Motto To Love-Ru

October 15, 2011

I guess I’m such a sadist after all. No matter how pitiful or annoying it gets, I somehow find it amusing to myself about Rito’s misfortune, bad luck and troubles. Despite my previous blog on how the first TV series was just mediocre and to watch it for the absurd and silliness, that didn’t stop me from continuing to watch its sequel Motto To Love-Ru. That translates into ‘More Trouble’ and you know especially who. For the uninitiated, to cap what this series is about, it’s about this unlucky high school kid Rito who accidentally gets engaged to a princess of the powerful Deviluke Empire, Lala. A big portion of the series dedicates itself to see how Rito’s normal life gets screwed up by Lala’s inventions and the other zany and wacky characters, thus the trouble he gets into and the main theme and title for this show. Well, life is no walk in the park as they say. Oh yes, throw in all the fanservice and ambiguous compromising situations too. That’s the real reason why we’re watching this series, right?

But unlike the first season’s format which shows an entire episode for a particular story, this time around they have divided each episode into 3 different parts. So I guess in small ‘bite sizes’ it makes viewers have an easier time ‘digesting’ and following through the antics rather than an entire duration. Because of this, it doesn’t feel draggy but at the same time not anything fresh either. You know, it’s the same ol’ thing. Rito getting into trouble. Though not every part sees him going through all the torment, some sections delves a little deeper into other characters. Albeit not much but at least it’s better than seeing the poor kid going through all the suffering in each episode. That would be like getting old fast. Oh wait, has it?

Trouble 01: Once Again From The Beginning
This isn’t a retelling of how it all began. Instead it is a continuation after the first season and OVA. The usual life of Rito and his sister Mikan (don’t forget that baby plant Celine too) with Lala continues. Lala’s twin little sisters, Nana and Momo are visiting him. Rito and Lala are running late for school so Lala makes a mad dash while tagging his hand. Her sudden stop has him flying and landing by Yami’s side. Not amused by his bold actions, she punches him back to Lala. First episode, already things like this happen. Then they pass by the place where they first met when Lala ran away and confessed to him. She takes this chance to confess that she likes him as she feels this is the best place to do it. I guess now they won’t make it to school in time so Lala uses her newly improved warp invention to teleport them right over. As usual, things do not go as expected because Rito finds himself in a dark space. Actually his head is underneath Haruna’s skirt!!! That’s not the horrifying part. The most embarrassing part is that they are totally naked and all their friends and other students there have witnessed their ‘boldness’. So how is this new invention improved? It’s the same like the last time! It gets worse when Lala continues being an airhead, oblivious to her nakedness as she hugs Rito while continuing to confess that she likes him.

Trouble 02: War In The Bathhouse
Rito, Lala, Haruna and Mikan visit the bathhouse and are surprised to see Yami there. Mikan tries to befriend Yami but she’s rather distant and doesn’t want make friends with her. The wall suddenly explodes as a pair of bounty hunters reveal their intention to capture Yami. However all they see is Rito coming through the steam (he’s actually being remotely controlled from by the cowardly bounty hunters). They also planted a bomb on his head and it will explode if taken out by force. The bounty hunters realize Yami’s weakness of not hurting her friends so they got her in a pinch. This means they use Rito to do ecchi stuff on the girls. Mikan goes in search for the baddies and finds them hiding in a dustbin (because they’re so noisy). Lala manages to tweak and control Rito and uses him to ram the bad guys (and ultimately himself). Yami thanks Mikan and they become friends.

Trouble 03: The Sound Of Ticking Love
Yui imposes her strict moral policing in school. This includes confiscating one of Lala’s inventions. Though Rito tries to warn her, she warns him of doing anything shameless. Then she sees Saki in an elaborated dress (apparently to court Zastin) and tells her off. Saki mocks her that she has never fallen in love before. Yui stays back after school when Rito comes to get something he forgot. He advises her to relax a little because at the rate she’s going, it’s going to get tiring. Yui leaves and passes by Yami who is reading a literature book. Yami asks if Yui has fallen in love before, causing her face to go red. She is interested to know more since it’s something she can’t understand after thinking over and over again. It suddenly starts raining so Yui takes refuge at a playground. She sees Rito there too. He lends her his handkerchief so she gives him back Lala’s invention. She initially wanted to give him back earlier but the timing wasn’t good. Suddenly Rito hugs her. Yui’s mind starts to go crazy and her heart racing like crazy. Turns out that he was shielding her from making a noise because that perverted principal Kouchou was passing by. Yui gets upset and leaves (probably it wasn’t what she expected). Lala’s invention then explodes by Rito’s side.

Trouble 04: Warped Into Darkness
Rito and Haruna accidentally touch Lala’s warp invention. Oh no. Yeah, this means they are teleported somewhere else naked. In a dark storeroom, Rito tries hard to control himself from looking. Haruna gets scared and accidentally they had physical contact. Rito suggests covering up using some cloth. Since the door is lock, they’ll have to wait for someone to find them. Both are time are in an awkward situation so Rito tries to strike up a conversation about their parents. Things are heating up as they both get really close to each other. The mood is ruined when Mikado opens the door after hearing some ruckus downstairs. Turns out they are in her underground basement. Lala and Yui also found them and the misunderstanding begins.

