Top Bishoujos of 2011

December 31, 2011

Another eventful year of anime has passed. And as in the tradition ever since this blog started, the final blog of the year is dedicated to posting the most beautiful anime ladies that have appeared before my eyes in the year 2011. That’s right. It’s time for another Top Bishoujos of 2011 which is making its 6th consecutive year. Without further delay, here are the top 10 that made it into the final list. According to alphabetical order, that is:

1) Aria Shichijou (Seitokai Yakuindomo)

2) Aoi Futaba (Asobi Ni Iku Yo)


3) Aya Hoshino (Super GALS)

4) Cecilia Alcott (Infinite Stratos)

5) Chelsea Arcot (Shukufuku No Campanella)

6) Ferris Eris (Legend of the Legendary Heroes)

7) Kirino Kousaka (Ore No Imouto Konna Ni Kawaii Wake Ga Nai)


8) Mami Tomoe (Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica)

9) Motoka Nogisaka (Yosuga No Sora)

10) Shirley Fenette (Code Geass)

So there you have it the top 10 list from me. Feel free to debate, discuss and dispute any of the ladies above. Of course my final opinion still stands ;p. Congratulations to the girls who have made the cut. As always, judging wasn’t easy so it is right to also name those potential candidates as well. Due to the sheer amount of animes I have watched during the year, the list of candidates is quite a large pool and this time round they were split into 2 rounds before the final decision was made. If this list had more standings in it, I’m sure they would have also been included. The second round finalists (not in any particular order) include: Otohime Ryuugu (Ookami-san To Shichinin No Nakamatachi), Chane Laforet (Baccano), Ayase Aragaki (Ore No Imouto Konna Ni Kawaii Wake Ga Nai), Suzu Sakuma (Marmalade Boy), Euphemia li Britannia (Code Geass) and Kozue Kuranaga (Yosuga No Sora).

The rest of the first round candidates (not in any particular order) comprise of Fujiko Etou (Ichiban Ushiro No Daimaou), Misuzu Kusakabe (11eyes), Maya Jingu (Burn Up Scramble), Yuzuru Hagino (Honey x Honey Drops), Yae Oda (Nabari No Ou), Ushio Kazama (Sasameki Koto), Hiyori Nishiyama (Hiyokoi), Chitose Karasuma (Galaxy Angel X), Faafa Duumdee (Psychic Academy), Kiriha Kuze (Fortune Arterial: Akai Yakusoku), Mari Tennouji (Yumeiro Patissiere), Susukihotaru (Otome Youkai Zakuro), Satsuki (Very Private Lesson), Miki Koishikawa (Marmalade Boy), Meiko Akizuki (Marmalade Boy), Nanako Yamamoto (Hanamaru Youchien), Rei Miyamoto (Highschool of the Dead), Stocking (Panty And Stocking With Garterbelt), Inori Misasagi (Memories Off 3.5), Iroha Tsuchiura (Onii-chan No Koto Zenzen Suki Janain Dakara Ne), Kanae Naruko (Mayoi Neko Overrun), Yuzuki Kiryuu (KissxSis) and Shouko Inari (Kuragehime). In general terms, the minor and side characters of Kaichou Wa Maid-sama and Fairy Tail are also considered.

If you have been following this section for years, you may notice that a couple of ‘permanent’ bishoujos are missing from the list. No, it’s not that they are no longer beautiful in my eyes anymore. In fact, they have always been and have gotten even more beautiful if I should say! They’re excluded to ‘make room’ for other candidates and thus a special dedication and allocation is set for the duo. All hail Mai Tokiha from Mai-HiME and Suigin Tou of Rozen Maiden forever!!! A picture for devotion as usual:


That’s about it for this year’s Top Bishoujos. See you again same time (almost) next year for this annual segment. I must have been very kiasu this year to have watched lots of animes and to have a large pool of bishoujos to choose from. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, right? And from the looks of it, I’ll be even more kiasu with the new year coming. Looks like I’m going to spend more time watching more animes and in the process find more bishoujos to drool, oops, I mean admire over. Long Live Anime Bishoujos!

Hit Wo Nerae

December 30, 2011

Funny how time flies and that you forget about it. Well, what I meant was back then when I was a newbie in the world of the anime, I watched that ecchi harem love comedy, Love Love. Even though at the end of it I didn’t quite like it, I also remembered how I never wanted to watch its sequel spin-off, Cosmopolitan Prayers and Hit Wo Nerae. So oddly maybe as I grow older, my taste changed (I doubt it) and somehow decided to make an appointment to watch the latter which is also known as Smash Hit.

Believe me. It wasn’t the little ecchi fanservice that prompted me to watch this short (no pun intended for the main protagonist. You’ll see what I mean) series with only 8 episodes that lasts approximately 14 minutes each. So what was the main reason why I changed my mind to give it a try? If I had not found out that Mamiko Noto voiced the main character, this show would have been on my “Never ever and I mean EVER, going to watch it” list. Yes, believe it. Mamiko Noto. The motivation for me to watch and fawn over her beautiful voice. Believe it.

Mamiko Noto plays Mitsuki Ikita, who was a side character in the Love Love series. Here, she is the star of her very own sequel spin-off. She works for a film company called Houchiku Corporation and is very good in producing R-rated films. Ahem, ahem. But you’re not going to see any clips of those works here. Mitsuki loves detective flicks and her dream is to produce one. However that dream comes crashing down when she is put in charge of a hero flick for kids. To make matters worse, she looks like a kid and her fashion sense leans towards the kiddie side! Standing at only 146cm tall, is it a wonder why everyone finds it hard to treat her like an adult? Well, she doesn’t really stand out either. Oh, no pun intended on that one. Grow up please, everyone. Ah hehe, sorry. That one not intended too.

Episode 1
Mitsuki works on a show till she is dead tired. She gets disheartened her mom didn’t wake her up as she is late for work. But as mom says, she needs to be responsible for her own daily routine as taught by dad. Mitsuki quickly shuts off the TV showing a talk show about girls and nudity and yes, prints pantsu (something Mitsuki likes wearing). As narrated, she has lots of experience making R-rated films and thus knows quite a few things about men and thinks she’s a perfect mature woman. Even so, this doesn’t stop her from getting her skirt flipped by her naughty brother. Every morning. At Houchiku, she gives her colleague of the Copyright Department, Yayoi Tanigawa some edited video. Mitsuki is happy that today is the day she’ll get her dream debut of making a detective film. As Mitsuki goes to see her boss, she passes by Ryou Amemiya of the vice head of the Televising Department. Tooru Sato, the Televising Department head seeing her in high spirits, he tells her she will be the assistant producer of their new work from today. He can tell from her face that she’s suitable for the job. Before he can finish his sentence, she goes off. But outside, she meets her rival, Kenjirou Kurume AKA Dracula (maybe he looks like one if you’re imagination is that wild), the Televising Department producer. He gives her a dirty smirk and unknowingly she ends up in an audition section being handled by the assistant supervisor, Ryuunosuke Takahashi. The place is filled with girls trying their luck for the audition. Mitsuki meets Sayaka Inamura and the latter as the ‘veteran’ teaches her how things are done before she gets into an argument of ‘body maturity’ with Natsumi Yagami. As it is Mitsuki’s turn to wow the judges, they are impressed that she is perfect. But to her horror, she sees Dracula as part of the panel! He is not too happy because she’s supposed to be on the working side! He chides her that they’re supposed to be doing a new hero programme, Super Transforming Cosprayers! A brand new concept starring only girls. There goes her dream of producing her detective film. She pours out her woes to Yayoi later at a bar and insists how much she wanted to do a detective flick. To make it worse, she has to work with Dracula who only mocked her about her kiddie appearance. She plans on handing in her resignation and won’t mind starting all over from the bottom again. But she gets shocked to see a mountain of scripts she has to look over given by Dracula. He is making her the main producer for Cosprayers since he will be taking temporary leave on some business trip. Dracula continues to mock her childish and immature attitude and even quoted a line from her favourite detective flick! “Our job requires us to become demons in order to create our dreams”. He tells her she can quit if she wants since he isn’t putting much faith in her for shouldering this task. I guess she got taken in at the spur of the moment so she accepts the challenge. Well, she may be regretting it later but she’s going to make it a success and make him eat his words. However she gets appalled after skimming through the script.

Episode 2
Mitsuki shows Amemiya the script and thinks of changing it but as mentioned, it is written by their sponsor Takahara so changing it will have problems. He quickly changes the subject about looking forward to the group of girls playing Cosprayers before lifting up her skirt. As Mitsuki complains this to Yayoi, she gets a call. She meets Naoto Ooizumi and is shocked to learn a high school student is the original writer. As explained, he is hired off-the-books because of issues with the sponsor. Anyway, he too doesn’t like the way the script is written since it’s too childish and its depth lost. Mitsuki bumps into one of the actresses of Cosprayers, Miku Hayasaka who thinks Naoto is her boyfriend. She got so embarrassed that she exploded and got herself a new afro. Then of all people, Dracula passes by to give her a word of caution. Making a small change to the script is the same as making him write 2 different scripts. Since his works costs a million yen each, they may need to pay him again if it’s different. But it’s up to her since she’s in charge. Mitsuki and Naoto talk to Takahara but he is adamant of maintaining the way he wants it. He adds these shows are made for kids and solely for kids. If adult issues are hidden in it, it completely misses the point. In short, it’s not meant for people like them. But Mitsuki asserts that she’s in charge. Naoto continues his argument about his earlier works and how he loved it and that times changed, everything today is different. But Takahara throws him a challenge to throw away everything he has written and rewrite everything himself. And if he manages to satisfy him, he’ll accept it. I guess Naoto got scared so he ran away. He thinks he can’t do it but Mitsuki slaps him. She tells him if this is how much she cares about hero flicks. She explains her love for detective flicks and how everyone is looking down on her. She promised herself she’ll do it one day even if she has to be Cosprayer’s producer. Though she feels like running away, she plans to do it because running away won’t bring her closer to her dream. So she’s going to do it or else nothing will begin. Now it’s Naoto’s turn to explain. When he was young, he spent most of his time in hospital due to asthma attacks. He watched hero flicks and got inspired to be like them and became active. Before he knew it, his asthma is gone. That’s why he loves hero flicks till today and wanted to show kids a new hero and pushed himself to be a screenwriter. Thus he’s going to do it without running away. Some time later, Mitsuki shows the rewritten script to Dracula with Takahara’s approval. He lets her do as she pleases since she is the producer. As Mitsuki goes to meet her crew, they didn’t believe she was the producer. Even if they do, they start treating her like a kid. Can’t believe a midget like her will be their producer, eh? It gets worse and more embarrassing for Mitsuki when she slipped on a marker and revealed her pantsu. She’s in for a tough time.

Episode 3
As filming begins, it isn’t without its set of problems. In the editing department, there’s a scene whereby Natsumi got her panties in full view when it’s supposed not to. Then Mitsuki has to become a moderator between a feud between Natsumi and Youko Katsuragi. Though I think they both settled it themselves as they won’t lose out to each other. On site, the production lead, Jouji Nirazawa and the production copy editor, Hiroe Miyako are also there. Mitsuki goes to see the filming in progress. Supervisor Masaya Mikimoto thinks it isn’t bad but the filming supervisor, Tatsuo Kanou thinks this crap has zero sex appeal! Maybe he’s a lolicon because he’s staring at Mitsuki’s butt. Then it’s that shiver down her spine because Dracula is also there! Mitsuki blushes and seems to love his compliment when he says she looks like a real producer. Mitsuki thought she has everything under control till Dracula tells her they are running out of time and need to start official filming of episodes 3 and 4. Suddenly, Kazumi Hayakawa the producer of the composition department calls her that there are some problems. Due to the glut of kiddie programmes and decisions from the higher ups, their show will be delayed. Mitsuki pleads to Nirazawa for help but he isn’t interested in listening to her since they’re running on a very tight schedule. He even tells her to solve the problem herself before coming back to filming. Desperate, Mitsuki goes to see Takahara and Naoto and hopes they could compact the script so that everything can be running on time. But Takahara tells her to go home since she’s just bringing loads of problems. She begs on her knee but I’m not sure about Takahara’s sword play about using 2 swords are sometimes better than 1. I guess it must be some sort of hint because Naoto understood his wise words. Mitsuki goes back confident with the solution of fixing the script and splitting the filming of Cosprayers into 2 groups. However Miyako tells her to get real because this would mean double the salary of the staff and they need more manpower in which they don’t have. Though Nirazawa wasn’t going to listen further and tells her to talk to Dracula, but that’s what he would normally say. He still will help her out. Mitsuki goes to see Dracula and gets a lecture from him about the harsh realities one must face and constantly alter their objective in order to achieve their dream. Only that way results can be achieved and that’s what a producer’s job is all about. It’s not as easy as running blindly in the dark. With filming a success, Hayakawa is happy over her success. When Mitsuki buys a drink at the vending machine and drops it, she realizes her very short skirt is showing her slip. But Hayakawa caresses her and wants her to show her more. Oh dear.

Episode 4
But what she meant was she needs to keep showing more and more girls since this show is filled with pretty girls. However Hayakawa has 1 more favour to ask her. She wants… A guy! Say what? A sexy guy to play Cosprayers to appeal to mothers watching with their children! Yeah, she already have the designs and roles all worked out. I guess she was so eager that Mitsuki had no choice but to accept her proposal. What’s more, she already got a popular idol racer, Toshihide Nagasaka to play the role. Nirazawa doesn’t seem amused but I guess what’s done is done. However there is a problem. The suit is quite tall so Nagasaka won’t be able to fit in it. Mitsuki goes to meet the modelling director, Akira Ozu in hopes he can remake everything in 2 weeks. He accepts since she’s putting up a cute face (after getting scared by one of his monster costumes). Once again, Mitsuki gets the approval of a change in script from Takahara and they made it in time. A fortnight later, Mitsuki sees twin peaks of papers on her desk. Fan mail? Nope. Complaints of how absurd certain scenes in Cosprayers are! Amemiya touches the butt of Mitsuki and Yayoi as part of his little sexual harassment thrill. They confront and slap him. He tries to change the topic and hides his face behind the newspaper. To Mitsuki’s horror, she sees the headlines that Nagasaka is critically injured in a race crash. He’ll be out for a few weeks and they just can’t abandon this idea since preparations have already been made for it. Mitsuki runs around looking for a replacement but to no avail. She spots a video left by Dracula on her desk. She watches it as it turns out to be the first episode of Cosprayers. Then she sees a hot guy in the video. She calls Naoto and thinks of using this guy but as mentioned, that guy is supposed to appear in 1 episode and is dead. You know how stories are created around characters and their fate left unknown or unclear? Yeah, so it’s convenient for them to revive them if the need ever arises. With a little twist to the plot, Kyouhei Katagiri who played that character, his profile seems to be coincidentally the same as Nagasaka’s. Mitsuki is elated that everything is worked out when she gets a call from Hayakawa. She is happy that the idol group Gekokujou has accepted her proposal in doing the role! Yeah, they’ve been fans of hero flicks so they don’t mind helping her out. Oh, now there is a glut of handsome men…

Episode 5
The enterprising associate and section chief of the character division of Fantas, Takayuki Seta is explaining about adding some robot and equipment toys to add to the popularity of the Cosprayers. In addition, there will be a Cosprayers Only Festival soon as the series has been given the green-lit for a second season. With that, Naoto has to push extra hard in his script and put in a mega robot. It’s going to be a problem since they don’t have an opponent for it to fight. The show is also being produced jointly with another studio. Then Yayoi brings news that some big shot company besides Fantas will be set up there so they’ve rented out a big site and everyone will be there. They’ve hired actresses and also thinking of holding a big battle show and having members hand out fliers and souvenirs. Yayoi wears a revealing tight suit, causing the other Cosprayers girls to feel envy and at the same time desire much about their own body. Mitsuki is also going to help out and will wear her secret suit. Erm… Some kind of priestess outfit? Public filming seems to be going on well attracting loads of perverts, oops I mean enthusiastic fans snapping happily with their cameras. Mitsuki sees Takahashi doing well in his director role. Flashback reveals she insisted in appointing him as that role to Nirazawa. He is grateful for putting her trust in him and all his colleagues get fired up and motivated to do better. Dracula is also at the event and makes a comment about her costume. But he notes she made a good decision in making Takahashi the director. Inside the hall, Mitsuki’s brother tries to sneak and flip her skirt. But she senses him and avoids by doing a cool back flip somersault! However she lands lamely and sprains her ankle, revealing her strawberry panties. He teases her about her kiddie side. Well, it’s the summer holidays so he he’s not going to stay home all day, right? Mitsuki gets a call from Miyazawa that due to the jam, they’ll be late in transporting some of the actresses. Mitsuki will think of something till they arrive and lets this know to Takahashi. He continues filming till the rest arrives. The event is a success and at the end of the day as they gather to take a group picture, Mitsuki gets a call from Naoto. He gets an idea of how to fit in the mega robot. Something about combining Gekokujou into a giant monster against Cosprayers who will also combine into their robot made up of utility cars for the ultimate crash. They both continue talking and adding good ideas for the show.

Episode 6
Mitsuki enthusiastically watches her favourite detective flick and notes how that time has come and is looking forward to it. On her way out, her mom informs her that her older brother has returned and will come over with his fiancee tonight. Mitsuki visits Sato at the hospital. He tells her the ‘complaints’ other staffs have about her. But he also tells her a person who complimented her. It unlikely came from Dracula! Hey, Mitsuki calls him by his real name for once and from forth. He was also the one who convinced everybody to work with Mitsuki. Sato asks her the most important role of a producer. It isn’t someone who creates their dream on some set but someone whom everyone entrusts their own dream to. And Kurume found discovered that potential in her. Woah. She never realized he saw her in that light. Later Mitsuki spots Amemiya and Kanou exchanging suspicious pictures. I guess she was too short for them to realize she’s standing behind them. Till Yayoi calls out to Mitsuki, it gave them the fright of their lives. They dropped the pictures and Mitsuki is surprised to see sexy shots of Yayoi during the festival. They change the subject that they expect a lot from her in their next shooting and are confident they can succeed and take good care of their dream. Doesn’t that have a nice ring to it?  She snaps out of it when Yayoi hands her more piles of papers. Yeah, complaints, complaints, complaints. It’s a wonder this show is a hit. Then Mitsuki meets Masaya Tatekabe, the Soft Works division producer of the music corporation and is shown a very stimulating bath video of the Cosprayers. He thinks of adding some music clip as icing on the cake and is sure the sales of Colors‘ first single will increase and also appeal to the TV audiences. Also, he hopes she can create a scene where the members of Colors will sing together in the show instead of having it as an extra. She accepts because… Everyone’s dream was entrusted to her. Keep that confidence up, girl. Filming is about to begin when the actor who plays Mitsuki’s favourite detective shows up. She goes up to greet him but he ignores her. She continues ranting everything good and how a big fan she is. Suddenly she gets a rude shock when he tells her to STFU! He tells her off that it’s because of people like her he is always typecast in that old role from that stupid drama! Even more shocking, he doesn’t believe that ‘create your own dream’ crap. As everyone else stood looking in silence, Mitsuki is utterly shocked, stunned and heartbroken that she can’t bear staying for the shoot. She runs away in tears and sees Kurume. She thinks he is the only one who has supported her all this time. She hugs him and is going to pour her woes when he pushes her away. Adding salt to her wounds, he told her before that they’re in a place where they create their dreams and not just think about them. The shock is too much for her so she runs out into the rain and trips, unknowingly dropping her handphone.

Episode 7
Flashback reveals Mitsuki and her older brother, Kiyotaka love watching detective flicks together. Five years ago, he had to leave for New York as a detective so Mitsuki vowed to work hard so she can show him her detective flick one day. Mitsuki goes back all drenched and messed up giving an excuse she tripped in the rain because she wanted to see Kiyotaka badly. She gets acquainted with his busty fiancee, Luce Campbell. Oh man, Kiyotaka now spots a beard! So different. But what is more shocking is that Mitsuki learns he has quit being a detective and now runs a farm. That’s where he met Luce. Mitsuki gets very upset that he threw away their dream and broke their promise. She runs and hides in her room, reflecting those harsh words from that detective guy but still refuses to believe them. She immerses herself in work and meets Naoto about some change in the storyline by making that revived baddie a good guy. Naoto is vehemently against it but Mitsuki tells him off she is the producer and if he doesn’t like it, he can resign. Next day, a very visibly upset Hayakawa confronts Mitsuki. She’s been trying to call her all the while. Seems there are more complaints (nothing new, isn’t it?) but it has got to a point where it’s starting to get out of hand. She mentions that the Inspection Committee is reviewing this and if this keeps up, Cosprayers will be cancelled. Mitsuki says she’ll go talk and convince the committee herself because she isn’t giving up on her dream. Mitsuki works hard and stays late till she dozes off. Yayoi comes in. With more piles of complaints… Then later she meets with Naoto as he has rewritten his script. She didn’t check his work because she trusts him. Even if Mitsuki goes him, it’s just for a short while as she ignores Kiyotaka. During the editing of the show, Kanou comes to sit next to her and knows she’s been busy pulling an all-nighter. He comments Natsumi’s scene. Though she has made some great progress, he notices she is okay when she is being filmed with the rest but messes up when she is alone, thus making the filming a little hard. Later, Mitsuki sees Kurume standing at his office door. He notes that she is going to see the committee so she thinks he’s going to mock her for being childish. However he departs her with ‘nice words’. “It’s not a dream you can see right away. It’s one you create by laying brick after brick, slowly watching it come together as a whole”. And to top it: “A dream is something you create with everyone. Not alone”. Stunned, Mitsuki?

Episode 8
As Mitsuki continues working, she gets a call from Hayakawa that the show may really be cancelled. Then the bad news really came. Both girls are hauled up by the committee to explain their case. But I guess in the end, they weren’t convinced and the show got cancelled. I mean, a programme for children with materials not suitable for kids. Were you hoping for a miracle? Back at her office, the other Cosprayers girls wonder why she is down but she pretends to be energetic. Then as she takes a shower with them, Miku notices Mitsuki crying but she brushes it off as nothing. Mitsuki sees Nirazawa and apologizes that she tried her best but wasn’t good enough. He calls all the staff so that they could hear Mitsuki’s apology. They didn’t want to let it end this way but as Mitsuki notes, there is nothing more they can do. Nirazawa tells everyone the project is cancelled then and everyone will be reassigned for the new project planning next week. Back home, Mitsuki’s mom tells her Kiyotaka and Luce have already left for home. She also says she prefers his current face than his old scary face when chasing down criminals. She relays a message from him that he wants to create a town where everyone can smile and get along with one another (one of the lines in their favourite detective flick). Then it hit Mitsuki that Kiyotaka was working hard towards his dream and has never forgotten about it. With Mitsuki being ‘very free’, everyone else is busy with their new project assignment. Then she gets a surprise visit from Natsumi who is very sad that everything is ending this way. Mitsuki hugs and comforts her and is glad that she isn’t the only one who feels that way. To their surprise, Natsumi’s other Cosprayers co-actresses are outside her house. They say they plan to work with her if she starts her next project. But this heart-warming scene is ruined when Mitsuki’s little brother zooms by and flips up all their skirts. Mitsuki gets the confidence to work again if it’s starting all over again. She’s going to take it a step a time. As she walks into her office, all her crew members greet her. What is the meaning of this? Kurume asks if she learned something from trying to do everything alone and becoming all mixed up. They are all producers and everyone’s dream is entrusted to us and they constantly give them an outlook on how it’ll end up. Nothing can be done alone and with everyone focused on the same thing, they can begin fulfilling the work given. Naoto passes her the script of Cosprayers that everyone agreed. As Kurume explains, the subsequent Cosprayers episodes and story will be reworked for a mass market DVD release (is this a hint?). That means it’s back on track in a way! Mitsuki is so happy that she is glad to go back working with everyone.

Though there are 4 OVA episodes, I have only watched the first two. The first one takes place when she is first put in charge of the Cosprayers production. Mitsuki is reluctant to wear her school uniform but when she puts it on, it’s a perfect fit! She really looks like a middle school girl! She hasn’t grown, hasn’t she? Flashback reveals how the Cosprayers girls were dressing up in fittingly tight outfits as they also tease Mitsuki as a kid. This doesn’t help when Sayaka mentions though she mistaken her as a newbie at the audition and was shocked to see her as a judge, she’s still as cute as a kid. Yeah, they even thought of throwing her an extra minor role in the show as a school girl! Mitsuki’s brother is up to his skirt flipping pranks again. He strikes once more! As Mitsuki passionately explains the show is being put in charge of, her skirt rips and drops so brother teases her she’ll always be a kid. Making a kid’s show for kids. Mitsuki laments how she’s always being treated as a kid and as she watches the video of Cosprayers, she notices Natsumi and Youko’s well endowed body. Of course, this makes her like a ‘sister’ to the rest of the flat chest. At the set, Kanou and Mikimoto give Mitsuki a lollipop. When Hayakawa comes in, the guys properly greet her as she exudes confidence of an adult woman. Thus Mitsuki plans to focus on her outward appearance to match her adult self. First up is to eliminate kiddie panties. As she walks to the lingerie store, she conjures up what kind of adult panties are suitable. Must be her luck since the wind blows up other girls’ skirt to reveal their pantsu and make Mitsuki think twice. At the store, she eventually chooses a kiddie panty and also bumps into Miku. Next plan is to enhance her breasts. She goes for a massage and at the end of the session, she is happy to learn it has grown 3mm! Then she spots Yayoi next door and sees her humongous boobs. Based on some complex formula and calculation, she is going to end up spending a fortune if she’s going to reach that size! The final plan is to eliminate her kiddie fashion. Thinking what sexy outfit suits, her she chances upon Natsumi and her friend Matsuri Inui. They try out different clothes but they all don’t seem to suit Mitsuki. I guess they eventually have no hope for her because they’re saying if she wasn’t this short or have this kind of style, she could’ve fared better. Then Mitsuki spots Hayakawa. Back home, she is exhausted. Yeah, being an adult is one. But up on her wall is the light blue suit she bought that becomes her trademark dress for the series.

During a filming scene of Natsumi in action, the wind blew too hard that it revealed her panties.  Once more, the production director, Haruo Oushouji isn’t satisfied that he has to cut for the umpteenth time. In the trailer, a staff tries to calm Natsumi down as she is complaining about Oushoji’s stubbornness. She really hates all those fanservice and butt shots but vows to get use to it. Nearby, Hayakawa is mentioning something about sex… Oh, say what? Oh, why is she caressing Mitsuki’s lap? Oooh… Actually what she meant was, she wants more sexy shots in Cosprayers. However Mitsuki disagrees seeing this is a kid’s show and using sex appeal to sell better isn’t going to bring out the pure heroic maiden, bla bla bla. Oh? Who cares about that?! Hayakawa tells her straight that it is what viewers want and thus the most important thing is ratings! Yeah, she’s got a point so add more fanservice, will ‘ya! Anyway, she’s already decided the next shoot to be a hotspring location. As Mitsuki contemplates to find somebody to support and agree with her, Kanou is doing some perverted low shot angle peeping at ladies’ undies. I don’t know what thrill he is seeking in the unrevealed hidden truth of female bodies. Then she overhears Oushouji making Natsumi redo a screen test in only panties underneath just to draw her expression out. But Mitsuki thinks he may agree with her removing unnecessary sex appeal and goes to talk to him. To her dismay, he is all for it and is excited of the idea of seeing maidens getting wet… Then she goes to talk to Youko but she too is willing to do it. Seems she is practising herself to do this kind of scene because she feels she isn’t one of those famous girls so she needs to expose herself more and make others notice her. Next, she hopes in convincing an office staff, Reiko Asami of Luna Music Production. Watching her talk on the phone like as though she’s going to ‘kill’ the other person (her fiery even crushed the handphone!), Mitsuki starts having doubts. So about the sex appeal? In her sweet girl mode, she okays it since everyone in office agrees since the promotional video of Colors was a big hit. Then when she hears rumours that Natsumi is going to be made to strip naked, she goes to talk to her. However Natsumi is willing to do it. This is her chance to show that she doesn’t possess a nice body though her acting isn’t quite good yet. Natsumi shows the confidence she has by stripping naked! Actually she’s wearing a skin suit. With this on, she can do her best. Then Youko calls Mitsuki and confides in her that if Natsumi isn’t up to it, she will be glad to take her place. But Natsumi and Youko ended up in a showdown and poor Mitsuki got caught in the middle not knowing what’s going on. During the shoot, Mitsuki is puzzled because the scene now involves Natsumi’s character fighting some armoured warrior. Then Youko comes by and says it’s supposed to be her character but in the armour. She notes there’s a flower blooming in that girl but it isn’t herself. Suddenly the eccentric choreography artist, Takashi Matsumura does a German suplex on her! Then he gets poetry about water, flower, shining and disappearing. What he meant and Mitsuki found out later, it is his way of refining new actresses. Soon Natsumi had her share. Because of that, they were able to save themselves from whatever horrible crisis because he believes “the essence of action lies beyond relying on Eros”. Huh? Mitsuki needs to do her best to but she loses her balance and ends up like in that German suplex position.

Hit or miss, the show must go on…
So producing a movie and even a TV series isn’t as easy as one thinks. There are lots of background work and cooperation from many parties that come together and put in all that collaborative effort to make the film or series a successful one. Here, we see how Mitsuki interacts with many people in different departments and organizations in order to get her job done. Each have their own specific role and responsibilities to ensure that the output is up to mark and most importantly, on schedule. Sure, everyone is an armchair critic and it is easy for us to pinpoint the downs and bad points but do we really know what it’s going on behind the scenes? Therefore next time you think Michael Bay’s Transformers are filled with nothing but mind-numbing mashing and destruction, think again of the other aspects, okay? And yes, when the film ends, don’t just walk out of the cinema or turn off your DVD player, take a moment and see the roll of credits. It’s a long list of all the ‘unsung heroes’ that made this flick possible.

I’m not sure if Mitsuki will get her dream job of producing a detective flick. But putting her in charge of a hero flick helps her broaden her horizon and perspective. It’s a good experience and eye opener for her to learn that even in show business, it’s a dog-eat-dog-world out there. Harsh reality can set it with all the pressures of deadlines to meet can really put you down. After putting in all the effort, it is always a producer’s nightmare to hear that the show will be cancelled. Other factors and considerations to consider? Well, like I said, it’s easy being a critic. Kurume/Dracula may look like your typical snobbish villain but actually he is the one who plays the most supporting role in helping Mitsuki. He wants her to know that a producer’s life isn’t a bed of roses and I think he purposely made her the production manager after he overheard Mitsuki’s complaint and ranting to Yayoi at the bar in the first episode. Kurume does it pretty well and smooth to ‘teach’ Mitsuki the facts of the show business and how things are done. Thus you can’t consider Kurume a ‘Horrible Boss’. He’s a rare gem when it comes to this. In the end, don’t you see that all the crew respects Mitsuki? Despite still having her kiddie fashion (I guess there are some things that don’t change), she gets the job done (after lots of complaints, meetings, scolding, lectures, etc) Well as for treating as a kid (for pranks only of course), we’ll still have to see. But really, in Mitsuki’s case, you can’t judge a book by its cover. Maybe she should drink more milk…

Maybe it’s my one-sided admiration for Mamiko Noto that I see her portraying Mitsuki to perfect, making her sound in all sorts of emotions ranging from cute to puzzled to even heartbroken. But after thinking about it, I guess her husky and mature voice is much suited for a character for Mitsuki because if you use a high squeaky voice for her, I’m sure it will give a feel that a middle high school girl is actually a producer. So with Mamiko Noto’s voice, it lessens the effect of Mitsuki being looked upon as a kid. The opening is the same name as the title of this series. No matter how much I want to deny it, Mamiko Noto singing this typical anime pop doesn’t seem fitting. But I guess she has to since the song is about Mitsuki herself (including describing her height!) and doing her best. That’s right. We see her the superwoman she is by doing the impossible, accomplishing everything she has too. However it’s just a dream as she’s sleeping on the job with all her other less-than-amused crew watching on. Dream on, girl. The ending theme is the lively Todoketai Yume by Ayano Ahane. It’s funny to see Mitsuki working like a dog here. Waking up from morning and starting her work fresh but as the day progresses and the piling up of work, running here, running there, she is really at her limits, tired from just about doing everything. Have a well deserved bath. Well, only 99 more ‘things’ to accomplish. Whatever that means. A sign that a producer’s job is never done?

The fanservice here is just enough and if you’re hardcore, this series won’t satisfy you. There are very few scenes showing the girls’ tits but unless you’re a lolicon, who wants to see Mitsuki’s flat ‘washboard’? Oops, sorry. It’s amazing that Mitsuki’s little brother has this penchant for flipping up his sister’s skirt and teasing her about her kiddie fashion. I don’t think he even watched the sexy Cosprayers. I hope he won’t turn into a pervert when he grows up. Another mind boggling thing is the weekly mountain of papers Mitsuki receives. That absurd, huh? Hey, it’s a show for kids. Then again… Fanservice? Are they trying to start them young on this? But you know the power of fans. Just like customers, they yield the power to what is wrong and right based on their beliefs. It’s amazing that it took the production this long for the show to get cancelled. Perhaps if you want to understand a little better, you have to see all the 3 related series because some of the characters from Love Love do make their appearance here. Why not? They’re all inter-related. So show business isn’t anything that glamorous or money-making raking in millions. It is tedious, hard work, hard effort and perseverance. All that glittery stuff comes after that provided if the show is successful. Now that I have seen this series, will I go and watch the other and final sequel spin-off? Not now. Maybe in the next 10 years. Because I still don’t like it. Besides, I have other ‘better’ animes to watch. Hah. It’s just so easy being a critic and find excuses.

Hyakka Ryouran Samurai Girls

December 26, 2011

This isn’t a sequel or a spin-off or even a remake of that Real Bout High School TV anime series that premiered back a decade ago in 2001. Instead, Hyakka Ryouran Samurai Girls is set in an alternate Japan. What do I mean by that? If you take an interest in Japan’s colourful history, I’m sure that you’ll recognize that one of the many eras is the Edo period. Having said that, you’d expect lots of old feudal castles and backwater towns, right? Well, you’re half right. In addition to the olden day setting, this alternate Japan mixes and fuses certain modern technologies that could only be made possible at the end of the 20th century. That’s right. Seeing shades of Gintama here? Well, no aliens from outer space, that is. Seeing reminiscence of Samurai Champloo? Nobody is rapping by the way.

It might be odd at first but you’ll get used to it. I mean, a student council body way back during the Sengoku period? Guards in armour holding laser guns? Bomber planes? Oh wait. There are computers too! So Japan invented all of these when the west was just starting their industrial revolution? That’s why it’s alternate Japan. So if you want watch this show, please make sure you don’t get it mixed up with your facts of the real history. Speaking of which, all the characters here are named after famous historical figures of Japan from that period. Just that in here, many of them are turned into girls! I guess this is one way of getting you interested. Perhaps really, in another world, people like Nobunaga Oda were females instead…

So back to the story for this series. As usual, it is the period of great trouble. For Great Japan. Its freedom is in great danger. But don’t worry. Our great Master Samurais are here to protect your beloved country from any harm. See how they slice a plane into half! Woah! You don’t need an army. Just these girls will do. Yes, samurai girls. Where the heck are the men? And you thought all samurais were males, eh? I’m not sure if in real history there were any female samurais but I suppose if there were, it would be as rare as finding a black cowboy. But seriously, having girls as samurais as lead fighters? That could only mean one thing when you’re talking about an action ecchi harem anime.

Episode 1
As introduced, there is this school called Buou Academy. Started by the Tokugawa government and those who are qualified to enrol in this school are descendants of great warriors as they are given advanced education so that they can contribute greatly to Japan. Muneakira Yagyuu is one of such students having just arrived from the train station but he is here on another important objective for the school. Upon setting foot in his dojo, he is surprised to see 2 ladies changing. They are the ‘forehead’ flat chest Yukimura Sanada and her loyal bodyguard Matabei Gotou (has she ever consider putting on more cloth for her lower body part?). They accuse him of peeping though he insists that this dojo is supposed to be empty after it lost its master a month ago. Matabei points her halberd at him but he pulls off a technique that catches her by surprise. They introduce themselves as Muneakira learns that there is some power struggle feud between the student council of this school and the Toyotomi faction which is headed by Yukimura. It is part of this strategist’s plan to break into this school since the enemy would never expect her to be hiding so close by. When Muneakira mentions that he was invited by the student council here, they think he is their lackey and go on the defensive. However they are ambushed by the student council, led by the Morals Committee Chairperson, Hanzou Hattori, seeking to capture them all. But Muneakira throws a flash bomb to allow the trio to escape underground. Hanzou reports her failure to her master, Sen Tokugawa who isn’t pleased with her incompetence and gives her a final chance. I’m not sure if this maid loyalist is some masochist. She seems to like Sen giving her some kinky punishment. But Sen has other matters to attend to. She is going to pick somebody up at the train station. Muneakira and the duo got out of the sewers but are cornered by Hanzou and her team due to Sen’s accurate prediction of where they might be headed. Muneakira fights off the Hanzou’s team and even has time to tell her what the true pride of a samurai is. Hanzou will still have them all arrested when a bright light descends from the sky. A naked girl falls into Muneakira’s arms and kisses him. By the way, that’s his first kiss. The powerful aura blasts transforms the girl into a decently clothed samurai as she says her name: Jubei Yagyuu.

Episode 2
Jubei goes on the offensive with Hattori while Muneakira is mysteriously chained down. Hanzou is no match for her as her spectacles which is able to analyse lots of stuff, reports that her fighting power is 5 million! WOAH! You can’t even get such powerful figures in RPGs. Muneakira tries his might, yelling and screaming for them to stop. His voice finally reaches Jubei. His chains vanish and Jubei loses herself in some volatile aura before passing out. Oh, now she’s naked. The racket is stopped when Sen comes by. They are taken into interrogation. Seems Muneakira and Sen are childhood friends but even that isn’t enough to settle things. Muneakira is prepared for any death punishment but she backs out. She thinks he was just trying to be cool. I think it’s the feelings of the heart… Sen was supposed to pick him up at the train station but he arrived way too early and went on his own way. Then they talk about the mysterious Jubei who fell out of the sky and discuss about the possibility of her being a Master Samurai. Sen isn’t convinced since to attain such a great status, at least 10 years of harsh training is needed. Plus, Hanzou’s analysis on Jubei doesn’t seem to reach that high figure now. After Sen leaves, it’s Hanzou’s turn to lecture them. Maybe she feels better taking out on them after she got her fill from Sen? I don’t know why, she gave Yukimura and Matabei a hot bath as punishment. Yukimura and Hanzou continue their spat because the former’s fortune telling prediction (which is never wrong) predicted an unbelievable future a month ago. She saw an evil shadow intruding Great Japan. They think it’s Jubei. Speaking of the devil, she enters to room but instead of being hostile, she’s just hungry. Furthermore, she’s an airhead. Eh? Where has that superb fierce Master Samurai gone to? Yeah, she even makes friends with them and has pet names for them. Anyway she has no memories of what happened and all she knows that she was lonely in a dark, cold place till she heard a warm gentle voice. The next thing she knew, she was in Muneakira’s arms. Oh yeah. She calls him her onii-chan too. Sen reports the capture of Yukimura and Matabei to her brother currently in France, Yoshihiko Tokugawa. He wants her to keep an eye on them. Yukimura and the girls are trying to ascertain if Jubei is indeed a true Master Samurai because there’ll be a mark on her body. Yeah, strip her naked. Muneakira waits outside and ponders that a Master Samurai is created after a bond with a leader is formed. Thus, all Master Samurai are under the control of the Tokugawa government and that Jubei shouldn’t be one. However her fighting prowess with Hanzou shows that she is capable. Since Jubei didn’t take too well of the ‘molestation’, she runs out and bumps into Muneakira. Yeah, she’s on top of him. But because of that, he could confirm that she’s really a Master Samurai. See that mark at her cleavage?

Episode 3
Even if Jubei has the mark to prove it, her footwork, position and sparring with Matabei only shows that she’s totally an amateur. Yeah, you can’t imagine Japan being protected by this kind of Master Samurai. Muneakira and Yukimura discuss about Jubei’s General since only males can earn that title and the contract ritual takes place only in Edo Castle. Therefore having a Master Samurai without the government’s acknowledgement is practically zero. However Yukimura has a theory and wants Muneakira to stay calm and listen to her. Before she even got to that, Sen comes in and releases Yukimura and Matabei from the school. All charges against them will be dropped and that they never set foot here but they must leave immediately. But it’s more problems for Muneakira because not only Jubei is living with him, Sen too. Her excuse is to watch over this suspicious airhead. Really? It was quite funny seeing Jubei chowing down food made by Muneakira, unheeding Sen’s words not to eat such filth. Even funnier, each time Hanzou wanted to pop the grub into her mouth, she had no choice but to undo it since Sen already made comments how her food wasn’t even touched. Too bad. I guess Jubei will take the rest. Jubei continues to be an airhead, vexing Sen in all the conversations. “Jubei is a little sister with amnesia who came falling from the sky, not a Master Samurai”. Well, if she ever remembers her true form, please feel free to let them know okay? Oh wait. She suddenly remembers. Her true form is… *Drum roll*… A puppy! WTF?! She’s not joking. She’s heartbroken. So she really acts like one and goes outside to her kennel. I guess when a puppy-eyed girl starts crying and promising not to cause any more trouble, you will just have to let her in, right? Later after Jubei is being put to sleep, Sen talks to Muneakira on why he is being called to this school. Seems there have been students missing for the past few years in some Spirited Away Incident. She thinks the culprits are Yukimura and Matabei. Sen looks up greatly to her brother and he is so cool that he is currently solving some difficult issues in France. Yeah, sent a student there instead of a Foreign Minister or ambassador, will you? However she feels something amiss and that something is happening in this school. Muneakira also feels that the capture of Toyotomi clan is just a cover-up. Then they hear screams from Jubei. Seems she is dreaming a nightmare. Muneakira comforts her but she kisses him and turns into a Master Samurai. Well, Sen isn’t happy she kissed him in front of her. She shouldn’t be worried about that. In fact, Hanzou was blown away outside by her powers. Jubei continues to show her true powers, ripping off Sen’s clothes and mocking her that she’s just a girl when naked. Muneakira can’t do anything since he is chained down. Then Yukimura and Matabei appear. She explains her theory was correct. Muneakira is Jubei’s General. Kissing is similar to the ritual which creates a bond with the General. In order to awaken Jubei, Muneakira will lose the freedom of moving his own body. Confirming she is the great shadow over Japan, she plans on taking on Jubei. Yukimura leads her away as part of her strategy to corner her. However Jubei saw through their tactic and even so, Yukimura couldn’t stand up to her powers. Matabei is dismayed that she couldn’t protect Yukimura but Jubei chooses not to kill her seeing her devotion to her master. Plus, she also feels something different on Sen because she could’ve run away herself and abandoned them. Jubei ends the challenge and collapses. Morning comes as Jubei is sleeping peacefully while the rest ponders her true identity.

Episode 4
But Muneakira still gets another lecture from Sen. Not wanting to nonchalantly kiss Jubei, she puts a full face helmet over him. But Yukimura feels it’s a waste to seal his kiss and wants him to kiss her and make her a Master Samurai! With the declining number of Master Samurais recently, Yukimura thinks this is a great chance for a human experiment to see whether Muneakira’s kiss to turn one into Master Samurai only works on Jubei or anybody who kisses him. Sen on the other hand disagrees and so does Muneakira since you’re supposed to kiss the one you like. So you can smell a cat fight between Sen and Yukimura. And Muneakira caught in between… While Sen forbids Jubei to come within 3 metres of Muneakira, Yukimura reads all the books on kissing! Oddly, she can read so fast that I’m starting to think she’s a robot! So many kinds of kisses?! Wow, fear the topic of kissing! Even Jubei is having her own opinions on kissing. She thought when she kissed Muneakira, she hurt everybody else. Yet she feels he might want to kiss other girls too. That night, Yukimura sneaks out from her bed to kiss Muneakira. She sums up her courage but she finds it’s a trap! Yeah, Sen and Hanzou predicted this. They even mock her by repeating those embarrassing words she said. “It’s just that a part of my body will touch his for a moment”. Oh, how sweet. How embarrassing. To conclude that: “It’s 3 years too early for a kid like you to kiss someone! Drink milk every day and grow at least 3 centimetres!”. Because of that, Yukimura becomes adamant and WILL steal Muneakira’s lips no matter what. Try as she might, Sen and Hanzou are always a step ahead, putting a damper on her plans. Preeeet! Red card! So I guess she charged in without a plan and was desperate, that’s why a genius like her can fail so badly. Muneakira reminds her that she’s a girl before a samurai but she acts like a tsundere. Yukimura doesn’t give up as she drugs the tea of her stoppers. Then she enters the bath while Muneakira is soaking in. The mood to the kiss is building up when Sen barges in. Yeah, she’s still drowsy but I guess when somebody’s lips are in danger, she can still pull off some mean technique. Okay, maybe she didn’t drink enough to tea to get totally knock out like that Hanzou. The bath is blown to bits. Yukimura finds herself on top of unconscious Muneakira and is in a dilemma to go ahead or not. Then Muneakira wakes up upon hearing Sen’s ferocious voice. Accidentally that is when their lips met. The truth has been unveiled. Yukimura turns into a Master Samurai and uses her wind powers to blow her opponent away. Too bad she just can’t control them, destroying the surrounding buildings. Don’t worry, Muneakira will clean it all up. Yeah, how convenient. Plus, Sen is definitely putting on the helmet on his face. Oh, Hanzou’s still sleeping like a log. On the roof.

Episode 5
Yukimura demonstrates again her transformation to a Master Samurai. She explains that after making a pact with the General, one can easily transform at one’s own discretion without having to retrain the General’s freedom. Each one has their own keyword to transform (something about the phrase will channel the spiritual energy) so Yukimura wants Jubei to say hers. It has to be something close to her heart so Jubei, have you decided what’s yours? Why are they all named after food? But still no transformation… As Yoshihiko talks to his loyal servant, Charles d’Artagnan AKA Nia, since he learns Sen is sheltering Yukimura, he decides to send a spy back to Japan. To make things better, the loyal spy is Yukimura’s childhood friend. She, Kanetsugu Naoe will infiltrate the dojo posing as Yukimura’s friend to find out what is really going on. Kanetsugu makes her grand entry, knocking down the front gates with her giant hammer and proclaims herself as the Warrior of Love! She accuses Yukimura as an evil person who has socially killed a girl! Gasp! Could this be true? Yukimura seems cool. Flashback time. Indeed those 2 were childhood friends. Yukimura sat on some deity stones so panicky Kanetsugu tried to warn her to stop or she’ll be cursed. But Yukimura told her she’s an outsider and this thing will only have an impact on locals. In short, Kanetsugu will be cursed. She’s as dumb as a rock so she really believed her words! Yukimura pulls a naughty prank on her to check to see if Kanetsugu’s butt is rotting due to the curse and proposes a cure to cast away the curse. That is, she has to pee on an earthworm! What kind of perverted story is this?! Anyway when Kanetsugu did that, the worm swells and shoots out body fluids (to protect itself from foreign stimulant) and hits her most sensitive part. It became itchy and she soon became the laughing stock of her town! By the time the itch was gone, Yukimura had already left for home. Well, whose fault was it for being so stupid? But you’ll soon learn that Kanetsugu will turn out to be an idiot rather than anything threatening. First, the gang are suspicious how she knows Yukimura is here. She can’t possibly tell them that she’s a spy of Yoshihiko so she gave a lame excuse that she’s in the neighbourhood. Lame. Despite telling to go back home, Kanetsugu remains stubborn. Till she mocks Yukimura’s flat chest. Oh dear. The others could see what’s coming so they tie themselves to the tree! Yes. Yukimura is going to blow that b*tch away! Later as Sen takes a bath, she ponders the effects of kissing Muneakira. Anyway it turned a little pervy. That fantasy is interrupted when Jubei joins her. Jubei is willing to help her to be closer to her onii-chan. As for Kanetsugu, she’s still around. Not learning anything. She plans to get rid of that indecent devil that is known as Muneakira. Yukimura is having one of those tsundere talks with Muneakira about the kiss and the pact but guess who showed up? Yeah, annoying Kanetsugu. She challenges him to a duel. He agrees but it seems he was just standing there getting hammered. Yukimura feels guilty and apologized that she blamed him for being insensitive for the kiss. Kanetsugu must be basking in her virtuous lecture of love but Sen goes up to her and says that even if she calls herself one, she doesn’t know what love is. The desire to kiss someone you love is something natural, noble and wonderful. Then with her true and sincere feelings, she kisses Muneakira and transforms into a Master Samurai. She takes on the duel and breaks Kanetsugu’s hammer. Now I think she’ll know her place. Okay, time to retreat. With the irritating kid out of the way, Muneakira and Sen reconcile.

Episode 6
Sen and Muneakira go through records of missing students. They realize that they are descendants of households who have produced Master Samurais. They think of accessing Yoshihiko’s underground computer to get more information even if it means a sign as challenging him. Since they are caught by Yukimura and Matabei, I guess they will just have to give an excuse that they’re going on a vacation? Did they learn something from Kanetsugu? So indeed a vacation they went on (because it’s where the server is, in a beach villa). Yeah, just your beach episode and girls in their swimsuits. As usual, the eternal spat between Sen and Yukimura. It’s already hot, it’s getting even hotter. I guess Jubei tried to calm down the situation by saying that all 6 of them can get married to Muneakira! Harem’s paradise! Wait. All six? Jubei Yukimura, Sen, Hanzou, Matabei… Oh, don’t tell me she accepted Kanetsugu too?! Speaking of which, she still hasn’t given up yet. Disguising as some slacking part time maid, she reports to Yoshihiko. He entrusts her with their assassination and if things get rough, she can use the present he sent. Sen hacks into the computer while the rest have their meal. Later Muneakira goes to bath but Kanetsugu is cleaning it. She hides on the ceiling but thoughts of him becoming some perverted demon has her lose her grip and fall on top of his face. In her fear and embarrassment, she flees before the rest arrives. Sen comes back with information that she’s an assassin sent by Yoshihiko. The girls corner her outside so she has no choice but to use Yoshihiko’s gift: A monstrous blob. However the blob swallows her! Realizing that Kanetsugu has been tricked and been used as a tool by Yoshihiko, everyone cooperates to defeat the blob. However they have to be careful or else they’ll end up killing Kanetsugu too. It doesn’t help when Sen and Yukimura are still quarrelling. Till their servants got captured by the blob, they realize the importance of working together. But to accurately destroy the monster’s core, only a Master Samurai like Jubei can do it. Muneakira summons the Master Samurai Jubei as Sen takes out the tentacles. In precise timing, Jubei pulls off an accuracy move that real swordsmen can never do. Jubei compliments that it’s also thanks to Yukimura and Sen’s cooperation that they managed to defeat the blob. She notes that interesting samurais are gathering around him.

Episode 7
Eh? Why is Kanetsugu living with them in the dojo too? Plus, she’s living in the kennel which she calls cottage! What’s the difference? She’s using this place as her base as an excuse but even so, she’s still the same idiot that everyone loves picking on. Yeah, a disposable idiot and making references to her like as though she’s a dog. Like we don’t have enough problems already. Back to something serious, Sen shows everyone the data that she managed to save when she downloaded but all the rest were automatically destroyed. They couldn’t decipher the creepy voice though they think Yoshihiko must be planning something really bad. Kanetsugu tries to show off and be useful saying that she knows English but actually the worded message is in Latin. Useless… Hanzou sees how Sen is interacting normally with the rest and thinks back to the time when she was transferred to her school and not only tasked to be her bodyguard but as a friend as well. When Hanzou tried to tell off a bunch of nasty girls not to talk bad about Sen behind her back, she got bullied and threatened instead. That was when she vowed to grow stronger. But now it seems Sen has her own friends and her duty may be coming to an end. While Hanzou and Jubei are bathing together, an invisible enemy attacks them. Jubei is unconscious and so is Matabei. Yukimura (partially injured) couldn’t do much but putting up a defensive barrier. The rest rush over to Sen who is sleeping. She could’ve been done for if they didn’t arrive in time. They regroup and prepare for its attack. Muneakira wonders why Sen didn’t use Hanzou’s specs as help but she replies that the specs are only specifically designed for her. Just when they charge at the enemy, it turns out to be Kanetsugu passing by. Must have the shock of her life, eh? Now she’s like an excess baggage, just panicking about everything. Shut up! They run out into the rain and once it stops raining, Hanzou will be the only one who can see the enemy. Sen orders Hanzou to kiss Muneakira and become a Master Samurai but Hanzou is rather reluctant. She couldn’t do it and pushes him away, citing that Sen will only and always be her general. The rain stops, the enemy attacks, Muneakira is sent flying. Even at this point, stupid Kanetsugu can even make a comment that she lost her chance of becoming a Master Samurai. But Hanzou isn’t going down with a fight. She uses a technique to tie herself with metal wires to the beast and wants Sen to cut them down. Like hell she’s going to do that. Using Kanetsugu to hammer and destroy the reservoir, the water wets the enemy making it visible so Sen is able to destroy it without killing Hanzou. Sen and Hanzou reunite with the former in tears as she won’t forgive her if she pulls off such a life threatening stunt again. Then everyone gathers and they’re all fine. Except for Kanetsugu’s dog house, I mean cottage.

Episode 8
Yukimura and Sen talk to their bodyguards (and even Kanetsugu) and want them to kiss and make a pact with Muneakira. However they don’t seem pleased. Though Kanetsugu too dislike the idea, but revenge is on her mind to dispose the cocky Yukimura and Sen from the top of the pecking order. Yeah, having thought of such pyramid means she actually considers herself the lowest in the order. During dinner, Sen and Yukimura talk to Muneakira about making a pact with Hanzou and Matabei (poor Jubei is just drooling over the food she can’t sink her teeth in). Kanetsugu uses this chance to accept Muneakira’s kiss but was made to shut up. Muneakira will ask the duo himself but it seems Jubei doesn’t like it. Wait. Now she doesn’t want other girls to kiss him? Suddenly some strange aura from outside makes Muneakira head outside. Another naked girl falling from the sky into his arms! This time she has an eye-patch. They are about to kiss but Jubei stops them. Next morning, this eye-patch lady, Gisen Yagyuu tries to seduce Muneakira into following his desires! In the toilet! Yeah, he can even ‘put it between them’! Already Yukimura and Sen do not have enough sleep after thinking about last night and then they see this indecent thing in the morning. Why do they blame Muneakira? They got so irritated just thinking how he allowed Gisen to stay here till she regains her memories (Gisen wouldn’t mind him using any part of her body as he wished!), they lose Muneakira. And they were just talking about not letting their guard down. Yeah, Gisen somehow managed to kidnap him and continue their unholy act. You know what happens when Sen and Yukimura see this, right? Too late. Later they all have a talk and Gisen considers the General-Master Samurai thingy like a master-slave relationship. It’s the same thing, right? Sen challenges her and during the match, she gives her a word or two about the main pillars that support the relationship of a General and a Master Samurai: Bond and trust. However Gisen wonders where that bond and trust is seeing that both made a pact to become stronger. That’s about it. Samurai are still slaves and that she didn’t want to admit it. Sen gets distracted by Muneakira so Gisen was able to capitalize on this. Before Sen could transform in her Master Samurai, Jubei interrupts the match (with a broom?). She explains that trust and bond are important for the General and Master Samurai. The pact between them isn’t just a contract and they have to love each other. Though it might be a reminder to everyone what is important to them, maybe that’s why the God chose this wonderful method of a kiss. This was what probably Jubei wanted to say earlier on but didn’t know how to put it into words then. Gisen is taken in by her opinion and wants Jubei to be her onee-sama! Jubei happily accepts Gisen. Looks like it’s going to get noisier. But why is Kanetsugu trying to take credit for what Jubei said? And she calls herself the Warrior of Love. Didn’t even explain a single thing. No wonder everybody wished her to be better off dead!

Episode 9
Yoshihiko seems to be making out with Nia but I guess he stops short of doing anything funny because he doesn’t want to be tainted when he returns to Japan to see Sen. Kanetsugu continues to persuade her other ‘love soldier team’ to make the pact but they just ignore her and tell her to go die. Gisen continues to seduce Muneakira and brings him to the coal pit. She shows him a book with proper explanation how things should be between a General and Master Samurai. Porn? Because he is still resisting, Gisen takes off her eye-patch and unleash some spell. The other girls are trying to find the whereabouts of the duo, fearing another indecent play is at hand. Sen, Hanzou and Jubei find the duo at the coal pit but it seems that Muneakira is under Gisen’s command. They realize she is a Master Samurai too. Seems that Gisen wants Jubei to return to the form she was originally from and then to make a pact with ‘him’. However Muneakira’s bond with Jubei is strong enough that he is able to go against her command. Sen attacks Gisen but is no match. Then a surprise entry from Yoshihiko and Nia. Were they supposed to return in a week’s time? Well, do deceive their enemies, they need to deceive their allies first. Besides, he is here to see the natural one (Jubei). Yoshihiko orders Nia to punish Gisen. Nia too is a Master Samurai albeit an artificial one (she has many different modes to turn into). Though her powers match Gisen’s, being artificial means exerting too much will cause her to overheat. Gisen withdraws since she doesn’t have the sufficient power of her General. As for Yukimura and Matabei, they are rounded up by Yoshihiko’s guards after one of those annoying spats with Kanetsugu. Looks like they have the entire place surrounded too. Sen talks to Yoshihiko about the great shadow over Japan. She is shocked to learn of a huge secret facility underneath the school. Plus, all those missing students spirited away were actually kidnapped and being used as experiment samples to create an artificial Master Samurai. The project is called Project Izanami and he believes they must create their own Master Samurai to succeed. He reveals the great shadow over Japan is their greatest enemy is not any country but a ghost. Say what? He is Shiro Amakusa and is responsible for many revolts that almost brought Japan to the brink of extinction. But the Master Samurais were the only ones who were able to stand in his way. For the last 20 years, no one has shown signs of being a Master Samurai. As for now, everyone believes that there are still 7 authentic Master Samurais left but Yoshihiko points out they are all dead. They all perished while fighting a resurrecting Amakusa. It was not reported or else the country will be in panic. So for the protection of his beloved Great Japan, this experiment is necessary and since he has the genes of Jubei and Muneakira, the mass production of Master Samurais is at hand. As for the rest, Nia will execute them.

Episode 10
Muneakira is in a dream whereby the girls are seducing him but it’s a spell trap laid by Gisen. Yukimura pleads to know the safety of Muneakira as her last request. Seeing her sincere devotion to her master, Nia couldn’t finish them off and says that he is still alive. Well, Kanetsugu was annoying enough to rant that it was a great plan to distract the enemy and escape. How useless can she get? Anyway that is what they just did. Hiding in a secret passage, they plan to rescue Muneakira. They get an unlikely idea from Kanetsugu. Yeah, she thought she was in hell after waking up from her unconsciousness only to be dismayed that she’s with them. Yukimura is going to do some Spiritual Fluctuation Reading. Since the bond between a General and Master Samurai is strong, their hearts will be connected. So this out-of-body experience thing has Yukimura meeting up with Muneakira’s spirit and get him out from Gisen’s hands. Sen is also there because she did the same method. However they know they are unable to win so they retreat. They need to rescue his body first. Nia returns to Yoshihiko’s side and is confident that those prisoners will come here. Though Yoshihiko dismiss the possibilities, it soon turns true. But he’s confident that they can’t do anything. As the ladies advance deeper underground, Matabei, Kanetsugu and Hanzou stay back to fend off the attacks and buy the rest time. Sen and Yukimura face off with Yoshihiko, who is disappointed in Sen’s decision not to cooperate in this project. He orders Nia to kill them both but for the first time she refuses. She feels that they truly care about their General and that they are true samurais. Sen adds the reason Master Samurais have stopped emerging in Japan is not the decline in those who are fit to be one, but a decline in men who are qualified to be Generals. They point out Muneakira is the true General though he is sleeping under Gisen’s spell. With both of them confessing that they like him, this was enough for him to break out of the spell, overheating Gisen’s eye. Yoshihiko still believes power is proof of a General and is the one who will save Japan. He forcefully orders Nia to kill everyone. She still refuses so he increases the output to fry everyone. But Nia uses her aura to malfunction the place and free everyone. Jubei falls out of her compartment but Muneakira catches her and kisses her.

Episode 11
Jubei becomes the Master Samurai. Yoshihiko leaves because he is satisfied that he collected more data than anticipated from Jubei. He is happy to revive the project that has been stalled and assemble a great number of Master Samurai from the lab. It’s like a mass production factory, eh? Yoshihiko loses his mind by saying that he isn’t a General, but a Shogun. Jubei is going to kill that bastard despite Muneakira’s protest. As long as he hurt her General, you’re dead meat. Surprisingly Nia protects Yoshihiko from Jubei’s blades. They note Nia crying but the heartless Shogun still thinks that there are many replacements and wants her to fall as his sword here. Flashback time. Yoshihiko first greeted Nia as a new transfer student at school. She wasn’t that open and was trying her hands at origami. He made some for her and she treasured it. Soon, they started dating and what I understand it was some sort of a game in which Yoshihiko won in the end. Because of that, Nia became the first sample and was injected genome of a Master Samurai. Ironically, the first artificial Master Samurai was born in France. Nia was in great pain but for the sake of protecting Japan, Yoshihiko continued. Muneakira finds there is no justice in this unnecessary battle so Yoshihiko challenges to see whose justice is more righteous. Muneakira’s determination to stop the fight has him break out of his chains. But he goes down on his knees and pleads that he already has a great samurai like Nia so it proves he is a great General. But Yoshihiko isn’t swayed by his words. He continues about the pain and pressure he is burdened with in protecting the people of Great Japan. Suddenly the entire place is under a great earthquake. Actually, Gisen is unleashing some spiritual attack. The lab crumbles and a slab of concrete falls on Yoshihiko. Oh, wait. Nia protected him with her back. Then when an armour origami fell out from her, Yoshihiko finally realized. After all this talk and suffering, it took him this to realize all the pain and suffering she went through?! Too late buddy. The ground swallows them. The airhead Jubei finds unconscious Muneakira while Yukimura and Sen meet up with the rest in some computer room. Soon, a great number of planes are dropping the manufactured Master Samurai into the battlefield. Feels like D-Day, huh? Meanwhile Jubei is having this dream of meeting her other self. The Master Samurai says that Muneakira has completely awakened as a General so the next kiss is going to be the true pact between them. The kiss that will completely resurrect the real Jubei and at the same time, ‘eliminate’ the incomplete Jubei that was created due to the incomplete pact. When Jubei wakes up, she sees Muneakira and also the ghosts of Sen and Yukimura. No, they’re not dead yet. They’re using that Spiritual Fluctuation Reading. Muneakira needs her help but the thought of her vanishing for good at the next kiss rings in her head.

Episode 12
Yoshihiko and Nia are still alive. Nia is bordering between life and death. Oh? He doesn’t want to abandon her now? He doesn’t want her to die? That’s good right? Meanwhile Jubei is in a dilemma whether to kiss Muneakira. As his lips approaches, Jubei unwittingly pushes him away. She thought she was being impolite to Sen and Yukimura but they’re okay with her kissing Muneakira. The girls leave to give them some time alone. Jubei kisses Muneakira and bids farewell. Gisen is trying to resurrect Amakusa but notes her own power isn’t enough. Sen communicates with Hanzou, Matabei and Kanetsugu and gives them enough confidence to protect the academy. Muneakira and his Master Samurais prepare for the final battle. The awakened Jubei says that since he has awoken as a true General, he can redo the pact with Sen and Yukimura. They’ll have greater powers and able to feel warmth resonating through their bodies. Well, this isn’t the time to argue who should kiss him first. I guess they even got time to narrate their true feelings for him as Muneakira kisses them and turns them into powerful true Master Samurais. Muneakira commands them as they cut and penetrate the vines. Jubei breaks into the core and meets Gisen. She reveals that in order to heal Amakusa’s spirit, 2 samurais are needed, thus the reason they are reincarnated as his personal attendants but Jubei made a pact with somebody else instead. That’s why Gisen tried hard to bring her back but she was no match for Muneakira. Even so, creating this barrier and having Jubei penetrating it would’ve put Amakusa in serious danger. She wants to devour Jubei so that they could be as one and the only one who will serve Amakusa. Gisen is driven by hatred just about anything that has got to do with Muneakira and co and this is enough for her to overwhelm Jubei. Gisen starts sucking her spiritual powers. Thinking she has defeated Jubei, Gisen calls for Amakusa to reward her. But the barrier is under immense attack. Herald the artificial Master Samurais.

Muneakira is surprised to see Nia. She mentions she was dead but resurrected by Yoshihiko’s kiss and turned into a Master Samurai. Looks like he had it in him too. Yoshihiko will lend his powers to help Muneakira but this is for the sake of saving Japan and not because he acknowledge him. Sounds good for Muneakira. Yoshihiko will have Nia and his army take care of the vines so Muneakira can go to his samurais. Jubei hears the voice of her incomplete self. It seems she is back because Muneakira summoned her. She wants her to hear onii-chan’s voice and that their feelings are eternal. Jubei awakens to a more powerful self. Gisen is taken aback by the different person she turned out to. What ensues next is a superb immense power battle raging throughout the land. So great that we get to watch the over-dramatic fight in only black and white and shades of grey. Just wow. Gisen knows she is no match and calls for Amakusa to give her the strength of the Master Samurai. Did it work? Well, seems she’s powered up too. Muneakira, Sen and Yukimura send their feelings to Jubei to increase her power. But she is powering up so much that it is suicidal. And that is what she plans to do. Blasting and taking Gisen with her towards the sky, Gisen promises she’ll be back again, whether it is a hundred or a thousand years, they’ll have to face her again. But Jubei doesn’t give a damn about that because they have nothing to fear if Japan has Generals and Master Samurais. To Muneakira’s dismay, he stops sensing Jubei’s life force. She’s floating in space and slowly disintegrating. She could hear everyone’s voice and is happy. A week has passed. A massive cleanup and reconstruction for Buou Academy. Amakusa’s whereabouts are unknown. And as Muneakira narrates, perhaps nothing is really over yet but believes one day their bond and trust will heal this gaping wound engraved in this town in time.

Hyakka Ryouran Samurai Babes…
What the?! I can’t believe that’s how it ends! Why on such a ‘sad’ and cliff-hanger? Well, don’t fret yet. If you have seen the OVA which came with the release of the final DVD volume, don’t be startled that if it’s a rerun of episode 12. So what’s the difference? Firstly, those black and white fight scenes are now coloured. Yeah, now you can watch it in polychrome. Second, in the final scene whereby Muneakira walks away, the TV series just ended there. But the OVA extends this scene by a few more seconds. We see Jubei floating down from the night sky in a bright light. Deja vu from the first episode? So she didn’t become part of the stars, eh? Muneakira and the rest are definitely happy to see her as Jubei lands him a kiss. Pact redone or just a kiss of love?

Also with the DVD, you’ll be treated with 6 specials called Picture Scrolls: A Maiden’s Happy Yet Embarrassing Chigiri. They are random nonsensical fanservice fun (if that’s what you want to call them) and serve no relation to the plot. Like in Picture Scroll 1, Jubei is seen running to Muneakira, waking him up from his nice slumber. She’s really concerned about her droopy boobs, thanks to Yukimura’s ‘brainwashing’ that the bigger they get, the droopier it’ll be till it sags to the ground! Of course Muneakira tells her it’s just one of Yukimura’s lies. But he gets embarrassed when Jubei starts playing with her own boobs and even has him touch it. No choice he presses it and experiences a total nose bleed when Jubei gives out that moan. Have you ever see him lose so much blood before? In Picture Scroll 2, Sen is looking for Yukimura but stumbles upon all those kissing books in her room. Yeah, kissing is like fighting. As she continues reading, Sen starts fantasizing all the kissing moves in fanservice positions till she realizes Muneakira was watching. In her embarrassment, she punches him away. Picture Scroll 3 takes place during that beach episode. As part of Kanetsugu’s plan to put a stop to certain indecent demon, she plans on using some fishing lure. However as she fishes, it tears off the top of all the girls, leaving them topless. Except for Yukimura. It got hook on her butt and it tore that piece of cloth, leaving her butt exposed. Kanetsugu laments her failure when Muneakira appears from behind. She is taken aback when he discovers what she has fished. Then all the girls come by and think this is Muneakira’s doing! To make matters worse, Kanetsugu puts up an act that she’s going to get rape! Poor Muneakira is sent flying into the sky. Yukimura and Kanetsugu take a bath together in Picture Scroll 4. Kanetsugu irritates Yukimura with the bigger boobs talk. However Yukimura didn’t get upset. Instead, she reveals the benefits of having small chests. The lolita complex! That’s right! By acting all innocent and vulnerable, even these sweet small boobs will have a total opposite ‘destructive’ powers on men! Oh so true! If you’re a lolicon, that is. Kanetsugu felt defeated as she notes she came to bath with her as she was worried she was hurt. After she runs away, Yukimura notices some Kobezawa hotspring package she left behind for her. See? She’s not a total idiot and has a heart too. Though, more of the idiotic side. Gisen is working at the coal pits in Picture Scroll 5 when Jubei pesters to play with her. Since she suggested blindfold hide-and-seek (because the place is too small), Gisen starts fantasizing some S&M play, with Jubei being the dominant one. This is followed with suggestions of binding and spinning around and playing doggie. Each time, Gisen trembles with stimulation and gets excited of how ‘fearsome’ this Jubei girl is. Gisen prostrates herself and wants Jubei to abuse her to her heart’s content. But Jubei is puzzled because she thought they were going to play hide-and-seek. In Picture Scroll 6, Muneakira is rudely awakened when the girls barge into his dojo to confront him about the sexy fanservice pictures he took. However he denies it was him since one of them had a photo with him inside. Yukimura points out the camera was found in the waiting room, which belongs to Hanzou. She denies and only takes natural poses. Why is there a very yuri picture of Hanzou and Sen?! Sen beats her up and accuses Yukimura that it may be her since she is the sneaky one. Yukimura says she only takes aesthetic photos. Yeah, a pic of Sen changing clothes. WTF?! Then when Kanetsugu comes in, everyone didn’t show much interest. Till she reveals the true culprit: Herself. Now, she’s in deep trouble. See what being an idiot could lead you to? She’s going to get it big time. Jubei sees Muneakira smiling and thinks he’s happy. She too feels happy about it.

