Ore No Imouto Konna Ni Kawaii Wake Ga Nai

August 20, 2011

Phew. At first this is sure a mouthful to pronounce and remember seeing Japanese isn’t my native language. I have a feeling of some sort of conspiracy that the producers made the name of this anime very long on purpose, Ore No Imouto Konna Ni Kawaii Wake Ga Nai. Thankfully many fans and viewers can identify it with its short form, OreImo, so that everybody don’t have to use up and waste 5 seconds of their breath each time trying to mention the name of this series. Saves a lot of time, energy and the environment. Okay, just kidding about the last bit. So if a title is this long, you might want to know what it means. Literally, it means “My Little Sister Can’t Be This Cute”.  Okay, I know what you’re thinking. Sounds like one of those ecchi series titles, right?

If you remember that other anime series, Nogizaka Haruka No Himitsu, you can somewhat relate that both the girls here a same hidden passion: The world of anime. Yup, to some, that subject only conjures about moral declining standards with cute wide-eyed girls in revealing and so called kawaii outfits. It’s no surprise that as a model student and in the eyes of the public, you’d want to keep this passionate hobby as much as a secret from the rest. But unlike in Nogizaka Haruka No Himitsu, the type of anime genre dealt in this series leans more towards galge and eroge. Especially those of little sisters fetish. Uh huh. You may probably be thinking about incest but as far as this anime series is concerned, there are no explicit scenes about brother and sister making love. That’s got to be a good thing, right? Hopefully.

Episode 1
Kyousuke Kousaka is an ordinary kid. He has a nice sister that wakes him up every morning, cooks him breakfast and does his laundry. NOT! Even if this is just a dream, he knows it is too good to be true because in real life, his sister Kirino are like oil and water, cat and dog, day and night. Typical sibling love-hate relationship (but more towards the latter). They hate each other so much so much so you’d wish they aren’t blood related to begin with. Like as though they’re strangers living under the same roof. So one fateful day, after a lot of coincidental topics on sisters in class, Kyousuke accidentally bumps into Kirino on her way out home. Hi finds something suspicious dropped. Kyousuke picks it up and realizes it is some CD game about making love with your sister! Yikes! He has his suspicions on whose this CD belongs to but he needs to make sure. For the record, it’s not his. He’d be dead if his mom ever caught him in possession with one of those. So over dinner, he plans to find out the culprit by indirectly talking about in the indecency of anime. His suspicion is confirmed when Kirino is the only who is acting weird. Then he fakes going out to the convenience store so that he could catch Kirino red-handed in searching his room for her lost CD. It’s not like she admitted it’s hers at first but even if it was, it’s not like Kyousuke cared what kind of hobbies she have. In the dead of the night, Kyousuke gets a rude awakening because Kirino slaps him up! This isn’t a dream. She calls him to her room and… Wants him to give her life counselling. What were you expecting? Then she proceeds to show him her closet full of anime stuff! She’s a huge fan of that Meruru character and worse, she loves playing erotic games with little sisters as its theme! You might write her off as a sicko with sick fetishes but hey, welcome to the world of anime. You can see her lining up her precious galges and even passionately talking about each one like as though she created them. So where the heck did she get all the money to buy these expensive stuffs? (For your information, just a simple collector’s item can cost a bomb and more than an average person’s salary). Thanks to her modelling job of course. What she does with her life and money is her business, right? Kirino continues to rant about her spiralling obsession and addiction to such games despite herself being a girl. Kirino asserts that she has no ulterior motives doing so and wouldn’t mix 2D and 3D together. Thinking that everything is over, Kyousuke goes back to sleep but gets another deja vu. Kirino slaps him awake again. Can she have a better method of waking her brother up? I know, she hates him so probably this is how she finds her kicks. This time, she calls him to her room and wants him to play an eroge! She wants his point of view? For a guy who didn’t know such games existed like only yesterday, this is got to be too much. But do you think she’s going to let him go? Boy, it’s going to be a long night. As a ‘compromise’, Kirino lends her laptop to him so that he could play some of the games she lent to him. I hope he has got some spare time.

Episode 2
Kirino isn’t happy that Kyousuke isn’t making much progress with the games. Well, he has a normal life to lead, right? So why the hell does he needs to be dragged into playing this when she can talk to her friends about her hobbies? Oh wait. She has no one in the same boat she can talk to. Kirino asserts she would like to keep both her different life together but apart because she knows how society looks down on otakus. Thus Kyousuke offers her a solution to join those online IRL communities and meet up with people of the same interest. Kirino does so and soon enough she has a reply giving her a warm welcome and to meet up next week. Kyousuke accompanies Kirino to Akihabara for the meet up. He sits at a nearby table where the online girls meet just to keep a watch. The pack is led by a large size girl named Saori Bajeena (uh… I’m not sure if that’s her real name or not. Certainly sounded like some human anatomy…). Saori starts the meet as the other girls chatter away. However Kirino is ‘paralyzed’ and remains silent throughout the meet. Before she knows it, it’s over. As they make their way out, Saori meets with them and would like to invite them to an after party for members who didn’t really get to talk much then. The other invitee would be a girl drabbed in goth loli outfit that resembles very closely to Rozen Maiden’s Suigin Tou, who goes by the name of Kuroneko. Because of Kirino and Kuroneko’s vast difference in taste and personality, they get on each other’s throat right at the start. Yup, they start insulting each other about why their preference is superior and the other not. As we know Kirino is a fan of the magical girl Meruru, Kuroneko is more towards the dark teen anime, Maschera. Yeah, they could even argue about the screening time of the show. Wow. These girls can certainly make an argument out of anything just as long as they stick to their passion. Well, at least we can say that they are making some progress in ‘talking’. Yeah, we didn’t know they were this ‘close’. The battle between the duo continues as they go take a look at Meruru and Maschera stores. Back home, Kyousuke continues his game ‘homework’ and is happy that he manages to finish a route. He goes to return the game to Kirino and learns that she has made some progress with her online friends such as making an appointment for the next meet up.