Trouble 05: Welcome To The Yuuki Household
Mikan’s teacher, Haruko Mito will be paying a house visit. However her dad, Saibai is too busy with his manga deadline to make it home. It won’t be nice to reschedule again since they’ve done it too many times. However Lala comes up with an idea. Haruko’s intention to pay a visit is actually because she’s a fan of Saibai’s work. At the door, she meets Saibai. Hey wait a minute. Isn’t that Rito in a horrible disguise? And he’s bloody stiff too. This isn’t going to work. Oh wait. Haruko bought it. Rito is bad at lying and Lala’s near slip of the tongue that he is ‘Saibai’s’ lover almost screw the whole thing up. Then Haruko admits that she is his biggest fan and wants an autograph. Rito still hasn’t come down and signs on her boobs! Lala gives Rito drink some herb but it turns him drunk. Not only he rips off Haruko’s top, when Mikan tries to pull him apart, he pulls down her shorts! Have you ever seen a daughter beating up her ‘father’? In school, Haruko must have misunderstood the whole thing and wants Mikan to fight on like she will too.

Trouble 06: Slumber Party
Yami and Haruna are invited to Rito’s house for a nabe party. Then the girls decide to have a sleepover. While Rito is soaking in the bathtub, his mind is running wild on his love fantasies with Haruna. Probably he soaked too long so the girls are going to enter. But isn’t it a little cramped? Don’t worry, Lala’s invention will have the bathtub turn into a huge space like the public bathhouse. Rito starts to panic as he tries to discreetly escape while the girls wash each other. After many near close calls, Rito thinks he is straight home to safety. Just then, Peke wakes up from his slumber and notices Lala’s invention. He fiddles with it and returns the bathroom back to normal size. Now everybody is cramped up together. Yeah, Rito is right in the middle of everyone. You know what this means for him, right? Peke the culprit feigns ignorance and goes do something else.

Trouble 07: Special Love Potion
Yui is sick so Rito is tasked to send handouts to her home. Yui’s college brother, Yuu skips classes just to take care of her. Rito arrives at the doorstep and meets Yuu. I guess just like the other characters, he would love to see some spice in his life. Or in this case his sister’s. He invites Rito in so that he could hand the notes personally to her. Oddly, Rito comes into her room without knocking! And she’s undressing! He deserves to get trashed. After giving her the notes, Rito starts to feel nervous since he is in a girl’s room so his eyes start scanning the room to see if there is something they could talk about. Yui notices this and wonders if there is anything weird in her room. Just when she thinks his serious face could mean something that defines the rest of her life, what he is asking is just if she likes cats since her room is filled with pictures and stuff toys of the feline. She starts panicking and accidentally trips, falling into Rito’s arms. Guess what? Yuu comes in. Woah. I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to intrude. How can they pull out from this one? Rito thinks of leaving now or else he’ll make her cold get worse but she says that her cold is gone (did that hugging fixed it?). Then her other friends come in to pay her a visit. Yui wonders what will happen if they spend a little more time alone. From her face, you can tell she was thinking of something shameless.

Trouble 08: Through The Looking Glass
Rito inadvertently puts on one of Lala’s spectacles invention. He gets shocked to see Mikan in her undies. Worse, he can’t take it off. However he doesn’t realize that this is the effect of the spectacles till he sees himself naked via a shop window’s reflection, though he can feel his clothes on. So I guess you can say Rito has the best view from now on as he sees all the colourful and panty styles of his female classmates. Lots of perverts would pay a high price to have this glasses. In class, Run comes up to Rito to tell him that she’ll be in his class from now on since she successfully persuaded Kouchou for a transfer. Run isn’t happy that he is putting on something from Lala. Then he accidentally toggles a switch and this time he sees through the undies. Now everybody’s naked! He can’t take it anymore seeing all the lovely naked bodies and bumps into other girls on his run. Just when he thinks Lala is here to rescue him from this awful visions, Run comes by and wants him to put on her glasses. During the struggle, Run sneezes and changes into Ren. I guess the view just got ‘uglier’. Regretting that you should’ve appreciated females’ body?

Trouble 09: You Are The Lovely Cinderella
Saruyama is love sick. There is a particular girl he likes but couldn’t find. Rito knows who this girl is because it’s his girl version, Riko! To make things worse, Lala wants to help him out and sets them up together! During the date, Saruyama tries to get close to Riko but she is rather defensive and doesn’t let him to get to her. Along the way, they meet several of their friends like Yui (finding it familiar to see this Riko from somewhere) and Mikan and Yami (wondering if his other side has awoken). Then at the park, Riko notices her body is turning back to the original form. Thankfully she makes a run for it before Saruyama lost his control as he tries to hug her and confess his love. By that time, Riko’s already gone. Phew. That was a close shave. However Haruna sees him in a girl outfit and runs away in shock. Boo hoo! Saruyama is heartbroken and thinks he has been dumped but isn’t going to give up, confident he’ll meet her again and making her his girlfriend. Sometimes the truth is just right under his nose…

Trouble 10: Yami Yami Fashion
The gang sees Yami reading a fashion magazine and decide to go on a shopping spree and dress her up. Of course they drag Rito along and he bears the brunt of Yami’s punches whenever something ecchi happens even if it’s not his fault. Yami looks cute and like an ordinary girl. Then they are confronted by punks who want them cuties to hang out with them. They target Yami but Rito steps in like a man to protect her. They get rough with him tells them off that Rito is his target. What does that mean? Who cares because she bashes them up real good. A lesson they’ll never forget. Yami regrets that the clothes they bought her are ripped so she decides to return to her old clothes. In the library, the gang are spying on her wondering if she has given up Earth clothing for good. However Risa and Mio went to ascertain it by flipping up her skirt to reveal the panties she bought at the store. Guess who get punched instead?

