Asobi Ni Iku Yo

June 18, 2011

What do you think when you hear a series with such a name as “I Come To Play”? Furthermore, would you even suspect anything fishy with its second title, “Bombshells from the Sky”? Yeah, I don’t blame you. Maybe you’re thinking that this is another one of those soft porn series. Asobi Ni Iku Yo may be a romantic ecchi comedy but it isn’t anything hentai. Heck, I don’t think that’s even an excuse. Alien cat beings that look like your Akihabara neko-mimi-onna complete with tail, check. Wearing tight body suits, check. Harem, check. Physical action… gun fights, I mean, check. Storyline… Erm… I’ll leave it to you to decide. I guess these are what you can look forward to for this show.

Episode 1
Seems like Earth has come into contact with aliens and three different factions are trying to decipher what the heck “I came to play” means. Are they the aggressive king wanting to take over the world? Are they like little kids just wanting to play? Or are they just here for breeding purposes and ensure survival of their race? Okay, I made all that up. We also some chic in a body suit infiltrating some ship but the captain detonated and sinks everything. Back on the hot and warm shores of Okinawa, Kio Kakazu attends a memorial service of his grandpa’s death anniversary and meets up with his eccentric uncle Yuichi. He must be thinking how on Earth this happened because a cute cat girl is sitting and drinking among them. She is Eris and her cat ears and tail are for real. Hey, that makes her having 2 pairs of ears, right? Kio accidentally sips the beer and passes out. Next thing he knows, he wakes up in bed to see semi-naked Eris sleeping with him. Hope he hasn’t done anything to her. Why is she doing this? Apparently uncle Yuichi told her to do anything she likes. Haha. Okay, so I guess you must’ve figured it out by now that if a tsundere next door neighbour-cum-childhood friend comes checking on you even if it’s some excuse to see if Kio is hiding some porn magazine, you can tell she has a crush on him but obviously doesn’t want to admit it. She is Manami Kinjou and gets a rude shock after seeing Eris coming downstairs. It’s a very good scenario for misinterpretation. So what happens when Kio’s homeroom teacher, Maki Itokazu too comes in and sees the ‘foreign product’? Yeah, I know. We’ve seen this cliche so many times.

So the gang sit down and talk as we learn Eris is here to play while collecting info on Earth. Yeah, that’s got to be convincing enough. She even demonstrates with some hologram communicator thingy to move some spaceship. Since it’s all over the news, you might be an idiot not to believe. Eris also reveals her Catia race’s intention to befriend Earth. I’m sure every guy would want to be friends with a hot cat lady. We see gun freak Manami and CIA wannabe spying on their conversation with her high-tech equipment and relaying information to her supervisor JACK (believe me, it is her initials because her real name is too long and too hard to remember). Seems there is more than meets the eye to this Manami girl. Heck, even Maki-sensei too. What the heck is this Beautiful Contact Sect she belongs to? A bevy of spy beauties flanking unsuspecting Kio? Oh yeah, add another girl to the harem while you’re at it. She is Aoi Futaba and though she may look shy and soft-spoken, behind that exterior is a tough fighting machine. That girl who kicked ass in the beginning was her. Belonging to Japan’s Immigration Bureau and nicknamed Momiji the Devil, she too has a secret crush on Kio. She asks him for a date but was ‘interrupted’ when her ‘uncle’ takes her away for some secret mission. Aoi scares that ‘uncle’ by showing how serious she is, making him swear in his pants when she fires a warning shot at the windshield. And all these 3 ladies, they seem to have orders of taking out Eris. I thought it was more of the harem thing, the less the better but it’s actually each of their organization have something against Eris. Hey, I don’t even care.

