The World God Only Knows

August 27, 2011

In the world that we live in, it’s always hard to find the ideal man/woman that we desire. That is why galges with bishoujos were created in the first place to sooth and satisfy lonely hearts of guys who wouldn’t really stand a chance of having one in the real world. Hah! I made that up. So what kind of world is that? Well, it’s only The World God Only Knows (Kami Nomi Zo Shiru Sekai).

Keima Katsuragi is one of those who may fit under the label as otaku. However his only obsession in this area is that he is an avid gamer of galges. He is such a master in these games so much so he is dubbed the God of Capturing over the internet. How masterful he is? He is able to ‘capture’ and ‘conquer’ any 2D girls of any game thrown at him. Wow. I wish I had that skill too. Oh, what am I saying? In other words, he is a 2D lover compared to 3D, eh? I know, unlike 2D girls, 3D can be irrational and incomprehensible. Hey, that’s what he said. But that’s why 2D girls are attractive, aren’t they? Unlike many other otakus, Keima is much different. Instead of being the typical fat and average otakus we are known to, Keima is actually an intelligent person! So much so, he can be so absorbed playing with his handheld PSP right in the middle of class, right in the middle of lessons and right in the middle of when the teacher chides him. It’s amazing that he can achieve high (if not perfect) grades and still concentrate on his game! How many of us can fully concentrate on doing 2 things at a time?

Flag 1.0: Love Makes The World Go Round
His world is literally shaken when he receives an email challenging him to capture a girl in episode 1. Without thinking further, he accepts it. The next thing he knows, a demon girl with a broom (not a witch, mind you) appears before him, calls him kami-sama (God) and says that he has entered into a contract with her. She is Elucis de Lute Ima or Elsie for short. She instantly takes him on a mission to hunt for loose souls. To Keima, this reality must be just a bad dream. Yeah, just keep denying it. But reality just keeps coming back to haunt him. Based on the strict conditions of the contract from Hell, if it is not fulfilled, the collar on his neck (which signifies the contract he entered) will cut his head! Don’t worry, once his contract is fulfilled, it will be removed. Might as well suck it up and get over with the contract. So what are these loose souls? Supposedly evil spirits that got loose and hide themselves inside girls (thus possessing them) who are facing some sort of personal problem. If they aren’t removed, these loose souls will become stronger and will eventually take over the host body. So all Keima has got to do is to get close to the girl, understand their problem, solve it and yes, make them fall in love with her. In that sense, it will be like forcing the evil spirit out of the heart (thus the reason Elsie needs a human ‘accomplice’ for her task). Sounds easy, right? Not if you’re a 2D lover. Now that has got to be a real nightmare and some sort of divine punishment.

So as Elsie’s first detected loose soul is Ayumi Takahara, Keima’s athletic classmate who not only accidentally cause him to break his beloved PSP, but also left him to do all the class chores. Yeah, this is going to be tough. Keima isn’t really going to bother with it so tearful Elsie thinks of dying with him (both will die if the contract is fulfilled). I guess he doesn’t want to mix up reality and fantasy and make it look like he is to blame for the failure so what else to do but to do the job. Just like harsh reality, Keima observes lots of stuff that doesn’t fulfil the ideal of an athletic track girl in 2D games. Firstly, she didn’t tie her hair. Say what? I didn’t know that. Anyway Ayumi soon ties her hair to get serious. Then Keima proceeds to cheer for Ayumi practising for her sports meet by putting up support banners so much so Ayumi becomes embarrassed by this stalker and beats him up each time he comes to support her. Then they see her being admonished by their cocky seniors. Later during another practice, Ayumi trips over a hurdle and collapses. Her foot is injured and the meet is tomorrow. That night, Keima meets her and knows that she is faking her injury. He observed that she didn’t tie her hair that time and thus wasn’t running seriously and thinks she planned her fall. Ayumi comes clean and mentions that she practised hard but can’t improve her time. She thinks her seniors are right when they told her off. Keima just tells her to run as fast as she can because she shouldn’t be worried about the ranking. After all, she is already ranked first in his heart. Gasp! She flusters at first and panics but eventually asks if he would come to support her tomorrow. Keima accidentally falls off the stairs but when he regains his balance, Keima and Ayumi’s lips meet. At that very moment, the loose soul is chased out of Ayumi’s heart as Elsie traps it in her jar. In the aftermath, Ayumi wins first place in the meet and was even praised by her seniors. Keima congratulates her but she doesn’t remember who he is. As narrated, the after effects of every successful capture will result in the host losing the memories of the capture. It’s better for them this way right? And just when Keima thought he would get his easy life back, he gets a surprise when Elsie turns up as not only a transfer student in his class but his sister as well. Ah, now the envy of all guys.

Flag 2.0: Demon Of A Little Sister
Sure everybody is thrilled about Elsie in episode 2 but when she tries to stand up for him by saying that every darn girl in the world will fall for him, everyone bursts into laughter and Keima falls into embarrassment. Hey wait. Isn’t the contract over? Apparently he has to capture all the loose souls in this town. And there are lots of them. Oh boy. That’s why read the fine prints of the contract next time. So being his sister means she has to live in his house, right? How is she going to pull this one off? She meets Keima’s mom, Mari. With a smile, she says that she is her husband’s illegitimate child! OMG! She even has a ‘letter’ from her late ‘mom’ to prove it! Mari calls her husband immediately wanting a divorce. Don’t even think of coming back! Poor guy didn’t know what hit him. Mari is scary when she’s mad. She accepts Elsie into the family. Later Keima takes Elsie to a store selling lots of those kind of games he plays. She tells him the important factors called BMW (not the car but Blood relation, Memories and Wonii-chan moe – WTF?!) that lacks them to be proper siblings. Elsie bites his fingers so in this sense she is related to him by blood. Does this count? Back home, Elsie tries to be a good little sister by cooking. Uhm… It seems the dishes she cooks are weird. Eyes in the meals? Who in their right mind would eat something that disgusting?! Apparently Keima is tied up like a mummy so yeah, this is really hell. But surprisingly it tastes good. Then she also cleans up good. But when she maximizes the power of her broom, it blasts a hole in the wall. Annoyed Keima goes to take a bath but the lights soon go out. He feels something touching him and it turns out to be Elsie who is trying to help him wash his back. Why are these seemed like triggering forced little sisters events? Cliche? Elsie mentions how she has an older sister who is good in everything. All she ever did was cleaning so when she was selected on hunting loose souls, she became happy. Keima rationales that though what she is trying to do won’t make her his real sister, as long as he can’t get loose from this collar, he can’t cut ties with her. And you thought after that nice speech, Keima would have calmed down but it seems Elsie slipped up again when she washed his PSP. With soap. Now that really crosses the line.

Flag 2.5: Baby, You’re A Rich Girl
More embarrassing moments in school when a classmate reads out loud the embarrassing moments Elsie wrote she did with Keima (that bath thingy). Then when they go to buy bread. They see a rich obnoxious girl, Mio Aoyama using her 10,000 bill Yen to buy soba bread. Since she doesn’t believe in using small change for her purchase, she tells the lady to give her to amount of bread worth that amount. WTF?! It’s a sell out! So the other students have nothing to eat lah… That’s the problem of being filthy rich. And yes, she has a loose soul detected inside her. Elsie thinks this is going to be a tough one but veteran Keima has played many games with this sort of character. Tough on the outside, soft on the inside. Yeah, all he needs is just to break down her armour. Then Keima practises his confession lines with Elsie but she flusters too much to have any effective feedback. Next day, Keima boldly confesses to her but she rejects him immediately. Yeah, harsh reality. They tail Mio back to her home and to their surprise, it isn’t a large mansion but a little rundown apartment! What is going on?

Flag 3.0: Drive My Car
As they eavesdrop in episode 3, they learn that her father was the president of Aoyama Central Industries and recently passed away. The chauffeur is begging her to come to her senses but even so, Mio refuses to alter her lifestyle even if mom is working hard to make ends meet. Yeah, all that bread piling up on her table. Can she eat them all? The chauffeur can’t take this anymore and leaves. That’s when Mio spots Keima outside and is devastated somebody else knows her secret. Keima decides to redo his strategy. Next day, he waits outside her home and offers to be her chauffeur. A bicycle? At first she’d rather walk but tripped. Then Elsie changes the bicycle into a rickshaw so that seems rather acceptable for her to ride though she maintains an excuse she hurt her leg. For a gamer like Keima, stamina of cycling is a problem. But he has to suck it up and paddle hard, each time the rickshaw becoming more and more sophisticated looking and attracting the stares of other students. So much so Mio becomes some sort of a slave driver. But wait. She’s laughing. She realizes that and immediately stops before returning to her cold personality. Then Keima spots an invitation to a ball and plans to go in for a kill.

Flag 3.5: I Don’t Want To Spoil The Party
He chauffeurs Mio there and she is upset that he brought her to this place (she didn’t to attend in the first place). Mio is surprised that Keima dresses up and looks a little handsome. He continues to be considerate while she continues to be cocky. Since she doesn’t want to go into the main party hall, Keima suggests that they have their own party here in the yard. Then some of her dad’s colleagues come by and mock Mio before leaving. Keima tells her that she had already live the life that her dad wanted in honour of his memories. But she should live her own life now. Memories of her father flow through her mind but she is still hesitant and thinks Keima is pulling some sort of a trick. He throws her an ultimatum. Either return to that rich life or choose her own way of living. That’s because he wants to be in her heart. He kisses her and that’s when the loose spirit is set free and is captured inside Elsie’s jar. In the aftermath, though Mio is still the same bratty girl, she seems happier and learned to live within her means. Yeah, now she uses coins to buy those breads.

Flag 4.0: On A Crusade
There is this legendary game whereby nobody could capture this girl. Seriously? Nobody? Let Keima do the job. So in episode 4, Keima plays his PSP all day long, 24/7 just to conquer this heroine of the game, Sora Asuka. However he too is nearly on the verge of giving up. You see, he should’ve known better himself when the game was finally released after many delays and the many bugs it has. The glitch involves a scene being repeated or returned to the original scene no matter what kind of answer one chose. Like as though it is looping or restarting again. Though the game is off the shelves, Keima is going to solve it or his reputation will be tarnished. First Keima enlists Elsie’s help to list down all the possible routes by making different sets of pattern and combination that he goes through in hopes that there will be an undiscovered route which will lead them to the real ending. The glitches are so weird that they range from the scene being shown upside-down to even an old man as Sora! Obviously at this point Elsie is worn out but Keima soldiers on. He doesn’t blame her because he believes there are no bad heroines (“They’re always someone waiting to be saved at the end!”). Keima perseveres and finally after many scenes after scenes, could this be the ending that Sora finally shows everyone her picture? Okay, some gibberish words came out. Back to the start! Hundred more hours of gaming! No way! In the end, a short line on Wikipedia reveals about an internet rumour that one person managed to see the real ending of the game. However nobody believed it and it was soon forgotten. Oh man…

Flag 5.0: Idol Bomb!
Elsie is excited that her favourite TV idol, Kanon Nakagawa wins the new artiste award in episode 5. However Keima isn’t because he prefers his 2D idol and gives supporting points why they are much better than 3D idols. Yeah, 2D idols get to improve with time while live idols become old and fade away! News has it that Kanon will be a transfer student in Keima’s school. The entire school is abuzz. Except for Keima who is busy playing his galge. Kanon spots him and tries to hint but he is indifferent. This hurt her feeling as she zaps him with a kitty-like stun gun! She is upset that he doesn’t recognize her, unlike happy-go-lucky Elsie. Kanon signs on Keima’s PSP her autograph (getting back at him?). Because he continues to show no further interest, she constantly zaps him. She has 2 stun guns! How electrifying can this get? And yes, Elsie detects a loose soul in her. Kanon goes about her busy and tight schedule as an idol but she is still upset about that one person who doesn’t recognizes her. She issues Keima a challenge letter up to the school rooftop. She is going to blow him away with her top idol performance. How the heck was the stage erected there in the first place? But you know what? He was playing his PSP all the while. Wasted her breath, eh? She was going to zap him again but she receives an important call of duty and is whisked away in her helicopter. Keima is thankful that his PSP is spared but as Elsie wonders why Keima is unappreciative to the troubles Kanon has gone through, he mentions that it is likely a trap when a girl chases after your love (speaking from his gaming experience) and the irony that idols are supposed to be hard to catch and yet she is chasing after him. Besides, she erased his PSP memories. So that’s why… Kanon continues her personal idol stint for Keima but the same: No reaction. As she sinks into depression, Keima and Elsie are shocked to see her vanishing.

Flag 6.0: I’m Ordinary?
Actually she is somewhat transparent. So in episode 6, Keima changes his attitude and tries to say that he was listening but she isn’t buying it. After evading all her angry stun gun charge (like a reflex by now), she walks away disappointed. Keima reveals that he was acting like a bad guy just to find out what is troubling her. Needing to know more about Kanon, Elsie feeds him details that every Kanon fan should know. But really, does he really need to know about her turtle pet? Kanon on TV announces her concert at Narusawa Seaside Hall with her upcoming single Happy Crescent. During her performance on TV, she notices a fan in the sea of audience not paying attention to her and was texting all the way. She becomes annoyed so much so she messed up her lyrics for a while, puzzling her fans. Elsie decides to head over to the TV station to see what is bugging Kanon but when she arrives, she is whisked away in her car. Elsie meets a group of Kanon’s fans (including an old uncle) waiting in line outside. Elsie learns that Kanon was originally from an all-girl group called Citron that was supposed to promote its leader, Lime. But Kanon outshone her and eventually the group broke up. Keima decides to initiate a plan for her capture and it seems he knows what is troubling her. He starts attending her performance and cheers her on, giving her the much needed strength to continue. As time passes, Kanon relies more and more on Keima as he is being whisked to her side for just about anything. She becomes happier when he praises her song. Then on the night of her performance at Narusawa, she goes missing from the dressing room.

Flag 7.0: Shining Star
A flashback in episode 7 that sees Kanon during her time in Citron when the trio were eagerly excited to debut here. Seems this was what attributed to her ‘disappearance’. She saw a vision of herself telling her that everyone will abandon her if she screws up big time. As all the staff frantically search for Kanon, fans are already streaming into the hall. Keima feels he needs to be the first one to find her. Kanon is her transparent self and her morale at all time low, thinking she can’t do it and needs to go find Keima. Eventually Keima and Elsie find her. They could’ve saved all the trouble and time if Elsie had actually thought of using her loose soul detector in the first place. Duh… Now it’s Keima’s turn to weave his magic. Kanon wants him to give her the courage to impress all those people but Keima tells her that she will have to do it on her own. Hearing the echoing roars of the fans cheering her name, Keima adds that everyone has been drawn to her light and that he can’t keep her for himself. Kanon gets her confidence back and bids farewell. She kisses Keima and the loose soul kicked out and successfully into custody. Kanon returns and apologizes to her manager before going out on stage to wow her fans. As Elsie and Keima leave, she wonders if his perception for live idols has changed. However he notes that Kanon isn’t an idol anymore but a shining star.

Flag 8.0: Coupling With With With With
Episode 8 is a series of snippets and events overlapping. So you need to be patient to see all of it connecting as a big picture. First we see Mari taking a shower and is alerted when she feels a presence of someone and a cake is being thrown out into the bushes. Next, Keima isn’t pleased that Elsie is cooking him more of her strange meals. Who would want to eat a bento that has eyes and tentacles sticking out of the box! She gets hurt when he calls her a bug demon (like in that glitch game). She gets an advice from her friend to bake Keima a cake to get some praise. I think the teacher, Kodama is really blind not to be able to tell that Elsie substituted herself with an inflatable self. She ditches class to borrow the kitchen and try baking a cake. However the ingredients she uses are all weird. Plain weird. Why are those things still living? And why are all those eggs so big like dinosaurs? Then one of the eggs hatch and a menacing mandragon wrecks havoc by chasing her. She temporarily sees Keima but walks away and just says that he will witness her true power. She continues her baking and when she is about to put the finishing touches, the mandragon eats the strawberry. Then the other eggs hatches and the little monsters (like cute Pokemons, eh?) surround her, wanting a piece of her cake. Then the whole room exploded because Elsie was heating the oven over a fire. WTF?! Back home, Mari receives a call from Kodama that he can’t make it for a house visit. Mari is okay with it. Keima with his head bandaged tells Elsie that he knows she was missing for school. She denies it and says to herself that she’ll someday make him a successful cake. However Keima notes that he hates sweet things. Poor Elsie ends up throwing that recipe magazine away.

The next scene is from Keima’s point of view. After that horrible bento from Elsie, he thinks if she hates him. I say he has too much on his mind because he can actually concentrate playing his game and at the same time, Kodama hands him his test sheet back. He scored a perfect 100! Yeah, does being perfect give him the right not to listen in class and do whatever he wants? He’s not listening… Outside, Keima has a short encounter with mandragon flying by and Elsie with that true powers line. Kodama substitutes Keima’s class for PE so he punishes Keima for being cocky with more laps. Keima shows him that he can still run if he puts his mind to it! Wow. Though he drops in the end, Kodama tells him he’s going to pay his house a visit. Keima tells him off so he is going to teach him a lesson when an explosion occurs and the mandragon is seen flying out and chases Kodama. Keima goes back and sees a cake on the bushes and thinks it is what Elsie may be up to. Mari is fixing her bike when she gets a call about Kodama’s visit. Seems she doesn’t like that gay guy but thinks of taking a shower since she is quite dirty. Then she thinks there is a peeping Tom and goes to chase him. But when she realizes that the intruder is a robber and has broken in, she becomes afraid. Holding a flower vase as her weapon, she tiptoes closer to the sound coming from the fridge. Then she whacks the intruder with it. Turns out to be Keima eating the cake. So sorry! Next, we see the mandragon confronting the alien bento on top Keima’s house roof. Kodama is just outside when he witnesses the alien bento swallowing the mandragon whole after a fight! Oh sh*t! Better call it a day.

Flag 9.0: Inside And Outside The Big Wall
Because Elsie continues to be ignorant about the world, Keima tells her to go read up more in episode 9. She visits the school’s extensive library and since the book on obsolete modern words is too much for her, she starts with something simpler: A book on fire engines. She gets so infatuated with it that she tried asking the librarian, Shiori Shimomiya for more books about it. But Shiori is so absorbed in her reading that she seems to be ignoring her. Even if she did manage to get her attention, Shiori seems to be just staring at her, not saying her word. Then her loose soul’s detector goes wild. Aha… She brings Keima to the library when Shiori comes back with a tray full of books from the library relating to fire engines. All 458 of them! The fact is that Shiori has read every darn book in the library but couldn’t say it for fear she may be deemed a weirdo. She sees Keima and is lost for words on what to say to correct her position but returns to her seat and continues to safely read in her world of her own. Shiori narrates about her love for books, what they represent and what they mean to her. Shiori observes a couple flirting in the library but her shyness wouldn’t allow her to stand out and voice her opinion of what they’re doing to desecrate this sacred place. Then the library committee chairperson gives her a list of books to be disposed off this month. Shiori reluctantly goes to pick the selected books. There is one high on the shelf that she can’t reach and when she does, she loses her balance. She falls back on Keima’s body as he catches the book. Shiori’s mind is racing on what to say appropriately. It must seem like an eternity when she finally blurted out a blooper. A word combo of thank you and economics principles: Arigaron. (Arigatou = thank you; Keizaigenron = principles of economics).

Flag 10.0: Inside Of Me…
Shiori becomes flustered over her blooper in episode 10 so she quickly leaves and just forgets that all this happened. However Keima says that he thinks these books aren’t necessary anymore and that they take up space and should be digitalized. Of course this stopped Shiori in her tracks. Though she has her objections, the most it could come out was just in her head. She eventually brushes it off as everyone entitled to their own opinion and that she could never argue with a scary person like him. Then he mentions that a book can be discarded after being scanned, she turned around and let loose a “Baakaaa!” (Stupid) at him. Sounds funny, though. Of course she walks away and as usual it’s part of Keima’s plan to find out her problem. Hey, he can’t tell if she doesn’t speak her mind, right? Since Elsie is obsessed about reading on fire engine, he knows she’s not going to be much help. It’s all down to yourself. When you want to get something done… Shiori remembers since young she had a problem of voicing out. Whether it is not her fault in breaking a vase or even writing pages of book reviews instead of telling her friends by mouth about her opinion (of course they find it weird). That’s why she finds her freedom in books as they don’t rush her and that she can learn in silence and live out her life in books. During the librarian’s meeting, the chairperson indicates that the new media room is approved and that books will be discarded. Shiori stood up but didn’t say anything. The rest didn’t think she has objection to say and the meeting adjourns. I guess Shiori is a little too much when she mentions the need of communication via talking and why didn’t our ancestors learn to speak via telepathy. Hey, we could’ve been advanced life forms if we can ever do that. Then she catches Keima scribbling in a book and snatches it away. However he says he is making corrections. I guess he’s knowledgeable in the game area so I can question his details and the errors that were made. Of course he mentions that giving wrong info is defeats the point so this time Shiori ekes out a funny “Ahoooo~” (Moron) at him. Hey, that’s 2 words now. At least Keima thinks he’s engaging in a conversation with her rather than making her mad. Though she may not show much on the outside, significant changes may be happening beneath the surface. On another time, Shiori instantly snatches another book Keima is scribbling. But it turns out to be his own book. Because of that, some psychological role reversal happen when she speaks her inner mind out about opposing the media room and being thrown off pace with people like him. On another time, Keima mentions how he prefers this quiet place as opposed to the noisy exterior. Shiori agrees about this fortress of paper that keeps the noises out. In her reflex, she introduces herself when he tells his name. Elsie teases Keima that he is relatively making progress with a girl that rarely talks but a more important issues is bugging Keima. He is wondering what the emptiness in her heart is. Then they see her shredding a paper. Putting it back together, it is a notice of book disposal to prepare for the new media room.

Flag 11.0: The Last Day
It’s not a case of action speaking louder than words in episode 11. Shiori singlehandedly barricades herself inside the library, locking out all her committee members. The chairperson knocks for her to open and though Shiori is startled by the incessant knocking, she continues to lock herself inside her own world. She falls asleep and dreams how she never got into opening her mouth to talk. That one time when she was late for class, she thought of staying outside when the class ends but wandered to the library. That’s where she found her sanctuary. It is night time and the chairperson is still knocking. Unbelievable. She didn’t want to call a teacher so as not to jeopardize the media room which she put so much effort in getting approved. Keima comes in from the hole in the ceiling made by Elsie. Like some sort of an angel descending from the sky, eh? Isn’t there any other better way for her to let him enter? They spend the time sitting close to each other. Not saying anything. Shiori’s mind starts getting frantic as usual when the electricity is cut. The committee members finally thought of this and resetting the password, eh? In the darkness, the mountain of books starts collapsing over them. It would be ironic if they got crushed by it, eh? Now it’s Keima time. With his smooth words, he says how he wished the real world would leave him alone so Shiori replies that she just wants to live here in her peace and quiet. Keima refutes that all she wants is to talk to others but is afraid to say something wrong that will piss them off. He asks her if she is trying to protect her books or her sanctuary from the outside world. Shiori starts thinking that it may be too late for her voice to reach others but Keima will give her the courage she needs to do so and kisses her. Her loose souls evicted as Elsie confines them in her jar. When the committee members finally get in and confront Shiori, she apologizes and voices her objection about the book disposal because she feels that every book has its own story to tell. Everyone is surprised that she talked! Yeah, that sentence itself is probably more than what she spewed in her entire life time! The chairperson agrees on holding another meeting for the book disposal though the media room stays. Shiori couldn’t be happier than that. Then Shiori asks if there was someone else besides her here, nobody could recall. Shiori feels she received something in her dream. Keima is on the rooftop continuing to play and finish his galge as Elsie reseals the hole. In the aftermath, Shiori uses her faint memories that there was someone there at that moment as a basis to write a story. When the chairperson catches her writing something, she quickly hides her work to cover a few embarrassing parts.

Flag 12.0: More Than A God, Less Than A Human
Keima is looking like a zombie. Like the undead. Why? Because he has not played enough galges ever since Elsie came into his life! What kind of reasoning is that? And you thought it was the other way round, worn out due to overplaying. How do we know he has not played enough then? Look at all the galges piling up in his dark room! Yikes! What is he going to do about food? To hell with that, playing games to make up for lost time is all that matters. He locks himself in his room as concerned Elsie takes a peek into it for the first time. A shocking scene as we see various game consoles, game pads and monitor screens! In his Capturing God mode, Keima is playing 6 games simultaneously and not losing concentration on each one! Wow!!! Such enhanced speed, foresight, intelligence and stamina! His hands are moving so fast that he resembles like some Hindu God! Then unleashing his secret Synchronicity technique, all the games ended up with a kissing scene onscreen! Superb!!! Elsie, you may want to step out of the room and give that nerd some space. As Keima takes a break and I don’t know how he came up with this equation that each time he uses the Capturing God mode, his lifespan will decrease by 3 years. Then he gets an email from an online Wiki asking if he has beaten the Princess Derby game yet. This one involves movement (swinging the console) so with his lack of stamina, he uses his Capturing God mode to win the game and that post his victory online. Then he takes out all the previous console versions of Princess Derby and starts playing them simultaneously! Wow. The consoles on his hand and body make him look like as though he’s going through some battle. I guess he played too much so much so the consoles overheated. Elsie checks up on him and sees him in some yoga pose. Let’s continue to leave him alone… He’s in some peaceful plains and when he returns, he gets the resolve to continue. But this time as Elsie checks upon him again, though on the verge of collapsing, he is setting up and trying to play 24 games at the same time! Isn’t that going too far?! Elsie asks him if he ever felt lonely playing games in his dark room like a machine unlike other boys his age playing outside. She feels sad for him. However Keima replies he is not suffering and is happy to drown himself playing these galges. He starts his game and now this is just unbelievable. The way his movements now to play all 24 games surpasses those of an orchestra conductor or a DJ! Elsie, you may want to leave him alone some more… Finally Keima completes all the games except for one more. However his vision starts to blur as he realizes he has spent hours using his Capturing God mode. That means he should’ve been dead, eh? He is going to pass out but suddenly sees all the 2D girls giving him the strength and encouragement to go on. He completes the final game and follows the girls into another realm where they happily, well erm, he plays more games, the girls flank him. This must be heaven, right?

Flag 12.99999: The 2D Girls God Only Loves
Well, that isn’t the end yet because right after the final episode, it is announced that there will be a second season. So that’s why they put a pun of changing ‘owari’ (end) to ‘okawari’ (second helpings – which means a sequel in this sense). It debuted back in April 2011 (yeah, already ended its run by the time this blog is out). It’s just like taking a season break before resuming. They even had a cheek to put a new character right at the end saying that a sequel was necessary or else she want get to debut! So I’m expecting more havoc with this new character and definitely more loose souls to capture. That means more girls for our hero to capture. If they were only 2D…

Keima’s love for 2D girls is amazing. I think I could never surpass him or even get this close. It’s frightening to know that he has this incredible multi-tasking job and able to concentrate in both his studies and games and yet achieve perfection. It’s like he is God but at the same time make him so much less a human. What is he, really? To think that he would do well to capture 3D girls is another amazing feat. For a person who only loves 2D girls and couldn’t care less about reality, he sure put his gaming knowledge and experience to good use. Whether or not his feelings to help the girls are sincere or just putting up an act (so that he could complete the contract with Elsie), he is really one smooth talker (especially when he goes in for the kill/capture). He just needs to smile more often. If only I could use those lines in real life. So who says that games have such a bad influence? It depends on how you use your knowledge and experience. If you put your mind to it, you can achieve anything. That is what Keima proved. But did you notice that Keima don’t really hate 3D girls? Even if his act was just to help in capturing the girl, if he really hated them, he wouldn’t have been so effective in the first place. With each capture, he not only becomes more tolerable to girls of reality (at least in my opinion), but learns and discovers his true self, though it is pretty much the obsessed galge player we know.

When the climax or conclusion to the capture the girl is near, Keima’s favourite phrase is “I can see the ending”. Yeah, playing lots of galges really helped him foresee the possible routes and outcomes. It applies in real life too. I mean, how far could it run? Another quirky thing about Keima is his over-dramatic, flowery and poetic explanation to Elsie during certain scenes about what’s going on. Actually, I don’t even understand it myself so much so it would’ve been better if he had gotten to the point straight. As for Elsie, I find her to be somewhat of a useless moe idiot most of the time. At times, it can be annoying. I thought she as the heroine would help aid Keima but to me, it’s that guy who is doing most of the work (in the sense of the planning and strategy he puts forth). I’m not saying that Elsie did nothing throughout the capture but I just wish she was portrayed to be more useful, that’s all. Perhaps she’s naive. In that case, she’s got a long way to go.

It’s a bittersweet feeling for the other conquered girls. It’s good that they have their problems solved and the loose soul vanquished in the end, but it’s somewhat sad to see them lose memories moments during the capture. When they have finally fallen in love with Keima, they lose their memories. He could have amassed his own harem the way things are going and if not for the reset. But I guess he would prefer to have his 2D girls around him anytime. In the end, the ‘freed’ girls to become better persons themselves. Though unrelated, this ‘dating’ of different girls somehow reminded me shades of Amagami SS. In that series, each heroine gets her own little story arc though they date the same guy but their stories do not intertwine. So you could say that in another ‘universe’, he ‘shagged’ them all. Keima’s case is pretty much similar, only difference there isn’t a different setting in the time flow or each arc with another girl starts afresh.

Of all the voice acting in this series, the best one has got to be Kana Hanazawa as Shiori (Tenshi/Kanade in Angel Beats, Kureneko in OreImo). She was damn cute when she tried to tell off Keima in her shaky and unconfident voice. I have to admit that I purposely replayed those parts so that I could hear that kawaii expression over and over again. Other casts include Hiro Shimono as Keima (Akihisa in Baka To Test To Shoukanjuu), Kanae Itou as Elsie (Sanae in Shinryaku! Ika Musume), Ayana Taketatsu as Ayumi (Azusa in K-ON!), Ao Yuuki as Mio (Murasaki in Kurenai) and Nao Touyama as Kanon (currently her only other role is Tiger in Star Driver Kagayaki No Takuto). The opening theme is all in English. The name is the same title of the series (the English one) and is sung by Oratorio The World God Only Knows. Correct me if I’m wrong but doesn’t the song sound like a faster beat of Enya? Though there are a few ending themes, the main is Koi No Shirushi. Depending on the girl being captured in that arc, the seiyuu of that girl will sing this theme. Other ending themes include Tatta Ichido No Kisei by Tomo Sakurai for Sora’s arc (she’s also the voice of the Sora character here) and Happy Crescent by Nao Touyama (typical J-pop idol song). The final ending theme by Hiro Shimono with Oratorio The World God Only Knows is called Shuuseki Kairo No Yume Tabibito. I think Hiro Shimono is purposely made to sing out of tune so much so it sounded very funny! The cacophony won’t t hurt your ears but tickle your ribs instead. LOL. There was one point he was even screaming like Tarzan running out of energy! AaaaAAAaaaAAaaa~ LOL!!! Then there are lots of other insert songs but these are mainly sung during Kanon’s arc.

If you’re an avid gamer, I’m sure that you can spot many trivia related to galges. Since I’m not one who plays such games (or any other computer or video games in the last few years), I’m not sure if those references are just parodies or real ones. But I think they should be the former. Don’t want to get sued, eh? The next episode preview is another amusing section. With an end card illustrated by various people, we hear Keima narrating based on his references to galges such as game characters will never betray you in real life (because girls on the other side of the monitor have feelings too!), galge characters created by maths are beautiful (what has it got to do with prime numbers?), describing the girl you like that makes up of pixels and data (as opposed to protein and calcium), galges can overcome all barriers to language and culture (so that we can borrow them once somebody is done with that game), unrequited love cannot happen in galge (if true love ever happens, it probably is a bug) and the best one whereby games have stories that will come to an end but however they are made in a way to have sequels (that’s why this series isn’t ending yet – a hint?). I’m not sure if Elsie’s short sentence at the end serves as a rebuttal. Even if it did, it didn’t make sense. At least not to me.

Keima didn’t get ostracized by other people simply because he couldn’t care less about the reality and is careful not to mix it up with fantasy. He didn’t turn into a pervert, molester or stalker, right? Otherwise, I’m sure there are many people out there who have negative remarks and stereotyped views about his obsession. To each his own. As long as you enjoy it without hurting others, I think it’s okay. So it’s alright for me to stay up all night throughout the week watching animes? Time to take out my hidden stash of 2D girls and drool over them and fantasize the paradise. What kind of world is that that I am dreaming of? Well, one that probably God only knows.

NB: If you wonder why 2D girls always look better than 3D girls, here’s my reason: They look much gorgeous in HD and high resolution! You can’t beat that, can you?

When I first heard that there was going to be a sequel to this series, I was overjoyed. Then when I thought that the two episode OVA called Baka To Test To Shoukanjuu: Matsuri, is the second season, I got disappointed. But then my hopes were lifted again when I read that the OVA is just an ‘appetizer’ before the actual second season much later in the year. Silly me. See, that’s what I get for jumping to conclusions. So who is the real idiot here?

For those of you who do not know this whacky series, in a nutshell, Fumizuki Academy‘s streaming of classes is a unique one because top students get to enjoy luxurious facilities while students that don’t do so well would receive furniture so dilapidated, you’d think they’re in a prison and their crime is for not being smart. With the vast difference in amenities and polarisation, we have a bunch of ‘idiots’ in Class F trying to go against it all by doing the underdog thingy, beating top students with their highly unusual tactics (or even by pure luck) via summoning of avatars in Exam Wars using the marks they score in exams as their health points. Sounds complicating? Don’t let that spoil the all the laughs and fun.

Episode 1 – Me And Maids And The Start Of A New Journey
As the second title suggests, Fumizuki Academy is about to have its popular cultural festival called Seiryousai. Amidst all that hoolo-balla, our ‘idiotic hero’, Akihisa is trying to resuscitate that perverted shutterbug, Kouta or as many would simply know him as Ninja Pervert. This was what happened a few days ago. Akihisa and Yuuji are playing baseball with the latter giving him complicated hand signals. Ironman abruptly interrupts the game and wants them to decide on what to do for Seiryousai. With Yuuji asking his classmates for suggestions, Akihisa has the ‘honour’ of writing them down on the blackboard. I guess he got confused from the several suggestions of Kouta’s secret photography cafe, Himeji‘s wedding cafe and Minami’s Chinese-European cuisine cafe, so much so it sounded like some combo disaster. Ironman tells them to take this opportunity to buy new furniture for their class from the receipts of their Seiryousai. But when Akihisa finds out that Himeji’s dad may be transferring her to another school, he goes into an exaggerated envision that sees the apocalyptic end of the world! It’s not that bad lah. How the hell can it turn out something like Mad Max? Seems Himeji’s dad is worried that his daughter isn’t having the right environment to study so it’s understandable that he wants only the best for her even if it means going to another school. Thinking that if they’d do their best and buy better furniture, this might persuade her dad to change her mind and let her stay. Himeji and Kouta come back with homemade sesame dumplings. The rest have a try but only Akihisa starts ‘dying’ from the horrible ball. Seems Kouta has made several dumplings except for one which is made by Himeji. For those who don’t know, let’s say Himeji’s cooking can kill. Wow. Just like Russian Roulette, eh?

Seiryousai arrives and looks like our Class F buddies will be doing the Chinese-European cafe due to popular vote. Kouta experiences massive nose bleeding when he sees the girls dressed in cheongsam as waitresses. So this is the part why he needs to be given CPR. And why the heck is Hideyoshi in a cheongsam too?! Did he voluntarily wear it? I mean, it doesn’t make a difference, right? Everyone thinks he’s a girl. The cafe takes an unpleasant turn when a pair of third year delinquents, Yuusaku Tsunemura and Shunpei Natsukawa keep pestering the girls for service. They go as far as badmouthing them. It serves them right when they ate that ‘poisonous’ sesame dumpling and got knocked out. They were ‘brought back to life’ via electric shock but I guess they aren’t happy that the food here is trying to kill them and is going to make them pay. Cool Yuuji steps in with his negotiation tactic by using his fist and kick instead of his mouth. See, sometimes action do speak louder than words. He even did a German suplex on them! Here comes the pain! Negotiation over!

