June 26, 2010

We have always seen that if ever a third World War comes, the planet will be in such a devastating place to live. And with all the effects of nuclear and chemical weapons, you can bet with the help of some sci-fi elements, some humans will start to gain superhuman powers. At least that is what this series says. In Needless, that said war has created a new bunch of species called Needless from the chaos of war. Wait a minute. Shouldn’t they be called Mutants? No, that’s copyrighted. Freaks? Too insensitive. Super All Powerful Unique Homo Sapiens? Too long. Needless to say (pun not intended) because of our very human nature to shun those different than ours, though these super beings posses exceptional powers, we humans don’t really have a need for it. Therefore the label Needless. Huh?
If you’re looking for sci-fi action adventure and comedy, then this series which in my opinion is anime’s answer and cousin to Marvel of America’s X-men, should be your cup of tea. It seems that the war in the near distant future has once again made Japan the target of bombings. Therefore a large dark crater in the middle of Japan called the Black Spot emerges and that is where all the Needless are born. There are a few terminologies in this series but it won’t be hard to remember unless you have a memory problem. For instance, the powers of each Needless are called Fragments and as a rule of thumb each Needless can only possess 1 Fragment. If you have seen the Mad Max movies, you have an idea of what the Black Spot is all about. Lawlessness and devastation. And in the midst of it a giant building named Simeon, disguised as a pharmaceutical and technology research company and famous throughout Japan, conducting shady experiments on humans.
Led by its absolute leader, Adam Arclight (needless to say, he has got to be a Needless), as seen in episode 1, he must be such a hate figure that an odd bunch of 400 Resistance members are setting up an ambush for him. Of course it was a trap and they are easily eliminated by his handful of strong Needless subordinates. Lesson: Quality beats quantity. The only survivor of the massacre is a young boy, Cruz Schild and his older sister Aruka, making a panic escape. In order for his little brother to escape, Aruka sacrifices herself to a Testament (Needless exterminating machines). In the sewers, Cruz is saved yet again from another Testament by a man in a priest-like appearance, Adam Blade. He does a kamikaze move to take out the Testament with his brute force. When Blade regains consciousness, his buddy professor Gido tells him Cruz dragged his unconscious body all the way back to their abandoned church hideout. Cruz also meets Blade’s partner, Eve Neuschwanstein (phew! What a mouthful) but that girl has a habit of giving people names and too bad Cruz has to contend that he will forever be called Yamada. Hey wait a minute. Adam and Eve? She scorns him for being a loser because all he could do is cry over the death of his sister and Resistance’s failure. Anyone would get his feelings hurt so he runs away. How insensitive can she get?
Arclight receives reports and pictures of a man (Blade) destroying the Testament and wants him killed since he doesn’t seem to show any Fragment power. When Gido points out that Cruz may have a tracker on him and more reinforcements will be sent, Blade and Eve go into action to save Cruz. Arclight’s henchman, Kafka finds Cruz and beats him up to get him to reveal Blade’s hideout. Luckily the heroes arrive and though Kafka’s Fragment of strings seem to be winning, we learn Blade’s Fragment, Memorization, in which he gets to memorize his opponent’s Fragment in a short time and with the help of Eve’s Doppelganger (ability to transform and heal), he turns the tables on him. Judgement: Death Penalty! Cruz is grateful and just when he thinks he seeing visions of Aruka, all the mood is spoiled when it is actually Eve (calling him Yamada gave her away).
Cruz lives with the motley crew in episode 2 and becomes a bully victim by doing errands for the errant Needless. Eve takes Cruz to buy some drink called Dero Doro which is believed to replenish her powers. Since Testaments are roaming the area, the duo take refuge in a building but comes face to face with one of Simeon’s Strongest Four, Uten. He wants them to reveal Blade’s hideout but of course their lips are tightly sealed. Uten is like some sort of a magician and it confuses the duo because it seems he can unleash several Fragments. Floating in the air, barrier, rapid firing and sudden object appearance. Eve is at her limit since she used too much of her Doppelganger powers. But during a pinch and life-or-death moment, a blind spot gave Cruz an idea of Uten’s Fragment: Invisibility. With his secret and tricks revealed, Eve manages to power up with her Dero Doro drink and gives the magician kid a Death Penalty Judgement.
In episode 3, some elderly higher-up member, Hishiyama, visits Arclight and talk about some project but Arclight is making his priorities in collecting Fragments. But in this episode, a Fire Fragment Needless, Momiji Teruyama, comes to the church to kill a man named Adam. Blade is the kind of guy where brawns dominate brains and makes the first move to battle Teruyama. Of course Blade memorizes his moves and beats him. Teruyama reveals he is here to seek revenge against him for killing his innocent Needless pals via Needless Hunting programme. However as pointed out, he is the wrong Adam he is looking for. Yup, Arclight. Not Blade. Oops. So looks like he’s part of the gang now since Gido blames him for damaging the church and all, even if it’s not his fault who started the fight. Oh yeah, Eve calls him Uchida for the record. Can this girl get other people’s names right? Lastly, Simeon’s Strongest Four, Saten, is watching them afar but decides not to take on them.
Episode 4 begins with Arclight getting up from a horrible nightmare and thinks this body of his can’t take it anymore and wants the Needless Hunt to be expedited. Soon he receives information about the man he’s supposed to kill shares the same body. So he recalls Saten to stop pursuing him. However Saten denies knowing his whereabouts when Arclight asks about it. Arclight’s other Strongest Four, Riru Roukakuji, decides to send her Bishoujo Squad to do the job. Meanwhile Teruyama explains to the rest about Needless Hunting and he offers them to bring them to see a mysterious know-it-all informant only known as Disc. Facing with only a computer, Disc didn’t reveal anything further and wants them all to come to Iron Mountain, a place at the border of Black Spot supposedly where all data and archives are kept. On the way there and disposing several small fries, the gang spot a little girl, Mio being chased by punks. If you think Blade has no weakness, think again because he is a lolicon! Oh sh*t! He goes to great lengths to save Mio and even has her join their journey to Iron Mountain. When they arrive they are greeted by old but modified Testament versions but easily take them all out. They reach the main arrive and are surprised to learn that Disc is a little girl. Oh dear. You know what this means to Blade. She recognizes Blade as one of the failed experiments of Adam Project.
Apparently don’t judge a book by its cover because Disc may be several hundred years old and the fact she’s part cyborg means she is like a living computer. In episode 5, she tells the gang of The Second. Supposedly the most powerful Needless-cum-saviour who possess all Fragments and was like God. He sacrificed himself to save the people and his powers scattered and inherited by other Needless, thus the term Fragment. Their conversation is cut short when the Bishoujo Squad arrive and take out all the Testaments in split seconds. They are Setsuna and the dialogue-less Kuchinashi (aptly named because she communicates by writing on her sketchbook! Does this look familiar like some character in some anime?). Disc needs time to activate the security system so the Needless go into action. While Eve takes on Setsuna and her Speed Fragment, Blade encounters Kuchinashi’s Fragrance (ability to paralyze one’s nerves upon inhaling) Fragment. Disc manages to lock down the security walls so both sides regroup. As Mio requests Cruz to accompany her to the toilet, he sensed something amiss and true enough, Mio is part of the Bishoujo Squad and her Fragment is Power. She takes Cruz as a hostage back to her comrades but Eve who was eavesdropping intercepts and creates chaos. When the Bishoujo Squad are ready to leave, Setsuna realizes they have the wrong hostage. Eve created that distraction to confuse the trio. She could have singlehandedly beat them all up and caught them by surprise if not for a self blooper that knocked herself out. The Bishoujo Squad leaves and has to contend with Eve as their hostage.
In episode 6, the gang decides to regroup back at the church and devise a plan to save Eve. Disc joins them and it seems her Fragment is Scan. During a stopover, the Bishoujo Squad realizes that Eve managed to escape and enter a hidden mansion belonging to Kanematsu. What’s so scary about this mansion? Though the cash rich guy is long dead, the deadly security system, Goldilocks is still activated and working in tip top condition (lock the gold in, geddit?). So in this episode, expect to see lots of fanservice as the Bishoujo Squad try to go through obstacles by removing bits and pieces of their clothing in order to capture Eve. In the end, everyone is naked and some blooper has all four of them in a stuck and ambiguous position. How embarrassing. The defence system then blasts them all back to Simeon building. At the same time, Arclight draws first blood by making a public announcement via large hologram interface in the sky to tell all denizens of Black Spot to congregate at Simeon building for free food and shelter. And for those not wanting to come, they’ll be considered as hostile Needless and will be exterminated. Like everyone’s got a choice, eh? The Bishoujo Squad is being complimented by Riru for being the first team to come back alive after fighting those misfits and Eve is seen tied down to a machine.
Arclight confronts Eve in episode 7 but the latter uses her last ounce of Doppelganger powers to pierce through him. (Un)fortunately, he too has Doppelganger attributes and regenerates. Meanwhile a pair of other Bishoujo Squad members, Nanami and Misaki, aren’t pleased about the trio representing the squad. They threaten to release scandalous ecchi pics of them so a catfight ensued. Riru decides to hold a fair and square competition and the winning team will represent Bishoujo Squad. That mission is to collect a sum of money from a filthy rich guy, President Vonsangar. Team Setsuna got duped so Team Nanami got a head start. Vonsangar isn’t happy to give more of his money to Simeon because he has already given them half his revenue every month. Would they take no for an answer? Yeah, a bunch of machine gun wielding bodyguards couldn’t possibly beat a team of Earth and Water Fragment of Misaki and Nanami respectively. Soon Team Setsuna arrives and all hell breaks loose. Vonsangar’s mansion is reduced to rubbles. In the end, Team Setsuna emerges victorious (now they post ecchi pics of Team Nanami). Everyone gathers at Simeon in fear of being exterminated. Arclight makes his appearance and offers them their lives in exchange of becoming his servants and to start worshipping him as God. Of course the people aren’t happy. Then a bunch of heroic Needless show up but Arclight easily absorbs them all into his body. So much for a flashy entrance. All that introduction wasted. Then he starts lifting a boy in the air after sensing a little Fragment in him. Blade tells Cruz to keep it cool and that they can’t blow their cover and ruin their rescue mission just for 1 kid. But when Arclight starts lifting a little girl, Blade blasts his way to the top to face Arclight. Who’s the hypocrite?
So a super power battle begins in episode 8. Arclight also possesses Memorization Fragment and it’s mind blowing to see each other memorize and use each other’s recently learned moves. Even so, Arclight’s movements and punches pack more power. You know the saying when 2 elephants collide? Yeah, the people don’t want to get involved so they try to make a run but Riru keeps them in with her Testaments and demonstrates to them her powerful Psychokinesis Fragment. Arclight’s body can’t handle it anymore so he stops the fight and tells Blade he was just testing to see if his body is worthy to be his. He challenges the lolicon to come after him, in which he did after Mio’s greeting. Elsewhere, Saten approaches Eve and beats her up. However Eve notices he is holding back. Then another Bishoujo Squad member, Kurumi, proceeds to get yuri with Eve as she unleashes her Black Attraction. Blade is being led by the Bishoujo Squad trio to the 3rd Shelter where his next battle will take place. Seems like an oversized bedroom if you ask me. Don’t worry, the walls and furniture are tough enough to withstand all the shocks and impacts. It is a fight among Needless, right? As for Cruz and co, they are attempting to infiltrate Simeon by hacking into a Testament furthest away from Riru that is also at her blind spot. Can Disc take control before Teruyama gets smashed?
Of course. Except that in episode 9, Disc noticed the machine stopped just seconds before she could finish her hacking. As the gang gets inside it, the ‘damaged’ Testament is taken into the building for repair. They surprise the maintenance crew and the alarm is sound. Better get away quickly before security arrives. During their crawl through the air ventilation, Disc tells them about Simeon’s Strongest Four. Saten and Uten are mere titles and have been replaced countless time in the past. As Riru is the third, Disc has no information about the fourth because she has rarely been seen until recently. Meanwhile Blade is having a tough time with the Bishoujo Squad. They are hammering him so fast and so badly that he has no time to memorize any of their skills. He’s sure taken a heavy beating. He just can’t handle three against one. Disc does another round of hacking to locate where Blade is. They pass through some creepy experimental lab but the security has found them. Things get worse when they are cornered by Testaments. Before the Bishoujo Squad could finish Blade, they are being pinned down by some gravitational force. Cruz and co arrive with new comrades of Blade, a girl with a humongous death sword Seto and a maid-outfit split character Solva. They were the ones responsible for saving our heroes a few times from being Needless casualties (pun intended).
The flashback about Blade’s relationship with Seto and Solva begins in episode 10. Blade and Seto were part of The Guild and were sent to an area in the Black Spot upon a request to rid the town of an evil group called Predators seeking its treasure. They meet the terrorized villagers which include Solva. Seto is in for the money while Blade, you know what lah. And yeah. The head of the pack seems to be a little girl, Kana and have both Fragments of fire and ice. Of course when you think about the rule, it is impossible. Then it is revealed she is a fake Needless and just an ordinary human (she had some hidden machine firing both fire and ice). The real Predators are Solva and her gang. Their giveaway was that Solva new Blade and Seto’s name when they first met since The Guild don’t give out names of those coming to help. Plus, Kana’s group has only 3 members. So it’s Seto’s Graviton Fragment versus Solva’s Magnetic Fragment. With the help of Blade, it is Solva’s lost. In the end, the treasure which Kana was protecting all along was a plot of land bearing sunflowers. What does this mean? The entire Black Spot’s soil is dead and this plot is the only fertile land. Solva decides to team up with Seto so that they could take over Black Spot with their powers. And that’s how a ‘beautiful’ friendship was formed.
The odds have turned to Blade’s favour in episode 11 as it is now four against three (note that Cruz, Gido and Disc do not have fighting abilities. So cast them aside if you wish). The Bishoujo Squad are no match for them so Setsuna gives up and tells them to take Eve. Serious? She’s not pulling any underhanded tricks? Blade goes to free Eve but Eve stabs him through his chest. It seems Eve has become their slave courtesy of Kurumi’s Black Attraction Fragment, the ability to infect living things and turn them into her slaves with just 1 kiss. With Blade down, the odds are stacked against our heroes. Four to three. Disc does emergency treatment on Blade (not his organs fused and reinforced with special metal machines) but it isn’t enough as they need Eve’s Doppelganger’s attributes to heal him. So the plan is to make Eve regain her consciousness by defeating Kurumi. However Kurumi’s appearance is just a hologram because her Fragment isn’t suitable for combat so she is sitting somewhere safe. Cruz thinks hard and concludes that they need to tire Eve out since her Fragment uses a considerable amount of power. But to his horror, Setsuna shows them all that a tiny Dero Doro machine has been embedded into her body and that means she can fight all day without getting tired. Just like Duracell. It goes on and on and on and on and on and on.
Cruz can’t give up now so he continues his analysis of the room in episode 12. Concluding there is only 1 camera in this room, they try to locate where Kurumi is. The team power battle continues. Our heroes pretend to target Eve but in actual fact that was just a distraction to beat down Bishoujo Squad first. Then they unleash their combo of hitting a giant baseball into the giant cupboard. Good news, they found Kurumi’s hiding spot. Bad news, she gets a huge nasty wood right through her body. Okay, maybe that’s good news to the good guys. Cruz explains how he deduced Kurumi’s location via blind spots and the commands she gave to her comrades based on everyone’s positions and such. However Eve catches the gang by surprise by continuing to attack and wound. As explained by Setsuna, although Kurumi is dead, it seems the virus is still present in her system and that means Eve will forever follow the last orders of her master though she may never receive new orders and still be on the enemy’s side. Cruz falls into despair as all capable fighting members on his side are down.
But Disc says there is another way to regain control of Eve. In episode 13, that method is to have Blade memorize Kurumi’s Fragment. She has only been dead a short while ago but it takes time for the brain to shut down completely so it’s a race against time. But Blade himself is unconscious. Well apparently there are 2 ways he can memorize Fragments. One is by observing his opponents and the other by using the white crystal embedded on his forehead, Byakugou. They need to connect Byakugou directly to his enemy’s forehead to memorize the ability by force. Gido tries to buy Cruz time to retrieve Kurumi’s body at the other hand but I guess the professor was so pathetic that the Bishoujo Squad just beat him up for the sake of it. Cruz encounters Saten. The latter ‘warns’ the girls that they’re taking their sweet time. Apparently they’re scared of him so they go into full battle mode to finish the job. To complicate matters, Saten kicks Kurumi’s body along with Cruz towards Blade before vanishing. Thankfully before Bishoujo Squad could deliver the final blow, Blade gets up and has memorized Kurumi’s Fragment. He frees Eve from her control. Now that he is fully healed and back from hell, he takes on the trio with ease like as though this fight is child’s play. Eve goes to heal the rest when Setsuna tells Kuchinashi to unleash her ultimate attack, Lilith Temptation. It wasn’t about what kind of Fragrance attack she will release, but rather SHE SPOKE WORDS!!!
It seems this Fragrance has everyone in paradise in episode 14. Everyone except Disc (because she’s part cyborg) is caught up in their ideal illusion like Seto’s money-filled dream, Eve getting everyone’s name correct in a quiz (except for Cruz. I guess nobody’s perfect) and Cruz’s reunion with Aruka. The Bishoujo Squad beats up everyone though they feel no pain as they’re trapped in paradise. All that’s left is Blade. They are going to bash him but he counters and hits back. How did he break free of the spell? Actually he didn’t. The current reality is his paradise because there are little girls surrounding him! I’m not sure if you’re supposed to laugh or feel disgusted about his sicko condition. Yeah, he needs help. Big help because he is seen executing his Judgement ecchi style on the Bishoujo Squad! Cruz has freed himself from his own illusion after his rational thoughts has him conclude his sister is already dead. Kuchinashi and Mio are knocked out and this frees the rest from the illusion. Setsuna is left standing so Blade is on a rage and gives it his all against her. Setsuna could have been a goner not only in terms of being beaten up but modesty outraged by his erotic Judgement if Saten didn’t show up and lock horns with the lolicon priest.
So now it’s Saten’s turn to battle Blade in episode 15. He freezes Kurumi’s body and tells the Bishoujo Squad to take the corpse away and leave. Another power battle in store but the gang are left stumped because Saten seems to display more than 1 Fragment power. Four of them as observed. Water, fire, absorption and wind. Disc’s scanning doesn’t reveal so Blade bangs head with him to steal Saten’s Fourth Wave via Byakugou. But when Blade prepares to use it, it doesn’t seem to work. Saten explains he may have memorized them but not understanding how it works renders it useless. For easier reference, he gives a car example. Blade buys a cool car Saten has but since he has no licence, he can’t use it. Since Blade considers Saten of no further use, our heroes gang up to take him out. But the 4th and mysterious member of Simeon’s Strongest Four makes her appearance. While the masked lady faces off with Teruyama, Seto and Solva, Saten handles Blade and Eve. Cruz goes into analyzing mode once more to figure out his Fragment and feels like he is purposely revealing all his skills.
Cruz figures out the secret behind Saten’s Fourth Wave in episode 16. It’s not that Blade didn’t memorize them, it’s just that he got his procedures wrong. In short, Saten’s Fragment is the ability to absorb heat and turn it into an energy attack. So the attacks like wind powers was made believable by absorbing and creating the difference in atmospheric pressure (damn my science is a failure here) and display different attacks to make it seem like he has different abilities. Meanwhile the other fight has the masked lady reveal her true face. Guess who she is? She is Aruka! Sure Cruz can’t believe it all but Aruka reveals she is a spy for Simeon and that she faked her death. Still finding hard to believe, Cruz? Well yeah, he shows big sister about the pendant with a picture of her from the late Resistance captain, Zakard. He claims she gave it to Zakard who then gave it to him. That’s when Aruka realized that the data chip is hidden inside it. She realized Zakard didn’t think she would kill her own brother and that’s why left the chip in Cruz’s hands (something that Cruz is unaware about either). Aruka unleashes her Fragment, Agnischiwatas, supposedly an ability to alter molecules hence making objects to lose their form via extreme molecular motion (like getting melted). Not only she wounds the Needless heroes, she also seriously wounds Cruz. Aruka is ready to kill her little brother to retrieve the chip to complete her mission but Blade isn’t going to allow that.
I guess Cruz’s life must be flashing before his eyes just like how everyone who is about to depart to the next world. Thus, another flashback on the Resistance in episode 17. Back then, Cruz did little errands for the Resistance members and Aruka seemed like a pretty nice sister that every kid wants to have. Zakard and his men are planning to attack Arclight after receiving information that he will be surveying Black Spot alone without any bodyguards or escort. His body language indicates he doesn’t trust Aruka much. The night before the ambush, Zakard calls Cruz to his room and hands him the pendant. Next day, a total of 400 Resistance members gather to take out Arclight. But as we have seen in the beginning, it was a trap and everyone perished like ants. No escape. Zakard comes face to face with Arclight and he orders him to hand over the chip. Since his lips are tightly sealed, Arclight kills him. Gruesome death. So the part Aruka let Cruz escaped while she handled the Testament was actually herself destroying the machine. And Cruz is so guilty that he is a useless brother always depending on someone else, he thinks he is just a burden and the reason she hates him. And all the reason for him to take his next step to the after world. Come on guys. If Cruz’s really gone, who are you going to pick on?
Back to reality in episode 18, they need Eve’s abilities to save Cruz but she’s busy handling Saten while Blade against Aruka. The rest are down and out. Cruz’s life is hanging in the balance. Eve once again notices Saten going easy on her. He even gives her a hint of his next move and a chance to finish him off. Eve doesn’t believe and do the opposite but Saten anticipated that and went the other way. This results in him being out of commission for the time being. She goes to Cruz’s side while the battle shifts focus to Blade-Aruka. We here some Missing Link explanation about unlocking some unused region of the brain, not that I understand because you know, I’m not really using my brain at that time to watch this mindless mashing anime. Blade has a hard time memorizing because if he gets into contact, he’ll get burned. Speaking of which, shouldn’t she go easy on his body? I mean, Arclight wants his body, right? So why is she blasting and burning his body like nobody’s business? But Blade manages to absorb Agnischiwatas because (here goes another round of explanation) something about how her Fragment and Fourth Wave overlap in terms of heat manipulation (and something about unlocking multiple restrictions in the brain simultaneously. I seriously don’t get it), though he still can’t use the latter properly. He improvises a couple of Teruyama’s fire abilities and gives Aruka a taste of his evolved ultimate attack. Feel the pain! This one is for your little bro!
Probably the fight took too long (damn right. How about 10 episodes!) with the tides perpetually turning back and forth so Arclight stops the match by restricting Aruka’s move in episode 19 (since she was soundly beaten by Blade but got back up to her feet to exact revenge). Plus, their fight was dragging on and even could’ve beaten Dragonball’s record so the crowd outside is getting restless. Arclight takes care of them by sending another group of Bishoujo Squad. Did they kill them all? Nope. They put up a splendid concert performance and they’re loving it. Is everyone in the crowd an anime otaku? Arclight takes the gang to the top floor of the building and reveals his damaged right eye and heart, the reason he needs Blade’s body to complete his evolution into God. Will the priest allow it? Damn right. Round 2, fight! Arclight is still superior since he possesses more Fragments. He demonstrates his ultimate Positive Feedback Zero power which amplifies the power of a Fragment. Blade uses his body as a diversion and gets stabbed by Arclight so that he could use his Byakugou and steal his power. Both sides try to counter each other and the result is explosive. Literally. I mean, there’s this huge impact of energy forming and it doesn’t look good. Negative rejection reaction, says Disc? Sure, you can’t expect candies falling out of the sky when you’re witnessing time and space distortion, right?
Yeah. Here we go another round of flashback in episode 20. Just how far did they go back in time? A time when Gido had hair over his bald head and it was brown as a grizzly bear. Back then, he was part of the Adam Project besides the Eve Project with his colleagues, Kasumi (possible love interest) and Kannazuki. They needed good results of their experiment by planting Eden Seeds into the specimen but each time it ended in failure as the Seeds are being rejected. After 77 times, you think the government (represented by Hishiyama) would pull the plug, right? Right. I’m not sure how this project is deemed to revitalize Japan but something shady must be going on. After spending so much, they can’t just stop, right? Yup. So Gido’s team are secretly assigned to continue to project with 2 specimens dubbed A-78 and A-79 or A-A and A-B respectively. Kasumi decides to give names to the specimens though Gido was against it for fear she might get attached to them. She names A-A and A-B Adam Arclight and Adam Blade respectively. Sure, we’re feeling livelier with those kind of names. On a day to produce the desired results, A-78 seems to start rejecting the Seeds and it resulted in the lost of his right eye and heart. However A-79 showed no signs of rejection so the excited team shifted their focus on him and completely abandoned A-78 and dumped his body into the Black Spot. Gido and Kasumi couldn’t get their chemistry started because soon after she died in an accident so Gido and Kannazuki have no choice but to carry on her work. A few years later, we see a young polite Blade as he is being introduced by Gido to young Eve.
The flashback continues in episode 21. Eve loves spending time with Blade and she even calls him Ishida. I guess this memory problem goes a long way back. So as revealed the reason Eve is made to be friendly with Blade is because she’s the only female capable of bearing Blade’s offspring due to his irregular DNA. Trying to make an invincible army? Blade has to undergo strict training and this doesn’t sit well with Eve who only wants to play with him. She got so bored that one day she snuck him out of his room and they doze off on a rooftop while everyone else frantically searches for them. A mysterious cloaked creature infiltrates the lab and starts killing everyone. Blade confronts him but he escapes after being damaged (he has Doppelganger abilities). The creature wanders to a forbidden area because he felt some power calling out to him. That place seems to store the remains of The Second (looking a lot like Arclight). As Gido find out, he didn’t sacrificed himself and was rather killed, most probably by the 666 (pronounced Triple Six) Committee. The creature did the unthinkable by coming into contact with The Second. Does this large powerful energy, time and space distortion seem familiar? Everybody run for your lives! The creature gets absorbed and before you know it, the entire area is decimated worse than the Hiroshima nuclear bombings. No survivors. However Gido was the only survivor because a barrier was created by Eve’s Doppelganger to protect him and Blade. With Blade losing his memories (well Eve never did could remember properly, right?), Gido vows to protect them both as they both escaped to Black Spot. So back in reality, Gido remembers this black spot (no pun intended) in his memory and tells everyone to run because a super explosion is inevitable. Talk about history repeating itself.
However no explosion occurred in episode 22, an episode of backstabbing and revelation. Based on the observing 666 Committee, they have learned from the past and reinforced the building with field generators to absorb the shock. As explained by Hishiyama there are 3 stages of the negative rejection reaction. I’m not sure if I understand a rule states that only 1 God can exist at 1 time and 1 place. So if there are 2, that flashback was necessary based on an assumption there’s a mistake in time or space. Say what? The next stage has their Fragments sealed. This means Blade (new hairdo?) and Arclight has no more powers and their fight is just a mere brute slug fest. With only their Godly bodies remaining, the last stage will have only 1 of them remain and the other being converted into energy. I don’t get it. Is it that hard to be God? 666 Committee reveals their true purpose to dominate the world for eternity under the guise of Simeon (so what’s new?). They found the creature (Arclight) after the explosion aftermath then and secretly continued the project. They made him head of Simeon and helped him in his Needless Hunt for immorality he desired so much while advancing their agenda. Over time, Arclight gather his own allies that 666 Committee don’t see beneficial to their cause so that’s when they set up this whole thingy to find Blade and neutralize Arclight’s power. The Committee wants Saten (a spy for the Committee) to finish the job and once he is done, he’ll be the new head of Simeon. However Saten betrays and kills them all because he has a gut feeling that he too will receive the same fate if he follows their orders. So the reason why he went easy on Eve was because he needed her Doppelganger powers for maintenance, thus not relying on the Committee anymore. And what’s this? Saten too has Byakugou! The fight between Blade and Arclight is interrupted when Saten makes his appearance. He surprises both comrades and enemies with his multiple Fragments and admits he has the Memorization Fragment as well. And a spy like Aruka couldn’t even tell. More shock for the gang because he reveals his real name: Kannazuki. Oh sh*t! I didn’t see that coming. Apparently he miraculously survived the explosion. He then kills Arclight and faces off with Blade. So much for that. A worse enemy couldn’t show up at the worse time.
After blasting Blade away in episode 23, Saten proclaims himself as Simeon’s head and new God who will rule the world. So what else is new? He mentions about the inability for a normal human woman to bear God’s child thus the need for Project Eve. Therefore you can say Eve was made for that intention. Hey, as in the bible’s Adam and Eve, right? Saten hints Kasumi died in that accident and her corpse was made as a specimen for that said project. He then forcefully takes Eve. Oh great. Here we go again. Another round of rescuing Eve. Our heroes go into battle mode but lost to Saten. However it is part of their plan to have Blade memorize their moves (he lost them during the reaction, remember?). I guess having a handful is better than nothing. Oh wait. It won’t be enough to even scratch Saten. Even if the Bishoujo Squad joins in, I don’t think a few more Fragments will cut it. Meanwhile Riru is reminiscing her days with Arclight and since she’s confident he isn’t dead but just that he needs a new form, she sacrifices herself and absorbs her body into his. She catches Saten off by surprise before he could finish Blade but what is even more surprising is that she possesses multiple Fragments. Another one of those Byakugou users? Not. Apparently she was Riru and now the newly reborn Arclight. Oh yeah. He is back and badder. Note his heart and right eye completely healed. More mumbo jumbo explanations that I don’t understand about how his death and injection of Eden Seeds (which Riru had) made it possible to heal them. Arclight is going to memorize all of Saten’s moves via Byakugou but what about that reaction? He’s bloody confident that won’t happen because he’ll memorize it all and make Saten’s body disappear before the reaction can happen. Arclight isn’t that dumb so he mentions about modifying the field generators in case event like this happens. What I understand from all that hocus-pocus is that it will convert and absorb all energy from Saten and make him ‘disappear’ from the world. Must be a painful process. To late regretting it now, buddy. I guess death makes a person humble as he releases Eve back to Gido and co before vanishing for good. And now it’s Arclight’s turn to gloat the return of God. Ding dong here and there, what’s the difference?
So yeah, Arclight is going to show them all the perfect God he has become in episode 24 by merging with a huge ball of Needless DNA and cells collected from Needless Hunting. Uh huh. He turned into a naked golden guy with a new hairdo. No, not that Oscar Award. Furthermore, he is going to annihilate all Needless seeing that they are not on par with God. This is why everyone breathing on this planet cannot be God. It gets to one’s head. With his comrades in total shock, Aruka questions Arclight’s decision so she got fried. Who is she to talk back to God? Then it’s Cruz’s turn. Again. That kid has experienced near-deaths so many times. Don’t worry, Eve will heal him soon. So everyone friend or foe gangs up against Arclight but he’s too powerful. Before he could finish Blade, he starts experiencing pain. Something about the Eden Seeds that were of Riru is rejecting him. This causes violent tentacles to burst out of his body and created a dome with his body several hundred metres high on top. The tentacles are endlessly attacking the gang and due to some energy build-up in Arclight, another big bang will occur and will wipe out entire Japan! That’s got to be worse than a nuclear bomb. Cruz is depressed that they’re never going to win so that’s when barely alive Aruka tells him to use his ability. No, he has no Fragment, but rather his keen observation skills which has kept him alive all the while. So the plan is to have Blade do another negative rejection reaction so that both sides will have their Fragments sealed. With the help of the rest, Blade manages to do so and since we’re short of time, we’re not going to see another round of flashback. So we have both guys duking it out naked in some who-knows-where dimension. It ends with Blade defeating Arclight with his Death Penalty Judgement. What a short fight that was. Heck, we’ve seen so much fighting, we’re kinda numb already. In the aftermath, Simeon withdraws from Black Spot and the denizens continue to live in peace. Everyone goes back to their normal lives as Cruz lives independently. He seems a little stronger now as he meet up with comrades on a new mission: Blade and Eve.
I have to admit that from start to finish, there has never been a bored moment. Not lying. I enjoyed every action and humorous bit of this series. Even if the explanation parts seem hard for me to grasp even when I rewind and replayed the scenario over and over again, it was probably my keen interest to try and understand it all so that I could enjoy the action further. I may not like flashbacks but the ones here are exceptional. You could say that this entire series’ main arc was focused on infiltrating Simeon to rescue Eve which eventually turned into an epic battle of the Gods. So when they ‘interrupted’ the fight with 3 flashbacks, it didn’t break any momentum of mine. Like I said, I completely enjoyed this show. Before I knew it, everything had come to an end. I didn’t mind the ding dong moments in the sense that the fight seems to shift in favour from Blade’s group to Arclight’s subordinates from match to match. Hey, it’s a give and take thingy. Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose. Of course there had to be 1 winner in the end and we all know pretty well who that was.
The main characters especially Blade and Eve are likeable themselves. You just got to love Blade’s anti-hero character. It makes you wonder where did Gido had gone wrong turning Blade from a nice little kid to a crude demon. Not to mention a big time lolicon. I guess that’s what being an action anti-hero is all about. All brawns now and brains later. He may not be the preaching type but he does his talking with his fists and you’d better listen to them if you know what’s good for you. As for Eve, I’m amused by her memory problem to remember names. How did she remember Blade’s name in the first place? I guess she herself can’t remember. Haha. Anyhow, she still has that imposing attitude. Cruz may have been a weakling all the while but like his sister said that his brains is his forte and he has definitely helped everyone during much needed times with his analytical thinking.
There may be some questions bugging me like for instance if each Needless can only have 1 Fragment, then wouldn’t Blade and Arclight’s Memorization Fragment override that rule? Some sort of a loophole, eh? I mean, if they memorize by watching or stealing other Needless’ Fragments, I thought the recent Fragment should override the previous one. Ah well, maybe that’s why they are candidates for being The Second. Then another question is of the Doppelganger ability. I am wondering if it is a Fragment. Because if it is so, then Blade and Arclight could have memorized it and healed themselves when they are injured. Get what I’m saying? If it isn’t so, then Eve can’t be called a Needless theoretically, right? Unless she’s a Needless of a different kind. Concerning Disc, initially she claimed to have all the knowledge known to men but as the series progresses, I felt that her inability to come up on information about certain important stuff rendered her a little ineffective. Just excess baggage like the senior citizen of the pack Gido, eh? Teruyama, Seto and Solva may have their fighting abilities but I feel that they were just there to show that Blade is superior and that he is the only guy who can clean this mess up. You know what I’m saying? Yeah, even Blade did say that he knew those losers weren’t going to win. Then there’s that chip in Cruz’s pendant. I don’t remember Arclight ever wanting it after its location was discovered. I wonder what important data could be inside it. Maybe that did not matter anymore when he turned into God, eh?
I’m not sure if this is the fashion statement of the future because the females’ dresses are somewhat revealing and too sexy. Maybe it’s the aftermath of the terrible bombing. Lack of proper clothing. Like real. Honestly, I still prefer The Bishoujo Squad’s original outfit when they first made their appearance instead of the uniform which they later don. But I guess they lost it during the Goldilocks incident. So you could say such revealing fashion is mainly for ecchi fanservice amidst the action. The Bishoujo Squad has that honour since every time we see them in action, viewers can get a glimpsed of what’s underneath. Oh yeah, I’m sure Blade loves that. On a trivial note, each of the episode title is either named after a character, group, place or fighting technique. Makes it easier to remember what happened in that episode, no? Speaking of the last one, whenever a Needless unleashes his/her move, you can see the name of the technique been written across the screen in kanji, hiragana or katakana. I suppose it adds to the dramatic effect. In my opinion, the most widely used Fragment would belong to Teruyama’s Little Boy and Vulcan Shock Ignition and Kafka’s Kandata String. Yeah, the latter is already dead in the first episode so I guess by using his Fragment so that we won’t forget him.
The first opening theme by GRANRODEO is Modern Strange Cowboy and is a hard rock piece which perfectly fits the action theme of the series. The second opening theme by Aki Misato, Scarlet Bomb, is also rock based however I find the tune and pace of the song to be unsuitable as compared to the first one. Seems very much toned down. But what thrown me off was the ending themes. Both are sung by the seiyuus of the Needless girls with the first ending called Aggressive Zone and the second ending entitled Wanted! For The Love. Well, nothing wrong about the song as they sound more like Japanese anime pop but the first ending credits animation, we see yuri ecchi fanservice of the Bishoujo Squad. I don’t know why they’re being so close and suggestive that first time viewers may mistake this to be a yuri show. Girls kissing each other anyone? The second ending credits animation isn’t that bad as we see the characters in chibi form going about with their antics and the Needless girls playing as a music band.
Of course if you buy the DVD, there’ll be extra specials. No, you will not get Fragment powers but rather short clips that last around over 2 minutes. I’m not sure how many specials there are as I only saw a couple of them. It seems to be called The Secret of St Lily Academy whereby Cruz disguises and cross-dresses himself as a female transfer student called Nadeshiko Yamada to investigate an incident. So we have Disc as the teacher and the other Needless girls as students. Expect some fanservice and comical moments like Special 1 whereby Cruz gets a full view of the girls stripping and changing into their PE uniforms. Do you think bloomers would look good on him? And some weird exercising method using the horizontal bars. Hanging like a monkey from it to seduce men? Riding on it like a witch’s broomstick to bewitch males? Since Cruz didn’t do it well, Eve kicks him and he landed on the pole where it hurts most. Ouch.
So is it possible for a nuclear fallout to produce such new species? If we ever survive them in the first place, that is. But it is a good thing that we don’t have such powers whether multiple or restricted to just one. As humans, we can never be too careful to let power get over our head. If you ask me which Fragment I would like to have, I would say none because I would very much prefer to sit back, do nothing else but enjoy watching animes like this. Maybe we should create a new name for this species. Oh, wait a minute. I realized that it has already existed and I’m part of it. Not really endangered or on the verge of extinction for a long time to come. No, it is not otakuism. Guess again if you think it’s hikikomori (shut in). Heh, it’s called Useless! Do we really need that?


