Suzumiya Haruhi No Yuutsu Season 2

March 13, 2010

I remember vaguely after watching the first season that I wasn’t going to watch the sequel if there were to be one. I guess you can call me a hypocrite because I felt that there is some compelling force which made me have the need and urge to watch Suzumiya Haruhi No Yuutsu Season 2. Yeah, the long awaited and much anticipated second season has come and gone just like that. While I’m still thinking how the first season was how so great that it turned into a cult series, gave birth to a new ‘religion’ called Haruhism and launched the then rookie Aya Hirano to stardom. But what the heck, God works in mysterious ways.
With much said, there is of course good news and bad news in my humble opinion. The good news: The episodes are aired in chronological order! Yahoo! That means viewers like me do not need to scratch their head over the mixed up, jump-here-jump-there episodes. It’s a smooth ride in terms of trying to follow the flow of the storyline. Now the bad news: Because of being aired in chronological order, they are also showing episodes from the previous season! What the?! That means, in addition to 14 new episodes, viewers will also have to watch reruns (if you ever intended to. I didn’t) of its previous 14 episodes. That’s 28 episodes in total and it’s not like they show the previous season first then the second or vice versa but in-between since it is well, in chronological order. But heck, it beats otherwise. Because of that, there is no next episode preview so I guess it makes viewers guessing if the next episode is a new or a repeat.
So what are the new and exciting ‘adventures’ that will await our quirky boring-normal-human-hating-but-alien-time-traveller-esper-loving gal Haruhi? Well, that’s the interesting part of the series. You can’t help love her one-kind thinking to make full use of fun with her SOS Brigade members, no matter how illogical they sound. And there’s Kyon’s sarcastic punch lines too. They have to keep her preoccupied to her whims and fancies and not make it boring or else it would be like in the previous season whereby the world nearly ended. In order not to confuse myself, I will only blog the new episodes and name them accordingly as per the new season and not accumulative with the previous season.
Bamboo Leaf Rhapsody
Episode 1 begins with Kyon and the other SOS Brigade members gathering in their club room (which by the way was ‘stolen’ from the computer club). Of course Haruhi brings in a little bamboo tree so that they could write their wishes for the Tanabata festival. With 1 condition. Oh dear. Now this is what I understand from all those mumbo jumbo explanations. Theoretically if you follow the story, those who believe should well know that the wishes are granted by a pair of stars that represent Orihime and Hikoboshi, Vega and Altair. Theoretically those stars are many light years away so if you make a wish and wait for it to come true, you’ll have to wait twice that long. Who lives forever except God, right? I don’t know how but Haruhi says it’ll take 25 years because it’ll work out somehow. So she wants her members to write down their wishes for each star that will be granted in that period of time. I don’t want to list down what they wrote. And this is a race to see whose wish will come true first? Like who’ll remember. But soon after that, Haruhi has that depressing and gloomy look.
Kyon gets a message from Asahina to wait in the club room after everyone leaves. We know that guy loves that klutzy time traveller so he’s willing to do so. It seems Asahina wants him to go back 3 years in time with her. Why? Classified information. Ah, those trademark lines. Kyon is sedated and when he opened his eyes, they’re on a park bench 3 years ago. Asahina then falls asleep. That’s when the grown up Asahina appears. It would be bad if they’d both see each other. She tells Kyon to head south till a school and assist the person at the entrance. Before grown Asahina leaves, she wishes for Kyon to keep this a secret from her youthful self. As Kyon carries sleeping Asahina and reaching upon the school gates, he spots young Haruhi trying to get in! Yeah, she still has that attitude back then. Before Kyon knows it, he had become her accomplice in getting her inside school. Trespassing, aren’t we? Thankfully, the place is dark so Haruhi can’t see their faces clearly. Haruhi makes full use of Kyon by ordering him to draw some alien symbol on the school field. Yeah, I remember something vaguely like that. So that was his doing?! Haha! Once done, she asks him if he believed in aliens, time travellers and espers. So I guess the way he nonchalantly answered them meant yes. Kyon guesses correctly that the alien message is for Orihime and Hikoboshi because he of a certain someone (Haruhi lah). So surprised Haruhi wonders if there is such a person at his school and would like to meet her. The conversation ends with Haruhi leaving.