Episode 3
Kirino’s classmate and friend, Ayase Aragaki do their part time modelling job. Ayase invites her to go somewhere on Sunday but she claims she has other friends. No, not picking up a boyfriend. It’s to meet up with her IRL pals at Akihabara (she can’t tell that of course). Back home, Kirino plays her galge and it’s amazing how she can concentrate on her game and talking to Kuroneko on the handphone (the usual insults). Later Kirino meets up with Saori and Kuroneko at Akihabara while Kyousuke talks to his classmate-cum-childhood-friend, Manami Tamura. Seems Manami has a crush on Kyousuke but he’s too dense to take note. When Kyousuke comes home, he sees the unthinkable situation. Kirino in the living room, her eroge CD on the table and right across her dad, Daisuke. Oh no. Her secret is out. Apparently the CD fell out when she bumped into Daisuke and he has been mad about this since. Eventually Kirino runs out from home so Kyousuke goes to chase after her. Once he catches up to her, he hears her out. Daisuke lectured her about the bad influence that is so called otaku and plans to stop her from the rot. But that is not what she got upset over. It was the fact he called the stuff she loves useless. Kyousuke decides to help her out and goes to talk to dad. He tries to persuade Daisuke to let Kirino keep her hobby even if he himself knows how disgusting it is. Both sides remain stubborn so much so Kyousuke had to raise his voice and exhaust all avenues on how much Kirino has improved in this area like making friends and such. He must be that desperate because he tells Daisuke that he’ll beat the crap out of him if he doesn’t let Kirino keep her hobby! A son going to do that to his father?! Even so, Daisuke holds the upper hand because the CD labels the game only for those 18 years and above.  He is going into Kirino’s room to throw away all her games! Kyousuke goes into crazy mode now. He has to save those ‘little sisters’. He blurts out that the games belong to him and told Kirino to hold it for him. Daisuke thinks he is playing those games and doing indecent stuff to Kirino so Kyousuke exclaims that he loves those sort of games. Eroge is my soul!!! Daisuke got so angry that he couldn’t care less anymore and gives Kyousuke a huge punch. I guess this pain is bearable compared to the one he shoulders for Kirino. So thanks to his courageous feat, Kirino’s games are still intact and at least she works up the courage to thank him. For the moment, why does he start thinking how cute his little sister is? Hope he hasn’t got into that obsession already.

Episode 4
Kyousuke plays more of those eroge. Kirino continues her criticism that he needs to improve and warns him to continue playing and not come out of his room because she is having her friends Ayase and Kanako Kurusu over. Kyousuke gets some walkthrough tips from Saori over the phone. So it’s either their room is so close or Kirino is talking so loud so much so Kyousuke is forced to hear all the badmouthing she has to say about him in her room. Soon Kyousuke receives a parcel package but Kirino intercepts first and thinks it is for her. Then he gets a call from Saori that the package contains doujinshi sets of Meruru and was addressed in his name since she doesn’t know Kirino’s real name (she goes by the name Kiririn online). In order to save Kirino, he barges and steals the package just before they could unwrap it. The siblings struggle and in the end he fell on top of her in an ambiguous position. Guess what? Her friends saw it. Upset Kirino kicks him out of the house. Ayase hopes he could forgive Kirino and understand there must be a reason for all this. They become acquainted and exchange numbers. Later Kirino finds out the truth but still wants him to take responsibility for embarrassing her in front of her friends. Since she lets him do the thinking, they end up going to Summer Comiket with Saori and Kuroneko. Kyousuke gets firsthand experience of the crazy crowd, the booths and just about everything immense about the otaku life. I know, it’s scary to a commoner. They go around buying the stuff they want. There is a limited CD edition of a Siscalypse game and in order to get the last one left, they have to beat the game master. They each have their hand but flop. Except for Kuroneko, she coolly wins the game and the CD. She gives it to Kirino. At the end of the day when they are leaving, Ayase is shocked to see Kirino at this place.

Episode 5
Kyousuke and Kirino try to cover up their attendance at Comiket. Ayase was nearby due to her photo shoot. Saori and Kuroneko did them a favour by walking off like as they do not know the siblings. As they try to leave, Ayase wouldn’t let them. She keeps saying how Kirino is lying and avoiding her. Then she accidentally rips the bag and sees all the doujinshis she has bought. Ayase becomes very disappointed and tells Kirino never to talk to her again. Life resumes like normal. Just that Kirino seems depressed. Kyousuke goes talk to her but gets yelled back instead. Ayase didn’t tell everyone about Kirino’s hobby. The conversation turns into a huge argument. Kirino is further upset that Kyousuke is acting like as though he cares. Kyousuke calls Ayase to make up but the latter does not want to be associated with such people. She gave an ultimatum, it’s either her hobby or her friend. Even if he tries to say something like she shouldn’t judge something that she is unfamiliar with, Ayase mentions about a recent report about an otaku being influenced by such games and caused harm to a girl. Kyousuke goes to beg his dad for information on the case (Daisuke’s a police officer) so later he meets Ayase at the park to tell her about the flaws of the report in the journalist has apologized for his sloppy reporting. Still, Ayase couldn’t accept that disgusting hobby and wants Kyousuke to give back the real Kirino she knows to her. By that time Kirino jumps into the argument. She wants to know which side of hers is real. Is it the smart, beautiful and athletic model student she knows the real Kirino? Either way, she will not throw away both her hobby and best friend because she likes them both. Ayase reconciles with her but she still cannot accept her hobby. Kirino hints Kyousuke to step in. He shows her a doujinshi sample and talks about the forbidden love he has found with Kirino! I love my sister! Her hobby was the reason why their broken relationship was mended! I know he is making this up but this is all for the sake of their friendship. Ayase finally understood. That Kyousuke is the root of evil and wants him never to lay his finger on her best friend ever again. If he ever does, she’ll beat the crap out of him. Ah well, all for their friendship. Just as planned…

