April 29, 2012

Quick. Name a handful of anime series that involves a group of girls with colourful personalities doing fun and wacky things together and a story with no plot whatsoever. Sounds very much like Azumanga Daioh, Lucky Star or Hyakko, right? Or maybe even K-ON! YuruYuri is no different than this save for the middle school girls here are cuter :). As its name may suggests, there is a hint of yuri in it although it won’t be so overwhelming and disgusting for ‘neutral’ people. I would say that the yuri element is part of the comedy and fun that the series has to offer. So hard-core yuri fans may want to look somewhere else. The plot of this story? Well, didn’t I mention there was none whatsoever? And if you do need one, let’s just say it is about a group of girls with colourful personalities doing fun and wacky things together in a club room called Gorakubu (Amusement Club). Oh my. I just repeated myself, didn’t I? And no, I didn’t do that on purpose to get notice. You’ll see what I mean :).

Episode 1
Kyouko Toshino and Yui Funami are at Akari Akaza’s house to walk together to school. However Akari’ overslept so she rushes to prepare herself. This is their first day of school, you know. In the meantime, Kyouko and Yui tour the house themselves. This includes naughty Kyouko looking at Akari’s matching panties with hers and entering the forbidden room of Akari’s sister (couldn’t she read the sign to stay out?). Inside, she sees photos of Akari everywhere! Obsessed! She just closed the door. No wonder Akari has been losing her stuffs lately. Especially some pantsu… In class, Akari introduces herself via flashy and weird way. Since everyone else is shocked, she reverts to the plain boring way. Later she joins Kyouko and Yui at the Amusement Club which is located at the tea club’s room. Since there were not enough members, the tea club has disbanded and the Amusement Club is free to use it as their own. So what do they exactly do here? Nothing! However Akari wants to do exciting. Kyouko fondles Yui’s boobs. That is exciting? Then she proceeds to suggest crazy amusement park rides. Nothing like that will happen. Yui changes the subject to the person they love. Aside Kyouko asserting she loves nobody but herself, the rest don’t really have anyone they like in particular. Akari spots a latest doujinshi work by Kyouko, Witch Girl Mirakurun. As Kyouko acts out the character, a shy girl Chinatsu Yoshikawa comes in to hand in her application to join the club. To her dismay, this isn’t the tea club. Say, Chinatsu resembles so much like Mirakurun. No wonder Kyouko can’t resist herself from pounding on her. Thank goodness Yui is there to keep a leash on that pervert. Chinatsu joined this club because she admires her elder sister who was also in that club. Kyouko suggests that she should join their club till she finds enough members. In the meantime she can hone her tea skills since there are tea making equipment lying around. With that, Chinatsu joins the club as Yui vows to protect Chinatsu from Kyouko’s harassment. That’s when Chinatsu takes a liking for Yui. Reversed, eh?

A week later, Chinatsu has gotten used to the club so much so she could predict Kyouko’s harassing moves! But Kyouko isn’t giving up and continues to hug Chinatsu while the latter clings on to her saviour Yui. During the ‘struggle’, it dawned to them that Akari was there in the room. Hasn’t she been in the room all the while?! Kyouko thinks she isn’t very noticeable and though she is the protagonist of this anime, ever since Chinatsu’s appearance, she has become a side character! So the trio hold a meeting to decide Akari’s future of noticeability (if ever there’s such word). Or else she may end up with no pair for PE class and somebody may just take away her pudding. First they each describe Akari and then combine them together. I think they’re making fun of her. They are! Making “Akarin” sounds, boobs missile and invisible girl?! Can’t stop laughing, eh? Next, they draw up suggestions from the suggestion box. I don’t think this one make sense because secrets of the great noticeable protagonist (in movie format) includes oversleeping and awakening powers to stop time? Yui and Chinatsu feel that she has good traits. She’s a good girl. An extremely good girl. Nothing more?! Akari snaps and is getting serious to create a noticeable characteristic. She is going to tell them how when student council vice president Ayano Sugiura and her fellow member Chitose Ikeda barge in looking for Kyouko. Yeah, they didn’t notice Akari.

Episode 2
The reason why Ayano is looking for Kyouko is because she aced in getting the number one spot from Ayano! As always. The thing is, Kyouko never did study daily and only studied the night before the test! No wonder Ayano is so pissed! Thinking Kyouko is illegally using this building, she suggests a contest. Chitose suggests stripping but was slapped. You see, whenever Chitose takes off her glasses, this blurs her vision so that she is able to concentrate on her yuri fantasies. Let the nose bleed flow! Chitose even suggests a “who is sexier” contest and gets another slap. Ayano and Kyouko agree to settle this with the next test. If Ayano wins, Kyouko and co must leave this building. If not, Ayano and Chitose must join the Amusement Club. Chitose supports Kyouko thinking of some good yuri will happen if she does. But then after thinking Ayano may just be forgiving and get yuri, she returns to her side. Next day, Ayano notices Kyouko forgot to hand in her assignment and decides to go lecture her. Chitose thinks she’ll find any reason to talk to Kyouko. Slap! But they need to organize the paper work. They leave it to their fellow student council members, Himawari Furutani and Sakurako Oomuro. Once Ayano and Chitose left, Himawari and Sakurako go into rivalry mode. Yeah, just for the seat of the vice president, they’ll outwit each other. After noticing the piles of paper work, they decide to get help. Akari and Chinatsu are passing by so they got their help. And since Kyouko and Yui just came by, they are roped in too. Of course Kyouko starts fooling around like being impressed with the room and eating Ayano’s pudding. Meanwhile Ayano and Chitose go in search for Kyouko just about everywhere in school seeing their club room is locked. But they can’t find her… Once the gang are done with the paper work, Kyouko remembers her assignment and hands it to Himawari to hand it to Ayano. Yeah, even Sakurako wanted to fight over it. Once Akari and co left, Sakurako trips on the whiteboard’s leg and into a hugging position with Himawari. Hmm… They seem so romantic and polite. But they snap out of it just in time before Chitose comes in. Ayano is one depressed girl. Then when they learn Kyouko was here, Ayano goes into extreme shock. Double shock upon learning her pudding was eaten!

Himawari hands Akari and Chinatsu cookies as thanks for helping out. Sakurako refuses her offer and runs away. Himawari forgot to bring her PE clothes so Sakurako reluctantly lends her an extra one (why did she have one extra by the way?). Himawari reluctantly accepts. She complains being a size to small but Sakurako thinks she is picking a fight with her protruding boobs! During the basketball game, Sakurako couldn’t stand all that bouncing and starts dribbling Himawari’s boobs! She got a knee kick in the gut. When she returns the shirt, there are boob contours over it! As the duo walk on together on their way home, Himawari hands Sakurako wrapped cookies. This brings much delight since it wasn’t a box like she gave to Akari. But she teases she gave the cookies because she was rejected and received a knock on the head. Chitose allows Kyouko and Yui to follow her to visit Ayano who is sick (more yuri fantasy lah). Ayano is surprised Kyouko is here. Yui makes porridge for her while Kyouko throws a tantrum she needs one. Because Kyouko and Ayano are being polite, we see Chitose numerous times taking off her glasses for her fantasies. I think she will bleed to death. When Kyouko is about to leave, Chitose loses her glasses so as Kyouko helps find it, she accidentally steps and breaks it! Now she can’t stop her fantasizing and nose bleeding! “The ambulance won’t make it in time so find a pair of glasses!”. Can’t believe Kyouko can still joke like this. In the end, Ayano’s fever went up from the ruckus and Akari waits in the club room all by herself.

Episode 3
Kyouko makes it in time to class but since she forgot her homework, the teacher gave her additional homework. As the girls laze around in the club room, Kyouko starts fantasizing the kind of hair Akari has if it was laid down. Let’s say they are wild scenarios. She also mentions she wants to ‘eat’ Chinatsu when the latter ate a delicious biscuit. Soon Yui announces that she is currently living on her own, shocking the rest. Seems she wants to have some good life experience and apparently the place belongs to her uncle. On a holiday, Kyouko comes visiting with an excuse to do her homework. Of course Yui won’t let her in till she annoyingly rings the bell repetitively. Akari and Chinatsu are also supposed to visit but they got lost at another building so Yui goes out to fetch them. When they return, Kyouko imposes a password to come in. Inside, Kyouko becomes the tour guide to the shiny new place and even opens up the drawers to find her revealing panties. None anywhere. Disappointed? Then it’s time for lunch so they go out shopping for ingredients but Kyouko grabs a whole lot of rum raisin ice cream but was rejected. Back home, she starts pouting even if Chinatsu offers to make pudding. Well, Yui has a rum raisin in her fridge for her so Kyouko is much grateful. Of course she can only eat it after lunch.

Chinatsu finds Yui’s miso soup delicious and would love to drink it every day. Kyouko tries to interrupt that Yui can’t protect her forever but was rejected. Then they go look at photo albums of young Yui and Kyouko. Kyouko again fools around by saying that Yui wanted to do yuri things (based on a photo) but obviously it was made up. Chinatsu wonders how long they’ve been friends but they’re unsure since their parents know each other so it just happened. Chinatsu feels she wants to be close friends with them too so Kyouko starts puckering her lips to kiss her! She gets stepped on by Yui of course. But still she causes more ruckus that made the orange juice spill over Chinatsu’s shirt. Yui suggests she takes a shower and borrow her clothes. Just as Chinatsu prepares to get in, Kyouko is already waiting for her in the bathtub! It’s Yui’s turn to set things right again. Soon the day is over as Akari and Chinatsu leave. Seems Kyouko is already in her pyjamas preparing to stay for the night. Yup, she already told her parents. They tug in after playing video games (Yui levelling up pretty fast). Kyouko mentions that though Yui may act strong, she is actually lonely. When Kyouko smells the blanket, she felt hungry. So Yui once again has to do the work and makes instant noodles for her. Upon knowing this is her last cup, Kyouko gives half to her. She’s not that bad. But most of the time she is :). Right in the middle of the night, Kyouko wakes up in horror that she forgot to do her homework! I guess Yui has to help out. I don’t know how many homework she has but they literally fell asleep on it. So much so they realize they are late for school when Akari and Chinatsu come to pick them up. Oh, Kyouko forgot her uniform too. As the quartet rush to school, Kyouko and Chinatsu get into some arguing ‘competition’ that they got to borrow stuff from Yui.

Episode 4
The final test is around the corner and Chitose hopes Kyouko will win for the sake of her fantasy. I guess she is the ultimate winner whoever wins. Akari and co pass by a Tanabata tree filled with written wishes. With all the typical wishes (love, wealth, peace, etc), they are horrified to see one that is smeared out (it’s considered bad luck to wish for someone’s death so it’s scribbled out). As they think of what to write, Kyouko thinks of doing something yuri with Chinatsu. However Chinatsu wrote she wants a kiss from Yui. This spoils Kyouko mood as she rips her own and rewrites her wish to sleep more. Because Yui doesn’t know what to write, Kyouko suggests kissing Chinatsu (still pouting). Guess what? Yui kisses Chinatsu on the forehead!!! Wish granted! While Chinatsu is in heaven, Kyouko snaps and hits Yui’s head! As for Akari’s wish, she wants to be noticed more often. As she puts her wish somewhere more noticeable, the wind blows it away. In the club room as Kyouko sleeps due to tiredness, Ayano barges in to remind her about settling the score but is dismayed to see her laidback attitude. Back home as Ayano and Chitose study, the latter notes that if she really wins, she doesn’t really want to kick Kyouko and the others out since it’s just her way of talking to Kyouko. So over the next few days, Ayano studies so hard. That she wears earphones during sleep, notes plastered all over the wall in the toilet and even one during cycling! Kids, don’t read and ride! You’ll never know which post you’ll hit into. Once the tests are over, Ayano is delighted to see her name in the number one spot. However, Kyouko’s name is not even in the list. Where is she? Kyouko passes by as Ayano questions about her position. Seems Kyouko scored low marks on all of her tests! Some even zero! The reason being the day of the test and her doujin deadline were on the same day. She didn’t have time to study and slept through the exams. Ayano is pissed, reminding her about their bet but Kyouko changes the subject about her Tanabata wish she saw that day. She wonders which person Ayano wanted to get along better with (isn’t it obvious?). Embarrassed Ayano runs away vowing to get back at her another day.

The student council body along with Akari and co visit the beach. Ayano uses “the loser must do what the winner says” as an excuse. Each time Ayano and Kyouko interact, Chitose brings down her glasses for ultimate fantasy. Then somebody will give her tissues to plug her nose bleed. Himawari and Sakurako are also competing with each other on just about anything. So it’s fun in the sun and sand with antics like Akari tripping while rushing to the sea, big boobs envy, volleyball and eating watermelon. At the end of the day, Ayano wishes she could be more honest (looking at Kyouko and remembering her wish). Ayano realizes her bra and panty are missing. But she puts on a yukata to be safe. So night falls and the girls play sparklers and fireworks. Himawari and Sakurako as usual are at it but none can outlast the other while Chitose experiences more nose bleeds. Chitose even had the cheek to ask Ayano about her confession to a certain someone. But was dismissed quickly by Ayano before anyone could find out. Once everyone puts away the fireworks, Ayano thanks Chitose for always being there to help her. Because of her, she had fun today. And as for her wish, she felt it was granted. Then Kyouko comes running but trips. She falls over Ayano and notices her not wearing any undies. Chitose nose bleeds like hell and is on the verge of death. Something she wouldn’t mind. Lastly Akari finds her Tanabata wish at the beach but just like the wind, easy come, easy go. Yeah, blame the wind again. I guess hers is the only wish not granted.

Episode 5
Ayano thinks there must be something special for Kyouko to call her to meet at the train station. However Chitose and Yui are also there as she is whisked through several transports to Comiket at Tokyo. Seems Kyouko has a doujin circle here and since it would be too much for Akari or Chinatsu to handle, she has Ayano and Chitose come instead. Haha. Though Kyouko would very much love Chinatsu to come to cosplay as Mirakurun. Since Kyouko has only 3 circle group admission tickets, the rest took it and leave her to crawl through the general entrance. Ayano reads Kyouko’s doujin and never knew she did something like this. Kyouko is ecstatic that 10 people have already bought her copies. Because Chitose is having too much nose bleed, Yui offers to take her to the toilet. But this is a chance for them to cosplay. Kyouko dresses as Mirakurun, Chitose as Ganbo (big round robot ball), Ayano as Rivalun and Yui as Rivalun before transformation. Yui and Chitose take a break and walk around the hall. Chitose gets attracted by the yuri section and starts having massive nose bleeds. Oh God. The costume is so tainted. Meanwhile a fan goes up to Kyouko’s counter and proclaims she is Kyouko’s biggest fan. At the end of the day, Kyouko thanks Ayano’s help by giving her a copy of Mirakurun. But it seems Kyouko has bought boxes of Mirakurun books and can’t wait to read them all (that’s why they’ll carry it all themselves). I guess Ayano has had it and vows never to come with her to Comiket again.

Sakurako is at Himawari’s place to help the former finish her summer homework. Because Himawari won’t let her copy, Sakurako ‘abducts’ Himawari’s little sister, Kaede and threatens to pinch her cheeks! However little sister says not to blame her because of the education system that puts pressure on them. That’s why she will endure this and that she mustn’t give up. I guess the tears in her eyes must have changed Sakurako’s mind as she starts apologizing and frees her. Soon the duo talk about the looming student council election and why they joined it. Then Sakurako sings praises for Akari for helping others (more like she always relied on her) and even comes up with a fantasy whereby Akari may be some super hero fighting to defend peace and her screen time! Yeah, she became invisible alright. So will Himawari still be helpful and give Sakurako her work? No way! Elsewhere Akari visits Chinatsu in her room and the latter has a questionnaire for her to fill about Yui. Including her favourite panty colour. Chinatsu admits she likes Yui a lot but Akari doesn’t understand how deep her love meant. She will gladly help out. Chinatsu asks whom Yui likes the most and Akari answers Kyouko because they’ve been together since young. Chinatsu falls into depression and starts cursing in her whisper! She thinks in order to get closer to Yui, she needs to kiss her. Akari is shocked to hear that but not as shocked as the next thing that will happen. Chinatsu gets this crazy idea to practice kissing together! Oh sh*t! See that ‘evil’ in her eyes? She’s pretty determined. Chinatsu chases Akari around the house till she is caught at the doorstep. Akari thought she was saved by the doorbell but Chinatsu dismisses its numerous rings and, and, and… OMG! Yuri rape! The kiss! THE KISS!!! Yui and Kyouko open the door seeing that no one answered and they saw the unspeakable… They’re here to give souvenirs from Tokyo but decide to quickly leave and let them continue whatever they’re doing. Oh Chinatsu, they already got the wrong idea so don’t bother stopping them. Poor Akari. She ‘died’ and her first kiss when to a psycho yuri girl.

Episode 6
Kyouko does a skit by changing her face into a very cute and sparkly one! After giving some tips to the rest on how to achieve such a face, it seems everyone could pull it off except for Akari. I don’t know how she screwed up. In class, a junior wants to see Kyouko. Seems she is a fan of her drawing and wants some tips on how to draw. Conviction! Practice! Hard work! Heart! And most important, you got to enjoy it. She is pulled away by Yui since she is on class duty. Later Kyouko writes a yuri love story between herself and Yui. So much so Chinatsu chops it in her reflex! Kyouko tells her the true meaning of this story: Chinatsu will never have Yui and that’s why she can have Kyouko! Don’t believe a crap she says! Chinatsu is pissed off with that retched story that she starts ripping the copy. But Kyouko got the original… So as not to lose out, Chinatsu draws her own story and shows it to the gang. You know what? Her drawing is so horrible that you might think you’re seeing a horror show!!! I’ll give her points for her cool title: The Eternal, Unstoppable Paradox of Love. Everything else just went downhill. Akari is so shocked that she already fainted! Kyouko and Yui are forced to listen to the horror love story and when they thought it ended, it was just halfway! Chinatsu wants to continue so Kyouko takes out some clay to play. Chinatsu puts her story away since Yui did express her ‘desire’ to play with the clay. She’ll continue tomorrow. Hah. Just delaying the inevitable. Akari makes some animals and Yui some gyozas while Kyouko fools around making Akari’s head. Chinatsu made something that we can’t see because of the mosaic. Kyouko later makes Mirakurun but it is actually Chinatsu. Yeah, she’s making her legs spread! As they discuss that they should take a trip to the hotspring, Akari returns from toilet and disheartened to see Kyouko has made human limbs to her cat model! Kyouko does more erotic positions with the ‘Chinatsu’ clay and since she can’t destroy such piece of work or even bring it back home (because Chinatsu protests), she thinks of giving it to Yui so that she could look at it whenever she feels lonely at night. Chinatsu gives the green light.

Next day, they decide to visit Yui (to see if the clay is still there) but they see Yui’s niece, Mari. Mari looked at Chinatsu and whispers to Yui how she looks like Mirakurun. This gives the rest an idea to dress Chinatsu up and act as one (I guess that flop move was all part of Kyouko’s scheme to have some laughs, eh?). Mari is impressed and wants her to do some magic and since Kyouko has no plan for this, Chinatsu breaks the wand as an excuse she can’t do anymore magic. Mari then wants to walk with ‘Mirakurun’. Chinatsu feels embarrassed that everyone is staring at her but decides to continue since she thinks this will score points with Yui. Mari buys a replacement wand (bread stick?) for ‘Mirakurun’. Back home, everyone praises Chinatsu for a job well done. Just when Mari leaves for toilet, Chinatsu lets herself loose and gets Kyouko and Akari to serve her. Then they see Mari peeking from the door (Chinatsu was eating the ‘wand’). She closes the door. Oh, the disappointment. Mari tells Yui how harsh life can be because she realized that ‘Mirakurun’ is a fake. Next day in the club room, Akari has written her own special story and is about to show it to her pals. As she is about to start, the next scene suddenly reads “The End”! Actually she messed up her chapter arrangement. Keep searching, girl. Episode’s already over.

Episode 7
Kyouko comes to the club room dressed as a Santarina though it’s a week to Christmas. Did she really forget the date even though she denied she did? Anyway she has a special programme that involves everyone including the student council body. They are to head to town in pairs as couples for Christmas. To see who pairs up with whom, they draw from a lottery box. Almost everyone has a burning aura to end up with a certain somebody they want or at least not with that somebody. It’s really getting tensed. So Christmas day arrives and we have Ayano and Yui paired together. Should Ayano be disappointed she didn’t get Kyouko? Anyway the duo are so awkward with each other at the park filled with lovey-dovey lovers, they end up sitting there and not talking much. Kyouko must have got the wish of her life because she got Chinatsu as her partner! Chinatsu so disappointed… They go watch a Mirakurun movie and in the dark, no matter how many times Kyouko tries to touch or forcefully hugs her, Chinatsu somehow evades them all! She gives up and loses herself in the pace of the movie. Once it’s done, they head over to the arcade and Kyouko surprises Chinatsu with a cat plushie that Chinatsu wanted so much via crane game. Kyouko asks for permission to hold hands and I guess for this one time, Chinatsu allows. Elsewhere in a restaurant, Chitose gives a box of salted pickles as thanks for Akari’s tissue box. Chitose thought Ayano may be disappointed but after fantasizing a new possibility with Yui, she thinks it isn’t so bad after all. And yeah, Akari came ready with boxes of tissues for her. So you must have guessed the last pair. Yup, the inevitable has happened. Whatever they do, something will always pull them together. Himawari and Sakurako are at the diner together. Both trying not to order the same thing and Sakurako gets upset upon seeing Himawari’s bouncy boobs. Yeah, it ruined her Christmas. When their main western meal arrive, they start feeding each other because they each have a particular veggie they didn’t like. Everyone around thought how cute they were. This embarrasses Himawari so she slaps Sakurako! Ayano and Yui talk about their close friends of Chitose and Kyouko recently. They may be troublesome but are good people. By the time they manage to strike off a decent conversation, it’s time for everyone to gather back. Yui goes up to Kyouko to thank her for everything. Kyouko thought something is terribly wrong and touches Yui’s forehead to see if she’s sick. Haha.

On New Year’s Day, Akari gets lots of New Year money for being a polite girl. Hey, at least the adults notice her. Then she reads her greeting cards and got the shock of her life when she reads Chinatsu’s. Remember her horror art? Yeah, that. Chinatsu on the other hand starts fantasizing her New Year rendezvous with Yui and getting hornier by the moment. Yui and Mari are together so the latter expresses she likes her. But when Yui reminds her not to say that to ‘Mirakurun’, bad memories start flowing back. Kyouko sleeps through when her mom serves her New Year’s dish and greeting cards. She instantly gets up when she hears the sound of money! As for Akari, she really got knocked out by Chinatsu’s horror drawing so much so the other kids start sticking wood sticks in her hair to their amusement…

Episode 8
Ayano and Chitose are cleaning the archive room on April Fool’s Day. Chitose challenges Ayano to see how many lies she can spot. Ayano starts thinking that she may not be a good liar. After all, she’s wearing sexy lingerie? Kyouko sniffed her shoes? Ghost in the girl’s toilet? A 10 year expired corn beef tin in the room? Akari keeps pet ants under her desk? Chitose has a twin? So once the duo finish cleaning up, Chitose reveals her lies once confident Ayano makes a long list of them. The only lie she told was when she will tell her lies. That means she has been telling truths all the while?! And Chitose has the cheek to note that Ayano lied when she said she didn’t like Kyouko. Haha. Tsundere. Yui and Kyouko are at the library when they spot Chitose reading. Kyouko tries to get her attention but Chitose ignores her, to her dismay. Because of that, Kyouko goes to great lengths to get her attention or even cheer her up because her mood is more important than her studies! Each time, Chitose just coldly ignores her, breaking that idiot’s heart. Why couldn’t she just take Yui’s advice she just wants to be left alone to read and not to bother her? The last straw came when Kyouko blows into her ear. Chitose sneers at her! Scary! While Kyouko seeks Yui’s console, Ayano and Chitose come in. Eh? Actually, that girl Kyouko has been bugging is Chizuru, Chitose’s twin. SHE REALLY HAS A TWIN?! Shocking, eh? And a close friend like Ayano too didn’t know!

Chizuru runs into Ayano and Chitose after class. Chitose tells Ayano some sisterly secrets like they wash each other’s back and sleep close together. Chitose teases that Ayano may do something similar with Kyouko but the latter denies. Suddenly Chizuru takes off her glasses and starts drooling! OMG! Her fantasies are becoming much clearer when she blurs her vision! And you thought this serious monotonous sister was an opposite of Chitose! I guess if you’re a twin, you’re still a twin. Geddit? Then Yui and Kyouko come by. Because Kyouko continues to be annoying friendly with Chizuru, she tells her to go die. Yui thinks she really hates Kyouko but she thinks not. To prove it, Kyouko runs up to Chizuru wanting to kiss her and was hit on the head! Because Ayano tries to stop Chizuru’s drooling, it’s Chitose’s turn to fantasize. She’s got her hands full with a bunch of delusional twins. Chitose wants Kyouko and Chizuru to be on good terms and has them shake hands. When Kyouko quips Chizuru as tsundere, she squeezes her hand so hard that it went out of shape! When they part, Kyouko reminds Ayano to use some deodorant because her shoes stink. OMG! So she did sniff her shoes! Back home, the twins have dinner, bath (Chizuru spotted Chitose’s sexy lingerie in the wash! So it’s true too!) and prepare for bed by themselves since their grandma will be late coming home. Meanwhile Yui and Kyouko are also sleeping close together and the former wonders why the Chizuru hates Kyouko so much (after all that pestering, who wouldn’t?). Kyouko is still in denial about being hated when it hit her that Chizuru really do hate her! She gets so depressed so much so Yui cheers her up with rum raisins. She then says to go apologize to Chizuru tomorrow and will accompany her. Next day, all seems forgotten as Chizuru is trying to get away from pesky Kyouko who is smitten all over her. They really do get along, eh?

Episode 9
Hot summer is here so Kyouko suggests telling ghost stories, something Chinatsu is pretty weak at. Then she changes her mind to do kimodameshi to scare Ayano and tries to come up with some ideas. I don’t know about Chinatsu’s idea of using Akari as the target but doesn’t it seem like bullying? Eventually, Kyouko decides to drop the idea because it’s too much effort. Averse to hard work, eh? Yui suggests of visiting the student council room since they have air-cond and a mini freezer. Kyouko is grateful for that info and serves her tea. Hot tea. Ouch! Yui ties her hair up into twintails and got Chinatsu excited. After spraying something cool on their handkerchiefs, they talk about the super powers they would like to have. Kyouko feels the powers of flying (Chinatsu), talking to animals (Akari) and warping (Yui) are too ordinary as compared to hers which is a burglar alarm power… Couldn’t you buy that anywhere? Yui allows Chinatsu to lay her head on her lap. Chinatsu finds it cool and comfortable and doesn’t even want to budge even if the rest decide to visit the student council room. Eventually they all did and as they talk about the existence of ghosts, Kyouko is going to show them one that happens all the time. As she opens the student council room door, they see an unknown girl sitting at the table. Kyouko thinks she must be a wandering spirit with regrets attached to this school, the reason she can’t leave. Chinatsu really gets freaked out and runs away followed by the rest (she thought they should make a run while the ghost takes Kyouko!). Then Akari trips so the rest respect her great bravery and left her behind. That ghost girl actually is Rise Matsumoto, the student council president. She is visited by teacher Nana Nishigaki. Sensei is complaining about being reprimanded after another failed explosive experiment. Then Ayano comes in with questions about filling out a certain form. Well, you thought Matsumoto already had little presence or no lines but even if she did you won’t hear them because she’s speaking damn f*cking soft! Only Nishigaki seems to be able to decipher what she says!!! Say what again? When Ayano learns Nishigaki blew up the science room, this means she’ll be using their room for the time being. Uh oh.

After Ayano leaves, Nishigaki talks to Matsumoto about her explosive experiment to fly around. Though she did try cannonball or helium gas, neither worked out (the former destroyed her house which still has no roof till today and the latter she got reprimanded by the principal for having a squeaky voice). Chinatsu, Kyouko and Yui return to the student council room at the same time with Ayano and Chitose. Suddenly an explosion rocks the place and blows the door wide open. Amazingly, everything is ruined except for Nishigaki. Even Matsumoto got caught within the blast. Ayano asks Nishigaki about her special relationship with Matsumoto and she replies it is a forbidden one. Well, Matsumoto helps to test new drugs she invented to see if they’re safe. Actually it’s more illegal than forbidden. So they’ve got an explosive friendship and have been blown up together many times. Chinatsu learns from Chitose that Matsumoto isn’t a ghost but their president. In fact, Matsumoto has always been with them even during that beach outing! I guess the screen wasn’t long enough to put her in. Always at the sidelines, eh? Chitose did a cheeky move by putting the cold rum raisin ice cream at Chinatsu’s back, freaking her out. Kyouko takes the rum raisin (though it belongs to Ayano) and eats it. Lastly Ayano asks what kind of experiments Matsumoto do for Nishigaki. She couldn’t say but blushes. Chinatsu and co decide to look for Akari since her nose is nowhere to be found ever since. Speaking of the devil, they see her returning with Himawari and Sakurako. Akari starts apologizing to them since she couldn’t make it to the club room today as she was busy helping those 2 out with the teacher. Hey! If she wasn’t with them all along, then who the heck was that Akari???!!! Getting goose bumps!!! Chinatsu runs away in fear while the others chide Yui that even her ghost lacks noticeability. Such a cold joke on a hot day…

Episode 10
Yui and Kyouko’s class take a school trip. Ayano, Chitose and Chizuru are also there. Despite telling others not to get excited, Ayano herself can’t contain her excitement. Expect nose bleeding galore from Chitose. The girls go sightseeing at Kiyomizu Temple which includes trekking through a dark room (it is believed you are blessed by Gods if you do not trip during the walk) but they touched each other’s body parts. Ahem. Then they touch a healing Buddha statue believed to heal a body part of yours when you rub that part. Of course Kyouko misinterprets that Yui wants to be smarter when she rubs the forehead (she wanted to cure her headache) and Ayano wanted big boobs (she hopes her heart will be honest). When they discover the kind of hotel they’ll be staying, everyone gets excited for their own reasons so much so Yui has to tell each of them to calm down. But the most excited one has got to be Kyouko. Upon arrival, she already changed her clothes and checks around the place like an eager beaver, as though this is her first time seeing everything. So excited that she went to bug Chizuru in the next room (got face palm anyway).

The girls start bathing and as usual Kyouko fools around by pouring shampoo and then sliding on the slippery floor. She also went swimming in the hotspring (which isn’t proper – oh, Chitose used the tub for her nose bleed drip) and then instantly came out a few seconds after entering the sauna. You thought after being so active, she’d be burnt out and collapsed in their room. Till she heard everyone was going to buy souvenirs. Dang. Her annoyance continues when she interrupts Chizuru’s fantasy on Ayano and Chitose! Shoulder chop! Despite dismissing Chitose’s advice to buy the same gift as Kyouko, Ayano bought a wooden sword just like her. Totally tsundere. During meal time, Ayano allows Kyouko to take her taro in return for a daikon. Kyouko feeds Ayano and this scene has Chitose ‘coloured’ her miso soup blood red. I wonder how her blood tastes like. Ayano thought it’s her turn to feed Kyouko but she instantly took the taro and breaks the mood. Kyouko continues to bug Chizuru for her food (no prizes to guess what she deservingly got). Because Kyouko ate too much, she experiences stomach discomfort. Thanks to Yui’s medicine, she feels much better. Which field trip is complete without a pillow fight? So it’s Team Kyouko versus Team Ayano. Kyouko puts a special rule whereby one is out when she nose bleeds. Looks like Chitose is already out by default even before it starts. But when it properly starts, Kyouko plays dirty by suggesting to kiss Ayano. Chitose tries to hold in her bleeding but it’s not working and does more harm than good. Yup. She’s bleeding through her eyes!!! Scary!!! With Chitose’s life at stake, Ayano imposes a new rule that they must not use male honorifics. However Yui isn’t good in that so Kyouko and Ayano start throwing pillows at each other. They up the ante and intensity when Kyouko accidentally takes Yui out and Chitose got knocked out in the cross-fire. In the end, both girls are sweaty, tired and are going to call a draw. Chitose sees them in an ambiguous position and taints the futon. Looks like they’ll need to go in the bath again. As they soak in, they see the beautiful starry sky as Kyouko wishes how every day would be like this and that these fun times will last forever. Nobody is going to say something because they don’t want to ruin the peaceful mood.

Episode 11
Looking back photos when Yui, Kyouko and Akari were young, Chinatsu spots a picture whereby it looked like they had an argument. Actually it was another kid that they didn’t know that tried to start a fight. Flashback time. When the trio wanted to play at the playground, a girl forbid them and proclaimed it as hers. Hey, doesn’t girl look like Chinatsu? IT IS CHINATSU! Man, back then Chinatsu was a mean b*tch and Kyouko a weak cry-baby! Cocky Chinatsu takes Kyouko as hostage and threaten to do horrible stuff to her in order to make them leave. Yui actually kicked her! Then they start their kiddie fight by spraying water and throw insults. Kyouko thinks they should give up but Yui is adamant to protect her from the bully. Chinatsu and Yui had a final showdown whereby… They pinched each other’s nose? The confrontation ended when Chinatsu’s mom comes calling her. Soon Kyouko mom’s come by to snap a photo of them. Back in present time, Chinatsu only has praises for Yui and berates how pathetic the duo are. Still not knowing she was the real bully, Chinatsu continues to berate the bully when Akari spots Chinatsu in the background of the photo. Yeah, it hit her as everything falls into place. So how? Pretend she didn’t see the picture! Later Yui reveals that she cut her hair short because she had to look tough to protect a certain cry-baby at that time. Kyouko acts indifferent, pissing them off. They wish the old Kyouko was around. Besides, Yui also thinks that Akari was more noticeable then. Haha. It’s that word again. Because they continue to insult Kyouko, she leaves in a huff.

Kyouko passes by Ayano and advises her not to read while walking, shocking that tsundere. Kyouko returns to the club room and as the girls chat, they notice something strange. Kyouko is damn polite! They think this is an intruder! The truth is, Kyouko slipped and fell down the stairs. So she’s got amnesia and character change, eh? To tackle this problem, they bring her to the student council room. Everyone is shocked by Kyouko’s change. Ayano couldn’t believe it. Sakurako and Himawari couldn’t believe it was Kyouko and not the other who had the character change. Chitose suggests a cure instead of calling the hospital: Knock her head. Like fighting fire with fire, huh? But look at all the tools they have… So idea dropped? Yui thinks of leaving her alone for a while in hopes that she will return to normal in no time. Back in the Amusement Club, the girls continue to chat but when Kyouko finds out how this building didn’t get proper permission for usage, she stamps her disapproval. In class, Yui continues to observe her character. Seems Kyouko is paying attention when she should normally be sleeping on her drawing. Kyouko passes by Akari and Chinatsu without much fanfare.  In normal circumstances, Kyouko would’ve harassed Chinatsu to death. She may think the new Kyouko is fine but Akari is feeling uncomfortable. Because if Kyouko doesn’t ignore her, her lack of noticeability won’t get her noticed! WTF?! Chizuru and Kyouko bump into each other at the library. As usual Chizuru is ready to tell her off but Kyouko coolly gives the book Chizuru is looking for. Chizuru is so scared of what happened that she cried in Chitose’s bosoms! WTF?! Then Kyouko politely enters the student council room (normally she would just barge in without knocking) and apologizes to Ayano about the misuse of their club and will rectify it. Ayano may be able to get more stuff done without worrying about Kyouko but she starts crying when Chitose mentions not to overwork herself. Even she herself notices that with Kyouko behaving well, her nose bleeds have lessened. Good thing, right?

Kyouko meets her friends and tells them she is disbanding the Amusement Club due to improper use and that they did nothing constructive. Woah. Serious. Yui remembers when Kyouko first formed this club just to have fun and was looking forward to it despite Yui herself having her reservations. Yui couldn’t take it anymore and couldn’t accept Kyouko for who she is and wants her back the way she was. She may be selfish and act like an idiot, but that is what made everything fun. Because of her unpredictability, she made her do lots of crazy things that were fun. She likes her better the other way. Even Akari and Chinatsu agree and want the old Kyouko back. So there is one thing left for Yui to do. Yeah, knock her head. But with what, we’ll never know. Ayano happily skips her way to the Amusement Club to challenge Kyouko again to leave this building, which she happily accepts. Yeah, everybody likes the old Kyouko. Then Akari comes in and seems more talkative, ambitious and active than ever. The girls find out that she slipped and hit her head down the stairs. Though Akari feels nothing needs to be worried, however she is going to start having to. See everyone else taking out a ‘weapon’ getting ready to beat her down with a smile on their face!!! OH SH*T!!! Violent girls! Well, why change your method when it proved to be the most efficient and cheapest way. Kindness? Screw that! We just want the old Akari back whereby she is easy to ignore. Hah. The irony.

Episode 12
Ayano breaks up the Amusement Club’s viewing of a tear-jerking (but unconvincing) Mirakurun anime. Seems the club have got permission for a sleepover and they have invited the student council body also (including Matsumoto and Nishigaki). Of course the tsundere will gladly attend with excuse to keep an eye on them. Kyouko has animal pyjamas for her friends but hers is a little special: A tomato. Plus, she allows herself to be stepped on by Yui. Right time to take out your frustrations on that idiot? Step harder! So once everyone gathers, Kyouko announces another special event. Amusement Club versus the student council. The loser gets expelled. Say what?!

Round 1: Othello: Akari vs Sakurako
Amazingly, Akari wins by turning all the pieces onto the board hers! Well, it’s not so much Sakurako sucks but rather she didn’t notice her putting her pieces! Shocking unnoticeability!

Round 2: Mirakurun impersonations: Chinatsu vs Himawari
Chinatsu perfectly imitates Mirakurun so much so the rest felt it was to a point of disgust. Meanwhile Himawari is so embarrassed as Rivalun that Kyouko announces her as the winner! It was a trick to get Chinatsu to hug her but it didn’t work.

Round 3: Charade: Kyouko-Yui vs Ayano-Chitose
Yui must be over-thinking every simple gesture Yui made and when she tried guessing them normally, it turned out something complex. As for the twins, Chizuru could guess with precision and long tongue twisting names, the gestures Chitose put up. Even that they are all the same!!! WHAT’S THE DIFFERENCE?!

Round 4: Experiment: Ayano vs Matsumoto (special guest)
Strapped to some machine, whoever gets the better result wins. Uhm… Nishigaki blew everything up. It’s amazing the club house and everyone are still intact and only the machines destroyed.

With the contest over (I guess nobody really won), it’s time to soak in the barrel. They have to take turns since there are only 2. After Himawari and Sakurako are done with theirs, Chinatsu and Akari dip in. Akari’s barrel loses its balance as she tumbles through the woods, down the cliff and into the river!!! When it’s Ayano and Kyouko’s turn, Ayano is embarrassed to share it but Kyouko makes her come in with her. Even though Chitose is far away, she can sense something yuri happening between them and automatically lifts her glasses for ultimate fantasizing. As Matsumoto and Nishigaki take their turn, nobody give a damn or remember where Akari is! Heck, she must have flown downstream somewhere! They even ate dinner without her! As they clean up, only Chinatsu remembers she forgot Akari and goes to get her (about time you b*tch!). Kyouko wants to slack around eating her chocolate desserts instead of helping out. Upon hearing Chitose has never had one since she was a kid, Kyouko excitedly gives her a piece to try. Suddenly Chitose goes up to Ayano and kisses her! OMG! OMG!!! OMG!!!!! WTF just happened?! Then she goes to Matsumoto and did the same!!!

As explained by Chizuru, whenever she eats chocolate, a demon awakens inside her. Flashback reveals the young twins wanted to have a bite of grandma’s chocolate but she refused and made up a tale that children’s will become demons if they do so. Grandma only meant to scare them about cavities but it backfired and turned her into this (now Chitose is moving on to Nishigaki). Hey wait a minute. If she was traumatized by this fact, shouldn’t she not pop the chocolate in her mouth in the first place? Well apparently she had forgotten about it and the traumatized demon is only left. Haha. Now Chizuru gets kissed. Yeah, see her drooling… Next victim is… Yui! When Chinatsu comes back with Akari, she is shocked to see her beloved Yui being violated! She passes out and Chitose moves onto her before it’s Akari’s turn! Well, she noticed her… I think Akari is the only one who had prior experience of a girl kissing her. Yeah, it’s that feeling again… Dead. Kyouko volunteers to stop her. How? Kiss and hug her! How the heck does that help?! Maybe she just wanted to make out. I guess with everyone done the first round. It’s time for round 2. Oh no, Akari being targeted… Needing to stem this problem, Yui thinks it would be best to tire her out. However more people will be ‘attacked’ in the while. The only option left is to make her nose bleed even if it may be risky. How? Kyouko and Ayano together! Ayano sums up her courage to peck Kyouko on her cheek. This instantly catches Chitose’s attention. When Himawari and Sakurako return with the futons, they see the entire room soaked with blood! It’s like a murder scene!

As everyone tugs in for the night, Matsumoto is worried she can’t wake up tomorrow so Nishigaki assures her she will set her alarm at 7.30am. Hey! Why is there a dynamite attached to it?! Morning comes and 5 seconds before the alarm, Akari’s hand automatically presses the button. Phew. Good thing everybody won’t be blown up when they wake up or find themselves on the wrong side of the bed J. Everyone goes to brush their teeth outside except for Akari who is still sleeping. Then her hand moves off from the button and BOOOOOOOM!!! Everyone is surprised by the loud noise and thinks Akari sacrificed herself to save them! They’ll always remember her. What a way for the unnoticeable protagonist to die at the end! You know whose fault was this, right? I’m starting to think that Nishigaki’s explosion never kills everyone either because she’s a failure when it comes to explosive or each bomb is just a dud. Oh by the way, Akari is still alive and not KIA.

Yuri Yuujou
It has been a fun ride from the first episode and series that do not drive on the plot, it is the wacky characters that make the series fun and enjoyable. In my opinion, the character of the series is definitely Kyouko. Which group will be fun, entertaining and exciting without the resident idiot? You need to have a troublemaker and serial harasser do liven things up. That episode which shows her change in character proves it. Everybody loves a firebrand like her. No matter how much an idiot she is, she is THEIR idiot. Though she isn’t a pest for every second (most of it anyway), she too displays a caring side like sharing the last cup of noodles with Yui. Unlike idiots alike who are usually dumb, Kyouko is pretty smart (at least when the exams are around when concerned) and has a talent in drawing doujin. String of luck? Well, it’s called the law of averages. You have to be right sometimes. Heck, Kyouko should have been the protagonist of the series instead of Akari. It is mind boggling how she changed from a weakling to someone who is so hyper active. What happened in between? Maybe we’ll find out more on that when the second season arrives. Yes, the sequel has been given the green light so it is only a matter of time before these girls will hit the screen again. Unless something unforeseeable happens (mind the noticeability pun).

Akari’s noticeability (besides being the butt of jokes by her friends) is the running joke of the series. Maybe we were made to believe that she is the main character but in actual fact it isn’t. I guess the thing she cares about now is her noticeability and even if she does get noticed, I feel it’s only trouble or for the worse. Like the kiss… At least she fares better than Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei’s Kagerou Usui. So my guess the only for her to get noticed and not overshadowed is to go missing from the episode. Oh, the irony. The other character second to her in noticeability is Matsumoto. Heck, I don’t think she even got any proper lines. But then, there isn’t anything mysterious enough about her that warrants viewers to want to find out more about her. Maybe except for her relationship with Nishigaki. Perhaps it’s just that. One blows up, the other gets blown up. You could say that Nishigaki rocks your world if you’re friends with her. Her explosive experiments couldn’t match the explosive nature of Kyouko… Every group needs to have to mature, cool and calm girl. You also need someone to put her foot down (and do some stomping. Literally) on pesky idiots that go wild sometimes. That is what Yui is. She plays a big sister and best friend to most of the characters. Chinatsu may be acting cute but at times you may notice her dark side, especially when she murmurs ‘evil’ things and through her drawings. This can be traced back to her ‘pure evil’ childhood days when she was a bully. I guess with Yui around, this puts a control on her behaviour. Come to think of it, I was hoping to at least see Akari’s imouto-con sister but didn’t make any appearance. I think if she was thrown in the fray, it will be even more havoc. You have Kyouko on one hand and now you have this obsessed person. Maybe next time, eh?

Ayano is a typical tsundere and it is no secret that everybody knows her feelings for Kyouko. Maybe except for that idiot herself. As much as she denies anything to do with or for Kyouko, she comes up with excuses to justify her actions do watch or do the same thing with her. Chitose’s nose bleeding happens quite often in the series that it reminded me of Maria+Holic’s Kanako! However Chitose isn’t going to be a yuri pig like Kanako because she wasn’t annoying and she’s just keeping her yuri fantasies to herself and not doing any real harm to others. After losing so much blood, it’s amazing she’s still walking. And I feel she doesn’t even need to take of her glasses to even fantasize at times. She can just close her eyes and see everything she desires. So theoretically it would be a grave situation if she is ever blinded. Literally she can paint (taint) the entire town red. Chizuru is the same like her sister but just that saliva keeps coming out from her mouth. I can’t really say she’s a tsundere towards Kyouko because she really does detest that annoying idiot. She’s ready to go into sneering mode (or even defensive retaliation) each time she gets up close to her. Himawari and Sakurako are the best example of what you call ‘frenemies’. They hate each other to the guts but yet continue to be with each other. There are a couple of scenes whereby we see them so close to each other that it feels like a genuine yuri mood. So is hate their kind of love? You can say that they are tsundere for each other. Oh well, Sakurako is always filled with envy over Himawari’s excellent proportions. I thought Mari reminded me of a chibi version of Kaichou Wa Maid-sama’s Suzuna. Monotonous voice, deadpan expression, strange fetish. Too bad she has to learn about the harsh realities that Mirakurun doesn’t exist. Just like when you really find out about Santa Claus, right?

As mentioned the yuri factor is considered mild and the final episode whereby Chitose went on a serial kissing spree seems more comical rather than stimulating in a yuri fashion. Besides, not every girl in the series is yuri. Like Akari. Maybe because nobody noticed her. Haha! Kyouko and Yui share a special relationship since they are childhood friends and though they seem to do things together (like sleeping), it doesn’t indicate anything suggestive or further. I’m not sure if Kyouko loves hounding, pounding, harassing, badgering and irking Chinatsu and Chizuru is it because of her yuri desire or she just finds them cute and wants to smudge them. Anyway, she’s not giving up on them real soon. The love between Ayano and Kyouko is only one-sided. If Ayano have been more honest with her feelings and toss aside her tsundere, maybe her love would have been returned. But then again, you can never predict what Kyouko would do. So instead of losing the special love-hate relationship she has now with her, it’s better for her to act tsundere. In this sense, Chitose can continue to have unlimited nose bleeding stimulations with them as the main source and likewise with Chizuru for Ayano and Chitose. So basically the use of the yuri theme here is for friendship purpose and nothing more. I happen to also notice that there are relatively no male characters. Even if there are, they are kept to a minimum, their faces not shown. It’s like an anime totally dedicated for girls only.

An amusing segment of the series is the title call which happens at the start of every episode. To say this is Akari’s most prominent part or her exclusive section is rather inaccurate. In this segment that lasts around 20 seconds, it is supposed to be Akari’s job to announce the start of the series when her friends call out to her nickname. However this only lasted for a couple of episodes as subsequent episodes will have something that interrupts Akari’s flow. For instance, we have UFOs flying about, being cut off too fast, being delayed, someone impersonating as Akari (oh, that fake mask), being replaced (it start off with a flashback instead, thus cancelling the title call), being turned invisible (a sign that she/they are not going to make further appearances in that episode!), a haunted ghost backdrop version and the final episode in which Mari hijacks the segment (there goes Akari’s final call to get noticed). The mid-intermission shows the characters of the series doing some sort of action or pose. Just that I find the dramatic (electric guitar rock?) or cute (playful flute?) background music to be a little odd. Another amusing running joke of the series is the suggestion box that Kyouko uses. If I’m not mistaken, the same box that first started out as a suggestion box for Akari’s noticeability had also been used for other suggestions as well. You can see the name of the topics being cut out each time she uses the box for something new. Are they trying to hint recycling here?

Aki Toyosaki as Chitose is perfect in her role. So much so I thought she is the yuri version of K-ON!’s Yui. She sounds so funny whenever she sounds very satisfied in watching her fantasies. Saki Fujita (Liz in Kamen No Maid Guy, Tomoko in Sora No Otoshimono) as Ayano is totally convincing making her character sounding so tsundere. Ryoko Shiraishi voicing Nishigaki was recognizable because she sounded so much like Hayate from Hayate No Gotoku. Akari sounded really cute when she is in her pinch. I thought I heard her voice somewhere before but apparently it is a relative unknown (mind the unnoticeability pun) seiyuu, Shiori Mikami (apparently she played secondary characters whose role are easily unnoticeable like Kampfer’s Masumi Nishino and Saki’s Youko Kadomatsu). Yuka Ootsubo makes her debut as Kyouko and fits in playing the spunky idiot. Same case with Momo Kuraguchi as Chizuru. Other casts include Minami Tsuda as Yui (Phyrne in Fractale), Rumi Ookubo as Chinatsu (Kaho Hiiragi from Freezing), Suzuko Mimori as Himawari (Sherlock in Tantei Opera Milky Holmes), Emiri Katou as Sakurako (Kagami in Lucky Star), Maaya Uchida as Mari and Ayana Taketatsu as Mirakurun (Azusa in K-ON!). Surprisingly, I found out that Matsumoto also had a voice actress voicing her! Saori Goto to be precise (Bara Suishou of Rozen Maiden: Traumend). I really don’t remember even hearing her huffing! Maybe it was too soft that I couldn’t even hear that.

There you have it. A club that does anything for fun but pretty much nothing. But what constitutes fun and exciting depends to that very person and the very group that person mixes with. So it might not seem much that these girls are just lazing and horsing around but as you can see they have fun with each other’s company no matter how annoying and irritating one of them is. I hope to catch the sequel when it comes out to see more of their amusing antics. Hopefully it won’t go by unnoticed :). I guess in Akari’s case, you can’t say ignorance is bliss for her, eh? Hmm… I can’t seem to put my finger on this one. Say, who is the main protagonist again?

Bleach part 3

April 28, 2012

OMG! I CAN’T BELIEVE THIS! OMFG!!! Bleach actually ended!!! Am I dreaming?! Let me pinch myself first. Nope. This is definitely real. Am I watching the correct anime in the first place? Yes, I am. Wow. I still can’t believe this. And here I was resigned to my fate that I will have to watch this series weekly for the rest of my life because you know, there is never an end in sight. Whether they are adapting it from the original manga works or just cooking up some anime filler crap, Bleach was always up there with the holy trinity of ‘eternal’ animes that includes Naruto and One Piece. So now it has really ended for good, I’m not sure what to say anymore. Speechless.

This anime is so famous that I guess you don’t even need to do a recap of what it is really about. All you need to know is this high school kid, Ichigo Kurosaki, he becomes a substitute shinigami (soul reaper) in his Karakura Town. Fights evil beings called Hollows. Also fights dastardly conspiracies from very evil people who either want revenge on Soul Society (the place where all dead people go) or destroy it entirely. So what’s new for the final couple of arcs? My feelings have been yo-yo-ing between being awed and boring yawning. The former especially when the storyline follows closely to the manga and with the action sequences, yeah, I really like that part. But as for the latter, when they put in mindless fillers, I can never seem to hold my attention as each episode feels like a drag. I wanted it to end so badly rather than paying attention to what is going on. In other words, a lousy excuse for me not to remember what is going on (there is always trusty Wikipedia and Bleach Wiki). I also know it is a lame reason for me not to waste my brain cells but I could’ve dropped this series a long time ago but decided to stick with it till the end. Hopefully one day. And that day has finally come. YAHOO!!! I’m rejoicing! Ahem, back to the blog.