Over-genki Hazuki pays the cafe a visit (seems she found her way here using Yuuji’s idiocy as a landmark. Is that even possible?!) and her earnest and enthusiastic answer about having their first kiss together brings a deadly outcome. At least to Akihisa. He didn’t even know what hit him because the next thing he realized, he’s on the floor! Beware the wrath of angry women! To make things worse, Akihisa is being judged guilty by the FFF Inquisitors. He has no chance to even defend himself. With business slowing down, Hazuki thinks of helping them out because she too wants to don the cheongsam. Would Kouta have any objections to it? Apparently not. They realize that the Tokonatsu duo (that’s what Yuuji nicknames the delinquents based on their kanji name writing) are spreading lies about their cafe to get back at them. Since Hazuki heard this rumour from a place with lots of pretty onee-san, Akihisa and Yuuji decide to infiltrate the place, which turns out to be Class A. OMG! Shouko in a maid outfit trying to give her ‘future husband’ a special menu! Would he want that kind of limited offer?! True enough, the Tokonatsu duo are spreading bad rumours about Class F’s cafe. Akihisa wants to give them a piece of his mind but Yuuji has a better idea. He wants Shouko to lend them a maid outfit. I guess she purposely misinterpreted that and is going to strip naked in front of them!

Well, we all think that Hideyoshi is going to don the outfit, right? Wrong! Turns out Akihisa will be doing so. He gets close enough to serve the Tokonatsu duo and does a German suplex on Natsukawa. The duo realize it’s those idiots but with a large crowd watching, Yuuji and Akihisa perfectly make it like as though they’re harassing them like peeking up Akihisa’s skirt. Even better, Akihisa glued a bra onto Natsukawa’s head! Can’t come off! The Tokonatsu duo make a tactical retreat with Akihisa and Yuuji giving chase. In the haunted house, that bespectacled gay guy, Kubo is having a big yawn when the Tokonatsu duo comes barging in. He thinks he must be hallucinating things so he wishes to see something beautiful. Just then, Akihisa runs pass by which causes his heart to skip a beat. Well, Kubo can’t tell ‘she’ is Akihisa in disguise so his heart is in a dilemma and fighting within himself to either be true to this Akihisa guy or go with the new love at first sight. Either way, he’s a loser.

Tokonatsu duo barge into Class F’s cafe during their run and come into contact with the girls. Yuuji and Akihisa seem to have lost them when Kouta comes running with bad news that one of their waitress has been kidnapped. Akihisa soon gets a call from the duo saying that they have kidnapped one of their comrades and plans to ‘play a lot with her’. Oh dear. Nobody messes with Class F girls and gets away with it. With Kouta’s help, they try and locate their whereabouts. How? Kouta has surveillance cameras hidden all over the school! All to see underneath the girls’ skirt! Such low angle shots! WTF?! Then they switch to voice-only mode and I don’t know what kind of super ability Kouta has to pinpoint out their voice and locate their position in the gym’s store room. Akihisa goes into rescue mode as he rushes through the crowd, jumping and avoiding (though not totally) all obstacles that come his way. He’s still in that maid dress by the way. When he reaches the place, he surprises and sends the Tokonatsu duo flying with his fist full of rage! However, he sees Hideyoshi sitting there playing a board game. Seems that he was dragged by the duo and yeah, they played a lot apparently. Uhn…

At the end of the first day, Class F got enough money to buy the furniture needed. Mostly it’s because of the photo album that has Akihisa cross-dressed as a maid. A total sell out! And the vote is in for the most popular waitress goes to… Akihisa! WTF?! Oh, how disappointing for Himeji and Minami. Even in another popular vote, they both lost to Hideyoshi! However both of them win in their own respective voting area (Minami for being flat chest and Himeji being sexy). Himeji wants to celebrate and has made some leftover sesame dumplings. Guess who is going to eat it? Akihisa sure has lots of lives. Then Ironman comes in with good news that they are allowed to buy new furniture with their money but with 1 condition: They must win the Summoned Being Exam Tournament tomorrow. In short, it’s a two-member-team slugging out with each other in a random-seeded tournament. All they have to do is win. Sounds easy enough, right? Ah well, the good thing about being simple idiots. Lastly, Kubo is walking home and having lots on his mind about his newfound love. Kouta pops up and shows him a picture of Akihisa in that maid outfit. Then he sees Akihisa and starts to panic about the misunderstanding so much so he runs away in shame, leaving the duo in much confusion. I think he is the one greatly misunderstood.

Episode 2: Idiots And Fireworks And Summoned Being Tournament
Akihisa starts revising for the upcoming tournament so that he has a better chance at winning but he keeps getting distracted by the lousy food his sister Akira makes. You don’t want to know how she pulls off making such dishes. With the second day of Seiryousai, Yuuji makes his usual tactic on how to win. Himeji-Minami will be Class F’s main team while Yuuji-Akihisa will be the backup. He has Kouta and Hideyoshi doing other supporting roles. They’ve got enough cash to splash for the furniture (going into millions!) but Akihisa’s main aim is to keep Himeji from transferring out. He is confident that he is ready after studying Japanese history but unfortunately, that won’t be the subject in today’s battle. What a waste. In the first round, Yuuji-Akihisa is up against a pair of Class E team but suddenly a computer glitch has them face the Class B team of Ritsuko Iwashita and Mayumi Kikuiri. They too aren’t happy with the sudden change but what’s done is done. Theoretically on paper, it seems like it’s going to be a one-sided match. It gets even worse when Yuuji and Akihisa start bickering among themselves, leaving it to the other to finish the match. Yuuji’s score seem to be comparably high with his opponents. He has been studying a lot of late because he really wants to beat Class A. Actually the real reason is that he has been threatened by Shouko to marry her… Ah, that’s why. The match goes underway and with some weird combo and cooperation from Yuuji and Akihisa, they turn the tables on Ritsuko and Mayumi. Though they win the match, it ends up making them look like big bullies! All the girls are starting to hate this damn pair! How some people wish that they should’ve lost.

In the next round, Yuuji and Akihisa meet another pair of Class B team, this time Nemoto and his girlfriend Yuuka. However Yuuji’s score isn’t high this time. As low as Akihisa’s. So he turns to a sneaky tactic by revealing an album filled with pictures of Nemoto’s punishment cosplay (see last season if you want to know what happened to this bastard). Nemoto panics and withdraws from the tournament. With that, Yuuji and Akihisa are given a walkover. Nemoto desperately wants to talk with Yuuka but she coolly tells him that she wants to breakup and it’s over between them. Oh, that poor guy. He looks so tame now as compared to before. For the next round, Yuuji has a bad feeling and has Hideyoshi go into action. True enough, his predictions came true as they will be up against Class A of Shouko and Yuuko. Akihisa thought it was part of Yuuji’s plan to substitute Hideyoshi’s twin with theirs but it seems Yuuko has seen right true their plan and has Hideyoshi tied up for good. This time Akihisa comes up with a plan and wants Yuuji to say exactly the word whispered into his ear. Yuuji only realized he got himself into sh*t when he said he will propose to Shouko if he wins this tournament! Akihisa knocks Yuuji out and with Hideyoshi doing a perfect voice impersonation, Shouko is over the Moon and forfeits herself. As the match is about the start, Yuuko spots that they are doing something against the rules. To avoid them getting expelled, Akihisa did another dramatic move making as though Yuuji declaring his love for Shouko. She withdraws her team from this round and lets Yuuji-Akihisa advance. You don’t know the sh*t he’s into once this ends.

Though the baka combo end up arguing each other during the break, they have to save that for later since in the semi-finals, they will face Himeji-Minami. They are intending to lose out to them when Hazuki declares her love for Akihisa and even suggests doing suggestive things if they win! Now Himeji and Minami are sprouting deadly aura. Oh no. It won’t really matter if he dies, right? Even the FFF Inquisitors want him killed! As for Yuuji, he too is in big sh*t. Shouko threatens him that he’ll have to marry her right away if he loses on purpose! Isn’t that the same either way?! Really caught between a rock and a hard place! See Shouko’s scary face? Remember that Taser gun? Oh yeah… Yuuji and Akihisa have no choice but to go all out. Seems Himeji and Minami are having the edge but when the guys cooperate, they start to turn the tables. Akihisa’s avatar got stuck on Himeji’s boobs as Minami tries to get him off. This distraction was enough for Yuuji to blow them all away. Too bad it was part of his intention to let Akihisa feel the pain as well (Akihisa’s avatar is slightly special since what the little chibi avatar feels, he too can feel it). Yuuji and Akihisa advance to the final.

Guess who is the final team who made it? As Yuuji predicted, it is the Tokonatsu pair. He also knows that all the random match-ups they have faced have been their doing as they fixed the matches in hopes of humiliating them and eliminating them early. But surprising everyone, a Class F team actually got this far. Hey, Natsukawa still have that bra on his head!!! The match today is Tokonatsu pair’s strong subject: English. However, Yuuji also did a little dirty trick as he already sent Kouta to fix this match by changing the subject to Japanese history. The match begins and it seems Akihisa takes a sound beating at first. Then with a wakeup call from Yuuji to show his balls, Akihisa gets his determination and strength to make a comeback and defeat the delinquents. So the unexpected happened. Class F wins the tournament but the Tokonatsu pair refuses to acknowledge their win and threaten to expose the dirty tactics they did. As they rush to the intercom room, Yuuji and Akihisa think quickly and get an idea to send the firework cannon right into their direction. Good thing is that it hit them right on target. Bad thing is that the fireworks went out of control and the entire school is decimated. Ironman isn’t pleased with them going wild. In the aftermath, all their money for the new furniture is gone for to repair the damaged buildings. Ah, all the hard work… But at least they got the tea table… Like that would help. As for Himeji’s transfer, she tells them that her dad was watching her at the festival. He advises her that if she is going to attend this school, she should not only work on her studies but her physical strength. In short, he saw the wonderful friends around her and decides to let her stay. Hooray! Himeji’s not going anywhere. I guess this is the best prize after all. Lastly during the bonfire dance, Nemoto is still desperately trying to rescue his relationship with Yuuka. Too bad, she’s not interested. “YUKAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!”. He can kiss his love goodbye. As for Yuuji, he gets electrocuted by the Taser gun after all since Shouko wants him to fulfil his promise. “AARRRGGGHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!”. Feels like retribution, eh? One bad deed deserves another. No openings for any negotiations! Himeji and Minami are nervous trying to ask Akihisa’s hand in the bonfire dance but innocent Hazuki cuts between them and has the last dance with him instead. Ah well, try again next time.

‘Idiot’ Is An Infectious Disease
So once again, ends another great run for this short series. The laughs never fail to disappoint and to me they still do deliver the goods. The slight grouse that I have is that Shouko didn’t have enough screen time. Not to say that I’m a Shouko fan, but the only reason why I like her is because of her ‘undying’ love for Yuuji and the forceful tactics that makes Yuuji hers even if that guy is absolutely against it. It’s like he can never run away from her. Ever. His screams of agony are really convincing. But a little good thing I can take heart is that Minami’s self-proclaimed lesbian lover, Miharu didn’t make a single appearance in the OVA. Though it’s quite fun to see her hate towards Akihisa and doing anything to protect Minami from him, sometimes she is quite a tad annoying. And yeah, that principal Kaoru didn’t even make her appearance at all too. So is that a good thing? Not that she will have any impact with or without her presence. So it’s like we have the good (Minami’s absence), the bad (lack of Shouko’s screen time) and erm, the ugly (Kaoru – old principals like her are *suddenly zips mouth tightly shut*).

I remember that one of the funny points in this series was the hilarious gay jokes. Especially the misunderstood chemistry between Yuuji and Akihisa. However we have none of that and even Kubo’s one was just a short and mild one. Something that is forgettable. The first episode seems to be concentrated on Akihisa and his cross-dressing act (so I guess that’s why there’s no time for such gay jokes and also why Hideyoshi’s cross-dressing didn’t stand out or nobody making a fuss that he’s a girl when he’s actually a boy) and in the second episode it’s about Yuuji-Akihisa’s cooperation and interaction in the tournament. Speaking of Yuuji, that guy is still one good tactician. He may be an idiot overall but his tactics and foresight are not bad. Kouta is still an all-time pervert and it’s amazing and scary with the voyeurism fetish he’s got. With Yuuji-Akihisa being the main focus in the second OVA, seems like many of the other supporting characters felt like playing minor roles. Another good point of this OVA is that the CG effects of the Summon Being battles are quite good and nicely done, giving eye candy to viewers.

I remember reading from a comment somewhere over the internet, somebody said that after watching this OVA, it felt like it you will be able to ‘learn’ certain things such as cross-dressing, blackmail people into submission, backstab your best friend, find other uses for female underwear, hack and control a sophisticated machine and best of all, blow up the entire school, among others. Umm… Not very ‘educational’, doesn’t it? Sounds like a very bad influence in the first place. Besides, I think it won’t hurt if you take it with a pinch of salt. Okay, maybe not. Please do not imitate their actions anywhere, anytime or to anybody. You can learn a lot by not doing so.

So with this OVA, I’m really looking forward to more laughs when the second season comes. It goes to show that study grades aren’t everything and what matters is what you have on the inside and the friends around you. Therefore, sometimes being an idiot is a good thing because you get to do pretty normal stuff for kids at their age instead of locking themselves up, cramming all the knowledge into their head that you’ll never probably apply or use. Class F showed that if you have the determination and will (and of course all the other threatening stuff), you can pull off the impossible and set a precedent that being at the bottom doesn’t mean you’re never going to be tops even if it is just once. Even idiots need to be given their due respect. I’d rather be a happy idiot than a smart alec with no life. Oh wait, being an anime otaku means I don’t even have a life. Doh! Silly me.

Phew. At first this is sure a mouthful to pronounce and remember seeing Japanese isn’t my native language. I have a feeling of some sort of conspiracy that the producers made the name of this anime very long on purpose, Ore No Imouto Konna Ni Kawaii Wake Ga Nai. Thankfully many fans and viewers can identify it with its short form, OreImo, so that everybody don’t have to use up and waste 5 seconds of their breath each time trying to mention the name of this series. Saves a lot of time, energy and the environment. Okay, just kidding about the last bit. So if a title is this long, you might want to know what it means. Literally, it means “My Little Sister Can’t Be This Cute”.  Okay, I know what you’re thinking. Sounds like one of those ecchi series titles, right?

If you remember that other anime series, Nogizaka Haruka No Himitsu, you can somewhat relate that both the girls here a same hidden passion: The world of anime. Yup, to some, that subject only conjures about moral declining standards with cute wide-eyed girls in revealing and so called kawaii outfits. It’s no surprise that as a model student and in the eyes of the public, you’d want to keep this passionate hobby as much as a secret from the rest. But unlike in Nogizaka Haruka No Himitsu, the type of anime genre dealt in this series leans more towards galge and eroge. Especially those of little sisters fetish. Uh huh. You may probably be thinking about incest but as far as this anime series is concerned, there are no explicit scenes about brother and sister making love. That’s got to be a good thing, right? Hopefully.

Episode 1
Kyousuke Kousaka is an ordinary kid. He has a nice sister that wakes him up every morning, cooks him breakfast and does his laundry. NOT! Even if this is just a dream, he knows it is too good to be true because in real life, his sister Kirino are like oil and water, cat and dog, day and night. Typical sibling love-hate relationship (but more towards the latter). They hate each other so much so much so you’d wish they aren’t blood related to begin with. Like as though they’re strangers living under the same roof. So one fateful day, after a lot of coincidental topics on sisters in class, Kyousuke accidentally bumps into Kirino on her way out home. Hi finds something suspicious dropped. Kyousuke picks it up and realizes it is some CD game about making love with your sister! Yikes! He has his suspicions on whose this CD belongs to but he needs to make sure. For the record, it’s not his. He’d be dead if his mom ever caught him in possession with one of those. So over dinner, he plans to find out the culprit by indirectly talking about in the indecency of anime. His suspicion is confirmed when Kirino is the only who is acting weird. Then he fakes going out to the convenience store so that he could catch Kirino red-handed in searching his room for her lost CD. It’s not like she admitted it’s hers at first but even if it was, it’s not like Kyousuke cared what kind of hobbies she have. In the dead of the night, Kyousuke gets a rude awakening because Kirino slaps him up! This isn’t a dream. She calls him to her room and… Wants him to give her life counselling. What were you expecting? Then she proceeds to show him her closet full of anime stuff! She’s a huge fan of that Meruru character and worse, she loves playing erotic games with little sisters as its theme! You might write her off as a sicko with sick fetishes but hey, welcome to the world of anime. You can see her lining up her precious galges and even passionately talking about each one like as though she created them. So where the heck did she get all the money to buy these expensive stuffs? (For your information, just a simple collector’s item can cost a bomb and more than an average person’s salary). Thanks to her modelling job of course. What she does with her life and money is her business, right? Kirino continues to rant about her spiralling obsession and addiction to such games despite herself being a girl. Kirino asserts that she has no ulterior motives doing so and wouldn’t mix 2D and 3D together. Thinking that everything is over, Kyousuke goes back to sleep but gets another deja vu. Kirino slaps him awake again. Can she have a better method of waking her brother up? I know, she hates him so probably this is how she finds her kicks. This time, she calls him to her room and wants him to play an eroge! She wants his point of view? For a guy who didn’t know such games existed like only yesterday, this is got to be too much. But do you think she’s going to let him go? Boy, it’s going to be a long night. As a ‘compromise’, Kirino lends her laptop to him so that he could play some of the games she lent to him. I hope he has got some spare time.

Episode 2
Kirino isn’t happy that Kyousuke isn’t making much progress with the games. Well, he has a normal life to lead, right? So why the hell does he needs to be dragged into playing this when she can talk to her friends about her hobbies? Oh wait. She has no one in the same boat she can talk to. Kirino asserts she would like to keep both her different life together but apart because she knows how society looks down on otakus. Thus Kyousuke offers her a solution to join those online IRL communities and meet up with people of the same interest. Kirino does so and soon enough she has a reply giving her a warm welcome and to meet up next week. Kyousuke accompanies Kirino to Akihabara for the meet up. He sits at a nearby table where the online girls meet just to keep a watch. The pack is led by a large size girl named Saori Bajeena (uh… I’m not sure if that’s her real name or not. Certainly sounded like some human anatomy…). Saori starts the meet as the other girls chatter away. However Kirino is ‘paralyzed’ and remains silent throughout the meet. Before she knows it, it’s over. As they make their way out, Saori meets with them and would like to invite them to an after party for members who didn’t really get to talk much then. The other invitee would be a girl drabbed in goth loli outfit that resembles very closely to Rozen Maiden’s Suigin Tou, who goes by the name of Kuroneko. Because of Kirino and Kuroneko’s vast difference in taste and personality, they get on each other’s throat right at the start. Yup, they start insulting each other about why their preference is superior and the other not. As we know Kirino is a fan of the magical girl Meruru, Kuroneko is more towards the dark teen anime, Maschera. Yeah, they could even argue about the screening time of the show. Wow. These girls can certainly make an argument out of anything just as long as they stick to their passion. Well, at least we can say that they are making some progress in ‘talking’. Yeah, we didn’t know they were this ‘close’. The battle between the duo continues as they go take a look at Meruru and Maschera stores. Back home, Kyousuke continues his game ‘homework’ and is happy that he manages to finish a route. He goes to return the game to Kirino and learns that she has made some progress with her online friends such as making an appointment for the next meet up.

Episode 3
Kirino’s classmate and friend, Ayase Aragaki do their part time modelling job. Ayase invites her to go somewhere on Sunday but she claims she has other friends. No, not picking up a boyfriend. It’s to meet up with her IRL pals at Akihabara (she can’t tell that of course). Back home, Kirino plays her galge and it’s amazing how she can concentrate on her game and talking to Kuroneko on the handphone (the usual insults). Later Kirino meets up with Saori and Kuroneko at Akihabara while Kyousuke talks to his classmate-cum-childhood-friend, Manami Tamura. Seems Manami has a crush on Kyousuke but he’s too dense to take note. When Kyousuke comes home, he sees the unthinkable situation. Kirino in the living room, her eroge CD on the table and right across her dad, Daisuke. Oh no. Her secret is out. Apparently the CD fell out when she bumped into Daisuke and he has been mad about this since. Eventually Kirino runs out from home so Kyousuke goes to chase after her. Once he catches up to her, he hears her out. Daisuke lectured her about the bad influence that is so called otaku and plans to stop her from the rot. But that is not what she got upset over. It was the fact he called the stuff she loves useless. Kyousuke decides to help her out and goes to talk to dad. He tries to persuade Daisuke to let Kirino keep her hobby even if he himself knows how disgusting it is. Both sides remain stubborn so much so Kyousuke had to raise his voice and exhaust all avenues on how much Kirino has improved in this area like making friends and such. He must be that desperate because he tells Daisuke that he’ll beat the crap out of him if he doesn’t let Kirino keep her hobby! A son going to do that to his father?! Even so, Daisuke holds the upper hand because the CD labels the game only for those 18 years and above.  He is going into Kirino’s room to throw away all her games! Kyousuke goes into crazy mode now. He has to save those ‘little sisters’. He blurts out that the games belong to him and told Kirino to hold it for him. Daisuke thinks he is playing those games and doing indecent stuff to Kirino so Kyousuke exclaims that he loves those sort of games. Eroge is my soul!!! Daisuke got so angry that he couldn’t care less anymore and gives Kyousuke a huge punch. I guess this pain is bearable compared to the one he shoulders for Kirino. So thanks to his courageous feat, Kirino’s games are still intact and at least she works up the courage to thank him. For the moment, why does he start thinking how cute his little sister is? Hope he hasn’t got into that obsession already.

Episode 4
Kyousuke plays more of those eroge. Kirino continues her criticism that he needs to improve and warns him to continue playing and not come out of his room because she is having her friends Ayase and Kanako Kurusu over. Kyousuke gets some walkthrough tips from Saori over the phone. So it’s either their room is so close or Kirino is talking so loud so much so Kyousuke is forced to hear all the badmouthing she has to say about him in her room. Soon Kyousuke receives a parcel package but Kirino intercepts first and thinks it is for her. Then he gets a call from Saori that the package contains doujinshi sets of Meruru and was addressed in his name since she doesn’t know Kirino’s real name (she goes by the name Kiririn online). In order to save Kirino, he barges and steals the package just before they could unwrap it. The siblings struggle and in the end he fell on top of her in an ambiguous position. Guess what? Her friends saw it. Upset Kirino kicks him out of the house. Ayase hopes he could forgive Kirino and understand there must be a reason for all this. They become acquainted and exchange numbers. Later Kirino finds out the truth but still wants him to take responsibility for embarrassing her in front of her friends. Since she lets him do the thinking, they end up going to Summer Comiket with Saori and Kuroneko. Kyousuke gets firsthand experience of the crazy crowd, the booths and just about everything immense about the otaku life. I know, it’s scary to a commoner. They go around buying the stuff they want. There is a limited CD edition of a Siscalypse game and in order to get the last one left, they have to beat the game master. They each have their hand but flop. Except for Kuroneko, she coolly wins the game and the CD. She gives it to Kirino. At the end of the day when they are leaving, Ayase is shocked to see Kirino at this place.

Episode 5
Kyousuke and Kirino try to cover up their attendance at Comiket. Ayase was nearby due to her photo shoot. Saori and Kuroneko did them a favour by walking off like as they do not know the siblings. As they try to leave, Ayase wouldn’t let them. She keeps saying how Kirino is lying and avoiding her. Then she accidentally rips the bag and sees all the doujinshis she has bought. Ayase becomes very disappointed and tells Kirino never to talk to her again. Life resumes like normal. Just that Kirino seems depressed. Kyousuke goes talk to her but gets yelled back instead. Ayase didn’t tell everyone about Kirino’s hobby. The conversation turns into a huge argument. Kirino is further upset that Kyousuke is acting like as though he cares. Kyousuke calls Ayase to make up but the latter does not want to be associated with such people. She gave an ultimatum, it’s either her hobby or her friend. Even if he tries to say something like she shouldn’t judge something that she is unfamiliar with, Ayase mentions about a recent report about an otaku being influenced by such games and caused harm to a girl. Kyousuke goes to beg his dad for information on the case (Daisuke’s a police officer) so later he meets Ayase at the park to tell her about the flaws of the report in the journalist has apologized for his sloppy reporting. Still, Ayase couldn’t accept that disgusting hobby and wants Kyousuke to give back the real Kirino she knows to her. By that time Kirino jumps into the argument. She wants to know which side of hers is real. Is it the smart, beautiful and athletic model student she knows the real Kirino? Either way, she will not throw away both her hobby and best friend because she likes them both. Ayase reconciles with her but she still cannot accept her hobby. Kirino hints Kyousuke to step in. He shows her a doujinshi sample and talks about the forbidden love he has found with Kirino! I love my sister! Her hobby was the reason why their broken relationship was mended! I know he is making this up but this is all for the sake of their friendship. Ayase finally understood. That Kyousuke is the root of evil and wants him never to lay his finger on her best friend ever again. If he ever does, she’ll beat the crap out of him. Ah well, all for their friendship. Just as planned…

Episode 6
Some screen time for Kyousuke and Manami. In class, Kyousuke’s friend, Kouhei Akagi wonders the relation between the duo. It’s not like they’re dating but yet Kyousuke can’t stand the thought she’d date any other guys. As Kirino happily receives another eroge package, Kyousuke visits Manami’s family. You got to love her eccentric grandpa. Because he likes to set up Kyousuke and Manami together, has this special ability of eavesdropping and popping out from underneath the table when they least expected it and yes, can slow down his pulse to even look like a dead corpse! For that moment, you thought he had really died! Grandpa pesters the duo to get married throughout the day as Manami invites Kyousuke to her room for tea. He also meets her younger brother, Iwao who is a rock star wannabe but playing a shamisen? Kyousuke is sleeping over for the night so he and Manami take turns teasing each other about taking a bath together. Each time ending up getting more than they bargained for. Of course they didn’t. Bed time, grandpa sneakily arranges their futons to be next to each other. He’s telling them to sleep together or else some war trauma will wreck pain in his heart. Haha, nice try. However Manami is okay with it. That night they can’t sleep so they talk about the future and the possibility that someone confesses to her. As for Kyousuke, he prefers for things to stay the way it is now. Back at Kirino’s place, I’m wondering what her freaking problem is seeing that Kyousuke has been absent the whole day. It’s like she’s calling him idiot behind his back and kicking his room door (besides her disgusting happy hugging of her bolster size Meruru). I thought she hated him enough not to care.

Episode 7
Kyousuke comes home to find Kuroneko sitting in his living room. Looks like she is here to watch the screening of the Meruru anime after another one of those heated arguments so Saori suggests to watch together and get some perspective. Saori couldn’t make it and Kirino went back up to her room and continue whatever she is doing. Kyousuke learns that the argument this time was the novels that they were writing. Seems Kuroneko is upset that Kirino’s novel had a character modelled after a certain goth loli person and ‘gets raped and dies in the end’. Woah! No wonder she wants to kill her. Kyousuke then goes to get Kirino. He too learns from her that Kuroneko wrote her own novel. The story seems decent but what part about it she doesn’t like? Let’s say the novel is 90% filled with words so I guess it’s pretty hard to understand if you’re not into the lingo of the words she used. Oh, and the loli character is modelled after a certain sister that is ‘a sex slave to the main character’. Yeah, right at each other’s throat. Anyway Kyousuke manages to bring her down and watch the Meruru show. With synchronization on Saori’s end via phone (talk about the new definition of live screening), Kirino is all into it, Kyousuke and Kuroneko annoyed. How does it all end? Another argument lah. Later Kirino chides Kyousuke for using her laptop to surf porn (serious?!). To make that up, she wants him to help her out by publishing her novel online. She gets some inspiring comments from the author of Raigeki Bunko and brings Kyousuke along to help her with her research. This includes wanting him to stand in the middle of the road to get smashed by a car. WTF?! Then she forces him to buy an expensive accessory and even complains about his poverty status. As they go around, Kyousuke comments that her novel is just ideas from her eroge and she’s doing this for her own self-gratification. Kirino then pours a bucket of cold water on herself and starts narrating pitiful lonely lines from her novel. This attracts the stares of passers-by so Kyousuke has no choice but to take her to the nearest hotel to wash up. He gets a call from Manami but she misinterprets his situation that he’s doing something indecent to his sister. Kirino comes out from the bath and accuses him for being a siscon. Then when they leave, Kirino hits eureka on a great idea.

Episode 8
Surprisingly, Kirino’s novel is to be adapted into an anime. Taking along Saori and Kuroneko as her ‘assistants’, she meets the various staffs that will be working on her anime. We can see Kirino is so passionate about her work that she even has specific details on what to expect about it. Including the voice actors she wants for the characters. She’s going on ranting and ranting way better than an Energizer battery that you wish she’d just shut the f*ck up. But I don’t blame her. She really loves her work. The staffs are kind enough to listen to her ranting but at the end of it, they have their own ideas of their own. Very much different. Restructuring the content, putting fewer details and changing the lead character from female to male. Well, she loves little sisters so it’s no surprise that her lead character is a girl and a bunch of little sisters having fallen in love with her after being saved. But will the viewers approve of it? That’s at least what the author thinks. Now we know why adapted animes are so different from their original stuff and most of them are a huge disappointment to their fans. And poor Kirino she became so depressed that she collapses back home. Kyousuke meets up with Saori and Kuroneko and learn how her work has been unfairly bulldozed and turned upside down. Saori did some research and finds out that Kirino’s work was adapted because of some anime being cancelled last minute as some sort of quick replacement. They decide to have another round of discussion with the staff with Kyousuke acting as Kirino’s proxy. The staffs continue to stick firm with their decision and their reasoning (to retain viewers and profit of course). Kyousuke tries to stand up and persuade them to change their mind but I guess today isn’t his day because he is all lost for words. Rather, he isn’t into this stuff to make a convincing persuasion. The final straw came when the author mentions he doesn’t find Kirino’s work interesting and threatens to cancel it. This time it is Kuroneko who stands up. In her gentle but powerful words, she tells off the author that he is getting his pride in his way of this school girl’s work. In short, he is jealous because Kirino’s novel is more famous that his now out-of-print works. Kuroneko also feels his pain having written lots of them before and also chides Kirino for being the centre point of everything. It ends with Kyousuke doing the ‘closing lines’ as he gets on his knees and begs them to use their magic to turn her work into a wonderful anime like what they have been doing all the while and not break her heart. On their way home, Kuroneko wonders why Kyousuke went all out for Kirino even going great lengths to lose face despite knowing they hate each other. His answer is simple: Because he is her brother. Mind you, not because he is a siscon or masochist. Back home, Kirino is pretty happy because the staffs have decided to go with most of her ideas. Then she tells Kyousuke that the next life counselling will be the last one.

Episode 9
In this daily life episode, we see Kirino happily playing her new eroge so much so it bothers her next door brother because he can actually hear every single gross word she spews. Can’t even study in peace. Why didn’t he go to the library? Then some routes has her upset so it’s like she’s taking it out and showing her f*cked up attitude towards her laptop. Elsewhere we see Ayase doing her photo shoot and couldn’t contact Kirino (because she turned off her handphone so she could concentrate on you-know-what), Kuroneko taking care of her little sisters (despite her showy outfit that she wears 24/7, I’d say she’s living quite a modest life if not a slightly poor one – better than some obnoxious sister that we know. Also, it’s funny to see her doing odd poses while she talks on the phone while her puzzled siblings look on) and an interesting insight for Saori. Seems she is a rich elegant and refined lady who loves this kind of hobby. Due to her large size, her cosplay costumes are tailor-made. Kyousuke suddenly calls Kuroneko to get his mind off that crazy eroge lover but her voice is too loud even to distract him. Kuroneko feels sorry for him. We all do. Kyousuke gets slapped by Kirino when he points up that she dropped her panties when she went to take a bath. She calls him a pervert and it makes you think it’s like the case of the pot calling the kettle black. After that, Kirino continues her incessant swooning and fawning so much so Kyousuke can’t take it anymore and bangs on the wall and tells her to keep it down. Kirino interprets this as his disgusting fetish to eavesdrop on her. Kirino finally finishes her game, Kuroneko posts her online diary as Kyousuke reads it and Kirino bumps into Kyousuke coming out from the bath and kicks him because she is just annoyed with him. WTF?!

Episode 10
Ayase calls to meet Kyousuke to get his suggestion on what to get Kirino for her birthday present. Why should he know what his sister wants most? But we all have an idea, right? Apparently something like this happened. Ayase visited Kirino and the latter showed all her various Meruru figurines. Ayase couldn’t tell them apart and wonders why she collects them. This upset her so they aren’t on talking terms. Though Ayase hasn’t accepted Kirino’s otaku’s fetish, she’ll make this case an exception since she wants to make up by giving a gift related to her hobby. He goes back to ask Kirino but gets into an argument as usual. She thinks she’s getting to friendly with Ayase, not to mention Saori and Kuroneko so he tells her off that she isn’t his girlfriend. I’m sure we see this coming. SLAP! Later Kyousuke researches with Saori and Kuroneko on what Kirino probably wants most. They finally did. When Kyousuke informs Ayase about it, she isn’t perplexed that Kirino is into this Meruru thingy but the fact that how do you get an item that is not even for sale? Via competition of course! You’re not telling her to enter a cosplay singing contest and win it, aren’t you? Well… Putting on such erotic costume is embarrassing enough so Ayase has a perfect someone who can fit that role and possibly beat last year’s winner, Bridget. That someone turns out to be Kanako. Kyousuke tries to act like someone big but when Kanako learns he’s not a producer, she shows her bratty side. Man, she has two faces! Furthermore, when she cosplays at Meruru, she looks like an exact double! A splitting image! Kanako learns that she has been tricked to perform on stage but she have to do it if she is going to get her normal clothes back. During the contest, Kyousuke and Ayase spot Kirino among the wild crowd. Yeah, she’s really into it. The competition starts as Bridget gets a near perfect score. Kyousuke goes up to Kirino (not too amused he is around) and mentions about somebody she knows going up on stage. So when it is Kanako’s turn, Kirino can’t recognize her and kept wondering that said person. Kanako is amazing and damn good that she wins the contest with a perfect score. It’s like Meruru came to life! Back stage, Kanako returns to her bratty obnoxious self. Throwing the rare Meruru prize in the dustbin and berating all those damn otakus. So much so hurting Bridget’s feelings and causing her to run away in tears. Kyousuke learns that though she doesn’t really like this kind of stuff, she gets a kick when people praise her for doing so. So it’s not like she’s putting up an act or teasing the fans. Plus, Kanako is a regular of idol auditions so she has this special ability to remember a song after hearing it once. Kyousuke hands the figurine to happy Ayase who gives it to Kirino. Now she’s all smiles.