Anime Gender Bender

June 25, 2010

For those of you who are wondering, this isn’t a blog on cross-dressing. Nope. Nothing close to it. To cut things short, this anime gender bender topic that I am about to blog is about anime characters that are both male and female. In the sense that they are one of the genders at one point in time. Cross-dressers are stuck with a particular gender and only dressed themselves the other way. So what is my fascination with this gender bender thingy? With all due respect, I’m not influenced nor am I taking on this trend. Just that I happen to notice some characters are androgynous and at times you can’t really tell that the character is either a boy or girl.
So why not just do a blog on one whereby they are both, I thought. Yeah right. So what is so special about characters that possess both male and female body? In my opinion, they can experience and have view from both sides and thus you won’t here them say "I don’t really understand men/women". Sometimes it’s a blessing in disguise but they are just like double-edge swords and can be a total nuisance. So listed below are some of the anime characters that in my opinion fall under this category:
Ranma Saotome (Ranma 1/2)
Ranma Saotome
Original gender: Male.
How: While during a training journey with his dad, he accidentally fell into Jusenkyo’s Nyannichuan (Spring of the Drowned Maiden).
When: Changes into a girl every time cold water is splashed and back to boy with warm or hot water.
Who knows (selected): Others who fell into Jusenko’s cursed springs along with the Tendou family and those he fought with.
Good thing or bad thing: As probably the most famous gender switching anime character, it might be a bit of both. The good news is that he may use his female counterpart to his advantage combat-wise in terms of speed and agility. The bad news is that he lacks power in that department and has to fend off several love triangles and competitions.
Natsuru Senou (Kampfer)
Natsuru Senou
Original gender: Male.
How: Forced and chosen to become a blue team Kampfer by the Moderators.
When: At one’s own will or when other Kampfers are nearby
Who knows (selected): Akane Mishima, Shizuku Sangou and Mikoto Kondou.
Good thing or bad thing: The way I see it, it has got to be a bad thing. Ever since he has the ability to turn into a girl for that whatever Kampfer fight-to-the-death tournament, he has been attracting lots of unwanted attention especially from the girls’ side. ‘She’ is so hot that everybody wants a piece or just swoons over the sight of her. Not to mention the bloody dilemma that his secret crush Kaede Sakura is actually in love with his female counterpart and not the male one. Bummer.
Homura/Kagiri (Sekirei)
Original gender: Not known.
How and When: Anytime due to its instability.
Who knows: Everyone involved in the Sekirei Plan.
Good thing or bad thing: Is experiencing chest pains from time to time a good thing?
Ayu Tateishi (Ultra Maniac OVA)
Ayu Tateishi
Original gender: Female.
How: Due to Nina Sakura’s magic blooper to turn her into a pro tennis player to settle a court usage dispute.
When: She can’t change at will. The magic spell lasts for several hours.
Who knows: Only Nina.
Good thing or bad thing: Bad. Now that she has the structure of a boy’s body, she loses her tennis touch and becomes sort of inefficient. And she had to lie to her pals by saying this boy version is some relative of hers.
Yuuri Mito (Tayutama ~Kiss On My Deity~)
Yuuri Mito
Original gender: Male.
How and When: A magic stone given by Nue.
Why: To keep an eye on Yumina since she has Houou stuck to her head 24/7.
Who knows (selected): Yumina, Mafuyu, Mashiro and Nue.
Good thing or bad thing: Well, you can’t get into the All-girls Flawless section without turning into a girl, right?
Jun Watarase (Happiness! OVA)
Jun Watarase 
Original gender: Male.
How: At the wrong place and at the wrong time when a mix of magic spells were unleashed and hit him. Maybe I should rephrase that as right time and right place since cross-dresser Jun really wants to become a girl.
When: This one time spell may make him a permanent girl but reverts back to a guy by using up all the temporary magic in his body.
Who knows: His close pals.
Good thing or bad thing: Sure, he is happy that his ultimate dream of being a girl has come true. Unless he is willing to live with the fact that every guy who laid their eyes on her would instantly fall in love with her and start the tiring and endless chaotic chase, might as well turn back into a guy.
Ren/Run Elsie Jewelria (To Love-Ru)
Original gender: Not known. Though most likely male because Lala spends her childhood days with Ren (who is also tormented of being cross-dressed).
How: Those who come from Planet Memorze have the ability to switch genders when a specific stimulus is triggered.
When: Switches gender each time he/she sneezes.
Who knows: Anyone who knows him/her.
Good thing or bad thing: I’m sure both gender see Rito as their main rival. Ren likes Lala (who likes Rito) while Run likes Rito (who likes Haruna). Pretty tough position, isn’t it?
Naruto Uzumaki (Naruto)
Naruto Uzumaki
Original gender: Male.
How: Using his "Sexy No Juutsu". Hey, I don’t think it’s just an illusion because those gorgeous curves are for real.
When: Whenever he wants to.
Who knows: Heck, just about anyone.
Good thing or bad thing: Good to divert away the attention of those perverts. Sort of.
Emporio Ivankov (One Piece)
Emporio Ivankov
Original gender: Male.
How: The former Queen of the Kamabakka Kingdom possesses female hormones and since he ate the Horu Horu Devil Fruit which allows him to change the hormones of a person including gender.
When: At his own will.
Who knows: Those who know him.
Good thing or bad thing: "Everyone should have the freedom to become a man or a woman!". Enough said. On another note, he looks ugly in his male form. Big-headed guy…
Hazumu Osaragi (Kashimashi: Girl Meets Girl)
Hazumu Osaragi
Original gender: Male.
How: Was killed head-on by an alien spacecraft and got his whole body reconstructed into a girl.
When: Can’t change back. Has to live his life as a female.
Who knows: The whole damn world! No thanks to that alien’s worldwide announcement-cum-apology.
Good thing or bad thing: Sure with his new life as a girl (and having a hard time adjusting to it), the girl he loves, Yasuna Kamiizuni, finally confesses to him and this opens up another love triangle for his childhood friend, Tomari Kurusu. His lady pals may accept him for his new body but I guess he has to put up with his perverted dad and advances from his best guy classmate, Asuta Soro (whose love shall not be returned!).
Kuugen Tenko (Wagaya No Oinari-sama)
Kuugen Tenkou
Original gender: Unknown. Since this fox deity lived so long, he/she can’t even remember.
How: It is part of his/her magic ability.
When: At his/her own will.
Who knows: Since I didn’t really see this show, I’m guessing that the Takagami brothers whom he/she loves and protects should know about it.
Good thing or bad thing: The female one does attract attention with her ears and beautiful eyes. Pfft… Nekomimi fetish people…
Mei Ikaruga/Akira Ikaruga (Maze The Megaburst Space)
Original gender: Don’t know. Didn’t really see this show.
How: Not sure. See above.
When: By daytime, the female Maze (Mei) is dominant but the male Maze (Akira) takes over when night falls.
Who knows: My guess is that everyone in the travelling group.
Good thing or bad thing: Considering that there are several characters who fall in love with the female side and that the male version is a wild sexual predator towards any pretty girl he sees, that’s not a good indication, right? Oh yeah. In time both Mazes did fall in love with each other. How do you do that if you have just one body? A mirror?
Ranma Himatsuri/Rella Shirayuki (Cinderella Boy)
Cinderella Boy
Original gender: Well, the both had individual bodies of their own initially.
How: While stumbling across a crime scene, they were badly wounded and then mysteriously put together into one same body by a mysterious doctor.
When: They swap genders after every 24 hours at the stroke of midnight.
Who knows: Who knows, since I didn’t watch this show either.
Good thing or bad thing: Having no recollections or memories while the other gender was in control the day before is definitely a dangerous predicament. Imagine if you are suddenly conscious without knowing what the other side did and finding yourself in really hot water.
Tomoki Sakurai (Sora No Otoshimono)
Tomoki Sakurai
Original gender: Male.
How: Using a card from Ikaros.
Why: Because he wants to peep on girls and have some skinship bonding with them. In other words, he’s a pervert.
When: As long as the machine is stable and he keeps his pervertness under control.
Who knows: Ikaros, Nymph and Eishirou Sugata.
Good thing or bad thing: Definitely bad. Not only he loses control of his inner pervertness by outraging the modesty of the female bath house customers, he turns back into a guy in the midst of it all and has his cover blown. Do you he deserves to die?
Two sides of a coin…
This list is not meant to be definitive as there may be many more other gender bender characters out there yet to be discovered by me. Maybe I haven’t seen them ‘transform’, that’s why. Heh, who wants to ‘show’ me that they’re both a boy and a girl? As you can see that many of the anime characters here are of the male origin. I guess it is partly true when we say to let your feminine side out. And of course by swapping genders, it isn’t entirely a good thing for them either. All the troubles that come along with the other side add to the unnecessary problem and misfortune. Especially love triangles and awkward situations as an unknown stranger to certain parties even if you’re the same person.
There may be other characters from other animes which I did not include in my list. For instance Yubel of Yugioh GX is a hermaphrodite (possessing both male and female reproductive organs) and in this sense is both male and female at the same time rather than either one at a time. As for Chrome Dokuro of Kateikyoushi Hitman Reborn, I felt that she and Mukuro Rokudo do not share the same body. I just think that both bodies switch places with each other. Megumi Amatsuka from Tenshi Na Konamaiki was omitted because since I watched the series, it was just her state of mind altered that she thought she was a boy turned into a girl and that she had been a girl all along. The rest include those guys from Sailor Starlight in Sailormoon ‘who turn into women while fighting’, the entire race being born as females in Simoun and only at the age of 17 do they make the decision of wanting to remain a female or turn into a male, Vision Of Escaflowne‘s Allen Schezar’s long lost sister named Celena was transformed into a mean male antagonist, and a magic trap in The Tower Of Druaga which results in the entire party swapping gender. Manga-wise, Futaba-kun Change would’ve been included in this list if it was adapted into an anime. The family members change genders when they are sexually aroused so you’ve got a case of mistaken identity that the poor kid thought his dad is his mom and vice versa. Dangerous. Not to mention fanfiction gender swapping like Suzumiya Haruhi No Yuutsu’s Kyonko. Need I say more?
Like they always say, don’t judge a book by its cover and it is what is in the inside that counts the most. Sort of. Even in today’s real world, medical technology is already present to change genders of those who feel that they were being born in the wrong body. But the key point here is not what kind of body you have, but rather are you satisfied with what you have now. Also, you can’t call these gender bending anime characters losers because "Behind every successful man is a woman", or rather inside for their cases so to speak.

