyon goes to meet Asahina, Koizumi and Nagato and learns that she can’t return to the future. In short, they are in some infinite time loop in which the point of September onwards has disappeared (naturally Asahina can’t return to a future which is non-existent). Meaning, they’re repeating 2 weeks of summer over and over again. Asahina tries to explain but her classified information in every sentence makes it like a censor. Koizumi thinks Haruhi must be the cause and feels deep in her heart she doesn’t want summer to end so at the stroke of midnight on 31st August, time is reset, though she herself is unaware. Only those close to her like the SOS Brigade felt this ‘memory remnants’ and the answer to their deja vu feelings all the while. However only 1 person did not have her memories reset: Nagato. She remembers everything. How loops have they been through? 15,498. SAY WHAT?! She even gives exact statistical figures of variations. Oh the data overload! Sometimes I feel she’s more of a robot than an alien. Next night during stargazing, Koizumi teasingly suggests Kyon to whisper "I love you" into Haruhi’s ear. During baseball batting, Kyon asks Nagato why didn’t she brought this matter up and her reply is that her job is just to observe. Isn’t she bored? Soon summer comes to an end and Haruhi asking if they want to do anything more. With no reply, she leaves but Kyon feels that strong deja vu feeling. He feels she isn’t possible satisfied and needs to stop her or else they’ll have to repeat their summer again. However he can’t so she left. So the final day, Kyon’s homework is untouched because what’s the point if time is going to be reset again, right? Yeah.
Uh huh. The same thing in episode 4. Really a deja vu arc. Different angle positions, slightly different dialogue and probably a change in clothes. The same activities and the distressing cry from Asahina. Yeah, repeat the same explanation again, will ‘ya. So how many loops has it been already? 15,499. How old are you if you are to repeat 2 weeks for over 10,000 times? Around 594 years! Then same activities after that and another shot for Kyon to stop Haruhi from leaving with a stronger deja vu feeling. Nope. Failed. Haruhi leaves. Homework? Good thing he didn’t finish it in the previous episode, eh? Okay, okay. I understand if you’re starting to get pissed in episode 5. More of the same thing. If not, the entire same thing. So the only thing which interests me at this point is how many loops they’ve gone through already. 15,513! Oh yeah. That number gap in between shows Kyon failed to stop Haruhi. And again he contributed to that statistic after another futile attempt to stop Haruhi from leaving. Don’t even think of touching your homework, buddy. I don’t blame you if you’re starting to think the producers are ripping us viewers off and taking us for a ride. Hahaha! I must be going nuts already because episode 6 is in fact another repeat. And you thought watching reruns on TV is bad. So this is the number what time? 15,521. Hey Kyon, can you do it this time? Come on, come on! Dang. He flopped. Looks like it’s another 2 weeks of… ARGH!!! Control and suppress those hate and disgusted feelings. Yup, you guessed it. Another identical recurrence in episode 7. If you were to watch a new interesting advertisement, you’d be fascinated. How about watching that same ad for the umpteenth time? I know, you’d change the channel and curse the broadcasting crew. Feel like pulling out your hair? Oh by the way, it’s the 15,524th time they have been looping.
By now, I should be able to remember and rehearse some of the same lines that the characters spew in episode 8. But I didn’t because I didn’t feel like it. The damn repetition continues and it’s amazing that a certain production company office isn’t burned down yet. I was really hoping the looping would’ve breached 16,000 at this point but it is only at 15,527. Hey, why move the figures so slowly? Make a big jump already, will ‘ya! Episode 9 is supposed to be the episode with much expectation because this replicating arc is supposed to end. Waiting with baited breath as when the ‘change’ will take place. And no, it doesn’t breach the 16,000 loop. It’s at 15,532. After 4/5 of more or less the same thing, Kyon finally gets the willpower to say that his list isn’t finished yet, prompting Haruhi to stop leaving. He gets Koizumi, Asahina and Nagato to come over to his house tomorrow morning to help finish his homework. Because of his over-the-top dramatic orders, Haruhi isn’t pleased and tells him off that he’s supposed to get her opinion as the brigade chief first. And as punishment for his violation, she is going to come along too. So the final day sees the entire gang converging at Kyon’s home helping him finish his summer homework and having fun too. In the end, the infinite time loop is broken and the flow of time resumes back to normal. Wow. Just like that? So the reason as Koizumi suggests, Haruhi who is academically and athletically good, never considered their homework to be a burden so she never had the joy of experiencing sharing the workload among her friends. Kyon notices for once Nagato is absent from her usual spot in the club room. Must be damn tired, eh? Hey, she’s an alien, not a robot. So I guess 15,332 times is too much even for an advanced creature like her. He also feels that the strong deja vu feelings were gifts left by their predecessors. He is here because of them that underwent those excruciating repeats and he has to look it that way or else their summer would’ve been for nothing.
The Sigh Of Haruhi Suzumiya
Thank God that arc is finally over. Now if you remember that horrible F-grade amateur movie Haruhi did back in the first season, these are the events which led right up to it. In episode 10, SOS Brigade once again emerges victorious in the sports festival, denting the pride of many sports club. The cultural festival is coming up next so after seeing the boring ideas that her class is going to do, Haruhi is determined to do something much more interesting for the festival. That means something dangerous, right? Yeah, I can hardly wait. In the club room while waiting for Koizumi to come, Haruhi suggests Asahina be a clumsy maid and spill tea over Kyon’s head. She even wanted to demonstrate it herself. No way! After Koizumi comes in and hearing what their classes will be doing for the festival, Haruhi says that their club will be screening a movie for the said event. How the heck did she get that idea? She saw a weird and horrible movie last night and got this idea that she could make a better movie than that. Just like that? Nobody really knows what’s going on in her head. And you can’t go against her because she’s the director. Oh boy. Well, I guess it’s better than capturing a UFO and putting it up as freak show display. Next day, Haruhi has got the roles worked out. With her the director, Asahina, Koizumi and Nagato will be the actors and every other menial task is to be handed to Kyon. Oh, that’s so typical. So how are they going to get the props? Don’t worry. Haruhi takes Kyon and Asahina after school to various shops. After some shady discussion with the shop owners, they gladly gave Haruhi the goods! Wow! I hope she’s not selling Asahina’s body as payment. And Kyon, he’s got a feeling he’s got to clean up all the mess when it all ends.
In episode 11, Kyon and Koizumi enter the club room to see Haruhi has forcefully put on a sexy waitress outfit on Asahina for the filming, much to the latter’s embarrassment. Nagato comes in in her witch gig so Haruhi gets excited to cast her as the evil alien in her movie with Asahina the time travelling combat waitress and Koizumi the boy esper saviour. Very close to their real life personalities. Kyon and Koizumi are left to make preparations for tomorrow’s filming and Kyon needs to learn how to use a camera by then. Koizumi mentions how he prefers the current situation to remain unchanged and doesn’t want to world to turn into a huge mess again. After school, Haruhi and the gang visit the shop owners for them. It seems that the deal was for Asahina to do a sponsor take on their shops as part of their in-movie commercial. How embarrassing, considering all the passers-by watching. Did I mention Asahina is in a sexy Playboy bunny outfit? Asahina is so moe when she’s klutzy. The next day, filming begins at some park fountain and as director Haruhi flexes her authority around, it’s really funny, if not sympathetic to see feeble Asahina trying to act out her embarrassing role. Nagato is just standing there like a rock. Where’s the impact? How can they win the coveted international award Haruhi has been aiming for? Well, she can. At least to her.
The lame acting continues in episode 12 so I guess any part which isn’t good will be left to you-know-who to be edited for CG effects. Yeah, his job scope has been increased. They also illegal tried to shoot at the shrine but got chased away by the priest. Then back at the park, Haruhi continues to ‘bully’ Asahina as she wants her to shoot laser beam with her contact lens eye. Kyon is upset that his beloved Asahina is being harassed so he tries to stop Haruhi. After that is settled, filming continues (note the families behind watching their embarrassing take). It would’ve been another boring outing when suddenly Kyon’s camera blacks out. Nagato’s hand is in front of his face. Holy sh*t! Asahina unknowingly can shoot beams from her eyes?! It even cut Koizumi’s reflector board! Nagato quickly jumps onto Asahina and takes off her contacts, giving an excuse it is lost. Haruhi then changes part of her story and takes Asahina away to change her into a ‘normal’ outfit. That Playboy suit. Yeah, probably that is what she thought of normal for a time travelling combat waitress. When they’re gone, the trio discuss what has happened and thanks to Nagato’s badly wounded palm, it could’ve been Kyon’s face that could’ve been burnt! She initiates a healing process. It seems Asahina does not possess any eye beam abilities nor is that contact lens having such a feature at all. So how? They conclude that it must be Haruhi’s unsuspected doing that she really wanted Asahina to shoot a laser beam out from her eye. When Haruhi and Asahina comes back, the filming continues with Asahina just standing around in various places of the city. She calls that her normal life in the movie? The next day, Tsuruya, Taniguchi and Kunikida has been called to help out with the filming but Asahina feigns some illness that she can’t come. After all that embarrassment, I’d understand. So pissed Haruhi goes all the way to get her herself! Eventually they got back as Asahina tells Kyon how she’s been injected with some nanomachines so that laser beam incident won’t happen again. Of course the other guys are drooling after seeing how sexy and cute Asahina is in that waitress outfit.
