Sora No Otoshimono

July 3, 2010

Would it be a good omen if something fell out of the sky and especially from the Heavens? Even so, would you take it and consider it as your own? If you say yes, how about a pet angel that will grant you any wish you desire? Sounds too good to be true unless you’re talking about the anime series Sora No Otoshimono. Hearing the name of this title may at first bring sci-fi elements to mind. Partially that’s correct till you see the images of this title. Sexy angels. What does that tell you? Yeah, ecchi fanservice. Do I need to elaborate?
So let’s get down to the story and the characters. In a sleepy town where nothing much happens, Tomoki Sakurai is your typical high school kid whose motto is "Peace and quiet is the best". Sounds like a pretty decent guy, right? That is, until you find he’s a typical pervert who likes nothing more than stare at girls’ boobs and panties. Is that his definition of peace and quiet? But no matter how perverted he is, you can tell that he is also a sincere person and that he still cares for those around him. Except his perverted side is more profound.
His childhood friend, Sohara Mitsuki, just like any other such animes, lives across his house, takes it upon herself to wake that kid up since his parents are overseas, and though she may be a violent girl, you can tell she harbours a secret crush on him. Ah, if he wasn’t such a pervert, it would all be perfect. Unfortunately due to Tomoki’s pervertness, Sohara has to unleash her ‘murderous chops’ in which that guy deservingly gets in almost every episode. It’s a wonder he doesn’t die from it. Then there’s the mysterious leader of the club called the New World, Eishirou Sugata. In short, he’s a weirdo. How weird? I don’t care about his scientific explanations and theories but this guy is obsessed with the discovery of The New World. Whatever and wherever that is, he believes that World is hovering close by to ours and he is pretty adamant to find it. You can’t blame others into thinking he’s a nut case. Finally, there is Mikako Satsukitane, the student council president and childhood friend of Eishirou. One thing about her, if she’s smiling, it doesn’t mean a good thing. Yup, she may appear nice and all but in fact is manipulative, cunning and a sadist. And she loves teasing Tomoki.
As seen in episode 1, Tomoki has always been waking up from this weird dream in tears about an angel in the sky wanting him to rescue her. But he has to put that aside since there is a commotion that Eishirou is attempting another one of his weird stunts. He is trying to fly to the New World via hang glider. Is he crazy? You bet. He fails miserably as always because God did not make men to fly. Sohara suggests helping Tomoki solve his dream problem, to go see Eishirou. Yeah, even that’s the last thing Tomoki wants on his mind. Too bad Sohara threatens him with her chop so it’s between the devil and the deep blue sea. In his dark clubroom, Eishirou explains the concept of the New World. I don’t know why Sohara is so impressed but Tomoki knows his peaceful days are numbered if he is going to seek this weirdo for help. His hell has just begun. Before he knows it, all that elaborated explanation leads Tomoki to being recruited into his club as Eishirou wants them to meet him at midnight at the town’s sakura tree. What does his dream have to do with the New World? Not sure. But he’s bloody sure that they’re connected. Now his peaceful days are definitely gone. That night, Tomoki seems to be the only turned up as Sohara is on a curfew and Mikako ‘kidnaps’ Eishirou for some help. Tomoki is going to leave when he gets a call from Eishirou to get out of there immediately. Too late. A black hole appears over the place and lots of ‘pillars’ start dropping. Tomoki must be lucky to have it all missed him. Just then he spots an unconscious angel and his conscious tells him to save her. A pillar threatens to squash them both when the angel awakens and saves him. She starts her ‘imprinting’ process and lands them to safety. She introduces herself as Ikaros, a Pet-class Angeloid and she is here to fulfil all his master’s wish and desire. Hey, it can’t be a bad thing after all, right?
So maybe Tomoki thinks all this was a bad dream and wakes up the next morning in his room but to his dismay, Ikaros is by his side. Nope, not a dream. So to test whether she’s the real deal, Tomoki wishes for money. And a billion Yen he gets! Wow! Tomoki gets hold of the card Ikaros has in possession which grants his wish. Seeing that he can wish for anything, Tomoki starts getting weird ideas. Yup, that includes turning invisible to spy on Sohara changing and even outrage her modesty! Then stopping time and run around naked in town doing all the unthinkable things which isn’t possible if others would’ve seen him. Then back home as he feasts like a king, his thoughts tell him that all that left is world domination. But for now he wants Ikaros to strip. She does so and though Tomoki wants to cancel that wish, he learns that her programme does not allow her to do so. Next morning, Tomoki wakes up and gets the shock of his life. Nobody else is around. Seems that Ikaros has activated his wish for world domination and due to some research that not a single human would accept him as a ruler, she has every single one of them erased! Tomoki feels guilty and breaks down so Ikaros asks if she should terminate herself. He said yes and she was ready to do so. Till he stops her as he was just ‘joking’. In tears, he pleads to her not to do so as he doesn’t want to be alone but as she said, she cannot cancel orders. Wishing that all this was just a bad dream, you can’t help pity this selfish pervert the way he emotionally breaks down. Then the next thing he knows, everything is reverted back to normal. How? Well, he did wish that all this was just a dream, right? Right. Feeling relieved and learned his lesson, he tells Ikaros to do as she wish and allows her to stay by his side. Well, if she even knows what that means. Though Ikaros is loyal and can grant her master any wish, but I feel she’s like an emotionless robot without any independent thoughts of her own. Just like she only moves when is being told to do so.