More little specials with the DVD. They are called Voice Mangas (VM) and come in 2 short yonkoma art mixed with a little animation that don’t even last 3 minutes. VM 1 sees Muneakira getting the shock of his life about naked women falling from the skies of Japan and then a talk about defining characters has them insulting each other with names. Strategist With A Bald Head? Loincloth Attendant With A Spear? Tsundere Evil Natured Princess? And wait, you got to hear this one: Super Masochistic Lesbian Maid Ninja Class Rep Glasses Girl. Why is Hanzou panting so hard?! Sen teaches how to be a tsundere in VM 2. While Yukimura and Matabei pull it off quite neatly, Jubei and Hanzou turn that theme upside-down by being super moe kawaii and a panting pervert respectively. Then, Sen and Yukimura are envious that Muneakira takes good care of Jubei. However Jubei turns into her serious self and orders Muneakira around like her lackey. Looks like the caretaker role is reversed. In VM 3, Yukimura shows Jubei that when she changes Kanetsugu’s forehead mark on her butt, it makes that idiot want to show off her butt to the public. Jubei tries putting her mark (which is the Chinese number 10) on it and Kanetsugu splits into 10 clones! Kage Bunshin! Next, Muneakira is forced to admire the boobs of Sen and Yukimura. Of course Kanetsugu is going to correct him but seeing that normal ways won’t work, she did the ultimate technique: She strips totally naked!!! Hanzou in VM 4 shows Jubei her high-tech glasses which is the best in Japan to collect data. However she demonstrates by ‘collecting’ data from Sen. She gets beaten up for peeping but seems to me she’s more like enjoying it. Matabei and Hanzou are still anxious about kissing Muneakira to turn into Master Samurais. However they get this thought that they could turn into one if they kiss their masters who had become Master Samurais. They are so deep in that delusion that they started kissing each other! Unfortunately Sen and Yukimura caught them and realized they were into that kind of relationship. Muneakira admires how great Jubei is in VM 5. But upon looking at the script, he realizes her title is shortened to M Jubei and thinks she’s a masochist! He ends up thinking she’s a huge M acting like a big S! And this leads to another conclusion that Sen and Yukimura are big M girls! Well, Sen doesn’t mind him punishing him… Gisen gives Muneakira a very relaxing and comfortable massage. That’s just it. What were you thinking?! His comfortable but ambiguous moaning and groaning? Yoshihiko in VM 6 makes Nia say some word as she pulls the edge of her own mouth. He finds it cute and goes into a fit so she wonders how she got him to become her General. And as Jubei thank viewers for the end of the series, Yoshihiko comes up with a wise crack that the series started with nudity and ends with nudity. Thus is should be named Zenra Ryouran (Nudity Blooming Profusely). However the girls tell him off of his inappropriateness so he apologizes.

Well, seems like the TV series ended in a way that we might see another sequel. Feels somewhat incomplete. I mean, when the all-time greatest threat to Japan (and possibility to all humanity) disappears without a trace, it can only mean one thing, right? It’s just a matter of time he’ll be back and everything repeats again. The way they painted this Amakusa devil guy so great so much so it made me think that they are fighting a losing battle. I mean, he’s a ghost. You can’t exorcist him, you can’t send him to the next world for good. He keeps coming back. So what are your options? Just produce enough Master Samurais to defend Great Japan, huh? Is that even going to cut it? Amakusa is like a virus. He can’t simply be defeated by the same old tricks. He’ll get stronger and stronger and pops up at the times you would least expect him to. How else do you explain the death of all the nameless Master Samurais? I was hoping he would at least make some appearance as show of power of how great his strength is. But I guess I’ll have to make do with his ‘proxy’ in the form of Gisen. Yoshihiko turned out to be the main ‘antagonist’ for this series because of his utmost desire to protect Japan and the pressure and burden he is bearing, he becomes a madman in trying to obtain the ultimate genes to mass produce Master Samurais. Can you blame him for becoming a villain? Well, yes and no. Obviously it was morally wrong for him to use Nia against her will to become his Master Samurai and then the kidnapping of other students of Buou Academy. But if you’re in that position and holding such potential power against an unknown enemy, it’s a big gamble and huge risk you’ve got to take.

The flow of the story quickly turned from the bickering feud between Sen’s student council and Yukimura’s faction to one that is finding the great threat hanging over Japan. It is rather amusing to see the gang interact with each other naturally whenever they’re not facing off with a common enemy together. Trust and bond are the main theme for this series and that is what Muneakira rightfully earned over the rest. But still as a great General, he can’t easily solve when it comes to the matters of love. Get what I’m saying? Though Jubei was a little annoying in her airhead mode, but it wouldn’t feel right to have the serious and true one around for too long. It takes away the fun. In the former, she’s like the ‘tension reliever’ of the group and in the latter, she gets things done and in order with the might of her sword skill. Sen and Yukimura may not really like each other. Other than the common enemy threatening Japan, I guess Muneakira is the glue that sticks them together. Hanzou could have been a much more efficient personal servant for Sen if it’s not for her masochistic delusions over her princess. Nia’s simple and eternal love for Yoshihiko is what drives her to fight for him. Even right till the very end, she believes in him although it may seem that she disobeyed his direct orders. But I feel that was trying to make him realize and see the point of it all. And when Yoshihiko did realize his mistake, it was too close to being too late to turn back. So a General’s kiss can actually redo a pact again? It makes me wonder what happens if the General is a womanizer. For every lips taken, man, there’ll be lots of Master Samurais everywhere! However that may not happen since you have got to be an exceptional person to become a General. Say, isn’t kissing to make a pact somewhat similar to the premise in Sekirei? Yeah, we’ve got busty babes with unique powers. Just a different era setting.

I was hoping to see Matabei and Hanzou transform into their own version of Master Samurai but I guess they are very much loyal to their own master so much so they won’t make a pact with Muneakira. If it wasn’t a kiss, would they do so? Even if they do not power up, I feel that their skills and powers are enough to help Muneakira and co to protect Japan. The most important factor is trust and bond, right? Kanetsugu is the most annoying yet amusing character. She’s like the big idiot of the group. I can see why the rest would gladly step on her till she dies (or close to it) because at times you also feel of doing the same thing to her. She may be an airhead like Jubei but she’s more idiotic. I guess in every group, you need one whose role is for comic relief and she definitely suits that part very well. Her mouth exists to only give sarcastic and idiotic comments that will either make you laugh or roll your eyes. Yeah, she used it more than her giant hammer, which I think is very much under-utilized. Still, she’s a lovable girl only because she’s an idiot. Sorry Kanetsugu, but that’s the truth. Though she’s annoying, but we don’t hate you :).

One of the unique aspects of this series is the art and drawing. In addition to the cell shading in certain parts, the main art is very water colour-like. It is refreshing to see something different after seeing too many of today’s standard and conventional anime art. It feels like as though the characters and the backgrounds come alive from a painting. However you may get annoyed by the ink blots that scatter throughout the screen at various points. Well, they are necessary as fanservice censors. Yes, it is a unique way to use them as censors as compared to the typical bright lights, dark shadows and strategic blockings. So it is both ‘refreshing’ and irritating when these ink spot or a stroke of the brush censors come into place. But even so, the blots don’t serve totally as censors. For instance during fight scenes, the spot still covers the screen. Maybe it’s blood, sweat or dust? Since I have only watched the OVA, I still notice that these blots still smear the screen although those for fanservice ones will be taken away. I am not sure if this is evident in the other DVD episode versions but guaranteed for those who would like to ‘admire the beautiful body’ of the samurai girls without the annoying splotch, the DVD should be your ‘sanctuary’. Action-wise, some of the power battles are pretty cool, though they may be exaggerating. But hey, that’s what you’re supposed to do when you have the ability to pull off uber powerful techniques, right?

Ao Yuuki as Jubei is recognizable when she is in her airhead mode because she reminded of how Ichigo from Yumeiro Patissiere sounded like. Otherwise in her serious mode, she sounds more towards Mina from Dance In The Vampire Bund with her assertiveness. Nobody plays tsundere lolis better than Rie Kugimiya. She does Yukimura here and though her character may not be obvious tsundere, I can envision nobody else playing this role perfectly. Yu Kobayashi is also recognizable as Matabei though she sounds more gentle and soft-spoken throughout the series rather than pulling off her crazy loud voice like she did as Kaede/Kaere in Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei or Ayame in Gintama. I always think Aki Toyosaki is a good fit for playing airhead girls like Tomo in Seikon No Qwaser and Yui in K-ON!. You could say she does it again here, if not better. Her voice is really into the character. Whenever Hanzou goes into fawning of Sen, it reminded me of Hatsukoi Limited’s Soako. It’s no surprise since she is voiced by Saori Goto. I didn’t recognize Ami Koshimizu as Nia because she didn’t say “tawake” line like her role as Horo in Spice And Wolf. Is that how I remember her? Well sadly, yes. Other casts include Daisuke Hirakawa as Muneakira (Makoto in School Days), Minako Kotobuki as Sen (Tsumugi in K-ON!), Kaoru Mizuhara as Gisen (Misao in Lucky Star) and Takahiro Sakurai as Yoshihiko (Suzaku in Code Geass). The opening theme Last Vision For Last by Faylan is quite a powerful rock piece. Well, it sounded suitable if the series had lots of samurai slashing action. The ending theme is Koi Ni Sesse Tooryanse by the trio seiyuus of Jubei, Sen and Yukimura. Sounds like a song coming from an all-girls group. A bit silly, though.

Hopefully those who have watched the series won’t get their actual facts of Japanese history twisted or ‘modified’. Me, I know nuts about it so you can say my head is already ‘condemned’. Maybe it’s one way to get guys who often lack the interest in studying Japanese history and culture but still, if you look at it this way, it may be somewhat of a bad taste. Would it be disrespectful to picture a past honourable warrior in a different light? Some may call it escapism. To me it’s okay if your delusions don’t hurt anyone. So if you really want to watch this show, throw all logic out of your head because for instance, you get the idea of things to come when a sword can actually slice a plane in half without the girls break into any sweat. Who needs an army when all you can have are a bunch of sexy, busty and colourful Master Samurai ladies protecting the country? Is it a wonder why Japan lost the war then?

Psychic Academy

December 25, 2011

Imagine if there is a school for the gifted. A school to hone those latent and talents. That would be wonderful, right? Well, Psychic Academy isn’t any near a school like Xavier’s School For Gifted Youngsters but at least it is a place for people with auras (the term in this series that is used to refer to super powers). So I suppose the world has split into those normal humans and those with auras, eh? Just be thankful that they aren’t called mutants whatsoever ;p. Besides, I don’t recall any majority of the public or some fearsome organization showing their displeasure about those possessing auras. However being an anime with just 24 episodes that lasts around 10 minutes or so, don’t expect anything in depth. At first I was expecting some supernatural detective-like mystery solving cases. Boy, I was way off mark. Very off. What conjures to mind when you put romance, comedy and a hint of ecchi in it? Guess that says it all, huh?

Episode 1
When Ai Shiomi was young, on a beach with the sun setting and the moon rising, he first met a girl crying, Orina. He asks what is wrong so she showed and gave him a seashell which of course he misplaced it somehow. Ai wakes up from his dream and realizes he is running late for school. Along the way, he notices many people starring in awe because they recognize his school uniform and think he is part of the Elite. But Ai notes that this Psychic Academy is a school founded 20 centuries ago and for those gifted with auras and special abilities. He didn’t want to enrol in this school in the first place but his parents wanted to, seeing his brother went there. Of course Ai is nothing compared to his brother and doesn’t even have any special abilities. So what else is there to look forward to? Orina? Yeah, she’s there. He starts fantasizing she’s grownup from her little self and is waiting for him. Right after snapping out from his fantasy, he bumps into Myuu of the same school and accidentally got his hands over her boobs! Normally, any girl would scream sexual harassment followed by a slap. Or the slap first and then the yell. But Myuu didn’t say a thing. She just gave him that look and walked away. Then somebody’s baby starts falling off the balcony. Ai rushes to save it by chanting a spell. Did he make it? Myuu suddenly appears and grabs the baby, using Ai as a cushion landing. He is ecstatic that he unleashed some power for the first time but still thanks her for coming to save the baby. However Myuu punches him, tells him not to joke around, drinks her bottle water and disappears. Strange girl. Ai notices the handbook she dropped.

Episode 2
In class, Orina’s classmate, Kyaaru tries to predict what kind of power this new transfer kid will be. Yeah, they must really have high hopes of the super power he possesses. But Orina disagrees that he’s not that kind of guy. Ai follows a voice calling out to him. He meets a funny bunny, Buu at the rabbit shed. He didn’t really believe it at first but I guess he’s got no choice but to have this rabbit tag along because he senses great aura from him and will be his master (he insists Ai calls him that too). Later Ai meets his homeroom teacher and she is surprised that he got acquainted with Buu since he wouldn’t open up to anybody. She wants to know his Aura Code but he doesn’t know what it is. She explains it is when one’s aura characteristics are used to form a name code and thus that code is used here. Hers is Chiroro Dattara. Ai tries to explain that his aura manifested when he was taking a blood test and this is some sort of a mistake. However she notes that he is the brother of that legendary guy and is quite famous. Ai could only have a bad feeling. Ai is taken to his class as everyone wonders what his powers are. Suddenly they notice the rabbit, (Aura Code: Buu Velka Receptor Arba. Can you remember that?) on his shoulder and thinks Ai is a great person to have tamed such a violent and brutal creature! Later Ai finally meets Orina at the rooftop. As expected, she’s quite well endowed. They talk about the old times and since he remembers her embarrassing young habits, she starts hitting him. This causes him to accidentally grab her boobs and he ends up getting whacked further. They continue to chat about the good ol’ days and how cool his brother was. But Ai thinks that isn’t the case and his brother was always teasing him. Plus, he knows that she likes his brother but Orina says that he is fine the way he is now.

Episode 3
Ai spots Myuu so Orina says that her ability is Jump and though she is in their class, she hardly turns up and is unsociable. Ai rushes down to return her handbook. Oh, there’s more. He also wants to tell her the baby she saved is okay. Myuu realizes that he doesn’t know anything and wasn’t fooling around then. She explains that he was the one who saved that baby. Just before she jumped, he reached out his hand and saved the baby with his aura via soft landing. He still can’t believe it so he ends up arguing with Buu. Myuu senses he is different and gives off a rare smile. Doesn’t she look cute, eh? Orina is having deep thoughts about Ai and Myuu. She’s really bothered but dismisses it. Turns out Myuu is also her roommate. How ironic can life get? Ai also has his own weird roommate, some Indian guy Teruda Shanaha Kuga, putting heavy blocks on his crossed legs to increase his aura power. Next day in class, Kyaaru does a love fortune telling on Ai. The results turn out that his and Myuu’s aura match 100%.  Now Orina is really bothered. She really thinks something is wrong. She rushes out and of all times, bumps into Myuu just coming in and then Ai shortly. She takes Ai out for a little talk. He assures her he was just returning her handbook, so Orina felt a little relief that there is nothing more to it. Really? Is her heart at ease? Ai gets a letter from Myuu to meet her after school. His mind starts running wild it’s some sort of love letter and a confession. Why does a confession involves stripping naked and sex? Yeah, maybe his great aura is his delusional pervertness. When he enters the gym, he sees Myuu in a weird armour. She challenges him to a real fight because she wants to know his real aura since she can’t sense it.

Episode 4
Looks like Ai can’t talk his way out of it so Myuu starts attacking using her ability called Flame Rose. Buu guides Ai on how to deal with it. Following his advice to watch her aura closely, Ai is able to dodge and tell the flow and colour of her aura. The aura’s colour tells the focus of the user and in Myuu’s case, it is green which means she’s totally out of control but the effects will be devastating. Ai is even able to protect himself from a fire onslaught. Till the final blow he didn’t avoid and takes a direct hit. Myuu stops the match and wonders why he didn’t dodge it so he insists that he didn’t have that kind of power. Myuu goes up close to him and maintains that she can’t fell his aura. Orina comes rushing in and the first thing she did was slap Myuu for doing such a thing to a newbie. Cat fight? But all Myuu did was just ask for her room key, wants another rematch with Ai and walks away. Since Ai’s knee is injured, Orina uses her healing aura on it. Funny. Water fairies? They gather around the wounded area and ‘pop’. In no time, Ai’s injury heals since it’s not that serious. When he starts commending her strange but powerful abilities and would like to have himself so he doesn’t have to rely on her, she hugs him. She says he doesn’t have to be stronger and is okay the way he is.

Episode 5
Buu forcefully wakes up Ai on a Sunday morning to go for more training. Orina gets a call from Teruda that Ai is missing since all he knew was he just got up and left. She gets this idea that he started hating school due to shock and quit and went to pester Myuu about it. Since Orina is pretty worried he might end up in some aura fight, I guess Myuu has no choice but to go look for it. She thought Orina was blaming her for that aura fight. I thought those 2 were not seeing eye to eye with each other since the previous episode. But I guess they’re back to friends seeing Orina groped Myuu’s boobs in her happiness. Ai is playing at the video arcade but as Buu says, they’re here for some serious training: To chase skirts. Say what? Guiding Ai on how to see other people’s aura, Ai is slowly able to see the different aura colours. For instance, a girl playing video game has a red aura means she’s in a bad mood. Very bad indeed. Yeah, she slapped a guy who tried to hit on her! After explaining the few other colours like yellow for affection and brown for stubborn, Buu is going to show him how it’s done to look for a yellow one. He goes up to a girl and asks her to play with him. Well oddly, the girl didn’t find a talking walking bunny funny (mind the rhyme. Oops, I did it again). Maybe his cuteness (that’s even debatable) overwhelms his rough voice. Yeah, Buu’s smothering his face in her boobs while she adores how cute he is. Ai tries to use his newly acquired skill on a girl but she turns out to be Myuu. She brings him away to talk. Over at a cafe, she feels that he is still upset from the last time and wanted to apologize. Tsundere style. But Ai thanks her for looking out for him and she shouldn’t be worried about the little stuffs. Though that aura fight made him think a lot. He had lot of regrets and wanted to know about auras to become stronger. Myuu starts laughing when he mentions he could become a cool person like her. Of course, back to her tsundere when he notes she’s cute laughing. However Ai is approached by a crazy ruffian.

Episode 6
As Myuu mentions, he is from the Eternal Group. They’re a class of people who are able to use their aura powers from the moment they’re born. This ruffian, Tandzja wants to know what kind of powers Ai have and do an aura fight. However Myuu takes Ai and leave and won’t bow to his request. Tandzja won’t let them go and unleashes his wind powers. Before he could do anything, something knocks him back. Soon all his clothes ripped apart, leaving him stark naked. Though Ai insists he didn’t do anything, Tandzja runs away embarrassed. Buu comes by and it seems he was the one who pulled off that stunt. Then the girls he was hitting on came by to pick him up so I guess he wants to continue to receive their love. Shortly Orina arrives so Myuu leaves the rest to her and goes away. Ai has a hard time trying to convince Orina that they weren’t dating. Then tears well up in Orina’s eyes. She was worried about him. But I suppose she can’t stay worried forever so she turns back into her usual self seeing that there are more important things than aura power. As they both walk back, they talk about the old times and what he thinks about the school. Unknowingly, they walked into a lover’s park. Yeah, many couples making out everywhere. They panic so Orina takes Ai’s hands and run. See, if you make haste, something terrible is going to befall. Orina trips over a little pebble but as Ai catches her, his hands grabbed her boobs. She didn’t freak out. Instead, she presses it and makes him hold tighter! Then the mood builds up enough for them to kiss. Their face inching closer with each heartbeat getting louder. But if you’re expecting somebody to interrupt them, then you’re only half right. The kiss indeed is interrupted. But not because of somebody. Actually, Ai starts seeing Myuu’s face!!! WTF?! Why, oh why?! I guess it’s a sign…

Episode 7
The written exam is here. I wonder if it’s legal to have Buu by Ai’s side. I mean, he could be cheating… But then again, isn’t Buu a little too noisy? Well, Chiroro took bothersome Buu away and how did she shut him up? Let him sleep in her boobs! Oh yeah, that’s how you tame a vicious rabbit too. But this exam is the least of Ai’s worries. It’s the practical exam which follows. It’s going to be a tough one and if you fail, you fail the whole class. Meanwhile Tandzja plans on revenge on Ai with his buddies. They are joined by Pasu who also wishes to help out since there is another person in Ai’s class she has a bone to pick. In the bus to the location of the practical exam, Orina feeds Ai her bento and even gives words of encouragement since he is low on self-confidence. The location is a temple in the mountains. The temple’s priest, Doushin will head this year’s practical exam. Ai takes a peep at Doushin’s aura and it’s bursting with light! Man, he’s like Buddha! There’re also wings! He’s like an angel too! Doushin knows what Ai is doing and wants him to tell what he sees. Ai adds that he also saw burning wings so Doushin explains it is the form of the phoenix. Everyone is taken aback but Doushin tells everyone not to be late for the exam at 4pm. He notes this year’s exam will be a good one. That night Ai can’t sleep. Partly he kept seeing visions of Myuu. Then as he wonders, he sees the real Myuu outside. She’s listening to the mountain and trees breathe and feels at ease here. Why is he fixated on her boobs? Anyway he tries listening to the breathing too but Buu interrupts and wants him to follow. He wants Ai to peep through a hole. What’s with that sneaky grin on his face? What does Ai see? Naked girls bathing!

Episode 8
Ai also sees Orina among the group. But when he hears Kyaaru bugging Orina that it’s her chance to confess to Ai since she likes him, Ai loses his balance. His panic gives his position away when Orina gets too close to the peep hole. All the girls start throwing water so Ai and Buu had to run away. It’s amazing they’re never caught. But Ai caught a cold next morning and each time he sees Orina, he sees her only clad in towel. As for the exam, they’re supposed to use their aura to find a 500 year old ancient treasure. It’ll be easy since the treasure is clearly identifiable but will have to do it within 6 hours and in groups of 3. Ai is paired with Orina and Kyaaru, who thinks it’s a good chance for Orina to get closer while Myuu is paired with a couple of losers who are ecstatic to even get a reply from her. But Myuu is ambushed by Tandzja and his lackeys. They lead her to the river whereby Pasu confronts her. Unfortunately Myuu doesn’t remember who the f*cks she is, pissing Eternal Group’s Pasu off very much. The aura fight begins with Pasu throwing her lightning aura. She just hates everything about her. Oddly, why didn’t Myuu get electrocuted? Maybe Pasu is immune to her own lightning but Myuu’s just standing there blocking. Ai’s group concentrate but still can’t locate the treasure. But Ai can sense Myuu in trouble and rushes off. This guy… He interrupts the aura fight and even manages to give Pasu that they’re in a middle of an exam, which is more important than this aura fight. I guess Pasu was even knocked off her balance when she hears that his concern was because they could fail the exam! As Tandzja points out that Ai is the one who did him in, Pasu fires her lightning at him. Yeah, all he did was stand there and block too.

Episode 9
Pasu is going to give her best shot so it’s do or die for Ai. He successfully did his Jump ability but the odd part was, he appeared in front of Pasu and had his hands over her boobs! That’s all it takes to beat her! Pasu starts crying like a little girl!!! She never felt so violated before, let alone anybody touch that part. Yeah, Tandzja and co had to console and take her away and settle their match another day. So much for being a tough girl. Ai suddenly collapses. Orina is looking for Ai when she hears a voice guiding her to Ai. Myuu laments that the river current washed Ai away. Then she sees Orina diving in. She sees Ai lying unconscious at the bottom and chants a spell to create a protective bubble? Erm? Shouldn’t they be floating up? Then some hooded guy dives in and brings them out. As swift as he comes, as swift as he goes Wow. He’s better than Superman. Orina wakes up after hearing that hooded guy’s voice (hey, is he wearing his underwear outside?!). After he disappears, Orina panics upon seeing unconscious Ai and does CPR on him (yeah, so they kissed). Good news: Ai wakes up. Bad news: Myuu appears. Even bad and complicating news: Ai says Myuu’s name. Oh gosh. There’s only so much drama a girl can take in a day. So Orina, what to do? Run away lah. Ai’s memories are somewhat fuzzy after that incident. Then the subject changes about listening to the breathing of the forest. Then they spot the giant tree and think this is the treasure. Well, there lots of sparkly lights coming from it. Ai thinks he felt it because Myuu is here. He is certain that all those times when his powered activated, it was her by his side. However Myuu says she didn’t save him but Orina. Due to her powers, she becomes weak around water. Therefore he doesn’t need her and can use his powers freely. She walks off and look who happens to be behind a tree? It’s Orina! I thought she ran away half way round the world.

Episode 10
Back to school. I take it Ai must’ve passed since he’s back in one piece. But he realized that when Orina saved him, he noticed somebody else was there too. Orina asks him if he remembers anything about being revived (the kiss lah). Since he doesn’t, she heaves a sigh of relief. At the stairways, Ai sees Myuu revising (she missed to many classes). Suddenly somebody purposely pushes a flower vase down at her (why the heck is a vase doing there in the first place?). Ai’s quick reflex has him shield Myuu with his body. It’s Pasu and Tandzja. Looks like that b*tch’s back to normal and that’s just a warning. It’s not going to end yet. Myuu brings Ai to the infirmary as Chiroro treats him (why is Ai staring at her boobs?!). Noting that Eternity Group’s escalating attacks, she wants Myuu to be careful since they are targeting her and that ‘he’ will be coming back soon. That guy seems to be the strongest person in Eternity Group but was on suspension. If he was that dangerous, why isn’t he expelled in the first place? Orina notices Myuu studying hard. I don’t know why, but she gets this idea of calling Ai for study help. I thought she didn’t like the idea of Ai and Myuu together? Maybe that previous episode when Myuu spilled the truth, cleared up everything, eh? But even so, bringing a boy to a girl’s dorm is a big no. So how? Sneak him in! Yeah, poor Ai has got to cross-dress as a girl. Just before study session can start, the dorm lady knocks to check for any boys in their room. I guess it must be his male aura… Orina gives excuse that Myuu is sleeping. She is but is faking it and Ai is hiding underneath her blanket. His face too close to her boobs. Then he felt her heartbeat and wonders if this sensation (no, not a perverted sensation) is some aura resonance.

Episode 11
The dorm lady leaves after finding everything in order. So when Myuu and Ai emerge from their fake sleep, Orina wasn’t jealous or anything when she finds their faces red (maybe it was hot) but was like an airhead. Now Ai has to sneak out again. Orina apologizes and she did this because she wanted to be with him. They promise to study properly next time. Ai is at the library looking for references when he chances upon Myuu putting back books (she’s a librarian). Pasu is back with her mischief as she knocks Myuu off the ladder with her lighting before fleeing. Again Ai protects Myuu and ends up on top of her. Kyaaru rushes by as Myuu gives an excuse that she slipped. Noticing the duo together, she is convinced that they really are 100% aura compatible. Guess who is eavesdropping? Oh Orina. Now you looks so bothered, aren’t you? Because of that, Ai has been thinking a lot and thinks his first love is still Orina (really?). Orina is still worried so she tries to ask Myuu about her feelings for Ai. Myuu didn’t reply and continued her homework as Orina went about ranting about the compatibility thingy and the things Ai did for her so he has to have some feelings for Myuu. She realizes of her own jealousy but Myuu says that she doesn’t have anyone she likes but envies Orina can be honest with herself. Next day at the school gates, Pasu comes bragging to Myuu. But Myuu punches her! Pasu starts crying like a little girl!!! Not so tough now, is she? She deserves it. Really.

Episode 12
Tandzja and Pasu meet up with a biker dude, Ren (that strongest Eternity Group guy on suspension) and tell him the terrible guy Ai is (weaklings!). However Ren isn’t going to jump the gun yet and wants to ascertain it himself. Ai is running late to meet Orina and due to his bickering with Buu, he bumps into a cute girl, Faafa. Buu senses a great aura from her so when Ai tries to look at her aura, she thinks he’s a peeping Tom. However she proceeds to make him treat her to ice cream and follow him like as though they’re dating. When Ai eventually meets up with Orina, he finds it hard to explain who this girl is. Faafa thinks they are dating but wants to come along. At the amusement park, seems Faafa is having all the fun with all the rides. By herself. Yeah, Ai and Orina just watch her. There goes their private time together. They can’t give her the slip. Then Faafa gets into trouble after she bumps into a bunch of unruly ruffians who has no qualms of threatening a cutie pie like her. However she instils fear in them by unleashing her ice aura powers. She could’ve killed them if Ai didn’t stop her. Even if they’re scums, they’re still people, right? Oh, how many of us can think like that. And since Ai said so, she lets the baddies go and with apologizes too. Yeah, hope they learn their lesson not to pick on girls. At the end of the day, Faafa feels she had such a great time that she thanks them. Ai and Orina have no qualms of being friends with her since she did mention she doesn’t have any. Then they part ways. In school, Ren returns. How bad ass is he? He rides his bike into school and up the hallways!!! Freaking awesome! It’s amazing nobody got hurt or anything damaged. He comes face to face with Ai.

Episode 13
The first thing he did is to have an aura fight with Ai. He fires his magma aura at Ai but is surprised when he blocked it (too bad the awesome powers shattered the windows). He unleashes more magma but Chiroro steps in. She wants him to return to his classroom and that school isn’t a place for him to fight. However Ren gives her a piece of his mind. He tells her off that the school wants to control them and they’re like prisoners. Chiroro gives him a final warning but Ren remains defiant and plans to take her on. As he rains his magma, Ai not only blocked but jumped close enough within touching distance of Ren, stopping his aura. Ai wonders why he is so aggressive and notes when he looked at him, it’s like he’s struggling with something. Not pleased with what he heard, Ren is upset and goes full power. However he hears the voice of Faafa to back down since she tells him Ai is her friend. Then black tentacles come crashing into the walls to hold Ren. It’s that hooded underwear-outside guy. He is the legendary Zero and is Ai’s brother. He is here to see his beloved brother. Really? Actually he is going to be a teacher at Psychic Academy today. Zero shows he is the dominant one and warns Ren not to even think about it (whatever he’s going to do). With this destruction, Ren isn’t going to get off with just a mere suspension. Though most of the damage was caused by Zero’s flashy entrance. Zero is impressed with Ai’s actions. He formally introduces himself and his appointed purpose here. Zero Daimu Kikura Paazaruku Baeru Doataru. WTF?! How freaking long can you get with that tongue twister?! That night, Ai meets with Ren. No, the latter isn’t going to pick another aura fight and just wants to talk. Thanks to Zero, he’s already grounded. But Ren wants to ascertain if he has met Faafa. He lets Ai know that Faafa is him. A cross-dresser? No, even better. Wait till you hear this: They share the same body.

Episode 14
What does this mean? It means they have twin auras lah! Duh…  Though Ren doesn’t have memories in he’s in Faafa mode, whatever happens between them has got nothing to do with Ren. Ren wants Ai to keep this a secret. So why the hell tell him in the first place? Oh, and that aura fight. He’ll settle it once his suspension is over. Hope that will be like 100 years later. Faafa comes to Psychic Academy wanting to look for Ai but was caught by a teacher, Goa. Thinking she’s a latecomer, he tries to take her with him but she shouts pervert and unleashes her ice aura attack. Goa blocks with his sediment aura but was overwhelmed. Then Faafa just waltz into Ai’s classmate and treats it like her own home. I mean, she comes up to Ai, proclaims she is a student now and sits right next to him. Who the hell she think she is? Chiroro checks her name but unfortunately can’t find her in the register so out you go. However the spoilt princess insists she is going to study here with Ai. Seems Myuu knows Faafa. She notes she isn’t supposed to be here but Faafa says she’s free now. Myuu doesn’t look convince since she has those powers. Faafa gets upset that of all people, she didn’t understand her (who would?). Faafa takes Ai and leaves. Yeah, unleash a blizzard too, will ya’? By the time Zero arrives, Faafa has already Jumped with Ai. All Zero can say that Faafa has a dangerous aura. Away at some place, Ai learns that Ren is Ai’s younger brother. I don’t know why she needs to unzip her dress to explain further about Ren living in her heart. Faafa was born with a weak heart but thanks to Ren, she is here. That’s the reason why Ai could see Faafa’s aura emitting from her entire body and Ren only from his heart. Faafa suggests they kiss since she’s free now.

Episode 15
Of course Ai can’t do it. Why? Because he likes someone? Faafa thinks it is Orina but ‘sees’ the face of another girl. Just then Myuu shows up to take Ai back. How did Myuu find them so fast? Don’t know. Something to do with Ai, I guess. Faafa guesses that she might like Ai. Will Faafa let Myuu have her way? No way! She unleashes her blizzard as Myuu tries to defend. Man, the entire surrounding froze like the ice age. Myuu is able to Jump away in time with Ai. But a slab of ice is stuck onto her chest. It’s draining her strength. How to get rid of it? Just rip apart her shirt! Fanservice cue. Because of her fire aura, she gets thirsty so Ai buys her a few bottles of water. Resting, Myuu tells Ai that she and Faafa came from the Aura Development Centre (ADC). Faafa used to cry there every day and due to her dangerous element, if a particular emotion (like sadness) gripped her, her aura will go berserk and no one can do anything about it. Myuu then asks if she was unable to stop at that time, will he stop her then? He didn’t understand so she drops the question. As they head back to school, they spot several ice fairies flying by. They are Faafa’s aura shapelings. Faafa knows where they are now. Well, if Myuu didn’t throw a water bottle at it, maybe she wouldn’t have known. Duh… With Faafa finding them, she blasts Myuu unconscious with her eyes. Now Ai, come to her arms. But Ai just knocks her head and hates the things she did. Faafa takes this as a sign that everybody hates her and starts crying uncontrollably. Big sh*t now. Ice starts to form and cover her surroundings. Zero appears and the only advice is that they have to somehow completely freeze her. How? Ai remembers Faafa did mention if her heart races a little, Ren will appear. No choice, he goes over to her, apologizes and kisses her! The blizzard instantly stops. The ice instantly melts. Then he realizes he’s kissing a guy. Pissed Ren punches him because he’s no gay. Though with that incident over, Ai can’t help ponder about Myuu’s words.

Episode 16
Orina suggests holding Ai’s birthday party at Zero’s party. Ai doesn’t seem like he wanted to go with it due to the ‘trauma’ from the last time his brother hosted one. However, this idea stems from Zero himself. When Orina asks Ai what present would he want, they spot a couple of their classmates, Satomi and Taigo kissing each other and getting all lovey-dovey! They panic and leave. Upon calming down, they note what they saw was a surprise and that they’ve never kissed before. Wait a minute. Ai, did you forget you kissed Faafa? And then Ren? That’s 2 people, right? Oh, that was to save her? So it doesn’t count? What about you Orina? Remember that CPR you did? What? That was to save him? So that doesn’t count? Excuses, excuses… Of course when you stare at each other too long, it will lead to a kiss, right? And they could have done it if that stupid annoying Buu didn’t come interrupting. Yeah, he got annoyed he was too slow to kiss and even offered to demonstrate on how it’s done! At the bath, Orina invites Myuu to Ai’s birthday party. She was reluctant at first so how did Orina convinced her? With a little skinship of course… Meanwhile Ai notes that back then he really wanted to kiss Orina but doesn’t know Orina’s feelings. He looks for Kyaaru to read his aura match reading. Kyaaru seems nervous not because of the reading, but rather she’s too close to Ai. First time that close to a boy? Anyway the reading reads out 60%-70%. That’s considered low? Hey, at least it’s more than half. Kyaaru explains that aura matching and real love are different. Take for instance Satomi and Taigo. They may be all over each other but their aura match is only 30%. Therefore an aura reading is much more a reading of similarities between the subconscious souls.

Episode 17
Chiroro is the first to arrive at Zero’s apartment. Where are all the students? Well, Zero says the party will only start later because now it’s for them to have some adult time. Oh, I didn’t know he was that naughty. I guess Zero was pushing his luck too much. When it involves a bed, you know what it means, right? Chiroro slaps him and leaves. I guess no progress lah. Soon Ai and his classmates arrive. Zero dumps all the presents to his little brother and gets the party rolling with his stamina drink. Orina talks to Ai since the latter doesn’t seem to be enjoying himself. Ai is bothered that he is always being compared with Zero and felt like second rate. Plus, he has been gone all the while and so why pop up now. Orina falls asleep due to the drink when Ai realizes Zero showing embarrassing footages of young Ai. Birthmark on his butt? What deepest secret? Now it’s no more a secret. Ai gets upset and tells him off his weird unreasonable act. He slaps his hand away when Zero offers him a drink and runs away. Zero finds him at the park and talks to him. He understands what he is feeling and that it must be hard on him. They still remember that day when Ai was cornered by a pair of evil lab scientists. Zero went to protect him but failed since Ai slipped off the cliff. Ai notes he doesn’t need to be protected now. He’ll get stronger and protect Orina and him. Then Ai falls asleep. Is Zero’s stamina drink laced with something or what? Then Myuu appears so Zero forces her to take care of Ai. Regretting she should’ve taken care of Orina instead? Yeah, he’s clinging on to her thighs. Even back in his room, Ai is a little pervy. He’s like groping her and trying to kiss her. No matter how many times she hits or slaps him, he just wouldn’t wake up. Man, that is one powerful stamina drink. So when he finally calms down, Myuu leaves. Next day, Ai has no recollection of what happened. So does Orina. She uses this chance to give him her birthday present. Ai jokes that he will take her first kiss. But it’s no joke. Orina really kisses him! And thus, their first kiss. But on a side note, it was really their second.

Episode 18
One night, Hiime Iren was assaulted by a group of masked ordinary humans of the Aura Hunters. Since she can’t hurt them, she got owned. In school, Teruda could sense something amiss between Ai and Orina and pesters him for details. I guess the class are interested to know too. But they have to leave it aside when a classmate reports about Hiime’s assault. She is being treated by Chiroro. They note how the Aura Hunters are becoming active lately and that this is the third case. Zero says they do this kind of things to assert their superiority over those with aura. On the rooftop, Ai and Orina talk about this. Ai assures that he will protect her. It’s that build-up mood to kiss again but as usual, that stupid rabbit had to interrupt them for being too slow. Can’t he just leave them alone and let nature take its course? Back in her dorm, Kyaaru visits Orina and wants to find out how far she went with Ai. Then when she spills how Ai came to her for an aura reading, Orina becomes happy. Kyaaru wants her to confess but she wants to hear it from him first. She warns that she have to do it fast or else Myuu will steal him. Kyaaru excuses herself when Myuu came in and has heard everything. Orina tries to give an excuse that Kyaaru was joking but Myuu is okay if Orina and Ai are together and would like things between them to stay the same. Orina is so happy that she fondled her boobs. WTF?! Though Orina could sleep easy, Myuu couldn’t. She notices her own yellow aura, a confused heart. You know what this means, right? Next day, the student council president, Juo Ruru looks for Ai in his class and warns him that the Aura Hunters are targeting him.

Episode 19
Juo had an encounter with them last week and is partially injured. He says the Aura Hunters are trying to rid of those with strong auras one by one. Orina and Ai have that Aura Hunters talk again. And again, the mood to kiss is building up. Wait. Look out for any rabbit. Phew. Okay, green light. So, the mood to another kiss is building up… Hey! Why the hell is Zero filming them?! Trying to capture his brother’s precious confession moments on tape?! That’s the strongest punch I’ve seen Ai throw at his brother. Myuu sees Juo spying and wonders if he is really that concern about him. Juo also notes the mysterious Myuu and warns her that she too might be targeted because she’s on the list as well. That night as Ai walks home, the Aura Hunters are waiting to ambush him but they come into Ren instead. No matter, he’s on the list too. They fight but they are no match for Ren’s magma. As they flee, Ren catches the leader and is to unmask him when Juo appears and wants Ren to let go of that guy. Juo unleashes his steam aura as distraction to escape. After the steam subsides, Ai passes by and learns what has happened and the final guy Ren fought with a strong steam aura power. Seems Ren is still grounded and is just out taking a breather. He doesn’t want Ai to tell Zero what happened and leaves. Next day, Ai meets Myuu to ask if she knows any steam aura user in Psychic Academy. But all she got was a headache. So bad that she collapses.

Episode 20
He carries her to the infirmary but why is he enjoying it? Ah, must be the sensation of her boobs pressing over his body. Along the way, he passes by Juo and notices a form overlapping him. Juo notes his brother his Zero and feels envy to have such a great legendary brother. Chiroro treats Myuu and when she wakes up, Chiroro diagnoses that she has a severe internal aura blow. Though this happens once a month, the problem might lie in her power. Then Ai visits her so she thanks him. Ai says he’s going to train a lot to protect her and Orina. Ai undergoes training from Buu to use his second Aura Code. From what I understand, the scientist was puzzled by his weird aura. It’s like he has been given a powerful aura switch but that ability is late in manifesting itself. To invoke it, Ai needs to recite that code. It’s like some sort of a keyword. And his keyword is Daudo. Well, just yelling out loud won’t help. Looks like he’ll need more concentration and training. Meanwhile an Aura Hunter confronts Myuu at the infirmary. Ai is able to successfully emit a little light from his fingers, though it’s too early to tell what kind of aura specialty he is. But Buu says he can feel his aura radiance now. Suddenly Ai senses Myuu in danger. Myuu is tied up in some place and she realizes the culprit is Juo. She too sees an overlapping form over him.

Episode 21
Could it be his twin? Well, it’s more like his brother. He teases Myuu by spilling water over her body. Why are they doing this? They feel because auras exist, everything is screwed up. They want to get rid of auras so that everything will return to normal. They won’t kill Myuu since she is their bait to lure Ai. Ai and Chiroro are puzzled of Myuu’s disappearance. But Ai sees a note on the bottle that Myuu is being held hostage and to come to the shrine in the woods. Does he have a choice? Myuu goes in and sees Myuu. Too late, he stepped into the trap. He is surprised to see Juo and his brother behind this. As Juo uses his fog powers, his brother tries to cut him down. Myuu uses her fire power to break herself free and shoot a fireball at the brother. This weakens her so the brother grabs her by her neck. Ai uses his aura vision and realizes something amiss with the brother. He picks up the sword and stabs him, making him scream in pain and disappear. Juo gets distraught with his brother’s demise but Ai says it’s just an illusion created by his aura. Juo starts blaming him and a short flashback reveals his brother always hated him for having that kind of power. He started mixing with bad company and got killed. Disheartened Juo started blaming all this on the existence of auras. Since he has closed his heart and mind and no amount of persuasion could change his mind, Ai has no choice but to use his Daudo power when Juo unleashes his full power. He emits a dazzling bright radiance with his light aura, knocking Juo out. Then he carries Myuu out and back. Next day, Orina wonders the sudden absence and Juo’s sick leave but Ai assures her he’ll be okay and that she doesn’t have to worry about the Aura Hunters anymore.

Episode 22
There will be a summer training camp for the Psychic Academy students. That’s right. Beach fanservice! Ai must be hard-up on seeing Orina in her swimsuit that he nearly took out his fantasy on Teruda! Even at one point he starts visualizing Orina in a swimsuit rather than her school uniform! But he has an important task to accomplish. And that is to resolve his feelings for her. At the beach, Goa flexes his macho muscles to the guys but they’re distracted by sexy Chiroro. Myuu seems cautious of the water because of her fire aura ability. Zero makes his flashy entrance riding the big wave (he’s still wearing his underwear outside). He put up all this flashy show just for Chiroro. Yeah, he is still hitting on her and since he really wants them to go venture into the world of the grownups, she just punches him. Now for the real show. Yeah, the other girls in their swimsuit. I don’t know why, Ai is trying to say something, like a confession to Orina in front of the guys. Did he forget he is with them all? In their embarrassment, Orina takes him away. Meanwhile Zero and Chiroro notice something strange coming from an island of trees in the short distance. Ai and Orina talk about the first time they meet and other stuff during the good ol’ days. Then it gets a little steamy when they cuddle close to each other, Ai caressing her. But she allows him to touch her boobs. Could this be finally it?

Episode 23
Ai can’t hold it in anymore and pushes Orina down! He’s turning into a pervert?! Fortunately (or not, depends on how you look at it), his head bangs the rock. Then the rock falls on his head. Tsk, tsk, tsk. That’s what happens when fools rush in. Ai is knocked out but he’ll be alright as he rests back at the inn under Chiroro’s care. Kyaaru tries to squeeze out all the juicy details she and Ai had but she insists nothing happened. Imagine the embarrassment if word gets out what actually happened. Myuu sees Zero looking at the island. They sense something from it as Zero mentions that someone with a powerful aura escaped from the government’s aura programmes. He’s hiding somewhere out there but the government, in order to bring him around, had set up a strict supervision. Even so, he’s still beyond reach and thus a strayed aura. He may be on that island but Zero isn’t going to catch him since he doesn’t know what will happen if he does so. Zero changes the subject if Myuu had any progress with Ai. Being the tsundere girl she is, she punches him when he becomes persistent. Next day, Zero brings Ai, Orina and Myuu to that island with an excuse that Goa’s training is boring. Ai and Orina recognize the beach and the place where they first met. However they are surprise when they hear Myuu also knows about this place. Suddenly the sand starts to move. It almost swallows Orina. Then a rock monster emerges and attacks them. Zero uses his black tentacles but it regenerates whenever it’s destroyed. Plus, it uses some rank 98 technique called Kira Parisu (whatever that is, it sure packs a hell of a punch). The monster tells them to leave but since they’re not going to do that, it grabs Orina. Frantic Ai uses his Daudo to break the monster. A figure emerges from the rubble.

Episode 24
Looks like some baldy guy but it seems he and Zero know each other. He gets to know Ai as Zero’s brother and notes it’s the first time he has seen that kind of light. Bringing them back to his humble hut for food, baldy explains he was hostile to protect this scenery, the one they had in a dream a long time ago called Para Dream whereby the sun is setting and the moon in the sky. It is a dream all people with aura see at some point. Zero remembers that he felt something special, a powerful aura inside of him when he dreamt of that. The reason why everyone has the same dream is still a mystery and baldy wanted to know that so that’s the reason he disappeared from ADC 12 years ago. He thought of using his power to find his dream’s ocean scenery. Thus he arrived at this place. Though it looks like it but it isn’t. Ai interrupts and says he also had that dream but baldy mentions that scenery may not even exist that’s why he wanted to at least protect this place. When he adds that one is alone in the dream, Ai and Orina seem shock. Somehow everyone is alone there. Myuu gets up and leave so Zero tells baldy that she was once from ADC too. Later Ai and Orina chat about their dream. She mentions that long ago he told her he met her in his dream. However she says baldy was right because she was alone in her dream. So who is that girl in his dream supposed to be his first love? Ai couldn’t care less about that because to him the important thing is now. And that includes her. Ai probably was about to confess but Zero just had a pretty much good timing in spoiling everything. Well, the problem seems Myuu is missing because she didn’t go back to the boat as she said she would. Ai finds her staring at the ocean. She’s been thinking about the dream too. She reveals when she was at ADC, she refused to use her powers because she hated it, much to the dismay of the scientists. But there was a time she spontaneously used it again. When in her dream, she met a boy. Oh? Can’t it be? So that crying girl wasn’t Orina but Myuu? A clearer flashback reveals Ai going up to that crying girl who says she doesn’t have a name because she’s a bad girl. She shows him her fire power which resembles a seashell. Noting how cute and pretty it is, the girl is surprised he is not afraid of her powers. Instead, Ai got excited and wanted to be like her. They get acquainted and played together. Everyone returns to school following the end of the summer vacation. To Ai, he still doesn’t really know who that girl in his dream was. Maybe it was Myuu, maybe it wasn’t. Ai is greeted by happy Faafa who is going to spend her lovey-dovey days with Ai. This means Ren’s suspension is over, right? Myuu isn’t too happy Faafa is being a bother since Ai already has Orina. But Faafa is okay with it since Orina is her friend. Faafa changes the topic and wonders if Myuu has some boy she likes. She claims she knows so Orina gets excited to know. I don’t know how, she starts bugging her by molesting her boobs. Faafa also joins in and their feet got really tangled (the way they jumped together was real funny) that they tripped onto Ai.

Sigh Academy…
Oh, sighs… How disappointing. I felt everything was somewhat shallow and lack any depth as said earlier on. There wasn’t much to anything. The series was divided into mini arcs which I think is okay but rather than that, everything else was a bummer. First, the characters. There weren’t anything more to the main protagonists as they are. Ai had some latent and rare light aura but it was rarely used and even so, it was short that you would hardly know he unleashed something. Myuu is still the tsundere though she opens up more towards the end instead of continuing to be an unfriendly b*tch like she was in the beginning. Orina, happy and cheerful but sometimes gets worried if she thinks Ai sees some other woman but is too scared to go the extra mile herself. I also wonder about her peculiar habit of groping Myuu’s boobs when she’s all happy. I was hoping to see something about Buu that would reveal why he’s been dubbed a violent creature than can’t be tamed. Turns out he’s nothing more than a pervert and though his powers may be extraordinary but it feels it’s because nobody else’s could top him. And gradually, did you notice how Buu doesn’t stick around Ai as often as before? I also wanted to know how Buu knows Ai is the chosen one in the first place. What did he sense in this weakling that took some time to find and activate his own great powers? And for the other characters, what happened to Pasu and Tandzja? What is it that this b*tch have so much against Myuu? Then when she got beaten up by Myuu, she wasn’t as threatening as before. Maybe she just looks tough. Even that Ren guy, he was like oh so menacing picking an aura fight right after his grand entrance-cum-return. But he doesn’t feel like an antagonist. He just has lots of angst bottled up and needs to let it out. He may not be friends with Ai but at least he is friendlier, right? I thought Faafa was going to be a regular and turn the love triangle into love quadruple after her arc ended. But I guess she also got suspended along with Ren. Anyway, I find her character annoying. Zero is cool but the way he is carefree and dotes his brother makes him look like an idiot. I’m still wondering if that underwear is really part of his costume.

Secondly, the romance part. So does Ai love Orina or Myuu? There are hints that indicate it’s Orina. Well, they did kiss for real but somehow that feels it doesn’t leave any long lasting impression seeing by the time the series ended, I almost forgot they already did so. Things indicate that Ai’s first love is Myuu as she is most likely the girl in his dream since well, Ai can’t shake his mind of Myuu at times. Her face just pops up in his head. Of course Ai and Orina have multiple chances to confess only to be interrupted by inpatient people. So is it a sign that they will never be compatible? Because of that, sometimes it felt awfully frustrating. Are they ever going to let their true feelings known to each other? Well, Faafa seems daring but I don’t think Ai would ever consider loving her like a lover. Remember, Ren is part of her and each time she gets excited, that guy pops up. Imagine if they’re having sex… Seems Zero has a thing for Chiroro and was bold enough to make the move on her. Too bad she won’t return his feelings. Try again. Even if you’re some legendary guy, he still sucks being in love. I guess nobody is perfect. Perhaps he should get a fortune reading from Kyaaru. Aura match = 0%! Thirdly, the fanservice. Sure, they may tease you with bits of panty flashes, fanservice shots and Ai accidental getting into perverted situations but it’s really nothing to shout about. They’re not the kind that could even stimulate a junior grade kid. Haha! What am I saying? But really, I think Ai is a little pervert himself. Fantasizing about Orina and Myuu, at one point even preparing to get down and dirty. I thought he also had some sex aura power in him. Haha. Just kidding.

Since the story focuses on the characters and their antics, somehow it hardly feels that they are in the specially gifted Psychic Academy. Maybe everyone doesn’t show off their aura powers but with the very lack of it, the school feels like an ordinary school. It is amusing to hear the Aura Code of the people with aura. From what I understand, the more powerful you are, the more Aura Codes you will have attached. So it’s really funny to hear those tongue twisting names and it felt like they’re coming from some alien world. Since there isn’t any official spelling on their Aura Code, I had to strain my ear to try and make out what the heck it was. Yeah, I may even spell them wrongly. Say what’s your Aura Code again? As for the flow of the story, I feel that a big majority of the series ends on a little cliff-hanger. Then it is quickly solved and over at the start of the next episode. After all that build-up, somehow it takes away the intensity and ‘tension’, although that word would be just overrating it. Couldn’t they just finish it when the episode ends instead of leaving it for just a few seconds in the next episode? Maybe, that’s where they want to leave you ‘hanging’ like something big and major is going to happen, eh?

Another gripe is the animation which sometimes seems ‘unconvincing’, thus making it poorly done. One of the many examples is when Orina slapped Myuu. From the way I see it, it felt like a light tap on her cheek. I guess they used CGI for the parts when the users unleash their aura powers during aura fights. Well, let me say that the CGI seems poorly done too. It would have been better if they used 2D drawing instead of blending it with 3D. It looks obviously horrible. Some parts of the story just puzzles me. Like if Myuu was someone who doesn’t show up often in class, then why all of a sudden she attends them? Is it because of Ai? Oddly, if she is weak when facing water due to her fire aura, isn’t it ironic that she has to drink and replenish lots of water after using it? Then about Ren’s suspension. With that track record, he should’ve been expelled. Oh, about that peeping during the girls’ bath, shouldn’t the culprit always get caught even if he is the hero? If the baldy was such a wanted person, it really amazes me how he can hide in a single same place for a long time without ADC coming knocking on his door. It’s like right under their noses and he really gave them the slip. Perhaps it’s his strayed aura. But then again, I thought people in the government are good in tracking one down till the ends of the Earth. The Para Dream thing ends up being more of a mind boggling mystery even if it was meant to just solve a pinch of the mysterious girl in Ai’s dream.

I guess in this series, everyone is only entitled to 1 aura power. Because of that, it lacks a lot of variety of moves during aura fights. Well okay, maybe for instance like those characters in One Piece who ate the Devil Fruit can only have a single ability. But with that ability they are able to produce lots of variety of attacking and different techniques. But I guess I shouldn’t be complaining, this series’ forte isn’t in the fight scenes anyway. However if you want to think about it, how much could they hone and power up their skills at this rate by the way? With aura powers or not, it makes you no different from any other human beings. Given a chance, would I want to go to such school? Well, if you have a cool teacher like Zero and cuties like Orina and Faafa, why not? I wonder if anybody has an aura power of love.

First, it was a sister. Now, a brother. What do I mean? Look at the title. How ridiculously long can it be? If OreImo’s full name is mouthful, then Onii-chan No Koto Nanka Zenzen Suki Janain Dakara Ne should also qualify as one. Literally translated as “I Don’t Like My Brother At All”, contrary to its title, it’s not about sibling rivalry or love-hate relationship. Does the word incest ring a bell? But it’s not going to be like Yosuga No Sora. This one is without all that drama and much more funnier. Unless you don’t sit well with this kind of genre, then even the jokes and the fanservice of this show may leave you in some bad taste.

So our protagonist is Nao Takanashi. Despite that incest taboo, she loves her brother, Shuusuke very much. Obsession is perhaps the right word here. So strong her brother complex for him so much so to the point that she is willing to go all the way and perform incest. The kind who would love to see his perverted brother who has evil intentions for his own little sister. Of course, this is just her deepest darkest intention as Shuusuke doesn’t know of this and he himself naturally as a growing boy, has his own collection of porn. Do you want a kind of sister who goes into your room, check your porn collection and throw away any porn related stuff that isn’t related to incest?!

Episode 1
Nao is giving Shuusuke some service. She purposely pretends to sleep with him in bed while panicky Shuusuke contemplates if he should do something really wicked to his sister. Yeah, she’s really inviting him. Decisions, decisions, decisions. Nao is annoyed by his indecisiveness. Shuusuke finally decides to steal his sister’s lips when mommy comes knocking on his door to remind them their breakfast is getting cold. Nao purposely shows Shuusuke her pantsu to awaken the evil intention in him before service time is over and puts back on her innocent sister act. On the way to school, Nao meets up with her friends Haruka Katou and Hirono Kusuhara and tells them about the stuff she did with her brother. Seems they’re rather disgusted with her onii-chan fetish. Back home, Nao continues to put up more service time for Shuusuke. How does the bath sound? You can tell she’s twisted to the point she wants to smell his briefs! Then she argues with him over a popsicle clad only in a towel. Want to bet it will drop off? It did. Now, what will happen if mommy happens to walk right in? Sister rape? Later Nao offers to clean up his room and boy, she knows where he keeps all his porn mags. How many magazines does he have anyway?! He can run a bookstore at this rate. While ‘cleaning out’, she finds a photo album stashed behind a drawer. She flips through the pages to see Shuusuke’s younger days but oddly there are no photos of her. There is a photo with a girl with twintails next to him. She is going to show mummy this but she whips out the wrong book. S&M Colosseum? Naturally, Shuusuke gets called by his parents and he gets a good pep talk over his extensive porn collection. Yeah, even daddy wants to ‘confiscate’ it. Oh no you won’t. Mummy already saw through his intentions. Oh Shuusuke, don’t you just feel like dying now? Later Nao confronts her parents about the photo album and wants to know the truth. Ten years ago, daddy’s best friend and his wife died in an accident. Only their daughter survived though she lost her memory from the trauma. That girl is Nao. She is devastated that she won’t be able to go into that forbidden incest thingy but rejoice that she is able to fall in love and marry Shuusuke legally. Yeah, that means legal sex too. Though Nao is shock with the news, she is grateful for having parents like them. She doesn’t want them to reveal that she has known the truth to Shuusuke because he treated her like his little sister. Partly, it was Shuusuke who asserted and wanted to be her brother then. She went further by explaining all his perverted habits and fetishes. Wow. She must really have a keen observation. Collecting porn mags since 12 years old? Using more tissues since 14? Attracted to black knee socks? HAS 20GB WORTH OF PORN HIDDEN IN HIS COMPUTER?! It’s not him who is scary, but rather how she knows all this fact! Nao wants to go thank Shuusuke when she sees him playing an eroge. Yeah, Shizuru-chan might be his only salvation after all that hell he has been through today. Nothing beats a girl in swimsuit with black stockings, doesn’t it? Because Shuusuke is so engrossed in the game (like a pervert), Nao unplugs the power point. Oh, oh…

Episode 2
Better do something before he gets sexually frustrated. So Nao comes into the bathroom to tease and scrub Shuusuke’s back in a swimsuit and black stockings. Just like Shizuru, eh? Of course all good things have to come to an end. Service time over. Next morning, Nao once again is over sleeping Shuusuke. He wakes up earlier than expected and this throws her off. As she leaves for school, she notices a twintail girl, just like the one in the photo, stalking from behind a post. That girl turns out to be Iroha Tsuchiura and is the new transfer student in Nao’s class. She quickly becomes Nao’s acquaintance and seems like a pretty nice girl. She also meets Shuusuke when he comes in to Nao’s class to give her the keys to the house she forgot. Then Shuusuke leaves for his AGE Explorers meeting. What’s that? In short, a group of virgin guys who seek out erotic and porn materials. That’s why they’re called All Genre Ero Explorers. They comprise of the captain Keiichirou Kishikawa, Takumi Yamashiro and Daigo Kurosaki. They give Shuusuke a porn mag to cheer him up after learning what happened. Shuusuke is on his way back when he comes into Iroha. At first he didn’t remember her but after tying up her hair twintail style, he recognizes her. Now, when a childhood friend makes a return like that, it has to mean that they made some promise, right? As usual, the girl always remembers but the guy doesn’t. How does she make him remember? She kisses him! She even wants to continue off from the last time the left! However Shuusuke can’t do it and iterates that Nao is his sister. Speaking of which, that sicko girl is in his room doing some erotic stuff with his recorder… Shuusuke comes back depressed and it is clearly written all over his face. He hides underneath his blanket in fear and in the dark room, those ‘horrifying’ memories with Iroha starts to slowly emerge. When he was young, he played doctor with her just because he was curious to see a naked girl’s body. It was a harmless play for him but for a girl like Iroha, it’s a promise, right? A promise to be her lover. Oh sh*t… This causes Shuusuke to become averse to porn! Oh no! He’s not a pervert anymore?! Can it be true?! He throws away all his porn collection. Even Nao’s seduction backfires because he is not interested in seeing his sister’s slip! He went a step further by quitting AGE! This is serious. He is serious. Nao tails him and is annoyed to observe he is trying to go on the right path of studying instead of awakening to his perverted side. She even brings him to the porn section but was told off that a girl shouldn’t do dirty things! Yeah, he’s completely normal now and you don’t like that? Iroha calls Shuusuke to talk at the school’s rooftop. Seems Iroha is also a keen observer on Shuusuke’s perverted habits. Why, she even told him how he didn’t even do it yesterday when his average was 5 times a day! WOAH! She even knows which hand he does it with!!! At this point, Shuusuke has already lost it. He tries to climb over the fence and probably jump himself to death. But Iroha restrains him as she says she is to blame despite being his lover for not being there for him when he needed the most to f*ck!!! F*CK!!! Or even there to have sexual fantasies about a non-blood related sister. After managing to pin him down, she puts his hands over her chest and forcefully exchanges his handphone number. She also gives him a gift so that he doesn’t need to hold back himself: A condom. This girl… Nao’s onii-chan sensor must have led her to the rooftop but it would’ve been chaotic if she actually had caught them in that act. Unfortunately, she didn’t. That night Shuusuke gets that dreaded call from Iroha and he is being blackmailed to listen to her if he doesn’t want Nao to find out that doctor play. This is why Iroha knows all of Shuusuke’s habits. She has a telescope observing him every night! No privacy!

Episode 3
Nao gets ready for her morning teasing upon Shuusuke in her maid outfit in. But it seems he has given her the slip. Oh, what has happened to her brother lately? Nao follows Shuusuke who is out on a reluctant date with Iroha. She’s more like a stalker. Haruka and Hirono also see this and tail Nao. The AGE guys are disheartened to see Shuusuke having a girlfriend and already crossed the line into adulthood. So the date literally has the pair go watch a movie, the video arcade, shopping for a swimsuit and buying matching rings. At the end of the day, Iroha can feel that he still isn’t accepting her. She shed crocodile tears about how he forgot about her and is all over her non-blood related sister. She wants him to kiss her but he couldn’t since there is no reason for him to do so. Iroha went on to reveal ambiguous details of how he has seen her naked body. Haruka and Hirono receive an SMS. Seems Nao has noticed they were tailing them and let them follow her! Now they’re in sh*t. Unless they want something really bad to happen, they better quickly snap a pic of Shuusuke and Iroha together. Iroha doesn’t listen to Shuusuke and continues to act like his lover. Haruka and Hirono meet with Nao and it seems Nao is enjoying everything that has happened. Nao calls Shuusuke to say that mommy has finished making dinner so Shuusuke uses this excuse to leave Iroha. Nao wants her pals to send her the picture later but upon looking at it, they notice Nao was in the picture and looking real happy facing their way. Nao manages to convince mummy to say that she was home all day as alibi. So of course confused Shuusuke is damn puzzled how the things he did during the date got found out. Yeah, Nao left little hints of things they did in his face. This doesn’t help when Iroha calls him and knows everything he has done. This guy really has no privacy. He starts going crazy and accidentally caught glimpse of Nao’s panties. She got embarrassed and beat him up in her panic. Deep that night, Nao notices her brother sneaking out of the house. She tails him to find him nervous in a convenience store. He manages to sum up his courage to buy a porn magazine and Nao is proud of him. Some sister… Shuusuke went home and had a ‘feast’ with the mag. He looks totally satisfied. In school, Haruka and Hirono panic upon meeting Nao. Even more panic when Iroha comes into the picture. They’re talking so friendly but you know in the background, a cat fight can spark any moment. Shuusuke begs his AGE guys to rejoin them again but they’re not going to exactly let the traitor back easily after all that he has said. But Shuusuke shows proof of the expensive porn mag he bought yesterday. Everyone welcomes him back and vow to embark on a journey to look for leaked idol porn with bad video quality so much so you can identify the porn actress. This is what AGE is all about, right?

Episode 4
The beach episode has Nao going to cukup-cukup rape her brother. Just kidding. But we all know what her intentions are. It all happened when she pesters lethargic Shuusuke to take her there. She threatens him he got money to spend on some girlfriend but non on his sister. I guess her dark aura must have made him scared and ran to mummy to beg for some spending money. Haruka and Hirono are also at the beach. But Iroha too? Yeah, look at their dumbfounded faces each time Nao and Iroha ‘clash’. Even with their friendly facade, the rivalry over Shuusuke is heating up. Poor guy ends up caught between the duo and it’s like some sort of punishment. Whether it’s eating shaved ice or splashing water. Iroha is getting too close to Shuusuke so Nao rams him with an inflatable boat. Unfortunately he got knocked out and starts dreaming about his Shizuru-chan from that lovely beach confession to a nurse play and that horrendous tentacle thingy. In reality, Nao and Iroha are facing off with each other to save and resuscitate Shuusuke. At this rate, he’s going to die. Well, at least he can die happily with Shizuru. Then the much awaited mouth to mouth CPR. Who is going to do it? Yeah, another face off. Hurry, or Shuusuke won’t live another day. Shuusuke dreams that he is to kiss Shizuru’s soft lips. But in reality, everyone is shocked at what has happened. Somebody performed mouth resuscitation on him. Who? It’s Kishikawa! OMG! His first lips stolen by a guy! And Shuusuke is crying not because he is happy that they offer him to go to the bathroom and enjoy some erotic mag. Poor guy. Unfortunately, this isn’t a dream no matter how much he hoped for. As they take the train home, Shuusuke notes how he couldn’t take his eyes off everyone’s cute swimsuits. But Nao’s one is the cutest even though she is his sister. She notes how it was all worthwhile coming here. But when he elaborates she was so cute in her school swimsuit and black stockings… Oh Shuusuke, I’m sure you’ve never tried dying once, right?

Episode 5
Shuusuke continues his midnight rendezvous of buying his usual porn. He bumps into another hooded fella and their packages got mixed up. He goes home and is dismayed that his erotic porn has been switched to BL! Total gay! Next day in school, he thinks he receives a love letter in his shoe locker but is a threatening letter from Mr X to return the goods or else he will tear his porn mag in front of his parents! But you know what? He already trashed it to pieces! Oh no. He confides with AGE but from the discussion, Shuusuke’s on his own. Yeah, their existence must never be known. But Kishikawa is kind enough to lend him some yaoi magazines (his treasured secret? Does he swing that way too?) for the exchange. That night he meets Mr X. Nao and Iroha (complete with night vision goggles!) spy on him since he is acting weird in school. Shuusuke makes the exchange but Mr X isn’t happy this isn’t the magazine he bought. He goes berserk and promises head will roll if he doesn’t get his hands on that rare and much awaited copy! During that, Mr X’s hood accidentally come off and he is not a guy, but a girl! She is Mayuka Kondou, Shuusuke’s class rep. Is this the kind and polite girl he knows? Well, everyone has a dark side. Kondou threatens Shuusuke into making a choice. Either he risks watching his precious porn mag get destroyed right before his eyes or reveal it to her sister back home (Shuusuke thinks Nao is innocent and has no resistance to this kind of porn). Since he can’t do either, she gives him another option: Be her pet. He must listen to every word she says or else say bye-bye to this magazine. I guess the only other reason Shuusuke accepts this is that Kondou is wearing black stockings. Must be deluding himself with some sick perverted fantasy to do that, eh? While Iroha is upset that Shuusuke is able to prostrate himself before some other woman, Nao seems happy over everything that has happened. Shuusuke’s first task is to get Kondou a drink. All in the name to protect Nao! Next morning, Kondou shows up at Shuusuke’s doorstep with the excuse to pick him up from school every day since he is always late. Every day? Well, mommy doesn’t mind seeing that his cherry boy may have gotten himself a girlfriend. In school, Kondou continues to call Shuusuke for things so he starts thinking how the event like giving him her lunch would trigger some erotic event. Spying Iroha is irritated that he got fed by some woman or even accidentally showing her slip and as usual Nao is totally digging into it. That night Shuusuke sneaks out to meet Kondou. This time she wants him to buy a hardcore BL magazine that she’s too embarrassed to buy. He has too. Or else his porn mag… Yeah, it’s still her hostage. Nao is shocked to find a BL mag underneath Shuusuke’s bed and dreads he might be swinging the other way. However that was just an act as she is interested to see his face when he goes buy one. Speaking of which, it’s one of those embarrassing moments Shuusuke would like to forget or kill himself. He returns to Kondou and she is happy that he is able purchase it. She thought when her secret was exposed, she had no choice but to kill him but now finds this rather fun. Oh no. Looks like he won’t be getting out of this mess soon.

Episode 6
Nao rummages Shuusuke’s room to find all his porn has one thing in common: Black stockings. She has Iroha do a special investigation. Shuusuke continues to buy BL mags for Kondou and each time she leaps with joy, Shuusuke takes this chance to peep at her black stockings. And Iroha has a counter to count how many times Shuusuke did that! For each success, Kondou pets Shuusuke’s head for a good job done. Isn’t she just treating him like a pet? Both Iroha and Nao note the other as a good stalker leaving Shuusuke no privacy. It’s the case of the pot calling the kettle black. Nao is going to interrupt this flow before he falls for Kondou’s libido. Putting on her black stockings, she teases sleeping Shuusuke, who is dreaming of Shizuru. Time is out when Iroha comes knocking. She introduces herself to Nao’s mom and says she recently moved back. Though mommy recognizes her, she is puzzled why Iroha knows about Nao (they’re classmates, remember?). Iroha is annoyed to see Nao sleeping with Shuusuke. Not to lose out, she also goes to sleep next to him. Shuusuke’s dream is filled with a harem of black stocking girls. He really looks so happy. Then Kondou comes by. Mommy is worried if Shuusuke is two-timing. Kondou sees the reason why Shuusuke can’t get up. Iroha and Nao pretend to wake up and even if Iroha introduces herself as Shuusuke’s childhood friend and lover who would do any kind of play with him, Kondou remains cool and polite. You can’t easily break her. Kondou went on with her smooth questioning of what is so likeable about that pervert who likes looking under a girl’s skirt and is part of a suspicious organization exchanging indecent materials in school. Can’t answer back, no? Well, if you take away all that, he have lots of good points too, right? Instead of denying, Kondou actually went and agree, even saying she likes him too! However she notes her affection for him is different from them. Just then Shuusuke wakes up and panics upon knowing the conference in his room. Can’t believe he slept through all that talk like a log! Then they all argue to undress him. Uh… Shuusuke continues buying BL books for Kondou at midnight. She asks his opinion about gay sex. Of course he’s not into it unlike her. She decides to lend him one book so that he could give it some thought. Serious? Serious. He actually started reading it but his happy face is not because he turned into a homo, but rather his mind wandered into fantasizing something indecent with Kondou. And the real BL stuff, he can’t really handle it. Next day he pours his troubles to Kishikawa but suddenly the latter unleashes his inner gay onto Shuusuke!!! No way! Indeed, it was just a bad nightmare. Oh, the trauma. But for Nao, she is relishing of seeing Shuusuke’s painful expression and the wild beast he has turned into. While Iroha thinks of a need to rescue him from that BL-loving pervert, Nao is looking forward to the kind of trials Kondou will be giving her onii-chan.