Filming now takes place at a lake in episode 13. Another eye beam order from Haruhi which has Nagato once again quickly jumping on Asahina to subdue her. During the struggle, they notice part of the iron bars got sliced off. Though the rest thinks it’s metal fatigue, the rest thinks it’s some invisible wires this time from her contact lens. As part of Haruhi’s inconsistent storyline, she wants Asahina to be thrown into the dirty lake! Kyon isn’t amused by Haruhi’s realism reasoning but Koizumi stops him. Asahina sums up her courage and agrees to do it. After doing so, they head to Tsuruya’s home to film a scene whereby esper boy saves her. Haruhi whispers to Tsuruya and soon the latter bring out drinks for everyone. The shooting starts with Koizumi putting Asahina down in bed and then Haruhi tells them to kiss! Kyon stops them and suspects that Asahina’s drink has been spiked. Tsuruya apologizes though she seems like having fun. Haruhi continues to persecute Asahina even in her drowsy state so Kyon can’t take it anymore. He blows his top as they both get into an argument. Kyon is so mad that he raises his fist and is going to hit her, only to be stop by Koizumi. Haruhi still insists that they should do as they’re told because she’s the director while Kyon still insists of slapping some sense into her. Seeing how wretched Asahina pleads them not to fight, they give up. As they leave, Koizumi has a chat with Kyon about Haruhi a normal human being granted divine powers and perhaps her existence is part of a mission to correct this failed world. Next day in school, Haruhi becomes cold and depressed so after Kyon hears how Taniguchi is criticising Haruhi’s efforts, it made him realized something he didn’t want to (perhaps Haruhi is better than Taniguchi because she tried to do something rather than sitting around complaining). Kyon goes to see Haruhi at the club room (ignoring him at first) and says they’re going to make the movie a success. That’s when she’s back to her normal self. The next day, the SOS Brigade continues filming at the park blooming with sakura leaves as Haruhi thinks of finding a stray black cat for Nagato’s role as a witch. Hey, I thought she was an evil alien?
The gang head to Nagato’s backyard in episode 14 to find a cat for their movie role. Haruhi is so into her directing that she names the cat Shamisen and wants it to start talking. Yeah, Kyon has been given a new task of taking care of Shamisen. After filming and Haruhi left, the cat indeed starts talking! The quartet discuss things at the cafe as Koizumi says how fiction is becoming a reality via Haruhi’s movie. He feels that fiction and reality cannot mix and needs to guide her in restoring this movie into a rational affair. That means, to tell Haruhi that all this is just a dream. But would she buy it? Like that would happen. Who’d go up against Almighty and tell Him that? At school, Asahina personally sees Kyon and though she has no intention of badmouthing Koizumi, she tells him that he mustn’t trust the esper because she rejects Koizumi’s view and feels that the world was like that to begin with. She is also sure that Nagato has her own viewpoint, in which Kyon goes to seek. Sure, she also explains her point and that their factions could never agree with each other and that there is no guarantee in what they say are true since there is no solid proof. At least that is what Nagato thinks for Kyon’s case. Next day as filming continues, even stranger things began to happen. Asahina’s model guns are firing high pressure water bullets, her eye beam would shoot different dangerous projectile depending on the contact lens’ colour and the colour of the pigeons changed.
That night, Koizumi pays Kyon a visit and gives his side of the story. He hints that there may be more factions out there with theories surrounding Haruhi. Behind the scenes, there are lots of backstabbing and betrayal. Yeah, I don’t want to hear the details. He also tells Kyon that Asahina’s role of a helpless little girl is to attract Kyon’s attention and get a hold of him since Haruhi listens to him in a way. Of course isn’t amused with that bad joke so Koizumi wishes for him to help stop the abnormal phenomena by telling Haruhi that her entire movie is made up before the filming ends. Like shifting the responsibility to him, is he? The next day, Kyon manages to convince Haruhi about something before they make the final shoot. This leaves Kyon to do all the special effects. And the festival is tomorrow, you know? Can he finish it? Well, Haruhi says he must and burn the midnight oil. Unfortunately, both of them fell asleep. Morning comes and to Kyon’s surprise, the effects have been added. Who dunnit? That’s a mystery they’ll keep us guessing. During the festival as the movie is played, it seems the thing that Kyon convinced Haruhi was to add a narration at the end of the movie that everything is fiction or a coincidence and that it bears no resemblance to any real life events whatsoever. Yeah, that disclaimer you see in every movie. Thus in a way, those words cancelled out all the abnormal happenings that had happened. Lastly as Kyon chats with Haruhi at the cafe, he tells her the real identities of Nagato, Asahina and Koizumi. However Haruhi becomes upset like that would happen and leaves in a huff. It would’ve been easier if she’d believed him but what kind of world would it become if she became aware of that? Not something Kyon and the rest would take a chance on.
The Yawn For Haruhi Suzumiya
Seriously, this series has come and go for me just like that. I wouldn’t say that I regret watching the series which I am neither a fan of or have become one, but at least it satisfied my curiosity so that when people ask me about it, I could really say that there is nothing much to it. The biggest turn off for many viewers was definitely the Endless Eight arc. They don’t name it that for nothing. I know the arc deals with deja vu but showing the same thing with just slightly a little change in dialogue, screen angles and maybe their clothes is too much for normal viewers to handle. Hey, have I said that line before. Yeah, it’s that deja vu feeling. See, watching 8 episodes was enough to cause a little disgruntled and unhappiness what more about those people who have to repeat the same thing over and over again for 15,532 times! Man, that has got to be a real pain. It’s like watching the same thing with just slightly different dialogue lines, screen angles and maybe their clothes… Oh wait, I think I’ve said that before.
As for the final arc, Haruhi nearly turned into a hate figure (at least for me) because of the way she ‘abused’ Asahina. I know being a director includes flexing one’s authority but I can’t believe that she is that dense not to see Asahina in embarrassment or difficulty. I know she likes to tease and force Asahina to put on costumes at times but she has gone overboard with that one. I don’t blame Kyon if he felt like hitting her for good. If she wanted her acting to turn out so good in the first place, why didn’t her wish to make paranormal activities turn Asahina into an Oscar material? Maybe it is only for abnormal stuffs, eh? She can say goodbye of winning an Oscar. Maybe she’ll get Razzies instead. Or worse. Nothing at all. Nobody will know of her work, ever. Haha. Interestingly in the last episode whereby the explanations between the different factions and their theories surrounding Haruhi could have been expanded perhaps if they make future a sequel for this series. The trio working together though with their different philosophies of their own organization just to safeguard their beliefs surrounding Haruhi. Yeah, sure she did demonstrate some God-like powers but is she that powerful? Who knows? It’s better for her to remain the ‘blur’ fun loving assertive leap-first-look-later girl. Everyone knows her better that way. Don’t want your world to collapse, would you?
Basically since this season is chronologically in-between the previous season, obviously the main characters are still identifiable with for fans who have watched the predecessor. No further introduction for Haruhi needed. Kyon is still the sarcastic with his ‘analytical’ thinking of the situation he is in and the one who ‘keeps Haruhi happy’. Hey, she does pass on duties, penalizes him, depends on him, etc, right? But ironically, if she’s the one who showed no interest in normal humans and declared aliens, time travellers and espers to join her, why didn’t she believe Kyon when he was telling the truth? The point is, she is considering them as normal humans, right? Haruhi may be quirky but she’s not dumb. Nagato still does not talk much unless when necessary so I guess she is one of the few main characters who have relatively few lines in a series. I really feel she is suited to be a robot than an alien due to her monotonous and expressionless character portrayal. Asahina is still exuding moe over her klutz. Especially that ghostly cry during the Endless Eight arc. That was sure both scary and funny. Who knows what Koizumi is really thinking behind that eternal smiling face of his. I feel in contrast to Nagato, Koizumi ‘talks a lot’ because of his explanations and theories of the things that has happened. Of course Ryouko did not make her appearance her since she was erased by Nagato in the first season after attempting to kill Kyon. I thought at least she would make a comeback. Not. Same case for the computer club members. Hey, they’re minor unimportant characters (just like how Haruhi would like to think them as). At least they make a little cameo in the opening credits.
If you were expecting the infectious dance Hare Hare Yukai, you’d be disappointed that there isn’t any dance moves for fans to copy and make it a worldwide fever. Well, just that short little feet tapping moment at the start of the opening credits animation, nothing much. Other than that, the opening and ending credits include seeing the SOS Brigade members ‘on the move’. Also, the opening credits is filled with those formula and hypothesis just like in the first season. For the record, this season’s opening theme by Aya Hirano is Super Drive and sounds like a lively rock-pop song while the ending by the trio of Aya Hirano, Yuko Goto and Minori Chihara is Tomare, which is another lively pop piece. There is a movie for this series released in early 2010 called Suzumiya Haruhi No Shoushitsu (The Disappearance Of Haruhi Suzumiya). I read the synopsis that it takes place about a month after the festival and Kyon is the only one who remembers that everything has changed. Haruhi is missing, Asahina doesn’t recognize him, Nagato is a normal human student and Ryouko to be existing as a normal student. So is he in a different time line or another world? That’s what Kyon has to do to solve the mystery and get back to where he once belong.
So all this time paradox and deja vu matters are still complex and complicated to me. I’d probably be worse off than Kyon if I were in his shoes. If you ask me would I want to rewatch this series again, I would definitely say "NOOOOOOO!!!". Why should I sit through and waste half an hour watching the same things over and over again when I can be watching other animes? Who knows, maybe I am repeating this lifetime of mine several ten thousand times over again. I do get deja vu feelings too. Just a little change in dialogue, angle scenes and some clothing. Hey, I have a feeling I have said that before. Feeling upset that I am repeating in my blog? Heck, it’s better than repeating it 15,532 times!