Reigai Arc
Oh man. I always felt this filler arc is meant for fans who want to see the Gotei Squad captains fight among themselves. How can you do so without making the other the bad guy? Well, that’s why I feel that’s where this arc came in. It’s also the arc that puts Kon in the limelight or else that bugger will always be reduced to minor comic relief roles that are so forgettable that you’d probably remember all your Japanese history dates. As we know, Kon is a modified soul. You put that little ball into anything, say a doll and the doll becomes animated. When shinigamis from Soul Society need to be present in our world (as ordinary humans cannot see them), they use artificial bodies called Gigai. A Reigai is somewhat an opposite of a Gigai. They are artificial bodies used to house modified souls. So in this arc, we have Reigais somehow housing their spiritual essence of the 13 Gotei Squad members and thus some may love the idea of seeing Byakuya versus Byakuya. It’s like fighting a mirror image and with their skills an exact duplicate, you’ll keep wondering who the original is and who’s the imposter. Yeah well, I guess people find it hard to differentiate it so those Reigai fakes have this electric currents buzzing out from their eyes. What… The…?

So this arc starts off with something unusual occurring in the Precipice World and the appearance of a mysterious girl, Nozomi Kujou. As we know Kon is a pervert so he takes her in despite Nozomi giving the cold shoulder to everyone, Ichigo and his friends, they don’t really get irritated by her moody don’t-come-close-to-me and leave-me-alone attitude. They treat her nice and give her all the time she wants and if she feels comfortable to talk, then so be it. So Nozomi isn’t an ordinary girl (what else). She’s on the run from Soul Society because some scientist, Kageroza Inaba is hunting her down with his Reigais. Plus, Ichigo seems to be framed for to odd disappearances happening in the Precipice World simply because his shinigami substitute badge is found at the crime scene. How convenient. You think that orange hair guy is going to follow them easily? Screw all your rules and procedures. Then the Reigais invade Soul Society and cause many of the real 13 Gotei Squad members to be locked out in the real world (why are they camping at Ichigo’s house?) since Kageroza is a master in controlling the Precipice World. So while Ukitake and Kyouraku get to the bottom of the foul play of framing Ichigo, we have some battle action between the real shinigamis and their Reigai counterparts. Well, only Omaeda’s Reigai looks very different. In fact, better looking and more handsome! Not like the real glutton coward pig himself. Because of Reigais looking and acting like the real deal, it’s hard to tell if the shinigami is friend or foe. Thus perhaps this is where all the twists and turns come in. You thought this Rukia may be the ally Rukia we know and then it turns out, she’s the fake. How often are they going to keep this up?

As the series progresses, bits and bits of Nozomi’s pieces are revealed. So she’s running away from Kageroza in hopes of sealing herself forever in some dimension that is out of his reach. You think our heroes will let that happen? With Urahara’s help, some of the captains re-invade Soul Society but fall to Kageroza’s trap in the Precipice World. Once they manage to breakthrough, this sets up several tantalizing clashes between the captains. Even our numero uno captain, Genryuusai has his hands full taking on a couple of Reigais in the form of Ukitake and Kyouraku. That old geezer proves why he is still number one all these centuries but as long as the Reigais can heal themselves, I’m sure he’ll tire out sooner or later. Ichigo also arrives in Soul Society and faces off with Kageroza but he didn’t know how his Zanpakutou works and gets blown away and trap him forever in the Precipice World. Once the other captains are done with their counterparts, they invade Kageroza’s base but the scientist still has the upper hand because his Zanpakutou, Raiku can record the last attacks received and replicate them as well as manipulate space. The tables are turned when the fake Mayuri is actually the real Mayuri (confused?). Something about switching the imposter earlier on. But Kageroza manages to transfer his pain to another Reigai to escape Mayuri’s drug effects. And he along with his Reigais (including fallen ones) escape to return another day.

Meanwhile Ichigo is trapped in the Precipice World and in the midst of being swallowed by the Koutotsu (that train that devours everything clean in its path in the Precipice World) when a mysterious but awfully familiar figure saves him. He wakes up in Urahara’s store as he learns about Spearhead Project, a project headed by Ooko Yushima of the 12th Division in the development of modified souls. How would you feel as a scientist when you put your hard work, blood, sweat and tears into the research when suddenly it is cancelled because some higher ups said so? In an attempt to preserve his research, he tossed every data into the Precipice World and transferred his conscious to Kageroza before turning himself into a vegetable to avoid getting caught. I guess that is why Kageroza spent donkey years in researching the Precipice World. And another revelation from Nozomi: She is the first modified soul created from that project. Are we surprised? Honestly, I wasn’t paying attention so you could say I was a little :p. But another odd thing about Nozomi is that she also has shinigami abilities and wields a Zanpakutou too. I don’t know. During an attack from Hollows, Kon got easily defeated (what do you expect?). Nozomi got so frustrated and whoosh! What do you know? A Zanpakutou materialized. But the thing is, she can’t remember its name or its powers. That’s just great. An excuse for a training camp to control her powers I guess. Kageroza sends his Reigai captains to take Nozomi and in the midst of that mess, Nozomi remembers her Zanpakutou’s name, Arazomeshigure and its power is to absorb anything with spiritual powers and multiply that power right back at the enemy. Power!!! Nozomi’s power and the cooperation of others make it easier to beat the fakes (but not without a fight of course).

You can expect an epic power battle when you see Genryuusai, Kageroza, Ichigo and Nozomi engaging each other. How often do you get to see Ryuujinjakka, Getsuga Tenshou, Arazomeshigure and Raiku all together in one big power clash? So after copying and absorbing and unleashing, I guess there is a limit to how much power Arazomeshigure can take. Yeah, it breaks when it tries to absorb Kageroza’s copied powers of Ryuujinjakka, Getsuga Tenshou and Arazomeshigure’s absorbing ability (that’s one heck of a power absorption). So another revelation made: Nozomi and Kageroza are from the same reishi of another shinigami. Guess who? Yushima. Yes, it’s that vegetable guy sitting in a dark cell that Kageroza visits from time to time. So with our heroes defeated by Kageroza, he takes Nozomi away. Where is he taking her? Well, they are going to merge together and become one like before. Because of Ichigo’s lost, he also loses his shinigami powers (this was to be expected seeing he pulled off a dangerous stunt during the final battle with Aizen in the final Arrancar Arc). Urahara has a way to allow him to get back his shinigami powers but first he needs to get a sample of his shinigami powers by getting swallowed by the Koutotsu. Hey, he got swallowed once and lived, right? So thinks went on as planned and at the end of that harrowing experience, it seems that the mysterious figure who saved him was himself. Why? How? Let’s just say time runs differently inside Koutotsu. Okay, let’s not cause any more headaches thinking about that time paradox thingy. The next step is to break into Kageroza’s secret lab to make Ichigo’s shinigami powers via modified soul candy. But there is a risk to it. Ah, always the side effect. Because it is not fully completed (he had to swallow it because some explosion happened), Ichigo may experience the instability between his shinigami and Hollow powers. Well, he experienced that before, didn’t he? While Urahara and Kon investigate Yushima’s cell, Ichigo’s Hollow powers go berserk and he is on a rampage.

Urahara heads to the other secret lab belonging to Kageroza but is halted by his Reigai self. I guess this means Kon gets he glory of being the hero this time. If he doesn’t screw up. On a trivial note, Kon is so insignificant that he doesn’t even have a Reigai to fight. Haha! Kon tries to rescue Nozomi from the capsule and seeing how determined he is, she helps Kon in completing the candy that will restore Ichigo’s spiritual pressure. But the process is interrupted and Nozomi and Kageroza merge to herald the return of Yushima. Yushima fights off Ichigo in his mindless Hollow form as well as his friends and the other 13 Gotei captains. How can they all have a hard time against a single fellow? Let’s say his Zanpakutou, Sumitsukigasa has both Kageroza and Nozomi’s Zanpakutou abilities. Now he has double the power and double the trouble for the rest. When Hollow Ichigo takes a stab meant for Rukia, Ichigo sees Nozomi’s presence inside Yushima. You know, she isn’t the unfriendly girl she used to be when she first showed up and this allows Ichigo to break free from his Hollow form. And with the completed candy, his shinigami powers are restored. Now the final power battle is at hand. Ichigo undergoes another transformation and this time his Bankai has Hollow powers. Because of this, Yushima cannot absorb it. But to defeat Yushima, he must break his soul sleep that contains his shinigami powers. Nozomi’s consciousness tries to hold Yushima back and wants Ichigo to kill her as well. This is not the time to hesitate. In a desperate attempt, Yushima tries to absorb all the reishi and this causes the Reigais to feel threatened. They sacrifice themselves and as a result to stop the madness, cause a huge explosion. Ichigo is able to break the fusion, separating Kageroza and Nozomi. Nozomi have a last final farewell with everyone and Kon before biting the dust. In the aftermath, Ichigo has lost his temporary shinigami powers and is having a hard time fighting a low level Hollow. Could you imagine Rukia coming to his aid? Well, as his power gradually fades, he unleashes one last Getsuga Tenshou to finish off a Hollow. After that, the next time he wakes up, he can’t even sense any spiritual pressure or even see his shinigami pals anymore. Thank you and goodbye?

Lost Shinigami Arc
It has been 17 months since the ex-substitute shinigami cannot see dead people anymore. He is leading the normal life. Some of his pals have got a little physical appearance change but nothing extreme. Things get on a roll when Ichigo stops a thief from stealing a bag belonging to Kuugo Ginjo. Currently Ichigo is working part time at an odd jobs store run by the aggressive Ikumi Unagiya. Ginjo comes looking for him with request to investigate Ichigo’s father and also reveals his sister Karin had been visiting Urahara (this means she can see dead people). He gives him his business card that states he is from the Xcution and wants him to act fast before his family gets hurt. Meanwhile Ishida follows a strange guy, Shuukurou Tsukishima and the next thing he knows, he got slashed. Ishida gets hospitalized and when Ichigo feels left out from all that has happened, he finally decides to come knocking on Xcution’s door to seek for answers. So at Xcution’s headquarters that also consists of the dark skinned Jackie Tristan, always-holding-a-handheld-game-to-his-face Yukio Hans Vorarlberna, typical tsundere Riruka Dokugamine and bartender Giriko Kutsuzawa, Ginjo explains their powers known as Fullbring. Everything has inanimate souls in them and this Fullbring allows them to manipulate that soul to their will. Let’s just say it is their form of Zanpakutou. Just without the shape of swords. This group of people wants to rid of their powers and return being an ordinary human being. In order to do that, they need the powers of a human that once possessed shinigami powers. So how convenient Ichigo fits that bill. In return, this will aid Ichigo in regaining his lost shinigami powers. But Ichigo still isn’t convinced despite Chad persuading him (yes, Chad also joined the group to, let’s say, power up). So what convinced him to join? When he spotted Tsukishima, he chased after him only to chance upon Yuzu. Then she got attacked by a Hollow and he is powerless to save his poor sister till Ginjo showed up and save the day. Thus he joins Xcution to retrieve again the power that will enable him to protect those who are important to him.

So training begins in Riruka’s dollhouse (her Fullbring turns animate and inanimate things into cute little things). He’s got to figure out how to materialize his Fullbring using the substitute shinigami badge. I don’t know, all he has to do is to think of all the battles he had because you know, his badge is somewhat filled with memories and experiences of them. It takes some time for him to materialize his own Fullbring and learn its abilities and limits. Meanwhile, delinquent Moe Shishigawara, an underling of Tsukishima plans to kill Orihime but was stopped by his boss. He is about to punish his disciple when Orihime intervenes. She gets cut by his sword by oddly doesn’t feel anything damage to her body. But it may have affected her mind because she starts thinking that Tsukishima is her friend. Because she doesn’t want to trouble Ichigo (he’s powerless anyway as for now. What can he do?), she confides in Chad. Ichigo continues his Fullbring training and this time will be up against Jackie. Initially she was reluctant but after seeing him do well, she takes him on. Her Dirty Boots Fullbring allows her to be faster and more powerful each time her boots get dirty. Hence the name. However Ichigo’s Fullbring goes berserk and in the midst of it all, Tsukishima attacks Xcution’s headquarters. Just in time for Ichigo to bust out of his training tank and show them what he has learnt so far.

Ichigo is still a beginner using his Fullbring so obviously he is upset he can’t land a hit on Tsukishima unlike Ginjo who is more evenly matched. At least Chad could put up a little resistance. Hmm… Maybe not. He got cut too but there weren’t any wounds. Before Ichigo can intervene, Yukio absorbs him into his video game Fullbring called Invaders Must Die. Tsukishima escapes once the other Xcution members attack him. So back to more training for Ichigo as he now fights Ginjo inside Yukio’s Fullbring. Chad brings Orihime to Xcution’s other hidden hideout because Ichigo is going to need all the healing he can get. I guess Ichigo isn’t making much headway so Ginjo makes a bold attempt by blinding Ichigo with his sword!!! Oh sh*t!!! Ichigo reaches his raging level when Ginjo mocks him and threatens to kill his friends. It is then Ichigo is able to see outlines of Ginjo’s spiritual presence and launches a powerful Fullbring attack on him. Ginjo reveals he was just acting to provoke him to make him unleash his true Fullbring potential. While Ichigo is busy perfecting his new Fullbring powers, Orihime and Chad try to investigate more on Tsukishima. Riruka tails them but gets owned by Tsukishima. When Chad and Orihime confront him, they are unable to lay a finger because in their memories, Tsukishima is their precious friend. Ichigo is horrified when he learns all his friends and family are under Tsukishima’s influence. They happily welcome him like a good friend or family member. I guess Ichigo was so pissed that he couldn’t think straight that he got rough on Tsukishima, demanding what the f*ck he had done to them. Can’t he see he is acting like a villain in their eyes? Has anybody he knows not been affected by him yet? Only Ginjo. Yeah. Looks like the other Xcution members are also done in. Ginjo concludes that Tsukishima’s Fullbring isn’t manipulating memories but inserting himself into the past of the people he has infected. Huh? Isn’t that the same as memory manipulating? It’s like changing the past so if he is really there in place of certain persons, say in Orihime’s case her brother and Chad his grandpa, what happened to that original people then?

The duo are found by Yukio and brought to Tsukishima’s mansion where all of Ichigo’s friends and family are waiting. They are still brainwashed. The theory is if Ichigo wants his family and friends freed, he must risk killing Tsukishima. But that even doesn’t guarantee that they will return to normal. Ichigo takes the battle with Tsukishima upstairs but to his dismay, sees Chad and Orihime fighting against him. They couldn’t understand why he wants to hurt their friend. Has he gone crazy? Ichigo can’t understand why they’re siding them. Oh well. Ginjo has his hands full with his Xcution members. Ichigo is unable to hurt his friends so this allows him to be like an open book as Tsukishima stabs him. Unfortunately Ginjo took the stab in his place. Then with Ishida coming into the picture, Ichigo wonders if he too is under Tsukishima’s control since he is pointing his weapon at him. Ishida reveals he is not because the culprit who slashed him is no other than Ginjo! Ichigo is slammed to the ground by Ginjo who reveals he wasn’t really in Tsukishima’s control in the first place. Well, actually this is his second stab. This stab changes him back to his true nature. Everything was a setup so that he could take his powers. Ginjo takes Ichigo’s Fullbring and this sends him into total despair that he has been betrayed to the max. But he can’t stay powerless for long because Rukia suddenly stabs him with her sword and returns the shinigami powers to him. Well, this sword contains all the powers from all the 13 Gotei captain and vice captains. After all what Ichigo has done, this is the least they could do to repay the favour. Yeah, it took 17 freaking long months. Ginjo gives some of his new powers to the other Xcution members and this transforms them into a much more powerful version.

This sets up tantalizing match-ups for the final battle. With Yukio setting individual time-space for each battle, we have Zaraki versus Giriko but this match ended so fast and in a farce that it wasn’t worth calling it a match. Giriko turned into something like Incredible Hulk and is boasting of his new powers but with one slice from Zaraki, he’s dead. Impossible? Possible! Then we have Renji against Jackie and it ends with Jackie losing but she sacrificed herself to save Renji. The brute men get each other as Madarame fights Shishigawara. The latter preparing to lay down his life for Tsukishima but gets a good ticking off and lecture. Shishigawara’s Fullbring may be able to break anything his knuckles hit due to some jackpot thingy, but the more he hits, the chances of getting lucky goes down. Yeah, so he lost. I don’t know how Riruka and Rukia‘s match will end. The scene is just too cute for utter destruction. Besides, how can Rukia concentrate when she is taken in by all the cute stuffs? She even got turned into a stuff doll. Hitsugaya plays along with Yukio in his customized video game arena but manages to get the better of that kid and makes a deal with him to free the others or else. Then the battle of the bishonens with Byakuya and Tsukishima with the latter influencing Byakuya’s Senbonzakura because his Fullbring also can be used on inanimate objects. This allows Tsukishima to know all the tricks and abilities of his Zanpakutou and when all else seems to fail, Byakuya comes up with ideas on the spot to fight him and successfully make a hole in his chest. So the final match has got to be Ichigo against Ginjo. It is revealed that Ginjo was once a substitute shinigami before Ichigo. Why he went missing or what Soul Society has done to him to make him want revenge on them is still a mystery to me. So after Ginjo disappeared, Ichigo took over and the substitute shinigami badge is actually a device to keep watch on him. The man behind it all is Ukitake. Even if Ginjo tries to make Ichigo believe that the real enemy is Soul Society but Ichigo notes he realized it all but just pushed it to the back of his mind. Even if it was Soul Society’s intention, he believes in them because they helped him to protect his loved ones. Ginjo transforms to his Bankai form and so does Ichigo. The final move has Ichigo unleashing the most powerful Getsuga Tenshou ever. Powerful enough to even whisk away the dark clouds and bring a clear sky! Ginjo dies but before it is over, enraged Tsukishima tries to cut Ichigo down and doesn’t want Ginjo to die. Riruka blocks his slash (she appeared from Rukia’s chest. That’s where she’s hiding?). She gives him one last lecture that it was Ginjo who saved them all and that they couldn’t save Ginjo but Ichigo. The captains and the vice captains return to Soul Society after knowing the path Ichigo has choose, the reason why they came here in the first place.

In the aftermath, Ichigo returns to Soul Society with a surprise request to seek an audience with Genryuusai. At this point, Shinji, Rose and Kensei have become the captain of 5th, 3rd and 9th Division respectively. Hey, after 17 months and if 13 Gotei didn’t really find replacement for those divisions, man, what are they doing? It’ll be a big joke that nobody is deemed capable of replacing that seat, not even the vice captains because it’ll tell us they’re not fit to move up the ranks. And reinstating those ex-Vizards means they have buried the hatchet? Looks like it. Anyway Ichigo is here to seek Genryuusai’s permission to take Ginjo’s body back to the real world for a proper burial. This is the least he could do as a fellow substitute shinigami because he will be continuing his job as one. Woah! He is going to stay on as a substitute shinigami? I’m sure you know what his reasons are. Besides, this means he got his powers back and he is definitely here to stay. And so Ichigo returns back to his world with all his friends and family waiting for him. I guess Tsukishima must have died seeing they have been released from his spell. Oh, Jackie, Yukio and Riruka are still alive. With their Fullbring ceased to function, they disband and live their separate lives.

Oh finally! It’s over! It is with mixed feelings on how the series ended. Firstly with too many characters after too many episodes, trying to tie up all the characters may seem like a tough thing to do. It makes you wonder what happened to this character, where has that character gone to, what about that guy. So it feels like all those characters are maybe just for a certain arc and once it is done, you’ll never hear of them again. And then with some of the plots, take for instance the final arc, it bugs me if Ginjo was Ichigo’s predecessor, why hasn’t anybody from Soul Society got any information on his whereabouts during his absence? I’m sure they couldn’t be just relying on the badge to keep track and spy on the substitute shinigami, right? Don’t they have any records on him? Or are they just keeping mum when Ichigo took on the job. Yeah, after 366 episodes, this is what the big truth is about this substitute shinigami job. But does Ichigo care for all that? As long as he has the power to protect his loved ones, your rules and regulations can go the hell for all he cares. Unlike many who would be hypocrites, I guess Ichigo is the kind of guy who does his talking by his action. Walk the talk. Sure, he may not be the diplomatic kind but as they say, action speaks louder than words. Throughout the entire series, Ichigo seemed like the same person he always is from the start. The kind that wants to protect his friends and family. That didn’t change in the very end and what did was the evolution of his powers. It is awesome and cool to see him undergo various transformations with his new powers. But sometimes I feel they don’t last beyond a match and after that you won’t see them again. I suppose by showing too much of the same thing will be boring but it would’ve been cooler if we get to see more especially those Hollow ones. Those powers are still a mystery (at least to me) so I would really like to know how he materializes that form. Then again, maybe they did explain. Just that I couldn’t remember.

So for the rest of Ichigo human pals, Ishida, Chad and Orihime. The final arc felt like they try to involve them in some ways because for the previous arcs I felt they were like reduced to minor characters. But in the end, they become somewhat ‘redundant’ as Chad and Orihime became ‘paralyzed’ with Tsukishima’s powers while Ishida he’s just like a spectator watching. I know it’s to set up a final one-on-one clash between Ichigo and Ginjo but in an overall context, don’t you think the characters feel like they can be done without besides serving as little roles to advance the plot? We don’t really get to see them flex their powers but just a little demonstration. We are too focused in seeing Ichigo’s transformation of powers. That’s why like I said, they have too many characters and trying to give each their due screen time seems unjustified when the series suddenly just ends. It made me feel that some of the captains who appeared for the Xcution’s fight were just for the sake so that we don’t forget at least the main ones. I’m sure fans of Byakuya wouldn’t like it if they don’t get to see their favourite captain in the end. If Xcution had more members, I am certain that more of the 13 Gotei members will join the fray. But this will mean prolonging the number of episodes or quick fights. It’s nice to see that some of the captains and their vice captains have a little makeover. It makes it feel that time indeed has passed.

One thing about Soul Society that bugs me is their intelligence and information. I mean if it was top-notched, then I guess the Reigai and Lost Shinigami arc would never have happened in the first place. It makes you think how they can let it happen. For the Reigai case, if they had done their homework and not let things go out of control, we won’t have the heroes dealing with such a big pain in the ass, right? And for the Lost Shinigami incident, how can a mere human like Ginjo disappear without a trace and the people of Soul Society not able to track him down. Do they really need guys like Ichigo to solve their problems? Must be. Ichigo is like the hero, the saviour in every arc. That is why because of him, even the big number one boss allows the rules to be bend in the end just to repay their debt to him. Ichigo changes everything. So might as well give him a permanent seat in the 13 Gotei and make him a captain of one of the divisions, eh? He may not want that full time job or title and wants the freedom to juggle between his normal high school life and substitute shinigami, but as the way things are looking now, he might be even better than some of the captains. Heck, he has got both shinigami and Hollow powers. What is there to worry? If his Hollow powers ever go out of control, then just slap more training to him. After all, there is no training that has never failed to overcome in the end, right? Plus, he is the kind who learns hands on so I think boring lectures will not even get through one ear.

I don’t really know what else to comment because it has been such a long anime that what I wanted to say I have said it or have forgotten about it. Maybe it was something important or just something trivial. Like the end segment after the episode preview which isn’t just the Shinigami Illustrated Picture Book, but we have Quincy Encyclopaedia and Xcution Dictionary. In contrary to its knowledge-like name, they serve more like short skits, gags and comical reliefs than information to provide further insight (well, some segments do but that is just the beginning and one-off). Sometimes I don’t really understand the gag but I ended up laughing because well, it supposed to be funny, right?  As for the action part, some fights do not disappoint but I just wish that some of the characters would have more variety of moves than using their well-known techniques. To cover up for that, they put in lots of drama and talk, including explaining stuffs and all. Point to ponder: You can’ really kill a shinigami, right? They are after all already dead, right? So don’t worry if Ichigo gets stabbed or impaled. He is after all in his shinigami form and his real body is being taken care of by Kon (provided he doesn’t do anything stupid and cause misunderstanding). But in the case if they really do die, just like in my previous blog I wondered, where do they go when they really die? Is there another Soul Society in another after world? Also all the title screens which features the episode number are still creatively done. Every single one of them has different patterns and style so it’s nice to see the way the numbers are being displayed. Some may not be ‘attractive’ but not every anime can design this for every episode. Heck, what more 300 over freaking episodes!

Hey, noticed something? Being a shonen type anime, there is really no love romance. And I mean NONE, nil, zilch, nothing. So when it ended, nobody was really complaining about how Ichigo didn’t end up with Rukia or Orihime or some other girl. Sure we had a few short scenes that may suggest something really romantic may occur, like the time before Orihime was whisked away to Hueco Mundo, she kissed sleeping Ichigo as a goodbye token. But in the end, no one really cares about it nor remembers them. We’re just interested (at least me) on who fights who. Love has no time when a fight gets in the way. Besides, how can you love when there is no peace around? So if you were really hoping for some high school romance and hijinks, you’ve watched the wrong anime and waited with false hope for 366 episodes. Does Ichigo really look like the guy he has time for women? He’s already a high school student and a substitute shinigami, adding ‘a caring boyfriend’ would be too much to handle. Yeah, even slaying Hollows and defeating Aizen would be much easier. I read generally online and most fans of the series were satisfied with the way the anime ended. Simply, good guys triumph, bad guys lost. End of story. What more do you want? For me, as I have said I have mixed feelings. Now my weekends are an anime series free. Now I can watch an additional anime in place of Bleach :). So One Piece and Fairy Tail, when are you both going to end your long running series? (I’m not watching Naruto: Shippuden by the way).

I guess finally why I understood this anime is named Bleach. After so much bloodshed from all the fights, I think they really need a detergent to remove all that bloodied stain. Don’t forget to use baking soda, ammonia and salt too. Haha! Maybe in the near future they will continue this series after a lengthy break like what they did for Gintama and the New Prince of Tennis. But so far I have not heard anything or some OVAs or movies (I never watched both). Maybe I don’t want to. That’s because of my fear it will turn into an eternal drag. I still can’t believe it. This anime has already ended. I tried waiting for a few weeks and maybe a surprise announcement may spring up but well, nothing. Maybe it is gone for good. Phew. All this worrying has made me tired. Now I need to go and have some rest because I’m bleached out.

Yondemasu Yo, Azazel-san

April 27, 2012

When you summon demons via black magic, you can only think of hideous and evil doings, right? Besides, why do people summon demons for in the first place? I suppose to get things done the way they want it seeing that we humans are powerless to do something ourselves. But what if you happen to summon the kind of demons that are rather ‘useless’ and to an annoying extent? All I know is that your life is going to be one hell of a ride. For better or worse. Usually more of the latter.

At first you might think that the 12 minutes per episode TV anime series, Yondemasu Yo, Azazel-san might be one of those anime series that focuses on black magic, grimoires, demons and how humans use them for their nefarious ends. Especially the titular character Atsushi Azazel may be one heck of a super all-supreme powerful bad-ass demon. Once you watch this, you’ll find you’re way off mark. On the contrary, though this series may have those themes, it is actually very much comedic and you’ll be laughing at almost every second of the bizarre and humorous antics from the characters. Oh, did I mention it will be one bloody affair too?

Rinko Sakuma is a college student and the part time assistant of a detective agency run by Akutabe. This is no ordinary detective agency because this Akutabe guy is very knowledgeable about the occult and black magic stuff and summons demons to do his bidding on top of his detective work that are deemed difficult. If you think the summoned demons are going to throw their weight around this guy, take note that it is more of the other way round. It is Akutabe that controls them and rules over them with an iron fist! So who is the actual demon here? So as naive Sakuma goes about learning the powers of the demons, will she succumb to the dark side or will she keep her sanity in check and remain on the path of righteousness. More importantly, will she have enough money to pay for her college fees and pass her exams!

Episode 1
Akutabe has completed an investigation request by Mrs Fukuda about her husband’s infidelity. He has lots of prove for her to initiate a divorce and get large amount of compensation. However loudmouth Mrs Fukuda doesn’t just want it to end like that and wants to teach her lecherous husband a lesson. Plus, she doesn’t intend to divorce him. Yeah, I guess you know what this means by further ‘assistance’ from Akutabe. He takes Sakuma to a forbidden room since she has been working for 2 months and it’s time for her to take new responsibilities. Inside the dark room with lots of grimoires, he summons the demon Azazel who is the midst of having his early dinner. It’s only 4pm. First thing this little bastard did was to sexually harass Sakuma. Besides, this low class demon deals with lust which is his specialty. After giving him a pig leg as sacrifice and explaining the details of the task, Azazel promises to perform. Next day, Mrs Fukuda barges in with complaints that she smells like sh*t, causing her husband to run away instead. Akutabe summons Azazel again who is in the midst of sleeping. He steps on his face to wake him up and reminds him to do his job properly of breaking up Mr Fukuda and the other woman, not his wife. Akutabe abuses that piece of sh*t to drill into his head to do things right. He gives a Gundam leg as sacrifice. No pig leg, this would also do? Next day, Mrs Fukuda comes in to thank them because her boobs are freaking humongous!!! Believe me, it will never grow THIS BIG in this world. Yeah, her husband is back to her but Akutabe and Sakuma feel this is a mistake. Once again, they summon Azazel who is in the midst of F*CKING his girlfriend, Kyoko! Yeah, that demon doesn’t get any privacy at all. Akutabe warns him if he fails this time, he will be F*CKED UP instead. Kyoko tries to give encouragement to Azazel to kill the other woman but was told by Akutabe he has no guts to do it. Besides, it goes against his principles to kill. Kyoko starts scorning him but received a lightning blast. Azazel and Kyoko have a dramatic and tearful farewell as Akutabe sends that slut back. Once that is done, Azazel goes to sexually harass Sakuma. Yeah, he’s a demon alright. Sakuma tries explaining to Azazel about weakening Mr Fukuda’s tendency for adultery. Akutabe makes a deal with Azazel, if he pulls off this case he will cancel the contract between them. Yeah, Azazel formed a 300 year long contract with Akutabe. Oh sh*t! Does he live that long?! Soon, Mr Fukuda’s ‘little buddy’ became ‘useless’, he broke up with the other woman and soon got a divorce from his wife since he couldn’t satisfy her lust. Sakuma feels so sorry for Mr Fukuda for causing him to divorce so Akutabe tells her a demon’s power never brings happiness. Someone close to you will have to pay the price. As promised, Akutabe destroys his contract but suddenly cuts Sakuma’s finger to make a new contract with Azazel! Yeah, she is his new master from now on. Azazel is delighted with his new ‘freedom’ because he is going to sexually harass her every day…

Episode 2
Sakuma hasn’t been turning up for classes in college lately so her professor, Tadashi Uemura thinks she is screwing around. Actually it’s Azazel making a voiceover as part of his harassment. Note, other normal people can’t see demons so it’s safe for demons like him to hang around Sakuma. Later back at the agency, they see a programme in which Uemura, also a friendly, caring and kind vegetarian is pleading for the public’s help to find his lost dog. Akutabe feels he doesn’t like that guy. Sakuma thinks of helping him but Azazel saw through her scheme because she needs attendance credit points. Akutabe accepts it since he can’t turn down a client’s request and has something he wants to check out. He summons another demon, Yuuichi Beelzebub who is in the midst of doing his business. Beelzebub seems like a nice and polite penguin demon. Seems he and Beelzebub know each other as they’re from the same town. But due to their grade difference, they went on to different paths and only meet during class reunions. Guess who is the smart and stupid one? Akutabe wants Beelzebub to show his abilities in this trial period and will make a contract with him if he is useful. Guess who has to look after them? Sakuma and the demons are in town with only a photo of a dog. Like finding a needle in a haystack, eh? Oh wait. The dog is right in front of them! Demon’s luck? Sakuma starts chasing it for her class credits so Beelzebub uses his finest ability to make the dog poo! He calls that finest? Besides, he scoops up the poo to save it for later! Ugh! Back at the agency, Azazel must be feeling left out over Beelzebub’s success so Sakuma offers him a pig leg. Suddenly the dog lunges at Azazel and chews his face! Bloody! Beelzebub decides to have his snack now and puts the tupperware in the microwave! Oh, you know what will happen if he turns it on! Sakuma tries to prevent him while Beelzebub isn’t happy she is challenging his refined taste. Akutabe mocks Beelzebub that he eats sh*t and as Beelzebub is going to kill him, Akutabe sticks a broomstick in his face. Akutabe looks at the poo, the dog still chewing Azazel and understands what is going on. He asks Sakuma the kind of demon Beelzebub is. Beelzebub is actually a fly. That’s a lesson for her in judging things by their appearance. Akutabe has an important job only Azazel can do. Right before Uemura’s appearance on TV, Sakuma returns his dog to his delight. As the show starts with Uemura talking to the hosts, Akutabe orders Beelzebub to do his stuff. Uemura gets violent and physically abuses his dog in front of the camera! Akutabe explains this is Uemura’s real nature and that his real dog is with them (in Sakuma’s bag). The one with him was actually Azazel in disguise. Yeah, the only job he could do… Akutabe continues that Uemura has been forcing his dog to be a vegetarian. This is evident in the dog’s poo because faeces of vegetarians do not have a strong smell. Since dogs are carnivore, it will naturally want to chew on a piece of meat (that incident with Azazel) and ran away from home. He mocks the professor for preaching philanthropy but can’t even raise a dog. In the aftermath, the show is cancelled, Uemura receives lots of protests from animal rights and welfare and he disappeared from university. Back at the agency, Akutabe reveals Beelzebub’s true ability as divulgence. He can force a person to reveal his/her true nature. Excretion is part of it. Sakuma learns that nobody is perfect and everyone has a side they can’t show. Azazel jumps into Sakuma’s bosoms as excuse for consolation but she slams him into the wall. And that dog got adopted into a caring family.

Episode 3
The gang are reading reports of a fan stalking a celebrity model when another demon, a salamander named, erm, Salamander appears before them. Well, first thing he did was spit at Sakuma’s face. His master, the chubby Norio Okada wants them to find out about a certain woman he fell in love in a forbidden love. Yeah, sounds very fairytale-ish. That girl turns out to be a model, Hebi. Sakuma realizes he is that stalker! Because of Salamander’s imposing ways, he takes Sakuma’s thoughts and uses it against her. Sakuma suddenly sympathizes with Okada as Salamander reveals his ability as revolution. There is no belief or value he cannot overturn. Azazel and Beelzebub are so taken in that they want to become his students. Meanwhile Hebi and her manager see Akutabe and hire him to keep the stalker at bay. Akutabe returns to his office to see the sudden change in character of Sakuma and the demons. Teary Sakuma pleads to her boss to get Okada and Hebi to get married as desired by the fatty. Akutabe reveals he was hired by Hebi and is going to turn Okada in to the police. With Akutabe smashing Azazel with the magazine, Okada makes a run for it and dives out the window! Woah! Fat guy can run and jump! Beelzebub carries him away. With Sakuma taking Azazel away, Akutabe starts thinking about their altered values instead of change in character. He needs to find the grimoire to dispel the spell on them. He thought it would be hard to find but it seems it is in the hands of Salamander! Just like any other lizard, it loses its fake tail to escape. With the grimoire in his hands, Akutabe is amazed a beginner like Okada could use a grimoire. Later he summons another demon, Undine. But from the looks of it, this fish demon may be another idiot. Yeah, she’s like a woman desperate for love. So desperate that she fell into Akutabe’s ruse to form a contract with him. Must be feeling used and tossed aside, eh? But she loves his brutality and as explained, she has this penchant of falling for lousy guys each time she fails to get married. And when she climaxes, she transforms into the species that she falls in love with. In this case, a human. Akutabe lets her watch TV while he goes out. While watching a TV show on happily newlywed couples, Undine got so jealous of their happiness that she changes the beautiful wife into a burly caveman! Oh F*CK!!! Akutabe notes her ability is jealousy, the kind of power that drives away happiness and is going to use it against them.

Episode 4
Sakuma and her demons are in Okada’s place. His room is creepily filled with posters of Hebi. She is appalled he starts eating his snack instead of finding a job to support his to-be family. Okada’s reply is that Hebi is rich anyway and so he doesn’t have to work. Salamander gives Sakuma the lions of Africa as example. Females do all the work, right? Yeah, now Sakuma thinks NEET guys are cool. Then they get down to discussion on how to make Okada meet Hebi. But the problem is Akutabe will be with her. They think one of them should sneak in with him to easily locate her. Since the demons are too scared of Akutabe, I guess Sakuma will have to do the job. Sakuma returns to the agency with pretence that she has changed back (when she hasn’t). But she gets harassed by jealous Undine. Then Akutabe gets a call to meet Hebi as Sakuma relates this information to her comrades. The demons drag themselves to the scene though it is obvious their fear of seeing Akutabe is still there. Akutabe is in a car with Hebi and he starts saying how she is damn pretty. This irks Undine as she turns her eyelids into single instead of doubles. This pisses off Akutabe as he wants her to do more than that! Akutabe continues his praising for Hebi’s beauty as Sakuma waits outside the car. The demons arrive but I think they’re still panicking and fooling around. When Okada comes up to the car, he recognizes this is not Hebi. Yeah, who the heck is that fat ugly broad!!! Okada wants to give up but Salamander refuses to let him. That’s when Akutabe appears. Oh, it’s that evil aura… Beelzebub powers up by eating sh*t but was easily deflected by him! Then Akutabe throws an umbrella that stabs right through the mouths of the demons! Demon shish kebab anyone? Akutabe then apologizes to Undine and the latter suddenly forgives him! As explained, whenever Undine feels happy, her curses are lifted so Hebi is back to the beauty she once is. Then he kicks away Undine. Back to the same ol’ abuse, eh? Still clinging to him? Akutabe warns Okada that since he has dabbled with the grimoire, he will receive his punishment. As for the other demons, they’re tied to some torture device and Akutabe is going to settle some unfinished business with them. Holy sh*t! He’s got a chainsaw!!!

Episode 5
Sakuma notices Akutabe’s new lizard pet. Actually he is Okada and this is the punishment he received. He warns Sakuma to use the grimoire properly or else. Meanwhile some odd guy named Sariel is in the crowded train and he is noting everyone’s f*cked up attitude of not helping but ignoring a girl being molested. But he too doesn’t help her and gets off instead! So what the f*ck is he talking about justice and the teachings of God and all?! So the girl’s saviour is Sakuma who teaches that molester a lesson by using Beelzebub and unravel his true nature. Yeah, that police officer strips naked and confesses to his sins before being arrested. As revealed, Sariel is actually an angel and could feel a demon summoner close but couldn’t pinpoint the exact location. Angels do not save people but to bring proper order and justice to Earth. That’s why they can’t get involve when humans are doing something despicable among themselves. So much for believing in God, eh? That’s why all the war in the world just passed by without God’s intervention because angels have only been passively watching them. But if that balance is interfered by the presence of demons, then they have to get into the action. Angels versus demons? Sounds like a typical epic battle that stretches back to who knows when. Sakuma along with Azazel and Beelzebub are at a small advertising agency and the owner Fujisaki shows them and ugly mascot called Namaste for his curry. Each agency was supposed to submit their own mascot designs but it seemed another agency had come out with an identical mascot. He wants Sakuma to find out the spy. Calling all the staff and using Beelzebub to reveal their true nature, it seems she got more than she bargained for when all the staffs just badmouth how terrible Fujisaki is. There goes his reputation… Sakuma returns to Akutabe to request for a proper demon to solve this case since Beelzebub’s wasn’t useful. He gives her Moloch whose ability is tyranny. I don’t know how fearsome this cow demon is but Azazel and Beelzebub tremble in fear upon seeing him! Later meeting Fujisaki at the bar, he reveals how every woman in his agency started a battle royale death match. Yeah, he thought there were just Lover A and B. It seems there were C, D, E and F too! Yeah, it sure became one big mess. So back to business, Fujisaki explains his security is perfect in the sense that he made sure no data was leaked and any related documents properly shredded. Then Sakuma spots a Namaste drawing on the wine and shows it to him. Heck, the bar is filled of those drawings! As explained by the waitress, she drew that when he was drunk and got into a fight with the rival agency next to him. So there’s no spy to begin with? Beelzebub and Azazel try to calm Moloch down seeing that he didn’t had a chance to be useful. Sakuma tells him to behave so I’m not sure why he sticks his own horns into his own nose. But that’s not the end of it yet. Fujisaki won’t let Sakuma off easily seeing she exposed all his dirty relations and thinks he should get some ‘payment’ from her. Unfazed, she uses Beelzebub to make him have a terrible stomach ache. At that time, Sariel senses the use of demonic powers nearby.

Episode 6
Still oblivious to purse snatchers or suiciders, Sariel finds himself in front of a sleazy bar and some gay guy forces him in. Meanwhile Sakuma blackmails Fujisaki to pay up or else. Is it she’s drunk or is it she’s serious for real? Three million yen? Man, she’s getting good at this. Sariel is forced to watch a pathetic trio-men stage performance as a call girl sits next to him and chat. Sakuma and Fujisaki return to their seats as the former pleads for discount. Beelzebub suggests Sakuma conclude their discussion soon because if Moloch goes out of control, no one can stop him. Besides, he is eager to put his ability to use. As Fujisaki eats beef jerky, he mocks how much it sucks. Moloch’s anger builds up and finally blows his top! Before he could unleash his power, Fujisaki is thrilled with Moloch’s cuteness and thinks he’ll make a fine curry mascot! Trying to hide Moloch by referring to the grimoire, a bar staff confiscates it thinking it’s the karaoke catalogue but his boss tells him to give it back to her. During the struggle, the grimoire fell into Sariel’s hands. Realizing Sakuma as the summoner, he tells her he is taking this grimoire and disappears. Outside, the gang see him flying away to the heavens with angelic wings. Suddenly Moloch starts vanishing and the only thing left behind is his ring. Azazel and Beelzebub weep inconsolably. Sakuma thought demons don’t die but as she found out, once their grimoire is taken away to Heaven, a demon’s soul can no longer remain in this world. So yup. Moloch’s dead. Sakuma tells this to Akutabe but he had no reaction. She felt bad for Azazel and Beelzebub and realizes that even though they are demons, they still grief when their friends die. One day Sakuma thought she saw Moloch standing in the room. To her happiness, she goes to hug him but found out it was a prank by Azazel because this Moloch is just a blown up doll created by Fujisaki as his curry’s mascot. Worse, Beelzebub and Azazel return to their normal ways of fooling around. Like as though they never cared for Moloch in the first place. Oh, demons…

Episode 7
Undine is using a mandrake for her he-loves-me-he-loves-me-not. Yeah, hear the mandrake scream each time its leaf is plucked. Sakuma finds a kid in the office, Koutarou Douchin who doesn’t remember about his recent grandpa’s funeral. Seems his contracted monkey demon, Gusion ate his memories as it specializes in forgetfulness and eats human memories. Because Douchin is the grandson of an old acquaintance who owed Akutabe lots of money, he decides to put him to work and has Sakuma act as his guardian at school. Yeah, Douchin is being rude to her so she doesn’t want to do it. Undine’s monstrous parents come by and are worried their daughter isn’t married and has found the perfect proposal for her. But she is not happy because there is a certain guy she loves and defies them when Akutabe summons her. At first Undine was trying to act tough that he didn’t care for her. The moment he apologizes, she starts getting apologetic and that everything wasn’t his fault. Akutabe continues to abuse Undine who thinks she’s just a stand-in after he got rejected by that four-eyed whore. Akutabe is glad to send her back if she doesn’t want to do the babysitting job. Yeah, her blind love has her accepting it even if it’s lots of pain. Emotional and physical. Douchin and Undine are in the headmistress’ office as Douchin complains he should’ve been with that Sakuma babe. Undine threatens to feed him to the fishes if he steps out of line. They are waiting for Douchin’s homeroom teacher, Himoi to show up. Hmm… Looks like a handsome and nice guy. Must be so nice that the headmistress even hugs him upon entering. Yeah, so easygoing he allows it. Undine starts blushing and is in a dilemma when Himoi touches her hands. She thinks it’s a proposal? Undine thinks she has found her new love and if Akutabe is not going to reciprocate it, she’d rather be with this new guy who can. Because Himoi is such an easygoing person, he signs a contract with Undine without reading or understanding it. I don’t know if Himoi is trying to accommodate everyone because he agrees to say “I love you” to Undine. He’s even saying it without breaking a sweat. Douchin is like so duh over everything and accidentally breaks the vase. She becomes inconsolable because it was the vase Himoi bought for her. Seeing she won’t listen anymore, Douchin orders Gusion to eat her memories. Yeah, I guess she forget everything about Himoi, eh? See how full Gusion is with all those memories?

Episode 8
Himoi introduces Douchin to his class. Everybody is so ugly… He is more annoyed when Undine is going to stay next to him. Worse, Himoi allows her. Himoi is so popular with the girls and even the guys, that everyone forgave him for whatever he had done. I guess the only pretty girl in class which caught the attention of Douchin, also caught Undine’s attention. Yeah, she tries to strangle her! Then she turns her face into an old hag due to her jealousy as Himoi brings her to the infirmary. Undine continues to tail Himoi and each time a pretty woman comes up to him, she turns her into an ugly fag. Undine confronts Himoi to ask which is more important. She or his work. Work, says he. Undine snaps and turns the entire school into an Apocalyptic desecrated future with the students as the slave and the teachers the merciless slave drivers!!! Is this Mad Max?! Even the headmistress is a muscular tough ass b*tch!!! Douchin runs back to Akutabe for help but he says Himoi is at fault since he was the one who formed a contract with Undine. Speaking of which, she is watching the ‘beautiful’ scenery with Himoi on the school top. She mentions about him saying he loves her but he doesn’t remember. Undine snaps and notes it is over for them. Seeing he has denied those words, Himoi will have to pay the ultimate price of the grimoire. He turned into a fish. Douchin arrives too late as he sees Undine lamenting about her failed love and that she should’ve never fallen in love with this jerk. Douchin starts to remember that he may be the one at fault because when he ordered Gusion to eat the headmistress’ memories, he also ate Himoi’s. However he dismisses it and needs to find a way to return the school to normal (Gusion also at the fish). Douchin wises up from what he has learnt and cheers Undine up by saying she’s a fine woman. Okay, with her being all happy, she’s starting to annoy Douchin. He gets sneaky and lies about Akutabe getting mad upon learning she was with another guy. With the school returning to normal, Douchin orders Gusion to eat everyone’s memories and also add more fire to the fuel. He’s painting a lovely picture to Undine that Akutabe loves so much and the reason he abused her is that he was shy and just his love turned on in his head. With that, Undine constantly gets kicked away by furious Akutabe but doesn’t mind the abuse because she thinks it’s his form of love. Douchin must be loving it…

Episode 9
Sakuma is acting weird lately. She leaves her work as soon as she can. Beelzebub blames Azazel for sexually harassing her to a point she may just quit. They get this idea to tail her so Akutabe releases Beelzebub’s magical barrier for this occasion. Wow! He looks like a handsome prince! This is his actual form in the demon world. Yeah, every girl is going to swoon over him. As for Azazel, he’s just a poodle. They see Sakuma waiting at the university and meeting a hyper active otaku guy. He can’t be her boyfriend because she is maintaining a distance between them. Following them to a room filled with hardcore otakus, they see her put on a cosplay. Seems she resembles very much like the character in Strawberry Warrior, Ichigo Norahano! The otaku guy who is the club president starts snapping away like mad. Sakuma isn’t fond of doing this and flashback tells us all this happened a week ago. She found it hard to keep up with lecture due to her detective work and noted how this otaku guy took notes at lightning speed. Needing his notes badly, she agrees to do anything for it. At first I thought his notes were just fake scribbles but it seems it’s the real deal. Yeah, don’t look down on otakus… So there you have it. How Sakuma ended up in this odd position. Her pride on the line for those notes. Yeah, she’s really getting into her character (no matter how much she is trying to hold in her disgust). As she hops around chanting trademark lines from the series, she lands the final blow in the president’s head. Strawberry Strike! A cue that he has to live up to his end? Beelzebub and Azazel though appalled, left the scene thinking she’ll return to normal once her exams are over. As Sakuma changes, the rest tries to entice her into joining the club. I guess without her specs, she can’t see a damn thing so she didn’t notice everyone peeping at her changing! Though Sakuma asserts she has no interest in such a club, the president hands her a leaflet to at least attend a big event in 3 weeks. Sakuma inadvertently acts and talks like Strawberry Warrior back in the office. Akutabe is still upset she doesn’t do her job properly so the demons tell him about the Strawberry Warrior via internet. Akutabe doesn’t believe Sakuma is into that cosplay crap and warns the demons that if Sakuma leaves here, they should very well aware what will happen to them. So get her back!!!

Episode 10
Sakuma attends the Comiket with her fellow otakus as they are serving curry. Their booth is raking in the money since other people totally love the idea of the Strawberry Warrior serving them curry with ice cream topping. Yuck! Beelzebub and Azazel are also there and couldn’t stand her moe talking. They cut the queue to be a customer. After ordering, they slam the dish into her face! Sakuma washes up and realizes this handsome guy is Beelzebub. Yeah, they’ve seen all her embarrassing act. She pleads not to tell Akutabe but it seems they’re ordered by him to get her back. Sakuma breaks down thinking she could make more money this way instead of that crappy detective work when her otaku friend comes in. She screams for help but she got taken in by Beelzebub’s handsomeness instead. Yeah, she thought that was a fine cosplay. So much so she wants this prince to help them! He agrees. But look at that devilish sparkle in his eyes! The curry booth gets popular with the girls streaming in. The gang didn’t anticipate such a big crowd and need to get more curry ingredients. One of them opens the fridge to find a tupperware and mixes it. Oh dear. Do I think what this is? Meanwhile Sakuma is counting all the cash she could have her hands on (yeah, she’s turning into money face) when she hears a tear jerking story from another otaku comrade how they all have painful pasts. In this club, everyone can express themselves for the first time and is their only real home. She is glad she could meet everyone. Sakuma also gets emotional. Beelzebub takes a break but finds his snack in the fridge gone! Oh sh*t! Suddenly everyone starts collapsing!!! With them being wheeled into the ambulance, the police are going to take a statement from the curry booth. Suddenly Sakuma dashes away, not wanting to have anything to do with them. Haha! See all the stash of money hidden in her hat she dropped! Soon the club is disbanded, miraculously everyone who got poisoned lives and Sakuma returns to office, slightly bitter and embarrassed though still proclaiming it wasn’t her fault. Not as bitter as Beelzebub because he thinks he too is an innocent victim! Azazel hopes she has learnt her lesson and will not quit this agency. Akutabe tells her she can quit but Sakuma asserts that she won’t quit so Akutabe is relieved to hear that because he doesn’t want to resort to blackmail with pictures of her cosplay! The true demon! So thinking of quitting? And have a feast with the Strawberry Warrior theme song as the ending…

Episode 11
Seems pictures of Sakuma’s cosplay is uploaded on the internet. But that isn’t the real concern. Beelzebub’s true form was also in the picture. If angels see this and followed Sakuma here, what do you think would happen? But not to worry, Akutabe has put a strong barrier on the building. But you can never be too careful because some tramp-like angel is watching them from outside. He is Zeruel and loves mountains. He has climbed the captivating peaks of the world for the past 200 years for grimoires and recently realizes that there are no grimoires there! So he started surfing through the internet (porn sites?!) and saw the picture of Sakuma’s cosplay with Beelzebub. It was funny to see Zeruel proclaiming the gentle giant he is but he chews the innocent little flower like his lunch! Then a bunch of kids teased this hippie of wanting to increase his flower power but I guess he is too creepily happy for them to carry on. Zeruel steps into the office but is zapped by its barrier. Sakuma greets the landlady, Kanetomo at the door. She reminds them about their unpaid rent this month and is not going to let them off lightly. She smoothly enters the room and ransacks Sakuma’s snacks and wallet for payment. Yeah, Sakuma lost 3,000 Yen to her and she wants the balance to be paid by the end of the day as promised. Zeruel meets Kanetomo sweeping outside and wants her to go bring him a grimoire. However she starts beating up this tramp and tells him never to come back! An angel lost to an old hag? Back in his home in Heaven, while having dinner with his mom, she is politely reminding him about his job to obtain a grimoire and not to take the long way. That’s because she heard Sariel recovered one and got a big promotion. Suddenly Zeruel gets violent and beats up his mom, trashing the place and reminds her not to tell him how to do his job!!! WTF?! You call this an angel?! Zeruel needs to find a way to deal with that landlady since the deadline to hand in the grimoire is tomorrow. Sakuma’s plan to turn Kanetomo into a good-natured old lady has her summoning Salamander. However the lizard starts getting rude and starts ranting about women’s dominance. You know, he could’ve got into lots of trouble if the women rights group hear this. Then all the sexual innuendoes of teaching them to obedience of their social standing via doggy position but Azazel joins the fray by mentioning he likes Sakuma on top. So Salamander and Azazel get off-topic arguing with each other about women being the source of the world’s misery, climate change, calamity, employment instability, etc. Women rights group, where are you? Sakuma zaps them and it seems Salamander kinda likes the pain! He is going to cut his stomach for uttering those words but is stopped by Azazel. Sakuma thinks she should put on a little act to capture Kanetomo’s heart.