When Asahina wakes up, she panics because some device of hers is gone. Is that bad? Very. Why? Without it, they can’t get back to normal time. Uh oh. Thinking there might be a way, Kyon takes out the Tanabata note which Nagato gave him earlier on as they proceed to her place. They meet and due to some technical jargon which I don’t understand, the future and past Nagato are one so she recognizes them. Nagato is going to help solve their predicament and leads them to a room and prepares a pair of futon for them and tells them to sleep. She’s not thinking of anything undesirable, is she? As they tug in and Nagato shuts the door, before Kyon think further, Nagato reopens the door and they’re back 3 years in the future. How did that happen? Nagato froze time and space in that particular room so yeah, 3 years went by in just an instant. Yeah, just like that. Later Kyon and Asahina had a chat as she apologizes for the way time travellers work for they follow their superior’s orders without question. So back in school, Kyon realizes that he may be the one responsible for giving Haruhi all these unnecessary ideas. So that’s why she is so quirky. Whose fault, eh?
Endless Eight
The hot summer vacation has just begun in episode 2. Kyon is watching TV with his sister when he gets a call from Haruhi, ordering to meet and bring lots of cash. He always pays, literally. Haruhi decides to go to the swimming pool and the usual fun. Later at the cafe, Haruhi lists down all the stuff that they’re supposed to accomplish during their short summer break. Next day, Haruhi decides to go to the festival so she has the gang out shopping for yukatas. That night at the Bon Odori festival, Haruhi and Asahina play goldfish scooping while Nagato buys a mask (Ultraman? Must be an alien thingy). Then they play fireworks so Kyon wonders if Haruhi has completed her homework. She chides him that it should only take 3 days and has already done it before the vacation. Yeah, even Kyon is surprised why does a person like her have brains. Then it is decided tomorrow will be cicada catching hunt and the one who catches the most gets to be the brigade chief for a day. Seriously, do you want that position? As expected Haruhi catches the most and retains her position and releases all the cicadas at the end. The next day, everyone is unexpectedly called by Haruhi to dress up in large frog mascots doing odd part time jobs by handing out balloons. It’s bloody hot in there. Once it’s over and Kyon expecting their cash payment is instead being told that their ‘payment’ is in the form of those frog costumes. Uh huh. Haruhi really wanted them badly. Sweating their asses off for it? Gotta be kidding. That night they went stargazing at Koizumi’s place. They continue their great run of activities like baseball batting, movie marathon, karaoke, bowling, test of courage and goby fishing contest among others. They’re really on the move. On the second last day of summer vacation, they’ve completed their list so Haruhi asks if they want to do anything more. Well, they’ve done a lot already. What more does she want? Because nobody answered, she has them to rest on the final day before school reopens. So the final day sees Kyon trying to finish his homework. Impossible. So I guess he goes to bed and sees what comes tomorrow.
Don’t be startled if you’re watching the wrong episode because episode 3 somehow feels the same as its previous. Just a little change in dialogue, screen angle and maybe their clothes. But it’s pretty much the same. Haruhi calls Kyon, meet at swimming pool, doing a list of summer activities, Bon Odori festival visit, catching cicadas and part time job. Hmm… Is there something wrong? You bet. That night Kyon is awakened from his slumber from a ghost-like crying from Asahina. Kyon goes to meet Asahina, Koizumi and Nagato and learns that she can’t return to the future. In short, they are in some infinite time loop in which the point of September onwards has disappeared (naturally Asahina can’t return to a future which is non-existent). Meaning, they’re repeating 2 weeks of summer over and over again. Asahina tries to explain but her classified information in every sentence makes it like a censor. Koizumi thinks Haruhi must be the cause and feels deep in her heart she doesn’t want summer to end so at the stroke of midnight on 31st August, time is reset, though she herself is unaware. Only those close to her like the SOS Brigade felt this ‘memory remnants’ and the answer to their deja vu feelings all the while. However only 1 person did not have her memories reset: Nagato. She remembers everything. How loops have they been through? 15,498. SAY WHAT?! She even gives exact statistical figures of variations. Oh the data overload! Sometimes I feel she’s more of a robot than an alien. Next night during stargazing, Koizumi teasingly suggests Kyon to whisper "I love you" into Haruhi’s ear. During baseball batting, Kyon asks Nagato why didn’t she brought this matter up and her reply is that her job is just to observe. Isn’t she bored? Soon summer comes to an end and Haruhi asking if they want to do anything more. With no reply, she leaves but Kyon feels that strong deja vu feeling. He feels she isn’t possible satisfied and needs to stop her or else they’ll have to repeat their summer again. However he can’t so she left. So the final day, Kyon’s homework is untouched because what’s the point if time is going to be reset again, right? Yeah.