In episode 2, Sohara finds Ikaros in Tomoki’s room. You know what that means. Ouch time. Seeing that Ikaros’ choker chain is tied to Tomoki’s hand, she follows him everywhere and even to school, attracting lots of attention. No choice, Tomoki sees Eishirou about this. Well, that weirdo tells him to watch over her till he figures out the details. Like he has got time for that. And I’m sure Mikako loves to see how this is developing. Ikaros gives Tomoki an older model card. During class, Sohara trips and Tomoki saw her doggy panties. Soon, her panties start flying out like a bird! Tomoki thinks it’s the card since it is flashing. Sohara thinks it is Tomoki and chops him. They go back to Eishirou and tell him the problem. However, no matter how many or what kind of panties Sohara try to put on, it blasts out through the window and into the sky faster than a fighter jet! I don’t know how, a pair of handcuffs appear before him and he puts in on Sohara. With that, she can’t defend herself if the wind decides to play a little trick up her skirt. That’s not a good thing, the way Sohara puts it. Tomoki tries to get order back but his stammering about panties has Ikaros grant him his wish. Yup, every girl got her panties flown away and assembled over Tomoki. Pervert’s dream come true?
So this is what I understand from Eishirou’s explanations. It seems the card first activated when Tomoki saw Sohara’s panties which he disliked and will remove it no matter what. So the answer is to wear panties that are acceptable to Tomoki. So Ikaros and Mikako go shopping and got a heap load of panties. However not one of them stay put! So one last chance, a bear print panty and somehow it worked. I’m not sure about the explanations that the card shut itself down but Tomoki glad this ordeal is over. Yeah, he doesn’t want to talk about panties for the time being. How long is that? That night, Tomoki and Sohara chat about when they were young. Sohara had trouble breaking boards for her karate practice so naughty Tomoki pulled down her pants. That’s when she developed her murderous chops and in a way, Tomoki got traumatized by the doggy print panties (not to mention dogs too) she was wearing that time. Realizing that he was the cause of it all, she starts throwing things at him. Remember all those other panties? This may sound like a disgusting new phenomenon, but they seem to be like a flock of migrating birds, flying in row all over the world! Panty meteor shower?! Even caught the attention of the White House people…
In episode 3, Tomoki and Sohara are having problems with their maths homework so who better to go seek for Eishirou’s help. They find his large house but the residents mention they have no son of that name. To their surprise (or horror, depending on how you look at it), Eishirou lives in a little tent by the river stream! Hey, he’s a weirdo, remember? Eishirou explains to the dumb ones and it’s like Einstein talking to a baby. Then he passes it to Ikaros to test her computational skills but all she did was scribble over it. He concludes she lacks computational abilities. In exchange for helping them out with their homework, now they help him out with his New World theory. Eishirou’s calculations has him believe that the New World is hovering about them but they don’t see anything so Tomoki has Ikaros fly around but her reports come back negative. Since everyone is staying for the night (oh yeah, now it’s turning into a camping trip), they draw lots to see what chores they’ll be doing. Ikaros has the task of buying groceries and apparently she doesn’t understand the meaning of acting more human because she starts flying. I guess the others are worried so they tail and watch her from afar. During her trip, she buys a watermelon that she’ll carry around for the rest of the series and a little chick (for meat) that will also follow her around. Because Tomoki is having trouble catching fish, Ikaros flies around the world and brings back a giant one. Eishirou and Mikako suspect her purpose as a Pet-class Angeloid as her speed is faster than the world’s best jet fighters. That night, Eishirou confronts Ikaros and wants her to tell him what she is but her answer remained the same. So he thinks the problem now is how sent her to Tomoki and for what purpose. The next day, Eishirou has Tomoki doing a hang glider stunt as part of his experiment and repayment for his homework done. Yeah, another big time failure. Ikaros asks Eishirou the meaning of fun so he tells her that it is her homework to find out.