Episode 6
Some screen time for Kyousuke and Manami. In class, Kyousuke’s friend, Kouhei Akagi wonders the relation between the duo. It’s not like they’re dating but yet Kyousuke can’t stand the thought she’d date any other guys. As Kirino happily receives another eroge package, Kyousuke visits Manami’s family. You got to love her eccentric grandpa. Because he likes to set up Kyousuke and Manami together, has this special ability of eavesdropping and popping out from underneath the table when they least expected it and yes, can slow down his pulse to even look like a dead corpse! For that moment, you thought he had really died! Grandpa pesters the duo to get married throughout the day as Manami invites Kyousuke to her room for tea. He also meets her younger brother, Iwao who is a rock star wannabe but playing a shamisen? Kyousuke is sleeping over for the night so he and Manami take turns teasing each other about taking a bath together. Each time ending up getting more than they bargained for. Of course they didn’t. Bed time, grandpa sneakily arranges their futons to be next to each other. He’s telling them to sleep together or else some war trauma will wreck pain in his heart. Haha, nice try. However Manami is okay with it. That night they can’t sleep so they talk about the future and the possibility that someone confesses to her. As for Kyousuke, he prefers for things to stay the way it is now. Back at Kirino’s place, I’m wondering what her freaking problem is seeing that Kyousuke has been absent the whole day. It’s like she’s calling him idiot behind his back and kicking his room door (besides her disgusting happy hugging of her bolster size Meruru). I thought she hated him enough not to care.

Episode 7
Kyousuke comes home to find Kuroneko sitting in his living room. Looks like she is here to watch the screening of the Meruru anime after another one of those heated arguments so Saori suggests to watch together and get some perspective. Saori couldn’t make it and Kirino went back up to her room and continue whatever she is doing. Kyousuke learns that the argument this time was the novels that they were writing. Seems Kuroneko is upset that Kirino’s novel had a character modelled after a certain goth loli person and ‘gets raped and dies in the end’. Woah! No wonder she wants to kill her. Kyousuke then goes to get Kirino. He too learns from her that Kuroneko wrote her own novel. The story seems decent but what part about it she doesn’t like? Let’s say the novel is 90% filled with words so I guess it’s pretty hard to understand if you’re not into the lingo of the words she used. Oh, and the loli character is modelled after a certain sister that is ‘a sex slave to the main character’. Yeah, right at each other’s throat. Anyway Kyousuke manages to bring her down and watch the Meruru show. With synchronization on Saori’s end via phone (talk about the new definition of live screening), Kirino is all into it, Kyousuke and Kuroneko annoyed. How does it all end? Another argument lah. Later Kirino chides Kyousuke for using her laptop to surf porn (serious?!). To make that up, she wants him to help her out by publishing her novel online. She gets some inspiring comments from the author of Raigeki Bunko and brings Kyousuke along to help her with her research. This includes wanting him to stand in the middle of the road to get smashed by a car. WTF?! Then she forces him to buy an expensive accessory and even complains about his poverty status. As they go around, Kyousuke comments that her novel is just ideas from her eroge and she’s doing this for her own self-gratification. Kirino then pours a bucket of cold water on herself and starts narrating pitiful lonely lines from her novel. This attracts the stares of passers-by so Kyousuke has no choice but to take her to the nearest hotel to wash up. He gets a call from Manami but she misinterprets his situation that he’s doing something indecent to his sister. Kirino comes out from the bath and accuses him for being a siscon. Then when they leave, Kirino hits eureka on a great idea.

Episode 8
Surprisingly, Kirino’s novel is to be adapted into an anime. Taking along Saori and Kuroneko as her ‘assistants’, she meets the various staffs that will be working on her anime. We can see Kirino is so passionate about her work that she even has specific details on what to expect about it. Including the voice actors she wants for the characters. She’s going on ranting and ranting way better than an Energizer battery that you wish she’d just shut the f*ck up. But I don’t blame her. She really loves her work. The staffs are kind enough to listen to her ranting but at the end of it, they have their own ideas of their own. Very much different. Restructuring the content, putting fewer details and changing the lead character from female to male. Well, she loves little sisters so it’s no surprise that her lead character is a girl and a bunch of little sisters having fallen in love with her after being saved. But will the viewers approve of it? That’s at least what the author thinks. Now we know why adapted animes are so different from their original stuff and most of them are a huge disappointment to their fans. And poor Kirino she became so depressed that she collapses back home. Kyousuke meets up with Saori and Kuroneko and learn how her work has been unfairly bulldozed and turned upside down. Saori did some research and finds out that Kirino’s work was adapted because of some anime being cancelled last minute as some sort of quick replacement. They decide to have another round of discussion with the staff with Kyousuke acting as Kirino’s proxy. The staffs continue to stick firm with their decision and their reasoning (to retain viewers and profit of course). Kyousuke tries to stand up and persuade them to change their mind but I guess today isn’t his day because he is all lost for words. Rather, he isn’t into this stuff to make a convincing persuasion. The final straw came when the author mentions he doesn’t find Kirino’s work interesting and threatens to cancel it. This time it is Kuroneko who stands up. In her gentle but powerful words, she tells off the author that he is getting his pride in his way of this school girl’s work. In short, he is jealous because Kirino’s novel is more famous that his now out-of-print works. Kuroneko also feels his pain having written lots of them before and also chides Kirino for being the centre point of everything. It ends with Kyousuke doing the ‘closing lines’ as he gets on his knees and begs them to use their magic to turn her work into a wonderful anime like what they have been doing all the while and not break her heart. On their way home, Kuroneko wonders why Kyousuke went all out for Kirino even going great lengths to lose face despite knowing they hate each other. His answer is simple: Because he is her brother. Mind you, not because he is a siscon or masochist. Back home, Kirino is pretty happy because the staffs have decided to go with most of her ideas. Then she tells Kyousuke that the next life counselling will be the last one.