Trouble 11: Wonderful Love
While Haruna walks her dog Marron at night, she gets this strange feeling that she’s being stalked. She relates this problem to Rito and Lala who are at Mikado‘s clinic with Oshizu. Lala decides to help out by using her invention to swap bodies. She intends to become Haruna to take the bait and nab the culprit. The plan works out fine but because Lala is in Haruna’s body, she lost considerable amount of strength and is no match for the stalker. Eventually with teamwork, they defeat the stalker and confront him. As he explains, he fell in love at first sight but notes he has no interest in girls. Revealing his true identity, ‘he’ turns out to be a female alien dog who has fallen in love with Marron instead! Because Oshizu is still afraid of dogs, she hits her away, landing her in Mikado’s clinic totally in bandages.

Trouble 12: The Twins’ Escape
Gid learns that Nana and Momo have escaped again so Zastin offers to capture them. Where else can those twins go? Yeah, Rito’s place. Then the rest learn from Zastin that they ran away from home because they don’t want to study. Well, I guess it runs in the family because Lala also did the same. Zastin’s lecture must be awfully boring that it allowed the twins to escape. Taking refuge under a bridge, Nana blames Momo for doing this. Then they start fighting each other by tickling each other’s tail so much so they ended up stripping themselves. We’re not watching hot lesbian sex, are we? Zastin finds them and is shocked to see them in such a position. However as he tries to bring them back, the twins unleash their plant and animal fury that wrecks havoc. Rito goes to save Mikan who has been trapped by the rampaging tree’s branches (why is it trying to take off her panties?!). In the end, the twins call their father to tell him that they’re staying on Earth a little longer. Please define a little longer. Does he have a choice? Even the ruler of the galaxy has to bow down to his daughters’ wishes. The twins crash at Rito’s home while the poor kid is covered in bandages from his heroic rescue.

Trouble 13: Queen Of Love?
Saki is down because of her crush for Zastin. Elsewhere, Rito is trying to run away from Lala because that girl wants him to taste her homemade bento. Who would want to eat something oozing with dark aura? Rito is kidnapped by Rin and Aya who want him to call Zastin to school and create and opportunity for Saki to confess her love to him. Well, does he have a choice? I guess he has to after hearing their little past of how Saki saved them from bullies (especially Aya) and they’ve been loyal to her ever since. Rito manages to call Zastin to school as Saki meets up with him but has a hard time trying to spit out the words. Spying Rito is caught up by Lala who shoves the deadly bento down his throat. In pain, his random helter-skelter causes him to bump into Saki as they end up in a compromising position. Zastin saw her pantsu but proclaims he didn’t see anything (liar!). In the end, Rito gets chased by a very annoyed and upset Saki, a very displeased Aya and Rin, and a very eager Lala. Oh yeah, everybody wants a piece of him. As for Zastin, he just walked away. Yeah, minding his own business.

Trouble 14: Oh Let’s Play!
Run orders some space skunk in her revenge plan to turn Lala into a kid so that her powers will be halved. However the skunk releases its gas on her and turns her into one. Then it escapes. Oh no. Run relates the problem to Lala and Rito. They offer to help look for the skunk. Speaking of which, it is already wandering within their school. Lala gets skunked as Rito goes after it. Everywhere it goes, it turns everyone into kids. Except for Haruna, she is being tasked to take care of the children. Yeah, the high school has turned into a big nursery. Finally Run traps the skunk in the box but falls off the roof. Luckily Lala uses her rope to catch her. Run felt guilty for trying to get her revenge. However Lala pulled too hard and sends Run flying. Looks like even if she did t lose her powers, she can’t control them. As for Haruna, she has to bear with all the naughty kids pulling her hair and clothes. Don’t worry, the effects will wear off soon as Mikado mentions. I hope that doesn’t mean days.

Trouble 15: The Flavour Of Chocolate Is A Sweet Sensation
Yui isn’t amused of Risa and Mio teasing her about Valentine’s Day chocolates. Saruyama is still fantasizing about receiving chocolates from Riko. Back home, Yui tries making chocolates so Yuu wonders if it’s for that Rito kid, causing her to blush but firmly deny it (if course we know that’s not true). Once she’s done, she starts panicking of wondering how to hand it over to Rito. In class, Yui observes how Risa and Mio nonchalantly hand their chocolates to Rito. Later she confronts him but is too tensed up and embarrassed so she screws up her line and yells at him. Later the duo are paired for class duties. Her attempt is interrupted again when Run comes giving chocolate to Rito via her mouth! Rito’s panic has him end up underneath Yui’s skirt. Ouch! Later Yui sees Lala and Haruna handover their chocolates to Rito. Then at the stairways, she finally manages to give hers but says that they’re just friends. Though she continues to fluster, Rito feels happy because he had always thought she hated him. Yui’s heart calms down and she feels glad that she manages to give it to him. Back home as Rito opens his chocolate presents, the one from Yui has a shape of a cat’s face. Though he thinks the chocolates are obligatory chocolates, Mikan doesn’t thinks so.

