Beelzebub OVA

January 27, 2012

I don’t really know how long Beelzebub will actually run. At first I thought it was going to be just the usual 26 episodes, half year series. Then when it crossed that number, I thought it will run for a full year. Now since it has passed that, I’m really not sure anymore. Something similar that I thought of Fairy Tail too. Perhaps this is another one of those animes that will go on forever like the Holy Trinity of Bleach, One Piece and Naruto. Or maybe it will end hundreds of episodes later like Kateikyoushi Hitman Reborn. Anyhow, I decided to watch Beelzebub OVA first seeing it was released before the run of the TV series. You can say that this is some sort of appetizer before the main dish. So no harm trying to watch what this series is about (since I don’t read the manga) and conclude if the TV series is worth watching.

We know that delinquents are just about anywhere. In the streets and high schools. Ah yes. High school. Ishiyama High School is absolutely the worst delinquent high school ever in the face of the planet. So much so you would think what the heck is this school existing for? Are the delinquents groomed to be future mobsters, yakuzas or criminals seeing their f*cked up attitude is so f*cking rotten? Well, if you like delinquent themed animes with lots of fighting and don’t mind the occasional comedy in between, yeah, you can give this anime a try. So the supposedly strongest juvenile delinquent in Ishiyama is Tatsumi Oga, a first year. What makes him stronger is a baby attached to him. Delinquents may laugh at that sissy sight but make no mistake and do not hastily jump the gun. Baby Beelzebub is in fact a baby of the demon world and deemed to be the next Demon King! Yikes! So if an infant like him is already so powerful, can you imagine the power when he grows up? And with the odd combination with Oga, you can say life is pretty much like hell for everybody. Delinquent or not. But mostly the former.

As the OVA starts, we see everybody in school fearing Oga. Well, not everyone. There are some strong delinquents who would love to pick a bone with him. Several strong second year students confront him and are even trying to be the first one to beat the guy up. But Oga takes out a rattle. A rattle? Then he starts beating them up all in one blow! He is more concerned if Beelzebub would wake up because if he starts crying, he casts a very strong electric shock. So remember, never make that baby cry! Ever. Speaking of which, too late for Oga… Get ready for an electrifying time… Later Oga explains to his forced lackey Takayuki Furuichi how he got into this mess. While he was doing laundry by the river (drowning some guys who beat him up actually), he saw an old moustached man (looking like Freddie Mercury) floating by. Suddenly the old man splits into half and out from inside his body came Beelzebub. He tries to be nice to the baby but each expression he made was bloody scary! However Beelzebub likes it and instantly takes a liking for him and has been attached to him ever since. Well, some craps are hard to believe but trust me, it’s much easier to believe what he said. They are soon visited by Beelzebub’s demon nurse maid, Hildegarde AKA Hilda. She tries to pull Beelzebub away but he is reluctant to part and electrocutes them. Introducing herself, this baby, Kaiser De Emperana Beelzebub IV will become the king of all demons and Oga cannot part with him for he has chosen him to be his father. Say what?! You could rarely put a delinquent and a father in the same sentence. Seems the current Demon King was busy playing his handheld and couldn’t care less about whatever schedules he had. So he decides to entrust it all to his newborn son and orders Hilda to take the baby to the real world, find someone who will raise him up and then destroy the human world. Oh sh*t! Yeah, I guess destroying humans will be such a tedious task. Why not let someone else do it. And thus Beelzebub was sent via Dimensional Transport Demon, Alain Delon (somewhat named after that French actor), who is that old guy. If Oga refuses to do it, Hilda will kill them.

As explained, Beelzebub is attracted to strong people and thus why he picked Oga. Oddly, those who are fiendish, arrogant, criminals and can’t even be regarded as human among humans. I guess delinquents like Oga fit that bill, eh? So if Oga finds a stronger delinquent, he’ll be free as a bird because Beelzebub may just pick him as his next parent. Apparently there are 4 strongest delinquents at Ishiyama. They are termed Touhoushinki and their strength are somewhat like the Four Emperors. Anyone would seriously think thrice to mess with them. Oga starts looking for the first one, Hajime Kanzaki but is stopped by his henchman Takeshi Shiroyama. Kanzaki tells him if he can beat Shiroyama, he’ll listen to anything he says. And in one blow, Shiroyama is sent crashing to the ground. He pleads for another chance to fight. However Kanzaki tells him to jump out the window. Since he is reluctant, Kanzaki wants Oga to smash this guy through the window then. Oga felt he isn’t the guy and punches Kanzaki out the window instead! While resting at the park, Beelzebub got freaked out by a cat and starts crying. The shockwaves fell a tree and it threatens to fall on a lady with her baby. Swiftly Oga uses his arm to prevent the tree from falling on her. That was nothing for him? Back home, Hilda introduces herself to Oga’s family and informs she will be staying with them from now on. It’s no surprise his family members get the very wrong idea about this situation and beats him up, apologize to the lady and promise to take responsibility in raising the baby. In his room, Hilda reminds him the further Beelzebub is from Oga, the louder his cry and thus the stronger his shockwaves. Once it reaches 15 metres, it will be instant death. So make sure you never let that baby out of your sight, okay?