Episode 2
Manami and Aoi continue to watch Kio and Eris. Apparently Eris is in the midst of experiencing her first mating season. Need I elaborate more? She is acting a little seductive because she read some ‘materials’ underneath Kio’s bed. Good thing (or bad, depending how you look at it), nothing happens. Next day, Eris introduces her several Assistdroids, cute little speechless androids that can help around with just an order. That night, Maki’s Beautiful Contact makes its first move. They try to eliminate Eris as they want to cut off ties between humans and aliens. Say what? And they claim to represent humanity? That’s a joke, right? Not. Aoi changes her plans to intercept. Eris is tranquilized and kidnapped by Manami who later hands it over to JACK while Yuichi takes Kio away. Kio recognizes the watch Manami was wearing (due to a particular scratch mark) so he knows it was her then and pleads her to help find Eris. They also have Beautiful Contact to help them. Eris is being held at some military base probably being treated like some hostile alien. Kio and the gang break in and would you believe it, the military isn’t as good as these people. Kio is relieved to find Eris safe. Apparently she doesn’t need their help to break out and freed herself. So now another tough part of escaping. Eris summons her Assistdroids to disarm all the tanks right down to the army’s uniform to leave them stark naked. That’s alien technology for you. Probably it would be embarrassing if it was reported they lost to a bunch of kids so it was covered up of course. Back in Kio’s home, the gang gets a surprise visit from Eris’ superiors. They have decided on making arrangements for a formal friendship. That means, they’re going to be staying here a little longer, right?

Episode 3
How do you convince a nation to be on friendly diplomatic terms? Why, dress in swimsuits of course! Real cat ears even better! So, that’s how Japan succumbed to defeat, eh? Just kidding. Due to Manami and Aoi’s previous actions, they have been treated as traitors from their organization and they can say bye-bye to their career in it. Fortunately, Kio’s house is made the embassy of Catia with its own laws and under the Catia government (attacking it would lead to an interplanetary war, so they say) so by staying here, both girls will be safe. Ah ha. So a prelude for a harem setting, eh? Yeah, they can all live happily together. Can they? Wait a minute. A small plot of land becomes an embassy of Catia? What more, someone’s house? Oh sure, it’s not like the neighbours will be bothered by it. But don’t hope for any cat fight between the girls yet. After seeing enough action, fighting among each other is the least they’d want to do. So what better than to chat and get along and learning more about each other. Manami and Aoi talk about Kio, getting to know they both like the same guy. What do they see in him anyway? Beats me. Suddenly an intruder sneaks into the house and kidnaps an Assistdroid. Manami and Aoi have no time to put on any clothes as they chase the suspect. Naked. Hope the darkness was enough to cover them. Though they manage to save the Assistdroid, the suspect escapes. Finally they realize their predicament when Kio sees them. Later as Manami and Aoi talk, Manami decides to support Aoi for Kio. Eris offers the girls to become members of Catia embassy because of their special talents. Manami gets a call from JACK about some information about the suspect. And that suspect turns out to be some eye-patch maid, Sarah, apologizing to her master, a 12 year old girl for not being able to bring her gift.

Episode 4
That little girl, Antonia (oh yeah, her full name is ridiculously long, I tell you) addresses her fans of the Underside of the Kitten Paw, a group of people obsessed about cat ears (what else?) and plans to worship Eris as a their new God (why not? She’s the closest thing to the real deal). I guess a rich girl like her have so much time, so much money to waste. Yeah, she’s got a huge ship of her own. Meanwhile Eris is feeling a little energetic as explained, she is going into heat. Something to do with her first mating season, I guess. Kio, you lucky bastard. Just kidding, nothing happened. Yet. Manami and Aoi are given their own personalized Assistdroids to command. If we have alien cat race, then we have an opposing alien dog race too, right? That’s Dogisia (dog ears anyone?). Led by Jens and her snickering dog-like Muttley (I see some resemblance to the sidekick of Dastardly), they plan to prevent any diplomatic relations with Catia and Earth. As part of Eris’ mission to observe human culture, technology and economy, which better place than to do so at Akihabara. Oh God. Of all places. I don’t know what else to say. Really. They have a fun time browsing and shop till they’re broke. It’s too tempting to resist. While waiting for a train, they sense something amiss because the entire area is void of people except themselves. Thinking that this is a trap, the plan is to let Eris, Kio and Manami board the train while Aoi go find the responsible party and will rendezvous with them later. However it’s a diversion as the real trap is on the train. The train is ambushed by maids as they kidnap Eris and Kio. Aoi comes chasing with her bike (she can actually keep up with it?). The unbelievable part was how Aoi was hit off the train, tumbled down to the tracks so much that it definitely looked it hurts and miraculously, she’s alive and not a broken bone! Manami and Aoi do some research on the fanatic group and get ready to go on another mission while Antonia addresses her maid army that the dawn of their world is here. Yeah, too much free time probably.