Uh huh. The same thing in episode 4. Really a deja vu arc. Different angle positions, slightly different dialogue and probably a change in clothes. The same activities and the distressing cry from Asahina. Yeah, repeat the same explanation again, will ‘ya. So how many loops has it been already? 15,499. How old are you if you are to repeat 2 weeks for over 10,000 times? Around 594 years! Then same activities after that and another shot for Kyon to stop Haruhi from leaving with a stronger deja vu feeling. Nope. Failed. Haruhi leaves. Homework? Good thing he didn’t finish it in the previous episode, eh? Okay, okay. I understand if you’re starting to get pissed in episode 5. More of the same thing. If not, the entire same thing. So the only thing which interests me at this point is how many loops they’ve gone through already. 15,513! Oh yeah. That number gap in between shows Kyon failed to stop Haruhi. And again he contributed to that statistic after another futile attempt to stop Haruhi from leaving. Don’t even think of touching your homework, buddy. I don’t blame you if you’re starting to think the producers are ripping us viewers off and taking us for a ride. Hahaha! I must be going nuts already because episode 6 is in fact another repeat. And you thought watching reruns on TV is bad. So this is the number what time? 15,521. Hey Kyon, can you do it this time? Come on, come on! Dang. He flopped. Looks like it’s another 2 weeks of… ARGH!!! Control and suppress those hate and disgusted feelings. Yup, you guessed it. Another identical recurrence in episode 7. If you were to watch a new interesting advertisement, you’d be fascinated. How about watching that same ad for the umpteenth time? I know, you’d change the channel and curse the broadcasting crew. Feel like pulling out your hair? Oh by the way, it’s the 15,524th time they have been looping.
By now, I should be able to remember and rehearse some of the same lines that the characters spew in episode 8. But I didn’t because I didn’t feel like it. The damn repetition continues and it’s amazing that a certain production company office isn’t burned down yet. I was really hoping the looping would’ve breached 16,000 at this point but it is only at 15,527. Hey, why move the figures so slowly? Make a big jump already, will ‘ya! Episode 9 is supposed to be the episode with much expectation because this replicating arc is supposed to end. Waiting with baited breath as when the ‘change’ will take place. And no, it doesn’t breach the 16,000 loop. It’s at 15,532. After 4/5 of more or less the same thing, Kyon finally gets the willpower to say that his list isn’t finished yet, prompting Haruhi to stop leaving. He gets Koizumi, Asahina and Nagato to come over to his house tomorrow morning to help finish his homework. Because of his over-the-top dramatic orders, Haruhi isn’t pleased and tells him off that he’s supposed to get her opinion as the brigade chief first. And as punishment for his violation, she is going to come along too. So the final day sees the entire gang converging at Kyon’s home helping him finish his summer homework and having fun too. In the end, the infinite time loop is broken and the flow of time resumes back to normal. Wow. Just like that? So the reason as Koizumi suggests, Haruhi who is academically and athletically good, never considered their homework to be a burden so she never had the joy of experiencing sharing the workload among her friends. Kyon notices for once Nagato is absent from her usual spot in the club room. Must be damn tired, eh? Hey, she’s an alien, not a robot. So I guess 15,332 times is too much even for an advanced creature like her. He also feels that the strong deja vu feelings were gifts left by their predecessors. He is here because of them that underwent those excruciating repeats and he has to look it that way or else their summer would’ve been for nothing.
The Sigh Of Haruhi Suzumiya
Thank God that arc is finally over. Now if you remember that horrible F-grade amateur movie Haruhi did back in the first season, these are the events which led right up to it. In episode 10, SOS Brigade once again emerges victorious in the sports festival, denting the pride of many sports club. The cultural festival is coming up next so after seeing the boring ideas that her class is going to do, Haruhi is determined to do something much more interesting for the festival. That means something dangerous, right? Yeah, I can hardly wait. In the club room while waiting for Koizumi to come, Haruhi suggests Asahina be a clumsy maid and spill tea over Kyon’s head. She even wanted to demonstrate it herself. No way! After Koizumi comes in and hearing what their classes will be doing for the festival, Haruhi says that their club will be screening a movie for the said event. How the heck did she get that idea? She saw a weird and horrible movie last night and got this idea that she could make a better movie than that. Just like that? Nobody really knows what’s going on in her head. And you can’t go against her because she’s the director. Oh boy. Well, I guess it’s better than capturing a UFO and putting it up as freak show display. Next day, Haruhi has got the roles worked out. With her the director, Asahina, Koizumi and Nagato will be the actors and every other menial task is to be handed to Kyon. Oh, that’s so typical. So how are they going to get the props? Don’t worry. Haruhi takes Kyon and Asahina after school to various shops. After some shady discussion with the shop owners, they gladly gave Haruhi the goods! Wow! I hope she’s not selling Asahina’s body as payment. And Kyon, he’s got a feeling he’s got to clean up all the mess when it all ends.