Episode 12
Sakuma goes to see Kanetomo and acts out a tear-jerking performance. But the old hag isn’t buying it. Even if Sakuma’s bad acting sucks big time like how she is seeing her own grandma in Kanetomo, the old lady is somewhat touched. Using this chance, Sakuma starts saying how she is a good person. When Kanetomo agrees and repeats those lines, Salamander takes those words and stuck it into her. Now she really turns into a good lady. She starts apologizing for mistreating her so Sakuma becomes the devil and orders her to return her money!!! With interest! Kids, don’t ever be like her. Instead of getting back thirty thousand, Kanetomo gives her 3 million Yen! Woah! Was she this loaded?! Sakuma’s conscious starts working as she couldn’t take the money even if Kanetomo is petting her cheeks with it to take them. In this case when you should have a devil and an angel on your shoulder to decide, heck, Sakuma has 3 demons to coax her into taking the money!!! Ultimately Sakuma’s good side wins over and couldn’t take it but Kanetomo still insists of giving it to her. How the hell does it end up like a boxing match? In the end, Sakuma runs away. Zeruel is outside trying to plan his next move when he sees Kanetomo. He is surprised of her change in character and orders her to get a grimoire. She agrees to help out. Meanwhile the demons are playing mahjong and as usual Beelzebub wins. Azazel makes Sakuma go to the convenience store to get some snacks and since the loser (Azazel) refuses to accompany her (because she can’t carry all those stuff they requested by herself), Beelzebub the gentleman will do so. Azazel uses this chance to shuffle the tiles to his advantage but luckily Salamander is there to keep an eye on the cheater. Once Sakuma and Beelzebub leave, Kanetomo goes into Akutabe’s office. Since Beelzebub and Salamander are busy fighting, they didn’t notice her slipping in. Besides, ordinary humans can’t see demons too. Inside the forbidden room, Kanetomo takes a grimoire belonging to Beelzebub as described by Zeruel. Speaking of that angel, he is being beaten up by Akutabe and being told to get his ass away from here. Yup, he doesn’t care if he’s a messenger of God. Kanetomo runs to protect Zeruel so Akutabe leaves and warns him an amateur like him can’t break his barrier. She also gives him the package containing the grimoire. Akutabe returns to his office and breaks up the silly fight. He tells them an angel was spying outside. However he has a bad feeling in his heart and goes to check his room just in case. True enough, he sees Beelzebub’s grimoire missing. Azazel becomes distraught because Beelzebub will die for real. Ironically during the mahjong game, he did tell that guy to die. So now it’s going to come true! Akutabe rushes down and wonders how the hell the angel got hold of the grimoire. His worst fears confirmed as Zeruel flies off to heaven with the grimoire proclaiming victory. Sakuma and Beelzebub are walking back from the convenience store when the latter suddenly disappears.

Episode 13
When Sakuma returns, she finds the demons crying and thought something happened. She thought Azazel was joking when she learns Beelzebub died and feels he may have just came back before her. However Akutabe who never jokes tells her what happened and so true tears start flowing from Sakuma’s eyes. Isn’t it deja vu again? Zeruel returns to his mom and relays the good news. She is going to make a feast as celebration but first Zeruel needs to return the grimoire. In the halls of God (looking somewhat like a shadowy character. No pun intended), the Lord starts making a penis figure with finger shadow as a joke! WTF?! WTF???!!! To laugh or not to laugh? Of course God says he can laugh at his dirty jokes if he finds it funny. Thinking Zeruel is fond of poop jokes, he makes one out of it!!!!!!!! WTF???!!! All his angels start thinking how funny He is and will try to popularize it in the human world. But God thinks they’re saying it because He said so and doesn’t think it’s necessary. He mentions he wants to meet someone funnier and loves those who please Him. Since Zeruel brought Him a grimoire, He loves him. God wants to see the grimoire he brought but when Zeruel takes it to show Him, I guess the Lord didn’t take this as a joke. What’s this 3 million Yen in his hand? Did he misplace the grimoire? Suddenly we see God’s eyes turning into demon-like and considering Zeruel has failed, he is going to face punishment as the deadline has passed. What happened? This. Kanetomo goes to see Sakuma and explain things. She hands her Beelzebub’s grimoire (Akutabe pissed upon knowing she’s the culprit). When Zeruel asked her to bring the grimoire, she couldn’t turn him down and sneaked into the room to get it. However as a good lady, she feels it’s not right to take things without permission. Then realizing the 3 million Yen Sakuma rejected, she slipped it into the package thinking this is what the homeless man needs and with this amount of money, he can get all the books he wants. So Sakuma’s good side saved the day, huh? But this means Beelzebub is still alive, right? But where? Sakuma and Azazel go out to search and they find him eating disgusting sh*t in the alley! Seems when he was walking back with Sakuma, he gave in to his demon instincts when he spotted a dog doing its business. Azazel starts mocking that sh*t eater and tells him to go die but Beelzebub snaps and charges towards them! Don’t want poo all over you, do ‘ya? They run but trip. Beelzebub inches closer as Sakuma reads a spell from his grimoire to make him explode. So did he die for good? Well, at least it’s raining sh*t over town. Meanwhile God has severed Zeruel’s wings, confiscates his halo and exiles him to the world of humans below. See what happens if you defy the Lord? Wondering of his future, he may live a quiet human life or curse Him and become a demon to oppose Him. He is fine either way as long He is entertained. Is this really the true face of God?! Is it a wonder why his angels suck up to Him and even deny if He asks if He is egocentric? Poor Zeruel’s mom still waiting for her son to show up for the feast.

Actually this OVA came out more than a year before the TV series hit the airwaves. In the demon world, we see Azazel and Moloch in their truly fearsome forms talking about work. Moloch shows him a ring from Marie Antoinette he received as a sacrifice for doing some high profile assassination job. Though it is said that to summon a demon, the sacrifice must be of substantial value to the summoner. Azazel envies Moloch getting such cool sacrifices and all he got was just pig legs and Gundam legs. Suddenly he is being summoned by Sakuma. Preparing himself for the job, he is disheartened that she summoned him as practice! Yeah, he can go back now. He gets tough with her so he makes him wash windows as his job. Haha. Should’ve shut up. Sakuma thinks of summoning Beelzebub as practice and follows the instructions. However when her summoning fails, she notices a different symbol and realizes she has summoned Moloch. Moloch realized he has turned into a cute cow form in this world! As Azazel explains, due to Akutabe’s anti-demon barrier, they’ll end up like cute pathetic-looking creatures. Moloch plans to kill Akutabe but first jabs Sakuma’s butt to demand for his sacrifice. She makes him a curry dish but he slaps her and throws the dish on the floor. As punishment, he turns her into a cow! See her grow extra pair of boobs as the demons sing to Old McDonald’s Farm tune! Poor Sakuma crying and apologizing on all fours! Their happy hour is interrupted when Akutabe returns. Azazel quickly pins the blame all on Moloch. Akutabe sees the curry on the floor and orders Moloch to eat it or he’ll kill him! Moloch starts shivering in fear upon knowing how scary he is. He obeys and eats the curry, returning Sakuma back to her normal self. Then Moloch realizes it is beef curry he is eating! Oh man. It’s like eating your own kind but Akutabe forces him to finish it all! In the end, Moloch is reduced to tears and Azazel had to console that poor cow back to the demon realm! Akutabe tells Sakuma that she’s lucky he was here. A little longer and something irrevocable might have happened. He reminds her to pay full attention to the grimoires she reads next time. Let this be a lesson.

This one comes out after the TV series ended and lasts longer. 25 minutes long. Taking place after the fourth episode, Azazel tries to cheer Sakuma up with his sexual harassment jokes. She is not amused and warns she is learning a spell that will cause him pain. Not heeding, she invokes the spell that brings ultimate pain to his crotch. Ouch! Since Akutabe is leaving on a business trip for 3 days, he needs Sakuma to take on a job during his absence. She is reluctant at first till she realizes the thick envelope of money as reward he will give. Wow. She’s so motivated and eager to get the job done and dragging Azazel along. They meet the client, Saori who wants something done about her boyfriend, Seiya. Azazel can’t help mock her sh*t-like hairstyle… Seiya works in a male host club and seeing he wants to be number one, he doesn’t give a damn about Saori and will dump her when he achieves that. To Sakuma’s surprise, Seiya can see demons even if he’s not a demon user. Something about God’s gift to those who can see demons as they lack some human trait? Sakuma denies it because she thinks she’s normal unlike all the demon users she has met. Why is she asking Azazel for assurance? Anyway from the talk, Azazel realizes he is a moronic gigolo. Stupid as he is. From orders by Sakuma, Azazel induces free-f*cking and has all the women flocking to f*ck Seiya!!! Because Azazel has a proposition for him, he brings Seiya back to Akutabe’s forbidden room and wants to make a deal with him. If he signs a contract with him, he can get all the ladies he wants. Of course Azazel’s ulterior motive is to get a harem for himself. Seiya needs to take Azazel’s grimoire from Sakuma. Demons can’t touch other grimoire or else they’ll end up being in a ‘twisted’ position. I guess dumb Seiya did try that on Azazel. Azazel feigns sickness so that Seiya can still the grimoire from her hands as both the perpetrators run away. Sakuma realizes she’s in sh*t and has no choice but to summon Beelzebub for help. Seems that demon is acting cocky and rude just because Akutabe isn’t around. She forces half-hearted Sakuma to beg for his help if she wants it so badly. We learn when a human loses a grimoire, he/she loses their will to maintain contract with the demon. Not only he/she will be heavily penalized, they’ll never be able to contract a demon again. Of course Sakuma isn’t going to become a cow again but soon it hit her. If she undergoes this punishment, her contract with Beelzebub will be terminated as well. Nothing wrong, right? Till Beelzebub he will be forced to be Akutabe’s demon again! No way! Yeah, better help her get that grimoire back. In addition, if the thief holds the grimoire for more than 48 hours, that thief becomes the new master. But if the demon returns to his original master within that time frame, there will be no repercussions. The duo go back to the host club but learnt he has quit his job. Using Beelzebub’s forced exposure, they learn he got transferred to the finest host club where all elites go.

Seiya is scoring with the ladies in the new host club and Azazel too having his mini harem. In no time all the women of the world will be under his empire. He sees Sakuma and Beelzebub at the host club and expected them anyway. Seiya goes to host Sakuma and he is still a moron. Sakuma seems pretty serious and she’s not acting! She shows him the lizard. The punishment he’ll get if he summons a demon half-assed. Making him reveal the grimoire, which is just under his shirt, Seiya isn’t going to give it to her and runs away. They chase but all the ladies block their path. King Azazel appears and tells them he is holding the true power. The power of women! But Beelzebub begs to differ and uses his stomach ache power on every woman. Yeah, see them rush and fight for the toilet! Suddenly Azazel apologizes and promises to be a good demon. What a dramatic u-turn! However upon realizing Sakuma is sleeping (standing?!) due to the drink she had, Azazel changes again and with Seiya, ties her and Beelzebub up. Beelzebub tries to worm his way out by wanting to join forces with Azazel and serve under his rule but Azazel is going to send him back to Akutabe anyway. Sakuma seems pretty confident because she knows they’re going to get punishment from Akutabe and will cry like babies! Suddenly Akutabe comes in! Azazel panics! Oh wait, it’s just somebody who looks like him. Phew. Haha. But he panicked, right? Azazel and Seiya continue to have fun as the former realizes the latter being annoying and dumb but at least he is easy to manipulate. Seiya feels the need to go to the toilet (man, there are lots of women in here too!). He realizes there is no tissue paper left so how does he wipe his butt? With a couple of pages from the grimoire! Azazel is horrified that dumbass desecrated the grimoire and suddenly Seiya turns into a praying mantis! With that all the ladies are free from the spell and leave the building. Azazel gets desperate for any one of them to make a contract with him but none are listening. He will offer them anything and it seems one took up the offer: Sakuma. Oh dear. She how much sweat he is excreting? He knows he is in sh*t. Very deep sh*t. Since being goody-goody won’t work, he is resolved to take Sakuma’s punishment. I mean, how bad can it be? Even if it does hurt, all he needs to do is endure it. Then he realized her chanting is somewhat long. Oh sh*t. What kind of spell is she reciting? The kind that explodes him to pieces! OH SH************T!!! Beelzebub saw the terrifying power of Sakuma and I think he’s starting to respect and not play around with this woman. Back in the office, Azazel is still alive albeit he is like Frankenstein because his skin is being pieced back together like a jigsaw puzzle. Sakuma’s body is aching all over due to tremendous spell she used. Flipping through Azazel’s grimoire, she finds the torn pages back to normal and promises to take good care of the grimoire. She plans to tell Akutabe about the incident. Azazel pleads to let it slide but Beelzebub sides with Sakuma. But she too is going to tell on his betrayal too. No mercy! Real sh*t is going to happen…

Baka Shimasu Yo, Azazel-san
I have to say that this series is very enjoyable because I was laughing out loud at all the funny and silly moments, no matter how absurd it was. To think that demons were this useful and useless at the same time, it really makes you feel that you don’t need to fear them. Well, at least for the demons in this series. I’m not sure if it’s the cutesy looking form they have become that makes them less menacing but from the antics that we have so far seen, it is safe to say that if you do your homework a little bit, you can actually have full control over them, ordering them to do whatever you want.

The best and coolest character of the series has got to be Akutabe. This serious, no nonsense guy is someone you don’t want to mess with and I’m pretty sure he is the only character in the series which doesn’t do anything that makes him end up looking like a fool. You could say that he is a real demon. If not perhaps the Demon King himself! I mean, he’s not even afraid of angels and I think if he is confronted with God, I think he can be on par with Almighty’s power and stand up to Him. Speaking of God, it is amusing to see that the Lord has a different and lighter side. But if you make Him mad, you really will receive your punishment. I’m just really curious who He is and if there is going to be another season produced, I’m hoping that they will shed more light on this and maybe an ultimate showdown between devils and angels. I’m thinking, if there is a Heaven, then there must be Hell too, right? And with these kind of hopeless demons we’ve seen so far, I’m starting to think that Hell isn’t such a scary place after all. Unless Hell has an equally ferocious and powerful Demon King, Hell will be really screwed if there is to be a Holy War. And yeah, it seems harsh that angels don’t really help us humans if they deem demons do not have a part in it. No wonder crime is flourishing. That’s why humans are self destructing. So what happened to that Sariel guy? He got promoted for bringing back a grimoire, so? Then we never hear of him again. Zeruel procrastinated and paid the ultimate price. Honestly, he should have checked the package first before even leaving his house to see God. So he deserved what he got. Another point to ponder. If angels have been searching for grimoires for ages in this small planet, shouldn’t they have retrieved them all? Shouldn’t God the omniscient know all its location? Unless they don’t have enough angels to do the job or either that some angels like Zeruel is slacking in their job. Shouldn’t God know about that too?

As for Sakuma, clearly her character has somewhat changed during her course of part time job at Akutabe’s agency. From someone who would feel guilty about causing grief to others, she slowly learns to use the grimoire and get the better of the demons she is currently contracted with. At this rate, she can be another demon only second to Akutabe. Of course her main motivation is money. Seeing hard cold cash would just instantly get her to complete any job. Yeah, money is the root of evil. However she hasn’t totally lost her humanity to the dark side as demonstrated by the last bit with Kanetomo. I’m sure she can make turn into a full-fledge demon summoner in the future if she properly does her job. That way she won’t end up turning into some animal. Just thinking about Himoi’s carefree case. I thought there was something more to it but it seems he was just a lenient anything-goes guy till the end that got him punished. I guess he wouldn’t know what hit him even when he turned into a fish.

Even if this series has Azazel’s name in it, I feel he really didn’t stand out much as the titular character. I mean he does hog the spotlight but his role is somewhat like a comic relief, making sexual harassing jokes, getting beaten up (and bloody too) and breaking the fourth wall about not having enough screen time appearance or about his bloodied and mangled disposition just as the series is starting. After all, a demon that specializes in lust, what else more can he really do, right? Beelzebub may seem polite at first due to his family lineage but he too becomes berserk at times. This is evident when you see that crazy expression on his face. In this mode, sometimes Azazel bears the brunt of his slicing, gets decapitated. But you know, demons can’t really die this way. I thought Moloch was going to be another addition to this bunch but sadly his character was killed off in the TV series (I felt it was on purpose) without him demonstrating his tyranny power. So he really died, eh? Salamander may look tough but he’s just as idiotic as the rest if you show him who is boss. Don’t get intimidated by his words, sword threats and spit. Just be careful of what you say because it can be used against you ;). Undine is another funny demon. She’s really desperate for love especially now that she has become a masochist for Akutabe’s love. I was hoping she would make some sort of appearance at the end but seeing her nature and getting easily jealous, I guess that’s why Akutabe didn’t summon her. I mean, you don’t summon a demon if you don’t need the demon to do a job. But why Azazel and Beelzebub are hanging out at the agency as though it’s like their second home? Hey, what happened to Kyoko? That demon girl Azazel was f*cking? Haven’t heard of her since.

Apart for a handful of characters, every other character is drawn in an ugly way. Yes. Those thick lips, those un-pretty eyes, those moronic facial expressions, those armpit hair sticking out. It’s such a turn off that they not only look hideous but so much so hilarious. I don’t know whether to laugh or to feel disgusted. So horrible their looks that I may start to think that they may be aliens or demons themselves. I know, humans are ugly creatures by nature and I think that’s what they’re trying to convey here through their ugly looks too. As mentioned, the comedy factor is absurd and nonsensical. But if you can’t stand blood, then it’s better you don’t watch this series because there’s going to be lots of them gushing and spewing out like a water fountain. Although it serves as part of the humour but things can get really bloody. Don’t forget there are body parts exploding here and there too. Then there is this excretion and secretion jokes too. We all know Beelzebub loves eating poo, don’t we? Even if this is mosaic out, so have you lost your appetite yet? And there is one whereby Azazel and Beelzebub were so afraid that their pee could make a mini rainbow! Funny or disgusting, you tell me.

Rina Satou was recognizable as Sakuma because there were certain times her expression sounded closely similar to To Aru Kagaku No Railgun’s Misaka or Amagami SS’s Kaoru. Masaya Onosaka as Azazel also did a splendid job in making that demon a loudmouth, selfish, lustful but comical idiot. I guess doing some idiotic character roles like Vash in Trigun, Ah-kun in Moetan and Isaac in Baccano made him suitable for this job. Hiroshi Kamiya as Beelzebub was also equally good in making the character flipping between polite and crazy. This is the guy who voiced Nozomu in Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei. Who could forget Yu Kobayashi’s crazy trademark voice as Undine? I certainly see nobody else who could voice that zany fish. Roles like this should make use of her powerful crazy voice like how she has demonstrated in Gintama’s Ayame and Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei’s Kaede/Kaere. Rie Kugimiya makes a cameo as Kyoko and that’s why I feel it’s a shame that she had no further appearance other than that single one. It may seem odd her role is to a demon character as it isn’t her conventional tsundere loli roles like Aria in Hidan No Aria or Louise in Zero No Tsukaima. Other casts include Daisuke Namikawa as Akutabe (Kazehaya in Kimi Ni Todoke), Kazuya Nakai as Salamander (Hijikata in Gintama), Tesshou Genda as Moloch (Runa’s dad in Seto No Hanayome), Ryoko Shiraishi as Douchin (Hayate in Hayate No Gotoku), Junko Minagawa as Kanetomo (Ryouma in Prince Of Tennis), Kenichi Suzumura as Himoi (Kairi in Peach Girl), Takeshi Kusao as Sariel (Hanamichi in Slam Dunk) and Keiji Fujiwara as Zeruel (Sven in Black Cat).

There is only an opening theme for the TV series, entitled Pandemic by Chihiro Yonekura. Well, the verses sounded devilish before reverting to a typical anime pop-like chorus. Of course the special ending theme for that Strawberry Warrior episode called Strawberry Magic Nyorin by Hiro Nakajima. The final TV episode’s Like A Party by Team Nekokan featuring Chihiro Yonekura feels like a song for a light party to a bossanova beat. For the OVA, there isn’t any opening theme but the ending song is the classical music, Over The Waves. Feels odd that they put in this kind of music into the OVA. After seeing the kind of bloody humour, do you feel like waltzing to this tune?

So summoning demons is the same as playing with fire. Not careful and you’ll get burnt and may not escape with just a light scald. But when you are going to use such services, you should have been prepared and resolve to accept the consequences. But sometimes when you think about it, humans in general are the real devils themselves. Their hearts. They just lack the power to do anything themselves that’s why if they could, would summon a demon to do their despicable deeds. Probably because of this reason, demons (and angels too) exist. For me, I wouldn’t want to summon a demon even if the situation seems dreadful and hopeless. Not because deciphering grimoire takes a lot of meticulous work, not because demons are ferocious, not because of the harsh punishment and consequences but rather I fear I would summon an idiotic one.

Kamisama Dolls

April 22, 2012

What makes someone or something God? Is it their looks? The reverence? The awesome power that one beholds? Anyhow as long as that thing or person is viewed to be much more powerful than the average Joe, there is a high chance that you might consider that something or someone a God, right? In Kamisama Dolls, one of those ‘Gods’ comes in the form of huge mechanical woodwork. Doesn’t seem majestic but wait till you see its devastating power!

Kyouhei Kuga comes from a secluded village that ‘controls’ such giant Gods with powers known as Kakashi. Gifted people who control them with their minds are called Seki. And when you put together a God and human combo, you can always tell that there will some conflicts whatsoever because it is human nature to show off how powerful we are. Kyouhei is an ex-Seki, having giving up his position and has left the village for Tokyo. If you think if he is a country bumpkin, think again. The village may seem like a backward laidback town but like still waters run deep, there is something more than meets the eye, something dark and secretive. Or else, why would a simple and good kid like Kyouhei leave especially his family behind. And like in most clans or families that run things by the generations through the bloodlines, Kyouhei’s past slowly creeps back into his life. It’s like as though he never left. Couldn’t leave. Never will.

Episode 1
A scene of wreckage and chaos as kids are fleeing and fighting for their lives. In present time, Kyouhei arrives late for N University Sociology Department’s 7th annual party. His buddies make him the ‘sacrifice’ to go confess to Hibino Shiba (partly he likes her too and was planning to do just that). Outside the restroom, nervous Kyouhei fumbles his way and was interrupted by drunk Suou. With the massive failure, Kyouhei drowns himself with beer and sings his heart out over karaoke. While he’s unconscious, he dreams how his father allowed him to leave the village that time has forgotten since he has relinquished his rights as a Seki, though mom was against it. Even his sister Utao wasn’t too fond that her onii-chan was going away. He wakes up and finds himself sleeping on Hibino’s lap. When it’s time to go, they are horrified to see a corpse in a very bloodied elevator. The place is cordoned off as the police will have them take their statements tomorrow. Kyouhei and Hibino part ways.

As Kyouhei rides the train home, he recalls that the marks on the corpse were probably from his village. He felt somebody stalking him and rushes home. In the elevator, a Kakashi appears from the bottom. Kyouhei isn’t scared and recognizes it as Kukuri. Its Seki, Utao is waiting for Kyouhei just outside. Kyouhei notes how she hasn’t mastered controlling Kukuri yet. In his room, Kyouhei has tons of questions to ask. Why are they here since he’s not involved in the village’s customs anymore. Besides, Kukuri is the village’s most closely kept secret. Utao mentions Aki Kuga has escaped. Flashes of slaughtered bodies come to Kyouhei’s mind. Apparently someone in charge of him screwed up and after Aki learnt Kyouhei left the village, he escaped. Speaking of which, that badass kid breaks into Kyouhei’s room with his Kakashi. He mocks Utao for not being a real Seki and taunts how the village sent a little girl to capture him. Utao continues to use Kukuri to fight Aki’s Kuramitsuha but is no match. Thinking this loli needs more training, Kuramitsuha flings her out of the apartment. Kyouhei becomes mad at that crazy bastard but Aki replies it is not him who is insane, but the village. Good news is that Kukuri caught Utao. Bad news: She uses Kukuri to blast a hole in the apartment.

Next day, Hibino’s dad, Shingo (who hails from the same village as Kyouhei) picks Kyouhei and Utao up. They are going to live in his house from now on since the shrine has contacted him to look after them. And orders from the shrine cannot be disobeyed. Kyouhei remembers how the aftermath of that attack, people from the shrine came to collect Aki (man, he’s restrained in a bag for corpses?! How dangerous is this dude?!). They allow Utao to live with Kyouhei and consider it as her training. Kyouhei doesn’t like the way he was bossing him around but he quotes the shrine’s orders are absolute. Kyouhei felt in the end though he left the village, he’s still their slave. Back home, Hibino asks Shingo about this village thingy which he never talked before. He never because he wanted to protect her. He explains Karakami Village has a treasure they’ve kept since ancient times. He has Utao summon Kukuri as demonstration. Soon Hibino and Utao get acquainted and later Hibino welcomes Kyouhei to her house. Meanwhile the convoy that’s supposed to bring Aki back. Yeah, it crashed and the important ‘package’ escaped.

Episode 2
Flashback sees how Utao was in a procession to become Kukuri’s master. Detective Kyousuke Karahari and his partner are investigating the mysterious bomb blast at Kyouhei’s apartment. Kuuko Karahari of the True Science Club drags a member to the club house to conduct their true investigation of the unexplained mysteries and occult so that they can use them to destroy the so called science that dominates the world. She’s pretty confident about that… Kyouhei helps train Utao control Kukuri at the woods. He explains to Hibino the means of controlling Kakashi is passed down. Certain people are chosen to be a Seki and they put their soul into and share their heart with the Kakashi and control them. Kakashis has been used in building, logging and repelling enemies. Aki was one of that talented people but had an attitude problem and thus imprisoned. Kyouhei was once a Seki but got fired because he didn’t have enough talent. He was Kukuri’s previous owner but Utao took his place. He thinks it’s for the best as she is better at putting her heart into the Kakashi. Though she needs more concentration.

Meanwhile the only club member threatens to quit the True Science Club. But Kuuko won’t let her only slave, oops, she means member go. Heck, she doesn’t even know his name! He won’t give in to her seduction either. As they struggle in the car, little did they know that an unwatched flame will soon lead to an explosion. What do you expect with that cramped club house? So boom! The club house was near the vicinity of Kyouhei and co. First thing Utao said that it wasn’t her fault. Haha. This means she always gets blamed for the slightest thing that goes out of control, eh? The slave, er, I mean member is unconscious and is heavily pinning Kuuko down. With Kyouhei’s instructions, Utao uses Kukuri to rescue them. However she still isn’t good at controlling so she gets disheartened and feels he hates Kakashi and shouldn’t have come. But he disagrees and pats her head. Instead he was happy to see her again. That boosted Utao’s confidence as she brings the duo to safety. The compliments got to her head so she accidentally dropped them in the river. Don’t worry. They’ll be alright.

Kyouhei and Hibino attend college and the latter is worried if it’s right for Utao to stay at home all day. He mentions not to worry since she is doing correspondence courses that Seki are allowed to do via their village. Kuuko drops in on Kyouhei and Hibino at lunch. She teases them for being so close. Kyouhei gets disheartened when Hibino strongly objects but Kuuko knows this means that she could only have feelings for him. Though Kuuko got yelled at for causing the club house to be on fire, she notes there are many ways to deal with that stuff. But what puzzled her most is the big kokeshi doll-like monster. First she thought if she was dreaming but if someone did come to save her, couldn’t that person have also reported the fire? Then she sees her father, Kyousuke at school (she calls her own dad by his name). She isn’t pleased seeing her old man around. She even got the guts to twist his fingers when he said something inappropriate (at least to her). Kyousuke recognizes Kyouhei but the latter refuses his offer for a car ride home thinking they should be more careful not wanting him to figure out anything about them. Meanwhile bored Utao is trying to further her training skills by using Kukuri to man the video game control. Of course she flops and breaks it. She manages to hide it from Hibino’s dad, Shingo and agrees to go help him with the store.

On the train home, Hibino thinks Kyouhei wants to be a Seki again because when he was teaching Utao, it felt he wanted to control the Kakashi himself. However he doesn’t want to have anything to do with it all. He notes the power of the Kakashi brings disaster to all. An uncontrollable power that shouldn’t be used. Misery befalls both the person who uses it and those it is used upon. He doesn’t want Utao to experience that. When they arrive home, they are surprised to see Utao helping out with the cafe. I guess you need a loli to increase the popularity, eh? Yeah, Kyouhei start having weird ideas that she should dress up as a maid.

Episode 3
The convoy that was bringing Aki back were talking about some discord between the Kuga and Hyuuga families. When suddenly Kuramitsuha stabs the driver to crash to truck and then slices off the arm of the other guy! He couldn’t care less about the families, shrine or village. Utao is really bringing a new meaning to the word moe with her clumsiness. So cute, yet so destructive. Suou visits the cafe and takes an instant liking for this cute loli and gives her an extreme molestation, freaking her out. So it’s no wonder Utao serves everyone else nice except her. So how to get to Utao’s heart? Buy her a cake! But this is all part of scheming Suou so that once Utao takes a bite, she plays guilty mind games about putting on weight and becoming fat! Utao got traumatized because she did sample quite a lot of the cafe’s cake and loves eating them for lunch. From now on, cake is a taboo word! At least for now. It doesn’t help when Kyouhei returns with more cake! She starts biting his head like a certain glutton nun…

Hibino takes Utao out to the park. She also helps her train Kukuri underwater. She suggests picking something up so Utao concentrated to hard and pulled out a wrecked car! Everyone saw the car flying in the air before splashing back into the pond so the duo quickly get away before they become suspects. Kyouhei is supposed to meet up with them but bumps into Aki (I thought at this point he looked like Index’s Accelerator). Kyouhei doesn’t want to cause a commotion and pleads him to return to the village. However, he’s not the kind who listens. He doesn’t like the way he’s bowing his head, pleading him to return. Aki tries to stir the hornet’s nest by suggesting he kill that girl he was with at the karaoke box. This made Kyouhei very angry as he grabs his collar. This is what Aki wants. To show his true self and not pretend it never happened because they have walked the same path ever since. Suddenly a Kakashi crashes onto Aki. Kyouhei recognizes that Kakashi, Uwazutsu belonging to Koushiro Hyuuga. He notes he will take away that pain the ass away from him and warns him not to get involved. Aki lives up to his name as an escape artiste. Yup, he’s good at running away. You thought he’d be easily done for under that Kakashi, eh?

A truck driver spots a kid on the elevated highway and serves to avoid hitting him. This causes him to go off the barricade and threatening to crash into Hibino, Utao and other the people below. Utao instantly summons Kukuri to catch the truck before it slams into them all. Later Hibino thanks her for saving her and this is the second time she has saved lives. Utao heard a voice praising her sarcastically. She suspects it to be from a Seki. Aki has barely escaped and is resting on the rooftop thinking back when they opened the gate to hell and lost all kinds of things that they could never recover in exchange. That’s why he’s so pissed at Kyouhei for pretending it never happened and feels he doesn’t deserve to live a happy life. He snaps out in time before Uwazutsu slams into him. Another fight on the cards. Nearby, Kuuko just finishes up her illegal part time job (shows how she disrespects her dad, eh?) when she spots those monsters fighting in the air. Rushing towards its direction, she comes into Aki. He throws his coat to confuse her. She almost got hit by Uwazutsu. Now she’s scared and makes a run but sees Aki falling before her. Koushiro seems to have got the help of that kid, Kirio Hyuuga or else who could’ve barely beat Aki. Kirio pinpoints Aki’s location but it seems he is gone. Actually Kuuko is dragging that unconscious guy away. She thought she found something great.

Episode 4
We go a little back in time when Aki and Koushiro face off. Koushiro offers him to come to Hyuuga’s side because their leader welcomes him and if he lets the Kuga side catch him, he’ll only be thrown behind bars. However Aki isn’t interested and fights him with Kuramitsuha since he understands how Uwazutsu works (it can instantaneously appear and attack). But as Aki makes a run, he is puzzled why Koushiro can still see him despite in hiding. Then thinks it’s his smell. That’s when he comes face to face with Kuuko. To put that theory to work, he throws his coat at her and immediately Uwazutsu attacks her but still misses. In that instant, Aki rides on Kuramitsuha and would’ve slashed Koushiro’s neck if not for another Kakashi, Takemikazuchi interfering and knocking him off and Kuuko hauling him away.

Back home, Kukuri is dirtied and covered with algae so the girls clean it up. Kyouhei returns when the girls are bathing. Utao immediately lets Kyouhei know she met a Seki today but is unsure who that person is. Kyouhei also tells her he met Koushiro who is after Aki. Utao is surprised and loses her balance. Kyouhei got worried when she screamed and barged in. And saw things that not even gods should see… Is it any wonder that Hibino isn’t on talking terms with him? Later as Kyouhei talks to Utao, he thinks Hyuuga must have sent multiple Sekis for Aki. Next day in university, Hibino calls Kyouhei not because of that bathroom incident but rather she heard Kuuko murmuring something about she had found someone connected to those kokeshi monsters. They plan on visiting her and to also call Utao to come along. Speaking of Kuuko, she has got Aki all tied up and gagged (and stripped!) in her room which resembles so much like a dumpsite. She starts interrogating him about those monsters and wants to know more. She threatens him with a modified air gun and fires several painful shots into his body to show she means business. Kuuko mentions she is sick of this world and all the fakes when she got into the paranormal. But that incident she saw got her excited. She continues to bombard him with questions so Aki easily disarms her with a slice from Kuramitsuha. With that little demonstration, he lets her know what she needs to know. This is his power. She was thinking if he could share it but it’s not something you can easily split into half and give it away.

As Kyouhei and co approach outside Kuuko’s apartment, they see her barging out (like running away from a rapist!). Then they see Aki. Kyouhei grits his teeth. Aki sees Hibino and introduces himself as Kyouhei’s old buddy. Then he understood why he’s so obsessed because Hibino looks a lot like sensei. Instantly Kyouhei becomes violent and punches Aki’s face without stop! Aki points out to Hibino that this is his true nature before escaping by falling off the ledge. I’m starting to think he’s really good at escaping. So as Kyouhei and the rest mount a search for that guy, Kuuko is getting excited and as she changes her clothes, she is surprised to see Aki back in her place. He plans of making this his hideout since nobody would think that someone who ran away would return to the same place. Kyouhei is searching for Aki in a frenzy. He remembers sensei’s words to stay as Aki’s friend forever. I doubt he can do that. He’s so frustrated that he starts punching the wall and his bloodied knuckles wouldn’t just be broken and perhaps the wall too if Hibino didn’t find and calm him down. Meanwhile Utao comes face to face with Kirio and is shocked to see her face similar to hers. She says Kuga were hiding them all and that they are both each other. A pair like Seki and Kakashi. He is Utao’s Seki. Utao summons Kukuri but is no match for Takemikazuchi’s might and is sent flying away. It almost crashes onto Kyouhei and Hibino. Kyouhei recognizes Takemikazuchi but not the Utao clone. He is surprised when he addresses him as ‘onii-chan’.

Episode 5
Utao charges Kukuri to keep Kirio away (and also Kyouhei and Hibino from being too close to each other). Kukuri and Takemikazuchi engage in a public battle that has everybody stunned right before their very eyes. Kyousuke is part of the crowd and notices Kyouhei because the latter is trying to calm Utao down. As Kukuri lies low, the plan is to sneak up and attack Takemikazuchi with its only knife weapon since Takemikazuchi is able to do range attack with its lightning. Kyouhei wonders who this Kirio is and if he is in possession of Takemikazuchi, does it mean he is with Hyuuga? Utao makes Kukuri dash towards Takemikazuchi but Kirio already saw her move and electrocutes Kukuri. But Kukuri uses its arm to shield itself and grabs a hold of Takemikazuchi. Another electrocution to release that pestering Kakashi. This causes Kukuri to lose an arm. Then hiding Kukuri in the forest, Utao is clearly shaken and it doesn’t help when Kyouhei yells at her that her rash actions would destroy Kukuri. As Hibino calms her down, Kirio finds them and lets them know that it was Utao who started it. He taunts her for not cut out to be a Seki. Though he is here only to tease her, however the events that happened have made him changed his mind. Takemikazuchi unleashes a full lightning blast on Kukuri but to his surprise, Kukuri automatically absorbs the lightning with its other arm and returns the power to Takemikazuchi, destroying it into pieces. Koushiro comes by and returns Kukuri’s broken arm. Then he lectures Kirio for always losing his head.

Back home, Utao is understandably upset so Hibino comforts her. Kyouhei is on the phone but gets no answers from the shrine. The only way left is to return to Karakami and see a Kakashi specialist to get Kukuri fixed. Utao doesn’t have to worry since Kyouhei will come along with her. Shingo learns about what happened and is somewhat glad that Utao can’t move Kukuri for the time being. The Kakashi battle is all abuzz on the TV news because these days, anybody can be a cameraman. After Kyouhei finishes his bath, Hibino asks him if she could tag along with them to Karakami. Hibino must the slowest driver ever. I know she wants to be careful driving her car through the forest but I think the snail is even faster than her. So slow that it boggles my mind how the heck she nearly crashed into a tree! Kirio is back in his village and fears seeing the head of the Hyuuga clan, Sahei. True enough, Sahei beats him with a stick till he bleeds for damaging Takemikazuchi in a pointless battle. He threatens to send him back locked up in the storeroom, something Kirio doesn’t want and pleads for a second chance. But Koushiro prevents Sahei from hitting Kirio anymore because he considers that kid to be his partner since their mission to capture Aki is still on. He asks Sahei if he was the one who released Aki but he rubbishes the thought. Sahei’s mistress, Ayame talks to him about Kirio’s fighting his first battle and that he needs time as compared to Utao who is progressing. However Sahei who notes he has raised him in secret for 12 years feels it’s time to say goodbye and lately he has become doubtful about the event that caused everyone to think those 2 children are so important. Something about the ability to communicate with the Kakashi from within the womb. A sign that they would be a higher level Seki. But now he thinks they may be too hasty. However his concern is that they need to quickly find a Seki powerful enough to control the Kakashi called Amaterasu. Hmm… Like one badass Kakashi being wrapped up…

Episode 6
Upon arriving at Karakami, Kyouhei and Utao’s mom, Hitomi immediately hugs Utao. Kyouhei sees his dad, Yasuyuki about Kirio but he doesn’t know much since he wasn’t at Utao’s birth. And since she had a hard labour, Hitomi lost her memory of it due to the shock. If he wants to know, he should ask grandpa and others present. Kyouhei is not too happy he didn’t care to find the truth and ran away but Yasuyuki mentions the same about him when he left Karakami and everything to Utao. Later Kyouhei, Utao and Hibino go see Moyako Somaki who is a Kakashi repair woman. She reprimands them (through the soft speaking voice of her grandpa) the disrespectful way they treat Gods. I’m not sure if Moyako realized she needs to edit some of her words because she doesn’t bat an eyelid when she used words such as ‘balls’ and ‘crotch’. But it is not Moyako that Utao is afraid of seeing. Rather, her sister Yurako. Upon seeing Utao, Yurako instantly hugs and bugs her in an annoying fashion. Hibino and Yurako almost ended up in a tug of war over Utao! Inside the workshop, they also see Takemikazuchi. Seems Koushiro brought them here and their job is to fix Kakashis and not take sides. Moyako explains how Kakashis are given their own breath of life. Though their workings may be wooden and mechanical, they use Kamu No Chi, the God’s blood with the combination of special resins and soak it in a tub for several days. Moyako then takes Hibino to the woods where the resin trees are grown. The trees here are somewhat like an internet. Some psychic wave thingy I guess. So much so if you’re ‘connected’ you can read the minds of others. Moyako demonstrates by reading Hibino’s mind and causes her to be embarrassed. Then Hibino sees a beautiful and sad vision that she cried.

Utao sees her grandpa and was being told she failed. He tells her about Kirio, her younger twin brother who was snatched away during birth by the Hyuuga in secret. He only planned to tell her when she is older. Utao gets permission to tell Kyouhei so long as she takes responsibility as she’s an adult now. Okay, maybe not quite. How the heck she tripped like a kid? Meanwhile Koushiro brings Kirio back to his home and his lovely wife, Kii-chan. He teased him that Kirio better not be his child from somewhere else ;p. As Kirio takes a bath, Koushiro sees the hideous scars on his back. Then he makes good dinner for that deprived kid. Kirio envies Utao because they’re supposed to be the same. Two days later, Kukuri is fully repaired as Moyako guide Utao in practising with Kukuri. During the break, Utao seeks advice from the ladies on how to treat a younger sibling. While Moyako’s methods are brutal, cruel and violent (must be speaking from experience with Yurako, eh?), Hibino prefers the gentler method of smiling and giving a big hug (note, Hibino is an only child). Once they part ways, Utao suggests they fly but Kyouhei has doubts for Hibino. His worst fears came true when Hibino is hanging on to dear life. Complaining about the height, speed and just about anything. Because Utao isn’t concentrating, this causes Kukuri to suddenly drop momentarily. Kyouhei grabs on to Hibino. Her shirt. Almost pulling it off… As for Utao, she’s clinging on to Hibino’s legs. Her pants. Almost pulling it down. In just a few more seconds, she’ll be unclothed… Utao further blunders by making Kukuri go up instead of down. So once they finally get back on ground, safe to say Hibino didn’t lose any of her clothes and more important, her cool. After all, she’s somewhat used to it. After Kyouhei and Hibino pray at a grave, the sudden downpour catches them off-guard as they seek shelter. Hibino asks him about Aki, the sensei that he mentioned and their relationship. So I guess it’s flashback time. Going back 6 years in time…

Episode 7
Chihaya Senou just arrived in Karakami when she sees Aki being surrounded by Atsushi and his gang. Atsushi is trying to throw his weight around that he is the new Seki for Kuramitsuha. Chihaya tries to stop them but there is nothing she could do. Aki mocks Atsushi’s ability in controlling Kuramitsuha and as Atsushi is about to use his Kakashi to slice Aki, Kyouhei and his Kukuri butt in. Atsushi and co back off for now. But Aki continues to ignore Chihaya. Chihaya becomes a school teacher in the village and it is obvious that Kyouhei develops a crush on her. Aki meanwhile is forced to walk her dog. I don’t know why he obliged. Atsushi tries to force himself on Chihaya but was slapped. She complains to the principal but was reminded that the Kuga and Hyuuga are absolute in this village since they run the shrine and that she should behave herself. Kyouhei also complains to Yasuyuki but he tells him to take his grumbles to the principal himself or just shut up. Kyouhei goes to find Chihaya and assures that he will protect her. On her way home, she meets Aki (still walking her dog?). She asks why he doesn’t attend school and his reply is that so that they wouldn’t hate him. He warns her this place will be cold to her unless she is in the in group. As for himself being lonely, he’s been alone for a long time in this sh*thole.

Next day in class, Chihaya is shocked to see a slanderous note on the blackboard. The one she slept with her student’s dad. She can’t take it and skips class. Till she bumps into Aki (still walking the dog?). She gets scared when she looks into his eyes and decides to go back to school. In no time, Chihaya’s bad reputation spread throughout the entire village and people start shunning her. Atsushi again forces himself on her but she resists. The dog bites his leg (damn bastard kicked the dog!) as distraction while Aki hits Atsushi’s head with a stick to take Chihaya and run. Back in her home, she admits that she did sleep with her student’s father and was caught red-handed by the kid. She saw his eyes like as though his soul shattered into pieces. When he rushed out, he was knocked by a truck, though he survived. That incident forced Chihaya to quit her job. So is it a wonder she couldn’t get a job anywhere else? So that’s why she saw the same eyes in Aki’s then. Then she kisses him. Aki knows she wants to get revenge on me since she can’t get it on the kid. Chihaya pushes him down and they make love. Well, you can’t turn sex down, can’t you? F*ck first, talk later. Chihaya wants to go somewhere faraway with him but Aki still has something left to do here. And it’s about reclaiming Kuramitsuha.

One day Kyouhei wanted to confess to Chihaya but she spoke first and told him to be friends with Aki. Pictures of Chihaya sleeping with Aki got into the principal’s hands. Seeing she has violated the rules of this village and especially being seen with Aki, she is forced to leave school and the village. While she is packing her bags, Atsushi kidnaps her. When Aki comes by, he sees the poor dog slashed dead and a letter that Chihaya is in that bastard’s custody. Rushing to the scene, Atsushi lets loose his hate for Aki and is about to kill him with Kuramitsuha. However Chihaya leaps in front and got killed protecting Aki. It boggles me how a human can dash faster than a Kakashi. Unless Atsushi is a poor master, which proves how he failed to stop it from slicing Chihaya. As the bullies start panicking, Atsushi is going to cover up by killing Aki and calling it a lover’s suicide. However Aki somehow manages to wrest control Kuramitsuha and stop it dead in its track. Then the village people rush in after hearing the commotion. They are confused of what is happening. Aki goes crazy and slaughters everyone with Kuramitsuha. Say, it’s raining blood. By the time Kyouhei arrived, it was too late. He couldn’t contain his sadness and anger. Soon Aki was imprisoned as Kyouhei buries Chihaya’s body. Shortly he stopped becoming a Seki and Kuramitsuha was sealed. It was only much later Kyouhei learnt Aki didn’t kill Chihaya. The beautiful and sad scene Hibino saw was the one whereby Aki was walking with the dog.

Episode 8
Utao takes up Hibino’s advice to smile but the more she practices, the creepier it seems. When they leave Karakami, Utao spots Kirio. She flies up to him with Kukuri and tries to put on a smile. Because she took too long, Kirio sticks out his tongue and walks away. And Yurako didn’t make it in time to see off Utao… Good grief. Back in Tokyo, Kyouhei decides to take Utao to the beach since she has never been to one. But upon arrival, they are stuck indoors because of the typhoon. Since their rooms are leaking, Hibino and Kyouhei go get the inn owner Murata. A tree suddenly crashes into the wall and pins Murata down. The electricity also goes out. Hibino goes back to get Utao (in the bath) so she could use Kukuri to pull Murata out. As they grapple in the dark calling each other’s name, they bump into each other. It’s amazing Utao hit into Hibino’s stomach instead of her boobs. Does this tell you how short she is? Okay, her hands were actually stretching out. I guess it’s so dark that Murata even thought Hibino was the one who pulled him out from beneath (Kukuri was holding up the tree so maybe he thought it was Kyouhei). Couldn’t he tell about the boobs? Kyouhei and Hibino go outside to bring in the generator since the electricity breaker isn’t working. A signboard threatens to slam into Hibino’s head when Utao swiftly controls Kukuri to take her out of harm’s way. Next day, it is fine sunny weather but Utao got praises for what she did last night.

Back in the city, Hibino goes off to the library to return borrowed books. Since Utao has never been to a library bigger than the one in her village, she relishes the chance to go. Shingo seems to have forgotten to return a book so Utao is up to the task of bringing it to the library herself. Ironically once the ladies are gone, the cafe is void of any customers. Tells you what kind of people patron this joint, eh? The guys talk and it seems Shingo mentions that even though it has been 20 years since he left Karakami and severed ties, he felt the village never lets anyone born there go. Kyouhei reflects and now understands after telling Hibino about that flashback. He quit being a Seki for fear of what’s inside him and Aki. That fear he may just snap and kill everyone. At the library, Hibino is surprised to see Aki reading there. Aki can tell from her face Kyouhei has told her things. She admits but the one thing she couldn’t understand was why he was so obsessed with Kyouhei. It’s fine if he hates the rest and deals with them himself but don’t drag Kyouhei along. Aki wonders if she likes Kyouhei. She doesn’t know but feels it doesn’t have anything to do with him. On the contrary, if they’re together that means it matters to him regardless of what Kyouhei wants. When Hibino brings up Chihaya’s name, Aki threatens her with Kuramitsuha. She quickly apologizes. Returning back on the topic of Kyouhei, he mentions that nobody realizes that there is something terrible and dark inside of him. On second thought, maybe he did that’s why he’s avoiding him. He has an idea that if he does something to her, that will anger Kyouhei. Kukuri whizzes through in between them. Hibino tells them not to fight in here.

So I guess they settle it outdoors in the park. Utao is much better in controlling Kukuri and wants Aki to return to the village because Gods aren’t meant for killing and destroying but saving and helping people. He disagrees because all their Gods could do is just murder and destroy. Simply because they have human hearts inside. He wants them to tell Kyouhei this game isn’t over yet. When the girls return, Hibino is so upset that she locks herself in her room. This causes frantic Kyouhei to come knocking on her door and even more when he finds out they met Aki (it may break if he continues at this rate). So noisy and irritating that Hibino has no choice but to open up. And Kyouhei had to fall all over her. Now it’s Utao’s turn to punch and kick that unfaithful brother. But the reason she is breaking down is because she is confused about her deeds using the Kakashi. She is in a dilemma that no matter how much good she uses, it will still bring destruction. Kyouhei calms her then she must decide what it does and if she doesn’t want to do those things, Kukuri will be a good God. Meanwhile Kyousuke who has been researching on the matter himself is waiting outside the cafe while Koushiro and Kirio arrive in town with Moyako.

Episode 9
Kyousuke patrons the cafe and Utao is obviously panicking when she serves him. It may seem like Kyousuke is bullying a kid with his questionings but Shingo ‘saves’ her by calling her back to the counter. Later Moyako pays Utao a surprise visit and also to check on Kukuri. She asks if Utao had used Kukuri’s left hand (the one which absorbed Takemikazuchi’s lightning) but she was unsure. Seems Kyouhei was only able to use this move and honestly Moyako didn’t think Utao could pull it off (yeah, it ruined her happy mood). The reason Moyako is here is because Koushiro wanted Takemikazuchi back immediately though the Kakashi is still in repairs. She is dedicated to her duty of making sure the Kakashi is functioning back to normal, thus the reason she came with him and continue fixing it. She has a couple of gifts for Utao. First one from Kirio: A message of “STUPID!”. The second one is from Yurako. Utao not looking forward… A doll of Yurako that Utao can sleep with? Late in the night Kyouhei walks Moyako back as they talk about recently running into Aki and also on Kirio.

If you’re wondering about Kuuko’s absence for the past few episodes, wonder no more. We see that crazy girl doing her own crazy research on Karakami since freeloading Aki isn’t telling her anything. She tries to seduce him for answers on that day where several people died simultaneously in a mudslide. Only thing there was no record of a mudslide. She concludes there may be a reason Aki can’t return to Karakami and that he might have been a mass murderer! She gets this crazy idea he needs to do something big and flashy to change the world. Aki isn’t motivated (probably her seduction wasn’t as good as Chihaya) so she even hints of doing it with him (seriously) when Kyousuke comes ringing on her door. After making Aki hide, she reluctantly sees her loathsome dad. He invites himself in checks around the place, finds nothing and leaves. And as for Aki, he already fled through the window. Koushiro gets a surprise call from Kyouhei to meet. Kyouhei ponders about Kirio’s wellbeing as Koushiro assures that he will protect that kind as long as he is with him. Kyouhei has other questions for him but all Koushiro said is that he needs to decide quickly. Or else he’ll get himself killed and involved lots of other people. Koushiro signs off with a message from Kirio that he too wants to meet Utao. Kyouhei ponders lots of things during another party with his N University mates. Then he runs into Hibino and it’s that semi-déjà vu feeling to confess again. Only thing is that his pals didn’t set him up. Too bad he got interrupted by Suou again. Didn’t I say it was semi-déjà vu? Aki too has a lot on his mind. He wonders if he has gotten as far away as Chihaya wanted him to. But he feels he has nowhere to go and have to blast that sh*thole off the face of the Earth. Kuuko comes by with a guy, Shimoyama to see him.

Utao dresses up and gets prepared to meet Kirio. She thought Kyouhei was saying how cute she was but actually he was looking at Hibino’s elementary school graduation photos. Not wanting to lose out, Utao also has a picture taken with Kukuri. Still having problems smiling properly? So Koushiro’s side meets with Kyouhei and co. The former mentions their families may be enemies on the surface, but that doesn’t mean they can pick fights every time they meet. Kyouhei also doesn’t want that. Reminding Kirio to be a man and keep his promise, Kirio promises never to fight Utao again. However a voice taunts their actions. Koushiro wants Mahiru to come out and when she did, she immediately hugs Kyouhei’s arm. That’s another one more rival for you Utao.