Trouble 16: Beach Girls
The whole gang are invited to play at Saki’s private beach. Yeah, a perfect excuse for girls in swimsuits and fanservice. This includes Mikado wanting Rito to rub lotion over her body. But Oshizu’s powers were too much and sends Rito touching Nana’s flat chest. Then it’s watermelon splitting time. Saki intends to show off her skills but was foiled by Rito (falling from the sky). With the high quality watermelons wasted, Momo summons a watermelon alien. Ugh… Who wants to eat that? But the alien took it to heart (especially Saki’s mockery) and got upset, going on a perverted rampage. Seriously, can Rito beat that alien with a stick? Well, he doesn’t have to since Yami finishes it off. Everyone has a taste of the watermelon alien and finds it delicious. Eh? Why is it still alive even though it is cut in half?

Trouble 17: Late Night Private Tutor
Rito is in trouble. Another kind of trouble. His grades are so low that he starts fearing Haruna will never love him because she hates idiots. Plus, the makeup exams are tomorrow. After Yami snorts at his low score, she tells him that it would be better studying with someone. Rito finds out Lala scores perfect in her tests and as Peke says, she’s considered a genius. She flunked her earlier exams was because she didn’t understand Earth’s language but has gotten used to it. And yes, Lala becomes Rito’s private tutor, burning the midnight oil. Because they’re working late into the night, Peke started feeling sleepy so with his energy running out, this means Lala’s clothes will vanish. Yeah, she’s naked. Why doesn’t she put on normal clothes? Anyway, Mikan wanted to reward Rito with snacks for putting in effort but when she sees Rito over naked Lala (of course a misunderstanding), she changes her mind and tells him to continue to study harder. What kind of lesson is that? Worse, next day at the exam, he forgot everything he learned! Was Lala’s body that hot to make you forget everything? You don’t need a sophisticated machine or technology to do that.

Trouble 18: Master Of Love
Lala continues to hug Rito in public. Rito continues to not like it. Risa and Mio offer to give tips on how she can improve her love. Oh no. Giving her a guidebook, Lala follows it word for word as she manages to get Rito to go follow her on a detour after school. She tries acting shy (no response), pushing him around (hurts too much) and being tsundere (poor kid ended up so confuse). Then at an alley, she wears a negligee and seduces him. However she stops halfway after wondering what the next step is. Ah well, and you thought she had the perfect chance then. On the way home, Lala feels down that her methods fail. Rito feels tired after being dragged around but notices her tears. Being the dense guy he is, Peke points to the guidebook Lala has been referring to. Understanding what it means, he tells Lala that taking a detour like this is fun once in a while. Lala is back to her happy self and starts hugging him like nobody’s business.

Trouble 19: Yami’s Clinic
While helping Yami out in the library, Rito yet again gets into another ecchi situation. He could’ve been dead meat for sure but Yami suddenly stops and collapses into his arms. Realizing that she has a burning fever, Rito takes Yami to see Mikado. Needing to place her in a recovery capsule, Mikado wants Rito to help undress Yami since Oshizu isn’t around. He can’t handle it and burns out so Lala takes him out. Once Yami is healed, Mikado informs her that Rito carried her all the way here. She wonders why her enemy would do something like this to her so Mikado’s reply that in his eyes, she isn’t an enemy. Yami is reconsidering her thoughts on Rito when he and Lala come back. Picture this scene: A guy accidentally sees a girl getting dressed. What will happen next? Yami’s hair becomes sharp objects to turn it into a house of flying daggers.

Trouble 20: The Antagonist
Everybody is in awe after getting to know Run will be starring alongside in an episode of Magical Kyouko. However Run isn’t too enthusiastic because she’ll be playing the villain’s part. She feels like a side character though this is Kyouko’s show. During the filming, Run gets a little annoyed that the director doesn’t find her performance okay. During the break, Kyouko goes to talk to her and reveals that she is a fan of hers. Yeah, she reads her blogs and has all her CD albums. Whenever Kyouko is depressed, she would just listen to her songs and that is enough to cheer her up. Kyouko continues to be nice as Run feels bad for antagonizing her. Suddenly Kouchou strips himself wanting the ladies to sign an autograph on his body. Kyouko burns him with her flames. Run is shocked that the fire is real and not special effects. Kyouko reveals that she is half human, half alien. This show was made to make the best use of her powers. It’s so good that people think they’re special effects. With that, Run and becomes close friends with her and promise to exchange mails.

Trouble 21: A Strange Haruna
Haruna is acting very strange in school. Very strange indeed. When Risa squeezes her boobs as her sick way of greeting girls, Haruna did the same to her! Not only that, when Yui reprimands them for doing shameful things, she goes squeezing her boobs too! Accidentally she took off her bra and doesn’t know what the heck this is. Then when told about it, she lifts her own shirt to see for herself! Yeah, something very strange about her. Later Haruna sees Rito resting by a tree and goes to talk to him. She confesses that she likes him. Woah! Did I hear that correct?! Even Rito can’t believe it. Has his dream finally come true? He is going to do the same confession but he sees Haruna puckering her lips, which preludes a kiss. Suddenly a couple of dogs start barking outside so Haruna starts going into panic mode. Rito realizes that it is Oshizu possessing Haruna (it’s damn hilarious to see Oshizu panicking on top of the tree even if the dogs are not targeting her and opposite the fence). When the rest find out, they learn Oshizu’s body is under maintenance by Mikado so as she’s strolling in her ghost form, she got scared and was chased by a stray dog. She ended up bumping into Haruna’s body and thought it would be nice to have some fun. Haruna wonders if she really did the confession but Oshizu notes she had no intention to do it. Which means the confession was right from Haruna’s heart? With Haruna back to normal, Risa imposes her boob squeezing greeting to send Haruna into a frenzy. Ah, we sure love the normal Haruna. Why the heck Lala and Oshizu want to join in the ‘fun’ too?