The lady that Oga saved earlier turns out to be Aoi Kunieda of the Red Tails all-female delinquent group. She is the strongest female in Kantou and also one of the Touhoushinki. The reason she was in disguise so that nobody could recognize her babysitting her baby brother. Next day, she and her members return to Ishiyama to teach this Oga guy a lesson because since their departure, lots of damage and injuries had been done to the school. When she first confronts him, she realizes he is that guy who saved her and starts hesitating if her disguise is found out. Oga plans to fight her even if he has the baby on him (she thinks he will use it as a human shield). Kunieda demonstrates a powerful move that destroys the school walls but Oga evades all of them with ease. Oga catches Kunieda off-guard when he puts his hands on her shoulders and requests that she become Beelzebub’s mother!!! Even Beelzebub starts liking her. However she decides to retreat and becomes klutzy. Even bit her tongue? Too bad, another sad Beelzebub is coming your way, Oga… Later at the riverside, Beelzebub is trying to teach the baby about being a man and not to just cry at every single thing. Seriously, can he? Suddenly Beelzebub is being kidnapped! Better run as fast to catch up if you know what’s good for you! Suddenly that old guy runs up to him and wants Oga to jump into his dimensional rift. Yeah, he split his body open. Meanwhile Hilda finds Furuichi and wants to know where Beelzebub is since she has his milk. But they too are kidnapped. The delinquent behind this is yet another Touhoushinki, Tatsuya Himekawa. When his underling returns with Beelzebub, they wonder who that old guy behind him is. Then ripping out from his body comes Oga as he beats up all the small fries. Himekawa wants to buy Oga and work under him for whatever price but he isn’t interested and gives him a knuckle sandwich in the gut. However Himekawa is using some ceramic band on his stomach. Then he uses a staff baton with 1.2 million volts on Oga but it’s nothing to him. Yeah, Beelzebub’s cry is far worse. Oga combines with Beelzebub to produce a fiery Beel Blast that shatters Himekawa’s band, that guy and probably the building. Just when they thought everything is going to settle down, the last of the Touhoushinki shows up, Hidetora Toujou. Looks like this is going to be another big fight. Hilda now understands why Beelzebub is attracted to him because they are both similar. And as narrated, this event which inspired fear in all delinquents in the country became known as The Fearful Legendary Baby Carrying Banchou, Beelzebub!

Don’t Throw The Baby Out Of The Bath!
Hmm… Even with that cliff-hanger ending, I guess it’s interesting enough for me to go watch the TV series then. Well, nothing pretty much ends yet since it’s just only the beginning. From the style of action and comedy, I can say that it’s as close and similar to Gintama. There’ll be many moments when the funny part could drop in and suddenly make you laugh. The action is also quite okay and perhaps we will see them pulling off lots of exaggerated and powerful moves than we see here in the OVA. The drawing and art are your typical conventional Japanese anime. I won’t say that the delinquents really look ugly and like horrible criminals because if you look at it in another way, most of them have this bishonen look that makes them pretty much looking like a, erm, pretty boy. Please don’t punch me for calling you that!

It’s just ironic that you put a delinquent to be a babysitter for a baby demon but I guess this is suitable if you look at it this way. You can’t be raising it to be an angelic angel, right? And if you’re going to destroy humans, what better way to be placed under the care of the most vile and despicable human? Since the OVA is just an introduction, the characters you see here are just introductory and may not seem to do much. And I’m also sure there will be more characters and their roles in the TV series. After all, it is still running so I guess there are going to be lots of plots (not to mention fillers) to keep it coming. Man, Oga has got a busy year pacifying Beelzebub and also keeping his strongest delinquent title.

There is one little annoying thing that is present throughout the majority of the series: Beelzebub’s little dick. I guess there’s no harm if you’re showing a baby’s anatomy since that is what Shin Chan Crayon also does but to see Beelzebub’s little elephant in every scene he appears, it’s like watching soft porn. Get what I mean? I mean, it’s like watching every scene whereby every girl is topless or having a panty shot in every incident. Okay, maybe this one is a different case because there’s a different standard for ecchi fans. But a guy’s dick? And Oga doesn’t mind letting that baby crawl all over him it’s like he isn’t bothered about that little anatomy touching here and there. And you know, Beelzebub loves crawling all over his head, back and shoulders. Eeww… Has anybody ever considered putting some clothes or at least diapers for that toddler? I guess not because you’re going to see that baby in his birthday suit as his trademark costume. So how? Accept and live with it!

I prefer to start watching my animes once they have ended so that I can ‘plan’ my schedule in watching them. So I’m not really sure if I can wait till when this series ends or I’ll just decide to jump in straightaway like what I did with Fairy Tail. So there’ll be this issue that I will catch up with it and then following on a weekly basis which would turn into a drag and bore like what I sometimes experienced with Bleach and One Piece now. Of course if I start now I won’t be bored and still be amused because this series is considered new to me and there will be refreshing stuffs that makes this anime different than others. You know what they say about fathers being a 24/7 job with no rest days? Well Oga, you’re in it for a long ride. I guess now I understand why people get freaked out or distressed when a baby starts crying loudly in public. No electric shockwaves through the body. But piercing shockwaves through the eardrums. Now do you think taking care of a baby is easy pie?

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