Princess Lover

June 19, 2010

With a title name like Princess Lover, I’m sure most of us would come to conclude it is an anime based from an adult game of the same name and that means lots of ecchi harem fanservice with many of girls in the series having breasts size of F-cup or beyond. Spot on. Do I need further elaboration about this genre? This time, the so called harem girls in this series aren’t your ordinary citizens but of royalties, nobles and daughters of highly influenced organizations. Even if they are high class girls, a girl is still a girl and it doesn’t matter when it comes to ecchi fanservice to satisfy lovers of this kind of genre. Me? Let me just say my excuse is of the comedy factor. Yeah right. Who is going to believe that?
As in most animes of this genre, we must have the main male protagonist who is to be surrounded by a bevy of beauties. That guy would be Teppei Kobayashi and as seen in episode 1, he is living a poor but happy life with his parents. Nothing extraordinary and just a normal guy that even every day girls would pass by. With the recent reports of kidnappings on the rise, his parents question him what would he do if he was in such a situation and though he was reluctant to answer at first because it is none of their business, he eventually says he’ll deal with it somehow. Oh yeah. That’s very convincing and comforting to know. However this would be the last time Teppei would see his parents. It has been 2 months down the road that his parents are killed. Teppei prays at their grave and is thinking of going to his uncle’s place, Isshin Arima. That’s when he spots a horse-drawn carriage (really) being pursued by a group of bloodthirsty gangsters in a jeep. Who’s faster? Horse or jeep? Teppei’s sense of justice kicks in as he goes to save the damsel in distress, Charlotte Hazelrink. Her butler, Alfred has his hands full because there is no one else to steer the carriage. Teppei does some serious butt kicking and with the help of Alfred (how did he put the carriage to auto pilot?). Don’t mess with this old guy. He can whip those young punks’ asses. Till the carriage falls off the cliff, taking him along with Charlotte. Now Alfred is real mad that his beloved princess is assumed a goner so the baddies may have just seen true hell. When Teppei regains consciousness he gets acquainted with Charlotte and finds out that she’s the princess of the fictionous Hazelrink kingdom. I’m sure all this development is too fast to digest. Soon they get back up and Charlotte leaves with Alfred (that guy still waiting?). She pecks him before going off.
Teppei arrives late at Isshin’s place and it seems the latter is having a party and has Teppei enter as he is without freshening himself up because saving someone is something one shouldn’t hide from. Isshin makes a stunning announcement to his guests that Teppei is to be his successor of his powerful and influential Arima Group of companies. Later as Teppei talks to Isshin, we learn he voluntarily becomes his grandson to seek revenge against his parents’ murderers (I guess this means changing his surname to Arima too). Isshin mention that announcing him as his successor was just a ploy to draw out the enemy. Isshin’s only daughter, who is Teppei’s mother, is the real successor. He doesn’t mind Teppei seeking revenge but in order to do so, he must seek his allies first. Back at the party, you can see lots of people trying to suck up to him in typical hopes of getting on his good books. Teppei also meets a representative of another fictionous country, Vincent Van Hossen of the Filmish kingdom and his youngest daughter Maria. Later Teppei spots from outside his window a girl fencing alone. He gets excited and rushes down to spar with her but she attacks him first. Their friendly sparring is interrupted when Isshin, Vincent and Maria make their appearance. It seems fencer girl is Vincent’s eldest daughter, Sylvia, and another surprise for Teppei is in store. She is his fiancee. Welcome to life in the rich and luxurious, boy.
In episode 2, Isshin escorts Teppei to his new home. Supposedly to be one of Isshin’s unused mansions. Isn’t that too big to be called a home? Ah, rich people. Teppei, better start getting used to it all. Yeah, he has his own maids too. Isshin puts Yuu Fujikura the head maid and in charge of taking care of Teppei. That night Teppei asks Yuu for her opinions about fiancee and all. He also mentions that when he sparred with Sylvia, he felt a kind of sadness in her. Morning comes and with his new life, that means attending a new school. Would you believe it the school is so big that you may mistaken it for a city? Shuuhou Academy, the biggest private school in Japan that houses the children of the richest, most influential and even aristocrats. They have a school for that? And there are lots of students there too. Who says Japan is a poor country? Being from the Arima family, his arrival attracts the attention of other students since that name carries lots of weight (not to mention the group invested lots of money in this school). Teppei can’t take the heat so he runs away and gets himself lost in the process. He bumps into Social Club president Seika Houjouin (on an unrelated note, she’s the only main girl who doesn’t have boobs the size of F-cup) and her fawning underlings Ayano Kaneko and Erika Takesono. Seika may seem obnoxious but she’s part of the Social Club and that means you have to mind your manners and etiquette, something that Teppei is alien to. They take their leave and soon after Yuu finds and brings him to the principal’s office for all that formality stuff. Who wouldn’t be grateful if your grandpa has put in lots of funds into the school, right?
Soon Teppei is introduced in his class and as expected, all his classmates try to get to know him more. Herald Haruhiko Nezu, self proclaimed Teppei’s best friend and the other guy in the series so as not to make Teppei the only young guy hogging the spotlight. More surprise in store for Teppei. He finds out Charlotte is in the same school with him and she is thrilled to know the same. Being the airhead she is, her joy has Teppei somehow falling on top of her. Then Sylvia comes in. You can guess what happens next. Okay, she didn’t slap him for being infidel. She just runs away while Charlotte continues to be an airhead, suggesting they can do it right here, right now. Um… Ayano who is also Teppei’s classmate, reports this to Seika and it seems Seika isn’t happy. It’s like she has some grudge against the Arima family. Teppei is having tea with Charlotte and talking about the misunderstood situation that Sylvia saw. This prompts Charlotte to drag him over to Sylvia’s fencing club to make up with her since she believes he wants to get along with her. Teppei watches Sylvia spar and notices she isn’t the same when they first duelled and thinks there is nobody who is at her level that she can go all out against. Thus the reason why he thinks she’s lonely. Probably Charlotte gets some kicks out of this because she calls out to Sylvia, tells her Teppei wants to fight her so that she won’t be lonely and other bunch of words she puts in his mouth. This prompts Sylvia to tell Teppei to get his ass over and fight her. Oh boy.
Because Teppei isn’t used to those fencing equipment, in episode 3, Sylvia suggests for him to spar with her in his dojo style. Yuu hands him a sword. In one swift move, the match is over. It may seem like a draw but Teppei points out it is his lost claiming she was faster. With that, you could say that they’re on good terms. Seika, who is watching this, isn’t pleased and thinks Teppei should’ve lost by getting lots of holes in his body. Teppei gets recommendation by Charlotte and Sylvia to join the Social Club where elite people gather. By the way, the club room is an entire building by itself. No wonder the school is so damn huge if every club has its own building. Oh, and Nezu’s a member too. As expected, Seika isn’t happy that this Teppei guy is here under the references of ghost members Charlotte and Sylvia who rarely show up. Seika continues to mock Teppei about his ‘barbaric’ attitude and wants him to change his etiquette first before joining this club. She throws him a challenge that there’s a party hosted by the Social Club next week and if he can be that gracious and all, she’ll consider letting him join. Over the next few days, Teppei gets training on how to drink tea, dance and walk properly from Sylvia, Charlotte and Yuu respectively. Teppei learns Yuu comes from an orphanage and is very grateful to Isshin who took her in under his wing. She wishes him to do his best. But progress wise, he isn’t making any headway and it’s been a tiring affair. This prompts Yuu to suggest that he should refine the etiquette and elegance he learned from his dojo rather than learning new techniques. With that, they’re all fired up to practice again. The day of the party is here and Teppei is a very changed man. A perfect gentleman. Something that Seika isn’t pleased to find out. She was hoping that he flopped? But nope. Why, she might be even starting to fall for him! Just keep denying those feelings of the heart, dear. At the end, Seika admits he did well but falls short of admitting him as a member. In order to pass her final test, she wants him to organize a party in a week’s time. That’s what being in a Social Club means, right?
While Teppei contemplates what kind of party he should organize in episode 4, he learns from Seika’s pals of her busy schedule of being a model and designer of a highly popular brand. She has an interview on her school life after her product exhibition and to her dismay she has no choice but to assign Nezu to the task. Seeing that Seika is still hostile towards him, Teppei goes to see Isshin about more information about the Houjouin family. On the day of the interview, Nezu falls sick and completely breaks down like a robot so in short notice, Teppei decides to replace him, much to Seika’s dismay. The interview starts after Seika struts her stuff on the walkway. I guess Teppei isn’t that close to her so he nearly spews his honest thoughts about Seika which you can say isn’t favourable. So underneath the table there’s lots of feet stepping moments each time Teppei goes out of line. Ouch, ouch, ouch. She’s wearing high heels, you know. Eventually Teppei too has some good words for her, making her blush. After the interview, the duo have dinner together so Teppei takes this chance to ask why she hates his family so much. From what he learned from Isshin, when he was a young man, he was a workaholic so much so he neglected his wife. She was lonely and started to have an affair with Seika’s grandpa. When Isshin found out, he was furious and threw out not only her but the Houjouin too, a personal image department under the Arima Group’s financial centre, now an advertising company. Due to that conflict, both the relationship of both sides drifted apart and Seika’s brands are being banned from Arima Group’s store display. To add salt to injuries, Isshin once publicly announced the lost in dignity if that ever happens. That’s why Seika is out for revenge. She intends to reveal his cruelty. Teppei hands her a letter and it seems he has been appointed as advisor of the group. He explains that Isshin regretted what he did but it happened so long ago that it made it harder to apologize. He felt bad for being hated by her without knowing the reasons. With this, he hopes they could bury the hatchet of their predecessors and start anew. In other words, he is allowing her brands back into his store. Seika accepts but she reminds him this isn’t an excuse to let him off the hook for the party he’s supposed to organize. Well, at least the hostility is gone.
In episode 5, Nezu is grateful to Teppei for covering him so he intends to help out with his party. He’s suggesting something shady? Isn’t that illegal? But in this episode, Charlotte requests permission from Sylvia to borrow Teppei out for a date. Well, it’s right to ask since he is her fiancee. Not like she is particular about it anyway. Alfred is very concerned and doesn’t trust Teppei, that’s why Charlotte even has Sylvia in cohorts to fool the old butler that she’s going out with her. We also learn that currently the Filmish kingdom is in a delicate situation, the reason why the Van Hossens are staying in Japan. On Charlotte and Teppei’s day out, she takes him on a flight to Osaka. He thought it was going to be somewhere nearby. Well, Osaka is pretty close if you consider Japan as a small country. So the usual outing of having fun together and by evening, Charlotte decides to ride the Ferris wheel. She learns his parents’ demise but comforts him by saying that his parents are still alive in his heart. She continues her story of how she and Sylvia are close childhood friends due to their country’s close relationship. That time, Sylvia’s mom died in an accident and Vincent was devastated. Little Sylvia wrote a letter to God to return her mom in exchange to be a good girl. Vincent, touched by her words, gave her a locket bearing her mom’s portrait. Back in reality, Teppei got an idea that rich people too have their own set of problems and that it isn’t always a bed of roses. At the end, Teppei gets an idea of the kind of party he wants to host and thanks Charlotte. Suddenly she hugs him from behind and wants him to promise never ever forget her in his heart.
That party seems to be a stay at the hotspring inn. What the? So in episode 6, the usual gang, including a pair of minor nameless male characters who look more like otaku geeks, take a train ride there. You can’t have this kind of show without the hotspring fanservice so I guess that’s why they had to put it in this episode. The guys are discussing on taking a peep at the girls! Teppei is confident he won’t get busted even if they find out because he firmly believes he is the Lucky Pervert. Say what? Something like, he’ll accidentally waltz into the girls’ area and since it is an accident, the girls will forgive him instead of hammering him. Plus, he’s the main guy of the harem series. Seems too good to be true. Of course the typical bathing fanservice scene so much so the specky male minor character can’t take it anymore and rushes into the other side. He gets beaten up so it’s down to 3. I’m not sure what Teppei’s plan is but the remaining guys are crawling to take a peek from the other side. Then a cliche joke that the chubby male minor character time is up so he falls through a trap door. What the hell is a trap door doing in the middle of the path?! Nezu also fell into one and that leaves Teppei to carry out the ‘mission’ all by himself. If there’s a trap door, then I guess you shouldn’t hurt your brain thinking why there’s a button in the middle of the path in which Teppei stepped on. It sends him flying like a shooting star, crashing into the girls’ area. The guys are rounded up and are being reprimanded by the girls. It won’t be wise to keep the boys locked up forever since everyone is here so the gang play games and do stuff together. Bed time, the girls are talking about how wonderful Teppei is, bringing them all together. It seems Seika will make her official announcement of Teppei’s entry into the Social Club next week. They went on to talk about him falling in love with a girl. It could be one of them or someone else. So they make a Hotspring Pact that they should harbour no grudge if Teppei chooses someone he likes.
Alfred still doesn’t trust Teppei so in episode 7 he even breaks into school to get that pest away from Charlotte. Though the duo manage to get away from the pestering old butler, Charlotte sprained her ankle so Teppei feels bad about dragging her like this and takes her to the infirmary. Suddenly it starts raining rose petals. And there is a crazy guy skydiving down from the blimp! People, don’t try this stunt anyhow. After safely parachuting down into Shuuhou Academy’s grounds, this guy Hartmann Bezelheim, a famous entrepreneur from the Hazelrink kingdom and his family’s company has large business and investments with the Arima Group, is here to see his fiancee Charlotte. You can tell the airhead girl doesn’t like him and just obliges. Even Sylvia is caught by surprise as she didn’t know best friend Charlotte had a fiancee. Charlotte is reluctant to talk about it so Teppei changes the topic and invites her for dinner at Arima Hills. Next day, Sylvia confronts Charlotte. No, not about Hartmann. Last night she heard Vincent talking on the phone and he sounded tense. She heard that there is a secret nuclear missile silo developing between the borders of Hazelrink and Filmish. Charlotte doesn’t know anything about it so Sylvia suspects a third country is trying to cause tension between both nations. Seika is caught eavesdropping so based on her information, she says that something may be happening at Arima Hills tonight. That night, Hartmann has a meeting with Isshin and Vincent at Arima Hills about the nuclear conspiracy that may cause public unrest. Charlotte receives an SMS from Teppei to meet her at the suite but something tells it is a setup because Teppei is seen practicing with his sword in the garden with Yuu. Charlotte eagerly arrives at the suite but doesn’t see Teppei anywhere. As she waits, a blackout of the entire building occurs. Teppei receives a threatening SMS from an unknown source that in addition to taking his parents’ life, they also have taken his loved one hostage.
Arima Hills plunge into darkness in episode 8 and a group of militia storms the building taking out the security and holding up the staff. The mastermind behind the coup is no other than Hartmann’s personal assistant, Josephine. Charlotte is taken hostage by a bitter mercenary whom I shall refer to as Scarface, and his bungling pair of subordinates. They sound more like clowns. Isshin manages to establish communication to Yuu about their situation before being cut off. So Yuu and the rest of her maids show us that they’re just more than maids. They’re bloody good computer hackers as well! Can put most techies to shame. So the battle to gain control over Arima Hills’ network begins. Yuu manages to seize control for a short time and discover crucial information (like Charlotte’s presence) before the militia’s hacker wrestled back their control. Teppei and Sylvia head over to the building. While Charlotte is being tied up, Scarface explains to her why they’re doing this. To him, he was born in the slums and grew up in a very poor hellish environment. He saw Arima Hills as heaven and their contrasting lifestyle made him hate it even more and wants to destroy it. But plans to broadcast Arima Hills undersiege hits a snag. With the intervention of Seika, all news channels report the incident as just a blackout, keeping the situation under control. Teppei and Sylvia charge into the building but the tightly guarded areas made it impossible for them to advance. They retreat and to their relief find the special forces group, Arima SP, have arrived. Teppei and Sylvia along with Seika infiltrate the building through the rooftop via helicopter. Seika uses a group of idols putting up a performance near Arima Hills as further distraction. During that time, Hartmann struggles with Josephine to allow the duo to escape but was shot and killed. Josephine reveals her goal to embarrass them all. She then orders a retreat so the militia pulls out. Sylvia finds Isshin and Vincent okay as Teppei rushes to find Charlotte and eventually finds her. But their reunion is short-lived because Charlotte informs him that before Scarface left, he told her there were several bombs planted in the building. And Yuu’s attempt to regain control has triggered its timer and the entire building to blackout once more.
Isshin and the rest are being flown back to their mansion in episode 9 while Teppei and Charlotte try to find and diffuse the bombs. Why is Charlotte so happy and carefree? Well, she thinks everything will be alright since Teppei will think up of something. Doesn’t this sound familiar? There is a way to purge the virus and that is to reformat the entire data of Arima Group. Isshin tells Yuu to go ahead since that isn’t important. Besides, he is confident that every loyal staff working in Arima Group has data in their head so it won’t be a problem retrieving them but it’ll take time. Two of the bombs have been found and diffused by the Arima SP but due to their locations, they can’t make it in time to the next one. Is the building that big? So Sylvia decides to go back there and diffuse it along with Seika who feels she shouldn’t hog all the limelight. Once they find the bomb, it was just a matter of cutting which wire: blue or red. I’m not sure what Sylvia’s thinking was but she told Seika to hold the bomb while she thinks. Time is running, dear. Before the final seconds, she cuts the red one and her reason was that it was her lucky colour. So it was just a blind guess?!
Teppei and Charlotte encounter obstacles in their way like the bungling duo militiamen who got lost (easily defeated because they started fantasizing about Charlotte) and a thick steel shutter (can cut through with a chainsaw?). The duo then come face to face with Scarface who is waiting for them. He expresses his disgust for the Arima Group successor and is going to shoot him. Seriously, can Teppei outrun his bullets? This show says he can as he deflects them with his wooden sword and lands a painful punch in Scarface’s face. They find the bomb but no time left. He throws it down the trash chute and it goes boom. Thankfully it is made of thick steel to withstand earthquake so the building still stands. Why didn’t they just throw it all down the chute in the first place? Isshin thanks everyone for their hard work while Teppei and the girls reunite. Sylvia tells it straight to Charlotte’s face that Hartmann died while protecting Isshin and Vincent. That’s when Charlotte starts getting emotional. She admitted that when she first got to know Hartmann as her fiancee, she didn’t really like him and pretended to do so since he is to be her future husband. And with his death, she has finally come to like him. I wanted to say she was shedding crocodile tears and was happy he died but I guess she really means it. While gloom hangs over the gang, Charlotte’s chauffeur arrives to pick her up home. However unknown to everyone, the chauffeur seems to closely resemble Hartmann. Could it be?
Yes it is. Hartmann is very well alive in episode 10 and all this was just a ploy. He picks up Josephine halfway down the road and Charlotte continues to be their hostage and being put to sleep. The gang soon learns about their mistake when Isshin arrives and says Charlotte’s escort will be shortly soon and the only person he contacted was Alfred. So this episode has Teppei very gloomy because he can’t do a thing to save Charlotte after Vincent told him this is something he can’t handle since it has become an international issue. Lots of flashback with his time spent with Charlotte which causes him to realize her importance. Bla bla bla. Do we really need this? Charlotte is on a train across Russia back to her Hazelrink kingdom. Hartmann explains his intention to crush and destroy Teppei and lead Isshin to despair. Even so, he notes that shaming him won’t be enough. He leaves Charlotte in the care of the bungling duo militiamen. You know, Charlotte can be a spoilt child even as a hostage, demanding this and that. But you know those guys they aren’t that bad as they try to appease her. She’s having so much fun as a hostage. Back to Teppei, since he is indecisive, Seika and Sylvia ticks him off for not being the man they once knew. Where was that great man who resolved the half century hatred brought the feuding families back together? Where was that great man who crossed swords with her? Seika kisses him, Sylvia slaps him. So I guess it is Yuu’s turn now, eh? Either way, Sylvia is going back to her country because she wants to rescue Charlotte, with or without Teppei. So what will Yuu do? She puts his face on her lap and comforts him. I guess it’s enough motivation for him to go save Charlotte. Meanwhile the militiamen allow Charlotte to take a bath. But Josephine isn’t happy because she truly loves Hartmann but knows deep down in his heart he likes Charlotte. So she confronts Charlotte and imposes some tits pinching bullying but Charlotte says she will neither run nor hide. And it is revealed that it is part of their plan to leak information of their whereabouts because Hartmann wants Teppei to take the bait.
Isshin gives Teppei a sword and a million Yen for his journey in episode 11 and wants him to stick true to his beliefs. Seika sees Teppei off at the airport and shows her tsundere side after all by hugging him after all those harsh words. Teppei arrives with Yuu in Filmish. Sylvia has become the head of the calvary in the shortest time possible after a head on battle with the ex-calvary chief. Vincent throws a party to welcome them and that night Teppei talks with Sylvia, how she looks a lot like her mom and such. They had another spar and Teppei obviously lost. Sylvia asserts she likes strong men and won’t accept a man who lost to her twice. What does that mean? Heck what it means because now it’s Sylvia’s turn to kiss him. Assault on the train beings next morning when it arrives in the kingdom. I find it odd that Sylvia’s entire calvary are female, riding horses and even have old fashioned cannon. Charlotte is thrilled to see Teppei riding his motorbike chasing the train. Only thing is, it isn’t Teppei, but Alfred. How disappointing. It’s amazing how a determined old guy could take out a bunch of fully equipped militia. Speaking of which, that was just a distraction so that Teppei could infiltrate the train by jumping down a bridge?! Don’t ever try this. Not even James Bond. Teppei slows the train down so he could allow Sylvia and her calvary to board. Hartmann tells Josephine to secure the hostage. I suppose jealous Josephine was going to shoot them both but Hartmann shoots her first, claiming she’s a nuisance. So much for a one-sided love. A short flashback reveals Hartmann as a pick-pocketing thief when he was a poor young boy. He was caught by Isshin and ever since felt humiliated and wanted revenge. That’s it? Apparently not. He plans to take everything Isshin has and put forth his whatever plans. He separates the train from the other carriage and during the struggle, Teppei managed to pull Charlotte back inside after being flung out. As a result, this gives Hartmann an opportunity to shoot him and send him falling off. Is he really dead? Well if he could jump down from a bridge to a running train, what are the chances he’ll survive a fall from a moving train.
Apparently in episode 12 Teppei is still alive. How? He was caught by Sylvia while Alfred is riding a bike! Don’t ever try this stunt anywhere! Hey. How can a bike ride 3 people? I guess since it’s slowing them down, one of them have to get off. Teppei or Alfred. Rock-scissors-papers. The old geezer lost. Meanwhile Hartmann and Charlotte are having their conversation about truth, lies and deception. For once Charlotte doesn’t sound like an airhead and emits an air of maturity and seriousness. She wants Hartmann to save Josephine (hanging on to her dear life) but he refuses so Charlotte carries her for help. Thankfully the pair of militiamen blokes have medical background. Not joking. But they’re dropout students not because of their clowning around. Just that they had no money. Don’t worry, Josephine is in safe hands and since this is a government train, it has a real operating theatre. Teppei catches up with the train and Hartmann isn’t pleased to find out he is alive. Now here is another bike stunt never to imitate. Swiftly and faster than Jackie Chan, Teppei switches with Sylvia so that she could take control of the bike while he gets onboard the train. Dangerous. In the carriage, Teppei confronts Hartmann with Charlotte as his hostage. You know those heroic and honour words from heroes of what he learned throughout his journey. From his side of course what the main girls had taught him. I’m not going to bore you by going into details.
He tells Hartmann that he got it wrong while he was pick-pocketing. Isshin didn’t humiliate him but rather wanted him to ‘rise up to his level’. Teppei wants him to start anew his life but Hartmann isn’t going to believe those lies. He’s so crazy that he even placed bombs in the carriage and blows them up! Great. Now the train is on fire. Hartmann reveals that he was the one that killed his parents when he found out she was alive. No matter how painful it is, Teppei has to swallow his displeasure and forgives him! Why can’t all of us be like this guy? Hartmann still isn’t buying Teppei’s crap so in a split second, Teppei disarms his gun with his sword and lands his fist in his face. The train explodes and the trio are flung out. How are Teppei and Charlotte saved? You should have guessed it. All in good timing, they landed on Sylvia’s bike in precise timing (not sure if it was a fluke). Unbelievable. Oh yes. Don’t try this anyhow, people. As for Hartmann, he landed safely in the arms of Alfred riding a slow tractor. Disappointed he did not catch Charlotte, he throws him into the river. With the ordeal over and everyone heaving sighs of relief, I’m not sure what Charlotte did to thank Teppei but she can’t wait to do ‘it’ right in the vineyard no matter how embarrassing it was. Josephine wakes up and is on the road to recovery to see Hartmann by her side. Change over a new leaf has he? When Teppei and the girls get back to Japan, Seika and her Social Club throws them a party as Teppei dances with the main girls. And later goes apologizing to them for all the trouble that has happened. Like they ever blamed him in the first place. Well, that’s why the love him too.
So okay, nice happy ending. Just like in fairytales. Just that we don’t know if they’ll live happily forever. Now that Teppei has solved the mystery surrounding his parents’ demise, would he return to his normal ordinary life? I don’t think so. With the developments that have taken place, it is best that he continues to be the successor of the Arima Group. He has proven his worth. There shouldn’t be any international issue since the parties involved tried their best from letting it get out of hand. And will they not prosecute for his crimes? Well, he seems like he has turned over a new leaf and besides, Teppei did forgive and wanted him to restart his life again. But I still feel he needs to face up for his past crimes. Murdering and conspiring on an international level is something not to be taken lightly. I don’t mean to be disgusted with Teppei’s kindness but if he lets criminals go after committing a major crime, what the heck is the justice system for?
One thing different about the main girls in this series as compared to the girls in other harem animes, is that they are intellects. Okay, maybe one of them is an airhead but even so she shows responsibility when needed. You don’t see them fighting over the man they love, right? Unlike jealous high school girls who can’t wait to get a piece of their guy and eliminate competition at every opportunity present. So the girls here may have a little disagreement here and there but nothing major. They are really honouring the Hotspring Pact. Teppei may have not choose who he wants to be yet probably because as Sylvia said it doesn’t matter who he ends up with as they are happy with the way things are now and don’t want to change that. If I have to make a guess, my best bet he should end up with Charlotte. Hey, isn’t that what this series is named after? Besides, it’s not like Sylvia or Teppei agreed to the arranged marriage thingy in the first place. Hey. I just noticed something trivial. Teppei has got the 3 main girls kissed him but not Yuu. Perhaps putting his head on his lap is enough? Consider the scandal if a maid and master kissed.
Speaking about the fanservice and if you are a great fan of it (heck, if not why are you watching this in the first place?), you might be disappointed if you were watching the TV version. All those panty shots and the likes have been censored by convenient steam and ‘dark shadows’. Even the ending credits animation show the main girls in their pose and clothes slowly turn into sexy bikini outfits is considered mild at this rate. So if you like to see beyond that, there is this motivation to buy the DVD version. Fully uncensored, guarantee. And speaking about the DVDs, buyers will be treated to several specials. They are divided into Picture Drama, Secret Girl and Magical Knight Maria-chan. Thus there are a total of 18 specials (6 instalments each). Picture Dramas are the longest duration with each special lasting 10-12 minutes. Basically in this segment, you have a still picture of the characters in the series while they ‘discuss’ about several stuff. Like the first one is about Black Holes. No, they’re not teaching us about astronomy but those ‘dark shadows’ that I mentioned earlier. And yeah. What is a Picture Drama without ecchi and ‘danger level’ pictures.
Picture Drama 2 has the gang talking about transforming into magical girls (sexy ones of course – you should see Nezu’s one. Disgusting). Picture Drama 4 is about the girls comparing and ‘arguing’ about boobs size since we all know Seika is a flat chest (Nezu’s comment that everyone is a winner at the end of some piggyback fighting contest is so true). Ayano and Erika get more screen time in Picture Drama 5 as they seek to punish Teppei because they see him as a threat to do yuri stuff with Erika (Grand Wave blast? How the heck did they do that?). Picture Drama 6 has the gang doing a little recap and this one is a little informative because it tells the difference between the anime works from the game production and its process of doing certain stuff for certain scenes. At the end of each Picture Drama, viewers are treated with bonus pictures. Pictures of the ladies in nude and sexy poses. What else? Except for Picture Drama 3, whereby it is a melancholic flashback on Yuu’s past and on how she came to meet Teppei and regain the ability to use her lost voice once more during her days at the orphanage.
Secret Girl specials last about 2 minutes each and I don’t understand what its significance is. It takes random and ambiguous ecchi scenes from the series and compiles it into this montage (some parts now uncensored of course). As for Magical Knight Maria-chan, they are like a minute preview of Maria’s spin-off series like herself being a magical girl or even a grow-up busty version attending Shuuhou Academy. I guess she did not have enough screen time appearance in the series proper so maybe loli fans were disappointed. But this? Don’t get it either. And I’m not sure if this is supposed to be a joke because at the end it mentions this series has 40,000 volumes! And for some of them, the project starts like in the year 2020?! I think this has to be a joke.
On a trivial note, at the next episode preview has a character (usually Charlotte) asking a question. Then some other character will either give an unnecessary reply or the answer going off tangent. Anyhow, it has no relation to the next episode. Each episode title is short and simple and most of them, how should I put it, come in pairs. For instance episode 2’s "Academy and reunion", episode 5’s "Sunset and Ferris Wheel" and episode 11’s "Calvary and Train". Makes it easier to recall what happened in that episode and beats having long winded titles that have no relation whatsoever. Before I forget, I just want to mention those bike stunts Teppei did. Something I feel Evel Knievel wouldn’t even be able to pull off if he was still alive today. Another reminder not to try them anywhere and anyhow!
I’m not sure if I can handle the huge responsibilities like Teppei did if I were to be entrusted with a sudden change in life direction. Being a successor for a huge corporation is not an easy thing. You got to have the brains, the charisma and the connections while keeping in view of those who are just out to get your money. Then there are decades long family conflicts to resolve, parties to attend, business deals to close, contracts to sign, important decisions to make, uprising to curb, international tensions to quell, action hero, stuntman, negotiator, hostages to rescue, and man, the list goes on and one. On top of that, Teppei is still a high school kid! (Okay, maybe some of the items in the list were made up). Would you do it for the money? I think I’ll pass that up. It’s better to be an anime otaku-cum-hikikomori watching animes like this. But really, what would I really do? Erm… I’ll think of something somehow.