Trouble 22: Becoming Bigger
Risa complains about her flabby waist as she compliments Lala’s perfect body figure. She teases Rito as he blushes. Haruna thinks Rito may like girls with big breasts. However Rito says that it is the inside that counts. Risa twists his words by tempting to show what is underneath her skirt. She is interrupted by the moral police but Risa continues imposing her trademark greeting. Haruna and Oshizu see Nana sulking on their way. Seems Momo teased her child’s body. So the trio decide to conduct Operation Breasts back in Rito’s home. They invite Mikan to join them but she’s smart enough to stay out of this fishy-sounding plan. That operation is on how to enlarge their breasts. They try all sorts of methods like force massaging, tickling and summoning an octopus. Octopus? Yeah, its suction caps are to… Go figure. Since it is not working, Haruna reflects on Rito’s words of inner beauty and that they need to improve themselves one step at a time. Nana decides to improve her inner and outer self so this prompts Haruna to note that she didn’t understand at all.

Trouble 23: Wonderful Life
While Haruna walks Marron, they pick up a homeless stray dog home. However this is no ordinary dog as this is Rito turned into one due to Lala’s machine of swapping his body with a canine. He got chased around town by other people till he is exhausted and then found by them. Marron makes him his little disciple brother and teaches him how to please their master. This includes bathing together with naked Haruna (hey, she won’t suspect a thing) and also shamelessly licking Haruna’s face. Can Rito do it? Obviously he is still too embarrassed. Marron can’t stand his indecisiveness and shows him how it is done. Yeah, he licks here, there and everywhere! Giving in to pressure, Rito finally does his slurping but realizes it to be impossible and runs away. Admit it, you had a nice time. Okay, maybe not. Eventually he finds his way back to Lala and they switch back bodies. Next time he sees Haruna walking Marron, he blushes when he sees Marron licking Haruna in public and even calling the dog his brother.

Trouble 24: The Trance Of Feelings
After witnessing Yami using her Trans powers, Mikan gets enthusiastic to try it out. Lala suggests the body swapping machine. Excited Mikan goes around town doing fun things she has never done before. Yami needs to get use to Mikan’s body since it doesn’t contain her usual powers. But it was enough to give Kouchou another deserved beating for being perverted. Rito sees his sister acting strange but didn’t suspect anything. Since Yami learns she’ll be making dinner, she makes every dish with her favourite taiyaki biscuit. Meanwhile Mikan is being chased by Kouchou who thinks this strange new Yami is totally cute. Yami finds a brush in the toilet and wonders what the heck this is. Rito wonders if she’s not feeling well so he offers to go clean the toilet and wants his sister to go relax. Yami is perplexed by Rito’s kindness though he says it’s because they are family. At the end of the day, both girls switch back their own bodies. So Mikan, it must be tiring getting chased by a dirty old man, eh? But for Yami, it was an eye opener because she was able to experience something important. She envies Mikan for it. And for dinner, Mikan is surprised about the taiyaki dishes she cooked.

Trouble 25: For Whom The Bell Tolls
Rito invites Haruna to his Christmas party at his home. Could you believe it that even a nice girl like Haruna could even start fantasizing romantic thoughts of being alone with Rito? And right smack in the middle of the street. So a short flashback on how Rito and Mikan used to spend Christmas nights together since their parents were always away. So that’s why they would like to spend Christmas with everyone. Rito invites Yami to their party as a surprise for Mikan. And to top it off, Lala brings back their parents to join them. Could have been a perfect night if mommy didn’t ask whose kid this Celine belongs to.

Trouble 26: Troubling Rampage?
Rito wakes up to find Momo’s panties on him! Worse, she’s right next to him. And she’s looking so carefree too. I don’t know what she did last night. Lala left for school early and left Peke sleeping so he could recharge. Since she wants him to bring Peke when he’s done, at this rate Rito will be late for school. Momo gives him some charger for Peke but when he puts it on, Rito’s physical existence is absorbed into Peke and becomes the little suit robot. Since it will wear off in 2 hours, Momo suggests that he will have to act as Peke (actually she wanted to avoid getting scolded by Lala if she ever finds out the truth). Of course Rito is too embarrassed since he gets to feel the sensation of certain body parts rubbing against him. This causes him to ‘malfunction’ by screwing up the kind of dress Lala is supposed to wear or turning them tight. Momo is spying nearby and is getting mixed feelings of jealousy and turned on seeing ‘Peke’ wrapped around defenceless Lala. Rito can’t take it anymore so his ‘malfunction’ affects the other girls around him as they change into weird cosplay outfits. Momo saves the day by putting a replacement badge on Lala to avoid her being totally naked. She takes ‘Peke’ away citing for maintenance since he isn’t feeling well. Momo feels guilty of making Rito going through all this even though she was at fault and took it upon himself for her sake. But it looks like she falls for him even more. Back home, Lala advises oblivious Peke to tell her if he’s not feeling well.