Episode 9
In this daily life episode, we see Kirino happily playing her new eroge so much so it bothers her next door brother because he can actually hear every single gross word she spews. Can’t even study in peace. Why didn’t he go to the library? Then some routes has her upset so it’s like she’s taking it out and showing her f*cked up attitude towards her laptop. Elsewhere we see Ayase doing her photo shoot and couldn’t contact Kirino (because she turned off her handphone so she could concentrate on you-know-what), Kuroneko taking care of her little sisters (despite her showy outfit that she wears 24/7, I’d say she’s living quite a modest life if not a slightly poor one – better than some obnoxious sister that we know. Also, it’s funny to see her doing odd poses while she talks on the phone while her puzzled siblings look on) and an interesting insight for Saori. Seems she is a rich elegant and refined lady who loves this kind of hobby. Due to her large size, her cosplay costumes are tailor-made. Kyousuke suddenly calls Kuroneko to get his mind off that crazy eroge lover but her voice is too loud even to distract him. Kuroneko feels sorry for him. We all do. Kyousuke gets slapped by Kirino when he points up that she dropped her panties when she went to take a bath. She calls him a pervert and it makes you think it’s like the case of the pot calling the kettle black. After that, Kirino continues her incessant swooning and fawning so much so Kyousuke can’t take it anymore and bangs on the wall and tells her to keep it down. Kirino interprets this as his disgusting fetish to eavesdrop on her. Kirino finally finishes her game, Kuroneko posts her online diary as Kyousuke reads it and Kirino bumps into Kyousuke coming out from the bath and kicks him because she is just annoyed with him. WTF?!

Episode 10
Ayase calls to meet Kyousuke to get his suggestion on what to get Kirino for her birthday present. Why should he know what his sister wants most? But we all have an idea, right? Apparently something like this happened. Ayase visited Kirino and the latter showed all her various Meruru figurines. Ayase couldn’t tell them apart and wonders why she collects them. This upset her so they aren’t on talking terms. Though Ayase hasn’t accepted Kirino’s otaku’s fetish, she’ll make this case an exception since she wants to make up by giving a gift related to her hobby. He goes back to ask Kirino but gets into an argument as usual. She thinks she’s getting to friendly with Ayase, not to mention Saori and Kuroneko so he tells her off that she isn’t his girlfriend. I’m sure we see this coming. SLAP! Later Kyousuke researches with Saori and Kuroneko on what Kirino probably wants most. They finally did. When Kyousuke informs Ayase about it, she isn’t perplexed that Kirino is into this Meruru thingy but the fact that how do you get an item that is not even for sale? Via competition of course! You’re not telling her to enter a cosplay singing contest and win it, aren’t you? Well… Putting on such erotic costume is embarrassing enough so Ayase has a perfect someone who can fit that role and possibly beat last year’s winner, Bridget. That someone turns out to be Kanako. Kyousuke tries to act like someone big but when Kanako learns he’s not a producer, she shows her bratty side. Man, she has two faces! Furthermore, when she cosplays at Meruru, she looks like an exact double! A splitting image! Kanako learns that she has been tricked to perform on stage but she have to do it if she is going to get her normal clothes back. During the contest, Kyousuke and Ayase spot Kirino among the wild crowd. Yeah, she’s really into it. The competition starts as Bridget gets a near perfect score. Kyousuke goes up to Kirino (not too amused he is around) and mentions about somebody she knows going up on stage. So when it is Kanako’s turn, Kirino can’t recognize her and kept wondering that said person. Kanako is amazing and damn good that she wins the contest with a perfect score. It’s like Meruru came to life! Back stage, Kanako returns to her bratty obnoxious self. Throwing the rare Meruru prize in the dustbin and berating all those damn otakus. So much so hurting Bridget’s feelings and causing her to run away in tears. Kyousuke learns that though she doesn’t really like this kind of stuff, she gets a kick when people praise her for doing so. So it’s not like she’s putting up an act or teasing the fans. Plus, Kanako is a regular of idol auditions so she has this special ability to remember a song after hearing it once. Kyousuke hands the figurine to happy Ayase who gives it to Kirino. Now she’s all smiles.

Episode 11
The ‘escape’ button just saved Kyousuke’s life because his mom nearly caught him playing an eroge. Phew. Since their parents are not in for lunch, Manami thinks of coming over and making lunch for Kyousuke. Kirino isn’t too happy about it like as though she’s got a problem with Manami’s existence. She thinks he brought her home to do something indecent when their parents are out. Like hell he will! Kirino shows her bossy side by making Manami do several chores but she comes out tops. She’s like a perfect housewife. But Kirino still isn’t happy. Then after lunch, Kirino sets up pranks in Kyousuke’s room by putting on an eroge screen on the laptop. Kyousuke frantically tries to hide it from her and though he manages to hit the ‘escape’ button, Manami finds his porn collection under his bed! Another trap by Kirino! Manami thinks he is into girls with glasses seeing that all his porn stuff has bespectacled girls. Then she sees the eroge on his laptop screen. Eh, didn’t he press the ‘escape’ key? Maybe it’s some programming bug? Oh, his life is over. But Manami didn’t freak out (even if he asserts that his heart is as clear as the blue sky like his initial desktop background – sincere tears included), she wonders if she would like to call him ‘onii-chan’ from now on. NOOO!!! Later Kyousuke gets invited to some party. He wonders why the receptionist kept throwing him suspicious looks till he finds out it is his own personal harem party?! WTF?! I’m as surprised as him. Hey, Saori, Kuroneko and Kirino dressed in maid outfits. It starts off with Kuroneko presenting her own manga work. How come the characters closely resemble Kirino and Kyousuke? Don’t worry, that’s the only part where they’re alike since she takes them as her model. Continuing her story, the sister has this fetish of smelling her brother’s underwear… Hold it! HOLD IT! So if we can’t go on with this anymore, I guess it’s Kirino’s turn. But she needs some time to work up her courage. While doing so, Kuroneko teases Kyousuke to call him ‘nii-san’. Kirino retaliates by throwing a plastic bottle at him. This time Kyousuke puts his foot down. He blames Kirino for the cause of his depression lately. He thought of coming to this party to cheer him up but the exact opposite happened. Kirino cuts him off but this time she doesn’t sound b*tchy. She gives him her present and apologized for everything. Saori mentions that this party wasn’t only to cheer him up but a chance for Kirino to say sorry and says that they too are partly to blame. Seems Kirino hasn’t forgotten all the good he has done from the case of convincing Daisuke to keep her hobby, mending her relationship with Ayase and wouldn’t have met Saori and Kuroneko and been a lonely person having no one to talk to about her hobby. Kyousuke is so moved (partly he has never seen his sister so sincere like this) so much so he cried! Then he opens the present and finds it to be an eroge. What were you expecting? He breaks out into laughter and thanks her.