Suzumiya Haruhi No Yuutsu

Hyakko OVA

March 12, 2010

Wait a minute. How come I didn’t know that there was a Hyakko OVA released back in October 2009? Heh, don’t blame everything else except myself when I didn’t even bother to find out if there was one or not. So a case of ignorance isn’t bliss especially if you like a particular series and something more of it comes out. Actually this isn’t precisely an OVA and more of an extra special. If you have bought the Hyakko series DVD, you will get this single 10 minute clip bonus.
So what is it mainly about? I don’t know exactly except for Torako and Touma eating together at a cafe, ordering all those delicious and extravagantly-named-but hard-to-pronounce cakes. So why is Touma with Torako, of all the likely people she detests being with? Something about her favourite hangout bookstore cafe went bankrupt and closed down so she’s here based on Torako’s suggestion. Yeah, I’m sure that hyper active girl loves to help out. Or rather a particular store she’s dying to visit. I’m not sure if the opening poetic narration from Touma is in relation to the book that she is reading from or some real life indirect reference about something. So you can see some sort of a trend in this no-direction extra. They order a cake, eat it while talking about something and the process is repeated.
Cake: Banana Chiboust.
Conversation: After Torako feeds embarrassed Touma with her fork, Torako proceeds to lick that fork which furthers embarrass Touma as she soon drops the subject.
Cake: Vallee d’Auge.
Conversation: Noting that the top is apple flavour, Touma suggests to be gentle or else the top will crumble.
Cake: Sacher Torte.
Conversation: Because Torako is making machine sounds going "Wien… Wien…" while taking the cake, Touma thinks she’s making a pun since this cake is an exemplary model of a Wien (Vienna) cake. But does Torako know anything more than knowledgeable bookworm Touma than eating (like yours truly)?
Cake: Tarte au Fromage.
Conversation: Touma is getting worried that they’re ordering this much and is not going to pay for all this so Torako says everything is on her since she won a gift voucher worth 5,000 Yen via lottery. Actually it was Suzume who won it due to her amazing luck. Torako then gets alarmed that Touma ate the tart’s hard part and without it, the cake is merely a cheesecake so Touma apologizes "Sacher, sacher…".
Conversation: Before digging in, Torako goes into soprano mode before eating the piece.
Cake: Savarin au Fruits.
Conversation: Touma notes this place is close to the bookstore and pretty quiet, prompting Torako to say no other customers have come in yet. Touma quickly tells her to watch her words because it may offend the Master (still cleaning the glasses). Not sure if he heard and is ignoring it but the waitress is upset because she can’t seem to use magic on her whatever game she’s playing on her PSP.
Cake: Blanc Manger.
Conversation: Torako asks what Touma and her family is going to have for dinner despite still having finished their cake. Torako says her siblings will make curry whenever their parents are away at work. But they always fought on how spicy it should be. Seems Oniyuri has the final say and likes her curry to be super spicy.
Cake: Orangerie.
Conversation: Touma must be worried that this has to be their umpteenth plate so Torako says cakes go into the other stomach because they’re high school girls. So when Touma questions who brought up the idea that high school girls like cakes, Torako says if there is no cake, then pancakes will do. Touma fires back do one classify pancakes as bread (‘pan’ in Japanese for bread, so as in ‘pan’ of pancakes) or cake so Torako answers that they should just order the next cake.
Cake: Mousse aux Framboises.
Conversation: Now Touma is really worried how many cakes that they have ordered but Torako tells her not to worry because there are a few more to go. Yeah, she’s going to try all of them! "Yes. Sacher Torte!", says she. What the heck is that supposed to mean?
Cake: Cardinal Schnitten.
Conversation: What’s with that incredulous looks on their face? Ah well, don’t mind, don’t mind. Sacher Torte… I still don’t understand what that means. Unless they’re just simply saying the name of that cake.
Cake: Piemont, Gateau Chantilly and Framboiser.
Conversation: Yeah, after ordering a few cakes in succession, they have to be damn full by now. Touma feels her mouth is all sugary while Torako suggests that she should read after a meal. But she can’t anymore. At that time, Tatsuki passes by outside and Torako spots her. She tries to call and lead Tatsuki to where they are so Touma decides to continue reading her book with some poetic narrations.
Desserts Anyone?
So yeah, did anything happen much? Oh heck, the only thing I was ever interested was the variety of delicious cakes. I WANT TO TRY THEM! SOMEBODY TAKE ME TO THE CAKE CAFE STORE, PLEASE!!! Oh man, I’m starting to salivate over those mouth watering sweet pastries. Even the R&B-like ending theme has a few of those cakes in between the credits. Yum! As young high school girls, aren’t they worried about their weight after eating so much? Maybe not. Which girl wouldn’t love to eat those delightful cakes and not gain weight? Anyway I’m surprised that Suzume didn’t join them. I remember that queer girl has a bottomless stomach so probably she’ll devour everything and the gift voucher won’t be even enough. So it’s basically just a Torako-Touma setting. Perhaps Torako’s way of breaking the ice with her? Here’s another tiger idiom I came up: A tiger too can eat sweets. Heck, I don’t know what that means. I’m not sure how many extra specials are there. I won’t know unless I buy the DVD. But I guess this is enough for me. Need to find and have some cake and eat it…


Koi Koi 7

March 6, 2010

I initially write off Koi Koi 7 simply because it had some mecha elements in it. You know, me and my bias perception on mecha genre animes. But much later when I read that there was comedy, ecchi and fanservice, it got me thinking that there is no harm in trying. Yeah, that mecha thingy has been thrown out of the window this instant. So if you’re the kind who likes this sort of mix of genre, well, not to say it is pretty awesome. Just run of the mill. But if you want a little laughs and fanservice, then go ahead and have a look.
Episode 1 opens with a couple of helicopters attacking Otome Chono and Sakuya Kazamatsuri. Sakuya must peddle with all her might or else they’ll be toast. By the way, how can a little man powered bicycle avoid all those high-tech missiles? To add to the incomprehensible action, Sakuya counter attacks by whipping out her bazooka and with Otome’s computer targeting-like vision, she blasts 1 of the helicopter. Then don’t know how, she jumps high in the air with the bicycle and stabs her light sabre into the other helicopter to send it crashing. WTF?! Don’t ask me how 2 helicopters can lose to a bicycle. And where the heck did Sakuya keep her weapons?! Anyway, new transfer student Tetsurou Tanaka arrives at Gokou Academy and sees himself as the only guy here. Wait a minute, is this an all-girls school? Something is wrong. The crashing of the helicopters nearby causes a great wind, lifting up the girls’ skirt so Tetsurou has a full view of their coloured panties. Now, that’s what you called an opening fanservice. A cargo truck then threatens to crash into him but a girl, Yayoi Asuka, glides over and saves him. A short flashback of Tetsurou and Yayoi when they were young as she showed him something with her palms. Yayoi leaves for class duties as Tetsurou wonders how she knows his name. Rich obnoxious girl, Miya Higashikazuno, arrives in her limo (almost crashing into him) and chides Tetsurou to be careful on the road since her precious cargo was ruined.
Homeroom teacher Worie Kanou introduces Tetsurou as the new transfer student as he sees Yayoi in the same class. She gets enthusiastic, excited and lovey-dovey physical with him. Miya (also in the same class) isn’t happy about Yayoi and her pal’s frolicking moreover that new student she met this morning was the one that put scratches on her Zaidrits and won’t forgive him. Miya has several loyal underlings. One of them includes Hekuso Kazura. I don’t know, her name means Poophead even in kanji writing so I’m not sure if it’s intentional or not. Then there are Katsuko Iidabashi, Chuuko Asakusabashi and Youko Suidobashi. The trio are nicknamed WaYoChu Sisters, though I don’t know if they’re blood related or not. As Tetsurou learns he’s the only guy in school, Yayoi gives him a tour around the school like the locker room (in the midst of girls changing), the shower (in the midst of girls bathing) and infirmary (OMG! Yuri girls having sex!). Later he asks why she’s nice to him so she says about a promise to always protect him, though he doesn’t remember much. Miya, introducing herself as president of the many clubs in school, come by with her underlings to offer Tetsurou a tour of the school and gives Yayoi a crab bread to keep her at bay. Now, this Yayoi is definitely an airhead. But Sakuya fires several warning shots from her chaingun so Miya and co back off. Miya warns Tetsurou not to associate with those lowly rejects (her reference to Yayoi and her friends). Later Tetsurou meets Yayoi’s other friends like the soft spoken (literally) Miyabi Tsukiyomi, super strong otaku Akio Suzuka and gardening freak Hifumi Inokai.
As Tetsurou is in the toilet, Miya’s underlings kidnap him (no peace/piss at all! Haha!) to their office Gokou-kai, Miya rants about some finest image, upbringing, image, lineage bla bla bla, asking him to swear a loyalty oath to her, bla bla bla. Then Tetsurou says how her panty is showing. Feeling embarrassed, she decides to punish him the most embarrassing way: Pinching his naked butt. WTF?! Tetsurou’s cry for help reaches Yayoi and co’s ears as they rush to Gokou-kai. Some lengthy poetic narration about themselves and though there are only 6 of them, they call themselves Koi Koi 7 (KK7). Why? Don’t ask me. Incomprehensible. Miya fights back as she and her underlings unleash their mecha and do battle. Sakuya, Miyabi, Akio and Hifumi do frontline battle disposing of the mecha while Otome works in the background. Airhead Yayoi is just cheering them on. I guess it’s for moral support, I think. The battle gets even outrageous because Akio can fly! Hifumi is super strong?! Miyabi can grab and cut things with her hair?! Where does Sakuya keep all her big guns?! Are these girls human or not?! When they finally dismantle Miya’s Zaidrits mecha, its hand comes falling down on Tetsurou. To Yayoi’s horror, she suddenly sprouts white wings and flies Tetsurou away. She says this is her 1st time flying and wished she was stronger so that she could protect somebody important to her and also confesses she loves him. Tetsurou goes back to the dorm he’s supposed to be living in, Anoyoroshisou. Looks a little run down. He is surprised to see KK7 living there as well as Kanou. Just when he thinks he can relax in his room, he finds his room and Yayoi’s has no wall between them so he sees her changing as she goes to hug him. A mysterious eye-patch girl in bandages is seen alone wishing for Tetsurou to come.