Princess Lover

KissxSis OVA

June 18, 2010

If you’re wondering why this blog is rather late since the OVA for KissxSis had already came out a long time ago, well firstly it means I saw it much later. I saw the first two OVA episodes of the series that time and I was wondering if I should continue to watch the third. All that dilly-dally, postponing and delaying finally made me to decide that I should just watch it or else that dilemma to watch or not to watch will forever be stuck in my head.
Depending on how you number the series, some say this is the third instalment and some the second because the first one that came out was actually episode number zero. But I’m not here to confuse you about it. A short synopsis on what this story is about. Incest. Okay, maybe too short. Keita lives along with his sisters, Ako and Riko. The boy doesn’t have any blood relations with the sisters, though. And because of that, the girls duke it out over each other for his affections whether morally or legally right or not, whether he likes it or not. Yup, lots of ecchi fanservice. Poor guy. Lucky us viewers.
In this instalment, the sisters in their Santarina outfit take Keita to a karaoke box to unwind for his upcoming entrance exam. Heck, we all should know that it is part of their plan to get closer to him. After singing their song (which serves as the opening theme for this episode), the gang have a rest and Ako realizes that the Oolong tea that they ordered tastes different. It has some alcohol content? Well, Riko is fast asleep and this means Ako will have Keita all to herself. Happy? However she needs to go to the toilet after one too many drinks but can’t move her legs. I guess Keita is a little bit drunk too so he even offers to bring her to the toilet. Can’t stand the embarrassing thought of that, Ako starts crawling her way there. Hope no one sees her.
That is when Riko wakes up and she too needs to go to the toilet. She can’t hold it anymore but feels it is too troublesome to go herself. WTF?! After making comments like boys have their own pre-attached hoses, she thinks of using a funnel and doing it in a bottle. You mean this is better than going to the toilet? Well yeah. Apparently she got too lazy so she even thinks of wetting her panties! Keita won’t let that happened (they may be banned from the joint if the management finds out) so he carries and rushes her all the way to the toilet. Ako has finished her business and sees them and regrets that she should have had him done the same thing.
Hey, did Keita realize he just entered the female’s toilet? No time for that. That’s because Riko is causing her usual fuss again. Unless Keita takes off her panties for her, she is happy to pee in them. Oh dear. So what’s a guy got to do so that she could finish her business. Riko must be enjoying this. She’s teasing him because his little brother has grown big. After she’s done she continues her teasing that he’s a pervert because he stayed to listen to her piss and did not get out of the cubicle. Yeah, what the heck was that pee analyzing thingy anyway? As punishment, Riko wants him to wipe her clean or else she’ll be contented of being soiled and dirty so much so they will have to take a bath together and clean themselves. Do you think her hentai attacks are too much? And so Keita has no choice but to be her butler-cum-slave as he takes the roll of tissue paper and starts wiping. Ooohh… Aaahhh… You really like that sensation girl? He comes to his senses when Ako comes knocking on their door because they’re taking way too long. He panics and busts out of the cubicle. Too late. She already misunderstood. To make matters worse, Riko lies and hints he really did something to her.
Back in their karaoke room, Riko is asleep once more (look at the happy smile on her face) and Ako still doubts Keita’s fling. Keita becomes depressed so Ako tries to comfort him and apologizes. She wishes for him to cheer up and will share some of her cheerfulness with him. Suddenly Keita forces Ako onto his lap. Looks like he is totally drunk now. He actually wants Ako to share her cheerfulness. Ako is taken aback. Though a little embarrassed, she thinks it is okay since it is her turn to be with Keita. The duo have a very passionate kiss. Tongue to tongue. Then it gets even ‘hot’ from here. Keita wants her to suck his tongue! WTF?! She obliges. Then it’s his turn to suck hers. She’s feeling good? After that, Keita strips her top and starts pulling her tits!!! Unbelievable! Is he doing some experiment to see if girls get excited when their tits get hard?! Probably he’s had enough of massaging and fondling her boobs so now he’s targeting her ass. Gulp. She’s going with the flow till the telephone rings. Girl, interrupted. It seems the karaoke manager that they have 5 minutes left. Ako requests for an extension but since the joint is fully booked, he can’t accept her request. By that time, Keita is asleep and since Ako was so tensed and embarrassed she wet her panties. She heads for the toilet to take them off.
At the end of the day when the siblings leave, Keita thanks them for trying to make him happy and that he feels better now. Since he didn’t remember much of that passionate incident, Ako doesn’t know whether to feel relieved or sad. Of course Riko suspects that Ako may have done something to Keita while she was asleep. She pesters her to spill the beans so Ako makes a run for it (remember she’s not wearing anything underneath). Well you could say that the sisters even the score with their own Keita time. Too bad Keita gets called an idiot though he doesn’t understand what’s happening.
Though the ecchi fanservice was expected, there was something else that I felt while I was watching this. Disgusting. I mean showing the toilet bowl and even the toilet bowl water? And the pass water too? What in the world? It wasn’t just kinky it was disgusting. Same case when Keita and Ako locked lips. Oops. I mean licked tongues. Some people may get turned on by the saliva and all that but every part of my body was cringing from the inside. And I still wonder myself why the heck am I watching this.
I may not remember the initial OVA episodes but somehow I didn’t find Ako as bold as I expected to. I mean if she is willing to get Keita’s attention, then why is she so embarrassed when Keita starts getting bold? Maybe it’s her first time but she should be glad, if you know what I’m saying? Speaking of Keita, now we know that guy gets horny when he’s drunk. Very dangerous. Maybe he’s not entirely to blame seeing that he has always been seduced by his horny sisters. As for Riko she’s still sly and cunning in making Keita do cunning naughty stuff onto him.
I guess this series was popular enough that a TV series has been made in early 2010. I read it’s a retelling of the OVA version. Oh boy. More incest. I’m not sure if I should go watch it or not. I have my doubts and reservations. Yeah, it’s that dilemma feeling again. At least by watching this show, it reinforces and reminds me of the reasons why I stayed away from pure hentai animes. I’m so not into that. And it’s a good thing I don’t have a sister or else who knows what could’ve happened. Or worse. If she’s anime influenced, who knows what she’ll do to me!


