Akikan OVA

March 26, 2010

Empty cans taking a bath at the hotsprings? Oh heck, even if that doesn’t make much sense, it didn’t deter me to go watch the single episode of Akikan OVA. You know, those cans that materialized after somebody ‘kisses’ them by putting their lips on the lids. Then the grateful cans become servants to their masters known as Owners. Unfortunately if you’ve got a perverted master like Kakeru, then life is going to be tough. Real tough. Tell that to Melon.
So yeah, hotspring episodes can only mean 1 thing. Fanservice. What a better way to make the most out of fanservice via OVA. Come to think of it, even the TV series has some fanservice in it but I saw that some time ago so I can’t remember much. I remember loving Kakeru’s punch lines and thus the other reason why I looked forward to watch this OVA. What kind of pranks will he be up to? Well, you just got to watch to find out.
Yeah, the episode opener sees all the main girls in the series falling in love with Kakeru as though he is some hot hunk. Uh huh. They’re all over him. Fortunately that was just some naughty story Kakeru reading for Gigolo (for those who can’t remember, his real name is Goro Amaji and has been given this twisted nickname by a certain twisted fella beginning with ‘K’), who is having massive nose bleeds upon hearing that stimulating story. As for the girls minus Airin, they are preparing to enter the hotspring. However since some of them are Akikans, it isn’t a good idea to enter hot water. My science knowledge is not good so I don’t know what damaging effect it will have on them. To solve this problem, Najimi provides them a cold bath. Seems odd for such a pool at a hotspring inn but it’s better than getting into a hot one. Remember that lesbian witch, Kochikaze? I’m sure she is having a swell time too, rubbing her assets over Najimi’s back and gently swiping loli Misaki’s soft skin. She calls it skinship. Something Yell and Budoko aren’t fond off. Kochikaze quickly jumps into the hotspring so that she could have the 2 girls all to herself while Yell and Budoko are left crying in vain.
Melon then hears Kakeru’s gentle voice, beckoning her to come into the cold bath with him. Just when blushing Melon is about to get in, to her dismay that Kakeru is talking and acting out with a real melon can! Is this guy really insulting her or what? Furthermore, when Kakeru sees the real Melon, he gets cheeky by going into shock mode and wondering which is the real Melon! Of course when Kakeru stands up, Melon gets embarrassed because she gets full view of his little snakey pal. She blasts him away with her melon blast. Too bad the other girls also caught full view of his snake while he’s being blown away. Obviously they’re disgusted except for Najimi. Urm… Why is she looking so happy? And perverted…? But will that guy learn? Nope. Because he quotes how his passion has just begun. Uh oh.
While Yell and Budoko are washing their respective Owners, Kochikaze comes into the cold bath to comfort Melon. I guess any woman would do for her, huh? She starts to get yuri with her but before anything big could happen, they hear Gigolo’s scream. They enter a room to find him sprawled lifeless on the floor. Najimi thinks there is a murder case going on and that’s when Kakeru comes in to play detective. I’m not sure if he’s some perverted detective. Topless and wearing suspenders? After some info analysis such as his occupation being some unimportant minor role since birth, Kakeru concludes that the culprit is one of the girls. However the girls beat him up instead and throw him out, convinced that he himself is the culprit. True enough, Gigolo comes to and in his dizzy state wonders why Kakeru did this to him. Kochikaze seems sexy from Gigolo’s point of view so this time he really nose bleeds. Enough for any guy to die from loss of blood. Of course he just didn’t die. Note the sexily disgusting Otoya mid-intermission. Trying to undress his kimono top while saying "I love you"? Disgusting.
The girls go back to their bath when they are surprised to see Miku sitting in the cold bath. She ended up here after chasing her cat Owner. Still evasive, eh? Miku then thinks this is a trap set by them and leaves in a huff. However Najimi notices she left naked and thinks that is something a girl shouldn’t do. No choice, they all go and find her. In their haste, Melon got mixed up wearing Yell’s clothes while Najimi wore Budoko’s. They decide to get a quick change in the nearest room and are surprised to see Airin changing. Since Kochikaze is rummaging through her clothes, especially her panties, she kicks them out.