Episode 10
The Hyuuga girl is bored that Koushiro and Kirio left the village and sees no reason why she should be a good girl. Yup, she’s here for her beloved Kyouhei and couldn’t care less about the Kuga and Hyuuga thingy. Utao tries to tell Mahiru to get her fingers off Kyouhei but was pushed away. Hibino stands up for Utao but was told to shut up whether or not she had direct or indirect ties with Karakami. Looks like only Kyouhei can calm her down. Koushiro wants her to immediately return but she starts throwing a tantrum that everyone is ganging up on her. She unleashes her Kakashi, Magatsuhi and attacks Koushiro. Any Kakashi that is trapped within Magatsuhi’s barrier, their Kamu No Chi will be cut off from their Seki (it means you can’t control your Kakashi). Moyako threatens to stop maintaining Magatsuhi and during that distraction, Utao uses Kukuri to cut the barrier allowing Uwazutsu to pin Magatsuhi down. Mahiru is so pissed that it ends with a big explosion and a crater. Don’t worry, everyone is safe.

Meanwhile Kuuko and Shimoyama bring Aki to Takeshi Hirashiro, the first Diet member from Karakami. He knows Aki pretty well and finds the conflict between the 2 families to be primitive as he believes Karakami’s treasures can be put to good use for the people. Kuuko contacted him when she investigated the village and found its connection. Aki realizes that Hirashiro was the one who freed him from prison. He did so because he thought Aki would kill those village elders (he feels the need for their elimination due to change in times) but he vanished and popped up in Tokyo instead. Aki isn’t interested and is about to walk away when Mahiru crashes into the office with Magatsuhi, complaining just about everyone and everything. Aki and Mahiru see each other and didn’t know Hirashiro had contacted the other. Seems he wasn’t just soliciting one of them (giving that Karakami’s future as an excuse of course). Though Aki notes the cry-baby Mahiru have grown up, she still thinks Aki as a loser. Then their Kakashis fight each other to trash the place and if Aki was a second faster, he could’ve sliced Mahiru. But her barrier was activated and it’s game over. Shingo notices everyone’s gloominess. Obviously who can’t be after what happened. But Utao is more concerned about Kirio not wanting to call her onee-sama but instead called Mahiru that. So troubled that she didn’t know she is on her 6th bowl of rice! Koushiro meets up Kyouhei to find out his connection with Mahiru. Likewise, Mahiru also forces Aki to listen her flashback (inclusive with all the taunts that he can’t do anything without Kyouhei).

About 8 years ago, Kyouhei and Aki found Mahiru and Magatsuhi unconscious near an abandoned mine. She recently underwent her inheritance ceremony to be a Seki. Aki gets rough with her while Mahiru tries hard to hold back her tears and put on a tough face. Because they feel something from the mine, they decided to check it out. They see a dormant Kakashi and think if they give it a Seki, it will move. Aki thinks of making this their secret Kakashi but obviously good guy Kyouhei feels it’s more appropriate to tell the adults. Suddenly the Kakashi activates and binds Aki. He heard a voice wanting to devour his hatred and obsession. Kukuri cuts Aki loose as the kids make a run for it. The Kakashi start blasting even when the kids got outside. Kyouhei suggests they cooperate and defeat it. When Mahiru traps the Kakashi with Magatsuhi’s barrier, she is suddenly paralyzed with hypnotic fear. She could’ve been done for if Kyouhei didn’t save her. Kuramitsuha stabs the Kakashi from underneath but it didn’t go deep enough. Then Kukuri slams right into it. The kids are exhausted and shocked. Mahiru is clinging onto Kyouhei with absolute fear. Aki understands why because that Kakashi eats one’s mind. By doing so, it doesn’t need a Seki to move. Their reprieve is short-lived when the Kakashi resumes its attacks. Kyouhei is seen carrying inconsolable Mahiru while dragging Aki away. Kukuri blocks another blast from the Kakashi but the kids are sent flying. The Kakashi closes up on Kyouhei ready for another blast. He was so scared to be so close to death that he passed out. The next thing he knew, adults were all around him and the monster was destroyed. Ever since, his mind has been broken. And maybe for Mahiru too. She adores her beloved Kyouhei and if not for him, they all would have died if he had not opened Kukuri’s left hand.

Episode 11
Continuing from the flashback, Kyouhei may not have remembered what happened before the monster Kakashi’s blast but Mahiru and Aki saw everything. When the Kakashi fired, Kukuri’s left hand absorbed its blast and repels back at it, completely destroying the powerful Kakashi. That scene affirmed Kyouhei as Mahiru’s hero. So I guess the reason why she teamed up with Hirashiro is because as long as Kuga and Hyuuga are fighting, they both can’t be together. After all that incessant talking, Aki got her to ‘listen’ when he says Kyouhei already has a girlfriend. Yeah, you’ve guessed it. The one with the huge racks.

Utao draws a complicated relationship diagram of the characters involved in this series. She’s serious, eh? But Hibino is impressed that she can write harder kanji words. Once Kyouhei return, they have him tell them what he told Koushiro. After Moyako fixes Takemikazuchi, she goes off with Hibino to do shopping together. See the amount of bags they have? They could’ve bought the entire store. Meanwhile Utao bakes cookies for Kirio. On the way back, Moyako heads to the ladies as Hibino waits. Unfortunately she got kidnapped by Mahiru. Once Moyako is done with her business she felt something has happened to Hibino seeing all the shopping bags are strewn over the floor. In a private penthouse, Hibino is tied up and the first thing Mahiru did was to molest those melons like as though it was the evil thing that would seduce Kyouhei away. Mahiru tells her off that a piece of crap like her isn’t worth dating Kyouhei. Her glossy rant of her ideal couple includes words like modern Romeo and Juliet, get married, destroy the village’s old rules and rulers and new paradise. I’m sure you can make a sentence out of it. Hibino puts on a sad expression when Mahiru claims Kyouhei as the strongest Kuga Seki (that is what Aki said too). Mahiru gets rough with her and lectures about her belief in the strongest of the fittest. Shimoyama informs Hirashiro about Hibino’s kidnapping and he can’t do anything to stop or else that crazy b*tch would’ve killed him. Anyway he is called to watch Hibino because Mahiru wants to go on a date.

After Kyouhei calls Koushiro and speculate Mahiru may be behind Hibino’s kidnapping, Mahiru arrives in a whirlwind probably like a whirlwind romance she wanted so much with Kyouhei. Unfortunately she landed and crushed Utao’s box of hard baked cookies. Mahiru admits that she took Hibino. Kyouhei denies that she is dating Hibino but Mahiru doesn’t believe him and thinks he may still fall for that witch’s wiles! Utao couldn’t stand anymore of her ranting since her cookies have been trampled to death! Their Kakashis fight each other but Kukuri was thrown aside. Mahiru wants Kyouhei to the village with her but he can’t. She gets upset and disappears. Gone with the wind. But she left the place in a mess. Yeah, like her, she’s a mess too. Moyako notes he sucks in negotiation (sarcasm at this point?) but the truth is, Kyouhei can’t lie. Kyouhei is in a dilemma on what to do so much so he sees a vision of Aki taunting him about looking cooler as an outsider but isn’t and that he has no Kakashi and not a Seki anymore. Kyouhei wants Utao to use Kukuri to follow Magatsuhi (which apparently teleported) when he receives a call from Kuuko to go to Setagaya penthouse. Moyako also tags along because she feels responsible. And Shimoyama plans on doing something horrible to Hibino. He says he wants to see Kyouhei’s reaction? I think he’s just thinking with the brains between his legs. Can’t resist the temptation, eh?

Episode 12
Apparently when Kuuko was messing around with a device, she overheard Hibino’s kidnapping. She didn’t like what happened to her friend and hacked for details, knocked Hirashiro out and stole keys to the penthouse. Then she sees Aki tied up in the storeroom and just throws him the keys to free himself. Actually he doesn’t even need it. Just summon Kuramitsuha to break free! Hibino struggles with Shimoyama upon her impending rape but was told to behave or else he’ll shock her with the taser. Shimoyama doesn’t consider Kyouhei his friend because in that village he is just a peasant if the Kuga and Hyuuga are rulers. However Hibino doesn’t think Kyouhei thinks of him that way. Just as he’s about to get to the good part (Hibino’s body, not the story lah), Kuuko whacks him out with of golf club. Hole in one! After she frees her, they run into Hirashiro now dangerously armed with a gun. Kuuko locks Hibino outside the rooftop while she handles Hirashiro herself. Kuuko is crazy enough to use a distraction to come up close to him. As they struggle, a gunshot is heard. Hibino fears the worse and rushes down to get help. However she’ll have her own set of problems to deal with when she meets Mahiru, who is totally upset over Kyouhei’s rejection. She wants answers from Hibino. Mahiru couldn’t understand why he would throw away all the power in his hands so Hibino thinks it would not get him happiness. However this only confuses and upsets Mahiru further because if he was that powerful, shouldn’t he have gotten everything he wanted? She flings Hibino off the building but thankfully Kyouhei and co come to her rescue. Meanwhile Shimoyama comes to and sees Kuuko all bloodied and Hirashiro’s lifeless body. Kuuko throws the gun at him so a lady passing by thought he was the killer! Then Kuuko pretends to be his lover and make they both make a run for it.

On the rooftop, Mahiru is determined to eliminate all those in her way and make Kyouhei hers. Utao decides to fight seeing she too has a reason to fight (the cookies, remember?). But the fight between Kukuri and Magatsuhi at first looked like a Kakashi version of pro-wrestling. Koushiro and Kirio are watching from afar. Not only them, the ordinary citizens are yet again dumbfounded of another huge fight in the sky. Kukuri stabs a critical area Magatsuhi to cease it from moving. Mahiru is clearly upsets and orders Magatsuhi to get up even if it doesn’t. As explained by Moyako, its control system was cut through so it won’t listen to her anymore. Suddenly Magatsuhi rises on its own and grabs Hibino in one of its tentacles. Then it intimidates Mahiru but she isn’t pleased and orders it to put her down. Eventually she overcame this with her sheer mental strength. But that won’t last for long seeing it starts attacking them. Kyouhei pushes Mahiru out of harm’s way. She thought her prince charming saved her but that turned to despair when she noticed he was more concerned about Hibino. Magatsuhi flies off with Hibino but Kukuri hits it down as a pole impales through its body. Magatsuhi starts shooting beams, something she never knew it could do or seen. Moyako says a Kakashi’s abilities are influenced by its Seki’s personality and this means Mahiru hasn’t fully mastered Magatsuhi. Kyouhei climbs up to try and free Hibino. But its tentacles start pounding him as Kyouhei grits his teeth and hangs on. Takemikazuchi and Uwazutsu join the fray. However as Takemikazuchi is about to stab Magatsuhi, the latter uses Kukuri as a shield. Kukuri’s vital control system is cut as it falls below. While Kirio is stunned, Takemikazuchi gets fired by the beams. Kyouhei is trying so hard to free Hibino from the tight grasp that eventually he too gets trapped. So tight that he starts remembering how he told his parents about wanting to leave the village for Tokyo. Yasuyuki allowed him to do whatever he wants for the next 4 years because he’ll eventually become the head of this family. Kyouhei realized that was a warning he’ll never escape this village. Despite that, he wanted to live his own life and not one the village prepared for him. Then in Tokyo he met Hibino and the rest was history. Kyouhei is so mad that the village may take Hibino away from him that he is about to snap. A tentacle lands a massive blow on his head. Kukuri rises and starts moving on its own.

Episode 13
Kukuri furiously attacks Magatsuhi and destroys its tentacle. Kyouhei and Hibino’s fall are broken by Uwazutsu. Koushiro tells Moyako leave (Kirio seemingly went missing. Actually he ran away). Utao and Mahiru are paralyzed by the shock so they’ll have to carry them away. Kukuri pounds Magatsuhi like a punching bag (I thought it looked like some super combo punch) and in the end, Magatsuhi is totally destroyed. Kyouhei continues to lie in coma in hospital as Hibino, Utao and Shingo wait. Mahiru and Kirio each ponder why is everything so screwed up and what have gone wrong. Kyouhei remembers back his past and felt like an outsider from start to finish. He had the power but was powerless. He once tried to tell Atsushi and his bullies to lay off Chihaya but is shocked to hear she has been sleeping with Aki. Then on the night whereby Aki slaughtered everyone, mad Kyouhei pinned him down and attacked anyone else who tried to interfere. Even if it was his grandpa. Utao was also there and saw what was happening. She ordered them to stop and in an instant, Kukuri stopped dead in its tracks. That was when he lost Kukuri to Utao. His nightmare continues when he sees Hibino being taken away. Reach as his might, he yells out that Hibino belongs to him! It’d be fine if he said that in his dreams. Well, he was somewhat sleep talking so in reality he is hugging Hibino desperately. Yup, she heard it too. Utao didn’t view that as fair and gets her fair share of hug from onii-chan. At the hospital rooftop, Kyouhei things of going back to the village to avoid Hibino being dragged further since Aki and Mahiru have come after him. However he was reminded that she can’t abandon him when he’s in trouble. And about her being his, it’s not that she likes being viewed as his personal property, but at least she’s happy. Then she kisses him. Didn’t see that one coming. They could have done a second round after the hug but a granny came by for fresh air. Well, at least it wasn’t Utao. Speaking of which, she is disheartened that Kukuri can’t move anymore. So back home after Kyouhei gets discharged, Moyako does some checking and doesn’t find anything wrong. It’s not like there is anything broken or if Utao is the problem. She can’t ascertain it. Maybe they need to take it back to the village to get a more detailed check-up. Kyouhei asks Utao if she likes Kukuri. She says she does because Kukuri is a good God.

Kyouhei feels everyone is suffering because of him so Hibino thinks maybe if he feels so, he could start atoning. But he doesn’t need to be the only one who atones. Another romantic moment interrupted when Moyako calls for Hibino’s turn to take the bath. After that, Aki pays Kyouhei a visit. Seems Aki plans on returning to the village because unless he settles things, he can’t go anywhere. He also heard that Sahei had that Kakashi monster that attacked them revived. Though Kukuri destroyed it, seems it regenerated and he dug it up from the old shrine. As for his hatred and wanting to destroy everything, though Kyouhei has his own problems with the village and his parents, at least he doesn’t destroy everything like him. Even so, Aki says that he can’t go back or reset things now and have to keep moving forward. Then they talk about the good ol’ times and got into a petty argument. Enough for them to start laughing at how petty it was. Felt good, eh? Why wasn’t it like this before all along? Then Aki leaves and tells Kyouhei to take care of himself. We see short snippets of Sahei and Ayame watching over Amaterasu, Kuuko and Shimoyama hiding together, Kyousuke continues to patron the cafe and Utao lets loose her gluttony. Utao talks to Kyouhei about the many Sekis before them who controlled Kukuri. She wonders if her feelings will be remembered by Kukuri hundreds of years in the future. Kyouhei believes it will. Kyouhei is now determined that he won’t run anymore and will settle this. The next tantalizing scene shows a rejuvenated Kukuri and a powered up Kyouhei facing off with that Kakashi monster.

Short 2-minute specials that come with the DVD. They are random, funny and nonsensical. Nothing to do with the story whatsoever. I suppose it’s for those of you who haven’t got enough of the loli in Utao, the fanservice in Hibino and Mahiru’s angst.

Special 1 – In a dating simulation-like game, Utao Plus has the viewers dating, well, Utao. So you get to take her out shopping and make her try on various outfits, much to her embarrassment. At the end of the day when Utao is happy you accompanied her and pat her head, Aki shows up to tease her. Yup. He saw everything at the shop. Embarrassed Kukuri unleashes Kukuri while Aki does the same with his Kuramitsuha. Another explosive affair. But Utao isn’t happy her date is ruined. Was she using this as a practice to date Kyouhei?

Special 2Hibino tries out her new swimsuit but is horrified the see the flabs around her waist (I don’t see anything – maybe it’s a girl’s thingy). Worse, she didn’t seem happy about her weight on the scale. We couldn’t care less what Hibino is talking about because all our eyes are fixated at her bouncy boobs when she does push-ups and sit-ups despite her having the perfect boobs, slender waist and back. In the end, Hibino gains more weight because of the muscles she obtained during the workout.

Special 3Mahiru treats us viewers by giving us her stern mocking lecture and even beating the camera up. I guess she needs to take all her pent up frustrations out seeing beloved Kyouhei isn’t here. How convenient. I am not an M. But I don’t think she’s listening. She feels she wants to really make us stupid guys understand her deep sadness so much so she unleashes Magatsuhi to teach us a good lesson. And because she is bored, she is going to play with us a lot more. Should we feel honoured? Doesn’t look like a play that we guys would enjoy…

Special 4 – Utao must be devastated seeing the viewer votes for the specials are in. Yeah, she might have gotten first place. Or else why dedicate this special to Utao doing cosplay in various dresses while being photographed by Hibino? Why is Hibino so obsessed in putting more outfits on her and snapping away like crazy? I didn’t know she had this sort of fetish. The final straw came when she wants Utao to wear a sexy see-through lingerie. No way!

Special 5 – Utao must have come up tops against in the viewers’ poll, eh? She’s doing an interview of Tokyo in her swimsuit by visiting various landmarks like Tokyo Tower, Akihabara and Shibuya. Each time she feels its large magnitude, feels scared and gets swamped by a group of crazy otaku guys. Mahiru thought she was taking pictures of her without her permission so she chides her before humiliating her with Magatsuhi, letting the otaku guys take all the pictures they want of Utao. Can’t bear to take this anymore, Utao summons Kukuri and the epic explosion means everyone gets caught in the cross-fire. They find it awesome?

Special 6 – It’s Mahiru’s turn to top the polls. She’s relishing in her victory. So do viewers finally understand her or they just fear her? This time we see her taking us to the festivals as she shows us the fireworks. She is bragging about the special display she is going to make especially for us but I guess we’re hesitating to come along with her since she did mention she’ll show it if we become her slave. But do we have a choice? Then Aki pops up upon hearing the commotion and he teases her about this date. Yeah, he promises he won’t tell Kyouhei. They summon their Kakashi and fight but it accidentally lit the fireworks. I don’t think the wild display was bad but there goes Mahiru’s festival.

Killer God Dolls
If not for the ‘to be continued’ message right at the end, I would have certainly considered to be one of those unpleasant animes that ended so abruptly with everything left hanging, that I would have cursed furiously without hesitation. It’s not that I am happy with how things ended but that message ‘softens’ the impact. It still left me wondering what really happened to Mahiru, Kirio and Kuuko. The first 2 seemed to have run away. They start reflecting on things. Period. The crazy girl also ran away with her ‘lover’. Period. Aki is still on the loose. Then show ends. But still the show had promising developments so I guess if there is going to be a sequel, I would definitely want to watch it to see what happens next to the characters and the village.

The most amusing character is definitely Utao. Her blunders and even trying to work hard seems to make her look funny. There are times she may be serious or sad but that will soon turn into something comical. From trying to smile properly to being devastated seeing her cookies destroyed, you can never tire of her cuteness. Yurako is also amusing but only to the point she is annoyingly clinging all over Utao. Good thing or bad, she doesn’t get any much screen time. Kuuko is getting crazier as she gets. She is not afraid to take risks and no matter how wild or disrespectful she is towards her dad, the last bit clearly shows she still has a human heart and treasures her friendship with Hibino (heck, Hibino is her only friend in university!). I hold Hibino responsible for 95% of the series’ fanservice. It’s pretty obvious isn’t it? At first when I glimpsed at her, I just thought how those boobs were so huge that they seemingly are at the point of just ripping through her shirt! Love it or loathe them. At first, Mahiru may seem like an obnoxious b*tch but that is only because she is totally blinded by her love for Kyouhei and her twisted ideal being the survival of the fittest. Her haughty attitude may be something to watch out for but I feel it’s because she’s been cooped up in that village just like the rest for too long. Sometimes you need to take your dog out for a walk, right?

No matter how much Kyouhei tries to run, eventually he realized he can’t really escape from the village. He may have given up the position as a Seki but that doesn’t mean his powers are also gone. I’m sure there is a big chance that it is sleeping dormant within him. He is just afraid to turn into a bloodthirsty killer and unable to control it by hurting his loved one. Aside from the story, this could have turned into a harem series. It’s a four-way tussle for Kyouhei. With his the little sister with brother-complex, the classmate girl and the childhood village friend. Seems there is a lot of potential in this sense, right? But wait? You counted three? Who is the fourth one then? No, not Moyako because from her body language she seems to have feelings for Aki though this is not confirmed. Believe it or not, I feel it could be Aki! That guy just doesn’t show it but he’s hanging around Tokyo because of Kyouhei, right? I just wonder why he didn’t live with him or at least close to him if he was that obsessed. Maybe he doesn’t want Kyouhei to bug him about going back to the village. I find Aki’s role a little redundant in Tokyo. Besides to provide some fight sequences and flashback mode. All he does is bum around Tokyo. If he meets someone he knows, then they ‘talk’ or fight. Then he runs and disappears. At this rate, Koushiro and Kirio are going to have a hard time bringing him back. Or is Koushiro just delaying on purpose? It’s not like he’s a terrible hunter or tracer. It’s hard to classify if Aki is really a bad kid. Though he admits he kills and his ideology twisted, but it feels every sh*t that has happened was due to the village. Yeah, you could say those elders at the village are the main villains. Oh, I noticed this too. Sometimes when a person from the village steps foot in the city, the typical answer for the ‘veteran’ is to say “Go back to the village”. Is that place a safe haven or rather it’s for the good of the city folks? The most redundant character role I feel goes to Kyousuke. Maybe it’s because the series ends halfway so we don’t get to see much of his nose. In the end, Kyousuke is still investigating the matter without any solid leads unlike his daughter. In such a way he is a character that you won’t remember much. If you ignore him in this series, it won’t change much of anything either.

The fights between the Kakashis are rather okay but I won’t say that they are mind blowing or anything that sort, though each of them has their unique design and abilities. The concept of Seki and Kakashi somewhat reminded me of Mai-HiME’s Child and Orphan. Not to say the design of the Kakashi is similar but if you look from it from a general point of view, it does have that similar feel. But I can’t help get this feeling that Kukuri has this uncanny resemblance to Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica’s Kyuubey! Yikes! Doom I tell you if they’re really related! And to think that the Kakashis are made out of wood, somehow the way I see it, those giant Gods exterior appearances make them look like as though they’re made out of metal and steel. Maybe somebody did a very good paint job. I just wished that there were more Kakashis appearing in this series but I guess if there is another season, maybe they’ll show more of them because I’m sure the Kuga and Hyuuga family aren’t just small units with members that you can count with your fingers and still have leftovers. And they should be since we’ve caught a short glimpse of a new Seki and Kakashi in the final scene.

A funny thing about the Kakashis is the way they hum when they are activated. It sounds like a computerized and muffled voice droning a creepy song. Sometimes when Kukuri does this, I thought it was a creepier version of Woody Woodpecker! There is something about the unconscious movements of the Kakashi that I noticed. Sometimes the Seki doesn’t command them to do certain things. It may be the Seki who isn’t masterful yet but it’s like the Kakashi sometimes has an unconscious mind of its own. The reflex and protective move by Kukuri and Magatsuhi’s intimidating act. After all, they are not called Gods for nothing so something supernatural of that sort must be residing in them after a very long time. The drawing and art of the series may be your conventional Japanese anime. But there is something about the faces of some of the characters especially Utao and Mahiru that makes them look, how should I put it, cartoonish. Maybe it’s their eyes that are slightly bigger than usual and their thin mouth line that nearly stretches across the face. Looking like Pac-man I thought.

On a trivial note, before the next episode (I don’t think there was ever a proper one) there is an amusing and fun segment called Kamisama Dolls Corner hosted by a real life little doll version of Utao and an equally little doll version (sometimes done in CGI) of Kukuri. What she does here is rant away with some ‘important’ points in the series and in addition to her fast yapping and scatterbrain, you can see some of the images or sketches of the characters and Kakashis that appear. Utao is so funny and cute that you can’t help smile each time she talks. Heck, is there even a full stop in her sentence?! Except only for one episode (I think it was the flashback episode) whereby the duo were like ‘dead’ either because they were so sad that they’re lost for words or so bored that they fell asleep. And as for Kukuri, it is just happily spinning around. Spinning and spinning and spinning and spinning… Oh Utao, you sure love Kukuri, don’t you? I don’t know what happen subsequently, but later there are few Kukuri clones turning up at the end! So Utao, maybe you want to really make a full sequel spin-off with this corner like you wished because I don’t really mind you yap for almost half an hour :).

Misato Fuken (Yami in To Love-Ru) is totally cute and moe in her role as Utao and is a perfect fit with all the different expressions this loli puts up. Miyuki Sawashiro too is also at her crazy voice as Kuuko. You can picture her something like Maria in Arakawa Under The Bridge and Ultear in Fairy Tail. Kana Hanazawa was slightly unrecognizable at first as Mahiru because she was acting like an arrogant princess filled with lots of teen romance angst. A departure from her other soft-spoken character roles like the titular character in Kobato, Shiori in The World God Only Knows and Aoi in Asobi Ni Iku Yo. Other voice acting line-up includes Nobuhiko Okamoto as Kyouhei (Usui in Kaichou Wa Maid-sama), Ai Kayano as Hibino (Menma in Ano Hi Mita Hana No Namae Wo Bokutachi Wa Mada Shiranai), Ryohei Kimura as Aki (Hinata in Angel Beats), Katsuki Murase as Koushiro (Masa in Seto No Hanayome), Yumiko Kobayashi as Kirio (Azumi in Yakitate! Japan), Ayahi Takagi as Moyako (Megumi in Special A), Rie Yamaguchi as Yurako (Mackenzie Torisu in Freezing) and Makiko Nabei as Chihaya. The opening theme, Fukanzen Nenshou by Chiaki Ishikawa is to a catchy Latin beat. Sometimes it makes me want to get up and dance a tango myself. The ending theme also by Chiaki Ishikawa is at a moderate pace entitled Switch Ga Haittara. It also has the gloomy and depressing feel just like the special ending song for that flashback episode, Natsu No Niwa. Only difference is the latter is much sadder.

There is something more going on beneath the Karakami village. Why is it that this village only house beings that are called Gods? Just how long has it been since the Kuga and Hyuuga families have been fighting each other and for what real purpose. Sahei’s anticipation of Amaterasu (which points out to be that powerful Kakashi) definitely has a bearing on the destiny of both clans. What purpose do they have in maintaining and handing down the Kakashis throughout the generations? What hidden powers doe the Kakashis have? Will things really be settled if the village and its elders are no more? Will it really be over then? Ah, so many questions so I hope the sequel do come out. Not just looking for these others, but looking forward to see more of Utao’s cute antics and blunders ;p! With Kakashis appearing recently in the eyes of the public, though many are stunned at the aerial battles right smack in the city, many of them would just pass it off as some filming effect. Great apathetic reasoning, eh? Well, you can’t blame them since in movies these days, the effects are so real which renders everything so fake.

It is true that depending on the person, one can turn into a bad god or good god. As long as humans are the masters of these ‘Gods’ (ironically should it be God who governs over men?), you can never be too careful if there will be some megalomaniac who just wants to blow up the world for fun/boredom/weariness or take over the globe. Maybe that is why the real Almighty above has abandoned us and left us to our own devices. Just look at how destructive it is considering it is just one Kakashi. Now that is what you call playing God.

I wonder if Keima is playing his galges properly. I wonder if Keima has even time to play all the galges he wants. I really wonder if Keima do have a life of his own! After successfully conquering 4 real life 3D bishoujos in the first season, let’s just say his conquest isn’t really over yet because with the sequel The World God Only Knows II, this means there are a hell lot more loose souls to capture. You’d be surprised how many more loose souls are to be captured. Let’s say he will have to be an immortal to complete his duty. Hah!

This season more or less follows the same formula as its predecessor. Keima along with the ‘annoying and useless’ Elsie team up to hunt loose souls escaped from hell who are hiding in the gaps of the hearts of young girls. Keima is a galge expert so he uses such experiences from his 2D world to make a successful capture of the 3D girls with his scenarios and suave persuasion. I guess there are many types of parameters and situations for different types of 2D girls so even on the outlook it may look like the same thing but there are many ways and methods to achieve it. In a way, the sequel doesn’t feel repetitive or recycled. Unless you’re not into these kind of things.

Flag 1.0: Flower In Bloom
Keima explains to Elsie his theory the reason why loose souls possess girls. Elsie is more infatuated (and laughing) with his ridiculous drawing to pay attention. This causes them to bump into several bullies. Keima ignores their existence and gets beaten up. Of course it hurts. This isn’t some game where you can just go back and choose a different route. Kusunoki Kasuga happened to pass by and warn the bullies to stop whatever they’re doing. However being the arrogant bullies they are, they even decide to get nasty on her. Kusunoki fights back and gives a lesson those bullies will never forget. They are sent running with tails between their legs. As for Keima, she tells him off to be a real man. Elsie returns to rid of the bullies. Not only she’s late but she ends up hitting Keima. Her uselessness hasn’t gone away it seems. Then Elsie’s alarm goes off and from the looks of it, Kusunoki has a loose spirit inside her. Though Kusunoki may look tough and the inspiration for many other girls, she feels she doesn’t need cute things to achieve her goals. She is pretty sure of that till that hideous drawing from Keima blows right into her face. She finds it cute? Elsie gathers some data on Kusunoki to learn she is the successor to her father’s dojo and also the karate club captain. In fact she is the only member because the rest quit within 2 days when she became captain. Elsie thought it’s going to be tough but Keima suddenly prostrates himself before Kusunoki and wants her to be his master! Not of the S&M type, silly. He wants to be her disciple and teach him the heart of the warrior. This is part of his plan to get inside her guard. Kusunoki feels his overwhelming pressure (worlds of 2D girls he captured?) and after seeing how cute Keima’s expression is, she gives him a chance. As Keima follows Kusunoki around, he observes her abhorrence for weak things and prefers hard rice crackers for snack. Then one evening, he spots her holding up a cute cat with a cute expression. She tries to hide this ‘weakness’ by beating him up. Then she tries to drop the cat off the ledge to cast away those feelings and blames him for seeing her in such an embarrassing state. A voice tells her not to do it. Kusunoki remembers how she needs to become strong and she won’t if she doesn’t cast them aside. She really throws the cat! Cat killer! However it seems a manifestation of her other self appears and saves it. The twin hides back inside Kusunoki’s body when she finds out Keima and Elsie have spotted her. Later when Keima confronts her, Kusunoki lets him know she had a strange feeling for a while. Whenever her heart stirs, her body feels like it’s being torn apart. Keima experiments by giving her the cat. The manifestation appears but disappears shortly when Kusunoki tries to get her. Keima explains her attraction to the cute and weak has manifested itself. Kusunoki denies and that she is a martial artist. But Keima tells her that even strong people have weakness in their heart that can’t be seen. She must confront them and if she defeats it, she’ll conquer her weakness. Wow. A pupil telling this to his master? Keima suggests they need to engage in activities she considers weak. She can’t come up with anything so Elsie suggests they date. The manifestation appears but again disappears when Kusunoki tries to catch it. I guess this settles it. A date it is.

Flag 2.0: Problem Solved By The Fist
Though the duo are on a date, Kusunoki is trying to reason that this embarrassing scene is just part of the plan. I’m sure they are the envy of every other guy. She is further embarrassed that everyone is looking at her and the cute clothes she is donning. Poor Keima bears the brunt of her embarrassment. So as they go from shop to shop, Elsie spies on them and it doesn’t feel like a date since they have trouble connecting. So if holding hands is out of the question, I guess playing games at the arcade will be a great way to connect. So she thinks. Even if Keima is always holding his handheld, he still has time to participate and even beats Kusunoki’s high score. Then they go watch a movie (Kusunoki getting noisy because the main protagonist was too weak) and take photos together. Each time the clone gets out, Kusunoki tries to get it, she goes back in. Same thing. Back to square one. As they hang out at the park, they know this isn’t working but Kusunoki won’t stop till she gets rid of her other self. Spotting a couple eating ice cream together, they decide to do the same. No matter how embarrassed they are, they eventually lick the soft cream, forcing the separation of her manifestation. Kusunoki challenges her so a fist fight begins. Odd seeing fighting yourself? Both sides aren’t giving up. Elsie thought of making an armour for Keima to get in between them to stop the fight. No thanks. He’d rather have them solve it out themselves. So short flashback how Kusunoki was made the dojo’s successor because her father had no male heir. Ever since, she considers herself as a man and trained hard. The clone seems strong enough to overcome the real one. She doesn’t care about martial arts and asserts she will be the real Kusunoki from today. Keima tells Kusunoki a way to defeat her. He puts a flower on her head and wonders if there is a need to fight her. Why not just accept her. Become feminine and strong, a cute martial artist. Reject! Not only Kusunoki beats him up, her clone also does. Because they are adamant that when you devote to only one path, the other is sacrificed. Keima continues his persuasion that humans can be both strong and cute (citing the cat as an example). This is also a cue for also to butt in wearing the armour. See the combination of cute and strong? Finally Keima deals the final blow that a martial artist would never impose limits and should seek greater strength. The clone agrees with Keima and though she feels they are not ready to walk the path of a cute martial artist yet, she admits her defeat. But there is one thing she needs to do before she goes. She possesses Kusunoki’s body and kisses Keima! Well, it’s not like she hates him. In the aftermath, Kusunoki continues to train but also accepts cute things. Elsie blunders again when she brought a recipe book instead of a manual for loose souls squad (they had that?). Her alarm goes off for a short while. Then swooping down from the sky is another loose spirit squad member, Haqua du Lot Herminium.

Flag 3.0: The Section Chief Cometh
Haqua is Elsie’s friend and honour student. Seems she has been promoted to section chief (Far East Division, Section 32 Chief to be more precise) and she has an armband to prove it. Elsie has all praises for Haqua and considers herself a failure. She also introduces Haqua to Keima, whom she finds odd. I mean, he’s just an ordinary human, Elsie calls her God and isn’t it ironic for a demon to have God as her buddy? Plus, Keima is trying to find a signal for his galge. His funny act has Haqua laughing as she notes with him around, no wonder it’s hard collecting loose souls. Haqua may boasts she has captured 10 loose souls but is surprised to hear Elsie has already captured 5. She thought she was joking but Elsie receives a message from Chief Dokuro that a loose soul is heading her way since some idiot failed to properly secure it from another district. Furthermore, this loose soul has become more powerful in hiding. Haqua goes off to search for it while asserting she doesn’t need Elsie’s second-class help. As Haqua searches through the school, she comes into Keima. He knows what is going on. Seems it was Haqua who let that loose spirit escape and promise he won’t tell anyone. Before Dokuro mentioned anything, she was already chasing it and didn’t inform Elsie although it would go smoother if they both cooperate. Haqua is lost for words when Elsie comes tumbling on Keima. Since Haqua continues to act like a top student, Keima ‘threatens’ to offer Elsie juicy information so Haqua agrees to let her help by instructing her to find the loose soul. Haqua admits to Keima that she was responsible for that loose soul so Keima wants some information (Elsie’s can’t be relied) so that he can see the ending.

As the duo continue their search, Haqua couldn’t stand Keima’s arrogance but can’t kill him since this would mean Elsie’s demise too. Haqua imparts this loose soul is too big to fit into the gaps of a person’s heart. If it amasses power, it could get dangerous. As further explained, these loose souls aren’t evil souls from the human world but their world. In short, they are real demons. Long ago, hell was a place where evil was cultivated to provide wicked souls to feed on. But some demons didn’t like this practice and sealed those ancient demons and created a new hell which is ruled by rational order. Seriously? Law and order in new hell? This explains why there are cute demon girls. Before Haqua could finish, Keima already understands the basic premise and finishes her sentence. These loose souls are sealed ancient demons plotting their return. Since they have just escaped and are still weak, they don’t have worldly bodies and feed on negative energy. So it is up to the loose souls squad to track and capture them. So it’s demons vs demons. However there is one more thing that puzzles Keima. Kanon’s transparency, Shiori’s speed reading and Kusunoki’s split manifestation may come from demons inhabiting them. But that is only when demons are weak. What happens when they fully mature? So far they’ve captured every demon before that happens because when that happens, the demon reincarnates as the host’s offspring. So in order to find this loose soul, it comes down to a place with lots of negative energy. They try their school’s losing baseball team or a delinquent’s hideout but to no avail. But there is one place left. An old abandoned theatre that was once a graveyard or battlefield so this place should have ghosts. Haqua seems to be afraid of ghosts? How ironic. As they walk inside, her alarm goes off. Keima thinks this is her jurisdiction and walks away but Haqua tries to make him accompany her, giving excuse that he knows the place. But he shoots back she has already captured 10 loose souls so it should be no problem. That’s when Haqua admitted she has not captured a single loose soul. Then Elsie contacts her that she has found the loose soul in the theatre. There are lots of students unconscious everywhere and the big ugly loose soul is getting bigger by the moment.

Flag 4.0: The Section Chief Regains Her Pride
Inside, Haqua recognizes this loose soul as the one she let escaped. Haqua tries to capture it into her jar but it’s not working. Why is Keima bumming around claiming to be just an innocent by-stander? The loose soul is using the gaps in the students’ heart to control them like puppets. Like zombies, the students try to hold Elsie and Haqua down. Elsie has not mastered the use of her garment yet so the loose soul to escape through the ceiling. Haqua thinks she’ll do this herself but Keima tells her to take Elsie with her since she has captured 5 loose souls and by doing it alone she might screw up again. Haqua remembers how she was awarded the Merit Scythe for excellence. She has always been a model for everyone and thus doesn’t need Elsie’s help. It doesn’t help either when Elsie throws a tantrum upon knowing Keima was with Haqua. Yeah, keep drawing those fire engines… Haqua continues to ponder how everything went wrong for her after leaving the academy. Seems loose souls in reality don’t follow the textbook. Her guard was down so this allowed the loose soul to posses her. With Keima trapped by Haqua’s scythe, it’s up to Elsie to think for herself. Can she? Better think fast, the hordes of ‘zombies’ are coming. Keima hints to Elsie that there is only one target she needs to worry. Haqua is troubled and she must fill the gaps of her heart as it is being controlled by the loose soul. Elsie tries to talk to her but this only makes Haqua think back how everyone regarded her as perfect. Because she needed to live up to their expectations, she worked hard. But it doesn’t matter now because she’s a failure and Elsie is the person she didn’t want to see the most. Haqua attacks her (did she miss slicing her?) but Elsie is okay with everything. Then she hugs Haqua and to her, she’ll always be the amazing top student. With that, Haqua is freed. Haqua admits to her she has not captured a single soul. Her plan is to let Elsie do the capturing while she’ll hold back the humans. Haqua clears a path for Elsie to successfully capture the loose soul. In the aftermath, Haqua shakes Keima’s hand and admits he is a nice guy since he didn’t tell anyone about her secret. She goes off hoping to repay the favour someday. Elsie isn’t happy she always gets left out but the simpleton becomes happy when Keima praises her for being a big help with Haqua today. I wonder how those students will get themselves down from the roof… Lastly, Keima is still surprised to see Haqua around when they go buy bread during recess.

Flag 5.0: It’s Always Raining When We Get There
Keima is calculating the number of galges he missed ever since he contracted with Elsie! What complex formula is that?! The only variable he needs is how many loose souls are left. Oh, not much. About 60,000 left. WHAT THE???!!! FFFFFUUUU???!!! It’s obvious that guy loses motivation and is depressed. He even gives a certain Dragonball example. Where is the motivation if you are supposed collect thousands of items instead of just a small certain number? It doesn’t help when classmate Chihiro Kousaka teases him. Especially the good it will do if Elsie cheers him up and that she doesn’t want to get infected by his otaku disease. Keima tries to cut himself off from reality and that background characters like Chihiro shouldn’t have lines. When Chihiro runs pass them to go confess to a guy she likes, Elsie’s alarm goes off. Yup, their next target. But Keima doesn’t want to have anything to do with this person. Plus, Chihiro is going to be tough because the other girls he captured are easy because they’re difficult to handle (WTF?!). In short, Chihiro has no personality as she is just plain without any unique traits. At least according to his galge experience. Really, Keima doesn’t want to solve this even if it means their decapitation. Close by, they see Chihiro trying to give her confession present to the supposed guy she loves. However she got rejected. It is to be rainy for the next few days as Keima is adamant he will not conquer her no matter how much Elsie persuades him. Then Chihiro comes in and is obviously gloomy. I guess Keima has been thinking too much that a background character like her even has parameters so as he finally gets up and is about to offer his help, Chihiro gets over her depression and decides to move on to her next love. WTF?! She admits whenever she sees a hot guy, she gets excited. You call that falling in love? Yeah, she can’t live without love. Maybe she’s in love with the idea of falling in love. Keima is upset with her shallow love and chides her for never giving her best (another reason for him to be convinced why real girls are in a much lower level). He points out people like her are polluting the real world but Chihiro shoots back that he always insult other people, always playing his galge and now has the nerve to even lecture her. I wonder how she turned him into a cockroach. Ever since then, Keima cut himself from reality. All he does is play his galge locked inside his room. I think they were just exaggerating when they picture the seasons passing through outside his door. Yeah, is it a joke when Elsie noted how Keima has turned from kami-niisama to kami-NEET-sama. If Keima has isolated himself, why the need to go to school? Chihiro thought Keima was being despicable after their argument as he won’t even talk to Elsie. Then Keima collapses outside the corridor. Even if he doesn’t want to have anything to do with the real world, his body can’t totally cut from reality. He has gone without food for days and ironically in order to live in the gaming world, you need energy from the real world. But he is helped out by Ayumi (the first real girl he captured back in the first season).

Flag 6.0: 10% Chance of Rain
Ayumi asks if he had a fight with Chihiro. He denies seeing he doesn’t see her as an equal. Because he is still weak without food, Ayumi shares hers with him. She force feeds him and wants him to quickly make up with Ayumi. She feels that whenever Chihiro badmouths him, she feels uncomfortable. If you remember after every successful conquer, the girl loses her memories. Maybe deep down in Ayumi’s body, that part of her still remembers Keima. He thought conquered girls lose their memory when Elsie explains though they disappear that doesn’t mean they completely return to how they were. Right now Ayumi is shining much brighter than before. As for Chihiro, he still refuses to help out (she turned him into a cockroach, right?). But it seems they end up together cleaning the class (setup by Ayumi). Then Chihiro spots her new love, Yuta. Keima doesn’t give a damn but it seems he gets upset when Chihiro doesn’t know what to get Yuta for his birthday. He chides her for not doing proper analysis about that guy. Unlike her who has never been successful in confessing, he always analyzes his targets to achieve 100% confession rate (must be his galge thingy). Chihiro shoots back that he shouldn’t be the one to say because he never did any dating or kissing in real life. Well, actually he did. All those conquering… Only the girls never retained their memories. They’re being too noisy so Chihiro hides both of them (in an ambiguous lover-like position) to hide their cover from Yuta. Chihiro wants Keima to not only talk but make her confession successful. Keima is motivated to help her because all he needs is to make her fall for Yuta and not necessary him. So he relays his convoluted flowcharts and plan to Chihiro on how to obtain Yuta. Too complicated. Boring. Is this a war campaign? Keima promises she will make her deliver a successful confession in 3 days. He sets her up in accidents that has her bump into Yuta to get her closer to the guy. Then he wants her to memorize a pile of potential story development and corresponding conversation patterns by tomorrow morning! She’s no Einstein. Of course she didn’t even flip a single page. Next day, Chihiro is thrilled when Yuta starts talking to her. Keima and Elsie (in the garment’s stealth mode) help Chihiro out with some lines while talking to Yuta. Chihiro feels satisfied with talking with Yuta for today but Keima doesn’t want her to rest on her laurels yet and continues his tactics-cum-lecture for her successful confession. However Chihiro doesn’t give a damn with all that and starts laughing at his horrible drawing. As time progresses, Chihiro is able to get closer to Yuta whereby striking up a conversation is natural. Keima once again goes over the plan and wants her to confess tomorrow after school. However Chihiro doesn’t seem all too interested. Oh, could it mean…

Flag 7.0: Singing In The Rain
Keima works over time the various scenarios that may happen. It is hard because he’s never done one with a guy before. Elsie isn’t happy Keima still views Chihiro as a video game character and tries to point out her good points. Hard, eh? The big day comes and the expression is obvious on Chihiro’s face. She doesn’t seem too excited. She goes about around town before making her way to school. Meanwhile part of Keima plan is to have Elsie disguised as a man (some moustache that is) so Chihiro could practice her confession. Keima feels odd because the way Chihiro is acting feels like she doesn’t care about the confession and it’s like he’s the only one who cares about it all. Chihiro sees Keima and offers him some meat buns she bought from the store. But all Keima has on his mind is her confession. This has Chihiro saying that maybe they should drop this confession thing because she realized Yuta wasn’t really her type. They could pretend all this never happened. It’s no surprise Keima blows his top because he put so much effort in this and now she wants to call it off?! Chihiro has something to say back to his face too. It’s not like she has anything special so why should it matter if she doesn’t care. She runs away and soon Elsie returns. She learns the confession is off. Keima notes that he ignored Chihiro and probably the gaps in her heart have grown. He realized there were clear hints of it and was too focused on the romance he wanted to see. He searches for her and finds her at a ship. She thought she was going to jump and tackles her. Of course she wasn’t. Keima is worried about her but of course she feels there is no need for an average girl like her. He tries to find out why she chased after guys she don’t even like. Her reply is that she admires people who shine brightly. She thought they were similar and he would be able to understand her feelings. Though it is true he has given up on reality, he has not given up on himself. Whether it is boring, fun or ordinary, the one to make the decision is not reality but himself. He was under the impression she was completely normal but it appears she may have more personality than others. After all, she is the first person to completely knock him down. If she wished it, then she can do it. Chihiro still has low self-esteem so Keima kisses her and in an instant the loose soul is kicked out and into Elsie’s jar. Back in class, Chihiro is back to her normal self and decides to form a band with herself as the vocalist and Elsie the guitarist. Though Chihiro sucks in singing and Elsie can’t play a single instrument, they’ll be just that in her life and all she needs to do is just keep singing (no matter how bad she is). In the end Keima is still unhappy how this experience made it clear that reality defies all logic and is such a crappy ‘game’. But he thinks back while he secludes himself into the gaming world, everyone else continues to struggle with reality.

Flag 8.0: Her First Errand
Ever since, Keima at least has been more accepting of reality, though his passion for galge is burning more than ever. Keima goes to town just to get a game and so Elsie has to come along since she must stay with him. They kill time in a nearby game shop while waiting for that store to open. Because Elsie can’t really tell the difference between the games, Keima gives her a lesson on the spot (so that she could buy the Love Tears game he wanted from that store while he attends a retro game fair). So Keima imparts his lesson of the history of 2D and how they conquer 3D with the missing D as Dreams. Huh? Elsie wants to get subtitles for that? It’s like speaking in a foreign language, eh? Elsie decides to help him out seeing he always does with her loose souls and this is her chance to return the favour. Plus, whenever he talks about these games, he looks so alive. As Elsie starts her operation to buy the Love Tears, she sees 3 similar copies but with different price tags. I don’t blame amateurs like her who can’t tell the difference between the ‘characters who looks so alike’. Using her knowledge she learnt from Keima, she deduces one of them to be boy characters. So now it boils down between 2 versions and she chose the expensive one. As she makes her purchase, she spots and even expensive one behind the counter and decides to take that one instead. She happily presents it to Keima and it seems he realizes this is what happens when she only teaches her about games. The one she bought was actually an anime DVD version. But luckily at the fair, Keima bought one copy just in case this happened. Didn’t trust her, eh? Plus, he says one can never have too many copies of a good game. Huh? Oh, he notes the anime version is boring.

Flag 8.5: Tea For Three
Keima laments due to the loose soul capturing business, he has not much time in playing his galge. But today is the day he can play it all without any interruption. Till Haqua drops by. Keima’s mom, Mari thought she is Elsie’s acquaintance. Till Haqua mentions she is her husband’s illegitimate child! Oh sh*t! Didn’t Elsie use that excuse the last time? See how Mari leaves on her bike in a rage! Didn’t she divorce her husband the last time? Apparently not. Is she going to do it for real now? Even if Haqua was joking, but it’s too late. Damage done. So what brings her here this time, seeing her ‘story’ ended? Well, she has to write a report for that tiny mistake she did. I guess Keima goes free flow with the insults now, eh? And Haqua too with her scythe hitting him. Instead of putting it in words, she used a model to have more impact. With little model dolls, they can recreate the scene that day via orders input to the microphone. I guess the rest can’t resist in making the dolls do stuff that was unrelated on that day. Because Keima refuses to cooperate, Haqua allows him to ask a question in exchange for his help. He wants to know a way to end the contract: By capturing all 60,000 loose souls. How many have they captured: Around 15. SAY WHAT???!!! How many members do they have in the squad: Well, that’s all for today. So as Haqua and Keima recreate the scene, Keima isn’t amused she tried to lie in some parts. Like the part she was afraid of ghosts and cling on to him, she made it as though it was Keima who was the chicken clinging all over her. As they fight over this scene, Haqua destroys the microphone so they can’t make anymore amendments. But Elsie is shocked to see them doing something perverted (that’s how the dolls ended up) and really believes it! Keima gets hit for nothing. Worse, Elsie throws a tantrum that wrecks the report. After managing to salvage what is left, Haqua leaves. She praises Elsie for doing a good job in capturing that loose soul and is no longer a failure. Haqua was about to shake Keima’s hand but he tells her to write her own reports. She hits his hand away and tells him off that she knows how to write them. Then it hit Elsie. Perhaps Haqua was using this report as an excuse to come visit. But not her… Oh my. She locks Keima out of his own house. Even if Elsie is slow, never make a woman mad/jealous…

Flag 9.0: Class 2-B Miss Nagase
Jun Nagase starts her first day as a teacher student in the school she once studied in. I guess she is good in keeping her composure as she tries to advise a bunch of delinquents not to litter but they just ignore her. In the staff room, she introduces herself and her hero as Jumbo Tsuruma, an old fashioned pro-wrestler. I don’t know how she sees pro-wrestling and teaching as similar. Pursuit of hopes, dreams and ideal strength? In class, Keima’s homeroom teacher, Yuri Nikaidou introduces Nagase and starts off her lessons with the latter observing. Nagase notices Keima not paying attention and very occupied with his galge. What is more puzzling is that nobody seems to bring this up. She thought he is a ghost she can only see! But soon Nagase learns from the other teachers that it’s best to leave that problem child alone. He has lots of handhelds with him no matter how many times they take it away. Plus, he scores perfect in every test so does it shows he’s paying attention in class? Even Nikaidou got so pissed off that she just stopped caring. But Nagase feels the need to teach this kid some appropriate behaviour. She approaches him in class and when he looked her in the eyes, she got scared and backs off. While resting outside a tree, she notes his eyes with the looks that he has completely given up on reality. It was like he’s looking at her through a different world and seems lonely. But she gets inspired by her hero to tackle this problem. But a loose spirit suddenly enters her body though Nagase felt something, it didn’t bother her much.

On the second day at school, Keima’s class are glad they got this beautiful babe as their teacher. During Kodama’s class, nobody was interested in greeting him. But when it’s Nagase’s turn, everyone replied with much liveliness! See the difference! Then when she walks pass Elsie, her alarm goes off. Later as Elsie informs Keima the details on Nagase, Keima feels he’d started to relax seeing the lack of loose souls these days. Seeing the alarm didn’t go off on the first day, it must mean she was just recently possessed. Keima feels like going home instead of confronting Nagase. He explains the teacher route as the most difficult one to conquer because a teacher’s job is to be friendly with students. Once they’re stuck on it, it will take a long time to conquer and win. So he needs to start off as her equal. That means he needs to avoid seeing her and wants Elsie to put up a fake clone of him in class. As Keima is about to leave the school gates, he is shocked to see Nagase calling out to him. He can’t believe she has made the first move and can’t let any events occur at school. He tries to run but Nagase keeps pestering to have lunch with her (she thought he was bored with school and tried to leave). So Keima finally relents and as Nagase talks away, Keima wonders why she is targeting him. He doesn’t make contact and avoids talking to her. She shows him her pro-wrestler hero and talks about the sport which is about pursuit of ideal strength. This causes Keima to accidentally reply about ideals over real. Nagase is happy he replied so Keima gets up and leaves. She says he can always talk to her as she is here to help. Keima returns to class since his plan has already failed. Elsie thought he was a genius in making friends! She also thought Nagase was worried of him being a problem child. But Keima is worried he is stuck with the teacher route now.