Yeah, so that pretty much how it is in the first episode. I’m sure viewers would be surprised by Tetsurou after watching those girls with super human powers go into battle. Is this all a dream? Nope. More like a living nightmare. Because KK7 and Miya’s Gokou 5 are in some sort of war, in almost every episode, you can see them do battles but you’ll know how it all ends because Miya’s mechas are pretty much useless. All for show? And you thought filthy rich people can buy the best things with money. And there’s the case of the mysterious eye-patch girl. Mysteriously popping up here and there. Something about her and Tetsurou…
In episode 2, Gokou 5 are in their mechas in another attack against Tetsurou and KK7. Miya’s not giving up her quest to get Tetsurou’s loyalty oath. Hey, he’s the only guy in school, right? As usual, they fail. Tetsurou thinks these girls aren’t normal (damn right he is). Next morning, he wakes up to his dismay to see Yayoi sleeping next to him in her undies. He later calls his dad and wonders about his transfer and says he can’t pull through but daddy thinks he can and hangs up. Looks like his hell will continue. Miya captures Tetsurou and forces KK7 to a competition. Hey, Miya’s the granddaughter of Gokou Academy’s principal so she can make forceful requests. She also makes that yuri pair, Subaru Satou and Isuzu Yamada, as referees. The match is a swimming relay and the prize will be Tetsurou (tied up and semi-naked). Though Miya’s underlings use jet propulsion, they still lose. So Miya forces another competition: Mongolian wrestling. They also lost. Then a volleyball match. While the battle rages on, gloomy Tetsurou thinks of everyone’s weirdness. Then it hit him that everyone may be doing their best for his sake. So after KK7 trounces Miya’s team 21-0, Tetsurou gets his confidence back and will continue. KK7 are happy with his release. Meanwhile eye-patch girl is seen floating alone in the pool saying how Tetsurou isn’t fair before sinking to the bottom. Tetsurou and the girls are on their way home when kiasu Miya and co are going to do the real showdown (claiming those matches they lost were just exhibition matches – too bad Tetsurou’s pain was real). Miya summons her Zaidrits as they merge into 1 big robot. Note the lengthy transformation and no, you’re not watching Transformers. But the mecha crashes before they could make their 1st move due to some technical flaw. Bummer. KK7 wins by not even lifting a finger! The gang continue to walk home as Yayoi tells Tetsurou once more that he is the most important person and wants to be with him forever. Then an announcement announcing 14 student names that they’ll participate in a special review session after school for the next 3 days (KK7, Gokou 5, Tetsurou and the yuri pair). Finally, eye-patch girl is in her undies and hugging herself in cold, reiterating that unfairness line.
A robot named Celonius Mark 19 goes berserk and escapes during WaYoChu Sisters’ programming in episode 3. At Anoyoroshisou, the gang sees a news report that a mysterious trench coat nicknamed Burusera Mask is terrorizing high school girl students by sucking up their uniforms with his vacuum and leaving them in their undies. In school, Tetsurou sees Burusera Mask sucking up the clothes of Yamada and Satou. They plead for help so Tetsurou shouts for help (hey, that’s the best he could do). Akio drops by and utters her hardcore Warriors Kino Rangers line and takes out the menace but he escapes. Tetsurou comments on her tight sexy battle gear outfit so Akio quickly puts a Kino Ranger outfit on him. She starts teaching him how to pose and shout those Ranger lines. Miya questions the progress of Celonius but WaYoChu Sisters give excuses for its delay. Akio takes Tetsurou and Yayoi to the woods to help train her Kino Rangers move. During the break, when Tetsurou says of his uselessness of being protected by everyone else, Akio tells how she was once a cry-baby but was saved by that 1 girl. She takes Tetsurou to soar in the sky and says the source of power that defends justice is in one’s heart. Burusera Mask strikes again at Gokou Academy so Akio along with Tetsurou and Yayoi vow to defend them Kino Rangers Style but the other KK7 aren’t amused. Must be embarrassing. Miya plans to protect the girls with her mecha when she overhears WaYoChu Sisters about their blunder.
Burusera Mask is skipping along the hallway when he comes face to face with eye-patch girl. He touches her boobs before running away in fear. Kanou initiates an emergency order and locks down the school. Miya flies in with her mecha (oh, that merging scene again) and recognizes Burusera Mask as Celonius. It’s a biological weapon designed to humiliate KK7 but due to you-know-who’s mishandling, it went berserk. She plans to atone her underlings’ mistake. Burusera Mask transforms into a large monster and in a single roar, Miya’s mecha tumbles out of commission. It’s getting worse, eh? Sakuya, Miyabi and Hifumi kick into action but their clothes get sucked in and then tied up. Then it’s Akio’s turn but she too gets tied up. Tetsurou takes up Sakuya’s dropped bazooka and blasts the monster. This allows time for Akio to unleash her death blow technique to destroy the monster. In the aftermath, Akio and Tetsurou had a little chat. Hifumi teases Akio that she has fallen for him but she denies and they all laugh. Lastly, eye-patch girl is seen alone and naked in the darkness, pleading for Tetsurou to find her quickly.
Sakuya comes home drenched on a rainy day in episode 4. She says they can’t afford to get cold or sick, prompting Tetsurou to remember they are cyborgs. No wonder. This explains their super abilities. Sakuya tells Tetsurou to go fetch Otome and not let her get wet. He arrives at school and sees eye-patch girl standing in the rain and offers his umbrella. She gets close to his face and her creepy smile creeps him out so he gives his umbrella and runs away. He picks up Otome as Yamada and Satou thinks he’s cheating on other girls but Yamada starts getting yuri on Satou. As they walk home, Otome suggests walking while hugging each other to minimize them of getting wet. Miya spots them and is upset for them walking together like that. Otome then mentions how she is a tool to be used but Tetsurou disagrees. She lets him touch her hands which are cold. They take a detour to a park and see an abandoned puppy. Because the dorm’s rules of not allowing pets, they leave their umbrella with it and rush off to take the nearest shelter at a nearby store. Otome thanks him and pecks him on his cheeks before starting to short circuit. Hey, if he’s holding a short circuiting robot, isn’t he going to get electrocuted? And it’s raining too, you know.
Back at the dorm, Sakuya beats him up for letting Otome get wet. Miyabi calms her down but Sakuya says she won’t forgive him if anything happens to her. While Kanou repairs Otome, Sakuya shuts herself in her room, crying and not wanting to lose anyone again. Hifumi comes back with the abandoned puppy (as emergency food supply – yeah, she was kidding. Maybe) and learns of the situation. Though she says it isn’t Tetsurou’s fault, he still feels guilty for breaking Sakuya’s promise. Then Otome enters the room and everyone is relieved. Later Kanou talks to Tetsurou about Otome’s case. Though she’s a cyborg, she is different than the rest as she has unstable parts. Her body will malfunction if it comes into contact with water and if they don’t keep backing up her memories, they’ll be lost, like the events this morning. So she doesn’t want him to force Otome to remember them as it’ll be painful. Later everyone is stunned to see Otome cuddling up closely to Tetsurou as she herself can’t explain why. Yayoi doesn’t want to lose out and hugs him too. Hifumi later baths with the puppy (licking here and there…) while naked eye-patch girl alone wants Tetsurou to come warm her up.
Tetsurou nurses sick Miyabi in episode 6 and because of that, her hair goes out of control when his face gets too close while feeding her. Talk about having a bad hair day too. Miya organizes some super swimming sport in which the winner will get 1 million Yen cash prize in addition to a secret prize. KK7 are also participating since they need money to fix Anoyoroshisou. Otome sits this one out since she can’t come into contact with water. Tetsurou is feeling down because he’s the only guy and has a feeling something crazy is going to happen again (damn right). He sees Miyabi being admired by lots of fan girls. The tournament begins with Miya making Tetsurou the object (see, his guts was right). Whoever gets him wins. All the bikini babes surround him as Satou and Yamada are made commentators. Satou is enthusiastic because she was bribed to do so. Also, this tournament is part of Miya’s plan to get back at KK7. Her underlings play dirty by pulling their legs underwater. Then they launch some cannon which send everyone flying out of the water. Miyabi saves Tetsurou by bringing him back to safety. Kanou notices eye-patch girl watching from afar and recognizes her as Celonius #28. She rushes over but is gone by the time she gets there.