Episode 7
Shuusuke seems very happy. No, it’s not that he masturbated as Iroha noted. Something is odd since he is on his way somewhere. Well, he is meeting up with AGE and they are going shopping at Akihabara. Keep your eyes peeled for trivia of posters of other animes like Yosuga No Sora, KissxSis and Chu-Bra! As usual, Nao and Iroha follow them. The AGE guys can’t wait to fulfil their desires once they get there. Even if they are perverted, they have this clause that they must not act evil (engaging in criminal adult activities). The AGE guys browse the store individually based on their fetish. Iroha is overwhelmed by the culture shock but Nao is just cool. She’s seen a lot of this stuff with her brother around, right? The AGE members start arguing among themselves why their fetish is better. Kurosaki loves older married woman, Yamashiro has step-sister fetish and Kishikawa is into childhood friends. I guess reality sucks for them (because they don’t have it) to even fall in love into this kind of category. Shuusuke gets caught in between and labelled a sukatoro (a type of porn genre about eating or drinking faeces…). As punishment, they make him buy a sukatoro DVD. The AGE guys take a break at the maid cafe and their atmosphere is tense. They’re still arguing over their fetishes so in the end they all split up and go their own ways. Shuusuke remembers the first time he was embarrassed to buy porn but Kishikawa helped him through it and that’s when he joined AGE and underwent many erotic frontiers. Eventually everyone realize that they are much happier together and reunite. Yeah, everybody is a pervert in their own way. They bury the hatchet and patron the maid cafe. The cafe has a special event today and they are dressing up as little sisters. At the end of the day, everybody goes home feeling satisfied of getting what they wanted. As for Iroha, I’m sure she has learned lots of stuffs and needs to restudy and increase her scope to suit Shuusuke’s expanded tastes. As for Nao, she’ll still throw anything that is not little sister related. That itself sends a cold shiver down Shuusuke’s spine. Be careful, you’re being watched. Always.

Episode 8
Because Shuusuke continues to be Kondou’s midnight pet, he failed every subject! At this rate, he is going to have summer classes. Kondou helps out by giving him a personal tutoring in his home. But can he study with all the sexy distraction? Oh, did I mention Iroha and Nao are also there? This is going to be tough. Yeah, Iroha hinted that he wanted to be in the medical profession because of ahem, ahem. Shuusuke excuses himself for some private time but things are going to get even more heated up. Iroha and Nao are in some competition to give Shuusuke some panty shots. But Nao has better experience and we see Shuusuke’s record-breaking 16 panty shots per second!!! Nao gives him a nutrition drink but is intercepted by Iroha. The argument ends up with the drink being spilled over Kondou’s stockings. Need more private time, Shuusuke? Then Iroha invites Shuusuke to an indoor amusement pool. However a ticket is valid up to 3 people. Yeah, so everybody’s coming too. Including Haruka and Hirono. I guess Shuusuke must be hoping for some erotic event with Kondou so much so he’d rather teach her to swim than be with the rest. Kondou is rather uncomfortable since she hasn’t been up close with a naked guy in real life. Then Kondou gets a new sensation each time she touches Shuusuke’s nipples. Yes, she can’t even take her eyes off it! Nao suspects something amiss and questions Kondou which body part of her brother she likes best. She probably hit bulls-eye Kondou gets embarrassed in talking about it. At this point, Iroha has ‘stole’ Shuusuke for her own and they’re going to ride down the tube. Since Shuusuke isn’t ready, the slide ends up with him submerge underwater and unconscious. Now he dreams of Shizuru and Kishikawa tickling his nipples with a brush! In reality, Shuusuke comes back to life not because of CPR, but rather because Kondou is pushing his nipples. Stimulating, isn’t it? Who needs CPR when you can have that. As for Nao and Iroha, they’re still arguing who needs to do mouth to mouth resuscitation. It’s already over… Back home, Kondou says she’ll be leaving the country for a while and leaves him a note. Is this the moment he has been waiting for? Well, not exactly. It’s a list of BL magazines he has to get for her while she’s away. He can’t miss a single one. Boo hoo!

Episode 9
Though Shuusuke continues to buy those books in hope of getting some erotic reward from Kondou, Nao flashes a little naughty pose in her yukata so Shuusuke has to beg mommy for some money to spend at the festival. With Kondou temporarily out of the picture, I guess this is the perfect chance for Iroha and Nao to duke it out for Shuusuke’s attention. Yeah, each has their own fantasy that eventually has Shuusuke doing them in. Meanwhile the other AGE guys are at the festival trying to find a shrine with a legendary adultery treasure. Based on the different stalls they go, they undergo subtle tests to see if they’re worthy before moving on to the next trial. Shuusuke is experiencing heaven and hell with Iroha and Nao competing with some fanservice and skinship through goldfish scooping, shooting range and even how to eat a chocolate banana or frankfurter in such an ooh so stimulating way. Then at the water balloon section, Shuusuke got a pair of golden balloons. The AGE guys see this and think he has passed the test. They drag him away so naturally Shuusuke goes into trauma mode that something gay is going to happen to him. But as explained it is to some legendary porn material. With all the ‘keys’ in their hands, they unlock the shrine and a bright light emits from it. What’s this disco ball doing inside there? Some of the stall owners show up and tell them that’s just decoration. The real treasure lies behind it, which turns out to be a book called “Onii-chan becomes an eel”. I guess they can’t handle this type of porn so they scream and run away. And the owners were ready to hand it over to them. Nao is searching for Shuusuke and trips, lamenting the wasted chance she should have been with him. Suddenly he comes by and carries Nao on his back in his bid to escape the owners. They spend some quality time together as they watch the fireworks (oh Shuusuke, you can’t carry a girl on your back without caressing her bottom, can’t you?). When Shuusuke goes back, he realizes he forgot to bring his handphone (the reason why Nao and Iroha couldn’t contact him when they were searching for him). Then with all the miscalls from Iroha, the latest one shocks Shuusuke. It’s from Kondou. He rushes to meet her at the park and give her all the BL books she requested. He is taken by her stunning yukata and wonders what kind of reward she will give. A kiss? Nope. Just a pat on the head. Disappointed? Kondou notices his loose clothes and gives an excuse to fix it because all she wants is just to touch his nipples. Maybe they should get a room.

Episode 10
While Shuusuke is out for another midnight rendezvous, he sees a scantily clad lady on a vending machine. She disappears like the wind while confirming the scum he is. Next day he tells this to his AGE members when that mysterious lady shows up and throws them a message for them to meet. Kishikawa remembers seeing her from a cosplay magazine and specializes putting on very extreme costumes. She is known as Princess Leila in the underground world of cosplay. Say, isn’t that outfit too from Star Wars’ Princess Leila? They think this is an invitation to the underworld. Can’t let this rare chance pass up, can’t you? They meet her as she reveals that this world is being targeted by the ruler of destruction. Her mission is to find a saviour who lives like a scum on this planet and give him guidance. Yes, they are all possible scum candidates to be this planet’s saviour. But she needs to test if they have what it takes. That night, the AGE guys meet Leila at the park (Nao and Iroha spying of course). She has them strip their clothes! Then she starts some flashy belly dance but is interrupted when a person whom she calls Clone whacks her head. She is annoyed that she has to go though lots of hardships and put up with her weird acts. As they argue, Leila gives her the slip by blowing into her ear. But Clone knows Nao and Iroha spying so she confiscates Nao’s handphone filled with pictures of Shuusuke. She’s rather appalled that they’re chasing after such a scum like you-know-who. Clone wants them to help her out seeing at this rate, Shuusuke will be in danger as Leila is looking for a partner. In school, AGE guys dig more information about them. Leila’s real name is Ran Yatagai and her older twin sister is Rin (Clone) who despises her. Apparently Leila doesn’t have a boyfriend and they have no way to communicate with her. They are bothered how Clone knows of the place. Nao and Iroha meet up with Clone as she tells about the ceremony since her sister has completely vanished by concealing her presence. Shuusuke is spying (now it’s his turn) but he can’t make up a word they say. The AGE guys meet up with Leila in a secret base. But she notes that it’s only a matter of time before Clone finds out. Seems they have passed the approval test and must rush to the next step: The awakening ceremony. Here, when many eyes go through the darkness, the soul of the saviour shall awaken. But what if he doesn’t? That means she has drawn the wrong straw and will have to restart her search again. The guys think that they are this close into joining the underworld when Clone appears to tell them something like that doesn’t exist. She threatens if they go to the ceremony, all the girls will wear jerseys underneath their skirts. They think she’s bluffing but she has that confident look in her face. They realize she may be the student council president who has the powers to do such a thing. The AGE guys in fear of that decides to listen to her but Shuusuke says he’ll go to the ceremony alone on his own free will. That night as Shuusuke meets Leila at the park, she starts doing an erotic belly dance over him. Nao and Iroha are recording this as proof. Well, at least Iroha wants to master this and seduce Shuusuke. Leila tells him to embrace her and leave this place. However he is reluctant seeing that means into the crowd. Nao spots Kondou passing by. She panics if she sees Shuusuke like this, there is no way he can withstand it and that pain of hurting her feelings will cause him to revert back to a pervert. Shuusuke thinks he has heard Nao’s scream so his mind goes crazy that if she was to see this unexplainable situation, she will know of his pervertness. In his panic, he takes Leila and runs out of the park and into the crowded street, oblivious to all the stares the public is giving. Leila is happy that she has found her saviour, her partner. Clone then comes up to Nao and Iroha. She claims that her sister won’t be bothering them anymore. She caresses Nao’s lips and notes how wonderful it is. Oh sh*t! Don’t tell me she is…?! How does it feel for once the tables turned on her?

Episode 11
Nao gets a stinking rotten squid in her shoe locker. Someone is trying to harass her but it’s not Clone but a bunch of fans of Mirei (that’s Clone’s nickname given by them. It means beauty). They are upset that Nao is monopolizing their idol all to herself though she denies and is the one being stalked. But with Clone’s ‘warning’, those b*tches back down and obey her words never to pull of such a prank again. Shuusuke meets Leila on the school’s rooftop and she needs to teach him on how to be a proper saviour with manners and grace. First with vocal training. Eh? Well, his perverted delusion is his motivation to do such embarrassing things. Nao tries to get away from Clone but the latter points out that Nao is a typical M. If not, mentally one because of her fetish for her brother. Clone has lots of fans, right? She could easily amass her own harem but she states that she isn’t into ephemeral pleasures and prefers to obtain things which are hard to obtain. Like Nao’s lips. Looks like Nao can’t escape her. Yeah, even Iroha takes this chance to take care of Shuusuke during her absence. Nao is forced to have a sumptuous lunch alone with Clone. She gets more excited to see how wonderful Nao’s lips are and wants to preserve it in formalin and kiss it! Guard those lips tightly! Iroha spies on Shuusuke who is giving an excuse that he is sick, the reason why he can’t do her errands for the past few nights. Then Leila comes in and telepathically communicates to meet after school. Is that possible? She assures him that the saviour she seeks isn’t a boyfriend or a sex-mate. Shuusuke-Leila and Nao-Clone see each other across the road. They start misinterpreting the other’s situation. Back home when they cross paths, Nao thinks Shuusuke must be thinking she’s becoming a lesbian while Shuusuke thinks she has heard from Clone that he intends to join a secret underworld membership. The atmosphere is awkward and tense. They need to do something to resolve this fast. Shuusuke sneaks out to meet Leila. She notes he has improved in some sword skill and wants him to open a bag. He finds a sword in it and she is confident he can do it since he had no qualms running through the crowd that night. Nao can’t shake off Clone so she has Iroha see herself the intensity of her problem. Clone has a song filled with lyrics nothing on Nao’s lips. So the plan is that they need to break up Shuusuke and Leila. This will cause her to go on a journey to look for a new saviour and thus Clone will set off her journey to capture her. Shuusuke gives his AGE guys the location and time of the meet. They’re looking forward to it. Nao and Iroha try to bluff Leila by using some fake prophet voice via their handphone. So that night at the park as she tries to communicate with the prophets, she doesn’t easily believe the words of the ‘prophets’. Clone can’t let their plans go on any longer and swiftly takes Nao’s lips. But the thing is, she kissed the wrong person. It’s Iroha! But she finds her lips wonderful too! Leila knows Nao is spying and warns her that her friend is in danger of being sucked dry. When they confront her, Clone is happy to have Iroha and takes her away. Nao is happy she is free from her. Oh Iroha, don’t you just feel betrayed! Leila notes that she did this to escape from Clone and that she knew that the prophet thingy they made up is fake because the prophet only exists in her mind. Since Nao and Clone have accomplished their mission, Leila thinks it’s her turn to connect fiction with reality via Shuusuke. Next day, as it is revealed, this whole saviour thing is just a cosplay event in which Shuusuke was ‘trained’ to play out for. Leila didn’t tell him about the original story since to be true to the saviour’s role, he has to be bewildered like his destiny. Oh, everyone sure has been given the run-around. Speaking of which, Shuusuke isn’t here yet. Then she realizes she has given him the wrong meeting place. That’s where the AGE guys are now. A place without a single soul. Is this really the underworld? As for Shuusuke, he has been caught by the police for wearing something so dangerously revealing and was bailed by his mom. No wonder that was what that embarrassing trial was for.

Episode 12
Since Shuusuke and Nao’s parents will be gone for a day to attend a funeral, the siblings are left home alone. Oh, you know what this means for Nao. Even that Shuusuke pervert is dreaming of making some tough ecchi decision in his ero-simulation with Nao. To take his mind of this evil thought, he decides to go cook. But Nao starts her teasing by dressing up as a maid and giving him a little slip-showing service. That guy is sure fun to tease. Then Shuusuke blunders, spilling oil and the food all over themselves. Crawling to the bathroom to wash off the mess (I hope by standing in the shower, it won’t ruin the maid dress), Nao wants his help to unzip her clothes. Because he is taking too long, she kicks him out. Then it’s his turn to soak but Nao barges in as she is afraid after hearing sounds of heavy breathing. Shuusuke searches around the house drabbed in only a face towel. Meanwhile Iroha is spying on Shuusuke and realizes that his parents are out and thus alone with his sister. Say, what happened to her ‘rendezvous’ with Clone? How the heck did she escape? The way I see it, there’s no traumatic effect on her. Shuusuke doesn’t find anybody suspicious but Nao gets disheartened upon seeing him wearing her favourite face towel. With a certain part touching it, now she can’t use it anymore. In the struggle, the towel came off. Then the doorbell rings. Oh… Timing just couldn’t get worse. Fortunately, Shuusuke got enough time to put on some clothes and it seems Nao is hearing those same perverted heavy breathing. Shuusuke is going to face and teach them a lesson but it’s just those AGE guys. They’re here to pick him up from their monthly morning jog. Have they turned over a new leaf and living the healthy life? Well, it’s that time of the month whereby unused books are put out for recycling. This means, there will be lots of porn mags ‘waiting to be rescued’. As much as Shuusuke wants to go, he can’t since he has to take care of the house. But Nao allows him to go since the guys came all the way to pick him up. Well, there’s an ulterior motive to Nao’s actions. Unbeknown to the guys, the pick-up date has changed to next week so she relishes the chance to see his disappointed face when he gets back. Oh, Nao. You’re the devil in disguise. The AGE guys run around town but to their dismay couldn’t salvage or even find any ‘literature’. Iroha thinks of coming to Shuusuke’s house when she spots the guys running around and tails them. Then the guys see the notice board and realize their efforts have been in vain.

Partly because of that (and earlier on in only a face towel), Shuusuke is burning up. As he lies in bed, he feels guilty this is God’s divine punishment leaving Nao at home to go hunt for porn. Nao also feels the same as she nurses him. But that won’t last because she is thinking of stealing her weak brother’s lips when she is interrupted by the doorbell. Who could it be? Iroha. First thing she asks is if they have crossed the sibling relationship border (since she saw him running around naked earlier on). Since Nao denies it, Iroha invites herself into Shuusuke’s room and sees him sick. She even thought they were playing doctor! Then the doorbell rings. Now it’s Kondou’s turn to turn up. Upon realizing Shuusuke is sick, she feels guilty that it may have been her fault for calling him out every midnight. As Nao goes to get porridge, Iroha thinks of replenishing his fluids. She unbuttons his top and goes over him while holding water in her mouth. But Nao returns so Iroha spits out all the water on his poor face. Kondou has also returned as she has bought pudding for Shuusuke. Because Nao and Iroha are fighting over who should feed the sick kid porridge, Kondou manages to feed him her pudding. Yeah, she also goes crazy over his unbuttoned top. The ruckus continues till they spilled the hot porridge over him. Realizing he won’t heal at this rate, Kondou takes Iroha out so as not to bother them. So Nao finally has some personal time to spend with Shuusuke but she falls asleep by the side of his bed all night. Morning comes as Nao prepares to head to school while Shuusuke continues to stay in bed. He didn’t hear everything she had told him about resting so she leaves in a huff. Outside, Shuusuke thanks her for taking care of him. This catches her by surprise and the gust of wind blows up Nao’s skirt to provide Shuusuke some much needed fanservice. Her comment? “I don’t like onii-chan at all!”.

Episode 13
This is a series of chronicles of Nao’s observation diary on Shuusuke’s turn on habits. Yeah, that guy really has no privacy. First we have Nao purposely taking a bath so that Shuusuke can peek at her body but he feel for the bait of black stockings in the washing machine instead; After another porn swap with AGE, Shuusuke helps a lost girl find her mom. Mommy is grateful till his porn mags dropped out. Nao’s conclusion? He does good deeds but they always turn out badly; On a train Shuusuke have to wait till the end of the line so that everybody is off so he can get his hands on some abandoned porn the rack. However the train official took it before he had a chance; The next time he waits for such opportunity, he learns that the sex article turns out to be an economic review instead. Frustrated, isn’t he?; The AGE members walk onboard a train to snap pictures with their handphones. Turns out they snap porn articles and stories in preparation for a porn famine that might befall on Shuusuke; The AGE guys are going to attend the yukata festival after realizing girls don’t wear any pantsu underneath. However the festival is cancelled as it’s raining. Not wanting to give up, they waited the entire time for at least a single girl to show up. None did; Shuusuke is forced to forgo watching his porn DVD and go out with Iroha on a weekend to watch a 5- hour Director’s Cut of Zombie League The Final Act! In the end he couldn’t take it and ran out from the cinema; Nao purposely dresses as a maid so that Shuusuke could order her around with tasks and peep her pantsu. He wastes no time in doing so and it makes him look so pitiful; Shuusuke loves black stockings so much that he is using a black marker to colour out women’s legs and make it look like black stockings! Then he begs mommy for money to buy a new edition of Shizuru but she gets suspicious of the exact price he is asking for; On a night he sneaks out to buy porn at a vending machine, the machine spits out his money and then ate his 1,000 Yen bill and thus he can’t enjoy his moment with policewoman Sayaka. Shuusuke goes to beg mommy for money to ‘save’ Sayaka; In class, Shuusuke is suddenly turned on in Geography class when he hears the word “SEX” in the place of Essex. Because of that, he begs mommy to buy a very detailed atlas as he searches for places around the world with erotic sounding names. Hmm… Maybe that’s how we should get boys to be interested in this topic; The AGE guys are discussing the “Onii-chan becomes an eel” porn book as Kishikawa assigns Shuusuke to become the Key Master. Back home, Shuusuke hides the book but you know, you can’t hide it from Nao. She is shocked to see this kind of porn but since it involves little sisters, she allows it; Kondou calls Shuusuke out one night to wait in line to obtain limited special edition BL copybook volume that is for free distribution. Shuusuke is like the odd one out in the line of girls as they return him with odd stares. Shuusuke is so conscious with this that once he realized, the copy is already out of stock. He gets an earful from Kondou so he pleads he will make it up for her and do anything. Anything? Yeah, she gives him a list of free BL copybooks he needs to wait in line! ARGH!!! Because of that, Shuusuke has nightmares each time reading the BL as Nao observes him. She has a go at one of the BL copy and almost got absorbed into it! Finally Shuusuke hands Nao an unexpected birthday present which is supposed to be a book she likes. Later Shuusuke and Kishikawa swap porn books. But when Nao opens her present, she is aghast to see a porn book featuring a childhood friend complete with twin tails! Shuusuke steps in to ask how she finds the book so she throws it at his face! But she’ll let this one pass since he was thinking about him. And I guess Nao’s penguin book got swapped with Kishikawa as he is confused with the kind of turn on he’s supposed to receive from this.

Hentai No Onii-chan Totemo Daisuki Dakara Ne…
Well, I can’t believe the TV series ended with a whimper just like that. I have to admit that it was a fun and entertaining ride throughout the series seeing the ‘trials’ of Shuusuke even if this kind of genre employs over-used fanservice and sex jokes that offers nothing relatively new or refreshing. It got a little interesting when the odd bunch of twin sisters came into the picture. However they decided to end it with an episode that showcases some quality time of Nao and Shuusuke. I felt the link between the penultimate and final episode was missing. It is as though like everything that happened during that frantic ritual did not happen at all. Especially Clone and Iroha. She’s got her hands on Iroha’s lips so how in the end did she let her go? Unless she has got her filled and tossed her away as she has outlived her usefulness. Iroha didn’t seem bothered that her first kiss was stolen by a lesbian because she didn’t seem pretty effected or shaken up in the final episode. But I’m thinking why did Clone initially wanted to thwart her sister’s plans? I mean, she could have go straight to her goal and get Nao instead of just running around the bush. Unless that was a distraction to serve getting closer to Nao? So did Shuusuke ever made it to the convention? What about the AGE guys who happened to be at the wrong place? Did they get disappointed? Did they join the wrong group? Did anything happen to them?

The fact that Nao learns of her true relationship with Shuusuke didn’t change anything but instead ‘worsens’ her appetite for her onii-chan fetish. Shuusuke didn’t find this fact out but I’m sure that even if he does, he won’t treat her any differently than before as Nao noted. I thought there would be an episode to explore about their past and one about Shuusuke and Iroha’s childhood. I’m not sure why all of a sudden she returned. Did she feel ready to fulfil their promise? And as usual, it is always the guy that forgets about the promises he made when he was young. But the girl never forgets. Can you now see how this is very close in real life? So maybe no past exploring thingy because we’re pretty much preoccupied with the antics the gang are up to. That’s why we watch this show, right?

To sum up about everyone here: EVERYBODY IS A PERVERT! Each in their own peculiar ways. Shuusuke and the AGE guys are perverts because of their own fetishes. Nao is a pervert because she likes giving a little service and suggestive poses to her brother and thus see his reactions when he does perverted stuff. Iroha is a pervert because she is willing to get down and dirty with Shuusuke. Kondou is a pervert because of her love for BL and recently acquired fetish for nipples. Shizuru is a pervert even if she’s not real because she is part of Shuusuke’s fantasies. Leila is a pervert because of her skimpy dress and unusual way to recruit somebody just to play a role at a cosplay event. Clone is a pervert because she’s a lesbian. I wonder if Nao is some kind of sadist seeing she loves seeing her brother in distress. Each time he puts on that expression, she is all too loving it while Iroha can only frust in silence. Looks like Iroha has got lots to learn and catch up if she wants to make Shuusuke hers. That’s why all those observations should come in handy. Speaking of  which, Nao and Iroha are the master stalkers they are. It’s scary having these ladies tailing you and knowing what you do every second of the day (even right down to the very details of your fantasies!). They can easily work as government spy agencies, if you know what I mean. Poor Shuusuke will never have his own private time. Always under the watchful eyes of the duo. It’s ironic and odd to see Nao and Iroha calling the other the stalker that they themselves are. Just like the pot and kettle case, eh? But oddly I’m not too sure if I should consider Nao a tsundere. If her plan to give Shuusuke service backfires and they end up too close, she gets really embarrassed and beats him up unconsciously. I also wonder if Shuusuke is sexually frustrated (probably he is conscious about this fact himself) because of all the troubles he went through.

Initially when Iroha came into the picture, she seemed rather aggressive in making Shuusuke hers and even getting bold (the condom?). But when Kondou came into the picture, she somewhat is relegated into a stalker position. I’m not sure if Kondou’s feelings for Shuusuke can be constituted as the same level as lovers even though she is treating like her personal pet to buy those BL books she is so embarrassed to get herself. Well, nobody knows you’re reading these kind of books, right? So why doesn’t she just go in to the shop and buy the book with her face fully covered? I mean, nobody would recognize her, right? Till that unfortunate encounter with Shuusuke of course. Then when she starts to get her new kicks by pressing his nipples, isn’t that just her obsession over a tiny part of his (no pun intended) instead of any real love? But as compared to Nao and Iroha, she is the calmest and level-headed one when it involves matter with that guy. Unless if his nipples are showing… I was wondering what happened to Haruka and Hirono towards the end of the series. It felt as though they have been forgotten. Man, those two certainly start shivering when ultimate rivals Nao and Iroha start talking ‘friendly’. So far so good. No explosive fireworks let loose yet. Ironically, Hirono loves watching the love drama-cum-tension unfold between the protagonists so each time she starts drooling over that thought, Haruka has to remind her how she won’t die a peaceful death. See, didn’t I tell you that everybody here is some kind of a pervert? Even the people in the streets are perverts. How? I concluded this after that recycling thingy. Makes you think what kind of neighbourhood this is if people decided to throw away so much porn stuff, right? Case in point: Shuusuke’s huge porn collection. That says it all. How can he stuff so much of ero magazines in his small room?! No wonder the porn industry is thriving. And those are just books. I don’t know about the other porn items if there are any…

Now with everyone being labelled as a pervert, this means this series has its fair share of fanservice, right? That is only true and you will enjoy the most of it if you buy the DVDs. Boo hoo. So what else is new? Though not every panty shots are censored (enough to tease viewers and wanting more), but the majority of such scenes are censored out using penguins and cats. Yeah, animal mascots for the series? Sometimes those bird and feline can really get to you. It’s quite annoying. It’s not like I’m a pervert wanting to see the colour and shapes of their panties. Ooohh… I think I just contradict myself there. I guess the penguins must be Nao’s favourite animal that’s why it’s reserved for her and everyone else’s the cat (especially Iroha). So don’t be surprised if you see a deadly penguin and cat aura between these 2 ladies. At the end of each episode, there will be a short segment called Onii-chan’s Sexual Habit Observation Diary. As its name suggests, it is Nao’s personal diary about Shuusuke’s perverted habits for that episode. In short, a short recap and her thoughts about her onii-chan’s fetish. Something about the drawing and art of this series that bugs me. The way the characters are drawn, my first impression of them was that they are somewhat anorexic! Yes, the characters are thin and lanky but oddly that thinness made them look boney like as though they don’t have enough to eat.

Nao’s voice sounded familiar but I couldn’t put my finger on it where I heard her from. Then I found out she was voiced by Eri Kitamura, images of that horny loli, Rin from Kodomo No Jikan came flushing in. Ah, it definitely suits her. Surprisingly I could recognize Marina Inoue as Iroha. Well, she wasn’t trying to sound like tough girls role like Tsukiumi in Sekirei or Kyoko in Skip Beat. She sounded more girly here, like the female Natsuru in Kampfer and Kana in Minami-ke. Other casts include Toshiyuki Toyonaga as Shuusuke (Mikado in Durarara!!), newbie Kazusa Aranami as Kondou, Mako as Shizuru (Yurie in Kamichu), Minori Chihara as Leila/Ran (Nagato of Suzumiya Haruhi No Yuutsu) and Rina Satou as Clone/Rin (Misaka in To Aru Kagaku No Railgun). The opening theme is Taste Of Paradise by Eri Kitamura while the ending theme is Ari Ari Mirai by the trio seiyuus of Nao, Iroha and Kondou.

It’s okay. It’s alright to have your own weird fantasies and fetishes so long as they don’t hurt anybody. That usually is a very hard line to draw in reality. But if you’re going to be as pure as snow, might as well be a rock at the bottom of the ocean. I wonder if Nao is the root of the problem that caused Shuusuke’s horniness to grow as it is now. Maybe. Maybe not. But looks like his siscon libido isn’t going to be awakened any time soon. Although his fetish is black stockings, notice all the kinds of ero genres in his porn mags collection? Yikes! He even had a short spell with BL! Like they say, variety is the spice of life. After all, there is nothing to be embarrassed about because everybody in this morally declining society is a pervert, one way or another.

Homeroom Affairs

December 23, 2011

Gee… Somehow I find there are some similarities after watching Homeroom Affairs AKA Tanin No Kankei with another OVA I recently watched, Very Private Lesson. Let’s see, both involves the relationship between a young male teacher and his fellow female student, the guy just like any other men may be a little pervy but he’s trying to live the good and honest life while the flirty girl takes a liking for her homeroom teacher getting cheeky whenever possible. What’s more, the girl’s father approves of them and leaves it to the teacher to take care of his daughter (a way to neglect parenting, eh?). Both series are also quite an old OVA, only having a couple of episodes that lasts over 40 minutes and were produced in the 90’s. Only thing is this one is produced much earlier way back in 1994 and the other ‘big’ difference is that there is more ecchi and fanservice stuff. Oh yeah. Fanservice…

Episode 1
Miyako Hase must be one of those kind of girls who sleeps around, eh? Well, I guess that guy must be quite happy. Yeah, it’s a going to be a nice clear morning. On the other hand, Tokiro Ehara is going to start his day as a teacher of a prestigious all-girls school Mitsuba Academy. Perhaps he is still young so he can’t help fantasize being surrounded by lovely girls falling for him like his own harem. Yeah, snap out of it will you. Even the apartment supervisor teases him for that. Otherwise, Ehara is a good man. Just don’t get think too much of those naughty thoughts, okay? As he takes a train to school, he spots a pretty student (Miyako). The train is crowded so getting off at his destination is going to take a while with all that pushing. He accidentally bumps into Miyako as she drops her bag. He tries to pick up her belongings and to his shock, spots a box of condom! Want to shout that out louder? Don’t think the crowd heard you. Trying to set a good example as a teacher, Ehara reprimands Miyako at the school’s shoe locker area. But Miyako is unfazed. She even flips up his skirt to show what’s underneath! That’s enough to ‘shut him up’. During the assembly, both Miyako and Ehara are shocked to see each other. Well, I would forgive them at first if they didn’t think they would be in the same school since Ehara as the new teacher won’t know the student’s school uniform. But if Ehara was reprimanding her at the shoe locker, it means that he should’ve guessed she’s a student, right? And as for Miyako, can some stranger just enter a prestigious school? So it has to be a teacher, right? Geez. Anyway, after that flashing incident, all Miyako needs is to make sure they never meet. Ever. How funny fate works because Ehara becomes her homeroom teacher. Bummer. Even her pal Emi wonders if she knows the new teacher seeing her reaction. But of course she wouldn’t think so since she believes Miyako is a serious girl and wouldn’t have any relations with a guy. Like they say, still water runs deep.

I guess Ehara can’t leave Miyako alone. Yeah, he still wants to give her a pep talk about her attitude. Guess what? Miyako strips to her undies and in an inviting position, threatens to cry rape! Now, if anybody walks in you know who will be in big sh*t, right? So Miyako’s advice? If they both keep quiet, then things will be okay, right? Well Ehara, are you shaken from your first day? Apparently, he thinks this is some sort of test from God so after school he pays Miyako a visit at her apartment so that he could meet her parents. Too his dismay, she is not only home alone but lives alone (her parents are divorced) and she thinks he is here to do something ecchi. After letting him in, you think she’s going to just let him sit still? Uh huh. She undresses herself and becomes the cock teaser that would send any other guys to go f*ck her right away. Ehara is paralyzed by the shock so as Miyako undresses him, she gets more than what she bargained for. Ehara’s inner pervertness snaps as he becomes a demon and turns the tables on Miyako! Is he going to finally rape his own student?! He’s getting pretty rough! Oh no! OH NO!!! Did she get done in? What does that scream tell you? Morning comes and Ehara wakes up to realize he’s sleeping next to naked Miyako. Well, he’s got his briefs on so does that mean you’re safe? He can’t remember much from last night and his legs are weak. Meaning, he falls down each time he starts walking. What does that tell you? Don’t worry. As Miyako pointed out, he is just weak from losing a lot of blood after seeing her naked last night and passed out. Phew. So they didn’t cross the student-teacher line. Yeah, his virginity is still intact. Oh hey. He’s still a virgin at 26? No wonder Miyako finds him fun to tease. As a full month passes, Ehara observes that Miyako is an intelligent and active girl, excelling in studies in sports. It’s just that her attitude sucks. She had the nerve to bare her boobs when he’s teaching in class! Is this the reason why he is depressed?

On the rooftop as Ehara has lots on his mind, Miyako comes by. He puts his foot down and wants her to stop all this nonsense but she puts on crocodile tears that he had forgotten all about that passionate night. Then she wants him to kiss her and promises if he does so, this will be the last time he’ll have to put up with her pranks. After thinking real hard about it and nerve wrecking moments, Ehara sums up his courage to kiss her but she pulls out and was just joking. What does this mean? They’ll get to play some more tomorrow and the day after and the next. Oh boy. Looks like it’s too fun to stop. After school, Ehara visits her place again but he sees her welcoming an older man. Upset that she’s into this kind of unrepentant thing, he goes over her and slaps her! While giving her a good ticking off, the man hammers his head with a flower pot from behind. Yup, he is her father. Ehara comes to and learns about the truth. Daddy thought Ehara was one of Miyako’s jealous lovers so he hit him without any second thought. Seems even her dad ‘approves’ of Miyako’s behaviour. He is here to give Miyako’s monthly allowance and wanted to see her personally. Otherwise, transferring cash through bank would be a much easier alternative. As the guys leave, Miyako cheekily ‘warns’ Ehara that she’s going to make him pay dearly for hitting her. Ehara and Miyako’s dad have some food at a roadside stall and discuss about Miyako’s behaviour. Daddy seems pretty lenient on her. “Use the right contraceptive too”. Haha. Is he saying he accepts him to f*ck his daughter?! He starts talking how he always tried to make her happy even though there are many things going on in the family. She may seem like a brat but is a good kid deep down. In short, if anything should happen to cause her pain, daddy wants him to be by her side. At this point, Ehara is drunk so he accepts it. Yeah, he even writes it down and signs his pledge to protect Miyako upon daddy’s request!

Next morning, Ehara wakes up to another shocking discovery that Miyako will be staying with him. Yeah, she has her stuff moved in. She hits her head thinking all this is a dream but she whacks him back with the vacuum stick. Nope. Not a dream. So how did she get in? She told the supervisor that she is his younger sister and was given the key. That easy, huh? Of course she’s not going to stay for free and will throw in a lot of extra service. Uh huh. Stripping and all over him again. How can she be so indecent so early in the morning? This time Ehara’s face is serious and worried. He starts thinking if a teacher and a student is caught living under the same roof, he’ll be fired from his job. But Miyako is hurt by those words. She accuses him that he uses kind words but only thinks about himself. Because he doesn’t want to get into trouble, he is just like everybody else. If that’s the case, he should have stopped messing into other people’s business like visiting her home thingy. Miyako is truly saddened and runs away. He sees the note that he wrote last night but doesn’t give much thought to it. Later as he lazes around, he notices she still hasn’t come back and goes to her place. However he is shocked to hear from the apartment manager that her father’s company went bust and that she moved out this morning. He thinks Ehara is here to see the place as a potential buyer. Then it hit Ehara. He realized what her dad meant when he wanted her to leave Miyako in his care. He rushes out to look for Miyako and during his frantic search, feels guilty that she came to his place to stay but he turned her away in her hour of need. His mind starts straying and fearing the worse that Miyako may end up staying with one of her bad ex-boyfriends who in turn will use her body to do lots of bad stuff and sell her body for money. In the end, Miyako will be left heart-broken because her ex will dump her after he got all the money he needed and she outlived her usefulness. Oh Ehara. It’s a little too late to regret now, eh?

He goes back home after failing to find her. Thinking back at all those naughty and teasing times they had, he screams her name and suddenly a leg kicks out from his closet. Hey, Miyako is sleeping in there?! Well, she had nowhere to go and ran away for a while. When she came back, he was gone. She hid in here to scare him but fell asleep while waiting. Man, that must be one long wait. Ehara accepts her as he tells her to unpack and even notes how this place is going to get smaller. She is happy but tells him that if he was stubborn and insisted, she would have resorted to blackmail. Oh, this girl really has her mind set on that. Yeah, that was supposed to be the price for hitting her earlier. She pecks him on his cheek. While Ehara is bathing, Miyako comes in wearing a swimsuit and proceeds to scrub his body with hers in a very stimulating way. Feels good, huh? Yeah, she’s going to enjoy teasing this virgin. Maybe she’d be the first one who will pop his cherry. Haha! But while the couple frolics in the bathroom, the guy that Miyako was seen sleeping with at the start of the episode, Kouichi, is seen lingering outside the apartment. Oh no. He knows where she is now. I fear something bad is going to happen when you mess with a gangster’s chick.

Episode 2
You know when a girl asks you if you want to eat her for breakfast, it’s got to only be a dream, right? Well, thankfully that was one for Ehara. But it’s like out of the pan and into the fire because Miyako is indeed on top of him wondering what kind of nightmare he had. Because she notices his solid erection, she thinks he must have had some wonderful dream and suggests she continue where he left off and takes off her clothes. Sorry dude. This time this one is no dream. Later as Ehara soaks in the bath, he tells Miyako off thinking it’s another one of her teasing. However she gets a little annoyed and says that wasn’t a tease and if he’s going to be that dense, might as well be a virgin for the rest of his life. Ooohh… I guess those words should hurt. Because of that, Ehara worries too much if Miyako is mad. He couldn’t concentrate during the teacher’s conference and was told to pay attention after calling his name numerous times. As Miyako talks to Emi, she notices how Emi may have a thing for Ehara because she finds him cute and the kind of guy she likes to unleash her maternal instincts like iron his clothes. Miyako almost let her tongue slip when she mentions she’ll be careful not to let that sort of thing happen again.

As Miyako returns home, she is surprised to see Kouichi coming up to her. Long time no see. He knows what she’s been doing and wants to talk to her. Because she doesn’t want to talk in Ehara’s place, he takes her elsewhere: A love hotel. Oh great. Miyako remembers how she first met him. Then, she didn’t felt lonely and I guess being with him, her loneliness will disappear. Maybe it’s because of great sex, eh? Ehara is back home and thinks Miyako is still mad at him seeing she’s not back yet. He starts thinking that not too long ago, he was a happy bachelor without a care. But living with Miyako now, whenever she’s not around, he feels empty inside. Well, at the love hotel, Kouichi is serious that he wants Miyako to live with him as he has heard about her family’s circumstances. She is rather reluctant so Kouichi starts caressing and making love to her to remind her the passion that they had. Yeah, even if she has forgotten that she has been living with him longer than that teacher, he’s going to at least make her body remember that. But Miyako fakes that she needs to go to the toilet. She escapes via window by sliding down from the pole. Kouichi senses something amiss and breaks in. The shock was not that she’s gone. It’s rather she slide down from the fourth floor!!! Crazy!

Miyako calls Ehara to pick her up outside the train station. He meets her and he gets a shock of his life when she shows him underneath her skirt. She’s not wearing anything (Kouichi took her panties). She makes up a tall story that she was being raped by some demon king and that her shoes and panties were traded in exchange for her body. Well, up to you to believe. Since she can’t walk from her relief, Ehara has to carry her all the way back while tolerating stares from other people. Ehara tries to tell her about his thoughts of him for her today but it seems she fell asleep. Next morning as they go to school, they come into Kouichi. Miyako apologizes and wants him to go home but he holds her chin instead. Ehara tells him to stop so Kouichi says he wants to meet him and will contact him on where and when to meet. Inside the train, Ehara demands an explanation so Miyako comes clean. I guess Ehara didn’t believe her so she starts talking so loud that everyone else could hear the juicy details. Anyway Miyako doesn’t want Ehara to meet Kouichi. In school, Ehara gets the much awaited call from Kouichi. After school, Miyako continues to persuade Ehara not to go. She mentions Kouichi is a dangerous person and the reason he quit school was because he beat up his homeroom teacher. Miyako also knows when and where they will meet. Not because she eavesdropped the phone call, but she knows how Kouichi thinks. So will he give up on the meet? Nope. This is all the more for him to go see Kouichi. And since it’s like that, Miyako wants to tag along.

Meeting Kouichi at a deserted place, looks like the delinquent has also brought a few friends of his. As he mocks Ehara, Miyako tells Kouichi to stop this sh*t. That’s when he forces himself on her and his buddies surround and beat up defenceless Ehara. Kouichi tries to convince Ehara is just an arrogant weakling with no guts and wants her to leave him. Miyako puts up another fake act to kiss him. While he is distracted, she runs up to a car and strips herself naked!!! WTF?! The cronies stop their beating because looking at a girl’s naked body is much more awesome. A chance you can’t miss. Sounds of the police siren have them flee while Miyako screams in frustration over Ehara’s unconscious body. Thank goodness he just suffered a light concussion as he wakes up in hospital with Miyako by her side. I wonder how her clothes remained dry and she didn’t catch a cold since it was raining heavily when the beating up started. Next day, Ehara is discharged and is back home. But it looks like he’ll need more time to recover from his facial bruises. Before Miyako leaves first for school, he wants her to promise never to do that rash stunt again. She kisses him on the lips and cheekily notes she was born reckless.

In the train, Miyako is surprised to see Kouichi. Don’t worry. He’s not here for revenge. He wants to know why she did that stripping so she replies she got carried away and didn’t have time to think. He wonders what good she sees in that teacher since he isn’t rich, not a ladies’ man and weak. Miyako realized that Ehara indeed didn’t have all those good qualities. Clumsy, serious and definitely not her type but couldn’t figure out what it was. Kouichi leaves on the next stop and says his farewell to Miyako. It means she’s free from him, eh? He notes that since she doesn’t know what she likes in Ehara, it means she likes everything about him. Then also on the train, the vice principal of Mitsuba, Kishida. He approaches Miyako and wants her to come to the principal’s office today. When she enters to room, Miyako is surprised to see Ehara there. Wait a minute. If Miyako left home first, how did Ehara arrived at school first? Unless she went somewhere else but that’s not it because Kishida isn’t the guy who would be off school grounds during school hours, right? After school? Well, he mentioned she didn’t need to attend class today so I guess it means she has to see the principal the first thing she sets foot in school. Ehara and Miyako learn from the principal that they were attacked by gangsters last night. The police caught one of them and questioned him. This led them to do an investigation and they found out the duo living together. Oh no. Secret is out. The principal is worried about the scandal that will affect the reputation of the school and wants Ehara to resign and Miyako to voluntarily leave the school! Ehara dreads this moment but his mind starts thinking the thing he must do to protect Miyako. Then he refuses to do what the principal suggested because what they’re doing isn’t wrong. Why? That’s because they’re getting married! WOAH! They started living together as pre-requisite of married life. Plus, there is no rule to say a teacher can’t marry his own student. But what if this scandal leaks outside? Well, if they don’t allow it, Ehara will personally leak it to the media!

Thanks to that bold act, the duo got a little temporary reprieved. As they walk out of school, Ehara tries to tell Miyako that what he said back then wasn’t really at a whim. In fact he has been thinking long about it and asks if she would want to marry him for real! BUT SHE REJECTS HIM!!! Oh why?! Now she’s saying she doesn’t want to think about marriage at this age. Oh Ehara, it must be heart breaking. But you know Miyako. She was just joking. If it’s him, she’ll gladly accept his hand in marriage. After all, nobody has ever been so protective of her. As she puts her head on his back, they attract the attention of all the other girls! Man, how will they keep this a secret now? They were too engrossed expressing out to each other that they didn’t realize they were in public? All the girls are ecstatic and happy for them. Except for the principal and his vice of course. Miyako is back to her teasing ways as she mentions since she is going to be his wife, she’ll have to give him lots of service! Wink, wink. Ehara’s face gets redder in public while the other girls continue to be amused with the new hot couple. Yeah, show your support for them. GANBARE!!! Back home, Miyako locks the bathroom door as she takes a bath alone. It’s a precaution so Ehara won’t peep. But would he? Hey, what about the loads of service she said? No more free service? Yeah, perhaps it’s another one of her cheeky tease but it got me thinking. Before a couple gets married, they do lots of exciting stuff, right? Now after they got hitched, things like sex shouldn’t be any restriction, right? And in this case, the girl becomes restrictive. So is it a wonder why people stray and flirt around?

Don’t Wash Your Dirty Linen In Public…
Hehe. It was a little enjoyable for the short while. So a happy ending for the new couple? Whether or not they will take their relationship to new heights is another matter. Miyako is a rather playful and sporting girl but she just likes to tease and get a little flirty with Ehara because I guess being a virgin, it’s fun to see a first timer’s reaction. To some, Miyako pulling off her top and flipping up her skirt may not be very lady-like or what any girl should do. Some may get offended by that harmless fun. I don’t know if Miyako has really slept with many other guys or with just Kouichi alone, but it’s a good thing that after meeting a nice guy like Ehara, she feels loved and accepted. Something that she never got a lot in her life. Ehara too as mentioned is a nice guy. If it wasn’t Miyako, he would have helped out any other girl in need. Just perhaps Miyako stood out more than the rest. And by meeting Miyako, he gets to learn about being in the company and love of someone. Kouichi isn’t such a bad guy himself. Though he wants Miyako for himself, but he too ultimately realizes he has to give up on her since her heart is already set on that teacher.

There is a little nudity in this series because whenever Miyako strips, you can see her tits. Unlike in Very Private Lesson, there were none. Ehara has seen Miyako’s free service so many times that at the end, he should be immune to it. But looks like he still blushes when she gets flashy. That’s why he’s a virgin… However I find the second episode to contain less ecchi than the first one. Maybe it’s because Miyako didn’t flash her panties as much as she first got to know Ehara? There’s always that kind of excitement for first things. The drawing and animation are pretty old and you can easily tell it’s from the 90’s era. Anime people from that time had a certain look. From certain angles, I thought Miyako looked pretty much like the female Ranma! Just that she doesn’t have pigtails and don’t turn into a guy whenever she gets splashed by cold water :). Everybody else has that ‘typical look’. Ehara got that typical good teacher look, Kouichi a typical delinquent’s look, the principal and vice principal with that typical serious older guy look. At least it’s a good thing I can tell them apart.

Maybe during that time, a teacher-student relationship is very much taboo. I mean it is still taboo but I feel in today’s time it is more liberal and receptive as compared to back then. With incest and the different types of relationships, this world is one big messed up place. But everything else doesn’t matter when all that is important is the one you love, right? So I hope Ehara and Miyako will make sure their homeroom affairs are in order and won’t neglect their responsibilities as a teacher and her studies respectively. Hmm… If they can’t wait and do marry each other while she’s still in school, it’s going to be like that case… Yeah, remembering that anime series Oku-sama Wa Joshi Kousei. Just remember to keep all the flashing and striptease to themselves.


December 18, 2011

How often do you have an anime series named after just initials of the alphabet? Either it may sound very simplistic or a little brain-cracking puzzler to decipher what it means. So unless you are new to the anime world or actually have not come across the anime series MM!, well, let’s just say this show isn’t about those tiny colourful little chocolates that doesn’t melt in your hands but in your mouth. Are you familiar with the S&M term? Uh huh. Don’t get the wrong idea. This isn’t some hentai porno series with kinky characters taking out their kinky desires. Though it really has something to do with S&M. Trust me. You either going to hate it or love. And perhaps become an M along the way. Haha. Just kidding.

So folks, meet Tarou Sado. Despite his name sounding very close to the S word, he is in fact a super M (no, not that Man of Steel, mind you). Hmm… Maybe that is just an understatement. Would ultimate freaking pervert masochistic f*cking bastard do justice? Unlike many guys who would feel insulted and take it as a sign that they’re a useless piece of sh*t after getting hit by a girl or their girlfriend, Tarou is the total opposite. He loves getting hit, whacked, beaten up! And enjoys it to the max! Not just physically, but piercing words would also stimulate and excite him! If this is considered as his sex, I’m sure he has climaxed a hundred times in a day.

Episode 1
However he notes this problem is going to get out of hand and he needs to do something about it. As seen, he is in love with a pretty girl and wants to confess. But he needs to cure his masochism before he does so. I mean, which girl would want a guy who loves getting beaten up? Don’t want to make a first impression that you’re some kind of pervert, won’t you? As suggested by his best friend, Tatsukichi Hayama, Tarou joins the Second Volunteer Club to get some much needed help. The purpose of this club as mentioned by its president, Mio Isurugi is to listen to the students with their problems and try granting it. Tarou is hesitant to tell this beauty about his problem, till his classmate Arashiko Yuuno comes in. She is also a member of this club. Mio gets tired of acting like a good girl so she beats him up to make him spill out his problems. Ah, I guess that’s how trouble starts. Tarou gets excited and turned on by her sadism and reveals his masochistic problem and nearly pounced on her! If Mio wasn’t fast enough, she could’ve been raped! Maybe not. Tarou is the kind of guy who prefers receiving pain rather than giving, right? After tying him up and a few more whacks, Mio takes on the challenge to cure him seeing she considers herself as God. Oh boy. I hope Haruhi fans won’t get mad by that statement. Tarou works at a convenience store run by a 2D-lover boss we shall all identify as Tenchou. The girl that Tarou wants to confess always passes by the store at the same time (which is right about now) but when their eyes meet, she runs away. Next day in school, Tarou gets a shocking treatment from Mio. She is going to slam baseballs into his freaking body. The reason? She got frustrated of staying up all night trying to think of a way to cure his masochism. Then it hit her that she will need to awaken his survival instincts and replace his masochism by beating the crap out of him. Uh… What logic is that? Beat him up till he fears getting whacked? That’s one way of putting it. And why dressed in a maid outfit? Well, her so called sister, Michiru Onigawara (who is also the school’s nurse but not blood related) told her to do so. It’s going to take a lot more than just pummelling baseballs into him because Tarou is starting to awaken to a new kind o M! Even if he nearly died. So much so he had a flashback of how he first awakened to this masochistic pleasure when a girl hit him during middle high school and he started begging for more abuse.

When Tarou wakes up, he finds Arashiko next to him in the infirmary. She denies carrying him here since she will never ever touch him. In her panic, she trips while she leaves as Tarou catches her. In that instant, she got scared and beats the crap out of him. Michiru learns Tarou’s problem is real and wants him to forgive Mio for doing those cruel things though she didn’t do it all as a joke. Later Mio calls Tarou and asks his opinion on a hypothetical question. A certain student has been hiding a secret from his best friend. That student hates that and wants to reveal this secret to his friend but is afraid he might be hated for it. What would Tarou do in this case? He wouldn’t hate that person and accept him for who he is because like his case with Tatsukichi, he accepted Tarou for a perverted masochist when this secret was found out. Tarou goes home and he is the ever popular guy. Yeah, even mommy Tomoko and sister Shizuka are fighting over his attention! His entire family is screwed. So can we really blame him for being an M? That night when Tarou goes to work, the girl of his dreams comes in. Is this the moment he is waiting for? Well, she gets rough and beats him up! Then she runs away but Tarou goes after her. When he catches her, she beats him up some more. But Tarou realizes his masochism didn’t awaken and wonders if this is true love. Well, more like the truth revealed. This pretty girl turns out to be Tatsukichi cross-dressing! Ouch! As they talk, Tatsukichi reveals how he got introduced and infatuated with cross-dressing. He wanted to tell this secret to Tarou but couldn’t that’s why she went to the Second Volunteer Club for help. Tarou accepts Tatsukichi for who he is so emotions get the better of him as he cries in his arms. Then it hit Tarou. His first love was a guy. Double ouch. When Tarou goes back, he sees Mio waiting for him. He tells her Tatsukichi was very grateful. This causes Mio to feel quite happy inside. But since Tarou is grinning like a pervert she kicks him where it hurts most. Or rather, he’s feeling good about it. Next day, Mio register Tarou as the club’s member and makes him do all the chores as part of his treatment. I guess it’s a win-win situation. BuTarou (a play of words of ‘buta’ meaning pig in Japanese and his name) gets his kicks from being abused and Mio gets her thrill by being a sadist.

Episode 2
More boiling torture for Tarou to cure his problem. But he is inching closer to Arashiko so she punches him away. On a day taking a train to school, Tarou remembers it was Arashiko, the girl who first hit him and awakened his masochism. He spots her unable to get on a train packed with men. He goes talk to her and this is when she reveals she has androphobia, fear of men. So each time a guy touches her, it becomes her reflex to punch him. She is still afraid of Tarou but decides to call him by his first name since she has a dog that goes by that name. Then Tarou starts acting like one and this brings a smile to her face. She also has a request of him: To help her in her studies since the mid-exam is around the corner. In the clubroom, Tarou brings Antoinette (Tatsukichi in his drag form) to Arashiko. Though she is surprised to learn of his cross-dressing ways, at least this lessens the effect of her androphobia. Well, Arashiko even admits that Tatsukichi really does look pretty in drag. Because of all the praises, Antoinette awakens and turns into a royal praise-freak. Yeah, she wants all those commoners to praise ‘her’. Antoinette crosses the line by mocking Mio’s flat chests. She’s going to show who’s the boss. The study group goes on without a hitch. Just that Mio and Antoinette don’t have very good compatibility. Tarou walks Arashiko home and though nervous, she manages to thank him. The exams come and go as Arashiko feels confident she is able to pass them all. As a reward, Michiru offers them tickets to the zoo. Arashiko is such an eager beaver. The weekend comes and Tarou is shocked to see Shizuka crawled into his bed and sleeping with him. He’s already running late and it doesn’t help when mother and sister start arguing over getting horny over him! Kick them out! When Tarou arrives at the zoo, he finds himself the only one and shortly Arashiko coming by. Then he gets a call by Mio and realizes this is a setup from the rest. It’s a kill-2-birds-with-1-stone plan to cure his masochism and her androphobia. Though Arashiko is enjoying herself, she notices Tarou otherwise so she thought she isn’t a fun person to be with. She reveals she knew it was Michiru’s plan to put her with him to cure her phobia. She apologizes for hitting him and awakened his masochism but it was all due to a misunderstanding. A little girl accidentally pushes Arashiko as she falls into Tarou’s arms. Here comes the pain and pleasure. With the rest spying from afar, the duo continue their fun outing at the zoo. At the end of the day as they rest, Arashiko reveals why she was so eager to go to the zoo. Apparently her parents promised to take her there but they got divorced and thus her wish unfulfilled. Slowly, she reveals how her androphobia started. Back she was in school, she was quite popular but turned down confessions from guys. Then her friends suggested she go out with a popular senior-cum-model, Yoshioka. Due to circumstance, she couldn’t reject him. At her home, he tried to force kiss her. She got so scared and scratched his pretty face. He became violent and that’s when her reflex was invoked. Tarou is just filled with rage upon hearing this and realizes what Mio meant when she mentioned they were both similar to each other. Tarou walks Arashiko back as they exchange email addresses. Arashiko hears a familiar voice calling her. She is Yumi Mamiya and is her old friend.

Episode 3
Tarou remembers Yumi as the she is the one going out with Tatsukichi. Yumi takes a strong dislike for Tarou and says Arashiko will be going to an all-girls school with her. Though Tarou gets more torture from Mio, his mind is deep in thoughts of Arashiko’s case. Further flashbacks to the previous episode’s talk has Arashiko fearing men so much that even a stranger passing by would make her shiver in fear. It doesn’t even end there. Yoshioka went on to spread nasty rumours she was a lewd woman and the worst part was how everyone in school changed and treated her differently. Yumi also visits their school to see Mio. Since Yumi comes from a line of massaging experts, the movements of her fingers were enough to send Mio ‘paralyzed’ but in a feel good fashion. Tarou is tasked to stop them so Yumi hits him, he touches Arashiko, she hits him. After things calmed down, Yumi reveals her intentions to transfer Arashiko. If she stays here, her androphobia will only get worse and thus Yumi is here to make proper greetings to the club. So by transferring schools, she automatically quits the club. She doesn’t have confidence of leaving Arashiko in the hands of that pervert but Mio is confident they can cure her problem. That night, Arashiko bumps into her worse nightmare. Next day, she is absent from school and attempts to reach here failed. Tarou fears the worse when Tatsukichi mentions he saw Arashiko with Yoshioka that night so he rushes to her home and sees her hiding herself in her dark room. She is still traumatized by that incident so Tarou has to think quick. He starts acting like her dog to break the ice. Once Arashiko calms down, she explains after she met Yoshioka that night, he started harassing her with non-stop threatening warning calls. Arashiko feels like she just wants to die. It’s time for Tarou to settle things. He goes straight to Yoshioka’s school and confronts that bastard. Yoshioka doesn’t give a damn about Arashiko and as long as she becomes a recluse, he feels assured. Tarou fights him and gets beaten up despite Yoshioka being a boxing club member. But remember, he is a person who specializes in taking hits. And even if his masochism doesn’t awaken, his tolerance level is pretty high. Tarou is beaten to a pulp but he still manages to stand up, surprising Yoshioka. What drives Tarou to continue is his anger and pain that Arashiko went through. He is to throw a punch when Mio throws her baseball bat at his knee. This causes Tarou’s position to sink and Yoshioka to miss, allowing the former to do a head butt. Well, at least he knows he doesn’t get his kicks from hitting people. Mio didn’t want to help out initially. But seeing that he is doing so hard for Arashiko getting beaten up, she thought she might lend a hand. As for Yoshioka, he gets his punishment via Yumi’s hands. Then a perverted and embarrassing picture taken complete with blackmail never to bother Arashiko again. Otherwise, this picture will be leaked. Grateful Arashiko thanks everyone and as for her transfer, though she says she is still afraid of men, it’s not like she wants to live in a world without them. But with everyone looking out for her, she wants to stay. This means, Yumi transfers herself to this school since she can’t be parted from her best friend. Well, she’s not accepting Tarou anytime soon either.

Episode 4
Mio wants Tarou to go out with her and be her lover. Can this be true?! Oh, it’s just part of her plan to cure his masochism with love. Well, if beating up doesn’t work, perhaps reverse psychology of giving the power of love may work. With the rest taking care of the details, the date doesn’t seem like your typical lovers one. Well, Mio is still the brute, Tarou still loves her kicks. Did anything changed? As they hold hands, Tarou remembers Tatsukichi telling him how he broke up with Yumi. She simply moved and that’s when their relationship naturally ended. But now he doesn’t know if he still holds the same feelings for her. The date continues with Michiru ‘suggesting’ to Tarou what he should do but usually with disastrous results. Whether it’s wiping ice cream off her face, or Antoinette declaring a face-off with Mio to see whose love is greater for that guy (chest size mocking included – oh, Mio won by the way because of her rage) and the Ferris wheel ride (some odd conversation they had there). Then Arashiko shows up in another battle over Tarou. A tug of war with him in the middle? Don’t forget, he’s enjoying it. So you can guess what happens when Arashiko pulls to hard and he touches her, right? Then suddenly Mio starts bleeding! Uh… Her story that she is terminally ill and ran away from hospital just to date him was a dead giveaway. Besides, that ‘blood’ is just tomato juice. Tarou has no choice but to play along with the drama. The next thing he knows, he is in a chapel and is to be wedded with Mio in her wedding dress! Married couples are supposed to kiss at the altar, right? Is she joking? Apparently not. Because Mio kisses him for real! But he pushes himself away and is upset and thinks she took this kissing as something nonchalant. Even if this was all part to cure him, you don’t just kiss people you don’t like. Then Mio collapses and he thinks it’s just one of her pranks. It hit him that she is sick for real. And thinking back throughout the day, she was holding it in and pretending to be fine. Tarou quickly rushes to the hospital with her in his arms. She apologizes for the kiss. At the hospital, Michiru tells Tarou that this date was supposed to be for Mio’s sake. When she was young, she couldn’t play much with her friends, that’s why she can’t establish a smooth contact with everybody. She wanted her to conquer that even if it’s just a little. Tarou sits by Mio’s side throughout the night. Because of that, he gets ill but Shizuka and Tomoko continue to fight over the rights to nurse him. I guess he won’t heal at this rate. Few days later, Mio and Tarou are back to school. In the club room, Mio says she loves him and wants him to close his eyes. But it was just a ploy to beat him up. She notes the failure of the power of love to cure him so I guess it’s back to the usual beating. Besides, he didn’t really think she was going to kiss him, didn’t he?

Episode 5
In another one of those beating sessions, unknown to the gang, Noa Hiiragi is spying on them and notes Tarou is the one. Later Tarou teases Tatsukichi about the love letter he got. But it seems Tarou has one too. From the president of the Invention Club, Noa. But Tarou starts getting psycho if this really is a love letter or just a threatening letter about his M condition. I mean, a girl with over IQ of 200 in love with a dumb masochist like him? Even if it’s opposite attracts, that’ll be too good to be true. Arashiko suspects something amiss since Tarou doesn’t tell her what’s going on. He goes to see Noa and she has a favour of him. She starts stripping and wants him to get down and dirty with her! Is this some sort of an experiment? Yes. A trap to tie him up and zap lots of pain into him. Noa’s assistant, Yukinojou Himura unties him and thinks it’s too late. He reveals Noa’s plan to turn all of humanity into perverts (WTF?!). Well, looks like her plans has just taken flight as the entire school has turned into sick perverts! Himura further explains that Noa was researching on perverts and trying to harness the power of perverts and amplify that energy in every human. Himura blames Tarou for it since he possessed an unrealistically large amount of Hentai Energy! Then Tarou realizes Himura is a pervert in his own way. He is a lolicon, especially over Noa. Yeah, I don’t think it’s Noa’s doing. They need to stop her but all the students won’t allow it. Himura gives Tarou some belt that can convert his Hentai Energy into projections! Man, it’s real! Himura becomes bait for all the girls to swarm over him while the jealous guys beat him. So it’s up to Tarou to save the day from Noa’s hideous machine on the rooftop. How the heck did she create that large machine without anyone noticing? Noa doesn’t need Tarou anymore seeing she has got enough energy to make her plan work and orders her robot to squash him. We know a beating like this can’t kill him but he is running out of power. Tarou gets this idea. He calls Mio… And tells her she is a f*cking flat chest b*tch!!! Before he can even hang up, she kicks the door wide open!!! It’s part of his plan to let her abuse him so he power up so much so his outer appearance changes into a Super Saiyan!!! WOAH! Dragonball parody! Super Hentai Man! What the hell is that character doing here?! He fires a powerful blast at the machine but it’s not enough. The world will soon be turned into a paradise of perverts. Noa reveals her ‘tragic’ past on how she was treated differently because she was a genius. She wanted to play and have friends but the scientists always denied her this. So because she is not normal, she’ll turn everybody abnormal instead. This way, she won’t be lonely. Tarou shares her pain and tells her that he is willing to accompany her and play with her for all she wants. But it’s too late still. A minute left till everyone becomes a pervert. Suddenly perverts of the world lend their powers to Tarou so he powers up enough to destroy the machine and save Noa. What’s this about pure perverts teaching Tarou that turning humanity into perverts is just plain twisted? Thinking about it, isn’t it disgusting harnessing all the world’s perverts’ power? So it goes to show that everyone in the world is a pervert with or without the machine. For the first time, Noa felt a different feeling in her heart for Tarou. I call it love. But Tarou’s torment isn’t over yet. Mio is going to punish him…  While he gets his usual abuse in the clubroom, Noa barges in in her robot to give him lilac flowers, which symbolizes first love.

Episode 6
Sleeping Tarou could’ve been morning raped by mommy and dear sister if not for an incoming SMS from Arashiko. The ladies get suspicious who this b*tch is and think their precious guy is being targeted and will stop her at all cost. Tarou is in yet another one of those painful abuses to cure his masochist but this time in the woods. Need a change in scenery? He’s still enjoying though. Back home, Tomoko and Shizuka start their devilish plan. On a Sunday, Tarou is surprised Arashiko visits him. She got a mail from him saying he was sick and she thought she was the cause of it. Actually that fake mail was sent by a certain pair of devil women. Tarou realizes this is Tomoko and Shizuka’s plan to interrogate Arashiko and instil some fear into her. However to his surprise, they seem very polite and minding their manners. More than meets the eye… Yup. Last night they had a ‘practice’ with dolls about today. No wonder they’re holding out well. Tarou is confused because they are having a normal conversation and wonders if they have really awakened to a normal family. Huh! That will be the day when his masochism is cured. The conspiring pair moves on to their next plan. As Tarou shows Arashiko his room, he is shocked to see his room like a pig sty, macho men pictures pasted on the ceiling and heaps of female jerseys planted in his closet. After cleaning up and having tea, Arashiko says she is okay with him and causes Tarou to blush. Eavesdropping mama and big sis rush right in to tell Arashiko off that they have spent more time with Tarou then her. As proof, they start showing embarrassing photo albums of Tarou! In the end, the ‘partnership’ breaks down as both women start fighting that Tarou loves them more by revealing more embarrassing stuff. As Arashiko leaves, Tarou apologizes for the mess his family made but she thinks his family is great. Tarou remembers her case whereby her parents are divorced. She lets him in on her embarrassing dream that she wants to marry and a guy she loves and start a warm family but with her androphobia, everything just seems weird. Maybe it takes one weirdo to know the other so Tarou doesn’t think otherwise. She thanks him and wants him to keep this a secret since he is the first person she told about this. Tomoko and Shizuka are left crying like babies upon realizing how a good kid Arashiko is. Then Tarou sees a very detailed outline about their plan… You don’t know what happens if you make him mad. They run away but are caught by Michiru. He allows her to whatever she wants to her heart’s content: Taking pictures of them in various costumes.

Episode 7
A beach episode. Another change of scenery as part of curing Tarou’s masochism? Heck, we can do fanservice at the same time. Mio tries a different treatment by waiting for a shark to bite him. Didn’t turn up. Then letting the crabs pinch him seeing that the cause of his pain isn’t from a female. But since the source of it is from a girl, he still enjoys it. Failure. How about watermelon splitting using Tarou’s head as the ‘it’? He wants to be split more. Another failure. Yumi tries to get close to Tatsukichi but he doesn’t seem interested. Tarou takes a boat out to sea with Arashiko but they are attacked by a shark. Oh, now it appears. Hey wait. Isn’t that a mechanical shark? Yup, it’s Noa. Stranding them on a faraway island, Noa wants to play house with Tarou since he promised her. But Arashiko won’t let it have her way so Tarou suggest they all play together. Yeah, Noa has even created a life size house just for that and with a push of the button, they’re all ready. The girls argue as they want to be Tarou’s wife. Obviously Noa is more suited as a child. Deciding this by rock-scissors-paper, Arashiko wins and gets the coveted part. The house play is proceeding smoothly till Noa barges in as Tarou’s partner in adultery instead of his daughter. I suppose she doesn’t want to lose out, eh? They start presenting their case like why Tarou strayed because he can’t get no satisfaction from his wife who always beats him up upon contact in their domestic violence. Arashiko tries to prove otherwise but it was just too much for her and Tarou ends up being thrown over the table. Since Tarou is enjoying it, Arashiko fights back that he loves the pain. Their play is interrupted when Mio and the rest come crashing in. Looks like they all want a part of this too. Yeah, they start claiming they are his so and so and start beating him up. I think this is part of their excuse to take out their frustrations on him for making them worried. Since the rest continue to mock kiddie Noa, she uses her trump card. A potion that would unleash her womanly charms. Wow! She’s grown up with busty curves! For real?! She didn’t use this at first because this will bring about a bad storm. And indeed a storm is brewing. Remember that lolicon Himura? Somehow his Noa detector could sense the change in her loli body so he becomes upset and flies all the way here. With his Deluxe Hentai Belt (why is he turning into a Dragonball-like character?), Himura is in a rage that no amount of words could snap him out of it. “Everyone who uses that potion should just go to hell!!!”. Tarou is the only one who can save them. Simply because he still has that belt and with his masochistic energy converting him into that Super Saiyan, and epic power battle is on the cards. Remember, you’re not watching a Dragonball series. The battle lasted for 3 days and ended in Tarou’s victory. Freaking long! Then at the festival, Tarou spends some quality time with Arashiko.