Episode 12
Something really weird is happening to Kirino and it isn’t a dream, you know. She’s kind and nice to her brother. Of course talking to her friends, they too aren’t sure. Then Kirino tells him to come to her room. Why is she acting nervous? Could it be? Don’t worry, it’s her final life counselling. What is he to do? She wants him to buy her an eroge: I’d Never Steal Something Like Onii-chan’s Pantsu. What kind of a title is that?! I should expect it since it’s an eroge. However the game is to be a midnight release in Akihabara so he needs to go and wait in line. Like hell he is going to do it but when your little sister begs to you in a cute way, you can’t say no, can’t you? Yeah, it beats putting up her bossy b*tchy face. As Kirino covers him for their parents, Kyousuke makes his way and to his surprise finds a long line of people waiting. Hey, it proves there’re lots of fans. Then he gets a shock to see his friend Akagi there. The thing is, he made up an alibi to sleep in his place so now if he’s here, it isn’t really going to cut it, right? Then Kyousuke learns that Akagi’s sister is a big fujoshi fan. Yeah, he has been forced by her to go buy that game. Kyousuke was damn surprised when he learned about that. Isn’t he in the same predicament? I’m not sure if I’m supposed to cringe or laugh when I see that full-on homo game featuring macho men together. Don’t look down on it because there are quite a number of female fans waiting in line to get their hands on it. Akagi also learns of Kyousuke’s predicament. Their talk becomes so loud that the other queuers applaud them. It takes a brave guy to go out and buy an embarrassing stuff for his little sister. Just like how a boyfriend goes all out to buy his girlfriend lingerie. But that’s beside the point.

Kirino chats with Kuroneko on the phone (seeing the online site is down for maintenance). Kuroneko is amazed that Kyousuke has enough patience to put up with her insolence. Just then Kyousuke returns with his successful purchase. They quietly sneak in as Kirino wants him to stay with her to play the game. Call this part of the life counselling. Yeah, she’d said it was the last one but she didn’t say it was over. Then she decides to show him something embarrassing. He initially didn’t want to see it but changes his mind. Then she changes her mind and doesn’t want him to look. They struggle and he spots and air ticket to America. Kirino says that her track coach has recommended her to go there so she’d thought she take the opportunity. Oh, the flight is tomorrow morning. And she won’t be back till high school. The conversation once again turns into an argument about staying or leaving. You know, Kirino thinks he’s telling her not to go but they hate each other so he wants her to go. Kirino gets so upset that she beats up Kyousuke like a punching bag! From punches to slaps to even head butts. The next thing Kyousuke knows is that he is in his room, his faced brutally bruised. Man, how many tissues were stained in blood? Morning comes and his parents didn’t suspect a thing from last night as they thought he just came back. Plus, it boggles me that they weren’t awakened by last night’s ruckus. To Kyousuke’s surprise, Kirino is still around. She apologizes to her parents that she doesn’t want to go to America. Well, Daisuke seems to be okay with it (because she is daddy’s girl. Aww…). Kirino explains to the teachers about her rejection in school. Back home, when Kirino says that the life counselling isn’t over, Kyousuke gets pumped up and agrees. Didn’t realize how important his sister is till he was about to lose her, eh?

True Route

Episode 12.5
However that really isn’t the end yet. From March 2011, there will be 4 ONA (original net animation) episodes of the series. The first one was released in late February 2011. Dubbed episode 12.5 because as opposed to episode 12’s ‘Good End’, this one is the ‘True Route’. In other words, an alternate ending from the TV series. And why starting off at number 12 instead of 13? Well, the first half is the same in episode 12. From Kirino’s good behaviour to Kyousuke suspecting it to her asking him to buy that midnight eroge to him surprisingly finding Akagi standing in line. The ‘difference’ starts when Kyousuke can’t make it in time to take the final train home. He calls Kirino. She sounds devastated. I guess there’s where his inner siscon kicks in so he assures her that he’ll return no matter what. Kyousuke begs one of the eroge buyers to lend his bike. He understands his situation well and does so. Plus, he thinks of playing the game on the streets just to experience something new. Kyousuke paddles all his might to reach home and manages to do so. After sneaking in and taking a shower, Kirino wishes that he stays and plays the eroge with her. Just as he is about to leave, Kirino decides to show him something. Rummaging through her closet, a game called “Do You Eat Poop” drops out. WTF?! Apparently she bought it by accident. Since Kyousuke misinterprets, she slaps him real hard! Back to what she originally wanted to show him, she takes out an album but Kyousuke refuses to see it. Putting that aside, she then shows him a box filled with her report card of her track records and badges from the sports festival. Though she has never told anyone about this before, whenever she’s down or in a slump, she’ll open this box to get her motivation back. Noting that all these are her precious collections, she mentions that he’ll have to protect them from now on. Like he’s got a choice. But I guess this time he isn’t as reluctant as before and is doing it because he is her brother. He goes off to bed and the next morning, he finds Kirino has ‘disappeared’. Clueless about where she went, he asks his parents so dad tells him that Kirino had left for America this morning as she has been scouted by a track coach there. Daisuke was against it and wouldn’t pay a single yen for it but Kirino remained stubborn and will bear all the expenses from her savings which include her novel royalty. And with that, she’s gone. Kyousuke may seem shocked but all he can do now is just wish her to do her best. At the start of the next school term, Kyousuke and Manami walk together to school as the latter teases Kyousuke for being much nicer now and wonders if she should call him “onii-chan”. Still no go. Then somebody familiar passes by them. Looks like it is Kuroneko in their school’s uniform. She addresses Kyousuke as her senpai. This is an interesting alternate route but I’m not sure when the next one will come out since it doesn’t air on a consistent basis. I hope it doesn’t end up like how Bakemonogatari did. I hope that won’t become another major issue since the obvious downside is the streaming quality of the video was very bad and grainy.