Flag 10.0: School Wars
Nagase feels motivated to get Keima to open up to her and be the best teacher he’s ever had. Keima on the other hand is trying to think of other plans that will have in running in a new direction or else this won’t even be finish during graduation. That plan is to piss her off. Keima continues to immerse in his games and he has brought a few stack of them to class. Nagase somewhat understands the loneliness he feels so she pats him on his back and vows to find a way to save him. During PE, he ignores her to play ball. She shoots at him but when he shoots back, it hits Nikaidou. She starts kicking like practising for a penalty kick. All other pissing off methods fail. So Nagase feels it’s time to unleash her secret weapon. She bought a handheld too and wishes to challenge him! So, she’s holding it upside-down. I guess Keima has to teach her some of the basic stuff and he’s trying to hold his anger in. Finally Nagase says that though games are fun, there are more important things to this because in the end, games are works of fiction and can’t replace reality. However he tells her off that he doesn’t escape reality by playing games and not to go judging people by her own standards. Before he can scold her further, Elsie knocks him out and takes him away. Later Keima thinks of taking another route. A third party that connects him and Nagase: Nikaidou. The reason is if he establishes a relationship with Nikaidou, he will instantly become Nagase’s equal. So the main problem is how to get close with her. Keima tries to put on his best performance but Nikaidou isn’t even trying to be friendly! Nearby, they see Nagase trying to advice Kodama to not yell at a student and call him a failure as he will be hurt but he dismisses it. Though close to despair, she still carries on.

Keima is working his ass off marking sheets for Nikaidou. He would do anything for any information on Nagase but I don’t think it will come easy or cheap. Yeah, Nikaidou is being a demon here. Later Nagase goes back to class to ask that student who was scolded by Kodama to study together. However he feels that case wasn’t something big and it would be a hassle if they pursue it. Nagase is sad that even though they’re not okay with it, they’re not doing anything about it. They tell her that’s how the real world works. That’s when Nagase snaps and tells them off. Then she runs off but not before hearing criticisms about her being too passionate and no one is going to put up with it. Meanwhile Keima’s hard work didn’t pay off. He got no information. Nothing at all. Maybe Nikaidou is really an S. Then downtrodden Nagase passes them. He wonders if something has happened to her while he wasn’t watching. Elsie tells him about the run-in with some students. He confronts Nikaidou about it and as usual gets nothing. He deduces she refuses to tell him anything for fear she would bring up stuff she doesn’t want to talk about. This has Nikaidou’s attention so she says Nagase has been depressed ever since the court. Another teacher points out a picture in the room whereby Nagase was a basketball champion and their team won the championship. It was the basketball team’s final moment of glory. Keima and Elsie head to the suspended basketball room to see Nagase’s name on the locker. Now he can see the ending.

Flag 11.0: There Is Always A Sun In Your Heart
Though Nagase feels down, she attends a pro-wrestling match to cheer herself up. Keima and Elsie follow her and as part of the plan, Elsie peeps on her ticket seat number. Inside the hall, Nagase is surprised to see someone in her seat, what’s more Keima. The ticket Keima had is fake but thankfully Nagase didn’t find out (she thought it was double booking). The match is starting so she thinks of finding another seat but Keima pulls her hand and makes her sit with him. As the fight starts, Nagase gets into the pace of the action and also drags Keima along. Yeah, she’s doing a little wrestling move on him. When Nagase realizes how close she is to her student, Keima says pro-wrestling is interesting because it unites everyone. Nagase agrees with him and expands his points (while getting real close to him). Then she pinches his cheeks to try and make him understand she did her best to help him out. They need to work together for things to work out. As soon as he mentions about the basketball team being shut down, she gets alerted. He continues she shut it down to be precise. He feels the same thing is going to happen and more people are going to be crushed beneath her ideals. Nagase remembers how her teammates quit because they can’t keep up with her pressure anymore. This left her confused because she thought everyone wanted to get better. Nagase directs her anger to Keima that he understands nothing, attracting the attention of the other audience. Realizing the commotion, she takes her leave. Next day in class, the students are somewhat whining about Nagase when she comes in. She shows them a marathon that she has signed up everyone to participate in. However they are not too happy because some of them are busy and some said it’s too much pressure. This leads Nagase to question why they came to her for help or looked so happy when they were talking to her. She couldn’t take it anymore and runs out from class. While the class ponders about what just happened (still viewing her unfavourably), Keima stands up to say that she probably can’t save a bunch of fools. They confront him but he turns into an inflatable.

Nagase is at the basketball room when Keima suddenly pops up! Was he hiding behind there all along?! She tries to slam the locker shut and was says she was confident she was going to make it work as an ideal teacher. However he begs to differ because she hasn’t changed because she has always forced her own ideals onto others. Now she runs to the basketball court and Keima follows her. Emotional Nagase always wanted to help them but the harder she tries, the further they go away. She’s at a breaking point not knowing what to do anymore. Keima tells her to continue forcing her ideals onto them! She only needs to do what is right in her heart. She has to. She may feel pain and lonely but she must show everyone her ideals. Just like Jumbo Tsuruma! She is taken in by his words but before they could get closer to each other, the class comes looking for her to apologize for being selfish. As the class regrets their actions and Nagase welcomes them back, Keima meets up with Elsie and narrates his plan. After Nagase ran out from class, he will insult them to make them feel guilty. Elsie will then count to 500 before leading everyone to the court. Though Elsie felt it was a little forced making everyone tagged along, Keima feels it isn’t because the real lacks ideals and that’s why they need ideal endings. On the last day, Nagase bids farewell and promises to be a better teacher. Keima however hasn’t been to class ever since that day. On her way out, she sees Keima (still playing his game). She apologizes for viewing him as a solitary and cold person at first. But Keima tells her to make sure she comes back. She promises to and this will be the last time she’ll let him see her as anything else. She runs up to him and kisses him. Uh Elsie, catch that loose spirit will ‘ya?

Flag 12.0: Summer Wars
After completing a satisfying galge sequel, Keima moves on to his next game. It’s already 2 in the morning… He notices the cheap game he bought at the fair, One Leaf and decides to play it though he is not expecting it to be great. But upon meeting the game’s main girl, Yotsuba Sugimoto, he instantly fell in love with her and the game. It’s that time when Mari needs Elsie’s help to go check on Keima. Upon doing so, she is puzzled to see him so happy spouting about his destiny. Keima continues to play the game like leading a parallel life. It’s amazing how he is so focused on his handheld but yet he can still find his way around town when his eyes are never taken off the screen. Yeah, he seems to enjoy his time with Yotsuba. He got so excited in the middle of class that Nikaidou kicked him out. Yes, kicked him in the gut. But this means he can continue with no interruption. Elsie wonders if the game is hard to beat since he’s taking a long time. On the contrary, he says a good game is one whereby you want to spend more time with your heroine. Yeah, he’s spending so much time with Yotsuba that he’s beginning to look like the game’s art itself. Tsundere Haqua pays Elsie a visit only to learn the new game Keima is engrossed with (she’s acting like she’s not interested but wants to know more). Elsie sketches Yotsuba and Haqua thinks her drawing sucks. Well, if you want to compare that kind of art with today’s standard of bishoujo, yeah, it looks horrible. So imagine Haqua’s surprise when she learns such horrible art exist. Oops. Don’t let Keima hear that or he’ll get mad. Keima receives an email from the company who created One Leaf. They are seeking his input to make an ideal galge. Who better than a person who tackles galges every day, right? Keima puts on his thinking cap as we see several inner minds of Keima arguing their ideals among each other! They just can’t agree on one! Tough isn’t it making a galge? How does it feel like now for a person who is always just playing and offering lip service instead of creating it. Keima is confused and of what his ideal game is. The more he thinks, the more he is unsure.

Soon his inner minds evolve from the primitive and simple mountain side to a 30’s-like political party debate. And you thought the sage would settle things of both sides. Till he finds out one party wanted to do away with his favourite part and so the war goes on. Elsie couldn’t sleep that night and sees Keima staring into space and can’t help wonder why he is sad. The evolution of the war takes a drastic turn because it’s now an intergalactic conflict! Oh sh*t! We see a couple of Keima from different sides duking out over their ideals when one of them drops a locket containing a picture of Yotsuba. The other recognizes her because he too has a locket of her picture. Then the spirit of Yotsuba pleads to them to stop fighting and in an instant everyone starts to wonder why they have been fighting in the first place and make peace. They were arguing just about everything from the story to the interfaces and cliches but never once they talk about the girl! So all the Keimas band together and transform into a chibi version that reunite under a tree that pools all their ideals. Who says there can only be 1 ideal? In the end, Keima replies to the company to just make a good game. I guess that’s the best advice. Elsie runs up to Keima and is terrified about the news she received from Haqua. Seems a huge wave of zombies, Santa Clause, loose spirits is coming to town. However Keima ignores her and continues his gaming. Keima narrates reality is just a bad game and the ideal world can only be found within a game. But if an ideal can be found within a bad game, there may be an ideal route in the real world. He is confident he will find it. If you keep your eyes peeled, you can spot all the girls Keima helped in the current and the previous season making their short cameo appearances. We also have a glimpse of girls-cum-troubled-heroines that would appear for the next season. Yes, next season. Five of them. Can’t wait to get your hands on them, can’t you?

OVA: Four Girls and an Idol
Remember Chihiro’s dream of forming a band? Yeah well, at least it materialized. Elsie meets up with Chihiro, Ayumi and Miyako Terada for their first band practice session at the studio. Let’s just say they are far off from being anything close to After School Tea Time. Heck, they even recorded their first gig and think they’re legendary and rock. But to their dismay when they later hear it, how much is sucked. Big time. No talent. Worse, Elsie forgot to plug her amplifier and thus her guitar ‘wasn’t recorded’. Chihiro feels they need more time to practice seriously but the rest are tied down with after school commitments. Elsie suggests forming a Light Music Club. Yes, just like that anime K-ON! They think it’s a good idea to form a club to get that much needed practice together. They went to see Kodama who is also the cultural clubs activities advisor. He instantly rejects them seeing their exams are coming. He doesn’t favour people like them who want to form clubs based on their whims and fancies. Yeah, he must’ve heard lots of people trying to form lots of weird clubs. Chihiro is adamant they are serious so he makes a deal with them. Unless they score 100 marks in their exams, they can forget about it. Plus, failing which will have them under detention. Uhm… It doesn’t look like he’s serious in giving them a chance to form a club, eh? The girls are lamenting their poor English marks when Kanon appears, delighting them. Well, even as an idol she too has to sit for exams, right? Upon seeing Chihiro’s guitar, she is happy that there are other people in her class who play music. Maybe she wants to disregard that horrendous take. Kanon reveals a secret that she will be performing at their school’s festival and invites them to come. In return, Chihiro also wants her to come see their gig at the said festival. Can they? Well, if they want to do this, they have to do it seriously and sparkle, right? But how are they going to get a perfect score in their test? Well, this is where Keima comes into the picture. Elsie drags that reluctant kid to tutor them. Since Miyako is at cram school, I guess Ayumi and Chihiro are left.

Seems both sides aren’t happy that they got each other company. For Keima, he isn’t thrilled that he has to face the conquered targets again. But Elsie manages to convince him that as the Capturing God, he has to help out girls he has conquered! Wow. She really knows her way round now, does she? Well, Keima agrees but will only tutor them for an hour and no more. He starts writing on the blackboard the problems that WILL come out in the test. This is after he has taken into account Kodama’s personality and his lessons covered. That will enable them to score 90 marks. The girls didn’t believe him and thought he made it up till he mentions studying for school involves too much wasted effort. If you reduce it to only necessary portions, the amount of subject matter on a test is less than the number of dating sims on sale this month! I don’t know if they understood that because they instantly start taking down notes. For the remaining 10 marks, he will allocate a specific time to tutor them individually. Suddenly Kanon comes in and notes what they’re doing. Elsie invites her to study with them seeing it’ll be more fun. Keima isn’t happy to add another conquered target but I guess Elsie forces him too. Besides, his 1 hour tutor stays. But they hardly get anything done because Ayumi is complaining she’s not stupid and is trying to get her mom to SMS her a copy of a test she scored perfect before. Chihiro is complaining a better looking guy should’ve tutored her and Kanon has been staring at Keima ever since her entry. Yeah, it’s been bugging Chihiro as she wonders if they have any connections. So finally Kanon asks him if they have met before so Keima dismisses it and says she has the wrong person. And with time up, he leaves. And the rest blamed him for not teaching them anything… Then Kanon asks them if they knew Keima because they keep calling him Otamega. They think it may be just the feel of deja vu of meeting someone before. Kanon agrees and notes that she may be just tired. With Miyako returning, the studies continue. A few days later when the test results come out, everyone except Elsie scored hundred (she scored 45). Well, at least Elsie fared better than before but she felt bad for ruining their chance. As a last ditch attempt to go convince Kodama, he surprisingly approves not only their club, but any other students who come asking. So why the hell is he in a bloody good mood? It seems Keima scored 99 marks on his test! No wonder! He even framed it up properly! Did Keima do this on purpose as insurance? Kanon also scored perfect and her staffs congratulate her. But it’s not the score she is happiest with. It’s the friends she made. So with a new club room of their own, Chihiro and co start practising and call themselves 2B Pencils and are in the midst of recruiting a drummer (Miyako is on keyboards and the rest on guitars). Well, I wanted to really believe that their fabulous performance was not a fluke. If it was horrible, you wouldn’t even want to stay and watch the end credits, right? And I wonder if that drummer is a newbie or someone they just hired part time because much of the focus is pretty much given on the quartet.

The Ending Is Pretty Much Faraway Still…
So far, no word has been said on the third season yet but I get a feeling that there will be another sequel. I mean, Keima has got to capture 60,000 more loose souls, right? Man, there are going to be a lot of troubled girls soon. And our only hope is to depend on a single guy? We’ll cross the bridge when we get to it! I guess for this season, many would feel that it is more or less the same thing with the first season. New girl with own set of problems, Keima must figure out and work his way into her heart, once he’s got her they kissed, Elsie captures loose soul and the girls forget all that has happened. Then in between perhaps a filler episode that doesn’t involve any girls so it won’t seem so ‘tiring’. Because of this, some may find this trend repetitive and not much. There were funny moments, there were dramatic and suspenseful times, there were heart rendering moments and feel good occasions. Ah, all the ingredients you need for a good galge, eh? For me, I guess the series is rather okay because though the general flow is the somewhat same, it is the way it is presented and the different approach and method used is that what makes it interesting. No two girls are alike and though their problems may be generic and similar (problems with love, friendship, etc), you have to approach it from a case to case basis. I mean, everyone has their own troubles, right? Who doesn’t?

Keima pretty much hasn’t lost his touch in capturing and succeeding the targets. So much so you can say his rate is still at 100%. Heck, despite his tally is now just 8 targets. But still, the statistics say for themselves no matter how small it is. But I also feel that he might not be as sharp as we see him in the first season. That’s because at times he may hit a dead end so he struggles to get himself back onto the right path. After all, no matter how perfect he is from his concentration to his studies, he is still human. God is just his nickname. Well, at least living up close to it. Plus, I seem to find his capturing lines to be less charming this season. Maybe we’ve come to expect them from the last season and because of that high expectation, it doesn’t quite live up to it here. We thought he has given up on the real world and only focused on his galges but as mentioned, he doesn’t escape from reality. Perhaps it’s because he’d rather stay in a perfect and ideal world instead of continuously facing the bleak reality which is nothing good for him. Like any human, they would want to continue and enjoy the stuff they love and avoid the bad ones as much as possible. It may seem like a form of escapism but if Keima really has ditched reality, he wouldn’t even be going to school at all, right? Lately too, he has begun to question if the conquered girls really lose their memories for good and that he starts wondering if there is such an ideal world in reality. He doesn’t hate the real world as much as he does than before. Well one thing, you won’t be seeing your favourite 2D girls in the real world. Haha! Though he may still look cold and unfriendly, at least he has a human heart and in a way, a caring person. I’m sure he might give an excuse of finishing his contract with Elsie as a reason why he takes his duty so seriously but really, does it feel that he is just doing his job?

I still find Elsie pretty much a useless blob in this season. Though she is not as annoying as in the previous season (she still whines a lot, though), she still relies a lot on Keima to perform. Her only time to shine was when she released Haqua from her despair. That’s about it. Otherwise, she still is pretty much infatuated with fire engines and just an airhead. Forgive me for being harsh. She may still be an amateur but at least she didn’t lie and prop up her resume like Haqua did just to live up to the expectations of others only to crumble beneath all that pressure. So I guess it’s reality check for Haqua too (and for us) because what you learn in school will ultimately differ very much in the real world. You can’t apply what you have learnt in textbooks anymore. It would have been so convenient if reality follows textbooks, right? Unfortunately, reality doesn’t work that way. I’m just glad Haqua is able to see what is important and put things back into perspective. Besides, she is the only one who retains her memories after Keima’s successful capture. So it’s no surprise that from her body language, her tsundere attitude would very much indicate that she does have feelings for Keima. Even Elsie too. More than just her kami-niisama. Remember that incident whereby she locked him out of the house after thinking the possibility of Haqua’s visit? Yeah, that. So maybe we’ll see that kind of real romance and chemistry in the future. I mean if you talk about the romance part with Keima and his targets, it is all part of an act to just release the loose souls even if the feelings of the girls were sincere. So in that way, you can’t say the romance part for Keima and the girls are real. If they had retained their memories then probably yes.

I went to do a little further research (read: at Wikipedia) about what to expect more from the series and it seems there is a hell lot more girls for him to conquer. A lot. In addition to that, there are other plots that and characters especially from the supernatural and hell side that will make this more than just a simple 2D galge. Yeah, those old hell demons are bent on reviving and stop at nothing to the extent of hurting the girls Keima once conquered. Seems pretty interesting. Especially when you consider that there are strange and unusual phenomenon with some of the targets so this indicates that there is more than meets the eye and something even deeper and darker that has got to do with the old hell demons. Keima is going to need more than just his galge experience to fight off those baddies. He’s going to need all the help he can get. One thing that boggles my mind is how new hell demons end up looking much cuter than their older counterparts. If all the girls here look this cute, ironically it would seem like a cutie and heavenly paradise, doesn’t it? And a hell with law and order too? Isn’t that what heaven is about? Speaking of which, nobody mentions about that and the only closest thing which is heavenly mentioned here is God, which is Keima. On a trivial note, there are lots of game and anime trivia for you to spot but since I’m not a game buff, I wouldn’t really recognize the kind of game shown on the poster. Also maintained at the end of each episode like the first season, Keima narrates and compares his 2D world love to reality and it’s fun to hear the things he has to say. Of course, Elsie trying to end it with a punch line, I think she fails. Also during this section, the various end card illustrations which are amusing as eye candy.

With the main seiyuus from last season retained, we have new ones this season for the new characters. Aki Toyosaki was quite splendid as the gentle Nagase because to me, her typical roles should be airhead girls like Yui in K-ON! or Tomo in Seikon No Qwaser. She sounded like a person trying real hard to correct the wrongs without realizing that she is forcing her ideals onto others. Other casts include Saori Hayami as Haqua (Arashiko in MM!), Ami Koshimizu as Kusunoki (Horo in Spice And Wolf), Kana Asumi as Chihiro (Yuno in Hidamari Sketch) and Sakura Tange as Yotsuba (Suzu in Marmalade Boy). The opening theme, Whole New World God Only Knows by Orotario The World God Only Knows feels like a sequel from the first season. Not only it is sung entirely in English but it had that Enya feel to it although it is of a faster beat. Just odd. For the ending themes, unlike in the first season whereby a girl for that particular arc sings the ending song, we have all of them singing together so there is only one variation of the song. Ai No Yokan is the name of this ending piece. Last season we also had a singing idol which contributes lots of insert songs to the series. So this time round, it lacks many of it and just a handful.

So the next time some demons, monsters or aliens decide to kidnap or lay their hands/claws/tentacles on our women, be prepared to face the wrath of us guys, whether otaku or not. Because as men, it is natural we want to protect (and possibly monopolize) our women. Hmm… It does make it sound like as though women here are like your typical damsels in distress. For all we know, they don’t even need our help and could just take care of it all by themselves. I guess that’s why we guys lock ourselves in our own fantasy world of dating the perfect girl of our dreams. Thus is it a wonder why some would find it tempting to cross over and never to return to reality? It’s The World Guys Only Dream Of.

NB: I still find 2D girls looking way much better than 3D girls… :)

Infinite Stratos OVA

April 20, 2012

When the TV version of an anime finishes, the production of the OVA several months later usually stems to provide the missing link somewhere between the episodes, to further the plot and explain things that were not properly explained then or for nonsensical, random fun that has nothing to do with everything. And throw in some fanservice while they are at it too. So where does Infinite Stratos OVA fit in the above? That’s why we are here to find out. Honestly, I wasn’t keeping my hopes up on the first two choices. You know what this means, right? Besides, that is the only reason why I watched the TV series in the first place. Come on girls! Show me the cat fight!

Sextet of Burning Love
On a hot summer vacation, Charlotte is nervously waiting outside Ichika’s house, contemplating to go in or not. When she does decide to ring the bell, she is startled to see Ichika at the back of her. She fumbles her lines and was so nervy that she looked like a fool. Thank goodness Ichika is still the dense kid we all knew so he doesn’t see any problem other than Charlotte wanting to come into his house. Doh! However Charlotte’s private time with Ichika is short-lived because Cecilia comes ringing the doorbell next. We definitely know her true motive of being here despite her excuse of ‘just happened to be nearby’ and bought cakes from a local store. Imagine their utter dismay upon seeing ‘the other woman’. So as not to make it come to waste, the ladies get Ichika’s permission to feed them. So they both form a truce like how Britain and France did during the World War. Ichika starts off with Cecilia followed by Charlotte. I’m sure the ecstasy and happiness isn’t because of the delicious cake. Get what I’m saying? Next, it’s their turn to feed Ichika but they are interrupted by the doorbell. Who could it be this time? Who else. Not one, not two, but three girls. Houki, Rin and Laura. I guess it saves time by having them all appear at the same time. Yeah, everyone came up with the same idea. See how utterly disappointed to see ‘the other women’. They can throw their plans away on having a nice and quiet private day with Ichika.

Since it’s too hot outside, the gang play some weird Q&A board game (Laura made a mountain?) when Chifuyu returns home. The girls observe closely the interactions between the siblings and somewhat conclude they are acting like a husband and wife team. Disappointed? However Chifuyu will be heading back to the academy seeing teachers need to work even during summer vacation. Feels good to be a student sometimes, eh? Before she leaves, she advises Houki to return to her shrine to see her mom once in a while. When the girls mention about Ichika’s interaction with his sister like as though they’re husband and wife, that guy thinks it’s just natural since they are siblings. I’m sure that’s not what the girls are asking. Since it’s almost dinner time, Ichika and the girls go out shopping for ingredients. Yes, all of them. Nobody gets left behind. Due to Cecilia’s horrible reputation as a terrible cook, the other girls try to restrain her from cooking. But I guess she just won’t listen and her pride never accepting that there is something wrong with her cooking. So too late for the rest as we see her squeeze empty the bottle of tomato (or is it chilli?) and a couple of Tabasco sauce into the pot! Is she really going to feed everyone with that whatever she’s making? Meanwhile Laura shows them her shishkebab thingy which she mistakenly learnt as Japanese Oden. Suddenly an explosion! BOOM! Don’t worry. It isn’t any terrorist threat. It’s just Cecilia’s pot blowing up. If this grub was in their stomach… The girls try to relegate her to do other duties like set the table but she still insists… So the kids have a great dinner with the girls contributing their own dishes. Including Cecilia’s burnt pot. Haha! Elsewhere Chifuyu meets Maya at a bar and the latter thinks she is considerate to let her brother be alone with his ‘girlfriends’. However Chifuyu remembers something. Back during the extended field trip, she went overboard by telling the girls she will never let them have Ichika. She said the unnecessary without much thought and feels the girls consider her their rival.

For the second half, Houki returns to her shrine for the Shinonono Festival. She meets up with her aunt Yukiko and is glad to help her out for the Kagura dance. While cleaning herself, Houki reflects if her sister invented IS, she wouldn’t have enrolled in the academy, kept moving around and more importantly, stay by Ichika’s side. Houki in a miko priestess outfit takes care of the lottery fortune shrine. To her surprise, she sees Ichika. Seems he remembered about it.  Houki is kinda embarrassed because she fears Ichika will comment on her girly outfit that she will not look good in it. But in reality, Ichika actually praises how good she looks in it! Houki couldn’t believe it and thinks this is all a dream and wants to wake up! Yeah, she’s going berserk! Do you really want to not stay in this ‘dream’ then? Yukiko allows Houki to go around the festival grounds till the dance. Houki is happy she gets to walk around with Ichika in her yukata but guess who showed up? Charlotte? Wrong. Laura? Off the mark. Rin? Guess again. Cecilia, right? It has to be her! Nope. Eh? If not those girls, who could it be? Don’t say it’s Chifuyu. Darn right it isn’t. It’s Ran. Oh, the other rival that is almost forgotten. Ran and Houki meet each other for the first time and though they may seem friendly on the outside, on the inside they’re like not too happy that the other girl seems a lot better than thought. Or at least described by Ichika. As they go around the festival grounds, Houki seems a little depressed. I mean, her only time with Ichika just dissipated like that. Is he that insensitive? Then at a bench, Ran praises Houki’s amazing kendo and IS skills. Suddenly they hear screams of a certain imouto complex brother looking for Ran. He really is running around asking for onlookers if they have seen this sister of his. I guess the part he described her boobs really made Ran feel the need to go punish him. Call it a blessing in disguise because Houki gets to be with Ichika alone. I’m sure she’s trying to hint him something about kind people always flock to him but it’s time for the Kagura dance.

Houki gracefully performs the dance that it’s like she’s a different person. You would have wondered where the tomboyish attitude had gone for this beauty. After the dance, the duo walk together to the hilltop. Ichika praises her dancing. He then reflects on the events that led him to join the IS Academy. He is glad he did so because he got to see her again. Does that really have a deeper meaning to it? But for Houki, it does. See how nervous and blushing she becomes? Then the moment we’ve all been waiting for… Even if they didn’t kiss, Houki finally blurted the words “I love you” out from her mouth. Yes, that’s no dream. Unfortunately… Oh God. Yes, seemingly unfortunate the most important 3 words of her life are being drowned out by the start of the fireworks display. Bummer. Total bummer. As a consolation prize she holds Ichika’s arm as they watch the display together. See, this guy is dense right till the end. When a girl clings on to your arm like that, it could very well mean one thing, right? He’s just acting so cool… It’s not like the fireworks are that great a distraction anyway.

Infinite Harem…
So yeah. The OVA is basically one that doesn’t have anything to do with the plot or advancing it. We just get our fill of love polygon between the girls over Ichika and even so, that is just the first half. While nobody goes into overdrive mode and getting physical over that guy, the rivalry is still there and it is good to know that even though everyone loves Ichika, they still continue to stay as friends. For the second half of the series, it is more focused on Houki and Ichika as the rest of the IS girls are plain out of sight. So it may be a sign that Houki should be the best ‘candidate’ to end up with Ichika. Besides, if you remember at the end of the TV series, Ichika nearly kissed Houki, only to be stopped by the other girls (note: His first kiss went to Laura). But you’ll never know. At the rate Ichika is going, he won’t be choosing one very soon. Would it be good if he does? I mean, that will mean things will change. His interaction and response with the rest will change. Thus it’s best to keep status quo for the time being. So just keep waiting and waiting and waiting and waiting and waiting…

While this OVA is void of any sort of fanservice (the most you’ll get to see is that short and ‘nothing much’ scene of Houki in the bath), the episode is also void of any IS machines. That means no aerial IS fights whatsoever. Just plain ol’ romance harem episode that one could easily mistake it as those ubiquitous ones found anywhere. And to call this series a mecha genre… Anyway that’s not the point. I just wonder why the title of the OVA has ‘sextet’ in it. When you mention a sextet, that means 6 people. Taking into consideration the 5 girls, who the heck is the 6th person? Unless you count Ichika in. If not, it must be some other girl too, right? Who? Who?! Ran? Chifuyu? Yeah, it’s that burning question of who is that sextet. Hey, what about Tabane? Has anybody seen that quirky bunny ear genius around?

While there is still no mention of any sequel, if there is you’d probably know my intentions of watching it. Yeah, you saw through me and read my face like a book just like how I spotted the intentions of those quintet ladies to be with Ichika from a hundred miles away and even saw it coming 10 years ago. Haha! So exaggerating. Okay, maybe a little advancing in the plot won’t hurt a bit but that’s really what I see this anime for. While at it, maybe Ichika can add more potential ‘candidates’ to his harem each with a different nationality too to turn up the rivalry heat. How about having an IS pilot from Malaysia? They’re warm, polite and friendly. She could probably cook lots of great variety of dishes and teach you an assortment of lines like “Apa khabar” and “Saya cinta padamu“. Well, if Malaysia gets that far by having an IS pilot candidate in the first place.

Nekogami Yaoyorozu

April 15, 2012

Cat Gods are supposed to bring in wealth and prosperity, right? And I’m sure those cute little lucky Maneki Neko are just what everyone needs to bring good luck into their business or family. So what happens when you have got a Cat God who does nothing but bum around all day? Hold on. Don’t jump your guns yet. There is a reason why the Cat God doesn’t really live up to her expectations in Nekogami Yaoyorozu.

Everybody, meet Mayu. In short, she’s a Cat God from the God Kingdom of Takamagahara. However due to her disobedience, she busted out of house arrest and if you think that was bad enough, she broke out and went illegal gambling! Woah! No wonder she was stripped of her powers, sent crashing down to Earth and currently lives with the orphaned but kind Yuzu Komiya who is the owner of Yaoyorozudou, a Japanese antique shop she inherited from her late parents. However all Mayu does is eat, sleep, bum around and play video games. Uhm… No different than a real lazy cat, isn’t she? Only real cats don’t play video games. So with Mayu banished to Earth, her stay won’t be as boring as her daily routine as she will get involved with other Gods and their antics. And enjoy the merrymaking in the meantime too.

Episode 1
Short clips see how Mayu’s garden guardian and childhood friend, Kuroe busted her out of her house arrest to go illegal gambling. Of course they are caught by Mayu’s strict mom, Akari (most of the time she is just in upset mode over Mayu. If not, always) and she is reprimanding her daughter like nobody’s business (and her husband for being too lenient). She strips her powers as punishment and banishes her from Takamagahara. She is forbidden to return till she is granted permission to do so. Four years have passed since and Mayu continues to bum around playing video games while Yuzu has a hard time juggling with the monthly expenses. At these times, Yuzu has an emergency fund but forgets where she put it. But do not fear for Mayu’s power is to find lost items and memories (though it’s just a small simple power and the only one she has now). With the reserve cash in hand, Yuzu warns this will be their last resort. As she goes out, she meets the local Fox God of Wealth, Gonta. From his body language, you can tell that he is in love with Yuzu. It’s no big secret, though. He is here to warn that the God of Poverty is coming to this town. Speaking of which, Shamo is already in town and her effects are devastating. See how a company president (we’ll call him Boss for easier reference) who is happily eating snacks while watching his stock prices go up, suddenly finds his shares plummet to all time low till he is bankrupt. Scary. Gonta has lined up a military defence to prevent the God of Poverty in town. They are also helped by Sasana and Meiko, both claiming and fighting over Mayu as their fiancee. Say what? Flashback reveals the fathers of Mayu and Sasana met and arranged a marriage between their daughters because each thought the other was a boy. Couldn’t they just confirm their gender in the first place before this relationship got messy? Anyway, you can tell that Sasana and Meiko will never get on good terms, fighting each other over Mayu for every single chance they have. Even if it’s just using their ‘duty’ to help Mayu out as an excuse. As for Meiko, when she was young nobody talked to that princess and granddaughter of the Daikokuten God due to her status. Except for Mayu. The rest is history. So before a cat fight (mind the pun) could happen, Gonta snaps them out of it and reminds them of their actual mission.

Because everyone was impressed with Gonta’s God of Poverty radar, they didn’t realize Shamo has already slipped into town. Via another tiny and unguarded bridge. How careless. What’s more, Yuzu has picked her up and brought her back to her own place. She went as far as bathing her and treating her to a nice drink. Does even God of Poverty have the luxury of enjoying all these? So once Gonta and co realize their slip up, they rush back to see Yuzu and Shamo happily together. Besides, Shamo is playing Mayu’s video game. Gonta tries to prove his worth to Yuzu by protecting her. They also start devising a plan to get rid of this God of Poverty since their powers on Earth are limited. Gonta wants to challenge Shamo to a duel. However Yuzu blows her top and is disappointed in Gonta (oh, the heartbreak). That’s because nobody listened to her. She chides them about ganging up on a single loli and can’t believe this is how gods in this town work. They should be ashamed of themselves. Shamo then hugs Yuzu and reveals that she is the 1st Class Property Inspector Shamo. She is here on an investigation and her observation reveals that the immaturity of this town’s gods is off the scale. However she came to understand through Yuzu and the people who live here are uncorrupted and healthy. She is going to recognize their daily efforts and their test this time will be… Watering? After Shamo leaves, Mayu discusses with Yuzu about the influential god she is. There are bad things in this world that can’t be eliminated. Life and death, good times and bad times. They need each other and can’t be separated. As for why Yuzu picked Shamo up, it’s because it reminded her of the first time they first met. And soon Shamo returns to Yaoyorozudou just to continue playing Mayu’s video games. Irresistible, eh? But soon they receive a delivery. Man, it’s a huge package!

Episode 2
Apparently it’s not Yuzu who ordered it (Mayu teased her for ordering something even though they were low on funds) since it is addressed to Mayu. The sender’s name isn’t clear either. Inside the package is a very fragile big jar. Mayu thinks Yuzu should sell it but she keeps postponing it. The big jar is causing a traffic jam and other nuisance. Can’t take this anymore, one night Mayu carries it all the way on her back and dumps it illegally off the road. Next morning as Mayu reads the paper of the delayed sakura blooming, they are visited by the Cherry Blossoms God, Yoshino. Actually she messed up a package she sent to Mayu. It’s supposed to blossom pickled radishes but she mixed it up with the sakura ashes. How can she screw up with the obvious size in jars?! Anyway Mayu knows she too is in deep trouble. After revealing she dumped the big jar, Yoshino becomes inconsolable that she screwed up her job. If they don’t find it, the sakura trees won’t bloom and it takes a whole year to make those ashes. I guess Mayu has to take responsibility and go return the jar. She is confident that she remembers where she dumped it and leads the gang there. However to their horror, it has been taken away to the dumpsite as mentioned by Boss (now he is working as a lowly dumpsite worker with his Lackey). You think it would be easy for Mayu just to use her powers? Yeah, guess how big is the dumpsite? BLOODY BIG! Sasana and Meiko also come to help (obviously) and they challenge each other whoever finds the jar first gets Mayu. As they hit and strike away, it causes lots of choking dust. Not very helpful, eh? Yoshino feels so bad that Mayu could hear the voice of the sakura ashes. Using her powers, she manages to pinpoint its location. Seeing how broken the jar is, the other gods (Meiko and Sasana putting their difference aside) summon their powers to revitalize the jar as good as new. Then Mayu and Yoshino fly around and spread the ashes so all the sakura trees are in full bloom. Yoshino thanks Mayu for her help and notes without it, her immaturity would have made her give up a long time ago. Back home, Mayu is reading a comedy manga, Her Happy World Little Misfortune (a slapstick comedy of a girl living with a shinigami) and Shamo is at their place playing video games.

Episode 3
Manga artist, Yukina Kamo and her little familiar assistants (they look like mini Santa helpers?) are rushing to complete a deadline of their serialized manga while Yukina’s editor, Akane Shinozaki waits patiently. They manage to beat the deadline and the familiars thought they could rejoice and rest. But Akane notes they should start working on their manuscript for the next special issue. Oh sh*t. See the slave driver Yukina is! Shamo reads Yukina’s work in a magazine (another hilarious slapstick take. This time including a grenade…). Then she pays Yukina a visit and sees her in a chaotic state. With that look in her eyes, Shamo knows she has a bad feeling when Yukina wants her to help her out with her manga! Seems her familiars are on strike and Yukina is not in favour to use the contract which will have them not disobey her command. I guess Shamo has no choice but to help out so she calls Mayu and co over. With all of them eager to help out, Yukina entrusts them specific task like cooking, washing and also with her manga work. However as for Mayu, she is just made to do nothing! I don’t know why Mayu is making a big fuss she wants to help out. It’s not like she’s being helpful around Yaoyorozudou anyway. So much so Mayu falls into despair for not being useful! Then she sees a new video game console and is about to test it. At the same time, everybody is working to the max and you know what they say the same power point sharing the same electricity output, right? So as Mayu activates the console, a blackout occurs. So some fumbling here, fumbling there and when the breaker is turned back on, some of the pages are spilled with ink and curry. Oh, how can they beat the deadline now? Yeah, everybody is staring at Mayu like it’s her fault. Anyway it is. Take responsibility!

Meanwhile Boss and Lackey are delivering tofu when their truck got fall into a trap hole. Seems the familiars are taking refuge like rebel guerrillas in the woods. So I guess Mayu’s plan is to capture them without using the contract. However the rest got ahead of themselves. Meiko and Sasana engage in their own petty battle to see who gets Mayu and their squabbling cause them to fall into a trap hole. And buried alive! Gonta easily got entrapped on a tree while Yoshino’s sakura magic didn’t work and got easily tied up and thrown into a cell. Mayu is confronted by the familiar’s leader but he is surprised that Yukina didn’t hire them to get them back. Yukina appears before them and tears up the contract. Though they are shocked, they thought she doesn’t need them anymore and are prepared to go away. But Mayu tells them off is this how close their bonds are. Yukina mentions that they are irreplaceable and overcame lots of obstacles together. Though she isn’t their master anymore, but if they’re okay with it, they can come back and work for her. I guess shedding some tears also work so all the familiars gladly come back to her. With Yukina making up with her familiars, Mayu reads her next released volume and notes a lot of spirit went into this work. Yukina also treats her familiars well and makes them her handmade pudding instead of getting some from the store. Meanwhile Yurara Makuragi enters back to town on her anteater and notes how this place has changed.

Episode 4
Yuzu’s friend and customer, Haruka visits Yaoyorozudou and wonders if she has anything to sell. Haruka notices a nice plate but Yuzu points it isn’t really original. Actually it is but the drawing was repainted. Haruka notes that she is new in this antique business and not to let it get to her but the way she said it made it more depressing for Yuzu. Yurara is spying on their conversation and leaves thinking how confusing it was (she is looking for Yuzu’s dad, Makitarou). She narrates how she came from faraway places to eat dreams and after seeing how Mayu is dozing off, I guess she’ll have to do with this snack. Inside Mayu’s dream, all Mayu does is eat, sleep, bum around and play video games while the other girls tend to her. Man, she’s like a queen! Annoyed Yurara hammers Mayu’s head because she can’t stand her for even trying to sleep in her dream! Yurara introduces herself as the sacred beast that devourer of nightmares call Baku. Though many of them are wilful. Yurara is further pissed that Mayu’s dream lack creativity (what’s with the totally white backdrop?!) and changes her dream into a snow storm and then a hot simmering desert. Mayu feigns unconsciousness so that she could hammer Yurara with her bat with nails when she closes up but Yurara changes her mind and goes away. Soon Mayu claws herself to wake up and finds Yurara sleeping next to tired Yuzu. She head butts the dream eater and the next thing they know, they are looking through the eyes of Yuzu’s cats, Kotetsu and Mike. Noting that this is Yuzu’s dream because Yuzu here is her little self, Mayu isn’t fond of this dream because she knows something terrible happened. Mayu tries to warn Yuzu but all she sees is Kotetsu purring at her.

Yuzu’s dream includes one of her parents whereby they left for a short trip and left Yuzu in charge of the store. Yurara realizes her parents must have died and this upsets Mayu and wants her to erase this nightmare now. Cool Yurara tells her people dream about good and sad experiences. By dreaming, they can crystallize them as memories. That’s why she can’t just erase all the nightmares. Yuzu receives a call from Makitarou. Mayu knows this is the call that defines it all and doesn’t want her to pick up. The call is from daddy and about the promise. The scene changes to one whereby Makitarou laid out several antiques for Yuzu to choose as her gift. Yuzu chose and expensive bowl and though she wanted to use it as a dinner bowl, it was too precious that her parents fear they may break it and put it somewhere safe. Yurara continues explaining to Mayu that this is one of her forgotten memories. A memory of an old promise that had sunk along with that painful memory. All she can do to help is by turning sad experiences that people struggle with into happy memories. That’s why nightmares aren’t just erased. When Yuzu wakes up, she remembers this memory and finds that bowl stashed away in the storeroom. Next day, Yuzu tells Mayu about that dream she had so Mayu notes Yurara was wilful. Yuzu asks what happens to forgotten experiences and lost memories since the dead rise up to heaven. Mayu answers since people can’t keep memories connected to this world, it goes to the moon and into a vault whereby they are watched over by cats. She’s not pulling a fast one. At least for this series. Haruka notes some of the antiques on sale but feels Yuzu isn’t even interested in selling them simply she puts the price tag as ‘market price’. Gonta is happily rushing towards Yaoyorozudou because he won tickets at the mall raffle to the beach. I wonder how many things he bumped into on his way here. I guess he won’t feel any pain so long he is happy in his delusion.

Episode 5
Gonta finds it weird if he would go alone with just Yuzu. Why is he even contemplating if Mayu should come along? Anyway with the rest of the girls popping up, I guess it’s safe to say everyone is going. Since Yuzu said the more the merrier. However upon arrival, it is pouring like cats and dogs. Gonta is so disappointed that he can’t help repeating his frustration of seeing Yuzu in a once-in-a-lifetime swimsuit. So annoying! Seems Shamo is also there and is in their room because her roof leaks. Since Gonta is the only guy, he is made to sleep in that leaky room. And you thought his day was bad enough, eh? Meanwhile Yukina is also at the resort to help get some new ideas for her manga but is experiencing writer’s block. Gonta feels left out, whether it’s soaking in the hot bath or playing ping pong (at least he got to see Yuzu’s boobs bouncing around…). He thought the rain will let up tomorrow but as pointed out, it’ll be stormy for the entire week since a typhoon is approaching. Gonta is going to take care of that damn typhoon for the sake of love! Yukina comes up with ridiculous premise for her manga and feels they are no good. I wonder how many paper she has wasted. Her familiars could do nothing but to help clean up. As they take out the trash, unknown to them the crumpled papers fell out due to a hole in the bag. Gonta picks up a piece and feels somebody is trying to give him hints to defeat the typhoon. Following its instructions, he buys a big tub and lots of food ingredients to make nam pla. Some Thai food. Thaiphood. Typhoon. GEDDIT?! So the next piece of paper he picks up has instructions to do some serious endurance training to defeat the typhoon. Well, after eating lots of Thai food, you need lots of exercise to get rid of it, right? Haha! Not another pun! Finally he sees a piece and thinks may be it. So while the other girls have a scrumptious meal while helping out with suggestions for Yukina’s manga, Gonta suits himself up with buckets, rain clothes and other assortment of armaments. Gonta then charges straight into the typhoon to attack it head on but was easily blown away. Then on the news, everybody got shocked to see Gonta flying away in the background. Mayu realizes that this is Typhoon No. 16 and makes a call. Hasumi Shirasaki who is the god of this typhoon answers the call from her childhood friend and gets excited upon learning about some rare limited materials in which today is the last day. Immediately she u-turns the typhoon and what do you know? It’s all bright and sunny! So as the girls take it easy sunbathing on the beach, Gonta is sick and confined to bed… Oh Gonta…

Episode 6
Mayu and Yuzu take a train back to the countryside to visit Yuzu’s grandfather, Genzou Saeki. In this flashback episode, Genzou remembers the time she brought Mayu to his place. Yuzu is also troubled because there was this guy, Shinji Katou who was bugging her, now ‘harassing’ Genzou into selling an antique. Yuzu stomped her feet that she isn’t interested in entertaining his request. That time, Yuzu’s parents had just passed away and naturally she became the owner of Yaoyorozudou. She wants Genzou to teach her the trades of the antique industry as she wishes to follow her parents’ footsteps. First he tested her to point out which antiques were fake. Though successful, the next test was a hard one because he wanted her to pinpoint the most valuable one. Yuzu couldn’t answer seeing that the fake may even sell more than the original. Because of that, Genzou fails her. Later Mayu confronts Genzou to seek the answer on the right one and he says that there is really no right answer. Mayu is upset he tricked Yuzu so Genzou notes how she cares for Yuzu and wished she keep an eye on her. She would only if her powers weren’t so weak. Genzou thinks it’s enough. Katou continues to ‘persuade’ Yuzu but she doesn’t give in. I guess with her being stubborn, it’s time for desperate measures. That night Katou sneaked into Yuzu’s place and tried to switch a real bowl with a fake. However he is caught by Mayu and Yuzu red-handed. Cool Katou says that he is willing to buy both the real and fake bowl for 3 million Yen. Yuzu has a feel on both the bowls and tells Katou wants Mayu to put both bowls into Katou’s bag. Is she selling to him? Actually she doesn’t want his money either. What she wants is the real bowl in his breast pocket! No wonder Katou was so cool. Both he had in his hands were fake in the first place. Katou is amazed with her ability as Yuzu reminds him that antiques are forgotten items separated from their owners due to circumstances. Thus their business in the antique industry is to help them meet their new owners. Katou realized his erred ways and is ready to be arrested by Yuzu wants him to do a favour instead. Next morning, he approaches Genzou to nicely ask if he would sell some of his pieces at his price and to give Yuzu an introduction to the antique business. Because of Yuzu’s smile he couldn’t refuse. Back in present time, Yuzu hands her souvenir she got from the beach to grandpa. He notes she is doing well and never stood a chance against her.

Episode 7
Gonta’s local shrine will be holding a festival so what better way than to acquire the help of his pals, right? Many hands make light work. Gonta is panicking upon seeing Shamo at the festival as he can’t afford to have the effects of poverty now. But Shamo shoots back that unlike them, she can control her power. As the girls go take a bath, Gonta tries hard to refrain himself from unholy thoughts. Harder than you thought, eh? That night when they can’t sleep, Mayu suggests telling ghost stories. Something Yoshino is not in favour because she’s weak in hearing them. I guess Mayu managed to convince Yoshino to even start off the ghost talk. Each one of their stories turn out lame like Yoshino’s severed heads on the ground (construction workers working in a hole), Mayu’s cheap handphone call plan (which runs up into millions of yen later), Meiko’s knee injury at the sea (urban legend of barnacles by the way), a house with a dog that always barks at Sasana (at least it’s scary to her) and Shamo’s recount of an unexplainable being that does nothing but eat, sleep and play video games all day (that’s Mayu, right?!). Meanwhile Gonta’s mom, Shizuha is scouring around the festival grounds to see if she could get any of the spoils. Mayu can’t take any more of this lame ghost stories and starts telling one herself. Around last year while she was walking through the feels, it was stormy and she saw a zombie with red eyes and ran for her life. Curiosity got the better of her as she retraces her steps to the field only to see footprints. Footprints leading to this very room they are in now. Suddenly they hear footsteps getting closer and start to freak out. Actually it’s Shizuha. Meanwhile Boss and Lackey have opened a stall at the festival and are experimenting with their nam pla ramen. Seems when they were at the beach, they found a tub and ingredients (left behind by Gonta) and thinks it was God given. So now he is trying to make the kind of ramen that will enthral the taste buds of everyone. Only thing, it stinks too much. Can’t he smell it? Once everyone is asleep, Shamo talks to Shizuha about the zombie Mayu saw. They feel it’s the God of the Fields, Noukougami. Apparently he always comes during this time of the year as we see him turn the fields into fields of gold! Next day the festival is on the way and everyone is having so much fun they got separated. Yoshino continues to live the ghost story nightmare when she comes across Noukougami Does he always look this ugly?

Episode 8
Mayu is playing a gambling game with Shizuha and lost. Not only her allowance but her RPG game which she took an entire year to level up! She tries to beg for human empathy but seriously what does a fox and cat have to do with it? Shizuha sees Yuzu and teases her that she should marry her Gonta quickly. Then she hands over Mayu’s allowance to use it for her feed or else she’ll blow it all away on something foolish. Meanwhile Boss and Lackey have become successful nam pla ramen businessmen that they have opened a big shop and are raking in the cash! The nam pla still stinks, though… Mayu is disheartened of what Shizuha may do to her game. Abandon it on the street, let a doggie pee on it and finally being rolled over. In real fact, she hands it over to Gonta who feels he already have this game. Because Yoshino and her grandpa, Shoudou are here, Shizuha thinks of gambling with that old geezer. Mayu convinces Yuzu to accompany her to go talk to Shizuha to get back her game. Gonta is surprised to see Yuzu visiting him (he didn’t realize Mayu was there till much later). Anyway as part of Mayu’s plan, the duo came to work part time in his shrine. See the double standards when Gonta treats Yuzu super nice while he couldn’t care less about that sh*tty Cat God. Gonta assists Yuzu in cleaning up the storeroom but ends up just looking on and fantasizing. Meanwhile Mayu goes in search for her precious treasure and meets Yoshino. She sends her off to where Gonta and Yuzu are. Just when the mood is going fine for Gonta, Yoshino comes in, ruining his moment. Mayu spots her game in a room but Shizuha is coming. I don’t know why but she summons a box to hide. Right in the middle of the hallway. Of course Shizuha is suspicious but lets it slip since she is interested in her gambling and will finish off that old fart with her loaded die (cheating die). Mayu heard this and comes out of hiding to accuse her. The others heard the commotion and rush over. They confirm her loaded die and since Mayu have no proof she used that die during their game, I guess they’ll have to settle this gambling matter with gambling. The die will be provided by grandpa and thrown by Mayu. In this odd-or-even game, Mayu throws the die and Shizuha has to make the call. When she threw them, Shizuha’s sharp eyes saw Mayu switching it to the loaded one. She calls for even but it turns out odd. Then she realized the ones in her hands initially were the loaded die while the switched ones were real. So Mayu was just relying on pure luck? But she says she couldn’t cheat when the stake is her beloved game. Shizuha tells Gonta to hand back the game as he remembers this is the game he borrowed to Mayu a year ago! She never returned it, eh? While Mayu happily skips her way home, she thought she forgot something. Yeah, she did. Shizuha has Yuzu stay at their place and Gonta, I don’t know if he’s happy or sad. Mayu is so addicted with the game that she didn’t realize Yuzu wasn’t around to make dinner. Maybe this will fuel her appetite.

Episode 9
On a rainy day as Haruka visits Yaoyorozudou, Yoshino is also there visiting Mayu but is bored to death. So what else to do? Tell ghost stories! Yikes! Mayu starts by telling the time how she was being reprimanded by mom for breaking the house arrest rules. Mommy didn’t really believe Mayu was repentant and thus banished her from Takamagahara till she invites her back. Yoshino was laughing so hard because she thought the ‘ghost’ was Akari! But that’s just the prelude. Oh, now Yoshino is cowering in fear again. Soon after Mayu was banished, she arrived at a shrine and sees the dead spirit of Kotetsu. Even if Kotetsu doesn’t speak in human tongue, I guess it’ll be easier for use for both cats to communicate so. Kotetsu this is his territory and doesn’t believe is a Cat God. Given her fallen status it’s hard to believe. However if Mayu entertains his wish, she will have his territory. He wants her to help a girl (Yuzu) in his stead and if Mayu is a god, it should be easy. Mayu is suspicious why a cat like him would care for a human girl. He mentions they have a small connection. Flashback reveals how kind Yuzu picked up a bruised Kotetsu and let him stay at her place. Kotetsu further explains Yuzu recently lost her parents and is protecting their store by herself. He notes humans have a hard time being alone. He warns not to make her cry and goes off. Looks like Mayu has to do it whether she likes it or not. Yuzu is seen coming to the shrine and pray so Mayu pops up as a god willing to grant her a single wish. Mayu continues to follow and ‘bug’ Yuzu for one though she is adamant she doesn’t need any. Yeah, Mayu seemed so desperate for a Cat God who doesn’t care in the first place. Finally Yuzu relents and wants her to look for her cat Kotetsu (the reason why she came to the shrine to pray). Mayu remembers Kotetsu’s words of entrusting Yuzu to her and gets upset that Kotetsu didn’t know anything about her in the first place. Back at Yaoyorozudou, Mayu starts using her depleted powers as Yuzu starts crying. She says her wish won’t come true as Kotetsu won’t come back because when a cat’s time is up, they silently slip away. She is sad that she can’t even say goodbye. Then Kotetsu pops up and reminds Mayu about making Yuzu cry. Kotetsu relays his message via Mayu. Something about cats having their own code they must adhere to. When Yuzu and Kotetsu hug, the cat soon fades away. But there is a gentle smile on Yuzu’s face. In the aftermath, Mayu notes that cats too are like humans. They pretend to be tough but nobody likes to be alone. Back in present time, Yoshino continues to pester Mayu for the details that happen after as the other friends show up to have a noisy dinner gathering. I guess Yuzu is happy that she got her wishes come true. All except for business prosperity.