I’m sure you’ve seen circumstances or situations whereby the good ended up as the bad and vice versa. For instance, elected representatives end up serving their own interests and pockets or kidnappers taking care of their hostages and in the end release them without any harm. Something like that. In Akahori Gedou Hour Rabuge, viewers may experience the same thing too.
This anime series is split into 2 intertwining and alternating stories, Zettai Seigi Love Pheromone and Soreyuke! Gedou Otome Tai, that will come together in the end. In Love Pheromone, we have a couple of comedians-wannabes, Aimi Yoshizumi and Kaoruko Sajima, who also double as sentai-like intergalactic allies of justice. Coincidentally they call themselves on both jobs as Love Pheromone but the general public don’t seem to distinguish the duo. Even if it’s their job and dream in providing justice or laughs to the world, they end up destroying the very things they’re supposed to protect. Likewise in Soreyuke! Gedou Otome Tai, a tale of 5 poor Hokke sisters Otone, Kanashi, Yoku, Maika and Utano. They are supposed to do evil stuff but end up doing good things which bring benefit to the people around them. So who are the real villains here? Who are the real heroines? Kinda obvious, isn’t it?
In episode 1, the sentai allies of justice Love Pheromone are seen busting an underwear thief but at the same time causing huge damage to the buildings. By day time, the duo work as stand-up comedians but the audience never laugh at their lame jokes and only stare in silence. No wonder they’re never a household name. After they get off stage, their manager Tomokazu Seki (yes, it’s that seiyuu playing as himself) is pretty hyped up that they’ll become superstars one day. Back home, Kaoruko is thinking that though they’re heroes of the sponsored Galactic Allied Police (and have real badges to show as proof), this won’t earn them any money. But Aimi thinks this is their chance for their comedy act to be popular though nobody notices it each time they proudly mention their name during their crime busting acts (has she ever thought of the damage caused?). Aimi whacks Kaoruko and reminds her of their dream. Well at least to Aimi, lots of lolicon and big boobs females. Kaoruko does wrestling submission moves to bring her back to reality but she starts fantasizing her own dreams: shotacons. A news report that a bank robbery holding a hostage is in progress so the duo goes into action. Yeah, those transitional scenes like you see in Grendizer and the likes. One of the ways being using the toilet seat to go there? Not to mention all that hyped elaborated scene that transform the buildings and to launch their mecha into action. Do they need all that? Well, they’re superheroes after all. When they arrive, the police and everyone else recognize them. The chief orders a retreat. What about the hostages? Don’t care. Their life is more important! That’s how bad a reputation the duo has. Since Aimi even quoted that they don’t care about the hostage’s life (some allies of justice they are), even the baddies went back inside the bank for refuge! After another round of elaborated transformation to their sentai form, the girls fire a rain of missiles into the bank, causing massive destruction and ultimately a huge crater in the area. Yeah, even the news report announces the damage which exceeds 1 trillion (that’s 12 zeros baby!). More than the national budget! Now we know why Japan is in deficit. Aimi isn’t happy that the foolish citizens don’t recognize their importance but vows to carry on. Oh uh. Not good.
Otone returns home to her sisters on a rainy day. They pray their deceased parents’ alter and a flashback shows 5 years ago before daddy died (is he some alien wearing some wrestling mask?), he told them to become an excellent evil, the evillest of all evil. In reality, the girls mention that their efforts to be evil were thwarted because the evil organization was done in by the hands of justice 2 years ago and they’re too poor and have no powers to build or do evil stuff. See, it’s a sin to be poor. Utano notices a jar but Otone says she has to be 18 in order to open it. However Maika accidentally opens it and a little imp, Akumako, flies out and offers to help them become an excellent evil since the women in the Hokke family possess sleeping magical powers (her ulterior motive is to destroy the world using them). They agree to do so and fulfil their dad’s promise. A news report that several people have taken shelter from the floods so Akumako gives them each a Transformation Rod of Evil so that they could turn into witch-cum-magical-girls called Gedou Otome Tai. Another typical magical girl transformation scene. Akumako leads the pack but the girls are hesitating to cause a typhoon since it’ll bother people. Pissed off, Akumako reminds them about daddy’s promise so the girls bust in and with their elemental powers they call forth… A warm cream stew?! The crowd is grateful as the sisters serve them as upset Akumako disappears in a huff. When they walk back, they see the beautiful meteor showers so Utano hopes they can be excellent evils one day. Can they?
In episode 2, Otone thinks of taking up more part time jobs after calculating that this month they’ll face financial difficulties. Next morning after her sisters leave for school, Otone goes to her part time job. There are rumours from the housewives that she holds different positions in different lines of work. We see her doing construction job as well as her insatiable enormous appetite (doesn’t she get fat?). Her other part time job includes working as a waitress in a cafe in which Kaoruko is also working. Maika does part time modelling for children clothes after school and it seems she’s successful because some people have megane fetish. And the homeroom teacher can’t help stare at Kanashi’s assets… So we learn that probably why Otone needs the money is because she eats a lot. That’s a heap of stuffs she bought. She eats them all and still doesn’t feel full? When the sisters return, Akumako appears to show them that some mediocre evil organization called Domentou has invaded the municipal government building and wants them to join up and invade the city. The sisters transform and by the time they arrive at the scene, the surrounding areas are decimated and the weak Domentou defeated. With that, the sisters head back for dinner, pissing off Akumako. That night, Otone works at a strip club: washing plates. What were you thinking? When she comes home, her sisters are fast asleep and have made her a midnight snack, making her feel happy.
No matter how many alarm clocks are ringing or falling, Aimi and Kaoruko just can’t wake up (dreaming about their sick fantasies, I guess). Till a wash basin contraption falls on them as a last resort. They go do their comedian job and as usual, the silent treatment from the audience but this time the more ‘jokes’ they tell, a great part of the audience leaves till there’s none left at the end of the show. Hiding in a locker, the girls are wondering if they can be big so Seki reminds them they can and the day they left their hometowns. A short flashback from Kaoruko how her dad forbade her to become a comedian and the real reason she had to leave was that she may do something to her little brother due to her sick shotacon fetish. Same case with Aimi. Daddy doesn’t want her to be a comedian so she left because she may ‘assault’ her little sister. Kaoruko spots a news report of Domentou’s building takeover so she rushes home and switches off the TV Aimi was watching (some hidden anime episode says she. Yeah, blame too much animes to watch). By the time they transform and arrive, the chief inspector has swiftly rounded up Domentou and won’t allow further damage. But Aimi is bloody upset because she had to forgo watching her anime and those baddies lost too quickly. Blaming the police for being evil for taking their bounty, Aimi blasts and destroys part of the city sending both police and villains flying. Is this what she calls justice? Yeah, the scene earlier on when Gedou Otome Tai arrived.
In episode 3, the comedy duo are invited as guests on a popular idol show hosted by NyanNyan and Friends. Aimi thinks of taking over the show and that NyanNyan and co are a bunch of loser airheads till she sees them as cute little busty maids, did she make a total u-turn and supports them. During the show, Kaoruko’s attempt to inform about their live performance is quickly pushed aside by NyanNyan and co as they sell their products via hypnotic powers. Even Aimi is so taken in by their moeness. During the break, the duo see NyanNyan and co smoking with such a rowdy and rude behaviour. While Kaoruko suspects something is wrong, Aimi is still totally into them. NyanNyan and co proceeds to mock them by saying they ripped their team name from that city destroying pair of heroines. Till they say the one fighting upfront has such a flat chest (referring to Aimi), Aimi snaps and they transform into Love Pheromone. NyanNyan and co think their identity has been busted and reveal themselves as Black NyanNyan. Their goal is world domination via evil hypnotic waves. Aimi acts like she knew all this all along. Though Black NyanNyan unleashes their attack, they can’t beat Aimi who singlehandedly not only defeated them by ripping their clothes close to naked, but destroy the entire building as well. Later the duo watch the news report on yet another of their destructive activities. The news interview NyanNyan and co who act all innocent and want the public to continue supporting them. Kaoruko is upset they didn’t learn their lesson but Aimi once more is taken in by their cuteness.
The Hokke sisters find a letter in their mail sent by their dad 5 years ago (who mail delivery system error doesn’t occur in the old days). In it, a seed which Akumako claims it’s the Flower of Evil seed which will grow into something terrible. She wants them to mass produce the seeds and cause havoc in the city. After Utano plants the seeds, the sisters use their elemental powers to rain seeds over the city while feeling how it will trouble everyone. The next day, they watch the news report and are shock to see beautiful plants springing up everywhere and the people praising it! Then Utano starts crying when she notices dad’s flower isn’t blooming. Otone suggests using her magic and even so it did not work. But when Utano’s single tear dropped into its soil, the seed starts growing into a beautiful sunflower. That’s when Otone says this flower is filled with daddy and mummy’s feelings. "Always do bad deeds with a smile". Er… Say what? Everyone starts laughing much to Akumako’s dismay. Next morning as Otone prays at her parents’ altar, she notes how the sunflower signifies as their parents watching over them.
In episode 4, Utano notices Otone wearing a red crystal so the latter tells her this crystal can make the biggest wish come true. A half-cicada half-man, Semiotoko (how aptly named) pays the sisters a visit. It seems he is their dad’s friend and ex-member of the evil organization. He pays his respects and tells his days with that guy. Akumako gets an idea for the sisters to carry on dad’s will. She wants Semiotoko to teach them evil martial arts. Reluctant at first, Semiotoko agrees thinking that this is his way of repaying their dad. For the next few days, the gang proceed to ‘train’ via stretching, warming-up exercises and simple games. On the way home, Utano mentions if he could be her dad for today so he agrees. After a week, it’s the final lesson so Akumako wants the sisters to do a hands-on practical. However they’re reluctant because it will cause trouble. Plus, Semiotoko says he is a big peace lover! Do they know what being evil is all about? Apparently not. Akumako reminds them of daddy’s will so they agree so Semiotoko suggests hijacking a kindergarten bus. Hey, better to start small. After transforming, they try to do so but the bus left and shrouded them in a choking thick black smoke. Since they missed the bus, Semiotoko suggests hijacking the kindergarten itself. They bust in and all the kids are thrilled to see the cicada dude, thinking it’s some costume. They also proceed to sing a song for them and use their elemental magic to summon a candy house, much to Akumako’s dismay. But she can’t do anything anymore because the kids start playing toss with her.
Later the sisters are devastated to find Semiotoko dying because since he’s a cicada he has only 1 week to live. He knew this was coming but still proceeded to train them. He reveals that he made a promise to daddy to take care of his daughters if something ever happens to him. Semiotoko then dies as Otone remembers the red crystal that daddy once told her that could revive a baddie. She uses it and successfully brings Semiotoko back to life, much to everyone’s relief. The crystal turns into a rock. Before Semiotoko parts with them, he thanks and graduates them. Otone feels guilty that she should’ve used the crystal for her dad but her sisters didn’t mind as Semiotoko was saved and that everyone is happy enough like this. They are also glad that they have Otone around. And because that story took too long, Love Pheromone just had a short 30 seconds appearance! Yeah, they’re waiting patiently in the make-up room when they’re being told their scene ends now. Sudden kill! Yay! No acts of destruction for today. A day of rest for the city folks.
In episode 5, there is a 3 billion Yen grand mansion whereby nobody knows who lives in it. He is a man who fights evil secretly and is an ally of justice. That man turns out to be Seki and WTF?! He wakes up and walks around in his mansion naked! After his numerous maids help him get dressed, he goes to his manager job. He wakes up Love Pheromone to tell them of a comedy job downtown and promises them upfront payment. However to their disappointment, the payment is in the form of taiyaki. As usual nobody watches their lame jokes. Then he takes them to an anime audition and they right away agree after he mentions they’ll be rich. On the way, Seki’s pager beeps so he abandons the car right in the middle of the road and heads to a nearby toilet. Inside the cubicle, his butler Tokita informs him an evil organization has sent a mecha to destroy the city. Seki transforms into a superhero named Sekii Man. He arrives pathetically and his introduction seems to be ignored. When he is going to deliver his super kick, Love Pheromone interrupts. Uh oh. Even the evil knows he’s doomed. Love Pheromone unleashes their missile towards the mecha in addition to destroying the city, blows Sekii Man away. In the aftermath when Seki rushes to the audition, he sees the girls passionately saying how they really want to become voice actresses but the Producer fails them for small boobs so pissed Aimi blows up the building.
Otone seems to like animes so Akumako suggests for them to be voice actresses and send their evil message to make their world domination task easier since anime have effective effects on people. Though the sisters don’t want to do it, Otone is all for it. During the audition, it’s that same chubby Producer again as he passes or fails candidates based on their appearance rather than voice. It’s all about money? Can’t do promos and such without looks? Utano, Kanashi, Yoku and Maika instantly got his approval (must be some fetish of his). But when it is Otone’s turn, though she knows her stuff, Producer isn’t interested and fails her thinking sexy types like her don’t get much attention, thus breaking her heart. Soon after that’s when Love Pheromone came in and his insensitive remarks makes the building go boom. The 4 sisters instantly become a hit, garner a legion of fans and do lots of promo, video and photo shoots. Back home, they dejectedly tell Otone that due to their success they have to move to Hollywood for 3 years. They feel they won’t get to be Gedou Otome Tai anymore and fulfil daddy’s wish (have they ever come close?). They want to quit but Akumako disagrees as Otone sides with the imp since she feels daddy will allow it and it will benefit them. The sisters are overcome with emotion and hug Otone. On the day of their departure, Otone sadly watches them go. But after the plane leaves, she is surprised to see them around. They decided not to go because they want to be with Otone and do evil things together (like I said, have they ever?). Otone feels happy of their reunion. Akumako meanwhile wonders where the sisters have gone to as she is on the plane to USA with Producer, who thinks flying fairy is the in-thing.
In episode 6, Aimi and Kaoruko have been cast to act in an episode of Squid Wrestler. It seems they play very dangerous and life threatening scenes. But the Director isn’t pleased and wants the whole scene rewritten! The duo along with Seki in the overcrowded trailer of extras lament their fate. Seki tells them the director has a thing for funny stuff and as long they act funny and catch his attention, they’ll get accepted. Over the next few scenes, the comedy duo prove to be more of a nuisance with their bloopers and intrusions. Director is in a dilemma to pick which opponent (all weird looking and named) to duel to hero squid so in the end, a royale battle tournament is decided to pick the worthiest one to be the opponent. Aimi has signed up Kaoruko as Chichi Wrestler (Boobs Wrestler). The first round pits her with a weird seal. Kaoruko wins the match using her I-Cup move. I guess with her boobs on the opponent’s face, they’ll give in to their utmost desire and not fight back. Kaoruko does the same thing for all her opponents coupled in with Aimi’s dirty tricks from the sidelines to reach the final. She faces off with a starfish but he is a lolicon and not interested in boobs higher than B-Cup! Kaoruko is in a punch so Aimi suddenly appears and hammers him. This means sly Aimi self declares herself as the rightful winner and will be Squid Wrestler’s opponent. But Director decides that all those did not count and wants them to start over again citing their boob difference cancel out each other to zero. WTF?! He adds that a director can do anything in his film no matter how many complaints he receives. Love Pheromone gets pissed and summons their mecha to destroy the entire studio. The much delayed Squid Wrestler is shown however Kaoruko and Aimi are being replaced with other casts though their moves are 100% imitated and the rest well edited with CG. The duo feels defeated and Director proclaims victory. You can’t beat the director.
After another one of those nagging from Akumako to do evil, the sisters go apply to be baddies of a small time evil organization, Jashinga, led by the so called Great Big Boss Jaki. Due to staff shortage, he hires them immediately but the sisters start doing household chores. Though the guys admire the curves and all, in order not to get distracted, Jaki calls for a meeting to carry out their evil plan to destroy some dome so they’ll get big compensation from the evil Satan and expand their network. However there are other evil groups aiming for it and that means competition. He asks for suggestions and compared to his staffs’ lame opinions, the sisters sound more devastating and pure evil! Even if they put up a smile while suggesting! One day the girls accidentally read a heart warming letter from Jaki’s mom wanting to see him. They get emotional and vow to do their best. On mission day, Jaki gets a call that his mom has fainted. Otone wants him to go home but he is reluctant because if they don’t complete their job, they’ll go bankrupt. Otone slaps some sense into him saying the important thing now is that his mom desires to see his face and he has that chance unlike them whom they can’t even if they want to. Emotional Jaki soon leaves and the sisters continue with the mission. However another evil organization has beaten them to it. Soon Jashinga went bankrupt and the sisters receive a letter from Jaki. He says he’s doing well as with his mom, busy doing fieldwork at his home and will never forget their words.
In episode 7, Akumako is pissed at the sisters for another failed evil attempt in which she blames Kanashi. It seems Kanashi is in love with a pair of street performers-cum-comedians, Poalo (their songs sound weird and funny) and always watches their performance at the park. Poalo knows she has always been watching them so they hand her an MD (mini disc – for those of you who aren’t ‘old’ enough to remember) containing their songs. She is happy but just like her name, she is sad since her family don’t have an MD player. She continues to watch them and based on the other fan girls’ comments, she tries wearing a new dress and cook bento for them. However the fan girls are too rowdy for her to get close so she gives up. It’s like Poalo knows where she is and what’s on her mind. They cheer her up and have a taste of her cooking: broccolis. Better than nothing. They can also tell she’s in love. Before they can continue, they have to run before the fan girls catch up. One day the park is under construction which means Poalo will cease to perform. Akumako gets an idea to build buildings so that people will be stressed up with no parks to release tension. Reluctant Kanashi joins her sisters in destroying the parks and summoning buildings. However it turned into a wonderful amusement park. The sisters are too hungry to redo their error and go home for dinner, much to Akumako’s annoyance. Poalo continue their performance and garner more fans while happy Kanashi watches from afar.
At a beach resort, Seki has set up Kaoruko to do a ‘drop’ (wearing skimpy swimsuits and accidentally ‘dropping’ them to reveal one’s boobs) in order for her to be more famous. It seems Producer offered him loads of cash but Seki wasn’t willing to sell out, till he accidentally spot a rare sentai trading card he accepted. WTF?! Kaoruko is reluctant but accepts for the sake of Love Pheromone. Aimi isn’t happy that she’s been left out and thinks this will make Kaoruko famous alone going on her solo debut and leave her out in the cold. She plans to stop the ‘drop’. Selfish girl. The show proceeds with the participants in embarrassing games and they’re conspiring and targeting to ‘drop’ Kaoruko but each time Aimi intercepts and prevents them from doing so. Producer is pissed that all their chances have been wasted and warns his crew of their last chance or else they’ll get a muchi-muchi pudding attack. What the hell is that?! Aimi also interrupts the final kibasen event by diving down and amazingly splashing out all the water in the pool, knocking everyone out. Kaoruko is happy so much so she hugs her. She says Aimi did all this was to protect her because she thought she knew she didn’t like this ‘drop’ idea. Blur Aimi changes her story to that. Producer is furious so Aimi gladly does the ‘drop’ for them. However they’re upset because the ‘drop’ is all about big boobs and small boobs like hers are rejected! Oh uh. He said the taboo word. Pissed Aimi transforms and wipes out the ‘rotten evil’ (either way, they’re evil in the perverted sense, right?) and the entire beach resort.
In episode 8, Love Pheromone joins an eating contest for comedians and the winning prize is worth 10 million Yen! However they face eternal rivals Meronkory, the obnoxious Takahara and Dereko (wearing knight armour? Hey, a pair of bells on her head and sentence ending "~nyo" seems too familiar). Meronkory is a successful manzai comedy team as opposed to Love Pheromone in many ways. The contest starts with contestants needing to finish their meals in various dangerous obstacles within a time limit. Thanks to Aimi’s bottomless stomach, the pair gets through but Dereko too is on par with her. After several rounds, the 3000 odd pairs whittle down to only 2. The final round puts Love Pheromone and Meronkory to balance on a large boulder while eating a huge burger. Kaoruko is surprised to see Otone serving the burger. Though Meronkory seems on the verge of winning, Love Pheromone makes a comeback and wins. And Dereko is revealed to be Dejiko of Di Gi Charat… Love Pheromone can’t wait to receive their prize when to their horror it is a heap of onigiris made from expensive high grade rice. Totally pissed, they transform and destroy the entire place of evil and cheaters. In order for the onigiris not to go to waste, Otone requests to eat them. Back home when the duo are about the watch the game show and proclaim their fame to stardom, their anticipation turned into horror when the show is cancelled (because of violent contents that can’t be shown!). It is being replaced with a special programme showing Otone eating the onigiris!
The Hokke sisters are watching a news report of Love Pheromone in another of their destroying act think they’re the number 1 evil organization. Akumako suggests them to be famous by broadcasting their evil ways via Broadcast Station of Evil. There’s a station for that? They arrive at the rundown place and got lost on their way to Radio Big Bang. They see the lame performance of Love Pheromone (not only garnering silence but their clumsiness destroyed the stage) and meet the real life seiyuus who voiced their anime characters! Then the manager of Radio Big Bang appears and tells them due to the poor economy, this is the station’s last day. He allows them to do as they wish as guests. The pair announces of the evil broadcast seem to only garner silence. So when the sisters appear, they talk about their ‘evil’ deeds and the passing of their parents. They even praise the announcers for being good people. They could’ve gone on if Akumako hadn’t reminded them. They start singing a pop song about themselves and Akumako is happy to see evil aura of dark flowers and bats popping up. But they are suddenly purified and turn into white flowers and doves. Everybody feels happy. Back home while discussing another failed evil attempt, the news reports of Love Pheromone’s yet another destructive act. As for the station, it has been revived and renamed Broadcast Station of Justice. World peace everybody! Justice is good!
In episode 9, the sisters are playing at the beach. After hearing a radio report of a popular fossil attraction at a museum, Akumako gets an idea to wake up a big monster and destroy town. The sisters don’t believe in the existence of monsters except for Maika, who starts calling 3 monster names. Three huge giant monsters suddenly appear from their 1000 year slumber, shocking the rest and even frightening Akumako. Maika seems to understand what the monsters say and is able to communicate with them. The military suddenly appears and traps them in a cage. This attracts lots of attention from the media and passers-by. The sisters feel sorry for them monsters as they have done nothing wrong. Akumako gets an idea to use them to wreck havoc on town and suggests the sisters to use their magic powers to help them break free. After doing so, the monsters start going on a rampage and break out of the cage. Everyone starts panicking but the monsters start heading towards the sea. It seems as Maika says, they were just embarrassed to take a pee and was just holding it in. Now they’re happy and relieved. Uh huh, their rampaging was to let it all out. The monsters decide to head back to their home in the distant sea and the military withdraws. The sisters are happy except for Akumako as usual still pissed that they haven’t done anything evil yet.
Aimi decides to get a super rich sponsor, Kanenarashi for an audition drama. Kaoruko sees a picture of him and his son, Akira, and decides in. Aimi reads lots of shoujo manga to have that typical inevitable meeting of a boy meets girls. However her plans got off to a bad start when Kanenarashi’s car slams into her instead of in person. Not giving up, Aimi shifts to Plan B and with Seki as her driver, confronts Kanenarashi’s car and causes the latter to spin out of control, smashing into the nearby building. Meanwhile Kaoruko takes up the job of taking care of Akira in a pretext that she’ll get to be closer and do sick fantasy stuff with him. For Aimi’s next plan called molester tactic, she transforms into her sentai form and damages the nearby buildings. With the massive jams caused, Kanenarashi is late for a contract meeting. He takes the train so Aimi tries to seduce him but since her body isn’t attractive enough, he ignores her. She forces him to molest her. Aimi then realizes that she too destroyed his building so there is no place for their ‘destined’ meeting. Speaking of which, Kanenarashi is being held by the police for molestation charges. Kaoruko comes to pick up Akira from the kindergarten as that kid teases her cow boobs. When they come home, Kanenarashi shortly arrives but Aimi blasts her way into his house after all her plans completely backfired. She imposes some direct painful S&M play tactic on him. While doing so Akira got wet from a spilled vase so Kaoruko gladly decides to change his clothes. But to her horror, she discovers that he is actually a she! Kanenarashi has had enough of Aimi and claims how he is bankrupt after losing his contract, firm and house. Since he has no money, this pisses off Aimi and the same case for Kaoruko upon finding out Akira is a girl. With no further use to them, they blast what is left of everything! In the aftermath, father and daughter have a reunion of what’s important to them while the comedy duo are sponsorless. They deserve it.
In episode 10, the sisters’ home bath is spoiled so they visit the public bath. Yoku remembers fond memories of bathing with her late mom (still wearing her mask?). When they get back, Akumako gets an idea of destroying all the baths in the world so people will be covered in dust and lack the happy and satisfied factor (mental damages caused by losing a daily routine she says), thus leading to world chaos. The sisters use their powers to wreck havoc like flooding the baths, making temperatures too hot, causing overgrowths to run wild and making barriers invisible. Their magic is so effective that the entire Japan is affected and it has been days since the public took baths and this is causing much anxiety. Akumako notices a bath house still in operation. It is the one the sisters recently patron. Yoku is reluctant to destroy it as she has precious memories with her mom there. But Akumako doesn’t give a damn about her sob story and wants her to fulfil her mom’s wish to be evil. Plus, she mentions they have only 3 episodes left and a sequel isn’t guaranteed! Yoku reluctantly does and causes the ground of the bath house to split resulting in it to run dry. Before they could celebrate their ‘success’, suddenly natural hot water comes bursting out and scalds Akumako. A long queue is soon formed at the bath house since the people haven’t taken a bath in a long time, thus bringing the thriving business back to the bath house. While Akumako rues another failure, the sisters are happy that mommy didn’t want to lose this memory either.
In another attempt to be famous worldwide, Love Pheromone decides to get animated (oh the irony!). They head to a giant media mix company SATZ and start by entering the anime section (after their usual lolicon/lesbian and shotacon fantasies). They note how clean and beautiful everyone is. The section manager ditches the dirty looking animator and when the girls tell of their intentions, he says to make their own game first. They walk upstairs to the game section and see the staff in panic of a game bug because the game is to be released tomorrow. They tell the same thing to the section manager but he says to go get their own manga first. After walking up another flight of stairs (no elevators? Cheapskate company), they see the manga section like a factory production line and the strict manager cracking the whip. As usual he tells them to go upstairs. The duo are being directed to a different section upstairs each time till they reached the top floor, the novel section. They see the rich manager as he dismisses of making them a novel since he doesn’t know them. Their conversation is cut short when a group of staff rushes in and begs him to complete a novel. He just a puts a punctuation mark and everybody rejoices. WTF?! Then when he asks about today’s profit which comes up to about 500 million, the girls gets pissed off and summon their mecha. Claiming that they’re deceiving innocent fans and cutting on food budgets, they destroy the entire building and all the staff in it in the name of justice. Back home, the duo try their hands at doujin but Aimi accidentally spills ink and ruins their hard work. So people, who says being in the anime industry is easy?
In episode 11, Love Pheromone participates in a Moe-1 Grand Prix for rookie comedians as the grand prize isn’t just 10 million Yen but a major debut as well. A flashback 2 months ago reveals Aimi bringing Kaoruko to the jungle for training to overcome their weaknesses. Instead of admitting her own weaknesses like blowing up the stage of her small boobs, she blames it on Kaoruko’s weak tsukkomi (counter-jokes). She has Kaoruko undergo weird training stints to strengthen her tsukkomi like evading logs, jumping from a high waterfall and wrestling a grizzly bear. Each time, Kaoruko is reluctant to carry on the dangerous stints but Aimi forces her into doing so and puts the former in life threatening situations. Each time they have flashbacks on how they first met when they’re kids (Aimi’s version: Kaoruko in a weird afro saved her from a couple of lolicon bullies; Kaoruko’s version: she saved a little girl being harassed by street thug Aimi), how they first wanted to be allies of justice (Aimi: Kaoruko saved her from drowning when she was saving a kitten from being washed away in a river; Kaoruko: Aimi borrowed her umbrella to retrieve a 1000 Yen bill and ultimately threw Kaoruko into the river to retrieve it. Heartless!) and the time they first wanted to be comedians (Aimi: at the school festival, they were a hit with the audience and attracted the attention of Seki; Kaoruko: she learned Aimi wanted to become one for the free food and not for justice or making people laugh. It ends with her really blowing up the entire hall). While resting, they’re confident that they’ll win the tournament. They have to or else Aimi is going to pound another hammer on Kaoruko’s head.
Back at the competition, it is Love Pheromone’s turn. Aimi explodes the entire studio with her explosive device! As a result the judges give them zero marks! Producer fails them and says the taboo word. Though he is alright with the one with big boobs, he isn’t with the one with small boobs. Aimi is pissed as the duo transforms and destroys the entire building of evil for judging people based on their looks. Has anyone learned anything? As they leave, Kaoruko is upset that it is Aimi’s fault for ruining everything but she just pat her shoulder and says to keep trying together. This prompts Kaoruko to remember a time whereby they entered an audition. Kaoruko was nervous, scared stiff and unnatural while Aimi was her usual self. The judges weren’t happy with Kaoruko and told Aimi to change her partner. Aimi got upset and beat up the judges before leaving because she believed Kaoruko is her only partner. Kaoruko gets emotional and pledges to carry on. Aimi whacks her head with a hammer as part of her tsukkomi training. Brings back memories, eh? So I guess now it’s the Hokke sisters’ turn to get only 30 seconds of appearance. Yup, they’re seen napping while Akumako isn’t too happy with it.
In episode 12, the Death Ant Empire led by GigAnt and his daughter Princess Anne Ant are heading towards Earth in order to obtain *beep* (purposely censored out) so that they could conquer to universe. It seems the Hokke sisters are in possession of what they are looking for. The Empire does a full scale invasion on the planet causing massive havoc and panic. All the sentai hero parodies couldn’t even last 5 seconds of screen time and got easily defeated. Some heroes. Amazingly Aimi and Kaoruko are heavily asleep in their fantasy dreamland while their surroundings are destroyed. That’s why never count on them. The Empire sucks up the Hokke sisters from their schools as they come face to face with the Emperor and his daughter. We find out the *beep* thingy is some Evil God Destroyer called Gedou Hakaishin Z, in which is within them and Anne has the power to awaken it. To prove it, GigAnt points out that they have a first class familiar which is Akumako. She herself is surprised to hear this and thinks it’s a mistake. Apparently not.
Their conversation is interrupted when they learn their fleet is being destroyed at lightning speed by a pair of mysterious lights before crashing into the main palace. It is Love Pheromone and they’re not happy the invasion destroyed their comfortable sleeping on a holiday (at least to Aimi). The ant guards attack them but even if they have the quantity, Love Pheromone with their destructive nature beats them all. I guess we can apply the saying "Die like ants". While the sisters escape, Otone recognizes Kaoruko but the latter tells her to quickly go. Aimi faces off with Anne and whacks the latter with her tsukkomi harisen (fan) so GigAnt unleashes some gas which turns the atmosphere sexy whereby it enlarges the base size of a girl’s breasts by 3 times and agonizes them. Except for Aimi who doesn’t feel any pain. You know why lah. Aimi is pissed and goes into a rage but before anymore destruction could happen, GigAnt suddenly proposes Aimi to marry him! Serious! Because she looks like his late wife! He will give her all the wealth he’s got and floods the entire chamber with gold! Holy sh*t! I guess she’s in it for the money even if she gave some excuses. The lovebirds kick away ‘obstructions’ in the form of Kaoruko and Anne. Who says money can’t buy me love? Meanwhile the sisters transform to make their escape but an explosion causes them to fall off the cliff except for Utano and Akumako hanging precariously on the ledge. The ant guards corner them.
Episode 13 starts off with Aimi narrating her fallen comrades and that she is alone tasked with the burden to save the world. Her final duel with GigAnt reveals that he is her husband and she went on to live a luxurious life of happiness. TOTAL LIES! But in reality Aimi seems to be enjoying her company with loli and busty female ants. She sure got used to it quickly. Scared Utano is seen sitting at a corner. Aimi goes on with her solo comedian debut and the audience are forced to laugh because the ant guards are pointing their guns at them. Greedy Aimi further states everything belongs to her. What’s mine is mine and what is yours (GigAnt’s) is mine too. B*tch. The real world is partly decimated as Kaoruko rendezvous with Sekii Man underground. They intend to gather their forces and liberate Earth. It seems Anne is also on their side after being ousted by that woman for doing, let’s just say modesty outraging stuff. But Kaoruko doesn’t trust her. The Hokke sisters minus Utano appear and plead to tag along to rescue their youngest one but Kaoruko tells them to stay put and promise them she will save her. Anne reveals the Gedou Hakaishin Z information they received was false alarm but daddy won’t be giving up easily. Speaking of which, he has forgotten his true mission since he’s so in love with Aimi. Kaoruko, Sekii Man and Anne lead the attack while the sisters follow secretly. The ant guards are no match for their destructive powers. The sisters eventually manage to find Utano and reunite.
Kaoruko beats up Aimi and before the former could finish the Emperor, Anne defects back to her daddy since Aimi is out of commission. Then another twist as everyone spot the Hokke sisters eating their gold treasures. Actually they were made of sugar coated candy. You know what this means when Aimi hears that. Her anger was enough to destroy the main palace, not caring about the life of her comrades. Did she learn anything? GigAnt thinks Aimi has got that Gedou Hakaishin Z? Well, it is destructive. The smart Hokke sisters take this opportunity to escape. Aimi is so pissed that she even pressed the self destruction button which not only destroys the entire Death Ant Empire but the entire world! So now we know who destroyed the world: Love Pheromone. Yeah, a bunch of useless comedians. In the aftermath, Earth is reduced to shambles like you see in post-apocalyptic movies. GigAnt and his men are serving the people with their candy food while Love Pheromone actually has audiences laughing at their jokes! Maybe they’re dreaming that all this is just a bad joke? The Hokke sisters run up to them and want to be their students and teach them great evil but Love Pheromone insists that they are allies of justice. The world’s destroyed, what’s there to be evil? And what allies of justice? Haven’t they reflected upon themselves lately? Guess not.
I guess because of Love Pheromone’s destructive ways, that’s why we won’t be getting a sequel or spin-off, eh? Everything will be destroyed in a split second. Nothing that can’t be solved without violence, huh? I’m not sure what Producer’s cheeky remarks at the end that he may do it all again meant. Maybe he planned all this? The real destructive one in this series is definitely Aimi. Kaoruko isn’t that bad actually and is more rational. It’s a good thing there aren’t many people who are selfish, greedy, cunning and hot-headed as her. Oh wait. Maybe there are. To her, everything is evil if it doesn’t go her way. That’s why it also makes me wonder how the Galactic Allied Police hired them as allies of justice. Maybe she forced her way in? Shouldn’t they just revoke their badge after a destruction too many? But then again, they didn’t make much impact in stopping Death Ant Empire so my guess is that they’re just probably a bunch of useless heroes for show. How does Kaoruko put up with Aimi all this while? Beats me. Well like they say, opposite attracts. Even so, they’re just ‘perfect’ for each other. Even so, I think Aimi needs to go for anger management class and go for counselling about her inferior boobs. Maybe not a good idea because she’ll blow up the whole place.
I don’t understand what Seki sees in Love Pheromone, their potential in being comedians and all. He prefers to manage a couple of losers instead of living his luxurious life? Besides, his Sekii Man alter-ego is pathetic too especially his mode of transport: A bicycle. Can’t he get a cooler ship? As for the Hokke sisters, I have to ask them do they really know the true meaning of doing evil deeds. Unless doing good is their interpretation of doing evil, then I have no further comments to say. Otherwise, they will never ever get to fulfil their late dad’s wish (still amused about that mask he wears). Akumako who is always nagging the sisters to do evil did not do much herself either in the end. She was rather ‘tame’, if I should say. No more evil ideas. Besides, if she really wants to destroy the world, like any other people would’ve told her: "If you want something done, do it yourself". But she needs the powers of others, right? So why not hook herself to Love Pheromone then? Maybe Aimi will beat her to death. Don’t want that to happen. With some part of the city being destroyed each time, it bugs me how the country can still go on. This is much worse than all the natural disaster happening at once. The end of the world if Love Pheromone ever existed.
Though the opening theme by Momoi Haruko and Kageyama Hironobu, Nesshou!! Rabuge Night Fever sounds like your typical hyped up Japanese anime pop with its opening animation filled with crazy carnage from you-know-who, the ending animation to me is a bit of an eyebrow raiser because it sees Love Pheromone and the Hokke sisters fighting each other over the screen space! Fighting right till the end of the show, eh? For the record, the ending theme is Tondoru Baby by Momoi Haruko. On a trivial note, each of the episode title have the words "Love Pheromone" or "Operation" in it depending on who takes the centre stage with the comedian duo for the former and Gedou Otome Tai for the latter.
I guess the hidden morale of the story is do not judge a book by its cover. Still waters run deep. More than meets the eye. You get the point. Here we have both sides who do not admit nor realize that what they are doing are a total opposite of what they intend to do due to their twisted interpretation of what is good and evil. Besides, there are lots of things in this world which falls in between the grey area. So, I’m sitting here happily watching my animes while the other side of the world is suffering from the devastating effects of catastrophe. Is that a good thing or bad thing?