Everyone travels up into Miya’s orbital satellite in space only to find another pool for their tournament. Perhaps in space no one can hear you scream. Tetsurou is whisked away and seated next to Miya. First game is Tama-ire (throwing as many coloured balls into the net) and Miya’s underlings play dirty by throwing coloured grenades and send everyone flying. Then the kibasen event also ends with the underlings unleashing a rain of missiles sending everyone in the air. Is all this legal? Tetsurou tells Miya that Miyabi isn’t well and wonders if she could let her rest. She agrees. Kanou is during research on Celonius #28 and is surprised to learn she is enrolled as a student in Gokou Academy. Tetsurou accompanies Miyabi in the infirmary. His kindness prompts her to have flashbacks of how she was bullied by boys but thinks Tetsurou may be different from them. In the end, Miya announces Miyabi as the winner, making everyone wondering why. She hands the money and invitation to join Gokou-kai (the secret prize). Miyabi refuses so upset Miya refuses to give the cash prize. KK7 leaves disappointed. Back on the ground, Miya isn’t going to let them leave for insulting her like that so she pilots her mecha to destroy them. Miyabi protects her friends with her hair in a single blow, making the mecha tumbling and destroying the orbital satellite. That fragile, huh? Eye-patch girl snipes a shot a Yayoi but Miyabi was quick to deflect the shot. Eye-patch girl escapes as Kanou wonders why she is targeting Yayoi. Back at Anoyoroshisou, Tetsurou continues to nurse Miyabi. He praises her so she blushes (her face is red not due to her illness…). As for eye-patch girl, she is alone regretting and apologizing that she screwed up.
For the International Anime Carnival in episode 6, Kanou is distraught that her responsibility for its anime work schedule is pushed forward rather than a special guest piece to be aired at the event due to some show-offs and power speak (that is, courtesy of Miya and Kazura). This means many people will be watching it and thus questioning her management skills. So that’s what it’s all about? Sakuya is made production manager because she flunked her test and as exchange to have this failure erased. Sakuya casually goes around to see oversee production but everyone can’t start because the director’s lounge (Miya’s underlings) haven’t started work. The backlog has Kanou calling Sakuya and Kazura saying how audio production is in 1 week’s time and won’t forgive them if they’re a second late. Though it’s possible, the thought of flunking has Sakuya snapped. Over the next few days, Sakuya becomes a merciless drill sergeant-cum-demon instructor-cum-slave driver, forcing everyone to work with her abusive military lines and behaviour. How about "You’re not humans! You’re machines!" and "You have no freedom!" sound? Scary, no? Nobody can escape from her grasps as she’ll hunt anyone down and make them pay and finish their job! Don’t sleep in too unless you want to die! Each group makes progress as Sakuya delivers the finished work by stages. Though the reception manager notes how animation these days are digital and it’s hard to see film reels, Sakuya fires several warning shots to take it or else. Don’t complain, man. Slowly every group manages to finish their designated job (each becoming pale white and drop dead after completion). Even Sakuya works over time and burns the midnight oil doing each delivery. Tetsurou is worried for her but she can’t let their sacrifices go to waste. Sakuya delivers the final piece and her weary self instantly falls asleep in Tetsurou’s arms when she returns to Gokou Academy. Soon Sakuya is called by Kanou saying that the International Anime Carnival has banned the anime for being too erotic (though Yamada calls it art). Thus the promise to scrape her flunk grades is off. Boo hoo! All the hard work…
While Kanou researches how Celonius #28 escaped from the facility and enrolled into school undetected in episode 7, Tetsurou is doing odd jobs as the head of the school’s Three Light Festival president. And you thought being a president is to shake leg. Miya is doing her horrible singing practice and causes havoc and disruption (girls dropping dead!). Because of that, Tetsurou spilled paint on his uniform and since he’s the only guy as there are no other male uniforms, Yayoi has him wear a school girl uniform. There’s an odd part in which Tetsurou is in a dilemma of whether to enter the girl’s or boy’s toilet. He chose the former and probably regretted it because he was stuck in the cubicle for a while when a couple of girls didn’t leave and went on ranting about their girly talk. It got me thinking that he’s the only boy in this school, he should’ve entered the boy’s toilet even if he’s dressed as a girl. Nobody else would’ve enter, right? Later, Miya can’t recognize Tetsurou and thinks ‘she’ is a new transfer student. Yup, she instantly falls in love with ‘her’! She gives Yayoi the crab bread distraction and takes Tetsurou to Gokou-kai. Tetsurou worries about his true identity being busted so he lies by saying he is Tetsuko. Miya proceeds to do lots of lesbian thingy (Maria-sama Ga Miteru parody!) including giving ‘her’ a pet name Petite Souer, wanting them to be sisters and exchanging their ribbons as proof of their friendship. She then gives Tetsuko a tour around the school, places of Miya-use-only places. No wonder they’re all empty. Tetsuko learns how Miya likes her smile because nobody she met smiled at her because they think she’s the principal’s daughter. Miya wants to be friends forever.
Yayoi panics as she tries to tell her pals she lost Tetsurou (so much for wanting to protecting her most important person) but they’re arguing on what to do for the festival. She then bumps into eye-patch girl who tells her where Tetsurou is. After Yayoi leaves, she notes how Yayoi is the light and she is the shadow but that will soon be over. Yayoi manages to snatch Tetsurou from Miya’s grasp, much to her dismay. Later when Yayoi and Tetsurou meet up with the rest, Tetsurou learns the deep meaning of exchanging ribbons. No choice and heavy hearted, he goes to return Miya’s ribbon and apologizes. Miya is visibly saddened and thought ‘she’ would treat her differently and not as the granddaughter of the academy’s head but as a woman. But since she is deeply hurt, she isn’t going to let Tetsuko go. Uh oh. Desperate Miya chases Tetsuko in her mecha. KK7 arrives and an epic battle begins while eye-patch girl brings Tetsuko away from harm. Miya and her underlings unleash a sound barrier which has KK7 reeling in pain due to Miya’s horrible singing. But it was so horrible that the speakers itself broke. Haha! While Tetsurou tries to remember how he met eye-patch girl, she kisses him and says that she is Yayoi Asuka before going away, leaving him confused.
A short flashback in episode 8 of Kanou contacting some scientist at a facility about Celonious’ escape. Though he denies any knowledge o this, he says she has a heart now but she wants him to take her back. Also, she spoke to her higher up which is also the principal of the school, that records of Celonius’ transfer was forged and thinks they must’ve sent her here for some plan of theirs since Celonius is acting on her free will. Kanou thinks of restarting the defence system but access was denied. The festival is on the way and after Tetsurou takes a look at Yamada’s porn doujin (still insisting they’re art), Sakuya takes him away and puts a maid outfit on him to help out in their class’ maid cafe since they’re short on workers. Miya comes by to invite Tetsuko to her concert but ends up fighting with Sakuya. Eye-patch girl comes by to bring Tetsurou away and causes a short power outage. Outside, she tells him she knows about him all along. Yayoi comes by so eye-patch girl decides to privately talk with her. Kanou gathers the other KK7 and tells of the infiltration of fake Yayoi. She tells them she originally existed as a network system to monitor Tetsurou and Yayoi once they’re born in this world. However Celonius continued to evolve and improved. Celonius tells Yayoi that her feelings were installed into her and that she wants to protect Tetsurou only and starts to electrocute her. The other KK7 come to Yayoi’s aid but got electrocuted. Her eye-patch then falls off and Tetsurou sees her robotic eye. Celonius starts to panic and tells him not to look. Her electricity goes out of control that it turned all the maids in school doing lesbian stuff on each other! Especially Yamada and Satou WTF?! Hey, those 2 are always yuri no matter what. Total service, I tell you if you’re visiting the maid cafe.
Otome is trying to release the system lock but is futile. Kanou tells her Celonius isn’t the same as her because Celonius wasn’t a robot in the first place and was only 1 part of the monitoring/defence system that covered the entire planet. But when the syndicate began to understand what Yayoi was, they made Celonius by plugging her into a worldwide network and acquiring all knowledge that humanity possess. Kanou then sees Scientist visiting the festival and goes to confront him. She asks him if Celonius has feelings and did he toy with them. He replies Celonius seems to really love Tetsurou even though she’s a robot. Kanou gets upset and punches him but he stops her fist and goes home. Tetsurou tells Celonius to stop as it won’t change a thing. Celonius is upset that he is covering for Yayoi and hits him away. It’s Yayoi’s turn to get upset that she hurt him. Vowing to protect Tetsurou, she sprouts wings and a bright light engulfs Celonius. When Kanou arrives, Celonius has malfunctioned. Tetsurou tearfully pleads to Kanou to save her. Later that day, Kanou shows him how she has reset Celonius’ memories and installed her in 1 of Otome’s spare bodies. She also has no memories of what happened up to now. Celonius seems a little shy so Tetsurou starts making friends with her. I guess that threat is over. From now on, she is much gentler and docile.
In episode 9, Celonius #28 is nicknamed Gantai and lives with the gang at Anoyoroshisou. She wakes up early and watches some of them do stuff like Akio watching Kino Rangers, Otome sitting around doing nothing and Miyabi cooking. However she finds it all boring. She then secretly follows Hifumi to school as she wanders around, she has faint memories of her previous life as Celonius and gets scared. Meanwhile Tetsurou, Akio and Sakuya go in search for her. WaYoChu Sisters find Gantai and not knowing what to do with her, take her to see Miya (caught red-handed still fantasizing about her Tetsuko). They want Miya to show her greatness to her and this will help spread and make her well known to others everywhere (lies!). Proud Miya agrees but Gantai makes fun of her forehead and starts drawing on it. Miya gets pissed and is going to have a piece of that little brat so scared Gantai runs away as WaYoChu Sisters restrain Miya. Kanou is talking to Principal about Gantai and thinks their best option is to watch her in case ‘he’ makes a move to send something to this school as the loss of Celonius will cause some reactions. He gives her permission to do what is necessary. Tetsurou finds Gantai in the streets but she runs away. When he catches up to her, she says she doesn’t want to go back to Anoyoroshisou because everyone is no fun and starts breaking down. They soon walk back together and Gantai finds it funny that Tetsurou’s stomach growls when hungry. Yamada and Satou spot them and think Tetsurou is cheating on Yayoi again. They think he’s a lolicon! When they ask Gantai her name, her reply of Yayoi Asuka stuns them so Tetsurou covers up by saying it’s just coincidence. Tetsurou and Gantai come home and though the rest say they were worried about her that she ran off like that without telling anyone, they’re glad she’s alright and welcome her home. Gantai feels happy to be part of them.