Episode 8
Mio uses hypnotism as a test to cure his masochism. Seems to work because the test trial has him end all his sentence with ‘weird boobs’. As Mio is in the final hypnotizing stages of curing his masochism, Noa barges in and says he will fall for her charms. Yeah, now he has turned into a lolicon. They try to elope but Himura stands in their way. And got owned. In the storeroom, they’re playing some kind of game which has Noa breathing real hard. Actually it’s just some pirate-pop-up game. Mio crashes in to steal Tarou. She uses her hypnotism to cure his lolicon condition. It works but something odd… Tarou is acting like a gentleman. In an underwear! Did he turn into an even serious pervert? Well, he is now a womanizer and any woman would do! Yeah, even caressing Michiru’s calves. Discussing his worsened condition, Michiru deduces that since his masochism is forcefully sealed, it may have distorted his mind. Mio captures Tarou before he can traumatize that poor girl with his flirting (who wouldn’t get shocked to see him in his underwear?). She hypnotizes him to be a true human. Then she verbally abuses him but he feels hurt. Cured? For real? Hooray! Banzai! Next day, everything seems perfectly normal till they realize something is really wrong with Tarou. Isn’t he getting too close to Tatsukichi? Don’t tell me? It’s true! He has turned into a homo! He even confesses he loves him! They try using Arashiko’s sexy seduction but he still loves men. Then back home he is going to confess something big to Tomoko and Shizuka. Is this the moment they have been waiting for?! Has dear Tarou realized their love for him? Well, he mentions he loves Tatsukichi. Boo hoo! Oh, the shock! To counter this problem, Tatsukichi cross-dresses but Tarou also cross-dresses into a cute girl! Wow. This is something new. Men dressed as girls loving each other in public. So are you gay or lesbian? To stem Tarou’s advances, he is locked in a cage but Arashiko pities him and lets him out. They talk things out and share the same can drink. Arashiko tells him about the indirect kiss but Tarou thinks of trying this on Tatsukichi. Arashiko is so heartbroken that she pleads for him not to fall for men. Mio is upset Tarou caused her to cry and beats him up like a punching bag. As he is sent flying into the sky, Tarou meets his other inner self as the seal over his masochism is unlocked. When he comes crashing down, he starts relishing all the pain that hurts so good. Though they’re back to square one, I guess they wouldn’t have Tarou as anybody else except an M. That itself best suits him. Okay, prepare for more beating up then. It feels good to be back, doesn’t it?

Episode 9
With the school cultural festival tomorrow, Tarou’s class rep, Kirino Ayasegawa approaches him about his booth at the festival. He invites her too visit them if she has any problems but she says she is too busy with committee work. During the festival, Nobody patrons the Second Volunteer Club’s booth and this is irritating Mio. They got their first customer when frantic Tenchou says his lover, Ruri-ruri is missing! Turns out it his daimakura (a big pillow with a character, usually a 2D female printed on it). Go look for it yourself! Tarou helps him find it and Tenchou is happily reunited with his lover since it was with Kirino (she was about to get rid of that suspicious thing). Kirino then wants to discuss something with Tarou. He rushes back to Mio explaining that Kirino showed him a threatening letter to their club that they will pay for their sins. Mio is all fired up and goes around searching for the culprit. But it seems like they’re going around the festivals like as though they’re a couple. Tarou sees Mio happily enjoying her crepe so much so he gives her his share and she is afraid of cats when they patron that a cafe is using felines as its theme. Then they spot the beauty contest and unbelievably, Antoinette is taking part! I wonder what happens if the truth is out? More shockingly, Shizuka and Tomoko are participating! Why? The prize is a trip to the hotsprings for two. Oh dear. Shizuka and Tomoko try to sabotage each other’s chances but they both got disqualified. Who wants to believe a college student and an old broad as students of this school? Then they visit the haunted house. Tarou is being a wimp even if all those realistic ghost effects are fake. Mio is cool till the final ghost turns out to be a cat. She cowers in fear in Tarou’s arms till he comforts her and holds her hand. But in a flash, Tarou is suddenly kidnapped. When he comes to at the rooftop, he sees a bunch of cult people. The leader takes off her mask and turns out to be Kirino. She is the leader of MFC. No, not some profanity word, mind you. It stands for Mio-sama’s Fan Club and they idolize that sadist. Tarou realizes they are the ones who wrote that threatening letter. Kirino asks his relationship with Mio and wants to know if they are lovers since they have dated once. He denies. You’d think that answer will make him safe from the hands of those fanatics, right? Nope. Instead, if Tarou had admitted he was her lover, they would accept every pain and pleasure Mio had been through. By denying so, it is like he is monopolizing Mio for his own selfish desires! WTF?! She is going to teach this piece of sh*t a lesson of flirting with Mio in public. At that time, Mio barges in (after threatening Noa about his whereabouts but spotted him on the rooftop). Mio finds out what is happening and doesn’t give a sh*t about their club’s doing. Yeah, they love Mio so much that they got ecstatic when she ticks them off. Doesn’t it make them feel like losers? Kirino apologizes for what they have done and disbands MFC. Mio lets them off with a warning never to pull off this kind of stunt again but if they have any trouble, they should come to her club. During the night’s bonfire, Tarou and Mio blushingly hold each other’s hand. However Arashiko is not happy and confronts them. She has been trying to find Tarou the whole day because she too wanted to go around the festival with him. Now she sees this and they’re having so much fun holding hands. Unknowingly Arashiko holds Tarou’s hand too before her fear gets the better of her and both girls start beating him up. Yeah, it sure ends with a bang as always. Can you blame Tarou for being the happiest man alive?

Episode 10
Arashiko is acting strange. She is being a sadist and subjects Tarou to verbal abuse. Not that he hates it. She even makes him eat a hard bread roll. Wait! Isn’t that a brick?! Yumi confronts Tarou in the female’s toilet and wants to know what he did to tick Arashiko off like that. Of course he doesn’t know. Kirino thought he is cheating on Mio but Antoinette brings her ‘servant’ out. Mio and Tarou are brainstorming to find an answer to Arashiko’s behaviour. Since nothing comes out of it, Mio subjects him to torture. When Arashiko sees this, she falls to her knees and thinks she can’t win. She convinces Mio to give her a few days off. Seems she is doing some harsh training in the woods with Yumi as her instructor. When she returns after 3 days, she instantly challenges Mio to a duel. A match to determine who is the real sadist. If she doesn’t do so, she will quit this club. Michiru can understand why Arashiko is doing this and allows it. Let’s say it’s a woman’s intuition. The prize will Tarou and the winner gets to do anything to him for a whole day. The matches will be best out of 3 and the winner of each round is decided with the one awakening Tarou’s masochism the most. To be fair to Arashiko’s androphobia, no touching of Tarou is allowed. The first round is cosplay sadist. Mio’s nun outfit and sin confessing sadism beats Arashiko’s policewoman’s arrest. Though Mio notes Arashiko isn’t bad, but she’s just copying her and thus chasing her shadow. The second round is silent sadism in which they have to awaken his masochism without speaking. Mio goes for boxing and lets her fist do the talking but Arashiko’s winter outfit and creative use of the handphone to send SMS abuse turns the table around. With both girls a win each, the final round is item sadist and they have to use an item presented to awaken that M guy. Mio uses a panda as a substitute for Tarou while Arashiko a sketchbook and playing with puns. Tarou got so excited that he passes out. He wakes up at the infirmary with Arashiko by his side. She reveals that she is doing this because during the festival, she thought he liked someone like Mio more and thus she needed to surpass Mio’s sadism. If he keeps up with Mio’s sadism, his masochism may get worse. But she realizes she can’t beat Mio. However Tarou tells her the circumstances he was in during the festival and it’s not like he loves a sadistic person and if she turns into one, his body won’t be able to take it all. He prefers Arashiko to return back to her usual self because he likes that Arashiko better. She flusters upon hearing that so she agrees to do as he says. As he leaves, she tugs his shirt and accidentally touches him. No prizes to guess what happens next.

Episode 11
Great Teacher Mio (doesn’t have a nice ring to it if you ask me) is educating Tarou about his rotten masochism. During all that, Tarou slips on a blackboard duster and loses his memory. Though it will be just temporary, they’ll have to make do with this Tarou who doesn’t remember them nor is a masochist. Poor Tomoko and Shizuka are disheartened that Tarou doesn’t remember them. You got to hear mommy’s words: “Surely you do remember your mother even long before you’re born?”. Obviously there is something very wrong with that question. However, see their evil grin on their faces? They must have hatched some wicked plan… Shizuka comes in pretending that she is pregnant! Then Tomoko too! See the horrified look on poor Tarou’s face as he realized he did in his family! He is so in despair that he didn’t realize Tomoko and Shizuka started fighting each other with the pillow they hid underneath as their bulging tummy. Then meeting with Arashiko, she tries to remember the time they spent together so he wonders if they are lovers. Arashiko is in a dilemma to lie but eventually did so since Tarou was going to start to believe such a cute and nice girl couldn’t be his girlfriend. Then seeing her contorted face (because of the lie), he starts fearing that he too must have screwed her just like he did with his family!!! Oh, what have you done? He asks if she is having his baby and when he touches her, she sends him flying. He feels this bittersweet sensation but couldn’t put his finger on it. At school, Tatsukichi starts talking to him and is prepared to offer his help. But Yumi cuts in between them and breaks them apart. She thinks his gay condition has returned. Since Tarou doesn’t remember, Yumi explains he already confessed he liked Tatsukichi and even pushed him down and took his virginity! So okay, maybe the last bit she was pushing it but poor Tarou now thinks after his mother, sister and girlfriend, his best friend too got screwed! HAHAHA! He laid his hands on just about anybody. Then seeing Michiru in the infirmary, she is sorting all the photos of girls she took by genre. He picks up one whereby he was cross-dressing. Guess what happens when he finds out it was him in that dress? Oh! The horror! Now he thinks he is a perverted cross-dresser.

As he wallows in despair, Arashiko tells him that she doesn’t have his baby (yet) and wants him to take her to the zoo. Now? Right in the middle of class? Though his memory doesn’t return, he thanks Arashiko for the charm she gave him because he feels calm with it and will do his best to remember everything about her. Noa interrupts and doesn’t want him to fall for a woman like her. She fixes him up implanting fake memories into his head! But her plan backfires because the machine is being powered by Himura and his lolicon got the better of him and chases Noa to the ends of the Earth. At the end of the day, Arashiko feels sad that he isn’t close to remembering himself so she runs away. Tarou walks back to school and in the clubroom, Mio’s ‘weapons’ cause this nostalgic feeling in him. Mio is upset that he is looking like her like some stranger and beats him up to remind him the perverted M he is. Yeah, he’s starting to feel good about getting kicked. Tarou runs for his life when she comes chasing him with a bat to return his memories but Arashiko shields him. She asks Mio what she thinks of Tarou. Mio has a hard time answering so Arashiko says she loves Tarou. Mio stutters as she thinks up of something and comes up with that irritated feeling of seeing his face. Tarou stands up and realizes that both of their feelings have reached him. He thinks they’ve been fighting over him before he lost his memory and doesn’t want them to fight anymore. He touches Arashiko so both girls send him flying outside. This causes his memories to return. But the odd thing is, he doesn’t remember everything that has happened when he got amnesia. Too bad, he won’t be remembering Arashiko’s confession. Mio walks up to him and warns him never to forget her before giving his usual punishment. Though Arashiko thanks Mio for returning Tarou back to normal, she says she won’t lose and seriously asks her what she thinks of Tarou. She didn’t hesitate and replies he is her servant. Release the sadism!

Episode 12
The Second Volunteer Club members are putting up Christmas trees around town so that they could help and grant wishes for those who write on them. Doesn’t it feel like the Tanabata festival then? Though the response isn’t good, many of the requests are unrealistic and the wishers don’t even leave their name behind. There are only 2 valid requests, which is to either help out a cake shop or a cafe. The gang splits up and realize both stores locate directly opposite each other. Rivals? They take on the challenge of beating the other but what is match without incentives? The prize? You guessed it: Tarou. You can do anything with him if you win. This condition again? But I don’t think it gets old because Arashiko and Noa are up for it as they will be working at the cake shop along with Yumi and Michiru while the rest at the cafe. Mio enters the cafe and realizes it is run by Kirino and her dad. Mio and Tarou disguise as lovers to spy the cake shop. Yumi, not realizing who they are (seriously?) has them play a game whereby they have to eat a biscuit stick till the finish and the ultimate prize (a kiss) awaits them at the end. Mio and Tarou are embarrassed but slowly munch their way. Just when they are a breath away from locking lips, Arashiko spots and recognizes them and breaks them apart. Heading back to the cafe, Mio thinks of making new items for the menu. The squid ink spaghetti (or is it Carbonara?) looks horrible… Why give it to Tarou to try? Because he is an M! Don’t try this because as Kirino and her dad found out the hard way how horrible it tastes after thinking how great Mio’s cooking is based on Tarou’s reaction. Then a competition to attract customers with coffee at half price by the cake shop. Mio isn’t going to lose out and sells everything at dirt cheap prices. Arashiko and co retaliates using womanly and loli charms so Mio counters it by having Tatsukichi and Tarou cross-dress as maids. Tarou is a big hit with the guys! But the cake shop girls try seducing the crowd with adult charms so all the perverted guys started pushing and grabbing. They don’t know about Arashiko’s condition right? POW! Hey look, it’s raining men! It occurred to me that all the customers are just perverts and wants to ‘eat’ the ladies than buying the things they sell. Didn’t you notice that?

Later as everyone rests in the cafe and claims the match to be a draw, a little boy comes in saying he has made reservations to celebrate a friend’s birthday today at 4pm. The gang realizes they have sold out everything and have no choice but to turn him down. However Mio says they are going to grant his wish and delegates duties for all of them and makes the impossible possible. They manage to get everything ready in time and during the celebration, Tarou notices Mio singing happy birthday to herself. He starts thinking that today may be her birthday and as told by Michiru, she always spends her birthday alone but this year was different and perhaps her only wish was to stay together with everyone. Tarou SMS to the rest to plan a birthday surprise for Mio. But while they need time to get ready, Tarou will have to distract her. How? Insult her flat chests! See that deadly aura? It means you’re in big sh*t! Good luck staying alive. Mio is persistent hunting him down and when she catches up, she is willing to hear his last words. He wonders why she can’t be honest to herself. How can she fulfil wishes of others when she can’t fulfil her own? Tarou has one thing he has always wanted to say to her. This catches her by surprise because when it seems he is going to confess, he touches her boobs to confirm that she is really flat. “DIE YOU F*CKING ASSHOLE!!!!!!!!!”. All the water in the world won’t put out her fiery rage. Tarou rushes back to the clubroom in time for everyone to surprise her with a birthday cheer. Mio is overcome with emotions that she can’t control her tears although she keeps denying. Before she extinguishes the candles, there is somebody’s life she wants to extinguish first. Hehe… As everyone celebrates, Mio thanks him and would like to give him her present. One big drop kick! Panty shot included! Best Christmas present ever! Hey, what do you know? This is the first real fanservice we’ve seen since the series began.

Hidden Video Recording Camera
Speaking of fanservice, you’ll get that much needed fix if you buy the DVDs. Albeit not much but it’s better than none for those of you who are just begging to see some pantsu. Though each special are short and lasts around 2 minutes, there are 2 types of specials. One of them being Hidden Video Recording Camera. As we know, Michiru’s fetish of not only capturing girls’ beautiful body is confined to cameras but videos as well. So she places them in a strategically hidden position as we see her capture the girls changing and in their undies before discovering the voyeur. However there are only 3 of this kind of specials, one each for Mio, Arashiko and Noa. But what puzzles me is that at the end of it, we see Michiru waking up from her slumber having fallen asleep in front of her laptop. Apparently she is working and editing some Photoshop work of the girls in skimpy outfits and pose. Fakes? Compilation? Whatever it is, she must sure love it very much. Why no Yumi or even Shizuka and Tomoko? Not into older women, I take? And not even one on herself (perhaps as something accidental or something)? Not to mention the one on Tarou cosplaying. I remember she did mention that was her favourite one but I guess to us viewers, we’re not into traps, aren’t we?

The other type of special is called SS! Yes, the opposite of the M word. But don’t expect to see some freaking violent bash ups in all of the 6 clips. Like in SS! 1, Mio is ‘paralyzed’ when a cat pounds on her. She gets so scared that to the eyes of some (read: perverts), she looks so stimulating and helpless that you might want to do her in! Eventually Arashiko shoos away the cat and Mio hugs her warm body. SS! 2 must be the most stimulating one because Yumi is giving Mio the ultimate body massage. More like molesting. Yumi is so good that Mio is ambiguously breathing deep and hard and putting on that expression that only perverts will revel in joy. Though Arashiko tries to stop her, she too falls under her magical fingers. Yeah, make it a threesome. In SS! 3, while Noa is playing ball with Tarou, she accidentally injures herself. Albeit not serious, she starts fantasizing all the hentai play Tarou will do to her to heal her wound. Oh Tarou, you’re going to need lots of denying to prevent that from happening. Shizuka is heartbroken in SS! 4 because the guy she loves dumped her when she confessed! Am I hearing things right? She loves another guy? For real? Anyway Tarou agrees to comfort her by hugging her tightly as requested. Then I guess she isn’t satisfied and wants more as she wants him to say how much he loves her. Repeatedly. This awakens her perverted side because she starts stripping and is going to rape him! Even twisting his words that he wanted to have sex with her! Poor Tomoko misheard that but it gets worse because she too wants Tarou to do the same to her. And so the battle for Tarou continues… SS! 5 sees the MFC losers watching a spy camera on Mio, following her around everywhere she goes, anything she does. They get the thrill of seeing say anything or do any action. Though Mio eventually finds out their hideous act and squishes the camera, the MFC losers love her even more. Yeah, these people are the true M. Is this how they are trying to protect Mio’s beauty? Finally SS! 6 has Mio bringing Arashiko and Noa to a hotspring that could cure Arashiko’s androphobia. Man, it can cure a lot of other diseases as well! Crap! But Mio is the naughty one as she pulls off the towels from the rest and washes their body before having a nice long soak. I don’t know how this will cure Arashiko’s problem. We know the results at the end of the TV series, right? Perhaps all in the mind?

Sometimes Receiving Is Better Than Giving…
I must admit that as I watched the series, it was getting draggy and repetitive. I mean, in every episode, it’s almost the same thing. Mio beats up Tarou, he enjoys it, Tarou accidentally touches Arashiko, she gets scared, he gets beaten up, he also enjoys it. It’s getting rather stale at this rate so much so it was no longer funny as it should be when it first started. But the penultimate episode whereby Tarou got amnesia, that was the funniest episode ever and I was laughing so hard that I forgot about this repetition. I was hoping to see some reaction and consequence from Shizuka and Tomoko after Tarou retrieved his memories back and especially the disappointed look on their face when they weren’t able to ‘brainwash’ Tarou into their ideal beloved. The final episode didn’t have that cure-Tarou theme too so I guess that’s why I didn’t feel the drag when it ended. Though I would have prefer the ending to do better than that.

So Tarou didn’t get his masochism close to anywhere cured and Arashiko still punching men upon contact. So it’s back to square one. As good as never getting treated at all. The more he receives pain, the more pleasure he gets. No wonder he can’t stop this ‘addiction’. But look on the bright sight, they get to make friends with each other, right? The kind of friends that beat you up, that is. I think Mio is rather a sadist because as we know, even her theory of beating the crap out of him to awaken his survival instincts to replace his masochism doesn’t really work, after a few trashing, an intelligent girl like Mio should’ve realized that violence is not the answer. At least not in the long run. Therefore it can mean only one thing: Mio is an S. Possibly a tsundere too because based on her body language, we all know that deep down inside her sadistic heart, she likes Tarou and couldn’t admit it when Arashiko questions her. At least Arashiko fares just slightly better than Tarou in terms of overcoming her fear of men. Generally she still has that phobia but at least with Tarou, she doesn’t feel afraid. Just don’t touch her. Hey, being less afraid of one guy is better than none, right? And I think she too doesn’t fear Tatsukichi that much either. I was hoping there was a short flashback on Mio’s past to shed some light on certain things like why she is afraid of cats or her real reason to set up this Second Volunteer Club. Well, her high and mighty attitude makes her consider herself as God but really, if she was truly one, Tarou’s masochism would’ve been cured at first go, right? Besides, she too in a way is imperfect with her own weaknesses and peculiar habits. So perhaps she really is a sadistic and BuTarou is her living punching bag and excuse to take out whatever frustrations she has pent up. So if you’re like that pig boy, Mio is definitely your God. May God bless you and have mercy on your soul. Get what I’m saying?

I thought Noa would be an addition to the ‘love triangle’ between Tarou, Mio and Arashiko. Though she did fall in love with him, but I don’t feel that she made any impact except being an annoying loli side character. Basically if it’s a fight over Tarou, it’s down to just Mio and Arashiko. Besides, I don’t feel Noa as a genius as proclaimed. Her inventions go awfully wrong after some time. Maybe love dumbed down her intelligence? Remember that case in Itazura Na Kiss? Dumb girl makes smart guy falls for her even if he said he hates stupid girls. Ah, the power of love… Over to the other love chemistry, I wonder if Yumi is still really interested in Tatsukichi seeing that guy doesn’t seem too attracted to her. Besides, she doesn’t know of his cross-dressing fetish. Would her perception of him change if she finds out? And if Tatsukichi isn’t interested in continuing their love, could he just have told this to her assuming this will get her ticked off? Maybe the workings of her fingers are something to be feared of. She can turn paradise into torture before you know it.

The most amusing and probably my most favourite characters are Tomoko and Shizuka. I never get tired of seeing their perverted and evil schemes to make Tarou theirs, especially sabotaging and arguing over each other. Some kind of mother and daughter. Besides, why does Tomoko look young enough to be Tarou’s sister?! I just wished they had more screen time so that I can laugh my heart out each time they try and fail miserably. I’m not sure if they are aware of his masochism because if they do, they would be hitting him every day and sending him to heaven. That way, he may ‘fall in love’ with them and never leave the house. Hah. That’s just my theory. But then again, Shizuka and Tomoko don’t look like the kind of woman that would hit a fly. On the contrary, maybe they would if they get desperate enough over Tarou.

Somehow the perverted theme of this anime had me remembering the other anime series that I recently watched whereby everyone else is a pervert in one way or another. Doesn’t it feel like a much violent version of Onii-chan No Koto Nanka Zenzen Suki Janain Dakara Ne? Yeah, another trivial difference is the length of its anime title. Mio and Tarou are the S&M pair, Himura the lolicon, Tatsukichi the cross-dresser, Tenchou the 2D lover, Noa the pervert-transforming scientist-cum-loli, Yumi probably a bisexual because she’s still into Tatsukichi but is also fond of groping Arashiko’s boobs, Shizuka and Tomoko with their Tarou-complex-cum-obsession, the MFC members because of the excitement they get just about anything that has to do with Mio and yes, Michiru due to her penchant of taking photos of girls in costumes. She must have amassed a huge collection by now. So don’t you see? Even without turning the entire world into perverts, everybody is already one in their own way.

Jun Fukuyama definitely suits his role as Tarou. He really makes his character sound like he enjoys all the pain. In a way, he sounded so gay too… Yeah, brings back memories like how he voiced Grell in Kuroshitsuji or Kakeru in Akikan. Whenever I hear Ayana Taketatsu’s name, every other role she plays will have me forever associating her with Azusa from K-ON! Here as Mio, she really sounds like a very sadistic version of Azusa and if this was K-ON!, Yui is going to really die! Release the pain! At first I thought it was Kana Hanazawa who was voicing Arashiko but it turns out to be Saori Hayami (Musubi in Sekirei). Maybe it’s because of her shaky and vulnerable voice portraying Arashiko (something I feel Kana Hanazawa can equally and easily depict) as someone who is greatly trying to overcome her phobia but isn’t anywhere near to getting over her fear of men. As usual, I can never seem to recognize the voice of Rie Tanaka as Michiru (Suigin Tou of Rozen Maiden) since she didn’t pull off any crazy screaming and Rina Satou as Tatsukichi (Misaka in To Aru Kagaku No Railgun) maybe because her voice wasn’t unique enough for me to remember ;p. It’s always that feeling of “I-think-I-heard-this-voice-somewhere-before-but-I-can’t-put-my-finger-on-it”. Other casts include Sayuri Yahagi as Noa (Haruna in To Love-Ru), Yuko Gibu as Yumi (Maon in Tamayura), Kana Asumi as Shizuka (Yuno in Hidamari Sketch), Sayaka Ohara as Tomoko (Raquel in Scrapped Princess, Alicia in Aria The animation), Tsubasa Yonaga as Himura (Jun in Special A, Hanabusa in Yumeiro Patissiere), Tomokazu Sugita as Tenchou (Gintoki in Gintama) and Ryoko Shintani as Kirino (Milfeulle in Galaxy Angel).

If you keep your ears peeled, you will notice that there are 2 versions of opening themes. Actually they sound the same, just that the lyrics are changed depending if they are the Hell version or Heaven version. Say what? Uh huh. Help!! -Hell Side- by Ayana Taketatsu as the name suggests, the lyrics are more devilish and sadistic. Especially that “Go to Hell, desu!” line. Something befitting the theme of the series and the punishment Mio is going to impose on a certain masochist. But this naughty version only lasts for the first four episodes. After that and right till the end, it will be Help!! -Heaven Side- by the duet of Ayana Taketatsu and Saori Hayami. The lyrics now sound friendlier and helpful with the line “Go to Heaven” replacing that hell line. The ending theme is More-more Lovers by Natsuko Aso and sounds like a dance song. You can dance to the beat of Mio and Arashiko onscreen if you want to. To me, the song sounded a little weird. Maybe it’s her voice. The special ending theme for the final episode, Happy Birthday My Holy Day by Ayana Taketatsu is a slow and calming ballad befitting the end of the TV series. As for the drawing and art, the character design and looks somehow reminded me of Kanokon. Well, that’s because this show is produced by Xebec who was also responsible for Kanokon. Though I would say that the characters here look slightly better as compared to that said anime.

So what do we learn after watching this show? That violence is not the answer! But let not this be a glove that fits all because in certain circumstances, it would be something like ‘spare the rod, spoil the child’. It’s amazing after all that whacking, Tarou do not suffer any broken bones or concussion. I know his body is meant to take all the abuse but there has to be a limit to all that he can take. I guess in this world you can really group people into either an S or M. I mean, I’m not sure whether this is a joke or not but during the opening and ending credits of the series, next to the staff’s name, there is an S or M indication! I can safely say the ratio is 50:50. See, the world is a much balanced place. Now with the S&M question out of the way, the next one would be, are you uke or seme? Don’t understand what it means? Need me to whack that into your head?

Seikon No Qwaser II

December 17, 2011

What the hell?! I can’t believe they actually made a second season! More importantly, why the heck am I even watching Seikon No Qwaser II?! After all, everyone who watches this series is a pervert. You’re in for the tits sucking, right? Don’t lie to yourself. Admit it. You just want to see girls get their boobs sucked and the moaning they make which ambiguously borders between satisfaction and pain. As for me, I was hoping there would be some sort of change. Oh, I don’t know, maybe the plot and storyline. Because I’m not in for tits sucking, that’s why. Hah! You’re calling me a liar already, aren’t you?

Who cares about the plot and what’s going on since all we’re ever interested is in sucking breast milk. And even if you do need one, all you need to know about the basics practically are 1) Qwasers = humans with the ability to control a particular element. 2) They power up by drinking Souma, which is breast milk. That’s where the sucking comes from. That’s what half of the show is made up. 3) There is some fight between good and evil groups over some holy object which we couldn’t care less to remember its tongue-twisting-hard-to-pronounce name.

As usual, there are the censored and uncensored version. I have watched a fair share of both and my verdict is that if you’re going to watch this series and really enjoy it, and I mean enjoy it in the sense as to understand what is going on, you are much better off watching the UNCENSORED version. Trust me, it is less annoying though it may be disgusting and distasteful (unless you’re talking about yummy Souma, but that’s not the point). However this time, the censored element isn’t putting another scene or still picture. My, it is in the form of a blinding light! It’s either you see a streak of bright light across the screen covering those indecent parts or just the boobs part. The worse one has got to be when the whole character becomes the blinding light itself! It’s like as though they’re angels but they’re not. You can’t see anything. Can’t see their face, can’t see their action. It’s like somebody cut them out and in place of the blank space is a blinding light. So believe me, do yourself a favour and watch the uncensored version not because you are a pervert (by the way, you are one since you’re watching this series to begin with) but rather for less annoyance. If you’re still thinking that you prefer all those annoying censors, then you shouldn’t be watching this series in the first place. I mean, you already have 1 foot in the grave, might as well put the other one in too :).

Episode 1
The sequel starts off exactly where we were left off in that teasing ending back in the first season. Our moody tundra boy Qwaser hero, Alexander Nikolaevich Hell or more fondly known as Sasha is infiltrating another school with Hana as his new Maria. Yeah, the first episode goes as far as to remind viewers what this series is all about. It opens with Sasha sucking boobs, oops, I mean Souma of some hapless girl. However he notes she isn’t the Magdalena of Thunder. As narrated, the High Ancient Circuit consists of 5 items that cannot be reproduced or replaced. They are the Sword of Maria, Magdalena of Thunder, Noah of Gold, Moses of Silence and David of Resurrection. The Magdalena of Thunder’s whereabouts have been unknown for a long time. Till now. Yuri assigns Sasha to infiltrate all-girls Suirei Private High to find that said Magdalena and has Hana as his Maria. Well, she was in thinking she would see Katja again but to her dismay was paired with this tundra boy. To make things worse, Katja even left a note to say that she transferred her to him! You’ve been abandoned, girl. So in Suirei, Sasha against his will has to cross-dress as a girl and make friends will everyone. This means he has to wear women’s underwear though he still mocks Hana of being inferior He seems quite popular (and Hana is boastful like Miyuri!). Till he starts squeezing girls’ boobs in public. Thank God he has Hana to put him in place. Suirei seems to have a virtual system that ‘manufactures geniuses’. Inside the virtual world, Sasha’s boobs are the largest! It must be some setting problem but as Hana points out, it’s a reflection of his lust for you-know-what. They make friends with the quiet Tsubasa Amano, meet the obnoxious Ayame Satsuki and spot the leader of the sorority Miyuki Seta gracefully winning a sword fight. Since Sasha doesn’t respect her much, Miyuki goes up to him and wants to know his real identity. It’s because there are several criminal cases of women being treaded upon on this school. Investigations can’t be done since all victims refused to speak about it.

She challenges Sasha to a duel whereby the loser must listen and abide to everything the winner wishes. Sasha without hesitation accepts. Hey, all he has to do is win, right? Because he’s not used to the settings, Sasha takes a beating and is close to being stripped naked by the sword. Then only in his undies, he blabs something about the mind and body being the same. See how he uses his own jelly boobs gracefully?! He turns the tables and in a single strike rips all of Miyuki’s clothes! She’s naked! Since it’s Sasha’s win, he squeezes her boobs! And then she wants her to accompany him after school. Miyuki has no choice but to do so and to her surprise, from her point of view it may look like rape. Yeah, Sasha starts stripping her top and sucks her boobs! He notes she has excellent Souma and will be a good Maria but realizes she is expecting something. After sucking his feel, he tells her to go home and not say a word of this to anyone. Hey, Hana is keeping a list of girls that Sasha has raped, I mean sucked! Miyuki must be feeling so violated. Very, very violated. She takes a shower and laments how she is being soiled. Jita can tell she’s very bothered and heard she has lost. Though Miyuki doesn’t want to talk about it, Jita gets forceful and hugs her. Violation round 2. Jita can’t forgive that another woman for laying her hands on Miyuki while she isn’t around. Sasha continues his sucking but the results are zero. Yeah, as Hana pointed out she’s already done in 20% of the school. So he’s going to suck them all?! People are getting suspicious, you know. Sasha returns to class and he is more popular than ever. Hana talks to Tsubasa and thinks she will need to investigate too. Oh, the Adepts are still alive and going strong. Wang Chen is seen outside Suirei and saying the Magdalena of Thunder will fall into their hands.

Episode 2
In order not to forget some of the characters from the previous season, we see Miyuri and Mitarai pay Tomo a visit. She has prepared a bath for them. What else? More boobs. Mitarai seems to be taking it okay with her flat chest. Or not. Wang Chen infiltrates Suirei as the class’ new Data Coordination instructor, Yukinobu Ou. He praises Tsubasa for doing a fine work with her programming. Later Wang Chen meets Jita and tells her she has to continue observing Miyuki since she has the highest chance of holding Magdalena of Thunder within her. Jita also wants to beat up the new transfer students (Sasha and Hana) so Wang Chen leaves it to her hands. Miyuki is so gloomy that she is probably conscious about her boobs. I mean, after getting violated like that, could you blame her? Tsubasa notices this and goes to talk to her. In the bath, probably she took the wrong topic to start off by saying how their boobs were once the same size. She also mentions when they were young, Tsubasa promised to be her wife. She thinks that she did something to make Miyuki hate her but the latter disagrees and it’s not her fault. Miyuki laments that she can’t give Tsubasa her ‘first time’ anymore. Though Tsubasa is okay with it and doesn’t want to be a burden to her, but Miyuki isn’t satisfied still. It’s like she doesn’t need her anymore. Then she runs away. While Miyuki continues to be gloomy, Sasha becomes more popular when he manages to help others with their programming (because it has to do with the iron element). Ayame notices Miyuki gloominess and feels for her when Jita comes up to her. She plays mind games with her like saying how she’s the only one who understands Miyuki. She also says there are rumours that Sasha may be tricking students here into something by using outrageous methods. Perhaps Miyuki is also a victim? Because of that, Ayame feels the need to protect her onee-sama.

Wang Chen meanwhile infiltrates Suirei’s central headquarters as he wonders if Harayuki Amano was able to complete the Neumann-type liquid particle computer. He easily hacks the main supercomputer to find the Magdalena of Thunder’s location. Ayame challenges Sasha to a duel but lost. Yeah, don’t even need to show how. I guess those fight scenes are replaced with short flashbacks of how nerdy Ayame was bullied and ostracised till only Miyuki accepted her. Ayame wants to continue to battle but Miyuki fells she has done enough. Now Miyuki wants to challenge Sasha again but Tsubasa steps in. Tsubasa doesn’t break a sweat while Sasha is pushed to a corner. In the end, Tsubasa flawlessly wins, leaving loser Sasha naked. Jita praises Tsubasa but since the latter has no intention to uphold the decree, Jita takes this as she’s throwing her right and will be the one decreeing instead. Jita binds Sasha and caresses those big wonderful tender and lovely boobs. How does it feel now to be molested, eh? Yeah, how does it feel to have your boobs sucked and pinched. Due to the system’s instability, everyone is logged out. So you could say Sasha is saved from further humiliation. Jita receives mail from Wang Chen saying that she can’t suck Souma in the virtual world. Plus, Sasha is a guy. Oh, Jita has never felt so pissed in her life. Even back in the room, Sasha is reeling from the humiliation so much so Hana mocks him that he called his lover’s name (Mafuyu). But Sasha is not going to be intimidated and wants to suck her Souma. She lets him. As usual, he is rough. Then it hit him. When he was sucked upon, he realized the sensation of what a woman felt. Yes, he realized his sucking techniques were wrong all this time! Took you 1 bloody season to realize that! Hey, even doing that is morally wrong! And Wang Chen is satisfied that he has found the Magdalena of Thunder: Tsubasa.

Episode 3
Ayame continues to execute her revenge for Miyuki via sneak attack on Sasha. Of course it fails so Sasha punishes her by sucking her boobs! Is he using her as practice to suck the correct way? By the way, what is the correct way anyway? Wang Chen is seen getting friendly with one of his students, Megumi Shiba. I’m sure any girl her age would be infatuated with a mature guy like him so she didn’t suspect he drugged her drink. Sasha and Hana continue to have petty argument on underwear laundry, Katja, Mafuyu, boobs. What else? Then Tsubasa comes in and a little moment of clumsiness has some laundry detergent spilled on her. Hana takes a bath with her so I guess she too must be good in doing some skinship. Yeah, I suppose that’s a way to milk out some information. Like how Tsubasa’s grandpa built this academy and was the first chairman, Tsubasa and Miyuki are very close. Then 6 years ago, grandpa died mysteriously so Miyuki vowed to protect her. However Tsubasa feels Miyuki is sacrificing everything to protect her and is like a slave (is it a wonder Hana reacted so happily to that word?). Hana continues with more seductive skinship but this is her scheme so that Sasha could suck her Souma. Taking this opportunity, the verdict on Tsubasa’s Souma: She’s not the Magdalena of Thunder. Megumi wakes up seeing several other girls encased in a tube like herself. Wang Chen sucks her boobs and tells her that she’s going to be like the rest. Then he becomes Wolverine. Oops, I mean he sticks his long fingernails into her back to knock her out while proclaiming the time to awaken the Magdalena of Thunder is at hand. In order not to arouse the suspicions of the others, Wang Chen informs the missing students are to assist in the development of a new production model computer, thus they won’t be attending classes. Ayame doesn’t give up and continues to ambush Sasha but as usual she fails. She gets her boobs sucked again. But how come her face looks happy? Wang Chen calls Tsubasa and brings her down to the supercomputer. Since mentioning the Magdalena of Thunder doesn’t ring a bell to her, he notes that her memories are truly erased. He shows his true colours as he tells her the Magdalena of Thunder is an ability that allows to control any kind of electronic information at will. And he’s going to have that ability. Tsubasa tries to flee but falls into his trap.

Sasha and Hana are pondering if they have missed something in their investigation. Hana falls into Ayame’s trap meant for Sasha. I guess this confirms it. Ayame is getting used to get her boobs sucked by Sasha. Sasha is attacked by an element and notices that is carbon transformed into diamond. Appearing out of the woods is Jita. She wants to get revenge for making her suck his man boobs by taking away his manhood. Or die. Sasha beats Jita not because of their elemental powers but rather capabilities. Before he can strike the final blow, Jita is protected by some glass. Sasha notices it to be a silicon specialist. He turns out to be Wang Chen. While Jita is reeling from shock, Wang Chen combines carbon and silicon to make something hard like diamond. Then he summons several virtual machines and starts attacking Sasha. Now it’s Sasha’s turn to lose. Feels like deja vu because before Sasha could bite the dust, great flames blast away the machines. Who is the heroine on stage? Why, it’s Katja and her Mama! She’s back! Guess who is so bloody glad to see her? She’s been called in because Sasha has become inefficient lately (probably that’s part of her sarcasm). Wang Chen realizes he is no match for them so he retreats with Jita. Before that, he shoots his fingernails at Katja but Hana covers her and takes a direct hit on her back neck. Hana’s out, Sasha’s down from exhaustion and Ayame still in her fantasy world, is it no surprise Katja is wondering what the heck is going on?

Episode 4
Hana is in some sort of dream world and Katja is being nice to her, her caressing sweet lips all over her body and willing to do anything for her. However Hana knows this is not the real Katja because Katja is a mean S-queen. Ah well, the offer’s over. Katja returns to her typical sadistic ways and turns on Hana the way she likes it, rough and hard. That’s more like it. In reality, Wang Chen is observing that pervert in some simulation. Jita is having doubts about the mission so Wang Chen assures her that since the Magdalena of Thunder is in their grasp, all they need now is to make it work and take it out. Sasha and Hana are unconscious as Katja sits by them. She mentions about Hana leaving her body and can’t revive herself. Later she purposely bumps into Ayame. Katja acts all cutesy so a dimwit like Ayame is suddenly taken into her. Who wouldn’t? But it’s a trap so that she could lure her and unleash her typical sadistic trap and blackmail Ayame into revealing how to enter the virtual world since she is part of the sorority and has access. I guess Ayame has to be the one holding the record of getting the most violation, boobs caressed and sucked. Yeah, now it’s Katja’s turn to impose all those on her. To up the ante, Katja even thinks of simulcasting this life to the school! Ayame is pretty stubborn but Katja has more tricks up her sleeve. Yeah, she somehow got hold of Ayame’s love letter to Miyuki. Knowing that she’s holding, she throws the letter and makes her pee on it!!! SICK! In the end, no one can stand up to Katja so it’s best that Ayame submit to her. Yeah, now she’s her new onee-sama. Oh Hana, you’ve got a sister. Or is it a rival? Aren’t those caressing reserved only for Hana, now Ayame’s experiencing it? Jita meets up with Miyuki (still gloomy). Learning that she’s looking for Tsubasa (who has been missing is), she asks what would she do if she knows where she is. Miyuki replies without hesitation she’ll do anything to save her. Jita tells her that she is a Qwaser and her mission is about to finish and they’ll never meet again. She wants Miyuki to forget about Tsubasa since she’s an outsider. However Miyuki still thinks she’s the only one who can save her. Later Miyuki deletes all the childhood photos of her and Tsubasa. Sasha is dreaming why he can best Wang Chen when he sees naked visions of Mafuyu and Tomo. They think he’s wounded in the heart since he’s made to dress as a girl. Well, looks like he’s scared of letting them see him in a dress. He gets more traumatized when they start putting make-up on him! Wang Chen is trying to use his silicon network via Witchcraft to awaken the Magdalena of Thunder within stubborn Tsubasa. Katja and Miyuki enter the virtual world (Katja making Ayame her true slave!). They see a river of naked girls in pain. Among them is Hana. As they go closer, Jita obstructs them. They fight as Katja notices Jita being suicidal because she believes she can be saved if she dies a soldier. But the virtual world is becoming unstable since the Witchcraft has entered its last phase. Ayame tries to log out but Jita won’t allow it. Wang Chen has finally obtained the Magdalena of Thunder as an emblem appears on Tsubasa’s forehead. And a mean circular glowing orb appearing right out from the school’s building. Miyuki still adamant to save Tsubasa even if it kills her, extracts some power from her Knight Chess piece. She turns into a super white knight. For that moment, I thought it was Claymore. Nah.

Episode 5
Remember Sleeping Beauty whereby the prince kissed the princess to wake her up from her slumber? When you say kiss, you kiss the lips right? NOT THE TITS!!! I don’t know how young Miyuki got this idea so she lunge straight right at Tsubasa’s boobs. Tickles, eh? Sasha is still in dream land dressed as a girl while having some slumber party with Mafuyu, Tomo, Miyuri, Mitarai and Lizzie. It turns into boobs talk and comparison (the flat chests must be so disheartened). Not until Teresa gives him that dirty look till Sasha wakes up from his nightmare with Yuri by his side. Out of the frying pan and into the fire? That’s because now he has to deal the problem at hand. Yuri shows him that Miyuki is attacking the orb (Tsubasa). He also mentions Miyuki has the elemental circuit. Katja and Ayame continue to dodge Jita. But in the end, Jita loses her life and leaves it to Wang Chen since Witchcraft is completed. Now Wang Chen is in total control of the world’s network and is going to play God by cleaning up the world. Yeah, he even powers up himself by sucking the tits of those helpless girls. Suck and throw? Not even his tragic past of how soldiers massacred his family and he retaliated by unleashing his silicon powers was enough to pity this twisted idea of cleaning up the world. Yuri gives Sasha the ultimate mission. From that flowery speech, I guess what he’s trying to say is to destroy it. But Sasha isn’t happy with that idea. Has he gone soft? Furthermore, a group called Meteora are on its way. They are a squad that doesn’t believe in miracles because they believe they are envoys of God. In order words, they destroy everything and leave no trace. WTF?! Yuri gives Sasha a little cross which is an atonement device with elemental circuit in it. From what I understand, he’s trying to do the same of what Meteora is doing. He thinks they’ve already lost. Sasha takes the cross and vows to stop them.

Miyuki and Tsubasa meet face to face, the former bent on killing her so that she could be with the latter forever. But Tsubasa soon loses her consciousness when somebody enters her (nothing ambiguous lah). Miyuki charges but is stopped by Sasha. He wants her to back down and let him handle this but she isn’t going to let a perverted cross-dresser do the job. Katja and Ayame breakthrough to where Wang Chen is. He attacks and since Katja can’t use her Qwaser powers, she forces Ayame to protect via programming skills. Not bad but why is her barrier (which is her chibi self) sound so pervy whenever she gets hit? So I guess Ayame is caught between a rock and a hard place. No barrier, get hit by Wang Chen. Barrier up, Katja unleashes her sadistic whipping on her. I suppose she prefers the latter because she’s so stimulated that she upgrades herself from addressing Katja onee-sama to queenie! At that moment, Hana snaps out from her spell. Why the heck is she Wang Chen’s chair?! Nobody and I mean nobody other than Hana is allowed to call Katja that. At least that’s what Hana thinks. Let the rivalry begin! Oh wait, we have more important things to do like preventing Wang Chen escape. Oh, never mind. Sasha and Miyuki’s battle continue. I don’t know how but Sasha pulls off some super fast move to slash Miyuki from the back, seriously wounding her but short of killing her. But Miyuki regenerates and mocks him weak. Now it’s her turn to stab him. Ah, a chance to kill her wasted. Then they’re interrupted with Wang Chen’s godly announcement to cleanse the world. Seems he has fused with Tsubasa. I thought they would be one mind one body, but it seems they’re still 2 separate entities but within bodily touching distance. Did you notice Wang Chen’s habit of pinching girl’s nipples? I guess he gets turned on this way, huh? With Miyuki getting stabbed, Sasha takes out the cross and shouts Mafuyu‘s name. Guess what? She’s here alright. In front of Sasha’s eyes. For once, she’s just cool with her entrance and Sasha just desperate. Role reversal, eh?

Episode 6
What’s the first thing Sasha did to ascertain this is the real Mafuyu? HE GROPED HER BOOBS?! SICKO! He is damn sure this is not the Mafuyu he knew because her boobs are bigger! Hey, they grow in time. Had enough of his groping, Mafuyu knocks his head! Yeah, it’s no dream. This is the same Mafuyu alright. Flashback reveals shortly after Sasha left, the elemental circuit within Mafuyu invoked again and Souma gathered in her body. Yuri and the people at Athos approached her and since the circuit is fused inside her body and can’t be removed, the only way is to control it. That is when she is partnered with Katja and underwent torturous sadistic treatment! So that’s where Katja was during Hana’s partnering with Sasha. Oh Hana. Don’t you just feel betrayed all this time? Well, Katja did mention she didn’t have the talent to be her slave but will still praise her for surviving her harsh training. Miyuki continues to battle Wang Chen. Now it’s Tsubasa’s turn for a short flashback why she was swayed by his words. You know, she felt like a burden to her, etc. She wants her to be free. However Miyuki doesn’t want that kind of freedom. She feels warm whenever she is with her. She goes crazy thinking about her and to control herself from going out of control, she became the sorority’s leader. Realizing that Miyuki really doesn’t want to be separated from her, Tsubasa tells her to destroy her. Miyuki slashes away but Wang Chen grabs her. Meanwhile Sasha is feeling guilty of all the sinless people spilling blood and wonders if he has the right to suck Mafuyu’s Souma. After all those unauthorized sucking, you now feel unqualified to suck hers? Well, she forgives him and wants him to leave. I guess this means she gives him permission to suck her Souma. Feels good, eh?

Sasha powers up to save Miyuki and attack Wang Chen. Then I’m not sure about this explanation about combining Mafuyu’s circuit to create something that can slash through anything. Wang Chen can’t retaliate since Tsubasa is conscious enough to hold him down. With that, Sasha and Mafuyu cut and destroy the orb together. Elsewhere, Katja, Hana and Ayame can’t log out. Hana says that she has a connection with Witchcraft so Katja wants Ayame to use Hana and access deeper. I thought it was just ambiguous thought. Who knows the way to access deeper was Ayame really putting her finger deep into Hana’s asshole! WTF?! WTF?! WTF????!!! They appear at Tsubasa. She can’t escape since she’s fused with the system but will allow the trio to escape. However Hana doesn’t like this idea of leaving a classmate behind. Katja impressed with Hana’s change, tells her to go up to Tsubasa and try to control it as her Maria. She has to do it with precision since she has no training like Mafuyu. One slight mistake and they’ll all die. I don’t know how but it seems controlling the Maria means getting yuri, stimulating each other. How’s that for a yuri scene between Tsubasa and Hana? Anyway it worked and allowed everyone to log out in the nick of time. With everyone back out in reality, Wang Chen isn’t done yet. He tries to suck all the Soumas of the naked girls. Yeah, a field of naked girls. Miyuki naked. Tsubasa naked. Are there any girls here who are clothed just a bit?! Oh, Mafuyu, Katja, Ayame and Hana are. Thank goodness. While Wang Chen furiously attacks with his silicon, Sasha got enough time and grace to suck the Soumas out of Tsubasa and Miyuki. At the same time, offering them words of encouragement to live and about love! Woah! Absurdly outrageous! Sasha gets strong enough to slash Wang Chen and put him out of his misery. In the aftermath, Sasha and Hana left Suirei. All data of their existence was erased, like as though they’ve never set foot here. But Miyuki and Tsubasa still remembers them from their memories. Their friendship is back on track as Tsubasa is writing a novel of a prince that likes to suck boobs! Ah well, everybody’s a pervert in some ways. That’s one of the best things about being alive, right?

Episode 7
The first in line of a series of fillers begins. Tomo must be so bored and lonely that she’s talking to her boobs! WTF?! Yuri confronts Meteora Priest Supervisor, Clifford C.J. Crawford about his orders towards his subordinates. From what I understand, he couldn’t care less about blowing up the school and should’ve got the Magdalena of Thunder. Yuri believes he was right to leave it to Sasha’s decision and is sure he has orders to return. Clifford didn’t like his tone and leaves but promises they’ll meet again. Yuri hopes not. Jita apparently is still alive and has a ring lock on her left nipple. She escapes from her confinement and ambushes the student council president of St Mihailov, Yumie Hiiragi. She sucks her Souma but suddenly feel immense pain from the ring and passes out. Tomo passes by and sees both girls out and brings her to Urara. The lock it seems will manipulate the flow of Souma and control the Qwaser’s power. The curse will have the user feel pain instead of pleasure when power is used. Otherwise, it is nothing threatening if you live an ordinary daily life. Why the heck are they flicking the ring seeing that each time they do so, Jita gives out a painful moan?! Anyway Jita comes to and Tomo is ecstatic since she mentions Sasha’s name and bugs her for answers. Not that she knows any. I guess Tomo got too lonely so she wants Jita to sleep with her. Like she has a choice. Tomo falls fast asleep so Jita couldn’t resist sucking her Souma even if it means feeling intense pain. Next morning, Miyuri in an Arabian outfit, proclaiming herself as Madame Lily, St Mihailov’s saviour and great fortune teller, enters Tomo’s room and is amazed by the splendid aura she sees in Jita. She brings them to her fortune telling castle and it seems she even has her own assistant, Edgar! Jita doesn’t believe her fortune telling powers but Tomo insists her prediction is always right. Suddenly Yumie comes by and sees Jita. She was to accuse her of assault but Miyuri won’t allow that to happen to her guest. Besides, Tomo insists Jita was with her all the time last night. Anyway Yumie is here because there’s a rumour that there’s a trade of stolen goods here. What is missing? A list of data of the girls’ breast sizes. I think Urara records that for her own amusement.

Yumie wants to close this area but Miyuri won’t allow it and will find the culprit herself (why is she pushing her boobs against Yumie’s?). I’m not sure of this Twin Boobs Ceremony but Miyuri needs another person of the same breast size for this ritual: Tomo. Oh Mitarai, she’s lamenting how she’s not fit to be in this ceremony… I don’t know, probably it’s for yuri fanservice because we see Miyuri and Tomo in some cult procession fondling and sucking each other’s boobs. Stimulated, aren’t we? That night, Miyuri, Tomo and Jita wait and hide at the predicted spot and see a couple of suspicious guys doing the exchange. Miyuri tries to intercept them but was easily knocked out with a spray. Noting that she has seen their faces, they plan to do something perverted as blackmail. Jita jumps in to save her but Tomo gets taken as hostage. No choice, she uses her carbon abilities even if it causes her pain. However she weakens as she over asserts herself. The baddie decides to toy around with her and throws away Tomo (why the heck did he ripped her dress in the first place?). Urara comes running by and tosses Tomo a little egg supposedly some self-defence thingy. The egg is absorbed into Tomo’s dress and due to her elemental circuit and incomparable Souma, Tomo transforms into an Arabian girl?! Mademoiselle Tomo?! That isn’t the outrageous part. The most ridiculous part is whereby her boobs grow bigger and starts shooting fire-beams!!! WHAT THE HELL?! WHAT THE F*CK!!!!!!!!!!!!! Though the baddie is blasted away, Tomo can’t control the beams so we have a nice light show till her energy run out. That’s going to be a long time. Next morning, Jita becomes a transfer student in Miyuri and Tomo’s class, much to their delight. But they are even more delighted with the return of Sasha and Mafuyu! Oh, they’re back!

Episode 8
When friends reunite, they take a nice bath together, right? Well, Tomo starts playing with Mafuyu’s boobs. Did she miss them? Jita is spying outside. Sasha is jealous. Mafuyu knocks the perverts out. Enough said. Sasha continues to show his university problem solving skills in class. But does this give him the right to even squeeze the teacher’s boobs?! Thank God Mafuyu is always there to reprimand that pervy. Later as Hana and Mitarai talk, Hana could tell that she very much has a crush on Sasha and teases her about it. Though she insists that she just wants to get along with him. Herald Madame Lily as she gives Mitarai a free love fortune telling. Um… Why does it say death? Poor Mitarai… Sasha is seen talking via online interface with Yuri. Something about Meteora’s unusual movements and there may come a time they’ll have to fight them. Oh, Teresa’s with Yuri. So that puts a rest to where the hell she’s been, eh? During dinner, Jita and Sasha still hate each other so Tomo nicely tells Sasha not to bully Jita who is restrained and living here with them. Meanwhile Hana gets her fix of Katja’s sadistic torture that she dreads but loves so much. Feels good to be back, eh? I guess Katja went overboard since half of Hana’s face got bandaged. Next day in school, Jita confronts Hana. She doesn’t like their carefree attitude since the battle between Athos and Adepts aren’t over yet. She reminds her that she’s still her enemy despite being restrained. Hana shows her the mark of the Magdalena of Thunder on her as it dwells in her now and she has no chance of winning if she fights her now. Jita still mocks them that they are naive and can’t kill a person so Hana decides to teach her how to fight without killing. That is, by bringing her to Miyuri’s fortune telling castle! Seems it’s not just a fortune telling building but have lots of facilities like spa and billiards! There’s even a bowling alley! Yeah, everyone is invited to play! Well, Yumie didn’t approve of this but since she got 80% approval from the school, I guess she has no choice. So Miyuri is that popular? Well, when the gang was gone, I guess she got so lonely that she tried being a manga artist, idol voice artist and comedian!

That aside, Sasha and Jita are going to fight each other via bowling match. After all that super trembling moves, Sasha’s ball lands in the gutter! See, that’s what you get for disrespecting this ‘ridiculous ball game’. Now it’s Jita’s turn for revenge but she too lands in the gutter! I guess they have a talent for cleaning the gutters. Yeah, throw after throw. Into the gutter. Sasha got so desperate that he sucked on Tomo’s Souma!!! Is that going to help?! Is it?! IS IT?! Nope, still down the gutter. Haha. At least we know Sasha and Jita suck (no pun intended) badly in bowling as they scored zero at the end! But there’s a talented bowler scoring strikes! It’s Mitarai! She’s bowling them down, pins after pins in style and much grace! She ends up having a perfect score of 300! Puts the Qwasers to shame, eh? I hope there is no such trade-off between flat chests and bowling… As the winner, the losers must listen to her. She goes up to Sasha and is summing up her courage. Hana anticipates a confession but it turns out she wants everyone to get along with each other without fighting. Especially Sasha and Jita. Is that really what she wants? Well, she seems to be regretting it outside later. Boo hoo! Missed chance. But that Edgar girl, there’s something strange about her. We see her eyes glowing as she notes how that Qwaser of Athos is Sasha.

Episode 9
Mafuyu is practising controlling her Sword of Maria when she notices Jita nearby reacting in pain. Desperate Jita wants her to remove her nipple lock or else she’ll kill her and then herself. Mafuyu agrees because she thinks it’s cruel to do this to a woman but Jita changes her mind and doesn’t want to receive pity from her enemy. Tsundere, is she? St Mihailov is preparing for the Founder’s Festival. During the preparations, Sasha notices Jita in pain so he sucks her Souma to relief her of it. Mafuyu spot this unholy act and is shocked. Though Sasha explains and she understands, Mafuyu seems pretty much vexed. I mean after all, you’re sucking tits of other woman, right? Mafuyu wanders around till she is forced into Madame Lily’s free fortune telling tent. I don’t know how it works because you’re supposed to put your hands on her boobs. Maybe it’s how she gets her kicks and stimulation. All that blabbing means Mafuyu is troubled if she’s qualified to be loved by Sasha. Then Mafuyu somehow gives her the slip before she could finish. Soon after Tomo comes in and requests her help. Shortly, every girl wants to touch her boobs to get a free fortune telling. Desperate. Obviously Mafuyu is still bothered when she sees other girls like Mitarai talking to Sasha. On the festival day, Sasha’s class is doing butler and maids cafe. Sasha looks cool in his butler outfit and is doing Mitarai’s shift. She’s down and gloomy not because of her flat chest, but rather when Sasha picked out his outfit, he accidentally took out a maid costume out of instinct. Yeah, blame cross-dressing. Mitarai misunderstood his fetish and has been gloomy ever since.

Yuri pays Sasha a visit (he’s wearing crazy plain clothes) but he’s here to report that Athos is at an advantage since they have 2 of the High Ancient Circuits. However he cautions that Meteora may use this chance to eliminate the Adepts and also there are rumours the moderators are planning to form an alliance with the Adepts. Katja and Hana are in some stage play with Hana as some super heroine in a revealing leather Catwoman outfit. Flashback reveals Hana was forced to do it as training to control her Magdalena of Thunder, although that was just a lie. Hana can’t control her lighting and I guess the crowd was just shocked (no pun intended). Later Sasha takes Mafuyu to a secluded area to talk about them. He thinks that there is no reason for her to be a Maria and that it’s not too late to return to her normal life. Realizing he hurt her, he quickly says he was glad when she came to his aid at Suirei. Seems Sasha is doing this since he got ‘lectured’ by Tomo if he’s really watching Mafuyu. Sasha asserts that whoever his Maria is, Mafuyu will be his only Maria and that he needs her boobs. Eh? I guess this made Mafuyu happy enough to let him suck her Souma! Unknown to them, that Nikuma AKA Bigmama is watching them. At the end of the event, Miyuri announces that she will choose the best couple of the event and they will play a mock wedding on stage. Guess what? Sasha and Mafuyu won. It’s no surprise since earlier on Tomo requested her help since she noticed Mafuyu down. Yeah, Miyuri is gladly doing this because she thinks she’s been relied on. Oh, she really loves that. With Tomo as the priest, Sasha and Mafuyu dress up as newly-weds and are about to take the plunge. Before Mafuyu could say yes, Nikuma interrupts and disagrees with the wedding. That’s because she isn’t married yet and won’t let those young punks play wedding (apparently she took to heart about Sasha’s comments about making Mafuyu a Maria like her). And yeah, Yuri says that she’ll be the new sister who will be working with them. The true fear and trembling starts now! Aye!

Episode 10
Mitarai’s boobs are huge and Sasha is sucking them! However he won’t be deceived by her fake boobs as it deflates! More boobs trauma for Mitarai when she is confronted by the big bouncy boobs of Mafuyu, Tomo, Miyuri and Yumie. Yeah, they even say how Sasha is a boobs maniac and that her boobs have never bounced once! She wakes up from this dream. But reality also hurts because she’s still flat… This episode has the characters drawn in chibi form half the time and is divided into several short nonsensical unrelated skits. Katja is doing some sadistic quiz show. Seems she’s enjoying it very much. I don’t know, but I don’t think the answer to her whatever question is pig. Sasha seems to be fond of sucking Souma out of Mafuyu, Tomo and Miyuri after doing little favours like mowing, fixing a bike chain and church bell. Why the heck is Tomo’s boobs oversized!!! It’ the biggest body part ever so much so she can’t walk! She’s standing on it! Anyway when Sasha is asked by Mafuyu to replace a pan with a hole, he’s going to get his Souma fix again but Nikuma stops him. She places a “Keep Out” sign over Mafuyu’s boobs and will have him struggle without sucking Souma. I guess the temptation is too great so Tomo offers to let him suck secretly but he was instantly punished by Nikuma. He seeks Yuri for advice so he does meditation and goes on a universal trip. When he comes back, he’s like a zombie! Now he’s a Souma-desperate monster! He tries to suck Yumie’s boobs but to his dismay, spots “Keep Out” sign over it. Nikuma laughs at his failure and the trap she set he has fallen. Noting that he has learned the value of Souma, she rewards him by allowing him to suck to Souma of the student council vice president, Nami Okiura. However her boobs are flat so he didn’t feel like sucking. Nami gets upset about his boobs discrimination! Mitarai and Hana lament about their small boobs.

Flashbacks reveal how Katja constantly had to suck Hana’s Souma but still it wasn’t enough. Maybe her boobs were small that’s why it’s never enough. Mitarai did some research about big boobs (it’s about sexuality of course) and even if they manage to make their boobs big, their other body parts will grow bigger, overshadowing their boobs. So what about people with big boobs but great body figure? Mitarai is in denial and is convinced those are fake boobs. They see Urara’s advice so she gives them a book on how to increase their boob size. Let your boyfriend massage them? Touch them, touch them and touch them! Not likely to happen, eh? They bump into Nami and she too pours her misery over being a flat chest (yeah, the recent boobs discrimination by Sasha). Even if she did say that there are some with fetish for small boobs, they couldn’t name anybody with such a fetish. Mafuyu and Tomo come in so the trio gave them spiteful looks, enough to blast them out of the window. Tomo is disheartened that she set her clock to study early in the morning but couldn’t wake up. Seems she doesn’t have memories of turning it off herself. The next time she tries, the same thing happens but Mafuyu tries to wake her up but to no avail. She slept like a log. It’s 4 in the morning, you know. Because of that, Mafuyu couldn’t sleep and the next round at 5am, the same thing. Mafuyu is so tired that in school, Madame Lily offers to help her out. More like she was forced to. However it is Mafuyu who offers her advice to Miyuri since her fortune telling is experiencing a decline in customers. Then the clock rings so the counselling session ends as Miyuri charges for her service! And she was the one getting counselled! Another sadistic quiz by Katja. And no, Hachiko is NOT a pig! I guess she just wants to call her contestants that.

Episode 11
Remember that stray Qwaser baddie who was trying to con women via some detox machine just to get Souma? Apparently, he is released from jail but it seems he has turned over a new leaf. He is not interested in sucking boobs anymore. Then a staff of his tries to persuade him to come back since everyone is waiting. He doesn’t really seem interested at first but I guess being a guy, he eventually gives in to his temptation. Yup, he’s back and what a way to return by sucking her tits. Sasha, Katja, Hana, Mafuyu and Tomo are undergoing training to become stronger under Nikuma. From jogging, to push ups, to abs exercise and even vocal exercise! Being a Qwaser and Maria ain’t easy. There’s even this study on the composition of metals and copper on Earth thingy. Mafuyu surprises everyone with her intellectual and scientific explanation of metal and Qwasers who control them control the Earth. Amazing! As for our other St Mihailov girls, they’re enjoying their own hotspring courtesy of Miyuri. Meanwhile the baddie Qwaser whom I shall call Director revives his new Mannyuuken (International Boobs Workshop) on a luxury liner and changes its name to Unyuuken (Universal Boobs Workshop). I guess it will have more universal appeal. Besides, boobs are one of the main mysteries of the universe. Haha, just kidding. There is even a new upgraded boobs sucking machine to detox all those ‘toxins’. We see Ayame and Ruru (the girl whose mom was one of the victims of Director in the OVA) are friends. Ayame is trying hard not to think about Katja or becoming her slave but I guess that’s going to be hard. The duo take a stroll and to Ruru’s dismay, she sees a sign of Unyuuken’s revival. They sneak on board the ship and she plans to uncover if he’s going to do something bad again. She’s doing this in hopes Katja will praise her (Ruru was saved by Katja the last time so I guess you can say she’s her ‘slave’ too). However they are spotted and cornered. Ruru throws Ayame off and into the sea to escape while she gets captured.

Ruru is brought to Director and she remembers her from the last time. I don’t know how but Ayame comes tumbling into the hotspring where Nikuma and her trainees are. She tells what happened so Katja and Hana are going to remind that jerk the consequences of laying his hands on her slave. Everyone except Tomo heads for Unyuuken’s ship. Director is going to use Ruru as a punishment example in front of the public when the Qwaser heroes barge in. However Director has prepared a few underlings to keep them busy. Why do they look like boy bands? I don’t think they are any related to the Chemical Brothers either. But they’re all just for show because Sasha and Katja easily beat them up after drinking Mafuyu and Hana’s Souma respectively. You can’t even call this a warm up. Director panics and tries to get away but bumps into Nikuma. Noting his desire to suck Souma, she will let him suck her Souma as much as she wants! This has got to be the worst day of his life. Now he knows the true meaning of trembling in fear of sucking Souma. Katja is having a threesome in her room. Ayame tries to hold it in and not fall for her trap. But with Katja the smooth talker and player, she manages to persuade Ayame to become part of her slave circle. Besides, deep down Ayame too wants to be part of it because she’s wearing that S&M leather suit underneath her robe. I hope they’re not bothering the other occupants. Oh, too late. I hope the guests of elderly people and decent family won’t get scarred of seeing this indecent play. It’s like Katja purposely flashes what they’re doing to those occupants as part of her persuasion to Ayame. So Ayame, welcome to the circle of Katja’s slave. It’s steadily increasing, isn’t it? You can’t defy the queen! Lastly we see Edgar running out from the fortune telling castle as Clifford notes this is where the Golden Noah is hiding.

Episode 12
Sasha dreams that Mafuyu is taking out her pent-up desires on him. But when he wakes up, it turns out to be Edgar on him and today Edgar will be in his full service. Though Sasha didn’t like Edgar for creeping up into his bed (I guess he wanted Mafuyu) but he takes it out on that loli by sucking her boobs as breakfast! Then he realized Edgar is a boy!!! F*CK!!!! He would’ve killed him if Mafuyu didn’t whack him for being noisy. Later at the lake, Edgar reveals Friedrich was his master and that he implanted High Ancient Circuit and thus Golden Noah into him. With Friedrich’s death, Edgar was free but since there are others targeting him, that’s why he thought Sasha could help him and wants to be his master. Sasha scoffs him off that he doesn’t know about him. However if he wants to live, he wants him to say a wish from his heart. Edgar wants to live with peace with everyone and doesn’t want to be alone anymore. He breaks down as Sasha hugs him. Yuri is being confronted by Clifford and his Meteora army. Seems Yuri has anticipated all this coming and even knew who Golden Noah was beforehand. Clifford wants those lenient Athos to hand over the mission to them since they can’t save the world but Yuri tells them to go back where they came from. Nami is talking to Yumie about how she loves this school and her. Don’t expect any genuine yuri relationship because Nami pins Yumie down and exposes her boobs! Nami reveals her true identity as part of Meteora and that the standby orders are over. She sucks Yumie’s boobs and sinks her vampire teeth into it till it bleeds! OMG! But this is to implant some virus so that she could control Yumie’s mind. Mafuyu gets a call to meet Yumie. Yumie gets bold by saying she loves Sasha and wants Mafuyu to break up with him. She exposes her own boobs and is confident Sasha can be satisfied with these. Shows you what kind of guy he is, eh? With Nami showing up and revealing her true identity, Yumie bites Mafuyu’s boobs so Nami could mind control her. She orders her to kill Sasha.

That night when Sasha is asleep, Mafuyu stabs him in bed. However it was just a decoy because the real Sasha is behind her and had earlier suspect something amiss. But Sasha thinks this is the fake Mafuyu and is from Adept. Mafuyu disagrees and asserts that she’s the real deal. Sasha still won’t believe that she’s the real one since he doesn’t need a Maria who can easily be mind controlled. They both fight as Mafuyu is confident that he can’t kill the woman he loves. Sasha is overpowered by Mafuyu’s tremendous Sword of Maria’s powers. I guess with the lack of Souma, he can’t do anything but get beaten up. He even tries to steal some Souma from Mafuyu! No can do, kiddo! However this has a little effect on Nami as Mafuyu tries to wrest control of her own body but ultimately Nami regains full control. Just before Mafuyu could kill Sasha with her powerful Sword of Maria, Teresa comes to Sasha’s rescue! She allows Sasha to suck her Souma and it feels nostalgic, eh? Just like the good old days. With the tables turned, Sasha didn’t finish off Mafuyu with a punch but rather he sucked her boobs! I wanted to say to completely suck out the virus in her was an excuse but I guess it’s a valid reason. When Mafuyu wakes up, she has no memories of what happened. She sees Sasha bruised though he brushes it off as nothing. He tells her that the war is going to start. Meanwhile Yuri fends off Meteora’s attack. He is a force to be reckoned with. Don’t play play with this guy. Who knows what will happen if he takes off his eye-patch. But Clifford won’t give up so he has his army charge at him. Then guess who’s back?! It’s Lizzie! After all this while, I thought the producers have forgotten her and will never show up. Since Clifford remains stubborn to back down, Lizzie shows the results of her training and the effects are so with a bang! Elsewhere, we see Fool (Aurum’s loyal servant). He meets Joshua (another character I thought will never show up) who is in Japan to bring his sister Jita back. But they are confronted with Katja and Hana. Joshua isn’t the weakling he once was and is strong enough to hold Mama. Seems Joshua possesses Aurum’s power and is now known as the Successor of Hermes Trismegistus. Uh, Herpes what? Nikuma sees off Sasha and Mafuyu who are embarking on a new mission. Sasha notes that if he isn’t considered as a God, then as human he’ll just have to live with full of love! I hope there is no perverted hidden message behind it.

Big Breasts Aren’t Just For Decoration!
No way! Not another cliff-hanger ending! Oh, why do I get a feeling that there is a possibility of another season? But let’s leave that aside first. What else can I say about this season? Basically the first half of this season’s mission of infiltrating Suirei served as this season’s short story arc. I don’t know, even with just a dozen episodes, it felt kinda draggy and I was glad it was over. Heck, I hate to admit this but I enjoyed the mindless nonsensical fillers that filled in later. Then with the final episode with a new force popping up and declaring war, ironically I felt it was kinda interesting. What am I saying?! I guess after too many mind-numbing boobs sucking action, something fresh of a new crazy group is just what I need to free myself from this spell. But I can’t say the same for the Qwaser action. Probably this season’s number of episodes was cut in half so we don’t get much of it. So I suppose the final episode is timely and actually what Qwaser actions should be. That short bout between Sasha and Wang Chen was just too short to amount to anything for adrenaline junkies (who by the way shouldn’t be watching this in the first place). I remember that in the first season, we get short educational insights about elemental reactions when one element collides or mixes with another. Here, we basically just have that oh-so-short-one when Sasha and Wang Chen clashed. That’s about it. Mafuyu’s iron theory? Well, that’s more of her opinion rather than anything scientific or proven.