Episode 10
Demon rats are invading the store at the moon shrine. But Kukuri and Amane banish them all. Amane kills a demon rat that was escaping. Kukuri tells her she shouldn’t have done that because that rat had given up on attacking the store. Plus, their duty is to protect the store and not eliminate the rats, though their numbers have been increasing lately. Lord Tsukuyomi visits them and after Amane finishes preparing tea, she overhears how Tsukuyomi notes she is not ready to be Kukuri’s successor. She feels devastated and runs away. Kukuri wanted to go after her but was told to leave it because someone who loses her composure easily won’t last long. Sasana and Gonta visit Mayu with good news that her banishment has been lifted and that she should immediately return. Gonta is happy that Mayu should leave right away because this would mean having Yuzu all to himself. But that cat isn’t going to entrust Yuzu to a loser like him! Seems Mayu isn’t interested in going back. After all, on Earth she gets to eat good food and play video games all day (cue for Yuzu to strike her head). Mayu says she is the master of a shrine (albeit a very small alter) and decides to get back to ‘work’. And what she meant was playing her games. This time Amane strikes that lazy bum. The rest are thrilled to see Amane here because they have this great respect for Kukuri. Amane describes her as the greatest valour and divine power among the Cat Gods and their job is to protect the stores from rats. Just like Earth rats that gnaw on crops and such, the rats from the underworld chew on human memories, though they are trivial memories. Though they don’t pose any risk to human lives, if they do not protect the unowned memories, they will be devoured quickly. Amane then lets Mayu know that she has been chosen to be Kukuri’s guardian cat instead of her. Unless there is another Cat God named Mayu, Tsukuyomi has made his decision. Can this lazy bum do the job? Not that she was really looking forward to it either. So I guess the reason why Amane is sulking here is that Mayu is going to replace her. Mayu disagrees with it all and plans to see Tsukuyomi. But their divine powers aren’t strong enough for them to return to the moon. Plus, Mayu doesn’t want to see Akari and return back to Takamagahara because being on Earth is much more fun than being in that cramped place!

Yuzu invites Amane to stay for the night as she observes how the rest of the noisy fellows bond. Noisy but happy, aren’t they? Meanwhile Akari and her husband wonder how they end up in this situation because they are being called to see the Sun God Amaterasu, the highest deity in Heaven and most important in Takamagahara. Yeah, Akari must be wondering where the f*ck is Mayu at this important hour. Amaterasu reminds them that Tsukuyomi insisted that it must be Mayu. At night, Amane couldn’t sleep and ponders her immature and rash decision to leave her post. She was here just to observe Mayu but due to circumstances ended up staying. She thought she spot a demon rat and chases after it. But Mayu tells her not to be so bloodthirsty because it’s just a normal Earth rat. She apologizes for being edgy as Mayu takes her to a roadside ramen stall manned by Boss and Lackey. Amane pours out her woes about the increase in demon rats lately and since she isn’t enough to protect the stores, that’s probably why Tsukuyomi chose Mayu. She is puzzled why a lazy bum got chosen so Boss tells her that it’s because she was arrogant. He recounts his story of arrogance. His company ended up in bankruptcy so he started rebuilding his life and business with this nam pla ramen. Once it was popular, he got arrogant again and ended up losing everything again. He laments he is being haunted by the God of Poverty. Speaking of which, Shamo is here! She tastes his ramen and notes it doesn’t stink this time. Elsewhere a demon rat possessed an Earth rat.

Episode 11
As Amane follows Mayu around, she chides her when is she going to return to speak to Tsukuyomi. Mayu doesn’t want to rush it because first she needs to gather their allies. What allies? Well, Mayu seems to be going around town helping kids who are stuck at a certain level with their video games, treat a couple of store grannies some persimmons in exchange for some freebies. Amane is still down that she deserted her post and won’t be let off lightly. Then they see a demon rat gnawing at their food and start chasing it. Mayu calls forth all the cats to help out seeing hunting rats is the task of cats whether they are gods or normal felines. As the demon rat runs, it is forced to change its course of direction each time a cat blocks its path. Finally cornered at the park, Amane slices it away. Amane realizes that she should be returning to the moon herself because after all there is no way for atoning if she just runs away from her post. Plus, she realized she misunderstood a few things and needs to solve her own mistakes herself. She also understands why Mayu wanted to stay on Earth because of the warm company of her friends. But as for going to see Tsukuyomi, Mayu is on her own. Haha! Meanwhile at Takamagahara, Meiko and Sasana are being summoned by Akari. They thought it’s a challenge to rid the annoying other once and for all over Mayu. Anyway as Akari informs them about the unbelievable task that Amaterasu handed her, she was wondering what the hell Mayu had done that could led to this. She shows them a card and the girls got pretty shocked.

Mayu has her fill with Yuzu and Gonta before deciding to leave for Takamagahara. Gonta taunts that this place may even do better without her but nobody’s listening. Mayu enters Takamagahara and thought she could sneak around but was caught by Kuroe. Kuroe agrees to help out and opens a gate for Mayu. When she steps in, she finds herself behind a cellar and demands to know the meaning of this. Meanwhile with Mayu gone, Gonta is more nervous than ever. Wasn’t he hoping this sort of atmosphere alone with Yuzu? He notices her frown and decides to tell a joke to lighten her up but realizes how dirty it was (the man in the bus bus-ted a fart?) and decides to change to story. However each time he was about to get to the good part, he is being interrupted by Shamo followed by Yoshino. By that time Yuzu prefers to hear his story another time and just enjoy the food. Yeah, it wasn’t a funny story to begin with anyway. Suddenly Sasana and Meiko bust in with breaking news that Mayu is to be engaged to Tsukuyomi! They are shocked to hear this because the story as far as they heard doesn’t match up. Especially the one about Amane’s replacement. I guess it won’t be as simple as if she could just refuse the marriage. After all, Tsukuyomi is the second most important deity after Amaterasu. Yuzu is worried that Mayu may not return. Mayu tries to trick Kuroe by tempting him to gamble with her. However Kuroe has learnt his lesson from the previous botched attempt and has become more serious this time. And now Akari comes in for interrogation… Oh Mayu, you must be sh*ting in your pants right now, aren’t you? The demon has arrived…

Episode 12
Sasana, Meiko and reluctant Gonta barge into Takamagahara to rescue Mayu. Little do they know, they have set off an alarm so Kuroe knows where they are. Inside the room, the gang are surprised to see Mayu in a beautiful wedding gown. They get so taken in by it that they forgot their original mission. Akari and Kuroe come in so the girls beg for her to free Mayu (she is drowsy due to being stripped of her powers). But since Akari is under orders from Amaterasu, she cannot defy her orders. The girls are adamant to take Mayu by force so Akari chants as spell that sends them to a dessert land furthest from Takamagahara. Meanwhile Yoshino is tasked to take care of Yaoyorozudou but she is just jittery about anything. Heck, she thought Haruka was the enemy! Anyway that lady is here to give them a haunted plate for Mayu. Say what?! Oh, off she goes… Yoshino tries to brave herself but in the end chickens out. Yoshino notes that since Mayu is a Cat God, they have an incredible eye for seeing through suspicious people since they are protecting something. Yoshino notes how worried Yuzu is but the latter pretends she isn’t. Elsewhere Sasana, Meiko and Gonta pick themselves up. Sasana is about to give up so Meiko pounds some sense into her. Sasana mentions her relationship with Mayu is based on a misunderstanding of their fathers a long time ago. They made a marriage pact in front of Amaterasu and couldn’t rescind it. Still her feelings are based on that pact that was made by mistake. Though she is not sure of Mayu’s feelings, she is still important to her but doesn’t think the opposite is true. Meiko lets her know that what is important is how they and Mayu feel. If anyone gets in the way, they just kick them aside. So can Sasana let those unimportant feelings be the reason to let Tsukuyomi take Mayu away? Is that what Mayu wants? They need to get to her and find out what she really wants.

Elsewhere, Mayu, her parents are in a marriage meeting with Tsukuyomi and Amaterasu. Akari hopes Mayu won’t screw up when Tsukuyomi requests Mayu to take a walk with him. Mayu mentions about taking over Amane’s post and wants to know the real deal behind this scheme. He reveals the truth that Amaterasu misinterpreted when he said “I want Mayu”. He thought it was interesting and decided to play along. Mayu is not happy since it put her pals in a spot. As for Amane’s post, it seems that girl passed on her misunderstanding to her. Though there has been an increase in demon rats, Tsukuyomi wants Mayu to be the store guardian and there is no rule that there can only be one guardian cat. Tsukuyomi wants both of them to be guardian cats and this would also mean Mayu will stand a chance to be Kukuri’s successor. Though Mayu’s powers are weak, that is because Akari hasn’t totally lifted the seal over her. He doesn’t want her to underestimate herself. It is her passion and devotion that comes from within that is important and wants her to consider what is best. As Yuzu and Yoshino are being visited by Shamo, Yurara, Hasumi, Shizuha and Shoudou, the trio are breaking through the walls of the palace (I wonder how they got back so fast). They fight the numerous cat guards and are even helped by Amane (giving an excuse that her feet moved on her own. Probably she’s tsundere). Once everyone confronts Tsukuyomi, they plead that they can’t do something this outrageous. Looks like he wants to play along and tells them what if he says no. The trio are prepared to go all out. Seeing that, Tsukuyomi is going all out too and views them as obstacles. He chants a spell that has everyone (including the guards) to lower their heads. They cannot move a single muscle nor speak. But when Sasana pleads to Tsukuyomi, he is impressed that she could move her mouth after being hit by his incantation. He frees them all and concludes this emergency drill. See the shocked expression on their faces? He lets them go but reminds Mayu that he’ll be waiting for her answer. Yuzu sees off her guests as she cleans up the place. Suddenly Mayu drops from the sky. Must be a very hard landing. Yuzu scolds her for making her so worried but nevertheless makes dinner for her. Yuzu spots the haunted plate from Haruka and notes that it’s just a normal plate and not cursed. They both welcome each other back home. In the aftermath, the marriage meeting was called off due to Amaterasu’s misunderstanding. The folly has got Akari so worked up that she fell ill! And though some doubt if Mayu will ever be the cat guardian on the moon, this means Amane will have to carry on alone for awhile. She vows to do her best. Once everyone learns Mayu is back, they converge at Yaoyorozudou for a feast. Mayu feels she wants to stay her a little longer when Yukina runs in looking for help. Her familiars are out on a flu so you guys better start helping her complete her manga before the deadline. Now can you see why Mayu loves it around here despite the ruckus?

The Cat Is In The House…
It was quite a fun ride with some funny moments and antics especially among the gang. But as we have seen that the most important aspect is togetherness despite of one’s status as gods or humans. Even if Mayu continues to bum around like a lazy cat around the house, I guess for a lonely girl like Yuzu it is better than nothing, though she has her pet Mike to keep her company. Look at it this way. When you’re up in the heavens, you are expected to shoulder lots of responsibilities and keep the good name of the gods. But when you have fallen and not the vengeful kind of fallen god, you can bum your ass around without anybody giving a hoots. Just treat the town people nice and look how popular Mayu is in this town? She may still keep her god status but she still treats everyone else to the same kind of treatment. Okay, maybe some like Gonta is an exception. But be it you are a god, human, fallen or popular, another important aspect is to treat others nicely. Though it is heartbreaking to know that Yuzu lost her parents at a very young age (though it was never seen how they died in this series), she never losses herself and continues to be exceptionally kind to everyone in need.

The other supporting characters are lovable in their own way. The rivalry between Meiko and Sasana provide some of the comic relief when they start their cat fight over Mayu. It may be bad for me to ask for more of such screen time but if that would happen, I figure that would be tad annoying. Deep down beneath that facade to get rid of each other, the important thing is that they love Mayu and though it may be controversial that the kind of love they feel for Mayu is more than just friends (was there ever a rule forbidding gods to be yuri or lesbian in the first place?). Gonta is another funny guy. All because of his love for Yuzu. I guess when it comes to love, it doesn’t matter if you’re the same gender or status. I suppose his ‘jumpy’ word is “Porori” which literally means “Falling off”. Each time he hears this word, he gets excited that he may be able to see something ‘fall off’ from Yuzu. Too bad (and a good thing) it never happened. As the series progresses, I noticed how Gonta’s role has been made into one that is supposed to be ignored. See how in some scenes Gonta’s presence was nearly transparent and in some, the drawing of his character was so simple that it shows that it isn’t worth putting more effort into a character that is possibly going to be ignored anyway. I find that Boss and Lackey’s presence and purpose in this series is a little side distraction. We see them as a tale of falling from grace, rags to riches, failing again before coming up nice and slow. There is a lesson in all this and it’s true that when you are arrogant, you lose sight of what is important to you. Thankfully he perseveres and has a faithful follower that continues to call him boss and follows him through thick and then even though he is no longer the president of a company. That is what you call loyalty.

Besides providing a little moe factor, Yoshino was just someone who loves visiting Yaoyorozudou. Akari has got to be the ‘meanest’ character ever because all we see her each time is getting pissed about her daughter. She never fails to think that she might have done something wrong to end it like this. I guess she is the only person that Mayu truly fears. I mean if you’re a weak, feeble and forgiving guy like her father, it’s no wonder Mayu got the guts to not learn her lesson and disobey the rules. Yukina’s manga is hilarious and something I wished it would turn into a spin-off series. She is another eccentric character and her entire life is just drawing mangas and beating its deadline. Thank goodness her relationship with her familiars are back to good so this means she’ll get more help from those little helpers. Some of the characters like Yurara and Hasumi make very short appearances and I feel it didn’t have much impact except for that particular episode whereby we get a glimpse of Yuzu’s past and the typhoon’s cause. Due to the short duration of the series, there aren’t enough episodes to cover some of the aspects such as Mayu and Hasumi’s childhood days but I guess some of the important ones like how Sasana and Meiko ended up liking Gonta and turning him into their fiancee are explained in a speedy manner. Say, is there a rule to say that gods cannot be polygamous?

Speaking of video game consoles that appear in this series, I notice that the real names are being used such as Sega Dreamcast and Sega Genesis. Hmm… These consoles are considered old and as far as I know, Sega has stopped producing game consoles after year 2001 (Dreamcast was the last console they released). As we all know the video game console market is being dominated by Playstation, Microsoft Xbox and Nintendo. So it makes me wonder how old the setting of this anime setting is. But then again, since Yuzu is an antique seller, it might be possible that she keeps game consoles from yesteryears. And also, since she is a poor girl that hardly makes ends meet, I’m sure Mayu is stuck with only playing old fashioned games. I guess when you’re bumming around like a freeloader, you can’t be choosy, picky or complain the kind of new and latest games and softwares you want to have in your hands, right? Heck, I don’t really see a Tablet or iPod anywhere here. Note: Gonta’s God of Poverty detector doesn’t count though it may closely resemble like those Apple gadgets. But still if Mayu is so obsessed into her games, shouldn’t she be at least interested to know about the latest ones? So long as she can play her games and level up like crazy, any console will do.

The casts nicely fit their characters with Haruka Tomatsu (Nagi in Kannagi: Crazy Shrine Maidens) voicing the lazy bum Mayu. Yui Horie (Kotori in Da Capo) and Aki Toyosaki (Yui in K-ON!) are very much identifiable in their respective roles as Yuzu and Shamo. Other casts include Yuko Sanpei as Gonta (Sasha in Seikon No Qwaser), Ayana Taketatsu as Meiko (Azusa in K-ON!), Mako as Yoshino (Yurie in Kamichu), Ai Kayano as Sasana (Menma in Ano Hi Mita Hana No Namae Wo Bokutachi Wa Mada Shiranai), Ayahi Takagaki as Yurara (Mitsuba in Mitsudomoe), Kaori Mizuhashi as Yukina (Miyako in Hidamari Sketch), Kanae Itou as Amane (Amu in Shugo Chara), Rie Tanaka as Amaterasu (Suigin Tou in Rozen Maiden), Ryoutarou Okiayu as Tsukuyomi (Byakuya in Bleach), Ryouko Tanaka as Shizuha (Yahiro in Yosuga No Sora) and Satomi Arai as Akari (Shirai in To Aru Kagaku No Railgun). The opening theme is Kami-sama To Issho, a duet by Haruka Tomatsu and Yui Horie. A lively piece that somehow has me thinking it is suitable for a video game in addition to that generic anime pop feel. The ending theme is by Haruka Tomatsu entitled Oh My God. Another generic anime pop. As for the background music, I noticed that most of them have that casual and slightly jazzy feel. Somewhat reminds me of those kind in Hidamari Sketch or GA Geijutsuka Art Design Class.

I’m not a cat lover nor do I have any of those Maneki Neko in my household. The last time I watched another cat-themed anime (albeit a very little) was Mayoi Neko Overrun and that anime had me thinking that I shouldn’t pick up stray cats from just about anywhere. But if a Cat God drops in, decides to come and live with you, perhaps that’s a different story. Maybe all that bumming, lazing around, eat, sleep and video games are a blessing in disguise. Maybe and hopefully. Because I don’t want to be the one doing all the work and cleaning up the mess! Naturally humans like us tend to be nice to deities and gods in hopes of some favourable return, right? It’s hard to find people that are truly kind from the bottom of your heart. Though not many, there are some. If Cat Gods are out of fashion, maybe Bunny Gods will do? Hope they won’t just hop around ;p.

Hen Zemi

April 14, 2012

Humans. A very complex species that is very hard to understand. That is why we have topics like sociology science to study the human behaviour and characteristics to further comprehend how the human mind works as an individual and a group in society. Well, even though that I am one of the Homo Sapiens, I consider myself naive in knowing my own species. Except for maybe all the bad parts in general. So I thought what a better way to help me understand humans a little more than to watch Hen Zemi. Okay I admit. It was just an excuse to watch this very odd show.

This series is also known as Abnormal Physiological Seminar and revolves around a group of students in the above mentioned class or seminar. When you see the word ‘abnormal’, it should have been an indication that whatever research that the class does won’t be by the book. Yes, what you’ll see here are mainly very strange and odd researches. So weird that it may look perverted in the eyes of others. So bloody unusual that it will definitely look disgusting to the eyes of ‘normal’ people. Really. If you want to know what I mean, just watch it. But you have been warned. If you can’t stomach some of the researches (albeit not graphic) you might want to consider watching something else.

Of all the students in this class, I guess the most ‘normal’ one would be Nanako Matsutaka. You’d be asking what is a normal, nice and shy girl doing in this class filled with absolute weirdoes? Well, one thing. She is in love with Komugi Musashi who is a student in this seminar. I guess when you’re in love, you’re pretty much blinded. She may be in this class just to be close to him but perhaps she didn’t read the fine print of the class she is signing up for. Yup. Lots of sexual harassment-like assignments and eccentric classmates that confuse her make her daily life a living hell. Can she make the grade? Sit tight and grit your teeth girl. You’re in for the ride. The other peculiar students in this seminar include Miwako Mizukoshi (has lots of perverted fantasies to the point she can actually fantasize and drool right in front of everyone), Yesterday Taguchi (a degenerate manga artiste wannabe), Hishiyasu Ichikawa (punk rock bassists and with a passion for filming) and Makiko Gregory (the elusive half Japanese half British blonde). Their professor is Kenji Meshiya and when I first look at him, I thought he resembles like those ugly monster orc creatures you’d see in RPG games…

Episode 1
Matsutaka is on her way to class but was stopped by Komugi as warning. Seems if she heads down the flight of stairs, she’ll risk getting her skirt being taken by Ichikawa who is doing some experiment of rare pictures and showing them around from the kindness of his heart. WTF?! Komugi isn’t the nice guy he is. He gives Matsutaka a choice to either be indebted to Ichikawa in helping him complete his research or him for warning her. Matsutaka thinks hard about her choice and after all, she joined this class because of him. She never did well even if her weird research of farting in the bath may raise an eyebrow or two, Meshiya failed her. Her embarrassing explanation didn’t even help. So if she wants to pass, she’ll have to simulate a live indescribable fart to him. Meanwhile Taguchi is trying hard to finish his manga deadline since Makiko isn’t here to help him put in the colour. He is further bugged by the flies in the room, in which is part of Mizukoshi’s experiment in raising fruit flies in her auditory canal using her ear wax?! DISGUSTING! Mizukoshi is the top student and Matsutaka is being told to learn from her. This has Matsutaka think that Mizukoshi and Komugi are compatible with each other (Komugi’s last experiment was wearing diapers underneath his pants in public) that’s why they are going out together. Taguchi seems to be interested in researching borders so he convinces Matsutaka to touch his finger. Then he concludes that there are no borders between her finger and tits and that it will be alright to touch them. Mizukoshi really wants to volunteer herself for this one. Makiko shows up so Taguchi has her fill in the colours of his manga page. Outside class, Komugi goes talk to Matsutaka. Since Komugi has Netorare (NTR) fetish (obsession of seeing your girl going out with other guys), he doesn’t mind Mizukoshi hanging out with the other boys. He continues explaining the importance of true value and roundabout imagination which is better than straightforward truth. This causes Matsutaka to feel embarrassed. As for the favour, he wants her to treat him to dinner. I’m not sure about his choice food which made Matsutaka’s face go redder because it has something to do with her period.

Episode 2
Matsutaka and Mizukoshi walk in and to their surprise see a guy in some perverted cosplay with Makiko. That guy is Yuji Horii and is Meshiya’s senior whom he respects very much. He is famous for making some adult game called Pinal Mantasy back in 1998. Never heard of it. But currently he is living in a hut by the river and only contacts Meshiya when he needs money. Eh? In contrary to his nickname the White Wizard Holy, it is nothing near anything holy because he is nicknamed so due to his love for bukkake!!! The gang go out for a drink and it seems Horii takes a liking for Mizukoshi due to her perverted fantasies. See how hard Matsutaka is trying not to listen to their sick conversation? Horii talks about fishing. A different kind of fishing. The kind where you hang your naked body with hooks through your skin! He thinks Makiko’s white skin is perfect for it. Moving on to Horii’s living-by-the-river, actually his hobby and his real job is to find people like them for corporations. Seriously? For now Horii wants them to study under the guidance of Meshiya. Makiko notices all the customers gone. Looks like they went outside to puke after hearing their sick conversation. Later all the seminar students gather for a nabe meal. But it’s not going to be just an ordinary nabe. They have to put something odd in it. Let’s just say everyone brought something really odd. Except for Matsutaka’s bananas which are considered normal. So when the lights go out, they’re supposed to put the ingredients in. That’s when Ichikawa realized that in this darkness, they’re supposed to do something. Mizukoshi already lost herself in her sick fantasies as Matsutaka was told to move her legs because Komugi dropped his chopsticks. Then he mentions about being able to see her skirt even though it’s pitch black. Though Matsutaka feels embarrassed this concludes that embarrassment isn’t always something external but internal. With that, Matsutaka starts unbuttoning her shirt and wonder if Komugi could see what she is doing. However time is up and the light goes back on. I wonder what would happened if she had undressed halfway. So we see Ichikawa playing his bass naked and Taguchi trying to suck his own dick!!! Inside the nabe, only Makiko put in her underwater motor… They were also supposed to put in the tampon but Makiko used it. She thought of giving it to them to use, causing Ichikawa to puke. In the end when everyone has a beer, Matsutaka wonders why hers felt warm like body temperature. Komugi’s pants are unzipped…

Episode 3
Matsutaka and Mizukoshi are handing out flyers advertising the seminar wearing hot stuffy animal mascot suits. However Mizukoshi is enjoying it because she’s wearing nothing underneath! Matsutaka goes back to the classroom to cool off but finds it locked. Komugi is there and since he notes that Taguchi has the key, he leads her since it’s hard for her to see properly in that suit. He buys her a drink and she refuses to take off the headgear because she is embarrassed that he’ll see her sweaty and sticky forehead. However Komugi also has sweat fetish and really likes her smell. His smooth talking convinces her to allow him to take off the headgear. But it’s just a ploy to show a newbie, Anna Katou the kind of research that this seminar is doing. So Matsutaka was just being used… Anna is being introduced by Meshiya as a new student. Due to her red head, Matsutaka thinks she’s an ex-delinquent. Everyone has their turn introducing themselves but did everybody forget Matsutaka was there? Yeah, her turn was skipped. Anna is pretty nervous in introducing herself but when she sums up her courage, she blurts out she never had a boyfriend in her life. Taguchi and Ichikawa discuss if this is a big joke (because she has big boobs and besides, delinquents making it into college?). Taguchi gets kicked in the face by Anna. Well if they find it all too weird, then shouldn’t she be in this seminar? Taguchi starts fantasizing about an after-school meeting with the delinquent and smells her shoes but was beaten up again. After Komugi asks her about some question that he asks every girl just to see their reaction (something about letting it inside them), Anna blows her top and wonders is an inexperienced delinquent that weird. Since she promised not to hit, Taguchi and Ichikawa answered yes. Matsutaka feels she is somewhat similar to her. After class, Matsutaka talks to Komugi as she wonders why is Anna trying so hard to be seen as an abnormal person. He thinks it’s a test of courage. He throws back the question to Matsutaka of why she entered this class. She couldn’t answer. Matsutaka thought he’s going to give a romantic answer but it turns out to be a desire to eat raw liver. Meanwhile Anna is determined she’s going to lose these shackles she had for the last 20 years as this seminar is her only hope.

Episode 4
Anna and Matsutaka are heading towards Horii’s house as invited. They see Makiko outside and she cut her finger while cutting vegetables. Inside, they see the guys arranging food over Mizukoshi’s naked body! She’s using herself as a giant platter! As they dig in (Mizukoshi just loves the pleasure of chopsticks touching her body), Meshiya opens his New Year speech about media manipulating the meaning of crimes. Which means people like them have to be careful on what they do. Anna and Mizukoshi find it hard to eat off her body. Then everyone finds out that Horii is Mizukoshi’s new boyfriend. Horii wants new girl Anna to drink from Mizukoshi. She is rather reluctant and he actually was going to cut her with his samurai sword! She is saved when Ichikawa dived his entire face into the sake. Meshiya concludes that he did so to protect a classmate so he tells Horii that bloodshed during a feast is forbidden. He agrees and puts away his katana. Komugi then feeds Mizukoshi and tells her that he’s gotten over her. Then he has an idea for their first experiment of the year. He wants to see how many meat Mizukoshi can eat. I guess he hasn’t gotten over the grudge. Everybody starts force feeding her because Meshiya will give every participant an ‘A’ as goodwill. Taguchi thought Komugi spilled his sake but Horii can tell that this ‘final tears of vexation’ isn’t hidden seppuku but hidden ejaculation. He acknowledges Komugi as a true man. Matsutaka wonders if she has a chance with Komugi again.

Episode 5
Anna visits Ichikawa’s house to discuss the seminar and despite his mom knocking on his door and being told to go away, she opens anyway as Anna sees him naked playing his bass in front of mannequins! I guess mommy has seen this so many times that she isn’t the least surprised. Ichikawa is being rude to his mom and his guest but mother plays it cool. This is the first time her son has a girl over so she’s quite nervous. She leaves to get pudding as requested by her son so as not to interrupt them. Anna is here to discuss about their next project which will be done in pairs. They will be first and she got the map to his house via Taguchi’s map (amazingly she got here despite the horrible drawing). Then she hands him a package that Taguchi forgot to return to him. Upon seeing the adult mags, he throws it into the bin. Anna picks it up and a condom drops out. They both try to get it and their hands touch. Ichikawa’s mom happens to open the door (the store is out of pudding as she reports). Ichikawa continues berating his cool mom as she thinks Anna should stay for dinner. Since he can’t let the guest eat her sh*tty food (OMG!) he has her order the finest bento. Ichikawa tells Anna that the reason Taguchi is doing this is to tell her that Ichikawa is a big boob lover. That guy is probably jealous because Anna is cute though he has Makiko and can’t do anything himself so if she’s going to get taken, might as well set them up so he owes him one. In short, he’s trying to get on her good side by showing how much he cares for his friends. Anna deduces Ichikawa as the only child and for her she has an older brother, also a delinquent and toughest in Kanazawa. Because of him, no guys got close to her. Though that is the cause of her ruined love life, it’s better off than some guy who is stuck in his teenage angst years because his parents are so kind. The duo had a standoff and their faces are so close that it may look like they’re kissing. Oh, mom saw that too. Back to their presentation’s topic, Ichikawa has an idea of going along with Taguchi’s plan to see his reaction. He was about to suggest about doing it when mum again pops up. This time he blows his top. Anna leaves but why is she keeping the condom? Next day, Taguchi asks Ichikawa about his present. Taguchi is shocked to hear that he has used it as Ichikawa further mocks how tiny his buddy is seeing the condom was too tight. That must really hurt, right?

Episode 6
Matsutaka is sick and resting in bed. After smelling her own body sweat, it never dawn to her that Komugi was unzipping his pants next to her! His logic is that since he has trouble urinating which leaves a spot in his boxers, he wondered what she would say if he put it over her face! I think Matsutaka’s fever isn’t going to go down with this shock. Plus, seems Komugi has a duplicate key to her room! And he is the last one to finish the experiment. What experiment? After Komugi takes a picture of them with his secret camera, he shows her several pictures previously taken in secret by the others in her room! What the heck are they doing and violating her stuff?! Especially Horii and Mizukoshi doing something really unholy on her bed! Though this assignment by Meshiya has been on for about a week and the rest taking turns, Matsutaka feels this is too much and trespassing and using her as research material. However Komugi says that this is all to help her since she failed her last assignment. Matsutaka hides herself under the blankets and refuse to let Komugi satisfy his sweat fetish. She agrees to get out after she has change. But his experiment isn’t over and will record himself helping her change. However Matsutaka has discovered him so technically he is disqualified. All that can change if she cooperates. He plans to ditch his original experiment and complete the scenario of taking care of her while she’s sick. But the catch is instead of pretending to be asleep, she must behave that as if she knows that he is changing her clothes while sleeping. So Matsutaka has no choice but to cooperate (probably she’s still hanging to that little chance that he may like her back). The next few seconds are omitted. Once Komugi is done changing, Matsutaka feels very embarrassed. Then Komugi starts coughing. Looks like he caught her sickness. Three days later, Meshiya is impressed with the turn of events in which Komugi trespassed Matsutaka’s room and make her take care of him after catching her cold. And all Matsutaka got was just a pass. Now she’s going crazy that Komugi’s the only person she can marry.

Episode 7
In class, Taguchi seems down though his manga was published. Makiko explains to Matsutaka she isn’t sure if it’s because of the promise. Flashback reveals Taguchi was excited and Google about comments on his manga but saw comments it was boring. Makiko thinks he is trying to show his weak side hoping she’ll do whatever she wants with him. Matsutaka is worried Taguchi may let do perverted stuff on her like be in a train without panties but Makiko notes she already done that. Taguchi mentions he’s supposed to fondle her breasts and the thing is he has never done it. Matsutaka remembers that in one of the assignments that Taguchi has done that kind of stuff (on Mizukoshi). Then it’s revealed that it was Makiko who suggested it. Makiko asks for Komugi’s opinion on Mizukoshi (some perverted stuff) and then notes that Taguchi also had done the same on her while she’s sleeping. Taguchi tries to explain the precision work he loves doing so much so Makiko tells him to do what he wants and strips her top. Taguchi gets upset that this is what he want to do and runs away. Makiko leaves after him. Matsutaka asks Komugi about what Taguchi really wants to do and as explained, it is something like co-dependency. Something about excessive emotional or psychological reliance on a partner like ruin your own life for the sake of someone else. So the reason he’s hopeless is because he avoids fulfilment and doesn’t do anything as he is afraid of things falling apart. I didn’t understand the rest of Komugi’s explanation but the way he saw the magnitude Makiko’s ‘greed’, it turned him on. Makiko catches up to Taguchi and as they hold hands, they promise to kiss when things like meteor falling down or another alien race takes over the world.

Episode 8
Meshiya shows his class a video of a woman playing with balloons. I don’t understand how this is related to collective unconsciousness as he points out. In short, a perverted unconscious fetish lies dormant inside of everybody and a person’s pervertness is defined during his/her childhood. He has them share anecdotes of their childhood. Taguchi relates how a girl came to bath with him and he got distracted by her boobs. Makiko couldn’t remember hers so Meshiya thinks some trauma caused this self defence mechanism to make her have amnesia. Ichikawa was being bullied and it’s the same for Mizukoshi as she was forced to confess to an ugly guy. Meshiya notices Komugi enjoying it so he mentions about making Mizukoshi crying like then would be awesome (turning that pervert on). Komugi’s anecdote turns out to be a complete messy relationship. His father is his grandfather and is the son of his father’s wife and grandfather. Get it? Soon after, the seminar ended. Anna wonders why she thought of her brother back then. Meshiya rejects her report and later when she talks to Ichikawa, he excuses himself to go film a documentary. The kind where there are violence and beating up. Yeah, Anna tagged along to see. Ichikawa explains the heart-wrenching documentary about cross-dressers and masochism. Ichikawa’s job is to film private matters on demand and he doesn’t want Anna to tell the rest since this will be his thesis. Seems Anna has her own embarrassment and wants Ichikawa to help out. She dresses up as a maid and has Ichikawa film her. However it’s not coming out. What’s not coming out? When she greets customers in this form, she has urinary incontinence. Ichikawa guesses that since her report was rejected, she wants Meshiya to reassess it with a video included. She also thought she could rid of this useless obsession. Ichikawa vows to take that obsession and turn it into something meaningful. As Matsutaka heads to class, she is surprised to see Anna in a maid outfit serving them. Meshiya though rates her highly but notes he could’ve rated her higher if she had done it before him. Anna seems confident and notes the word ‘hen’ in ‘hentai’ stands change.

Episode 9
Ichikawa visits Anna’s room. He spots her diary and wants to read it. She claims she forgets things easily. The reason she called him here is to suggest if he wants to live a wild life with her for a week. Yes, it’s part of the assignment for the girls as they have to make their summer as rotten as ever. With Makiko choosing not to bath and Mizukoshi selecting living with kitchen waste, she got this by elimination. But Ichikawa isn’t thrilled. She prefers her to call over another guy and will tape it for her. He says abnormal is a method not a purpose and since her brother is at fault for making her a virgin, why not let him take responsibility. Anna starts telling how her brother may be the toughest delinquent and was somewhat relieved when he was with her. She discovered that he was only saying he is the toughest so guys would stay away from her so she ran away from home. She loved him back then and would’ve done anything. Ichikawa doesn’t buy her story and leaves. He also tells her to get a decent boyfriend. Outside, he sees a letter addressed to Anna. Suspecting something amiss, he dressed up as a lover and meets Anna’s brother and pretends to be Anna’s lover. That night, Ichikawa visits Anna and tells her he has met her brother. And he doesn’t look like a tough guy. He shows her the letter which has her handwriting and read what was inside. Anna insists she didn’t write the letter so he wants her to let him read her diary. Later when Ichikawa passes her the letter, she opens and finds it empty. But behind the seal is the address of her family’s home. Ichikawa mentions he scouted this address for 4 days and observed a naive looking guy coming in and out. He deduces she lived in Kanazawa her entire life till she entered college. All what Ichikawa is saying seems to be shocking Anna. From the diary he has read, some pages have the same sticker seal. The pages are written in Kanazawa dialect and there are photos of random delinquents. Referring to his ‘interrogation’ with her brother, he mentioned Anna was always tormenting him. She entrusted that letter to her brother and told him to send it to her when she needed it. He also said Anna wanted to remain naive. By receiving the letter, she probably focus on the pages with that sticker in hopes of finding a way to be normal (brother mentioned about her acting out another personality but once she returned to normal, she always giggled insanely). So from what I understand, Anna has a split personality. Anna always wanted to change and wonders if she has gone back how she used to be. Ichikawa feels she would’ve reverted back to normal in no time. He mentions about her great potential for the seminar and suggests doing it if she doesn’t return to normal. In class, Meshiya reintroduces Anna to everyone. She was a separate identity created by herself to enter the seminar. Her past records and Ichikawa’s videos have confirmed its credibility. Anna discards her red hair and looks forward to work with them. Ichikawa gives back Taguchi’s condom.

Episode 10
Matsutaka is disheartened to know that Meshiya has a folder in his computer with her name in it. It’s filled with lots of photos that are going to be posted on an amateur porn site! Mizukoshi relishes the time when she and Komugi used to take photos of them in the middle of action and posting it online for total strangers to see. Though they uploaded it in real time, it was deleted once done. When Anna comes in, she sees a bottle drink and asks for permission to have a taste. The rest think it’s an indirect kiss but nevertheless she goes ahead. Meshiya knows Anna has observed everyone’s reaction to the indirect kiss so she accounts her analysis and she is spot on in evaluating what was on everyone’s mind. So when it’s her evaluation on Ichikawa (something about him having a hard time discarding her old identity), Ichikawa decides to tell her the truth. That bottle was actually used by Komugi to attract Matsutaka’s attention and not her. Because the last time she tried to steal an indirect kiss and he was wondering if she would try again. Of course she wouldn’t because his pee was in the bottle the last time. Though Anna is taken aback, she mentions how delicious it is. But as Ichikawa points out, this time it is blended with Taguchi’s milk serum. This has Anna running out of the room. Taguchi is thrilled that Anna said it was delicious (Matsutaka felt relieved she didn’t drink it this time). Komugi explains about indirect bonding and how professionals can experience sex over a time lapse simply by walking into a place where a woman was moments ago. Furious Anna rushes back in and inserts the bottle right into Taguchi’s mouth to let him taste his own indirect blowjob. Then she unties her hair and proclaims she has returned to herself before the indirect kiss. This causes Ichikawa to go crazy, screaming like a mad person.

Episode 11
Matsutaka enters the class to see the guys turning the room into a sauna. Derived from how a group of manga guys worked so intense in the dead of winter that their body heat was enough to provide warmth. As explained by Meshiya, everyone is trying to be Wanakin Skywalker (?!) by abandoning their desires for a month and they are in their 20th day. So I guess this means the slightest deviant thing would turn them on. Taguchi accidentally drops his handphone at Matsutaka’s feet. He gets turned on and drops his pants! He felt reborn? Behold his red saber? Then he climaxes by just imagining Matsutaka in her undies. Meshiya feels this training is going out of control. Taguchi admits that he has fallen to the Dark Side and by using the Force within him, he will challenge the record of consecutive ejaculations. He agrees but warns he must do it by himself with no aid. Everyone except Taguchi and Matsutaka leave the room. She has to observe because she needs to put it in her next report. Oh, the horror Matsutaka has to endure. Power after power. It’s no surprise that she’s rather ‘dead’ after the experiment. She is so tired she doesn’t have enough energy to put up with Komugi’s jokes. So Taguchi got 13 ‘powers’, beating Komugi’s personal record of 10. Matsutaka wonders if he will try it on her and if this would work on him. She flips up her skirt but his eyes were focused on Anna’s boobs. He wasn’t listening to Matsutaka so she got upset and tells him to ask Anna to help him out instead. Next day, Meshiya is disappointed that everyone has fallen to the dark side. When Komugi mentions he achieved 15 powers, Taguchi doesn’t believe him and is confident Matsutaka can vouch for him. But when Anna mentions she can make guys ejaculate just by looking at them, Taguchi seeks her help to beat Komugi’s record. Matsutaka snaps and is going to kill him.

Episode 12
Matsutaka thinks Komugi is going to do something romantic to her face when it’s just him noticing about her earwax. He wants to clean her ears. At the park, Matsutaka puts her head on his lap while he starts digging. Though embarrassed, she still feels good. Then for the next ear, she thought of getting up over to his other lap but he insists on doing it on the same lap. Now she is more embarrassed. Komugi’s dirty comments didn’t help (“It’s so dirty like as though somebody came in your ear and left it all there”). At the end, she took up his advice of handing it as her report. Though she passed, now Meshiya wants to dig her ears and this time she is experiencing pain. Later Taguchi enters the room to see Komugi shirtless. He has Taguchi help put a wet compress pad on his left shoulder he injured yesterday. Taguchi felt odd in seeing the body of a naked man. After that as they sit together, Komugi notes this is the first time they’ve been alone together in this room. Since Taguchi denies Makiko is his girlfriend, Komugi wonders if it would be okay if she confessed to him instead. Though Taguchi couldn’t care less but his body reaction seems to be like as though he is breaking down. After suggesting all the other girls, Komugi says that he can tell who wants to be embraced by him. He pushes Taguchi down and is okay if they do it. Oh sh*t! He is willing to do this BL experiment as Taguchi panics. But who couldn’t be more panicky than Matsutaka who is hiding behind a wall observing them all. She halts the experiment and Komugi notes they could’ve kissed if not for her interference. But it seems Komugi is killing 2 birds with 1 stone. While Matsutaka was observing, there was a hidden camera to record her reactions. He suggests they can continue later and Matsutaka be the camerawoman. No thanks!

Episode 13
The gang are heading towards the hotspring inn and are split in 2 cars. Matsutaka and Makiko have to put up with Taguchi and Ichikawa noisy rock singing and their dangerous sliding and weaving in between the traffic on the highway! Makiko is just cool eating her food and offering some to Matsutaka. She couldn’t because she remembers she forgot to go to the toilet. Then they talk about dipping into the hotspring which is a mixed bath and the unsanitary and unhygienic act of soaking anything else but your body. Because Taguchi said something disgusting, Ichikawa puked outside. While speeding! Then Makiko mentions something about her period starting today so Ichikawa responds with some physics thingy that it’ll never leak due to the water pressure. All this is worsening Matsutaka’s condition. In the other car, the rest are wondering how Horii is supposed to reach the destination when Mizukoshi receives a call from him to pull over at the next stop. She calls Taguchi but speeding Ichikawa already passed it. Matsutaka begins to worry. Blaming him for it, Ichikawa eases on the peddle and goes slow. Now she wants him to floor it to the next stop. Komugi’s car stop at the next stop and with instructions, they open the trunk to see a bag. Inside it is Horii half naked! He almost froze to death?! And he planned to stay like this all the way? Continuing the journey, Horii wants Mizukoshi to warm him up via joining energy. You can make a good guess on what it is. The next car was shocked to see their act so Meshiya gives them a death stare to mind their business. With Horii feeling much better and warmer, he notices Anna totally ignoring him and not taking the horny subway express with them. He thought she is worse than before but Meshiya explains certain things had happened. Anna continues to give Horii the cold stare. Komugi asks if the man they love most were to die, what would they do. For Mizukoshi, she would do it with the corpse (this fact even aroused her). They get message from Taguchi that there is an accident ahead so traffic is not moving. Things are getting bad for Matsutaka but it is what is getting interesting for the rest. She can’t hold it in any longer so Makiko offers her to do it in a food packet. She assures the foodstuff in it won’t go to waste (mind the pun). I guess she has no choice but to attend to this emergency call of nature. Once they arrive at the hotspring, Horii notes how good this foodstuff taste. I don’t know if it’s real or not. And everyone has a good time soaking in the mixed bath.

Before the TV series, the first OVA was released. Though it is almost 30 minutes long, it is split into 3 short segments. In the first part, Meshiya fails Matsutaka for yet another disappointing assignment. There goes her autumn outing session. So it’s either redoing it again or putting on men’s clothes and get sprayed by water. Between the devil and the deep blue sea, huh? She chose the former. While walking her way home, she thinks back why the heck she joined this seminar. Plus, the assignment that was given to her is to research if having sex would make her beautiful. You read that right. And she failed because her research didn’t include any raw sexual experiments. Matsutaka felt a panty dropped on her head and thought some lady dropped her laundry. To her shock, she sees Komugi up on the pole trying to steal panties with his fishing rod! Part of his remedial assignment he says? Waiting for the time of the day when human eyes adjust to the dark so they can’t see? Well, he should be glad that Matsutaka was the only one who caught him red-handed. He shows her his bag filled with female underwear! Fruits of his hard labour?! Apparently his assignment is to research the lifestyle of a panty thief. He is supposed to steal them and use it as bait in his room while observing the thief stealing it. But stealing? Can’t he just buy some? Well, for realism and Meshiya wouldn’t approve of him using ‘fakes’. But even so, stealing? Komugi surprises her if she would give hers. But he was just pulling a fast one and asks for her assignment topic. It’s a little embarrassing to say out, don’t you think? He suggests that they should do her assignment together. Matsutaka’s heart is beating in this give and take situation but first, he wants her panties. Then he borrows her handphone to snap several shots of her. Why is Matsutaka willing to do it all obediently? Remember, she’s in love with him. So about the sex part? He doesn’t know what she’s talking and goes off. Next day, Matsutaka gets called by Meshiya and she thought it will be another earful. However he is impressed by the turn of events. Seems the picture Komugi took was sent to him. He is aroused by her erotic position? But good thing he’ll turn a blind eye to her assignment. Then when she mentions about Komugi’s assignment, Meshiya says he didn’t give him any this time. Oh dear. Does that mean…

In the second part, Matsutaka wants to ask Mizukoshi something over lunch but she refuses giving diet as an excuse. When Komugi turns up, Mizukoshi runs away. So I guess he’ll have to do, eh? She’s asking about appealing part time jobs so he suggests getting contracted with a faeces farm! Really! The kind where they really eat your sh*t! How can he coolly talk about faeces over lunch? See how the others around lost their appetite?! Anyway Komugi did do that job once. Komugi learns Meshiya handed Matsutaka another one of those assignments. Sexual perversion in the workplace. I’m sure she can really find lots of them especially in offices. Komugi gives more examples with the first couple relating to poo and his personal one whereby he did a part time job as a pizza delivery and ‘sauced’ the pizza! Though he was just acting. Continuing his examples with eel farms (the disgusting way they eat and were used on a female worker in a bathroom) and the candiru fish in the Amazon (believed to go into other creatures’ ‘holes’ and eat them inside out. That’s why women who swim in the Amazon where chastity belt). I guess Matsutaka couldn’t take more of it and later pukes at the toilet. And to think Komugi was so calm explaining all that disgusting stuff while stuffing food in his mouth! She hears Mizukoshi in the next cubicle and tails her out. Mizukoshi meets Komugi to give him her package. Don’t tell me it’s her waste… I’m not sure if Matsutaka couldn’t tolerate anymore of this disgusting talk or felt jealous that she walked away. Mizukoshi receives her pay from Komugi and truthfully asserts she really wanted to do it with him. But he’s not interested in it. Meanwhile Matsutaka again fails her assignment because Meshiya isn’t happy she turned her research into some poem. Candiru boy eating the miniscule feelings in my heart? WTF?!

The third part sees Matsutaka being called by Ichikawa for an assignment. He asks her straight if she knows what NTR means and if she would sleep with him or if not Komugi. You can tell her reaction to that question. The reason he’s asking this is because of his interested in porn footage. He shows one with Mizukoshi and Taguchi engaging in sex!!! OMG!!! Matsutaka is shocked because she thought Taguchi is in a co-dependency relationship with Makiko. Ichikawa lets her know the truth that his ultimate desire is to rid of Makiko. Matsutaka goes crazy over the fact that Mizukoshi is doing it with another guy since she and Komugi are going out. But taking a closer look at the footage, she sees Komugi happily peeping on their unholy act. Ichikawa says Komugi has NTR. Matsutaka gets more explanation of NTR from Meshiya (that guy really knows his stuff) but he asks her about her reaction if her boyfriend had sex with another girl. It’s not just a simple no that he is looking for. It’s about how he caresses other girls and does other perverted things differently than her. I’m sure Matsutaka got enough of Meshiya’s ‘guidance’ and leaves. Outside she meets Ichikawa and Mizukoshi. The latter reminds him not to pull off pranks on his juniors and it seems he has spy cameras on his shoes! But Mizukoshi knew he was filming up her skirt and didn’t say a word because she knew he would upload it on the web (cue for her to fantasize and drool). She even thinks she should upload that NTR footage. Matsutaka has had enough of them and excuses herself. Soon Komugi and Ichikawa come by and he’s got some juicy footage of it all. They are confident they will get high grades for this assignment. Meshiya also agrees because this assignment has fulfilled everyone’s abnormal taste with Taguchi’s dedication to be a degenerate, Mizukoshi’s abnormal masochist image, Ichikawa’s cold blooded filming skills and Komugi NTR fetish. With Matsutaka’s innocent reaction that was pretty good, he will also give her a high score for participating. However he wants to know which one of them this idea stems from. The students are stumped because they thought it was the professor’s. Meshiya reveals an anonymous person sent it to him in a letter and thought it was one of them all along. Well, I can think of one more person in the seminar that is missing from this picture. As Matsutaka laments the weirdness of this seminar and how she doesn’t fit in, she sees Makiko. She confronts him about Taguchi and Mizukoshi but it seems she already knows about it. Matsutaka wonders which part of that pervert she likes but she points out that is not the case because the kanji word for love and weird are almost similar. As the other students try to figure out who was behind this idea, Taguchi starts panicking and thought Mizukoshi just wanted to f*ck him. He gets punched. Taguchi narrates how he longs for the day Makiko will show courtesy to him but that is on a groundless assumption she never abandons him. Though he likes taking risk, he still needs insurance and Meshiya’s instructions were supposed to be that. Now that the idea came from an anonymous person, he is afraid this will lead to a misunderstanding to Makiko that he wanted to do it with Mizukoshi. Yeah, I guess that blonde is the big mastermind behind it all, eh?

This OVA came out after the TV series ended and as usual is split into 3 parts. The first segment sees Anna in a crowded lift. Naturally everyone reacts when they hear a fart. Anna admits as the culprit even though she wasn’t and receives piercing stares. This is part of her report but Meshiya fails her because it seems she wasn’t enjoying it! Yeah, only weirdoes would. Then he shows her Makiko’s report that was observing Anna doing the experiment! It was accepted! Anna confronts Makiko about making her the subject of her experiment. Worse, Makiko admitted all the farts came from her! Anna apologizes for being useless but she notices a different smell in Makiko’s fart. She asks if she is eating properly. Makiko shows her some meal from Mizukoshi. Seems she is a helper in her part time job and in an experiment to see if one can make poo smell like used rag to wipe spilled milk. WTF?! Who cares. She got the money. Anna can’t understand how she can be so calm with these weird experiments so Makiko tells her about some school she saw on TV. That school used Spartan-like techniques for a summer camp by making students doing tough and embarrassing stuff. Lots of boys and girls cried and left. The last kid standing held a refreshing aura. She wonders if Anna would like to feel like that kid. Plus, if she doesn’t like what she’s doing, she doesn’t need the guts needed for it. Anna dismisses she is running away and is doing it to change. Anna relates how her precious teen years slipped away because of her famous delinquent brother. Makiko treats her to lunch and boy, Anna is so drunk to the point her dirty secrets are coming out. Like blaming her brother for making her remain a virgin. Makiko looks pretty good to her so Anna kisses her on the lips! I’m sure the shop owner is pretty much shocked. Then Anna passes out as Makiko orders another bottle of sake.