Episode 11
The ‘escape’ button just saved Kyousuke’s life because his mom nearly caught him playing an eroge. Phew. Since their parents are not in for lunch, Manami thinks of coming over and making lunch for Kyousuke. Kirino isn’t too happy about it like as though she’s got a problem with Manami’s existence. She thinks he brought her home to do something indecent when their parents are out. Like hell he will! Kirino shows her bossy side by making Manami do several chores but she comes out tops. She’s like a perfect housewife. But Kirino still isn’t happy. Then after lunch, Kirino sets up pranks in Kyousuke’s room by putting on an eroge screen on the laptop. Kyousuke frantically tries to hide it from her and though he manages to hit the ‘escape’ button, Manami finds his porn collection under his bed! Another trap by Kirino! Manami thinks he is into girls with glasses seeing that all his porn stuff has bespectacled girls. Then she sees the eroge on his laptop screen. Eh, didn’t he press the ‘escape’ key? Maybe it’s some programming bug? Oh, his life is over. But Manami didn’t freak out (even if he asserts that his heart is as clear as the blue sky like his initial desktop background – sincere tears included), she wonders if she would like to call him ‘onii-chan’ from now on. NOOO!!! Later Kyousuke gets invited to some party. He wonders why the receptionist kept throwing him suspicious looks till he finds out it is his own personal harem party?! WTF?! I’m as surprised as him. Hey, Saori, Kuroneko and Kirino dressed in maid outfits. It starts off with Kuroneko presenting her own manga work. How come the characters closely resemble Kirino and Kyousuke? Don’t worry, that’s the only part where they’re alike since she takes them as her model. Continuing her story, the sister has this fetish of smelling her brother’s underwear… Hold it! HOLD IT! So if we can’t go on with this anymore, I guess it’s Kirino’s turn. But she needs some time to work up her courage. While doing so, Kuroneko teases Kyousuke to call him ‘nii-san’. Kirino retaliates by throwing a plastic bottle at him. This time Kyousuke puts his foot down. He blames Kirino for the cause of his depression lately. He thought of coming to this party to cheer him up but the exact opposite happened. Kirino cuts him off but this time she doesn’t sound b*tchy. She gives him her present and apologized for everything. Saori mentions that this party wasn’t only to cheer him up but a chance for Kirino to say sorry and says that they too are partly to blame. Seems Kirino hasn’t forgotten all the good he has done from the case of convincing Daisuke to keep her hobby, mending her relationship with Ayase and wouldn’t have met Saori and Kuroneko and been a lonely person having no one to talk to about her hobby. Kyousuke is so moved (partly he has never seen his sister so sincere like this) so much so he cried! Then he opens the present and finds it to be an eroge. What were you expecting? He breaks out into laughter and thanks her.

Episode 12
Something really weird is happening to Kirino and it isn’t a dream, you know. She’s kind and nice to her brother. Of course talking to her friends, they too aren’t sure. Then Kirino tells him to come to her room. Why is she acting nervous? Could it be? Don’t worry, it’s her final life counselling. What is he to do? She wants him to buy her an eroge: I’d Never Steal Something Like Onii-chan’s Pantsu. What kind of a title is that?! I should expect it since it’s an eroge. However the game is to be a midnight release in Akihabara so he needs to go and wait in line. Like hell he is going to do it but when your little sister begs to you in a cute way, you can’t say no, can’t you? Yeah, it beats putting up her bossy b*tchy face. As Kirino covers him for their parents, Kyousuke makes his way and to his surprise finds a long line of people waiting. Hey, it proves there’re lots of fans. Then he gets a shock to see his friend Akagi there. The thing is, he made up an alibi to sleep in his place so now if he’s here, it isn’t really going to cut it, right? Then Kyousuke learns that Akagi’s sister is a big fujoshi fan. Yeah, he has been forced by her to go buy that game. Kyousuke was damn surprised when he learned about that. Isn’t he in the same predicament? I’m not sure if I’m supposed to cringe or laugh when I see that full-on homo game featuring macho men together. Don’t look down on it because there are quite a number of female fans waiting in line to get their hands on it. Akagi also learns of Kyousuke’s predicament. Their talk becomes so loud that the other queuers applaud them. It takes a brave guy to go out and buy an embarrassing stuff for his little sister. Just like how a boyfriend goes all out to buy his girlfriend lingerie. But that’s beside the point.

Kirino chats with Kuroneko on the phone (seeing the online site is down for maintenance). Kuroneko is amazed that Kyousuke has enough patience to put up with her insolence. Just then Kyousuke returns with his successful purchase. They quietly sneak in as Kirino wants him to stay with her to play the game. Call this part of the life counselling. Yeah, she’d said it was the last one but she didn’t say it was over. Then she decides to show him something embarrassing. He initially didn’t want to see it but changes his mind. Then she changes her mind and doesn’t want him to look. They struggle and he spots and air ticket to America. Kirino says that her track coach has recommended her to go there so she’d thought she take the opportunity. Oh, the flight is tomorrow morning. And she won’t be back till high school. The conversation once again turns into an argument about staying or leaving. You know, Kirino thinks he’s telling her not to go but they hate each other so he wants her to go. Kirino gets so upset that she beats up Kyousuke like a punching bag! From punches to slaps to even head butts. The next thing Kyousuke knows is that he is in his room, his faced brutally bruised. Man, how many tissues were stained in blood? Morning comes and his parents didn’t suspect a thing from last night as they thought he just came back. Plus, it boggles me that they weren’t awakened by last night’s ruckus. To Kyousuke’s surprise, Kirino is still around. She apologizes to her parents that she doesn’t want to go to America. Well, Daisuke seems to be okay with it (because she is daddy’s girl. Aww…). Kirino explains to the teachers about her rejection in school. Back home, when Kirino says that the life counselling isn’t over, Kyousuke gets pumped up and agrees. Didn’t realize how important his sister is till he was about to lose her, eh?

True Route

Episode 12.5
However that really isn’t the end yet. From March 2011, there will be 4 ONA (original net animation) episodes of the series. The first one was released in late February 2011. Dubbed episode 12.5 because as opposed to episode 12’s ‘Good End’, this one is the ‘True Route’. In other words, an alternate ending from the TV series. And why starting off at number 12 instead of 13? Well, the first half is the same in episode 12. From Kirino’s good behaviour to Kyousuke suspecting it to her asking him to buy that midnight eroge to him surprisingly finding Akagi standing in line. The ‘difference’ starts when Kyousuke can’t make it in time to take the final train home. He calls Kirino. She sounds devastated. I guess there’s where his inner siscon kicks in so he assures her that he’ll return no matter what. Kyousuke begs one of the eroge buyers to lend his bike. He understands his situation well and does so. Plus, he thinks of playing the game on the streets just to experience something new. Kyousuke paddles all his might to reach home and manages to do so. After sneaking in and taking a shower, Kirino wishes that he stays and plays the eroge with her. Just as he is about to leave, Kirino decides to show him something. Rummaging through her closet, a game called “Do You Eat Poop” drops out. WTF?! Apparently she bought it by accident. Since Kyousuke misinterprets, she slaps him real hard! Back to what she originally wanted to show him, she takes out an album but Kyousuke refuses to see it. Putting that aside, she then shows him a box filled with her report card of her track records and badges from the sports festival. Though she has never told anyone about this before, whenever she’s down or in a slump, she’ll open this box to get her motivation back. Noting that all these are her precious collections, she mentions that he’ll have to protect them from now on. Like he’s got a choice. But I guess this time he isn’t as reluctant as before and is doing it because he is her brother. He goes off to bed and the next morning, he finds Kirino has ‘disappeared’. Clueless about where she went, he asks his parents so dad tells him that Kirino had left for America this morning as she has been scouted by a track coach there. Daisuke was against it and wouldn’t pay a single yen for it but Kirino remained stubborn and will bear all the expenses from her savings which include her novel royalty. And with that, she’s gone. Kyousuke may seem shocked but all he can do now is just wish her to do her best. At the start of the next school term, Kyousuke and Manami walk together to school as the latter teases Kyousuke for being much nicer now and wonders if she should call him “onii-chan”. Still no go. Then somebody familiar passes by them. Looks like it is Kuroneko in their school’s uniform. She addresses Kyousuke as her senpai. This is an interesting alternate route but I’m not sure when the next one will come out since it doesn’t air on a consistent basis. I hope it doesn’t end up like how Bakemonogatari did. I hope that won’t become another major issue since the obvious downside is the streaming quality of the video was very bad and grainy.

Episode 13
So with this episode, it’s no longer the imouto but a kouhai (underclassman) now. Couldn’t wear her trademark dress to school, eh? Anyway Kyousuke learns her ‘human name’ is Ruri Gokou. But I’ll keep calling her Kuroneko like the rest because I’m used to it. And why the heck is she hanging out in Kyousuke’s room? More importantly, why is Saori also hanging out there too? Does his parents have anything to say about this? Saori is a little upset that Kirino is gone and never consulted them (is she your mother?). Plus, she didn’t even phone or mail ever since. In school, Kyousuke introduces Kuroneko to Manami. Seems Kuroneko isn’t the social kind of creature as she declines hanging out with them or her other friends. On their way out, Kyousuke asks if she is interested to join any club but she isn’t planning on doing so. Then they see the Game Research Club and Kuroneko tries her hand on a shooter game. She seems to pass the highest difficulty level with ease and also earn a top score. However she notes how terrible the game is and wishes the creator to go and die! Over the days, Kyousuke notices Kuroneko doesn’t mix around. Then back in his room, Saori puts weird ideas into their head that they might be doing that sort of stuff, much to their dismay. Of course they object that those were their intentions. Kyousuke really wants to help her out with her social interaction so Saori suggests joining a club. Which club? Well, it had to be the Game Research Club. Kaede Makabe welcomes them as they meet the president, Gennosuke Miura who turns out to be the guy Kyousuke borrowed the bicycle at the midnight sale. Kuroneko learns that this club has lots of programming tools and equipment and decides to join since she has the freedom to do whatever she wants with it and it’s more convenient than doing it from her home. Makabe also mentions another newbie, Sena Akagi who happens to be the same year with Kuroneko. She’s also a good player (that shooting game, she was the top scorer before Kuroneko dethroned her) but perhaps because there are no other girls, she’s reluctant to join and that’s why he hopes Kuroneko will join the club. Later Kyousuke and Manami spot Kuroneko cleaning and go help her. But she is not happy because she thinks they are pitying her. Furthermore, she tells him off that he’s doing all this so that she could rely on him whatsoever but asserts she is not a replacement for his sister. Well, there’s got to be some truth in that. Saori’s advice to him that night is that she might be afraid to lose the time that they spent together (to the extend she shunned her classmates). Soon the Game Research Club holds a welcoming party. Sena shows up and though she hates this club, she joins it to learn some programming. Seems Sena and Kuroneko know each other because they’re classmates. Worse, they hate each other and are always on each other’s nerves. Doesn’t this look familiar to a certain sister? Kyousuke wanting to confirm his suspicions talks to Sena about gaming to a point whereby she really gets excited about her fetish on full-on homo games. Yup, she’s Akagi’s sister alright. That blooper allows Kuroneko to go on the offensive. To a point whereby she even blurts out her opinions and views on it. Too late, secret’s out.  Sena goes crazy and admits her obsession on such games till she even says she had a dream of Makabe raping everyone in the club!!! WTF?! She realized her folly and starts breaking down, throwing tantrums worse than a kid.  Kyousuke calls Akagi for help so the latter manages to talk to her and calm her down. On the way home, Kyousuke tells Kuroneko that he indeed felt lonely with his sister gone. However he is worried about her and plans to help her out. Kuroneko blushes and is okay with it since she mentions she’s already given up. Wow. A whole episode without that annoying sister? What a change in route.

Episode 14
Miura announces that the girls will be making a game together for an online game contest. Plus, this is to improve their relationship and build teamwork as they’re always at each other’s throat. Can they? Since they can only make 1, they’ll decide which via vote. After school, Kyousuke spots Sena at the bookstore. He is looking for some easier material to create games. He spots her with a yaoi book but he isn’t surprised. Because of that, he thinks that he is gay! Even if he denies it, she even has this dirty fantasy of him and her brother. Kyousuke thinks hard back home and after thinking about Kirino, he suddenly gets an idea: To make an eroge! No, he didn’t turn into a pervert. His reason is that since the contest is divided into several categories, they might stand a chance if they do one that has fewer submissions. Sena vehemently protests but Miura already agrees. But Makabe wonders if it’s right to ask girls to write sex scenes. Kyousuke confidently answers yes! Sena wants Kuroneko to vent her venomous fury on Kyousuke but she starts blushing and would gladly do what she is told but gets flustered after she thinks he’ll ‘help her out’. Don’t worry, he’s not getting physical. Soon, Sena presents her proposal of doing a simple RPG game and she’s pretty good. Next Kuroneko presents her novel game but it seems she is nervous. The rest have their reservations since they don’t have much time so Kyousuke supports her. Till Sena starts mocking her, Kuroneko goes into her usual scathing mode. How does ‘masturbation material’ sound? “I’m going to show you a 100% self-gratifying masturbation material like you’ve never seen before!”. Woah! Even the guys are shocked but her facts are hard hitting on Sena. The votes are in and everyone voted for Kuroneko. Sena is upset that she got none and Miura explains she could’ve won if not for this. Well, her game is full-on homo RPG! What the hell is that hotspring orgy?! Worse, she models the characters after the guys! Miura puts his foot down and says to go with Kuroneko’s game or else. Sena starts crying like a baby and runs out of the room. After that, she never came to the club anymore. Kuroneko is making her game with Kyousuke as he tests it out in his room. He is surprised she knows he plays eroges with Kirino (because she told her). He thinks he could tease her by saying that she might have fallen in love with him but gets more than he bargained for when she admits she likes him as much as Kirino does. Then she asks if he would prefer her to call him ‘onii-chan’ or ‘senpai’ and Kyousuke prefers the latter since they’re not blood related. Kuroneko then wishes to call him the former if they’re ever alone. Then she wants him to massage her foot thinking that the brother in this family is supposed to be the sister’s slave. How true! She manages to finish her game but as Makabe tests it out, there are lots of major bugs like eternal looping and screen freeze. They can fix it but they don’t have time and the contest is around the corner. Kuroneko rushes out and barges into Sena’s classroom to plead for her help to fix the bugs since this is her specialty. How did she convince her? Well, with her lecture on a certain rival that had gone far away and the joys of teamwork and cooperation. All so true. With the girls working together, you could say their relationship is mended and they could even laugh at each other. At the end of the contest their game earned the Best Shitty Game Award. Oh sh*t!!! Well, they won something.

Episode 15
Sena is upset because there are already threads that criticize and mock their game! Kuroneko’s reply is to make a better game to shut them up. One day after school, Kyousuke gets a surprise SMS from Kirino. What is more shocking is that she wants him to throw away all her collection! This isn’t April’s Fool, isn’t it? He contacts Ayase to find out further via Manami’s handphone because she blocked his number. That was 6 months ago. Anyway Ayase mentions she did send many messages to Kirino but never got a reply. She wonders if she hates her now but Kyousuke knows that isn’t the case. Thinking that there must be some reason, if there ever was a person she needs to contact, she thinks it will be Kyousuke. Later Kyousuke goes to meet Kuroneko as promised. Seeing his depressed look, she decides to let him talk first. After finding out what happened, she chides him for being useless and all. Then she goes on to say what she really wanted to talk about. She is happy that Kyousuke supported her all the way and is glad that he thought of her as her instead as his replacement sister. That’s it? No confession like I expected? Kyousuke says he is going to see Kirino and just as he goes off, Kuroneko surprises him with a peck on his cheek! OMG! I didn’t see that coming. But she mentions that was a curse and if he ever turned into a pathetic halfway, he’ll die. It can only be lifted if her wish is fulfilled. And so, Kyousuke is on a plane to America. Thinking back, when he came home, he saw his dad so upset because he received mail from Kirino to throw away her awards. That’s when he volunteered to go see her and without hesitation, Daisuke gave him the green light. Kyousuke finally gets to see Kirino in her dorm. She must be damn surprise to see him. What’s the first thing they do together? Play eroge together! As they catch up on times, Kirino mentions how she couldn’t even play a single eroge ever since she came since her room-mate is the innocent type. Must be frustrating to hold it in, eh? Turning to the subject of her SMS, Kirino with tears streaming down her cheeks says her intention is to not be a dependent. When she came here, she set a challenge to beat a certain athlete in a time trial and till she does that, she won’t talk to anyone back home. She knew this would make everyone worry but if she won, she would just apologize and explain to everyone. But so far she didn’t win. Kyousuke then tells her to come back to Japan with him. Now he’s crying to. The main reason why he wants her back is because he’s lonely and he’ll die without her! So he really did become a siscon! He doesn’t care about her track problems and the other reasons for him being here are just excuses but all he needs is her. With that, Kirino comes back to Japan and guess who is the first person to rush and greet her? It’s Kuroneko! She seems so out-of-breath and relieved to see her. But of course, back to the usual insult trading. Things never change. She shows her a picture of her room-mate which turns out to be the fastest elementary runner. She managed to beat her once though it was a sneak attack. Well, Kirino couldn’t reveal anything more than that. Maybe that’s why she’s able to come back. Then they meet Saori outside and they go attend the opening of Meruru’s movie. Erm… So this is the reason why she came back to Japan?

“My Sister Is A B*tch!”
There is one thing that I have been dying to say throughout the series. It’s about Kirino’s f*cking b*tch-like attitude! She is the most annoying girl and sister in the history of anime as far as my memory can remember (let’s say I have long term memory problems too but that’s not the case). I’m sure many viewers will agree with me the way she throws her whims and tantrums to Kyousuke. I understand that being siblings, they are the kind that hate each other’s guts. But she’s much more irritating to the extent that she is portrayed as someone ungrateful. I mean look at her. Kyousuke goes all out to help her in something she loves so much (that you really can’t define her without those animes and H-games) and something that he doesn’t have passion with and probably never knew existed in his life before, then what does she do? She criticizes, reprimands and even beats him up. Like that time when she slaps him up from sleep, I think it was just an excuse to take out her hate on him. Thanks girl. That’s some way to show your gratitude. I was going to write her off as an all-time super stuck-up b*tch if not for the climax episode whereby she sincerely apologizes and thanks him for all that he is done. Kirino would have and could have been a much prettier girl if she smiled more often instead of showing those frowns and lose that b*tching attitude. She should take up an anger management class. Besides, when she goes fawning and swooning over her eroge, it may look cute at first but it really gets annoying after a while. But in this sense I don’t blame her and understand. It is rather her character that she shows towards Kyousuke. Her brother on the other hand is one hell of a patient guy. He may be doing this out of responsibility and guilt but I think he has been doing a bloody fine job and going to great lengths doing stuff that is even not under his jurisdiction. Ultimately, it all boils down to his love for his sister, even if he doesn’t realize it till the very end. Maybe in a way it has awakened his siscon feelings? That’s why they’re in such a hot-cold, love-hate brother-sister relationship. We’ve seen many of such cases in the real world too, right?

The other supporting characters play their role well in supporting Kirino. I can classify Kuroneko and Kirino as somewhat something like ‘frenemies’. They hate each other at first sight but in the end also help each other out though they give some other excuse as reason for doing so. Like Kuroneko ‘standing up’ and ‘fighting for’ Kirino’s novel adaptation and Kirino gradually spending more time hanging out with her and also taking the liberty to give her a call. Saori is the cool one of the pack and her large size reflects her big heart and kindness. I’m really intrigued to know her true character since we’ve seen a glimpse of her rich lady-like life. And I’m sure her Bajeena name is just a pseudonym. I also wonder if Kuroneko do have other sets of clothes because she is always seen in her goth loli drab nearly in every entire scene she appears (except for the True Route of course). No doubt it is her self-proclaimed clothes for life but if so, I guess she must have got lots of them. And seeing that she comes from a family that isn’t rich and hand-sewn them, wow, she must really love this outfit. I thought she and Kyousuke would become a couple at the end of the True Route seeing the way things are turning out but I guess Kyousuke’s siscon is much stronger, eh? Just kidding. Though there was an episode dedicated to Manami and explores her relationship with Kyousuke, I felt there wasn’t enough screen time for her. So much so it made me feel that she had not much of an impact in the series. Oddly, Kyousuke doesn’t share any romantic feelings with her (not that I know of at this point) but on the other hand, couldn’t stand the thought that she would date some other guy. Since they’ve been childhood friends for so long, she’s like a little sister to him. Possibly the reason why Kirino shows her hostility towards her. It’s so ironic. A childhood friend acting more like a sister and your real sister behaving more like a stranger. I mean, if you had to pick which sister you really want, I’m sure the obvious choice is the kind, gentle bespectacled one, right? She may not have the model looks but at least she makes up for it in her personality.

Another issue that this anime explores is the perception of society towards the world of otaku. As we know that the trend is growing internationally and gaining worldwide acceptance but there are many and those in Japan still having negative thoughts about it. It would be wrong to label every otaku a bad person because in everything, too much of something or overdoing it to an extreme is definitely bad. Take for instance those power abusing corrupted people at the top and the sex abuse cases of the Catholic churches. It all boils down on how one handles and controls the desire in them. If you can’t do so and use it as an influence or excuse to hurt others, then of course it could have been any other matters to take out those desires. So as in the case of Ayase, I can understand her plight of not wanting to be associated with those otakus and has her own negative opinions and stereotypes about them, but to steadfastly unfriend Kirino just because she found out about her hobby feels so wrong. She has known Kirino for so long and to let this little matter get to her just doesn’t feels right. Though I’m glad that she and Kirino became friends again (thanks to Kyousuke of course), it’s not that she has completely cast off her intolerance for the otaku world. So why didn’t she do the same when Kanako herself was one? Maybe she knew it all along (that Kanako was into all these sort of anime idols auditioning thingy) so it wasn’t such a serious impact unlike Kirino who has been putting up a different facade as an honour student right from the start. In short, otakus are defined by who they are because of their passion. To take it away is like taking away their air to breath. So maybe the guy next to you may be some hentai freak. But yeah, that’s what he is (am I trying to subtly hint something about myself?).

If you’re very familiar especially in the world of H-games and eroge, I’m sure you’ll find lots of eye candy and trivia on the game covers that appear in the series. Some even a parody of famous ones. Unfortunately I’m not into this kind of games so I didn’t recognize a single one. Unless that game was adapted into an anime like KissxSis, so yeah, I could spot that. But even so, that was just a burlesque. So the mid-intermission is an eye candy with covers of certain H-games being displayed. Of course with this series having ventured into several media such as manga (this show was originally adapted from a series of light novels), drama CD, internet radio shows and of course a video game. Yeah, now you can play this game too. I just wonder how much adult content it will have or will it follow the route of the anime. Let your fantasy and sister fetish run wild in this game! Note, I haven’t seen it or played it myself. Not that I would in the foreseeable future. On a trivial note, you may have realized that the titles of each episode are as long and similar as the title of this anime and they reflect mainly the actions or stuff Kirino do or attend. Well, that’s nothing wrong. Just that I feel that the way it was put seems like Kyousuke (who is narrating the title at the end of the next episode preview) doesn’t seem pretty confident that his little sister could even do those stuff. Like as though he couldn’t believe she would go to a Summer Comiket, attend an IRL offline meeting, dress up as a maid or write a novel. In a way, shows how amazing your sister is, eh?

The opening theme is Irony by ClariS. Sounds like your typical anime pop music. As for the ending theme, there are no fixed themes as each one is different song. Sometimes there isn’t even an ending credits animation and the credits will just roll while the episode continues to play out. Because of Kirino’s resentful voice, I didn’t realize Ayana Taketatsu was the voice behind her. Not that I could identify even if she wasn’t but now come to think of it, she sounds like an angrier version of K-ON!’s Azusa! Too much reprimanding of Yui has her taking it out in another anime. Haha! Just joking. Yuuichi Nakamura must have become a veteran in voicing lead male characters like those he did in Clannad as Tomoya, in Fairy Tail as Gray and in Dance In The Vampire Bund as Akira. I’ve been hearing too much of Kana Hanazawa lately (or rather she’s been quite active in the seiyuu scene of recent so much so she’s almost in just about every anime that I’ve watched) that I could instantly identify her voice as Kuroneko. Even if this one sounds dark and sarcastic, soft spoken girls definitely suits her fine such as Mayu in B Gata H Kei, Anri in Durarara!!, Sora in Mahou Tsukai Ni Taisetsu Na Koto: Sora No Natsu and Chiaki in Megana Na Kanojo. But I definitely love her when she did the titular character in Kobato. Also, Yukari Tamura (Sakura in Da Capo series, Elizabeth in Kuroshitsuji) was distinguishable as Kanako even if she was her cute moe self or her bratty one. Other main casts include Hitomi Nabatame as Saori (Nobue in Ichigo Mashimaro), Saori Hayami as Ayase (Musubi in Sekirei) and Satomi Satou as Manami (Ritsu in K-ON!).

So far I think the better sister-themed anime series would still be Sister Princess in the sense of the better and smooth relationship between the brother and his dozen of sisters. Get stuck with one b*tchy one for life and it’s enough to make you cry and pull your own hair out. I don’t have a little sister so I can’t really say for myself but watching this show (or even my stint during Sister Princess) doesn’t awaken any imouto fetish in me. That’s a good thing, right? However cute girls in frilly maid dresses are of another matter… And yeah, I think ‘m in total control over my obsession with animes :). So if you ask me if I would like to have a sister like Kirino, my answer would definitely be this: “Konna no imouto sonna ni hoshii wake ga nai!” (There is no way that I want a little like this!).

Haiyoru! Nyaruani

August 19, 2011

Imagine if you have a deity living with you. What about a group of deities then? Does this mean you are really one lucky son of a gun? Unless you are those Cthulhu creatures like in Haiyoru! Nyaruani, then it’s a totally different story. And this series isn’t really an adaptation from those short stories from H.P. Lovecraft though from what I observe (though I may be wrong) there are terms used from it. This one is based on a series of light novels by Manta Aisore, it was adapted into an ONA back in March 2010 before the TV series followed by the end of that year. Well, since I didn’t read the novel, so I’m not sure if they’re really inter-related.

In this case, the story as I have read the synopsis centres around a formless Cthulhu named Nyarlko. However for some reason she is staying in a form of a silver-haired girl. Probably she’s in love with this normal high school kid that she is living with, Mahiro Yasaka. Apparently his ‘normal’ life came to a halt when he was chased around by aliens and was saved by Nyarlko. Oooh. Too bad I really wanted to see how that happened since I have a feeling it would be a funny encounter. I mean, after the opening lines that “the anime that always creeps up beside you with a smile”, that has got to mean something cute and funny rather than horror, right? Plus, the novel itself has been described as “high-tension, chaotic comedy”. That’s too good for me to pass up this chance. I just have got to check it out.

The ONA is only 1 episode long though it contains 9 very short episodes string together. All of them lasting around a minute or so except for the final one which runs close to 6 minutes. With the running time this short, that will be hardly anything to develop, right? So basically they are just short skits of Mahiro, Nyarlko and their pals as that poor high school kid try to keep that weirdo Cthulhu from stepping out of line.

Nyarlko decides to hope on the bandwagon of certification and start ad Cthulhu Certification Programme and make “The Creeping Nyarlko” the examination material. She was so into it so much so Mahiro had to stab her hand with a fork! It’s bleeding! When she even tries to lure viewers that it comes with ecchi photos of them, she gets another fork stabbing. Ouch!

Nyarlko notices that her pet Shantakkun is taking a liking to Mahiro. He wonders if she’s jealous. To prove that it is still loyal to her master, she orders it to come to her. Unfortunately it went over to Mahiro’s arms. Sadly, Nyarlko had to beat it up real badly and lie that it really came into her arms. Heartless!

Body Pillow
Mahiro spots Nyarlko using her PC to combine her hobby of vocational expertise to design a cover for a body pillow. Turns out to be a top-naked body of Mahiro. He stabs her hand with a fork. Though she decided to make it for her personal use, she gets another stab. No way is he going to let his image be used.

Mahiro spots Nyarlko playing the hottest galge in town called Lovecraft Plus. He reminds her not to do stuff that pisses off people. She continues that this game the heroine has to try to get the main character to fall for her, though most people will experience a decline in sanity before achieving it. Mahiro is surprised that the game isn’t banned.

Nyarlko watches Mahiro play an RPG game. She recommends one that is popular, which is Hainyaru Fantasy XIII. The feature of this game allows the monster you defeated to join your party. But when they join, they’ll ask you for money and once you’ve paid up, they get angry and will have no intention of joining you. Would it be better to just kill it in the first place?

To Be Continued
Mahiro and Nyarlko host a segment whereby viewers can asks question about The Creeping Nyarlko light novels. The first letter asks why is Nyarlko’s lunch break was after the 3rd period in volume 1 but after the 4th in a short feature in another magazine. Nyarlko couldn’t answer and rips the letter apart and says “to be continued”!

The duo host The Creeping SAN-minute (3 minute) Cooking Show. However words and ingredients Nyarlko says or introduces are censored out! Does she slip her tongue and say something about the Washington Interspace Convention? When Mahiro finds out that this show is The Creeping SAN(ity)-minute Cooking Show, she stabs her hand.

Treading on Sacred Ground
Mahiro asks Cthuko about the time she helped out evil Nodens and waited in R’lyeh just to meet Nyarlko. Something which could make her a criminal. She rather not talk about it but Mahiro says he’s not trying to accuse her but wondered since her uncle works for the Planetary Protection Corporation, she could’ve used that connection to meet Nyarlko instead. She burns his manga and warns him that there will be no next time. Mahiro is clueless what he has done to deserve this.

First Love
Cthuko wants Mahiro to teach her to cook as promised. In the kitchen, Cthuko wants to make something that Nyarlko that will do something ecchi with her. Since there isn’t that sort of thing, she decides to make a simple cake. The preparations include using Cthuko’s hands to melt the butter, Cthuko eating the tart that’s supposed to be used to make the cake, using her energy ball to let the cake mixture set. Later he asks why is she infatuated with Nyarlko. She tells her story back when she was in Space Kindergarten, she got picked on a lot when they play “make-believe Saint Seiya” due to her Pisces horoscope. She was being made the baddie and couldn’t retaliate. Since she didn’t have many friends back then, she was happy that she was invited to play even if it was a baddie part. But it became harder to bear and gotten sick of it. She wanted to get out but couldn’t. That’s when Nyarlko appeared and blew away the bullies in some “unofficial player” story. Cthuko found her cool and that’s when she first took a liking for Nyarlko. After Cthuko goes about to get some black tea, Nyarlko comes in and Mahiro asks her if she remembers about her kindergarten days. This brings back nostalgic memories as she retells how she blasted everyone away when everyone was playing make-believe. In the sense that she’d staged an armed intervention against them and walk away after defeating both sides. Mahiro learns that she was the one who also staged the make-believe Saint Seiya, Cthuko was also blown away with everybody else. He says that this isn’t what he heard for Cthuko when Nyarlko adds that she left them with a signature phrase: “Make-believe time is over!”. Plus, she earned the nickname, The Idling Breaker (A Certain Nyarlko’s Idling Breaker – parody of that Index series). This proves she’s really a despicable kid. That’s not supposed to be a happy ending, right?

If the bite-size of the ONA felt like just an ‘appetizer’, then I’m sure fans will be glad that the TV series entitled Haiyoru! Nyaruani: Remember My Mr Lovecraft came out later in that year. However, if this is supposed to be the ‘main dish’, then I’m sure that from my point of view it won’t be ‘satisfying full’ since the TV series is just over 4 minutes long! Calling it an alternate retelling doesn’t seem appropriate because it’s more or less the same thing. As I’ve said, I didn’t read the novel so I wouldn’t know. The only difference is that at the end of each episode, there will be a countdown on the number of days (decreasing by 7 days in each episode’s passing) to the impending doom of mankind as we see a huge rectangular alien space ship approaching Earth. Ooohh. I guess even amidst all the nonsensical comedy, there will be something big and shocking looming and time will only tell at the end what it is, eh?

Episode 1
Nyarlko cooks Mahiro some breakfast and has the cheek if he either wants wagashi (a traditional Japanese sweet) or watashi (me – referring to herself). Because Mahiro puts up his usual disappointed face, she goes on ranting about the disappointment of fans not getting to see something steamy between them since this novel is adapted into an anime. I thought it was just her pent up desires all along. Then Cthuko wants Nyarlko to mess her up so she chides her being a sex maniac. She’s the one to say! Cthuko goes on about Mahiro can eat his breakfast while Nyarlko can gobble her up. Nyarlko quickly gives Mahiro an extravagant breakfast and pesters him to eat. But when Shantakkun eats it, it collapses. It’s spiked! However Cthuko and Atoko are eating it and find it delicious. Erm… Who is this Atoko girl in a black kimono? How the heck did she come in? The countdown starts off with 70 days left till humans become extinct.

Episode 2
Mahiro introduces Atoko who is her old classmate during high school. Mahiro thinks Atoko seems fairly normal but Nyarlko tells him not to be deceived because she’s really a pervert. Is she one to say? She proves it by asking Atoko to say her favourite 2 words: AV Actress. Huh? Nyarlko proceeds to put words in Mahiro’s mouth, claiming that he promised to marry her. Atoko says that Nyarlko called her down for an important mission, thus her visit. Nyarlko tries to change the subject. Then Atoko starts speaking like a married wife like wanting to wash her back and suggesting things that seems to indicate sex (eels for stamina?). Nyarlko vehemently objects so Mahiro tells her back that she too can’t actually talk like that too. In the confusion, Nyarlko spouts that Mahiro likes her more. Then Cthuko walks in. Atoko sees her and finds her very cute and wants to take a bath together. Feel like punching her too? Another sicko joining the gang. And yeah, 63 days left till humans’ extinction.

Episode 3
Atoko talks to Cthuko if she has done *** and ***. All of her next sentences at least has a censored word regarding her impression and thoughts about her being a ***. Ironically despite Cthuko being bold when it comes to ‘it’, she’s embarrassed with that topic with Atoko. Nyarlko brings another one of her friends, Nyarue to come over and play. After introducing her to Mahiro, Nyarue is taken in by his kindness and her mind goes crazy wondering if he has fallen for her. Perasan. She even starts wondering if it’s okay to love him too. Mahiro ponders her carrying a baseball bat so Nyarlko just says that she’s the athletic type and wouldn’t go further than that. Nyarue gets panicky and after asking if Mahiro would be comfortable going out with her, she bursts into something hideous that could only be mosaic out. So is that burnable trash she turned into? Probably not. Ah, 56 days left.

Episode 4
After a long silence in the elevator, Atoko says to Nyarlko “If you open your heart up, you won’t need to strip all the time”. Huh? Mahiro notices Cthuko playing an old console. She gives a swan metaphor that even if it looks calm on the surface, beneath the water its legs are kicking like mad. Thus this console may look old but it’s hi-tech on the inside. For instance she can store her blood type in it. Uhn… Then Mahiro notices something wrong with the goldfish and is upset if Cthuko did something to it. She admits she fed it something… From space. The goldfish has legs! Cthuko is so dense that she thought the goldfish is having an image change. Later Nyarlko is saying something about lots of people thought it was wrong but since someone famous was asked to make it, they couldn’t refuse it. Mahiro replies that there’s no problem since everyone is happy with it. Is that a shadow of a reindeer? I didn’t understand this part. Oh, 49 days left.

Episode 5
Everyone soaks in the hotspring. However there will only be 1 scene in this episode. And that single scene is of Shantakkun soaking inside a tub. Our minds will go wild after hearing those ambiguous talks from the girls. Touching here, rubbing there, splashing here, fantasizing there. Nyarlko tries to tease Mahiro alone on the other side that there are bouncy boobs here but he isn’t buying it. I guess Cthuko and Nyarue got too excited that they couldn’t control themselves over Nyarlko.  Ah, all those ambiguous stuff… Things coming out… Body shampoo lah… Touching in weird places… Are we viewers being ‘duped’? Atoko’s poetic verse: The bath is like life’s laundry machine. Say what? Remember, only 42 days left.

Episode 6
Cthuko wants to buy a scarf to wear together with her beloved Nyarlko so she gets a part time job. Mahiro finds out from Nyarlko, mocking that pervert for taking up a job so much so she wants to laugh. He says back that she should get a job herself but she insists that if she does, she would have already lost. Cthuko is seen heating a frozen food upon a customer’s request. She uses her body heat power too much that the whole store exploded. Next she is seen taking orders from a customer. However the customer keeps on changing, cancelling and adding items to her order. Cthuko is so confused and at the end of it when the customer asks what was her original order again, she explodes. Then working as a petrol pump attendant, Mahiro strongly advices not to work here. Yeah, don’t want it to go mega boom this time. Back home, Nyarlko spots Cthuko knitting a scarf and wonders about her part time job. Her reply: If she works, then she has lost. Ah, same thinking… Tick tock, tick tock, 35 days left.

Episode 7
Atoko requests Mahiro to help her find a site that she visited but do not know how to get there since he’s PC-literate. Seems there is a semi-naked picture of Atoko on her desktop and whenever the mouse goes over the icons, it makes weird ambiguous sounds. Is this some kind of test? Anyway Atoko couldn’t remember the page and only know it had dogs in it. Browsing through her history, he notices she went through 100 adult sites in a single minute! WTF?! After 2 hours of browsing through the many dog pictures, Atoko finally finds the one she wants and finds it cute. And that’s it. THAT’S IT?! I’m not sure about Nyarlko and Mahiro in some scene which is supposed to be in 3D, though it’s the same recycled scene. 28 days left to the inevitable.