Some of the characters from the previous season took a back seat here. People like Tomo, Miyuri and Mitarai were just relegated to unimportant side characters serve to provide either fanservice or some comic relief. They make only cameo appearances in the first half of the series and I felt they could have been done without. Then when the fillers set in, it’s their turn to have their fair share of screen time. It’s like playing musical chairs because the new characters like Tsubasa and Miyuki no longer appear (even so, as unimportant short cameos). Ayame’s appearance during that hotspring-cum-Mannyuuken-revival episode felt like it served as a catalyst to be part of Katja’s slave empire. Oddly I won’t think that it’s Katja’s fetish or hobby to accumulate perverted masochist slaves but rather how especially Hana and Ayame would fight over her attention just to get spanked. I even shudder to think of that! Other characters like Lizzie and Joshua making their extremely late appearance also serve as a reminder that they have not been cast aside. It’s like as though they took a rest and if there’s another sequel, they’ll be back with a bang. They certainly looked like they have powered up tremendously from this point. Even Teresa’s whereabouts were a point to ponder. Making her late entry in aiding Sasha isn’t going to remove my perception of a slut from last season. Jita was just bumming around in the second half and wasn’t much of a threat either. As long as that lock is there, she won’t be doing anything dangerous soon. Of course there are other characters that did not even make a single appearance at all and it left me wondering what happened to them. In the previous season, there was an Adept girl with a gas mask called Milk. Remember her now? So where the heck is she? What about the comical Qwaser pair of Tasuku and Mutsumi? Oh, oh. You know that loli Astarte who was good friends with Tomo during the latter’s capture? So… Do you even still remember who they are?

You can bet that Sasha and Mafuyu’s relationship has taken another step further but I just don’t feel much development or any deeper. We know they’re still rather reserved in expressing their feelings for each other, but yeah, definitely the pair of the series has got to be these two. Sasha isn’t as cold and unfriendly as previous but he is still a pervert, having no second thoughts about squeezing a woman’s boobs and even noting if their Souma is good or not. Still, he has learnt a lot after meeting Mafuyu and isn’t a cold-hearted bastard he was made to live and scarred by Aurum. Mafuyu too didn’t really get mad too much at Sasha probably she knows his character by now and that he’s slightly a good boy now. It might not be obvious, but I find Tomo’s boobs ridiculously bigger. Big enough to put her face on it and sleep as a pillow! In this show, girls either have very large bosoms or as flat as the plains. In between just doesn’t cut it. Yuri is still mysterious as ever. It’s like he knows a lot and has set his plans in motion with his hindsight. He is one Father you don’t want to mess with even he always put up a smiling and gentle face. The Adepts were lying low this season. Heck, about more than half of their dozen members were wiped out in the previous season. It remains to see for good if Wang Chen is dead for real. With Meteora coming in to the picture, I guess Aurum won’t be getting out from the picture he was sealed in previously even if we see Fool’s appearance. Katja is still the same high-and-mighty sadistic queenie. She never lets anyone steps above her or even come close. You got to respect her for that. Please do not misinterpret that I have fallen for her sadistic play. Another highly amusing character is Nikuma. She is probably the only person Katja could never go up against. She is still that passionate big-sized muscular nun and when she orders you something, you know you’re in for some big sh*t. It was unfortunate she didn’t make more appearance especially her trademark “Aye~” word. Hana has really gone full blown with her masochistic ways with Katja. With the mere mention of S&M words (even ambiguous ones) like ‘deep’, would send her fantasizing in ecstasy. She really loves getting trampled on, eh? But I guess nobody does it better than Katja-sama herself. Miyuri also seems to have changed a little. Like they say, with many of the gang away from St Mihailov for a while, she turned into a crazy fortune telling alter-ego. At least she’s not as obnoxious as before (probably her partner-in-crime Hana was away) but she has this complex of wanting to be useful and relied on and relishes every moment when people asks for her help. Oh and Mitarai, she could never get over her washboard chest. Curse yourself for born this way. If she can’t get over that, how can she even confess her feelings to Sasha because you know, your confidence is in your boobs! Haha! So okay, I made that last bit up. Say, what happened to that cat she named as Sasha? And who could’ve guessed that Edgar is a boy!

As mentioned about the boobs sucking fanservice part, it’s either you’ll love it or hate it because of the disgusting way it’s being sucked upon. So I’ve learned, there’s a proper and nicer way of sucking boobs just as Sasha realized? I don’t know. I can’t remember. The last time I did that when I was a toddler not old enough to upgrade to a milk bottle. In addition to sucking tits, I noticed that if they have only one mouth to suck on 1 boob, the other one is being stimulated by the fingers. Do stimulated women really bring out more Souma? Maybe. Another ‘disadvantage’ of watching the censored version is that the moaning and groaning are also cut out. So instead of hearing the girls going “AaaaAAAaaaahh~”, you’d just be guessing the act of the sucking at that moment (it’d be censored anyway). It’s feels a little like a silent movie with only the music in the background. And of course the glorious uncensored version means that you can feast your eyes on the opening and credits animation filled with panty shots, yuri positions and other fanservice antics which would otherwise be blocked out with ‘coloured silhouettes’. See how many benefits you get when you see the uncensored version? Not only that, in addition to the typical next episode preview narration, the uncensored version brings the amusing rants of the characters which last over a minute. For example, Hana’s dismay over her new rival as Katja’s slave or her masochistic awakening. Of course the best one has got to be Katja who teases the viewers about being her slave and breaking the fourth wall, calling us names for being perverts. Don’t get too close to your monitor, panting with a heavy breath. She might jump out and whip you! Other than this, the S&M part of some of the characters makes up the other part of the fanservice in this series.

So in the even if there is a third season, should I watch it or not? Ah, the dilemma. The good versus the bad (points, that is). More plot and character development versus mind-numbing fanservice. The fanservice is getting bolder and bolder. Everybody here is a pervert. From the viewers (for watching this show) to the producers (for making this show) and right down to the characters (for becoming so slutty). There is a thin line between what is accepted and what is not for being a pervert. But that really depends on the individual. Imagine for a series with a fair amount of holy references (churches, biblical terms, etc) but connected and still it can be related to something perverted (you already know well the theme of this series, right?), that’s really ironic, isn’t it? I hope there won’t be a time when just drinking and sucking Souma won’t be enough to power up. They may need to engage in fornication (or even rape!) to reach and unleash some ultimate power. Maybe that will be the hentai version. Behold the power of sex! If that ever happens, then you should really tremble and prostrate yourself in fear.

Air Gear OVA

December 16, 2011

What’s with that ridiculously excessively long second title anyway? Could you believe it? How could anyone say that whole mouthful, Air Gear: Kuro No Hane To Nemuri No Mori -Break The Sky-? Wouldn’t it be faster to just say Air Gear OVA since this is how this series is made out and this is how everyone else simply refers to it? Anyway we’re not here to argue about how it is named. So but what the heck does it mean, ‘break the sky’ anyway? You can break through the atmosphere but break the sky? Will crack lines appear in the sky? Okay, we’re not here to bicker about the meaning of its title either.

After such a long absence (at least from my point of view), it was really quite refreshing to watch the much awaited continuation ever since that crappy filler ending of the TV series. Well, there is always good and bad thing when it is made into an OVA format instead of another TV sequel. The good news is that you don’t waste time on mindless fillers as you go straight down to what is necessary with the story and plot. The down side is that you have got to be patient and wait quite a while for each episode to be released. Though there are only 3 episodes, it took around 6 months for it all to be released (November 2010 from the first episode till June 2011 the last episode). Hey, it’s better than waiting for years, right?

So for those planning to jump straight in and watch the OVA, it is better that one should watch the TV series first or at least read the manga. The story of the OVAs develops from there and unless you want to be lost in your own sleepy wilderness, it is strongly advised you do so. Whether it is the characters or even all those fancy terms and jargons, if you have a hard time understanding what the heck Air Trecks (ATs) are or the simple meaning of Storm Riders, it’s time to do some serious revision, baby. Understanding that this series is just about a bunch of kids flying in their over-super-modified roller blades doing all kinds of stunts and aerial battle is just the tip of the iceberg. Besides, it’s not the kind of simple sport that doesn’t let anyone go unscathed or blood unspilled. Oh, all the dark conspiracies and complicated fights all in the name of ultimate supremacy to rule the sky. Well, if God really wanted us to fly freely, He would have made us wings to fly in the first place, right?

Episode 1
Simca is walking in the rain, thinking how scared she is about this battle and wonders if somebody will save her. She remembers offering her help to tune Ikki’s Wind Regalia but he declined seeing that Genesis is their enemy. Shortly after he left, Ringo attacks. Her attack leaves her close to naked and helpless on the ground. Ringo says this is the only way for her who possesses no battle power to avoid this battle. Simca is unconscious in hospital and though Iron is regretting his failure, mad Ikki punches him. Ikki falls into despair but Kururu Sumeragi says to get revenge and is optimistic she can resurrect his Wind Regalia. Narration of a competition to capture and control all roads, all kings and all Regalias. But as time passed, the Royal Regalia dispersed. But when the 8 Kings gather, legend has it the ultimate Sky King who has power over all will descend. That proof is the Regalia of the Sky. The Sleeping Forest, led by Ringo, exists to protect it. Genesis, led by Simca, wants to take it. And Kogarasumaru holds the key. Simca believes Ikki to be the Sky King and tried to join Kogarasumaru but was attacked by Ringo. Ikki is in a dilemma on who to save. Kanon pays Ringo a visit and shows her Ikki’s ATs and making them to be the best but it’ll be tough to beat Ikki. Ikki then comes back and is surprised to see Kanon doing a force kiss on Ringo. He misinterpreted her intentions of holding his ATs so he snatches them and runs away. She tries to go after him but Kanon stops her. She slaps him instead.

Ringo catches up with Ikki and no matter how much she explains, he won’t believe her. This has her conclude that he is her enemy and attacks her. The sneak attack has her snatch his Emblem. She throws down a challenge to crush him. Though he is shocked she isn’t the Ringo he used to know, he accepts her challenge. It is some race and the first one to reach the mountains wins. The night race begins as Ikki is confident he knows the best route since this is his home ground. He remembers how Simca told him she is Ringo’s elder twin sister. She adds Ringo was allying herself with the Rock King and waging war together to become the leaders of Trophaeum. With determination, Ikki is able to pull off his Wing Road but Ringo catches up and knocks him down with her Thorny Road. Meanwhile Sumeragi has completed Wind Regalia’s core, Moonstruck Drop, Bagram. She is praised by Konomi Nijou but unknown to them, Hako Isawa switches them. Back to the battle, Ringo is trying to tell Ikki about the King’s true power, the battle to capture Trophaeum. She thinks all of these should disappear. Ikki didn’t like her idea that all Regalia should disappear so they continue their battle. Ikki gives his version of freedom. She can’t see his reason for seeking the Trophaeum. Is it to become stronger or is it Simca asked him to? Because of Regalia, people fight and stain the free blue sky with blood. Ikki disagrees with her answer because if there are a million people, colours and shapes, there’ll be a million versions of freedom. Unhappy that he didn’t see what she’s trying to tell him, she cuts him down with her Thorny Road, breaking his Regalia!

Sumeragi, who is happily cycling to find Ikki, senses a great battle. She was fast enough on the peddle, then leaps of her bike and the amazing thing in her Regalia was that all the screws and whatever parts fix back Ikki’s Regalia!!! WOW!!! All with exact timing and precision. All in less than 3 seconds before Ikki hits the water surface!!! JUST WOW!!! Gliding on the water and putting Sumeragi to safety, Ikki resumes his battle. It gets even more intense with Ikki unleashing his deadly Wing Road Infinity Atmosphere. Err… Why is the sky filled with Grim Reapers?! Ringo retracts her Regalia and seems to prepare herself to be crushed by him. Maybe this way she’ll get away from Sleeping Forest and find her own peace. But she changes her mind because she hasn’t told Ikki everything yet and unleashes her Thorny Road Max. It backfires and she got pummelled in her stomach. Ouch. That really has got to hurt. Ikki seems possessed by the Regalia but when he activates it a second time, it breaks. Ringo with her last ounce of strength uses this opportunity to unleash her Thorny Road Infinity Atmosphere and send them both crashing into the river below. Day breaks. Ikki sees Ringo waiting for him at the goal. She says it’s his victory and throws him back his Emblem. Then she collapses and starts crying. As Ikki carries her, he says though he is still pissed about the attack on Simca, he learned Ringo was serious and focused though she distanced herself and act strong. He also notes the kindness she has because she’s always putting others before herself. He’ll show her he believes in that part too. Besides, that is the part of her that didn’t change. At the top of the mountain, he says the battle is a draw as Ringo is relieved that she has finally reached him.

Next day, Iron congratulates him for becoming the Air King and will gladly hear last night’s battle. Ikki wonders if he has seen the stairs to the sky. He thought he saw it but haven’t found anything. Though he doesn’t know why he’s aiming for the sky, he feels he may be wrong the whole time and knows nothing about the meaning of freedom. That night as Ringo’s body aches from using the Regalia, Ikki from outside her door says he is leaving this place to find his real wings. He thanks her for making him realize. He’ll only return till he finds them. But she mentions there is 1 thing he still doesn’t understand: Kanon. She quickly opens the door and kisses him. Or so it seems. Just a breath away from touching. Then she pulls back, slaps him and slams the door. The Ringo we know? Yeah, have a safe trip anyway. So Ikki goes on his way and where does he live? In Iron’s luxurious mansion! No wonder it’s tempting to leave that rut, oops I mean home. Hey, why is Iron pants-less?!

Episode 2
Ikki is performing in a street act. Wait. It looks like he is going to commit seppuku! What is Agito‘s first word? “F*CK!”. However Ikki gets to live another day when the girls, Simca (in a wheelchair), Croissant Mask (Ringo in that horrible mask swimsuit outfit), Sumeragi and Nijou all come by. They all heard his problem but it’s going to be a bigger problem. You know Simca, Ringo and Sumeragi all have a crush on Ikki. So this is the first time all 3 are together in 1 place. The trio are ‘fighting’ among themselves to let Ikki now there’s still hope. I guess they took too long so they let opportunity slip when Kazu is the one who brings the good news to Ikki. Why do I get this feeling that Ringo is like a comical tsukkomi role here despite her brief appearance? As narrated, the Gram Scale Tournament determines who stands atop the world of Storm Riders. But Ikki’s blunder denied Kogarasumaru’s participation and was punished to commit seppuku. Whatever his blunder was, seemed Ikki was made embarrassed because his naked butt was showing. However if they are able to get their hands on the Eternal Seed Rights (a permanent spot always reserved in a tournament for one holding this right), they can enter the tournament.

Thus Kogarasumaru decides to pay a visit to the mysterious Inorganic Net world. They manage to find the place since Simca knows them as old friends. This guy, Falco seems like some porn uncle playing ecchi simulation on his computer in his messy apartment. I think he and Onigiri can click. Down to business, he agrees to give them his Seed Rights if they meet his condition. Kogarasumaru (in addition to the 5 guys, the team includes Emiri Adachi and Yayoi Nakayama) are thrust into the cyber world of the floating sky city, Ron Holtz Vaughn City. Their opponents are Simca’s old buddies and ex-members of Sleeping Forest. That’s right Rika, Spitfire and Sora are included in this team. The other members include Falco (he looks like a handsome blond guy. See what the virtual world can do to one’s outlook?), Dontores, Blackburn, Kilik and Ine Makigami. It’s odd that Kogarasumaru enters some weird dance upon finding out their opponent. Is this some sort of a tradition? Even that Agito kid who normally won’t do something as silly as this is doing this dance.

The A-class battle will be Balloon and the goal is, well, to catch a balloon and the first team that gets it within 30 minutes wins. Since this is a 6-on-6 battle, Kilik and Sora are reluctant to join. Agito notes this battle is meaningless without them. So how to let them join? Sly Ikki uses Agito’s hands to caress Rika’s boobs!!!!! WTF?! I guess Kilik and Sora must have feelings for her so they angrily swap places with Ine and Spitfire. Well, at least things are heating up. The battle starts with everyone showing off and unleashing their cool Regalia powers. Kilik realizes that Kogarasumaru have the same potential as them so instead of wasting time fighting them, they decide to go straight for the balloon. Kogarasumaru is on alert since they know the other team is trying to uncover who their Panther is. Short flashback reveals Kogarasumaru members discussing the importance of the Panther role, supposedly to be the fastest Storm Rider in the team. From what I understand, if the Panther is discovered, then it’s game over. Then there are other roles like Decoy (fake Panther), Ultimate (those who’ll fight head on) and Keeper (protects teammates from enemy attacks). So did Ikki adopt this “One For All, All For One” motto? I mean for the sake of the Panther, everyone dies. They want Ikki to decide on the roles but he tells them to decide themselves. Even so Agito tells them all to pretend to be like one.

Back to the battle, Adachi is intercepted by Dontores. Then Buccha and the rest surround him in some strategy based on their one-for-all motto. The rest of the ex-Sleeping Forest members head along and come into creepy cyber monsters including one that can take on the shape of anyone. With Kilik’s clairvoyance and orders, everyone is able to get out of that hell. But it seems Kogarasumaru (minus Buccha who is busy taking on Dontores) are ahead of them. Everyone attacks and when Falco’s kick hit Agito, he reverts into one of the shape shifting creatures. Then they realize everyone is a decoy. The real Agito is speeding up, closing in to take the balloon. However he is intercepted by Kilik and Sora who have predicted his moves. What is Agito’s reply? “F*ck”. He is blown away by their sand storm, Crystal Sand Wind. But how can they find his separate movements? As explained by Rika, every Storm Rider has his/her own Run Pattern. It’s like a fingerprint unique to each rider. Kilik unleashes his Gaia Road and no matter how much Kogarasumaru defend, they’re no match for it. They supposedly lost and should be logged out but Falco realizes the link is not cut and that the battle isn’t over yet. Seems Onigiri did some imaging as he turns into a giant perverted pig targeting Rika! Falco panics that he was hasty and too quick to judge Kogarasumaru’s abilities. Ikki and co revive and the fun is just about to start.

Meanwhile Agito is lying unconscious by Nakayama’s side. His body is badly scarred. Agito’s other personality, Akito barely conscious and tells Nakayama to complete Agito’s tuning and true fangs. I’m not sure about the final scenes about Kilik regretting letting Ikki, Kazu, Onigiri and Adachi face Rika. He isn’t happy that they have that pig as their secret weapon. Onigiri lets in on his secret that he once peeped on Rika changing. He thought it was his first love but was just his first erection! Ikki beats that perverted piece of sh*t up upon knowing the truth.

Episode 3
As revealed, the Panther’s position is important because it is the only one allowed to seize the balloon and win it for the team. The battle rages on and based on Ikki’s observation and gamble, he knows who their Panther is: Rika. But even so, those ex-Sleeping Forest guys aren’t going to have any problems in dealing with them. Meanwhile Akito wants Nakayama to hurry with the tuning but she can’t because she feels like a burden to him. She reveals she has never done tuning before. But Akito believes in her and that she has the ability of making ATs into real magic wings. He will guide her how. Flashback time. A talk between Nakayama and Adachi revealed that the former has feelings for Agito. During a ferocious stormy battle between Agito and another opponent, Nakayama distracted Agito. The rival attacked Nakayama though Agito managed to rescue her in the end (I wonder how she ended up totally naked). Nakayama was always watching the faraway sky with her telescope and always enthralled with it. Ikki and his Kogarasumaru teased Nakayama when she wrote about finding those Magic Wings in her notebook. How heartless could those jerks be? Reading out and embarrassing her. Let Adachi take care of them. But Agito left a note “That thing is always flying in front of you. F*ck!!!”. That’s when she realized she was always watching Kogarasumaru flying in action as though they’re using magic. She felt jealous and impatient that not being able to do more. Nakayama is determined to use that magic. At that time, Agito wakes up and tells her there are already wings growing on her back. He hugs her and lets her hear the flow of his rhythm. I don’t know what this magic thing is or how she does it, but it involves her taking off her clothes. With the confidence she has now, she feels Agito is her magic wings.

Kogarasumaru continues to be under relentless attack from Kilik and co. He notes their Panther is out and their simple strategy is to slowly wipe them all out. But soon Kilik soon something amiss and goes off after thinking he may have been letting his guard down. As Onigiri continues to harass Rika, Blackburn makes a revelation. If Kogarasumaru’s Panther is lying injured, why didn’t anybody check and authenticate his Panther emblem? They’re acting as though they’ve crushed their Panther but perhaps they’re being made to think that way? Then it hit them that it is really true because of Ikki’s smirk. Yup, they’re really acting to make them think so. Kogarasumaru’s Panther is Adachi as she is running up the tower, inching closer to the balloon. Flashback reveals she wasn’t too pleased to be the Panther because she’s the weakest and slowest. Plus, Agito will be the ultimate decoy and purposely take a beating to let their guard down. Adachi gets the motivation to continue running because she loves the team. Kilik and the rest rush over to the tower but Kogarasumaru aren’t going to let them have their way. Dontores and Buccha’s battle is fought to a draw because both are tired out. Falco tries to get in the way of Ikki but was crushed by a revived Agito’s Fang Road. Ikki ‘berates’ him for being late so Agito tells him to go after Kilik. He fires his Fang Road for Ikki to ride on. Ikki says not to talk things which don’t fit him. Doesn’t he sound arrogant when he mentions everyone should just fight for his sake. But in return, he’ll spread his wings for them.

Adachi is out of breath and is just 25m away from the balloon with over 3 minutes remaining. She builds up speed in a do-or-die attempt but gets frightened when Kilik appears in front of her. She makes a screeching stop and runs the other way. Well, though she did thought of escaping for a second, it was just a distraction to throw a stone statue at him! Hey remember, this is a virtual world. This was enough to catch Kilik off guard, give him the slip and make her build enough speed and jump off the tower. However it’s yet-so-close-yet-so-far situation because she can’t reach it and starts falling. But Ikki zooms by and gives her the much needed push and boost to finally grab the balloon. Hooray! Kogarasumaru team wins! Ikki catches falling Adachi and return to the other teammates though she hoped it should’ve been Kazu who had caught her. Kilik reflects his team were far greater in ability. Was it because he let their guard down? No, he was just careless for a split second. By the time he caught up with the Panther, he already used up all his power. If this was a real fight, it would’ve been their lost. Falco notes how Sora didn’t do anything and his reason was he doesn’t want to show those small fries his real power even if this battle was fun.

As Kogarasumaru logs back to the beginning of the virtual world (yeah all their wounds gone. I guess it was so real, pain felt so real, eh?), Falco congratulates them for obtaining the Eternal Seed Rights. He shows them their team’s name on the Gram Scale Tournament bracket. Do the winning pose! But I don’t know why, the other guys start getting angry and beat up Ikki. Maybe it’s all the trouble they had to go through if he had not blunder in the first place? But hey, they went through some good battle experience, right? Another flashback of how Agito pulled out unconscious Nakayama from the river. Thinking there is only 1 way to revive a sleeping princess, when Nakayama opened her eyes, she sees him using a bamboo stick to blow through her mouth.

The Sky Is Only The Limit…
It is rumoured that there will be more OVA episodes to come in the future and it will be interesting to see what is in store for Kogarasumaru and their destiny. I wasn’t a big fan of the TV series but I’m not saying that I turned into one after watching the OVA. At least with the nice pacing of the story with the first OVA focusing on Ikki’s battle with Ringo after the brutal attack on Simca and the following couple of episodes the Kogarasumaru team in action against the ex-members of Sleeping Forest, it doesn’t feel boring or draggy at all. So okay. Maybe I watched all 3 OVA episodes at one go instead of immediately watching it when the episodes are fresh out like hot baked bread from the oven. Indeed watching the OVA brings back nostalgic memories of the TV series and I even went back to read my old blog on this show. Partly because to refresh my failing memory on the terms and some of the plot. Hehe… ;p. And it seems there are more plots, characters and terms to come. My, it’s going to be a little overwhelming for me so I’m going to take a little short break.

As compared to the TV series, I feel that the members of Kogarasumaru are tightly and further close to each other. During the battles, there is display of absolute teamwork, cooperation and friendship. They’ve grown so much and there is more space for them to do so. Perhaps the OVAs were too short to conclude about the changes in character but I can say that they feel a little different. There is this sort of mature feel to some of the characters. Ikki may be a long way off from becoming the Sky King but with the determination and effort he is putting in, it’s no time the world of the Storm Riders will be shaken up. Foul-mouth Agito (nearly every damn sentence of his has that F-word. It’s like his signature phrase) seems much more cooperative though he is still cold but not as unfriendly as before. But I guess there are some things that won’t change like Onigiri’s pervertness. In fact it might have gotten worse! Oddly, I think his other form is a pig which he is being displayed as some of the time. Well, what do you make off, a short fat guy? Hey, better than a monkey, right? Perhaps not. Say, I don’t see the crow (which is Kogarasumaru’s mascot and partly what their team name means) that was usually used back in the TV series as ‘Ikki’s personal censor’. Maybe they should’ve used it when Ikki’s butt was protruding. Nah… I also remember Onigiri rides best upside down balancing his head on an AT! That’s some mean balancing feat for a fatty like him. I remember Adachi and Nakayama who were always following the team when they go for Parts Wars in the TV series. I guess their love for Kazu and Agito respectively has got them to finally join the team, eh? Rika may be Ikki’s big sister and though from the opposing team, it feels like she is quite distanced from the rest here. She was considerably quiet and from my point of view, a ‘nearly-rape victim’. In the TV series, it was Rika who tried to tell Ikki about the dangerous world he was getting into. In the OVA, it was Ringo’s turn. Well, can you defy destiny? Too bad Simca won’t be in action in any time soon since she is ‘grounded’. On an unrelated note: I still don’t like Simca’s short haircut.

Though there are a few new characters introduced but not playing any memorable role (at least at this point since it’s only 3 episodes) like Hako, Nijou and Ine. It feels that their appearance are somewhat fleeting. If they really do expand the OVA, I hope and am sure that these ladies and much more other characters will play a significant role. However there are those that do not appear at all in this OVA such as Ikki’s other sisters, the tough Mikan and the loli Ume. What about Agito’s SWAT officer brother, Kaito who hunts down and arrests all Storm Riders? Don’t see any nose of him at all. I might have forgotten all about him if I did not refer back to my old blog.  Oh, remember that slutty kid-like homeroom teacher, Ton-chan? No time to fool around so I guess that’s why she didn’t make any appearances here.

The path and road that leads to the top of the Trophaeum seems like a complicated and long way to achieve. I mean if you think about it, it is kinda scary to see all the different types of battles that they have to go through in order to achieve that. At the end of the OVA, I remember about the different classes of Storm Riders but it seems Kogarasumaru isn’t your D-class or E-class team anymore. The way they are taking on A-class teams like ex-Sleeping Forest shows that they are a force to be reckoned with. And they have moved from the Parts Wars or territory battles between other lowly teams. So in addition to the 8 Kings, we have this Gram Scale tournament now. I have a good guess about the outcome of our heroes. They’ll meet and face stronger teams, beat them and get even stronger before their next opponent. What is it that Kogarasumaru possess that it makes them the chosen one and fascinated or loathed by many others? That’s why they are a team of crazy people to watch out for.

The art and animation between the TV series and OVA feel slightly different. Since they are produced by different studio houses, the OVAs feel more ‘mature and serious’. Even the entire seiyuu line-up is different. All the characters have been given a different seiyuu and none of the original ones have been retained. But even if they sound totally different than their original counterparts in the TV series, their characters are largely the same so they are still identifiable in that sense. Heck, I don’t even remember how the original ones sounded but what difference would that make? All the ending themes are heavy rock based and it is quite suitable for the pace and action for this OVA. Speaking of action, it doesn’t disappoint either. We get to see the individuals pull off their awesome moves with the right mix of not showing off too much of it and get that ‘intoxicated, over-excess’ feeling and at the same time not too scarce that leaves fans disappointed and wanting for more. Of course we would want to see more aerial action from Kogarasumaru, right? They may be exaggerative and mind blowing but if you can put that aside, you’ll enjoy these aerial stunts. You know those comical parts when characters are drawn in their chibi modes? Well, I thought they look like those Bu Dao Weng tumblers only with stick limbs sticking out. Funny… Oh, the fanservice? Enough to tease fans wanting to see more of Ringo and Rika’s hot bod. Oh yeah… As for the love triangle part, I guess we’ll have to wait and see how it plays out from there from future episodes (if there are any). Looks like it’s not going to be a heated battle to the top of the Trophaeum that is at stake too, if you know what I mean?

So well, roller blading like flying in the sky still seems like a distance dream. Though the trend of roller blading seems to be in hibernation mode, I’m not sure if the trend will see some revival in the near future. Well, did roller skating make a strong comeback? Perhaps if such magic shoes were created, it will revamp the entire extreme sports history. A stadium won’t be enough for people to run and fly with these babies. You’ll need a big city to strut your stuff and wings. Me? If only I could just balance well on my 2 feet and not fall on my butt or knees every 3 seconds…Maybe I’ll just stick to just watching. That will be much safer.

Infinite Stratos

December 12, 2011

Sadly I have to admit that the reason why I watched Infinite Stratos (IS) was not because of the mecha factor, but rather the harem and potential squabbling of several girls over a guy. Sheesh. Even if I well know beforehand that this is going to be a mecha series with some cool robot fights that won’t interest me (I was never into this genre nor ever got interested in it), the harem factor was just too overwhelming to pass it up. So yeah. There you have it. I’m guilty as charged. What is the fun in watching girls fighting over a boy, you ask? I don’t know. Maybe it’s easier watching other people’s problems (even if it’s just fiction) rather than facing your own :).

But still, you will still need to know a little mecha terms and the setting for this series. What is IS (pronounce it by its initials)? In the near future, scientists have created an advanced exoskeleton called IS which possesses the most technologically advanced fighting and combat capabilities. However, men here seem to really have thought about the future of mankind because they saw the greatest threat of its destructive weapon abilities and thus drafted some treaty (why named after Alaska?) to totally ban it from ever being used in combat or war and that each IS technology must be equally distributed among all countries to prevent one from being dominant. Gee, that’s very thoughtful. But no matter how good and noble that intention is, I just can’t help see that there is going to be some unscrupulous parties trying to gain its technology for their nefarious ends.

In order not to put such awesome technological advance to waste, IS is turned into an international sport. However due to some peculiar feature, only girls can pilot these exoskeletons. Yes, it’s a sport only and for women. Oddly, if you think about it, if IS can only be piloted by women, then if nations are at war, women will only be in the front lines, right? Which country will send their women to war? Anyway back to the story. Ten years later after the introduction IS, another peculiar thing happened. There is a Japanese boy, Ichika Orimura who seems to be able to pilot an IS machine! Wait! How can this be? I have my own theory. Either he is a girl in disguise if not, he has no balls… HAHA!!! Just kidding. So yeah. This is where the harem factor is. As the only guy, and I mean THE ONLY MALE in the prestigious IS Academy in Japan, Ichika has to put up with lots of girls, perhaps every darn girl because they’re so excited to see a guy among them. Let the cat fight begin! One minor factor about Ichika’s would-be harem is that he is going to amass girls from different nations. Oh yeah, how about a potential one from as far as the other side of the world sound? But a good thing is, being in an academy filled with only girls, there have been no cases of yuri or onee-sama lovers in this entire academy! Is it a good thing that everybody here is straight? Oh well, Ichika is going to have it tough anyhow.

Episode 1
Disregard the opening sequence about a group of girls in their IS machines cooperating and taking on an enemy in some complicated, messy aerial IS fight. So this is Ichika’s first day in class as a transfer student. He is in an awkward position. The only guy in a class filled with girls who are none too happy to get to know him. Apparently, this class has 2 instructors. Maya Yamada and Chifuyu Orimura, Ichika’s older sister whom he thought was on some mysterious job. Must be a shock that she suddenly pops up here, right? And yes, all the girls start swooning over Chifuyu. I guess she must have some reputation to make girls purposely attend to this academy. Uh huh. She is Japan’s first IS representative but mysteriously disappeared at the most crucial timing. Chifuyu doesn’t treat her brother differently from anyone else. No special treatment. She is the tough and strict instructor you don’t want to mess with. She’s going to have everyone memorize the basics and let it sink into their bodies within 6 months. After that short history of the development of IS, I guess the only person Ichika can rely on is his tsundere childhood friend, Broomstick, oops I mean Houki Shinononononononono… Oops, sorry. Once more. His kendo expert childhood friend, Houki Shinonono. I guess she’s even happy that he can remember her right off the bat since it has been 6 years since they last saw each other. Let’s keep his harem count, shall we? She ahem, Houki is harem girl number 1. As the only guy in the academy, he is still a guy after all. What do I mean? He slacks in his studies. I don’t blame him. You expect him to memorize all that terms from that thick reference book. Oh, he threw it away. But if Chifuyu tells him to do it, he’s got no choice, right?

But not every girl is amused with Ichika. One of them being Cecilia Alcott and she is appalled Ichika doesn’t know the elite she is. I’m sorry. I didn’t know you are Britain’s representative for IS. Yeah, as snobbish as the Brits are. She starts bragging about her abilities that probably Ichika (and us) don’t want to hear. She’s not too happy to hear him ‘defeat’ an instructor because she was darn sure she was the only one who did it. Ichika’s day isn’t getting better when a group of girls obviously tail him back to his dorm. That intrigued with a guy, huh? Ichika is temporarily staying with Houki so you can imagine the scene when he comes in to see her clad in only a towel. She kicks him out but has to beg for his life to get in because who knows what those girls outside will do if he lingers any longer. See her tsundere side coming out? Houki proceeds to lay down the rules for them and she doesn’t hesitate to use her bokuto whenever he says the wrong things. Ichika continues to have lunch with Houki but a group of girls (I’ll refer to them as the 3 stooges) came to sit by and strike up a conversation, prompting Houki to leave. They learn they are just childhood friends and went to the same kendo dojo. Next day in class, Chifuyu announces that they need to elect a class rep. Guess who got nominated? Is there any other guy in class? Yup. Him. However Cecilia won’t accept this ‘shame’ and insult (England won the World’s Worst Cuisine award many times? What happened to good ol’ fish and chips?). She challenges him to a duel to not only decide the class rep, but if he loses, he will become her slave! But each time Ichika ‘hits’ back at Cecilia, the class finds it funny so Cecilia really thinks he is mocking her. Chifuyu approves the battle which will take place next Monday.

Episode 2
Ichika will be given his own personal IS machine since the academy doesn’t have a spare one. Wow. His own IS. How envious. There are only a handful of candidates with their own personal IS. Cecilia is one of them. Ichika is also tasked to collect data with his IS as the rest find out that Houki is the younger sister of the professor that created IS, Tabane Shinonono, who is currently missing. So more IS jargon and tsundere from Houki. Seems Ichika pleads to her to help tutor him with the IS stuff. Initially she didn’t like that idea but when several girls start popping up offering to tutor him, she just can’t say no, right? Besides, she’ll get to be alone with him too, right? Right. I’m sure that’s what she really wants. Ichika gets his own IS named Byakushiki and is given the run down on his machine and Cecilia’s Blue Tears. So into the arena, Cecilia awaits her ‘victim’ and the battle for the class rep starts. Blue Tears’ specialty is long range sniping so it’s hard for Byakushiki to get close. Plus, Ichika is still an amateur pilot so he is fast losing energy. Cecilia is a pro handling her IS though Ichika is having a hard time but enough to withstand her attacks. Then Byakushiki transforms and Cecilia realizes he was fighting her in just his default form. With lots of determination to protect his sister’s name, Ichika unleashes Yukihira Type 2, a sword that was Chifuyu’s trademark weapon. He charges and slices through all her missiles. As he is about to land the final strike, his energy runs out so Cecilia wins by default. Back down, Ichika gets an explanation why his energy runs out (something about Yukihira is like a double edge sword converting his shield energy into attack power). With Byakushiki his personal IS, he has a bracelet on his wrist so that he can summon it anytime at will. But make sure to read the THICK rules and regulations. Oh great. While Houki agrees to continue teaching Ichika, Cecilia isn’t happy about the kind of victory she gets. Oh… Ooohhh…. What is that love-struck look on her face?! Why is her mind clouded with Ichika’s face?! Ah yes. Welcome on board, Cecilia. Harem girl number 2.

Episode 3
The class are being thought the basics of IS manoeuvres. Cecilia and Ichika are tasked to demonstrate. She happily offers to guide him but as usual, the beginner crashes his IS since he can’t control it. Thank goodness he isn’t hurt but he might be if he gets caught in the cat fight that’s about to start between Houki and Cecilia! Arguing who should take him to the infirmary! And that guy is so dense, he can’t even guess why they’re on so bad terms. To his surprise, everybody throws Ichika a party to congratulate him as their class rep. Apparently Cecilia relinquished it after reflecting on her childish temperament. Cecilia is happy with a photo with Ichika but to her dismay all the other girls butt in and spoil the photo. Why? They don’t want her to get a head start! Next day, the class are discussing of a new transfer student in a class next to theirs. Their class rep gave way for this newbie to take her position. So who is this new girl? She is Fan Rinrin AKA Rin, China’s IS representative and Ichika’s second childhood friend. Oh yes. Uh huh. Ichika’s harem girl number 3. Oh boy, the rivalry is heating up. Is it a wonder why Houki and Cecilia are feeling a little irritated that Ichika and Rin are getting along quite well, catching up on lost times? We also learn how Ichika ended up in the IS academy. Seems he was on his way to take an exam. He got lost and stumbled into a room with an IS machine. It reacted to him and the rest is history. Wait a minute. What is an IS machine doing in a community hall where the entrance exam is supposed to be held? Houki and Cecilia confront them and want to know Rin’s relationship with Ichika. When Ichika mentions Rin came in right after Houki left and that Houki is childhood friend number 1 and Rin number 2, see that happy smirk on Houki’s face that she enjoys being labelled as his first childhood friend? The girls continue to argue why they deserve Ichika. Okay, I might have exaggerated on that bit but you know the way they says things, they want to be him. The only one, that is. As not to lose out, Cecilia and Houki train Ichika together. What do you expect when it’s 2 on 1? Then when Rin learns Ichika is sharing the same room with Houki, she pleads to her to switch rooms! No way, man! Rin tries to remind him about their promise (how convenient) but he remembers it as one whereby she’ll cook her sweet and sour pork for him every day. SLAP! So, Rin challenges him to a duel. In next week’s Inter-Class Tournament, the loser must grant the winner 1 request. Obviously Ichika is so dense that even poor Houki can tell what is going on and tells him to get kicked by a horse and die! Fate is really funny because for the Inter-Class Tournament, the first round pits Ichika with Rin. Well, you don’t have to wait till the finals, eh? Rin’s Shenlong is similar to Byakushiki since it specializes in melee type combats. Rin gets ready to kick his ass.

Episode 4
The battle begins with both sides confident in taking the other out. But Rin uses her Dragon Roar to keep Ichika at bay. Then remembering what Chifuyu thought him, Ichika comes up with a plan using his Ignition Boost when suddenly a stray shot is fired through the barrier almost hitting them. Turns out to be an IS of an unknown nationality and is targeting them. The match is cancelled and evacuation process is in order. However the entire arena is in a complete lockdown so the spectators are trapped. Ichika plans to take on the menace even though he is the weakest one and even saves Rin from an incoming shot. The plan is for Ichika to charge up while Rin backs him up. Cecilia wants to go assist them but as Chifuyu points out, her IS’s ability will only hinder and make the current situation worse. As Ichika and Rin fight the IS, they realize that it is unpiloted since its movements are robot-like. However it is impossible for an IS to move without a human pilot. Another odd thing is that it doesn’t go on the offensive when they’re talking or not in attacking mode. But to Ichika, he can go all out and practice his Yukihira weapon since he won’t be hurting anybody. I don’t know how Houki got out but she distracted Ichika with her pessimism that he can’t win against it if he’s not a real man. As Rin fires, Ichika absorbs her blast to power up his energy to cut one of its arm. But the other arm punches him away and he is out of energy. Ichika looks confident when the IS prepares to aim at him. Seems he has got things all plan out as Cecilia attacks from long range. Just when they thought it is the end, the IS starts moving and fires at Ichika. In the aftermath, Rin is beside unconscious Ichika at the infirmary. She tries to kiss him but he wakes up. Bad timing? Ichika finds out that IS suddenly ceased functioning then, the reason why he isn’t roasted to bits. Then they talk about sweet and sour pork. He suggests that they go out to have some fun and Rin starts thinking this is going to be a date. Before she can answer, Cecilia and Houki come in to nurse Ichika. They’re not too happy to see Rin jumping the gun. With their argument, can he heal in time? Meanwhile Chifuyu and Yamada are researching on this unmanned IS and is stumped that its core doesn’t belong to any of the personal IS machines in the world. Just what is going on?

Episode 5
Ichika takes a short off-campus break and visits his middle school friend, Dan Gotanda. Looks like his sister, Ran has a crush on Ichika. Nice to him, but rough to her own brother. That says it all. Too bad I can’t include her in the harem count because she is really just a minor character. Back at the academy, Houki is reluctant to change her room since Yamada has already sorted things out. But since Ichika’s concern that he will still wake up on time and brush his teeth properly, Houki immediately moves out. Tsundere… And he still can’t guess why she’s so mad! And more tsundere because Houki told him that if she wins next month’s Grade Level Individual Tournament, he has to go out with her. Apparently the 3 stooges were eavesdropping and they spread the big news throughout the academy. Thing is, it got twisted somehow that whoever wins this tournament gets to go out with Ichika. What’s worse with a girl with motivation? An entire academy of girls with motivation for the same goal! But the biggest news is that the class has got another transfer student. He is Charles Dunoa of France. Oh wait. Another guy who can pilot an IS? That means, the rivalry over Ichika is more spread out right? Yeah, everyone starts chasing them! Boys are such a rare commodity in this school. Well, being the other only guy in town, I’m sure Ichika is sure enthusiastic to confide everything in him. I’m surprised no girls became a fujoshi or yaoi fan. But there is something more than meets the eye for Charles. He is rather shy when changing clothes alone with Ichika. Oh no. Don’t tell me he is… During practice class, Chifuyu assigns Cecilia and Rin to demonstrate since they have personal IS machines. They aren’t too enthusiastic about it but sharp Chifuyu tells them that this is their chance to show off to him. Instantly, they’re in for it! They’ll be fighting against Yamada and somehow she crashes on Ichika and they end up in an ambiguous position. I guess everyone is fired up now, eh? Yamada being the previous IS candidate, shows the stuff she is made out as she easily beats Cecilia and Rin. Then the class is split up into groups with those with personal machines acting as leaders. Guess how many wants to be with the boys? Then Houki has a hard time getting into her IS so Ichika is ordered to carry her in, much to the envy of the other girls. During lunch, if it isn’t bad enough that 3 girls are already vying with each other to hand over their handmade lunch to Ichika, he has got to bring along Charles with them. Yeah, guys like them have to stick around each other. Other than trying to hand Ichika their lunch, they also fight over the right for him to feed them. Is this school getting lots of transfer students lately? I mean, now we have Laura Bodewig from Germany transferring into their class. However, unlike every other girl that swoon at the sight of Ichika, Laura goes up to him and slaps him!!! She will not acknowledge him as Chifuyu’s little brother.

Episode 6
The girls are explaining to Ichika how to fight. However he doesn’t understand a single thing they say till Charles show up. Yeah, he instantly understood. Then he has a spar with Charles’ Raphael Revive. And lost. Since he doesn’t grasped the nuances of long range weapons so he offers to let Ichika practice with his. But they are interrupted when Laura wants to pick a bone with Ichika. If not for the instructors butting in, it could’ve gotten ugly. So Ichika, do you remember what you did to piss her off? Later Ichika spots Laura trying to persuade Chifuyu to return to Germany and teach her because she views everyone here as trash. Chifuyu ignores her cockiness and tells her off. Chifuyu knows Ichika is spying and tells him to do some self training or else he’ll be eliminated at next month’s tournament. Ichika remembers that during the second Mondo Grosso International Tournament, for reasons unknown till this day, he was kidnapped. Chifuyu had to withdraw her participation from the finals to rush and rescue him. Her forfeiture caused a huge commotion but in order to return the favour, Chifuyu went to Germany to become the country’s instructor for a year since they were the ones responsible for tipping off Ichika’s location. Ichika goes back to his room and accidentally enters the bathroom to see Charles bathing. Okay, this confirms it. He is a she. Say, the first girl he has seen naked, eh? The atmosphere becomes awkward so Charles explains. Though her father is the president of the mass manufactured IS machines, those are all second generation IS as the world is now moving on to the third generation (like Laura’s Schwarzer Regen). Charles isn’t the daughter of her dad’s real wife and lived separately from her dad. Two years ago, her mom died and suddenly daddy’s personnel came to pick her up. They found she had capabilities to pilot an IS and was made to be a test pilot. After that, the company went into critical state since they’re still producing second generation IS. So disguising as a boy is to stir up some publicity and as well to interact with the odd case (Ichika) that is in Japan. In short, her duty is to gather data from his IS. Charles is relieved to get it off her chest (on a side note, I wonder how she hides her boobs by making it flat when she cross-dresses as a boy) but laments she will be recalled to her country since her gender is revealed. But Ichika who has never been doing well in IS studies suddenly can quote a paragraph and line from the academy’s law that states any students enrolled in this academy do not belong to any country, affiliation or organization. Just wow. I guess after all that he has to say, he wants Charles to stay and it will be fine if he keeps his mouth shut, right? Well, they almost got busted when Cecilia comes knocking on their door. Charles has to pretend to play sick so Cecilia ‘takes’ Ichika away for dinner. Too bad Houki had the same idea too and she’s not thrilled that Cecilia is wrapping herself around his arm. Not to lose out, Houki does the same onto his other arm. Wait. No Rin? I wonder where she’ll grab if she was there. Ichika brings back dinner to Charles but since she isn’t used to chopsticks, he feeds her. Oh, before I forget. Charles Dunoa: Ichika’s harem girl number 4. Even if she’s a guy in the eyes of the others. Meanwhile Laura still isn’t happy over a certain brother to Chifuyu as she takes off her eye-patch. Man, her eye is glowing!

Episode 7
Another rumour is going around. Whoever wins this month’s tournament gets to go out with Ichika. Erm? Haven’t we heard that before? Houki is bothered by this fact so her only choice is to win. Flashback reveals she was supposed to be a kendo champion for her grade but didn’t since she couldn’t participate due to circumstances and lost by default. When Tabane created IS and the people started to worry about its threat, her family was relocated under a protection programme and separated and moved periodically. It is during these times, she continued her kendo because she felt it was her only connection to Ichika. Meanwhile Cecilia and Rin are to duke it out over the right for you-know-who but are interrupted by Laura. She mocks them, their country. They don’t like her. They fight. But third generation Schwarzer Regen fares much better than the second generation of Blue Tears and Shenlong. They are losing energy at a rapid rate and at this point they may endanger their lives. Ichika can’t stand around watching his harem girls, oops, I mean his friends getting trashed so he summons Byakushiki and crashes through the barrier and fights Laura. With Charles as his support, Laura makes a formidable foe. But the fight comes to an end when Chifuyu steps in. After giving them a dressing down, he tells them to settle their differences at the grade tournament. Till then, all personal battles are prohibited. Ichika and Charles nurse Cecilia and Rin at the infirmary. Looks like their pride got hurt a lot more. Charles nearly spit out that they like Ichika but thankfully they were quick enough to shut her up. So they weren’t that badly injured, I take. And Ichika is still the dense guy… Suddenly loads of girls barge in and requests Ichika to be their partner. Seems that the grade tournament will be in fought in pairs. Those without pairs will be chosen via lottery. Guess who Ichika chose? Charles! Well, he’s got to protect her identity as a ‘guy’, right? How disappointing. Yeah, Cecilia and Rin would’ve joined the ‘fight’ if not for Yamada’s stern advice not to participate due to their injuries. Back in their room, Charles thanks Ichika for standing up for her. The odd part is when they want to change, they turned their backs against each other. Of course as expected, Charles slipped and her cry was enough to send Ichika into reflex action to look the other way. So what does he see? Charles in her undies. Part 2. Don’t scream, or else… Oh, he got kicked and knocked out by the way. I was just wondering why one didn’t use the bathroom to change. Duh… After putting Ichika into bed, Charles pecks his forehead. The day of the tournament arrives and lots of big shots and VIPs are attending the first round. Remember how fate is a funny thing? Guess who Ichika-Charles will be up against in the first round? Yes. Laura-Houki. Seems the two were paired via lottery. Yeah, fate is indeed real funny and ironic.

Episode 8
As the match begins, it seems Laura isn’t treating this match as a team. She knocks Houki out of commission when she’s in the way even if she’s being hammered by the smooth coordination and cooperation of Ichika and Charles. But with Houki out of the way, it’s a good thing since they’ll be able to concentrate on bringing down that b*tch. As powerful Laura is, she is still no match when the duo combine their tactics. She is cornered and… Flashback time. Laura was a test subject and the strongest living weapon alive. Till IS came along. To increase her compatibility with the machine, a nanomachine was implanted in her eye. But her body couldn’t adapt quick enough and was marked as a failure. Then she met Chifuyu and she became her instructor. With her, she regained her position as number 1. Laura asked Chifuyu’s source of strength and her reply was she had a little brother. Then looking at her gentle impression, it was then Laura couldn’t accept that little brother who changed her instructor. Laura’s craze for power goes awry when Schwarzer Regen absorbs her and she turns into a mindless IS blob. Chifuyu orders the cancellation of the tournament (again?) and the evacuation of the spectators. Ichika becomes very upset when he sees Laura using a signature move that only belongs exclusively to Chifuyu. He is made to calm down by Houki and his energy has run out. Charles offer to recharge him in exchange he mustn’t lose. Or else he’ll have to come to school in a girl’s uniform. Ichika powers up and cuts the IS blob to free unconscious Laura. In Laura’s unconscious mind, she hears Ichika’s voice of wanting to become strong and protect the one he loves. She wakes up in the infirmary with Chifuyu next to her. She mentions about some Valkyrie Trace System which is banned under the IS treaty (and equipped on Laura’s IS) since it will cause the pilot’s will to be taken away in addition to damaging the pilot’s mental state. Chifuyu asks is she is somebody. If not, it is convenient since she will be Laura Bodewig from now on. Also, she cannot become her. At the end, the tournament is cancelled for good. There goes everybody’s hope for a date. But Ichika is still going to honour his promise with Houki by going out with her. For shopping that is. She anticipated his kind of answer and kicks him in the gut! Yamada rewards Ichika and Charles with a nice big hot bath. Nobody but them. Uh huh. Charles uses this chance to get intimate with Ichika. She wants him to call her by her real name: Charlotte. She also decides to be herself. This means, the next day in class, she reintroduces herself as a girl, much to everyone’s shock. What is the first thought that cross their mind? Ichika has been sharing a room with her since and yesterday’s bath… Oh, Rin looks so pissed off that she is ready to kill Ichika when she comes bursting in fully equipped with her Shenlong. However he didn’t die because Laura protected him and suddenly KISSES HIM!!! WOAH!!! Out of all the girls, I never thought she would be the first one to steal his kiss! She literally jumped the queue!!! How would the others in line feel? Not only that, Laura proclaims Ichika will be her husband and he will have NO RIGHT to object to it. Yeah, he has no say whatsoever. And so, completes Ichika’s harem for this season. Laura, you are girl number 5 even if you’re the first to smooch him.

Episode 9
Houki feels like hanging up a call from Tabane. But it seems that genius has finished something that Houki wanted: Her own IS machine. Meanwhile Ichika’s morning will never be the same again since he is shocked to find naked Laura getting bolder and bolder by the moment. So what happens when Houki comes in and sees them in some hentai play (she’s doing some submission move on him totally naked). Hurt, would be one of the words used to describe his predicament. With the beach study session coming up, Ichika brings Charlotte to buy their swimsuit. She was happy that this is some sort of date till she realizes she was just accompanying him. Yeah, you can never break through his density. He doesn’t even get it when she mocks him in third person. Be patient, patient my dear. Obviously Cecilia and Rin aren’t happy so they stalk them with Laura joining them because they need to gather intelligence when facing an unknown enemy. Isn’t that just like stalking? Anyway Ichika bumps into Dan and Ran (the latter over happy to see him). She says she’ll be joining his harem next year. Oops, I mean the IS Academy. Since she’s blabbing too much, Charlotte took Ichika away under her nose. At the swimsuit store, Charlotte spots the stalking trio and in her haste, takes Ichika to hide inside the changing room with her. I don’t know why, Charlotte starts undressing as an excuse to test out her swimsuit. To take his mind off this stimulation, Ichika starts expressing the pi formula! How many digits has he gone into?! His voice attracted Chifuyu and Yamada passing by so they’re taken out and giving a good lecturing right on the spot. Meanwhile Laura contacts her Schwarzer Hare (Black Rabbit) organization vice president, Clarisa Harfouch about advice on which swimsuit to choose. Thanks to Clarisa’s extensive knowledge on Japanese anime and manga (in other words, she’s an otaku), did Laura make a good choice?

And now, the moment we’ve all been waiting for, the beach episode finally arrives! Being the only guy is hard because the girls are vying for his attention. Like Cecilia, she makes Ichika apply sun lotion all over her back and ‘other parts she can’t reach’ so much so Rin can’t take it anymore and applies the lotion on his behalf. This results in Ichika getting kicked when she got up and he saw her topless. Then Rin challenges Ichika to a swimming race but her feet got cramped. Ichika saves her and brings her ashore. Cecilia is going to bring her hospital but she insists she is fine. Then Laura comes by wrapped like a mummy. She is too shy to reveal her swimsuit but ultimately does. Wait a minute. For a girl who wasn’t embarrassed to wrestle Ichika totally naked in the morning, she is now shy in letting him see her swimsuit? It isn’t anything that flashy either but it’s better than your typical school swimsuit. Then with Charles, Laura and the 3 stooges, they play beach volleyball but Laura is so love-stuck with Ichika’s words calling her cute, she got knocked out by the ball. Where has that tough girl gone to? Then Chifuyu and Yamada switch places and Charlotte is dismayed that there are too many rivals thinking that Chifuyu may be in Ichika’s books too. Though, he himself may not realize it. He was dense before the sun scorched his brain. And with the fun continuing throughout the day, thinking about it now, where the heck is Houki all these while?! It would’ve been more havoc if she had been in the equation. Apparently she is worried about something. Chifuyu sees her and tells her Laura’s Valkyrie Trace System has got nothing to do with Tabane and that she might be returning. Hey, I thought she was missing? But Tabane has finished creating Houki’s own personal IS machine with the latest specs and technology on par with Byakushiki: Akatsubaki.

Episode 10
Charlotte mistakenly eats the wasabi and feels the fiery sensation while Cecilia isn’t going to give up her seat next to Ichika seeing she worked so hard for it. She’s not use sitting Japanese style and is in much discomfort and has Ichika feed her, much to the envy of others. It could’ve got rowdier if Chifuyu didn’t tell them off. To make up for it, Ichika invites Cecilia to his room. Ooohh… Is this the moment you’ve been waiting for? The words you long to hear? Cecilia happily makes her way to Ichika’s room but was intercepted by the 3 stooges undressing her to reveal her shoubu pantsu. When she manages to get away, she sees Ichika’s harem girls eavesdropping outside his room. Sounds like he is doing something ambiguous to Chifuyu! The door gives way and they realize he was giving her a back massage. What were they thinking? So I guess that’s why he called Cecilia here too right? Yeah, he gives her a good massage too. Chifuyu flips up Cecilia’s underneath to note her shoubu pantsu. After getting Ichika to buy them drinks, she has a talk to the girls. Is big sister going to give Ichika to them? Not a chance! Oh, how heart breaking. Well, she wants them to take him by force. Next day, Houki spots a pair of funny bunny ears sticking out of the ground. Her instincts are right not to pull it but as for Ichika, he is like the curious cat. Suddenly a capsule comes crashing down next to them! Out comes Tabane! Yeah, it’s those rabbit ears. How can this genius be so child-like? Maybe that’s why she’s a genius. She goes off to find Houki with her Houki Detector? Later as Chifuyu gives the gang a personal training, annoying Tabane comes by. She is here to give Houki’s fourth generation Akatsubaki to Houki. Fourth generation? And the world has just begun to venture into the third. That’s why she’s a genius. Tabane does some fitting and input for Houki and after that she test pilots the IS. With super speed and more power from her twin swords, Amazuki and Kawarene, she is able to slice a rain of missiles easily. She revels in the new power she has acquired. But training is put on hold when Yamada comes by with special orders from HQ. Seems a third generation IS machine, Silvario Gospel under joint development by USA and Israel has lost control and gone berserk. The unmanned IS is approaching their area and Chifuyu wants the kids to countermeasure it. As they plan their attack, seems they need an IS with enough power to fell it in 1 go. That’s a job for Byakushiki. But they also need a fast IS to send him there so that he can conserve his energy for the hit. That will be Akatsubaki as Tabane suggests. Another flashback 10 years ago about the White Knight incident. After the announcement of IS, somebody hacked and launch 2,341 missiles from various nations towards Japan! It could be another Hiroshima in the making if a mysterious White Knight IS didn’t show up and dispel every missile and keep Japan safe till today. The White Knight shortly vanishes shortly after. Till today, nobody knows the identity of that saviour. Well, hints may indicate it’s Chifuyu but don’t be too hasty yet. Houki and Ichika prepare themselves to make this mission a success.

Episode 11
Just moments before blast-off, via private channel, Chifuyu warns Ichika that Houki seemed a little merry and may be doing something stupid and if that happens, he must support her. Akatsubaki’s lightning speed arrives at Gospel as soon before you know it. Their presence has alerted Gospel as it goes into attack mode. Gospel is equally swift and powerful. As Ichika gets ready to strike it, he sees a ship below and goes to protect it. As far as everyone knows, all ships are supposed to be cleared of this area. Scanning shows that this may be an illegal fishing vessel. Houki isn’t amused that Ichika wants to protect such petty criminals so Ichika talks some sense into her. He doesn’t want her to say such sad things. Has she lost sight of protecting the weak after gaining power? Houki realizes and feels guilty. During that moment, Gospel opens fire on them. Ichika uses every ounce of his energy to shield Houki. The mission is considered a failure. They have lost track of Gospel’s location. But Chifuyu has everyone on standby since they have not received orders to back out. Ichika is retrieved from sea and recuperating in a room while guilt-laden Houki sits by him. Though Houki wonders those scums disrupting law and order were the weak ones worth protecting, she also wonders if this is Ichika’s strength. Another flashback reveals how the boys back in school used to pick and tease Houki for being a tomboy. Ichika stood up for her and even punched one of them in the face for crossing the line. Soon after, that’s when they started calling each other by their first names because it’ll be too confusing calling by their family names since both sides have famous people going by that name. As Houki wallows further in depression on the beach, Rin comes to slap some sense into her. So what is she going to do? She’s going to fight anyway. That’s the Houki we all know. And all the other girls agree that they won’t have it any other way. Laura’s intelligence has her confirming Gospel’s location. Though it is on stealth mode, it is not camouflaged so the satellite visuals spotted it. They also make plans and their respective roles on how they’re going tackle Gospel. That night, Gospel arrives in the vicinity as Laura fires the first blood at it. Yamada wants Chifuyu to order them to return but even though if they are disobeying orders, she knows this was going to happen anyway.

Episode 12
Remember that fight scene way back in the first episode? Yup, it’s here now. The girls cooperate to take down Gospel while Ichika must be experiencing some near-death experience. In a calming and soothing world, he sees a girl in white. Then from bright blue cloudy skies, it turns into a glowing sunset and perhaps that same girl now in the IS machine asks him if he desires power. To cut his explanation short, yes, he wants it to protect his loved ones. Back to the battle, though Houki manages to slay Gospel, it starts activating Second Shift. Read that as power up to kick your ass real good. Now the girls will have a hard time. Houki is taken out and as she lays barely conscious, she thinks of wanting to see Ichika just once. She gets her wish because Ichika is suddenly next to her in his Byakushiki. This is no dream either. He’s real. He gives her a ribbon because he prefers her old hairstyle and wishes happy birthday. Oh. A girl is happy when their guy remembers her birthday, right? So how did Ichika get out from his room? Well, if you put the 3 stooges on watch, sure can lah. What about his wounds. Apparently Byakushiki has this ability to heal. How convenient. So with Ichika regrouping with the girls, he even powers up into his Second Form, Setsura after getting a much needed charge up from Houki. In the end, Ichika disables Gospel for good. See, all you need is lots of determination and not just power. Maybe a harem too. In the aftermath, though Chifuyu notes the mission is a success, they disobeyed orders and will face some sort of punishment. But to show she isn’t really cold-hearted devil, she praises them a job well done and to get some well deserved rest.

Later Chifuyu meets Tabane and they discuss about Byakushiki exceeding Tabane’s expectation. It reminded her of Shirokishi AKA Core Number 001, the first machine she put her entire soul into. Then Chifuyu talks hypothetically that what if on that day a certain genius led a certain boy to a room with an IS machine on his entrance exam day and made it specifically in a way it would function at a specific time. This would make the boy look like he could operate the IS. Then on another separate hypothetical topic, what if a certain genius wanted to let her precious sister make her public debut and prepared a personal machine and incident to make some IS go berserk. For this, the new high performance machine piloted by the little sister would be included in this operation and thus it will be a grand debut for her. One hell of a genius? Indeed. I’m sure you know which genius they’re talking about, right? Elsewhere, I guess it’s better late than never as Houki shows Ichika her swimsuit at the cove. She apologizes for her reckless action that could have resulted in his death. But he forgives her and just flicks her forehead as punishment. It may not be the question we’re hoping she pops but she asks if Ichika thinks of her as a woman (hard to answer no when she’s putting his hands over her chest, right?). Guess how he answers that? “Well, I guess…”. Sheesh. Since it isn’t a negative answer, I suppose it’s enough to make Houki happy. Then as Ichika tries to kiss her (yes, it’s him who initiates), he sees a gun pointing at his face. Uh huh. His jealous harem is going to kill him! Next time, keep your eyes real close on him, okay? While they start firing, Ichika carries Houki and make a run for it. Now his real problem begins…

Definite Harem Struggle…
So yeah. There you have it. Ichika is going to see more troubled days ahead. What do you expect if you have an international harem by your side? A tsundere Japanese childhood friend, a snobbish British elite, a cheeky Chinese second childhood friend, a cross-dressing French and an imposing German. Like they say, variety is the spice of life (wink, wink). Man, with such power house nations, I wonder why there isn’t one from USA or Russia. Makes it feel like WWII, harem style, eh? At this rate, he might as well get the entire academy. I hope Ichika will learn how to handle ‘sensitive issues’ and ‘territorial disputes’ via diplomatic relationships. He’s going to need it. Somehow when these girls start to fall for him, they aren’t as intimidating as before, especially Laura. Looks like she has lost her aggressiveness ever since Ichika saved her. Since I’m only here for the harem factor, I just wished there were more scenes and episodes dedicated to see how the girls fight over him and become something like Desperate Housewives. Haha. Just kidding. Though the part of wanting to see a cat fight remains true. I’m such a sucker for this kind of genre. Having said that, to me the mecha battles were just a side affair and an ‘excuse’ to have some plot and storyline so the anime can move forward. That’s not a bad thing, really. Even if Ichika has the qualification to enter the Hall of the Most Dense Guy In The World when it comes to realizing a girl’s feelings, that last scene indicates that he may have preferred Houki to the rest. After all, she is the first girl whom he knows and spent his younger days with. So for the rest of you girls, you might want to think twice about killing Ichika for real because if you do, there’ll be nobody else to fight over :). Just beat him up a little, enough for him to recuperate and heal for the next round :p. Otherwise, Ichika is your typical heroic anime kid who cares and protects the weak. Even going as far as protecting puny criminals as demonstrated. To many of us, we wouldn’t even bat an eyelid once we have branded somebody as a criminal or villain. How many of us can be as strong as him to really stick to his beliefs?

There may be a few questions hanging over my head. For instance the responsible person or organization that sends out unmanned IS machines and making them go berserk. Well, it is hinted it may be Tabane since after all, she is the only quirky genius in the world and the only one who could possibly pull off that kind of stunt. The kind of genius that can hack into 12 countries’ military computers! She is annoying yet mysterious. So don’t write her off as an airhead because she’ll probably hit you back when you least expected it and have already all covered as part of her plan. Plus, how was she considered missing in the first place? Just a side distraction while she worked on Akatsubaki? The series is too short to develop or flesh out any characters so we may not get insights of Chifuyu’s past or get to know more about other side characters like Yamada and Clarisa. Another thing is the postponement of matches. First, the much awaited whatever battle take place. Then it gets interrupted and the match will be put off. At this rate, nobody is going to see some real tournament action, right? And to see Ichika squaring off with his harem girl as early as the first round not only once but a few times, it really feels like a setup or an early final. Who cares about that since I’m only here for the harem. Oops. I’ve said that too often.

I’m not mecha fan despite watching a few mecha series for the last couple of years. So if you ask me about the mecha fights, well, an ‘amateur’ like me will pass it off as something cool. It’s nice to see the ‘messy’ aerial battles with all the cool plasma shots and missile vapour trails, but I guess that is just about it. Other than that, I am still blur when it comes to the unique terms and names of the weapons and armament. Each time they mention it, I would go like “What? Say that again, please?”. Then with the next change of scene, I would have already forgotten its name. Is my memory that bad? Probably my mind was just focused on the harem… One thing I’m pondering about the IS battles in its arena. Though the spectators are fully protected by some barrier, when the IS machines are fighting in an aerial high and wide in the sky, it makes the perimeters of the arena redundant, isn’t it? With the pilots flying up so high, how could anyone from below see unless there is a giant screen somewhere in the arena. And how far does the protective barrier run especially if they’re fighting in the air? They might have killed an innocent bird! Thankfully no animals were harmed in the production or making of this series. Haha. But really, if there was a barrier, the pilots would’ve broke through them already. Unless of course the barrier only protects the arena. Hmm… Maybe this is possible.

The seiyuu cast are nothing to shout about nor do I have any qualms with the casting. Except for one. Yukari Tamura as Tabane (Yamada in B Gata H Kei). Sure, who wouldn’t recognize that high pitch squealing and though I feel there is nothing wrong for her to voice that genius, it felt that her voice and Tabane’s mature physical appearance do not match. I was thinking along the lines of at least somebody with a dreamy voice maybe like Kikuko Inoue for Tabane but I guess if you want somebody to sound scatterbrain, Yukari Tamura is your perfect choice. Even so, I felt that if Yukari Tamura was used, at least they should’ve made Tabane look like a loli to suit the characters’ voice. But then again, this is my opinion and what I feel. Initially I thought Ayako Kawasumi was the voice behind Yamada but it turned out to be Norika Shitaya (Sakura in Fate/Stay Night). The other casts include Kouki Uchiyama as Ichika (Soul in Soul Eater), Youko Hikasa as Houki (Mio in K-ON!), Yukana as Cecilia (Teletha in Full Metal Panic series), Asami Shimoda as Rin (Chika in Kyo No Go No Ni), Kana Hanazwa as Charles/Charlotte (Kobato in Kobato), Marina Inoue as Laura (Chiri in Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei series) and Megumi Toyoguchi as Chifuyu (Winry in Fullmetal Alchemist).

The lively opening is quite generic for animes of this genre. It is entitled Straight Jet by Minami Kuribayashi. As for the ending theme, it is called Super Stream and depending on the girls added to Ichika’s factor, as they become ‘official’, they’ll be part of the singing team for this ending piece. At first I didn’t notice the difference but soon it starts to get a little ‘crowded and noisy’ towards the end and this is when I found out. It started out with Houki’s seiyuu all alone at first, slowly adding Cecilia, Rin, Charlotte and finally Laura into the fray. You can easily tell because the ending credits animation are just Ichika and the girls running across the screen in a line. So each time they become part of his harem, they are added into this animation part. Thus safe to say, Chifuyu isn’t going to be part of the harem because as far as Ichika is concerned, she will always be his big sister. But the rest may not know that, right? Sometimes you can never be too careful. I wonder if Ichika has 100 girls (maybe the entire IS Academy) following him, how are they all going to fit into the screen! Then again, there are official harems and non-official ones.

It really boggles my mind to still think that IS can only be piloted by females. Come to think of it, as far as I know, so far all the staffs as I have seen at the IS Academy are females.So is it really exclusively for women only? Ironically, it’s men who have higher interest in robotics and if not big boys’ toys like cars. So how Ichika really ends up piloting one is really a mystery. I know, it’s for fanservice purpose and speaking of which, don’t get your hopes up for anything very suggestive since they aren’t the kind that would raise any suspicious eyebrows. Unless you’re a first timer of course. However, if you buy the DVD, I’m sure you’ll have some of those tantalizing scenes ‘upgraded’. So yeah, it may be worthwhile if you’re hoping to see more for less. And perhaps somewhere along the deep lines, all males can actually pilot IS machines. Just that the ladies want to keep it an exclusive sport to themselves. But at the rate the development and research it is going, I feel that the IS isn’t just going to be confined to sports. Who can resist not using such powerful potentials? Besides, would you prefer to see fat half-naked men trying to push each other out of a ring or hot babes in hot machines duking it out?

Mayoi Neko Overrun

December 11, 2011

If you ever see a stray cat on the roadside inside a pitiful cardboard box with a sign saying “Please adopt me”, will you take it home? If it’s not a cat, how about a cat girl then? Say what? Maybe if you’re an otaku and have a fetish for girls with cat ears, cat tails and cat paws, yeah, maybe. But that’s not how it happened in Mayoi Neko Overrun. So what does this show have got to do with stray cats by the way? Well, even if you read the title, ‘mayoi neko’ already means stray cats. Haha. Just horsing around. Why isn’t there catting around? Well, cats don’t joke around I suppose and when you use cats in idioms are when there is intense rivalry and arguing between 2 girls. You’re going to see lots of that here. Yeah, you might have guessed this is somewhat a romantic comedy harem.