Episode 13
So with this episode, it’s no longer the imouto but a kouhai (underclassman) now. Couldn’t wear her trademark dress to school, eh? Anyway Kyousuke learns her ‘human name’ is Ruri Gokou. But I’ll keep calling her Kuroneko like the rest because I’m used to it. And why the heck is she hanging out in Kyousuke’s room? More importantly, why is Saori also hanging out there too? Does his parents have anything to say about this? Saori is a little upset that Kirino is gone and never consulted them (is she your mother?). Plus, she didn’t even phone or mail ever since. In school, Kyousuke introduces Kuroneko to Manami. Seems Kuroneko isn’t the social kind of creature as she declines hanging out with them or her other friends. On their way out, Kyousuke asks if she is interested to join any club but she isn’t planning on doing so. Then they see the Game Research Club and Kuroneko tries her hand on a shooter game. She seems to pass the highest difficulty level with ease and also earn a top score. However she notes how terrible the game is and wishes the creator to go and die! Over the days, Kyousuke notices Kuroneko doesn’t mix around. Then back in his room, Saori puts weird ideas into their head that they might be doing that sort of stuff, much to their dismay. Of course they object that those were their intentions. Kyousuke really wants to help her out with her social interaction so Saori suggests joining a club. Which club? Well, it had to be the Game Research Club. Kaede Makabe welcomes them as they meet the president, Gennosuke Miura who turns out to be the guy Kyousuke borrowed the bicycle at the midnight sale. Kuroneko learns that this club has lots of programming tools and equipment and decides to join since she has the freedom to do whatever she wants with it and it’s more convenient than doing it from her home. Makabe also mentions another newbie, Sena Akagi who happens to be the same year with Kuroneko. She’s also a good player (that shooting game, she was the top scorer before Kuroneko dethroned her) but perhaps because there are no other girls, she’s reluctant to join and that’s why he hopes Kuroneko will join the club. Later Kyousuke and Manami spot Kuroneko cleaning and go help her. But she is not happy because she thinks they are pitying her. Furthermore, she tells him off that he’s doing all this so that she could rely on him whatsoever but asserts she is not a replacement for his sister. Well, there’s got to be some truth in that. Saori’s advice to him that night is that she might be afraid to lose the time that they spent together (to the extend she shunned her classmates). Soon the Game Research Club holds a welcoming party. Sena shows up and though she hates this club, she joins it to learn some programming. Seems Sena and Kuroneko know each other because they’re classmates. Worse, they hate each other and are always on each other’s nerves. Doesn’t this look familiar to a certain sister? Kyousuke wanting to confirm his suspicions talks to Sena about gaming to a point whereby she really gets excited about her fetish on full-on homo games. Yup, she’s Akagi’s sister alright. That blooper allows Kuroneko to go on the offensive. To a point whereby she even blurts out her opinions and views on it. Too late, secret’s out.  Sena goes crazy and admits her obsession on such games till she even says she had a dream of Makabe raping everyone in the club!!! WTF?! She realized her folly and starts breaking down, throwing tantrums worse than a kid.  Kyousuke calls Akagi for help so the latter manages to talk to her and calm her down. On the way home, Kyousuke tells Kuroneko that he indeed felt lonely with his sister gone. However he is worried about her and plans to help her out. Kuroneko blushes and is okay with it since she mentions she’s already given up. Wow. A whole episode without that annoying sister? What a change in route.

Episode 14
Miura announces that the girls will be making a game together for an online game contest. Plus, this is to improve their relationship and build teamwork as they’re always at each other’s throat. Can they? Since they can only make 1, they’ll decide which via vote. After school, Kyousuke spots Sena at the bookstore. He is looking for some easier material to create games. He spots her with a yaoi book but he isn’t surprised. Because of that, he thinks that he is gay! Even if he denies it, she even has this dirty fantasy of him and her brother. Kyousuke thinks hard back home and after thinking about Kirino, he suddenly gets an idea: To make an eroge! No, he didn’t turn into a pervert. His reason is that since the contest is divided into several categories, they might stand a chance if they do one that has fewer submissions. Sena vehemently protests but Miura already agrees. But Makabe wonders if it’s right to ask girls to write sex scenes. Kyousuke confidently answers yes! Sena wants Kuroneko to vent her venomous fury on Kyousuke but she starts blushing and would gladly do what she is told but gets flustered after she thinks he’ll ‘help her out’. Don’t worry, he’s not getting physical. Soon, Sena presents her proposal of doing a simple RPG game and she’s pretty good. Next Kuroneko presents her novel game but it seems she is nervous. The rest have their reservations since they don’t have much time so Kyousuke supports her. Till Sena starts mocking her, Kuroneko goes into her usual scathing mode. How does ‘masturbation material’ sound? “I’m going to show you a 100% self-gratifying masturbation material like you’ve never seen before!”. Woah! Even the guys are shocked but her facts are hard hitting on Sena. The votes are in and everyone voted for Kuroneko. Sena is upset that she got none and Miura explains she could’ve won if not for this. Well, her game is full-on homo RPG! What the hell is that hotspring orgy?! Worse, she models the characters after the guys! Miura puts his foot down and says to go with Kuroneko’s game or else. Sena starts crying like a baby and runs out of the room. After that, she never came to the club anymore. Kuroneko is making her game with Kyousuke as he tests it out in his room. He is surprised she knows he plays eroges with Kirino (because she told her). He thinks he could tease her by saying that she might have fallen in love with him but gets more than he bargained for when she admits she likes him as much as Kirino does. Then she asks if he would prefer her to call him ‘onii-chan’ or ‘senpai’ and Kyousuke prefers the latter since they’re not blood related. Kuroneko then wishes to call him the former if they’re ever alone. Then she wants him to massage her foot thinking that the brother in this family is supposed to be the sister’s slave. How true! She manages to finish her game but as Makabe tests it out, there are lots of major bugs like eternal looping and screen freeze. They can fix it but they don’t have time and the contest is around the corner. Kuroneko rushes out and barges into Sena’s classroom to plead for her help to fix the bugs since this is her specialty. How did she convince her? Well, with her lecture on a certain rival that had gone far away and the joys of teamwork and cooperation. All so true. With the girls working together, you could say their relationship is mended and they could even laugh at each other. At the end of the contest their game earned the Best Shitty Game Award. Oh sh*t!!! Well, they won something.