Hifumi astounds the class and Kanou with her amazing scientific answer to a maths question in episode 10. Katsuko isn’t pleased and rants this to Miya (still thinking about Tetsuko) but Kanou throws a blackboard duster in her face for making a ruckus and talking back. Hifumi is putting a little bird back in its nest on a tree when Tetsurou and Yayoi come by. He accidentally sees her panties so she gets embarrassed. She falls onto him and starts panicking that he’s an animal before running away in tears. She wonders where Akio is because at times like these, she’s always around to help her. Speaking of which, Akio and Gantai are at the mountains to find a cure for Hifumi’s sudden strange acting. They think the cause is a magical mandrake in which when carelessly pulled out, its shriek will cause a change in personality and eventually one to lose his/her memories. To cure it, that person has to eat that mandrake raw. Katsuko is still pissed and plans to get her revenge on Hifumi while Satou and Yamada suggest she put on spandex to solve her problems. But since they mentioned panty lines, Hifumi decides not to. Tetsurou seeks Otome’s help to locate Hifumi’s whereabouts and rushes there before she finishes her sentence. When he arrives to apologize, he sees Hifumi taking off the spandex and the typical retribution of seeing any embarrassed girl change is to get punched.
Hifumi walks home wondering where Akio has been. That night, she dreams of her childhood past and friendship with Akio. The next morning, she starts to forget who Akio is so Sakuya takes Otome in order to contact Gantai. Yeah, some embarrassing taichi-like pose to get the best reception. However there is no response because Gantai is taking her afternoon nap. Katsuko sprays water on Hifumi and then offers her change of clothes back at Gokou-kai. After putting on a nurse outfit, she takes pictures of helpless Hifumi in embarrassing poses. Hifumi can’t do anything since some robot is restricting her movements. Katsuko is enjoying this revenge so distressed Hifumi manages to remember Akio and calls her name for help. Akio sense Hifumi in distress and immediately flies to her rescue. She teaches Katsuko a lesson by kicking that robot down on her. Back at Anoyoroshisou, Hifumi returns to her normal self after eating the mandrake, much to everyone’s relief. But Akio realized that she left Gantai behind. She is happily having fun enjoying herself plucking mandrakes. Ah, that little girl…
To settle the final score with KK7, in episode 11, Miya kidnaps Gantai and forces KK7 to come get her at her Cattleya Castle right in the middle of the desert. The castle’s defence is too tough for Sakuya’s big guns to break through. Otome and Hifumi then suggest going home since Miya did mention she’s treating Gantai as her precious guest and won’t harm her as she’s not the kind of woman who goes back on her words. Everyone gets demotivated (or relieved) and leaves and this furthers pisses Miya off as she disables her defence system and tells them to come in. Haha. I think it’s some sly psychological move. While walking through the corridor, Sakuya thinks Miya may put weird ideas into Gantai’s head like naked apron so Tetsurou suffers massive nose bleed after some wild imaginations. It’s better being a normal boy rather than un-normal cyborg girls. They enter a room with a bridge surrounded by water (don’t ask me how big this castle is). Chuuko in a power suit gloats about its power so Miyabi strips her suit leaving her powerless and naked. Meanwhile Yamada and Satou are talking how Miya is the school head’s granddaughter and never lifts a finger. Because Satou is changing, Yamada gets stimulated and proceeds to get yuri with her.
In the next room filled with rocks, Katsuko enters wearing a powerful suit and knocks out Sakuya’s bullets and Akio with her sound decibel attack. Hifumi is upset Akio is hurt and unleashes an even louder scream attack knocking Katsuko out. But she too knocks her other pals out. Elsewhere, Kazura is seen contacting somebody who tells her ‘that man’ has suppressed his superiors and will do anything to achieve his goal, even if it means destroying the world. He wants her to return if her life is in danger but she isn’t going to leave Miya. In the next room, a rocky American desert outback awaits KK7 as they’re being attacked by a quick slime ball which then morphs into Youko in a cat suit. They tease her and Akio gets hyped up of her cosplay and proceeds to teach her the real way to cosplay. Meanwhile Kanou is talking to Principal who tells her ‘that man’ is making his move so she mentions that a time-space oscillator archetype is hidden here. Finally KK7 reach the room Gantai is in and sees her having fun eating all the lavish cakes Miya provided. Miya admits her defeat, congratulates them and keeps her end of the deal to free Gantai, surprising them. No hidden attacks either. Is it that easy? After they leave, Miya’s underlings apologize for their failure but she doesn’t mind and thinks of leaving since she decided so if she lost here. They assure their unwavering support for her and plead for her to stay. Miya changes her mind and will continue protecting this school. Kazura tells her a greater enemy is coming and this battle will have their lives on the line. She wants Miya to protect the world.
Episode 12 starts off with Kanou’s flashback of how she first met Scientist when she was a high school student and looked up to him very much although she knows he had no use for her. It is also mentioned that Scientist is Tetsurou’s dad. Scientist has a flashback of how he’s being removed from the research facility by the science community so he awakes and takes his artificially altered female assistants, Yaku and Shou, and head towards school. Gokou 5 is once again in another endless battle with KK7 because of Yayoi’s flirting with Tetsurou in public. Another eye-opening battle because Katsuko lifts her skirt to fire missiles! WTF?! How did she keep all of them there?! Meanwhile Scientist has reached the garden’s fountain and conveniently flips open a switch and head to an underground lab. He destroys the security system and defence missiles easily (also by lifting his lab coat to fire missiles?! What kind of absurd technology is this?!). He reaches the lab and activates to oscillator. While Kanou is analyzing things with Otome, the battle between KK7 and Gokou 5 has the latter’s mecha come crashing into the building, disrupting Kanou’s work. They’re all being punished to stand in the hallway. A beam of light is fired down from the sky and light particles are seen spreading everywhere. Suddenly all the girls in school except for KK7, Kazura and Kanou fall deeply in love with Tetsurou and starts chasing him! Kanou explains Scientist has opened the gateway and is merging both worlds, thus the escaping particles are arousing the girls. Some theory that is. Then my theory is that the other world must be a horny one, eh? So only those who are artificially altered humans are unaffected.
Otome reports the space-time system energy is reaching critical mass. Miyabi uses her popularity to buy Tetsurou and Yayoi time to escape while Akio and Hifumi disguise themselves as decoys. When Tetsurou and Yayoi take refuge, Yayoi says how she felt jealous when the girls started chasing him and hated them but he mentions he will never hate her so they make a yubikiri promise. As they make their escape, Yaku and Shou appear and orders Yayoi to follow them, hypnotizing her. Tetsurou tries to fight back but Kazura stops him, saying he can’t defeat them. Plus, they did mention they’ll return Yayoi unharmed once they’re done with her. After they disappear, the other KK7 arrive and Tetsurou pleads to help save Yayoi. They agree but Kazura warns that they’re more powerful than Celonius #28. But they still insist on going since they’re guardians of Tetsurou and Yayoi. With that, Kazura tells them that Yayoi is being held inside of Cattleya Castle’s Lilian Garden. She also tells a way to beat them. That is, when they reach their full power limit, there’ll be a 5 second freeze so they must use that moment to strike. Otome reports that the oscillator system have all synchronized as KK7 and Tetsurou arrive only to see Yaku and Shou standing in their way. Yayoi is inside a chamber screaming in pain as the gateway expands and a winged human appears, much to Scientist’s joy. Note the dramatic angelic choir in the background music.
Whatever happened to all that suspense suddenly shifts away to a much fanservice episode 13. Yup. The entire gang seems to be relaxing on a southern tropical island. That means, babes in bikinis, bouncy boobs and another reason for Yamada and Satou to get horny with each other. Ugh! They even kissed! It seems Yaku and Shou have been turned into bodies the size of Gantai and are quite friendly with the gang. Kanou receives an invitation letter from Scientist and a short flashback of how after they kissed, Scientist told her that his heart still wants ‘her’ back, which is his first love. Miya and her underlings are in a high-tech submarine and as usual she isn’t happy with KK7’s frolicking and ambushes them. With WaYoChu Sister’s strengthened mecha and the submarine’s beam (roasting KK7 for once and destroyed poor Kanou’s letter), it isn’t long before KK7 get their act together and crashes both the mechas and submarine to put the persistent threat out of commission. Then they learn this island is owned by Miya and proof is that her mansion is on top of the island’s hill. Because of the tsunami caused from the fight, Otome has malfunctioned and Sakuya is upset. Though if you think about it, it was KK7’s fault in causing the tidal wave. Miya escapes via Kazura’s speedboat. Kanou can’t repair Otome since she didn’t bring her tools when suddenly a spaceship beams her up and disappears. Since Gantai is part of Otome, Kanou does a little adjustment as Gantai leads the gang to where Otome is being held deep in the island’s jungle.