Takumi Tsuzuki is an orphan but was adopted by his non-blood related busty sister, Otome and currently lives in a home-cum-bakery called Stray Cats. He once lived in an orphanage along with childhood friend, Fumino Serizawa. Now, this Fumino girl isn’t your honest-to-her-feelings kind of girl. She’s always saying the opposite of what she really wants. For example, if she says she doesn’t want ice cream, she actually really wants them. When she says right, then it’s left. Takumi has known her long enough to know this attitude of hers. Though he terms her as not honest, I have a better term for it. To be exact, she’s totally tsundere. More tsun that anything. So you can’t blame men for sometimes getting confused of what women want. Oops. Did I mention that Fumino’s favourite phrase and quote of the series is “Go die twice!”? At times maybe a thousand or a million. She’s worse than Jigoku Shoujo’s Enma Ai because in the latter’s case, she only tells you to die once. Haha. You get this feeling that Fumino likes Takumi but being the tsundere she is, she can’t help deny anything and let that poor guy have a taste of her kick.

Episode 1
Like in the first episode. Takumi woke up from a dream. A dream of the past whereby young Fumino was bullied by other kids just because she fed a stray cat. Kids can be cruel sometimes. They associated Fumino and the stray cat the same because they’re both abandoned. Takumi consoled her despite denying that she’s crying (though it’s obvious she’s crying out very loud). And when Takumi wakes up, he saw her striped panties. You can guess what happens next. The opener also introduces other characters like the otaku 2D-lover Ieyasu Kikuchi, old fashioned Daigorou Kouya and the bratty Chise Umenomori, a rich girl who turns out to be the granddaughter of the school’s founder. Yeah, she even treats her school like her own house! Don’t mind changing in class, eh? With changing curtains of course! She’s so high and might that she has 2 maids, Satou and Suzuki following her everywhere she goes. You have got to love her maids because they don’t tell lies and have a nice way of wording the truth to Chise. Chise loves ordering people around and you can guess that her target is always Takumi. However Fumino doesn’t really see eye to eye with Chise so you can guess many of the nit-picking and quarrelling are from. We also learn that Otome has a penchant of helping just about anything or anyone in trouble. When there’s a little problem in a remote part of the world, she goes all out to help. Thus leaving behind the bakery for days or weeks. No wonder it never does well. Not to say her baking skills are top-notched but the only reason why they even survived this far is because of Otome. Yeah, people grateful to her or just becoming patrons to see her large melons. And yes, Stray Cats is filled with lots of cute (or weird looking, depend how you look at it), erm, stray cats that she picked up during… Who knows when.

After school, Takumi and his pals are disheartened to see that a cake that was reserved by a customer has been eaten. Elsewhere, Fumino saves a kid who thinks he is being stalked but it turns out to be Ieyasu. By the way, he’s not the stalker. At Stray Cats, the rest thinks this kid has eaten the cake but he denies and tells them he saw a cat ate their cake instead. A big cat. Like the size of Fumino. He’s not joking, right? Fumino believes him but Ieyasu doesn’t because of his otaku beliefs. Fumino throws down the challenge that she’ll find it and settle this case. In exchange, they’ll all die twice! Is that last bit necessary? If not, she has to show her striped panties. Okay, only a pervert like Ieyasu can think of something like that. Takumi and Daigorou continue to remake the cake while Fumino and the kid go out looking for the large cat. Chise and her maids pop by like busybodies to help out. Because they’re out of ingredients, Chise accompanies Takumi out to town to get some. Along the way, they caught glimpse of a person that looks like a cat. Fumino, Chise and Ieyasu chase after it but she was too fast and agile. She escaped when they had to save Chise’s little chick from being road kill by a lorry. Takumi and Daigorou find the kid crying in the streets because he’s alone and he didn’t know what to do after the big cat appeared. Late into the night, Fumino continues to search for the big cat despite Chise offering her services from her maids and personnel to do a wide search. To Fumino, she understood the kid’s feelings to not have anyone believe in him. Flashback reveals it was Takumi who gave Fumino that die twice phrase if anyone bullied her. She should just give them a taste of their own medicine and he vowed to protect her. So they didn’t manage to find the cat. The kid is reunited with his dad and they manage to deliver the cake by dawn. Who the heck eats cake in the morning? Then Otome returns. She brings back another pitiful abandoned cat. Hey, isn’t that the large cat they’re chasing the night before? Everyone, meet Nozomi Kiriya. She was so cute that Otome just had to pick her up. Uh?

Episode 2
So Nozomi starts living with them. She’s rather like an airhead, not the slightest embarrassment when she’s naked in front of the guys. I wonder if she really has cat ears. Or maybe her lump of hair just resembles like a cat. Plus, she likes to say “Nyaa~”. Since Ieyasu is bombarding her with lots of questions, Nozomi says if she is a nuisance, she will leave. But Fumino disagrees. To cut her long-winded speech, what she means is that she is worried about her and doesn’t want her to go. Next day, Nozomi is thought how to bake and it seems she’s doing an extremely good job, much to everyone’s delight. Better than Otome. So at least Stray Cats have a saviour. Nozomi is also the new transfer student in Takumi’s class thanks to Chise’s power. Now Nozomi is in her debt and her henchmen. So that’s her scheme? She gets more than she bargained for when Nozomi pats her head like a kid. She gets so shock with that nice feeling that it renders her ‘paralyzed’. Wow. They call it the Hand of God! After the guys have their field day of watching the ‘beauties’ of Fumino, Nozomi and flat chest Chise in their swimsuits, Chise summons Takumi and his gang to her base on the rooftop. She wants to form a circle with them. Plus, today’s gathering is to decide what their circle is going to do. However they’re not too interested since they’re busy after school. Yeah, they ignore her and leave. That night, a storm starts brewing. Tsundere Fumino didn’t want to stay with Takumi (though we know she really wanted to) so Takumi accompanies her back to her home. Takumi’s mind starts to get wild whenever Nozomi is close to him but it’s a sign that he’s a healthy young male rather than a pervert. Thankfully, nothing happens because Nozomi was just cool all the way. Then in the middle of the night, Takumi gets a call from Fumino. She’s right outside Stray Cats. What? Back again?

Episode 3
Before Fumino came knocking on Stray Cats’ door, we see Takumi and Nozomi both unable to sleep talk about family, his past, Fumino’s tsundere and some mystery bits about Nozomi like she never had friends like that and she doesn’t know who her parents or where she lives. Their conversation is interrupted when Fumino came by. She forgot some little accessory? Sounds like an excuse because as she takes a shower, the power goes out and poor Takumi has to bear the brunt of her die twice trademark whacks whether it’s accidentally seeing her naked (it’s dark by the way so how?) or telling a ghost story. With the storm getting heavier, Fumino has to sleep here for the night. Guess their sleeping arrangements? Takumi in the middle and the girls by his side. Man, he’s going to get a sleepless night. Fumino gets afraid of the lightning and holds on to Takumi’s hands tight. Though she says it’s for revenge for seeing her naked. I don’t see the connection. Nozomi too holds on to his hand. Bright and sunny morning comes but there’s already trouble. Takumi wakes up to find Nozomi missing. He and his pals go all out to find her. Yeah, Chise even employed her helicopter! Takumi feels it’s his fault because he tried to pry into Nozomi’s past (initially everyone agreed not to talk about it until Nozomi tells them herself). But Fumino says it’s her fault since Nozomi found out that she wanted her to leave. Well, oddly, Fumino didn’t really say that. Do you understand this girl? Not even years of experience could Takumi decipher what the heck that means. It all becomes clear when Fumino sums up her courage to say that Nozomi realized that Fumino likes Takumi. She really does. And hates him too. And love him. And hate him. And love him. Oh, make up your mind! No time for that because they’ve received word that Nozomi has been spotted. They rush to her sitting in some abandoned area. Takumi wants her to come back with them but Nozomi feels she would be annoying. Takumi continues to tell about his past how he used to live in an orphanage run by a church till it closed down. That’s when Otome adopted him and he was the first human she picked up. At first he had no name and was named Tatami due to the mat he was found with. But for convenience of writing, it evolved to Takumi with fewer writing strokes. The point is, after all the trampling he’s experienced, he turned out stronger. At one point he too thought he was a burden after his parents died in a crash and thought of making it on his own but couldn’t. He was found by Otome and instead of sending him back to the church, she took him back to her bakery and was treated to a nice cake. Nice at first but when you have too much of something… So the bottom line is, it’s okay to be a burden sometimes. Because there’ll be people who’ll support them. He wants Nozomi to stay with them and hugs her. I guess she can’t say no now, eh? Besides, if she goes missing again, it’ll be another big problem looking for her.

Episode 4
What? A hotspring episode with fanservice already? That’s what this episode is all about. All thanks to Chise’s super financial whatever that the gang is able to enjoy such luxurious facilities. As usual, Ieyasu tries to peep on the girls but steps on a trap that sends all the guys flying away into the sky. And landing somewhere in the middle of the nowhere mountain. Naked. We’re here to see beautiful girls naked not 3 loser guys! Oops. Don’t worry, we’ll have our fair share of fanservice too. While the girls are having the nicest time of their lives with ultimate body massage (ooh, feels good), sumptuous meal (yummy), a ping pong showdown (what is it with the slow-mo effects?), the guys are lost and trying to find their way back and Takumi got separated from the rest. It starts raining but Takumi is picked up by Kaho Chikumaen (supposedly an acquaintance of Chise) as they dry their clothes in a small hut in the woods. When a guy and girl are alone together in a small place, that’s got to be inevitable, right? So Takumi thinks. At times like this, body warmth is essential for survival. So maybe Takumi is rather surprised that Kaho is going along with this but the hilarious part is Daigorou doing the same to Ieyasu! So gay!!! Let’s hope nobody ever knows about this! Meanwhile the girls are doing rock climbing up to some scenic hotspring (WTF?!). Chise receives a message from Satou and she looks sad after hearing it. Takumi and Kaho continue their skinship and talk about their friends till the rain subside. Kaho has her dress but I guess Takumi has to walk around in only leafs. Call it perfect timing because Kaho-Kaho and Daigorou-Ieyasu rich the top of their trek to see Chise and co naked at the summit hotspring. Do you think dying twice is enough? On the way back, Takumi asks Chise about Kaho. He was told this entire area belongs to her and it is weird that she got lost since she use to frequent this place when she was young. Though she thinks her hidden SPs were protecting her. Takumi gets into more trouble when he laments all the trouble he went through with Kaho so Fumino didn’t like the ambiguous things they did. Meanwhile Chise reflects Satou’s message that her parents were busy and couldn’t make it under any circumstances to meet her pals. She’s rather sad because it was part of her plan to have them meet her parents. But she throws away her gloomy mood and discusses the activities they should be doing for their circle. So when did everyone became part of her circle? Meanwhile we see hordes of SPs behind Kaho as she watches Chise’s helicopter fly away. Who is this girl anyway?

Episode 5
Stray Cats are doing slightly better. But they seem to be forgetting something. It’s Chise’s circle meeting! Yeah, nobody turned up. Even if they all eventually did, the agenda on the meeting was to find a name for their circle. All lame. Even if Chise is getting passionate about it. But the rest have important things to attend to and leave the meeting. Poor Chise. Do they find her that annoying? Well… Chise continues to be gloomy so surprisingly Kaho picks her up and they talk about Takumi, the unprofitable Stray Cats and her failed circle. Kaho has a suggestion. Stray Cats is having no customers after a busy week. To their horror, Chise has opened her own patisserie right opposite Stray Cats! She’s raking in the customers! It’s part of her plan to crush Stray Cats and once that place is closed, she’ll hire them and pay them higher with bonus and other ridiculous perks. However Takumi feels that this isn’t about the rewards and declines her offer. Man, for anybody else, they would’ve jumped at that offer. Because of that, Stray Cats’ sales plummet to a point it can’t go any lower. Can it? It went off the charts! I don’t think the floor is enough, though. Chise has a flashback why she’s quite infatuated with Takumi. On her first day at school, everyone ‘feared’ her because she’s the daughter of the Umenomori family. When she tripped, nobody dared to help her up except Takumi who was oblivious of whom she was. The rest is history. Stray Cats is facing the possibility of closing down. But do not fear. Otome is back! To help increase Stray Cats’ publicity, she suggests entering a local swimming competition. I guess Otome can’t participate because each time she wears her bikini, it somehow just comes off. That’s more distraction than needed. I guess Fumino will have to represent their store then. So when Chise finds out about this, is she going to stay quiet? Not if you’re a kiasu. And when Fumino and Chise meet, you can expect a full-out argument.

But this time it’s different. Chise lets her know that all she wants is to hang out with Takumi and co. She even made the rooftop base and patisserie for them and thought if Stray Cats disappeared, everyone would have, more free time. Even Kaho agreed to this plan of hers. Of course Takumi has overheard all of this and went over to Kaho. He went down on his knees and begs her not to aid Chise in making any more mistakes. Though he knows they have no intentions, Stray Cats is important to them because it’s where all their memories lie. He laments he didn’t realize Chise’s trouble soon enough. However Kaho says back is he implying his impudent words that she doesn’t know her friend as much as he does and is he able to give what Chise desires. His answer? He may not understand the rich, but he understands Chise’s feelings because she is one of them. Chise who was eavesdropping heard his feelings from the heart that her face really contorted when she cried. Kaho agrees to step down. Chise still continues to enter the competition but this time to give Stray Cats some publicity. She is trying to find the swimsuit Kaho left her but she is dismayed when she finds it. Seems to be a school swimsuit. Yeah, she won. Then at Stray Cats, Chise makes it their second base and calls their circle, Stray Cats Association. Lastly, we see a group of people in despair because they’ve put everything they’ve got into supporting Chise’s patisserie and moved against Stray Cats but all their actions were nought. I don’t know how they have got to do with all these but Otome barges in to punish all those ‘bad children’.

Episode 6
Stray Cats Association now discusses their plans. Because they’re unable to come up with anything agreeable, they take opinions from others. But the feedback they receive shows that they are not popular. To the outsider, what the heck is Stray Cats Association. So in order to make their appeal worldwide, Ieyasu suggests doing a video and posting it on a popular video sharing site. So their first activity is to do a video promo and to complete it in 2 weeks! Can they? Because Ieyasu has some ‘knowledge’ in this area, he appoints himself as the director. Takumi the assistant director, Daigorou the camera man, Nozomi will do script writing, music by Fumino and Chise. They have to come up with the lyrics tomorrow or else Ieyasu can’t decide on the movie’s image! Oh, now he’s starting to be a dictator. But putting Fumino and Chise together is a big mistake because of their constant arguing. Even before taking off, it’s like breaking up. Now to go onsite for filming. One of the locations is Tokyo’s Akihabara. Because there is a towering building right smack in front of the scene Ieyasu wants shot, he wants Chise to remove it quickly! Besides that building belongs to her family! Chise has to comply with his wishes or else she’ll not live up to her name and expectations that she can do anything and bombs the expensive building!!! OMG! After years and toiling to build it, it’s gone in a flash! And all just for 1 crappy short scene whereby the girls do some weird pose. And some explosion in the background too? Why don’t they use CGI to edit it? For realism. WTF?! Even with Ieyasu’s fear of airplanes, the gang fly overseas to take shots in exotic locations like the world’s largest water basin, the pyramids in Egypt and Machu Picchu. Each time, everyone had to do more unnecessary work like painting all the leaves or making it snow just for that 1 crappy shot which is all the same (the girls’ pose). Makes you think doing it via CGI is much cheaper. Each time, they see Otome helping out with the locals. Each time, tired Takumi starts seeing mythical creatures like half-fish man and UFO and starts freaking out since nobody believes him. Takumi is so tired that he is starting to lose himself and has no time to study for his exams. Then at the Himalayas, they’re supposed to shoot at the highest point. But after doing so, a storm quickly forms, trapping Takumi, Fumino, Chise and Nozomi. And Daigorou’s emergency kit didn’t help much: A book on how not to get stranded on a mountain. Too late. At this point, Takumi feels sleepy. No! You can’t fall asleep! Takumi wants them to finish the video and be on good terms as his final wish. Just when he thought angels are about to pick him up and calling Otome’s name, speaking of the devil, Otome pops up! She’s here helping to clean up trash on the mountain. Hey, there is not one, not two, but a whole bunch of yetis with her! They exist! When the weather gets better, they are lifted off the mountain. They head back and put in all the editing effort and finishing touches before uploading it. All I can say is, there are some unrelated scenes (a war zone?), the girls’ poses are for fanservice purpose (the camera was aimed at their panties) and even with the multiple exotic locations, it came and went so fast that you won’t even give a damn where they went. And at the end of it, a big name of Ieyasu as director. So all the hardships they went through… I think dying twice won’t be enough for this jerk. And bad enough, Takumi failed half of his exams. So did Stray Cats get the worldwide appeal? I have a feeling it turned into a laughing stock.

Episode 7
What the heck?! What the heck?! WHAT THE HECK IS THIS EPISODE?! Suddenly it turns into some mecha sentai thingy with its own opening theme. Well, the characters do look slightly better and have different names. Like Fumino = Sayaka, Chise = Chizuru, Nozomi = Shinobu, Kaho = Hazuki, Otome = Professor. So we have this Grand Braver robot episode with Hazuki betraying our pals do attain revenge for her Machine Empire. Then she herself got betrayed by her own dad, Machine Marquis as he plans to destroy Earth by merging the powers of Sayaka, Chizuru and Shinobu. He starts fusing with the ground and absorbs all the energy from around the world. The Grand Braver trio charge into Marquis attempting to find the girls while Hazuki gets beaten up. She is paralyzed from all the guilt trip when the Grand Braver trio emerge from Marquis with the girls safe in their hands. The typical battle that sees them combining and forming powerful weapons to take on the baddie but he too has some ace up his sleeve. Grand Braver takes a beating and they could’ve been goners if Hazuki didn’t snap out from her spell and help them out with her Light of Resonance. Another round of merging into a more powerful, more super-duper, even cooler robot. Okay, maybe just add on a little accessory here and there. But heck, he sounds too cool to be dismissed. Ultimately Grand Braver fires his sword beam that Marquis can’t even absorb and destroys him for good. All’s well, ends well as Hazuki being the loner leaves the party. But Earth is not safe yet because the Machine Emperor and his henchmen (robots, rather) are planning to bring Earth to their knees and that Marquis dude was just a weakling. And if you thought those Grand Bravers were Takumi and the guys, well, we’ve never seen their faces throughout the episode so you can’t just bet on their voices, right? Turns out that they are the Machine Emperor… So Grand Braver just another person?

Episode 8
Back to the story proper but this feels like another filler. Yeah, all the gang are participating in the First Super Blocks Championship sponsored by Chise. At first I thought it was going to be some Saki rip-off but this isn’t going to be a mahjong game. If you’re familiar with the Jenga game, you’ll know that you’re supposed to remove and stack blocks and if the entire blocks fall on your turn, you lose. To up the ante, there are orders on the blocks in which the player must obey if they pull that block out. Failing to do so or losing, they’ll fall down a dark pit. So the last one standing wins. That’s the only way out or the dark pit seeing this room is completely sealed off. Isn’t that imprisonment? As the game progresses, we see everyone doing funny and embarrassing stuff except for Chise. Seems she is in cohorts with Ieyasu and the place is filled with hidden cameras. Behind it all, her maids are closely watching and calculating which blocks are safe for her to pick. Yeah, cheating alright. First one out is Daigorou followed by Otome (because her boobs knocked down the blocks). However it seems Nozomi can decipher the hand signals Ieyasu send to Chise. They fear that their secret is out but it seems she has no intention of ratting them out. Then on a calculated move whereby it would be either Ieyasu or Chise who will go out next and they think Nozomi calculated is. Ieyasu is in a dilemma because if Chise loses, the deal for him to meet and date some super star is off. But he becomes selfish and saves himself. At this point, Kaho decides to forfeit herself, thus saving Chise. Oh Ieyasu, it’s hard to take back those words now, eh? Too bad, he was next to go out. Then on a turn, Chise takes a block with an embarrassing order. Seems Kaho has hijacked the maids when she suspected something amiss. She assures Chise’s safety though she’ll have to go through some embarrassing commands.

As the game progresses, flashback reveals that Chise wanted to invite a certain number of people to test out her new game and the winner can ask for anything he/she wanted. Nobody was interested. Takumi who was fixing the mixer notes that it is gone and it will cost a lot to replace or fix it. Fumino participates so that she could win and get the mixer. Of course Chise’s intention is to get on Takumi’s good side and even get engaged with him. After a few more embarrassing turns, Fumino picks out a block which needs her to kiss a member of the opposite sex. And Takumi is the only guy left. She’s in a dilemma to pick it. We know she wants to but is just too tsundere. But she can’t let Nozomi or Chise do it because they won’t hesitate. So what to do? What to do?! Worse, Takumi did mention if she doesn’t want to pick it, he’ll do it instead! Now, if he does that, which girl will he pick? Ah, the dilemma one can face in a small game. No choice, she takes it out so this alerts Chise (because she was pretty confident she didn’t have the guts to do it) so she and Nozomi (probably she was just copying) stretch out their arms to prevent her from taking it and this results the blocks to crumble. Thus, Takumi is the winner. So the prize that he wanted is a Stray Cats uniform not only for Chise, but Fumino and Nozomi. Well, he didn’t want the mixer replaced since the old one was kinda hard to let go. Otome notes that once the game is released into the market, they should all play together here. Takumi agrees with her so Fumino isn’t happy with that (probably it reminded of the trauma she went through) and sends him dying twice. Metaphorically of course.

Episode 9
Noticing that Nozomi is noting how fun a trip to the beach would be, Otome announces a relaxation trip for Stray Cats. So yeah, your beach episode with swimsuit fanservice. Be careful when Otome puts on her bikini because… What else is there to do at the beach? Play water or swim. Check. Watermelon splitting. Check. Beach volleyball. Check. Well, at least Nozomi is quite happy. That evening as Takumi and Fumino stroll together at the beach, he has to put up with her cry wolf antics again. He decides to rent a boat. I guess he rowed too far out when it suddenly starts pouring. Thankfully they manage to row back to shore and take shelter in a hut. Doesn’t this feel like deja vu? Don’t fret, they’re not going to take off their clothes. However Fumino realizes that Takumi didn’t pull the boat onto shore deep enough as it gets swept out to sea. You’re not going to ask him to get it back in this weather, right? Good. So back to the hut. More of Fumino’s tsundere. She is bothered that Takumi was gawking at Nozomi’s swimsuit and thinks he thought of something perverted. However he assures and promises her that he will not have any dirty thoughts if he spends a night or two with her. Guess what? She didn’t like that answer too and slapped him! Boy, she’s sure hard to understand. Poor Takumi is left wondering what he said to make her cry. Meanwhile the rest are worried that the duo haven’t return from their stroll. They receive word that they are the only ones yet to return the rented boat. Gasp. Chise uses her powers to contact all the coast guard and helicopters to do an all-out search. The rain is gone. Takumi lies outside and watches the stars. Fumino joins him though she’s just giving an excuse she’s just talking to herself. You can do that anywhere and not necessary with him, right? He asks what did she wish back then and did it come true. Well apparently it did not so she keeps blaming him that it’s his fault. She starts chiding him why won’t he understand or realize it. I can understand why he can’t. Nobody can. She gets so upset that she falls over him. Their romantic moment is ruined when a bright light is cast upon them. Yup, they’ve been found. Almost busted on doing something scandalous. Takumi had to make up a story that Fumino’s not feeling well. I guess for realism, she really fainted. I wonder how many coast guards did Chise called in. The bay is all too crowded. Back at Stray Cats, Ieyasu and Chise notice the odd interaction between Takumi and Fumino. Whatever happened, I’m sure they’re not going to accept this.

Episode 10
Chise’s first day working at Stray Cats sure has her making her grand entrance. Yeah, she jumped off her helicopter! Anyway, Otome has picked up another stray cat. Sorry, not a stray cat but a little girl, Honoka. I hope she didn’t become a lolicon. She leaves them in their care since she has to attend to other troubles around the globe but will be back in a few hours. Plus, Takumi isn’t here since he is undergoing some top secret training with Ieyasu. So the girls treat her nice but as usual Fumino and Chise don’t get along. They even try sabotaging each other during work. Like when Fumino tried to fix the door bell, Chise tickled her and caused her to lose her footing. They went into Street Fighter mode. Too bad. I really wanted to see them pull off some Shouryuken or Sonic Boom moves complete with health meter. Then it started raining again. While Fumino and Chise were just annoying in their squabbles, Honoka and Nozomi bond closer. Honoka shows her a notebook that she was sketching a bird. She chased after it and before she knew it, she was lost and that’s when Otome picked her up. Then Otome comes back but this time with Honoka’s mom. She is worried sick about her daughter. Otome was late because she went to the nearest police box to see if there’s a search request for a lost child. However along the way, she got caught with helping other troubles. Otome notes that Honoka can’t stay here since she has a place to return to. Before they part, Chise asks why Honoka never told them she had parents. It’s because they never ask! Chise advises her she should hold her parents’ hand and not let go. Nozomi says that she should come back here once in a while since everyone will be waiting for her. Next morning, Takumi treks back and he looks all messed up. Turns out his training was watching a marathon of selected anime DVDs. Can you blame Fumino for wanting him to die 2 million times?

Episode 11
Stray Cats Association’s first promo video may not have hit worldwide appeal, but it seems to have caught the attention of a person who is looking for Nozomi. She is Shimako Murasame and wants to find the origin of this video. With the sports festival coming up, Chise has grand plans for it to be broadcasted to the entire world! Showing the true powers of her technology, she builds a large stadium in just a day! Woah! However, the school starts divided into 2 camps when Chise supports the use of bloomers for the festival and has the guys including that otaku Ieyasu supporting her while Fumino who’d rather die rather than wearing that would prefer to wear tights and has her other best friend, Kanae Naruko backing her up. But there’s another problem cropping up. There is going to be a three-legged race competition opened to those in the shopping district so Otome certainly wants to pair with Takumi. Not if Fumino and Chise would have their own say about that. As for Nozomi, as she feeds the stray cats, she notices that a plate can only bring a certain amount of happiness. There are too many cats and limited food as she realizes that some of them have no chance of getting their share. The showdown between the bloomers and tights faction begin and it all boils down to whose side Takumi is to choose. Besides him, Daigorou and Nozomi do not belong to any faction. So it becomes a bloody fight to get Takumi on to their side. Nozomi is pondering that insufficient meal for cats and poses this question to Takumi but since he can’t come up with an answer she drops it. But Daigorou asks Nozomi if she’s alright not going back. Then Takumi could see through Satou and Suzuki’s trick to bring her to Chise but was ultimately caught anyway. Chise asserts Takumi will be on her side and do the three-legged race together when the bloomer’s faction is ambushed. Chise throws a question to Fumino what she wants to do with Takumi and this renders her speechless. After thinking, all she wants him is for the three-legged race, though I suspect it’s something more than that. To solve this problem, the president of the light music club (no cross-overs from the K-ON! series), Tamao Fujino suggests that they should settle their match a week before the real festival since it won’t look good to the townspeople having their conflicts. Lastly, Otome is visited by Shimako, a director from the Fourth Murasame Academy, a child welfare institution.

Episode 12
Nozomi continues to be gloomy. Something about Shimako congratulated her for becoming the 13th Murasame but she ponders about the meaning of being a family. The day of the showdown is here. Fumino advises Nozomi to come straight out with her feelings rather than keeping to herself. So it’s a 3 way fight between bloomers, tights and lazy bums (term for the neutral ones who aren’t in any faction). Bloomers are leading when Nozomi shows up wearing both bloomers and tights! What is this new fad called? Bloots. Eh? Nozomi enters the fray but she is one-(wo)man show and enters all the events herself! Can she do it? Unbelievably, she beats everyone flat! I can’t believe it! She wins every race on her own! Though it has a major strain on her, Nozomi wins and her command is to have Fumino and Chise get along (after hugging them both). With that, both sides accept the strength and weakness of each other. See, problem so easily solved. And it took a girl to do it. Yeah, everyone will be wearing bloots. But the problem of who should be pairing up with Takumi for the race is still on. Our usual suspects argue when Nozomi for once mentions that she would love to do it. Seeing her in such a state, I guess everyone has no choice but is happy to give Takumi to her. She is so happy that she says how she loves everyone. Except for Ieyasu. Just normal, for his case. Haha! Come the day of the sports festival, Otome is seen talking to Shimako. The latter mentioning how this academy is equipped with the best facilities and staffs. The most outstanding students are granted the Murasame family name and thus officially inducted into the Murasame’s parent organization and family. Though Shimako notes that Nozomi possesses high IQ and athletic abilities and is the greatest prodigy for the institution, Otome says that it’s that very same place she ran away from. Since they can’t reach an understanding, Shimako says the next time they meet will be in court and is confident since they have parental authority. But Otome won’t easily let Nozomi go unless she says she really wants to go back there. She invites Shimako to come watch the sports festival.

During the lunch break, Shimako spies from afar on Nozomi and refuses to believe Otome’s words. But she notices Nozomi making such happy expression when she’s participating. For the much awaited three-legged race, other than Takumi-Nozomi, the rest are Chise-Otome (I hope her boobs won’t pin down this shorty), Fumino-Kanae and Ieyasu-Daigorou. The race starts but Takumi-Nozomi is dead last. Takumi realizes Nozomi has a fever after asserting herself previously and wants to withdraw but Nozomi insists on carrying on since she was given this chance by everyone. Then Shimako pops up. She gives Nozomi some supplement pills and asks her why she left the institution. Nozomi’s reply was that she doesn’t want to make everyone cry again. When she was chosen to become a Murasame, she noticed other children crying. She felt she stole their happiness from them. Shimako thinks she may have misunderstood. Though it’s true that they cried, but it’s because they’re worried that she’s not around. That’s the same reason she came here to get her back and not as a director of the institution. Nozomi adds that there are laws regarding relatives but none for family. If she could choose a family of her own, she’d rather stay here with everyone because everyone here likes her (flashback cue for all the emotional scenes of Nozomi and the gang). Takumi also pleads for Nozomi to stay since she’s part of their family and they like her a lot. It was enough to convince Shimako that she won’t be bothering them for a while. Takumi and Nozomi finish the race in last place but everyone is happily waiting for them. As Nozomi rests in the infirmary, she mentions how Fumino and Chise like Takumi. And it’s a special kind of like. Fumino starts fumbling, denying everything she said like a true tsundere. She stumbles out to the door when Takumi just happen to come in. Their lips almost met so in her embarrassment, he has to die twice. Glad it wasn’t more. In the aftermath, Nozomi continues to stay at Stray Cats and receives a letter from Shimako and the kids at the institution saying that they’re doing fine. And poor Takumi continues to get caught in between Chise and Fumino’s feud. Not even Nozomi’s airheadness could help.

Episode 13
I was thinking this episode was going to be a filler episode since the previous one did mention everything had ended. It didn’t dawn to me that it was a recap episode! Not just your ordinary recap. Well, we have Fumino, Chise and Nozomi commenting and narrating the selected and ‘important’ scenes of the dozen episodes. Sometimes with sarcasm, sometimes trying to outdo each other. I know at this point the squabbling of Fumino and Chise can be considered annoying or amusing but the coolest one has to be Nozomi’s with her cool comeback lines (ironically, I feel she has the least lines). So you will hear the girls yapping away from start to finish. This means the opening and ending themes are not even spared. Yada, yada, yada. Bla, bla, bla. Watch this only if you want to know the main gist of the series and it serves as a good reminder if you have watched the entire series. And if you don’t mind incessant talking, yelling and rebuking. I mean, that’s what Stray Cats is all about, right? Hey, I just noticed that the first half of the series is filled with fanservice and near-nakedness!

Stray Cats Theatre
Of course with these days, the motivation to buy DVDs is the short specials that come along with it. Stray Cats Theatre as it is called, there are 6 specials and lasts less than 4 minutes. They are very random, nonsensical and spontaneous so much so at times you’d be rather puzzled and bemused rather than laughing because the gag is so fast you’ll be going, “Huh? What just f*cking happened?!”. Each special also has a recurring stint. Such as the opening warm-up exercise on stage to the annoyingly cute “Nyan, nyan” song, Ieyasu’s rallying speech like as though he’s running for president and the rock-scissors-paper match between Fumino and Chise in which the loser gets something dropped over them or dangerous befall on them. Otherwise she’ll get splashed and this is where the fanservice pose comes in. Yeah, fancy seeing the girl’s undies right through her soaked clothes? Does it turn you on? So like in Special 1 after Fumino’s exercise, we have Takumi getting beaten up by Fumino after he accidentally saw her panties due to the breeze, Chise trying to bend a spoon but she bended Takumi’s bones instead, Takumi opening a room door to see multiple Nozomi clones and Takumi again getting beaten up but this time flying into the sky after seeing you-know-who’s panties. Then in Special 2, Fumino again starts off with her exercise but it’s a little bit filled with fanservice and Ieyasu films up her skirt only to be later beaten up. Also, Otome handing over a drink to soldier Daigorou in a war desert, Chise trying to do some mind bending thing with a box but it ripped Takumi’s clothes instead and Otome helping some gorillas in the jungles only to return home with her clothes all torn apart. Chise takes over the exercise in Special 3. Then she tries to do another mind bending thingy with the cards but it causes Takumi and the guys to disappear to an uninhabited island. Others include, several takes on Takumi seeing Nozomi’s naked butt as she sleeps and some Armageddon battle between evil Chise and Takumi but since the latter got his face in her pantsu, she got upset and split the Earth in half!

Now it’s Nozomi’s turn to start off Special 4 with her exercise. More takes of Takumi viewing sleeping Nozomi’s naked butt and the rock-scissors-paper battle takes a twist because when either Chise or Fumino loses, it’s either Kanae or Kaho who bear the brunt of the fanservice. Variety is the spice of life! Also, Nozomi got chased down by a group of ruffian cats but was saved by a cool cat hero. Then some Cat-zilla terrorizes the place and licks Nozomi. Yeah, it’s her turn for some wet fanservice. It’s back to Fumino for the exercise in Special 5. Nothing special… Here, we have some mosaic blob thingy Otome brought back. Don’t know what it is but it squirt something into Ieyasu’s face, Chise hugging and loving it. Another twist for the eternal rock-scissors-paper duo. Since they’re drawing too much, Nozomi enters the fray and beats both of them. So now we have double wet fanservice of Chise and Fumino. Oh yeah. Twice the fun, eh? Lastly, Otome brought back a kappa to Stray Cats. Special 6 doesn’t start off with the exercise but a group of students fixing the stage. For the rock-scissors-paper game, as we are all tired of the water-for-the-loser punishment, the loser gets burnt, losing all her clothes. Yeah, naked fanservice! Chise, Fumino and Nozomi (when she entered the fray and lost) all get a piece each. The other side adventure sees Takumi and Fumino astray on board a raft. Takumi gets punched after seeing Fumino in her undies (there’s no place else to dry her clothes) and meets mermaid Chise and pirate Nozomi. Then washed up upon the shore, they are ambushed by natives (Ieyasu and Daigorou) but easily killed them off. Then Takumi treks through the jungle and sees Tarzan Otome swinging on the vines. He wakes up to see Otome, Fumino, Chise and Nozomi in their swimsuit calling out to him. It ends with the warm-up exercise and this time with Fumino, Chise and Nozomi together. Notice the backdrops moving now? Why didn’t they feature Otome in the exercise? Maybe something will jiggle too much and it will be an abomination! Haha! Just joking.

Lost And Trampled…
Unfortunately, it was painful to watch this series. I have to say that it was just mediocre and sometimes plain silly. There wasn’t much plot or character development in the series. Even that, there was nothing that brings about any real tension or drama that would make you skip a heartbeat. I mean, take a look at this. Otome found Nozomi in the streets, brought her back and with her airhead personality, you’d think that there is more than meets the eye. Then when it’s revealed that she’s some sort of genius who ran away from ‘home’, the person who supposedly came to fetch her back didn’t really put up much fight or resistance. I suppose she realized Nozomi’s feelings and noticed how she finally has a place to call home but that scene lacks the intensity that is needed to surely convince Shimako for Nozomi to stay. It felt like there wasn’t any much effort or feelings put into that climatic scene. So if they were to hold a nice gentle discussion over coffee without any hint of threats whatsoever, I’m sure Nozomi still would have stayed. Takumi and Fumino’s orphanage and bully victim past wasn’t that traumatic either to warrant anything that will bring forth something tense and dangerous (not talking about Fumino’s abusive tsundere towards Takumi) though it may be pitiful. Then there was the time when Chise really wanted her parents to come meet her friends. I thought they were going to develop something out of that to add to the drama but nope. Looks like they’ve forgotten about it. So the filler episodes like the hotspring, the super blocks game and video promotion shooting were somewhat more ‘entertaining’.

Fumino was just annoying with her tsundere behaviour. At times you really don’t know what she thinks or what she wants. And the die twice, die thrice and Takumi getting beaten up got a little stale after a while. It’s more or less the same thing. Maybe that’s her way to show her love. Besides, didn’t Fumino already spit out as early as the third episode that she likes Takumi? So why is she still acting like as though he doesn’t know that? More importantly, did Takumi forget he heard that? I don’t remember anywhere he made any decision to postpone his answer to return her feelings whatsoever. Maybe he really does consider her to be his childhood friend after all. Besides, that one episode whereby Takumi and Fumino got grounded together outside because of the storm was supposed to bring their characters closer. Maybe it did. For about 10 seconds. Then it’s back to normal like as though nothing of importance from that ever happened. Chise is another annoying brat. But she’s that because she wants to get the attention of Takumi and the gang. Couldn’t she just be honest and tell them she just wants in instead of beating round the bush like forming a circle, etc. I have mixed feelings every time Fumino and Chise start their usual spat. On one hand, it’s amusing to see them at each other’s throat. On the other, too much of something is not good and I think I’ve got an overdose of their catty arguments. Yeah, probably the cat fight is the other cat related theme for this series. As for Nozomi, I thought she would have some major bearing on the show but besides her runaway act, whether it’s from Stray Cats or the institution, there was not much to her. I mean, she’s acting like a side character so much so I thought the series could’ve moved along without her making a single appearance. She’s just there, nyan here, nyan there, that’s all. And I conclude and don’t think those cat ears are really cat ears. It’s just her hairstyle. But at certain scenes like her sharp observation skills and athletic abilities proves that she really is a genius after all.

Takumi, he’s just a normal guy caught in between all the spat. Enough said. There’s something ironic about Ieyasu I want to say. If he is such a 2D-loving otaku freak, why the hell is he, say, trying to take peeping shots up the girl’s skirt? And I mean 3D girls. Many times. It goes to show that if you’re a guy and perverted, it doesn’t matter whether it’s 2D, 3D or 4D, you’re not going to miss out a great opportunity if there’s a chance to see some pantsu shot, right? Daigorou, I think he really likes Otome since I realized his reactions when she gets too close to him. Speaking of that busty airhead sister, it really bugs me about her very helpful personality. Without any hesitation, she will travel to the ends of the Earth to solve the issue. In that case, isn’t she one busy woman? She won’t even have time to come back to Stray Cats anymore, right? She’d be going around making peaceful negotiations between warring nations, solving the famine problem plaguing Africa and perhaps find a cure for the world’s deadliest disease! Man, why the heck do we even need UN for?! All we need is more people like Otome! With her around, the world would have been a much peaceful place. Very, very much, I guarantee. Did you notice that she can just do about anything and go anywhere? Except making a good cake. Now that’s a problem. Unfortunately, since she only exists in this series, that’s why the Middle East are still in conflict, children are starving from hunger and AIDS is still rampant with no cure in sight. And all the stray kitties at Stray Cats, it should have turned into a cat compound by now. Nothing much is known for Kaho except that she deeply cares for Chise and would go all out to look out for her. Even if it means saving Chise from herself like playing dirty and cheating. Satou and Suzuki are amusing too but they didn’t make much of appearance. It would’ve been fun to see them comply to each and every wish of Chise.

At first when I first hear Fumino’s voice, she sounded so familiar, that shaky voice. So when I learned it was Kanae Itou voicing her, it immediately reminded me of that crazy squid-lover Sanae from Shinryaku! Ika Musume and To Aru Kagaku No Railgun’s Saten. Similarly, Chise’s bratty voice sounded like I knew I hear her from somewhere but couldn’t put my finger on it. Once again when I find out that she is played by Yuka Iguchi, I instantly remembered that she’s that annoying sister Index from To Aru Majutsu No Index. Yes, I find that sister annoying. But do I see some Index anime relation here? That’s because Satou and Suzuki are voiced by Rina Satou and Satomi Arai respectively as they are the voice of Misaka and Shirai in that said series. Sorority sisters there, maids here. Oh, here’s another Index-related one. Nobuhiko as Takumi did play Accelerator in that show. Only he doesn’t sound as crazy and just normal. Ayana Taketatsu as Nozomi was unrecognizable at first since she wasn’t in her reprimanding mode like her role as Azusa in K-ON! series and Vanilla in Yumeiro Patissiere since she’s so gentle and hardly (if not, never) raises her voice. But upon closer inspection, yup, it’s her alright. At least Yukari Tamura as Kaho (Yamada in B Gata H Kei), Mamiko Noto as Shimako (Enma in Jigoku Shoujo) and Yui Horie as Kanae (Kotori in Da Capo) were identifiable. Other casts include Satomi Satou as Otome (is this really the lady who voiced Wendy in Fairy Tail and Ritsu in K-ON!?), Hiroyuki Yoshino as Ieyasu (Firo in Baccano) and Junji Majima as Daigorou (Ryuuji in Toradora).

I find the opening theme, Happy New Nyaa by the seiyuus of Fumino, Chise and Nozomi quite weird. I know it’s on purpose and part of the song but I find that singing their lines too fast is somewhat awkward rather than cute. Why do I get this feeling that they weren’t serious in singing? The special opening theme for the mecha episode, Go! Grand Braver by Yoshiki Fukuyama is your typical rock outfit expected of the mecha genre. If you have heard Yoshiki Fukuyama’s type of rock style like he did for Busou Renkin’s opening (Makka Na Chikai) or that one in Crush Gear Turbo, safe to say you can expect his kind of male-rock-screaming style. The main ending theme is Ichalove Come Home also by the seiyuus of Fumino, Chise and Nozomi. Sounds like it has a tropical tune in it. Why do I get this feeling that they’re somewhat lethargic when singing this? The special ending theme for the video promo is also sung by the same trio. Entitled Mayoi Neko Dokokoukai Uta, sounds better than the other ones they did but I still feel it’s so-so. The slow-moderate ballad of the ending theme for the mecha episode, Kanadete Hoshi Uta by Hitomi Mieno sounds better. Then the Bloomer No Uta by those bloomer loving guys led by Ieyasu sounds like a manly Broadway giving their praise and tribute to bloomers. The next episode preview is my favourite section. Because it is a section that Satou and Suzuki rant away while in the midst of doing something like sunbathing, cheerleading or even soaking in the hotspring. This part should have lasted longer. Speaking of trivia, you need not have sharp eyes to spot them. Just decent knowledge on anime pop culture. See the Code Geass reference Fumino made when her eyes were like activating the Geass? What about One Piece’s Chopper’s outfit that Nozomi donned during the race? And yes, that Index line said by Chise about the magic-nullifying Imagine Breaker?

Picking up random homeless people may seem like a noble deed but in the real world, it could get you into lots of trouble. How far do you know the other person? How sure are you the stranger has no ill intentions? Besides, if you can help one, how many more others can you help? It’s not the case of throwing as many stranded starfish back into the ocean because it will make a difference for those who are thrown back. Besides, having caught between a tsundere childhood friend, a rich obnoxious brat and an airhead genius (note the oxymoron) is a bit of a handful already, don’t you think? So think twice before really taking home a stray cat girl no matter how cute, irresistible, moe, kawaii or kawaiisou (pitiful) she is. Sheltering and feeding her is a big responsibility and you can’t treat her like a mere pet. Unless you’re into that kind of play, know what I mean? Otherwise, you might end up dying more than twice.

Koko Wa Greenwood

December 10, 2011

I’m going back in time. The year is 1991. The place is Greenwood. What wood? Okay, so this isn’t a time travelling sci-fi anime series I’m going to blog. In fact, it neither has any of those elements. Koko Wa Greenwood is a very old OVA with only half a dozen of episodes and it’s about the life of the students living in an all-boys dorm. What’s a dorm without weirdoes, right? The weirder, the better. The weirder, the funnier. At least that is what I thought. Seeing this is a very old anime way before the new millennium, I guess I can close an eye.

But somehow it still bugs me that they officially translated English name of this series is Here Is Greenwood when supposedly and correctly it should be This Is Greenwood. Hah. I’m not saying I’m a pro in Japanese now but I feel the latter should be a better translation than the former. Perhaps there’s some confusion in the Ko-So-A-Do direction system in Japanese. Yeah, lost in translation. But we’re not here to study on petty grammatical mistakes. Let’s focus on the OVA episodes, shall we?

Episode 1
Orphan Kazuya Hasukawa is looking forward to living his life at the all-boys Ryokuto Academy’s dorm. That’s because his brother Kazuhiro has just married Sumire Kitani and turned it into a home of newly-weds. Plus, Kazuya is somewhat bitter over the whole episode since Sumire was his first love. He is 1 month late in enrolling in school due to bad luck like getting hit by a car, blizzard delaying his transport to the entrance exam, the post delayed the results of his acceptance and he collapsed during the opening ceremony. Phew. Now he’s back and got lots to catch up. But he’s not turning back. He is introduced to the student council president Shinobu Tezuka and the dorm president Mitsuru Ikeda. They bring him to the dorm named Ryokurin Hall. It is better known as Greenwood since it’s much easier to remember. Kazuya has a taste of what it’s going to be like living in a dorm full of weirdoes. We see lots of club members holding up signs hoping to recruit him but they’re not talking! Something about a rule that they aren’t allowed to recruit directly in dorms. If you can’t speak, you can still show, right? Yeah, there’s this weird bible dude trying to spread the word of the Lord via sales of Bibles!

From outside his room, Kazuya is shocked to see a girl, Shun Kisaragi as his roommate. However he dismissed this thought and thinks he is just a guy that looked like a girl. But Mitsuru and Shinobu dismiss it and say Shun is a girl for real! Yikes! At first they thought Shun was a guy too as all records pointed that he was one. Plus, Shun was raised as a guy. Now, Kazuya is being given a tough to help Shun graduate as a boy without letting others know her true gender. And since the walls of this dorm are thin and that they just live next door, if they hear any scream, Kazuya will be in big sh*t. Even in class, his classmates are talking how pretty Shun is and hoped she would be a girl. But Kazuya got pissed off with this thought and walks away. Yeah, they think he’s gay. To make things worse, Kazuhiro is working as Ryokuto’s school doctor! Now he’s got to see his bloody face in school too after all he’s done trying to get away from the house. Kazuya wants them to be strangers in school but Kazuhiro just loves teasing his little brother. Back in his dorm, he asks Shun why she didn’t cut her hair to make it believable that she’s a guy. She did it before but messed up so it’s better to transfer to an all-boys school, be herself and let everyone think she’s a weirdo. Oh yeah. If you can’t change yourself, change the perception of others! Kazuya seems to be getting along fine with Shun so Mitsuru and Shinobu help him in his studies in exchange.

One day when Kazuya enters the toilet to take a piss, it didn’t strike him at first but Shun was also there taking a leak. Then he realized it! Shun is actually a guy!!! Everybody was just pretending and that this was a ploy to see how long the newcomer would last. Yeah, 3 days he thought Shun was a girl! Mitsuru even took bets and thanks to the outcome, they have enough money to throw him a welcome party! However Kazuya didn’t find this funny and punched Mitsuru in his face!!! Yeah, perhaps he went overboard. Kazuya continues his crazy life at Greenwood and meet other weirdoes like the guy who lives with his bike (he carries it out from his room), one who turned his room into an occult and another a video arcade! Kazuya is relishing the chance when summer vacation comes because everybody will be gone and it’ll be peace and quiet. To his dismay, Shinobu and Mitsuru continue to stay behind. Yeah, they even get a little yaoi in front of Kazuya! Well, 19 students filed to stay back but heck, it’s better than having 200 odd students making noise, right? Mitsuru and Shinobu ask why he didn’t want to go home so Kazuya tells of his situation. They conclude that he has fallen in love with his brother’s wife so Kazuya tries to change to subject.

One sunny afternoon, Sumire pays a surprise visit to see Kazuya at the dorm. She instantly hugs him upon seeing him but he got nose bleed and ran away. Sumire feels guilty that she may have taken away his brother and is still against their marriage. As Kazuya cleans up himself, he worries that the guys may tell her some strange stories. He rushes back only to be told that she was gone. Mitsuru said he gave her a reason that he needed to attend summer classes or else he’ll fail and that he had diarrhoea last night. Kazuya doesn’t even plan to go back for the winter holidays and plans to stay at Greenwood till he graduates. However there is a tiny problem. Everyone has to go back then since the dorm will be closed and to also allow the dorm staff to rest. Oh no! What will Kazuya do? He is adamant that he still wants to stay. Then he gets a surprise present from Sumire, a hand-knit sweater for the winter. The temptation of going back is there, eh? Later Shun finds out that Kazuya and Kazuhiro were orphans. There was no ceremony during Kazuhiro and Sumire’s wedding and only Sumire’s parents came for the reception. Kazuya thinks hard how he should deal 10 days in the cold. Even Shun offers him to come live with him since his family runs an inn. I guess in the end, Kazuya decides to go home. When he comes back, happy Sumire spoils him with lots of good cooking. It feels good to be home, eh?

Episode 2
Kazuya, Shun, Mitsuru and Shinobu are reading research information on Mitsuru and Shun. Seems pretty accurate from their profile to what they do. Except for 1 tiny bit. Reina is NOT Shun’s little sister but little brother! Who can blame the researches for being sloppy. I mean, that guy even looks so girly. By the way, Reina is seen sleeping in their dorm bed. This was what happened earlier on. Flashback reveals Shinobu’s sister, Nagisa always tried to get the best of him but Shinobu was always cool and shrugged off her nonsense. Each time, she gets reprimanded by her dad for being unlady-like, who wants her to be like Mr Perfect Shinobu instead. Because of that ‘torment’, she grows up to get her vengeance on him via humiliation at least once. That’s going to be tough. At one point she even kidnapped Mitsuru and made him strip. But Shinobu and co arrived and beat her and even warned if she pulls off this stunt again, he won’t show any mercy. He’s sure serious about it. She declares that she is over with pretty boys and men and is into young girls now as her SPs (all named after letters of the alphabet) applause.

Outside her apartment, she picks up a little girl passing and hints if she would like to make some pocket money. Unknown to Nagisa, this ‘girl’ is Reina and is on her way to visit Shun. Well, I guess Reina wanted some pocket money too. How does 30,000 Yen sound?! Expensive, but it’s going to be worth it. Or is it… Nagisa’s private time with Reina is shattered when she realizes he is a boy. Referring back to her research papers, she realizes he has a brother in Ryokuto Academy. She starts devising her evil plan. Her SPs are forced to watch over him so they have to satisfy what Reina wants as they go out to get some errands. Nagisa starts her plan as she calls Shinobu while one of her SPs distract Mitsuru with his falsetto voice as a girl admirer. Man, I thought Nagisa was serious when she sniped at him! Turns out to be a dart with a message that Shinobu has to follow. Shinobu plays along but he maintains his cool because he knows his sister better than anyone else. Yeah, she hasn’t changed. Plus, he knows Nagisa’s position since the reflection of her rifle gave her away. He can see from that far?! He doesn’t care about the hostage she is holding so much so she had to tell him the hostage is Reina and that she will disfigure his face if he doesn’t come to her Flower Residences apartment. Shortly after Mitsuru puts down the phone, Shinobu calls Mitsuru and just tell him to head over that the said place. Then he runs off and hides, away from Nagisa’s eyes, much to her dismay.

Meanwhile Shun and Kazuya are out shopping and they spot one of Nagisa’s goons and tail him back to the apartment. Mitsuru is slowly on his way and also meets one of the SPs. The SP starts punching but he misses and it only took Mitsuru 1 punch to land a blow in his face. He finally understood the situation and hurries along. Nagisa is upset that she is being made of a fool for waiting and fires her darts randomly. After a few seconds, the darts explode and little papers with words of “Die! Shinobu” come streaming out. I guess it’s time Shinobu makes his move. Reina is feeling hot and wants to take a shower so the perverted SP has no choice but to let him. Yeah, he got tempted to peep… He doesn’t even know… Kazuya runs up the stairs and meets an SP and fights him. Mitsuru just comes off the elevator and did the finishing touches. Shinobu reaches his destination just outside the apartment so Nagisa calls him and chides him for his tardiness. Well, it’s on purpose since he will never ever let things go her way. Anyway Nagisa wants him to beg for mercy on his knees for Reina’s life but Shinobu just sat down in a meditating position. Because Nagisa is so engrossed in Shinobu, she didn’t realize Shun, Kazuya and Mitsuru have already barge in and took care of the single SP guarding Reina. Yeah, Reina rushed to his brother’s side and when his towel dropped off, the SP just realizes he’s a guy. Oohh…

Nagisa calls Shinobu again but the latter wants her to listen to his advice. She’s going to need it. He tells her to take a look at her surroundings. She realizes Shinobu’s pals are here and that he’s coming for her. She escapes but the mind boggling part was that she was waiting for the elevator instead of rushing down the stairs! Of course Shinobu is right before your eyes lah! Stunned and in fear, Shinobu takes out a pistol and points it at her. Yeah, remember that no mercy warning? She’s going to get it now. He pulls the trigger and a little bead pops out. Uh huh. It’s a toy gun. Looks like Nagisa is already out cold. As the gang head home, Kazuya wonders why he didn’t just rescue Reina on his own in the first place. As Mitsuru mentions, Shinobu would never get his own hands dirty. And Reina is going to buy Shun a new blouse from the pocket money she got. Was it worth it? In the end, Nagisa and her SPs decide to move out since she can’t live in this dangerous place anymore and fears the next time Shinobu will bully her. So back to the scene at the start, the gang continues reading the research information that includes Shinobu. Yeah, she even investigated her own brother. But it sounded like she is boasting herself and making a devil out of Shinobu. Kazuya is dismayed that everyone have weird siblings. Well, to each his own. Mitsuru then starts reading research information on Kazuya. I’m not sure about some info he met a girl Miya Igarashi who is involved with someone called Tenma Koizumi in some forbidden love. Did he make that up? Was it for real? Mitsuru crumples and tosses the paper away as Kazuya tries to retrieve it.

Episode 3
Shinobu and his student council members are trying to find ways to reduce the budget deficit as they need to use 15% of the budget for the prize for the group with the best show. I guess part of it is to start taking bets but since Greenwood is also participating in this year’s school festival competition and the prize money is doubled, you could say Shinobu will be contributing to it. Shinobu forces Mitsuru to help out in the festival, in which they’ll be doing a film. But Mitsuru is against it since he has lots of commitments. They meet a lady outside who requests if they would like to do a little part time job. Discussing in the room, the lady first asks them to strip! Actually she’s a manga artist and would like them to wear costumes since they fit her character designs perfectly. Yup, they need to model for her. Mitsuru is having his doubts since he’s busy when Tochizawa suddenly pops up! He agrees to ‘lend’ Mitsuru in exchange she borrows him those costumes. What, when, why, how? Tochizawa becomes the director of the fantasy film “Here Is Devilwood” (since this is his first step to achieve his dream of becoming a director).

With Mitsuru being casted as the lead hero, now they need to cast a follower. How come everyone has the same idea of who he should be? Yeah, Kazuya is against it so Tochizawa says that there will be a scene whereby he will use a real girl to play a role. So this would be a change for girlfriend-less Kazuya to hold hands with one. Consider it as a bonus scene. I can’t believe that was enough reason for Kazuya to agree to it! No wonder Shun is laughing hard. It’s like he was promised a girl in the end. Everyone in Greenwood works hard under tight schedules and respective areas to make the film a success. They’re serious since they’re going to employ CGI and even made little robotic creatures. Kazuya still isn’t happy that he has to act out a scene. Till Sumire comes by rooting for him. Looks like she’ll be in the film too. Because of that, Kazuya gets all the confidence he needs to carry on. So just a simple girl will get him going? So the story goes something like this. The King and Queen (Kazuhiro and Sumire respectively) learned that the Devil Lord, Cloretts has kidnapped their baby prince. The King runs an ad for a hero to save the baby. Why does it feel like a recruitment ad? Must be 15 years old above? Experience a plus point? Great salary guaranteed?! Soon a hero turned up: Lemon Herb (Mitsuru) so the King gives a follower to help him out: Tiro (Kazuya). As a reward, not only he will have all the treasures, but their daughter, Princess Chelsea‘s hand in marriage as well.

Filming begins so on a day Mitsuru was being ‘lent’ to the manga lady, Tochizawa and his crew shoot scenes that only involves Kazuya. Tochizawa notices several girls watching them and asks if they would like to play a role of a princess in the movie. After seeing plain Kazuya, they turn him down and think the director will put them in revealing clothes and do something pervy for the movie! Ooohhh… A lot of effort and finishing touches are put into the film. Everyone is so into their role that it’s quite convincing. Even later when Tochizawa spots several fan girls of Mitsuru calling out to their idol, he offers them the role. However when they learn it won’t be Mitsuru or even Shinobu’s hands they’ll be holding, they lose interest. What’s wrong with these girls?! Lamenting that the closing scene is near, Tochizawa has to find a girl fast. Then he sees Shun and notices the dress for one of his activities and requests him for a favour. The story continues with Tiro learning that Herb and Cloretts were childhood friends but an evil wizard ravaged their village and separated them. He believes he is the only one who can kill Cool Mint, Cloretts’ real name. The duo trek through the land as they make their way to Cloretts’ castle in Devilwood, crossing dangerous lakes and slashing dangerous creatures. Finally they enter the castle and face off with Cloretts. The Devil Lord claims that the reason he kidnapped the prince was because he needed to sacrifice a prince born on a full moon on the night of the new moon to control time. And that time is very soon. The heroes are no match for Cloretts’ powers so Cloretts will only allow Herb to live since he will be sad to kill his old friend. He offers Herb to come put down his weapon and join him. Herb does so and when they both embrace, Herb uses his armour to slice him, thus killing him. They rescue the baby and head back but Herb decides to leave north because he has 11 more old friends he has to kill (Woah! WTF?!). Though Herb left his bank account for the King to deposit his rewards, he still has to fulfil his other promise of wedding Chelsea. Kazuya is left fretting how he got Tochizawa to sweet talk him into this role because Chelsea is being played by Shun. Ah well, even if it’s not a real girl, at least he looks like one. A pretty one. That isn’t half bad, right? With the production of the movie finished, everyone in Greenwood gather in a dorm room to watch the sneak preview. Lastly Shun’s class seems to be doing a creative play (especially the backdrops) based on Lupin III.

Episode 4
Mitsuru wakes up screaming one morning when he felt an earthquake or thunder had hit him. Shinobu mocks him that he must have dreamt that he dumped a girl he made pregnant. One day on their way back to the dorm, Shun sees a cat at the gates but it shows it fangs to Mitsuru. Shinobu concludes that he is being haunted by a ghost. He’s joking, right? Maybe not… That night, suddenly Greenwood experiences a blackout. Kazuya thought it was Shun (because he tried to pull a ghostly prank on him earlier on by blowing into his ear). However it seems only Greenwood is affected and all other surrounding areas still have electricity. Then they hear a scream. It’s coming from Mitsuru’s room. Everyone is shocked (except for Shinobu who is always the cool one) to see a horrifying ghost approaching Mitsuru. Then the ghost turns into a cheery and lively 16 year old girl, Misako and electricity comes flowing back. Misako shows them she’s a real ghost by demonstrating how everything passes through her. She also says that the scary ghost was just an act to live up to her reputation as a ghost. Say what? She even confirms she is here to haunt Mitsuru and till she has all her regrets and resentment resolved, she’s going to be hanging around for a while. Yeah, the guys are happy that Greenwood will become livelier! Yeah, you’re not going to say that if you’re the one who is haunted. Shinobu even ‘abandons’ Mitsuru since this is a problem between Mitsuru and Misako. Misako sleeps with Mitsuru (floating on top of him?) as he ponders what he did to earn her grudge seeing that he doesn’t even know her. She says that one can even hurt others unknowingly. She then feels cold and wants to sleep next to him. Of course she can’t, even if she pleads and cries (I noticed her tears fell on his blanket. Are those real?).

Next morning, the Greenwood guys continue to be amazed by Misako but the dorm lady wants her out seeing no girls are allowed. The tea cup shatters when Misako feels sad and that’s when dorm lady realizes she’s a ghost. Noticing that she is haunting Mitsuru, she wants Mitsuru to hurry up and send her to the other side. Mitsuru pleads for her not to follow him to school so she agrees to be invisible for him. Later thinking she has gone over to the other side (since she’s not around), he takes a bath but to his surprise, she appears in the bath with him! Because of that, he can’t get out and holds the line of those who wants to use the bath. Later Mitsuru wants Misako to tell him what is it that she wants. Misako saddens when he doesn’t remember. Mitsuru is not amused that she’s just playing around and wants her out of here as soon as possible. This time those heart breaking words really make her cry. All the furniture starts shaking. Everything returns to normal when he apologizes. I guess everyone was okay with this till they realized their room got trashed. Yeah, unless it involves you, you’re not going to give a damn, right? Next day, everyone discusses about last night’s ‘earthquake’ while Misako ponders about being a couple with Mitsuru. He isn’t amused with her and once again ticks her off. Yeah, she’s going to cry again when the other guys force him to apologize and play nice. Don’t want another trashing, eh? That night everyone comes up with theories of who Misako is and how she died. Got dumped? Suicide? His biological sister? Take back her unborn child? Shinobu dismisses it since based on her school uniform, she comes from a faraway school so long distance relationship is not possible. Misako finds their discussion interesting and even joins them.

Then later Mitsuru feels something amiss. Misako is not around. Shouldn’t he be glad? Well, he doesn’t want to wander around the dorm. Seems Misako is visiting the dorm lady. After watching the TV drama, the dorm lady wants to know what happened to her since she has a responsibility to the guys here. Misako reveals that she has never gone out with a guy before so it’s her dream to meet a cute guy. However she got hit by a truck and died. Eh? So how does Mitsuru come into the picture? She was wondering around with her dream unfulfilled. Till she happen to pass by this dorm and spot this cute guy (Mitsuru) and decided to haunt him. Even so, the dorm lady says she can’t stay around any longer. As she leaves, she realizes Mitsuru was eavesdropping. He wants her to spit out the truth. She makes a run. He forgot he was chasing after a ghost so he crashes into the wall! Back in his room, Mitsuru gets pissed off, raising his voice telling her to get out seeing that he isn’t at fault. She starts crying louder and harder. Oh, now everyone is so concerned that he made a girl cry. Misako asserts that she too wants to be with him but Mitsuru tells her straight that she’s bothering him and also a ghost. Now everything in Greenwood goes berserk. It’s like a war zone! Shinobu says that she has spent the last few days with Mitsuru, she should be satisfied by now. What more will it take for her to leave this world? She wants a kiss from him. How is she going to do it if she’ll go right through him? She’ll possess someone with spiritual power and do it. Why is everyone looking at Shinobu? Anyway both of them disagree but everyone says otherwise. However Misako notes he has closed his heart so possessing him is not possible. Shinobu apologizes that she will not be able to fulfil her wish. Sad Misako disappears.

Next morning, Mitsuru spots the cat and picks it up. Suddenly it kisses him. Turns out to be Misako possessing it to do so. With that, she thanks him and disappears into the sky. Then it starts to snow. That night, the gang thinks there’s another haunting when the lights go out. Actually it’s Shun playing a prank by turning off the switch. But Shinobu says that the ghosts are coming. Hey, Misako’s back! She brought back a few ghost friends of hers! She met them while wandering around and after she told them about the cute guys, they asked her to bring her here. Yeah, they’re going to fall in love again and apparently that kiss for Misako wasn’t enough. They start getting excited which guy to choose! Rock-scissors-paper or draw lots? Take your pick! Well, the guys are definitely freaked out for real. Don’t want to have ghosts for your girlfriend, eh?

Episode 5
The gang notices Kazuya practically down like as though he’s in love. Maybe it was the play on words koi (carp) and the other koi (love) they got mixed up about so they bug him to spill the beans. Seems it’s about Igarashi. Though they haven’t met since, he can’t get her out of his mind and it’s driving him crazy. Is he in love with her? One night, Shun and Kazuya spot Igarashi outside having a fight with the dorm lady. She wants to come in but it’s over her dead body. Yeah, they even got rough and traded insults. Mitsuru swiftly steps in and takes Igarashi away. Kazuya follows them and eavesdrop that she wants to stay in his dorm for a few days (she’s been wandering from place to place recently). However he tells her off to go home. Kazuya steps in and wants to help out, causing Igarashi to be a little defensive. Kazuya is okay for her to stay a night but Mitsuru disagrees seeing that this has nothing to do with him and that there are 200 odd ‘wolves’ in Greenwood. However Kazuya refuses to back down and using his authority as the dorm president (also blaming Mitsuru for it), they argue and will take responsibility for it. Kazuya will let her stay for a night in exchange she will be quiet. Mitsuru bluffs the dorm lady she has gone away. Of course with a girl walking through the corridors, it’s a head turner for the other guys. She got too noisy and told them off for looking! Shun is kicked out to make room for Igarashi. I’m not sure if Kazuya got kicked out too but he is seen sitting outside his room door. Matter of ethics? Shun talks to Mitsuru and learns that Igarashi is Mitsuru’s junior and that she has no reason to run away from home because she lives alone. She used to live with her mom but she’s often posted to work overseas.

Then Mitsuru and Kazuya go in to talk to her to find out what’s really happening. She reveals that the Aisei High gang is after her. Seems Aisei and her school Sumijo are always on some kind of turf war. A few days ago she was confronted by several Aisei delinquent girls. They force her to meet up but she ignored them. Then she learnt that some of her girls unknowingly trespassed their turf so they used Igarashi’s name as their leader. Ever since, Igarashi noticed Aisei girls were waiting for her outside school and even hanging around her house. She can’t go home nor talk her way out of it so she ‘ran away’. Mitsuru scolds her for being used and making her take the blame. He also chides her for trying to play hero. As what she is going to do know, she thinks of calling a few old friends in hopes to have the confidence to confront them. As Igarashi goes to the toilet, Kazuya ponders how she turned out like this so Mitsuru says probably it’s her boyfriend. Shun is sleeping with Shinobu as he learns that Mitsuru was abandoned by his real parents (the reason why he’s living in this dorm) and ironically his adopted parents cared for him like their own.

Next morning, seems Mitsuru has got a cold. They sneak Igarashi out and promise to meet at a certain place this evening. As they part, Kazuya seems to notice a very sad look on Igarashi’s face. Kazuya later discovers due to Mitsuru sleeping in, he forgot to pick up Igarashi! And they’re an hour late. Kazuya rushes over to apologize and pick her back to Greenwood. She found out her old friends have jobs and everyone else have their normal lives. Mitsuru also went to her house this afternoon and didn’t find anybody suspicious. Igarashi apologizes and decides to leave, feeling guilty she has taken Mitsuru for granted and that she took advantage of him and bothered everyone. Since Igarashi isn’t going home, Kazuya deserves an explanation because he lent her his room and Mitsuru got sick because of her. She lets him know that there are ghosts in her house and it’s making her scared with all those creepy sounds. However Kazuya he says they are just house noises being made because everything is really quiet. He adds that this dorm makes pretty lot of weird noises and it’s full of real ghosts too! Now she’s really freaking out! Igarashi realizes she has shown him her girly side so he notes that the tough girl act didn’t suit her. Igarashi ‘apologizes’ for being a coward and not being able to do anything right. Then she starts crying uncontrollably. This is when Kazuya realizes that all those times when she put on those expressions, she was trying to hold back her tears. Once she composes herself she decides to go home. Kazuya decides to accompany her home. He talks to her that what he meant she might be happier if she acted like a regular girl. She doesn’t need to change just for a delinquent guy. However she refutes that her guy, Tenma is nothing like that and is a smart and gentle guy. They’ve known each since young and she thought he shouldn’t be with a stupid and ugly girl like her and wanted to make him hate her although he said he liked her. She feels she would embarrass him if they get married and deserved a better wife. Kazuya finds it odd that she wants to make him hate her. She says the only reason he said he liked her was because her mom told him to take care of her. Kazuya thinks she should trust this guy but Igarashi couldn’t find a reason for him to like her. Kazuya stops short of saying it’s because she’s pretty. He also realizes that she doesn’t realize it herself.

An Aisei girl confronts them and warns her to meet them at midnight or else they won’t go easy on her. Igarashi is going to do that and runs away from Kazuya seeing that the more he hangs around her, he’ll get hurt. Kazuya returns to Greenwood and tells the rest what is going to happen. Mitsuru instantly takes off to go help her. Kazuya wanted to come too but Shinobu and Shun bring him along to make some important calls. Igarashi meets up the Aisei girls. They plan on beating her up and steal her turf. Mitsuru shows up dressed up as a girl. Looks a little big, isn’t he? But the Aisei girls aren’t going to play fair. That’s because they have called a few guys to show them some pain. Before anything could happen, a flare lights up the sky. Suddenly they hear Shun’s voice and the bridge and river side are filled with all the guys from Greenwood! The girls get scared and think Igarashi has formed an army! To ascertain that fact, Nagisa comes arriving in her limo, screaming for the whereabouts of Shinobu (she was tricked by his letter of course). They think she’s a real gangster!!! Those guys become cowards and make a run for it and soon the girls themselves. Yeah, they got frightened by the sheer numbers. Don’t want to mess with weirdoes, right? With the show over, everyone goes back to the dorm as Mitsuru notes that no one is going to mess with Sumijo for a while. I wonder how those guys could sneak back inside the dorm without the dorm lady noticing since it’s way past curfew. I think she closed an eye. Oh, Nagisa is still searching… Igarashi thanks Kazuya when Tenma shows up. Seems he has heard from one of her old friends about her situation. She starts acting up but Tenma plays cool and takes her hand home. Mitsuru says that’s how they always act and they’ll probably stick like this together forever. That’s why he didn’t want to get involved in her problems in the first place. As Kazuya watch them go away, he felt like he wanted to protect her.