Remember those flying migratory bird-like panties? They’re back in episode 4 and they’re coming home to Tomoki! Now he’s got a bunch of them! You know what will happen if Sohara sees this? Oops. Too late. She shreds them all with her chops. She wants him to get rid of all of them but will that pervert listen? Nope. He still keeps them. And because Sohara saw this coming, using one of Ikaros’ cards, she puts a spell that if Tomoki lays his eyes on a single panty, that panty will explode! Unfortunately the night before, Tomoki has decorated his entire house with them! From the walls to the outside garden! Every nook and corner is covered with them. Just how many panties are there?! Extreme! Now he’s trapped in a mine field! Boom! Bang! He tries to get out blindfolded but it seems touching them too will cause them to blow up. While Tomoki continues his explosive affair to get out alive, Sohara takes Ikaros out as she tells of her past why she ‘likes’ Tomoki. Apparently he was the only kid who came to her birthday party. Ikaros senses her master in trouble so they rush back to find the house like a battlefield.
Though Tomoki manages to make it out, he trips and got his face onto Sohara’s panties. The explosion sends her flying into the house. With Eishirou and Mikako watching this, they manage to convince and psyche him up to re-enter the house to save her. It would’ve been easier if someone else went in but you know Mikako, she loves making things interesting. Tomoki manages to find Sohara but she has discovered his darkest secret. A stash of Playboy magazines! I’m not sure what wish Tomoki put up the night before but as some sort of security system, a heap of panties turned into a robot and has got Sohara in its grasp. In a dilemma to save Sohara or his magazines, he chose the former and sacrifices himself by coming into contact with the robot to make it explode. His entire house is destroyed and collection shredded into pieces but Tomoki emerges with Sohara in his arms and the crowd goes wild after the dramatic endeavour. But the mood is spoilt when Sohara notices his pervertness once more and… You figure out the rest. That night as Tomoki sleeps, that dream angel is lamenting that she did not send an angel for things to turn out like this.
With his house decimated, Tomoki and Ikaros are trying to find a place to live in episode 5. Eishirou’s camp is out because the wild animals seem to have an appetite for perverts and dumb angels. Sohara won’t let him in because he will definitely steal her panties. All that’s left is Mikako, in which she offers them all to come stay. As the largest house in town, Tomoki and co learn that Mikako is the granddaughter of the local yakuza head. Ah, now we know where her character stems from. They’ll be fine as long as they don’t do anything silly. Oops. Too late. Ikaros rubs the Boss’ head since it’s like a watermelon! But Boss seems to like it and subjects them all to first class luxury treatment. Sumptuous meals and high class entertainment. Man, this is the life! That night, Tomoki mistakenly enters a forbidden place when he was going to soak in the hotspring bath. He sees Mikako bathing alone but too late as the alarm is sound. Every personnel go into full action to catch the ‘intruder’. Eventually Tomoki gets caught as Boss explains how this bath is sacred since a celestial maiden cleanse her body here. After her passing and the bath opened to the public, the town experienced disasters and was only quelled with a sacrifice. Tomoki is to be put to death at any cost. Oh the horror! Mikako can’t do anything and Eishirou can’t persuade them. Before a personnel is going to chop off Tomoki’s head, Ikaros grabs his wrist and though it may not seem like it, he experiences excruciating pain. And what is that scary power aura she is emitting? She asks what is he doing to her master and it could’ve gone from bad to worse if Tomoki didn’t order her to stop. After witnessing the spectacle, Boss hints he will overlook the events so Tomoki apologizes and takes his leave.
The next morning, Tomoki and co find themselves being flown to a distant uninhabited island. Since Tomoki isn’t going to pay with his life, I guess he has to live in seclusion for the rest of his life. Well, it’s better than losing his head. Even if this island is owned by Mikako’s family, it is really uninhabited and lacks any facilities. So better start your surviving skills. With Ikaros blasting off to fulfil her master’s orders of catching some fish, Tomoki tries to hunt food for himself but as you can see, he’s a total failure. Then Tomoki ate a weird mushroom and passes out. He wakes up only to find Sohara alone and scared and the others missing. Not to mention that scary howling. They take refuge and try searching the next day but their efforts were futile. Soon a whole month passed and the duo are accustomed to living life on an island. Look how tanned they are. One night, the usual nostalgic chat about being lonely and all that. So we’re thinking Sohara suggests easing that loneliness by having a baby since Tomoki promises never to leave her side. And you know what that means, right? Gulp. So are they ready to experience their first time? Apparently that had to wait as a giant threatening sea creature emerges. Tomoki goes all out to save Sohara till he finds out underneath all that oyster and seaweed is just Ikaros. She’s back from her fishing trip to parts unknown of the world and somehow those sea things got stuck to her. Using her radar to check for other signs of life, suddenly part of the forest fell off and we see Mikako, Eishirou, Boss and his subordinates watching them! Oh sh*t! So they were just in their backyard all the while?! And that scary howl was just a tape recorder. Since they had so much fun, Boss will let them off the hook with this punishment. Using their powers, Boss has his subordinate rebuild Tomoki’s house. Partly he seems to take a liking for Ikaros rubbing his head. Uhh… But Tomoki and Sohara’s ordeal isn’t over because back in school, Mikako plays those romantic I’ll-never-leave-you lines over the PA! They got it recorded! Such a sadist…