Episode 5
Kio and Eris wake up in their captive room but are treated like kings. It’s no harm staying for a while, right? After the sumptuous meal, the duo try to breakout but it seems Eris is in mating heat so she can’t use her power suit effectively. They are soon being accompanied by a life-size Assistdroid. Mascot? Definitely it’s someone underneath it. Yeah, it’s Antonia actually. Kio notices the place is big and lonely. All the video games are customized to be single player only as the maid explains it wouldn’t be right for the followers to beat Antonia or have the heart to intentionally lose. Meanwhile Manami and Aoi try to rent a powerboat for their rescue mission but found out that Yuichi had bought it. He agrees to let them use it but in exchange they have to help out with his gay film director buddy. After dressing up in a very revealing outfit, the duo ditch filming before it starts and charge towards Antonia’s cruiser. See all the high-tech weapon and system, a bunch of girls can even shoot a hole and penetrate into the ship. The ship is taking on water as the maids go into action. Sarah is immobilized by all things cute so she can’t fight back when she sees the real Assistdroid. Aoi takes on Jens who has also infiltrated the ship in a battle of the power suits. Jens commands her army to shoot at her coordinates. Manami finds Kio and Eris. They bump into Antonia and her other maid, Maya. The recent events have opened Antonia’s eyes as she feels guilty for troubling Eris and orders everyone to abandon ship. Kio decides to go back and look for Aoi. With Eris’ suit he borrowed, he manages to find her and escape before they become part of the watery grave.

Episode 6
While the Catia superiors are discussing about the possible interfering by Dogisia, Manami and Aoi continue to train. Manami makes a deal with Aoi that if she teaches her to fight, she’ll help Aoi get close to Kio. Chaika gives Manami and Aoi a large simulator area to practice since the backyard just couldn’t cut it. Kio on the other hand takes Eris to meet his film club members. They want to film an alien movie but think Eris looks too human so they decide to ditch the idea and do a romance film instead. This turns on Eris. Aoi practices her cooking and gas a virtual Kio to taste it while Manami does the same with her target practice while going ecstatic over the fact with all the guns at her disposal. Manami asks virtual Kio about his feelings and he answers them honestly. For instance, he confessed he liked her but thought she already had a boyfriend (that JACK) and thought he got dumped. This only upsets Manami further as she remembers how her favourite watch got that particular scratch (probably that’s when her feelings for him began). Back in reality, Aoi has Kio to test her cooking but finds out that the virtual Kio’s answer and the real one differs because the virtual one is what she ideally wanted and that there is no guarantee to know the thinking of the real one. Manami takes heart that her argument with virtual Kio was just that, a figment of her heart. As for Eris, she is forced to take pills to end her mating season prematurely. Now where’s the fun if no cat girl pounds on Kio.

Episode 7
I expected this to happen and it finally did. Eris becomes a transfer student in Kio’s class. Heck, so is Antonia and her maids too! Man, it’s getting crowded. Do you go around protecting your oujo-sama by pointing guns at other students that get too close? Kio’s film club president is trying to recruit members. Eris decides to join and this causes the rest of the girls to join. Kiasu… Now they’ve got a glut of female members. The film club is going for a beach camp. During the ride, the original film club’s female members can tell that they’re in because of Kio. Manami brushes this off and says that Aoi is after Kio instead, causing her to fluster and panic greatly. Antonia offers the girls to wear her expensive swimsuits. They realize that the swimsuits have a hole in the back to accommodate Eris tail and one of them was wearing it backwards! Nose bleed! During the night barbeque, Kio takes Aoi to have a private chat. Unfortunately, it isn’t a confession. Kio wants her to teach him to fight so that he won’t be that wussy boy the girls will always have to protect. Aoi felt hurt and decided to excuse herself to be alone. Thinking she’s just a fighting doll in his eyes, Aoi takes out her frustrations on Eris that she can’t win. Eris tells her that she feels safe with him when a little girl, Ichika pops up before them. The camp is also suddenly attacked by Dogisia Assistdroids. Aoi is able to fend off the little army with several special power seals Ichika gave her. In the aftermath, they conclude Dogisia Assistdroids cannot regenerate like Catia’s so they probably stole electronic items to repair themselves (which solves the case of missing electronics on the island). Do broken Dogisia Assistdroids are shipped in a crate and returned back to Jens.