In the second part, Matsutaka runs into Komugi on a hot day. She is a little nervous because she heard from Taguchi that Komugi and Mizukoshi had separated. Since Komugi is standing higher than her, he lets her known of her ‘clearly visible’ part. I guess in this heat, it’s natural not to wear a bra, eh? While Matsutaka is clearly embarrassed, Komugi continues about the people especially guys naturally and unintentionally exposing their private areas and that it is natural instinct for everyone to focus their eyes on that part. This is sex appeal? He goes on about girls covering their parts they don’t want to see most with a piece of cloth called panties. Matsutaka can’t take this anymore and forces him to join her to drink beer. She feels guilty for doing so but keeps reminding herself he and Mizukoshi are already separated. But then again, he’s not the kind of guy that’s bound too much either. For several moments, Matsutaka let her guard down and Komugi got a peek at her breasts. So he starts discussing about boob size but that doesn’t matter when you’re doing it because all you’ll be doing is feeling, fondling, licking… Then he mentions about the importance of nipple size. He analyzes Matsutaka’s and describes Mizukoshi’s, whom he can even tell how it smells! He advises Matsutaka that if a guy comes up to her for advice, he needs to change his perception of nipples preference first. That’s because he doesn’t want to see them both hurt! Nipples are like missile buttons? Yeah, make a good consideration before you press them. Once Matsutaka confirms he and Mizukoshi are no longer together, he is grateful to her as his seminar partner and is going to close up any love affairs for the time being. Matsutaka thought things would get awkward after the separation and that he would target Anna next. But he says taking notice of one’s own fault is a wonderful aspect of love. Then they drink up and cheers. To her nipples. Next day Matsutaka waits at the rooftop thinking back that it wasn’t just her nipples that was just visible to him. She starts thinking Komugi called her out here because he wants to go out with her. Actually it’s just a setup so that Taguchi and Ichikawa could film her undies from beneath.

In the final part, Matsutaka sees Mizukoshi talking to a boy before their next class. He seems disappointed. But it seems Mizukoshi is drooling over her fantasies about how guys would use her image as a tool for their carnal desires every night. They even develop fantasies for their partner that they wouldn’t even touch. Talking about Mizukoshi’s future, she wanted to become an idol before. Matsutaka thinks a gravure idol suits her. As for being a newscaster, she feels she wants something freer and not tied down because by being an idol she get to do fan conferences (fans not washing their hands and shaking hers in hopes of making her pregnant! WTF?!). After all, guys are like animals. They prefer to release their semen inside a woman’s body like they naturally should. Otherwise they would feel so empty. Then her handphone rings and Matsutaka is shocked that Mizukoshi but a rotor inside her, ahem, and it stimulated her when it rings. Earlier on she left a message in the boy’s toilet to call this number at this time. As part of her experiment, that guy earlier on, she was to send an erotic mail that would make her look like she mistook him for another guy. She’ll act like she will accidentally find out the mistake and plead that he should act as if nothing happened. This is to see the reaction of that guy at every step. Mizukoshi thinks of taking a picture of Matsutaka’s nipples and using it as hers to send the mail. This has Matsutaka wondering if Komugi had used her like how Mizukoshi tested on other people. She says she was planning to give her a chance since she’s not doing well in the seminar. Mizukoshi is still bent on taking her nipples but Matsutaka notes the difference in their breast size. She only plans to make the top part visible so not much difference is seen. After getting assurance this won’t be leaked anywhere else, Matsutaka reluctantly exposes her tits for her to snap. Mizukoshi looks behind and realizes a heavily panting guy at the far back of the class to be the one who rang her. Matsutaka wonders if this guy she is sending the mail is her boyfriend so this accidentally reminds Mizukoshi about her breakup with Komugi. She apologizes but Mizukoshi is okay with it seeing strange and love are 2 separate things and is able to switch between them. As for punishment for reminding her, she tickles Matsutaka. In the train, Matsutaka is nervously standing next to that texting pervert who thinks Matsutaka is the girl with the rotor. Yeah, he seems excited. Actually the rotor is with Mizukoshi and she’s enjoying the stimulation. As for that earlier guy, he too is in the train and sees Matsutaka’s nipples and thinks it belongs to Mizukoshi.

Love = Weird = Perverted?
Hmm… For most of the explanation part, I have to say it was hard and I couldn’t really understand what they’re trying to get. I’m no sociology student so should I blame that part for not being able to comprehend their clarification? So in a way it takes the fun out while I’m watching the series. The only thing that I see in these series is the weird and outrageous experiments that won’t ever be useful in our daily lives. I’m sure there are tons of human reactions for every situation, making lots of possibilities. But to conduct such disgusting experiments and enjoying it is another matter. It won’t be my place to call everyone perverts but it’s just too odd not to. Sure, these weird experiments are supposed to be a method and not purpose as said but the way they are doing seems to indicate that they live to do it. Well, if you don’t love doing something, you won’t be able to do it wholeheartedly, right? That’s why a bunch of oddballs and abnormal people are best suited for this field of work.

Amazingly it boggles my mind to know that Matsutaka can still last so long in this seminar. Is her love for Komugi really burning that strong? She gets sexually harassed every day in the name of research and even if some of it goes overboard, reporting to the police never really did cross her mind, did she? It’s a wonder she didn’t die of heart attack too. Don’t say the experiments she has to put up with and do herself. What about all those rejected papers by Meshiya? Shouldn’t that at least give her a hint that she isn’t cut out for this kind of class? Which means to say, that despite her innocent and normal appearance, to be able to withstand all that makes her a weirdo too, right? Right. I guess without her, the seminar will not be as fun and lively as we know because everyone loves using her as a research material and enjoy seeing her reactions. Who better than to pull of those natural shocked, distressed, upset, flabbergasted and traumatized reactions and expressions but her. That’s right Matsutaka. In that sense you are an invaluable source of data and information for the rest. Don’t take it the wrong way. Besides, if she really does hook up with Komugi for good, do you think he will change? I foresee the worst that he may do more unholy experiments on her! Better think twice if you want to make this guy your man.

Of all the weirdo students in the seminar, Komugi has got to be the coolest. He is not afraid to show his perversion and when he does, he is very cool with it. You could say he is quite good in what he does. Be careful if you want this guy as your boyfriend because he loves seeing his girl doing it with other people. Makiko also seems cool but the fact that she is so is because she rarely puts up any emotions. Her voice even sounds deadpan and monotonous. But her research methods are still as ‘lethal’ so don’t underestimate this quiet girl. Mizukoshi’s drooling fantasies are quite disgusting if you ask me. She easily salivates which looks rather repulsive. Then she puts on a moronic face that indicates she is in paradise. She is not afraid to do any kind of sexual experiments and even loves doing it whether you are her friend or total stranger. She may be every perverts and those with high sexual drive’s ultimate fantasy but for many other ‘normal’ people, we have a term that may describe her well. It’s called “slut”.  No wonder she and Horii are going well with each other because they are really over the top perverts. That semi-bald guy may be a senpai in Meshiya’s eyes but to me he’s just some dirty old man. Really. I don’t understand Anna’s split personality and her determination to change. Was she that desperate that this seminar was her only cure? Rounding up the group is the noisy Taguchi and rude Ichikawa. You can’t have a lively group without this bunch of clowns. I’m not sure if Ichikawa and Anna are going steady since there are a few episodes that hinted they work well together. Same thing for Taguchi and Makiko but that is only because they are in some co-dependency relationship (something which I don’t understand either).

The drawing and art of this series somewhat make the characters look a little like the chibi type. Well I won’t say it is totally horrible but it’s not that good either. So much so I had trouble differentiating between Mizukoshi and Anna. Especially when the latter loses her red head after her split personality was revealed. Ironically, I find the TV version’s art and drawing to be way better than the OVAs. The OVAs were just unrefined that it was obvious. And you thought that OVAs should have some quality but I guess in some cases it is the opposite. The only difference is of course the censored scenes. You get to see tits and other suggestive scenes in the OVAs as compared to the TV series which are either strategically blocked, cut out, replaced, altered or zoomed. Of course you can view all this if you buy the DVDs. Especially the altered scenes in which if you watched the TV series, it feels like it doesn’t make sense. Take for example the scene whereby everyone uses Mizukoshi’s body as a platter. In the TV series, you thought Mizukoshi’s body was that big because all you can see in the background is just some plain brown backdrop. But if this was the DVD, you can see the contours of her body and other parts. Another example is when Komugi ejaculated in his pants. In the TV series you do not see any wet spot on his pants so you might be puzzled why the heck Horii spotted him do so when there is no patch there. Then altered scenes like Mizukoshi’s clothes were being torn to bits by dogs instead of remaining clothed.

I’m not sure what kind of job that these people will do once they graduate. I just couldn’t imagine devoting themselves into doing such disgusting experiments in which ‘normal’ people would consider as a waste of time and money. Just what Meshiya is trying to achieve with researching all these weird behaviours? At least I know you should never do them in real life. Anywhere, anytime, to anybody, anyhow. Before you start condemning or stereotype such people, let me remind you that we are all weird in our own ways. Some are just weirder than others. And if you open your eyes, you can find many weird and funny stuffs happening all across the globe. One may even be happening right in your backyard now. Maybe I should try out an experiment of my own. How about watching animes for 24 hours straight without eating and sleeping? Nah. I wouldn’t enjoy that.

Everyone has secrets, right? On the surface they may look normal or even better but beneath that exterior they hide something that must never ever, ever, ever, ever being found out. The risk of exposure means the end of the life or in this sense, the perception of others towards them. So in today’s versus blog, we’re going to compare a couple of girls who have a secret that they can’t share with the rest of the general crowd. If you’ve been in the anime scene for some time, you could have at least guessed it will be Haruka Nogizaka from Nogizaka Haruka No Himitsu and Misaki Ayuzawa from Kaichou Wa Maid-sama (you could’ve guessed it from the blog’s header too). Yes, these girls definitely do not want others to know the secret hobbies and stuffs that they have been indulging for the past, erm, who knows when.

Initially I intended this blog for these 2 girls but decided to add in Kirino Kousaka from Ore No Imouto Konna Ni Kawaii Wake Ga Nai. However due to some lack in information, you will notice that not all topics will have Kirino’s detail (maybe it’s a secret). I guess it’s better than including some in rather than regretting having not putting in any at all.

The secret
Haruka: A major otaku who loves animes and mangas.
Misaki: Works as a maid at Café Maid Latte.
Kirino: Erotic little sister games.

Why must it never be found out
Haruka: Due to her privileged upbringing, such obsession is frowned and looked down upon by society and thus her fear that this will lead to a ruin in her reputation.
Misaki: The boys will start teasing and lose respect for her once they find out a tough girl like her is doing something so otaku. If her reputation goes down, this means they are likely not to listen to her anymore.
Kirino: Wouldn’t it be weird for a GIRL to play such games?

How she got into it
Haruka: When she was young, she ran away after being scolded by her father for having such hobbies. A stranger boy she met at a park consoled her by giving her a copy of Innocent Smile’s first issue.
Misaki: In order to help out with the tremendous debt her missing dad has left with the family, she works part time to help her mom pay off the debts.
Kirino: Although she herself doesn’t know the reason for her obsession, it is speculated that she is using the games as substitute for her brother complex.

Her appearance
Haruka: Beautiful, intelligent and the unattainable idol and perfect girl.
Misaki: Well erm, if you ask me she just looks plain and normal…
Kirino: As a model, she has got to looks, right?

Her character
Haruka: Gentle, kind, soft-spoken but can be a natural airhead, naive and clumsy.
Misaki: Strong, aggressive, brute, competitive and demanding especially towards boys (she somewhat initially hates the male species) but nice and friendly towards girls. But when she’s at work, she puts on a cute and gentle personality.
Kirino: Confident and stylish, she is also a perfectionist and an over-achiever. But her interactions with her brother lean more towards sibling-hate as she constantly and violently abuses and bosses him around. Something like a tsundere too…

Her nickname
Haruka: Nuit Étoile (The Night Star) and Lumière du Clavier (The Piano’s Light).
Misaki: Demon President.
Kirino: Kiririn.

Blood type
Haruka: Type A.
Misaki: Type B.

Haruka: 20th October.
Misaki: 29th September.

Haruka: 155cm.
Misaki: 165cm.
Kirino: 165cm.

Hair colour
Haruka: Brown.
Misaki: Dark brown greyish.
Kirino: Yellowish orange.

Eye colour
Haruka: Brown.
Misaki: Gold.
Kirino: Blue.

The school she attends
Haruka: Hakujou Private High School.
Misaki: Seika Public High School.

Her special skills
Haruka: Playing the piano.
Misaki: Akido.
Kirino: Track athletic and modelling.

Sucks at
Haruka: Drawing.
Misaki: Cooking.

Closest friends
Haruka: Shiina Amamiya.
Misaki: Shizuko Kaga and Sakura Hanazono.
Kirino: Ayase Aragaki and Kanako Kurusu.

Affluence status
Haruka: Very wealthy and rich. Heck, daddy bought an island just for her on her birthday!
Misaki: Poor and modest. Heck, they get by with her sister’s unusual luck of winning prizes at raffles!
Kirino: Moderate and typical Japanese household and lifestyle.

The first 2 have younger sisters who are totally the opposite characteristics. While the third has an older brother in which they are distant.
Haruka: Mika – lively and cheerful and loves spying on her sister.
Misaki: Suzuna – laidback and shows very little expression in her appearance and speech.
Kirino: Kyousuke – wants to lead a normal life.

Haruka: Akiho – looks very young for her age.
Misaki: Minako – looks very much like a middle aged woman.
Kirino: Yoshino – normal housewife.

Haruka: Gentou – loving and doting father despite looking like a yakuza head.
Misaki: Unknown – ran away from the family.
Kirino: Daisuke – strict and grumpy policeman.

The boy who knows her secret and best possible love interest
Haruka: Yuuto Ayase.
Misaki: Takumi Usui.
Kirino: Kyousuke – No, contrary to the topic, she will NEVER be her love interest in any circumstances.

How their relationship developed in keeping the secret
Haruka: Yuuto helps her out with her secret hobby as she is the only person she can lean on and rely to. Their feelings develop as she gradually relies more and more on him.
Misaki: Usui’s constant ‘bullying’, teasing, bugging, bothering, annoyance and mischief throws her off her pace for his own personal amusement (that’s why he didn’t expose her secret). She becomes more and more of a tsundere even if it obvious that there are feelings developed between them.
Kirino: Kyousuke is forced to give her ‘life counselling’ therapies by fulfilling her needs such as buying those games she likes in secret. Though she continues to be rude, bossy and demanding, she does gradually open up and feels grateful for his deeds.

Other people who knows her secret
Haruka: Her parents, Mika and her maids, Hazuki Sakurazaka and Nanami Nanashiro.
Misaki: The baka trio and subsequently later Hinata Shintani. Of course her family members too.
Kirino: Ayase, Kuroneko and Saori.

First kiss
Haruka: After lots of ‘interruptions’, they finally land their first kiss at the Ouse Cape (more like she kissed him) in episode 6 of season 2. There are other suggestive scenes that they kiss but not as clear as this one.
Misaki: As early as the 6th episode Usui kissed her before he jumped down to retrieve a picture of Misaki in a maid uniform. Oh, there are many other parts he kissed her. On her hand, her back… And they land another kiss in the final episode too when they’re alone in the classroom after the cultural festival.

Love triangle equation
Haruka: Haruka-Yuuto-Shiina. For Yuuto.
Misaki: Misaki-Usui-Hinata. For Misaki.

Her rival
Can be considered as one…
Haruka: The equally wealthy Princess Blizzard, Touka Tennouji.
Misaki: Usui and Tora Igarashi.
Kirino: Kuroneko.

Haruka: Loves the TV series, Nocturne’s School Lacrosse Club.
Misaki: Is the president of the student council body.

Fanservice scene stealer
Haruka: The one at the hotspring and the one in her Santarina outfit.
Misaki: The beach episode and the various types of cosplay outfits she don for Maid Latte’s special themed occasions.
Kirino: In her shorts, bending down looking through her stuff…

Haruka: Mamiko Noto.
Misaki: Ayumi Fujimura.
Kirino: Ayana Taketatsu.

The baka trio
Actually somewhat related to the topic but felt the need to put it in because the first 2 series had this idiotic trio.
Haruka: Nagai, Takenami and Ogawa – always having their own idiotic discussions and wishing the same thing every New Year but end up having the same bad luck.
Misaki:  Naoya Shirakawa, Ikuto Sarashina and Ryuunosuke – after losing their delinquent attitude, they frequent Maid Latte and become Misaki’s biggest fan. Albeit acting like idiots and always losing out to Usui.

I guess it’s hard living a double life. You have to worry whether or not your other identity will be busted and the consequences once that happens. For the time being, it’s safe to say that their secret will be protected. So far those who know the top secret are those considered close to her and in her circle so no worries if it will turn out into a national disaster or scandal. As time progresses, they find that it isn’t so much about their secret that they have to worry about but the boy in question. They have definitely grown in their characters and in a way are a better person than before. I’m not saying they are pretty much worse off but at least for Misaki, she learns to accept boys and not group them all as the same and hate them. As far as Haruka is concerned, she is more open about her hobbies and doesn’t have that fear when she talks about animes and mangas. Though they are still confined to the people she trusts the most. And Kirino? Let’s just say she hates her brother lesser though the sibling hate is still there. At least she’s grateful at the end. It’s okay to have a few secrets and possibly one or two people who know about them. After all, we are not perfect. Oh, as for which of these girls fare better in my opinion? That’s a secret :).



April 8, 2012

Oh no! Look out! It’s not just terrible twins! But terrible triplets! Run for your lives!!! I think that is what many would do if you know very well about the Marui triplets in Mitsudomoe. Though they may be elementary kids, they are not your kind of children who are goody-two-shoes nor do they listen to what adults tell them to. Yes, it’s that age whereby kids are just starting to go into that rebellious years but I guess this is where the fun and mayhem is. If you can’t take the heat of this anime, then perhaps you should go watch something milder. Like Hanamaru Kindergarten. Wimp.

Basically there isn’t any real plot in this series and it just revolves around the Marui triplets, their friends and those around them. The eldest of the triplets is Mitsuba, who is a pig glutton ‘fatty’ sadist. She loves chowing down snacks and at the same time has to think about her bulging waistline and won’t hesitate to undergo any slimming treatment or equipment she deems fit that will quickly loose her excessive fat. Oh yeah, she’s the most mischievous of them all and enjoys watching torment that befall on others. Just wait for the repercussions, girl. The middle daughter is Futaba and she is best described as a muscle brain woman. Energetic and airhead, she is the most perverted of all because she loves boobs! The bigger the better! Don’t want to mess with her because she packs an enormous strength that will put most karate guys to shame. Lastly, the youngest one is Hitoha and though she may look quiet reading her book, she may actually be the most dangerous one. Well, if you step on her toes or push the wrong buttons, you’ll find that she can instantly give you the scariest look that will put that horror character Ju-on wetting his own pants. Add in other characters with their own weird and unique behaviours, you’ll find that the everyday lives of the triplets are nothing short of ordinary, filled with chaos and misunderstandings.

Each episode is divided into several short skits instead of dedicating an entire episode for a particular plot. Remember, there isn’t really any plot. The jokes can range from mild to perverted and sometimes bloody (yes, there is blood flowing out). But to me, I find most of them real funny so much so I can’t help myself laugh out loud at times. The nonsense if I should say can be on par as The Simpsons but less exaggerative. If you can’t stomach this kind of jokes, you better look elsewhere. So hold on tight to your horses and try not to fall off your seat laughing too hard.

Episode 1
Satoshi Yabe is the new elementary teacher for Class 6-3. Just like how his surname sound when one exclaims when he/she is in a tight spot, he is going to have a tough time handling Class 6-3 which houses the Marui triplets. He sees Futaba taking on a bloody fight against everybody else in what you thought is just a simple kiddie game of Fruit Basket. Yabe gets to know the triplets and though he tries to break the ice by joining in the game, he finds them totally uncooperative and breaking the rules. He makes a mistake by calling the problem triplets and it ends with him being slammed in the face by Hitoha’s porn. In the end, Yabe loses the game and as stated in the penalty, has to do everyone’s homework! Hope he doesn’t lose his heart and direction as a teacher.

Akio Kuriyama is also the new school nurse in school. You can tell Yabe likes her. The triplets notice this and thinks of hooking them up via accidentally hitting Yabe’s crotch so that Akiyama could treat it and fall in love with his ‘sweet, incredible and erect member’. WTF?! Aim at his crotch for the sake of Yabe’s romance! So over the next few scenes, the triplets try to hit his most sensitive spot and Yabe barely escapes each attempt. Finally he bumps into Kuriyama while she’s crawling and searching for her glasses (note: She is blind as a bat without them). So now it’s her chance to examine his ahem, ahem. So when sees them, she thought his ‘little buddy’ was a fourth grader! Don’t you just feel depressed when a woman says that?

– The class gets a hamster as a pet and as usual they call it Nipple (Chikubi) because they do perverted stuffs on it and it looks like it is enjoying the stimulation. Hitoha becomes close to Nipple but one day the hamster is seemingly down. Hitoha also has a habit of hiding underneath Yabe’s desk in the teacher’s lounge as her sanctuary. Yeah, it scares the sh*t out of him. Furthermore, Kuriyama thinks he’s a pervert! Anyway she is here to discuss that she wants to take care of Nipple back home. The class isn’t happy she is keeping the hamster all to herself. Kuriyama is about to apologize for that misunderstanding when she hears the class shouting about Nipple! Oh, how she misconstrued… In the end, everyone reaches a solution to take turns to take care of Nipple. This is when the hamster becomes lively again and everyone rushes to touch it. All is well, ends well? Not for Kuriyama. She really thinks this is a perverted class after all. If she only knew what Nipple was…

Episode 2
Futaba catches a cold and her snot is causing lots of trouble in class. I don’t know why but it is so sticky that at one point it tied up Yabe. Then it tied her own hands, spread all over Mitsuba’s face and the sadist received a judo throw in the end.

– Mitsuba is seeing Kuriyama because while playing penalty rock-scissors-paper with Futaba, the latter won and her ultimate strength causes a painful bruise on the former’s forehead. Clumsy Kuriyama starts stepping on urine samples taken by the class. Yeah, at this rate everybody is going to reek of urine! It gets worse because Kuriyama mistook the anti-septic she applied on Mitsuba’s head as the urine sample! Seriously, I wonder how she ended up as a school nurse because she nearly put the urine sample in her coffee thinking it was creamer and as her eye drops! Then she comes in with more urine samples from other class and she needs to be careful in putting it with the rest. I don’t know why she put it on the bed, because Hitoha was sleeping underneath it all! How the heck did she get there without noticing the pile? More importantly, didn’t Kuriyama notice somebody sleeping there before putting all the samples? So it’s urine splashing all over again…

– Yabe seriously fears Hitoha. All the more when she manages to come into his apartment just to see Nipple (it is staying at Yabe’s place). To his horror, she has been coming here every weekend without him noticing! Better be careful of what you say because she’s got a tape recorder with her! “I care for you and always watching over you!”. Oh dear. If she uses it for blackmail… On another day, Yabe wakes up to find Nipple missing. Hearing the footsteps of Hitoha approaching, he knows he is done in if doesn’t find the hamster. So when he finally finds it and tries to prevent it from escaping, he got his hand pinned between the doors. So why doesn’t Hitoha keep it herself and make the trouble to visit Nipple every weekend? Yeah, her sisters are posing danger to it. Oh Yabe…

Mitsuba is helping Futaba to catch a cicada because she wants to see her despair face when she crushes it later. As Mitsuba climbs the tree, Futaba got distracted and left her hanging. However, the guys from her class, the perverted Yuudai Chiba and good-natured kid Shinya Satou are standing below her and pondering who the heck is up there. Yeah, Chiba’s panty profiling makes it hard for Mitsuba as she can’t reveal herself for fear her reputation will crumble and be a laughing stock. They try to help her down but she kicks them away. Fine. Stay there forever. I can’t believe Mitsuba hang on the branch till night fall! She is contemplating on whether to crush to cicada with her fingers. Even she’s a sadist, she’s not a killer so I guess she lets it go. She returns in a mess and upon learning Futaba ditched and forgot all about her (she went to catch crayfish), she felt everybody should just die.

Episode 3
Futaba is testing to see if she can stay cooler without wearing any panties during summer. Of all people, she had to show Satou. Is he trying to turn him into a pervert? Unlike Chiba who really wants to get his hand on indecent magazines. He spots Hitoha’s porn mag and later sees her to request to have a look at it. Satou thought he wants her to show him her panties. Of course when the guys confront each other, both misinterpret what the other meant. Yeah, Chiba wants to take it by force! Satou cares for his best friend and doesn’t want to see him become a criminal. But he himself thinks of sneaking into the triplet’s room and steal Hitoha panties just to save Chiba! Satou comes across Chiba who corners Hitoha. Hitoha puts her mag inside Satou’s bag without his knowledge so persistent Chiba wants Satou to show it to him. This has Satou think that he wants to see his underwear! Better run from this gay! Oh, the book Hitoha slipped in is a fake.

– Yabe notices Hitoha always walks home alone. I guess you know the reason why she can’t make friends. See her ghostly expression when she tries to strike a conversation? Enough to scare spirits away. Eventually she manages to talk to one, Sakiko Matsuoka, though Hitoha was like in a trance because she was trying to hit a mosquito. But she may regret it because Matsuoka is an occult freak but Hitoha misinterprets she is some kind of yuri freak. Uh huh. Matsuoka is trying to ‘exorcise’ a spirit she thinks is possessing Hitoha.

– Matsuoka calls Hitoha her master and it’s that time Hitoha really dreads. The pool. Yup, she can’t swim. Hitoha thinks she will teach her swimming at night but of course Matsuoka thinks it has something to do with exorcism. She even has sutra lines all written over her body! So when Hitoha accidentally falls into the pool and starts drowning, Matsuoka thinks she is fighting a spirit! Luckily the night guard saved her. Unable to tell the truth, she feigns there was fighting a spirit. Then she curses Matsuoka and it did come true because in tomorrow’s pool lesson, the sutra lines can’t come off her body since she used a permanent marker. And nobody believes her exorcism…

– A big fat guy, Soujirou is seen running to school with panties in his hand. Yeah, enough to make others think he’s some kind of pervert. Call the police! However he is the triplet’s father and is here to deliver them to his daughters who have forgotten it. The triplets are puzzled if there is a panty thief around but theirs is only ‘missing’. Yabe tries to help out but the way he asks makes it sound like he’s some lolicon! Yeah, Soujirou overheard that… It doesn’t help when Mitsuba accuses Yabe as the culprit. Futaba pulls down his pants and to Soujirou’s horror, thinks that bastard is harassing his daughters! Soujirou breaks through the wall and as he is about to hand over their panties, they realize they forgot about them. Not wanting to be embarrassed, Mitsuba feigns that she doesn’t know him and is a panty thief. In good timing, the police surround the area and take him into custody. Though he is released later, Mitsuba and Hitoha got locked in the shed for their actions while Futaba enjoys a meal with daddy because she was the only one who recognized him then.

Episode 4
Yabe becomes the model for Class 6-3 but as usual, the triplets aren’t drawing him as he is. Yeah, Futaba has drawn the perfect boobs so much so the principal acknowledges it! I don’t know how, it got pinned up on the hallway along with the other drawings. Then Futaba gets embarrassed when the guys start staring at her boobs drawing. But since Yabe and Hitoha mention how they love it, Kuriyama once again gets the wrong idea about this perverted class. A few days later, somebody put pins on the boobs and Futaba loves the idea.

– Because of Futaba’s love for boobs, she accidentally breaks Mitsuba’s table, along with her pencil case. Suddenly Futaba feels guilty so much so breasts don’t seem to steal her attention anymore. What’s more, she takes refuge in Hitoha’s usual place. Comforting place, eh? Soon, she uses her own martial arts coat to make similar pencil cases for them all to use. The reason she was sad was because the pencil cases was bought by their dad when they entered school so she thought by making another similar ones they would all be happy. Mitsuba tries to assert her authority but gives in after seeing how pitiful Futaba is. However Hitoha mentions she doesn’t need it, ruining the moment.

– Satou and Chiba are with Futaba in her room to finish a project. Futaba does the drawing and guess what she draw? Boobs. Perfect but bear in mind they’re supposed to draw an electric circuit! She goes out to buy paper so Chiba decides to raid the girls’ room and drags Satou into it. Opening a drawer containing kiddie panties, they think Futaba is coming back. Chiba panics and can’t shut the drawer and causes a panty to start flying around. Satou uses his football skills as it ends up hanging on the door. Mitsuba comes in and they better not be doing anything suspicious. She slams the door and the panty drops. So the guys play football with it and it ends with the panty opening up and falling onto Satou’s head. The triplets come in and saw… There goes his reputation.

– So much so Mitsuba thinks he is a real pervert and to stay away. Making things worse, Futaba thinks he likes Mitsuba’s panties and gives one too him! Of course he won’t accept. Chiba tells her that she can’t give him directly. So over the next few scenes, Satou gets more shock of his life as his desk and shoe locker are filled to the brim with kiddie panties. It’s not over yet. Futaba chases him down wanting to give him her string of kiddie panties. He knows this is all Chiba’s fault but the latter wants him to toss away his good boy image and follow the perverted path. Chiba then fills more twisted ideas into Futaba’s head so she starts wearing them outside instead. Though Satou isn’t happy seeing her new fashion, this causes Futaba to be sad. He has no choice but to accept it and takes off her panties. Mitsuba thinks of listening to Satou’s reasoning because after thinking, he couldn’t possibly be a pervert. But after seeing Satou pulling down Futaba’s panties, it’s safe to say that he’ll never be looked in the same way again.

Episode 5
– As Mitsuba talks to her friends, the snobbish rich kid and Mitsuba’s rival, Miku Sugisaki, the thick eyebrow and romance lover, Yuki Yoshioka and the tall laidback Miyashita, Sugisaki mentions about the bra she bought so Mitsuba can’t lose out and also says she has one. Of course when the lies keep piling… Eventually Mitsuba has to go shop for one to prove it. And annoying Futaba is there too. Hope she keeps her perversion under control. While Futaba fools around, Mitsuba has a hard time choosing. Eventually she didn’t buy one due to her embarrassment. Dragging Futaba away, she notices a panty stuck on her head. She takes it off but Futaba misinterprets she stole it. She forces Mitsuba to apologize to the sales lady and mentions she didn’t want a bra but panties instead.

– Yabe is cleaning his room so Nipple is staying with the triplets. Nipple starts getting close to Mitsuba because she has a panty with a hamster print. Mitsuba uses this chance to get all the attention from Nipple and leave Hitoha out in the cold. But be careful. You know how vengeful she is. Yeah, she is going to cut out that hamster face on her panties! Have mercy! But she can’t do it. Nipple suddenly lose interest in Mitsuba’s panties because you know, the face of the hamster stretches out to make it look like a pig. How heartbreaking. But this means Nipple has gone back to Hitoha and the whole class cheer for Satou when he agrees with Chiba he loves Mitsuba wearing her panties like that.

Mitsuba and Sugisaki are in another one of their arguments. Whose boobs are bigger. Every millimetre counts… So they decide to ask breast expert Futaba to be the judge because she can tell the slightest difference. After having a hard time stopping her swimming, the judging begins. She misinterprets their intentions and reads the name and class on their swimsuit. Then she starts looking for the breasts to judge… An insult, eh? Mitsuba tries to be superior again by wearing Sugisaki’s bra. She thought victory is hers when the guys start staring at her. And she can’t take it off. Hitoha points out why she can’t take it off: Because of her body fat! Actually, that is just her imagination and would’ve said it if Mitsuba didn’t look so pitiful.

– For tomorrow’s parent’s day at school, Soujirou is contemplating to come but is worried he’ll be arrested (like always). Futaba wants him to come but Mitsuba thinks otherwise. Even if he has to, at least shave and wear a suit. He takes up her advice and next day in class, he is scaring all the parents away! He looks like some mafia!!! Oh sh*t! Don’t get too close to him! The kids are to read the essay about their parent. Apparently Mitsuba and Futaba’s essay got mixed up. Mitsuba has to suck in her pride and read the embarrassing but lovely essay. There goes her pride as her friends are laughing. Why couldn’t she just read from her heart, the disgust she had for daddy? But papa is so happy and never thought Mitsuba loves him this much. As for Futaba’s turn, because she is still sleepy, she reads out the nastiest essay of hate and disgust, shocking Soujirou so much that he ran out of school in tears. To add salt to wounds, the police round him up and won’t believe he is a parent. Yeah, what kind of parent looks like that? It’s the cellar again…

Episode 6
– Futaba is so excited about tomorrow’s sports day, she is at school that night to do rehearsal. Soujirou also tags along and could’ve been arrested if Futaba didn’t say he’s her dad. So the duo do everything that is on the programme from the loyalty oath to the relay race. Soujirou goes to great lengths to assure that his daughter’s hopes are not broken. Futaba is a happy little girl and so tired that she falls asleep. He carries her back but is stopped by the police… Kidnapping some girl, eh?

– During the kibasen event at sports day, seems Hitoha has a fear of heights! Even if she’s just a few inches higher. Mitsuba is being the sadist as usual and even though the triplets are on the same team, Futaba goes crazy and tries to steal Mitsuba’s cap. Futaba bites Mitsuba’s boobs, the place she is storing the caps. So she has to give them up if she wants Futaba to release. Hitoha steals them all but it seems Futaba swallows her hand! And for Soujirou, he didn’t make it past the school gates because the police took him away. Same old story…

Yabe collapses in class and is sent to the infirmary. As Hitoha visits, she sees Matsuoka writing sutras all over his body! She thinks he has been possessed! Matsuoka tries to do exorcism rituals and reluctant Hitoha has to help out. Since they have to write sutras all over his body, that means taking off his underwear, right? When Yabe realizes the girls have his underwear and Kuriyama eavesdropping outside, you can guess what happens next.

– Sugisaki teases Mitsuba for the cloth pencil case she is still keeping. To her embarrassment, Mitsuba learns Futaba broke hers a long time ago while Hitoha threw hers. But Mitsuba has the last laugh when she tells Sugisaki that high class stuffs aren’t necessarily better. Sugisaki is pissed and aims to find her weakness. She uses her handphone to snap pics of Mitsuba but when her friends notice Mitsuba pictures in it, they think she likes her. But she isn’t giving up yet and reveals Mitsuba’s fetish for animal print panties. However the guys in class knew about it. Still not wanting to give up, she says that her erotic adult ones are better. The guys want to see it as prove. Now she’s in deep sh*t. Panicking and only willing to show it to Mitsuba, the sadist has her beg to make her look at her panties. Yeah, it’s getting awkward…

Episode 7
– Hitoha didn’t like that stupid tokusatsu series, Gachi Rangers but upon seeing how cool it is, she instantly becomes a fan. In school, she laments nobody likes it but to her surprise most of her friends are into it. She tries to talk to them about it but her scary expression scares them away. Even Yabe loves it but due to the ambiguous talk, Yabe thinks she wants him to see her panties! So both sides start talking differently till the wind blows up Hitoha’s skirt. Now it is reversed. Hitoha thinks he saw her panties and Yabe on Gachi Rangers. Hitoha accuses him of being a pervert and breaks that man’s pride on the series. Yeah, even grown men cry. Now her situation gets worse because she can’t possibly tell the rest her love for the series after what has happened.

– When Soujirou was younger, he was such a handsome hunk!!!! Wow!!! Look at the photo! Futaba gets permission to keep it. If you notice all along, there is a bunch of trio girls following and obsessed with Satou. They are Airi Ogata, Shiori Itou and Mayumi Katou and are also known as the Hopeless Squad. The trio accidentally spot that picture from Futaba and thinks it is Satou since there is an uncanny resemblance. However Futaba snatches it away and this is where the misinterpreting begins. Both are asserting their love for that guy in the picture. The trio steals the picture to photostat it but Futaba’s ‘sensor’ has her chasing them and retrieving it at all cost. Since Ogata won’t give up, Futaba invites her to come bath with them. Her hopes and nervousness turns into horror when the big fat man comes in…

– Futaba again tries to show Satou her panties because she is doing a research when panties can be seen. Guess whose idea she got this from? She really believes Chiba’s word that Satou loves panties but won’t believe Satou’s word that he isn’t a pervert? Satou runs for his life when Futaba persists in showing her panties. The Hopeless Squad protects him but is shocked to hear Futaba saying Satou loves her panties so much that he wants to see them! Yeah, they also want to show their panties. More running for Satou. Word goes around to every girl in school. It got twisted so much that whoever shows Satou her panties gets to be his girlfriend. Man, this guy has lots of admirers. Satou confronts Chiba for help and the latter isn’t happy. In a struggle, Satou accidentally pulls down Chiba’s pants. All the girls saw this and thought he is gay! So end of chase? They gave up so easily!

– Hitoha’s love for Gachi Rangers has been discovered by Futaba. She is panicking if this airhead will reveal it to Yabe so much so she got scolded for being absent-minded. Hitoha? Get scolded? Later Hitoha thinks of apologizing and admit that she likes it (Gachi Rangers) but Yoshioka misinterprets that she has a thing for Yabe. To make things worse, her indescribable love for Gachi Rangers has Yoshioka thinking she really went very far in her relationship with Yabe. She wishes their love will come true when Yabe overheard them and misinterprets. This is getting complicated. Yeah, Yoshioka thought Hitoha got rejected…

Episode 8
As Class 6-3 is playing Cops and Robbers, Futaba chases Mitsuba but the latter got herself locked in a gym equipment in the store room. Hitoha still has a grudge against Mitsuba for an earlier betrayal prank and isn’t going to let her out. Then the keeper locks the room. Now they’re both trapped. Mitsuba tricks Hitoha in letting her out so she could use her hairpin to pick the lock. She doesn’t have a hairpin. As time passes, they wait but Hitoha is starting to feel ill. Worried Mitsuba tries to break down the door and when all hope is lost, the keeper opens the door. Then it’s a trick by Hitoha to work up those emotions in her. So who is the doofus?

Futaba is making Nipple do some tricks. This infuriates Hitoha. Oh no. It’s that scary face again! While sulking in her sanctuary, she talks to Yabe about it but the teacher misinterprets they are in some love triangle. I guess he doesn’t want to get involve so he starts using unconventional ways to kick Hitoha out like his smelly feet or farting but was greeted with disgust by the other teachers. As Yabe is being summoned by the principal, Futaba and Hitoha make amends. Nipple also returns to Hitoha’s side. But since the principal heard how they could touch Nipple anytime, he chides Yabe for teaching his class perverted stuff.

Yabe is having sleepless nights because of a cockroach in his room. Futaba offers to sniff the pest out. Hitoha also tags along because he has a Gachi Ranger DVD that he will show to them as thanks. Of course Yabe has to restrain Futaba from using too much strength or she’ll tear down the entire room. As for Hitoha, she tries to convince Yabe that she’s a Gachi Ranger lover but each time, the roach is on the Gachi goods, she tries to hit it away. This causes Yabe to misinterpret she is here to destroy his precious Gachi Rangers. Eventually Futaba got addicted to Yabe’s porn mags. The roach is hiding inside the DVD as Yabe laments Futaba lost to the power of boobs instead of Gachi Rangers. He decides to watch the DVD as salvation but…

– While shopping, Futaba meets a lost kid, Kazuya and helps him look for his mom by leaping through the complex. Kazuya loves riding on Futaba’s shoulder as she takes him on a ride throughout town. They end up in the countryside before realizing they are lost. Kazuya starts crying for mommy so Futaba offers to draw how she looks like. She drew so real that Kazuya eventually slept by the drawing on the road thinking she’s his real mother! Futaba also sleeps with him. The police finds them and soon the mother and Futaba’s sisters reunite. Kazuya tells mommy how amazing Futaba’s drawing was and wants to play again with her next time. After they leave, Kazuya brings mommy to the spot of the drawing. She is horrified to see big boobs being drawn and is never going to let her son near that girl again!

Episode 9
Hitoha is reading an official Gachi Rangers book but Chiba thinks it is a porn magazine. Because Chiba ‘likes them too’, Hitoha thinks he is a Gachi Ranger fan. She goes talk to him about it but all he loves about ‘them’ are boobs and butt. Hitoha chides him off about the other aspects so Chiba thinks porn is art! Plus, Hitoha is saying she does it all the time and would gladly let him try it out on her! Yeah, that pervert is ready to unleash his secret move he practised so hard when Yabe shows up. Hitoha changes her mind and tells him he can do it on him. To his dismay, Chiba does his panty snatch move by removing Yabe’s trousers. Duh moment…

– Yabe’s Room: Yabe is hosts Mitsuba in some interview but she is being pushy and requesting for snacks so much so nothing gets done in the end.

Soujirou is out sick and since Futaba still believes in Santa, I guess he is leaving the job to his other 2 daughters. Dang. That night Hitoha sneaks in wearing a Santa outfit but Futaba catches her and thinks she is a boy due to her flat chest. An insult? Good thing her identity is still safe. She can’t see very well and bumps into things. Futaba is about to unmask her so Mitsuba saves her by dressing up as Santa and proclaiming she is the real one. But Futaba knows it’s Mitsuba. Because of all the banging, Hitoha’s face is bloodied so Futaba seriously believes why Santa was trying to hide his face: Because he’s ugly.

– Mitsuba has finished her Zodiac collection of animal print panties. Due to Futaba fooling around, it flies away. She tries to get it stuck on a tree when she meets Chiba and Satou. Coincidentally their kite is stuck up the same tree. She can’t admit the panty belongs to her but she volunteers to get it. She slips as the panty falls into Chiba’s hands. Since it’s not his type, he throws it away. It flies around as Mitsuba chases it. Finally it falls into the donation box of a shrine. Pray for a good year ahead…

Futaba wants to have a hot bath like in a hotspring and makes her own but being clumsy in the house, Mitsuba helps her find a drum barrel for it. But upon bringing it back, they find the barrel has a hole in the other end. But daddy cheers her up as she is able to have a bath in the bathroom.

– The triplets see Chiba and Satou at the school pool. On this freezing day, the pool’s water is frozen. Chiba and Mitsuba get into an argument and the only way to settle it is via some bowling on ice. Using Futaba as the ‘ball’, Mitsuba kicks her butt (the airhead likes it?) but didn’t get a strike. Now it’s Satou’s turn and Futaba pesters him for a kick. And as hard as possible! Giving in to the pressure, Satou the football ace striker gives Futaba the best kick. Seeing Mitsuba forgot to reset the pins, Futaba is sent flying into the sky. Next day in school, Futaba is so thrilled by it that she tells Satou straight that he’s got to nail her in the butt again. Much to the Hopeless Squad’s horror.

Episode 10
-Class 6-3 is sharing the same recess period with first graders today. Mitsuba sees a boy, Ryuuta trying to get his remote control helicopter down from the tree. Seeing he has no friends, Mitsuba offers to help but Ryuuta becomes bossy and bosses Mitsuba around! Hitoha learns that Ryuuta is a Gachi Rangers fan and they instantly click. Mitsuba thought Hitoha was showing her boobs to Ryuuta when in actual fact she is showing her Gachi Rangers t-shirt. Then she tells Ryuuta off when he doesn’t treasure his helicopter because being a rich kid, mama will always buy a new one. Yeah, Mitsuba risked her life in getting it down. Mitsuba thought Hitoha tried to win over that kid with some sleazy move so she too tries to show him her panties. Unfortunately, Sugisaki spots her and you know what? Ryuuta is her little brother. Oh, the embarrassment. Stay away from this sick deviant!

– Mitsuba enters Ryuuta’s class to pass class notes for his absent sister. However she was being labelled a nympho (as described by Sugisaki). Yeah, nobody knows what it means. Mitsuba takes this chance to make it as though she knows the word. A couple of girls seriously believe her and think it meant something good. So they start admiring this nympho and Mitsuba is in a dilemma of wanting them to call her that but not in public. It gets complicated as she twists and turns the meaning even further. Till Sugisaki passes by and finds out what is happening. She warns them the implication from society and wants her to take responsibility. Mitsuba tells them off harshly and never to use that word again. But she forgot Futaba was there all the time so she too inspires to be a nympho.

Mitsuba and Futaba find a Gachi Ranger belt in the drawer. Mitsuba thinks it’s some diet equipment of Hitoha and tries it on but breaks it. Fatty. Now they can’t let her find out about it. So how to replace it? They try stealing one from Ryuuta! They look like perverts trying to undress him! Imagine the horror when Sugisaki saw them. Futaba gives Hitoha a self-drawn Gachi Rangers t-shirt as apology. She accepts it. Now Mitsuba is in this sh*t herself. Defying Futaba’s suggestion to be honest, she thinks of a way to shift the blame. She makes it as though Soujirou was the one who used and broke it. But her plan backfires when daddy mentions how Mitsuba wanted a diet equipment just like that belt. It’s that shed again. No use coming clean now.

Mitsuba is sick but is being selfish and picky. Hitoha got her some pudding but it wasn’t to her liking. Her friends pay a visit and she’s not too happy and secludes herself on the top bunker. Thinking she is really sick, Hitoha has a fast-acting medicine. The kind you shove up your butt. But need to get to Mitsuba and she’s hijacked the ladder. Miyashita offers Hitoha to sit on her shoulders but her fear of height has her drop the medicine under the bed. Yoshioka tries to get it but pulls out several porn mags? Futaba’s? Hitoha admits it is hers!!! Finally they try pulling the bed but Sugisaki isn’t helping. I guess she can’t see her rival go down this way so she chips in and save the day. When Soujirou returns, he is asking the girls if they have seen haemorrhoid medicine. It then occurred to them… At least Mitsuba is feeling comfortable with a cool breeze in her butt.

Episode 11
– Oddly, Futaba is pinching Hitoha’s cheeks because it feels like boobs. Doesn’t Hitoha feel annoyed? Then Futaba spots Mitsuba’s flabby belly and is infatuated at how big those ‘boobs’ are. Hitoha insults her by admitting defeat. Next day, Hitoha shows Mitsuba a diet belt ad but she doesn’t want it. Then noticing Sugisaki’s handphone vibration, she gets this idea of putting it over her stomach like that belt. Yeah, she’s enjoying it. Returning to class, Sugisaki is alarmed that her handphone is stolen. Can’t admit to be the thief, eh? Sugisaki borrows a handphone to call her own but the vibration is tickling Mitsuba. This has Sugisaki suspicious as Futaba pins her down. Because the body examination has Futaba touching her stomach, this sends her into ecstasy. Chiba wants to feel that new erotic move and also falls into complete satisfaction. Now Sugisaki wants to experience it too and becomes a pervert.

– While Mitsuba is shopping, she bumps into her rival again. But this time Sugisaki is with her mom, Marina and Ryuuta. Marina is happy to see Mitsuba because she is a masochist! She wants Mitsuba to torment her and the slightest reprimand sends her into ecstasy. Sugisaki is worried about her mom as she has Ryuuta help her get dressed in the changing room. He doesn’t like being her slave so the siblings fight. Mitsuba saw them in an ambiguous position and takes Marina to task that she raised her kids to be a pair of snotty brainless doofus. Marina didn’t take that as an insult. In fact, she loves it!

– Yabe spots Ryuuta talking to Hitoha. From his point of view, he sees him flipping up her skirt and that she’s not wearing it. Her panties? Nope. Her Gachi belt. Yabe felt sorry that she is too poor to afford a pair and rushes down to a store to get one. Ryuuta gives her his belt so when Yabe returns and gives the panties to her, she says he can wear it himself. And it took him all the courage to buy it. She even thinks he has outgrown Gachi Rangers.

– Mitsuba and her pals are talking about the recent kidnapping and murders. Because Kuriyama didn’t have her glasses on, she thinks Mitsuba’s red shirt is her blood and unleashes her Healing Rolling move that she has mastered. Mitsuba is wrapped like a mummy and taken to the infirmary. But in Mitsuba’s mind, she thinks she is being kidnapped in some warehouse. Man, she really does have a wild imagination. She tries to escape while still being tied up and even fought of ‘dogs’ and the ‘kidnapper’. Why the heck couldn’t she differentiate the chair and the kidnapper? Maybe when you’re in panic, you can’t. Mitsuba crawls her way into the science lab room whereby her bandage becomes loose. She gets the fright of her life upon seeing the lab’s human anatomy model and thinks Sugisaki has been killed! Kuriyama tries to calm her down and Mitsuba is so relieved to see Sugisaki alive and emotionally hugs her. Till she realizes all the embarrassment. Feel like wanting to die, eh?

Episode 12
– Miyashita thinks the class is weird. Hasn’t it been like that all along? First she thought Hitoha hates her when she offered her shoulders so she could fix the light. Then about Yoshioka’s love fortune playing Kokkuri-san, Matsuoka’s exorcism, Mitsuba and Sugisaki’s argument and Futaba doing perverted things on reluctant Satou. However the rest thinks she likes Hitoha when Miyashita tries to get closer to Hitoha. She tries to be normal by untying her hair. However nobody recognizes her! Thinking she can lead a double life, she puts on her hairpin and acts like a newbie but her classmates recognize her. So it’s her hairpin which defines her?!

– Yabe’s room: This time he is interviewing Futaba but she got distracted in hitting a cockroach and reading his porn mags.

– The Hopeless Squad once again aren’t happy Futaba is too close to Satou. During dodgeball game, it’s boys versus girls. The stupid trio want Satou to smash the ball into their faces. For whatever reasons. During the game, the retaliation has Ogata hitting Satou in the face. Oh dear. She’s going to bite off her tongue as atonement? Satou tries to calm her down by saying it was a good thing because now he’s out. The other girls take it as a sign he is happy when he is hit in the face. See their devilish eyes?! Satou thinks he is out till Yabe mentions head shots do not count. Oh no.

Ogata is getting good in her football juggling skills in her quest to be closer to Satou. As usual, Futaba crashes the party by popping the ball. The class calls Futaba to play football with them but Ogata wants to show off her skills so the guys agree seeing playing with Futaba is dangerous as she exerts too much strength. Ogata laments when other boys touch him. She is in awe in seeing Satou control the ball. So good that as though the ball is his… Girlfriend? She gets so jealous that she is going to kill the ball! Suddenly her tackling skills become so good as she kicks the ball into the sky. But Futaba tells her that is not what Satou likes and whispers into her ear. Satou is to congratulate Ogata on her great skills when Ogata suddenly flips up her skirt and causes him to blush. To her dismay, seems Futaba’s words are true that he likes panties due to his reaction. Because of that, she got so jealous and kicks away her panties and is never going to wear them for life! WTF?! All the other guys ditch football to go look for the panties. I have a theory. If Satou says he likes her, then she’s going to kick herself away, right?

– Class 6-3 has their seats arranged. Miyashita thinks of making friends with Hitoha but didn’t make much progress. She talks to Mitsuba for hints but she’s being bossy as usual after revealing her Gachi Rangers fetish. Miyashita thinks of a couple of scenarios to get close to Hitoha and thinks being a fan of Gachi Rangers will do the trick. During PE, Miyashita’s face looks like a pervert when she tries to fondle Hitoha’s stomach for her Gachi belt. So much so Yoshioka misinterprets she’s into that kind of thing. The way they said things has everybody think Hitoha is a boy! Now they want prove! Seeing is believing, right? Finally she gives in and shows them the Gachi belt. However to her surprise, everyone is a fan of it. Miyashita thinks it’s her chance so she says her favourite character is the green one. Obviously Hitoha knows she is lying because there is no green Gachi Ranger!

Episode 13
Futaba is sick but she goes to school. Man, she looks like a ghost! So much so they mistake her to be Hitoha! Oh, Matsuoka is happy to do some exorcism. When the real Hitoha shows up, the class is confused which is the real one! Hitoha pushes Futaba off her seat. Nipple didn’t like it and bites her finger. Both are sent to the infirmary and later Futaba recovers but Hitoha has caught her illness. When Hitoha returns, all the guys are surprised to see her looking cute instead! That’s one heck of a cold.

The triplets find an abandoned cat at the bridge. Mitsuba is against it but Soujirou doesn’t mind. When they return to the spot, the cat is gone. Hitoha is so traumatized that she is eating the cat food herself! To cheer her up, Mitsuba has Futaba act as the cat. Futaba is so into her role that Mitsuba got jealous when she got too close to Futaba and fights for her attention. Soujirou returns with the cat (seems he picked it up earlier), much to Hitoha’s delight. And Futaba continues to lick Mitsuba’s face… Later as Hitoha plays with her Gachi Ranger toy, its head flew into the cat’s direction. It then hits it away under the fridge…

Yabe is dreading this day. He has to visit the triplet’s house as part of his teacher duty. Only Hitoha is in and he’s not getting any good response from her. Cat lover Yabe sees their cat and starts playing with it. However Soujirou has just returned and is shocked at what he heard and saw! He thought that lolicon is trying to make a move on his daughter! The actual fact is that he wants to play with the cat more but Hitoha refuses. Furious daddy heads to the shed and takes out 3 baseball bats!!! Yabe thought there is a thief in the house so he takes Hitoha to hide in her room. Putting her in bed and promising to protect her, however he chickens out seeing this Terminator’s strength and hides in her bed. Hitoha calms her father down but when Soujirou sees Yabe in her bed and slightly undressed, he’s not going to forgive him. And he being her teacher only makes it worse. See all the bruises on him? On his next visit to Satou’s home, the kid knows something bad has happened at the triplet’s place.