More trouble for Tomoki because in episode 6, another Angeloid, Nymph, is seen in his home like as though it is her own. A friend of Ikaros? Unfortunately she doesn’t know even if she has wings and the same choker around her neck. Unlike Ikaros, Nymph has independent thinking and emotions and doesn’t like humans whom she regards as bugs. But in this episode, the gang go on a beach trip after winning a lottery first prize. Even Nymph tags along. Wouldn’t they mind the new girl in town? Heck, the more the merrier, they say. So the usual beach affair. Bouncy babes in bikinis. Tomoki can’t leave Ikaros by her own or else she’ll do ‘un-human’ things so he teaches her how to swim like a human. This disheartens Sohara because she thought she was going to spend a little private time with him boating. She gets upset and boats by herself. Some flashback how Tomoki tried teaching her to swim when they were young and by the time she snaps out of it, she’s too far from shore. As expected, her oars fell off and she slip out while trying to retrieve them. Tomoki then realizes his boating promise with Sohara but too late as he spots her drowning. He wouldn’t have made it in time if not for Nymph’s help. Apparently, Eishirou won some prize so the gang gets to stay over for the night. That night Tomoki can’t sleep and sees Ikaros awake. She tells him Angeloids of her design don’t sleep or have dreams so he takes her out for a night stroll. At the same time, a bunch of thugs try to hit on Nymph. Tomoki goes to rescue her and since 1 of them got rough, the same wrist twisting what-are-you-doing-to-my-master tactic from Ikaros. Her aura is so powerful that it blows away the nearby rocks! Could’ve been bad if Tomoki hadn’t told her to stop. Enough to scare those jerks away. Tomoki is upset that she shouldn’t do those stuff and takes her away. Unknown to them, the rest are watching from afar and yeah, Sohara looking very shock. Haih…
Back to school in episode 7. Was that vacation refreshing? Well, you’re going to need it Tomoki because Ikaros and Nymph have become new transfer students in his class! Blame it on the card, dude, since Ikaros really wanted to be with Tomoki 24/7 so Nymph got irritated and made her wish come true. Tomoki is not too happy but he is reminded by Eishirou that he wanted Ikaros to act more human. Sohara on the other hand is glad and tries to help out but to her dismay she is way out of the Angeloids’ league. From solving difficult out-of-this-world maths questions to home economics to even English classes. They come out tops. Due to that, they’ve got a few fans of their own. Isn’t that a good sign? Then to make things more interesting, bored Nymph has Ikaros become the teacher for their next class! It is so interesting that even seniors Mikako and Eishirou are in their class and suggests making Tomoki a test subject! And today’s class is how to fly in the sky. They love tormenting him. Everyone gangs up to have Tomoki jump and fly out of the window and no matter how reluctant that guy is, call it smooth convincing talk or he just gave up and join them that he finally dons a weird flying outfit and makes his leap out of the window. Into the endless sky… Well for 3 seconds, that is. Then he comes crashing down just like reality. Now that has got to hurt. The next day, Ikaros and Nymph get a bunch of fan letters in their locker. As the Angeloids read their letters alone, Ikaros do not understand its content as Nymph shows her true colours. She mocks Ikaros and starts scanning her (regarding her multiple restrictions such as emotions, etc) and then revealing Ikaros as the Uranus Queen that wrecked havoc the entire Synapse. She is interrupted when Eishirou comes in. He too suspects about Nymph nothing that she is quite different from Ikaros. Lastly, a short clip shows how Nymph was sent down to Earth by her master to retrieve Ikaros.
It’s the traditional festival in episode 8 organized by Mikako’s family for the town to unite the people. Well, she’s got a yakuza background so expect a guy to sell rifles and guns at the place in addition to traditional food and games stall. So everyone is there including our protagonists. Mikako spices things up by organizing a survival battle contest using cork guns in which the last standing survivor will win the prize of 10 million Yen cold hard cash. Enough cash to buy one’s dreams. Who is up for grabs? Everyone for himself! Sever all ties! Get ready to kill! I don’t know why, everyone gangs up against Tomoki. They love him that much, eh? But they are taken out by the sharp sniper of Eishirou and Mikako. Both engage in mortal combat and are equal in terms of fighting skills. Poor Tomoki gets caught in between but he still survives. Meanwhile Ikaros destroys a huge chunk of the competition with her chaingun! OMG! She fragged the entire town! Her body count is rising to level high records! Till Tomoki stops her by shooting a cork at her head for overdoing it. When Ikaros flies away, she is being encountered by Nymph. She starts abusing and beating her up, claiming to know her true identity. But Ikaros maintains of her Pet-class type statement. That’s when Nymph unlocks her memories and we see Ikaros as some devastating weapon of mass destruction responsible for annihilating lots of human civilization. Nymph continues to mock her that her memories brought her to tears but that was a bad move because she has really awakened the true Uranus Queen. Ikaros goes on the offensive and lets Nymph gets a taste of her own medicine. Nymph crashes down and dirty in the ground as Ikaros unleashes a huge mean looking arrow of destruction, Appeloun, enough to destroy the entire country. She is prepared to fire and destroy Nymph but her emotional state pleads for her to leave. Though Nymph agrees, she vows to be back and warns her that sooner or later her master will find out her true identity.