In episode 11, Kyon and Koizumi enter the club room to see Haruhi has forcefully put on a sexy waitress outfit on Asahina for the filming, much to the latter’s embarrassment. Nagato comes in in her witch gig so Haruhi gets excited to cast her as the evil alien in her movie with Asahina the time travelling combat waitress and Koizumi the boy esper saviour. Very close to their real life personalities. Kyon and Koizumi are left to make preparations for tomorrow’s filming and Kyon needs to learn how to use a camera by then. Koizumi mentions how he prefers the current situation to remain unchanged and doesn’t want to world to turn into a huge mess again. After school, Haruhi and the gang visit the shop owners for them. It seems that the deal was for Asahina to do a sponsor take on their shops as part of their in-movie commercial. How embarrassing, considering all the passers-by watching. Did I mention Asahina is in a sexy Playboy bunny outfit? Asahina is so moe when she’s klutzy. The next day, filming begins at some park fountain and as director Haruhi flexes her authority around, it’s really funny, if not sympathetic to see feeble Asahina trying to act out her embarrassing role. Nagato is just standing there like a rock. Where’s the impact? How can they win the coveted international award Haruhi has been aiming for? Well, she can. At least to her.
The lame acting continues in episode 12 so I guess any part which isn’t good will be left to you-know-who to be edited for CG effects. Yeah, his job scope has been increased. They also illegal tried to shoot at the shrine but got chased away by the priest. Then back at the park, Haruhi continues to ‘bully’ Asahina as she wants her to shoot laser beam with her contact lens eye. Kyon is upset that his beloved Asahina is being harassed so he tries to stop Haruhi. After that is settled, filming continues (note the families behind watching their embarrassing take). It would’ve been another boring outing when suddenly Kyon’s camera blacks out. Nagato’s hand is in front of his face. Holy sh*t! Asahina unknowingly can shoot beams from her eyes?! It even cut Koizumi’s reflector board! Nagato quickly jumps onto Asahina and takes off her contacts, giving an excuse it is lost. Haruhi then changes part of her story and takes Asahina away to change her into a ‘normal’ outfit. That Playboy suit. Yeah, probably that is what she thought of normal for a time travelling combat waitress. When they’re gone, the trio discuss what has happened and thanks to Nagato’s badly wounded palm, it could’ve been Kyon’s face that could’ve been burnt! She initiates a healing process. It seems Asahina does not possess any eye beam abilities nor is that contact lens having such a feature at all. So how? They conclude that it must be Haruhi’s unsuspected doing that she really wanted Asahina to shoot a laser beam out from her eye. When Haruhi and Asahina comes back, the filming continues with Asahina just standing around in various places of the city. She calls that her normal life in the movie? The next day, Tsuruya, Taniguchi and Kunikida has been called to help out with the filming but Asahina feigns some illness that she can’t come. After all that embarrassment, I’d understand. So pissed Haruhi goes all the way to get her herself! Eventually they got back as Asahina tells Kyon how she’s been injected with some nanomachines so that laser beam incident won’t happen again. Of course the other guys are drooling after seeing how sexy and cute Asahina is in that waitress outfit.
