Zero Vs Zero

October 14, 2011

Yes, yes, yes. I probably had too much free time in between my anime session break to even come up with this kind of versus. As you have seen the title of this blog, I’m sure many anime fans will know which kind of Zero will be featured here, right? Okay, at least to me these characters that share the similar name are the most popular characters with the name Zero. Heck, how many characters are there with the name of Zero? More than zero, at least. Haha. Oops, sorry. A little joke there.

So on one corner we have this Zero guy from Code Geass: Lelouch Of The Rebellion whose real identity is Lelouch Lamperouge or rather Lelouch vi Britannia and in the other corner with have Zero Kiryuu from Vampire Knight. Both hot looking 17 year old guys each with their own dark and complicated past that would certainly make lots of fan girls swoon and drool over them. Unless you’re a fujoshi, that is. So in this little versus blog of mine, here are the comparisons of similarities and differences between these Zero guys:

His other hidden identity
Lelouch: The masked and caped defender of justice named Zero.
Kiryuu: A vampire.

Who knows of this hidden identity
Lelouch: He keeps his Zero alter ego a very heavily guarded secret. But later on, some his comrades find out about it.
Kiryuu: Initially Kaien and Kaname. Subsequently Yuuki.

Lelouch: A very strong believer in his philosophies and stands firm by them. Also the commanding type and with good leadership skills, he is able to manipulate and gain the trusts of others.
Kiryuu: Cold, distant, moody, impulsive and seemingly unfriendly.
But ultimately deep down within their hearts, we know that they are also kind, caring and gentle souls, right? Right.

Hair colour
Lelouch: Black.
Kiryuu: Silver.

Eye colour
Lelouch: Violet (original eye) and bright violet (when Geass eye is activated).
Kiryuu: Light lavender.

Blood type
Lelouch: Type A.
Kiryuu: Type A.

Lelouch: 178cm.
Kiryuu: 181cm.

Lelouch: 5th December.
Kiryuu: 24th October.

Lelouch: Black Knights.
Kiryuu: Cross Academy Guardians.

Offensive ability
Lelouch: His Geass grants him absolute obedience of his victims and they are to obey his command to their best. Also, his intelligence as a brilliant tactician and strategist.
Kiryuu: An anti-vampire gun named Bloody Rose.

Lelouch: Lacking in physical and athletic abilities.
Kiryuu: The temptation to drink blood especially Yuuki’s.

Lelouch: “Checkmate”.
Kiryuu: “What do you want, vampires?”.

The mark
Lelouch: A glowing ‘V’ symbol in his left eye activates when he uses his Geass. He got it when he received his Geass from C.C.
Kiryuu: The mark lines over his neck serve to contain his madness and falling into a Level E vampire. He got it when he was bitten by a pure blood vampire, Shizuka Hiou.

Adopted family
Lelouch: The Lamperouge family in Area 11 kindly sheltered him under their care.
Kiryuu: Kaien Cross acts as his foster father.

Lelouch: Younger sister named Nunally who is blinded and wheel chair-ridden due to an assassination attempt that left her traumatized. Well, if you want to count the other brothers and sisters from the Holy Empire of Britannia like Odysseus, Schneizel, Clovis, Euphemia and Cornelia, it’s going to be one heck of a big family.
Kiryuu: A twin brother named Ichiru whom he believed was dead but still alive.

Lelouch: Ashford Academy.
Kiryuu: Cross Academy.

Childhood friend
Lelouch: Suzaku Kururugi.
Kiryuu: Yuuki Cross.

Family background
Lelouch: The 11th son of the Emperor of Britannia, Charles zi Britannia and the 17th in line to succeed the throne.
Kiryuu: Comes from a descendent of famous vampire hunters.

Family circumstances
Lelouch: His mother Marianne was brutally murdered in an assassination attempt in which his sister was also badly crippled.
Kiryuu: His parents are killed by a pure blood vampire.

Personal life mission
Lelouch: Seek revenge against his father pertaining answers to his mother’s death and to create a better world for Nunally to live in.
Kiryuu: To protect Yuuki.

Lelouch: Suzaku.
Kiryuu: Kaname Kuran.

Love interest
That person he probably likes.
Lelouch: Not that I can think of. And if it had to be one, I have to say she has to be Nunally.
Kiryuu: Yuuki.

Love interest 2
The girl who likes him but doesn’t get her love returned.
Lelouch: Shirley Fenette.
Kiryuu: I don’t remember her name (probably even nameless) but this bespectacled girl fell for him because he saved her from the ‘stampede’ of other crazy fan girls trying to give their Valentine’s Day chocolates to the Night Class hunks.

Usually seen by his side most of the time.
Lelouch: C.C.
Kiryuu: Yuuki.

Targeted antagonist
Lelouch: At first Charles, then subsequently Schneizel.
Kiryuu: At first Shizuka, then subsequently Rido Kuran.

Subsequent power up
Lelouch: Well actually, more like his Geass power went out of control as he cannot “turn off” his Geass anymore.
Kiryuu: After sucking the blood of several pure blood vampires and finally his twin brother, his Bloody Rose powers up is on the same level that can defeat pure blood vampires.

In the end
Lelouch: In order for his Zero Requiem plan to work, he becomes a tyrant to make the entire world hate him and then gets stabbed in front of the large crowd by his accomplice Suzaku disguised as Zero. His death allows people to create a new and better world while piling their past hatred on him.
Kiryuu: Though he plans to hunt down and kill all pure bloods (including Yuuki), he couldn’t so Yuuki leaves the academy with Kaname to forever run from him. Thus giving him a reason to carry on living.

Lelouch: Jun Fukuyama.
Kiryuu: Mamoru Miyano.

From my point of view, I feel that Lelouch is the better Zero seeing that the anime itself is epic. There are so many characters and other plots to keep you on your toes and you will never cease to be amaze with his genius and strategies. While Kiryuu‘s anime series is only half as long as compared to the former, Kiryuu isn’t really the main focus as contrast to Lelouch because Kiryuu has to share the drama with Yuuki and Kaname whereas Lelouch has a very big chunk of just about everything focused on him. So you can say he has more development there. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying I have zero tolerance (mind the pun) for the latter. But based from my observation over the internet, I find that there are more fans for Kiryuu as compared to Lelouch. Maybe all those hot and sexy picture poses helped, eh? Probably it beats a certain hand over an eye or that mighty confident pose. So next time if you think number one is the best number, try thinking a number that may have no value on the surface but deep down it has lots of substance. Especially if they are being named after a character.


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  1. Sophia Says:

    Whoa! You really know a lot! That’s awesome, YOU’RE awesome. And thanks! This really helped with my little project I’m doing ;)


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