Episode 8
Nyarue is in panic mode as she is seen explaining herself to Mahiro. Something about she was very focused on protecting him from night-gaunts but she soon turns tsundere giving an excuse she’s doing this not because she’s attracted to him or anything. Realizing she’s been a bundle of nerves, she wishes for him to forget what she said and reveals she didn’t had a good night’s sleep last night. Then she returns to her scatterbrain self after revealing she was actually half asleep and saw her scary face in the mirror (thus there weren’t any night-gaunts). However Mahiro just wants her to fix this as soon as possible. Seems he is in a public toilet and the door and roof are all broken down! But that isn’t going to happen since she panics and turned into a mosaic blob. Only 21 days left.

Episode 9
Mahiro finds himself in the RPG world. Seems an hour earlier, he was coaxed by Nyarlko and Atoko to play an RPG game that has some virtual realism. Turns out that it was too real and that he becomes involved in the game. Plus, he has very low life points but absurdly high magic points. He must be thinking this is some sort of a sick joke. Then a weird creature appears before him, asking if he wants to become stronger. Thinking this must be one of those scripted events, he accepts the wish and is given an elixir. He gets pissed off when he finds the potion is just leftovers. I don’t know how but after an hour later, he manages to get back out and has learned his lesson never to try anything those girls recommend. He should’ve known this from the start. How time flies because there is only 14 days remaining.

Episode 10
Mahiro sees a news report about the increase of residents missing lately. Everyone gathers for nabe but the girls have their different interpretations of it. Nyarue thinks it’s to eat up for tomorrow’s battle. Atoko thinks it’s when poor inferior males gather to circle around it (a guy in a 3D headgear with a bouquet of flowers in hand?) and her heart quivers at that thought. Cthuko mixing in weird things while Nyarlko couldn’t resist herself by mixing some mosaic thingy to turn it into a darkness nabe. She gets a bump on her head as punishment. Then they hear a loud deafening crash sound. That large rectangular alien ship crashes into the city on his house and it’s only a short time before the downfall of mankind… Oh dear, it is finally here…

Episode 11
As panic spreads throughout the region, Mahiro realizes this is what the mission Atoko mentioned earlier on. Unfortunately Nyarlko says he can’t follow because he’ll only be in the way. She tells him not to worry since the Planetary Protection Corporation will fix everything and that they will erase everyone’s memories with a tool that suspiciously resembles to the one used by the Men In Black. Nyarlko wishes that they’d do fun and happy things when they return but Mahiro is sceptical since her words sounded like a hint that it is the end. For once, the scene gets heart-warming as Nyarlko hugs Mahiro. She wants him to promise that if she returns, he’ll let her hold him like this again. He promises her that and those words were enough to give Nyarlko the strength to do her best. She promises that she will come back and confesses that she loves him.

Episode 12
This is supposed to be an unreleased episode from the TV series and was released with the box set with the other episodes. The mystery to what happened at the sudden abrupt end of the TV series is answered here. Mahiro’s house is packed with boxes. He is wondering when Nyarlko and co is coming back. Speaking of the devil, the girls arrive home with a happy expression. They thank him for watching over the house. It’s revealed that the girls just went to a Space Comiket, the Corporation took the humans up to get limited edition figures but erased their memories after. So was everybody fooled by their hobbies? Nyarlko insists that Earth was in a major crisis and if they hadn’t collected some rare figures and create some triangular magical barrier, Earth would’ve been destroyed. So they protected the Earth with sexy figures? Don’t mind the small details, eh? So basically they went up to Space Comiket to get figures to save the Earth from destruction. Yeah, it was a battlefield out there. Plus, Mahiro was stuck at home so that the Space Delivery could tell where to deliver the goods (so the ship that stuck to his house was just a pointer?). And Nyarlko didn’t tell him because she thought somebody told him. But apparently nobody did. Now at close to boiling point, Mahiro finally asks why he still has his memories intact. Nyarlko mentions about the promised hug and kiss when she return and after that she would erase his memories. Now a deadly aura is emitting from Mahiro and after a long absence, it’s that fork punishment! OUCH! She’s one bad girl, he’s one mad boy, it’s one ‘sad’ world. The final antic from Nyarlko that since the TV anime is over, it’s time for the drama and make it a romantic porno! You know what Mahiro is going to say about that, right?

The Perverted Call Of The Cthulhu…
Haha! What a chaotic end. The world was saved thanks to the hobbies of otakus. Is that what they’re trying to say?! For a very short series, I have to say that everything was just okay. Some of the jokes requires viewers to have some knowledge about the novel so if you are one who doesn’t read (like yours truly), you’d find that the jokes are hard to understand and at some point very hard to follow as you won’t be able to follow it. I skimmed briefly over Wikipedia about the Cthulhu Mythos and from what I see, there is quite a following on this fictional cosmic entity. Speaking of the Lovecraft guy, I think he has made several cameo appearances in the series with his mug shots appearing here and there. Yup, I think that real picture of his face has got to be him. Otherwise, why use the name Lovecraft, right?

I don’t know if the Cthulhu and other creatures under this mythos are as odd as portrayed by the girls here. When especially they are quite perverted. Nyarlko’s love for Mahiro and her intention to do ecchi things with him makes you think if she has some unfulfilled desires pent up inside. Same case with Cthuko towards Nyarlko. She may just sound shy but as far as Nyarlko is involved, anything goes. Don’t be fooled by Atoko’s kind demeanour too. She’s just like them though I’m not sure if she’s into Nyarlko or Cthuko. Maybe both. And Nyarlko really has the cheek to tell them off for being perverts when she is really one herself.  Nyarue is pretty funny herself whenever she goes into panic mode and then poof! She turns into a mosaic blob after burning out from embarrassment. Is she really attached with the baseball bat? Thank goodness Mahiro has a way with dealing with them (most of the time) especially Nyarlko. I just love it when he sticks his fork into her hands and it really bleeds profusely! This is evident in the ONA but none in the TV series (I guess you can’t show blood and gore here but heck, what’s the difference?). Nyarlko will go into profuse apologetic mode after that and though she usually doesn’t learn from it, it rather makes her cute to see her like that. Forgive me if I sound like a sadist. And erm, with 4 deities around him, doesn’t this look like a harem? It didn’t go that way.

The animation is Flash-based so it’s a little refreshing to see a slightly unique art as the characters are visually cute. However, the conventional ink and paint base is also used but only for the ending credits animation, which oddly lasts as long as the short episode itself. So with 4 minutes of air time, half of it is dedicated to the ending theme, Koi Suru Otome No Catharsis by LISP. The song beats to a lively and bouncy tune. Hear any longer of it, I think I’ll be going “Anata wa yuujou, yuujou~” with “Watashi wa aijou, aijou~” and “Futari wa joujou, joujou~”. Since ink and paint was used for the animation, the characters here look like your typical bishoujo characters. In fact, they look good and pretty so I thought it must have been a wasted for them to look like this in the ending credits. It’s worthy of those kind of animation if this story was longer and had more drama and development in it.

The opening warning notice about sitting in a well-lighted room and at a safe distance may be typical and seemingly imposing (a hint of the impending ‘invasion’?). But if you read at the few lines at the bottom, some of them are nonsensical and quite funny. Among them include “This is a low action anime”, “The pen tablet broke…”, “There will be not much movement in this episode”, “This episode will move more than the last time”, “Her SAN is almost at zero” and “Wishing you a Happy New Year”. And for a short series, is even having a next episode preview necessary? I mean as far as I remember, they don’t really seem to be narrating on what is next but rather go on ranting on random and nonsensical stuff that don’t really matter. The scene of the next episode preview is a live action scene though we see a CGI of Shantakkun spinning round and round and round and round… And some of the episode titles too are weird and don’t make sense to the particular episode. It’s like somebody just randomly named it for the sake of having a title. Like episode 2’s “Endless Christmas” and episode 3’s “To The Market”. Huh? Did any of that happen? Of course there are some which are meant just to make you laugh. Like 2 of the episodes having the title Naiyou Mitei (Content Undecided) and the episode after that, it is still undecided. Episode 9 has got to be the most ridiculously longest title that never made sense. It’s long enough to fit the maximum word character of Twitter. No, maybe longer. At first I thought the narration was one of the random spouting before I realized it was the title itself! WTF?!

I’ll be sure to keep in mind the next time when there are aliens trying to invade us, it is just a universal version of Japan’s famous Comiket convention. Hey, even the influence of anime, manga and games have spread to the far reaches of the galaxy. I mean, who would travel millions of light years away just to destroy our planet. But otakus will travel even double that distance to get to their favourite must-attend convention. Having a deity living you may or may not be a good sign. In case if there is one, just remember to keep a fork in hand. They can come in handy when taming perverted deities.

F*ck! This is one anime whereby you can judge a book by its cover. With a title like Panty And Stocking With Garterbelt, it’s not hard for everyone to think that this show is not for kids. Damn right! Parents, you don’t want your kids watching this show because it is filled with sexual innuendos, indecent jokes, shameless rip-offs, profanities, toilet humour and the likes so for those who really get offended by watching this kind of genre, please stay out. For those who wish to journey into it, do it at your own risk. Just remember to leave your brain in a safe place so as not to get corrupted or influenced before taking it back.

One very obvious difference about this series is the drawing and art. Not your usual anime style cute, wide-eye girls and handsome hunks. Yeah, blocky and kinda… Cartoonish. At first looks, in nobody’s right mind would you have thought that this is an anime. Nobody. In fact, everything here is so different and non-anime-like so much so you may have mistaken this to be an American cartoon! Indeed 99% of the show feels like an American production (though this series is produced by Gainax. Those guys who brought you weird shows like that Gurren Lagann series, Mahoromatic, FLCL and Abenobashi Mahou Shoutengai). The action and humour is so American-like. The characters are so Caucasian-like. The sounds effects that splatter across the screen like you see in comic books are in Roman alphabets and English. What’s more, all the music including the insert songs, opening and ending themes are in English. The only thing that makes this an anime besides the production house is that the main language spoken is Japanese. Even so, at times that put in some English in their sentences (usually profanity). It’s amazing this show even got past the censorships and be shown on TV.

So everybody is saying how this is a very ecchi version of Powerpuff Girls. No more the sweet little innocent kindergarten girls but grownup hardcore dirty ladies. Here is the brief synopsis. The city in focus is Daten City. No, not the City of Townsville, mind you. Just like any cities, crimes are bound to ‘flourish’. Like our titular characters, the Anarchy sisters, Panty and Stocking are fallen angels from Heaven. Say what? You heard that right. It’s Panty NOT Patty. It’s Stocking NOT Stockard. So how the heck did they become angels anyway? Their behaviour is so bad that they are kicked down to Earth for a redemption mission. But even so, will they learn? That’s because Panty’s mind is always filled with sex and men while Stocking’s head is nothing but munching away sweets and her gothic fashion. Bad role examples for angels. That pretty much says about them. You can add more if you wish. They live in a church with an afro priest named Garterbelt who is also their mentor. He gives them their missions but always gets annoyed by their f*cking behaviour (oops, first profanity of this blog). However he is not the one to talk as he too has his own weird fetish. You’ll find that out later. They have a little green dog called Chuck (at least he isn’t named after some underwear) which serves as a punching bag and retribution for all sorts of unfortunate events. Say, doesn’t Chuck closely resemble to a character in Invader Zim?

So basically the sisters’ mission is something like this. Going around in their jeep called See Through (what’s with all this underwear names?), they have to go around defeating ‘monsters of the week’ called Ghosts. They are born from men’s suffering and despair and you can easily spot them with their dark colour and red outlines. How do they do it? Well, Panty has this ability to materialize her panty into a gun while Stocking her, erm, stockings into twin swords. Yeah, taking their undies off makes it look like they’re doing some striptease show. Besides, this is the only time you’ll see the girls in hot sexy anime-style bishoujo drawing. Yeow! And that “Fly away now. Fly away~” background theme, it’s even catchier. Each time they defeat a Ghost, several number of coins called Heavens (depending on the difficulty and complexity of the Ghost) will drop as their reward. Collect enough and this will allow them to return back to Heaven. Seems like a long road. Do they even want to go back seeing all the men Panty can sleep with and all the desserts Stocking can stuff her face with? Oh by the way, another fun thing about each time a Ghost is defeated, a real paper mache model of the Ghost is made and filmed being exploded to bits! Boom! Come to think of it, can Daten City even survive the havoc that the sisters will wreck? They’re quite destructive, you know. So are they really angels?

Episode 1A: Honour Without Excretion And Humility
We are introduced to the characters and even seeing them in ‘action’. Not Ghost action. Yeah, Panty’s having her satisfaction in bed with some guy. Who knows how many she’s done in. And Stocking? Let’s hope she brushes her teeth after all that sugary treats. Anyway, the sisters are to investigate the case of people being swallowed by toilet. Yup. Here’s your toilet humour. What a way to start it off with a stinking bang. So Panty thought it is some plumber but ends up f*cking that guy. Ultimately Panty experiences of getting eaten by her own toilet bowl. The chaotic scenes that ensue sees everyone vomiting and puking whenever they come into contact with that stinking stench. What more, everyone is covered with sh*t. Ah, that’s how they’d probably feel about life. Just kidding. Oh yeah, it’s a Ghost who is behind all this. So the sh*t Ghost starts rampaging and covers everyone and everything with faeces while the stupid numerous police starts shooting at it knowing too well that their pee shooter bullets can’t harm a single thing. So leave it to Panty (covered in excretion) and Stocking to shoot and slash the Ghost for good. How many Heavens? Just one. Ah, sh*t.

Episode 1B: Death Race 2010
Panty is f*cking a new guy so much that she might be breaking Daytona’s record. Apparently she has no limit to reaching her climax because the guy reached orgasm many times fold! And I thought sexually active females should be able to climax faster and more. Anyway, there is some Ghost who is able to possess vehicles, speeding down throughout the city like nobody’s business. So it’s up to Panty (perhaps it’s best for her to leave her guy to find her new thrill) and Stocking to stop the speed demon. Of course, the useless police seem to just pile up all along the way. During the high speed adrenaline chase on the freeway, Panty’s panty got stuck on the Ghost so it’s going to be tough not to damage her precious pantsu. After possessing trucks to even trains, zooming pass clueless citizens, the crazy exhilarating chase comes to a climax when Panty gets back her special weapon and blows a point blank shot in the Ghost’s head, sending him to a grinding and crashing halt. So what does Panty learn from all this? That speed and stamina isn’t important but technique and elasticity is. Oh…

Episode 2A: The Buzz Of The Beehive
Panty and Stocking are sent to infiltrate Daten City High School to investigate a series of disappearance. They’re supposed to do it discreetly but end up entering so flashy that they attract attention. They also meet a geek boy who dresses somewhat similar to a Ghostbuster, Brief, and also an obnoxious current-queen and cheerleading club leader of the school, Barbie. With the sisters coming into the picture, Barbie’s popularity is in threat as she tries to sabotage them but it all backfires and ends up embarrassing herself. Brief who has a crush on Panty (it’s a one-sided crush by the way) offers to help out to look for Ghosts since well, he’s an occult freak. With jealousy running high, Barbie plans an ultimate attack on the sisters and it is revealed she herself is a Ghost and the one behind the disappearances. As expected. She fails and this releases all her slaves from her hypnotism. And what Panty is to do than to satisfy herself with those big and muscular rugby guys. I think she can do in the entire team.

Episode 2B: Sex And The Daten City
Panty and Stocking are living the life of celebrities seeing the release of the preview of their yet-to-be-released film. They’re really popular. Very. On the day of the premier, the announcer was saying something about their first movie but Panty isn’t happy because she did make a previous movie before. She proceeds to show to all those clueless blokes on screen live to the whole world. Well, turns out to be a porn video. However this threatens to end their high celebrity life so they go around the world and destroy every darn tape they could find. Amazingly, if this was so effective, we won’t be having issues of pirates and leaking anymore. But really, they did just that. From Egypt to war zones, that sex tape is just about anywhere lah. Ironically it could make her even more famous. If she could live with the fact of being a porn star. What’s the difference? Panty loves sex, right? In the end, they decide to keep the final copy for themselves. So on the day of the re-release of the movie, Panty gets cocky and even brags about editing out Stocking’s scene so much so she has no appearance at all. Hell hath no fury like a woman scorn so Stocking leaks the sex tape onto the internet. Yeah folks. Watch it on YouTube. If it’s still there, haha!

Episode 3A: Catfight Club
Panty accidentally ate Stocking’s pudding and they ended up in a huge argument. They aren’t seeing eye to eye. How will they do their mission? Beats me. Just do it separately. So they are to track down a pair of Ghost who are luring humans like some Red Riding Hood thingy. The sisters are united but their refusal to cooperate has the Ghost pair winning. They continue to fight among each other and ignore the Ghost but get a good pounding. As the Ghosts continue to mock them, that is when they have had it and decide to call a truce, team up and put a stop to the black-red menace once and for all. So it goes to show that they will only shine when they’re working together. It takes 2 to tango or clap hands.

Episode 3B: Pulp Addiction
This episode starts in a WWII-like D-Day gloomy atmosphere (only with lots of sex gags as motivation for those doomed soldiers). You know those soldiers in the boat knowing that they’re heading to their deaths once they reach land just to infiltrate the enemy on higher ground. Something about all this is General Scottie’s fault as we see the enemy in the form of tissue box and papers absorbing the army. So in present time, Garterbelt is having a hard time holding in all his… I’ll leave that to your imagination and has the sisters infiltrate a paper plant. They meet several sperm-like Ghosts who are causing shortage of tissue papers so that men can’t ‘relieve’ themselves as revenge. The crazy slut and choco mania couldn’t care less about their problems so they blast them all to smithereens like how they normally do. In the aftermath, the story of the doomed soldiers continues. Their penetration seems like a success when they are obstructed by some sort of plastic barrier. Uh… It occurred to me that this is a metaphor of ejaculation. You know those soldiers at sea are like sea man… Semen… Geddit? And even if they triumph over the tissues, now they’ve got condoms to deal with.

Episode 4A: Diet Syndrome
You know how girls love eating cakes but never like the idea of getting fat. Stocking never had that problem and it seems to be bugging her now. She goes on an intense diet but each time her hard work turns into despair because the more she refrains, the more weight she gains! Ironic? Then trying some reverse diet thing, the more she eats, the more she bloats up! Now she’s a big fat giant that resembles somewhat like that fat kid in South Park. She just keeps on growing and growing and growing. Panty learns that the cause of all this is a Ghost who is bend on making every girl in the world fat by eating her cakes just because she herself refuse to diet. So Stocking goes to get her revenge but finds her swords limping because her stocking has stretched out too much. So while the Ghost tries to escape, Panty fires a shot into that fat blob. Stocking resumes to her normal desired figure and continues to enjoy her cakes. Isn’t she worried about putting any more pounds? Better than going through that hell diet.

Episode 4B: High School Nudical
Daten City High School is holding a night lingerie run and the bored angels decide to join in. If a school can even hold this kind of event, imagine how low morality has fallen. Heck, even this show is so questionable. Yeah, just run the race in your underwear. Hey, isn’t that mysterious host Master G, Garterbelt in disguise? I’m sure he has his own ulterior motives for his fetish. Brief gets bullied by some other guys while Panty and Stocking thrills the crowd with their presence. Hey, they’re the new queens of the school, right? However their fun run is interrupted when a quick Ghost turns up eating everyone’s underwear. However the sisters have a tough time against the Ghost because their sacred weapons broke. Needing to find a substitute, Panty takes all the guys underwear to materialize into a gun but she finds them all useless. Too small, too twisted and too whatever unsatisfied reasons. Apparently you can tell a lot about a guy from his underwear. So the only one left is Brief’s and to Panty’s surprise, his guns are as big as a shotgun. And boom! There goes the panty thief blown up, covering the entire town with undies. And would you believe Master G’s advice about underwear soothes the soul sending the students into approval frenzy? But it seems on the news report he was arrested for being a suspicious person. Oh father, father, father, help us.

Episode 5A: The Runny
Everyone in Daten City has a new fad: Picking their own nose. Shock, eh? Hey, we’re guilty of doing it ourselves. Then there is this rich dude called Oscar who invites everyone for a party on board his blimp including Panty. In the party, Panty and Oscar get a room of their own and penetrated each other… Noses, that is. However Oscar turns out to be a Ghost and something about being with Panty makes his nose runny rather than hardened nose wax. Of course he has his nefarious plans of ramming the Moon using the guests’ nose bleeds (because everyone by this time has rubbed to hard). So leave it to the sisters to go into swinging high altitude action (the guests get a different kind of nose bleed after seeing Panty’s no-pantsu) blasting past Oscar’s Ghost flies and eventually the rich Ghost himself. I’m not sure about this part but the propulsion sent Stocking flying into the Moon which causes that satellite to sneeze as well. So Panty’s final words? Which hole do you get your thrill? I’m sure she’d get hers in any.

Episode 5B: Vomiting Point
This episode takes place at a neighbouring city of Daten City, Little Tokyo. Yeah, another gloomy slum city. But the drawing here takes another different turn. The characters here look like somewhat of those from Windy Tales or Mahaou Tsukai Taisetsu Na Koto: Natsu No Sora. Yeah, horrible. Terao is a struggling salesman and his weak demeanour doesn’t help as he gets a pep talk from his sales boss to improve. Even his colleagues badmouth and look down on him. Back home, his daughter is a big fan of Panty and Stocking and wishes to meet them. Yeah, you can see he is struggling to make ends meet for his family too. On the day Terao is supposed to attend his daughter’s birthday, his colleagues force him to join them in a drinking spree. They force him to drink glasses of beer till he can’t take it anymore and pukes. In that process, his vomit turns into a giant Ghost, flooding the city and causing everyone else to throw up. Panty and Stocking arrive to swiftly clean up the mess. Terao then pleads to come to his house for his daughter’s birthday. Why would a bunch of b*tches do that? But to show that they’re not that all black hearted, they leave their autographs in which Terao’s daughter frame it up on her desk. And for Terao, he is still the same struggling salesman. The gloominess never ends.

Episode 6: Les Diaboliques
Panty and Stocking’s popularity takes a dip because there is a new pair of hot sisters called Demon Sisters, Scanty and Kneesocks establishing themselves as the new popular queens with their strict regimes. It’s always about the ruuuuule (role your tongue for its effect). Plus, they are the mayor’s daughters. Aren’t they just evil rip-offs of the fallen angels? Who am I to say who is good and who is evil. What’s the difference anyway? They’re all f*cking b*tches. Oops. Sorry. The Demon Sisters also have a pet called Fastener which is of course Chuck’s counterpart. Ultimately Panty and Stocking couldn’t take any more of the humiliation and mocking and challenge them to just whatever. However the Demon Sisters beat them in every aspect. Hands down. Because of that, the Angel Sisters are banished to the lowest level of the school where the lowest of the lowest life form dwells. Who the heck can study in this kind of environment. Oh wait. School is for studying? With the help of Brief and some puny idiotic Ghost, the duo discover that the Demon Sisters are running some underground plant that manufactures fake Ghosts. Will they let their secret be blown? Oh yeah, even the Demon Sisters have their own menacing transformation scene. Hey, Scanty wears 2 panties?! I know, it’s for fanservice but it proves useful if you’re going to use 2 guns. As the girls prepare for a showdown, Chuck accidentally steals the stone that stabilizes the plant for making those artificial Ghosts. It ends up in Brief’s hands and a chase ensues. So what follows are action-packed scenes that has the counterparts fighting each other all over school. You’ll see windows smashed, furniture torn, toilet seats breaking as they try to outdo each other in a thrilling dog fight with all the bullets splaying into every nook and corner of the wall and the sharp edge of the swords slicing and dicing, slashing and hacking the wind, the air, the wall, anything you can name. It gets even exciting when Stocking and Kneesocks play a test of chicken in their respective vehicles, See Through and the ridiculously long luxury limo, G-String. Poor Brief gets caught in between and it’s amazing he is still breathing. The fright of his life. Then the Demon Sisters hold Brief to hostage. But the Angel Sisters don’t care about him, upsetting them about their f*cking attitude. So what about the rules? The rules that good guys are supposed to surrender when there’s an innocent party involved. What makes them think they are the good guys in the first place? “Rules are meant to be broken”, says Panty girl. It ends when Brief tosses them the stone and they blast it away to not only destroy the plant, but send the entire school on fire (poor guys who are taking a leak in the toilet got their dicks burnt) before it becomes a huge damn crater. This gives a whole new meaning for “school’s out”. Scanty and Kneesocks apologize to the mayor-cum-dad, Corset but he is not happy that they underestimated their enemy and failed. He sends them dropping down into some stinky toilet bowl lockup as punishment.

Episode 7A: Trans-whore-mers
Yeah, one of my favourite parodies and as usual, Panty and Stocking are in another argument while Brief tries to calm them down. Out of nowhere, that Autobot and Decepticon leaders land in the church about to begin their generations-long feud. They all got ‘disabled’ quickly when the sisters eat their power core. This causes them to turn into robots themselves. Each have their own set of robot followers as the feud escalates into an all-out and ridiculous war for who knows how long. From surprise assaults to silly decoys, you’re wondering what the heck they’re fighting for as their subordinates slowly get taken out. Meanwhile Brief tries to convince the heads of Optimus Prime and Megatron to stop the terror of robo-Panty and robo-Stocking. They must have misinterpreted his intentions because they decide to stop fighting each other (which is good news) and destroy the human race (which is bad news)! So now we know why Autobots and Decepticons can’t merge and live together as one because as seen in this case, they become Ghosts. Yeah, even robots from outer space can turn into one. Once again, it is up to Panty and Stocking to put aside their difference and work together to do what they do best together. Yeah, their transformation scene returns them back to their original self. The sisters are happy since they received a flood worth of Heavens but Garterbelt inspects and says they ain’t worth any sh*t because they are foreign Heaven coins. So yeah, the sisters continue their little feud and probably couldn’t care less about the impending doom that will befall on mankind. Isn’t that a giant Unicron just next to Earth?

Episode 7B: The Stripping
Garterbelt is mad that the sisters are wasting money like nobody’s business. Furthermore, their careless wrecking of the city has been causing them to fall in the red. They take up a challenge to earn 3 million in 3 days but it is easier said than done because they can’t just do a simply f*cking job right. Thinking about taking the easy way out to make money by gambling at a casino. Feeling lucky, eh? Yeah, they are indeed lucky, hitting the jackpot and could possibly their target soon. They really seem like they could put all those God of Gamblers to shame. Wanting to end their winning streak, the Demon Sisters disguise themselves as a croupier in a roulette game. As we know, it is rigged so the Angel Sisters are losing the winnings like water at each bet. Easy come, easy go. And if they don’t have the cash to splash, they have to strip their clothes and sell them. Are there any takers? Of course there are. Just look at all the perverted men behind waiting for a chance to grab a piece of their lingerie. Yeah, it’s like an auction too because their clothes bid are fetching a high price and ultimately the men are waiting to see their totally naked bodies, something that the Demon Sisters are planning as revenge for their humiliation. Because once they have no cent left, they will be automatically sucked and dumped out of the casino. Then on the final decisive bet, Panty’s sneeze (because it’s getting cold without the clothes) accidentally lands the roulette ball on the right number. They win and this causes the guys to go into despair. No more free show. This also causes some Ghost machine in the background to explode and flush out all the money it has been sucking. Another defeat for the Demon Sisters as they make their retreat. Back in the church, Garterbelt is pissed off that Panty is selling her sacred weapon online for 200 grand! Talk about dirty money. And Brief, he’s buying it to protect Panty’s panties. Maybe that’s just an excuse to own something belonging to her.

Episode 8A: … Of The Dead
It must be Panty and Stocking’s bad day because they are trapped in a police base with a few others (including Garterbelt) and the entire town is surrounded by zombies. No, not the one from Michael Jackson. The one that will turn you into a living dead if they manage to sink their teeth into your flesh. It is all part of Scanty and Kneesocks plan as usual as they are able to turn corpses into zombies. Not only that, they manage to make Ghosts out of zombies too. Now that is double the times to be undead. Since the Angel Sisters’ weapons have no effect on the zombies, they have to get some real ammo to blast the head off of those zombies. However the nearest so called weapon store turns out to be a sex items shop. Ah well. This will do. So along the way, we see the remaining survivors getting chewed and instantly turned into zombies and their brains getting splattered the very next. So it’s every man and himself or in the case of our angels, woman. I’m sure they’re trying to hint that being selfish isn’t a good sign so in the end, they too turn into zombies (they got bitten by Chuck). But unlike those mindless ones, they retain their sanity. Just that their bodies are now rotting and stinky. The Demon Sisters think their plan is going to be a success but they got a slap in their own faces because the zombies surround them and they got owned. I mean, if everybody else in town has become a zombie, don’t you think you should’ve run away instead of gloating in victory (which isn’t one by the way). Panty and Stocking decide to wait till morning because of the belief that they’ll turn back into normal. But when the sun rises, they’re still the same undead. Can we call this a happy ending?

Episode 8B: One Angry Ghost
Panty and Stocking are indicted in some sort of trial which pretty looks like a TV talk show called Judgement Day, hosted by Tom Croose, who is also the prosecution lawyer. No, that’s not a spelling error. But he certainly looks a lot like the real life celebrity. They are accused of murdering a friendly Ghost (not Casper by the way), making his Ghost wife inconsolable. All evidence points to them and they don’t really have a good alibi. As part of “your right to have a lawyer”, the sisters are to choose from a choice of 3: The oldest lawyer, the cheapest lawyer, or the lawyer with the highest IQ. They want to get out of this, right? Yeah, so choose the third one. Unfortunately, it turns out to be a monkey and his IQ is said to be the highest in monkey land. Bummer. Still acting like a monkey, though. They’ve been duped. So the sisters are made to provide evidence why people should believe that they aren’t the culprits but it wasn’t convincing enough so they are found guilty (they even had everyone putting in their votes) and put into some Iron Maiden device and are to be electrocuted. During the process, the monkey also gets electrocuted and this results into his IQ soaring sky high. Now he is an ace attorney! Don’t play play! Exuding confidence and grace, he tells everyone and provides evidence why the sisters couldn’t possibly be the murderers and ultimately the killer turns out to be the wife. It is revealed that the Demon Sisters were impersonating as Tom Croose and another host in another attempt to bring down the Angel Sisters. Of course they fail and escape so they leave it to their counterparts to clean up the mess. Since the judge is pleading them, I guess they have to go put on some show. Blam! There goes the Ghost. Now they’re really popular. And the monkey? After another round of electrocution (when it revealed the Demon Sisters), it returns to its original ooky, ooky self.

Episode 9A: If The Angels Wore Swimsuits
A beach episode as the Angel Sisters relax and attract the guys. Actually they’re supposed to be helping Garterbelt with his beach house. Unfortunately the Demon Sisters come crashing in because they’ve just bought the entire beach. This leads to both sides engaging in a beach volleyball match to determine who will control the beach. The losers will have to strip naked in front of the crowd. Well, no matter which side loses, the crowd will ‘win’, right? With their modesty on the line, both sides pull off fancy moves with equally fancy names. In the end, the angels won so the demons will have to live up to their end of the bargain. Being true to the baddies they are, they break their promise and turn the entire ocean marine life into Ghost to attack the beach while they themselves flee. The Ghosts wreak havoc on the beach by stripping everyone of their clothes. The guys really love that idea till those damn f*cking mini starfish and sea anemone stuck on the girls’ body as natural censors. Does Stocking really love the sensation of tentacles wrapping around her? Seems like it. As for Garterbelt, a huge whale wrecks his house. You can say that is one heck of a whale of a time.

Episode 9B: Ghost: The Phantom Of Daten City
The Angel Sisters are ‘staking out’ for some prospective guys to do them in. I’m sure Panty is the supreme expert as she can even tell by a single look what kind of man he’ll turn out to be, turning down choices suggested by Stocking. “He’ll opt for the missionary position so he can see your face when you orgasm”. Uhn… Oh those comments… Then Stocking spots a smelly (always farting) and rude Ghost who is trying to ask girls out but they ignore him because he stinks. However Stocking falls completely in love with him! Serious! Has love really come to Stocking? She’s a changed lady now as she dresses up nicely and even cooks for the Ghost guy on their date. However the Ghost guy is being a total bastard because he is unappreciative likes as though he is doing her a favour. Even so, Stocking remains loyal to him. Just like any other girl in love, they’d do anything to be with the guy she loves. Even if that includes abandoning her duty. Though she comes clean and tells her true identity and mission to that Ghost jerk, she decides to live her life as a woman rather than an angel and wants to elope. She’s willing to follow him to hell. For once that guy is sweating and panicking. On the day of the eloping, he tries to be concern but it turns out to be Panty in disguise. She’s going to exterminate him out of concern for her sister. Stocking arrives and she is hell bent on hurting Panty if she lays a finger on him. They argue about love when the Ghost feels repentant and gives Stocking a ring (shape of a dung?) and proposes to marry her. Stocking accepts but at that moment, the Ghost felt at ease and was able to move on to the next world. Stocking returns to her normal life and still keeps the ring.

Episode 10A: Inner Brief
Due to another one of the Demon Sisters’ traps, Panty and Stocking shrink into their mini sizes. Being small doesn’t mean that they’ll be good little girls. Instead they continue to be the naughty and destructive angels we all know as they end up inside Brief’s body and mess around with his brain, lungs and whatever organs they can get their hands on. I just wonder why they didn’t play with his balls. Haha. Anyway the effect of the shrinking is wearing off so they are threatening to blow out of Brief’s body if nothing is to be done. Yeah, have you ever seen a pregnant guy? Besides that movie Arnold stared in. There is one way, though. Garterbelt is going to do some intensive surgery on his arse! Oh sh*t! GAAAAAYYY!!! In the aftermath, the sisters freshen up themselves with a shower, not caring what happened to poor Brief who probably can’t use his butt for the next few months because he got screwed cukup-cukup. His butt must be hurting like hell. Yeah, this proves Garterbelt must be some sort of paedophile because he comments on his nice posterior.

Episode 10B: Chuck To The Future
In this short trilogy that is separated into several segments, Chuck is given a little taste of the limelight. In part 1, we see the usual fight between Chuck and Fastener but it’s usually the dumb former that gets disembowelled, mashed and there’s even a pyramid chart to show the pecking order of king Fastener at the top and loser Chuck at the very bottom. I don’t understand the end when Chuck ‘win’s by unzipping open Fastener’s mask and a little devil MIB lady runs away from inside. But Chuck gets run over by a car soon. Part 2 makes use of the zooming in and out and the circling effects as we see Chuck lying in bed all bandaged and kills a fly that annoyed him. This results in a bunch of flies attacking him. They fight and eventually roast Chuck inside a microwave oven. However Chuck regenerates back after that. Is this a Terminator parody? Part 3 left me scratching my head on what the hell it is all about. I think they’re trying to employ angles and visuals of psychological horror scenes like the black and white old video camera effects. So Chuck too has a male MIB devil inside him. When he spots his female counterpart (from Fastener), she kisses him and they end up having sex. At least that is what the shadow casted on the wall indicates.

Episode 10C: Help! We Are Angels
This is an MTV-like and worthy music video of the song, D City Rock Anarchy. Yeah, the quartet of the band singing and causing a mess and havoc everywhere they go. From backstage concerts to talk shows to hitching a ride in the desert to famous places all over the world. Behold everyone! Get ready for mayhem and anarchy! With Panty taking the lead vocals, Stocking on bass and Garterbelt on drums, it bugs me how the heck Chuck is going to handle the electric guitars. Oh well, don’t think too much. And Brief? Trouble always comes looking for him. Too bad for his short appearance. In its own right, I guess I could say that this video is quite cool. They even did parodies of several album covers like The Beatles, Nirvana and Lady Gaga. Hey, come to think of it, doesn’t the drawing look so much like Gorillaz? Of course there is a part that features them in their Japanese anime style art (the part Panty and Stocking are shown naked but the guitar or hair strategically covered those necessary areas, and sprouting angel wings). So in the end of it all in the video, everybody gets arrested for the ruckus and Panty gives the middle finger. What a way to end it with a bang. One thing I noticed in this entire episode and not just this part: There is no Ghost!