Meanwhile Tomoki thinks he has a shot with the money now that the entire town is taken out. Seems Sohara is the competitor standing in his way. However the rifle dude warns him that he mixed up a real gun with the fakes. Guess what? Yup. Sohara has it. She’s so obsessed with winning so she could spend the money on some sick fetishes with Tomoki, she isn’t going to listen to him. Run for your life! In her obsession she accidentally fires a shot at Tomoki and that guy thinks he is done for. Luckily for him, Ikaros appears to take the shot in his place. I guess it takes death of a closed one to snap one back to his/her senses. But all that emotional drama comes to an end when Ikaros just wakes up. Hey, she’s and Angeloid (and more recently a WMD) so she can’t dies that easily, right? The final battle for the cash turns into a three-way fight. Tomoki, Sohara and the rifle dude. So he was in this game all along? A showdown between the trio and can the kids pull off a major upset. Seems like it… Not. Rifle guy wins so Mikako hands him the money and wishes him for next year too. Later as the fireworks are being displayed, Tomoki and Ikaros talk. He expresses his concern of her jumping in to save his life and that he would be upset if she had really died. Since her emotional restriction is gone, Ikaros starts crying and hugs his back.
In episode 9, Nymph returns to the Heavens but gets punished for her failure to retrieve Uranus Queen. Seems her sadistic masters are bored that they find torturing her in excruciating pain very entertaining. Is this what Heaven is? Then I don’t want to go there. For this episode, it’s the sakura viewing season so as usual, the gang patron the stalls and a nice spot for the viewing. Ikaros is worried about her past when she overhears other people saying that it is human to lie. Noting that is her master’s wish, she goes around telling lies to her buddies. Oh the heartbreak. Except for Mikako. Because I guess it is music to her ears when Ikaros tells her she is a good person. Haha. Then Ikaros sees Nymph again but the latter lies that she plans on hanging around with them when she’s actually planning to take her back to the skies. Nymph then goes to see Tomoki and based on her body actions, I think she’s turning tsundere. There is some rare perverted DVD that Tomoki wanted to buy at the stalls but since he has no money (earlier on he had to pay for an item Ikaros broke), he starts selling weird stuff. Yeah, his perverted stuff is driving the female customers away. He misinterprets Nymph’s advice to be an idol by selling naked photos of himself! Gross! Then he gets desperate by secretly selling Sohara’s panties and even throwing in a cute picture of her. He should’ve been prepared for the chop if he intended to do so. Anyway he got it.
Frustrated Tomoki throws up a tantrum when he sees lovely couples around him so Nymph helps him out by using a jamming system to make all the ladies for fall Tomoki. Oh yeah. Now he’s such a hot hunk. While he’s busy entertaining the girls, Nymph has been reluctantly relegated to a waitress job serving drinks so she shuts the system off and that’s when the ladies turn on him while he is showing his ‘tower’ off. Super ouch. But Tomoki thanks Nymph for helping him out before going to buy the DVD. This causes her to be in a dilemma over her feelings and the different treatment between both their masters. Eventually Eishirou confronts Ikaros and knows she had been lying all along. Thus her reason for lying is exposed so everyone is relieved. Except for Mikako’s one. I guess Ikaros is smart enough to agree with Mikako that she’s a good girl still. Eishirou notes how Tomoki has changed in the sense that initially he didn’t want to be with the Angeloids. When they get back home, Ikaros asks Tomoki what he thinks of her. This prompts him to tell his younger days when he was a weird kid so much so he had no friends. Thus the reason he doesn’t want her or Nymph to suddenly just disappear as it will remind him of his sad past. That’s when Ikaros kisses him and asserts that she will always be by his side. Since this is developing so fast, Tomoki reprimands and gives her another one of his lectures. And late that night, to his shock, he finds the Angeloids watching his perverted DVD! All part of trying to be human, eh?