During the journey, the gang are puzzled to see a hotspring in the middle of the jungle and jumps in naked to have fun. Search party on hold? Then it gets too hot so they got out. Furthermore, it started to snow and then a stormy blizzard. It seems all this is the doing of Miya and co in her mansion, controlling the weather. I don’t know how she got the technology. Must be her money and power. To finish them off, Miya and co launch in their mecha to attack KK7 and another battle of epic proportions. Note how KK7 are fighting totally naked! Meanwhile nearby in a little hut, Otome is having tea with Scientist. Seems this guy isn’t as bad as he had saved her. Otome then recognizes the angel lady who served them as Tetsurou’s mom. So Scientist did all those experiments just to bring back his dead wife? Why does she have wings still? Maybe she abruptly came down from heaven, which is the other world. Haha! Just kidding. Back to the battle, Miya’s attempt to finish KK7 once and for all with her hyper mega cannon beam is deflected back to her mecha and is sent crashing onto her mansion, causing a volcanic eruption. Everyone watches the ‘beautiful’ scenery including Otome and Scientist (he thinks mankind can rest in peace now?! He’s got to be kidding?!). Tetsurou’s words are more ‘logical’: "Just like always, something ends up destroyed, right?". Right. Incomprehensible.
That’s it? After all that, it just ends like that? I felt that there was something missing considering the gap between the penultimate and final episode. It was rather disappointing to see it finish with mindless fanservice and another one of those eternal unfinished battles between KK7 and Gokou 5. So what Scientist did was just to revive his dead wife and after all that talk that made it sound how the world’s balance is left in a precarious state, nothing much happens. I mean, he got his speechless wife back, the world is safe, what more could anyone ask for. If it had put the world on the brink of extinction then perhaps it may be a different story but since it didn’t turn out like that, I guess let’s not look at all those iffy questions. What happened to the fight between KK7 and the guardians Yaku and Shou anyway? I know KK7 should emerge victorious but I would still like to see them battle it out, even if it’s short. So that hint Kazura gave them was so viewers could use their imagination if they ever wondered or try to imagine if the battle ever takes place? Thus I find the overall storyline to be so-so. From what it seems to be the mysterious threat of Celonius #28, ends quickly at halfway point before it moves on the ‘threat’ from Scientist.
Even so, there are many other questions raised. Why in the world does Scientist need Yayoi’s power to do what he had to do? And what about the promise Yayoi and Tetsurou made when they were young? What about the little flashbacks of the other KK7? Like the person(s) that Sakuya don’t want to lose, the bullies who nearly caused Miyabi to take her own life, or the one about Hifumi and Akio’s childhood friendship? Maybe they’re just that. Beats having a long dedicated episode for flashbacks. What about Yayoi’s ability to spread white wings? Perhaps only in desperate situations only? Don’t Gantai have recurring nightmares of her horrible past anymore? Maybe the magical mandrake erased that part. And what about that special review session mentioned back in episode 2? Not that I could see them attending it or perhaps it was just an end notice as some punishment? So why did Scientist enrol Tetsurou in this school in the first place anyway? Why on Earth are the births of Tetsurou and Yayoi so important that those KK7 guardians are needed? What was Kazura’s advice for Miya to save the world for? She didn’t do anything near that, did she? All incomprehensible. I know that this series is ecchi but the final episode has full blown frontal nudity. Panty shots and boob shots for service is considered permissible by mild ecchi standards but I wonder if this is even allowed. Yeah, almost hentai. Well, not to say that they draw those parts in detail and though drawn ‘plain’, it still makes you wonder. Yeah, you could say that the fanservice elements exceed the short mediocre mecha battles (probably intended).
The characters may not be memorable in the long running but I kinda find most of them interesting. For instance, it never fails to make me raise my eyebrow whenever Sakuya whips how her super huge guns out of nowhere. I know she’s a cyborg but it doesn’t show that any part of her body is made of those guns. Another interesting one is Otome. I couldn’t help break into a smile each time she says "Incomprehensible". Ironically, she’s a robot and should have lots of data and information but in many instances, circumstances in the series always has her going saying that trademark line of hers. Yeah, there are many things humans do that defies logic and reasoning. Yayoi is still the complete airhead she is as Akio won’t stop her Kino Rangers hobby anytime and Tetsurou seems pretty much a secondary character. Another thing is Miya’s mechas. I guess they’re really for show. Though they show a little improvement towards the end (a huge progress if you considered all it did was taking a beating) but still it is pretty much flawed. She should start investing in better mechas if she’s going to beat those rejects. But even so I think KK7 can hold their ground.
On a trivial note, the mid-intermission shows randomly the characters of the series in certain poses and saying some random lines. They may sound ecchi or nonsensical sometimes. As for the episode title, though they are not the longest sentence, at least it was long enough the way Yayoi narrated it to be in her typical dramatic airhead style. And it ends with "~desu", which is what she ends in most of her sentences. I think a certain doll in Rozen Maiden does it better. The opening theme by the seiyuus of KK7 is Mega Love and sounds like your typical upbeat get-into-the-action kind of song. "Mega love! Mega love! Ready to fight! Let’s go". How does that sound? Not to mention the crazy animation (includes Miya and co trying to capture Tetsurou but only to be foiled). In stark contrast, the ending theme by Upper Slope, Miracle, is a very slow ballad. The animation here just sees Tetsurou and KK7 (later joined by Gantai after her ‘taming’) sitting on the grassy plain enjoying the gentle breeze.
So for Tetsurou, he may just be starting to accept the girls as they are. Life may not be peaceful and boring but heck, would you pass up a chance to be surrounded with babes with super powers? Incomprehensible. Being the only guy in a school filled with girls? Every male otaku’s dream come true. Incomprehensible. Why couldn’t Gokou 5 ever make peace with KK7? Maybe that will be no fun. Incomprehensible. So the next time there is another anime series with both mecha and ecchi elements, I should be careful in whether to jump in and watch. Hmm… On second thought, maybe there is no harm in trying. Why? Because I can. Incomprehensible.

Koi Koi 7

I don’t really remember what was the real reason that prompted me to do a short blog on this topic of anime marriages. Not to say that they are any different from the real world, but it isn’t any closer like those happily ever after endings you read in fairytales when you were a kid. Walking down the aisle of holy matrimony to some may be a life’s dream, to some part of their cultural and traditional reasons and others well, some ulterior motive. So listed below are a selected few anime marriages and engagements from animes that I have watched. Note that these marriages and engagements begin and made known at the start or early in the anime.
Onegai Teacher
AnimeOnegai Teacher
The married pair: Kei Kusanagi and Mizuho Kazami.
Marriage type: Student-teacher marriage and human-alien marriage.
How they got hitched: They were accidentally caught in a compromising position in the school’s store room and in order to avoid being expelled, Kei’s impulsive idea that they are married to protect Mizuho results them into actually getting registered as a married couple.
Secrecy: Because of the inappropriateness of a student-teacher relationship, they have to keep their marriage a secret at all cost or even engage in any public displays of affection. Only a handful of people know their marriage like the headmaster, Kei’s uncle and Mizuho’s mom and little sister.
Other outside love: Kei’s classmate Koishi Herikawa loves him.
The relationship: Though their relationship is a little bumpy and a few arguments here and there, their feelings for each other grow stronger.
Oku-sama Wa Joshi Kousei
Anime: Oku-sama Wa Joshi Kousei
The married pair: Asami Onohara and Kyousuke Ichimaru.
Marriage type: Student-teacher marriage.
How they got hitched: At the start of the series, it is known that they are already married. Must be really in love with each other that much, eh?
Secrecy: Just like in Onegai Teacher, they have to keep their marriage a secret from the rest but it’s a little hard especially if your husband is your physics teacher! Initially Asami’s father is the only one who knows of their marriage and forbids any sexual relationship till his daughter graduates. Later new neighbours, Sakura and Sasuke discover about it but promise to keep it a secret. Also, Ichimaru’s colleague finds out about their relationship but promise not to expose their relationship.
Other outside love: Asami’s classmate, Kouhei AKA Erosaki, and the Storekeeper like her as with Iwasaki for Ichimaru.
The relationship: Sure Ichimaru tries his best to further his relationship even if Asami has her little horny dreams of ‘doing her first time’ with him. Even with all the 3rd party interferences, they promise to continue loving each forever and prove that love indeed conquers all regardless of age.
Seto No Hanayome
Anime: Seto No Hanayome
The married pair: Nagasumi Michishio and San Seto.
Marriage type: Human-mermaid marriage.
How they got hitched: San saved Nagasumi from drowning and if a mermaid’s identity is known by a human, the human must die. Unless they are family and this means being married.
Secrecy: So far Nagasumi’s parents, the Seto mermaid yakuza clan and its rival clan Edomae.
Other outside love: Though Runa views San as her rival and desires to snatch everything San has, including Nagasumi and forcing him to marry her, eventually she does in fact develop true feelings for him. The nameless Iinchou also holds a secret crush on Nagasumi while Akeno has hinted she too does have those feelings for him while the son of the wealthy Mikawa Corporation, Kai, is open about his love for San. Not to mention all those crazy obsessed fan club members and supporters of San.
The relationship: I’m sure it would be a happy married life for the duo if not for the interference of San’s dad Gozaburou and some of his underlings who are bent on getting rid of Nagasumi. Talk about real life implications of your in-laws. But San is a nice and understanding girl just as Nagasumi is so I’m sure they’ll pull through all those ‘little’ complications with their undying love for each other.
Kyouran Kazoku Nikki
AnimeKyouran Kazoku Nikki
The married pair: Ouka and Kyouka Midarezaki.