Trouble 27: Lovely Idol
Run wants Rito to be her boyfriend for a day. Seems when she had a chat with Kyouko about boyfriends, Run lied she had one so Kyouko seems enthusiastic to meet her beau. This is so Run doesn’t end up as a liar. Rito is shocked to learn Kyouko as her friend, what’s more her half alien lineage. But when Rito starts talking about Lala, Run gets depressed and thinks he preferred her. Unfortunately they run into Kouchou. Still the same sick ol’ guy as he strips himself just to have their autograph. In the alley, Run takes out an anti-pervert bomb (say what?) that she ordered but upon releasing it, the gas disintegrates their clothes. Oops. Seems she mixed them up. You’re not going to let Kouchou have his way, aren’t you? Kyouko should have used her flames earlier but I guess she didn’t want her real identity to be leaked. Rito leaves to find clothes and help. Run apologizes to Kyouko for lying but she already knows Rito is not her real boyfriend since she started acting strange. Kyouko felt envious then because she thought Run had a boyfriend but now feels relieved. Noticing she likes him, she wants Run to tell her all about Rito so that she could support her. Rito returns with Lala but the latter got so excited of meeting Kyouko and wants to be friends. As for Kouchou, he’s still lying burnt on the public road. What the hell is that? Don’t touch it. It may infect you in some mysterious ways…

Trouble 28:  Pollen Telepathy
Rito takes Celine out for a walk in the park and meets Yui. The old lady mistakes them for a family so Yui starts having weird thoughts that they are married, though she dismisses it. During that distraction, Celine had run off and drank some cola. This causes her to be drunk as she starts spreading spores around. Those infected has a flower grown on their head. What does this mean? Everyone loves Rito! Yeah, the girls just want to get down and dirty with him. Soon, the entire town starts chasing after Rito. Man or woman. Young or old. Yeah, this guy is so popular. The worst part is that Kouchou caught him and starts pounding on him! Oh sh*t! He’s breathing heavily! Oh, the shock! Oh, the horror! He has never been so violated before! Once the flower drops off their head, the spell is over as everyone wonders what had happened. Good thing, a policeman was passing by when he sees Kouchou public indecency. I hope he gets locked up for eternity. Back home as explained by Lala, Celine emits pollens that makes people fall in love. And since Celine loves Rito, her love for him is transmitted through the victims via pollen. So take note, never let Celine get drunk again.

Trouble 29: A Girl’s Feelings
Lala and Rito are supposed to be running some errands. But because there is a new episode of Magical Kyouko, Lala excuses herself while Rito gladly does the chores. Some showy guy is bugging Risa to date her so she saves herself when Rito passes by and pretends to be his girlfriend, cutting off that guy’s interest. As thanks, Risa treats Rito at a maid cafe and toys around with him with the idea of dating her. Then she messes with his head that he should take the lead to seize Lala’s heart and body. Since it’s late at night, Risa has Rito walk her home. Then she makes him come into her room. Hey, her parents are not coming back till late tonight. You know what this means. Then she pushes him onto her bed! She starts seducing him and tells him about her lonely nights. She even offers to ‘test it out on her’ before doing the real deal with Lala!!! OMG!!! Then it turns out that she was just fooling around because he wants to see his cute reaction. Rito leaves and returns home much to Mikan’s ire because he came home empty handed without completing any errand. As for Risa, I guess things indicate her feelings for Rito wasn’t just playing around either…

Trouble 30: Heart Throbbing Email
Rito asks Yui if she could lend a novel called Midnight Date since his dad is using it as a reference for his work (despite the title, the main character is a cat and nothing suggestive). Plus, the bookstores have all but sold out. Mikan finishes the book and decides to lend it but she starts having a dilemma as she has never sent an email to any other guy except those in her family. Yeah, it took her 30 minutes just to compose a normal one. I wonder how many revisions she did. Rito is too tired to answer his handphone and wants Momo to answer it for him, thinking it is another bugging mail from Saruyama. When Momo reads the Midnight Date word, her thoughts that they might be doing something ecchi crosses her mind. Momo ponders the right answer to reply and responds that this should be their little secret. Yui is confused with the answer. By that time, Nana finds out about what Momo is doing and grabs the handphone since she has something she wants to ask Yui. Yui gets another mail and this time it’s about asking her opinion about small breasts. Thing is, Nana forgot to put her name in the mail. This time there is an air of anger in Yui’s reply. Then Celine snatches the handphone away and accidentally snaps a naked picture of Lala. Yeah, I don’t know how but she also sends it. Yui is trying to calm herself down, thinking this is one big prank from Rito when she receives yet another mail. Upon seeing Lala’s naked picture, she blows her top of this sexual harassment!