It’s time for the yearly school cultural festival in episode 10. Due to their town lacking in number of students, the festival is jointly organized with another local private high school, Sorami. And they seem like a bunch of stuck-up aristocrats looking down on this ‘poorly organized’ festival. Yeah, big time jerks, if I should say. Since they fired the first salvo by mocking just about everything lowly about them, Mikako can’t sit back and is going to counter their orchestra performance with their own rock band. To Tomoki’s dismay, everyone is a flop. I don’t know what weird seashell instrument Eishirou is blowing, Ikaros can hardly hit her tambourine, Sohara losing her drum sticks and I wonder if Mikako even knows how to play the bass. The only hope lies within Nymph who is quite adept with the keyboard. And during such times, all Ikaros could think was how to hold her master’s hands. The battle of the bands blows up into a full scale election-like machinery as Boss and his subordinates go around town gathering support for Mikako’s band. Soon the entire town is divided over both sides and it’s like a fiery battle could erupt any moment. Hey, it’s just a band performance, will everyone cool down? While everyone is focusing on Nymph, the soon realize a hidden talent from Ikaros. During the festival and before the showdown, the gang takes a walk around. Nymph sees Eishirou promoting his New World exhibit and this has her to remember the time when her cruel master beats her up, in addition to putting up a smile and saying thank you at every kick she gets. Heartless. Then when her master tells her to bring a bird and break its wings, Nymph has no choice but to do so since she can’t go against his orders. Totally heartless! So seeing Tomoki’s kindness, she can’t help break into tears. Of course the rest blames him for doing something to her.
The showdown has arrived and the Sorami counterparts put up a magnificent orchestra display. Then it’s Tomoki’s turn. He makes a false start by singing a horrible rendition about his tingling nipples! WTF?! Before they become laughing stock and lose the bet, he then passes the microphone to Ikaros (finally get to touch his hand) and when she opens her mouth, she’s got a damn beautiful voice mesmerizing the crowd. Everyone goes wild at the end and it’s safe to say who won. As Tomoki and co celebrate their victory, he thanks everyone for their hard work. Eishirou asks him if he is going to the bonfire dance but Tomoki says they only allow couples in. Sohara and Nymph offer themselves but after noticing that Ikaros really wants to go, they agree to let her be with Tomoki. But Ikaros is still worried about her past and if her master should find out and wonders if she should be this happy. Sometimes too much thinking and worrying is bad, so just enjoy the moment will ‘ya girl?
Tomoki is still the pervert he is and suggests for the gang to go for an open public bath in episode 11. Since the girls are smart enough to know his intentions, they reject his proposal. He goes to Eishirou for help. By know Tomoki knows how to play Eishirou’s game so when he mentions the possibility of the New World via girls’ bath, the bespectacled weirdo agrees to help. Eishirou uses a card he borrowed from Ikaros to study, to change Tomoki into a girl to infiltrate the bath. Hello people, it’s Tomoko now. So his first mission is to get into everyone’s good books by being the new klutzy transfer student. Seems to be working well so far. Having new fans and making friends with Sohara, Tomoko has stepped into a place where no men has ventured and got out alive or unscathed. The girls’ changing room. He must be loving it. In no time, he manages to convince the girls for a public bath. Though Mikako has her reservations, it was still enough to fool her. So Tomoko takes her first step into the bath while Eishirou spies as wall mural. Unfortunately with great powers come great responsibilities. Okay, not quite accurate but Tomoko misuses her ‘powers’ and goes on a wild perverted rampage! She’s like a horny monster shooting beams?! "Yes! Yes! Yes!" Ikaros is keeping tabs on Tomoko’s system stability and as a guy you know which part grows bigger as you get turned on, right? So how does that part grow considering Tomoko is a girl? Mind boggling?