Episode 15
Sena is upset because there are already threads that criticize and mock their game! Kuroneko’s reply is to make a better game to shut them up. One day after school, Kyousuke gets a surprise SMS from Kirino. What is more shocking is that she wants him to throw away all her collection! This isn’t April’s Fool, isn’t it? He contacts Ayase to find out further via Manami’s handphone because she blocked his number. That was 6 months ago. Anyway Ayase mentions she did send many messages to Kirino but never got a reply. She wonders if she hates her now but Kyousuke knows that isn’t the case. Thinking that there must be some reason, if there ever was a person she needs to contact, she thinks it will be Kyousuke. Later Kyousuke goes to meet Kuroneko as promised. Seeing his depressed look, she decides to let him talk first. After finding out what happened, she chides him for being useless and all. Then she goes on to say what she really wanted to talk about. She is happy that Kyousuke supported her all the way and is glad that he thought of her as her instead as his replacement sister. That’s it? No confession like I expected? Kyousuke says he is going to see Kirino and just as he goes off, Kuroneko surprises him with a peck on his cheek! OMG! I didn’t see that coming. But she mentions that was a curse and if he ever turned into a pathetic halfway, he’ll die. It can only be lifted if her wish is fulfilled. And so, Kyousuke is on a plane to America. Thinking back, when he came home, he saw his dad so upset because he received mail from Kirino to throw away her awards. That’s when he volunteered to go see her and without hesitation, Daisuke gave him the green light. Kyousuke finally gets to see Kirino in her dorm. She must be damn surprise to see him. What’s the first thing they do together? Play eroge together! As they catch up on times, Kirino mentions how she couldn’t even play a single eroge ever since she came since her room-mate is the innocent type. Must be frustrating to hold it in, eh? Turning to the subject of her SMS, Kirino with tears streaming down her cheeks says her intention is to not be a dependent. When she came here, she set a challenge to beat a certain athlete in a time trial and till she does that, she won’t talk to anyone back home. She knew this would make everyone worry but if she won, she would just apologize and explain to everyone. But so far she didn’t win. Kyousuke then tells her to come back to Japan with him. Now he’s crying to. The main reason why he wants her back is because he’s lonely and he’ll die without her! So he really did become a siscon! He doesn’t care about her track problems and the other reasons for him being here are just excuses but all he needs is her. With that, Kirino comes back to Japan and guess who is the first person to rush and greet her? It’s Kuroneko! She seems so out-of-breath and relieved to see her. But of course, back to the usual insult trading. Things never change. She shows her a picture of her room-mate which turns out to be the fastest elementary runner. She managed to beat her once though it was a sneak attack. Well, Kirino couldn’t reveal anything more than that. Maybe that’s why she’s able to come back. Then they meet Saori outside and they go attend the opening of Meruru’s movie. Erm… So this is the reason why she came back to Japan?

“My Sister Is A B*tch!”
There is one thing that I have been dying to say throughout the series. It’s about Kirino’s f*cking b*tch-like attitude! She is the most annoying girl and sister in the history of anime as far as my memory can remember (let’s say I have long term memory problems too but that’s not the case). I’m sure many viewers will agree with me the way she throws her whims and tantrums to Kyousuke. I understand that being siblings, they are the kind that hate each other’s guts. But she’s much more irritating to the extent that she is portrayed as someone ungrateful. I mean look at her. Kyousuke goes all out to help her in something she loves so much (that you really can’t define her without those animes and H-games) and something that he doesn’t have passion with and probably never knew existed in his life before, then what does she do? She criticizes, reprimands and even beats him up. Like that time when she slaps him up from sleep, I think it was just an excuse to take out her hate on him. Thanks girl. That’s some way to show your gratitude. I was going to write her off as an all-time super stuck-up b*tch if not for the climax episode whereby she sincerely apologizes and thanks him for all that he is done. Kirino would have and could have been a much prettier girl if she smiled more often instead of showing those frowns and lose that b*tching attitude. She should take up an anger management class. Besides, when she goes fawning and swooning over her eroge, it may look cute at first but it really gets annoying after a while. But in this sense I don’t blame her and understand. It is rather her character that she shows towards Kyousuke. Her brother on the other hand is one hell of a patient guy. He may be doing this out of responsibility and guilt but I think he has been doing a bloody fine job and going to great lengths doing stuff that is even not under his jurisdiction. Ultimately, it all boils down to his love for his sister, even if he doesn’t realize it till the very end. Maybe in a way it has awakened his siscon feelings? That’s why they’re in such a hot-cold, love-hate brother-sister relationship. We’ve seen many of such cases in the real world too, right?