Akahori Gedou Hour Rabuge

Sleeping With Hinako

June 11, 2010

WTF?! WTH?! WTS?! Not in my wildest dreams that I would have thought that a sequel for this series being made. At least, it did not cross my mind. Due to the largely popular Training With Hinako which was a surprise hit among typical male otakus, I guess it did not take long for a sequel to surface. Yeah, Sleeping With Hinako or Isshoni Sleeping is that supposed sequel and based from what I read from the internet, it is supposed to help otakus alike to sleep better.
Say what? Sleep better? Wait a minute? Otakus need a busty 2D girl to help them sleep? Sure, after staring at the idiot box for a marathon of several hours or straight for a new record breaking number of days, I guess the producers were really ‘kind’ and ‘thoughtful’ to think about their health and wellbeing. Okay so theoretically that should work, right? But if you think about it, if the otaku is supposed to watch Hinako (the main and only protagonist of this series), then they wouldn’t fall asleep in the first place, right? I mean, they would be watching and waiting in baited breath of all the views, angles and sleeping positions that they would daydream and fantasize about. So much about putting them to bed, huh?
In this 20 minute video, it starts off with Hinako losing a portable video game she’s playing. Heck, I don’t even want to know what kind of game she is playing. Noting that us viewers are going to bed (oh heck, we just started watching this show. What do you mean we are going to bed?!), she too decides to tug in early with us and changes into her nightie pyjamas (sorry folks, no fanservice here at the moment). And she’s citing that it’s not healthy to stay up late. Hey, have you ever seen a healthy-looking and in-shape otaku? By the way, it intrigues me. How do you sleep with a 2D girl while watching her? Beats me. Unless you want to fall asleep right in front of your PC.
So after tugging herself in and switching off the lights, of course you can’t expect her to fall asleep like a log so she too has a hard time catching 40 winks. So lots of staring moments at us viewers as she notes that she’s kinda happy that we’re sleeping together (give me a break). After playing several facial hide-and-seek (covering her face with the blanket on and off), she notes how embarrassing this is (about time). I guess she has to take a little peek from time to time to see if we viewers are sleeping. Suddenly out of nowhere she bursts into laughter and out of her blanket to say something is tickling her (I hope it isn’t the monsters underneath the bed). Then more tossing and turning, tossing and turning, and she still can’t sleep. Perhaps that cute smile on your face isn’t a turn-off either.
Since this is going nowhere, she gets us viewers (whether we want or not) to hold her hand to accompany her to sleep. How the heck are you going to hold her pixel fingers? Putting it right on your monitor? You’re looking like a moron. I don’t know but Hinako feels relaxed and in no time she soon feels sleepy and dozes off. Then you’ll notice the ‘deafening silence’ as the casual background music too is gone and the only sound you’ll hear is Hinako’s inhaling and exhaling. And this is just the first 5 minutes of the video! So the remaining 15 minutes are what you called multiple angles of sleeping Hinako. Some fanservice shots here and there since her nightie is too short which exposes her white panties. Are we feeling sleepy yet? Yeah, boob shots, panty shots, close-up shots and even recycled bits as we otakus can have our fill of candy visual of sleeping Hinako and her curvaceous body. Don’t you feel like a stalker watching a girl sleep in her room? Even though she’s 2D?
So I guess they had to break the monotony somewhere as Hinako grabs her bolster and nothing much happens. I don’t want to know what kind of dream she is dreaming because she’s gently biting the bolster and chewing it like she’s eating and enjoying her favourite food (or if you have a wilder imagination, then go ahead and add it in here yourself). I’m not sure if you could call her ‘unrefined’ while she’s asleep because well, she’s tossing and turning at times like as though she’s restless and of course she slowly kicks away her blanket and her sleeping position is for fanservice purpose.
Ahem, ahem. After all that, do we feel even sleepy? Perhaps the point is to monotonous flow of the video in hopes of making us otakus sleepy and going to bed. I admit that it was so boring that I was yawning several times and it was out of boredom rather than being tired. Uh huh. It didn’t make me go to bed at all! Here’s another point to ponder. If you really did fall asleep while watching this show, wouldn’t you be wasting electricity and power since you left your PC monitor running? Tsk, tsk, tsk. Make sure you properly switch off all unused appliances before going to bed. If anything serious happens, there won’t be a tomorrow for you to wake up to. But I’m not going to sleep on this matter any further.
As compared to the prequel, the fanservice here isn’t that much unless you get your kicks out of those same panty shot views. And now that I have satisfied my curiosity in watching what this clip is all about, I think it’s about high time that I should turn in too. Hey, I need my energy to continue my weekly anime programmes :). With training and sleeping menu released, I’m just wondering what other videos will they use Hinako to ‘help’ otakus alike. Maybe a diet video? Maybe. Eat well people. Perhaps a bathing segment? Perhaps. Clean yourself well too. Hey, nothing is impossible. Some time ago, some company made a real life sex doll, didn’t it? Now you can really sleep with that one.