Episode 11A: Once Upon A Time In Garterbelt
The Angel Sisters get another lecturing for their f*cking attitude. But when he accidentally drops some sex toy, they become suspicious that he too has some secret activity going on behind their backs. Late that night, they tail him to a secret under-passageway to find evidence to get back at him. After miraculously getting through all those traps, they come across his diary. It details his life of crime and he has done every evil deed possible. Back then, he spots a Rastafan hairstyle. Garterbelt becomes a ruthless badass criminal as he makes his way up to the top of the ladder. He got everything. Money, power, women. Just like one bad deed deserves another, he gets killed. But God decided to give him a second chance and that is to become his missionary. Of course he would screw that idea off as he would prefer to drop into the depths of hell. However God has other plans for him. After getting zapped by His lightning (that’s where he got his afro), his life becomes a living hell when he is brought back throughout time from the dinosaur age to the early years of man and even those Biblical moments (it wasn’t Eve who ate the apple. It was Garterbelt!), each time barely escaping from the jaws of death. He went on to experience happiness and suffering throughout the ages and ultimately becomes a wise sage (though I feel he still has his quirks and fetish). By the end of the story, Panty and Stocking are heavily asleep so they decide to ditch their initial idea and go do something else. Yeah, and that story was just part 1! Who the hell cares about his past! At least not them. Either way, it shows that Garterbelt is some sort of cursed immortal, eh? After the sisters leave, turns out Garterbelt is hiding behind a picture in some bondage position wearing, uhm, garter belt. Something about his bondage is a secret method of judging himself. But why is he enjoying it? Masochist? Maybe living too long has got him some screws loose in his head.

Episode 11B: Nothing To Room
The camera angles for this episode is static so you’ll be watching the sisters talk nonchalantly away (because there is no action) from a single point of view in the messy living room. I think this is the episode that has the longest straight profanity streak. Anyway, the girls are reluctantly waiting for Garterbelt to cook them dinner. Yeah, why the heck did he wake them up hours before and up till now he still hasn’t finished. Must be some grand dinner, eh? The discussion involves Panty’s idea of making a pole to space so that they could reach Heaven, the guys they did in, getting tired of waiting so they ordered a hell lot of takeout orders so much so they got tired and hungry from all that talking. Then Brief comes by to pay a visit for some lunch party he was invited by Garterbelt. So nothing happening and back to more talk like the CD he bought, some TV drama and the reasons Garterbelt is doing all this may be for their appreciation (that’s why it’s taking so long). Then all the takeout orders arrive and now the room is filled to the brim with delicious food they ordered. But the sisters agree to wait for Garterbelt since well, they’ve been waiting for 9 f*cking hours on an empty stomach thinking that he may be really slaving away for their sake. So when Garterbelt really comes in with trays of food, he tells them that his afro was voted the best by some Afro Brotherhood Association thingy. He had is fill and is stuffed. He tells the dirty b*tches (that’s what he said!) to finish everything and not leave a crumb because all this food is a blessing from God. Yes people, do not waste your food. Brief makes a smart move by taking his leave when more takeout orders arrive. I thought the sisters wouldn’t give a sh*t and ignore stuffing everything but amazingly, the finished the whole damn thing! Now their bellies are bloated (though they didn’t become a giant like in the earlier episode). And they still can talk about making a return to Heaven with that pole and f*cking some guys. What else more to do but to talk when you’ve eaten full? And just like the previous episode, there isn’t any Ghost for the sisters to bust. Yeah, maybe they got tired of it once in a while.

Episode 12A: D.C. Confidential
This episode is mainly a recap episode from Scanty and Kneesock’s report to Corset. It is a summary of how those defeated Ghosts came from (they even had their own names) and the comments made from Corset. He did mention about wanting to find some kin of the Hell’s Monkey blood. I’m not too sure what is all that about except that it will bring chaos to Daten City. Corset is unhappy with the failures of the Demon Sisters so when he sees them indulging themselves all over in some food-fetish-cum-sexual-play instead of finding Hell’s Monkey blood, he sends them in for another stinky punishment. Then he sees footage of Garterbelt doing his ‘invasive surgery’ on Brief’s butt and he thinks he may have found it.

Episode 12B: Panty + Brief
After accumulating enough Heavens, the sisters are ready to return to Heaven. Seriously? They collected enough? Anyway only Stocking returns while Panty has to remain because of her slutty ways. Which is true because while Stocking is working destroying Ghosts, Panty is busy f*cking any guy she could find. Yeah, she wants to do in 1000 guys before returning to Heaven. No sex, no life? Yeah, this would put B Gata H Kei’s Yamada to shame. Panty is forced to repeat her duty so Brief feels happy that he gets to be her new partner. Not that she cares anyway as she goes round screwing up more guys to reach her goal. She is 1 guy short of her target when Brief gets a call to attend some party. Though he refuses, he thinks about Panty’s welfare and decides to attend and bring her along. Sure she is spoilt for choice but suddenly Brief is kidnapped and Garterbelt appears and warns her that a condition in her repeated task is to abstain from sex. So what about the other guys she had sex with? Anyway to prevent her from f*cking around, each time Panty thinks she is alone with a guy, you can bet that Garterbelt will be just around the corner to put a stop to her slutty ways. That’s why two’s a company, three’s a crowd. Then Panty spots a handsome guy through the aquarium tank. However he gets taken away. Then the mayor announces the marriage of his daughter to that handsome guy who is the son of the host of this party. However he refuses to marry out of convenience and points out that there is 1 girl he is in love with: Panty. She must be shell shock of what’s going on. If you haven’t realized it yet, that handsome kid is Brief while the bride is Scanty in disguise in another one of her failed traps. The Demon Sisters attack but Panty can’t effectively handle them since she is starting to lose her angelic powers. Brief takes Panty to escape as she realizes who he is. As they drive away from the city, See Through also starts failing for them in the middle of the woods. They notice an abandoned cabin and seek refuge inside. Just then, Panty okays with the fact to make Brief her 1000th man. She takes a good look at his face (man, he really does look good) and begin their intercourse. However Panty feels pain from his penetration. Garterbelt appears and explains about the reconstruction of her angel’s hymen called Virgin Revival Syndrome. In short, she can’t have sex anymore. Then Corset shows his face (seems he and Garterbelt know each other) and his happy that she unknowingly assisted in awakening the key. Well, the key is supposed to be Brief’s dick! Perhaps no wonder why Panty felt pain. The Demon Sisters mock Panty as a virgin angel who can’t have sex anymore. They take Brief and his key away. Panty losses all her powers and even her halo. See lah. F*ck around too much.

Episode 13A: Bitch Girls
It doesn’t help when Garterbelt tells Panty off that she isn’t a b*tchy angel, but just a normal b*tch and throws her out! Panty experiences lots of misfortune but she seems so pitiful that you don’t feel like laughing at her. Okay, I take that back. Then she sees the animals and people around her in sexual intercourse and couldn’t take it anymore. What follows next is a scene whereby Panty lives a happy and peaceful farm life in the mountains. All that tranquillity is shattered when a mountain gang attacks and massacres them (see how a farm worker got his organs splattered out!). Before the granny dies, she tells Panty that there is someone waiting for him and that b*tches are supposed to live a free life and the way she wants. Panty gets her resolve back as she rides through the havoc back to Daten City where Brief is being held atop Corset’s building in some sort of weird bondage of his with Brief’s dick. It is revealed that the gang assault and granny are still alive because it is just an act and all part of Garterbelt’s plan. Panty arrives at the top and tells Corset off in her b*tch talk about crushing anyone in her way and will do anything she wants. Corset mocks her and dares her to do it with Brief. She goes up to him to finish the job they started and says that though he is number 1000, he is number one. Corset panics as this causes the power inside Brief to be stable and orders the Demon Sisters to stop her. However Stocking reappears down from Heaven to prevent their intercourse from being interrupted again. She then throws the duo up into the sky because she couldn’t stand them f*cking in front of her eyes. That’s when Brief’s Key penetrates through Panty and hits her spot. You could say she’s finally experiencing Heaven with him. When she’s done with that, she joins Stocking in her fight.

Episode 13B: Bitch Girls: 2 Bitches
Brief also comes falling down but his Key landed directly into the keyhole. This activates the final form of Hell’s Monkey as the building starts to transform and open. An Ultimate Ghost also appears from it. How come it looks like some erected penis? They attack it but their sacred weapons are having no effect and it is spewing out smelly white liquid (?!). Corset transforms into his rippling muscle self and uses the Demon Sisters as his swords and fights Garterbelt in a sick bondage battle. Garterbelt tries to warn the Angel Sisters about Corset’s plan to use Hell’s Monkey to invade Heaven and thus causing Heaven and Earth to be overrun but demons and their rules. However the sisters can’t hear him and couldn’t be bothered with it. Corset then crushes Garterbelt’s heart and kills him (he even has his own paper mache explosion scene!). Brief is saddened by his death and ticks off Panty and Stocking’s attitude for not caring. However they tell him off and see an Express Black Card from Garterbelt’s afro. This allows them to buy unlimited supplies from Heaven. Then they tell Chuck to get serious as he transform into a large menacing beast giving the sisters a ride up the Ghost, in which Corset has merged himself with. At the top, they summoned a super cannon blaster and point it towards Corset. When they fire, they realize they faced it the wrong way. They just shoot Heaven! But that’s just a blessing in disguise because a real cut out of a sexy lower body torso in white panty and stockings appear from the clouds to step and crush Corset. The gate is closed and the city returns to normal. Brief’s dick also returns to normal. Garterbelt also comes back alive. Because he is an immortal, remember? He’s not allowed to die but he gets pissed off when he learns that they have used and max out his Black Card. Looks like they won’t be going back to Heaven for a while. Back at the church, Stocking asks Panty that their Heaven-sent weapons only work on Ghosts but not people. Wondering if it works on angels, Stocking suddenly stabs Panty in the head! OMG! She slices her into several pieces too! Stocking reveals a shocking fact: She is actually a demon! Then a piece of Corset appears indicating his plan to use pieces of Panty to make a trail to the neighbouring city and open Hell’s Gate there. Everyone stares at disbelief at this development (including the Demon Sisters) so Garterbelt tells Brief and Chuck to go forth and complete their mission. Yeah, perhaps it’s their to the frontlines. Brief And Chuck With Garterbelt. How does that sound?

Special: Panty And Stocking In Sanitary Belt
This 8 minute special is what you get when you buy the DVD, not Panty’s panties, okay. It consists of very short nonsensical and random clips that lasts from a few seconds and the most a minute. Some are hilarious, some downright dirty while some just plain gross. Check it out if you’re not fainthearted. The clips include Panty being invited to throw the first pitch of a major baseball game on live TV but she strips and shoves the baseball down her uterus instead (some Japanese pun of uterus and throwing the first pitch, I guess); Brief dating zombie Panty and as much as he loves her, she bites off his lips when he tried to kiss, chewed his head and swallowed him entirely before sh*tting him out in an instant; Garterbelt introducing some of the (in)famous places of Daten City but why does it feel like he’s going on a pedo patrol?; A Mario Bros game version featuring Chuck as the playable character who dies easily right at the start till the fourth try did he managed to win the level. Notice all the sexual innuendoes in the background? The panty clouds, tits mountain, blocks made up of ‘SEX’ on it, penis-like mushrooms and vibrator-like tunnels?; Newly born babies have their private parts cut off in a manufacturing factory to become popular snacks called Prickles! WTF?! F*CKING GROSS!!!; Garterbelt playing little figurines of Panty and Stocking on his nipple during bath time; Panty purposely cutting Stocking’s hair till she is bald after she accidentally sticks her gum on it so as revenge Stocking cuts off her head top and uses her blood as her new hair fashion; Panty and Stocking doing that transformation scene but it seems their movements are mannequin-like but they become broken and they end up getting swept away into the dust bin. Aren’t the clips all just sick?

Indecent Proportion / The Lord Of The Kinks / I Know Who You Did In Last Summer / Sex Toy Story / Dude, Where’s My Condom? / Sleep Impact / The Wizard Of Orgasm / Meet The F*ckers / Booty And The Beast / 69 (parody to 300)
The New Dirty Pair…
Oh gosh! Oh dear! Oh my God! What a twist at the end of the TV series! I never expected this. To be continued next season they say?! Well, so far I haven’t heard of anything so that cliff-hanger ending is definitely a shocker and unexpected. Well, at least to me. Even if there will be one, I’m expecting it’s going to be a bigger kickass and epic success that exceed expectations. Surprisingly, the overall series is quite enjoyable and fun. Yes! You heard me right! Even with all the sheer indecency, simplicity shallowness, shameless rip-offs, cussing, vulgarities, ridiculous exaggerations, WTF moments and mindless nonsense, those are probably the reasons why this series in its own right is quite entertaining. Of course, I left my brain somewhere else too. Depending on your beliefs, it is either you will love it or despise it. Some may go into culture shock for the distasteful and shameless portrayal about everything that is just so wrong. For me, I’m currently not a fan or avid follower of western cartoons at the moment (unless it’s Spongebob Squarepants) but to do so in the ubiquitous and saturated anime industry, it is really something different and unusual experience.

Due to the nature of the episodes, some of them end abruptly and do not have any subsequent effects in the next, making them somewhat independent of each other. It doesn’t really matter since it isn’t the plot that makes us the reason to watch this, right? ;p. So unless the final episode shocking revelation falls under this category, then I suppose there is nothing to worry about. But why am I feeling uneasy about it? Panty and Stocking being angels are questionable themselves due to their f*cked up attitudes. Sometimes you’d think that they are the devil themselves (which is what Stocking may seriously be). Scanty and Kneesocks as antagonists are equally as destructive and vile but being the baddies of the series, they have to lose, right? The onscreen chemistry between Panty and Brief was probably a short one. A one-sided love affair from the start. Panty still continues to call him Geek Boy and those nice words in the end were just probably to return his confidence and let her have her last fling. As for Garterbelt, he may look like the angels’ mentor but it’s quite ironic too that he has his distasteful habits. Like he is the one to preach, scolding four letter words at the girls (probably it’s the only way for them to really listen. Hey, can’t win them over with sweet words, eh?), a priest with bondage and shotacon fetish is unthinkable. Maybe that’s why he is cursed to do missionary work for God forever.

I’m not saying that the action is one of the greatest but due to the American-like production, it is sufficient and exaggerated enough to keep us glued to the seats. One thing I want to mention about the profanity spouted. While I notice that when the characters curse in Japanese, the English translated subtitle would no doubt put the four-letter ‘F’ word even if that word in Japanese doesn’t conjure up such a strong meaning. No doubt it may not be accurate, but think about it. There is an impact when that foul word is put in so if there is a streak of offensive lines, you’ll see lots of ‘F’ and ‘B’ words in it. Either you’ll find it offensive or darn funny (like yours truly). Another point is the bleeping and censor of some of the vulgar words. I noticed this. When that word is said in English, it isn’t beeped out but if it is in Japanese it is. Are they trying to say that Japanese viewers don’t really understand the word in English? Heck, even the four-letter word and its equivalent appear as words right across the screen! Sometimes repeatedly! So forgive me if my blog uses lots of those improper words. It’s for the impact. As for the names of the main characters, with many of them named after lingerie, I just wonder why none is named after a bra. Maybe a new character if there is ever a sequel?

All of the episode titles are parodies of some Hollywood movie, though some may not have any relevance to the episode plot itself. I’m sure you can spot some obvious once for instance from the old such as Back To The Future and the recent like Sex and the City and Death Race. Yeah, notice that I even come up with a few of my own for this heading? Oh great. Looks like I’m a little influenced. Of course in the series itself, there are many parody scenes from other movies or previous works of Gainax to look out for. Unless you’re a movie buff or have seen Gainax’s past productions and possibly (though not necessary) have a sharp eye, you may overlook them since it feels like blink-or-you’ll-miss-it. This includes cameo appearances of other characters from other animes.

Surprisingly the various background music which are a mix of techno, R&B, dance beat and pop sounds catchy enough. Yeah, turn on and up your bass effects and shake the house down. However after hearing briefly their original soundtrack, most of them sound really weird. So if you buy the album without thinking of its origins, you might think it’s some American artiste instead. The opening song, Theme For Panty & Stocking by Hoshina Anniversary lasts only 30 seconds! This is also the original length of the full song! The shortest opening theme that I have ever known! It got even shorter towards the end of the series. Not lasting more than 5 seconds. As said that the ending theme is in English, if you didn’t know if this ending theme was from this series, you might have mistaken Fallen Angel by Aimee B to be another American performer released via some American record label. Ironically, the full length song on the soundtrack lasts over 15 minutes! I did a little test-listening and found out its true length is only 4 and a half minutes. The remainder? Nothing! What a waste of ‘time’. Oddly in the ending credits animation, we see the Angel Sisters going through some sort of unfortunate events and suffering like being driven off the cliff, starving to death in the desert or being chained and sawed alive. Some sort of retribution after all they’ve done?

Sometimes I think that what they’re trying to exclaim is that panties and stockings are formidable weapons too in real life, if you know what I mean. Who would have thought that a few pieces of cloth could actually ‘disarm’ a man. Don’t underestimate them… This show may be a step in declining moral standards in our modern society today. But it’s something we have to accept seeing that the world has changed so much in a short span of time with technological advances providing easy information access and information overflow. So move over Powerpuff Girls, you’re too innocent way below your age to handle these hot improper stuffs anyway. We’ve got a new sexy crime-busting duo in town. Step aside Ghostbusters because people are definitely going to call them even if they end up destroying half the city. It’s time for Ichigo Kurosaki to retire as a substitute Shinigami and let the new pair take over the limelight. And for you normal citizens out there, looks like we have something new to fear besides the monsters. If they ever come to your city, please do lock your doors and windows and especially most important of all, keep your chastity safe.


August 12, 2011

Before there was a certain Haruhi that became God in the eyes of many, there was Yurie Hitotsubashi who was God of men. That’s right, a middle school girl became God. At least that is what happened in Kamichu. The God here isn’t referring to any Christian themed God that so many animes are using nowadays. A big majority of Japan’s religion is based on Shinto or Buddhism. This series is on the former. What I understand is that in this religion, there is a God to everything. Not just physical stuff but intangible ones like feelings and disposition. Well, it is going to be one hell of a crowded universe filled with God for just about anything don’t you think? I’m not saying that this series is intended to make you a believer of the Shinto religion but if you are looking for a nice and slow paced show and the kind that enjoys slice of life genres, you’d want to check this out.

Set in the sleepy town of Japan’s inland sea, Onoshima of the Hiroshima prefecture, being God isn’t a grand or easy job as you think. Yurie is a very shy and petite girl so it doesn’t really help that she is suddenly ‘burdened’ with such a huge responsibility. Aside from her God status, a big majority of this series sees her dealing with life like a normal middle high school girl. From dealing with big issues like attending Godly meetings to helping those in need to solving problems of the world, Yurie still has her own little problem to solve in her own backyard. Like summing up the courage to confess to the boy she has a crush on. And you thought it would be easier if she’d just used her divine powers, eh? Well even if there was an option (which I think not), confessing one’s feelings can be a daunting job. That’s why it always comes from the heart.

Episode 1
Yurie laments to her friend Mitsue Shijou that she has become a God but not sure of what nature. Classmate Matsuri Saegusa soon befriends her because she considers Yurie her soul friend as she lives in a local shrine, Raifuku. She takes Yurie up to the roof to find out what kind of God she has become by doing superhero poses? Embarrassing! They notice Kenji Ninomiya doing his calligraphy on the rooftop (he is the only member thus no club room). Matsuri notices Yurie’s crush on him and tells her about the legend that if she confesses on a very windy day on the rooftop, her love will come true. They continue the practice as Matsuri tells her to shout “Kamichu” (combo of god “kami” and middle schooler “chuugakusei”) to make some wind (not the wind from your other end, silly). Nothing worked. Matsuri invites them to her shrine for more training. What?! We’re continuing with this? There, Yuri takes her luck reading and it reads a little luck while her love relationship is presentment of a storm. They meet Matsuri’s little sister Miko (Miko in a miko outfit? Besides, she looks like a little version of Enma Ai!) because she believes she can tell what kind of God she is. Unfortunately she can’t so they decide to ask God. Doing up some scary ritual (at least from Yurie’s point) it ended with Yurie giving a big sneeze. Back home, Yurie panics when she sees the TV news that an impending typhoon named Yurie is heading their way! Why does the typhoon eye have her face in it? She gets a call from Mitsue to meet at school. Along the way, she sees spirits hanging on for their life as the wind builds up. She feels guilty as the cause. She reaches school and sees Matsuri who offers her assistance to stop the typhoon. After setting up and doing the rituals, however the typhoon didn’t recede. They see Ninomiya trying to save his makeshift club room (he’s doing that?!) but gets blown away by the wind. Yurie earnestly wants to save him and after saying “Kamichu!”, her hair grows long as she rides a spirit up into the typhoon. She grabs Ninomiya’s hands and slowly the typhoon disappears. As they float down, Yurie remembers Matsuri’s advice on the legend and takes this chance to confess to him. They safely land into the swimming pool but Ninomiya wonders who she is. How embarrassing! Next day, life returns to normal. Yurie goes to school and sees the spirits around and thinks it isn’t a dream. Seems everyone knows she has become a God, though she is pretty much the same. Ninomiya still the same dense guy too. He remembers Yurie’s name wrongly. Yeah, some even requesting her help to fix simple things! Being a God is tough.

Episode 2
Everyone loves teasing Yurie as the new God because she’s cute and a simpleton. Matsuri isn’t happy they’re looking down on her. Later she invites Yurie and Mitsue to her shrine as they will be holding a festival. When Miko returns, Matsuri wishes her to open the main shrine to see their local God, Yashima since Yurie has become one. As they pray, Miko then tells them the truth that she hasn’t seen Yashima for 3 months. She didn’t tell daddy because she thought she’d hurt his feelings. When they tell him, daddy decides to resign as head chief and concentrate on his vegetable farm (not the popular online game lah). Then they write and put on charms so that they can see the spirits around town and ask them about Yashima’s whereabouts. However they do not know where he is. Finally one thinks that he may be at where Gods convene at a shrine at the mountain top. Since only members are allowed, only Yurie can go further as she disappears into the small shrine. She enters the weird but peaceful world and is taken on the boat ride to ask the denizens about Yashima. However there are too many Gods so many aren’t sure who he is. Finally Yurie finds him at some bell place. She learns he is trying to form a rock band and wanted to embark on a new world because he doesn’t want to end up as a local God. Though Yurie says she doesn’t understand his complicated feelings, she likes the town and Miko is worried about him. She thinks she shouldn’t run away from home without telling anyone. He commends she has a stronger will than his and possess a pure heart and agrees to return to the town (plus, I think his music talent sucks). Yurie returns and since Miko is the only one who is able to see Yashima, she breaks down in happiness as he apologizes. Because Matsuri can’t see him, Yashima possesses Mitsue’s body to apologize. -The festival is bustling with people. Yurie meets Ninomiya at the back doing his calligraphy for the festival (he initially didn’t remember her name!). She asks if he believes in God and he replies since she is, he believes but it doesn’t matter either way. He notes that she can make many people happy and hopes his calligraphy could do the same. It’s Yurie’s turn to go on stage to officially declare herself as a God. She goes up but nervously. And before that, was that Yashima possessing Mitsue to do some helluva rock show? Man, she didn’t know what got into her!

Episode 3
Yurie is worried that her pet cat Tama has been missing for a few days. In school, Matsuri puts Yurie through some sort of God consultation service and they learn that many of their problems involve money. They summon Yashima (he comes riding on a pigeon and possesses Mitsue!) that the God of Poverty (let’s call him Binbou for short) is coming to this town based on the warning issue. Yashima and Yurie write charms as preparation to ward off the bad luck. Then they go placing the charms around town. Yashima tells Yurie that it’s impossible to fulfil everyone’s wishes as this would cause them to do nothing. He suggests she join the God Association so there will be some delivery and collection of requests that she can fulfil. That night, Yurie remembers how she first adopted Tama as a stray kitten. In the bath, she suddenly sees the entire town blackout! Misfortune befalls on the town the next day as everyone is inconvenienced, bad luck happening and business going bust. Yashima finds out that Binbou is already here and the warning issue is out-dated one (Matsuri slapped Mitsue’s head so hard that Yashima fell out!). The only way is to confront him and chase him away. They need to find the place with the worst luck to pinpoint his location and it seems their shrine is it. They prepare to confront the unknown when they spot Tama. However it’s not a normal cat as it stands on its two hind legs. Actually it’s Binbou possessing Tama. Matsuri scares it away and chases it down like a mad hunter trying to shooting it with her arrows! When Yurie finally manages to catch up with him, she wants him to give back Tama and that he is causing the town trouble. He agrees and is about to leave but Tama pleads him not to go because he saved her life. Flashback reveals Tama ran away from home to explore new possibilities but drowned. That is when Binbou saved and possessed her. He didn’t mind leaving but Tama persists. Yurie agrees that Tama could keep him if she looks after him. As Tama jumps into Yurie’s arms, Yurie’s hair grows long and she releases an aura that turns all bad luck into amazing good luck! Wow! Later Yashima explains that Binbou’s power is cast off in this town for now and that Yurie needs to fill in that power once in a while. The forecast series for the God of Poverty is even suspended. Binbou notes how Yurie is kind to keep her so Yashima says she will not abandon those in trouble, whether a person or God.

Episode 4
Tama seems to be more intelligent than usual. Though Yurie’s parents don’t mind, her brother Shoukichi becomes suspicious. A little lunchbox lands outside Yurie’s yard. A trio of spirits appear and they claims they are from God Association to help her out with the wishes. They are Team Happiness. Looks like she’ll have her first one as the TV reports a Martian UFO crash-landing in the capital. Yurie is whisked away to Tokyo. She meets the Prime Minister for the first time (he also quips meeting God for the first time). She is thrown into a room to make contact with the Martian (a cute pink jellyfish?) being held captive. “Diplomacy is guts!”. Martian uses a telephone piece so that they could communicate in Yurie’s language. She learns Martian is here to return a ‘lost’ NASA Viking spacecraft stranded on Mars. The PM is making arrangements to hand it over to US because he is some dog to Uncle Sam. As Yurie goes to buy souvenirs, she sees a couple of army helicopters trying to lift the Martian spacecraft. To her horror, she sees Martian being strapped and taken away and the PM lied and twisted his words about her release. -Yurie is taken away but she tosses a transmitter as requested by Martian. She creates a device out of it and makes everyone except Yurie temporarily fall asleep. They seek refuge inside the building as they chat about going home. The PM takes charge in capturing the Martian and orders the army to storm into the building. Yurie manages to write a charm to slow their movements to escape. The army chase them outside but it’s just a fake decoy by Team Happiness. The real duo are sneaking towards the UFO but luck runs out when a bunch of army point their guns at them! The whole lot pointing their guns at a little girl?! Pointing their guns at God?! Well, all the more reason to. How does Yurie get out of this? Through diplomacy by telling them about the exclusive defensive security policy on they have no right to attack them and the proper time to use their weapon! She’s right! They back down and so they coolly pass through but meet the final obstacle in the PM. He struggles to capture the Martian as part of his ambitions to improve relations with USA. A part of the Viking fell off and hit his head so he faints and taken away via ambulance. He deserves it. Yurie and Martian say their farewell and emotionally embrace. Martian hopes she will visit Mars. How long would that take?! Back in her hometown, Team Happiness comes with another request. Now a large submarine emerges from the sea and the news reports about the government coming into contact with people living at the bottom of the sea. Looks like she’ll miss class again.

Episode 5
Yurie’s cold causes her to collapse while doing her consultation service in class. The client thought God died right in front of her! Yurie’s mom, Akane fetches her home early to see a doctor and rest. The next day, her cold got worse so she has to spend another day in bed. Ninomiya finally gets Yurie’s name right but is still blur about her sickness. Can you consider that a progress? Shoukichi follows Miko home to buy a get well charm for his sister. Back home, Team Happiness pays Yurie a visit. Next day, Yurie’s dad, Kenkichi decides she should stay in bed for precaution though she is recovering. As Yurie is talking to Tama, her spirit suddenly floats out from her body due to the charm. Curious Yurie floats around town and is fascinated by the scenery. Of course humans can’t see her and only the spirits. One spirit in particular thought she had given up being a God and became a ghost instead! Yurie goes to see Mitsue and Matsuri in school but they can’t see her so she goes to the rooftop to fawn over Ninomiya doing his calligraphy. As she tries to touch his face, he reacted as though he knew she was there (maybe it’s just the wind). Just then Yurie disappears and the next time she opens her eyes, she’s back in her body and room. That evening, Mitsue and Matsuri pay Yurie a visit. Matsuri made a get well charm for her but it’s a strawberry flavoured lizard-on-a-stick! WTF?! If Yurie wants the get well calligraphy from Ninomiya, she has to eat it! And she does, no matter how much it sucks! That desperate for anything Ninomiya, eh? The next day, she is all better and returns to class. She remembered that she forgot to bring Mitsue’s hand-outs and tries to rush back. Matsuri thought she’s sick again and suggests a papaya flavoured charm. No way!

Episode 6
The test results are out and Yurie’s position fell as low as 96 though she won’t have to do a retake. We know a certain person’s consultancy service is to blame for getting her busy. However Matsuri continues to “think about the future” so poor Yurie has to attend more consultancy service, this time it’s the summer love fortune telling special. Can a girl who lacks the experience give proper advice? As she hears out another client, Kiyomi Noto, Yurie is surprised to learn she has a crush on Ninomiya! Short flashback reveals he ‘saved’ her from a harassing dog. In a dilemma to help or not. She accidentally does so by suggesting she join the calligraphy club. In order not to be left out, Yurie also thinks of joining it as an excuse to help her though we know it’s to keep watch and not lose out. Going to his club room at the rooftop, Yurie gets the shock of her life when she seems him shirtless! No air-cond lah. He is delighted with 2 new members and they get a taste of his bad memory of remembering their name or existence (too focused on calligraphy?). Ninomiya takes the duo on a jogging practice (so that they can experience different calligraphy writing?) while Mitsue and Matsuri are just bored tagging along. More training like writing blindfolded and doing chores for an old lady in return to see her calligraphy works. All the while, Kiyomi notice Yurie’s reaction towards Ninomiya and gets suspicious. That guy too seems to be spending more time closer to her (though unknowingly). While Ninomiya goes to get more paper, Kiyomi confronts Yurie and asks if she has feelings for him. Yurie flusters and couldn’t answer. Oh dear, God lied! Oh the way home, she seeks advice from Mitsue but she can’t give any specific answer but to do what she thinks it’s best. Next day, Yurie is to hand her club resignation when she spots Kiyomi handing her confession calligraphy to Ninomiya. That guy isn’t as dense as he is. He realizes what she is trying to say so he apologizes. Heartbroken Kiyomi wants him to take responsibility and accept her feelings. She resigns and runs away. Passing by Yurie, she tells her that it’s her turn. Yurie soon turns her resignation but Ninomiya is okay with it. Back to like how it was, isn’t it? In the hall as the principal gives his speech before they break for the holidays, Yurie notices Kiyomi seems to have gotten over her heartbreak and chatting happily with her guy classmate.

Episode 7
Shoukichi is getting more suspicious about Tama’s behaviour but Yurie brushes it off as summer mirage and pesters him to get ice cream. Just when he gives in, Yurie’s pals arrive to bring her to the beach so Yurie doesn’t need the ice cream anymore. How vexing. Since the beach is crowded, they head to the cove and they have the entire beach to themselves. Maybe it’s just me or the drawing because Mitsue looks fat in the swimsuit. It suddenly rains so they take refuge at an abandoned beach house, Hamakaze. They notice the very old equipment and photos on the wall. Once the rain passes, they resume their fun. Back home, Yurie is in pain due to sunburn. Team Happiness crash in to remind her about the God Association’s meeting tonight for her welcoming party. Apparently it was buried under her summer cards so she missed it. In the land of the Gods, Yurie is given a warm welcome and a special robe by the President of the God Association (another funny little weirdo). She continues to meet the Gods that attend and find a bunch of retiree Gods of Hamakaze. As they chat, they talk about a boy and girl who loved each other very much and wonder if they have become a couple and found happiness. Upon the President’s advice to test the powers of the robe to grant their wishes. Outside Hamakaze, Yurie gathers all the photos and after yelling “Kamichu!”, the robe’s powers lights the night sky with fireworks and those photos enlarged. All those who patron Hamakaze before have a strange feeling to return to it. First to arrive are Yurie’s parents. They are surprised to see each other so as Yurie kisses their foreheads, they are transported back to Hamakaze’s bustling times and relive the nostalgic memories. Seems they are the legendary couples that the retirees are talking about. Talk about twist of fate. Soon the other people come streaming in as they relive the good times. Oddly when Yurie and her parents reach home, they have a serious case of sunburn. I thought it was just an illusion and in their mind? Sunburn at night? Apparently the nostalgia was real. Damn real alright. Better than your 3D TV. You can even feel it…

Episode 8
It’s odd that Yurie needs to use the pencil for her MCQ questions. But it’s all the same answer! Divine retribution? Matsuri tells them about rumours that cats in this town collectively disappear and run wild against the elderly. They seem to confirm one case when they pass by an elderly man’s store being attacked by cats. Shoukichi spots Tama doing a Shouryuken and Bruce Lee moves, punching the leaves. Yeah, he may be really seeing things. Yurie asks Tama about the strange coincidence but she didn’t reveal much. That night Tama sneaks out thinking Yurie is asleep but she tails her to an abandoned shipyard whereby she sees lots of cats gathering. Just when the cats think they spot an intruder, Yurie turned into a cat. Tama knows Yurie followed her. She explains this place is called Cat World, a utopia for all cats to mix around indiscriminately. The cats’ leader, Tyler returns as he showers the cats with food gifts. Tama continues that Tyler gathered followers from his great leadership and trained everyone to defend themselves from dogs and schoolboy bullies. However when he targeted humans to be their enemies, the cats are split into 2 camps though more are joining him. Tyler announces of announcing their independence of Cat World (for real?!) so Tama opposes him, thinking it would be a mistake as this will lead everyone to be captured. Tyler suggests that they duke it out in a Cat Fight to determine the new boss. Erm… The Cat Fight seems more like tag team wrestling. How can Tama stand up against the big fat cat Dave? Oh sh*t! Size does matter… Not. Yurie tags Tama in time so Tama gives Dave her Shouryuken and knocks him out. When Tyler enters the ring and reveals his twin tails, they realized he is a cat God. No wonder he’s got brains. Tyler’s swiftness catches Tama off-guard and nearly won. Yurie and Tama tag each other in between. When Tama is pinned down, Yurie summons her Kamichu powers to land all the sour umeboshi into Tama’s mouth. The sourness wakes her up totally and accidentally knocks Tyler out. Everybody couldn’t believe it but Tama is the winner and their new boss! Yeah, “The taste of victory is sour”. Next day, Tyler decides to leave for another town to start anew because he wants to do things his way (rather he doesn’t want to be bossed around by her). And so we have a complicated relationship for Yurie and Tama now. Who is the real owner?