Episode 8
Another broadcast by Antonia and Eris to their fans to slowly turn this cult thingy into a proper fan club. Can it? Aoi continues to train Kio but later sees Manami lazing around though she gives an excuse of not wanting to interfere with them. This leads them to have a short tussle and firing guns with bullets that eliminate inanimate objects. Read: Their clothes. And this leads them to have a full all-out jungle guerrilla duel to settle their argument over you-know-who. At the end of the confrontation, Manami wins so the loser has to do what the winner says. Manami wants Aoi to kiss Kio. No way! Okay, at least for a start, change the way she addresses him. Suddenly a couple of snipers target them. If not for their quick reflex, Manami could’ve taken one in the head. According to Aoi’s plan, Manami is to bait and attack at the same time to allow Aoi to find their position. Another unbelievable moment is when the sniper fires a shot at Manami (must be real confident to leave it in the hands of her friend), Aoi’s sharp shooting skill disintegrates the sniper’s bullet! The snipers try to escape since their position has been discovered (not to mention that all their clothes have been disintegrated) but are cornered. Manami and Aoi come back home as Kio and Eris have prepared dinner with the help of the Assistdroids. Since Kio is being dense and oblivious to the efforts Aoi put in, Manami locks his neck. As for the snipers, they are shipped back in a crate to Jens. Why still naked?

Episode 9
Eris tells the gang that the first Assistdroid will be paying them a visit. She tells them a little about its history like how an accident made it trap in some space time rift and was recently retrieved. However Eris feels gloomy about it. Soon the first Assistdroid, Lawry arrives at Kio’s doorstep. They talk about how early Assistdroids were made to resemble like humans and because of that could sometimes bear hatred or fear. Catia was split in having such Assistdroids as some of them think it was a disaster and this led to a civil war. Though the ancestors have already repented, Eris still feels guilty, the reason why she is feeling down and doesn’t know what to say to her. Kio takes Lawry to the sea and shows her the beautiful side of this planet. Lawry tells him about her kind master and wishes to carry out his final wish by singing a song from Earth on a night sky (this isn’t a joke). Lawry starts singing some lonely spaceman theme which soon turns into a musical collage by all the girls in the series. That song is supposed to be a hit? In the end after Lawry departs for home, Kio is being told that a masterless Assistdroid has the option to choose a new master or deny a recharge. Lawry chose the latter. She’s glad that all the Assistdroids in his hands are happy.

Episode 10
It’s Christmas as Manami pushes Aoi to make a break with Kio while she has the opportunity since Eris’ mating season is put on hold. Captain Kuune takes a break from her spaceship post to visit Kio and Eris and leaves Melwin in charge. Kuune gives Kio a power bracelet as an emergency weapon and hopes Eris will teach him how to use it. Manami isn’t happy of Aoi’s present choice to give Kio. A DVD of an old TV show? Aoi wishes to take it slowly and prefers for things to stay the way it is now. She’s just happy to be with him. Because of that, Manami gives Aoi a dressing down like she would lose her romantic chance to be with him. That girl sure has a problem. Like she’s the one who is dating him in the first place. Yeah, probably she’s using Aoi as an excuse that if they both start dating, she’ll start giving up on Kio. Lame. Suddenly they are being attacked by Dogisia Assistdroids, who then attack the embassy. I guess they really mean war this time. At the same time, the Catia spaceship is being ambushed by them as they burst their way with explosive seals and freeze the Catian space personnel in time. Kuune has been injected with lethal nanomachines, which causes her to collapse. Before she falls into a comatose state, she gives Kio her multi-task bell. Melwin makes contact with them and both sides learn what is happening. Seems Dogisia has retained absolute control over Catia’s spaceship. With everyone and everything locked down and there is nothing they could do about it, the spaceship will crash into Earth within 2 weeks.