Sleeping With Hinako

Seitokai No Ichizon

June 5, 2010

When you think of high school animes, there has to be a student council body, right? And in many of these genres that feature such a body, the student council’s responsibility includes overseeing the affairs of the students of the school. Some may be overzealous in carrying out their duties while some just enough to what the book says. But have you ever heard of a student council which barely does anything except lingering all day long in their room talking nonsense? Folks, meet the 5 member student council members of Heikyou Private High School in Seitokai No Ichizon (The Student Council’s Discretion).
You’re thinking that if a series only focuses on a bunch of student council members chatting away and get nothing done by the end of the day, this must be a pretty boring show, isn’t it? Depends if you like romantic harem comedy and if so you may enjoy this one. Though the episodes mainly has the characters ‘discussing and addressing’ several ‘important’ issues in their ‘meetings’ (that’s lots of apostrophe I had to use there), it is basically the comical parodies in their conversation that brings in the laughs. Yeah, a place for boring people to have fun conversations.
Speaking of characters, though only a handful of them they are quite the weird bunch they are. Firstly, the student council president, Kurimu Sakurano at first sight is, let’s just say underdeveloped in terms of height and bust size. One could easily mistake this sweet tooth girl for a kindergarten kid and this doesn’t help with her child-like behaviour. The vice president is Minatsu Shiina and your typical tomboyish character who loves a great ‘fight’. A tough cookie you don’t want to mess with in terms of sports. Her younger sister, Mafuyu Shiina on the other hand is a total opposite. Though the student council treasurer who addresses herself in 3rd person may look like the shy and weak character. She is in fact obsessed with online gaming and BL (Boy’s Love for you newbies. That’s yaoi, right?). Read her very thorough online Wikipedia game walkthrough. Scary. Then there’s the secretary, Chizuru Akaba. All I can say is that she is a rose with a million thorns. Though mature and serious, she has a sadistic side and don’t be fooled by her psychological mind games. You don’t want to mess with her. Really. I mean it. And her nice gentle smile isn’t exactly what it seems. She is also very fond of Kurimu whom she nicknames Aka-chan.
But the most interesting (and possibly the weirdest) one of the pack goes to the only boy in the student council occupying the Blue Chip Seat, Ken Sugisaki. In short, he is the kind of guy who is aiming for a harem! The girls of the student council to be exact! No, he doesn’t look like your typical geeky chubby otaku nerd loser. He has got the looks and with a little propping up, he could be a handsome bishonen! Responsible for most of the meaningless chatter and because of his persistent nagging to have his own harem, he is the butt of jokes (and receiving end) from the girls. I can understand the harassment they have to go through every time. Other than that, this eroge and H-game lover is a nice and understanding guy. Hey wait a minute, what’s so good about being addicted to eroge and H-games anyway? Then there’s the advisor for the student council, Satori Mahiru. Another weirdo and enigmatic character who doesn’t really care about the kids and she just hangs out in the room just to get away from the teacher’s lounge. Some teacher. Hey, have we ever seen her teach a class before?
So episode 1 introduces the characters and their quirky behaviours besides the meeting of what to call this anime. As expected from Sugisaki, he tries to make his harem in this first episode. Would the girls fall for his charms? Oh, they know him too well. Then a discussion to do something different from previous student councils but it seems like they’re bullying Kurimu. She’s so cute when she throws a tantrum. No wonder they can’t resist. Because their discussions always go off tangent, they suggest firing Sugisaki. Majority wins. We learn that the positions of the student councils are chosen via popular vote. However, one may also get a place in that council by scoring the best in one’s overall exams. That is, the Blue Chip Seat. Unfortunately, Sugisaki got that. So this guy has brains too, eh? Everyone tremble in fear! Sugisaki continues with his harem ending so the girls ask him why all the fuss of that goal. With a harem ending, everyone is happy. Well, erm… Yeah… Not buying that no matter how true. Later Mahiru dumps tons of stuff to the student council. They have to check the stuff purchased by other clubs matched the correct item. While Kurimu stamps her approval on the papers, Sugisaki messes with her mind by confusing her with ‘stamp’ and ‘flat chest’. Enough to send her crying like a baby into the comforting arms of Chizuru. I guess the paperwork is too much so Sugisaki has the girls leave at the end of the period. After they left, Sugisaki continues the paperwork and he doesn’t mind it. But the girls also noticed this so they left him a meal package, though Mahiru ate them.
In episode 2, Kurimu tries to approve or disapprove club’s requests. Some of them are pretty outrageous, you know. I guess she got tired and bored and leave it all to Sugisaki while she snacks on her favourite cookie. Some president she is. But in this episode, the exam is drawing closer and Kurimu isn’t up to par. She can’t move forward if she fails. I guess she doesn’t want to do this but the rest ‘have to help her study’. Of course with their mindless chatter and suggestions based on and incorporating their crazy personalities, it proves to be just another one of those time wasting moments. But isn’t that amounting to bullying? I guess no one can resist bullying her, eh? Even Chizuru too. Yeah, playing guilty mind games about her irresponsibility to move her to tears before mind controlling her after promising to lend her notebook. Evil. Unfortunately, Kurimu didn’t learn anything so the efforts from the rest were wasted. So they suggest points Kurimu should reflect herself upon. No progress as usual except for the jabbings. At the end of the period, Kurimu is about to leave school when she spots a scandalous lie newspaper report from the journalism club that her grades are horrible because she’s goofing around. Kurimu runs back to the room and requests Sugisaki to coach her. But he won’t. He continues with his earnest speech about her which includes people aren’t attracted to others because of the presence or lack of flaws. She is who she is and can’t get thrown around by her flaws and lose sight of herself. However it seems Kurimu hasn’t learned or reflected at all since she thinks her popularity is all that matters and is bent on world domination. Chizuru who was eavesdropping isn’t pleased and it won’t take a genius to figure out what her raging dark aura means. Better repent fast, girl.
Sugisaki is once more in his wild fantasies for a harem ending in episode 3 (note how he disrespects Enma Ai of Jigoku Shoujo! Ippen Shinde Miru!). The girls see a scandalous report of Sugisaki’s two-timing ways during his junior high days. The posting is courtesy of the journalism club’s president, Lilicia Toudou. Seems she has a bitter grudge against the student council members (probably because she lost out a place in the council by the skin of her teeth by securing 5th spot in the popularity contest) and is always cooking up lies about them. Hey, people want to read about lies, right? That’s why they sell. However Lilicia is very cautious about Chizuru, the only person whom she really considers dangerous. Yeah, the rest are pretty much airheads. Chizuru thinks the journalism standards have dropped so low so Lilicia challenges them all to an interview and will expose it all in her exclusive front page special. Of course interviewing each of the student council members has its weird moments. If not, every moment of it! Isn’t it frustrating because unrelated topics just get popped in or the interview drifting off somewhere. The final interview with Sugisaki as he admits to his two-timing, surprising everyone. But he is reluctant to go further than that as he doesn’t want to involve the rest. Since Sugisaki plays it cool that she can write anything about him, unsatisfied Lilicia leaves. Kurimu then seriously asks him if those girls are happy and he answers yes. The next day as Lilicia posts her interview headlines, Sugisaki seems unfazed. Plus, he seems to understand (from a harem point of view, that is) making Lilicia spew that she hates them all for just lazing around doing nothing. She asks what the student council means to him and his reply is that it is his ultimate dream where both his goal and happiness exist (better than saying harem lah). Shocked by his answer, she then takes down the posting and gets into a little argument with Kurimu. I guess she’s a little tsundere when she says she has no intentions of ever joining the student council. Really?
That very elegant and well mannered meeting at the start of episode 4 is just a figment of Sugisaki’s imagination as he is trying to create a story. How did this happen? It seems another one of Lilicia’s scandalous lies on Kurimu has her deciding to counter it with a novel that the student council is a nice place. Say what? And guess who has to do the donkey work? Yup. Since Sugisaki can’t handle it all by himself, he has the rest assist him. So you know, they add their own flavour into it like Minatsu’s typical shonen fight with Sugisaki against his older brother Echo of Death, Mafuyu and her yaoi fantasy with Sugisaki doing it with another guy (it awesomely ends in a threesome! Total gay! Nakameguro-kun!) and Chizuru’s slave-cum-sadistic edition. They must really love screwing around with him. I guess he can’t take it anymore and writes his harem story and since that’s a no-no from the rest, Chizuru suggests other ways to counter. Instead of a novel, why not an anime? Thing is, can they make it in time drawing thousands of papers? Yeah, not enough manpower. How about making a game? Mafuyu got too engrossed in it. Form a band? Though they have the instruments, they just played a recorded tape for the sound. So fake. Then they find a video camera discarded by the broadcasting club and get an idea of filming about themselves outside. After complete with everything and edit and all, it seems pretty decent if not cool (at least to Kurimu). Everybody is motivated to work harder but when next day arrives, the girls are back to their lazing and nonchalant ways. So what change were they talking about?
The hot summer day in episode 5 and besides their summer uniform, the girls get into their swimsuit to beat the heat. Unfortunately for Sugisaki, he is being blindfolded so he can’t enjoy the visual beauty of his harem. He can’t take it off since there’s an electrocution security. Total bummer. Since he can’t see, I guess he uses his ‘powerful’ imagination to visualize. Erm… You know how it turned out lah. However because of his lewd delusions, the girls’ random conversation led him astray so his imagination takes an awful turning. Yup, it’s that gay scene again, Nakameguro-kun. They continue to screw around with him being blindfolded like Kurimu trying to say she’s a tall and busty girl but how come the voice sounds like coming from below? What about Chizuru’s reverse psychology or Minatsu’s character conditioning of Mafuyu that Sugisaki is her enemy? Mafuyu could have nearly killed him but she missed and this cuts of his blindfold. Heaven at first sight. It didn’t take long for the girls to tie and lock him up in a locker but I guess it creeps them out knowing how Sugisaki and the locker had become one. One? Yeah, he can move and bend in it like as though he’s part of it. More mindless talk before the swimming club finished their activity and allows the student council girls to use the pool. Will Sugisaki allow himself to be left behind? He busts out (I guess the girls loosened the chains before they left) and didn’t initially recognize Minatsu with her hair down. He’s pretty surprised but his earnest words that he doesn’t really know anyone surprises Minatsu more. When Kurimu comes in, Sugisaki approves her loli approach so she locks him back in the locker. Just when he has got his newfound freedom, he blew it. Too bad the girls had too much fun and were too tired so they forgot all about Sugisaki. Poor guy got trapped inside till night fall. He thinks he has found his saviour in Mahiru who is doing her rounds but thinks she saw a ghost so she beats him up entirely.
Something seems to be bothering Minatsu and Mafuyu but they can’t let it disrupt the meeting about the theme for the upcoming school cultural festival in episode 6. By this time you can tell what kind of theme each of them wants to put up based on their personalities. Mahiru suddenly comes in and tells them to duck. Why did she do that? Actually she feels the need to break them up since they were actually having a real meeting! WTF?! However she’s here because the other teachers are asking her for a theme too. She says sexual? Really? Anyway she leaves after she feels the other teachers have left the lounge. Then it is brought to everyone’s attention when Minatsu announces that she and Mafuyu are going to transfer schools soon. Saddened Kurimu doesn’t want them to leave so in order to keep them, she approves Minatsu’s fight theme (after concluding Mafuyu would just go with whatever her sister says). It’s some Power Rangers spoof and they got into an argument of which colour Ranger they should be. Kurimu tells of her feelings how the student council will be incomplete without the sisters but this upsets Minatsu as she rushes out. Mafuyu tells the rest how their dad left home when they were young leaving them and mom all alone. When mommy found a new boyfriend, Minatsu didn’t approve of it and thus a rift was formed. However mommy took great care of them ensuring they had food to eat and a roof over their heads. She thinks it is her last chance of making up with mommy by moving with her when she gets remarried. I guess you can say Sugisaki is moved but is torn about his harem breaking up so he confronts Minatsu and says he is going to cycle to her new school and meet them every week. Money? He can take up a part time job. Crazy? Yeah, this guy is but he seems serious too. When she comes back to the room, Kurimu announces the theme as festival to make it big to fill the space the duo will leave. But Minatsu then says they aren’t transferring yet. Not at least till this year is over since mom put off her wedding till next spring. Yahoo! I guess it’s good too since their heart has always been here and they want to stay here till the end.
Summer vacation is here in episode 7. Kurimu wants to do something before it ends but her members seem uninterested. What the heck are they gathering anyway? Kurimu decides on a summer trip to Tokyo and they’ll be staying at an inn for free courtesy of Kurimu’s parents. Since Kurimu doesn’t believe in planes (maybe she’s scared of flying), they take the sleeper train. Too bad Sugisaki doesn’t have a bunker of his own. Then they check each other’s bag and the stuff they brought tells us they aren’t equipped for survival. Not even the simplest form. Then it’s time for bed so Sugisaki is tied up in another coach and put on a blindfold. Yeah, he can’t see the girls in their sexy pyjamas. Now this is the best part. Minatsu wondering why Chizuru is stripping naked so the latter replies she doesn’t wear any pyjamas when she goes to sleep. Sugisaki is in a rage as he tries to break free but quite futile. Haha! By morning, they reach their destination and the first thing they did was to tell ghost stories since everyone can tell panicky Kurimu is an easy target. Uh huh. Something about a girl who looks like Kurimu (smelling malicious intent here) got murdered at the vending machine and though the culprit was nabbed but another girl died with lots of knives embedded in her body and that the culprit is the dead Kurimu! It was lame but enough to scare the wits out of the little girl. So as punishment she has everyone have their sentence end with some weird word, dress in weird costumes and a change in personality. Including herself. Uh… I don’t know what else to say. They even continued their mindless chatter like that throughout the night. Early morning comes and the gang takes an early walk out into the tranquil city. They watch the city and ocean view from a bridge though it is a cloudy and foggy morning. When everyone comes back to their student council room, everyone is back to their normal ways as Kurimu feels nothing really changed. Did it ever?
Sugisaki brings in Lilicia’s little sister, Elise to the student council room in episode 8 and the girls nearly called the police for him being a suspected paedophile. It seems Elise came to school with Lilicia but big sister left campus for her interviews. Elise seems to take a liking for Sugisaki and this is making the other girls jealous. Look who’s talking. Now he can add a lolicon to his harem collection. Yeah, Elise even openly proclaims she loves him! Is it as a lover or big brother? Even if Sugisaki is an idiot, he is THEIR idiot. Anyway Kurimu isn’t too fond of a little kid (did she see herself in the mirror?) interrupting their meeting (don’t make me laugh) so bored Elise plays with Sugisaki. Nothing hentai, mind you. It seems the games she plays is way out of his league even if they are children’s games. Like the word game of Shiratori has Elise spewing scientific metal names (why are they all aluminium?) and cat’s cradle whereby she made images of real life and copyrighted objects even the universe! Kurimu can’t take all of this anymore and proceeds to tell Elise all of her amazing abilities. Sounds more like her body parts worded in a special way. Nothing spectacular actually. Then to prove her intelligence, she recites all the important dates in Japan’s history. Only thing is, she got it close and eventually wrong. Like rewriting history, eh? Next is kanji but she can’t even get past the simple ones. Elise even puts her to shame! Maths? I don’t know how Kurimu even got to twist the way the question is being asked and since she’s taking too long, Elise solves it. Who is the real kid here? Elise is having so much fun that she announces that she wants to marry Sugisaki. The girls chide him for his indecisiveness and in order not to ‘hurt’ his harem, I guess he will wait for her till he grows up. Even if she’s fat and ugly. Kurimu gets upset about his double standards and fires him from his position. I guess she’s serious and really hurt this time that she doesn’t want to see his face ever. Sugisaki pats her head and comforts her that he had said he loved her since day 1, making her feel better. But the other girls tease him and since he went back to his harem goal, Kurimu thinks all that was a lie and the girls start pounding him. Ouch. Love hurts. In the end, it seems it was part of Lilicia’s plan to use Elise to record the conversation for her next scandal report. Elise mentions how Lilicia loves Sugisaki since she knows lots about him. Though she tries to deny and giving excuses about the scandalous bunch, Elise is pretty smooth talking so she’s pretty cornered. Haha. A little monster in the making.
Kurimu decides for them to read books to gain wisdom in episode 9 but the rest are reading books, though of a different kind. And what about herself reading children’s books? Can Mafuyu find love via BL (Sugisaki not to say if you consider his via H-games)? After Chizuru conducts some fortune telling test, she leaves. The rest notice a letter from Kanade Miyashiro addressed to Aka-chan and thinks it’s for Kurimu. I guess they’re in a dilemma whether to read it but Mahiru jumps the gun and does so. After a few made up stories, it seems the content of the letter is of an apology of all the bad deeds done to her during junior high. However Kurimu mentions she doesn’t know of a person by that name. Then they come to realize the letter is for Chizuru. She is meeting Kanade as she repents her action. That time she felt Chizuru was her only pal and didn’t want to lose her, thus all the bullying. With her student council in mind, Chizuru doesn’t blame her as she too must’ve suffered and felt hurt. I guess it isn’t for Chizuru to hold a grudge so she forgives her. Maybe her student council members are an exception. Speaking of which, the rest are starting to panic on what to do if Chizuru ever finds out they have read her letter. They try to hide but their own blunder causes it to be exposed. However Chizuru notes that she purposely put it there for them to read. She feels better now and does another fortune telling test on Sugisaki whom she feels he is calmer now before Kurimu ends today’s session.
The school festival is here in episode 10 so Kurimu suggests for the student council to do a play. Now to decide on a theme and plot. She thinks of a tear-jerking story for their play to be memorable but she herself is overcome with emotion. After all that blabbing and making up of her own Laws, Kurimu decides Minatsu to play someone who is dying at the end, Mafuyu an amnesiac and I’m not sure if everyone agrees on Chizuru’s idea of ‘happy ending’ because it all seems unfair for the character Kenichi (Sugisaki, that is). So everyone decides to rehearse the play. I don’t know it’s kinda lame because everybody died in the end. On a side note, Lilicia is selling scandalous reports at her booth. Does anybody really want to buy that no matter how fresh? The festival soon comes to a close and from their conversation, the gang did some Power Rangers spoof play. Don’t want to even know how it went. However a large number of lost items are placed in the student council room. They have to sort which items belong to whom. I’m not sure what kind of club this school has but some of the items are plain weird. A skull anyone? Because Sugisaki is left to do the job by himself, he starts murmuring his monologue which irritates the rest. So what the heck is a Pokkoncho?! The clean up isn’t going well so Kurimu worries if everyone had fun or not so Mafuyu thinks it isn’t so because nobody wants the festival to end yet since it will be totally over if they do so. Kurimu gives a mature speech for the first time. Telling her fellow students that the festival is over and pick up their lost stuff. She also assures them not to worry because she promises to organize more fun events. It was grand nevertheless but everyone has already gone home. Bummer. So when the girls are ready to leave, Sugisaki as usual decides to stay back and finish the job. The girls too decide to stay back and help him out. He can’t get all the fun alone, right? It’s more fun doing it together.
Sugisaki is absent from the student council meeting for the first time in episode 11 because he fell sick and though he did want to stay on, Mahiru didn’t allow that and drove him home (good luck with her behind the wheels). So the girls are rejoicing that the council won’t have any disruptions or harem harassment from you-know-who but feel their chatter lacks that particular oomph without him. It’s lonely and boring, doesn’t it? They’re saying the meetings won’t work without him? Have they ever held a real meeting? To take their mind off it, the girls talk about their part time jobs. I don’t know what Chizuru does because she has a 100 million Yen cheque to her name! Then it’s the paperwork so I guess they really know now how Sugisaki must be handling the tremendous amount of work. But the approval stamp is missing. They search his bag and find lots of unrelated and questionable stuff. They get a call from him and think he’s going to Singapore for a fight but that was just the TV. After getting the stamp and the paperwork done, they decide to pay Sugisaki a visit. On their way, they meet a couple of boys believed to be Sugisaki’s junior high classmates. They caution the girls about him because of his two-timing ways. They further mock him that he’s their punching bag during those days. Kurimu is upset by their statement and sticks by Sugisaki. Those jerks are even prepared to make a move and lift their fist on them but they got beaten up. Don’t play play. Lilicia who was watching from afar approaches the guys. They report about the brutality but unfortunately she decides to pass this one because it is a tradition for her club to create false stories on the student council. So real ones won’t do, eh? Sugisaki wakes up to find the girls preparing warm dinner in his place. The next day when he is well and back with the gang, Mafuyu approaches Sugisaki and confesses she loves him. Gasp! Serious?!
Apparently that wasn’t a joke so Sugisaki’s so lost for words that he’s like so unnatural. However Mafuyu just wanted to tell him her feelings. That’s it. Yup, no date or illicit sex. Disappointing or what after that unexpected development? With that done, episode 12 soon goes back to the usual nothing-much-happens student council as they talk about their future jobs. We expect Mafuyu to turn into a BL author or game reviewer but I guess she didn’t close her options because she too think about being a boxer. Say what? Then there’s Minatsu’s embarrassing childhood dream of becoming a bride, any-job-will-do-as-long-it-rakes-in-the-money-though-it-may-be-illegal-because-it’s-more-thrilling for Chizuru, would you believe Kurimu’s God of Immortality future and Sugisaki’s… let’s just say we all know what he wants. Besides a harem, most of his delusions involve sex or something. Yeah, that’s got to be the only thing in his head. Suddenly a boy pops into the room. He looks exactly like Mafuyu’s BL’s works! Not only that. He shares the same name! It’s Nakameguro! Mafuyu becomes very excited and even whips out her video recorder and tells Sugisaki to go to him! So much for that earlier confession. Have we seen Mafuyu this enthusiastic before? Sugisaki must be freaking out that Mafuyu’s delusion is coming true. Nakameguro is the new transfer student and since he is a little afraid to walk home alone, I guess she got advice from Mahiru to seek Sugisaki for help. Yeah, that teacher loves to watch some development too.
Sugisaki walks Nakameguro home while excited Mafuyu tags along dragging the other girls with her. Sugisaki gets creepy thoughts about gay love so Nakameguro understands he hates him just like everyone else. Sugisaki apologizes for his mistake. At the bus stop, Nakameguro tells how he ran away and was considered weak by everyone else. Sugisaki isn’t happy about him being bullied and mentions and decided for himself. However Nakameguro thinks Sugisaki is the strong one so the latter disagrees and tells his flashback of how he wanted to join the student council. He saw and was attracted to the fighting spirit of Kurimu (vice president at that time). Soon he found himself helping her more often and she told him to play more H-games because in the end everyone is happy (so that’s how it all started). That’s when he decided and started studying so that he could be part of the student council. He continues how he depended on the rest of the girls when they helped him out in his time of need. Sugisaki then realizes the girls are eavesdropping outside and got into a little friendly argument. Till they realized they just miss the last bus and chase after it. Sugisaki narrates he was fortunate to meet the girls in each season and changed for the better (maybe except his harem idea) and loves them all. Lastly, Kurimu plans to make this series continue into 10 seasons and make it into a successful Hollywood movie but what are the chances? Sorry people, this won’t continue. For now.
Sure, what do you expect a bunch of kids sitting around doing nothing? Even if every episode has Kurimu writing some cool statement or advice regarding change, moving on or whatsoever, but that’s just about how serious she gets. Usually she’ll lose interest quick and go back to her kiddie-like ways and the rest, well, Mafuyu busy playing her pink portable console, Minatsu preoccupied reading her shonen manga, Chizuru playing stocks and Sugisaki and his eroge and H-games. So what hope is there for the student council? The school is doomed, I tell you. But we love them the way they are, right? So yeah. Everyone please don’t change because we love you as you are. Sugisaki may be seen as a pervert to those not familiar but he is a guy who cares for his girls. Yeah, maybe that context too seemed like a harem one. But come to think of it, if the girls do become his harem, everything will end. Don’t want it to end, eh? That’ll be too easy. It wouldn’t be fun too if the girls stop teasing Sugisaki. Their main source of entertainment and torment, I’d say. It was a little interesting to see short snippets of the girls helping Sugisaki during his time of need. This goes to show that they aren’t totally heartless. I wished they elaborated on that especially about his past whereby one of the girls he two-timed was his sister-in-law.
It is mind blowing to see Chizuru sometimes doing part time jobs fit for experienced business executives. No wonder she’s dangerous. Who wouldn’t love to hate Lilicia’s scandalous lies she made up against the student council. I thought she would make an appearance in the final episode but was nowhere to be found. Perhaps it would’ve been interesting if she was part of the student council. Just open up an extra place, will ‘ya? Too bad Elise too was interesting herself. I’m not sure if her innocent exterior is true or behind that cute facade hides a bigger devil than her sister. An amusing thing I find about the student council is their end-meeting pose once their session is over and Kurimu gives the green light and says "Today’s student council is over". Put one feet in front of the other, your left hand on your waist and the other hand make a peace sign but stick the fingers closely together. Cute, eh?
The seiyuus voicing the main casts are unknowns and are relative new in the industry. Nevertheless they did perfectly portray their characters well. For instance Mariko Honda fits perfectly as her kiddie role for Kurimu and hardcore otakus would probably fall in love with Mafuyu’s dreamy soft-spoken voice by Yuki Horinaka. Others include Misuzu Togashi as Minatsu and Yuka Saitou as Chizuru. Of course there are veteran seiyuus and it was a surprise to me that my all-time favourite Mamiko Noto was the voice behind Lilicia, Ai Shimizu as Elise (Mikoto in Mai-HiME) and Takashi Kondo as Sugisaki (Hibari in Kateikyoushi Hitman Reborn). While the opening theme, Treasure by the seiyuus of the Hekiyou student council girls, sounds like your typical Japanese anime pop style music, the ending theme is a little unique. If you pay close attention to the lyrics, each of them is different! Basically the tune of the song is the same. Just that the words are different each time and the ones who are singing it. Sometimes it feels like a kid singing and failing badly at it, sometimes purposely sang out of tune and sometimes it was plain funny (especially the one which went "I am president! I am president!". Thus you have a different song title each time with the same tune. As for the ending credits, we see the student council members in chibi version running and swimming to who knows where. Sometimes carrying weapons on their back and sometimes dashing naked (yikes! Don’t worry, they have the necessary parts blocked). It ends with all of them tripping and falling on each other.
On a trivial note, each of the episode titles depicts the actions or current mood of the student council. Not to say that they are doing anything that productive with their nonsensical chatter but at least in a way you could say such chattering strengthens their bonds, no? Hey, there’s no harm in having a ‘healthy’ discussion. Yeah, all talk and no action. Speaking of trivia, there are tons of them for you to spot in each episode. If you’re a hardcore otaku, that is. Me, just sufficient, you know. Fullmetal Alchemist, Death Note, Suzumiya Haruhi No Yuutsu, Dragonball, K-ON!, Metal Gear Solid and even a recent anime same time as its airing, Sora No Otoshimono. As for the mid-intermission, the first half shows a short clip on one of the student council girls in a fantasy excerpt based on their personality. The second half shows a group pic of them. Too bad for Lilicia as I would like to see one for her. No Mahiru too? That teacher must hold the best record for missing in action and popping up whenever she feels like it.
So well this student council may give that body a bad name but like they say nobody is perfect. Besides, they were voted in based on their popularity so they’ll be loved no matter what they do (or don’t do). If I were still schooling, I’d pass up the chance to be part of the student council body or give up my seat even if I was voted in (like hell I ever will be popular!). Even if they sit around doing nothing I still don’t want to waste my precious time hanging out there. Unless of course they offer animes to watch and games to play maybe I’d reconsider. Not good you say? Well, it’s up to one’s discretion. Can I have my own harem too?