Trouble 31: All Quiet On The Sister Front
Mikan turns down one of her classmate’s confession, reducing him to tears. Her friends tease her that she loves her brother that’s why she’s not into these kind of things. Back home, Mikan notices Momo getting real close to Rito so she advises him to maintain her distance. She also knows about her bed sneaking activity and hopes she will stop it since Rito is Lala’s fiancee. Momo jokingly invites Mikan to join her in that. That night Mikan sneaks to sleep with Rito as an excuse to catch Momo in the act. She gets more than she bargained for when Rito starts caressing her butt her in his sleep!  Mikan’s butt is a marshmallow?! Pinch his face! Amazingly he didn’t wake up and continued his dream. Mikan decides to return to her room since Momo is not showing up but the lightning strike prevents her from doing so. She remembers when she was small, Rito comforted her during such stormy knights. With sleep talking Rito vowing to protect Mikan, her heart feels at ease. Next morning, Rito is shock to see Mikan sleeping next to him. I guess he never see this coming, eh? Not even his wildest dreams, his sister. Mikan tries to explain but it seems Momo has been watching them all along and things this is part of her sneaky plan.

Trouble 32: False Love?
History repeats itself. Yes, Celine is drunk once more and on a pollen spreading spree. Though they manage to catch her, it was too late as she has spread her pollen to Yami. She ‘borrows’ Rito on a date. Observing what other lovebirds do, she tries feeding him by stuffing 20 taiyakis down his throat! Then she transforms her clothing to something cute as Rito compliments it. Walking along, some fat guy bumps into Rito and he accidentally got his hand on Yami’s boobs. However Yami didn’t feel irritated. Instead, she goes up closer to him feels it’s okay to give in. She wonders if this is the feeling that she’s been trying to understand all the while. She wants to learn more of it and suggests that they kiss. What? Right now? Right here? In the middle of the street? Yeah, she wants to see how deep a simple kiss can be and where it would lead her. Rito tries to shake Yami back to her normal self and that’s when the effects wear off. Normal Yami punches him away for touching her nonchalantly. She questions why he didn’t want to do it with her. He replies that she wasn’t her normal self and it’s not something she would really do. He feels she shouldn’t do things she will regret later. Though she notes he is an idiot for worrying about someone who is after his life, but she doesn’t hate those kinds. For the first time, we see Yami giving a warm nice smile. But that’s just a prelude for her to mention that he’ll die a peaceful death when she kills him instead. So do you prefer Yami in her violent mode of lovey-dovey mode?

Trouble 33: Predicting Love
Rito wakes up to find he is grabbing Momo’s tail! Yeah, she’s in bed with him. Is she enjoying it? Nana isn’t happy that Momo sneaked into Rito’s room again and reminds her that he is Lala’s fiancee. However Momo is happy being his lover. While pondering what good many sees Rito in, she saves Marron from being run over by a truck but they both fell into the river. As they both communicate (Nana’s ability is to communicate with animals), she learns Marron’s master is Haruna. When Haruna finds them, she invites Nana back to her place to dry her clothes. She meets her older sister Akiho who is on her way out on a date. Haruna flusters when Nana reveals she learned from Marron that she has a crush on Rito. Though she has no intention of telling anyone else, she just wants to know what makes Rito so great since to her, he’s just a carefree idiot. Haruna mentions it’s the fact that he makes them feel warm inside whenever he’s with them. Nana realizes that Haruna never told her feelings because she considers Lala her important friend and if she did so, they won’t be able to get along so well like now. Nana leaves but it starts to rain. Lucky for her, Rito comes looking for her since everyone else is worried. Pondering over Haruna’s words, she still doesn’t buy it and calls him a playboy. That night, Haruna ponders if hiding her true feelings means being true friends. The next day in school, Haruna meets Lala and finally tells her straight in the face that she likes Rito. Oh, this is getting interesting.

Trouble 34: I Love You 1
Though Lala is surprised, she quickly apologizes for not noticing Haruna’s feelings and was being selfish all the while. Likewise, Haruna says she doesn’t want to hide her feelings anymore and considers Lala her best friend. Lala is happy that they both share the same feelings for Rito and from now on she’ll cheer on her and herself for Rito. Well, since they both love Rito, it’s no use trying to fight for that guy, right? Yeah, they can share him all they want! Thus after the beach episode, I was wondering where the fanservice pool episode will come. Well, it came in this final episode. Better late than never. So the whole gang gets invited to the pool amusement park and this is our chance to feast on the girls in their sexy swimsuit. Saruyama observes Rito’s casual interaction with the girls and he starts feeling envy that he doesn’t panic around them anymore. He thinks that this is the effect of living with Lala.

Trouble 35: I Love You 2
Run and Kyouko are holding a concert nearby. Oh no, it’s that lecherous Kouchou wanting them to lick their body. Good news is that he won’t be able to do it because some big aqua monster starts to terrorize the crowd. This must be one big horny perverted water monster because the first thing it does with its slimy water tentacles is to grab Run and Kyouko by their sensitive parts and molests them like nobody’s business. Thanks to Kyouko’s flames, they’re able to break free and make a run. But that’s not the end yet. The monster starts terrorizing Rito’s girls. Erm, I mean Rito’s girl pals. So every one of them will have their chance of being sexually harassed cukup-cukup. No girl is spared. When Nana realizes this is some rare aqua pet, Oshizu remembers this is the escaped pet of one of Mikado’s patient. The monster swallows Haruna and Lala while Yami is having a tough time cutting through its regenerating tentacles. Rito becomes a man by diving into the monster and pull out both the girls. However he ran out of energy and can’t pull himself out. After knowing its weakness, Yami dives inside to hammer its pea-sized nucleus. The pool returns to normal but Rito is close on passing out as he sinks to the bottom. His memories flash before him, the time he first met and fell in love with Haruna and also when Lala came into his life. He barely spots Haruna and Lala diving down to pull him out before his eyes closed. In the aftermath, they realize the monster is just the size of a puddle since it is able to grow when mixed with pool water. The owner comes by to apologize and take back his pet.