Episode 11
Well, actually Earth won’t be crushed by the spaceship. As explained, there is some programme that will disintegrate the ship that will not decelerate when entering a planet’s atmosphere. But there is a way to redirect its path and that is to restart the main system. However only Kuune is able to execute such orders, thus the reason she was made unconscious. The Catians realize Kio having Kuune’s bell and immediately recognize him as their new captain. For their rescue mission, they get Antonia to buy a rocket (damn filthy rich kid she is) so they can head to space and Ichika a seal so that they can unfreeze the Catian personnel. Just as they thought they have everything going as planned, they receive news from Antonia that no country is willing to sell her a rocket due to the pressure and threat by Jens. Though they just need a rocket engine, there is a way to create the body. Kio can do it. Eh? How? Using Kuune’s bell to imagine and materialize it. What the? Oh, whatever. As for the rocket engine, the gang head to some chilling country. Maya’s ex-comrade, Colonel Arishkova agrees to give one to them. While Kio is trying to imagine the rocket, Manami confronts him about his decision on Aoi and Eris. Well, let’s say he wants more time to think about it. Afterwards, Aoi who eavesdropped on them confronts Manami and isn’t happy that she is poking her nose around. She chides Manami for possibly misguiding him and knows she also likes Kio. She was just forcing him to do something she herself can’t do. Both girls start slapping each other but before it can blow into an all-out cat fight, the alert is sounded as there is an intruder in the base. Aoi finds the intruder holding Kio hostage. She recognizes him as the captain of the boat who blew himself up in the first episode. Aoi’s sharpshooting skill disarms him quickly. The intruder isn’t happy Arishkova is selling out their country. But they have bigger problems to worry since they receive word that NATO is on their way here to annihilate them after believing they are terrorists who has taken over the base. They will arrive in 3 hours. But it’s more than enough time for Kio to finish creating the rocket. Yeah, he makes it seem so easy. Antonia and her maids stay back to buy the rest time as they get ready to blast off into space.

Episode 12
Would you believe it? Those maids on bikes take on the NATO army in tanks and are winning? The terrain is icy too. Anyway as Kio and co wait for the rocket to refuel, Manami once again bugs Aoi to confess now. She’s really got a problem so much so she herself snaps and takes out her frustration on Eris, like how she was here way before that cat b*tch (made that one up) and knew Kio much longer. Eris doesn’t know what’s really going on but seeing that both Manami and Aoi really like Kio, she suggests that the 3 of them become his lovers! Oh yeah, that is what a harem is all about. Finally the ship is refuelled and they successfully blast into space. While the Assistdroids build a warp module, Jens and her Dogisia army (in little UFO ships? Really) start their attack. Before they start their battle, Aoi gives Kio a kiss as her replacement Christmas present. Manami soon follows suit and finally Eris as not to be left out. Wow! That’s 3 kiss in a row. He really scores with them. With the romance put on hold for the moment, Eris, Manami and Aoi don some sentai-like outfit (complete with their own moves, weapons and flashy names) to fight them as they buy time for Kio to warp to the Catia mothership. Can 3 ladies battle hundreds of enemy ships? Heck, theses babes kick ass, don’t they? Kio’s ship crashes into Catia’s mothership as he makes his way to the rest fighting the waves of Dogisia Assistdroids while the Catia Assistdroids free the frozen Catia personnel. When Kio reaches Melwin and her crew, he is taken to a core centre to reboot but it rejects his orders because he is not Catian. Upon their advice, Kio wishes upon the bell to alter his DNA into a Catian. They don’t call it multi-tasking for nothing. Meanwhile our ladies beat Jens in a dogfight as the latter crashes into her launch base. However based on the calculations, it is going to crash right onto the Okinawa island. Manami and Aoi decide to alter its course to make it burn up during re-entry but this would mean sacrificing themselves. I mean, at this point, what have they got to lose? No, seriously. Oh course we can’t have hot babes dying in the last episode so a miracle has to happen. Kio’s ship zooms pass by in time as Eris grabs them in before the base vaporizes. As the girls happily reunite with Kio, they are shocked to see Kio with cat ears and tail! OMG! Why didn’t he change back after that? Beats me. Yeah, Antonia sure loves him even more now. Another potential rival? In the end, everything returns to normal as Eris shows the gang a Space Elevator as Catia’s present to Earthlings, an equipment to get into space without using a rocket. Hey, it looks like a big Christmas tree and what do you know? Because of its water droplets cooling off (and some other mumbo jumbo), it’s snowing on Okinawa.