Episode 9
Ninomiya leaves class early because he’s got a date. SAY WHAT?! A date with old man Gen to fix his roof. Phew. However he slipped and hurt his hips so the gang temporarily take care of him. They learn he was a soldier aboard a warship, Yamato. He tells them about his days serving proudly on it. Back home, a fishing boat spirit, Mitsubamaru requests Yurie’s assistance to help Yamato’s spirit to come home. Currently Yamato is at the bottom of the East China Sea. Though he is helping out other sunken ships, recently he has been talking about returning to his birthplace in Kure, Hiroshima. Yurie speaks to Yamato to find out about his feelings. It’s weird to see her speak through some seaweed as a communicator. Yamato feels okay to remain since he doesn’t want to return in an embarrassing dilapidated state. Mitsubamaru disagrees and wants him to be honest with his feelings. Yurie mentions that there are lots of people who remember and are proud to serve on board him. Since she will do what she can, Yamato agrees to return. Yashima advices that Yurie needs to get ‘in tune’ with Yamato by understanding and learning his specifications, purpose, etc. Yurie reads up a lot on Yamato with the help of Mitsue and Matsuri even does some measuring to get an idea how large Yamato is. She evens get confidential info from the PM! Yeah, he’s in her debt after all. Can a girl like her digest and absorb everything? Then they go back to Gen and listen to more of his stories. He mentions about wanting to see that ship again. Yurie leaves her body in the care of Mitsue and Matsuri as she travels in her spirit form with Mitsubamaru to see Yamato. Upon arrival, she uses her powers to restore him to his magnificent state and surface it. Grateful Yamato thanks everyone and leaves it to Mitsubamaru to watch the sea in his place. Ninomiya and Gen are invited to the riverside. Matsuri places charms on them so they could see the spirits. All the spirits are eagerly waiting for Yamato’s arrival and when it does appear, Yamato parades through with pride. Gen feels happy to be able to see Yamato once more. Since Yamato and Yurie’s heart are in sync, she can read her thoughts about Yamato and her crush about Ninomiya. However embarrassed Yurie tells him those are confidential matters! Ninomiya continues to help Gen fix his roof as he thanks Yurie for giving him inspiration on what to write for his calligraphy. Gen wonders if they’re dating (Yurie flustering) but Ninomiya mentions that they’re just friends (now she’s disappointed). Mitsue and Matsuri’s teasing report status: Petite warship Yurie sinking into deep silence, over.

Episode 10
Yurie for student council president! Yeah, part of Matsuri’s scheme. She is against it but after Matsuri’s smooth persuasion that she’ll be able to give Ninomiya a club room and be grateful, Yurie is giving it a shot. The only other candidate is Ukaru Nishimura isn’t happy. How would you feel if you’ve been doing all the hard work all year long? Plus, you’re up against God. Well, everyone in school has a right to step for its presidency. Back home as they discuss their ‘strategy’, Matsuri mentions how Nishimura plans to scrap low activity clubs like the calligraphy and her Raifuku Shrine and impose some strict moral laws. So the only one who can save this school from turning into a prison is Yurie. Now she’s really into it. They make leaflets to distribute to students. Nishimura with the newspaper club catches them red handed distributing leaflets with envelopes. However it isn’t bribe money as he thought and just a luck fortune reading. Nishimura is embarrassed and apologizes. Matsuri wins this round. At the rooftop, Matsuri and Mitsue hint that somebody may give him a club room as a present, prompting Yurie to blush. However that guy is so dense and thinks it’s Santa Claus! He can’t even guess who when they hint it’s somebody closer. As Yurie resumes her consultation service, Nishimura enters to plead to God that he wants to be president no matter what. What an ironic situation. She’s in a pinch. Yurie thinks it isn’t fair since he’s trying to manipulate her. However he disagrees that everyone has a right to ask God for help and if she can’t help a single person, she can’t help the entire school! Matsuri appears and gives that grumpy kid a divine intervention chop on his head. The argument ends when Matsuri nails right in the head that offerings and wishes don’t mean a thing if one doesn’t put in effort! Wow. Matsuri just sounds like her over-enthusiastic manager. She’s all fired up and should be running for president herself. She should be. Nishimura apologizes and leaves. Round 2: Matsuri wins. After a week, the day of the elections come. Nishimura gives his passionate speech about change and make this school a role model in the prefecture. He’s so good that he can be a politician if you ask me. But is it enough to motivate the students? They don’t seem impressed. It’s Mitsue’s turn to give her speech as representative. She decides not to use the pre-written speech she wrote with Matsuri and tells her earnest feelings of Yurie, even embarrassing stuff that had them laughing. In the end, it isn’t because Yurie is a God the reason why she helps those in trouble, but rather her nature. Everyone applauds Matsuri’s speech and this gives Yurie confidence to do hers next. However she blunders at first go by banging her head on the microphone. Bummer. That’s why everyone loves her and finds her adorable. So it’s obvious that Yurie won the seat but Mitsue and Matsuri aren’t happy. Seems she gave a status quo order on all club activities, which means Ninomiya will remain roofless. For Matsuri, her dream of settling her Raifuku club into the student council is dashed. So that’s what she’s scheming. Plus, she has turned the entire school into some spirit funfair. Nishimura is the new president due to the revote and wants Yurie to wake up from her sleep and turn the school back to normal (because he’s swamped with work). Yeah, she’s sleeping for a week already. Her hair is damn long!

Episode 11
A classmate spots Shoukichi and Miko taking a train together out of town and skipping school. She reports this to Yurie, Matsuri and Mitsue so they go tell the teacher. Mitsue suspects that they may be eloping so the teacher calls their parents to school. They discuss if they notice anything different about them lately (Akane did mention he changed his underwear from briefs to trunks though that isn’t really the point). The classmate mentions that Miko may have been depressed after missing an important shot in her archery semi-finals competition. They think of reporting to the police but Yashima possessing Mitsue tells them not to get other parties involved. She wants them to get their belongings so that Yurie can use her powers to track them down. Just like a police dog, eh? Isn’t the map too small even if it’s the entire Japan? Yurie uses her “Kamichu!” powers as it pinpoints that they’re still in the same prefecture.  Should have got a prefecture map. Yurie falls asleep after using lots of her powers. Miko and Shoukichi are in town, attracting lots of stares from other adults. They take a break at a fast food joint. It’s funny and cute to see Miko struggling to eat a burger! Shoukichi spots someone familiar and takes Miko by her hand and run. After a safe distance, Miko says that she didn’t run away from home because of the tournament. Matsuri gets worried about Miko’s wellbeing so Yashima/Mitsue comforts her that she is stronger than she looks. He knows because he talks to her on a daily basis. Flashback that they were talking about Miko wanting to do something with her life. She seemed embarrassed to say it but was cut off when Matsuri came by wanting to form some band with Yashima (and that was just yesterday). Yurie must be having a tiring day because each time she wakes up, she has to do “Kamichu!” to pinpoint their location. By that time, Shoukichi and Miko has already been to the movies and used up whatever money they have left for roadside stall food. At the park, Shoukichi suggests that they go back but she says she can’t. She wonders why he’d go so far for her. His answer is simple: Because they’re friends (I was thinking he liked her or something, hehe). Further talking reveals that Miko looks up to her sister very much but the next time she sees her, she may hate her. Something about Yashima likes Matsuri and Miko herself likes that deity. Shoukichi wonders if she would be okay not telling her sister or anyone else about how she’d feel. I think at that moment, he wanted to confess (big probability) but a bright light appears before them. Seems their family have arrived (finally got it right, eh Yurie?). They happily reunite as Matsuri breaks down in relief. Miko apologizes as both sisters emotionally embrace. This brings back memories when their mom died and Miko was inconsolable. Matsuri comforted her that she and dad will protect the shrine. Everyone goes home together. Miko hopes to see Shoukichi tomorrow.

Episode 12
As mentioned by Yashima, there is a God convention, Kamicon at Izumo for a month so Yurie has to temporarily transfer school. Everyone there seems to be very formal with her since everybody here is God-worshipping to a point that they are afraid to approach her. A funny part was how she went to buy bread at the school shop. You know, all the rowdy kids pushing and shouting to get one. Then when they realize that God Yurie is there, they immediately pave a path through and the seller even served her the bread! Ninomiya learns that Yurie is gone for Kamicon so Matsuri and Mitsue wonder if he’s got any business with her. Not that he has any but he mentions that something is missing without her around. The duo get excited because it is a sign that he is acknowledging Yurie’s existence. Yurie attends the convention and learns she has to attend some courses to power up her divinity powers. Heck, there’s even a stamp for each course she attends. Yashima is also there (more like interested in that goddess Benten rock group). He offers her some advice to take those that interests her so that she can decide on what kind of God she wants to be in the future. Yurie attends both the convention and school. She must be a very busy girl running here and there in both worlds. After the mid-term exams results are out, Yurie’s position turns out dead last. She sinks into depression, feeling lonely and nostalgic that she wants to return home. At the convention, Benten comes sit by her and talks to her about her godly dilemma. Well, Gods can’t ask others for help, can’t they? So it’s ultimately they have to rely on themselves and their friends. Soon a month pass and on Yurie’s last day, she’s supposed to give her final words of blessing. Instead, she apologizes for being a coward and couldn’t take the initiative to make friends with everyone. But her classmates also do the same and express their wish to become her friends. They wish that she will return here again next year. This raises Yurie’s spirits. Yurie returns home and is happily greeted by Matsuri and Mitsue. They wonder if she was lonely there but she says she made lots of friends.

Episode 13
Matsuri is anti-Christmas because at this time of year nobody visits Raifuku Shrine.  But does she have the rights to impose her plans on Mitsue and Yurie too? Yurie’s Year End Thanksgiving? Yeah, dragging her pals along with her scheme, she even gets Ninomiya to speak his mind about Christmas. Actually that guy said he isn’t that interested so I don’t know why Yurie find that manly. Mitsue, better wish to get a boyfriend next year. Oh wait, there’ll be exams then… God damn… Matsuri’s plan is to hold an event at Raifuku Shrine brighter than anywhere else. They distribute leaflets at the shopping district but the manager isn’t happy she’s obstructing with business. Yeah, this has nothing to do with religion. Even back home, Matsuri imposes a ban on celebrating western festivities to her family! They continue to put up posters everywhere but Matsuri goes overboard by pasting over other businesses! Part of the Raifuku is event sees Yashima wanting to do a rock concert using Mitsue’s body. Mitsue is dead against it since not only it’s embarrassing but it affects her reputation (she finally gets to speak to him without being possessed via some charm). Yeah, Guitar Demon Mitsue-chan. A demon at a shrine? A mascot? Mascot her foot! Release his new single? His talent sucks. That strikes right in the heart. Yashima agrees to postpone the concert and go on a journey. Not thinking of stopping for good, eh? Soon the manager comes looking for Matsuri and her dad and complain about her interfering with their Christmas efforts. Her dad could only apologize but since she won’t trouble them anymore, he wishes that they could allow her to do what she wants since he believes she’s working hard for her cause. They agree as long as she doesn’t get in their way. Yurie’s grade has a slight improvement. She musters up the courage to invite Ninomiya for Raifuku’s event. He can’t since he has a job so he pats her head and wishes them to do their best. Now that’s the best present she’s ever got. The event is a success and back at home, Miko gives daddy and Matsuri a present. Matsuri is still against this western customs but Miko says she just wanted to give them presents as thanks for everything. While Matsuri gets a butterfly hair clip, daddy gets a hair growth tonic…

Episode 14
This whole episode sees Yurie trying to things from her kotatsu without leaving it as she is tired after working hard at Raifuku. For instance talking to Tama/Binbou and making the cat get her breakfast. Then as Tama is trying to eat like a human, Shoukichi spots her. Tama tries to resume acting like a cat but tumbles on its way out. Well, Shoukichi couldn’t care less anymore. Then Yurie has Shoukichi give her a pen after mentioning about some fortune reading from Miko. However Yurie’s supposed to hand it to him but it’s missing now. Upset Shoukichi just walks away and just tells Yurie to on the TV herself. She improvises by using a rolled-up newspaper! Her parents return from visiting the grave, Kenkichi seems to be taking pictures of Yurie (she mentions he should take parts that are ‘growing’ – sorry Yurie, it’s not there yet). Then she gets a call from Mitsue and remembers her New Year’s present. Before Kenkichi could run away, Yurie pins him down! And she’s still attached to the kotatsu! She bugs him to give him one even if New Year’s Day is well over so he agrees. Then she reads New Year greeting cards from the PM, Martian and even Yamato but the card she’s anticipating for isn’t here. Matsuri calls her and Yurie learns that she got Ninomiya’s card and even Mitsue too. Though Matsuri says that she can’t decipher his message, she tries to console disappointed Yurie that maybe he is late in replying or got lost in the mail. Yurie is excited to find her New Year’s present to be a 5000 Yen bill but when Binbou touches it, it turns into a 1000 Yen bill! Poor luck. Shoukichi returns from shrine visiting and shows Yurie the fortune reading he drew. Just like his name, he has little luck. Then he gives Yurie Ninomiya’s greeting card from the post office since they can’t decipher the address. Happy Yurie can decipher what he is trying to say. She decides to do some service and changes Shoukichi’s luck reading to super luck. Shoukichi isn’t happy because he prefers status quo.  Then when Akane explains how she left a fortune reading from Yurie’s pocket in the freezer (the one from Miko), Shoukichi rushes there. He opens it to see it as bad luck. How disappointed. Was he lucky in that sense? That night, Yurie writes a reply greeting card to Ninomiya when Team Happiness crashes in with loads of greeting cards from the association. It flooded the house so will Yurie have to reply them all? It’s going to be a busy year…

Episode 15
It’s that day again. The day girls give their chocolates to the guy they love. Unfortunately, Yurie has made Valentine chocolates every year for Ninomiya but she was too afraid to give it to him and ended up eating them herself. Besides, Ninomiya doesn’t consider Valentine’s Day an important event because that day is for dried sardines. Say what?! Yurie tries to make some chocolates back at Matsuri’s place and also talk about their future. That night after dinner, Yurie receives a bunch of romantic requests from Team Happiness. There’s even one from the PM! Yurie decides to give them all chocolates, making them happy. Next day in school, Yurie seems pretty confident it’ll go well. Till she realizes she forgot to bring her chocolate. However Matsuri and Mitsue are going to help her as they enlist the entire girls in their class to help out by gossiping about Yurie near Ninomiya and keeping him from leaving. During recess, Mitsue cycles back to get the chocolates so Yurie has to time to work up a confession. Yurie wonders why everyone is doing this for her seeing they should have their own chocolates to give. Yurie is still nervous so Matsuri gives her words of encouragement and tells her that everyone is supporting her. Even the entire townsfolk are praying for Yurie to succeed! Their answer is simple. It is thanks for all those consultation services. Meanwhile Miko gives Shoukichi chocolates as she too leaves some for Yashima at the shrine. Mitsue finally gets the chocolates and rushes back just in time. How come nobody got surprised when Tama/Binbou came running in on 2 legs while carrying the chocolates to Yurie? Well, at least till it spoke. Yurie goes up to the rooftop to meet Ninomiya who is deep in thought on what to write for his big calligraphy project. Ninomiya seems doesn’t want to be disturbed but this time Yurie becomes a little stubborn and manages to divert his attention to her. Then she does it. She confesses her feelings and wants him to go out with her. Err… Does that guy understand what she said? Why is he staring at her for so long? Then it hit him. He finally understood. He finally gets inspiration to write the enlarged word ‘love’ on the paper. When that is done, Ninomiya turns to Yurie and says that he too likes her. The entire school who was watching from afar bursts into a wild cheer and applause. Then a huge gust of wind blows Yurie and Ninomiya into the sky with the ‘love’ paper. It’s like they’re sitting on a magic carpet.  As they soar through the sky, the see all the spirits cheering them on. Matsuri notes that legend of confessing on the rooftop during a big wind will be a big hit. Yurie wants to confirm if what Ninomiya said is true and not a fluke. He assures that he really likes her. Why? Because she’s weird. Take it as a compliment. Besides, it takes one to know one. Hey! His girlfriend is God! How is that for respect!

Episode 16
Yurie and Mitsue are going to help clean Raifuku. Since it is big time cleaning, they’ll be sleeping over. Akane is happy since this would leave her and Kenkichi alone. Urm… Did they forget about Shoukichi? Operation spring cleaning starts as they find certain things like Matsuri’s dad was some rocker in his heydays. He gets nostalgic when he sees a hoola hoop and tries it out. Rock and Roll! Love and Peace! Seems fun till he hurt his back. Out of action. They need some guys to move things so they call Shoukichi over (if not for Miko, I guess he won’t come). Matsuri also took the liberty to call Ninomiya to come so this flusters Yurie. However he seems to be looking at all sorts of brushes even if Yurie is being left alone with him, she’s nervous. Then a stray dog comes barging their way (because it accidentally got poked by a prickly spirit). Ninomiya saves her by pushing her away but this has him fall on top of her in an ambiguous position. I’m sure her friends will have lots to say when they see this. It’s not over yet as the dog runs off, still in pain. Ninomiya goes after it because it has his brush in its mouth. So that’s more important? Anyway Ninomiya and Yurie chase the dog throughout town via bicycle. They finally catch up to it at a rock on a high place. All tired out. Once they catch their breath. Ninomiya wonders if Yurie is tired with him because she seems so tense all the time. Of course not. She asks him the same question since he never called. The reason is because he has no business so he can’t call even if he wanted to. She says she’ll pick up the phone if he calls before 8pm and wants to hear his voice. He agrees. They return to the shrine as Kenkichi stops by to give them ingredients for their dinner. Shoukichi decides to go home despite Miko inviting him to at least stay for bath and dinner. On the way back, Kenkichi wonders who Ninomiya is so Shoukichi says he is Yurie’s boyfriend. Kenkichi got so shocked that he nearly fell off the stairs! He wants him to come to his place and judge him by himself! Even if Yurie is God, she is still daddy’s girl. Yashima, who has been out all day, returns after buying a limited edition of Benten’s guitar model. In a magazine article, it seems Yurie has won an award for being the rookie God of the year. That night when the 3 friends sleep, Matsuri and Mitsue pester Yurie on what she did with Ninomiya. She was shy to reveal but eventually mentions about managing to get each other to call. The duo become disappointed that it wasn’t something like holding hands or kissing. Yurie nails right in their hurt spot when she mentions she is the only one with a boyfriend. Her friends jump on her and I don’t think they’re going to let her sleep tonight. Next morning, Yurie takes a fortune reading as it reads average luck and watches the sunrise over the hill. She wishes for them to do their best this year.

Even God Is Having It Tough…
This is such a heart-warming series. It may not be much but the important thing here is to help out those in need. Yurie does not actually need to be God or even a high ranking person to do good. She’ll gladly help out those who asked. At times, Yurie may seem slow and dense but she is not stupid. It’s just the way she speaks in a soft spoken and shy manner. Maybe it has got something to do with her God status? That’s why she’s somewhat cute when she blushes or when she puckers her mouth. She may overall be the same self but ever since, I think she has made lots of big improvements and step forward. For instance, confessing her love to Ninomiya. That is one big hurdle cleared. She has to. With all the support from her friends and townsfolk, she can’t go wrong. See, sometimes even God needs to rely on others. So it’s not the fact that she grows into a better God, but a better person as well. That is what is most important. Better than some characters who get such status to their head and misuse their powers so much so the need of a hero (and anime story lah) to come forth and bring down the power abuser. The other characters are equally amusing and likeable. Matsuri may seem like the bossy type and is always thinking about ‘exploiting’ Yurie’s consultation service to clear her Raifuku Shrine’s debts. Probably it’s her assertive but friendly nature that gives Yurie the much needed push. Or else that little teenage goddess won’t even budge herself. Matsuri is also the type that isn’t afraid to speak up or say back, even if the other party is a God like Yashima.

The ever polite Mitsue ironically laments that nothing exciting actually happens in her life. Doesn’t she consider getting possessed by Yashima to be exciting? Oh right. She doesn’t remember being possessed. And that rock guitar hero thingy too doesn’t cut it because it really embarrassed her reputation. Oddly, she seems to be Yashima’s target for being possessed. Well let’s see. He can’t possibly possess Yurie because she’s God. How can a God possess another God? The Raifuku sisters, not likely because it’s not right to possess miko priestesses. That’s my opinion. Besides, Yashima has that uncanny look to Gintama’s Gintoki, don’t you think? I thought he would play more significant role than just bumming around in town (since it’s his job to stay put in this town to protect it) but I guess he just gives Yurie some Godly advice, that’s all. As for Team Happiness, I find them amusing each time they come crashing to Yurie and greeting her with some sort of hip shaking dance. Ninomiya is another weirdo we love. His mind is clouded with nothing but calligraphy so much so you don’t even know what this guy is thinking. He is so dense and clueless about Yurie’s advance that sometimes you just want to smack him and tell him straight. But even so, will he even understand? You can’t help feel pity for poor Yurie sometimes. Unlike many other guys his age who are interested in other stuffs like girls or cars or doing things that normal teenagers would, it’s no surprise that Yurie takes a liking for him. You know what they say about birds with the same feather. Who am I to judge others weird? Another ditzy character is Akane. The way she speaks and says things is like she’s quite carefree. This doesn’t mean she isn’t a good mother to Yurie and Shoukichi. Speaking of that kid, I thought there would be another side romance blossoming with him and Miko. But for now, I guess they would just remain friends. I did mention that Miko do look like Jigoku Shoujo’s Enma Ai. Ironically their school’s winter sailor uniform which is black, has that striking resemblance to Enma Ai’s too! If you’re not careful and in the middle of the night you see her…

The pacing of the story is at a calming pace and the episodes may sometimes look like independent of each other. There are some things that do not make sense or seem implausible for instance the visit by the Martian. But I suppose with a series dealing with spirits and the likes, there’s nothing wrong with doing so. Hey, look at the anime Bleach for instance. Speaking of the Gods, I just kept wondering how many types of them there are seeing that everything and everywhere there are weird looking Gods. I don’t want to say it’s for the artists to get creative with their design for the different types of Gods but sometimes they look weird enough to constitute that they are from some horror movie. At one point, I even tried guessing what kind of God that particular strange-looking God is. Well, if that God has game pads coming out, then it must be the God of video games, right?! Haha! So with the new invention of the iPad, I think a new God is in order. I wonder how it would look like. It also made me wonder where do retired Gods go and how they are being replaced seeing that this is possible here. Well, in that case the universe is going to get a lot more crowded than usual. Another left unexplained is what kind of God Yurie became, though I am pretty sure that I have read somewhere that she became the God of men. Plus, why she was chosen was also not explained. But that isn’t important. Hey, it could have been anybody. Hmm… I’m just wondering why there wasn’t any celebrity-kind of hype with paparazzi and people around Japan flocking to see Yurie considering she has gained popularity with her God status. They’d want to meet God in person, right? Literally. But as I have mentioned, probably with the big majority of people in Japan are Shinto followers, so having learned of a new God isn’t something that will make heads turn. At least that is what I think for this series.

Seeing that this is a year 2005 production, the drawing and art of the sceneries of the town is acceptable. They won’t make you go “Wah!” but enough to provide you the scenic eye candy of any Japanese towns located by the inland sea. Hmm… Perhaps it is my hardware issue. Another bonus is the calm and soothing background music. I really like the gentle acoustic plucking of the guitar and some of the tranquillity of the piano. Of course there are faster beats but the slower ones are those that are worth it. I have to admit that dialogue-wise, this series has got the best short lines as compared to other animes. Not only Yurie, but the other characters too. Because of so, it really does tickle your funny bones. You may not laugh out loud but it’s enough to make you chuckle. Plus, they may not say it in an exaggerative manner and a calm way but the meaning and impact is there. On a trivial note, I didn’t realize this till I do a little reading up. The titles of each episode are taken after Japanese pop idol songs of the 80’s and 90’s. Well, I’m not really into that music that time so I guess I don’t really know. The opening theme for this series that greets us with a nice harmonica play is Hare Nochi Hare by Maho Tomita. For that moment, I thought it was Hare Hare Yukai… (of Suzumiya Haruhi No Yuutsu for those who don’t know). The ending theme feels more like rock pop idol material, Ice Candy by Mako. By the way, she is the voice of Yurie and she fits the character role to utmost perfection. Though she has been in this anime scene for a long time, her resume isn’t that ‘long’ (sorry). Her other roles include Akiha in Sora Wo Kakeru Shoujo and Koume in Hanamaru Kindergarten. Issei Miyazkai as Ninomiya is also perfect because he really makes the character sound like a dense blur case, if not someone who is a dreamer. His other prominent role is as Gen in the movie Barefoot Gen. Ai Nanoka was recognizable in her role as Miko (Fuura in Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei series) and likewise Chiwa Saito as Tama (Rebecca in Pani Poni Dash). Other casts include Rika Morinaga as Matsuri (Sousei Seki in Rozen Maiden), Kaori Mine as Mitsue (Tomoko in Muteki Kanban Musume), Kousuke Okano as Yashima (Recca in Flame Of Recca), Makoto Tsumura as Shoukichi.

So Yurie may not be as popular as Haruhi and if you were to mention her name, many would just give you a blank stare. But if you have a problem that needs some solving and a touch of divine intervention, we know a little middle school girl can be more reliable than your local two-faced bomohs with ulterior motives. She has done almost anything that has been requested from her from granting wishes to curing curses and even diplomacy with extra-terrestrial life forms. There is nothing impossible that she can’t do. If God willing, I would even suggest her to cross over into other animes and solve its problems and issues! Though I’m not saying she’s 100% effective and accurate but hey, it all works out well in the end, right? We need more ‘Gods’ like her. As for me, I won’t go so far to say that Haruhi is my God and manga is my bible (because I don’t read them, hehe), but I can say that anime is my religion. And I have been an avid follower of it ever since I finished school. So just keep those animes coming for the years to come and I’ll be just fine and faithful, you’ll see. I wonder if I could request Yurie to grant me a 2D girlfriend too…

K-ON!! S2

August 6, 2011

Yay! It’s finally here! The much anticipated sequel that fans have been wishing for is here! Come and long gone by the time I blog this of course. Which sequel am I talking about? Ever since the surprise hit about a quartet-turned-quintet of high school students forming a rock band came out in 2009, fans are delighted that the following year, K-ON!! the sequel came out. Yeah, just add another exclamation mark. But it suits find because as the mark indicates, a strong or emphasis feeling. You’d expect more of that here. Plus, the sequel lasts longer than its first so instead of just 13 episode in the first, we have 26 episodes this time. Yehaa! A good double dose of Mio and the gang. Yes, I still like that left-hander bassist and the main motivation for me to continue watching the sequel.

Episode 1
So without going to boring details about the setting and stuff (hardcore K-ON! fans should know this by heart anyway), this season opener sees the K-ON! quartet of Ritsu, Mio, Yui and Tsumugi becoming third year seniors and Azusa a second year. Good news for the girls is that they are being put into the same class. Yeah, Mio don’t have to go through all alienated trauma again from being separated. Seems Nodoka is in the same class to. Does it feel like someone has fixed the classes? Apparently as they later find out, their homeroom teacher is no other than Sawako who ‘abused her authority’ (taking from Ritsu’s mouth) in doing so because it is easier for her to remember her familiar faces. Later, the girls go on a recruiting spree (it’s that horrible animal suits again. Don’t they have anything better?) so that when they graduate, Azusa won’t be lonely in the club. They also try other ‘forceful’ tactics but it isn’t working. So much so they go sit in other clubs to assess how they recruit members. Almost want to join that club, eh? Then they do a live performance for recruitment just like how Azusa joined them in last season. Newbies: Nil. Azusa sinks into depression. As the seniors ponder on their next action, Azusa overhears Yui’s earnest feelings and feels it is okay to leave things at it is for now. If Yui thinks she is going to get some reprieve, think again because Azusa is going to be strict with her from now on. When is a newbie when you need one?

Episode 2
The girls clean up their club room. Makes you wonder how they end up with all those junk. They find an old electric guitar belonging to Sawako during her wild days. She wants the girls to pawn it so that they could use the money to fund the club. After frolicking around at a hardware store, the girls are shocked that the value of the guitar is 500,000 Yen! Oh sh*t! Have they ever seen that much money in their life before? With that much money, they start fantasizing all the stuff they can buy. When Sawako enquires them about the guitar sale, the girls try to avoid and change the topic. Sawako keeps pestering so Ritsu answers 10,000 Yen. Greedy! But that backfires when Sawako asks to hand over the receipt as proof. Dang. Ritsu even tries to swallow the receipt! Of course Sawako finds out and the girls apologize and get down on all fours. As punishment, Sawako only lets them keep that amount for lying as they could’ve kept the hold thing if they told the truth. So kids, what does this tell you about lying? However she agrees to buy them something. They decide to buy a soft shell turtle named Ton-chan and an aquarium for Azusa thinking that she likes it and also so that she won’t be lonely when they graduate.

Episode 3
As the girls busily learn to take care of Ton-chan, Ritsu throws a tantrum that she doesn’t want to play drums anymore! OMG! Say this can’t be true! She’s tired to be at the back of the band? Not enough spot light on her? Isn’t her shiny forehead enough? Haha! Just kidding. Ritsu tries her hands at guitar as Azusa coaches her but gives up upon finding that she needs to do lots of ‘intricate finger work’. Then it is Tsumugi’s keyboards but as usual, it’s not for her. Just pressing for sound effects, eh? I’m sure she’d want to take Mio’s place as bassist but the latter went on ranting about wanting to stay out of the spotlight so much so she exhausts herself. After they had their class photo taken, Yui gets an idea to rearrange Ritsu’s position to the front. Not feasible. Her forehead is reflecting too much light. Back home, Ritsu remembers how she became fascinated and practice playing drums every day due to The Who’s drummer. She gets inspiration to continue playing drums. A bonus for the girls is that Tsumugi has come out with a new song from Ritsu’s fluke keyboard pressing: Honey Sweet Tea Time. Mio decides to come up with the lyrics but finds the rest are too noisy eating their tea so she goes join them.

Episode 4
The third year students go on a field trip to Kyoto. Ritsu and Yui are acting so childishly that it irks Mio very much. At every destination they go. Poor Mio. It must be hard to take care a bunch of naughty kids, eh? This even annoys Sawako (trying to buy a love charm?). Their childishness continues even back at the inn from dinner time to bath time and sleeping time. Where did they get so much energy? Which field trip is complete without the mandatory pillow fight (though it is strictly prohibited by Sawako) and some snickering joke in their sleep. The next day of their field trip is a free day. The girls have freedom to go anywhere they want as long as they stick to their group and schedule. The usual antics and our K-ON! girls wandered so far that they got lost. Yui even tried calling Azusa for help but there’s no point in that, right? They thought help has arrived when they see Nodoka’s group. Unfortunately, they’re lost too. Finally Mio loosens up and laughs with everybody. Thankfully everyone returns safely back to the inn. The girls want Sawako to join them for a ghost story (not approved of course) and they return back via train the next day.

Episode 5
After an episode without Azusa, this episode sees what she and her classmates, Ui and Jun did while her band-mates are in Kyoto. Noticing that Ui is lonely without her sister whom she loves dearly, Azusa and Jun decide to company her with a sleepover. In the midst of talking and all, they receive periodic SMS from their seniors. Some of them that don’t make sense like Ritsu’s “Skull”. In return, they have to help Jun clean her jazz band club’s instruments. The trio continue to spend time together and doing stuff like visiting Yui’s room, playing baseball and then visiting K-ON!’s club room. They get this idea to play a little while since nobody is around (it’s Sunday) and it is raining. With Azusa on her usual guitar, Ui on keyboards and Jun on bass (wait a minute, I thought Mio’s bass is a lefty?) they make some music. Okay, maybe some will call it ‘sound’. After they left, that’s when Azusa get a call from Yui saying that she is lost before hanging up. When the seniors return, Yui brings Azusa to the club as they give her a keychain. Each of their individual set spells out the name of their club. Azusa wishes that they practice their music but the lethargic rest feel they should just have tea for today. Yeah, this is the club that we all love.

Episode 6
On a rainy day, Yui tries to bring her guitar to school without getting it wet, going to great lengths to protect it from any splash. Since she is all wet, she temporarily borrows Sawako’s maid costume, much to that teacher’s shock. Why don’t you just let her be in that outfit since she looks cute. Anyway Nodoka hands her jerseys from her friend to wear. After her school uniform is dried, Azusa advices Yui to take care of her guitar’s fingerboard so as not to get mouldy like changing its strings. As it continues to rain over the next few days, Yui takes drastic measures to bring her guitar to school. Did she overwrap it? Yeah, hard time tearing it all off. They suggest her to leave it here but she gets a case of empty nest syndrome. Yeah, I guess she needs to sleep with it and even using it as her bolster. Man, her guitar is sure useful. Yui can’t and won’t be separated ever from her guitar again so she even brings it to class, much to Sawako’s annoyance. And Mio is starting to feel some attachment to her bass, accepting to call it Elizabeth? Be careful Mio. The rest are watching with glee…

Episode 7
Mio feels that someone is watching her. Why not? We all are! Okay, so this series isn’t breaking the fourth wall. Anyway Tsumugi solves the mystery as she takes out a sticker stuck to her hair. Nobody else noticed that? Nodoka comes in with a couple of girls claiming to be Mio’s fan club. This brings back memories of last year whereby Mio had the feeling that somebody is stalking her. Before Nodoka was the student council president, it was held by Megumi Sokabe. Sokabe offered to help out but surprisingly she knows too much info on Mio. Then they discovered that she is also the culprit and the president of the Mio Fan Club! Member number 001! Sokabe is sad that she is graduating and won’t be able to see Mio anymore. Thus the K-ON! girls (without Azusa then) threw her a live private performance as her graduation gift. After she left, Sokabe handed her membership card to Nodoka. So now she’s literally the president. Nodoka suggests hosting a tea party for her fans. Oh dear. I wonder how Mio feels all about this. After all the preparation, the party kicks off with a stiff Mio giving her speech, cutting cake, serving her fans and the much dreaded Q&A session. It ends with Mio reciting a poem to convey her feelings (not that I understand about sugar, caramel, maple syrup, etc – but yummy… Sweet!) and a live performance from the gang. Azusa takes a picture of the performance so that Nodoka could send it to Sokabe as a nice gift. I can say she is quite pleased with it. Say, can I join Mio’s fan club too?

Episode 8
Yui and Ritsu haven’t decide which university to go to or their future career yet. They continue to be irresponsible, not taking their future seriously. So much so they get called by Sawako to the teacher’s room. I don’t know how but the duo manage to twist the conversation into one that has Sawako lamenting her boyfriend-less self and end up being a teacher. Nodoka explains to the rest how she first met Yui during kindergarten and ever since they became inseparable. In my point of view, I think klutzy Yui was kinda annoying (not in a bad way). Nodoka could put up with her because, well, of her innocent smile. That always does the trick. Then they exchange tales of Yui’s career choice as a kindergarten teacher when she was young and how Ritsu helped Mio overcome her stage fear to read her essay that she won first place. Yui and Ritsu resubmit their choice careers but get rejected again. What’s wrong of becoming a musician? I’m sure you can’t imagine Yui doing all the other jobs, right? That will be downright disastrous. After thinking real hard and asking other students about their choice, she finally submits that she will do her best for now. Not good enough so rejected again.

Episode 9
The final exams are coming up. Yui has a hard time concentrating (has she ever?) and this doesn’t help since the rest of her K-ON! members are putting up their usual antics. On her way home, Yui meets a grandma who has always taken care of her when she was young. She praises Yui for being hardworking. Because of that, she would like to do something for her in return. On a day Ui sends her sister to get buy some ingredients, Yui changes upon grandma again. She shows Yui a poster whereby she hopes to see her in a guitar performance in a local talent show. However it is just right after her finals. Since she can’t turn her down and seeing how much she is looking forward to it, she accepts. Over the next few days, Yui practices hard with her other pals helping her to keep in line with the schedule. Azusa agrees to partner with her for the show. After the exams, tired Yui sleeps during performance day but she manages to stay awake and be her natural self during the performance, delighting the crowd with their stand-up comedy antics and guitar performance combo. Though they didn’t win and just got a prize for participation, Yui decides to give it to grandma but she is just happy that they did a great job. To add icing to the cake, Yui scored high marks in all her subjects! Wow! I hope this isn’t a fluke. Soon the rest start dreaming of putting up a combo performance of their own.