Because of that, he lost control and the system starts malfunctioning. Tomoko changes back to Tomoki and it doesn’t matter if he has seen Sohara naked because this will be the most painful chop he’ll ever received. So how is Heaven like, boy? Smart Eishirou has retreated when he knew Tomoki went out of control. As punishment, Tomoki is made to clean the entire bath house. So the girls get to soak in peace and Ikaros feels happy that Sohara sees her as a normal girl. With her resolve to tell her master the truth, Ikaros goes to see Tomoki outside but seems to hesitate and is afraid he will hate her. But he compliments her for being more human and that it is okay to have a thing or two to hide. She starts breaking down so Tomoki says to tell him when she feels like it. Tomoki sees Eishirou for more information about the New World and Angeloids but he too doesn’t have much. Meanwhile Nymph’s master has plans on scrapping her. And yeah, Eishirou gets beaten up by Mikako and a rifle shoved up his face since she has a photo proof of where he was hiding in the bath house. No escape from her eagle eyes…
The gang tries to teach Ikaros to smile in episode 12 but yield unwanted results. Ikaros should know better than to seek Mikako’s advice. Hitting someone makes her happy but you know, it won’t be the same if Ikaros tries to do the same with her master. So one morning Tomoki gets the shock of his life to see her really smiling. Actually, Nymph glued her face that way. That’s not going to cut it. So Nymph suggests for the 3 of them to go on a date. Of course the date seems un-normal given the fact that Ikaros hasn’t fully understand about being human so Tomoki has a hard time as usual. As for Nymph, she’s in a dilemma about her feelings for Tomoki since he isn’t her master. Then at the zoo, Nymph mentions how they are like these animals, caged up and would be happy if were set free. Ikaros misinterprets this would make Tomoki happy and frees them all. I guess Tomoki is a trouble magnet because the wild animals chase after him and bite off his clothes till he’s naked. It got out of hand that even the army got involved and thinks this is a new kind of terrorism! Naked kid unleashing havoc at a zoo is terrorism?! He got caught and arrested but I don’t know how he was released. He reprimands them so Nymph suggests a kiss to end their date. Ikaros doesn’t know the pain in her heart is jealousy so she flies away. Nymph backs out upon realizing how embarrassing it is. Then she too flies away, wishing them goodbye and that was supposed to be some sort of her final memories with them. She thinks Ikaros will be fine with a guy like him. Soon Tomoki finds Ikaros and they walk home hand in hand. It is revealed the bleeping thing on Nymph’s choker is a time bomb and her time is running out. While laughing to herself in the rain, a powerful blast befalls on her. She recognizes the pair of harpies as Gamma Angeloids.
In episode 13, the Harpies tell Nymph that they’re being sent by her master because he was thinking about her and all that crap. Of course this sends confusing and happy signals to her that her master is caring about her but in actual fact his real intentions are to kill Uranus Queen, all the humans below and then see her reaction when she returns only to be told she’ll be scrapped. Jerk. Meanwhile the rest are preparing a Christmas party at Tomoki’s place. Ikaros has her mind preoccupied with Nymph’s words about freedom and revelation of true identity. Sohara notices and ‘allows’ her to go out. Ikaros meets Tomoki on his way back from shopping. She drops a bombshell bidding him farewell and that she will never forget and loved him. She flies off. Okay, bye. Would that go down well with Tomoki? Hell, no. He goes to find her high and low throughout town. Ikaros finds Nymph and before their conversation interrupted when the Harpies blast and knock Ikaros out. They reveal their lies to Nymph and that their master told them to bring back Ikaros’ system core and variable wings only. They are going to easily blast Ikaros away when Nymph unleashes her powerful Paradise Song beam towards them. Unfortunately Nymph couldn’t finish them off so the Harpies, like little school girls, impose their girly bullying on hapless Nymph by pulling her hair and pulling off her wings. So heartless. Pity to see Nymph in pain.
Soon Tomoki and his pals realizes what is going on and start heading to the angels’ whereabouts based on information of eye witnesses and Eishirou’s data. They arrive to see Nymph’s horrible fate. By that time, Ikaros too has come to and that’s not a good sign for the Harpies. You don’t want to mess with her. You don’t want to make her mad. And when she’s in weapon mode, you’re in deep sh*t. So deep that the Pacific Ocean is like the shallow part of a children’s swimming pool. Ikaros reveals the truth about herself to Tomoki but he says he knew it all along. The fact that he said he hated her being a weapon was that he meant he felt bad for her and thought it was too much for a girl to be a killing machine. As Ikaros is brought to tears by his kind words once more, Tomoki is also glad that she’s a weapon because now she can go save their friend. With that, she goes into combat mode and the Harpies better pray that they have lady luck on their side. Oh wait. They don’t. So are they still thinking of fighting her? How can you beat her fully equipped monstrous Uranus System arsenal? Well, it’s either their master’s wrath or this. As for the kids, they try to free Nymph of her chain. Though she tells of the time bomb, they persist that they’re here to save their friend. So I guess Nymph realizes lots of stuff like being happy and such. I also feel it wasn’t the axe Tomoki used that successfully broke her chain, but rather their determination. With Nymph free and the Harpies barely retreating back to Heaven by the skin of their teeth, Ikaros returns to normal mode and joins with the rest while watching the white snow fall.
I don’t blame you if you felt the ending was a little abrupt. No doubt that the ‘good people’ won the day and Ikaros reunited with her master, but that doesn’t feel satisfying since there are many questions left unanswered like the so called Heaven up in the sky, the angel that Tomoki dreamt and who or why Ikaros had her memories and other functions sealed and sent down to Earth. But don’t fret because a second season has been given the green light and maybe those questions will be answered and revealed. Yeah. Can’t get enough of those sexy angels, can’t we? Besides, if they made angels to be mass weapons of destruction (I guess to annihilate humans, what else?), why living things with emotion? Would it be better if it’s just a scrap of metal like a giant laser cannon? Maybe those sickos up there who must have been living so long got bored and needed their weapon to double up as their toy as well.