Episode 6
Flashback how Igarashi’s mom always placed her confidence in Tenma for looking out for her daughter. Igarashi is seen stalking Kazuya. When she sees him making a u-turn, she makes a run for it. Shun spots her running by and tells this to Mitsuru so he wonders if she’s here to see Kazuya but dismisses the thought since she won’t leave Tenma. Even Igarashi herself ponders what the heck she is doing. She just came to thank him but yet… Mitsuru invites Kazuya to help clean his temple since he will be paid. Kazuya meets his adoptive parents and his brother, Masato AKA Sho. They seem like a nice family. Mitsuru tells him the spot where he was abandoned as a baby but he already knows it because he heard it from Shinobu and co. He asks why he is continuing to live in dorms so he replies he wanted to leave home as soon as possible and thought he could get used to it. Sho isn’t happy with his plan and thinks he still thinks of them as strangers though Mitsuru says that it’s a fact.

While walking back, he wonders a bond between strangers can be as strong as a family. Kazuya is confident because love is all that matters. The subject changes when Mitsuru thinks he is still chasing Igarashi. He wants him to give up because he won’t stand a chance against Tenma. But Kazuya is worried if Igarashi will be happy with him and always be living in fear of getting dumped by him. Speaking of the devils, they chance upon Igarashi and Tenma in the opposite direction. With Tenma’s help, Igarashi nervously thanks them for what they did the other day. They part after Igarashi apologizes. Kazuya notices that going-to-cry expression on her face again. There’s an uneasy feel between Tenma and Kazuya and the latter certain can tell something’s going on. Suddenly Kazuya starts nose bleeding! I thought it was some disease. Or maybe it was just some sexual stimulant since he can’t hold it in and his head feels like exploding. Mitsuru embraces him. Back home, Kazuya asks Kazuhiro for advice (big brother must be so happy, eh?). Using a hypothetical theory if Sumire loved someone else, Kazuhiro’s answer would be the same no matter the situation. He won’t back down or give even if his opponent is his brother. Kazuhiro adds that he is just worried of being the bad guy. Kazuya realized that he was afraid of getting hurt. And if you get dumped, you’re the only person who’ll get hurt. If their relationship wasn’t meant to be, then it won’t work out no matter how. In the end, only she can make the decision. Kazuhiro asks about this Igarashi girl and seems he knows about it because he found a note in his pocket with her phone number previously slipped in by Mitsuru. Kazuya sums up his courage to call Igarashi. But when she picks up and finds out it’s him, she apologizes and hangs up. Rejected? Sumire tries to cheer him up by saying that first loves don’t normally blossom. Perhaps it was the wrong thing to say so Kazuya ran out from the house.

Because of that, Kazuya became love sick as Kazuhiro informs his pals and won’t back at the dorm so soon. Eventually rumours of Kazuya got rejected spread throughout Greenwood. On the day he’s supposed to return, he barges back and wants Mitsuru to give her address. He plans to visit her house and believes he hasn’t been rejected yet since he didn’t say anything. Shinobu notes that it’s rude to just show up at a girl’s house so he suggests visiting her at school. With Kazuya getting psyched up, all the other Greenwood guys are touched by his determination and offer their support. Kazuya waits outside Sumijo but Igarashi never turn up although he perseveres. He even got reprimanded by a teacher for waiting outside like a stalker. Then he learns from Igarashi’s classmate that she’s been hospitalized after breaking an arm from skiing but don’t know which hospital. Once they find out which hospital, the nurse told them she was discharged this morning. Oh, it’s Kazuya’s bad luck in the works again. Back home, Igarashi’s mom once more compliments Tenma for everything and that she can easily rest with him around. The phone rings but Igarashi slams it down when she hears it’s from Kazuya. Tenma knows something amiss when she puts on that gloomy face. Kazuya will not give up and decides to write a letter. However that letter was intercepted by Tenma in the mail.

Even if Igarashi is back in school, Kazuya continues to wait outside. Till Tenma shows up to pick her up. He informs Kazuya that parental permission is needed if one wants to go out with girls from this school. Then he shows Kazuya the letter from him. He can’t let Igarashi read it seeing the trouble she’d get into if her mom reads it. He tells it straight that her mom is fond of him and that he’s just making things harder for her. Kazuya says he loves Igarashi but Tenma says she belongs to him. That’s when Igarashi turns up. But she just runs away when Kazuya calls her name. She starts thinking if she’s running away from him. Things will be fine if she doesn’t fall for him as she doesn’t want to fight with mummy or Tenma. So she needs to forget about him and never see him again but will running away solve it all? Tenma assures her not to worry since he’ll always protect her and to stay the way she is. I guess that was the turning point because Igarashi got the courage to say she loves Kazuya. The train must have drowned out whatever they were arguing. Even the sky is crying for Kazuya. Down and out. His classmates dread that the worst may have happened. Then a miracle happened. Igarashi is seen standing outside the school gates. Kazuya goes to see her. She apologizes for the other day and the hanging up of phone calls. She mentions her teacher scolded her, got into a fight with Tenma and mummy giving her the silent treatment. Wow. That’s a bad streak. Even so, she wanted to see him and be a better person. Kazuya says it’ll be alright since he is here. She collapses into his arms. And just like graduating to the next stage, all the watching guys toss their umbrellas into the air.

This Is Not Hollywood
I guess everything turns out to be pretty decent. But I’m just wondering with the ending of Kazuya and Igarashi accepting each other, does this mean she has decided to break free from Tenma? Will they be a couple from now on? Maybe that will be another story. The stories are quite okay if you’re looking for a story plot that ties you down for the entire series. If you just read a line or two on what this show is about, I think you can get by without really scratching your head since the episodes here serve as stand-alone. Of course when I read about the weirdoes of the dorm, I had this perception that all hell is going to break loose with all sorts of hyper-active, troublemakers and losers. Sure, they are odd in their own ways but not that weird to warrant anything ‘dangerous’. As seen, they’re all good guys and maybe with a little mischief. I mean, they were all pretty cool and excited when a cute ghost girl haunted Greenwood! But boys will be boys. Basically instead of focusing on the other occupants of the dorm, it’s more about the 4 main guys. Each have their own share of screen time enough for viewers to divulge a little in their past. But some leaves more to be desired like Mitsuru and his brother Sho. It felt that issue was abruptly halted and replaced with Kazuya’s love story. I was anticipating something yaoi going to happen (seeing that this is dominantly a ‘male’ anime) but I guess from the year this anime is produced, it’s way too early to have anything that ‘heavy’ or any sort. This is really an old anime from ‘that era’ (the old drawing, the old style animation, that kind of music, that kind of story, so forth), so don’t expect anything ground-breaking.

From the second episode, seems that Kazuya has moved on from the pangs of his first love Sumire. There are reminiscent that he still likes her but not to the point he would sulk over and hate his brother. Him asking for advice in the final episode shows that in a way he accepted him, right? He seems to be less bitter and have adjusted to life at Greenwood. So even a guy like him can change. All you need is to give love a second chance and perseverance pays off. Maybe you need to read the manga but there is some time gap in the series. Or perhaps I wasn’t paying attention. When did Kazuya take over as Greenwood’s dorm president? At which point did Kazuya start to fall for Igarashi? I thought that teaser at the end of the second episode was just made up but it turns out to be true (maybe Nagisa’s information network is something to be feared of). Shinobu has got to be the coolest among the lot. He never panics and has a way around everything. His expressionless face makes it hard to understand what he is thinking at times. Mitsuru is the cheeky and outgoing one so it’s no surprise that apart from Shinobu, he’s got lots of girl admirers. Shun is the most carefree, cheerful and easy going among the gang. I don’t remember seeing him breaking into much sweat. Maybe he doesn’t know it, it makes him a little girly. It’s no wonder those who don’t know him will mistake him as a girl. Yeah, it probably runs in the family too seeing Reina shares the same predicament. So if it looks like a girl, sounds like a girl, then it must be a girl, right? Wrong! Shun has broken that fundamental theory. Nagisa is a crazy b*tch who just lives for revenge against her brother. And that is the very reason why she always fails. This might be a longshot, but she picking on her brother is a way of wanting to show her love and get his acceptance, don’t you think? Kazuhiro and Sumire are a nice pair of newlyweds but it’s just too bad they didn’t make much of an appearance and felt more like side characters.

Surprisingly, the ending theme song, No Brand Heroes by Chika Sakamoto (who is also the voice of Shun) is a nice and pretty song. I guess it gives a nice subtle meaning that you don’t need ‘branded’ and famous superheroes like Superman, Batman, Spiderman, Ironman or X-men to save the day. That’s why they are called unsung heroes. You don’t need to be somebody to help others out. That is what essentially the guys of Greenwood live by. They help each other when really in need. Even if guys like Shinobu don’t really want to get involve in personal matters, he and everyone still cares for each other. There was a live-action version that lasted for 13 episodes and came out in 2008. I didn’t see that but I think it is more or less the same thing. So if you want to be a famous star, go to Hollywood. But if you want to meet bizarre people and bizarre happenings, visit Greenwood. Guarantee to spice up your life a little. Now you know why there are rumours that many dorms are believed to be haunted, right? Sometimes it doesn’t pay to be good looking.

Puni Puni Poemy

December 9, 2011

Well, although I could vaguely remember the hilarious out-of-this-world nonsensical comedy Excel Saga, I don’t know why it took me ages to watch its supposed sequel spin-off, Puni Puni Poemy. In this 2 episode OVA, that afro guy known as Nabeshin has married that crazy waitress named Kumikumi who was always chasing him across the globe just to get him to taste her soup. Oh yeah. How nostalgic. Sure brings back memories. They have a daughter called Poemi “Kobayashi” Watanabe. She calls herself Kobayashi because of that joke that she can’t really get into her character (for your information, Yumiko Kobayashi is her voice actress). Plus she calls her dad Director simply because in real life, Shinichi Watanabe AKA Nabeshin directs this show. See, breaking the fourth wall already. But the thing about Poemi is her energetic, hyper-active, non-stop talking girl. If your ears are not ‘strong’ enough, they may start bleeding from all her incessant yapping. You have been warned. But that’s what makes this show funny. And yeah, as a magical girl genre, Poemi can transform into one whom I shall refer to as Poemy. Note, same pronunciation but different spelling. It’s easier that way.

Episode 1
The Mage Queen in her space magical tower is starting her plans to destroy Earth, tired of all those dishonest and giving-excuses humans. Magical girl heroine, Puni Puni Poemy fights her way to the top and confronts the Queen. She wants Poemy to answer what she is going to do with the world. That’s because she IS the Earth. Because that’s all that she has. Poemi glides down from rainbows, happy with her paper bags but gets rammed by a truck. Back home, she wakes up early much to her parents’ dismay, getting all fired up and ready to go to school early to prove that she has a point since nobody takes her seriously. She also hopes to get the attention of the boy she loves, K and makes breakfast till the kitchen explodes! Then she scoots her way to school in the pouring rain, ramming everything and even splitting a dog in half! In class, she thought she was the first, till she realized her friend Futaba Aasu is camping in class. Well, she spent the night in school to wait for her so that she could see her be the first to arrive in class (?!). Futaba offers to share her warm futon as Poemi gets naked. What they do underneath the blanket is left to our imagination.

In class, Poemi overdoes everything with passion. Even stabbing her thighs till it bleeds! Each time, Futaba finding her very wonderful. I guess when you like somebody so much, even the most ridiculous habit becomes wonderful. An alien (his tail-cum-balls is at his crotch area) finds Nabeshin’s house and the latter panics upon knowing he has been found out. Though they fight, Nabeshin is no match for Alien 1 (that’s what I’ll call him) even if he unleashes his multiple chibi afro guys. Yeah, Alien 1 can even catch his bullets! Poemi and Futaba walk home with the former lamenting about her one-sided love with K so Futaba thinks she should just give up on him. Then they see an explosion coming from Poemi’s house. They rush over to see the place decimated and Nabeshin and Kumikumi crucified. Poemi is distraught because she doesn’t want to be out of work or poor! There’s a little truth to that. Flashback reveals how she screws up in her work though Nabeshin and the staff continue to support her as she vows to work hard. Unfortunately, her parents died as she gives a symbolic loud cry over the cliff. Oh, what would she do now? She’s an orphan overnight. And only has 46 Yen in her purse. Haha! It’s 48 Yen by the way. Where did the balance go?

Futaba takes Poemi back to her house, which serves as the Earth Defence Headquarters. Looks like Poemi is going to start living here as she meet the other sisters. They are active Mitsuki, dominatrix Itsue, busty Shii (I guess she needs somebody’s head to rest her boobs on), Kansai-speaking Mutsumi, eldest sister Nanase and youngest sister Hitomi. Some sisters disagree of Poemi staying here so in a fast-forward debate-cum-discussion that ends in the entire house being destroyed, Poemi is unanimously voted to live with them. Everyone takes a bath together (because it’s a family tradition and for fanservice), when Hitomi goes into a trance saying that something is coming. The sisters are alerted since her predictions are never wrong. Thinking it’s a pervert, they find Alien 1 outside and beat him up. Next day, Alien 1 meets a masked kid (K) and the latter says with Nabeshin’s demise, nothing can stop them and it’s time to commence their operation. A giant robot lands over the city and starts rampaging. All the Aasu sisters leave their job or school to defend the Earth. Even Poemi tags along without knowing why and the teacher gave the green light! On her way she bumps into a large guy with a shamisen. She hears her dad’s voice and gives her a fish in case she needs to use it. By the way, it stinks. The Aasu sisters use their special moves but they were just useless. Earth Breakfall to fall safely? Earth Acceleration to run fast? Earth Healing to heal Earth? Oh, hear this one. Earth Dance of Flowers to summon a whirlwind of flowers… Well, they ARE Earth’s defence so it’s no surprise they don’t have any offensive attacks. Hitomi is up next as she pleads for it to stop invading Earth and in exchange she will give her life. But it falls on deaf ears as the robot continues firing. I’m not sure if Poemi’s back protected her from the flames. Well, looks like it. She gets mad for being fried so after hearing that shamisen guy and her dad’s voice, she gets this determination to protect the Earth. Yeah, partly to protect her dream to become a voice actress as well. She slices the fish to turn it into a magical wand and do her transformation into magical girl Puni Puni Poemy! However Poemy throws away the wand and decides to fight it with her bare hands as she races up the robot.

Episode 2
Poemy destroys the robot in 1 super punch, impressing the Aasu sisters. In some war zone whereby the soldiers could only speak words in fruits or vegetables, they make fun when Poemy arrives. She gets pissed off and drops a bomb, destroying not only the entire army but the whole country! The Aasu sisters watch Poemy’s destruction over the news and aren’t happy she’s getting cocky. They chide her not knowing that Poemi and the magical girl is the same person. Hey, why is Alien 1 living among them?! Even odd, K’s lower body is a flying saucer?! Poemi talks to him and I guess she’s being too talkative so he ignores her. Futaba is in despair seeing her best pal trying to get close to K. Poemy continues to get rid of all terrorists in a rowdy manner while the Aasu sisters continue to get annoyed even more by her crazy violence. Meanwhile Queen’s Death Star hovers near Earth. However she is taken out by Alien 2. Yeah, he has 2 tail-cum-balls… K is shocked to learn that his parents are alien. Yeah, he didn’t even realize his whole body is gradually turning into a tentacle alien. Poemy continues to wreak havoc across town, beating up people for the slightest misdeeds like littering and watching porn. The Aasu sisters can’t take more of this and confront her in action.

Back in the bath, they finally learn her true identity and bug her to show her transformation. I think they’re rather amazed of her soft “puni-puni” skin that could ‘stand up to nuclear attack. Then the sisters all start to fantasize their perverted wishes they could do with her. That night as Poemi and Futaba chat in bed, Futaba indicates she wants to ‘screw’ Poemi. However she is ‘saved’ by a phone call which turns out to be from the audition. She got so excited that she starts rehearsing her lines loudly, waking up everybody till morning. And then, she’s off to the audition. The Aasu sisters barely got enough sleep when they see a TV report that the Death Star is over Earth. They prepare to go into action but were captured by Alien 1 collaborating with Alien 2. For a suspicious alien hanging around them, they should’ve figured out something was wrong. Poemi is in the middle of audition but because of Futaba’s call and the tug of the ‘red string of fate’, she is forcibly ejected from her audition. Looks like the job will go to someone else. However Poemi ends up in front of K’s UFO-like house. She starts fantasizing some confession thingy and a kiss (yeah, even in her dream, she kissed his horse! No wonder K’s kiss tastes like a horse, haha). She is absorbed into his house which is blasted into space and ultimately the Death Star.

She is confronted with K in a poorly designed mask. Anybody can tell it’s him. Because of that, he reveals he is an alien and that his real name is Prince. Their purpose of invading Earth is that after doing some research and data gathering, they’ve found out that Earth’s women are very nice. He shows her a few samples of images he got from the internet! Fear net porn! Then he binds Poemi and she thinks he’s after her body. However he has no interest in her cheap body and shows her the kind of thing he is looking for. The Aasu sisters in bondage positions. With explosive boobs, maid outfits, spectacles and tentacles, he sounds more like a crazy pervert! Don’t you just want to grope and do naughty stuff with them? Well, if you use a little bit of your imagination, I’m sure you’ll be ‘satisfied’ with the several ambiguous fanservice montages. But the best entertainment among them all is Futaba. K digs her lovely face with broken looks in her eyes. He shows his true body made up of tentacles and asserts he hates voice actresses for no reason. He also hates flat chests, granny types and poor types (all Poemi’s traits). The reason he’s keeping Poemi alive is so that he could make Futaba’s existence even more despair. Then with lots of determination, Poemi breaks out of her chains and punches K.

K laments the story isn’t going his way. That’s when Alien 1 and Alien 2 reveal themselves to be Nabeshin and Kumikumi. Well, he did die but Kumikumi’s acupuncture skills resurrected him. Even if the storyline is falling into absurdity, it’s all okay because Nabeshin is after all the director. Make that GDW: Great Director Watanabe! Erm, doesn’t have a nice ring to it. However K mentions that even if he is the director, he can’t do anything without a scriptwriter since he ‘killed’ him. Don’t worry, he can draw storyboards to. Well, he’s the director so he can do anything he wants in his own show. Upon Nabeshin’s orders, Poemi transforms and combining with Futaba’s power, they blast away the Death Star. I guess the other Aasu sisters can even quip this is the last episode, they just break free of their ropes and cheer them on. Then everybody floats back like naked angels down to Earth. How is this even feasible or thinkable? Remember, Nabeshin’s the director. In the aftermath, the danger to Earth has passed, the aliens become good people, Nabeshin and Kumikumi continue to live and everyone is happy. Great ending. Who’s the director again? So Poemi, can you juggle protecting the Earth and become a voice actress at the same time. Nothing’s going to stop her alright. Lastly, we see Poemi continue to screw up her voice acting lines. With time running out, she tries to blab as much as she can. Sorry girl. No more screen/talk time.

That’s what I really feel about Poemi! But don’t get the wrong idea. She is funny with her fast nonsensical talk but if not for the subs (my Jap is not that good lah, mind you), I don’t think I’d be able to catch all that she has to say. But I have to praise and hats off to Yumiko Kobayashi who really pulls off an incredible feat for talkative Poemi. I certainly can’t do that. For a moment, I didn’t even think that she was the voice behind Azuma in Yakitate! Japan or Black Star in Soul Eater. Not that I can recognize her voice in the first place. If you can’t get more of Yumiko Kobayashi, you’ll be glad to know that this series purposely puts in her real face especially during that opening sequence as she sings along with the theme. And that’s the final scene too she waves goodbye and squeezing in as much words as possible. Definitely I can’t be so outgoing like that. Thus congrats and really hats off to her.

The comedy here is of course very nonsensical and a reminiscence of Excel Saga. Breaking the fourth wall whenever possible which includes telling viewers about buying the DVD, the fanservice you’ll get and even bringing in real life people like voice actresses Kotono Mitsuishi and Mikako Takahashi for a short cameo appearance. Note, both of them are the voice of Excel and Hyatt in Excel Saga respectively. So will Poemi get her dream of becoming a voice actress she yearns to be so much? Well, even in the anime she is considered to suck big time, but as I’ve said, in real terms her exuberant voice is amazing. So in this show, no. In real life, yes. Speaking of Excel Saga, some of the characters have that faint reminiscence to the characters in that series. For instance, Shii has that uncanny resemblance to Hyatt, only more bustier and doesn’t die every time she gets screen time. Then Mutsumi’s dress is somewhat similar to Excel Saga’s Ropponmatsu. But even if this series is made by the same people who made Excel Saga, everything else is worlds apart. No other characters (like that Lord Ilpalazzo trying to take over a meagre section of Japan), no trademark approval of some genre by the series’ creator and no side stories. What do you expect with just a couple of episodes?

If you expect anything to make sense, then you should be disappointed. That’s because as forewarned, this is going to be a very comical and nonsensical. So even if the crush turns out to be a perverted pathetic alien or the world can be saved by a bunch of useless defensive force sisters (amazingly with no offensive powers, Earth is still free from any invasion till now), be sure to leave your brain at the doorstep when you watch this and remember to take it back after finishing. Even if the serious opening sequence of Poemy facing off with the Queen do not really connect anywhere and later on the latter getting owned easily by another, it’s just part of the randomness this series has to offer. After all, you know who the director of this show is, right? Everything also can! Anything goes! If this series had more episodes, I’m sure he’d add more silly things for the sake of making us laugh. Speaking of the Aasu sisters, I later found out that their surname is a place on the word ‘ass’. So I guess it gives a new hilarious meaning if your sister is in a pinch and you go pleading “Please save my Ass!”. Besides, the sisters have that weird Earth Defence pose. First, do a ‘V’ sign with both your hands. While saluting with one hand, put the other hand over your crotch… At that point, I thought they were going to do some Michael Jackson dance. I guess this sisterly bunch is just to provide fanservice to cater to all sorts of perverted fetishes. Besides the comedy, at times the scenes may be a little too bloody especially when Poemi is involved.

There are a handful of trivia to spot. Don’t expect to be filled to the brim with them anyway. Just enough to make you notice and if you know your animes well, you’ll sure be able to spot that Dragonball reference back in the Aasu’s reference or that lame GTO pun Nabeshin tried his hands on. Then it’s miss-if-you-blink for cameo appearances of Menchi (that dog saved as emergency food in Excel Saga) and Excel Saga’s series’ creator. If your Japanese numerals are good, then you’d be able to spot that the Aasu sisters’ names are based on numbers 1 to 7. Being a defender of Earth and a voice actress seems like a tough job. But in reality, many voice actors and actresses hold other jobs to boost their earnings. So I guess you’d be poor like Poemi if you only aspire to be a voice actress. However there’s a way to ensure that one can achieve your dream of being a voice actor/actress and be rich too. Just put Nabeshin as the director and you’ll be guaranteed of a happy ending! Haha. Maybe I should STFU for now.

Yosuga No Sora

December 4, 2011

I was expecting Yosuga No Sora to be a twincest (that is twin incest for you newbies) but after watching the series and thinking back, how can you fill the entire dozen of episodes with siblings making love? Wouldn’t that be just boring? Okay, so I guess we never tire of seeing sex scenes that’s why porn still flourishes today. And even more with today’s internet technology. However we’re not here to talk about that and I am definitely not a fan of twincest. Initially I thought that this show was of the drama-romance genre. I was only half right.

The basic premise sees the unidentical Kasugano twins, Sora and Haruka (yes, this guy has a girl’s name), moving back to the countryside village they once grew up after their parents met their demise with an unfortunate car accident. Haruka tries to play the good big brother, providing Sora with what she needs simply because she was born with a weak body and their move to the big city was to help her recover. Unfortunately, this frail girl takes Haruka for granted and acts like a spoilt princess, always wanting to get what she wants. I mean after living so long in the city, it shows how reliable we are on modern conveniences. No internet or computers in this rural area. She’s got this black stuffed toy bunny so much so it looks creepy enough that I thought it would spring to life spewing sarcastic comments like the one in Kampfer. So with the two clinging on to each other, they’ll meet life-changing experiences that will make or break them.

The way the series is played out is of the multi-arc branching format. Meaning if you have watched the Memories Off OVA and Amagami SS, you will have a good idea how this turns out. Being adapted from the adult visual novel game of the same name, you can say that there is some sort of harem here. Each of the girls will be given their own arc and storyline to tell which will ultimately lead them to become Haruka’s love. And yes, did I mention sex scenes? Nothing that hentai but you have been warned. Uh huh. Feels a lot like Amagami SS. Except it takes place in the countryside and the main guy ends up doing the girl in.

Introduction Arc
Haruka and Sora take a train to the countryside in episode 1. They are greeted by the hot sweltering weather and paddy fields that stretches right up to the mountains. They have to trek to their home so Sora makes a big fuss of walking who knows how long while Haruka tries to give her a push. I guess in such a rural place, nobody is going to charge you for jaywalking in the middle of the road. Till a limo zooms pass them. The maid to rich girl Kazuha Migiwa, Motoka Nogisaka is attracted by Haruka’s good looks. Can’t blame her. In this unhappening town, it’s so boring that cicadas could even die. Just joking. Made that last bit up. Even Kazuha takes an interest. Stopping by at the local mini mart, the local priestess, Akira Amatsume sees the twins and recognizes them, though she did not approach them as she is rather busy with her errands. Haruka gets a bicycle so that Sora doesn’t have to walk. Passing by the school, he almost collides into Kozue Kuranaga on her way out. You can say she fell in love at first sight. Yeah, must be his good looks. Eventually the twins find their way to their house. How come it took them all day? Is the countryside that big? Haruka visits his next-door neighbour and childhood friend, Nao Yorihime. Her mom is saddened what has happened but Haruka’s parents have left them a substantial amount of money so I suppose they’ll get by. Oh, Nao too blushes upon seeing him return. Is there no girl his age that won’t fall in love with this guy? Next day, Haruka introduces himself as the new transfer student in school. The class rep Kozue got so nervous when the teacher asks her to take care of him, she banged her own head on her own desk when she took a bow. Energetic Akira also tries to get friendly with him. Sora is back home and reminiscing about the younger days. Seems they were playing around in the hospital. A jar comes falling down but Haruka managed to grab it. In that odd position, Haruka kisses Sora. Haruka returns home and tells Sora all the friends he made in class, including the carefree but spontaneous Ryouhei Nakazato. Also, Haruka notices how close Kazuha and Akira are. Kozue wants to know who the girl Haruka was with earlier (his sister) while Nao remembers her younger days when she was sad and told Haruka to go away but he closes up on her face and smiled. I guess Haruka doesn’t even have time for himself because he gets chided by Sora for coming home late. So he’s her babysitter for life? That night when Haruka is sleeping, Sora suddenly comes in as she undresses herself!

Don’t get your hopes up yet. As we find in episode 2, she just wants him to take her measurements to make a school uniform so she can go to school. Haruka goes to school tomorrow and meets his pals on the way. Sora as usual stay back home so her only communication with him is via handphone. I’m surprised they have signal here. Yeah, start spamming him for every single thing, will ‘ya. I guess he also has no peace at home because Sora’s causing a fuss, wanting him to take care of a bug. She’s using hairspray? In school, Haruka gets a free massage from Akira for his overstretched muscles, Akira doing some crazy impersonation and some sowing. After school, Haruka pays a visit to Akira’s shrine on the hill. It must be tiring after climbing all those steps. He learns she lives alone but eats with the lady who runs a kiosk at the bottom, Yahiro Ifukube. At least this is one lady who doesn’t fall in love with Haruka at first sight. In fact, she scorns him for trying to stick his neck where it doesn’t belong after asking about Akira’s parents. Later he is picked up by Kazuha and notes how she is always looking out for Akira. But she too warns him not to delve deeper into this. Kazuha stops by Haruka’s house to help sew the uniform. Seems Sora is sulking. Don’t like another girl in the house, eh? Later Sora puts the uniform on and it fits. Tomorrow, she walks to school with Haruka and Ryouhei is totally into his sister. Will you give your sister to this kind of guy? It’s natural that Sora gets scared of his sudden outburst. Haruka asks him if he knows anything about Akira but he doesn’t. Later as the class cleans the pool, Akira causes her usual mischief, spraying everyone with a hose and accidentally at Kazuha. She takes her to change. Haruka notices Kazuha dropped her handphone and goes to return it to her at the changing room. He overhears Akira and Kazuha doing ambiguous and stimulating stuff (Akira was just tickling Kazuha’s ears) but the surprise thing he heard was Kazuha calls Akira her sister.

Kazuha’s Arc
In episode 3, he is met with Motoka outside who teases him for doing something despicable though he says he is only returning her handphone. He starts wondering if they’re into something yuri so he approaches Kazuha about it. She claims Akira is indeed her sister because her dad fathered an illegitimate child and refuses to recognize her as his child. That’s why she’ll do anything for her sake. In class, Haruka notices her viola. She isn’t practising for any concert and looks like the only person who heard her play is Akira, though she isn’t happy she always falls asleep. Too soothing, she says? Ryouhei invites everyone to the beach this weekend. Seems Haruka and Kazuha are getting pretty close together. On their way back on the train, Haruka asks if he could listen to her viola. Sora also notices how close they are so much so she didn’t need him to walk her back from school and tells him to go do some other thing. So, go with Kazuha lah. Haruka learns Akira is rather busy for the upcoming summer festival since she will be on her shrine maiden duties. While Haruka helps Kazuha prepare for the festival, Kazuha gets a call from her butler about her dad so she tells him off that this has nothing to do with daddy. However the butler soon picks her up because she made some promise for her viola lessons but not only she was absent last week but was 2 hours late today. She has no choice but to take her leave. She remembers the time when she was young, her dad loved her so much and bought her a viola and she was so happy when he praised her and kept practising. Next day, Haruka and Kazuha see the latter’s father visiting the shrine. She thinks he’s here just to show his face because he’s a big shot. Once he learns of Haruka’s parents, he feels grateful to him because he is indebted to his parents (they were doctors) who have helped in out in the past a lot. Haruka covers for Kazuha saying that she was in the middle of showing him around town, the reason she’s late. Then they go have all the fun at the shopping complex because he wanted to see her back to her old self. As invited by Kazuha, Haruka agrees to come to Akira’s birthday party. Then they both start to kiss. Right in the middle of the road! Well, with no traffic, you can even have sex without a car passing by for the entire duration.

Kazuha is to play to Haruka her viola after class in episode 4 but she couldn’t. She says this instrument is the one she loves most but also the one she hates. While walking back, they chance upon frantic Yahiro. Akira is missing and she’s supposed to meet the village chief. They search for her and find her collapsed back in a room at her temple. Akira is whisked away to hospital. Kazuha feels guilty for abandoning her and thinks she is just doing what her dad did. A few days later, Akira goes back resuming her temple duties. Kazuha visits her but Akira notices she is gloomy and wonders if she is the one at fault for making the couple quarrel. Kazuha insists there is nothing between her and Haruka and that she only lives for her. Akira wants to know if she can only love her and starts kissing Kazuha. She pushes Akira away. Akira then says father is a nice person and not to force herself in worrying about him. On the day everyone is supposed to celebrate Akira’s birthday, everyone is there except for Kazuha. She locks herself in her room. Haruka still bothered by everything that has happened goes to pester Yahiro for answers. Though he won’t really know what to do with the knowledge he’s got, he doesn’t want to stand by and watch either. Next day he goes to see Motoka to ask what kind of person Kazuha’s dad is. Nothing bad. Powerful, rich and caring. Doesn’t seem like the bad guy. Motoka’s slip of her tongue has Haruka know that Kazuha is but he just left her a present, a music box. That night as Haruka and Akira waits at the shrine, Akira leaves once Kazuha appears. Seems Haruka left a note in the music box, wanting to meet her. They go around the festival as Haruka learns that she understood her mom’s feelings of being betrayed by her dad and thus the reason why she didn’t allow him to see Akira and it led her to hate him. Remembering what Yahiro told him, Akira grew up under a shrine elder and when he died, nobody wanted to take care of her. Though finally someone turned up to take care of her, there were questions regarding the elders belonging and she was left with nothing but tears. Yahiro’s store supplies almost ran out and all her income was from this store. Haruka notes that though her dad didn’t want mom to find out, she is quietly watching her father from her shadows. Haruka brings Kazuha to the back of the shrine to see her dad praising Akira. He had always cared for her all this while. Then after Kazuha and her dad made up, Haruka and Kazuha return to her room and had the greatest steamiest sex ever! Next day at the shrine as Kazuha plays her viola, Akira once again falls asleep but Haruka is the only one awake so she’s glad that he’s listening.

Akira’s Arc
Turning back time and to the part whereby Haruka overheard that onee-chan line at the changing room, in episode 5, Akira came out instead so Haruka hands Kazuha’s handphone back to her and asks if they’re sisters. Later in the classroom, Akira reveals that she is the secret big sister to Kazuha and wants Haruka promise not to tell this to her. Back home when Sora shows Haruka a cross pendant he gave her as a present, Haruka remembers Akira showed him her mom’s heirloom. In class, Haruka came early to talk to Akira. He says that they have met a long time ago. Akira thanks him and in her happiness, hugs him. Remembering back one hot summer day, they went hunting for cicadas, Akira fell down a tree and though she wasn’t injured, she lost her heirloom and couldn’t find it ever since. Thus Haruka gets this idea of looking for her mom’s only pendant tomorrow. Better to get it off his chest since it’s been bugging him all night. Haruka wears his full gear to find the pendant but they couldn’t find it. Haruka reveals he saw her sad face back then when she lost it and that similar look that day in class. He wanted her to smile always. Akira then confesses she loves him but slips, causing both of them to fall into the river. The clean-up in Akira’s place as Akira boldly enters into the bathtub with him. Naked. Don’t expect any steamy scenes yet, though they shared a kiss. That night at the festival, Akira meets Kazuha. Kazuha’s mom passes by them without batting an eyelid. Akira dances as the shrine priestess in front of the crowd as Kazuha says about the local goddess whom the locals worship: Princess Sayori. Though she loved her people, the people couldn’t accept her and caused her to be distant. Even so, she still continued to love the people and pray for mankind’s happiness while hiding her sadness behind her smile. Haruka then notices Akira really shedding tears during her dance. After the dance, he goes searching for her.

In episode 6, he notices her looking through grandma’s birth records. She tries to burn it but Haruka manages to salvage it. Seems there are remarks that indicate Akira and Kazuha are of mistaken identity. They may not be related. Relating this to Yahiro, as they read the journal, we learn Kazuha and Akira were born at the same time. It seems Akira showed interest to the pendant meant for Kazuha. Haruka suggests of taking a DNA test to clear things up but Yahiro notes that this world isn’t as simple nor it will have a happy ending as he think. Plus, doing all that would put all their efforts to waste. She asks him if he has the resolve to go that far. Later in class, Akira tells Haruka that she wants to break up because at this rate she’ll end up hurting herself if she continued to love him. She was all alone after her mom and grandpa left and don’t want to lose someone she loves again. Haruka sees Kazuha for her help. She says that if their relationship was fake, she couldn’t go on living like this. Kazuha in turn asks her mom that she wants to take the DNA test to ascertain it. Mommy doesn’t seem amused. Akira dreams when she overheard how her Kazuha’s family had to adopt her. They didn’t like her but grandpa stood up for Akira and promised to protect her smile. Haruka sees Akira and tells her Kazuha has prepared what is needed for the test, which the results will be out in 5 days. Then Akira goes missing. Haruka looks for her and finds her at the train station. He says that she’s just running away and no matter what the test results are, everyone will accept it. But she says she is an unwanted child that causes trouble. She is afraid that once this is confirmed, her dreams will disappear. Haruka then calls Kazuha and Sora to the train station. In Kazuha’s hands, the test results that no one has seen yet. She gives it to Akira so she can look at it first but she couldn’t. Then Kazuha’s mom comes by. Back in her home, she shows them all her treasure box and among it is Akira’s pendant. Apparently someone found it in the mountains and gave it to her. Upon closer look, it has Kazuha’s mom’s initials. Akira was young then and didn’t know how to read. She tells her story. When she had just given birth to Kazuha, Akira’s mom was just next to her bed. She didn’t seem to care about her energetic baby so when she cradled Akira, she accidentally ripped off her pendant. Then Akira’s mom was nowhere to be found. But after Kazuha’s mom learned of everything, she paid no attention to Akira. She knew she bore no sins but couldn’t be frank with her. Opening the test results, it indicates that their bloodline is negative. Akira thanks her and later gives her thanks to Haruka via sex. Not as flashy as Kazuha’s, but hey, they did it.

Nao’s Arc
For episode 7, we go back further when Sora wanted Haruka to take her body measurements. Let’s say he’s bad with his hands on got his face in her boobs. Next morning, Haruka gets slapped by Sora… Mosquito? See her bloodied palm? Nao visits Haruka and gives him a mosquito repellent. While the girls are cleaning pool, Ryouhei has Haruka his accomplice to observe the girls in their swimsuits. He teases Haruka that he wants to see Nao’s boobs and since he flusters, Ryouhei can tell this guy likes her. Ryouhei tells Nao that she’s got an admirer and wants them to go out. But she thinks it’s impossible since he’ll hate her. Back in her bathtub, she has flashbacks how she dreaded her parents quarrelling, each accusing the other for infidelity. Then she ran over to Haruka’s place and initiated sex on him! She’s pretty well endowed for her age so I guess there are lots to teach him. Perhaps that’s how he got into porn. Just kidding. But after finishing up, Nao notices the shock look on Haruka’s face. First timer, eh? Nao visits Haruka to help sew buttons on Sora’s uniform but she’s being grumpy as usual. I guess in this little boring town, people like Ryouhei, Akira and Kazuha want to see some real romance action. If they don’t push a little, it’s going to take some time for those dense blokes to get a move on. Ryouhei forces Haruka to come to the school’s pool. He meets Nao there and they realized they’ve been set up. After Nao teaches Haruka how to swim, they both go to change but Nao feels uneasy and something weird coming from a box. Haruka comes rushing in upon hearing her scream. Turns out to be a cat who wondered into the room. Then they hear the supervisor coming. Quick hide! Since the supervisor couldn’t find them, he leaves and locks the door. Where are they hiding? In the box! It was amazingly big enough to fit them both. As they laugh it off, the box breaks and Nao falls on top of him. This brings back those first sex memories. She quickly gets away and apologizes. But Haruka says since that was his first experience, he didn’t know how to react. Now they can put this behind them, he extends his hand to hers and wishes that they move forward. They both kiss.

Walking back home hand in hand in episode 8, Nao sees Haruka off in his home. Sora doesn’t look pretty happy. Next morning, Haruka and Nao meet on their way to school. Ryouhei teases them and didn’t expect they hit it off. Because of that, he isn’t pleased that his buddy is getting a girlfriend and did some submission move on him. Sora sees Nao telling Ryouhei not to get rough on Haruka, she gets upset and splashes water over herself. Because of that, Sora becomes a b*tch and snubs Nao. Haruka and Nao think of cheering Sora up and after buying ingredients for a curry meal, they look at old photo albums. One thing led to another and they have sex. Wow. The arc hasn’t ended yet and they’re already f*cking each other. Of course they didn’t know Sora was just sleeping nearby and had walked about after smelling curry. Then she stumbles upon their unholy act and kicks Nao out! Don’t show your face here again! Sex, interrupted. Sora reveals she knew Nao and Haruka had sex when they were young. Yeah, she was watching too but I guess was too young to understand what it means. Loss of innocence, eh? Nao leaves. Sora then throws away all the good curry down the drain. Nao falls into depression and avoids contacting Haruka. She lightens up each time she sees Haruka but with Sora around, that hope vanishes. Till one day Haruka bumps into her and says that they both need to apologize properly to Sora. Nao cooks bento for her but Sora didn’t feel like eating that whore’s handmade food. Then everyone goes out to the beach. Except for Sora. Ryouhei is sure a big joker.

While they’re playing in episode 9, the ball accidentally fell into the ocean. Haruka goes to get it but the huge waves engulf him. I’m not sure what made Sora changed her mind because she decided to go to the beach. Upon alighting the bus, she sees a commotion. Haruka is unconscious and the only way to save him is via CPR. Nao did the honours. Thank goodness he came back alive. Ever since, Sora felt confused. I hope it’s not mixing up that CPR thingy with the kiss. As Haruka and Nao tour the stalls preparing for the festival, Haruka says he will tell Sora of their relationship. He goes off first but finds Sora collapsed at the doorway. She hugs him and says never to leave her side. Next day as Haruka prepares to go to school, Nao waits for him at the gates but Sora wants him to choose between them. He brushes her off and walks towards Nao. She wonders if anything has happened but Haruka says it’s nothing. Haruka must be wondering why he didn’t get any spamming from Sora. Till he received one SMS from her saying that she’s leaving. He and Nao go search for her. Sora is seen pushing the bicycle. Due to her weak body, I guess she had to dump it in the drain. The rest saw Haruka’s bike lying there but Sora is nowhere around. Haruka feels guilty for chasing her out. All their friends search around for Sora through the stormy weather. Nao finds her at the bus stop. She wants her to go back but she says once Haruka comes, they’ll be leaving because if they stay, Haruka will abandon her. She blames Nao for changing Haruka because prior to all this, he was always by her side. Suddenly lightning strikes the shed. Good thing they were already outside. However Sora realizes she left her bunny inside. Nao realizes how important it is to her and goes in without giving a second thought to her own safety. Then the signboard crashes down and blocks the entrance. Oh no! What should they do? For Nao, just kick it away! She comes out slightly messed up but with Sora’s bunny safe. Sora says she’s afraid of being alone but couldn’t bear the thought of Haruka abandoning her. Later as everyone meets up at the festival, Sora seems to have accepted Nao since she allows her to come along. And while everyone watches the fireworks, our naughty couple Haruka and Nao engage in sexual activities in the woods. Now it feels good, right? Maybe they should get a room.

Sora’s Arc
Her arc in episode 10 begins when Nao sees Haruka off back in his house. She wonders about telling their relationship to Sora but he feels rather embarrassed for now. But Haruka’s incest feelings start to awaken when he can’t stop thinking about Sora. Even the time when he measured her body size. Yeah, he even shrugged it off that they can’t do that because their siblings. Is he sure? Can he suppress those feelings? He gets protective when Ryouhei teases about Sora and when he’s with Nao, it just feels empty. He goes back and sees Sora lying on the floor clad only in a towel. She wants to feel the breeze… Haruka gets a call from Nao as she is worried he wasn’t energetic today. You should see the way Nao sits and rolls around the floor while talking on the phone. Just odd. They then fix this Sunday for their first date. But Sora bugs Haruka that they’re supposed to go shopping together. Apparently he forgot about it and apologizes to her that he already has other plans to meet up with Ryouhei. Obviously a lie. He lies further that he can’t change this plan and promises to go out with her the week after. But she doesn’t want to wait! Unfortunately if that is what he wants, she’ll have to give up on it. Haruka and Nao had their fun on their date. At night when they return home, Haruka checks on Sora but finds her crying in bed. He has Nao leave immediately saying Sora is unwell. Once she leaves, he rushes to Sora to find out what’s wrong. Sora had a nightmare whereby Haruka abandoned her. He hugs her and reassures that they are both family. Next day as the twins walk to school, Nao can tell that Sora isn’t going to give her brother to her so she walks ahead first. Back home, Haruka sees a very disturbing scene. He peeks into Sora’s room and sees her masturbating! Crying while calling out to Haruka’s name! He too breaks down. I guess everybody’s broken.

As Haruka and Nao continue to date in episode 11, it seems that Haruka’s mind is somewhere else. He can’t let go of the thought of his poor sister’s masturbating. Then it got to him. He takes Nao to a hotel and forces himself on her! But she pushes him away and wonders if he really loves her. That’s because ever since that incident in the changing room, he has never said he loved her. His answer: “I don’t know”. Take that as a no. Haruka continues to take care of Sora. Ryouhei gets this idea to go to the beach but his true intention to see Sora in a swimsuit is revealed. He blames his hand acted on his own so Akira offers him to heal it with the lake near the shrine. If he goes there, his life will be reborn and all his sins cleansed. That’s just rumours, by the way. At the library, Kozue spots Haruka reading up on different customs of siblings marrying each other. Needless to say, they’re forbidden. Then when Sora gets sick, Haruka becomes worried and takes care of her. Including giving her a bath. Haruka sleeps by the bed side and is awakened by Sora’s kiss. She says she can’t hold it back anymore and that her chest feels tight when she sees him. You know what this means? Oh yeah. The twincest begins! She allows him to do it on her as many times he wants! You bet. They’re going to do it a lot. So when they say I love you, it’s more than brother-sister relationship now, eh? Over the next few scenes, Sora gets closer and naughtier to Haruka (giving him a blowjob underneath the dinner table! Yeah, he’s even having hallucinations of her underneath his school desk). Nao notices how close the siblings are and gets disheartened. Even Kozue observed how clingy Sora is to Haruka and confronts him about it but he responses that Sora has been sick all the time so he just wants to pamper her. Though she feels that they should join with everyone else instead of being alone together. It must have become a daily affair since Haruka and Sora continue to have sex and this time at the door entrance of their home. Kozue and Nao realize Haruka had left his handphone in his class desk and go to return it. Outside the door, they hear moaning and groaning and fear the worse. Kozue opens the door and sees the twins having sex. Oh, busted.

In episode 12, Kozue got freaked out by it and runs away! Nao just close the door and leaves. While Haruka is obviously stunned that they’ve being discovered, Sora wants to continue! Haruka has been feeling down since. In school, Kozue’s eyes are so red from crying, you’d mistake her for a demon lord! Later Kozue confronts him and confesses that she liked him. She thought he was nice and gentle but after that incident, she doesn’t want to talk to him ever again! Then Haruka talks to Nao. He reveals how when Sora first came back after a long time, she wasn’t the little sister he knew, but a delicate girl he had never seen before. There are many times they played together and crossed the line. But there are times she was dependent on him. Because she was his sister, he held back his emotions. Then the next summer, he fell in love (Nao and her introduction of sex to his world). He wanted to speak the words from his heart but couldn’t find the right words. He only ended up hurting her. Haruka sincerely apologizes. Back home, he is as gloomy as ever so Sora tries to cheer him up by kissing. But Haruka gets rough and forces himself on her! Sister rape! She is willing to give in but he soon backs away. He wants to stop all that kissing and sex. Sora isn’t happy because she doesn’t care what others think of them so long they have each other. She doesn’t care about the taboo of society and if this reality isn’t really as simple as it is, then they’ll just have to clean it up. But she was greeted with a slap. A slap so hard that she fell down. Then later, Haruka is still down. Seems he received note that his uncle will return to Japan. So? They found out their parents have left no money for them. So what? They’re going to separate them. WHAT?! He thinks they can be happier this way but Sora is not too amused. Haruka continues his gloomy act till one evening he sees Sora’s torn bunny doll and she’s gone. He panics and rushes out to find her. Nao also helps out. She’s not at the bus stop or the train station. Nao says that the other when she confronted Sora, she told her it was over. She seemed pretty serious about it. It’s like they are ‘even’ now. Sora saw them had sex. Now Nao saw them doing so. Haruka thinks back and then it hit him. Remembering Akira’s words regarding the lake where one can be reborn and cleanse of all the wrongs in life, he rushes down to the temple. He sees Sora wading through the water. He goes after her despite she telling him to stay away. When he grabs her, they are no longer in the shallow zone. Now she’s clinging on to him. Or is it drowning him? Anyway they struggle till they could no more and sink. Haruka thinks that they’re going to die and this would be the best for them both, just the 2 of them in a world faraway with nobody else around. But I don’t know how this happened because when Haruka opens his eyes, he is lying on the temple steps with Sora next to him. Who pulled them out? Did she? Or were they really reborn? Sora cries in her relief that she thought her brother is dead. Haruka wonders if they should go look for an answer together to find the best way to preserve their love. It doesn’t matter if he has to suffer, as long as she’s happy. They both share a kiss and hug before confessing they love each other. In the aftermath, it seems the twins have left the countryside. Their friends discuss about them and the last time they heard from them was an SMS to Kazuha that they’re on a train going to live with their new guardians, a close friend of their late parents. Kozue is still bitter about the whole issue and wonders if they can find happiness. Nao believes Haruka can and that he isn’t wrong because there is no changing who you do and do not love. But Kozue still disagrees and ponders if the feelings were just enough. If so, there were so many things she had wanted to do. She sounds so frustrated. The twins are on a train back to their normal ways. No sex, but kissing will do.

Motoka’s Arc
Even the maid has her own arc albeit it just last 3 minutes and serves as comical extras at the end of each episode. The drawing here are in chibi form except of course when she’s naked. Don’t want to see chibi boobs, do you? Like in episode 1 when she first zoomed pass Haruka and Sora in the limo and got so excited about that virgin boy so much so she can’t stop drooling. But she gets depressed since he is with another girl (Sora). Kazuha notes that she is going to a party so she explains it’s with Yahiro and university juniors. But eventually everyone left and she is left alone with Yahiro. She goes back and masturbates so loudly that the elderly couple must be thinking if that was a ghost! Unfortunately, Motoka felt so empty after that. Then in episode 2, she is on a mission to deliver Kazuha’s forgotten stuffs but bumps into Haruka several times. Yeah, even when he’s changing. Though she fails her mission, at least she got her ‘reward’ of seeing Haruka naked. Sicko. In episode 3, there’s a weird bug alien at Haruka’s doorstep! Oh wait, it’s Motoka. I guess they’ll have to listen to her woes. Something about losing her virginity to some rich guy for money. Then she goes on ranting how she had to set the mood and pace and not lose out to Yahiro. Even if it’s being an inchworm or a dog. When she acts like a dog in front of the twins, Haruka finds her cute, much to Sora’s dismay (see her rip her bunny!). Then she starts licking his, urm… Let’s leave it there. As apology for last night, in episode 4, she tries to make things up by cooking for them. But she first impersonates Sora (nothing close) and some nice figure skating moves. With the twins impressed, she gets carried away doing other performances till in the wee hours of the morning. Yeah, forgot all about the cooking, did you?

In episode 5, Haruka, Motoka, Yahiro and Akira are playing mahjong. Why the heck is Akira’s head inflated so big?! She plans her victory move and while doing so, fantasizes how she’ll marry Haruka and end up getting naughty with him. Unfortunately Haruka wins and her plans are foiled. Yet another apology from Motoka in episode 6. Yeah, she went berserk and turned into a Super Saiyan during the mahjong game and destroyed the place, injuring Haruka. She really feels guilty of it so Haruka invites her out to the festival, much to Sora’s dismay. Again. Poor Sora really rips her bunny and runs away! After the festivals, Motoka and Haruka ended up having sex (those old couples must be really puzzled at those sounds now). But it turns out it was just her fantasy because all they did was hold hands. Oh well, at least she did have a good time. But it’s not over yet since in episode 7, Motoka becomes drunk to drown her sorrows of being rejected. She falls asleep on the road but was picked up by Haruka on his bicycle. Though she is puzzled to see him before her eyes, she lets her horny side get the better of her by stripping themselves and having sex! Yes, this one is for real. Feels good? Haruka reveals he didn’t contact her since he thought she was mad. But I guess after sex, all is forgiven. Episode 8 is at the beach and with all the other girls around Haruka, Motoka decides to unleash her secret charms and makes a cute pass at him. He understood to meet her at the vending machine. As she waits, she is horrified to see all the girls trip over him! Later at the rock, Haruka profusely apologizes that he didn’t do it on purpose. As punishment, he must listen to her. She jumps on him and starts F*CKING him! That’s the second time he scores!

Another mission to deliver stuffs to Kazuha in episode 9. Though successful, she got zapped by the lightning on her way out, giving her that afro hairstyle. But Haruka saves her and brings her to the infirmary. He is to confess but their busybody pals are eavesdropping on the development. Then back home, Haruka scores the third time as they have another wonderful sex! Continuing where they left off? But Motoka gets worried when she receives an SMS from a guy she knows. It’s all suddenly gloomy in episode 10! Motoka is in no mood for sex and has Haruka leave. I guess we can’t have this section so depressing as mini Sora suddenly pops out from Motoka’s handphone while she’s taking a train ride and starts ranting about something that’s supposed to be funny. I didn’t get it. Motoka shuts her handphone and goes meet the guy at the shopping complex. Motoka narrates the story in another gloomy episode 11 that she once dated this guy and wanted to marry him. But he left to concentrate on building his career and was busy with lots of projects. Then one day, she realized he was lying because she saw him going out with another woman. Ever since, she feels her time has stood still and as the guy hugs her, she ponders why she is even here. But surprisingly, Haruka appears on the scene. Seems Haruka heard it from Yahiro and other people about Motoka’s case in episode 12. Though he claims he is a useless person, he promises to do his best and wants her to be with him forever. Motoka is moved to a tear and realized why she came here: To say goodbye to her time that stood still. She punches the guy and rushes to Haruka’s side (though she slipped). Back home, Motoka changes into several cosplay outfits to satisfy Haruka but what he wants is her usual self. That is the Motoka he loves. Getting naked and having sex? And yeah, they get married and lived happily ever after. The best ending. According to Motoka lah.

Ecchi No Sora
Eh? So where is Kozue’s arc? Did I miss it somewhere? Apparently I did not. Well, I guess with the fixed number of episodes, I guess you can’t really fit everyone in. After all this time, I was being made to believe that all the girls will have their own arc. I mean, Kozue did appear in the credits animation so the way they showed it, many viewers would have thought that she’s part of the ‘harem’ too. Besides, when she was introduced, she fell in love with him at first sight, so that has got to be a sign, right? Even the maid Motoka who didn’t appear much in the episode proper has her own little nonsensical corner at the end. And I guess some may even go as far as wondering that Yahiro was also left out. Yup, she too has a few scenes in the credits animation that would make viewers believe that she too will have an arc of her own. But for her case I didn’t really had much hope for it simply because as I’ve said, she’s the only girl who didn’t have some sort of those lovely feelings for Haruka. Later I found out that Kozue and Yahiro’s arc do exist. Only on the fandisk, somewhat an expansion for the game.

Having Sora’s arc as the final piece and the twins leaving the town seems like a sad way to end the series. But what is important is that the twins have got and love each other. That is all that matters. The topic of incest may still be taboo in many parts of the world but as of now, the world is changing so perhaps in the near future, it may be acceptable? Do you love your brother or sister so much that you are willing to engage in sexual activities to show your love? And of course other people are entitled to their opinions, still siblings being lovey-dovey in public may not sit and go down well with some, especially those holding conservative beliefs. So how to satisfy both sides in this case? Perhaps you can continue your twincest but behind closed doors? Nobody has to know, right?

For the most part of the show, Sora is seen as a moody and spoilt princess who can’t seem to lift her own finger to do anything unless it’s something she likes doing like her online blog. She depends on Haruka on just about anything and considering the snacks she eats, I wonder if they are good for her health and body. But then again, Sora has been sick so long so I guess you can’t blame her for being grumpy. She’s lucky she has a patient and nice brother like Haruka to take care of her. But I feel that for Kazuha and Akira’s arcs, Sora has been cast aside like an unimportant side character. I know those arcs focuses on those girls but I think if they didn’t leave out Sora, the arc will still continue and end without any major glitch. They just show her bumming around here and there just to remind us that she’s around. During her own arc, she seemed less grumpy and put on a more smiley face. Was it the great effects of sex and twincest? For Nao’s arc, she became like an antagonist when she couldn’t accept Nao coming between her brother and fears that she would take him away, leaving him all alone again. Good thing she finally accepted her. For Nao and Sora’s arcs, it is Kazuha and Akira’s turn to be redundant. Kozue may not have much impact except during the introduction arc and the final couple of episode of Sora’s arc but her intolerance to incest seems to indicate that she absolutely detests anything of the likes. Because she couldn’t get over this incident, it left somewhat a bitter taste at the end of the series. It still bugs me that why couldn’t she just accept the twins for who they are? Looks like she’s the kind of girl who will protest against gays, lesbians and cross-dressings. Can we blame her? People living in the countryside aren’t as open as the urban folks. And she is so sore right till the very end, crying every time she thinks about it (there was a short scene whereby Kazuha read Haruka’s SMS of his status, she closed her ears not wanting to listen!). I hope this won’t leave a permanent scar and leave her traumatized for life. Nao is the calmest one among the girls. She doesn’t blow her top nor jump to conclusions, though she does make several mistakes when she was young and feels guilty for them.

For Motoka, what can I say about her? I prefer her during her own private corner because she is funnier and cuter that way. It’s rare to see a maid in the countryside. As we know of Akira’s over-inflated head during this corner, another odd part is that because of her big head, Akira is usually placed in the background. Ridiculous it may seem but during the beach outing, did you notice that her head was over the sea horizon and then devouring a whale?! Total nonsense! What about the cat that always seemingly sticks to her head like as though it’s part of her hair accessory? This isn’t only true during Motoka’s arc but in the episode proper, the cat does sometimes stick on Akira’s head. It’s like its favourite sleeping place. The only thing that stops this series from being classified as a hentai is that the ‘lower body part exercise’ is strategically blocked out. I guess when you see this kind of shows, you are only here for the ecchi fanservice and partial sex scenes, right? Somehow I felt that the intensity of those scenes decreases at each passing arc. Kazuha’s one is still the ‘greatest’ because for me, I didn’t expect to see something like that and it was shocking. So I guess that’s where the expectation builds up and you’d expect to see scenes which are even more steamy and passionate. But if you want to see more fanservice, the second ending animation (the one for Motoka’s arc) is filled with lots of delightful fanservice from all the girls in the series. Of course lots of funny antics too when the drawing becomes chibi (Akira swallowing Kazuha! The drowning twins saved by floating on Nao’s belly!).

The drawing and art of the series are pretty standard. I won’t go as far to say that the art for the background and sceneries are breath-taking. But the way art along with the colours and lighting give off that hot feeling like as though you are part of the summer. Maybe my air-cond is not working. But seriously, when it’s day time, the scenes are really so bright that it makes you feel hot like as though it is really the effects of summer. Then when it is sun down and dark, you feel a little bit cooler. Neat, huh? Or maybe I was so absorbed in watching the series that it affected my own state of mind? The main series’ opening credits show several important and spoiler scenes that happened during the course of the series like Nao and Haruka’s first time. But due to the multi-branching arc format, I guess you won’t comprehend it till you reach that arc. For the series’ main ending credits, we see snippets of photo album-like pictures of the twins when they were just babies, the part of their lives growing up with their parents when they’re still around to their funeral day. It just feels sad especially when Sora is crying. It makes you want to reach out your heart to her as well. On a trivial note, each of the episode titles (including Motoka’s arc) contain the name of the main character for that arc. Some obvious and some don’t. Then I also noticed this, all the titles are exactly in 7 characters only! No more, no less. Another interesting thing about the titles is the way they creatively appear. Whether they are shadows made out from tree leaves, on a bus stop sign, written on a diary cover, a word on each lantern stringed together and typing on a spreadsheet, be sure to keep a lookout for them. It’ll be easy since it’s just right after the opening theme.

Speaking of the opening theme, it is Hiyoku No Tane by Eufonius. Sounds like a pretty decent piece till she goes out of tune during the chorus part. I don’t know. Maybe it’s her style and trademark. The last few songs I heard Eufonius sing were something like that too. It just felt odd. The TV series’ ending theme is Tsunagu Kizuna by Team Nekocan featuring Junca Amaoto. Though it is a pop beat, there is a hint of sadness in the song about fleeting feelings and loneliness. Probably it is to reflect Sora. The ending theme for Motoka’s arc is one really weird song just like the animation itself. Entitled Pinky Jones by Momoiro Clover, some may consider it a moe song. But to me, I just find it weird. Is that an Indian instrument in the works? What the heck is a Chappa-chappa anyway?! I got a little curious on this group and went surfing a little on them. When I saw the album cover of the group for this single, I thought they look like the female moe version of Village People. Okay maybe not. At least one was in a chief Indian’s garb and the rest in colourful Native American clothing.

Sometimes I feel that Yosuga No Sora and another anime series School Days are close to each other and if not for the multi-branching format of restarting, Haruka may have slept around with all the other girls and got himself brutally killed in the end! Likewise if School Days’ Makoto had the option of doing this restarting thing, he may have got all the pleasure he wants with sex with every girl in that series without him losing his head eventually. With the world so twisted now, I guess there are so many kinds of loves existing. Especially in anime and manga, there are quite a number yaoi and yuri themes out there. I may not be someone who is keen on those or even incest but since it’s not my business, I don’t really mind. Hey, it’s not me who is in love (with them). So how far will the power of love take you? Only the sky is the limit.


December 3, 2011

In no time, we’ll have robots that not only will do stuff for us for our convenience, but they have emotional programmes that will allow them to feel and think like us humans too. Sounds too good to be true? Well, if you can’t wait for that to happen, immerse yourself in the anime series Chobits first, okay? Here, such robots are called Persocons and they look and act so much like humans that the only difference to tell them apart is their weird ears. Partly, they house lots of complicated cables too.

With Persocons becoming part of daily life, they fulfil all kinds of chores and tasks that humans themselves wouldn’t do. How many of us would nowadays could stand and man the cash register? Let a Persocon do it? Oh, that’s not only it. Persocons are useful as companions too. So if you have a hard time finding a real boyfriend or girlfriend, just buy a Persocon and they’ll be your ideal lover as programmed. Sounds like fun, right? It amazes me that with so many Persocons in this anime, I’m wondering what happened to the actual human population. Did they really dwindle or the planet has become even more crowded with more Persocons walking on the face of the Earth? But we’re not here to talk about them. So the basic gist of this series is about a country boy taking his first step into the big city and accidentally finds a Persocon of his own. And yeah, you can guess the relationship development and bonding between them as time passes because the Persocon will be more than just a Persocon, know what I’m saying?

Episode 1
As introduced, Hideki Motosuwa is an 18 year old working in his countryside farm. He is looking forward to university life in Tokyo soon. But only 1 thing stops him from doing so: He failed! Nevertheless he isn’t going to give up and work hard in the cram school. Hey, he’s talking to his cow! Hideki arrives in Tokyo and is fascinated with all the Persocons (robots made to look and move like humans). He is excited and needs to get one (mainly because for porn) so the other people think he’s crazy talking to himself. Can’t blame him. He only has cows and horses back on the ranch. He arrives at the dorm where he’s supposed to stay: Kabu Jougasaki and meets the landlady Chitose Hibiya and is soon shown his room. Later he meets his next door neighbour Hiromu Shinbo and his mini mobile Persocon, Sumomo. They instantly click because they’re the same age and are both going to cram school. Then they talk about the multi-purpose wonders of Persocon. Yeah, even porn included. That night as Hideki returns from an errand, he panics upon seeing a girl’s body lying in the trash. Is it murder? Upon closer inspection, he realizes she is a Persocon and thinking that he needs want too, he carries it home (hey, it’s thrown away, right?) albeit she’s quite heavy. Unknown to him, a CD drops out. Back in his room, he gets fascinated with the unconscious Persocon and starts wondering where the on switch is. He tried pressing everywhere. Really? Everywhere? There’s one place left untouched. Let’s say it’s a lower body anatomy. He starts to fluster about doing so but sums up his courage to do so. I don’t know if he really did touch that part or was it the action of sitting her up but the Persocon comes alive. Since she can only say “Chii~”, Hideki calls her Chii. Seems like she is imitating his moves. Then she suddenly hugs him. Shinbo knocks on Hideki’s door to invite him to the public bath. Hideki frantically tries to stall for time to find appropriate clothes for Chii (yeah, she was naked) but Shinbo comes in since the door is unlock. In a weird position to hide Chii behind his back, he gives excuses that he fell. Several close calls Shinbo came close to seeing Chii but Hideki is the master of covering up. Shinbo goes back to his room to wait for him. Thinking it’s over, now Chitose comes in to hand him some snacks. In his gratitude, Hideki bows so this made Chii visible. But Chitose just wishes them goodnight. Hope she didn’t get the wrong idea. Eventually Hideki turns down Shinbo’s offer to go to the bath (should’ve done this earlier) as he wants to ‘clean his room’. With Chii, Hideki says that since he found her, he’s going to properly use her (let’s hope those words meant good intentions). Chii is so happy that she hugs him and he finds himself a new kind of sensation. Her boobs pressed against his body…

Episode 2
Morning comes and Hideki feels he is a lucky guy to have such a cute Persocon. Till Shinbo comes in and sees Chii. After learning about her, he plugs Chii to the TV monitor the check her specs but there are no data. He is surprised that Chii can move on her own without any operating system. Then he uses Sumomo to check but she malfunctions and breaks down. Poor Shinbo also breaks down. While he tends to Sumomo, he leaves a map to Hideki to see a Persocon genius who made custom models, Minoru Kokubunji. He is overwhelmed by his big house and his 4 sexy Persocon maids. Minoru turns out to be a kid younger than him. Analysing Chii, all 4 Persocon maids malfunctions! Minoru’s custom model Persocon Yuzuki volunteers to analyse. She starts collapsing but was able to regain herself soon. She mentions some of her data like household work and accounting crashed, though her personality did not. With backup programmes, Minoru easily restores her minor crashed functions. See the importance of backing up files? Yuzuki says she couldn’t determine what kind of operating system Chii has and there must be some kind of protection. Minoru thinks Chii is part of the rumoured Chobits series that was developed. They are said to have their own free will. Yuzuki isn’t one because she did what she was programmed too though she has a learning ability and that too depends on what she learns. As Hideki and Chii leave, Minoru will ask around and if he finds anything he will contact him. Hideki tells his phone number to Yuzuki for her to log to her memory. Minoru notices Chii doing the same and wants Hideki to ask her his phone number. For the first time she said proper words and repeats Hideki’s number. Minoru concludes her learning programme is functioning well. If she’s speaking well, she can learn other things and wants Hideki to teach her well since he is her owner. But that doesn’t mean he doesn’t need to buy a software. Once Chii can properly speak, she perhaps could tell them about herself. As a parting advice, Minoru warns him no matter how good or cute she becomes, never fall in love with her or else he’ll end up in tears. Well, Hideki didn’t really believe it because he doesn’t believe anybody would fall for Persocons who are just companions. Back home, Chitose gives her old clothes for Chii to wear. Hideki finds her cute and the first thing he thought her was to say her name. Uh… Chii, right? Yeah, lesson 1 passed. Chii hugs him in her happiness so Hideki gets excited to teach her something she can do well.

Episode 3
Hideki crunches the numbers for his monthly expenses. Let’s say living in Tokyo means high cost of living. As he leaves with Shinbo for cram school, he teaches Chii to say “itterasshai” (take care) and also his name. He’s happy till Chii starts pointing to everything as Hideki. Desk = Hideki, rice cooker = Hideki, lamp = Hideki. And Chitose… Hideki? In class, Hideki tells Shinbo his diagnosis from Minoru. Sumomo is now back to normal as Shinbo has fixed her up properly. But he’s going to have Hideki cover the cost somehow. Speaking of which, Hideki asks about the cost of maintaining a Persocon. Let’s say he can’t afford it unless he takes a high paying job. Their class teacher, Takako Shimizu seems to be a pretty and nice person. Hideki’s mind wander and didn’t mind going back in time if she was his elementary teacher. Not till she calls his name several times, did he snap out of his fantasy causing the class to laugh at him. Meanwhile at Chii. Kettle = Hideki. Oh, she’s learning fast… After school, Hideki goes around looking for a part time job but with no luck. While walking in front of a bar named Yorokonde, a girl Yumi Omura accidentally splashes water on him. Feeling guilty, she takes him in and puts on temporary clothes for him (though it’s the work uniform) while she dries his. Hideki looks around the bar and is fascinated with a Persocon at the cashier. A colleague mistakes Hideki for a worker and has him set up so that they can open the bar. When the bar owner (Yumi’s dad) comes by, he doesn’t recognize Hideki and soon apologizes for the mix up. Noticing that he is looking for a part time job, he offers him work here since an employee just resigned and wants him to hand in his resume. Hideki is excited to have land a job. He and Yumi get to know each other as they talk about Persocons. Yumi shows him her little mobile Persocon. Then it hit Hideki that he has never written a resume before so Yumi helps guide him. Noticing that he is staring at her well-endowed body, she tells him straight that she is an E-cup! Really? Doesn’t seem like it. But I could be wrong… Hideki panics and ‘explodes’ upon her teasing. Hideki goes home as Chii hugs him in her happiness. He teaches her to say “okaerinasai” (welcome home) and the meaning of happiness. Then as he prepares for dinner, looks like he still has a long way to teach her as Chii continues to point everything else as Hideki.

Episode 4
Hideki is standing outside a lingerie store, breathing real hard, much to the dismay of other onlookers. Is he a pervert? Then he runs away and back home. Seems he can’t bring himself to buy panties for Chii. I mean, Chitose was kind enough to give her clothes but asking for panties would make him look like a pervert, right? Chii’s vocabulary seems to have increased and can recognize lots of stuff, though there’s still more room for improvement. To overcome this pantsu problem, Shinbo suggests that Chii go buy herself with the help of Sumomo. Next morning before Chii leaves, Hideki teaches her on the general stuffs on panties. Yeah, it’s like he’s teaching her to be a pervert. It’s going to take a few more tries to make sense of what Hideki actually wants her to buy. After reiterating a few more dos and don’ts, Chii is on her way with Sumomo the navigator. It’s really odd that Chii is spouting “Pantsu, pantsu” all the way while she walks to the store. I wonder what others would think. Hideki is so worried about Chii and starts to have bad feeling about Chii that not only he couldn’t concentrate but interrupted class. Along the way, Chii manages to identify several street stuff (meaning, she doesn’t point them as Hideki). However she gets distracted like chasing after a truck supplying panties and trying to flip up the skirt of a pair of high school girls when the wind blows up their skirt! Pervert! Luckily with Sumomo around to blow her whistle, it isn’t long Chii resumes the right path. Is she? But Chii spots a kitten with a pantsu in its mouth and goes after it, losing Sumomo on the way. However it turns out to be a handkerchief. Sumomo gets a harrowing experiencing when she gets picked up by a dog. Thankfully the owner was there so it lets go of her and soon she is reunited with Chii.