Episode 10
Sawako is in her usual idling with the girls in the K-ON! room. She receives a call but since her actions are suspicious, the girls decide to follow and tail her. In a cafe, Sawako meets an old friend. The K-ON! girls are so bungling that I think if the other people wasn’t cooperative, they wouldn’t be able to hide themselves. After Sawako left, the lady, Norimi approaches the girls. She knows who they are from the uniform and it is revealed that she is an alumna of their school’s previous K-ON! club and Sawako’s ex-band mates. The discussion is about Sawako getting married. JUST KIDDING! Actually one of their band mates is getting hitch so Norimi wanted them to do a final gig at the wedding reception in which Sawako refused due to the clean teacher image she wants to portray. The girls later go try convince Sawako but nothing worked out. Because of so, Yui volunteers to take up Sawako’s role in the gig. So of course it’s a surprise for Sawako to see Yui taking the lead and it isn’t the wild heavy metal band she once knew. Torn between her image and the real Death Devil band, Sawako makes up her mind. She goes up on stage and releases her devilish hard rock attitude and killer riffs! OH GOD! Is this the Sawako we know?! The crowd goes wild so much so the wedding reception turns into a little rock concert. Next day back in school, Sawako is lamenting that her good image is all over. A few students come up to her and are taken in by her coolness. Ah, all is not lost.

Episode 11
A hot summer’s day, the girls notice Ton-chan shedding its skin. They try several ways to beat the heat like wearing swimsuits (or that animal ones again. WTF?!) and a scary story. Remember they had an old electrical fan stored away, they use it for their practice but Ritsu isn’t happy since those in the front are hogging it. Too bad it broke down. Tsumugi brought a bucket of ice in which Yui and Ritsu argue over rights to put their feet in it. Noticing that Sawako isn’t around (she’s lazing in her air-conditioned teacher’s room), they drag her to the club room and show her Ton-chan’s shedding. They want to switch it to a bigger tank like the one in Tsumugi’s house. Sawako was reluctant to help out till Tsumugi gave her the usual dessert bribe. After getting the tank, now the girls want an air-cond in their club room. They go complain to Nodoka but it turns out that it was Ritsu’s fault for not turning in their request for one during club meetings. The K-ON! girls hold a mock meeting as practice to get their air-cond request. Fortunately there is no major hiccups as they have exaggeratedly foresee and though the school did not have enough budget, Nodoka manages to squeeze enough for them by delaying the replacement of a photocopier. Now the K-ON! club can rejoice with their new air-cond. But why are they getting so lazy to practice? Same thing, right? Whether hot or cold. And just when they get the energy to resume practice, Yui remembers she is allergic to air-cond. Bummer.

Episode 12
The summer vacation is here. They think of doing another summer camp but that is so last season. Instead, they plan to visit a summer rock festival in the mountains. That would be good for a change. Sawako seems eager to go. Yeah, she already has tickets. She even seems to be like a pro and unofficial leader of the gang, knowing what to do, telling them what to do. From the bus ride to the entrance gate to even setting up tents for the night. They plan on which concerts they intend to watch since there are several concerts being held simultaneously at different nearby stages. The summer heat is overwhelming but once you get into the groove, the music cools everything down. Through rain and shine, the girls go all out to experience the ultimate nonstop summer rock festival and Sawako really submerging herself in the rock concert. Hey, Azusa got sunburned. She’s really tanned. Brings back memories, eh? So with that, our girls get the resolve they need to reach their goal and play together as a band. Can they, really?

Episode 13
Since the seniors are studying for their exams, Azusa pays Ui a visit at her home. Then they decide to go visit Jun in her club room but she’s not in so they hang out in K-ON!’s club room. Then they go out to town and watch a movie together. Later they meet up with Jun and have fun at the water amusement park. Because Azusa is telling all the fun stuff (including the bad ones) that the K-ON! club does, Jun gets jealous and feels regret that she didn’t join it earlier. Why doesn’t she join now? Oh yeah, she’s in a jazz club. All this while on and off, Azusa has been having strange dreams like Yui’s food poisoning on watermelon and tempura, noticing a ‘dead’ Mio while watching a horror movie, winning a lottery grand prize and sliding down the tube with a yakisoba.  Just plain weird. Maybe it’s the summer heat. After that, the trio bump into the K-ON! seniors leaving the library so they all go to the summer festival together. After eating their fair share of snow cones, Azusa, Ui and Jun get separated from the rest. On their way back, Azusa asks Jun if she would like to join her club. She replies she would if they don’t get any new members. In the bath, Azusa wonders if this is all a dream since she is going to be alone soon but snaps out of it by declaring to do her best in the upcoming school festival. Yui comes back and eats the tempura when she gets a call from Azusa. Apparently she didn’t read a postcard she earlier sent about not eating snow cones and tempura together for indigestion. Too late…

Episode 14
Ritsu bugs Mio to hang out with her. However she prefers to study alone. Yeah, you know the distraction you get when you’re with her. Even Yui is studying with Nodoka (the world is going to end! Oh wait. It’s not. Yui is still the same lazy fart who needs goody Nodoka to keep her in line). Who else to hang out with? Hmm… Tsumugi? Why does she sound so hard-up to hang out with her? Ritsu takes her out to several spots like the video arcade, taking photos, the sweets store and finally the cafe. Why does Tsumugi always seem so enthusiastic to try them out like as though it’s her first time? Maybe it is. Tsumugi has an unusual request for Ritsu. She wants her to hit her! Did I hear that right? Of course she can’t and even if she did, it was a very soft tap. Her reason for wanting so because she’s always observing Ritsu and Mio and notice how close they are. Yeah, Mio is always hitting her for her idiot antics. Is that what she concludes? Later as all the girls gather, it is part of Ritsu’s plan to ‘train’ Tsumugi so that she would be an idiot annoying enough for Mio to hit her. WTF?! Anyway it didn’t work and at certain points, Ritsu is the one getting hit. Who would want to whack a cutie like Tsumugi, eh? Back at the club room, the duo come up with another plan. As they begin eating their usual cake, Tsumugi suddenly snatches and eats Mio’s strawberry portion. She didn’t get angry but instead cried. Aww… Poor thing. Finally Tsumugi reveals her intentions as Mio prepares to do the unthinkable of hitting her. Can she do it this time? Well, she hit Ritsu instead. Hey, why her?! As Ritsu and Tsumugi lament their failed plan, Tsumugi notes how she is a good friend and that if she is a boy, she would be real popular. This embarrasses Ritsu so much that she hit her for real! Ah, a success.

Episode 15
School is back but it is what Yui dreads because it is the annual school marathon. While she and Ui are shopping, they bump into Sawako. They hitch her ride in her car to see the route she is recceing for the marathon. Yui is already feeling so demotivated even before the run starts. They also notice the foodstuff like red bean soup that she needs to make after the marathon. Yui’s prayers for it to rain tomorrow didn’t come true as it is bright and sunny. Damn the sweltering heat. So the run starts and as usual the K-ON! girls are having problems keeping their pace because of you-know-who. They try to keep their mind distracted from the tiredness but it ends up quite annoying. Then they realize Yui is missing. How could they even come up with the theory that Yui has been abducted by aliens? Ah well, it’s Yui they’re talking about. They go search for her and also tell Sawako about it. Thankfully Ui has an idea where she is and true enough that little devil is taking a break at granny’s house nearby. As the quartet jogs their way to the finish line, it seems they are the last to arrive. Suddenly Yui gets this horrifying conclusion that there will be not enough rice cakes for the last person (because she took an ingredient from Sawako’s car and at it in class for snack). This has everybody panicking and making a final crazy dash to the finish line. To avoid the embarrassment of finishing last too. Where did they get so much bursting power? It’s every girl for herself! When it seemed like everybody is touching the line at the same time, Mio trips but instantly did a flashy finishing rolling move to land on her feet. Eh? Wow… And of course they get a piece of rice cake each since there is more than enough for everybody. As for Sawako, she’s still lost searching for Yui. Oh man…

Episode 16
Due to K-ON!’s usual idling and doing little practice, Azusa couldn’t possibly tell Jun their activities. That will be just bad. But that is the K-ON! club for you. Azusa goes to the club room and sees Tsumugi sleeping alone crouching behind her chair. She learns that she wants to scare someone. Huh? But I guess Tsumugi is really bored and that no one else has come into the room so Azusa gives her a little guitar lessons since she’s giving her that ‘can-I-try’ look. After that, Azusa cleans a cake cream on Tsumugi’s cheek and finds that the other members are spying them from the outside. Yeah, it’s amusing to see Azusa and Tsumugi interact. Then on another day, Azusa comes in to find Mio alone. She thought she could have some quality practice with Mio when Ritsu barges in and pesters for Mio’s help with her home economics work. Oh well, another time then. Everyone goes back to Ritsu’s home and stays for dinner. And on another day as Azusa resolves to get strict this time or else she’ll be losing her own confidence, this time it is Yui alone. Oh dear. No more distractions please… Ah crap. Might as well help her clean Ton-chan’s tank. After that they can get some serious music practice. But wait. Yui doesn’t know how to read the notes to Tsumugi’s new song! So Azusa has to teach her. Then Azusa gives her piece of mind about the too many breaks and slacking off in the club so Yui replies that everyone is as who they are. So can we still practice? Cut me some slack, girl. Jun thinks that Azusa’s club is having lots of fun but Azusa thinks they should be practising more. A girl comes looking for Azusa and gives her back the keychain she accidentally dropped (it had a sticker bearing her name behind). I guess this made Azusa feel the importance of her club and gives some breathing space to her mates. As Azusa’s class discuss about what to do for their cafe for the cultural festival, Azusa thinks that all waitresses should wear cat ears. This has Jun thinking that she truly has become part of the K-ON! club and causes Azusa to sweat in panic. Well, you can’t deny that she’s part of it, right?

Episode 17
The club room is being repaired for water leaks so the girls can’t practice. Ironically for a band that spends more time idling than practising, they’re going around to look for a place to do so. Like their own classroom (too noisy) and the gym (got distracted by other clubs in action). Sawako helps to find a place for them but there is no room available so she suggests to rent a studio. After successfully registering in one, they get distracted with the studio’s equipment and have their tea break outside. Seriously, is this any different from their club room? They need to use this ‘break time’ to think of lyrics for Tsumugi’s song. All I can say is that everyone needs to think and rewrite them again. Tsumugi’s one sounded like a murder mystery and Azusa like wanting to feed Ton-chan. By the time they are ready to resume practice, their time is up. So much for the wasted time, money and effort. But good news is that their club room is now completely repaired. Back home, Yui thinks hard for the lyrics so Ui helps out. Then the gang gets a distressing call from Yui. Ui has a cold. What’s the problem? You know how useless Yui can be without her sister playing mommy’s role, right? Right. But the rest decide to leave her alone so as not to bother her and let her get some good rest. At this point, Yui does the cooking and though she may not be very good, she reflects on how she takes her important and precious things for granted. The next morning Ui feels better and sees Yui sleeping at her table. She spots her lyrics sheet named “U & I”. A creative play on her name and which also gives a double meaning for “You and I”. Because of that, Yui’s lyrics are officially accepted for the song.

Episode 18
Based on majority vote, Mio and Ritsu will be playing the leading role of Romeo and Juliet respectively for their cultural festival’s play. Yeah, Ro-Mio. Geddit? They can’t talk themselves out of this one now. Tsumugi is in charge of the script (oh God!) while Yui will play the part of a tree (thank God. Oh wait…). Mio is so panicky about her role that she even came out with the wildest idea of transferring school and moving to Irkutsk. Or something about her twin sister… Seeing that everyone is looking forward to it, might as well do her part and get over it. Of course it isn’t smooth sailing since the duo are like a manzai comedy. With Mio having stage fright and Ritsu problems playing a feminine role they decide to practice themselves and switch roles. It worked so they used what they have gained into their real practice but Mio is still having shyness problems. Come Sunday, Tsumugi brings the gang to work as maids in her family cafe as Mio’s special training. The rest are a natural but Mio is still having a hard time. You can say that the training is a successful failure because she didn’t really get over her embarrassment but her face is stuck with that very good smile. Just leave it to Ritsu to bring it back to normal. As for Azusa, she’s worried that nobody is practising for their live performance since they’re so caught up with the play.

Episode 19
It’s the day of the festival. Final preparations are underway and it’s finally show time. Let’s show them the fruits of our practice and hope nothing screws up. Hmm… The play is okay, nobody fumbling their lines, but wait! Why is Yui trying to hold in her sneeze?! I guess she is the one that everybody should be most worried. Why the heck do they need a person as a tree? Isn’t putting a tree prop enough? And of all people, it has to be her. Suddenly a problem arises for the climax scene. The tombstone prop is missing. They don’t have enough time to make a new one so they rush over to the occult’s club to borrow a model of the great Rosetta Stone with inscriptions. Who could tell the difference anyway? The play ends successfully. Azusa is in tears not because of the wonderful play. Well, it is so wonderful simply because they’ve been practising so hard that they’ve forgotten about their live performance practice. But they haven’t really forgotten about it and after apologizing for making her worried like they didn’t care about the club anymore, Ritsu announces that they’ll be staying overnight to practice. Good thing Sawako has brought sleeping bags for them. As usual, they chat and have a night time walkabout and find the play’s tombstone in one of the stalls outside. As gratitude for the occult club, they go give them some food. They also hope that they will come to see their performance. Next morning, the girls are abruptly awakened by Sawako who has spent all night making special T-shirts for their band for their performance. She really loves being praised, doesn’t she?

Episode 20
Mio wakes up to find that her pals have scribbled right till her arm to help her calm down (Japanese belief that you write the kanji of ‘person’ to calm down) for their stage performance. As they prepare to go live, they are surprised to see everyone in the hall wearing the same T-shirts. Even Nodoka. Wow. Sawako really outdid herself. Grateful for the support that everyone is showing them, they start off with their first song, Rice Is A Dish (what kind of title is that?!). After that Yui takes her time introducing the band and goes on yapping about the play among other stuff in her usual scatterbrain antics. Maybe they should keep time and move within their schedule. Then more songs and more talking as they also introduce others who greatly lend their support like Sawako and Nodoka. Even Ton-chan is not left out. The other girls also have their turn speaking. More thank you, more arigatou. Time seems to fly pass when you’re having fun. So the final song, U & I. Well, no MTV footage like they did with Fuwa Fuwa Time in the last season. After the performance, the K-ON! girls sit rock solid in shock in their club room. They can’t believe their act was a huge success. Everyone starts getting emotional that they don’t want this to be their last high school festival and give each other a big group hug. Admit it. You’d cry with them too if you see this heartfelt scene. Sawako and Nodoka pay a visit to the girls but see them sleeping happily together.

Episode 21
Yui seems to be very concerned with her hair and looks. Why? It’s that time of year whereby seniors are to take a picture of their face for the yearbook. Ah, want to look at your best for posterity, eh? Because the sisters were using each other as references for hairstyle, Azusa mistakes Ui for Yui when the former forgot to take off her sister’s trademark hair clip. Man, they really look like twins! Azusa thought that with the festival over, they could practice but as usual, they’re still messing around eating cakes. Not even studying. Sawako reminds Yui and Ritsu that they still owe her their future career form. Then they discuss about their yearbook picture so each take turns to give get their mock picture taken via handphone. Well, everyone seemed okay. But Yui thinks her bangs are too long and tries to trim them. It’s a dangerous job. Can she do it? Careful now. Suddenly she sneezes and accidentally cuts off too much. Oh dear. OH DEAR! Don’t panic, don’t panic. Hey, Yui does look a lot different with her shortened bangs. Come to think of it now. I prefer Yui’s old hairstyle. Okay, you can panic now. To make it up to her, everyone gives their tart portion of their Mont Blanc cake to Yui, much to her delight. After everyone takes their photo shots for real, Mio is called to Sawako’s room. Seems she has turned down a recommendation and wanted to go to the same university as the rest. Because of that, Yui, Ritsu and Mio together hand in their future career form opting to go to the same university that Tsumugi will be enrolling. Sawako approves of it. Yay! Now everyone can be together and study hard. Erm, let’s go have some cake first, shall we?

Episode 22
While the K-ON! seniors are studying, Azusa thinks of making Valentine’s Day chocolates for them. She wanted to keep it a secret but was too loud to Jun and Ui so much so all her classmates heard her plan. Jun and Ui help Azusa buy ingredients while the seniors prepare to take their exam on a snowy day (a near heart attack when Ritsu thought she forgot to bring her ID card but luckily she dropped it nearby). Yui comes back early to see Ui and her pals cooking. Azusa thinks her secret plan is busted but Yui doesn’t suspect anything simply because Ui is always in the kitchen making something. Once it is done, Azusa has trouble mustering her courage to give them her chocolates. Better hurry because time is running out. If you wait too long, they’ll eventually graduate. Jun and Ui give theirs to the K-ON! seniors in hopes this will spur Azusa to do the same but she excuses herself. It isn’t her nervousness or embarrassment anymore. She is sad thinking that they will all be leaving. Jun and Ui comfort and assure her that everything will be alright. Eventually Azusa is able to give it to them in the club room and the commend it to be good. Then they go watch the snow falling outside the window and have a big warm group hug. Aww… Azusa later makes a huge prayer at the shrine hoping that they will pass their first choices. Guess what? They did!

Episode 23
The seniors aren’t supposed to be in school till they graduate. But I guess it has become a norm for the K-ON! girls so much so they decide to pass the time and hang out in their good ol’ club room. The problem is what to do. Yui comes up with some weird circle game and she herself doesn’t understand it. Then they go revisit their empty classroom and happen to chance on Nodoka passing by. She is making preparation for the speech during graduation. The girls visit Nodoka back in her student council room and go through the yearly student council photo books. Then they leave and meet Azusa and Jun. The seniors want Azusa to buy them bread and Jun volunteers to help out. Then it’s back to the club room and the boringness resumes (yeah, they’ve been drinking tea the whole morning too). Rather than sitting and doing nothing, they clean up the room till it’s sparkly clean. Then it hit Yui. She just realized (and getting panicky) that this will be their last time together and decides to leave some legacy behind just like Nodoka and her student council. That legacy is, to record an album over tape as proof that they were here. While contemplating which songs to go first, they mess around with the recorder, wasting time with some of their test speeches. The good news is that they manage to record it all. But it took them the whole day. I know they have a few songs but till night fall?

Episode 24
It’s graduation day for the seniors in episode 24 and somehow Yui tripped and ripped her knee socks. Don’t worry, it’s just a little hole. Thankfully Ui gave Nodoka an emergency pair in case this sort of thing happens. Little sister psychic? The class thinks of giving Sawako a farewell card and plans to hide it from her as everyone takes their turn signing it. The last person is Yui and there have been several occasions Sawako came close in discovering their suspicious act. During the ceremony, Yui has no choice but to hide it underneath her blazer. Because of her weird position, Sawako smells something suspicious and has her eyes on Yui like an eagle! Her mind is going wild the possibilities of Yui’s condition. Mio notices Sawako’s glaring and tries to pass the message to Yui but you know, interference in communication led Yui to hear something about Sawako has failed. Back in the classroom after Sawako hands everyone their diplomas, they finally give the card to her. Sawako feels appreciated and tells them to come visit somebody. Sawako lets loose her loud rocker voice that she’ll be waiting for them here. In the club room, Azusa writes them a thank you letter but soon her emotions get the better of her as she wishes for them not to graduate (I think she’s rather desperate now) and promises not to get strict with them. They give her a photo when the quartet first joined this club and a flower petal as commemoration. To top it off, they sing a specially written song especially for her. Though Azusa admits it wasn’t that good, she wants to hear it over and over again. Azusa joins them in a final performance that they play to Sawako and Nodoka.

Episode 25
This episode actually takes place just before the final exams. It is when Azusa by chance discovers an embarrassing recruitment video of K-ON! Especially of Mio. No prizes to guess why she wants to seal it away for good. But in a cookie can? So relieving those moments when they were on a failed recruiting spree, the girls think of making another recruitment video for the club. Weird ideas include Sawako’s Hollywood-like trailer, Mio using a story from Ton-chan’s point of view, Tsumugi’s two-hour suspense mystery and Ritsu’s totally fake interview about the benefits of joining K-ON! (No, it won’t make you taller or win a lottery!). Azusa is made to come up with a plot and later discusses with Ui and Jun. She gets inspiration to use interviews as a basis while showing snippets of their performance and daily activities. The girls start filming their daily routine in the club like feeding Ton-chan, studying (like real!) and their usual tea time (Yui purposely fumbling her lines so she could eat more cakes). Finally the video is edited and put together by Sawako and it turns out pretty good with all the good referrals and praises (including some personal advertising). That awesome footage is somewhat ‘ruined’ in the end with Azusa in cat ears saying “Nyan~”. Apparently Sawako couldn’t leave out that scene so Azusa rejects this video and wants to seal this in the cookie can? Now she understands how Mio felt. But wouldn’t it be alright if she just cut out the last part? So the rest decide to film it right now a part for Azusa to say welcome to the club. She does so but instinctively said “Nyan~” in her line. Yeah, she still wants that last part cut out. I think many would find her very cute instead.

Episode 26
Starting off with a short flashback whereby Azusa first joined the club, the quartet was so nervous and trying too hard like as though she’s one heck a valuable member. After all, she’s the only recruit ever since. Besides, what the heck was that eye lashes thingy they did while taking a group photo? In present time (this episode takes place before the graduation and after the exams), Nodoka shows them the draft yearbook. Yui didn’t like her forehead due to her mistake haircut and pleaded to take a new photo. Of course they don’t have time. Learning that Nodoka needs to hand it to Sawako for approval, Yui thinks to convince her to replace her photo. Currently, Sawako is sick so the K-ON! seniors pay a visit to Sawako’s apartment (remember they’re not supposed to be in school till graduation day). After making their annoying entrance and a ruckus in her room (yeah, don’t think her fever will go down with them around), they show her the yearbook and Yui hints of it to be replaced. But Sawako thinks she looks cute so that case is closed. Just too bad… Then they see the class photo and spot a hand on Yui’s shoulder and thinks it is a ghost! Everyone freaking out! Then Ritsu remembers that she placed her hand on Yui’s shoulder that time. Mio notices Ritsu acting strange and knows she remembers something. She whacks her to send Ritsu apologizing on all fours. Tsumugi offers to help do her chores. No matter how much Sawako hopes Tsumugi would be the one (they decide via rock-scissors-paper), Yui got the ‘honours’. Now she’s doomed. The rest help by doing her laundry. Then Sawako’s ex-band mates pay a visit. Though they want the girls to stay for dinner, I guess her room isn’t big enough to fit 9 people so the high schoolers take their leave. They return back to their club room and overheard how Azusa is practising for the upcoming freshmen reception ceremony with Ui and Jun. Lastly, the K-ON! girls practice doing some ‘freedom’ jump as Sawako snaps a shot. Seems Mio missed her cue.

Episode 27
This episode comes as an extra episode for those who buy the DVD. It takes place during the summer break and after Azusa’s suntan is gone. Here, the girls plan to go overseas for their vacation. They discuss several places in mind like New York, Britain and Hawaii. What about summer homework or studying? Heck, they need some motivation to do so. My, this must be one big motivation, eh? Whatever. Seeing that there is no rush, Ritsu suggests everyone head home and think carefully about it. Azusa meets Nodoka at the bookstore and learns she too is planning a trip for her student council and Ui doing research for her sister. We should’ve seen this coming. Next day as they meet at the park, they practice self defence so that the book Ui bought for Yui won’t go to waste. Then they try practising in English but it’s the kind of questions that tourists won’t ask. Talk about their Engrish too… If words won’t help, how about body language? This isn’t a game show, you know… Even if they get to perfect it (I’m not saying they are), there is still 1 problem: Have they got their passports in order? Except for frequent overseas traveller Tsumugi, I guess the rest must have theirs done. And Yui’s is already expired. Yui and Nodoka see Sawako getting her own pictures taken for a gym registration. Yui gets sarcastic and thinks she’s getting fat. They find out the furthest she has went is Okinawa and invites her to tag along but of course she declines and prefers to wait for her honeymoon. As the girls prepare to apply for their passports, Ritsu realizes she forgot her student ID. Don’t panic yet. She calls her brother who eventually comes by to hand it over. Thank goodness she’s got a reliable little brother. Like we know someone who has a reliable little sister too. As they queue in line, it seems Mio’s application is rejected due to her picture. It’s the way she tied her hairstyle and leaving no room between her head and the picture top. She has to go retake them again. Of course the annoying antics of the rest has her blunder and retaking several more shots before she gets it right and their application accepted. They have an ice cream break and laugh at Mio’s failed photos. They ponder where to go for their vacation so Yui suggests they should have 2 graduation retreats. The other being when Azusa graduates. With that, everyone can go everywhere. They get fired to get some travelling gear. A week later the girls get their passport while Sawako laments she still hasn’t gone overseas. So have they decided where they’re going? Well, they have all the time before graduation. Just don’t take too long okay? And since they’re going nowhere for summer, there’s summer classes to attend to. Oh, anything but that!

As like in the previous season, if you buy the DVD, you’ll get short extra special clips lasting 3 minutes called Uraon! Remember those horrible art and simple-drawn characters of the series that chat away nonsensical and comical stuff that has nothing to do with the series? Yeah, that one. It’s back and you wouldn’t mind the drawing since you’ll be focusing more on their antics. In addition to the K-ON! girls, Sawako and Nodoka make their appearance here too. In Special 1, Azusa tries to do some fortune telling on everyone and has them remember their dream. All of them weird and Sawako’s one sounds like her unfulfilled dream of marrying before turning 30. Taking the keywords from their dreams, the purpose of the fortune telling is to see their former lives. How come they are all bugs! But Yui is Marie Antoinette?! Actually, her baker. Or rather the carpenter who introduced the baker. Anyway the connection to it goes on till it reaches a bug. Haha! Special 2 has the gang telling souvenir stories like the weird ones they bought, the photos they took (Yui took all food since she can’t afford them) and Mio buying too many food and she has to eat all of them before they expire. Special 3 is about wanting siblings. They imagine Mio having an older brother but can’t visualize Tsumugi having an older sister because she’d be off the scale with her oujo-sama status! It’ll be double trouble if Yui had a twin and even noisier if Ui too has a double. And for Sawako, they think picture her brother an old dude. She’s not that old! Special 4 is about childhood dreams. Yui’s dream was to be a woodcutter because of that fable (the one whereby he dropped an axe into a river and was given a golden and silver axe in return for his honesty) because she wanted to drop cakes into the river. Nodoka a public servant, Ritsu a rice ball seller, Mio a novelist and Tsumugi… A world conqueror! Holy cow! And Sawako mentions about her marriage dream but when the girls realize it was much different from her initial say, they think she compromised her path. Special 5 has Ritsu involving the rest in an emcee grand prix. Azusa tells a lame joke, Tsumugi splutters tea (like a fire breather) while telling everyone they’re not welcomed, Mio doing a lame human alphabet impression of the club’s name and Yui joking about what MC stands for, delighting and wowing the crowd. How unexpected.

In Special 6, Tsumugi hosts a 3-minute cooking show. Azusa as the first guest only cooked fried eggs as she can only cook dishes with eggs in her repertoire. Next is Ritsu who laces the rice balls with hot and spicy stuff to get back at her brother. Finally Sawako cooks a nikujaga dish suitable for marriage because cooking is about love! In Special 7, the K-ON! girls ponder about doing a musical style concert for some of their songs but since it sounds so lame, Ritsu suggests doing a regular concert after all. Special 8 is about a retelling of several fairytales. For instance the Grasshopper and the Ant whereby Azusa is the hardworking ant while Yui is the lazy grasshopper lazing all year long. When winter comes, Azusa has no choice but to let poor Yui in and share some of her food. This goes on every year so thus it is a happy ending (?!). Next one is about Azusa the cat who finds Yui the sparrow. Yui and Jun got into an argument about eating their share of doughnuts though both of them are guilty for taking a bite from each piece. Then there’s the Momotarou version with Azusa as the said hero. She meets a dog, pheasant and monkey (Yui as all of them). Once she gives the millet dumpling, they munch happily away and leave. End of story.  Noticed that in all fairytales, Yui is the one who gets to live happily ever after? In the final Special 9, we have Yui as Yuichan-man going around helping those in need. So if you’re in a weird pinch or having a tough time like the need to peel off stickers, having a tough time figuring out which bread has which paste, or accidentally knocking your knee on the furniture (she’ll make you laugh and thus the pain will ‘fly’ away), there is nothing that Yuichan-man can’t do! Yeah, you know who to call. At the end of it, there’s a little extra for us. Remember the final special of the first season with the K-ON! girls doing a weird pose? This time, they go a step further by doing a rap video recruitment of their club (including rap-like hand signals and movements) and ending with a totally cool (or lame, depending on your view) group pose. So what does Azusa think of it? She wants Yui’s part to be changed! Yeah, she has to be the lamest one.

After School Blues…
So well, I guess I could say that this whole sequel was quite fun and enjoyable in its own ways. Fans of the series should be familiar with their typical brand of antics and pranks. This season was mainly about the girls bonding and interacting together as they deepen their friendship while the dreaded graduation looms near (that empty nest syndrome, if you know what I mean). It’s not the fact that they don’t want to graduate, they’re having so much fun together that it is understandable that they want to do this day in and day out forever. If not as long as possible. But you know as they say, time flies when you are having fun and since you only have 3 years for your high school, better make a good use out of it and fill it with unforgettable memories. This season was filled with more sentiments and emotions so at times you just can’t help but feeling all warm inside. Besides, we don’t really see the girls aiming for the Budokan this season. It felt like their original goal and the purpose of being in this club is missing. We don’t see them practising much (because they spend more time fooling around, drinking tea and idling away) and even if they do put up any live performances, it was just during the school cultural festival. So how to reach their aim like that? That isn’t important because like I’ve said this season focuses on growing the relationship between them. Who needs the Budokan and fame when you can have real friends.

Basically the whole jin-jang gang are the same girls we are familiar with in the first season. Not much development in terms of their personal behaviours though we are shown their depths. Ritsu and Yui are still the idiotic duo of the club, causing annoyance and airhead-ness whenever possible. But that is what makes them so lovable. Tsumugi felt like she is ‘downgrading’ her oujo-sama (not that she was acting like one in the previous season anyway), rich lady kind of lifestyle to be on silly level with Ritsu and Yui. Sometimes it is pretty obvious. As though she’s a little hard-up to be in the gang. Don’t worry, the rest will still love her. Can’t live without her cakes and snacks, if I should say. Although Mio still has her fears of being in the spotlight, at least she fares better now, though I still feel that there is much room for improvement. No matter how many constant reminders by Azusa to practice, she always gives in at the end. Like they say, if you can’t beat them, join them. They should really rename this club as Tea Club and singing as a band just as an extra and part time affair. Sawako on the other hand initially tries hard to actually keep and maintain her clean and good teacher image. I thought she would discard her wild rocker days and be a serious teacher the way she is putting in effort for her image and not show any of those sides. But still as K-ON! Club’s advisor, she cares for them and has her own peculiar habits too. Perhaps it is her fixation of being praised at. Nobody is perfect. Nodoka is still pretty much to calm childhood friend of Yui though she leaves it mostly to Mio to take care of her friend. Quite a responsible girl seeing that she even took up being the president of Mio’s Fan Club (albeit reluctantly) and see too it instead of doing it half-heartedly. Just like Nodoka, Ui still plays the more responsible sister to Yui, even doing all the home cooking and chores. She doesn’t mind it since she loves her sister very much and her love too reciprocated.

I guess it must be a new trend now that after spawning sequels and OVAs, series that are popular enough need to make a feature length film. At the end of the second season, a short teaser announced that there will be a movie version of K-ON! to be released in December 2011. Seems like a long wait but you know the saying of time flies, right? For me, maybe I need to take some time off this series first because too much of anything isn’t good. I’m speculating that the movie may feature one of those days in between the TV series that is not shown or perhaps the life of the girls in university. Because of this, I can’t help stop thinking if the K-ON! Club will be closed down due to lack of members even if Sawako did assure them that the club will continue. So will Azusa be the lonely member in a once-lively band? Will she be a one (wo)man band after all till her graduation day? Will Jun join the club seeing that at this point there are no new members? If there are new members, will it be a much better group than its previous and the one before? Ah, so many questions. One way to answer them all is if I write the script for the sequel. Haha! Like I could. Like if there will be anymore sequels. Yet.

I have got to mention something about the opening and ending themes for this season (they are still sung by the seiyuus of Yui and Mio respectively like they did in the previous season). For Yui’s opening themes, I can some it up in one word: Horrible! Yes, you read that right. Go! Go! Maniac as the first opening theme seems like Yui is trying to rap or singing her lines real fast (or something like that) so much so it was unbearable to hear. I was watching and listening to the opening theme with my eyes squint and my face grimacing. The second opening theme is Utauyo!! Miracle, feels too girly (and mixed with some rock feel) and though it wasn’t as bad as the first one, I still find this unbearable. This means that I still prefer the cute and exciting first season’s opener, Cagayake Girls. Mio’s ending theme this season is slightly better though I can’t say that I’m impressed with it either. The first ending theme, Listen! has Tsumugi’s keyboard sounds to the front and the ending credits animation left me pondering about who that Mio-look-alike was. Certainly she looked different in different clothing and hairstyle (but it’s definitely her) so I initially thought she would be a new recruit to the band, if not her twin sister! I mean, how can Mio be at two places at the same time? How can there be two Mios in the same place? Maybe the producers were just messing with my mind. The very rock second ending theme is the better one among all the themes but still it can’t beat last season’s Don’t Say Lazy in my opinion. Entitled No, Thank You!, somehow I felt it is related to Don’t Say Lazy in terms of the lyrics and tune. Having said this much, the songs that the After School Tea Time sings or newly written this season sounded much better. So it really bugs me to see that though Yui spends a lot of time with her guitar (treating it like a human partner) but rarely see her practising with it (this statement may be unfair since we aren’t shown 24/7 of her life), it is amazing that she can pull off wonderful guitar riffs and be in-sync with her members. In that case, she is truly a genius. Or perhaps like this oxymoron: An airhead genius.

The drawing and art remains consistent like the first season. The design of the characters are still simple so those looking for sophisticated piece of art riddled with lush eye candies would be sorely disappointed. Due to that, sometimes I find the animation at times is a little jerky. But for me, I guess I was quite fixated on Mio’s cuteness to be bothered with it and have all the enjoyment ruined. Yes, I still find her cute. Got a problem with that? There are quite a number of trivia in this season, be it short cameos from other animes, word puns or little coincidences of music instrument brands, songs or personalities, it is a blink-or-you’ll-miss type. I didn’t know there were quite a number of trivia till I stumble upon this page in Anime News Network. So after reading them and thinking back, most of them had me thinking how true it was and even going back to that episode to check it out and ascertain it. All I can say is that, I guess my knowledge in this area is still lacking. A lot.

If the K-ON! girls are already that popular in their school and the local neighbourhood at the end (at least that is what the recruitment video they made turned out to be), maybe they can really do a living as a band after they finish university. In real life, this series is such a hit with fans around the world with its album topping charts at one time and surpassing all expectations (that’s why the sequel was made, right?). They’ve taken the world by storm and I don’t know what more they’ll come up to satisfy insatiable hungry fans since they’ve already got a short manga, video game, figurines and upcoming movie. They’ve got it all covered. Brings us back to the time when Beatlemania hit the world, eh? Ah yes, my favourite band and brand of music before I ventured into anime. Well, if they were this cute, probably I would fall in love with them all over again. A Beatles remake with a touch of K-ON!? On second thought, maybe I shouldn’t mix and mess up fantasy and reality.

Night Wizard

August 5, 2011

Apparently yet again I’m trying my hands at another RPG game turned anime. I guess the sole reason for me to jump in watch Night Wizard was because of a female character with a big blazing gun. How cool would that be each time she fires her weapon, bringing utmost power destruction among her targets. With bullet shells bigger than her palm, you could say that it’s going to pack quite a punch. Not to mention the magical insignia appearing each time she pulls the trigger.

I wasn’t really that interested in the unique terms set out for this world such as Gekkou (Lunar Casket – barrier stretching) and Kaguya (Lunar Robe – ability to store objects and items in a different dimension) but I had to know the gist of it if I am going to understand what is going and not get disappointed in understanding a damn thing by the end of it. So the setting is in our modern world. There are dark forces hell-bent on invading Earth. And you guessed it that these beings, Emulators are immune to whatever scientific advances mankind has ever come up with. However, ah there’s always an exception, there are a bunch of people with powers that can break through and fight these menacing hordes. They are called Night Wizards and are the only thing that stands between our world falling into the hands of the Emulators. In short, they’re protectors of Earth. Where’s Ultraman when you need him?