Filming now takes place at a lake in episode 13. Another eye beam order from Haruhi which has Nagato once again quickly jumping on Asahina to subdue her. During the struggle, they notice part of the iron bars got sliced off. Though the rest thinks it’s metal fatigue, the rest thinks it’s some invisible wires this time from her contact lens. As part of Haruhi’s inconsistent storyline, she wants Asahina to be thrown into the dirty lake! Kyon isn’t amused by Haruhi’s realism reasoning but Koizumi stops him. Asahina sums up her courage and agrees to do it. After doing so, they head to Tsuruya’s home to film a scene whereby esper boy saves her. Haruhi whispers to Tsuruya and soon the latter bring out drinks for everyone. The shooting starts with Koizumi putting Asahina down in bed and then Haruhi tells them to kiss! Kyon stops them and suspects that Asahina’s drink has been spiked. Tsuruya apologizes though she seems like having fun. Haruhi continues to persecute Asahina even in her drowsy state so Kyon can’t take it anymore. He blows his top as they both get into an argument. Kyon is so mad that he raises his fist and is going to hit her, only to be stop by Koizumi. Haruhi still insists that they should do as they’re told because she’s the director while Kyon still insists of slapping some sense into her. Seeing how wretched Asahina pleads them not to fight, they give up. As they leave, Koizumi has a chat with Kyon about Haruhi a normal human being granted divine powers and perhaps her existence is part of a mission to correct this failed world. Next day in school, Haruhi becomes cold and depressed so after Kyon hears how Taniguchi is criticising Haruhi’s efforts, it made him realized something he didn’t want to (perhaps Haruhi is better than Taniguchi because she tried to do something rather than sitting around complaining). Kyon goes to see Haruhi at the club room (ignoring him at first) and says they’re going to make the movie a success. That’s when she’s back to her normal self. The next day, the SOS Brigade continues filming at the park blooming with sakura leaves as Haruhi thinks of finding a stray black cat for Nagato’s role as a witch. Hey, I thought she was an evil alien?
The gang head to Nagato’s backyard in episode 14 to find a cat for their movie role. Haruhi is so into her directing that she names the cat Shamisen and wants it to start talking. Yeah, Kyon has been given a new task of taking care of Shamisen. After filming and Haruhi left, the cat indeed starts talking! The quartet discuss things at the cafe as Koizumi says how fiction is becoming a reality via Haruhi’s movie. He feels that fiction and reality cannot mix and needs to guide her in restoring this movie into a rational affair. That means, to tell Haruhi that all this is just a dream. But would she buy it? Like that would happen. Who’d go up against Almighty and tell Him that? At school, Asahina personally sees Kyon and though she has no intention of badmouthing Koizumi, she tells him that he mustn’t trust the esper because she rejects Koizumi’s view and feels that the world was like that to begin with. She is also sure that Nagato has her own viewpoint, in which Kyon goes to seek. Sure, she also explains her point and that their factions could never agree with each other and that there is no guarantee in what they say are true since there is no solid proof. At least that is what Nagato thinks for Kyon’s case. Next day as filming continues, even stranger things began to happen. Asahina’s model guns are firing high pressure water bullets, her eye beam would shoot different dangerous projectile depending on the contact lens’ colour and the colour of the pigeons changed.
That night, Koizumi pays Kyon a visit and gives his side of the story. He hints that there may be more factions out there with theories surrounding Haruhi. Behind the scenes, there are lots of backstabbing and betrayal. Yeah, I don’t want to hear the details. He also tells Kyon that Asahina’s role of a helpless little girl is to attract Kyon’s attention and get a hold of him since Haruhi listens to him in a way. Of course isn’t amused with that bad joke so Koizumi wishes for him to help stop the abnormal phenomena by telling Haruhi that her entire movie is made up before the filming ends. Like shifting the responsibility to him, is he? The next day, Kyon manages to convince Haruhi about something before they make the final shoot. This leaves Kyon to do all the special effects. And the festival is tomorrow, you know? Can he finish it? Well, Haruhi says he must and burn the midnight oil. Unfortunately, both of them fell asleep. Morning comes and to Kyon’s surprise, the effects have been added. Who dunnit? That’s a mystery they’ll keep us guessing. During the festival as the movie is played, it seems the thing that Kyon convinced Haruhi was to add a narration at the end of the movie that everything is fiction or a coincidence and that it bears no resemblance to any real life events whatsoever. Yeah, that disclaimer you see in every movie. Thus in a way, those words cancelled out all the abnormal happenings that had happened. Lastly as Kyon chats with Haruhi at the cafe, he tells her the real identities of Nagato, Asahina and Koizumi. However Haruhi becomes upset like that would happen and leaves in a huff. It would’ve been easier if she’d believed him but what kind of world would it become if she became aware of that? Not something Kyon and the rest would take a chance on.
The Yawn For Haruhi Suzumiya
Seriously, this series has come and go for me just like that. I wouldn’t say that I regret watching the series which I am neither a fan of or have become one, but at least it satisfied my curiosity so that when people ask me about it, I could really say that there is nothing much to it. The biggest turn off for many viewers was definitely the Endless Eight arc. They don’t name it that for nothing. I know the arc deals with deja vu but showing the same thing with just slightly a little change in dialogue, screen angles and maybe their clothes is too much for normal viewers to handle. Hey, have I said that line before. Yeah, it’s that deja vu feeling. See, watching 8 episodes was enough to cause a little disgruntled and unhappiness what more about those people who have to repeat the same thing over and over again for 15,532 times! Man, that has got to be a real pain. It’s like watching the same thing with just slightly different dialogue lines, screen angles and maybe their clothes… Oh wait, I think I’ve said that before.