Playtime’s Over!
Oh, thank God! It has finally come to an end. Overall this whole series was just mediocre and I really found myself hard to stay up and follow right till the end. There were too many loopholes and inconsistencies to begin with. For instance, Manami and Aoi being fugitives seeking refuge at Catia’s embassy and even with that inter-planetary threat, how come no CIA or immigration bureau members come close to take them back or at least approach them? Can we humans actually let ‘traitors’ go? It is mind boggling that the girls can actually take out a group of army so it makes you think, why the hell does the country need an army for? Just call in this bunch and they’ll do the job just fine. Kio being an otaku should have at least smelled the love triangle between Manami and Aoi miles away and yet he is as dense and blur as a rock. Okay, even if he doesn’t know their true feelings, his actions really do indicate that he is totally oblivious to their hidden crushes. No wonder he currently doesn’t have a girlfriend. Those kids going up to space in the final episode, I wonder how they can withstand the blastoff into orbit when they have no astronaut training whatsoever. See, so many questions and probably much more so much so I have already forgotten on purpose.

The love triangle between Manami and Aoi felt like a little side distraction to everything. Sure, we see a little tension here and there especially Manami who is really annoying trying to set Aoi and Kio up just to cover her own drawback and failure. Eris as a cat will always have that playful and flirty character but she doesn’t seem to be taking the love relationship any further. Besides, her mating season got ended prematurely. Any chance for that in the future? Some of the supporting characters felt like they had no impact at all in the series like Antonia and her maids. After the kidnapping of Eris and Kio, it’s like she and her cult club toned down a lot after becoming their allies. Even if her maids didn’t play any significant part in stalling the NATO army, I’m sure our main heroines can do an equally good job. Maki and Yuichi have been reduced to just minor characters and I was hoping that they would somehow play a significant role (besides pretending to be Eris and Kio as decoy in the final few episodes) because I think Yuichi is pretty cool in his own ways while I thought Maki would’ve been part of the harem. Maybe there’s too much already.

Ichika remains as the most mysterious one. Popping up from nowhere in the middle of the series, not knowing if her motives actually make her an ally or foe to the gang and in the end, where the heck is she? Who is this girl in the first place? Say, what happened to that JACK girl anyway? Jens and her Dogisia army may be the main antagonist but I felt she wasn’t much of one seeing that she spends most of her time in some room devising her plan and her only physical contact with the main protagonist was that short fight with Aoi onboard Antonia’s ship. She and Muttley never felt threatening at all. The Assistdroids are cute in their own way but too many of them doing just about anything sometimes make them a little annoying. Good ol’ little assistants we can always rely on, eh? They’re even useful in providing ‘censors’ with their signboards during fanservice moments in addition to light angles and ‘dark shadows’. So if you want to see it all laid bare without those irritating obstruction, go buy the DVD.

The opening theme, Now Loading… SKY! by Sphere is quite a catchy pop piece with a little hip hop in it. There are 3 different main ending themes, each attributing and suiting to Eris, Manami and Aoi. They are Happy Sunshine by Kanae Ito (for Eris), Omoide Ga Jama Wo Suru by Haruka Tomatsu (Manami) and Kokoro No Madobe Nite by Kana Hanazawa (Aoi). Of course a few special ending themes like Oira Wa Sabishii Spaceman by Minori Chihara (Lawry) and the final episode’s Smile Peace from Kanae Ito, Haruka Tomatsu and Kana Hanazawa. I find that some of the background scenery of Okinawa during the summer time to be quite breathtaking. So all isn’t lost considering the poor plot and storyline, I guess those art and drawing are the little salvation points for this series but still it isn’t enough to save it from being just second rate. There are several trivia and parody to spot if you keep your eyes open. For example, Seiken No Blacksmith’s characters of Luke and Lisa making their short cameo appearance as with Kampfer’s Mikoto and Akane.

So the next time friendly cat aliens or any other extraterrestrial life forms come looking for peace and to make friends with us, why not? Especially if they come wearing school swimsuits. Don’t want to pass up this chance, won’t we? Ironically if Catia really wants to befriend with others, shouldn’t they make peace with Dogisia too? Maybe it is the latter who doesn’t want? Perhaps that’s why cats and dogs never got along well. And if there is another sequel for our Catia girls to come play, would I want to watch it? Well, let’s just say I came, I saw and I left for good! Don’t want to play anymore!

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