Episode 1
Renji Hiiragi is brought before Anzelotte who wants him to answer her request with “Yes” or “Okay”. That’s not much of a choice! Hiiragi is sent crashing down into the planet below while he laments about the need of going to school due to his bad attendance record. He crashes down below and cooperates with comrade Akari Himuro (the girl with the big gun) to take out hordes of Emulators. Back on Earth, Elis Shihou is the new transfer student in Kinmei Academy of the Akihabara branch. She’s popular enough that everyone is pestering her to join their club. But she is whisked away by miko-priestess outfit Kureha Akabane to join her astronomy club since she likes reading stars. Hiiragi is on his way to school but Anzelotte snatches him for another mission. That same request line again. Man, she doesn’t give him a break. Elis learns Kureha and Hiiragi are childhood friends and the withered legendary tree supposed believed to when proposed underneath, it will bloom. Suddenly she felt a terrible pain in her head after a blinding light emerges from the tree but soon recovers. A pair of dark girls, Bell Zephyr and Lion Gunta (pronounced ‘lee-on’) are watching them and think they should have some fun before Anzelotte interferes. Night time, Hiiragi makes his way to school but gets kidnap by Anzelotte for another mission! Deja vu! How desperate are they? Elis back at her home sees the moon glowing red as it becomes larger. She gets hypnotized. Kureha senses something wrong, spots Elis and follows how to the legendary tree. A yellow orb emerges from beneath the tree into Elis’ hands before she snaps out of her trance. A Gekkou is suddenly activated, the sakura tree in full bloom and a dangerous Chimera appears. Kureha uses her arm crossbow to attack but to no avail. Hiiragi dives down from the sky to fight. Hey, he’s finally back in school. However the Chimera is targeting Elis. As it fires it fire breath at her, Elis’ orb glows and turns into a shield to protect her. Hiiragi uses this chance to slay it as everything reverts to normal. The orb becomes part of Elis’ bracelet. Kureha thinks that she is a wizard while Hiiragi introduces himself and says he is here to protect her. Bell notes that the jewel is one of the 7 Jewels of Virtue and this one is the Jewel of Kindness. Elis is brought to see Anzelotte in her castle as she asks her that request thingy… Are there any other options available?

Episode 2
Hiiragi becomes Elis’ second year classmate. Hey wait a minute. I thought he is a third year? Something about his mission to protect Elis but how does this look in the eyes of others? Yeah, fallen man. Looks like he will have to repeat another year in school. It’s complicated. Flashback reveals Anzelotte explaining the history of Emulators trying to invade Earth. I guess that’s how we get our ideas from vampires, werewolves, etc. She is also being thought how to use her bracelet that can be formed into a shield and another round of history about the Jewels and how it brought destruction and wars to mankind because everybody wants to own it. Anzelotte plans to collect all 7 Jewels and open the door to the dark side and bring the fight there to end it all. Elis jumps at the chance of accepting the mission to help protect Earth. Hiiragi isn’t too pleased about this so Kureha blackmails him about revealing his shameful secrets. Hmm… What could it be? I guess being Elis’ bodyguard means having to stay with her too. I know guys should get a separate room but what the heck is this unfair treatment of giving him live in a camping tent outside the balcony?! That night the trio have a celebration party by forming an unofficial World Saving Club. Do you really want to be in it? Do you really have a choice? Kureha also learns about a book that was given to Elis from an uncle, though she barely remembers him but is always seen writing letters to him. Next day at school during recess, Hiiragi must learn not to say bad about people (especially a particular grey haired loli who is actually older than she looks) so Anzelotte appears spot on and ‘kidnaps’ him and the rest. They are taken to her giant castle and a mission briefing about the location of a Jewel. Looks like some abandoned magical continent in the middle of South Pole? Yeah, note all the penguins there. Bell decides to ‘start the game’ and sends her underling Lalamu to either retrieve the Jewel or kill Elis. As the trio trudge into the kingdom, Gekkou suddenly appears. A Golem starts attacking them. Hiiragi and Kureha’s weapons seem to have no effect on the Golem that is specifically targeting Elis. There is only so much her shield can do. Thankfully, she is saved with the arrival of Akari as she blasts a shot into the magic symbol on the Golem’s head. Backup has arrived, though it may just be Akari herself. Sometimes it is quantity over quality. But it’s not over yet because Lalamu summons more Golems for them to deal with.

Episode 3
As Anzelotte talks to her God Gazer (is he a mirror or a person behind it?), the rest fight the Golems and easily destroys them after figuring out their weak spot. The place returns to normal as the quartet enters the main castle. It’s good to have someone with bad luck as Hiiragi leading because he is like some sort of ‘trap tester’. Poor guy. But it’s amazing he manages to survive them all. I don’t know, it’s just like he’s some sort of a trap magnet because he seems to be accidentally activating just about every trap there is. They break for lunch as Elis notes Akari isn’t that friendly with her though the latter says her mission is to protect her. Meanwhile Lalamu is in a chamber with the Jewel but a barrier prevents her from getting her hands on it. The gang enters a room with a large painting, possibly telling the history of the great battle with the ultimate Demon Lord Shaimal. Elis felt that headache again. They resume their journey deeper into the castle until they reach a room with blocks. Elis’ pain is aggravating so they suggest using the Jewel of Kindness as it has some healing attributes. It worked. Then Hiiragi activates some platform thingy and sends the girls up while he goes down to who knows where. The girls enter the chamber with the Jewel. Elis approaches the Jewel but is blocked by the barrier. Lalamu watching from afar thought she would be able to break through the barrier but since she is deemed useless, she summons the skeleton soldiers to finish her off. Kureha and Akari are kept busy (Hiiragi soon joining them when he fell from above. Who knows where he’s been) while Elis uses her brains to solve this puzzle. She remembers the painting about the flames. This is where her physics and chemistry come in handy (f*ck science subjects!) as she mix the different chemical compounds to unlock the barrier via correct colour. The Jewel of Wisdom absorbs into Elis’ bracelet. Lalamu transports them to another dimension and changes her appearance into Akari. Oh dear. Which is the real one? Elis and Kureha get this idea to attack both of them because they hate her so the fake one flinches, gets defensive and targets them back. The real Akari knows they would never harm her as she places her trust in them. This allows Hiiragi to slice Lalamu with his Demon Sword. Bell doesn’t sound that disappointed with Lalamu’s defeat but Lion says that is expected because it is what is written the book. Yeah, it’s like reading the future. Elis and Akari open up to each other as Elis apologizes for saying she hated her but Akari comments her food was delicious.

Episode 4
Anzelotte tells the gang of another Jewel location on the Moon. Say what? Do you remember that Chinese folklore about the woman living on the Moon, Chang’O or better known as Princess Kaguya in the Japanese version? Yeah apparently what they’re trying to say is that she’s an Emulator. Sheesh… Anyway to go to the Moon, the gang rides a space shuttle but they are attacked by cute killer bunnies with pounders. Ugh… They destroy the space shuttle but thankfully (I don’t know how this is possible) everyone survives as they fall onto the Moon’s surface though separated. Elis faces more trouble as the rabbits continue to hound her. After running here and there, she is cornered at the cliff (wait a minute, isn’t the Moon’s gravity only 1/6 of Earth’s? So no worries if she jumps down, right?). This time she is saved by a mysterious kid who has been watching her ever since her arrival. He paralyzes the rabbits with his magic while taking Elis to safety. He chides her friends who are supposed to be protecting her but Elis tells him off that they aren’t like that. He apologizes and leaves after Elis is safe. Akari reunites with her. Elsewhere Kureha picks up Hiiragi after they dispatch more bunnies. Elis and Akari approach a castle whereby Chang’O brags about being the queen of the Moon and servant to Shaimal. Akari fires at her but it is blocked by Chong’O’s sword in which a Jewel is attached to. Chang’O absorbs Elis into a giant barrier that resembles herself. Akari and Kureha combine their powers to make a crack in the barrier enough for Hiiragi to break into. Elis is tied down inside and is to become a sacrifice. The ceremony will be a little delayed since Chang’O has to deal with Hiiragi. Suddenly Elis falls under some trance as she absorbs Chang’O’s Jewel of Fortitude into her bracelet. Shocked at the turn of the events, she let her guard down and allowed Hiiragi to slay her for good. Now we know why she couldn’t return from the Moon. The barrier disappears as Elis wakes up to her normal self outside reunited with her friends. They meet that mysterious kid again as he introduces himself as Kirihito. They don’t really know who he is but he seems to know Hiiragi a lot. Plus, he is wearing their school uniform.

Episode 5
After the Moon, now another Jewel location on some island. Anzelotte knows the Jewel has been here all along and is in the possession of another Night Wizard, Kurusu Andou. However he is not giving it up. As the gang arrives on the island via teleportation, they see fellow-comrade Mayuri Wanstein crying about her failure to convince Kurusu (that includes seduction) as she quickly teleports away and leaves it to the rest. If a cute girl couldn’t do it, what more them? They approach his house and see him chopping wood. They tell him about the mission and the stuff we’d probably know but he’s not interested. He must’ve heard it a thousand times. Because he was once a Demon Sword user, Hiiragi challenges him to a duel. However Hiiragi is made to eat humble pie when Kurusu easily disarms him with his axe. But that stubborn kid won’t give up and each time he tries to ambush Kurusu, he ends up looking more like an idiot. It’s no doubt he sinks into depression with his pride shattered into pieces. Elis continues to accompany Kurusu and help him out though the old bugger didn’t mind. He learns that she considers her friends important. He tells her that Anzelotte isn’t what they know her to be as she can be cruel and will go to great lengths to use her friends to achieve her goals. I guess peaceful times must come to end so Bell sends in a couple of Emulator dogs to attack them. The relentless attack has Kurusu telling Hiiragi to value his life but he is adamant that he will lay his life down to protect Elis. Kurusu makes up his mind and follows Hiiragi’s orders to take Elis away to a safe place. He brings him to a cave and tells her when he was under the service of Anzelotte. He and his partner secured a Jewel and are about to escape but his friend got caught. She wanted Kurusu to return with the Jewel though he is reluctant to leave her. Anzelotte teleported Kurusu away against his will seeing that the objective was to collect the Jewel. His friend perish and in the end, Kurusu refused to hand over the Jewel and left. He lost faith in saving the world since he couldn’t save his friend. He picks up his Demon Sword sticking out from the grave and goes back to give it to Hiiragi. He wants that kid to show his resolve. He doesn’t disappoint and destroys the dogs. Everyone gathers in the cave as Kurusu gives them the Jewel of Faith lay buried in his friend’s grave and into Elis’ bracelet. Hiiragi hopes to have a real duel with him one day.

Episode 6
Without doing any effort, suddenly the gang now have the Jewel of Temperance in their hands. As Anzelotte mentioned, there are other teams helping to seek out the Jewel too. She also introduces to another Wizard, Nightmare who will help them in their next mission. What kind of a name is that if this cool guy is supposed to specialize in dreams. When Elis touches the Jewel, she collapses. She is in her dream world and they have to rescue her by entering her dream. So I guess this is where Nightmare comes in. Meanwhile Bell sends another underling, Pheus Mor to make her debut. The gang arrives in Elis’ dream world. They encounter Elis’ child self as she is infatuated with the storybook Daddy Long Legs. Elis rushes off to see her uncle so the rest give chase in hopes of trying to convince her about this fake world and wake up. As they search around her pastry-filled kingdom, they see Kirihito sitting on a stairs. Since he’s not really helping, they walk away. They find Elis in a lonely tea party with her teddy bears. Hiiragi tells her that they need to return to the real world but she insists that she wants to stay here with her uncle, in which he appears and happy Elis goes to hug him and celebrate her birthday. Nightmare can tell this uncle is an imposter and questions him. Elis freaks out when she looks closer to her uncle when asked to and sees a demonic face. As she struggles away from him, the walls of the house fall apart to reveal a Gekkou. Elis runs away so Hiiragi chases after her while Nightmare deals with the imposter. Hiiragi tries to console crying Elis who locked herself in her room by drinking some potion Nightmare gave him so that he would be the same size as Elis. He promises that he will protect her, easing her heart. So they return to the rest and fight the enemy as the ‘uncle’ reveals his true form which is Pheus. Elis then vows to protect the gang and this causes a massive amount of energy to be released and the Jewel being absorbed into her bracelet. They turn into her shield and surround Pheus while shocking her with its energy projection. Another chance for Hiiragi to do another slaying. Hiiragi returns to his normal size after drinking an antidote while Elis thanks everyone and shows them the exit. They return to the real world though Elis doesn’t remember anything. Meanwhile Pheus isn’t totally dead but heavily injured. She limps into a door hoping it would be an exit but finds something so horrible that she had to rush back out. What could it be so fearful that a dream manipulator like her can scream that badly? Anyway Kirihito has that ‘oh-dear-you’ve-seen-what-you’re-not-supposed-to-see’ look on his face and kills her. At least that is how it seemed like judging from her painful scream.

Episode 7
Akari comes out from some maintenance chamber. She goes to see a friend, Mikoto who is also a Night Wizard but in coma. I guess after back to back episodes searching for Jewels, we take a break here. Akari officially goes to live with Elis as they throw her a welcoming party. That night, Hiiragi is having too much on his mind. Studying for his test, collecting Jewels and cursing Anzelotte’s conspiracy. Tsk, tsk, tsk. His annoying scream interrupted Elis and Kureha’s talk about the letter Elis always writes to her uncle. Kureha shuts him up by dragging him to take a bath (because his tent stinks – he thinks not taking a bath doesn’t kill anyone) or else she will reveal his secret. That time when Elis is alone, she sees Kirihito. He looks at her bracelet and notes that she will collect all the Jewels before her birthday because he is the one who will protect her. Kureha’s voice distracts Elis and by the time she looks back, Kirihito is gone. Next day, Elis’ class is at the skating rink. Hiiragi makes it in time before he is being marked absent by the teacher but unfortunately he is marked late. This won’t look good on his records. Hiiragi teaches Elis to skate and the funny moment is during the break time. Hiiragi thinks he is going to savour Elis’ delicious cooking when Akari takes hers out. Akari has bloody confidence in her cooking but Hiiragi knows better. Green gas leaking out from the bento? In order not for Elis to ‘die’ a horrible death, Hiiragi hogs Akari’s food, chowing it all down clean! He’s already dead when he’s halfway there! Man, what a torture. Just as he thought he could wash it down with Elis’ cake, Anzelotte appears out of nowhere to eat his share. She’s here just to relax. And break time is over. Poor Hiiragi. The skating continues with Hiiragi continuing to teach Elis but this time she fares better. At the end of the day, Elis and Akari buy souvenirs for Kureha and themselves. But it isn’t a bad day for Hiiragi because after his incessant bugging to his teacher, he finally decides to not mark Hiiragi late as he took care of Elis. Elis and Akari give Kureha her handphone strap souvenir as each of them has one. Don’t worry, Hiiragi isn’t left out though Elis slips it in his pocket. Back in Anzelotte’s base, she is receiving numerous activity reports of the movements of Emulators around the world, including major Demon Lords. Things are heating up with the hunt of the Jewels and it’s going to be a decisive battle between man and demon.

Episode 8
While the gang are cleaning Kureha’s shrine club house at school, Elis falls off the ladder but safely into Hiiragi’s hands. At that moment, they are engulfed in some energy ball and disappear. As explained by Anzelotte, they’ve being pulled into the past via some time rift. It’s bloody mind boggling to know how they can communicate in different eras. Elis is separated and finds herself at the top of the highest tower. You can guess she is being summoned by this Demon Lord Amy who accidentally summoned her when she was trying to summon Shaimal. Elis sees the Jewel of Justice in the middle of the summoning device. Meanwhile Hiiragi beats the crap out of the slave drivers and learns about Amy’s goal to build the tower. Before all communications are cut off, Anzelotte manages to tell Hiiragi that since an Emulator summoned them, they have to defeat the Emulator to return. Simple. Hiiragi enters the tower but is attacked by several beasts. Kirihito mysteriously appears again and reluctantly lends his hand to help him. They race up the tower as Amy resumes her summoning. Elis is locked away in a room and she could’ve done this earlier because she manages to blast away the seal and set herself free. Amy is surprised to see Elis again as she charges up the pillars for her summoning. She successfully summons only a partial of Shaimal as Elis could only stand and look in fear when her eyes met with Shaimal. Kirihito’s magic blast knocks down one of the pillars which put a damper to the summoning process. Amy traps Elis in a red bubble and let her float towards Shaimal but Hiiragi cuts it and saves her. Shaimal then unleashes a powerful blast towards Kirihito. He didn’t take a direct hit but was enough to injure him and that entire poor town in the distance got destroyed. Luckily Kirihito managed to destroy the magic structures so the summoning process couldn’t proceed any longer as Shaimal disappears. Hiiragi is going to cut down Amy but she is in a rage and sends him flying with her ice tornado. Elis then absorbs the Jewel into her bracelet in which it soon turns into some type of power sword and stabs through Amy. Hiiragi and Elis disappear from this world while Kirihito destroys what is left of this tower. The duo find themselves in the club room as Kureha and Akari notice that Elis has a new Jewel added to her collection. Meanwhile Bell is going to move in and is confident she is going to win because as mentioned by Lion, the book says the final Jewel will be in her possession.

Episode 9
Anzelotte speaks to Gazer and is pleased that everything is going well. Now it’s down to the final Jewel. As Hiiragi talks to Elis on her balcony, she suddenly collapses and in her trance talks about the final Jewel in some ringed place. Next day as everybody walks to school, something ominous is about to happen to Hiiragi. Yup, it’s Anzelotte and she is here to take the gang away for another mission. Yes or okay? What about school? Screw it since there’ll be no more school if you don’t save the world. In her castle, she shows them the final location of the Jewel to be in the rings of Saturn. However it will be like finding a needle in the haystack. For this mission, they will have Nightmare and Mayuri to accompany them. Since they don’t need to ride that space shuttle again, the entire castle becomes one giant fleet and they’re already reaching Saturn. As Anzelotte discusses the delegation of the duties to them, a large Gekkou is closing in from behind and the largest and massive hordes of Emulators they have ever seen. A change in plan as they will now have to defend and fight the hordes to buy Elis time to find the Jewel. Bell orders her underlings to go into action as they easily flank and take out Anzelotte’s platoons. Bell shows why she is the great Demon Lord as she whizzes pass the soldiers and even takes out a fleet by her own, including putting a large hole in Anzelotte’s castle. She goes after Elis. By this time, Elis has found the Jewel of Hope but to their dismay, Bell got it. Hiiragi and Kureha spring into action to retrieve it but Bell is just too good. Akari from afar fires her shot which hits a nearby asteroid and sends its exploding debris to throw Bell a little off. Hiiragi catches the Jewel and throws it back to Elis. Lion is in despair because it is not what is written in the book (this is what happens when you’re too reliant on pre-determined destiny). Bell demands an answer but Lion continues to panic and search for answers as she sifts through the pages. When Elis absorbs the final Jewel, it turned red instead. Suddenly Elis remembers that painting as the atmosphere around her turns red. The shield forms her wings on the back. She fires one helluva big massive shot. So big that it wiped out a portion of Saturn’s ring! Holy sh*t! Hiiragi jumps towards her and embraces her. This calms her down as she snaps out from her trance and realizes that Hiiragi is bleeding badly. Anzelotte is stunned at the developments and can’t believe Elis is Shaimal. Can you too? So what the heck have they been collecting all the Jewels for?

Episode 10
Both sides take heavy damage from the blast so it’s best that they retreat for now. Elis is confined in a room, utterly confused on what is going on. Hiiragi, Kureha and Akari barge their way in and demand Anzelotte an explanation. Seems there has been some misconception about obtaining the Jewels and instead of opening the portal as believed, it awaked Shaimal who is Elis instead. She points out her bracelet as the cause. Not that the rest are going to but it anywhere since they consider Elis their dear friend. Anzelotte seeks answers from Gazer but he didn’t answer directly and tells her to do what she thinks it’s best for the world. Meanwhile Bell and Lion discuss the developments as Lion’s book too didn’t see this coming but they know with Shaimal around, darkness and destruction will follow. Elis thinks she’s getting a much needed morale booster visit from Nightmare and Mayuri but their glum expression indicate that something bad is going to befall on her. True enough, Nightmare puts her to sleep (literally) as they have received orders to put Elis/Shaimal to sleep (for real) kill her. However before they could begin the execution, Elis wakes up in a trance and blasts everyone away. When she regains her normal self, she runs away in fear after noticing the destruction she has caused. Anzelotte orders every soldier to hunt her down but Hiiragi is upset on her decision. Either way, he is going to save her since no amount of words will change her decision. After Hiiragi leaves, Anzelotte summons Akari and Kureha for a mission (there is no option to refuse, remember?). Kirihito appears to save Elis from the guards and they come into contact with Hiiragi soon after. Since Hiiragi is adamant in risking his life to save Elis, he berates him for being a double agent, first loyal to Anzelotte and then betraying her. Elis slaps him for shooting his mouth. Hiiragi asks Kirihito’s real identity. He only replies he is the same as him, once a follower of Anzelotte but wishes to save the world too and will protect Elis. After dispatching more guards, they arrive in a bay. However the pod can only hold 2 people. What does this mean? Kirihito kicks Hiiragi as he free falls down to Earth! The amazing part is that, he didn’t die when he crashed hard on the tarmac. WTF?! It’s obvious that he wants to beat the crap out of that guy but Kirihito stops his sword with just his fingers. They take a short refuge back at Elis’ apartment. As they ponder what to do next (they can’t stay here for long), Elis thinks of going to look for her uncle. They have to make a move since Anzelotte’s soldiers are descending from the sky. Kirihito offers to stall them so Hiiragi takes Elis and run.

Episode 11
It shows the quality of Anzelotte’s soldiers. They lost badly and Kirihito unscathed. Or maybe he’s just too good for them. Hiiragi and Elis take a train to Elis’ former orphanage. Elis feels depressed about the fact that she is Shaimal but Hiiragi cheers her up. Meanwhile Bell decides to confirm her suspicions and takes Lion along with her. At the orphanage, nostalgic memories flow through Elis’ mind. They see a tree whereby the kids carve their names on it as not to be forgotten. The nun spots them and recognizes Elis. She invites them in for tea and soon the other children are happy to learn their big sister is back. They have a swell time with the kids, baking cookies and going through the photo albums (ah, those happy times). After the children go to take their nap, a mysterious white man with a white rose enters the orphanage and knocks the floor with his cane. A strange wave scatters throughout the orphanage. To Elis horror, the photo albums now are void of herself. She is no longer in all the pictures. She starts panicking and rushes out to the tree to confirm her existence but her name isn’t there either. Hiiragi consoles her that her existence is true but when the nun comes up to them, she doesn’t recognize them at all. Including the kids. Elis tells her name but the nun insists that there is no one like that. Even if there was, the Elis they knew died in an accident when she was 5 years old! Elis runs away in tears as Hiiragi gives chase. Meanwhile as Bell and Lion fly through some strange corridor, Bell suspects that everything on Elis was fabricated including her memories. She never existed till she first transferred and met the gang and now that her role is fulfilled, her existence will be erased. Elis continues to breakdown at the bridge as Hiiragi tries to comfort her that she is real. At least the times spent with them. The world suddenly turns blue and this can’t be a Gekkou. They are surprised to see Akari and realize that she is sent as Anzelotte’s assassin to take them out. The inevitable happens as both ex-friends start their battle, each believing their way is right. I wonder if Akari’s gun would be at a disadvantage since it’s effective for long range. During the bout, Akari’s souvenir strap fell out causing her to be slightly distracted, Hiiragi closes in and slices her Gunner’s Broom into half!!! Wow! Akari admits defeat and decides to withdraw seeing that she will have no winning chance against 3 people. Speaking of which, Kirihito just arrives at the scene. She lets the trio go while reporting her mission failure to Anzelotte. Anzelotte on the other hand receives a forceful visit from Bell and Lion (they blast their way in – again, such useless soldiers). It’s time to talk things out. Why wait for some unpredictable event that threatens both sides to discuss things? Meanwhile Elis, Hiiragi and Kirihito arrive at the school’s legendary tree but receive an energy shot as a welcome. They manage to block it. Looks like now they have to deal with another familiar face: Kureha.

Episode 12
A flashback of young Hiiragi and Kureha spending time together on Christmas. Some talk about Santa too. If you ask me, this doesn’t really have any bearing in the present except to show that they’re close buddies. So they have their own different ideals of saving the world and Elis as Shaimal. As the confrontation continues, meanwhile Anzelotte discusses with Bell and Lion about wanting the world to be saved. For Bell, if there is no world, she can’t invade, right? Ironically if gathering the 7 Jewels will awaken Shaimal, then obviously Anzelotte must’ve been fed false information and hope to retrieve them. Plus, killing Elis may trigger the full awakening of Shaimal. Back at the confrontation, Hiiragi and Kureha already draw their weapons. However Hiiragi lowers his sword as he deems his weapon is not for hurting his friends (how come he nearly did it with Akari?). Kureha also agrees with him and puts away her weapon. As they make peace, Kirihito isn’t happy with the developments and stabs Kureha! OMG! Now here comes the revelation part. Kirihito is the supposed uncle of Elis! Yeah, those white roses look familiar. He wanted them to finish each other off and turn Elis into despair to hasten the awakening of Shaimal but it didn’t happen the way he wanted. Plus, Kirihito is also Gazer! So the person Anzelotte is always seen praying to is this kid? Man, he’s everywhere! This is his reason for wanting to revive Shaimal. Long ago, he was to watch over Earth but you know humans, they become tainted and pollute everything so he lost hope and decided to destroy mankind and start anew. Something what Klaatu from The Day The Earth Stood Still wanted to do, eh? Hiiragi attacks Kirihito but the latter is still strong. Hey, he’s up against God, right? Anzelotte refuses to believe Bell so she reminds her about Kirihito appearing at convenient times and grooming Elis all the while. If Gazer is to do his himself, he will be breaching some rule about protecting the world so he used a third person and avoided getting his hands dirty. Hiiragi continues his attack and gets up no matter how bad the damage he has taken. Elis falls into despair as she feels guilty that all this is her fault. She falls into a trance and her bracelet turns into Shaimal wings (looks like an ugly giant fly) and starts destroying the city. Anzelotte receives report of the mayhem and she remains stubborn that Gazer isn’t behind this so she storms off to ask Gazer in person. Her worse fear is confirmed when Gazer reappears as Kirihito, confirming about his intention to save the world by destroying and used her all the while. So now do you believe him? That’s why it’s never good to blindly believe in some Gods. Hiiragi couldn’t do anything to stop the rampage as he holds Kureha’s lifeless corpse. Is calling out her name going to make her stop? Elis is bounded with thorny vines inside Shaimal still blaming herself as the cause.

Episode 13
Akari reunites with Hiiragi. Nice timing if you consider that guy leaving Kureha’s body in her hands so that he could confront Shaimal. Kirihito stops him from going further while spewing the usual insults and that Elis is gone for good. Like words would make him believe that. If he did, he might have given up a long time ago. As Kirihito orders Elis/Shaimal to destroy Hiiragi, Anzelotte finally decides on her resolve. She is going to abandon her faith to Gazer and orders all her soldiers to protect Hiiragi. The barrier protects Hiiragi from Shaimal’s blast as they are teleported outside Anzelotte’s castle. So if the soldiers can’t even face a massive horde of Emulators, how do you think they’ll fare against a single God? Yeah, Kirihito just easily fries them with his bolts. One of them tosses Hiiragi off but to his surprise is caught by Bell. She’s calling a temporary truce to beat Kirihito. Well, the enemy of my enemy is also my enemy. Since the entire universe isn’t big enough for 2 great beings, Bell and Kirihito duke it out. Thankfully Elis is still clinging onto something that prevents the full awakening of Shaimal. Hiiragi searches for a way to get in. This is where Nightmare comes in. Just like the last time, Elis herself might be asleep inside Shaimal so Nightmare casts a spell on Hiiragi to enter the dream world. It is the pastry-filled land and this time they go up the stairs where they first met Kirihito. They see a door this is only as far Nightmare can go so it’s all up to Hiiragi now as he ventures beyond it. Hiiragi faces some frightening dragon at first but slices it down and then move forward to meet Elis. He frees her but she is still in guilty mode. The same attitude so the same answer lah. The times she spent with her friends are real, bla bla bla.

Meanwhile Kureha’s body is brought to Anzelotte so she and Lion decide to resurrect her by combining their powers. I suppose it’s not good to have a dead heroine in the end so for happy ending purposes, even if the magic is forbidden or life-risking, they have to bring Kureha back to life. So Akari and Kureha fly towards Shaimal and their voice relieves Elis a little (Kirihito still being kept busy by Bell). They tell her to come home and her birthday party is due. The red atmosphere turns blue signalling Elis’ freedom from Shaimal. She emerges from Shaimal and Kirihito isn’t pleased that all his hard work is going down the drain. He attacks Hiiragi but Elis’ shield protects him. Elis combines her powers with Hiiragi so both sides charge at each other. It ends with Hiiragi successfully striking through Kirihito’s body. The only thing that can defeat a God is another God, right? So to defeat Gazer (Kirihito), it has to be Shaimal (Elis). Kirihito can even comment how he still hates Hiiragi from day one and says his farewell to Elis before vanishing. Elis bids goodbye to her ‘uncle’. With everything over, Bell and Lion excuse themselves and Anzelotte orders a full report on the situation. Back on Earth, it is graduation day and unbelievably, Hiiragi graduates along with Kureha. After all the absentees and tardiness and even being pushed back a year, you’d think he’ll never make it out of high school. Yeah, it’s complicated. But the celebrations have to be put on hold as Anzelotte forcefully drags Hiiragi away via her helicopter on another “Yes” or “Okay” request. This guy will never have peace. But for Elis, she’ll be glad to continue her life the way she knows it and notes she’ll be fine with everybody else.

Want To Have Another Go? “Yes” Or “Okay”?
For an RPG series and an ending like that, I guess it is okay. So the world didn’t get destroyed and start anew as Gazer wanted it to be. This means it will be back to the usual Night Wizard taking on the Emulators every now and then to determine the fate of the Earth. I’m wondering if Gazer is truly gone. He might not be the Almighty God of everything but he has been observing Earth ever since time immemorial. So without him, will Anzelotte take over his place? One thing I didn’t like about this series is some of the absurd, make-no-sense scenes. I know this is a fantasy genre but still if you think hard about it, it doesn’t feel right. For instance, the mission on the Moon. It’s like as though everyone can breathe and move so easily in outer space! Heck even that decisive battle outside Saturn was the same thing. Everyone in their normal uniforms and not in at least some sort of space suit or oxygen tank. Perhaps magic? Another one is the time distortion sending back Hiiragi and Elis to the past. So where is the Jewel in the future if they took it back from the past? And shouldn’t at least some sort of history change when they meddle with it? Lastly, about that free fall of Hiiragi from space to Earth. Shouldn’t he get burn up upon entering the atmosphere? Using magic as an excuse seems more like convenience. Oh and another things about why Gazer used another third party to fulfil his goals. Seeing that he is going to destroy the world and start everything anew, why the hell is he afraid of dirtying his hands seeing that nobody will be around by then to remember or accuse him?

Other than that, I could say that at times the characters are the most amusing ones in the series rather than the storyline which is divided into searching for the Jewels in the first half and then the shocking revelation of Shaimal in the second. Hiiragi if you don’t look at him as a hero, he’s like some sort of a guy that attracts bad luck. Especially when Anzelotte around pulling him away against his will for all sorts of mission whether he likes it or not. Because of that, Akari always teases him as sagaru otoko (fallen man) and in some situations, he does appear as one. Whether he is repeating a grade, going down a trap or even falling down from the sky. Yeah, it’s like the butt of jokes. But in the end, even Akari notes that he has become agaru otoko (rising man) because literally he has been whisked up in Anzelotte’s helicopter. It’s fun to note that Hiiragi sometimes is suspicious of Anzelotte’s actions and even badmouths behind her back. Ironically, Anzelotte has some sort of a “Hiiragi Sensor” and can tell whether he is talking bad about her and when she feels like it, will decide a punishment later or appear right in his face (speaking of the devil). Kureha’s weapon design is pretty cool and I feel her character is to put Hiiragi in place during comical scenes. Akari’s gun action doesn’t disappoint but I just wish that she has more screen time pulling the trigger. She may appear and sound monotonous but she values friendship as important as the rest. If you notice each time the gang pays a visit to Anzelotte’s castle, she’ll offer them a different tea to drink. Does she really have an extensive collection of tea? The only thing I like about her is the way she phrases her requests so much so you can’t say otherwise and she does it with a cute smile. Technically, you can’t say she’s forcing you, right? She’s giving you 2 options. I may not be right, but I think her other favourite phrase is “God damn!” when things aren’t going in her favour or she’s in a pinch. Yeah, it’s like cursing her own God she worships.

At first I thought Bell and Lion should get more variety of lines because there were seemingly locked in some room, Bell always looking at her magic locket always saying it’s getting interesting and Lion reading the book that predicts everything. So I’m glad they got out of that shell and did something different for once. They show that they’re not as dumb as Anzelotte by revealing several revelations (partly because to think like a baddie, you have to be one). Elis seems like a helpless moe blob at times but that’s because she doesn’t know about her powers and when she does, she starts fearing how devastating it would be. With her finally free of Shaimal, looks like she’ll be able to resume her normal life. Now that the threat is over, will everyone still need to cram in at her place? Kirihito’s strange and mysterious appearance and action makes him stand out that there is more to him than meets the eye so it’s easy to suspect that he would be something major and big in the series later on. Nightmare is such a cool guy with his “Dream” word in every sentence. However I lament he didn’t get much screen time either. I want to note that the subordinates of Bell are somewhat ‘useless’. After making their grand and threatening appearance, at the end of the episode, they get easily killed off. Then there were this bunch of other subordinates unleash to attack Anzelotte’s soldiers during the Saturn standoff. They only display their dark abilities for a while then after that, who knows what happened to them. Something tells me they got killed by that powerful awakening blast of Shaimal. Another character left hanging is Mikoto, Akari’s friend. I thought there would be a short flashback to see her connection but in the end, I felt that the producers forgot all about her.

It got me thinking about the irony of the 7 Jewels of Virtue. Common sense, if you collect them, then at least some sort of super good holy power will come forth, right? Instead, it becomes a key into awakening Shaimal. So shouldn’t they be named after the 7 Deadly Sins instead? Well, perhaps if they were named so, it would be a dead giveaway and that nobody wants to collect them in the first place. In which, we should have got a hint when we are told many people died when they fought over to get their hands on those little orbs. Maybe it goes to show one thing. Too much of goodness isn’t a good thing. The opening theme is Kurenai by Ui Miyazaki (who is also the voice for Elis). I don’t know, I thought the loud sound effects make the song sounded like those tunes you usually hear in ‘Game Over’ moments in video games. The ending theme by BETTA FLASH, Erinyes is totally opposite. Sounds creepy and ominous. The opening lines sounded and felt like some sort of dark priestesses chanting forbidding charms.

Well, I won’t be playing the game any time soon or in the near foreseeable future. Briefly skimming through Wikipedia of the other terms and character classes, perhaps it is not my place to say that they don’t seem to appear in the anime. Well, it’s an adaptation in the first place. Besides, I don’t think the characters in the anime really do appear in the game (not that I know of). So next time if you read all those tales about monsters, spirits and ghosts, maybe they’re really those Emulators trying to invade our world. I don’t really want to end up like Hiiragi as a fallen man, getting whisk away to protect the Earth so much so he doesn’t have any decent time to himself, what more attend school. At his age where guys are dying to play truant or skip classes, he is dying to attend them and graduate. Not to say his studies are his forte but… So with this anime done, I’m wondering if I should continue watching more animes of this genre. Please answer “Yes” or “Okay”. Now, that’s a tough choice…

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