As for the final arc, Haruhi nearly turned into a hate figure (at least for me) because of the way she ‘abused’ Asahina. I know being a director includes flexing one’s authority but I can’t believe that she is that dense not to see Asahina in embarrassment or difficulty. I know she likes to tease and force Asahina to put on costumes at times but she has gone overboard with that one. I don’t blame Kyon if he felt like hitting her for good. If she wanted her acting to turn out so good in the first place, why didn’t her wish to make paranormal activities turn Asahina into an Oscar material? Maybe it is only for abnormal stuffs, eh? She can say goodbye of winning an Oscar. Maybe she’ll get Razzies instead. Or worse. Nothing at all. Nobody will know of her work, ever. Haha. Interestingly in the last episode whereby the explanations between the different factions and their theories surrounding Haruhi could have been expanded perhaps if they make future a sequel for this series. The trio working together though with their different philosophies of their own organization just to safeguard their beliefs surrounding Haruhi. Yeah, sure she did demonstrate some God-like powers but is she that powerful? Who knows? It’s better for her to remain the ‘blur’ fun loving assertive leap-first-look-later girl. Everyone knows her better that way. Don’t want your world to collapse, would you?
Basically since this season is chronologically in-between the previous season, obviously the main characters are still identifiable with for fans who have watched the predecessor. No further introduction for Haruhi needed. Kyon is still the sarcastic with his ‘analytical’ thinking of the situation he is in and the one who ‘keeps Haruhi happy’. Hey, she does pass on duties, penalizes him, depends on him, etc, right? But ironically, if she’s the one who showed no interest in normal humans and declared aliens, time travellers and espers to join her, why didn’t she believe Kyon when he was telling the truth? The point is, she is considering them as normal humans, right? Haruhi may be quirky but she’s not dumb. Nagato still does not talk much unless when necessary so I guess she is one of the few main characters who have relatively few lines in a series. I really feel she is suited to be a robot than an alien due to her monotonous and expressionless character portrayal. Asahina is still exuding moe over her klutz. Especially that ghostly cry during the Endless Eight arc. That was sure both scary and funny. Who knows what Koizumi is really thinking behind that eternal smiling face of his. I feel in contrast to Nagato, Koizumi ‘talks a lot’ because of his explanations and theories of the things that has happened. Of course Ryouko did not make her appearance her since she was erased by Nagato in the first season after attempting to kill Kyon. I thought at least she would make a comeback. Not. Same case for the computer club members. Hey, they’re minor unimportant characters (just like how Haruhi would like to think them as). At least they make a little cameo in the opening credits.
If you were expecting the infectious dance Hare Hare Yukai, you’d be disappointed that there isn’t any dance moves for fans to copy and make it a worldwide fever. Well, just that short little feet tapping moment at the start of the opening credits animation, nothing much. Other than that, the opening and ending credits include seeing the SOS Brigade members ‘on the move’. Also, the opening credits is filled with those formula and hypothesis just like in the first season. For the record, this season’s opening theme by Aya Hirano is Super Drive and sounds like a lively rock-pop song while the ending by the trio of Aya Hirano, Yuko Goto and Minori Chihara is Tomare, which is another lively pop piece. There is a movie for this series released in early 2010 called Suzumiya Haruhi No Shoushitsu (The Disappearance Of Haruhi Suzumiya). I read the synopsis that it takes place about a month after the festival and Kyon is the only one who remembers that everything has changed. Haruhi is missing, Asahina doesn’t recognize him, Nagato is a normal human student and Ryouko to be existing as a normal student. So is he in a different time line or another world? That’s what Kyon has to do to solve the mystery and get back to where he once belong.
So all this time paradox and deja vu matters are still complex and complicated to me. I’d probably be worse off than Kyon if I were in his shoes. If you ask me would I want to rewatch this series again, I would definitely say "NOOOOOOO!!!". Why should I sit through and waste half an hour watching the same things over and over again when I can be watching other animes? Who knows, maybe I am repeating this lifetime of mine several ten thousand times over again. I do get deja vu feelings too. Just a little change in dialogue, angle scenes and some clothing. Hey, I have a feeling I have said that before. Feeling upset that I am repeating in my blog? Heck, it’s better than repeating it 15,532 times!

Suzumiya Haruhi No Yuutsu

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