Tomoki may be a pervert but just like many young kid heroes in such show, he too has a caring side. He may have to forgo his peaceful and quiet days now that he has two angels to deal with but I guess he is okay with that. Something trivial about Tomoki bugs me. During comical scenes, half of the time he would be in chibi form. That means he would look so out of place and weird amidst the crowd. It’s really funny. Also the fact he goes into naked mode, a pair of wings act as his natural censor. And maybe with Tomoki truly accepting Ikaros, perhaps she could learn to smile. I bet I have never seen her with that nice facial curve (that gluing part does not count) because it has always been the blur gloomy expressionless look. Then after she remembered her memories, it was either that or crying. Angels like her are so emo… Oh yeah I forgot about her serious kick ass face in the final episode. Another initial aspect that I was pondering is the Ikaros’ inability to cancel wish. If Tomoki can’t undo a wish, why not give an order which is the opposite. I mean, if he changed his mind of wanting Ikaros to strip naked, then just give an order to not strip. Simple as that. I wonder if she still takes care of her watermelon and little chick.
Nymph is a totally changed character at the end too. At first, she started out hating humans and looked down upon them. Till she starts thinking about the cruel treatment her own master gave her all the while. It may not be a surprise that she’d fall for that guy. Oh wait. Maybe she already did. As for Sohara, too bad she couldn’t let Tomoki know her true feelings. Not even close. Better be quick since the ‘competition’ is getting a little crowded. It’s amazing that Tomoki has managed to survive Sohara’s deadly chops all over the years. Normal people would’ve been dead by now. And Tomoki’s not normal. He’s a pervert. Wait a minute, isn’t that normal for a kid his age? Mikako’s manipulative and cunning behaviour was amusing to watch especially when metes it out on poor Tomoki. Blame it on her yakuza background. Surprisingly she didn’t make any sly moves in the final episode but I guess she just left it to Tomoki since he’s in charge of his angels. As for Eishirou, what more can I say. He has got nothing but the New World on his mind.
He’s so obsessed about the New World that at the beginning of every episode (except the last), Eishirou will narrate to viewers about mankind’s progress in discovery, communication and exploration during the early ages and the turn of the century. History revisited. I don’t know all that mumbo jumbo he spewed because it somehow relates to the New World that he is hoping so much to discovery. Yeah, he has several assistants called Pretty ranging from a doll to a fish and even Mikako volunteered herself. For argument’s sake, if you ever believed in his New World theory, don’t worry, the New World won’t be some sort of an invisible planet on collision course with Earth like some Doomsday soothsayers would believe in. A ‘unique’ thing about this series is that each of the ending theme is different. No two are the same. They can range from typical Japanese anime pop to slow ballads to even those kind of music you hear in typical sentai shows. Of course the ending credits differ too. Some offering snippets of the aftermath of that episode, montages of previous episode clips or drawing sketches. Howzabout seeing Tomoko doing her physical training? Fancy seeing the gang doing retakes of the episode like as though they are acting in a film? Or perhaps a showcase of the characters in action? But don’t worry, the opening theme is standard and fixed. Entitled Ring My Bell by Blue Drops.
Then there is something about the episode titles. A word part of the title that is written in kanji, seem to bear a different meaning based on the hiragana or katakana written above it. Though the meaning of both words do not necessarily contrast each other, but they give the sentence a different new meaning. For example, episode 2’s "The Soaring Rainbow-coloured Underwear (Romance)", episode 7’s "The Cute (Exciting) New Girls", episode 10’s "Where The Angel’s Melody (Words) Go" and episode 13’s "The Queen (Thing That Fell) From The Sky". I wonder the significance of this double meaning. Maybe it’s to signify the hidden double standards the angels faced. Born to serve and make their masters happy from the moment they were born but not allowed to be happy for themselves.
So if you like your angels to be sexily clad and your ecchi fanservice filled with bouncy boobs and coloured panties (at least to Tomoki, he’ll definitely love it), then yeah, maybe you could enjoy this one. Me, can’t say I got disgusted with them because they were funny. Especially the naked kid alleged to have caused mayhem at the zoo as a new terrorism and the time Ikaros gunned down the entire town during the survival game. I still can’t stop laughing thinking about that. And if you ask me, it won’t be a funny thing if an angel suddenly drops down at my feet and proclaims herself to be my indispensible wish granting genie. I would take it as a sign as the end of the world! Just like that 2010 Hollywood movie Legion, eh? Hmm… Maybe I would consider if she’s a little kawaii and would grant my wish of watching every darn anime that has ever been produced. If that was true, I wouldn’t be sitting here writing up this blog. Oh yeah, I got to get me one of those cards. On second thought, maybe peace and quiet would be better.
Sora No Otoshimono

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