Trouble 36: I Love You 3
With the uproar over, Rito thinks hard about what Lala and Haruna means to him. Then he goes talk to Lala and confesses that he likes her. Lala is over the Moon but wait! He hasn’t finished yet. Yeah, there is someone he likes for a long time. Lala guessed spot on when she mentions Haruna and her happy reaction all but confuses Rito. I mean, confessions like this would either mean you become sad, upset or jealous, right? Lala wants him to quickly go confess to Haruna so that they can both marry him. Polygamy? Well, once he becomes the king of the Deviluke Empire, Earth rules won’t apply anymore. Lala straps some super booster so that he could jet his way over to Haruna but it was too fast that he bumped into Yami, who subsequently cuts the booster and sends him exploding in the sky after he accidentally has his hands on her butt. Finally Rito is able to meet Haruna alone. She is grateful for saving her. Rito gets his confidence as he prepares to confess. At that time Oshizu spots the duo and thinks of making it livelier but an interruption from Celine causes Oshizu’s magic to accidentally unstrap Haruna’s top as she makes a dash inside. Perhaps Rito was so engrossed in his courage summoning that he didn’t even know Haruna’s gone. So when he finally blurts out “I LOVE YOU!”, it was in front of Mikado, Nana, Run and Kyouko. Yeah, everyone heard it. This has Lala misinterpreting that he loves everybody and it will be livelier if he marries everyone! When Haruna returns, she pushes her close to Rito while asserting that she loves everyone too. And you thought his troubled days are over. Well, it just got worse.

Trouble is his middle name…
Not surprisingly, that is what I expected Rito to get into at the end of the series. It wouldn’t be fun if his troubles were to end, right? Yeah, I’m such a sadist. Better it happen to someone else rather than me. But surprisingly this season seems to fare better than the first season due to the division of the episodes. In a way, it doesn’t make the particular episode boring or draggy though it is pretty much the same thing. I know, overusing the overused cliches in almost every part makes everything stale but I guess due to the randomness and not following any particular plot direction, perhaps it felt less ‘strenuous’.

The only thing that moved forward here is the confirmation of Haruna’s feelings for Rito. That’s about it. As for the other girls like Yui, Risa and even Yami, there are a few scenes that indicate that their feelings are leaning closer towards Rito. We always knew Run and Momo’s open feelings for Rito so that didn’t impact much. Maybe it’s to cater for Rito x Yui fans because we got a handful of ‘close encounters’ and each time the tsundere moral police ends up jumping the gun that it may be something romantic. Even I felt that steamy siscon scene between Rito and Mikan was to cater for fans of this pairing so as not to be ‘left out’. So that kid just about had some nice rapport with just almost every nice bodied girl his age. Gid, Zastin and Ren at least make their appearance here albeit very brief and unimportant ones but it’s better than nothing. I’m wondering if Saki is still continuing to pursue her love for Zastin. After that foul up, there isn’t seem to have any follow up on that. We have more screen time for Kyouko this time round and we see her as a real life teenager rather than someone who exists on the TV screen. As for Celine, she just felt like part of the ‘furniture’. Doing nothing really that leaves any impact except for pulling kiddie pranks here and there. I still wonder what her role is for this series since she only made her first appearance back in the OVA. Kouchou has got to be the most annoying character. I’m not sure but it seems in this season he has a penchant to strip down to his underwear when he wants to pound on a girl. Too bad Rito was the ‘victim’. Haha. But thankfully, it wasn’t a girl.

Unlike in the first season and as mentioned earlier on, the plot and storyline here are basically about the daily lives of Rito and the gang (the hijinks that ensues of course). This means that we won’t see irritating and arrogant aliens either trying to steal Lala away and make her as their bride or extraterrestrial beings targeting Rito so as to eliminate him and have a better chance of taking Lala and claim the throne to the Deviluke Empire. So in this sense the action of ‘thrashing the baddies’ is lessen and replaced with much of the thrashing for Rito and fanservice. Speaking of which, I’m not saying that this season is filled to the brim with mind numbing fanservice but there are enough to keep ecchi lovers satisfied. That’s the reason why we watch this show, right? Some of the mid-intermission is fanservice-y and some just random poses of the characters as they serve as a break and division between the parts in the episode. Loop-the-loop by KOTOKO is the opening theme for this season and is a rock piece. The ending theme is Baby Baby Love by Haruka Tomatsu and sounds like your usual anime pop.

I’m not sure if there will be anymore sequels, spin-offs or OVA to come for this series. But the chances are if it does, it will be more or less the same thing. How far can you run? Stick with the usual successful formula, you can’t go wrong. So if you’re surrounded by a colourful bunch of harem babes including a long time schoolmate crush, an alien princess, a ghost, a busty school nurse, tsundere girl, a transgender idol, an assassin who ‘loves’ you enough to even want to kill you, a loving sister, a pair of twins and some best friends, sometimes it’s best to just suck it in and go along in the ride. I mean, you already have one foot in the grave and in for the trouble, how bad could it get? You’re right. Probably I’ve never been in Rito’s shoes. Don’t ever plan to be.

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