Marriage type: Forced marriage.
How they got hitched: In order to avoid the reawakening of the God of Destruction, Enka, Operation Cosy Family is put into operation with Ouka being forcibly married to Kyouka and playing father and mother respectively to the rest of the ‘family’.
Secrecy: It’s a global operation so I guess it’s no big secret.
Other outside love: Shiruku Kirisaka AKA Grim Reaper III who is Ouka’s former colleague seems to indicate that she likes him and an alien named Oasis coming to Earth seeking the meaning of love, eventually truly falls in love with him.
The relationship: Initially Ouka agrees to take on this as part of his job but as the odd family does things together, he finds out the true meaning and his love for Kyouka. Same case with that arrogant and incessantly yapping catgirl. She tries her best to care for her family and loves Ouka dearly. It’s evident that she gets jealous if she sees him with another woman.
Final Approach
Anime: Final Approach
The engaged pair: Ryo Mizuhara and Shizuka Masuda.
Engagement type: Arranged marriage.
How they got engaged: The government takes drastic actions on a national scale to stop the decline in Japan’s birth rates and thus young couples of opposite genders are paired so that they could increase the childbirth rate.
Secrecy: Heck, everybody knows about it because it’s done on a national scale.
Other outside love: Initially Ryo prefers his classmate, Emiho.
The relationship: Shizuka is prepared to be Ryo’s bride but Ryo on the other hand is reluctant and treats her indifferently. After several obstacles like Shizuka’s dad objecting their engagement, Ryo finally acknowledges that he loves her.
Anime: Rizelmine
The engaged pair: Tomonori Iwaki and Rizel.
Engagement type: Arranged marriage.
How they got engaged: Another government interference using the "Power of the State" to arrange for Tomonori’s marriage to a genetically engineered human. Furthermore, his parents accept their engagement wholeheartedly because they have been ‘bribed’ with goodies like all-paid expenses for home renovation and such.
Secrecy: Everybody knows it.
Other outside love: Tomonori likes his homeroom teacher, Natsumi, but his classmate-cum-childhood friend, Aoi harbours a crush on him. Busty and older Kyouko has a crush on Tomonori while Ryuunosuke loves Rizel because he is a lolicon.
The relationship: Rizel may be naive but eagerness to be Tomonori’s husband may prove to be annoying especially since he prefers older women. Yeah, a one-sided relationship as Iwaki don’t really give a damn about Rizel but I guess after going through thick and thin, he realizes he still cares for her.
To Love-Ru
AnimeTo Love-Ru
The engaged pair: Rito Yuuki and Lala Satalin Deviluke.
Engagement type: Human-alien type.
How they got engaged: Rito accidentally putting his palms over Lala’s boobs, a Deviluke custom for a proposal. WTF?!
Secrecy: As of this point Lala’s dad Gid and her personal bodyguard Zastin.
Other outside love: Rito holds a crush on his classmate Haruna. Yui also develops feelings for Rito when he saved her from delinquents. Gender-bending Ren likes Lala while his female counterpart Run likes Rito.
The relationship: How would you feel if you are to be married to the daughter of a powerful empire and inherit a whole galaxy under your wing? Yeah, the intense pressure. Rito doesn’t exactly like this idea in the first place and though Lala’s airhead seems to be making Rito’s life miserably, her initially excuse to be engaged to Rito so that she could run away from all those marriage interviews back home (in which she’s sick of) turns into genuine love and likewise for Rito too.
Sumomomo Momomo
Anime: Sumomomo Momomo
The engaged pair: Koushi Inuzuka and Momoko Kuzuryuu.
Engagement type: Arranged marriage.
How they got engaged: Their fathers arranged it seeing that Momoko’s dad thinks that Momoko will produce a strong offspring since she herself is unable to become strong.
Secrecy: The feuding zodiac clans know about this.
Other outside love: Iroha develops a crush on Koushi though she is in a dilemma to support Momoko’s happiness. Sanae also harbours a secret crush for Koushi while Tenka likes Momoko.
The relationship: Koushi who hates martial artists and is more interested in becoming a lawyer doesn’t care much for hyperactive Momoko who attempts to please her future husband in any way she can (including sleeping or doing horny stuff) but her plans always backfire due to Koushi’s indifferent attitude. With some the other characters opposing their marriage and trying to break them up, eventually Koushi accepts Momoko as he can’t be away from her.
Ranma 1/2
Anime: Ranma 1/2
The engaged pair: Ranma Saotome and Akane Tendo.
Engagement type: Arranged marriage.
How they got engaged: Their fathers, Genma and Soun, agreed many years before that their children are to be married to carry on the Tendo Dojo and since Akane is the same age as Ranma, coupled in with the twisted fact that she hates men and that Ranma is only half male, so I guess they are ‘suited’ for each other.
Secrecy: Everyone knows about it.
Other outside love: There’s quite a number but I’ll keep it brief. Those who are interested in the male Ranma include Ukyo, Shampoo and Kodachi while Ryouga and Tatewaki Kuno have their feelings towards Akane.
The relationship: The typical I-hate-you and every day goes by without them getting into petty or large scale argument and squabbles. It is going to be tough with other admirers gunning for their respective crushes but you know after being together for so long (heck, they live in the same dojo too) you can tell that they do care for each other even if they don’t show or say it. How can they not confess to each other for so long?! Is it that hard? Yeah, it is.
Akane-iro Ni Somaru Saka
Anime: Akane-iro Ni Somaru Saka
The engaged pair: Junichi Nagase and Yuuhi Katagiri.
Engagement type: Arranged marriage.
How they got engaged: Their parents. Who else?
Secrecy: Everyone knows about it.
Other outside love: Junichi’s non blood related sister, Minato, seems to indicate to have feelings for him. Also, proud and wealthy Karen also reveals her feelings for Junichi.
The relationship: Because of Junichi’s accidental kiss, Yuuhi hates him and treats him abuse with her violent and temperament behaviour. Of course, as time goes by even if this stint for them going out was to see if their relationship would make any progress (if not, their engagement will be cancelled), Yuuhi does develop feelings for Junichi but at the end of the series, Junichi who is having a dilemma to choose which girl, eventually chooses Minato. Though Yuuhi isn’t upset, she isn’t giving up just yet.
Kemeko Deluxe
Anime: Kemeko Deluxe
The engaged pair: Sanpeita Kobayashi and MM.
Engagement type: Forced marriage.
How they got engaged: MM who is piloting some freaky machine called Kemeko, crashes into Sanpeita’s classroom, kisses him and announces that they are to be married.
Secrecy: Everyone knows of it.
Other outside love: Sanpeita’s other busty childhood friend, Izumi, harbours a secret crush on him.
The relationship: Though MM’s reason to be engaged to Sanpeita is to protect him from the mysterious Mishima Corporation that is out to retrieve a mysterious but powerful Nano Ball he swallowed 10 years ago, eventually her body reactions do tell us that she does have feelings for him. While Sanpeita is still pining for his childhood friend whom he still has feelings for, he accepts MM for who she is.


Anime: Basilisk
The engaged pair: Gennousuke Kouga and Oboro Iga.
Engagement type: Between clans.
Why they got engaged: To stop the feud between their clans which has been going on for the last hundred over years.
Secrecy: Everyone knows of it.
Other outside love: Nil.
The relationship: Both Gennousuke and Oboro are deeply in love with each other but their love is put on a stern test when the uneasy truce is lifted and both clans are to eliminate each other just to decide a succession dispute. Despite betrayals and conspiracy to break them up, they remain in love with each other till their final breath. A classic tragedy of till death do us part.

Ai Yori Aoshi

Anime: Ai Yori Aoshi
The engaged pair: Kaoru Hanabishi and Aoi Sakuraba.
Engagement type: Arranged marriage.
How they got engaged: In order to consolidate both influential families, it is agreed that they both are to be engaged. However Kaoru walked out due to inhumane treatment of his own family towards himself and his mom (because he was an illegitimate child). Aoi also walked out since she can’t bring herself to love another man.
Secrecy: Living in the Sakuraba’s summer mansion with other residents, both need to keep their relationship a secret in order to avoid a scandal. With the help of Aoi’s guardian and caretaker, Miyabi, they managed to do so via a landlord-tenant relationship.
Other outside love: Tina deeply loves Kaoru but has to hide it from him though it pains her a lot unlike Mayu who is more open about her desire for him. Also, the house maid Taeko develops feelings for Kaoru.
The relationship: Both Kaoru and Aoi are very much deeply in love with each other and due to circumstances, they can’t show it openly.
Happily Ever After…
I’m sure that there are many more anime marriages and engagements out there which are left out of this list but at this point in time, they are the only ones which I can think of. Plus, there are many other types of marriages and engagements which include same sex marriages or incest. Then there are those which married later in the series like Kotoko Aihara and Irie Naoki of Itazura Na Kiss, Junichi and Nemu Asakura of Da Capo Second Season and Tomoya Okazaki and Nagisa Furukawa of Clannad ~After Story~. But that’s another story. So in most cases, it goes to show that even if the relationship starts off rocky, their love will grow and blossom in the end. Some love relationships need time to develop while others are an instant hit off. But the most important thing is for them to be happy with each other and for those who don’t really end up with their loved ones, I’m sure they too are happy with the fact that their cherished ones are happy. See, love is all about give and take. Now if all these could happen more often in the real world. So is it possible for a 3D person like me to get married to a 2D character? Love knows no bounds and transcends time. Mai, I love you! Will you please marry me!!!

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