Melon opens a room only to find a very afraid Kakeru naked only clad with a mask covering his crotch area. You know, that mask’s long nose seems to signify something of his :). Why is Kakeru so scared? Because he’s being cornered by that gay Otoya guy! Yeah, he’s getting so excited and stimulated that he can’t stop himself. I believe Kakeru is desperate when he says this thing is his special item that he uses in order to assault Melon and the rest and thus doesn’t want to use it on him. Hahaha! He’s going to get screwed instead. Kakeru wants Melon to save her master but she just heaves a sigh, closes the door and walks away. May God have mercy on your soul, Kakeru. I don’t know if he’s about to lose his virginity. To a man.
Then Melon enters the next room but slips on a banana peel. This results in lots of sushi and other food to fall over her body. While it may seem like fanservice to viewers, it seems more of an inviting feast for the cat watching nearby. Say, doesn’t that cat look like Miku’s Owner? Anyway the cat starts pounding on Melon, licking her here and there. Miku then sees this and gets jealous on what her Owner is doing. Yeah, what does that can got that she hasn’t. It’s sushi, Miku. She steps in but slips on a banana peel. As a result, all the food is spilled on her. The difference is that she has a live octopus over her bottom half… But that’s not the end of their problems. That’s because they’re being surrounded by dozens of hungry cats. Let the licking begin! I’m not sure if they’re in distress or enjoying it. Maybe kind of both. The other girls come in to see what’s happening and aren’t amused with so much of the food being wasted. Najimi then lures the cats away with a flower. Yell, with a penchant for moving objects, also follows Najimi obediently like a cat and soon Kochikaze too (must be one of her yuri thoughts on her).
Budoko starts teasing Melon over her uncoolness so the latter throws a fishbone at her with complimented insults. Not amused Budoko does the same and before they know it, a food fight begins. Remember kids, do not waste food like this. Miku gets caught in between and just like anybody who gets splat in the face, doesn’t take this too well. So she unleashes a blast at them and leaves to search for her Owner. Now Melon and Budoko are mad so they chase after Miku. Unfortunately, Melon bumps into Kakeru who is frantically running away from Otoya (he’s screaming "How could I afford to get f*cked by him at this place?!"). Why unfortunate? The mask’s long nose of Kakeru hit her face. I’m not sure if Kakeru’s doing it on purpose because it’s like he’s trying to push and rub it into her face. The expected result? An explosion enough to destroy the inn. Luckily the inn still stands.
In the aftermath, Kakeru, after badly beaten up, is being tied up outside on a tree. Too bad innocent Gigolo too has been tied the same way as him. Blaming him entirely that their hotspring trip is ruined, Kochikaze calms Melon down by inviting them to go back to the bath once more while leaving the guys to hang around. But a fate worse than death awaits the boys. That fate is in the form of Otoya and he is over-the-moon that he has found them. His happy maniacal laughter indeed makes him sound like a crazy sex fiend. Just watch out your behind, okay?
So all is well, ends well? Not for Kakeru, though. His plan to screw the girls (I think) ended up being backfired. Hell yeah, he sure doesn’t change, does he? So does Otoya. Kakeru’s still got his punch lines and personally I still find them hilarious. Seeing that this is a filler episode, don’t get your hopes up if you want to know more about the storyline in the TV series such as the Akikan Elect. Like we’re so interested in that anyway. Just sit back and relax watching mindless fanservice.
Speaking of fanservice, considering that this is an OVA, based on my past experiences on watching them (not that I’m a pro on it, mind you), I thought that there would be shots on the girls’ top going totally bare (not that I was really expecting them, mind you). Well, you could say that they are strategically covered. But even so, that didn’t ruin the fun for this how. Unless you’re a hardcore ecchi/hentai person, that’s a different story.
That’s so much I can say about this OVA. Nothing much either. Just a little thought, though. You know when you go to public baths or hotsprings and after you have finished bathing, you’re supposed to drink milk right? I wonder the irony if the Akikans drank that. Does melon, grape juice or sports drink go well with milk? It would be even odd to see them drinking their own flavoured can. Now, what is the possibility of a beach episode for empty cans? No empty can talk please…


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