After class, Hideki goes to find Chii and asks that pair of high school girls if they have seen Chii. However they are disgusted with him and thinks he is the owner of that Persocon and teaching her bad stuff! No wonder they turn away without answering his question! When he finally finds her, she nearly got hit by a truck but luckily remembered Hideki’s words on how to cross a street. But it can’t be said the same for Hideki because he was right in the middle of the street and if the van driver didn’t brake in time, he could’ve been a flat guy. Hideki follows Chii like a stalker and notices her tendency to get distracted with anything pantsu related. Like the poster and the panties laundry hanging from the balcony. When Chii finally arrives at the lingerie store, the saleswoman announces a half price bargain. All the ladies rush to buy, Chii getting caught in the middle of the stampede. Hideki goes to help but gets ‘kicked out’. I don’t know how, he ended up with a pantsu in his own hands. A salesgirl recognizes him, the one staring outside the shop with baited breath like a pervert and calls the police to arrest him. The crowd subsides as Chii comes out from her hiding underneath the desk. There are no more panties left (yeah, a real sell-out) when the saleswoman approaches her so she requests for a pantsu. Hideki is released and trudges his way back home and sees Chii waiting in his room. He is relieved that she finally bought panties but to his dismay, it is boxer shorts for guys. Apparently when Chii said pantsu, the saleswoman misinterpreted it as shorts/pants. That means he has to go and buy them himself, right? Oh, the nightmare again. But this time he manages to sum up his courage and go buy one before rushing back home. He laments and go crazy how he has being perceived as a pervert and should’ve gone to the convenience store to buy panties instead and blames them for making him a pervert. So what does Chii learn today? Hideki = pervert. Oh, I love this Persocon. She learns fast.

Episode 5
Because of the mock exam, Hideki takes a day off from his part time job to concentrate on his studies. Can he do it all in one day? Talk about study, Hideki even teaches the meaning of ‘study’ to Chii. I guess she studies and learns that way. Of course Hideki isn’t a genius so he just can’t remember all the things in the book. The funny part isn’t when Hideki throws his frustrations, but rather Chii imitating every single action of his! Double funny! As he is studying English, he needs to refer to a dictionary but realizes he left it back at the farm. No choice, he has to go buy one at the store. It’s expensive but consider it as investment for his future. He notices Chii curious at her environment and realizes this is her first time in a bookstore and explains things to her. Then he catches her staring at a book “Dare Mo Inai Machi” (A Street With No One). Thinking she wants this book so much, he would’ve bought it for her if not for its high price. Now he’s in a dilemma, the book or the dictionary. Oh, Chii is staring at him with those eyes. Yeah, how can you not give in to that cute pitiful look? In Chii’s happiness, she hugs him attracting stares from others and comments from the cashier to buy the book first before starting their love scene. Wait a minute? Does Chii even know how to read? Back home, it seems Chii does know how to read. Just that Hideki had to teach her ‘how to read a book’. Understand? Then Shinbo and Sumomo come in. With Sumomo cheering on, Hideki realizes he forgot to study and badly needs a dictionary. Shinbo has one and offers to lend him so Hideki goes over to his room. During his absence, Chii reads the book. It’s a tale about some bunny creature walking the streets with nobody. Because everybody is inside the buildings with their loved ones. It’s a sad story since she wants to meet a person who’ll fall in love with her despite knowing they’ll be separated. But thinking about that, she continues to walk along the road with no one. Chii starts to remember something chilly. When Hideki returns, he sees Chii glowing and floating. He quickly rushes and as he puts his hand on her shoulder, she reverts to normal and has no recollection of what happened. He has Shinbo check if there is anything wrong but he finds nothing. After that, he realized that the day is so late and that he had forgotten to study! Yeah, back to his frustrating antics. With Chii monkey see, monkey do! Hideki is on the verge on giving up but Chii encourages him to fight on. This gives him the much needed self-confidence to go on. Do we see a trend? Each time he is going to call it quits, all he needs to do is call Chii’s name and she’ll give him the energy to carry on. The test come and go and though Hideki feels that he did just average, he thanks Chii for her support.

Episode 6
Chii seems a little inactive this morning so Hideki was pretty concerned and the reason he was late for cram school. It seems there is something wrong with her because she just sat there in the room without moving the whole day. Hideki tries to get solutions about Chii’s case from Shinbo. Sumomo teaches him the basics of recharging Persocons as Shinbo gives him an adapter to recharge as well the dos and don’ts. Hideki thinks of getting a break from Yorokonde to check on Chii but as Yumi said, due to a colleague unable to turn up, they’ll have to fill in. When Hideki comes back, he panics upon seeing Chii flat on the floor. However she is still able to speak albeit quite weak. He plugs the adaptor into her ear to recharge but suddenly to electricity trips. Remembering Shinbo’s words not to charge a Persocon in one shot as it will cause a big drain, he rushes down to restart the trip meter but to no avail. He tried calling for Shinbo and Chitose but they’re not in. Then the phones are not connected. Is this his bad day? Yeah. He remembered today is the last day to pay his telephone and electricity bills. No wonder he got disconnected. The coins in his pocket aren’t enough to make a decent public phone call. Since Chii is still conscious, Hideki isn’t going to give up and carries her all the way to Yorokonde (oddly she’s lighter now), hoping someone will be there. I don’t know why but it seems he chose the longest route. I mean, every day he walks back from work to home, he should know the path well, right? How come he ended up at a construction site? Did he panic while running his way? Oh, you got to see this. He climbs a steep wall with just one hand! And a Persocon on his back! ONE FREAKING HAND! Is this amazing?! Even more amazing, once he reaches the top, he falls down below. Back to square one. At this point, Chii stops functioning. And yeah, she’s back to being heavy. But her saviour arrives in the form of Chitose who was passing by in a taxi. Yeah, apparently she saw somebody falling down. Back in her room, Chii is being recharged while Hideki is very much grateful. Chii notes how warm Hideki is. When Shinbo returns and finds out what is going on, he points Hideki to the electric meter which is spinning like CRAZY!!! Oh my God! You need this much energy to recharge a Persocon! Hideki apologizes and promises to repay her bill but it isn’t the electricity bill she’s worried about. It’s this month’s rent. Oh my God! Looks like he has to fork out more… Though Chitose isn’t really particular about it, Hideki couldn’t stop apologizing and promising to repay. Taking care a Persocon really does take up a lot of time, energy and MONEY!

Episode 7
Hideki dreams of Yumi, Chitose and even Takako seducing him! Then it turns into some nightmare of that bunny creature before being awakened by Chii. Back in reality, Hideki laments the lack of money so of course when Chii asks, he tells her work and money which probably brings happiness because it could buy you anything. Really? Chii thinks of working part time too. She points at something suspicious that needs young girls. Of course NO! But since she insists, Hideki agrees as long as it’s not dangerous or suspicious. At work, he is so worried about what kind of job Chii will take up, Yumi catches him talking to himself again. She thought he is going to quit but he assures her he is not, much to her relief. But when the conversation shifts to Chii’s part time job, she starts to look depressed. Later Yumi thinks of cooking him a decent meal but again she gets quiet when Chii is mentioned. Hideki notices this and will be more careful the next time. Meanwhile Minoru picks up an online info on Chii. However he is puzzled because he sees her in a sexy pose. Actually, she was earlier picked up by someone while on the streets. Currently she’s working as a showgirl in some internet peep house. She still didn’t understand what she got into, eh? The host tries to learn her origins but she can only tell what she knows. Chii also learns about happiness and misinterprets this job is making Hideki happy. Minoru needs to inform Hideki about this and mails an urgent message via Sumomo. Hideki is happily waiting for Yumi’s home-cooked meal when Shinbo rushes in. After learning what Chii got herself into, he goes crazy that his Persocon hasn’t learned how to use her common sense. With Sumomo guiding the way, Hideki rushes to rescue Chii. Better hurry because the host is making her strip naked. Fortunately, Chii doesn’t know how to take off her bra so it buys some time. Wait a minute. So how the heck did she put it on? However the host move on to other areas like removing her panties and inserting her fingers between her legs. When she is about to do that, her inner voice tells her to stop. Chii then stops functioning. The host goes down to see what’s wrong. In that moment, Chii starts glowing and the inner voice continues that this switch is the one that restarted her. Till someone who truly loves her appears, she must not let anyone else touch her there. Hideki must be having some kind of trouble reaching places because by the time he does so, the host already put his own fingers there to demonstrate to her how it’s done! The entire room starts to glow a very bright light. This kind of bright light doesn’t look good, you know.

Episode 8
Now there’s a gaping hole in the wall, Chii has escaped and the host so petrified at what he saw he is speechless. A mute. No use talking to him for answers so Hideki runs back out to look for Chii. Meanwhile as Chii randomly flies through the town, soon every Persocon stops functioning. The odd part is every human who are worried about and tending to their Persocon seemed to ‘stop functioning’ and not moving too!  Minoru tries to research and watch slow motion clips seconds before this incident but it seems Yuzuki too stops working. When Hideki finds Chii, he calls to her name. She responds and he manages to catch her before falling into a river. At that point all Persocons return to normal except for Chii who remained unconscious. Hideki brings her back home via taxi. He wakes up next morning and finds Chii unconscious and fears the worse. However she gets up hugging him in an instant. Back to normal? Thank goodness. Minoru wonders what happened when every Persocon in the every stopped functioning. Though Yuzuki can’t remember much, she felt that she heard a familiar voice. Hideki gives Chii a good lecture about her part time job. But I guess it was partly his fault for not wording it properly. I mean, Chii thought he’d be happy if she got a job so that he would get lots of money and buy stuffs he wanted. Since you can’t stay mad at cute naive Persocons, Hideki doesn’t blame her and feels she should stay home till he finds her a proper job. At work, he and Yumi talk about this and it seems he has found Chii a part time job at a sweets shop called Tirol who is currently organizing a 5 year celebration fair. However Yumi didn’t look too happy when he mentions about that place. Chii is bringing in the customers with her naturally cute looks. Tirol’s manager Hiroyasu Ueda praises her for her good work and pays her first salary. He also notes how she is also a good girl like Hideki mentioned and hopes she would continue to work here after the fair is over. She hugs him in her happiness so he has to explain about hugging and that is for those she loves. Hideki picks her up as she eagerly explains all that she learned and has happened. Back home, she passes her salary to Hideki but he gives it back to her. Chii is confused but he says it belongs to her because she works for it. It’s not that he doesn’t want money, her feelings is already enough. This money will allow her to buy things that she wants. She then asks if it’s alright to hug him. Unsure at first but he sees no reason to turn her down so she immediately does so.

Episode 9 or 8.5
With the excuse that Sumomo’s hard disk capacity is nearly full, Shinbo is prompted to delete some unimportant data. So non-critical data to be retrieved for review as you have guessed, make this a recap episode (some may call it episode 8.5). From the time Hideki arrives and meets Shinbo, getting Chii as his Persocon, his cram school, his part time job at Yorokonde. Yeah, the story so far. Next, on to more non-critical files which are more ‘dangerous’ like navigation software and route to the panties store. Oh… There’s more. The peepshow house stripping, methods of charging Persocons and when Chii went berserk and freezes all other Persocons. In the end, Shinbo concludes Hideki is clumsy, can’t stay calm, talks to himself and has crazy hallucinations, but the real issue is that being with him really wears you out. So will he have all these files erased? Nope. Let them be. Looks like he’ll have to expand Sumomo’s hard disk. Well, money isn’t an issue, I suppose. I guess this serves as good memories to look back, eh?

Episode 10
Chii is independent enough to walk to the bookstore alone. She plans to use her salary to buy Hideki something. Guess what? A porn mag. Hideki can’t help worry if Chii will screw up (oh, if he’d only knew) so Shinbo invites him to the bath house. He learns that Persocons also can enter the bath house to clean themselves like regular maintenance. Since he can’t afford to buy a software, the only choice is to teach her first-hand. This is going to be hard (no pun intended). When Hideki returns, Chii hands him the book. Without opening the wrapper, Hideki is all smiles and promises to teach her bath things so Chii becomes happy. Then when he opens the wrapper and sees the porn mag, he just couldn’t bring himself to teach her anymore. I guess his wild thoughts have gone wilder. So he pleads Shinbo to help him out so he uses his trusty Sumomo to download content from the internet and teach Chii. Unfortunately they’re all not suitable so they end up learning nothing right. Next morning, Hideki gets a call from Minoru to meet up. When they do, first thing Hideki asks was about the bath thingy. It all boils down to if you can’t buy the software, you have to teach her yourself. Bummer. The reason Minoru called him was that his research on the custom made Persocons got a reply. He shows him a picture. Looks like Chii but lots of mean terminals sticking out of her body! It’s like a horror pic. There are alphabets on her body which spelt “HOBITS”. Her arm may be blocking the “C” and thinks she could be the legendary Chobits. But something is bothering Minoru. The person who posted this picture, his email address did not exist. Perhaps somebody who doesn’t want to know his identity. On the way back, Hideki chances upon Chii who has just finished her part time job and wants to go to the bath. Back home, Hideki teaches how and what to do at the bath. Each time the results leading back to porn stuff because she learns them from his porn mags… At the bath house, the first falter already at the counter. Seems Chii entered with Hideki to the men’s section. Hideki did tell her to copy and follow somebody but she chose Hideki as that somebody. He brings her over to the women’s side and wants her to copy a woman instead but Chii says she wants to be with him. Now this guy is in a grave pinch on what to do. But do not fear, his saviour is here again: Chitose. Now he can relax in peace. Or not. Chii saying to Chitose about comparing ‘big and small’ stuff. Once that is done, Hideki shows Chii the picture he got from Minoru and asks if this is her. After a long pause, she denies, much to his relief. Hideki notices that Chii also had bought a book for herself. “Atashi Dake No Hito” (My only one) and it’s like a sequel to the previous book she bought.

Episode 11
Hideki absolutely couldn’t refuse when Yumi invites him to watch a movie together. Only the 2 of them. Chii reads the sequel of the bunny creature’s lonely walk. It notices how happy everyone is as long they’re with ‘that’ as it can make any dreams come true. However there are some things that ‘that’ can’t be like a substitute for a human. Her reading is interrupted when Hideki returns but he rushes over to Shinbo’s room to ask tips on dating! Shinbo teases him with ridiculous tasks like tango and handstand but it proves that Hideki is a virgin after all since he so eagerly wrote that all down. His real advice is to be himself. Hideki goes back to fix his hair and then leaves. He has a hard time explaining the meaning of date and love so Chii asks if he loves this girl. He didn’t take her that seriously so he just replies she’s a nice girl. Hideki and Yumi meet up and it seems Hideki is so happy that he starts fantasizing aloud, almost annoying the rest in the cinema. Chii continues her book. The bunny creature is talking to her inner self. Something about finding someone who will love and accept the person she is. Will he only love her and if he could not, he is not the one. But she believes that somebody like that exists. But if there was somebody like that, what if he loves somebody else? There certain things of the heart that can and cannot be change especially the feelings of love. When that happens, she will have to make a decision and stick with it. By that time, Chii is in a trance and hears her inner voice and flies out of the window. On an electric pole, she closes her eyes and suddenly another Chii (dressed in black) appears. This Black Chii says that she is her and wants to know who is beside her now. Chii’s reply is Hideki. She wonders if he is the only one who will love her but Chii doesn’t know and only knows what Hideki teaches her. Black Chii notes how she has forgotten everything but she remembers everything again. Since they’re together now, everything that Chii sees or learns, Black Chii will also know. She bids farewell and disappears.

Hideki and Yumi are having lunch at the park. They talk about Persocons. Yumi feels envious that every Persocon out there is cute and thinks Hideki may even fall for his own Persocon. However Hideki says his Persocon is not human despite that. They take a boat ride as Hideki spots Minoru and Yuzuki. He tries to call them but they do not respond. Why not? He’s calling “Ooi! Ooi!” instead of his name, duh… As a result, he fell off the boat but thank goodness the lake is just waist level. Yumi and Yuzuki go to the convenience store to get some aids. Minoru confirms with Hideki that Yumi is human (of course lah). Hideki notes how Minoru said the same thing like Yumi that he may fall for his Persocon so he gives the same answer. Minoru adds that though he is a nice guy, that girl isn’t his type! But he reveals that he created Yuzuki 2 years ago when his sister died of an illness. He input as much of her appearance and personality into this Persocon and as far as her memories to resemble her very much. However there are some things he can’t programme and that at times he has to remember that this Yuzuki is just a Persocon. So that advice he gave not to fall in love with a Persocon was based on his current situation. Hideki apologizes since he doesn’t know what to say. Minoru confirms that he’s really a nice guy and wants him to hurry up and lose his virginity. Say what? How does he know? Shinbo emailed to him yesterday. Damn. At the end of the day as Hideki returns home, he is greeted by happy Chii.

Episode 12
Hideki is scared out of his sh*t after listening to Minoru reading an online ghost story rumour. About a mistress who was brutally murdered by her lover’s wife and the man never turned up to save her. And all the haunting signs are pointing since it’s happening at room 104 at Apartment G with the lights flickering on and off. Oh Hideki, he’s really so scared that he wants Shinbo to sleep with him! Not a chance! He’s not going to turn this into a gay scene. Morning comes, Hideki didn’t get much sleep. He wakes up for real when Chii appears upside-down hanging from the ceiling lamp. Then the haunting continues. Chii hears a sound coming from the room and went to check it out. In front of the supposed room, they hear screeching sounds and liquid streaming out from underneath its door! Now he’s really spooked out! He can’t probably ask Chitose if this place is haunted since she may think he’s trying to give an excuse to delay his rent! Speak of the devil, Chitose comes by but Hideki pretends of nothing and goes off. But he thinks he may be seeing things since the liquid underneath the door is cleared up. At work, he faints upon seeing Yumi carrying a knife! After learning what happened, Yumi says that she’s afraid of black things. Then a black cat startles her and causes Hideki to dislodge a few beer crates. Back home as he is recuperating, Shinbo tells him that this apartment only has 3 rooms so it’s not possible for room 104 to exist. Should’ve said that earlier. Chii wonders if he is scared and goes to see it herself but Hideki can’t let her go by herself and goes with her.

In front of the door, everything seems pretty fine till he pulls out the room number board: 104. Oh sh*t. What comes next are weird nightmares experienced by Hideki. Like Chii pushing him into the room for the mistress stab him. He tries to leave for work in the morning but sees room 104 instead. A date with Yumi at the park has her suggesting a much better place: Room 104. Takako saves him from an incoming train and suggests for a drink at… Guess? Room 104. He wakes up for real in Takako’s class so the teacher tells him to refresh himself. He almost climbed out the window! Since Hideki is still shaken, he really wants Shinbo to sleep with him! No way for yaoi scenes, man! He decides to take the scaredy cat to the root of the problem by seeing Minoru. No, he’s not blaming him, if he could just figure out the source of the story, then it may put Hideki’s heart at ease. Even if Minoru’s rational explanation of why humans become scared of the unknown and their own beliefs, it’s not going to be an easy one for Hideki to let go. So he suggests everyone will pay a visit to that room. Outside, they see lights flickering. It’s real? Shinbo goes in to check it out but he took too long and never came out. Minoru and Yuzuki went in to see if he’s in his room while Chii checks out the haunted room. Hideki is paralyzed in fear as Chii heads deeper. Then the door opens, Hideki gets all his strength to dive and protect Chii. Is that Chitose coming out? As learned, this room is a storage area and the light bulb has been flickering for some time. Chitose tried to use tables and boxes to reach the light (those screeching sounds) but she couldn’t so she had Shinbo to do it. As for the liquid, that time she accidentally spilled a bucket of water. What about the room number? It seems the first room number on this floor starts from 102-104. Haha. Feeling relieved? But what is more relieved for Hideki is that he was most scared when he thought Chii was in danger. So Hideki is back to normal having a good night’s sleep. Chii greets him again upside-down and lands on him, knocking him out. But she hears that familiar sound again… Oh don’t tell me…

Episode 13
Yorokonde’s boss lends Hideki his DVD player and also a few hints where to get some naughty DVDs. Wink, wink. Almost busted by Yumi. As Hideki looks through the selection of DVDs at the adult section, he is surprised by Minoru and Yuzuki. They are here to get a newly released net game. Suggesting he plays a game with Chii, he lends a software to him since his DVD can be used to play net games. But you know, Hideki is a total noob. He doesn’t even know how to setup connection or login. Oh wait. He doesn’t even have an email! He calls Minoru for tech support but it’s all down to himself to read the manual. He spends all night deciphering it so much so he is snoring loudly in Takako’s class! That night he has Shinbo hook it up and in his gratitude invites him and Sumomo to play. In the game, Hideki is all excited like the newbie he is. Shinbo’s avatar is Takako while Sumomo is a life-size version. Minoru and Yuzuki are also there. However Chii isn’t with them so they think due to the limitations of the server’s capacity, she is being placed in another city. The real Chii is not responding since when a Persocon is in the game, all other functions temporarily cease. But worried Hideki frantically goes searching for her while the rest tag along. Along the way, Hideki trips, gets swamped by green Clannad’s dango daikazoku-like creatures, fell off a cliff into a spider’s web, stepped on trap and got roasted by a dragon.

By the time they log out, it’s already morning. Hideki asks where Chii has been. Though she doesn’t remember, all she could hear is Hideki’s voice. He hopes they’ll play again tonight and is confident they’ll be together. But pulling an all-nighter is a tiring task because now Takako not only has 1 snorer in class, but 2! Hideki, yeah the repeat offender but Shinbo too? Not enough sleep also means Yorokonde’s boss thinks he’s all night watching those DVDs. But when he finds out he didn’t, he exclusively lends him some of his personal naughty collection. Almost busted by Yumi again. That night, the same quartet continue their play and again Chii isn’t with them. Shinbo is puzzled since the load on the server tonight isn’t as heavy. Another frantic search leads the party to some final boss. Hideki is adamant to take it on since he believes this will take him to the next town where Chii is. Shinbo and Sumomo back him up but they all take a sound beating. Just as they’re about to get toast, Chii suddenly appears and obliterates the final boss with her blinding light powers! And as Hideki is to reunite with Chii, the game ends, congratulating them for winning. But Chii doesn’t seem to remember anything. Minoru concludes Chii’s sudden appearance as a different character and defeat the invincible boss is due to her processing powers greater than the servers. This would mean her CPU would be at a super computer level. Hideki puts away the game since they’ve cleared it and it would be a problem if they couldn’t play it together. Chii laments this fact so Hideki says that they can play another game. Happy Chii scouts around and picks up a DVD underneath his bed: That erotic one from his boss. Can we play this? How should he explain to her that this isn’t that kind of game?

Episode 14
It’s the summer and Hideki’s grades aren’t improving. How do you explain getting a ‘D’? Sleep too much in class? Don’t worry. There’s still hope. Use your summer vacation to study, study, study! Yeah, right! Maybe also the heat may have got to his head because he starts dreaming of Chii, Takako, Yumi and Chitose flirting around in their swimsuit. But that may soon be a reality because Takako invites him to go to the beach with her since Shinbo invited her. Initially Hideki said he was busy, an excuse that he didn’t want to go. But after Shinbo said he also invited Yumi and Chitose, damn he’s not going to miss this chance. They won’t have to pay anything since it’s Minoru’s summer villa. As the gang play at the shallow part of the water, Yumi and Takako thinks Hideki is joking when he says he can’t swim. Because of that, Takako thinks of giving him a special lesson tonight. Hideki is so looking forward to it. The day continues with beach volleyball, eating kakigori, playing sparklers and card games. That night as Hideki nervously makes his way to Takako’s room, it turns out that her special lesson is just a special lesson. What do I mean? Instead of studying in a classroom, he’s studying here in her room. Like private tutoring. What was he hoping/thinking? What were you hoping/thinking?! Next morning, Minoru advises Hideki to put some protective lotion on Chii to protect her from the elements. Hey, even if Persocon were made to withstand daily activities, they still need some protection if they’re to function properly. Oh, did I mention you have to put the lotion on EVERY part? Hideki can’t do it himself so he tries to teach Chii but blunders. Ultimately Chitose helps her out. As they stroll along the beach, Chii picks up more words for her vocabulary. Then she spots a pod of dolphins. Hideki and the rest get excited to see the dolphins. They can’t bring the dolphins closer or else they’ll get stuck. Hideki can’t swim out too far so in the end, Minoru has everyone hop aboard his cruiser. Cruiser! Don’t play play. Everyone watches the dolphins but Chii sees how happy they are and decides to join them. She jumps off the boat into the sea. Hideki thinks Chii has her life support system but Shinbo says that it may not work if it’s too deep. Then it hit Hideki as he starts panicking and dives into the ocean to save her. Hey wait a minute! I thought he can’t swim?! I mean, he’s paddling like crazy underwater to reach Chii. If he can’t swim, he’d be struggling trying to breath and keeping his head above the water. When he sees Chii normal, to his relief, he passes out. When he wakes up, he finds himself in bed in Minoru’s villa. Chii wonders if she did something wrong but Hideki is glad she is alright. The rest notes how she is not a normal Persocon because one would already have malfunctioned. Hideki learns that Chii was the one who saved him. So summer days went and go just like that. And Hideki’s grades? He got an ‘E’! It got worse!

Episode 15
Summer is really so hot that the air-cond in class had to break down. Takako has got everyone’s hopes up if that she’ll treat everyone to kakigori if they answer her next question correctly. Everyone is eager but she had to choose Hideki. But of course. Everyone is putting their hopes on him… Since he can’t, I guess the deal is off. But Shinbo seems to be acting strange. He comes to class late, borrows Hideki’s notes and even asks if Takako said anything about something happening tomorrow. Not that he knows of. As Hideki returns home, he gets a surprise visit from Takako. Even more surprising, she’s staying for the night! Hideki couldn’t possibly have another woman sleeping in his place so Takako could find somewhere else. And since he can’t let that happen too, I guess Hideki ends up being the biggest loser and letting her stay. Don’t worry, boy. She doesn’t mind your porn mags lying around. Another shocking discovery Hideki finds out is that Takako is married! However she is rather dodgy with that subject. The night continues with beer and playing the game of King. Takako is sure having the fun of her life since she’s always winning while Hideki not so because he’s been ordered around. Yeah, even that act of Takako kissing Chii is sure a heart stopping scene for Hideki. Anyway she just pecks Chii’s cheek. I guess Takako had one too many so she just collapses and falls straight to sleep. In the dead of the night, Hideki sees Takako in her underwear going right up to him and seduce him. He starts going crazy and by the time he got to say “No!”, it’s already morning. A dream? Why is he semi-naked? Why is Takako also in her underwear? Don’t tell me that wasn’t a dream. Well, it did happen. Takako took off their clothes to avoid getting wet from sweat of the summer heat. And yeah, she saw everything about him. Normal size. Oh Chii, you don’t have to learn that too. As they head to class, they pass by Chitose. Hideki sighs so much that you could say his happiness could be close to zero. He is pretty sure Chitose must have misunderstood them. It’ll be a bigger problem since Takako is married. Takako puts on a gloomy look so Hideki says that he’d gladly listen if she has any problems she wants to talk. In class, Hideki sees Shinbo sleeping at his desk. Then when he tells her about Takako at his place last night, he gets very agitated. On the way home after his job, Hideki spots Shinbo and Takako hugging each other in the streets. She is crying in his arms while he comforts her with pretty words. Then they both kiss.

Episode 16
Hideki must be thinking so hard so much so he sees visions of that bunny creature asking him whether he likes her or not. Takako a married woman, Shinbo her student. The possibilities are there, right? It gets even weirder when Shinbo leaves Sumomo in his care. In school, Takako and Shinbo both failed to turn up. Now this really worries Hideki till he can’t even concentrate on his part time job. One night he gets a call from Shinbo via Sumomo. He tells Hideki straight: He’s eloping with Takako. After all that trying and managing to connect Sumomo to his monitor, Hideki continues his barrage of questions on Shinbo’s elopement. He learns that this has been going on for half a year, the same time Hideki arrived. He’s upset that he wasn’t told a single thing. Then the monitor broke down. It’s not old but rather, did you notice Hideki kept hitting it each time he’s talking with Shinbo? Hideki runs over to Minoru’s place to reconnect the call. The reason why Shinbo never told him was because Takako told him not to even though he wanted to. He further reveals that Takako’s husband got into Persocons. At first she was delighted when they got one. But soon her husband began paying more attention to the Persocon till a point Takako felt she no longer exists in his life. Further flashbacks reveal how Shinbo first met her sitting forlorn on a swing at a park during midnight. He went to talk to her and she told him she was locked out by her husband. It’s like as though he had totally forgotten about her. To her, it didn’t really matter if she existed anymore. That’s when Shinbo fell in love with her and tried hard to be with her.

But Hideki isn’t going to buy this silly excuse as reason they eloped. However he has decided. He tried to convince her misunderstanding about humans obsessed with their Persocons but to no avail. It’s like she doesn’t trust men anymore. No matter how much they liked her, she’s afraid if they fall for their Persocon, everything would go back to square one like as though nothing happened. Then the night she was to meet up with him but went to Hideki’s room instead, they’re supposed to talk about their future but I guess she got cold feet. So to make sure she won’t run away, he brought her to the hotspring in. Plus, he’s not going back till Takako agrees to remarry him. Before they hang up, Hideki wants Shinbo to tell him everything the next time. Shinbo and Takako talk. She mentions the time she stayed at Hideki’s room. Hideki was in a half-conscious state when she asked him if it’s wrong to remarry another person. He unconsciously said it can’t be helped since she fell in love but the one she married and herself all had a hard time. She should do what she is comfortable with. Those words strike her heart and she felt comfortable with it. Things get a little steamier when Shinbo and Takako start making out. Minoru notes how Hideki is a nice guy. Although he is a virgin and has no girlfriend. Compliment or insult? Hideki notes Takako’s husband who is into Persocons and making a real woman cry. So how can a Persocon be any better than her?

Episode 17
Hideki comes back depressed. Partly because all his grades are ‘E’. That’s bad. He gets a call from Shinbo. Actually Takako wants to talk to him. She notices his bad grades and thinks that he gets nervous when the real thing comes. She suggests he take the National Exam as practice before the real thing and test his abilities. Hideki puts in effort in his studies so much so he’s like a zombie! He even took temporarily leave from Yorokonde to study. But his problems start piling up when he realizes he lost his wallet. This means, no food. No food means no energy. No energy how to study? I guess he’s got no choice. Ueda even notices Chii gloomy during her shift. He learns what has happened as Chii felt she couldn’t do anything to make him happy. He says as long as she feels that way, Hideki will be happy no matter what she does and hands her this week’s pay. Chii is happy and plans to hand it to Hideki. However he refuses to accept something that she has worked for, though he thanks her for her feelings. Hideki gets more tired at each passing day. I wonder if he really remembers what he studies. Chii decides to cook for him. If Chitose didn’t stop her, the black smoke would’ve turned into fire. Chitose learns she’s doing this for Hideki’s sake as Chii ponders what else is there to make him happy. Sumomo suggests the porn mags! But Chitose has a way that will make Hideki happier. She sends Chitose and Sumomo to buy a list of food ingredients and then teaches them how to cook a delicious meal. Hunger must be getting to Hideki’s head so much so he’s really talking out loud and acting strange that it’s freaking out kids! When Hideki comes home, he finds out Chii and Sumomo had made him a wonderful meal. Chii mentions he was down recently. Because of that, she too feels down and wants him to be happy again. Shinbo calls to check up on him and reminds him that he loses sight of everything around him when he’s nervous and wants him to calm down. Hideki realizes he was blind to everything around him recently and apologizes. A way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, like they say. Now Hideki is one happy guy after eating Chii’s cooking. Next morning he is awakened to Chii’s cooking but is shocked to see her in a naked apron. I guess she learns this from his porn mags. Hideki is able to do his exam with confidence. After that, he brings Chii and Sumomo out somewhere. And it seems Yumi finds Hideki’s dropped wallet while cleaning up at Yorokonde.

Episode 18 or 16.5
Another recap episode as that is what this episode (or episode 16.5 to some) is. This time as Minoru and Yuzuki trying to find clues about the owner of that mysterious Chii picture. This has them revisit several incidents from the time they show the picture to Hideki and to events reliving Chii’s memories from the day they first met. This includes the part when Chii starts glowing and floating while reading the book, the horror story that nearly turned true at the apartment, the online game and the beach trip. However with not much data on their side, Minoru thinks of asking for Shinbo’s assistance. As mentioned by Yuzuki, he isn’t convenient. Yup, flashback of his eloping with Takako. They take a break as Yuzuki apologizes for screwing up then when analysing Chii but he says she’s already doing the best of her abilities. He remembers the advice of not falling in love with a Persocon he gave to Hideki.

Episode 19
Noticing Chitose doing spring cleaning, Hideki and Chii offer to help out with Sumomo cheering them on. This includes cleaning the windows, pulling weeds and dusting. Shortly after the break, Chitose gives clothes for Chii to wear. But Chitose mentions that Chii has totally forgotten and that these clothes fit her because it is hers. Meanwhile Hideki stumbles upon a dark room with lots of cables. Sumomo startled him so this causes him to drop her on a cable and electrocute her, causing the power to trip. He starts panicking when Sumomo doesn’t respond and dreads how Shinbo will want him to pay back. He tries calling Minoru for help but he’s out. He spots Chii in the new dress but I guess was too infatuated with Sumomo rather than hearing her say that this dress belongs to her than Chitose. Chitose comes in and offers to take a look at Sumomo. Seems she has some knowledge in handling Persocon as she analyses that Sumomo has just fainted from the shock and her data isn’t destroyed due to the anti-shock system. Hideki learns that Chitose once worked in a Persocon-related job, just like her husband. Yeah, she’s married. However her husband died and since this apartment belonged to him, she decided to watch this place herself. As gratitude, Chitose invites Hideki to eat at her place. She notes how Chii is smiling more often recently because Hideki has been taking good care of him. Even if Chii is becoming cuter by day, she is worried those kids will find her easily. Back in his room, Hideki thinks of taking Chitose’s advice to set a password for Sumomo since anybody can use her. After learning what not to set as passwords (names, telephone numbers, birthdays, etc), Hideki sets “Chobits” as Sumomo’s password. This has him wondering if Chii has a password too. Elsewhere a couple of Persocons in black outfits, Jima and Dita seem to be close to their target since ‘it’ is reacting. And underneath Chitose’s room, a passageway that leads to a room with lots of monitors. She is monitoring the situation and realizes those kids are here.

Episode 20
Hideki visits Chii at Tirol and finds that she can make a delicious cake herself. At Yorokonde, he talks to the owner about this. But as for Yumi, she once had a human-type Persocon but she became sad. She adds that Persocons can do anything better than humans. There are some people who like Persocons more than their fellow humans. Therefore those humans don’t want to be close with other humans. Next morning as Hideki prepares to leave, Chii wonders why he looks so tired and sad. Though he denies, Chii hugs him in her relief because whenever she thought he was sick, her heart starts racing. Yumi’s words and Takako’s case start flooding Hideki’s mind on how she should think of Chii. Chii on her way to Tirol, stops by the bookstore and notices the next bunny creature volume is out called “Sukoshi Ztusu” (Little By Little). As she browses the pages, suddenly someone kidnaps her! When Hideki returns home, he gets a phone call from Ueda saying that Chii did not turn up for work today and is worried. He fears the worse as he goes to see Chitose but she’s not in (probably she’s underground). Then he rushes out to look for her. Passing by the bookstore, the owner notices him and mentions that Chii stopped by to read the new volume. He wanted to go talk to her but was soon gone. He also noticed a book missing and that she dropped a hair bead in which he picked up. Chii wakes up in a room and sees a mini Persocon, Kotoko telling her she’s being kidnapped. But Kotoko gets frustrated each time Chii shows her blurness. Then Yoshiyuki Kojima enters the room. Seems he is interested in finding out more about her ever since he first heard about her. Thinking she may be the Chobits series, there is more than meets the eye to her. Minoru continues to research on Chii’s picture but still ends up in a dead end. Yuzuki feels guilty that she isn’t useful enough to him but Minoru says she’s been more useful than she thinks. Yuzuki hugs him just like how his sister did whenever he is sad. Then they receive a panic call from Hideki about Chii’s sudden disappearance. Minoru agrees to meet up with him while Hideki continues to search around.

Episode 21
Desperate Hideki meets Minoru and Yuzuki as they learn what happened. Yuzuki has a theory. Since Minoru posted for information on a thread, someone from the public may have noticed and took interest, therefore led to Chii’s kidnapping. Hideki has no choice but to continue searching for Chii but he bumps into Ueda outside. He offers to help look for Chii since he too is worried about her. Unknown to them, Yumi is tailing them. They ask every shop owner in the district but to no avail. A shop owner was kind enough to help post a notice in the internet forums. She mistakes this Persocon to belong to Ueda but soon realizes that he doesn’t own one anymore. Then Hideki gets a call from Shinbo. Seems Takako has agreed but Hideki is more worried about Chii. He asks if Persocons do feel pain so his reply is that if they aren’t programmed, they won’t. Even if they have pain sensory, everything can be deleted later as though the Persocon never went through hard times. Later Ueda talks to Hideki and tells his story how he once had a Persocon and married her! Shortly after opening Tirol, he went to a Persocon store and saw this really cute Persocon and bought her. He brought her to life and they became happy together till they were married. Though everyone made fun of them, he was happy. Till one day her memories start failing her. It got worse so he took her back to the store and was diagnosed that her hard disk is broken and must be replaced. However since she is an old model, her data memories can’t be transferred. Ueda felt sorry about her but was told she wouldn’t feel a thing. Ueda couldn’t accept this answer and brought her to other stores but their answers were the same. So he restarted her and started all over again. However her memory problems became so bad that she couldn’t remember anything after a few seconds. Ueda got so bothered thinking too much about it that he didn’t realize he stepped in a path of an oncoming truck. In that instant, his Persocon pushed him out of the way and got hit. He felt strange because he thought she was supposed to forget everything but Hideki says it’s not because she was trying to save him.

Shortly Ueda took her back to the store but it was beyond repair. The owner asked if he wanted another same model but to him, she was the only girl for him even if she was a Persocon and not a living thing. And though she can’t remember nor feel anything, he remembered everything her, the good and bad times. He just can’t forget it. He thinks it’s the same for Hideki. If Chii is having a tough time, he can’t forget it or pretend as though it never happened. That’s why he must keep searching for Chii and is certain she is waiting. Yumi who has been eavesdropping runs away but Hideki chases after her thinking that person may be the kidnapper. He is surprised to see Yumi and tears in her eyes. But she runs away when Ueda catches up. He says she isn’t coming back after seeing him and that being with him makes her sad. Hideki asks if they know each other but Ueda dodges the question to find Chii. Minoru continues searching for clues when Yuzuki receives an email from the person who posted that Chii picture.

Episode 22
Minoru sends that picture to Hideki in hopes that he can decipher it so that guys has to cut short his search and return to his room. Plugging Sumomo in, he is puzzled to see something abstract. Doesn’t look like Chii, doesn’t it? Just blocks and lines? Also, Shinbo has also returned since Takako requested him to help him out. Meanwhile Takako also has that abstract picture and wonders who sent it. Even if she knew who did, it’s not like she can do anything. She leaves her spot and returns upstairs. Seems like that bunny creature series is penned by her. She mentions about some promise in which she can only write about all the things Chii lost before she turned out like this. That abstract picture may be some sort of navigation system map and perhaps the location of the kidnapper as Shinbo thinks. Narrowing down from 12,000 over identical places down to 23 places in this area, seems only one that has access point to that online thread. Shinbo and Minoru realize it belongs to a guy named Dragonfly (Yoshiyuki), somebody who likes picking fights especially hacking into Minoru’s stuff. This guy has more than 20 custom Persocons and must have a big house and engaged in a KB Company to prevent thefts of his Persocon. Hideki and Shinbo race downtown to find his house. Meanwhile Yoshiyuki has hooked Chii up with lots of cables to all his Persocons. Chii is glowing and flowing while he is quite impressed. He is going to restart her but when he does that, Chii awakens and causes all the other Persocons to go offline. All the cables start binding Yoshiyuki as Chii mentions he is not his special person and is not allowed to enter here. The windows break so I guess this saves time for Hideki and Shinbo searching, eh? Minoru notices Yuzuki offline but not totally. Yuzuki is murmuring that she knows this familiar voice and that this voice knows her.

When Hideki comes into the room, Chii in a trance goes up to him and says that he is the only one for her and is not allowed to touch anyone but him. Leading his hand to her reset point, she continues that he is the only one allowed to enter. She asks what his most valuable thing is. If she knows that, she will no longer be lost anymore. As she closes her face to kiss him, a burst of bright lights returns everything to normal. Chii is back to normal and is happy upon seeing Hideki but collapses shortly. They question Yoshiyuki as he tries to lie that Chii followed him. However Kotoko, who was programmed to tell the truth, says that her master kidnapped her. Foiled by your own Persocon, eh? Shinbo confiscates Kotoko since she has evidence of the kidnapping and won’t allow him to delete any data. He even makes him confess to Sumomo that he lend her Kotoko. And things indicate that the map was sent by Jima and Dita. Next morning, Hideki worries about Chii since she hasn’t opened her eyes since then and back then she felt like a different person. Wondering if Chii is really the Chobits series, suddenly Sumomo comes to life seeing that he activated her password. Seems Kotoko is living in his place too. She notes she has no reaction to the words Chobits because back then when Yoshiyuki checked her, her appearance changed. She brushes it off that the Chobits series is just a legend after all. Then Hideki takes Chii out to let Ueda know that she has been found. Plus, they need to pay for the book she took. Looking at the book, Hideki notes how similar the story is to him and Chii and wonders who wrote it and for what purpose.

Episode 23
Life returns to normal. Shinbo moves out to stay with Takako. Why didn’t he bring Sumomo along and continue to leave it in Hideki’s care? Hideki brings Chii to see Minoru. Seems like he is requesting his help to find out to know more about Chii. At first he didn’t matter she was a Persocon or not but he got worried when she got in big trouble. Minoru agrees to help and has gathered some information. Though the Chobits series are rumoured to be the ultimate Persocon, seems there is an organization involved. When Persocons first started out, Persocon developers and the client organization had different ideas. The developers were constantly annoyed by the organization so they went underground to create the ultimate Persocon, Chobits. As Yuzuki brings out the drinks, Minoru gets upset that she’s working as a maid rather than resting. He tries to take over but soon collapses himself. In bed, Minoru’s condition isn’t serious since he has been working without rest for consecutive days. Minoru feels that it’s his fault since he requested for his help but Yuzuki points that it is her to blame for not having a powerful processor instead. But when Yoshiyuki shows his face up, Hideki instant beats him up! Actually, he is here to make amends and was requested by Minoru to help out. Yoshiyuki thinks the fastest way is to hack into the organization’s main computer. But there are some risks since there’ll be lots of protection and the illegal tapping may cause data to be lost. He already suggested to Minoru to use Yuzuki but he was pretty much against it since that is the most efficient way (otherwise they’ll be running around in circles). Hideki understands how Minoru felt because to him Yuzuki is more than just a Persocon. So Hideki is going to make Yoshiyuki work harder on Minoru’s behalf and watches over him.

Later when Chii looks at a picture of Minoru and his sister, Kaede, Yuzuki mentions that she is not her sister but a replica of his data. Yuzuki insists that she wants to be of use to Minoru and asks if Chii would do the same for Hideki knowing well if it breaks her. Chii says that if Hideki is happy, she’ll be happy and thus would do it. Yuzuki goes to hack the organization’s system and causes a power drain in the house. Jima and Dita notice they’ve been hacked so they play around. Hideki thinks Minoru is trying to work hard but to his surprise sees him pops up behind him. Then they realize it is Yuzuki. She refuses to follow orders from Minoru to stop, insisting she wants to be of use to him like his sister. However Minoru says that she is not his sister. Yuzuki manages to hack into the system but some protection system causes the cables to snap and break! Thankfully because of that, Yuzuki only lost some portion of Minoru’s sister’s data. Otherwise she is okay. She requests him to reupload them but Minoru says it’s not necessary. He was traumatized when his sister died and didn’t want to forget her, thus creating Yuzuki. Though he considers the time spent with his sister and Yuzuki to be important, they are irreplaceable. Thus Yuzuki is Yuzuki. Jima and Dita seem pretty satisfied that they’ve fend off the hacking. Morning comes so Hideki and Chii are pretty happy of how everything turned out. Minoru and Yoshiyuki hand him part of the data that Yuzuki managed to download and may contain a list of Persocon developers and some may surprise him. Hideki is seen furiously knocking on Chitose’s door because the list he was given to, Chitose is part of the picture with Chii.

Episode 24
Hideki still ponders about Yumi’s relationship with Ueda. While he and Chii are walking in the streets, she spots a couple holding hands and asks Hideki the reason for doing so. Well, you hold hands with someone you love to be happy, right? They enter Tirol but it seems Ueda is spacing out though he brushes it off. Hideki knows that he is troubled and offers to help if there is anything bothering him. He thanks him but says that he’s always wanted to make his important person smile but made her cried instead. Then Chii comes out wearing a maid outfit. Ueda points out that it’s the wrong clothes and these were made for a different person. He can’t seem to get rid of it. Wanna bet it belongs to Yumi? Because she’s like a stalker watching from outside, crying. Hideki spots her and goes after her. Once he catches up to her, she starts crying in his arms. She mentions how those clothes were made by Ueda for her but it seems he gave it to a Persocon. Chii talks to Ueda about the pain in his heart. Ueda mentions something how Yumi said goodbye to him. When the person you like most says goodbye, it hurts the most. Chii mentions how Yumi has always been watching him outside Tirol but this time she had tears in her eyes. Ueda starts to realize so Chii asks what he is going to do now. He has a request of her. Hideki brings Yumi back to his place so she starts explaining. When Yumi started working at Tirol, Ueda was very nice to her to the point she fell in love with him. She even mustered her courage to confess her feelings but she learns that he is married but his wife died. Curious, she went online to search about it and found something shocking. Using Sumomo to download news clips, Hideki watches the first one of Ueda and his Persocon’s happy wedding. The second one was during her funeral whereby the journalists hound him about questions of his Persocon. However Ueda dismissed that his wife is just a Persocon and even had a proper name: Yumi. That’s when Yumi thought she was being compared to a Persocon and could never be as good as her. Hideki consoles her that both of them went through hard times. Even though Ueda’s previous wife was a Persocon, he was serious about it. Even so, he was seriously thinking about her when he responded to her feelings. He even fell in love with her though his wife’s demise is hard. Besides, he isn’t the kind of person who would be comparing someone with another. Just then Ueda and Chii come in (Ueda used Chii to help locate Yumi’s Persocon handphone). Ueda and Yumi talk and reconcile. He mentions he married the Persocon Yumi for who she is and fell in love with Yumi for the same reason. Dismissing her thoughts that Persocons are perfect, there are things that Persocons can and cannot do. Likewise with humans. He thought he would never fall in love again but even if Yumi was a Persocon he will still fall in love with her. Chii takes off her maid outfit and hands it to Yumi! Yumi apologizes and thanks him for still liking her. They both hug. After they leave, Chii holds Hideki’s hands and wonders if he’s happy.

Episode 25
Minoru receives another picture from the anonymous sender. This time a picture of twin Chiis. Kotoko has analysed the lines of this apartment and concludes they aren’t your average lines. Chii thought somebody was outside the door but all she saw was just a package and a continuation of the bunny creature’s story. Both bunnies are still in pain though they continue to look for it. Hideki sees Minoru and Yoshiyuki as they tell him what they know. Hideki gets upset and violent when Yoshiyuki keeps saying Persocon instead of their names. Meanwhile Jima and Dita discuss if that girl starts it, there’ll be danger. Jima says he is a databank that all Persocons are connected to while Dita is a protection programme designed to guard him. In order to protect all Persocons, they’re trying to stop that girl from starting it. But they still don’t know why she wants to start it. Jima thinks that for those who created human-like Persocons, they are like her children and just like parents, they want their children to be happy. But happiness for a Persocon isn’t the same for all humans. Dita doesn’t believe it and still considers that girl to be dangerous.

After work, Hideki meets Shinbo. He is still troubled that he can’t do anything for Chii. So Shinbo tells him that there is something he has to decide first: Does he really like her? He continues that after thinking about Takako’s case, what if her husband wasn’t into Persocons but another person? So it’s not that he dislikes a person who is into Persocons, but one who associates with humans or Persocons irresponsibly. Shinbo follows Hideki home to borrow Sumomo and Kotoko for a while so Chii and Hideki can talk. Of course he doesn’t know what to say so he just hugs her, even if he himself doesn’t know why. Jima starts feeling pain. Though he says it’s just too much data to handle and the broken data can be replaced, Dita thinks it’s that girl and starts moving. Jima states how the secret is out and all he wants is for that girl to be happy. Hideki takes a breather outside but sees Chitose. He has lots to ask but she too intends to explain to him. Taking him to her underground unit, she mentions this place was created by her husband. This was also where human-type Persocons were made. She shows him the mysterious pictures of Chii, including one which she admits is herself. Beside her is Elda, the one whom we all know now as Chii. However there is another one called Freya. She is the one with lots of mean cables sticking out of her body. Chitose adds that both were made for her since she is unable to have children. Freya was made first and when she came to life, Chitose became happy and they lived happily like a family. However she found a person she loved though they do not know who. Chitose was worried about her happiness and thus her husband created Elda. They seemed happy till one day Freya couldn’t take the pain anymore and collapsed.

This was when they realized Freya was in love with her husband. All the lab staff suggested they delete Freya’s memories but her husband was against then. Freya started to fade away and inside of Elda there was this same kind of system in her. Afraid of something like that would happen again, the lab staff wanted to get rid of Elda but her husband didn’t allow that. Soon her husband got ill so Chitose changed Elda to find the most important person only for her. And that person is Hideki. To all Persocons users, Elda is dangerous for them but for Hideki, only he has decided. After Hideki leaves, Chitose ‘talks’ to her husband that she loves others but it’s strange that she can’t be happy. Even a Persocon has a right to be happy. In order to find happiness for a Persocon and a human, Chii was created. That’s why she’ll protect Chii till the end and make her happy. Chii continues reading the storybook when Hideki comes in. He’s looking pretty shocked. Chii goes up to him and asks if he is the only one for her. Does he love her? That’s because she loves him. I guess Hideki took too long to answer so Chii starts glowing and emitting a bright light. All Persocons go offline while Yuzuki and Kotoko can hear that familiar voice.

Episode 26
Hideki replies that he loves her. She returns to normal when they hug but it’s short-lived. She starts to activate and floats up to the roof, saying that she needs to do something with her other self. Dita tries to hack in but was attacked, so she plugs herself directly to Chii. All other Persocons go offline again except Jima and Dita since they are of the same system. Seems Chii is trying to connect to all the Persocons. Jima restrains Hideki and tells him and that they are created to stop her. When Chii chooses a special person, she links to all the Persocons in the world and executes some kind of programme. Though they don’t know what will happen after. To stop her and never make her move again means to destroy her OS and shut her down. Hideki won’t allow it so Dita tells him that it’s no difference if he falls for a Persocon since they are not human and have no emotions. Hideki refuses to belief her because each are different and that he fell in love with Chii. Jima releases Hideki, unplugs Dita and takes her away because he is interested to see that guy’s future, that Persocon’s future. Chii drains out the power. Chitose comes rushing to the top but when Chii awakens, she is not Chii but Freya. So if she’s here, where’s Chii? Freya narrates her flashback whereby she saw herself helpless and dying. Elda put Freya inside her heart to protect her and thus stayed inside her. Freya says Chii has disappeared since she has found her only person. Though she had something to do, she stopped halfway. That’s because she noticed even if a Persocon likes a human, there are things she can’t do. Do you think Hideki would believe all that crap? Even so, Chii didn’t think that way. Freya pleads to Chitose to get rid of both of them. She considered them both failures.

Chitose has no choice as she activates the “Chobits” password and deletes all the data, unheeding Hideki’s plea. Hideki tries to activate the password but it seems it will only react to Chitose or her husband’s voice. Chitose apologizes for giving him hard times and says Chii really loved him. Thus she went away on her own accord. After Jima and Dita leave, Hideki also apologize that he couldn’t understand anything about Chii and hurt her. He also felt he never properly explained the meaning of happiness to her. So he tells the Persocon that Chii is ever found, he wants her to tell her the meaning of happiness: Being with her person you love. Though there will be painful and hard times, being separated hurts more. He wishes for Chii to be happy. Chitose notices Freya starting to cry. Chii narrates from the story how her heart is still in pain, though he is searching for someone who will like her for who she is. When she found him, it was the beginning of something more painful. It was painful to be together and seeing him in pain, she hid from him. She disappeared because she loved him. Even so, not seeing him is even more painful. But she’s leaving for the sake of his happiness. But what is the meaning of happiness? For that moment, Chii returns emitting a bright light. She realizes that her happiness is here with her only person. Though it may be hard and painful, she still wants to be with him. Chii rushes to hug Hideki. Yuzuki could still hear that familiar voice but this time it is filled with gentleness and warmth. All the eyes of the Persocon lit up with life for a short while. Chii wonders that even if she’s a Persocon and not human and can’t do certain things, she wants to be with him. Hideki agrees and wants to be with her too. Life returns to normal as Chii narrates about love and happiness.

Episode 27 or 24.5
Spring is ending and summer is approaching. Chitose narrates how many things have happened since. Yeah, a recap episode beginning with Chitose giving Chii to wear her own dress to that kidnapping by Yoshiyuki. Kotoko seems to be hanging around with Chitose as she mentions how she calculated Hideki’s passing rate is only at 8.6%! She tells the truth, right? Nevertheless, Hideki and Chii went to see his exam results. Chitose gets a call from Shinbo that he got a job although he’s still in university since he’s getting married. She also thinks of cooking a big meal for them and Chii’s colleagues for Hideki’s admittance to university. But what if he fails? It doesn’t matter because they will all still come. After that lengthy recap on Chii’s real identity, Freya and the shutdown before Hideki and Chii are happily reunited, Hideki and Chii return from the train station and are greeted by all their friends. Though we won’t hear him say he really passed, but Hideki doesn’t look gloomy and with his pals happy for him, you know what that means, right? Chitose narrates how Chii is now living happily.

Even Robots And A.I. Aren’t Perfect…
Uh, yeah. I guess the ending was pretty decent. It would be tad sad if Hideki and Chii could not be reunited together in the end but I’ve already guessed from the start that they are inseparable. So I suppose Chii is really part of the Chobits series because of her deep emotions that linked her to Hideki that ultimately broke the spell. But there are some questions that bugged me. For instance, who in the first place threw Chii out? Was it the lab staff? So was the CD she dropped was some software programme to enable her to learn better or her memories? And if Chitose first saw Chii in Hideki’s room, why isn’t she that surprised? Why did she leak photos of Chii onto the internet in the first place? Speaking of the organization, who the heck are these people behind it? The way Jima and Dita are portrayed as though they are a threat to Chii and Hideki but in the end, Jima even as a Persocon has his own consciousness to do what is right. And why is Chii considered dangerous to others? What is it that separates Hideki from the rest? I know he cares for her but if she was found by Minoru and Shinbo, I think they’ll also treat her right and good. Maybe Hideki puts in more effort because he is a noob? He is still one by the way when it comes to Persocons and technology. So Hideki and Chii have got lots of learning to do in their real lives. Another thing boggling me is the fact Chitose authored those bunny stories. How did she know Chii would pick them up at the bookstore? How did she even market it? The story seems general enough so if I were to read it, I wouldn’t have noticed that it was a story mirrored after Hideki and Chii.

Hideki is one amusing character. He is struggling so hard with his meagre earnings and studies, it makes you wonder how he has enough to take care of a Persocon which costs a lot to maintain. Yeah, he’s like a dumping ground for other Persocons too because later on he has to temporarily shelter Sumomo and Kotoko. Maybe it’s his perseverance and support from others that enabled him to go on. It’s like one of those stories whereby a poor large family managing to get by daily. I guess he is like that. Even if Hideki at first considers Persocons to be non-human, but the way he treats them from the start like a human shows that he subtly regards Persocons at the same level with humans. It’s his realization of love for Chii that made him realizes this. Otherwise, he’s not the kind of guy who would mistreat Persocons just because they are not human. Plus, he still hasn’t gotten over the way he says his thoughts out loud. Every passer-by must be thinking he’s a mad guy. Don’t bring your kids near him! Chii on the other hand is also amusing whenever she copycats Hideki’s action, especially when he starts panicking. When he goes rolling on the floor, she too goes rolling. It’s amazing she didn’t become Hideki the Second. Personally, I felt that her past wasn’t that tragic to warrant anything heart-stopping. Freya being sealed inside of her turned out to be her sister rather than her other inner self-consciousness who may wreak havoc when something goes wrong. Oh, another point I’m pondering. So restarting Chii is pressing the part where it’s most sensitive for a woman? Since Hideki is the only one allowed to ‘enter’ her, I guess he has the right to f*ck her, eh? Just kidding. Genki Sumomo is pretty amusing whenever she blows her whistle in the morning to remind the gang to get up and do their morning exercise with her. Even if you have a Persocon, this doesn’t mean you should slack in your duty to keep fit and healthy, eh? As for the other characters, I felt their side stories were more like a little distraction and didn’t really have any direct impact on Hideki-Chii except to bring them closer. Like the elopement of Shinbo and Takako, Ueda and Yumi’s estranged relationship and Minoru and Yuzuki’s late sister’s reconciliation only serve to make Hideki and Chii realize the importance of each other. But in the end, all these side stories ended on a happy note, right?

Whenever Hideki starts panicking and going loud, he sounded so much like Gintama’s Gintoki! It’s no surprise seeing that Hideki is voiced by Tomokazu Sugita who also voices that character. At that moment, I thought Hideki would turn into a silver-permed-hair Yorozuya samurai. But the most surprising one has to be Rie Tanaka who is the voice of Chii! No matter how much I think about it, I just couldn’t visualize her as Chii’s voice. After hearing this veteran in roles like Suigin Tou in Rozen Maiden, Sanada in UFO Princess Valkyrie and Maria in Hayate No Gotoku, there is no way that I could imagine she is behind Chii. Never ever. Even throughout the series, I was still wondering if this is really her voice. I’ve never heard her voice this kind of role. Maybe it’s one of those early days, I guess. At least Kikuko Inoue was recognizable in her role as Chitose due to her trademark dreamy voice like how she did in Aa! Megami-sama’s Belldandy. Other casts include Tomokazu Seki as Shinbo (Chiaki in Nodame Cantabile), Houko Kuwashima as Minoru (Tomoyo in Clannad), Fumiko Orikasa as Yuzuki (Rukia in Bleach – she wasn’t hoarse or tough enough for her voice to be recognized), Megumi Toyoguchi as Yumi (Winry in Fullmetal Alchemist), Motoko Kumai as Sumomo (Ginta in Marchen Awakens Romance – her voice was too squeaky rather than laidback to be recognized), Yuji Ueda as Ueda (Morita in Honey And Clover), Junichi Suwabe as Yoshiyuki (Atobe in Prince Of Tennis), Ryoka Yuzuki as Takako (Ino in Naruto), Yukana Nogami as Kotoko (Teletha in Full Metal Panic), Isshin Chiba as Jima (Kouga in Bleach) and Yuka Tokumitsu as Dita.

The opening theme by Round Table featuring Nino is entitled Let Me Be With You and is annoyingly infectious. I can’t help sing along the chorus lines of this pop piece whenever it goes “Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, yeah. Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, let me be with you~”. Both the ending themes are sung by Rie Tanaka and yet again I couldn’t recognize her. The first ending theme is Raison d’Etre and sounds like a Broadway-type while the second ending theme called Ningyohime sounds sadder and gloomier. The ending theme for the final episode is a duet between Rie Tanaka and Tomokazu Sugita entitled Katakoto No Koi and is the type of happy song fit for a happy ending. This song is also one of the insert songs you’ll hear in the series. Of all the various soundtracks, I kinda like the jazzy and lively Touch N Go. Usually played when Hideki is in some antic or several snippets of scene montages.

Since this anime is a year 2002 production, the drawing and art are of course of from that era. However I seem to notice that the eyes drawn of many of the characters, whether humans or Persocons mostly in the latter) felt like somewhat ‘lifeless’. It feels like as though there is no life in that character and it’s like they’re dead. So I thought this was the trademark art of the series but some characters like Hideki don’t have this ‘feature’. Then in a short scene in the final episode when the Persocons’ eyes are drawn to reflect that ‘alive’ feature, I thought that at least if the humans were drawn in this manner, at least they don’t look so lifeless. Heck, they may even have looked prettier. Though this series is created by CLAMP, I didn’t see their trademark art like I usually know in Tsubasa Chronicle and Kobato. You know, those tall and lanky people? Didn’t see them here.

So whether or not you have a Persocon or a human maid, the most important factor is to treat them nice and equal. They may be robots and lack any feelings but mistreating them shows the kind of person you are. Sometimes the thought of having a Persocon may not be entirely a good idea. Because it feels like you prefer to hang out with one rather than a fellow human being. It’s just like all those online social networking site these days. Are you actually socializing without meeting other people face to face? Then having a Persocon to do all the work and then you yourself go enjoy and have fun seems like an excuse and a convenience to get lazy. Seeing that there are lots of Persocons in this series, I’m wondering if everybody here is rich because as far as I know, maintaining a Persocon takes lots of time and money. It’s as good as raising your kid because it’s another form of responsibility. Unless well, there are cheap ones on the black market like those fake branded goods. But that’s beside the point. Even if Persocons do come true in the future, don’t be surprised if people really fall in love with them like as though they’re a real human being. Have you ever heard of people loving their cat or car more than anything else? It’s the same thing, right?

Despite its title, Memories Off #5: Togireta Film is the fourth instalment of the series that has been adapted into anime. Read carefully: Into anime. That’s mean that game-wise, this is correctly the fifth instalment. I guess there wasn’t anything happening in the fourth that the producers never adapted that into an anime and went directly to the fifth one. I did not read the synopsis when I first decide to jump in and watch this final Memories Off series because I assumed it will be more or less the same thing. However after watching this single OVA episode, I was confused of what just happened. More like, how did it happen? So I had to go read up on the premise and after that, it became a little clear. So note to myself: Next time read the synopsis first before just diving straight into it. Saves lots of memory brain power that will be used to quell the confusion.

With a new different set of characters, we have Haruto Kawai who is a member of the Chihaya University Movie Club (I wanted to abbreviate it to CUM Club but it just sounded so ‘dirty’. Plus, even more so considering the first thing that comes to mind the kind of club activities they do when a group of young people gather to film. So mind you, it’s not porn). He and his best friend-cum-rival, Yuusuke Hina who is also the president of the movie club was making some movie but he unexpectedly died. All these are the setting 1 year prior to the events in the OVA. So we have Haruto and his movie club members trying to finish his film but with one of the members having issues with Yuusuke’s death and having reluctance to return after leaving, will the movie ever be completed? Will she be able to bury the ghost of her past? Sounds like a typical drama romance movie plot, eh?

Film, Interrupted
Mahiro Sendou is being chided and blamed by Asuka Hina for the death of her brother Yuusuke. Couldn’t take any much more of it and feeling guilty, she mails goodbye to Haruto and disappears. A month has passed.
Haruto is seen editing his film. His other members Asuka, Kazuki Mishima, Shuuji Ozu and non-member Miumi Sawarabi are celebrating the completion of their film Stairway of Light in his room. Why? Because they’ll get scolded if they hold celebrations in the club room. But it’s not going to be any different for Haruto because they’re being too noisy. Not heeding his words, they got overexcited when Ozu shows his finished film poster. Looks bland… Mizuho Amamiya comes knocking on Haruto’s door and tells them to pipe down. Though she’s okay with the noise, someone else may not. That person is Shin Inaho as he comes busting in with his complaints. I guess everybody’s awake and lively so they join in the party. The ruckus gets louder when Miumi and Mizuho tries curry chips and chugs down curry juice, thinking it was water to relieve themselves. They spilled the can drink over Asuka’s skirt and Ozu gets nose bleed over seeing that ecchi scene. With the place in a mess, Haruto kicks them all out! Kind Mizuho allows them to continue at her place. Morning comes as Asuka wakes up but hears Mizuho murmuring in her sleep for somebody not to leave her. Asuka spots a disturbed look on her face.

Haruto continues to edit his film (yeah, he stayed up all night). Shin wonders if Mahiro will come back so Haruto replies when this film is complete, it’ll be proof of his feelings. What if she doesn’t come back on presentation day? Haruto tries not to think that. On that day itself, Asuka surprisingly spots Mahiro outside the university and wonders where she has been the past month because Haruto has been looking for her. She also invites her to see the completed movie. However Mahiro refuses and cycles off. Asuka rushes to go tell Haruto about this but seeing his happy face, she couldn’t bring herself to say it. During the film’s screening, Asuka narrates why she couldn’t tell him what’s going on. She likes Haruto and doesn’t want to see his painful expression. But she feels at this rate Mahiro will make everyone sad. Asuka unknowingly said painful memories should go away while walking with Miumi. Seems Miumi too is sad but says no matter how painful, memories are important. Because if you lose that, it’ll be more painful. Asuka hugs and apologizes to Miumi, promising to hold on to her memories and be happy. Shin leaves a cafe and is surprised to see Mahiro approaching him. She has a favour: She wants him to lend some money so she can move out from the same pathetic apartment. Yeah, she’s been there all the while. But he invites her to come back since everyone is waiting for her. She is adamant that she won’t change her decision. Then he points to Haruto sitting in the cafe that if she would change her mind if she saw him. She gets scared and even hides behind Shin. Then she goes off and warns Shin about telling him they had met. Does she look like a person who could kill? Well if you think about it, she did blame herself for Yuusuke’s death though it was a car accident. Okay, so she’s not a killer.

Next day at the beach, Mahiro remembers the time when Yuusuke was searching for some rare surf clam to make a pretty charm pendant. That time Mahiro had long hair and wore an eye bandage over her right eye. He has been doing so for 2 years because he believes that if you persevere, your wish will come true. He is confident he will find it. Back in reality, Mahiro spots the surf clam. She picks it up but breaks down thinking that she persevered but her wish didn’t come true. She wanted to see Haruto one more time but couldn’t find the courage to face him. She breaks down thinking her predicament is useless. Haruto and Asuka are the first ones to arrive at the beach for their filming. She knows he is thinking of Mahiro because of his sad expression. She laments that she too will be sad if he puts on that face. She tells him that Mahiro came that day. Though she left right away, she feels that she was waiting for the completion of the film. She knows that his feelings has reached her and hasn’t forgotten about him. Thus, he will surely see her again. Asuka was on the verge of tears when he thanks her to cheer her up. Once Ozu and Kazuki arrive, Haruto randomly shoots his camera and realizes this scene is the one similar in the film. Then he rushes off and spots Mahiro and calls out to her. This time she didn’t run as Haruto invites her back but she still thinks she shouldn’t be with everyone. However he thinks this is not what Yuusuke would think. He then says to come back to his side. But would it be okay? When a guy confidently says he wants you to be by his side, he means it. They both embrace and Asuka’s heart is at ease.

Memories Fail…
Erm? So that’s just it? Mahiro comes back to the club and into Haruto’s arms? So where is all that tension and suspense that I am expecting here? It was that simple just for Mahiro to come back? All she needed was just a chance to see Haruto and everything else will fall into place. The entire OVA sees Mahiro putting on a troubled face, just in a dilemma of what to do. Other than that, it was Haruto completing his film. Too bad we won’t really see the contents of the film. Everything in this OVA was just too short to leave any impact. It makes me feel that you need to play the game and know the setting if you want to understand what is going on here. And that this OVA is just bonus for fans of the game and something a little extra.

Again with this instalment only being a single episode, it is like as though the other characters didn’t play much of a part to have any impact either. Just to show that they’re there. I’m beginning to wonder if Shin is the same guy from all the Memories Off adaptation. Looks the same and probably he is the only character that appears in each series. He is like the Suginami of Da Capo series, eh? As for Asuka, I was having doubts if she was the same person at the start of the series. When she was chewing out Mahiro at the start of the episode, she looked and sounded like a totally different person. Then over the episode, it doesn’t feel that she had this maximum hate for Mahiro but someone who is willing to forgive and let go. Perhaps time healed her heart? The drawing and art of this OVA is much better than its predecessors but the storyline can’t be said the same. However the saving grace is the ending theme which is an extremely catchy and lively piece. Romancing Story by Ayane is by far the best theme I have ever heard for this series so much so I listened to it many times over and over again. I can’t get enough of it. So all good things come right at the end, eh? Hey, why do I start remembering that Can’t Take My Eyes Of You? The opening theme Film Makers, also by Ayane is pretty much typical and generic. Ah, let me hear the ending theme again.

I browsed Wikipedia briefly and am surprised to see that this Memories Off game has lots and lots of sequels, direct prequels and spin-offs. Looks like this dating simulation game is popular enough to have 16 games in total! That is as of to date. I’m not a dating sim game enthusiast but I further found out that the original company making these games went into bankruptcy in 2007, cancelling the production of one of the titles, Memories Off #5: Encore. So the game series took a temporary break before another company took over and resumed the development of the series. It must be pretty confusing to consider the time line and some of the overlapping characters, eh? But I can’t say since I didn’t play the game.

I have to admit that with the way things went, the Memories Off series for me just went downhill. So is it no surprise that no more OVAs of the series are produced? I mean, you get more or less the same drama romance. You just change the setting and characters. Otherwise it is pretty much standard recipe needed for such genres. Hey, you can’t be forming a party and going on a journey to slay dragons or save the world, right? So matters of love aren’t as easy as it seems but when it goes your way, it’ll leave good memories for a long time to come. Well, if it doesn’t, then just turn your memories off.

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