Seitokai No Ichizon

I can’t believe it! He’s really so hard to die! He just can’t die! I suppose there are too many aspects of life to poke at that the producers could make a third season called Zan Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei. So is despair the main reason why the world goes round? I guess with Nozomu and his students coming up with all those examples in the previous seasons, perhaps the title is suitably named as ‘zan’ means ‘repent’. Yeah, repent for all those jokes and examples you’ve made previously and live a life of regret. Not! That’s why this third season came out, isn’t it?
For this particular season, I notice a little trend in each of the episodes. At the start of each episode, viewers will be greeted with a pop-up picture while the narrating voice narrates "The Story So Far…" which I believe is the adventures of Nozomu. However they are random and nonsensical so much so they don’t bear any real significance or any relation whatsoever to the episode itself. Plus, the narrating voice reads the kanji lines as it clutter across the screen in a very dramatic way. It’s like they’re trying to give another a different voice if they’re quoting as though from another person’s mouth. High pitch, low pitch. Fast pace, slow pace. Oh, the cacophony so much so you don’t even understand what is going on. I never did. So I moved on.
Each of the episodes are divided into 3 segments for your usual satirical fun. You can recognize some of the trademark visuals and presentations that you have seen in previous seasons. However for this season, I noticed that out of one of the 3 segments (usually the third one in the first half of the series), they form some sort of a continuous flow in the story. You can tell with the "To be continued" screen and of course the story itself isn’t finished or leads to a twist. Before the usual illustration sketches by different authors that serve as the end point of the show, viewers are treated to Zetsubou Sensei Drawing Song right after the end credits. More on this later.
Episode 1 begins with Nozomu being locked away in jail. How did this happen? As usual the topic of superstitions and bad luck charms, Nozomu feels misfortune will happen when people are too superstitious. Remember if you write his name, it means despair? And since the exam is around the corner, the teachers think his name is bad omen and quarantine him. Rather lock him away in a high level security prison. So his beloved students track him down and beat up all the guards (bloody!) to set him free. Kids, don’t try this at home. Leave it to Fuura with her twisted positivism to change Nozomu’s ill omen to a god of examinees! Now everyone is flocking to him. Yeah, keep buying the lucky charm stuff to ensure 100% pass rate! The next segment has them interpreting their own versions of spring time. Of course Nozomu feels that tidings of spring that aren’t good are more common. As Chiri’s character to have all things done properly, she wants everyone to properly answer the tidings of spring. The way I see it, they’re all weird and what does it got to do with spring? And if you can’t answer properly, keep doing it till you get through! That’s Chiri for you folks. The next part has Nozomu learning Nami going on a self discovery trip but the negative teacher feels it’ll turn into a journey of self display especially parts of oneself which are hard to look at. Then the bus of ‘self discovery’ arrives and Rin is the guide and invites Nozomu onboard. I don’t know how after all that refusal he ends up getting on. Hard to resist, eh? At the next stop, Kaere hops on.
In episode 2, the topic of someone famous may have been better if he/she ventured into another profession. For instance, a pro baseball player could’ve been more successful if he had chosen to walk the path of a model. But what about those with multi-talent? As Nozomu says, society won’t recognize those with a second talent. That’s when they decide to enter a tower filled with people with unrecognizable second talents that weren’t allowed to blossom in the eyes of society. Plus, second talents will cause that person a dilemma because it’s like you can’t be good at both things especially if they’re contrasting (the sharpest sword or the most durable shield). At the tower top, Harumi is also one of such people and without her glasses on, she isn’t the nerdy yaoi otaku but a top athletic! Were her glasses restrainers? In the next part, because Majiru was anxious that Komori got sick and didn’t get well soon after taking medicine, this prompts Nozomu to mention the time lag and effect of things. Of course it gets ridiculous and out of hand with outrageous examples like anime broadcasting to remembering embarrassing moments later on. This leads to a conclusion that the place that they see know is perhaps a vision of time lag! Fuura’s answer: Do a reverse time lag (getting a baby before marriage or leak anime stuff before its release date). Sure, what makes you think that itself isn’t time lag either? The last part continues from the previous episode. Kaere gets on, speaks to a foreigner in English but he doesn’t know what she’s saying. Nami wants to play a game but Nozomu feels she’s just showing her sorrow. Fuura feels that isn’t a bad thing and has all the passengers reveal their sorrow. Reveal your secrets! Nozomu can’t take anymore of this ‘self improvement seminar’ and dives out of the bus. Because such self exposition has left him in despair, butler Sebastian has a suggestion. He sets up a body double of Nozomu to do embarrassing things. Uh…
In episode 3, Nozomu and Fuura try to find the switch to light the Christmas tree. They end up in a room filled with various switches. At each push, they end up switching on other people’s ‘switch’ and change their personality. Dangerous. With Fuura coming to a conclusion everyone has a switch somewhere, Maria comes out and presses Nozomu’s switch behind his ear. More like his soft spot. News goes round about Nozomu’s switch so Chiri presses it and he goes crazy. Looks like it was his self destruct switch. The next instalment has Nozomu discussing about how after much thinking between two choices, people always end up picking a third one. So why bother with the first 2 anyway? Then Nozomu got lost and leads his students to a third choice city. Kaere wants him to take responsibility. Yes or no answer. He says neither but both! Isn’t that just an excuse to escape giving an answer? But Fuura says choosing a third choice isn’t a bad thing as it solves the indecisive decision making anxiety between the first 2. So will Nozomu choose to continue living or die? His third choice: Reborn and redo his life. Haha! Like he can. The third part continues from the previous episode as Nozomu watches his double at the beach having fun with the rest. He concludes of an overprotective society. So he thinks of joining a protective group. Everybody here is so overprotective so much so a producer decides to charge him royalty fees for mentioning a line containing the same lyrics of a song! Overprotective!
In episode 4, because Nami wears her new shoes in the rain and got wet, the ever perfect Chiri feels she has no TPO (time, place and occasion). But Nozomu is in despair because if you do mind your TPO, in the end in turns out to be the other way round and you not minding it. Fuura’s answer? TPO makes things dramatic. Yeah, an ecchi maths lesson for instance. And if you don’t mind your TPO, it’ll be better. With that in mind, Nozomu and his students are transported back to feudal Japan and in the midst do modern age stuff. This isn’t TPO. It’s so out of place! The next part has Nozomu and his students at the beach wondering about Japan’s celebration of Sea Day if some prefectures are land locked. Thus he feels people not related are ‘forced’ to be happy and overdoing it. This leads to assuming vacation days as privation days where people self deprive themselves. In the end, it is revealed that they have deprived themselves because the whole beach setting is fake and they’re just pin up posters of the scenery. Yeah, doing it right in school. Outdoor school? Continuing from the last episode, Nozomu has been ordered to pay copyright fees to overprotective people. He quits this meeting but finds everything outside restricted or removed due to overprotection. Having learnt his lesson, he decides to dissolve his contract with his body double. But he finds out his double did lots of things because people are grateful towards him. What sort of things has his double done? Even Abiru seems to have fallen for him!
In episode 5, because of the way things are worded, it makes the reader for instance feeling less funny or sad as it initially intended to. Thus, no matter how it is worded, it will never be interesting or trustworthy. Nozomu has been invited to play a weird card game with weird names on it. I don’t know how it works but his hand sucks. The next instalment has Chiri annoyed about leap seconds created so Nozomu concludes there are leap people existing spontaneously without being noticed (example, 5 people in an elevator but the weight buzzer went off – perhaps someone was just overweight or the work of leap people? Scary!). But Fuura feels they play a vital role in Japan’s economy. Like empty seats in a stadium taken up by leap people. Chiri is accused of being a leap person due to her past whereby she attended a friend’s without being invited. So she forms a group with Blue Man (in Japanese the word for blue and leap (uru) sound close) and do leap performance. Finally more leap examples like leap internal organs and leap harems. I think this show is a leap show too. Continuing from the last episode, I guess Nozomu tries to get out from his date with Abiru by applying the Buddhism principle of Houjoue, whereby one catches and releases. This prompts Fuura to mention that this isn’t just a holiday but a way of life for the Japanese people called through life. In other words, the ability to overlook and ignore kindness! After being shown a family that practices through life, Nozomu tries it out himself. Then he meets Manami who goes through her daily life via through life though it may seem harsh, painful and abusive. He apologizes for ignoring things as a hobby.
In episode 6, Majiru hasn’t got his measles yet so the girls tell to go get infected. Why? Don’t you think it’s better to get them while you’re a kid? This has Nozomu to say that there are other ‘measles’ one must get during one’s childhood. If not, it would be like taking out your childhood during your adult years (say, playing video games) which in turn has a negative contribution to society. They may not hurt you when you’re young but it’ll be fatal if you contract them as an adult. Like touching girl’s boobs. WTF?! Forgivable as a kid but a perverted molester as an adult? So Majiru has been persuaded to do so but when he touches Chiri’s, he’s going to see what hell looks like. So kids, touching boobs are a no-no, no matter the age. Then Nozomu gets a confession from another girl student, making his students jealous as they go ‘immunize’ him. If not, he may go after her. Hehe. And poor Majiru caught the real measles now. The next segment has Nozomu and Fuura noticing several political posters pasted outside Kanako Oora’s house with her permission. So Nozomu starts a topic to add more points to a subject and make it smooth and un-thorny. But it doesn’t work out always because Chiri is upset Nozomu has a few students as his girlfriend. To sooth her, Fuura suggests getting into more relationships and making the pointy parts smooth. Think not. So Chiri and the rest of the girls are going to kill him with a variety of weapons. Pick your choice! In the aftermath, Oora just sat there in the bloody class dazing out into space. The through life episode continues so Chiri make portraits as labels to identify creators of stuffs. This includes putting posters of your parents who made you! Fuura points out every child are God’s children and since Japan is a land with a myriad of Gods, she pastes funny looking God pictures on everyone. More like monsters if you ask me. With the different designs, we can manufacture and them in trinkets or ornaments! Yeah, collect all 81 God cards! Gotta catch ’em all!
In episode 7, Nozomu’s students, Miko Nedzu and Shouko Maruuchi conspire with Usui in tricking him to buy tuna dirt cheap but a bag of ice sky high. This leads to a discussion on loss leaders. If you study economics, you’ll understand this marketing strategy. Of course their examples stretch to those in daily life and anime. So think carefully before you buy those Gunpla parts. Komori has been buying ‘parts’ of Nozomu from the internet to assemble her own Mr Despair! Majiru’s curiosity has him accidentally destroying the life size mannequin so in order to replace it without Komori finding out, he knocks out the real one and replaces it! She’s finding it so real! Plus, she’s asking him to kiss her since the instruction says it will act according to the creator’s desire. In the end, she backs out. In the next part, the cold air mass known as General Frost is anthropomorphized as a human. The air isn’t as cold as it seems so Frost thinks of quitting as a general. He does odd jobs but they don’t seem to fit (in the sense of being a general, that is). Of course once you’ve been in that high position, no lower rank job will do. Fuura suggests naming everything as general since everyone can get away with it nowadays. She starts naming everyone general and this has its weird effects. Chiri, being the kind of general who does things right, decides to split the Earth in half. Who is going to stop her before it is apocalypse now?! Who ranks higher than a general? An emperor! Yeah, an emperor penguin stops her. The final segment has Fuura and the rest holding a surprise birthday party for Nozomu. Thing is, it isn’t his birthday so he is definitely surprised. This leads to a discussion that doing surprise stuff when one expects it isn’t surprising. Chiri comes crashing into class with a steam roller to surprise Nozomu. Sure that is surprising but considering her character, anything weird she does isn’t a surprise, don’t you think? What about would it be surprising too if something isn’t done? Jun calls Marui to meet him later as he has something to tell her. Could it be a surprise love confession?
Continuing from where it left off, in episode 8, it seems Jun wanted Marui’s opinion on a poster’s background colour. Surprise? More like disappointing. So the debate continues that it would be surprising if something happens or nothing is done. Of course if you try reverse surprise, it may be more than just surprise. It could be scary! In the next part, Nozomu decides to undergo confession training because when the time comes for a confession, one will not panic and it’ll be over without ever becoming a big deal. So Chiri suggests undergoing image training as addition. Envision the crime that you’re about to do! Plus, in order to avoid conflicting stories, synchronized confession training is necessary. However this won’t work in books, TV or the likes. Imagine a murder-who-dunnit with the killer quickly admitting he is the culprit and before you know, it’s show over. Fuura suggests continuing the training to take the workload off VIPs. However with too many confessions, Japan is grinding to a halt! Is there a statute limitation on this? The next chapter’s visuals are interesting. A combination of sketchy 2D paper drawings and animation, Nozomu and Fuura are riding a mystery train to destination unknown. Nozomu doesn’t believe so because with trains, there is a schedule so the destination is known right from the start. What he’s trying to say is, cases of questions asked with a pre-determined answer. You know the answer but yet you still ask or ask questions after you have decided. After viewing several trains with those onboard symbolizing the decisions they have made, at the next station Fuura asks if Nozomu is going to settle down with a woman so his answer is to put it off. That’s not a decision! More like an excuse to delay! Well to Fuura, at least that’s a decision.
The topic of capability for emergency measures is discussed in episode 9. How well you handle a crisis or scandal (or rather how good and quick you come up with an excuse). When the class suddenly finds out it’s Nami’s birthday, they instantly give her presents. Weird ones. Nozomu notes his students has a knack for emergency measures and concludes mankind’s wisdom depends on it. Necessity is the mother of invention, they say. Then the window broke and cold air is rushing in. In order to keep warm, everyone squeezes Nozomu till he dies. How to hide his body in this emergency situation? Just bury his body! Of course with him missing, people will notice. Emergency measure? Replace Nozomu with a doll! Everyone can be fooled! Soon Chiri goes on a killing spree and replaces all her classmates with dolls. Even her parents! The next part deals with things in which the correct answer isn’t right. Case in point, remember those olden days if you say the world revolves around the sun, you’ll be executed no matter what? Yup, even if it’s the truth, people can’t accept based on their stereotypic views of a particular person, profession or background. No wonder the world is filled with lies! The next instalment, using golf as a demonstration, discusses about the range of a person. How far a person can go based on the circumstances given. So the gang follows the targeted person (symbolized as the golf ball) to see how far he walks (the ball being driven) from his home (the tee off point) and grade places he arrive such as par, birdie or eagle (the further the better or more surprising). Some exceed expectations while others fail to get pass several feet. Of course the longer the range, the more problems it will have. Can Meru leave without her handphone? Nope. Can Matoi stay away from Nozomu? Nope. Can Komori leave her shut-in to go buy an otaku magazine? That’s when Matoi teases her but she replies she can at least get a birdie.
In episode 10, the age old question of which comes first: The chicken or the egg? However examples raised seemed to be obvious that one came first like houses of hikikomoris (shut-ins). Obviously the house, right? Or else there won’t be hikikomoris. Thus a conclusion that hikikomoris may have come first that’s why the need to build houses. Eh? Of course there are some that comes both at the same time. Like S&M. Eh? So Fuura asks does hope or despair come first. Nozomu answers hope because without it you can’t feel despair. I can see why he’s so full of despair. The cup is always half empty, eh? In the next part when a lady is holding up a queue buying groceries, Nozomu despairs at the thought she may be an operative bent on plunging society into turmoil and disrupt their harmonious life. How? With the long line, people can’t buy their stuff which will affect the economy! WTF?! I guess everybody got paranoid and suspects everybody of being operatives based on minor and insignificant disruptions. When it’s Nozomu’s turn to pay, he doesn’t have small change. So does the cashier as he calls his boss. He starts thinking that he too is an operative! Chiri is annoyed that operatives are supposed to create things and not destroy. Fuura rounds up a bunch of them and says they’re here to learn how to make things. Chiri gladly devotes to herself teaching them but in the end, the nation’s secrets are revealed! Realizing her mistake, Chiri teaches them arts and craft since they’re being crafty. Yeah, how to manipulate people via information control. The internet is sure a scary place. The last segment continues from the golf arc. Once Komori steps out of school, the whole school starts crumbling! Yeah, some things are not meant to leave its place. Nozomu gets worried each time he goes for a walk so he rushes back to check on things. Got no range at all. Fuura suggests to get as close as possible on the approach shot so several girls try to get as close to Nozomu who is the pin. Chiri says she’s the closest because she is close psychologically as she knocks him out with a golf driver and controls him in his subconscious mind. No escape…
Nozomu walks into class without wearing his trademark specs and wears only contacts in episode 11. Harumi goes into frenzy and can’t accept it as she gets everyone to pool money and buy him a new pair, though it is tinted. Megane fetish? The point is, wearing tinted glass is a way of saying people go by their prejudices and preconceived notions. Everyone spews their biased views whenever they put on the glasses so they go to the shop where the glasses were bought. With a variety of tinted glasses, they have a little try on and start having bias views based on the era that tinted glass was in fashion. Just be sure not to look at yourself in the mirror with those glasses on. When Nozomu tells everyone to cast away their tinted glass, on his way out, some gay guy falls for him. In order not to form prejudiced views, he goes out with him and ends up sleeping with him! I’d rather have my tinted glass on for this! It’s a hot summer’s day in the next chapter and Nami is bored sticking at home. She can’t go anywhere because for some reason stalker Chiri is calling from time to time to keep check she stays home. Rin is bored but Sebastian says she can’t leave her estate. She gets an idea so long as she buys the properties around, technically she can move within her estate, right? Oh yeah, move over people, they’ve bought this place so they have the right to bulldoze a hole in the wall! With Rin’s demands getting more and more, Sebastian has no choice but to plan their route and buy properties along their way to make it Rin’s estate. Eventually it reaches Nami’s house. She sure got a rude awakening. The next part has Nozomu discussing people often do bad or weird ideas just to seek attention. I don’t know why this is symbolized as trying to lift your leg as high as possible. This leads to whether a person is deliberately trolling or provoking. But Matoi says by falling for it, it shows you have kindness. But Rin feels both sides are idiots. So Nozomu suggests everyone starts trolling if they don’t want to be trolled. Chiri wants everyone to lift their legs higher but they have their limits. Chiri lifts hers so high so much so she is like flying in the sky! Can anyone catch her? Kei does. Yeah, they’re in a totally different dimension.
Based on a thought experiment called Schrodinger’s cat, in episode 12, Fuura tells Usui not to open his locker so the possibility of him receiving chocolates will exist. This theory suggests that if you don’t do something, the possibilities of its outcome remains infinite. In Usui’s case for example, if he opens his locker and finds no chocolate, his chances of getting them is zero, right? So everyone experiments this theory using a box and comes up with lots of interesting and desired (and impossible) outcomes. Kei has a Schrodinger wife but Chiri’s curiosity to reveal her identity and cut pieces off it yields a mix of weird combinations. His hopes and possibility for an ideal wife reduces each time a piece comes off. A hairy hand, angel wings and sexy leg? That’s not human anymore! Then everyone is placed in the box so Chiri gets annoyed that someone may be badmouthing her and kills them all! The crime scene is sealed so there’s a Schrodinger box here where there’s a possibility that students will attend class as long as you don’t open it. Finally Nozomu has his TV with the Schrodinger box and feels this season’s series may or may not continue to air as long as he doesn’t open it. Like hell they already aired it!
The next part shows a missile landed in the school yard as Nozomu and the girls try to hide it for fear the government may make them ‘disappear’ if they find out. Better do it fast because the media is coming to cover the baseball club soon. Of all times. They try covering it up with sporty slogans or writing ‘fake’ on it (now it really looks legitimate), burying it (sticking out like a sore thumb), draw lines to make it look like a part of a sport court (inadvertently making it look like a name of a particular dictator from a particular country who launched the missile), treating it like a worship thingy for a festival when the mound comes crumbling (they even have a song cassette to match). The media arrive and is confused to see their weird dance. Fuura announces they don’t have to lie anymore because the real missile is flying over their heads! So it was a fake all along? Yeah, it eventually ends with a bang. Continuing from Rin’s ruthless purchase of properties and breaking down walls so that she could go anywhere and have anything she wants, soon Nami and her other pals join her. Nami suggests going to karaoke and to their surprise sees Nozomu belting out. He tells them to go home but technically they say they’re part of his family now! Then en route, the school is also bought so they can come to class even during curfew. In the end, Rin sells what she bought for the road plan for twice of what she paid. Speculation? Maybe I should try this out buying and selling properties. On second thought, this might cause the property market to crash. Remember the subprime mortgage crisis?
In episode 13, the gang are visiting and art museum and perfect Chiri didn’t notice an upside down art piece. This leads to a debate on people tend to notice trivial errors but fail to see the main and significant part of the problem. Examples range from bodily injuries to printing typo errors. But Fuura thinks that people are being kind and pretending not to see those mistakes since the world is overflowing with them. I’m not sure what the end means because Meru’s dad suddenly appears because he was too big for everyone to notice. In the next part, Komori becomes depressed after her security blanket gets blown away by the wind. Nozomu and the girls mount a search but the blanket drops onto a PM’s head in the middle of a political meeting about the economy. After learning the blanket could make one feel ‘secure’, the PM orders a mass production of blankets! Miraculously the economy recovers! Everyone has a blanket wrapped! Seeing that Komori is vital to Japan’s economy and the need to protect her, Chiri gathers everyone’s security items. However Nozomu says the feeling of security doesn’t stem from material objects but rather knowing somebody more pathetic than oneself exists! So true! Nozomu feels he’s the worst but the girls think otherwise because he’s a civil servant and won’t get fired, therefore rest assured. So the PM gets this idea too but soon the whole country becomes poor. But the girls say they feel secure as long as they have Nozomu. Heart warming? Not until they talk about wealth distribution and each take a piece of Nozomu! Another violent death! Who wants his eyes? His legs? His &*#@ too?! In the final instalment, Maria mispronounces a word and because of that, the slang general appears. Nozomu asks about this year’s slang prize popularity but the guy is in doubt so Fuura suggests him to decide the slang prize himself. Then other slang generals of yesteryears appear and they argue they won’t be like each other. Later Maria mistaken Silent Night as Kiyohiko Night so a person named Kiyohiko really appear. Komori asks how one celebrates that night so Kiyohiko is rather unsure. Fuura suggests to do as he desires since it is his night. Then everyone hums Silent Night and Kiyohiko does a rock performance. Then Maria asks about the reindeer… Here we go again.
I guess the series isn’t enough to fit into 1 season so they had to produce an OVA for this season as well called Zan Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei: Bangaichi (literally means extra land?). OVA 1 starts with Nozomu thinking that a holiday in the middle of the week is just a mid-holiday workweek. That’s because people use that time to hold demonstrations but Nozomu thinks this leads to vacillation (hesitancy or indecisiveness). But the people who demonstrate against something indirectly have self interests in the subject being opposed. Boycott China Olympics? But the sponsor money has already been paid, etc. Yeah, the hypocrisy. So why bother demonstrate? Too much free time? Then Maria says she participated in lots of demos too. While working as a part time maid, she always spills the drinks on her customer but they forgive her for being cute. Huh? In the next part while reading books, Nozomu feels there are many things in this world where interests must be feigned. That is, unconditional happiness. This leads to the gang telling jokes and everybody starts laughing even though they don’t understand so as not to look dumb. I didn’t get it so I didn’t laugh at all but stumped. In the end, Chiri punches Nozomu for not being able to differentiate comedy and drama he’s supposed to cry instead of laughing. The final segment has Chiri’s sister, Tane, coming back for the summer holidays. Tane is some sort of a litterbug. Wait, worse. A magnet for rubbish and a habit for littering. Each time Chiri cleans up, she messes up. Talk about back to square one. Even a visit to the public pool, Tane somehow manages to litter the pool with foreign objects! It’s like a polluted dump! Not even objects but scum of societies as well! Nozomu learns that it was Chiri who caused this behaviour instead of the other way round. Back then, Chiri wanted to clean the goldfish but Tane didn’t want to and dirtied herself so Chiri must clean her first before doing so. And since Chiri is going on a cleaning spree, Nozomu starts covering himself with weird tattoos and wants Chiri to wash him! Is Tane falling in love with him?
OVA 2 begins with Nozomu and his students trapped in a mall being surrounded by zombies like Resident Evil. How did this happen? Apparently a discussion on how to use defibrillator led to a discussion on how things are being kept alive by it (just like in life). So Manami’s maternal instincts got kicked into action as she goes round reviving people with their hopes down. Then at the graveyard she accidentally trips and resurrects the dead. Must be a figure of speech about how ‘dead things’ should be left as it is (like fashions of the past). This is how they end up at the mall and Nozomu got bitten by a zombie. But Fuura thinks it’s good because his life is extended and his serialization can go on forever. The next segment sees Nozomu and his students at the pool. So the topic of people getting easily ‘washed and swept away by the currents’. Too bad he too got swept away but finds himself on an island for those who don’t go with the flow and instead create their own stuff and ideals. Then Chiri turns up on her own will (rather than being washed up here) and Nozomu notes her character being oblivious rather than not being caught up. Then Fuura says the new semester is starting and he needs to bring back his students who are scattered throughout the country’s inns, in which he goes and pays them a visit. The final part is about double-speak. Meaning, people tend to rephrase the actual meaning of what they want to say by substituting and softening it in a less nasty way. With the appearance of some famous translator who gives fabulous translations, off everybody goes to rephrase harsh words. Chiri isn’t happy with this because she prefers it to be put more directly so she goes around giving different subtitles which reflects the total opposite of what people say. Nozomu wants her to stop since he feels she is going too far and that people will complain. It ends with Chiri subtitling that as Nozomu proposing a marriage to her and to live happily ever after. Some fabulous subs that was.
Oh man. I didn’t expect to enjoy this season as much as I did for its previous ones. Even though there were topics that I did not comprehend or the litter of examples cluttering across the screen which makes the pause-and-read process a tiresome affair, at the end of it all I still took great pleasure in watching this season. It was so ‘kind’ of them to introduce several new characters though they may not have played a vital role throughout the series and perhaps for just a particular segment. Like they say, the more the merrier. But that isn’t necessarily a good thing because Nozomu will always end up getting hurt. It’s a miracle he’s still alive. If you want to see world destruction, you don’t have to wait till 2012 because there’s always Chiri and she does an efficient and proper job in ‘cleaning up’ the world.
Just like in the previous season, I felt Nami had a number of appearances so much so sometimes she is being used in examples by others. In the first half of the series I was wondering Chie was going to appear or not and though not many she did make a handful in the second half though I couldn’t say her presence did made an impact. As for Kaere/Kaede, she may not be a frequent panty flasher like in the previous season but on occasion she still does. Fuura is still over-positive in her suggestions but I feel that they weren’t as twisted when I first knew her. Maybe the surprise is gone, eh? Then I noticed Matoi seems to have more participation with the gang rather than being a stalker peeping out from Nozomu’s back. It’s like a mandatory trademark in each segment of the episode. Nozomu or somebody else says something, Matoi opens her mouth, then Nozomu says "You were there?" and her eternal reply "Yes, always". Always keep a good watch over your back. Then there’s that minor character, MAEDAX R, which I think I’ve seen him previously before. Yeah, that specky bald guy has turned into some sick weirdo pervert, walking around in woman’s underwear and sometimes stark naked! Then there’s that emperor penguin with a Yin Yang face randomly appearing here and there. A mascot for this season?
As mentioned earlier about the Zetsubou Sensei Drawing Song, this segment was first introduced during the second season though it was a one off thing. But I guess it was popular enough to become a mandatory segment for this season. This short section which lasts around a minute is hosted by the series’ characters’ seiyuus as they draw their own version and interpretation of Nozomu while singing the song. Some are horrible to absolutely funny and some did several takes. For instance, fans should know Meru’s character has no particular seiyuu so her part was really silent but her drawing was drawn by seiyuu Chiwa Saito (at least they should put text messages during her lines instead of making her part silent). Then Marina Inoue (Chiri’s seiyuu) did a horrible rendition of Nozomu at first but in the end turned out to be the best and closest looking one. Just like her character, she has to do it properly, right? Ayahi Takagi (Oora’s seiyuu) sings totally out of tune while Usui’s singing tone fluctuates. Then Yu Kobayashi (Kaere’s seiyuu) did twice because I think her character has a split personality.
If you’re wondering why some characters don’t have their turn in this segment, that’s because they are voiced by the same seiyuu so I guess it would be a waste if they were to repeat it. For instance, don’t be surprised if you notice Chie or Mayo aren’t featured that’s because their seiyuu is Akiko Yajima who is represented via Majiru. However it bugged me that Fuura and Nami’s seiyuu (Ai Nanoka and Ryoko Shintani respectively) is totally absent! It would have been wonderful if this segment have them. Even the minor and new characters have their appearance but I guess Fuura’s version may be so twisted that it won’t be good for viewers to see and Nami’s one, well, too normal. Of course we won’t see Nozomu’s seiyuu Hiroshi Kamiya’s version maybe because who wants to draw himself, right? I tried drawing too but I totally sucked. Does this stick man look anything like Nozomu? And who is that little kid in a mouse or bear suit waving to us viewers at the end of it all?
In certain episodes after the Zetsubou Sensei Drawing Song, I guess they had some more time so they put in some unrelated fillers such as the Weekly Review of the show which is hosted by Jun and Chiri. This part attempts to answer questions from viewers though I feel it is on purpose and made up. Just a feeling, I may not be accurate. Then there’s one on Ms Naughty Kaere. I’m not sure if that student could really focus on his studies seeing lots of ecchi and ambiguous stuff are thrown into the mix. ‘Cones’ and ‘cylinders’, eh? Ahem, ahem. On a trivial note, I don’t remember if this was also present in the previous seasons but whenever Chiri talks, sometimes a comma, full stop or some punctuation mark will appear at the bottom right hand of the screen. I don’t know what this mean. Then there is lots of onomatopoeia (phew. It took me some time to spell and even pronounce this word), words imitating the sound effects, appearing onscreen whether they take up the whole screen or part of it.
As usual the opening song is a hard rock piece and the lyrics and animation itself is weird. Nozomu catching Fuura falling from the sky? Apple picking beam? Yeah, that’s the name of the song title, Ringo Mogire Beam, by Kenji Outsuki and some of the main female seiyuus of the series. Just like in previous seasons, the ending theme has a hint of Broadway feel in it. Entitled Zetsubou Restaurant by the same bunch of main female seiyuus. Though the animation features snippets of the characters, I’m wondering why Nami is the main focus here, writing her diary before going to bed. Her normal life? The second ending theme by Hiroshi Kamiya too has a Broadway feel in it and is called Kurayami Shinjuu Shoushisouai. Yeah, another song filled with despair thought the tempo may be lively. Though the art and animation remains relatively the same, for this particular season they did not experiment with the various types of visual presentation experiments that they did in the previous season (except for that train segment).
So will this series have another sequel? It’s hard to tell seeing that in life there are so many ironic things that we could actually poke at and make fun of. While I may have forgotten all the ‘glorious’ examples given, it was good while it lasted as they really made me think back of all those stuff that I nearly similarly went through. Sometimes if you think about it that it is better for certain things to happen as it is even though it doesn’t seem right because if it is done the other way, think of all the chaos we’ll get. The lesser of two evils, you say? That’s why you can never escape from the despair. Too bad Nozomu. You can’t really go to the next world yet because you haven’t fulfilled your task in experiencing ultimate despair. Despair for life! Despair for eternity! Oh damn it. Now that I’m hooked to anime, that leaves me in so much despair! ZETSUBOU SHITA! Heh, haven’t done that in a while.

Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei
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