The other supporting characters play their role well in supporting Kirino. I can classify Kuroneko and Kirino as somewhat something like ‘frenemies’. They hate each other at first sight but in the end also help each other out though they give some other excuse as reason for doing so. Like Kuroneko ‘standing up’ and ‘fighting for’ Kirino’s novel adaptation and Kirino gradually spending more time hanging out with her and also taking the liberty to give her a call. Saori is the cool one of the pack and her large size reflects her big heart and kindness. I’m really intrigued to know her true character since we’ve seen a glimpse of her rich lady-like life. And I’m sure her Bajeena name is just a pseudonym. I also wonder if Kuroneko do have other sets of clothes because she is always seen in her goth loli drab nearly in every entire scene she appears (except for the True Route of course). No doubt it is her self-proclaimed clothes for life but if so, I guess she must have got lots of them. And seeing that she comes from a family that isn’t rich and hand-sewn them, wow, she must really love this outfit. I thought she and Kyousuke would become a couple at the end of the True Route seeing the way things are turning out but I guess Kyousuke’s siscon is much stronger, eh? Just kidding. Though there was an episode dedicated to Manami and explores her relationship with Kyousuke, I felt there wasn’t enough screen time for her. So much so it made me feel that she had not much of an impact in the series. Oddly, Kyousuke doesn’t share any romantic feelings with her (not that I know of at this point) but on the other hand, couldn’t stand the thought that she would date some other guy. Since they’ve been childhood friends for so long, she’s like a little sister to him. Possibly the reason why Kirino shows her hostility towards her. It’s so ironic. A childhood friend acting more like a sister and your real sister behaving more like a stranger. I mean, if you had to pick which sister you really want, I’m sure the obvious choice is the kind, gentle bespectacled one, right? She may not have the model looks but at least she makes up for it in her personality.

Another issue that this anime explores is the perception of society towards the world of otaku. As we know that the trend is growing internationally and gaining worldwide acceptance but there are many and those in Japan still having negative thoughts about it. It would be wrong to label every otaku a bad person because in everything, too much of something or overdoing it to an extreme is definitely bad. Take for instance those power abusing corrupted people at the top and the sex abuse cases of the Catholic churches. It all boils down on how one handles and controls the desire in them. If you can’t do so and use it as an influence or excuse to hurt others, then of course it could have been any other matters to take out those desires. So as in the case of Ayase, I can understand her plight of not wanting to be associated with those otakus and has her own negative opinions and stereotypes about them, but to steadfastly unfriend Kirino just because she found out about her hobby feels so wrong. She has known Kirino for so long and to let this little matter get to her just doesn’t feels right. Though I’m glad that she and Kirino became friends again (thanks to Kyousuke of course), it’s not that she has completely cast off her intolerance for the otaku world. So why didn’t she do the same when Kanako herself was one? Maybe she knew it all along (that Kanako was into all these sort of anime idols auditioning thingy) so it wasn’t such a serious impact unlike Kirino who has been putting up a different facade as an honour student right from the start. In short, otakus are defined by who they are because of their passion. To take it away is like taking away their air to breath. So maybe the guy next to you may be some hentai freak. But yeah, that’s what he is (am I trying to subtly hint something about myself?).

If you’re very familiar especially in the world of H-games and eroge, I’m sure you’ll find lots of eye candy and trivia on the game covers that appear in the series. Some even a parody of famous ones. Unfortunately I’m not into this kind of games so I didn’t recognize a single one. Unless that game was adapted into an anime like KissxSis, so yeah, I could spot that. But even so, that was just a burlesque. So the mid-intermission is an eye candy with covers of certain H-games being displayed. Of course with this series having ventured into several media such as manga (this show was originally adapted from a series of light novels), drama CD, internet radio shows and of course a video game. Yeah, now you can play this game too. I just wonder how much adult content it will have or will it follow the route of the anime. Let your fantasy and sister fetish run wild in this game! Note, I haven’t seen it or played it myself. Not that I would in the foreseeable future. On a trivial note, you may have realized that the titles of each episode are as long and similar as the title of this anime and they reflect mainly the actions or stuff Kirino do or attend. Well, that’s nothing wrong. Just that I feel that the way it was put seems like Kyousuke (who is narrating the title at the end of the next episode preview) doesn’t seem pretty confident that his little sister could even do those stuff. Like as though he couldn’t believe she would go to a Summer Comiket, attend an IRL offline meeting, dress up as a maid or write a novel. In a way, shows how amazing your sister is, eh?

The opening theme is Irony by ClariS. Sounds like your typical anime pop music. As for the ending theme, there are no fixed themes as each one is different song. Sometimes there isn’t even an ending credits animation and the credits will just roll while the episode continues to play out. Because of Kirino’s resentful voice, I didn’t realize Ayana Taketatsu was the voice behind her. Not that I could identify even if she wasn’t but now come to think of it, she sounds like an angrier version of K-ON!’s Azusa! Too much reprimanding of Yui has her taking it out in another anime. Haha! Just joking. Yuuichi Nakamura must have become a veteran in voicing lead male characters like those he did in Clannad as Tomoya, in Fairy Tail as Gray and in Dance In The Vampire Bund as Akira. I’ve been hearing too much of Kana Hanazawa lately (or rather she’s been quite active in the seiyuu scene of recent so much so she’s almost in just about every anime that I’ve watched) that I could instantly identify her voice as Kuroneko. Even if this one sounds dark and sarcastic, soft spoken girls definitely suits her fine such as Mayu in B Gata H Kei, Anri in Durarara!!, Sora in Mahou Tsukai Ni Taisetsu Na Koto: Sora No Natsu and Chiaki in Megana Na Kanojo. But I definitely love her when she did the titular character in Kobato. Also, Yukari Tamura (Sakura in Da Capo series, Elizabeth in Kuroshitsuji) was distinguishable as Kanako even if she was her cute moe self or her bratty one. Other main casts include Hitomi Nabatame as Saori (Nobue in Ichigo Mashimaro), Saori Hayami as Ayase (Musubi in Sekirei) and Satomi Satou as Manami (Ritsu in K-ON!).

So far I think the better sister-themed anime series would still be Sister Princess in the sense of the better and smooth relationship between the brother and his dozen of sisters. Get stuck with one b*tchy one for life and it’s enough to make you cry and pull your own hair out. I don’t have a little sister so I can’t really say for myself but watching this show (or even my stint during Sister Princess) doesn’t awaken any imouto fetish in me. That’s a good thing, right? However cute girls in frilly maid dresses are of another matter… And yeah, I think ‘m in total control over my obsession with animes :). So if you ask me if I would like to have a sister like Kirino, my answer would definitely be this: “Konna no imouto sonna ni hoshii wake ga nai!” (There is no way that I want a little like this!).

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