– Yabe’s room: The final instalment sees Yabe interviewing Hitoha but she’s not interested and ignoring him, bringing an end to this totally useless section.

Mitsuba wins a prize to the amusement park. She thinks her era is here and brags. Till a lady wins the grand prize. However seeing the ticket can only bring 2 people, Mitsuba wonders who to bring along and envisions several scenarios. Not good, eh? Eventually Futaba lets her know she wants to come along. So it’s set. Till Hitoha says she wants to come along since Gachi Rangers will be there. Seeing the turn of events, Mitsuba gives the ticket to her sisters and lies that she has something with Sugisaki. In class, Mitsuba fakes that she’s going on a trip with Sugisaki when the latter brags she’s going to Hokkaido this weekend. However Hitoha shows Mitsuba that the amusement park tickets admit 2 pax per ticket. Didn’t she read? On the day her sisters are getting ready, poor Mitsuba hangs out by herself. Probably she is feeling left out but her family sees as Futaba tags her along.

Episode 14
– This is actually the extra DVD episode but it came out after the second season ended. It starts with Futaba noticing a pimple on Hitoha’s cheek and it makes it look like a real boob! Informing Chiba and the other guys, they get this sick idea to suck on it! Run for your life! Why didn’t she unleash her scary face? Anyway as Yabe tries to help her out, the stampede pushes him over. Then they see a pimple on his butt and… He’s never felt so violated in his life.

– Sugisaki’s friends and the triplets pay a visit to her mansion. Mitsuba tries out some gym equipment but it seems she is sitting on Marina! Oh, the queen of perverts is loving it. Then Mitsuba tries a running equipment but she set it on the fastest mode that she is finding it hard to keep up. She ends up in an ambiguous position and her hope in turning it off is to use her feet. If only her belly wasn’t in the way of her view. I don’t know why the rest was just standing there watching. Maybe they think she’s really exercising. But Marina and Sugisaki return. The mom is so enthralled by her sexy position that she wants to snap a picture! This has Mitsuba accidentally breaking the machine and she asserts she is not paying for it. However as Marina mentions, this machine was supposed to be her present. Mitsuba drowns he sorrows by chowing down all the apple pie.

Futaba fondles Hitoha’s cheeks again. Hitoha tricks her by moving her ‘boobs’ with her tongue. Hitoha seeks Yabe’s advice and lets him touch her cheek. He thinks it’s her boobs and it moved! He seriously is going to look into it. Futaba finds Hitoha and is not going to be fooled again but Yabe insists her condition is serious so Futaba says about the trick and can go ahead and ‘feel’ it on her. Yabe touches her real boobs instead much to everyone’s shock. This time he gets a real bloody punch.

-Mitsuba uses a toy car and rolls it over her stomach thinking it will help lose her fat. Then it gets stuck. Lamenting why all her diets end in failure, Hitoha says she relies on machines. Sugisaki and co pay them a visit and it seems Marina has another present: A balance ball. Mitsuba tries it out but is careful not to burst it to avoid unwanted humiliation. While reading the instructions, suddenly she accidentally spills tacks. She manages to crawl out but the ball gets loose. Mitsuba doesn’t want anybody touching her precious ball so Futaba draws a cute cat face on it to value it even more. But being so cute, this activates Mitsuba’s sadist side. Yeah, she wants to crush it! She beats it to a pulp and destroys the ball.

Sugisaki is bragging about the sushi place she ate so of course Mitsuba also tries to outdo her. Both of them really got the wrong idea what a sushi bar is because Sugisaki only frequents high class ones while Mitsuba has only eaten at conveyor belt sushi restaurants. Because Mitsuba continues to claim she is a sushi expert, Sugisaki will have her take her out to one to prove it. So as Sugisaki follow the Marui family out, Hitoha realizes that from Sugisaki’s talk, she meant a different sushi bar. Mitsuba realizes her blooper and tries to dispel it but it seems Sugisaki is impressed with the place. Till she tastes the food…

Mitsudomoe Zouryouchuu

Yes, more mischievous mayhem from the triplets after taking a break of 1 season. However in this second season called Mitsudomoe Zouryouchuu, there are only 8 episodes but fans and viewers can expect more or less the same thing.

Episode 1
– Don’t be startled if you’re watching the wrong anime or if this series will be turned into Gachi Rangers for good. It’s just that one-off episode thingy. So like in all tokusatsu series, we have the baddie villain and his henchmen trying to destroy the forces of good to take over Earth. The evil Gedol Empire is chiding his underlings, Jamara, Jigoku and Akuma about their failures. This time they come up with an idea to get rid of children in Japan due to a news article of its declining birth rates. And as usual, we have the monster of the week, Crabron along with the goons spreading some liquid onto children and turning them into bubble.

– So we are also introduced to the members of Gachi Rangers. Hichou Ueno (Gachi Red), Hiroi Nashihara (Gachi Blue), Azusa Shunyou (Gachi Pink), Aoha Kahiguchi (Gachi Yellow), Hokuto Ide (Gachi Black), Jinba Takaoka (Gachi General) and their perverted monster pet Creep (always asking Pink’s panty colour). Of course the heroes are somewhat dumb as they do not see anything amiss when the entire city is void of people and filled with bubbles. Till the news came out. So up into their Gachi Base which is so obviously 30 metres above the restaurant facade, they go into action. However they got into lots of bloopers like getting lost, cutting the wrong bomb wire and crashing the entire hijacked bus filled with kids. WTF?! And during the commercial break, Hitoha is so pissed off with today’s episode because the Gachi Rangers are screwing up big time. Something is very wrong. Very, very wrong. I mean, Black is only ever interested in his curry.

– Soon the angry crowd confront General at the restaurant (how they know his identity beats me) and attack him, blaming him for what has happened. He manages to escape to the base as the team realize that Gedol Empire has brainwashed these people too. They need a plan. One to lure them out by using a child. But there are no children left. Actually there is one. Yellow looks like a kid, right? The plan works so Gachi Rangers go into their usual fighting mode with the villains. Their combined powers destroy Crabron (placing him in some conveniently placed incinerator?). However Gedol blows him up giant size and this means time for the vehicle merging scene into 1 big badass robot and blow that crab up for good. Peace returns to the town as everyone praises the heroes. At the end of the show, Hitoha is so mad that she is going to curse everyone who made this show!!! Oh sh*t! Because Mitsuba is laughing so hard at the absurdity of the show, Hitoha unleashes her Gachi Rage on her by pinching her belly.

Episode 2
Mitsuba teases Hitoha by snatching her precious Gachi Ranger photo. Though she manages to snatch it back, Matsuoka thinks that object is cursed and wants to practice her exorcism on it. Read: She wants to burn it. Hitoha thinks of several scenarios but it all ended in flames. Trying to make up an excuse, she shows a photo with Satou in it and points out a ‘ghost’ (due to the angle of the pic, it is actually Hitoha in scary mode). This has Matsuoka warning Futaba to stay away from Satou. The Hopeless Squad are happy of this conclusion but realize it’s a mistake because it means Satou will have to hang out with Matsuoka! This sparks a rivalry but it backfires to Hitoha as they see her in that photo. She tries to dismiss it as a powerful demon and the more she lies, the more it goes out of control. In the end, Matsuoka burns all the photos. Boo hoo!

– Sugisaki and her friends spot Mitsuba trying one of those gym equipments at the shop. It doesn’t help when Futaba spilled the beans on how fat she has gotten that a button flew off and broke a window! Mitsuba is serious in losing her belly as she cuts down her food and exercises. Then noticing Futaba like that equipment when she is on all fours, Mitsuba rides on her. She thought she could enjoy it but Futaba starts running like a wild horse. Attempts to stop her fail and she won’t be caught dead embarrassed since Sugisaki and co are right up ahead. Mitsuba jumps off Futaba to let that wild horse run free. But her friends spot her in an embarrassing position, her limbs stretched out and stuck on the building walls.

– I guess after a long time, Yabe tries to ask Kuriyama to go out with him on Christmas Eve. However she isn’t wearing her glasses and wraps Yabe with her Healing Rolling upon seeing his red shirt. Back in class and feeling depressed, he overhears the girls wanting to invite the boys over for Christmas party. Yabe wants to come too but was being told off. What is he seriously thinking?

The gang converge at Sugisaki’s mansion and it seems Yoshioka is relishing playing the King Game. Seems the ones playing are Yoshioka, Hitoha, Mitsuba, Sugisaki, Miyashita and Chiba. However to Yoshioka’s disappointment, there aren’t any romance-like penalties because each of them is so lame. Meanwhile Yabe is having a lonely Christmas party with his mannequin. Hey, he dressed her up in a Santa outfit at least. Yeah, he nearly burnt the place down. Thank God for the fire extinguisher. Back to the King Game, finally Chiba lands the king stick. However he wants the targets (Sugisaki and Mitsuba) to point at his nipples! They beat him up instead. I guess the spirit of the game is lost. Much to Yoshioka’s dismay, Satou and Futaba are playing video games and the other 4 guys are trying to please Marina. She got infatuated with one acting like a dog. Sicko mom…

– So it’s Christmas again and Hitoha and Mitsuba have to pull that Santa thing for Futaba again. However they call Yabe to do the job. Yabe breaks down when Hitoha reveals he has a female Santa suit ready for ahem, ahem. For Kuriyama. Ahem, ahem. Yabe plants the present but Futaba’s strong grip wouldn’t let him go so he has to strip naked to get away. Then Soujirou returns. This can’t get any worse. Hiding underneath the kotatsu, his head accidentally touches Hitoha so she knocks him and this causes his left leg to protrude out. Soujirou is suspicious but nevertheless gives them their presents. But he puts the shoes he bought for Hitoha on ‘her feet’ and finds it doesn’t fit so he decides to return it. Yabe felt sorry so he comes out of hiding and apologizes and come clean. Bad move, buster. Remember the baseball bat? He is only beaten half dead for being trying to hide. Yup, he knew it was him all along. Don’t tell me this father doesn’t know every inch of his daughters? Well, apparently not because the shoes still don’t fit Hitoha’s feet. And poor Yabe walks back in the snow in his underwear…

Episode 3
-Futaba shows Satou her oversized boobs! Don’t worry, it’s some toy she got. Seems she got this idea when Chiba got depressed after all the porn he gets to see are panty shots in manga. Seeing Futaba won’t be able to buy a porn mag for her age, Satou suggests drawing one since she’s good. Yeah, she even makes Satou the editor-in-chief. What has he gotten himself into? Well, Futaba’s drawings are really good and Satou even has his own opinions! He thinks being totally naked isn’t good so I guess for realism, Futaba has him choose an underwear (she isn’t good in drawing them since she always draw naked bodies). He picks Futaba’s and this sends Hitoha into depression. Did the sisters have some kind of bet? Worse, Futaba puts the bra and panty on Satou so that she can sketch! Satou swallows his pride for his best friend when Mitsuba walks in. Not again… At the end of the day Futaba shows her book to Chiba but he isn’t excited since he is into pictorial spread than pictures. Then he decides to go look for abandoned porn mags and this infuriates Satou because he threw away his pride for this. Better appreciate this buster!

– Yabe is acting weird. Actually he wants to conduct an earthquake drill and shakes his desk. Nobody really is interested so he tells them to use their imagination. Everyone except Mitsuba goes under their desk so Yabe makes her the corpse. But Hitoha may be a real corpse because while Yabe shook his desk, she was underneath it! Then a fire drill is called. Yabe has to carry unconscious Hitoha in his arms while imagining they’re walking through the corridors filled with fire. Plus, Mitsuba isn’t moving because she is the corpse, right? Yeah, he is forced to carry her too. Because his imagination is too wild, he tries to cover his mouth from the flames using Hitoha’s shirt. Kuriyama sees this and thinks he’s a pervert. Then to put out the fire, he swings sweaty Mitsuba around! WTF?! It worked! Only because it’s their imagination. The swing is so great that her panty flew off! Onto Kuriyama’s face! This time she really thinks he’s a panty obsessed sicko. All the trouble he went through and this is just a drill.

– During the sports festival, Hitoha is supposed to team up with Soujirou for the 3-legged race but he is nowhere to be found. Accidentally spilling a drink on her shirt, she goes to the store room to get a towel. To her shock, she sees daddy hiding in it without his pants on. And slams the door close. Soujirou reveals that he was practising for the race by tying a chair to his leg. When he reached school, it wouldn’t come off and took off his pants. Of course taking it off in front of girls would cause them to scream, right? And so he ran and hid in here. And got stuck. Seeing he is trying hard, Hitoha accepts him to join her in the race. Soujirou tries to get out but it rips his shirt. The race just starts so the pair rushes out, much to everyone’s horror. Amazingly they win the race as everyone screams in horror of this disgusting sight. Hitoha tries to admit he is her father when she sees his exposed butt! This is it. Hitoha denies knowing this dude wants somebody to lock him up!

Chiba has mastered his new move of unhooking a girl’s bra. Since Chiba isn’t going to do it on Mitsuba (because she’s flat), this has Mitsuba riled up. Then it hit Chiba that almost every girl in class doesn’t wear a bra. Was his effort a waste? Hearing Sugisaki bought a bra, he wants to do it on her. This makes Mitsuba jealous enough and pesters that pervert to do it on him instead. Initially Sugisaki refused thinking it’s his skirt flipping move but he whispers she has some intangible attractive quality. Yoshioka misinterprets it as a love triangle. Chiba then notices Yoshioka and thinks she is wearing one and also pleads to use his move on her. Now Sugisaki is jealous that Yoshioka is the kind of girl who steals other people’s man. While they’re arguing, Chiba unleashes his move on both of them. However he realizes they aren’t wearing any bra. He flips up their skirt to see them wearing swimsuits beneath. The next class is pool lessons. In the end, he gets kicked by Sugisaki for pulling a skirt flipping move.

– Mitsuba wants daddy and Futaba out since her friends will be here to finish a presentation. Yoshioka finds a picture of a young Soujirou (remember how handsome he was?) and pesters Mitsuba for details on this hunk. She is reluctant to spill the details and words it in a way that though sounds ambiguous but is the truth. They share a close relationship and forever linked by an unbreakable bond. Technically she’s not lying, right? However Sugisaki thinks she is lying and wants her to call him to prove he exists. She does and now she has to say “I love you”. Swallowing her pride, she yells those 3 words out and slams the phone down. The next thing, jealous Futaba barges in and proclaims she loves him more! A love triangle? At least to Yoshioka. Futaba throws a tantrum, causing more misunderstanding and involving Hitoha in the equation too. Soujirou comes in and will accept all his daughters’ love. But Hitoha mentions she don’t really care, ruining the moment. Next thing we know, Sugisaki is laughing so hard, Mitsuba and Soujirou crying so hard, Futaba still trying to assert her love, Yoshioka totally in shock and Miyashita wondering if they’re going to finish their presentation.

Episode 4
Futaba creates a wooden slide for pool class. Mitsuba, Sugisaki, Yoshioka and Miyashita slide down it but realize their bottom has been torn due to a nail. Now they can’t get out from the water. When the guys come, they thought they could have their ‘revenge’, but they aren’t interested in something childish. Now they REALLY can’t get out. Mitsuba gets an idea of using a float to shield her behind but it makes her look like in a funny position. Floats float up, right? Things get worse when Yabe throws in coloured balls for a scavenger hunt and the one who picks up the most wins. Mitsuba tries picking up one with her feet but experiences cramps. The other trio are in a dilemma whether to risk their pride to save her. Eventually they did and everyone saw their exposed butts. Sugisaki tries to give an excuse as the latest swimwear trend. But ungrateful Mitsuba tells them off that they’re a bunch of nymphos. No retribution for her?

Sugisaki calls her pals to her house not to show off her laptop, but pictures of Mitsuba? She’s a stalker?! Oh wait. She points out a ghostly face in each of the pictures! Maybe it’s Hitoha? But the scarier fact is that Sugisaki took all those pictures. Mitsuba may act she doesn’t believe she’s being haunted but the slightest thing spooks her. This has Sugisaki laughing her heart out. She then reveals to Miyashita and Yoshioka that those pictures are doctored and she is going to love seeing Mitsuba suffer under those ghostly curse. Before she can explain how she cut and paste someone’s face, Mitsuba returns with Matsuoka. Oh no. It’s that exorcist girl and she is going to burn the laptop! Sugisaki is more concern of all the archive pics of Mitsuba in it. Matsuoka brings in her master (Hitoha) to have a look at it since Mitsuba was pretty concern if she brought a real one, they may become pedos! Mitsuba and Sugisaki each whisper to Hitoha as to what she’s supposed to conclude. After looking at the photos, she goes with Sugisaki’s but upon realizing that the ghostly face is hers (OMG! It’s her?!), she changes her mind to side with Mitsuba. Burn the laptop! Mitsuba thought she had the last laugh but Hitoha lets daddy see a photo of her sneaking in food and gets reprimanded. So yeah. She is really being haunted in a way.

– The triplets along with Chiba and Satou are at the summer festival stalls. Futaba notices Satou looking depressed and not wanting to join in. She gets this idea to cheer him up by trying to let him witness pervert stuff. Still didn’t work though he was taken aback. She goes to ask master Chiba for what kind of panties he likes. Cute and sexy ones? Where to find? Sugisaki was passing by so Futaba nails her. She goes to show it to Satou but he starts to collapse. Then she realized he has a fever. Giving him a piggyback ride home, she learns he had to attend summer classes and this is a rare time he could be with his friends and refused to miss it. At his doorstep, Satou’s mom sees a panty over her son’s head and slams the door! She couldn’t believe that this degenerate pervert is her son! Poor Satou is locked out as he tries to convince his mom to let him in. Futaba prays for the panties to lower his fever. I don’t think that’s the problem.

Chiba uses Satou as a guinea pig to do a perverted shirt flipping move when he makes a flip on the horizontal bars. Chiba mentions he has no intention of seeing the naked bodies of the girls, but the look and shame on their faces. That doesn’t change the fact he’s a pervert, right? So with the girls arriving, he offers to teach them to do a flip for those who don’t. They are Yoshioka, Hitoha and Mitsuba. He won’t allow Futaba to help since her strength will break everyone’s neck or Miyashita since she has a ‘record’ of trying to molest Hitoha. He tries Mitsuba first but she is too heavy to budge! And when she successfully does, he forgot to perform his trick. Next he targets Hitoha since she is wearing a one piece dress, which means he’ll get a view of her panties too. However she isn’t interested. Yoshioka wants to go next but was being insulted and told off. Yoshioka misinterprets he likes Hitoha better and is sent crying after he calls her gorilla eyebrows. So how did Chiba persuade Hitoha? With a line from Gachi Rangers! Chiba waits for the precise moment and when he does, he is disheartened to see her wearing bloomers. As for her top, her Gachi belt dropped and covered those necessary areas. Yeah, “Gachi Rangers protected you when you needed it most!”. Chiba is so disappointed that he reveals his scheme and hates Gachi Rangers. He gets pounded though he didn’t get to see anything in the end.

– While Futaba is running wild at the pool amusement park, Hitoha doesn’t want Soujirou to swim with her even if he tries to persuade her with a Gachi Ranger line. Till the park attendant thinks he’s some pervert trying to molest a little girl! Hitoha goes off alone to float by herself. Because Futaba is being hyper active, this causes Hitoha’s float to be punctured. She helplessly sinks to the bottom of the pool thinking this is the end of her life. Suddenly Futaba grabs her and drags her along in her high speed swim like as though Hitoha is riding on a dolphin. She feels good and thought of asking Futaba to teach her swimming (they’re going to swim to Hawaii?) but since she’s being too rough, it’s as good as she drowned, eh? Oh, she’s not dead, mind you.

Episode 5
Ogata heard a rumour if you write your lover’s name on the eraser and used it all up, he’ll like you back. So this obsessed girl starts cutting up her eraser and write Satou’s name on each and everyone. Later Satou accidentally drops his eraser so Yoshioka picks it up and sees Shiori’s name on it. She thinks he likes Shiori. Of course that girl is surprised and totally likes it. However Ogata picks up the eraser and notes this isn’t Satou’s writing (she’s a Satou expert so she can tell every inch about him) since he uses a different pen to write (spot on!). She pinpoints Shiori as the one who setup all this. Though Shiori is ashamed of herself, Ogata still acknowledges her as her friend. Just when Ogata is going to start rubbing those erasers, she finds them all missing. Then Mayumi notices it may all be in Shiori’s pocket… Hey, even friends can turn enemies over a single guy.

– Sugisaki and Mitsuba dread today in which their parents will visit their class. Marina was so looking forward to visiting because she can’t wait to get her hands on all the weird kids! She arrived too early so she sneaks in by crawling while Soujirou feels Mitsuba will get mad at him so Futaba suggests a disguise. Marina observes the odd kids but finds them normal as they’re hardworking (actually the Hopeless Squad are scribbling Satou’s name in their notes). She ends up in Mitsuba’s place and I think Mitsuba’s ass was so fat that she couldn’t feel the difference of sitting on a chair and a human’s back. Yeah, Marina totally loves that feeling. Sugisaki’s pals are praising her mom but Sugisaki looks sad. She reveals it’s because every year she looks at every other kids instead of her. Marina realizes her daughter’s feelings and instantly stood up, causing Mitsuba to knock her head over her desk. Both mother and daughter reconcile so mom will make it up to her by buying a store worth of her favourite goods. If that’s not enough, she wants 2 stores! Greedy?! Just when she thinks this class is normal, she spots Soujirou sitting at a desk and thinks he’s an overgrown kid! Her abnormal fetish is back!

– Futaba makes Valentine chocolates for Satou but she put it in her pants and it’s all messed up! Not wanting to hurt her feelings, he has some but finds it delicious. Mitsuba saw it and thought he was eating dog’s poo! Mitsuba wants Satou to beg for hers but he doesn’t want to. Satou thought Futaba made the chocolate for him but she reveals it was leftover after making one for her dad. In class, Mitsuba gets this idea of making Sugisaki crave for her chocolates by tasting hers but it backfires the first time since she doesn’t want to waste her expensive chocolates on her. The next time she is able to get a taste, she totally loves the delicious taste and wants another piece. Sugisaki isn’t going to waste another piece on her.

– Mitsuba rues that she should’ve just given chocolates to random boys so that she could get huge returns on White Day. Yoshioka and Miyashita have this idea to make chocolates to return the favour at Mitsuba’s house and since they’re trying to keep this a secret, Sugisaki tries to convince them to do whatever it is at her place. Next day in class, Sugisaki wonders why her pals are ignoring her so Matsuoka thinks Sugisaki is dead!!! She starts hanging around Sugisaki and when they meet Mitsuba and co, they got the wrong idea that the both of them are in that kind of relationship because Matsuoka takes the cookies from them. However to her dismay, she realizes that her friends can see Sugisaki. She’s not dead, girl. Sugisaki gets emotional over their ignorance so they explain what is going on. Too bad Matsuoka is undergoing depression and ate all the cookies herself. Sugisaki got so desperate to have a taste of their friendship that she licks the crumbs off Matsuoka’s cheeks! Does that seem yuri to you?

While the girls are having their physical examinations, the boys are trying to rank the girls of their class. Everybody is giving their opinions on each of the girls and came to a conclusion: They would be pretty if they’d just shut up! Mitsuba dreads the weighing part and true enough, she’s heavier than she thought. Hitoha makes herself taller but how is she going to trick Kuriyama? When she is about to set the scale, Hitoha flips her glasses. In that instant, ‘blinded’ Kuriyama records the wrong height. Mitsuba gets an idea and persuades her to retake her weight again. Because she can’t see clearly, Mitsuba’s weight increases significantly! Worse off than before, eh? As all the girls return to class, they lament that they didn’t like the measurement they’ve got (even Hitoha’s trick got found out and readjusted). All the girls sit back at their own places sulking in quiet. Chiba is furious because he thought they spied on their conversation. Later Hitoha tries to approach Miyashita to get tips on how she grew so tall but her tongue slip (something about telling her to die) worsens the situation.

Episode 6
The triplets ate bad oranges for New Year and experience a tummy ache. Sly Mitsuba squeezes the orange juice to her sisters’ eyes so she could take the bathroom first. Futaba can’t hold any longer and head next door. Mitsuba decides to wait longer in case her stomach ache returns. When she is about to leave, Hitoha has locked her in. Since she’s going down, she’ll be taking her out too! Mitsuba tries to escape via window but her fat tummy causes her to be stuck. Futaba happened to finish her business so Mitsuba fluctuates between mean and nice to demand/request Futaba get her out. Unfortunately Futaba has another spell so she runs off. During that ruckus, seems Hitoha managed to finish her business. She is willing to help Mitsuba get out and upon pulling her in, Mitsuba trips and breaks the door handle. Now they’re both stuck. Daddy is sleeping… I wonder why Hitoha just didn’t climb out through the window.

– One night, Soujirou gets up to find a Valentine’s chocolate in the fridge. He is freaking upset to know which bastard is targeting one of his daughters. Since he is stalking outside school, you can’t blame others for suspecting him, right? He looks like the real deal now. He rushes into school and hides in the storeroom. Satou also comes in to hide from the persistent Hopeless Squad. Satou laments no one knows how he feels but Soujirou understands him because he too was good looking when he was young. When the Hopeless Squad finds Satou, Soujirou takes the kid and run. The girls are horrified that Satou’s innocence is in danger! But they still love the idea of him getting violated. WTF?! Therefore, they request the help of Futaba. When she finds them, Soujirou learns that the chocolate was made by her to Satou! Soujirou tries to control his rage and be rational seeing that both of them are quite close from a young age. Just like any concerned dad, he asks if she likes Satou. Without hesitation, she says yes but also loves daddy. Soujirou realizes his mistake and hugs his daughter. However an entire squad of police has surrounded them! What does this scene look like to the guys in blue? Too bad Futaba fell asleep. Of all times…

– Satou thinks of getting new stuff because his current ones are being licked and violated by a certain obsessed group. So much so it smells! In the PTA meeting of Yabe’s class, Satou’s mom is concerned Yabe didn’t do anything to stop the stalker over her son. Of course he knows too well the weirdness of his class and since it only involves kids, he doesn’t want to interfere. We also see the parents of other kids. Some so familiar like Chiba’s mom who is also a pervert and Yoshioka’s mom in deep romance with her Spaniard husband. So can we blame the kids for being weird? Since Soujirou is there, he speaks out about Yabe’s perverted acts on his daughters, of course all of which are misunderstandings. Because Satou’s mom is getting desperate, seems there is a policeman among the crowd. No, he didn’t follow Soujirou but is rather Ogata’s elder brother! See how he dotes on his sister! Now we know where that obsession came from. She wants him to investigate this case. Ogata wants to help out find this Satou stalker and is about to agree with his mom so Yabe breaks them apart and asks them to leave this to him. Catastrophe averted. Imagine what would happen if the stalker and the victim’s mom found out about each other.

Chiba wrote his name in the snow with his pee. The girls are disgusted when Mitsuba comes up to that spot, rolls up a snowball and suggests a snow fight. Everyone is afraid not because of Mitsuba but rather the tainted snow she is holding unaware. Mitsuba gets cocky thinking everyone is scared of her and throws one at Sugisaki. Since her expensive coat is ruined, she ‘died’. Mitsuba starts throwing at everyone as they make a run from this mad woman. Sly Chiba uses the Hopeless Squad as defence when he tells them Satou peed at that same spot before him. Yeah, they gladly took all the hits till they realized it isn’t is pee and ‘died’! THEY CAN TELL WHAT KIND OF URINE BELONGS TO HIM?! Mitsuba throws a snow at Futaba who is making a snow sculpture of boobs. The boobs came off. Futaba is mad. So mad that she materializes the snow into something sharp with her palm! Then she throws it at the tree to shake off an avalanche of snow over Mitsuba. Futaba then tries to dig her out but the way she’s digging is as good as throwing snowballs at the rest. Start running!

– Mitsuba and Futaba wonder why Hitoha is in such a bad mood. Was it something bad they did? Actually today is April 1st and she is thinking hard not to be the butt of the April Fool’s joke. Each time her sisters try to be nice, she turns the cold shoulder. Hitoha continues to be cautious on just about anything. Till she meets Yabe on the street. He tries to talk to her but she psycho herself that everything is a lie. Then she bumps into a post and blacks out. When she wakes up, she is in bed with her sisters and Yabe by her side. They learn about her distrust on April Fool so Yabe tells her she’s been out for the entire day and today is April 2nd. Hitoha then believed Yabe carried her all the way back when he yells out “April Fool”. Since she’s only been out for an hour. Everyone laughs out loud so Hitoha curses them all horrible deaths but even so, Futaba could joke that what she meant was she wants them to live forever. Oh Hitoha…

Episode 7
– Mitsuba is being a rude Santa to Ryuuta. However he can tell who that fatso is after seeing her panties. Must be her trademark, eh? Seems Sugisaki has her friends over to play Santa to Ryuuta as her dad is overseas on a business trip. Furthermore, Ryuuta doesn’t believe in Santa anymore. Yoshioka tries next but her thick eyebrows were a dead giveaway. Next is Miyashita and because Ryuuta couldn’t recognize who she is even with her mask off (she wasn’t wearing her hairpin), she got so upset and tries hard to convince it is her. Next is Satou and he has to cross-dress since it’s the only Santa outfit around. Ryuuta hates it even more because Santa being a cross-dresser is worse than being a fake! Last is Chiba and everyone couldn’t put high hopes on him. His cross-dressing is obvious and he has got a mean streak of pervertness. Though Ryuuta isn’t convinced, cool Chiba proves he is not a cross-dresser by revealing the panties he is wearing! It is Sugisaki’s by the way. Advising him not to judge people by their appearance, he hands Ryuuta a Deluxe Gachi Base present. Ryuuta is absolutely happy and since he is wondering if her sister got her present too, Chiba takes off the panties and hands it to her! I don’t know why she has to try them on and show it to them. Peer pressure? See Mitsuba laughing like mad…

– Miyashita tries to help Hitoha to clean the top of the blackboard that she couldn’t reach. But Hitoha was being blamed by Mitsuba and Chiba for erasing it. This earns Hitoha’s wrath as she throws the duster at Miyashita’s face and goes to her sanctuary under Yabe’s table. See that guy automatically gives way to her? Miyashita observes this and thinks of getting her to open up by sitting there. First Hitoha doesn’t want to see her panties so puts on bloomers followed by stealing Chiba’s pants! But Miyashita keeps stealing glances so this irritates Hitoha as she shoves the tall girl away. Miyashita wonders if there is something different. Something that she lacks that Yabe has and she doesn’t. To understand this better, she hides herself under the table. However she got stuck…

Futaba has no voice so she has to write to communicate. Why the heck does she need to tell that she needs to go pee? Since Yabe is sick, Kaieda relieves the class. However due to the notorious reputation of this class, she too is somewhat not looking forward. True enough, they don’t respect her as they keep calling her a 30 year old and unmarried (she’s coming close to 30 by the way). She spots Futaba’s sign and thinks she’s trying to be nice to her till she realizes her love for boobs makes her another screw up like the rest. She tries hard to ignore Futaba who wants to go to pee. Till Futaba cried and all the students think she’s mean. Adults have no rights in this class, says she? For PE, she reads aloud Futaba’s sign about running 50 laps. The class thinks she’ll do it herself. Why must she oblige? Yeah, and off she goes running 50 tiring laps. She remembers how her best friend got married and she’s still single. She ponders her hell life of teaching those spoilt brats and is about to give up but to her surprise the kids start cheering on her. She gets her last ounce of strength to reach the finish line. Then she collapses and accidentally hugs Satou causing more misunderstanding. The Hopeless Squad are going to kill her with… Stationery? Next day, her face is covered with bandages as she pesters Yabe how the hell he can keep up with those kids.

– On a hot summer’s day, Mitsuba is sweating like hell but Hitoha doesn’t want to on the air-cond. Mitsuba tries to force her to change her mind by eating all the popsicles and making things hotter like scalding hot tea, throwing heat pads and turning up the heater. Then she collapses on the table as her sweat starts flowing like river. Hitoha gives her the remote and before Mitsuba could turn this room into the ice age, her sweat short circuits the remote. Everyone leaves and heads to Sugisaki’s place to cool down and to have sweets. Should have done this in the first place. Mitsuba is left behind since she doesn’t want to lose out. She tries to activate the switch on the air-cond itself but it seems she is too heavy that the table and drawer she stood on broke! At the end of the day when her family returns, daddy sees her mistreating the air-cond (still trying to get it to work?) and grounds Mitsuba for a week without air-cond. No air-cond, no sweets…

Yabe’s class is in charge of cleaning the pool but enthusiastic Futaba got so excited that she injures herself so Yabe rushes her to the infirmary. As the kids start cleaning, the girls are letting the boys do all the work. This has them to do a curling competition of boys versus girls to see who would do the work (of course Mitsuba would want them to hand their puddings too). The one closest to the last line wins. The boys start off with Satou and they make a pretty good start. Of course the Hopeless Squad volunteers to go next in hoping to crash into Satou but was rejected. So the girls use their ‘heaviest stone’ first and turns out Mitsuba got the ‘honours’. However she is so heavy that she didn’t come close to Satou though her initial slide was threatening enough to knock him off. For the next few turns, all the boys and girls crash into Mitsuba but bounced off! That’s how fat and heavy she is?! Finally Hitoha decides to use her final trump card. As they push her, Hitoha uses her soft cheeks to hit against Mitsuba’s flabby tummy to make her move and knock Satou off into the wall. Mitsuba vomits, Hitoha is out cold. When Yabe returns, he sees all the injured kids in the pool and has had it. He’ll clean the pool himself. Don’t want more casualties, eh?

Episode 8
– Is Hitoha cursing Gachi Pink?! Actually she’s trying to practice her handshake for a meet and greet tomorrow and she’s freaking nervous. So much so she got sick the next day. But when Hitoha is sick, she has that cute personality. So off she goes to the meet and once she discovers Yabe in line, she hides underneath the table where Gachi Pink is! Then she notices a fan’s shoe with a camera and alerts everyone about the upskirt filming. The true fans beat him up. Yabe spots Hitoha and thinks she is here to make fun of him but she finally reveals that she is a Gachi fan. When it’s Yabe’s turn to shake hands, he becomes nervous. As Yabe and Hitoha ride the train back, Hitoha accidentally sneezes and got snot all over the autograph.

– During the class relay, Chiba laments his class slow pokes. Their only hope is Futaba. But their rival Class 6-1 will tease them either way (since Chiba thought of using Futaba to disguise as everyone for the run so Class 6-1 will tease them for making a single girl do all the work). Furthermore, they see the great teamwork Class 6-1 has. They try to practice but it ended with disastrous results. By the time the baton reaches Yabe, it is broken, sullied, dirtied and whatever disgusting description you deem fit. The race is about to begin so Chiba has an idea to help smoothen the passing of the baton by using everyone’s traits. Futaba starts off with her usual speed. Next is Yoshioka but upon seeing a baton is a love letter for Satou, she rushes to hand it to him. Satou was told to switch this love letter with another baton to Ogata. She doesn’t want to put it in her mouth this time because it doesn’t have Ogata’s scent (it was from Chiba’s armpit for an hour!). Hurrying to pass the baton to Miyashita who then has a hard time passing to Hitoha. By the time she does, Hitoha already reaches Mitsuba and passes the baton with ease. But the fatty was too slow and this allows Class 6-1 to catch up. Once she hands it to Sugisaki, the rich milady zooms pass because of a picture of Mitsuba as motivation. Finally Yabe and Kaieda are neck to neck with Yabe finally winning the race. Mitsuba wants Sugisaki to hand over the picture but she says she didn’t have time to see it. So where did she get the power? Why is she blushing?! The principal congratulates Yabe but when he sees the picture on the baton, he reprimands Yabe for being a pervert.

A baked sweet potato seller seems to have this knack of telling a woman’s age with accuracy. Really? So is Marina really 17 years old?! Anyway that masochist was happy. Then the triplets and their friends come along. Hitoha gives the cue that they are poor and forces Sugisaki to buy for them. Hitoha notices the seller giving a free potato to Satou’s mom. She asks him how old Satou’s mom is. He is confident she is 32 but Hitoha notes it is 33. She concludes one will get a free potato for a year off the mark. Then she has him guess her age. The seller goes into his analytical mode using the traits and behaviour of the girls as clues. Looks can be deceiving or could it not. Especially that face Mitsuba put up because she was trying to hold her fart in, he thinks she’s a cheater! Finally he answers she is a 6th grader, which is correct. In his relief, he says there will be no free potatoes but Hitoha mentions she never said about getting free potatoes. That’s when he felt humiliated and defeated so he gives half a freebie to everyone. To add salt to wounds, Hitoha says she doesn’t really know Satou’s mom’s age. Scary. When Futaba farted, he gives her a full free potato. Jealous Mitsuba demands more and to give free potatoes for every fart she makes! Uhm… What did she just said about never farting in her life? Later as Kaieda approaches him to buy potatoes, he guessed correctly she is 29 and got the potatoes thrown back in his face. Then Kuriyama comes by and sees him bleeding and instantly wraps him with her Healing Rolling. I think he’ll be safer if he moves to another town.

Soujirou laments the days when his daughters were such polite little angels. Really! He was a handsome guy, they were helpful little angels and were fighting over the right to help him. Since Hitoha and Mitsuba held his hand each, Futaba felt left out and decided to hold his foot instead. The policeman saw this and misinterpreted the situation. This lead to his first of many more arrests to come in his life. Back in reality, Soujirou overhears a couple of ladies talking about a bunch of adorable triplets. They have never seen them for years and wonders if they have moved to another neighbourhood. Soujirou is sad that those days won’t come back anymore. Suddenly out of the blue, Hitoha and Mitsuba offer to help him carry the bags. Futaba also chip in by carrying him! With the other sisters holding his hands as balance, they walk back home as Soujirou chides himself for thinking such a way. His little girls are still here, right in front of him. Just that they are a little stronger, bigger and kinder. Well, the kinder part is seems disputable.

Good things (and bad) always come in three…
It has been a fun and hilarious ride all the way. There was never a dull moment and every antic will definitely have you laugh out loud. Okay, there were some touching moments especially the ones that would end the series that sees Soujirou and his daughters. The series also did a nice job in dividing screen time with the other characters so it is not entirely the triplets that you will see in each skit though they are still the main focus. In this way, we get to learn more about the characters and their peculiar characteristics which adds more fun and mayhem to the havoc. Most of the funny parts are based on misunderstandings of speeches or circumstances. You’ll find that kind of joke a lot here but it doesn’t feel repetitive. As mentioned, the jokes can get a little pervy or repulsive (poo, urine, fart, etc). After all, these kids are still growing up.

I thought Hitoha would be the most invincible one among the cast of characters since nobody can go up against her ‘death stare’ but it seems that she too has her own follies and weaknesses like fear of heights and her love for Gachi Rangers. Because of her emotionless expression and tendency not to let anyone know, she has this feel that she is the superior one. She may be sly at times but at least she is not as wicked-hearted as Mitsuba. Obviously that girl enjoys seeing the torment of others but God is always fair so she too bears the brunt of her own actions. It bugs me that if she is supposed to be fat after all those snacks and sweets, how come her tummy is only seen to have those effects. Even so not entirely. I mean, she should be a bloated person like what we normally see but instead the fat part is only reserved for her stomach. Mitsuba and Sugisaki are the best example of what you call frenemies. On the outlook they may look like they hate each other but that’s because deep down in their hates they just want the other’s attention. Don’t you think, no? They do not hesitate to waste any opportunity of outdoing or humiliating each other like taking embarrassing shots and if you would keep the score of who outdoes who, I would pretty much guess that they are both equal. Sometimes it is Mitsuba’s day and on other days it will be Sugisaki who will be laughing last. I find Hitoha’s under-the-table sanctuary to be amusing. Of all places, she has to choose Yabe’s desk. I guess this gives a whole new meaning to something that you won’t see coming right underneath your nose :).

The invincible character goes to Futaba in the sense that since she is an airhead, nothing literally stops her or gets in her way. She is too strong that I think there is anybody who could challenge her equally in strength. She still loves boobs but I just keep wondering why she always wants to show perverted stuffs to Satou. That poor kid already has a group of obsessed stalkers following him everywhere, now he has got to put up with whatever perverted antics Futaba comes up with courtesy of Chiba. Perhaps Chiba is already so perverted that there is no fun in making a pervert even more perverted. Get what I mean? It feels like Chiba wants to sully his reputation as a good kid and over the series, I can say that with the several misunderstood perverted situations he unintentionally gotten himself into, he no longer has that clean image. But heck, does that stop the Hopeless Squad from admiring him even more? Their delusion of him is totally extreme and I don’t think that kid will find peace even in the afterlife because the trio will definitely follow him to heaven or hell and back. Miyashita could have been Hitoha’s friend if not for her screwing up in the end that makes her look like a pervert or looking bad in Hitoha’s book. And still, there is no Green Gachi… But once you get to know the characters, no matter how weird their behaviours are, you’ll find them adorable. Yeah, maybe it’s the way the art and drawing makes them look cute. Got that feeling that every middle aged guy and girl look younger than they should. Uh huh. I thought Yabe and Kuriyama looked like college students. And does Kaieda really look like 29?

Whatever happened to the romance between Yabe and Kuriyama? Oh wait. Was there ever one? Did Yabe resign himself to the fact he’ll be a virgin boy? I saw the words on his t-shirt which says “Cherry” so is that a dead giveaway that he’ll be one for a long time to come? As the series progresses, Yabe’s role seems to be less and less insignificant. What I mean is that I thought that in every episode we would see Yabe getting screwed by his students one way or another and his life turned upside down like a living hell (well, he still is) but it looks like he has already got used to the weirdoes in his class and you can safely say that he is part of the gang. You know what they say about birds with the same feathers. Kuriyama’s presence also felt it was getting lesser and lesser. But I suppose with the wide range of characters and the focus mainly on the kids, these adults can take a back seat. Hmm… I also don’t really see Nipple and Hitoha together towards the end. It is amusing that Soujirou has the face of a criminal when he is actually a loving father deep down in his heart. You can’t blame the police for judging a book by its cover and their tendency to arrest him on sight. He certainly looks like a pedo. It bugs me how he turned from a handsome stud into a scruffy big fat man. While it is fun to see the behaviours of some of the parents of the weird kids, I thought they should have shown us more of the other kids’ parents. For instance perhaps Miyashita’s mom is one very tall lady or Matsuoka’s mother is a temple priest. Safe to say that the kids take after their parents. Well, most of them. The triplets and Sugisaki may not resemble like their parents but they are still weird in their own sense. Hey, I notice the triplets each have a soft body part. Mitsuba = tummy, Hitoha = cheeks, Futaba = boobs (at least her pillow which is actually one!).

At first I was surprised to learn that Haruka Tomatsu was the voice behind Hitoha. I usually hear her playing lively girls such as Lala in To Love-Ru or tsundere roles like Ayame in Asu No Yoichi. Then she voices an ominous deadpan loli, she sounds so different and yet so convincing. Ayahi Takagaki certainly sounds authoritative as Mitsuba and is a departure from her earlier roles as ‘less noisy’ girls like Noe of True Tears, Megumi in Special A and definitely I wouldn’t have guessed she was that manipulative, cunning and sadistic Mikako in Sora No Otoshimono. Satomi Akesaka really does make Futaba sound like an airhead and a happy-go-lucky loli. She is the voice behind Chrome in Kateikyoushi Hitman Reborn and Kuno of Sekirei. Aki Toyosaki (Yui in K-ON!) was recognizable as Yoshioka and her dreamy voice suits a romance-obsessed character. I could also instantly recognize Kikuko Inoue (Belldandy in Aa! Megami-sama) as Marina and after all these years, her voice never runs. If a character does that kind of dreamy voice, it has got to be her. Chiwa Saito was somewhat have-I-head-this-voice-somewhere-before area. After all that high pitch yelling, I should have guessed this was Pani Poni Dash’s Rebecca and Aria The Animation’s Aika. Other casts include Hiro Shimono as Yabe (Keima in The World God Only Knows), Yuko Sanpei as Satou (Hajime in Natsu No Arashi), Kazutomi Yamamoto as Chiba (Nakanojou in Nichijou), Minori Chihara as Ogata (Nagato in Suzumiya Haruhi No Yuutsu), Momoko Saito as Kuriyama (Choco in Chokotto Sister), Momoko Ohara as Miyashita, Ikumi Hayama as Matsuoka and Masuo Amada as Soujirou (PS: I saw this guy’s mug and I thought how similar he looked to his character here).

The first season opening theme is sung by the seiyuus of the Marui triplets and is entitled Mittsu Kazoete Daishuugou! Your typical lively anime pop with the mischievous vibes to get a feel of what this series is going to be. I find it odd that they characters are doing one big dance in the animation. It’s like the students, teachers and parents all come to gather in an intense work out. The first season’s ending theme by far is the only slow ballad and by far my favourite. Yume Iro No Koi by Saori Atsumi sounds like a song for bedtime and the calming pace could even put your child to sleep. As the second season starts off with the Gachi Rangers, they have a special very tokusatsu-like song especially for it too. Feel like singing along? Both themes are sung by Maki Endoh with Honki Sentai Gachirange as the opening theme and Mata Ashita as its ending theme. The main opening theme for the second season is called Waga Na Wa Shougakusei and is once again done by the seiyuus of the triplets. It still maintains the liveliness and upbeat pace that you’d be familiar with in the first season. Only now with recorder instruments coming into play. The second season’s ending theme by Nomiko called Randoselling feels like an anime idol pop rock.

Having triplets not only means triple to fun and joy but also triple the amount of headache and trouble that comes along. And if you add their friends, it is guarantee to bring the house down. Well I do hope that they will grow out of these weird behaviours when they grow up. Or else they’ll be stuck as perverts in the eyes of society. How funny when kids do it, it is permitted and they are deemed funny and cute. But when grownups do so, they look so disgusting. That is why sometimes it is wonderful being a child. Of course you can still have your second childhood. Like they say, you can’t choose your first childhood but the second one is optional and there is no time limit. If you opt for the second one, just make sure you don’t get arrested.


April 7, 2012

Finally. This is the girls’ version and answer to the bishonen of Prince of Tennis (POT). So I thought. However Softenni (derived from Soft Tennis) comes nothing close to being an epic anime to match the popular POT. I mean, with only a dozen of episodes as compared to hundreds in POT (excluding its OVAs that lasts for who knows how long – I wasn’t a fan of POT so I didn’t really bother to find out), there isn’t going to be much development for the characters and plot. Heck, will there even be tennis play?

Actually I didn’t even know there was a thing or difference in tennis. So if there is soft tennis, there should be hard tennis, right? I’m not a tennis fan so I didn’t bother to find out ;p. The only thing I know is that Wimbledon is hard tennis (none for soft tennis) and the ball they used in soft tennis is softer. That’s why it’s called soft tennis, right? And even so, I only knew this fact was because I was watching the anime and they mentioned about this. Sheesh.

So why the heck am I watching this series if I have no interest in tennis whatsoever? Besides the attributes of the game, why is this anime called so? I have the same answer for both questions: Fanservice. Having pretty girls in short skirts (so short that if they bend over by 5 degrees, you can see their slip) is somewhat an excuse to insert lots of fanservice into a game to garner interest that hardly receives any worldwide popularity. That’s why for the second question, I always thought that the ‘soft’ in the title meant soft porn. Everyone hail fanservice!

And though we have a group of wacky middle high school students playing soft tennis, however due to the randomness and nonsensical nature of the skits and of course the overwhelming fanservice, it overshadows the sport more than anything else. You might be wondering if this dark horse group of girls will be able to power up and increase their skills in time to even reach the Nationals. No wait, will they even pass the preliminaries? Don’t put your hopes high on it, though. Admit it. You’re just here for the fanservice, not the sport.

Episode 1
Asuna Harukaze isn’t just a farm worker on a ranch with her mom, but she is also a soft tennis club member. Seems normal? Till you find out she is a perverted girl who loves fantasizing perverted things. Very easily. Weirdo number 1. With 2 months to the tournament, she starts running to school as practice but gives in to her temptation to ride the bus. So her fellow club member, the ambitious and headstrong Kotone Sawanatsu (weirdo number 2) reprimands her for taking the easy way out. Shiratama Middle High School is a newly opened school so don’t be surprised to see it like a dead cowboy town. The girls meet up with their club coach, You Mishimagi AKA Misshi for morning practice. Kotone has a crush on him while Asuna loves fantasizing the forbidden love between them. The club captain, the bespectacled Chitose Akiyama is a glutton. Third weirdo. The only thing she is good at is food and eating it. Her tennis skills suck. Big time. As good as she never joined the club. It’s amazing that she is the club’s president. But the club’s prodigy and genius goes to the enigmatic Kurusu Fuyukawa. By enigmatic, I don’t mean in a serious manner. She may look stoic and emotionless but you can’t really see what’s on her mind. She loves wearing very strange full body costumes and can do so in a flash. Despite all these, she is the best bet the club has if they ever want to make it to the next round. Still, that makes her weirdo number 4. So besides the introduction of the main characters, we see the girls doing some practice, some fanservice, more of Asuna’s fantasies, Chitose’s flop (she can’t even hit the ball once) and some soft tennis tips from Misshi (are we really interested in this?). All in the usual comical fashion that you will come to expect for this series. Whether it’s picking up balls (cue for Asuna’s fantasy to run wild), milking cow milk (what the heck has it got to do with tennis?), tennis balls that look like tasty daifukus (at least to Chitose), Kurusu throwing a daifuku to Chitose in which she instantly leap in her quick reflex to accurately grab it with her mouth (but she still misses every other ball shots), Kotone’s super jumping serve ace which ends in a fault and the tennis ball ended up stuck in Asuna’s racquet.

Episode 2
Kotone’s father runs a dojo. And with 20 guys lunging at her, they still can’t beat her. She takes them out with no sweat. Useless guys. Kotone calls Misshi early to school because she wants to have a special tennis training with him. He points out her bad habit of swinging her entire body when she swings her racquet. Kotone also tries tying the racquet to her feet as her unique style but that is against the rules. Asuna and Chitose see them both so close to each other that a certain pervert thought they already went so far together. Kurusu scares the daylights out of Kotone. Then they put fake boobs to make it up for her. You can see Kotone’s face lighting up over her sudden growth till the fakes drop out. When everyone gathers, Misshi has them train by hitting empty cans. Misshi demonstrates and is able to knock them all with ease. Wondering who this bugger is, the girls refer to a magazine and learn he was a former national soft tennis champion! All the girls start hounding Misshi to teach his special moves, beating Kotone to it. Because of that, Kotone takes out her frustration on the dojo guys. Asuna’s class gets a new transfer student from England: Elizabeth Warren AKA Eri. Sitting next to Asuna, the pervert learns she too plays tennis back in UK and invites her to join the club. With her in, that completes the weirdo quintet of Shiratama soft tennis club. Chitose thinks of coaching her but instead the power balance reversal with Eri surpassing her within an hour. Then when Misshi comes in, Eri instantly hugs him. Seems they know each other. When Misshi was part of the All-Japan soft tennis training camp at UK and stayed with Eri’s family. Eri’s return to Japan was stemmed by a promise they made: If she continued to love tennis after growing up, he’d do anything. Even marry her. The shock is too much for Kotone to bear so she beats the coach up and runs away. Flashback reveals how Kotone fell for Misshi. He invited her to join the tennis club since she was the top of her league in the karate class. Misshi advised that to continually stay at the top is unexpectedly tiring. If she wants to conquer a different summit as a challenger, feel free to join him. That was a year ago. So the same thing almost happened now. Only thing Misshi forgot what he wanted to say to her. Kotone’s blood boils easily, doesn’t she?

Episode 3
On a stormy day, Misshi gathers the girls to have a singles league because the next tournament is based on single matches and this is the perfect chance to get rid of their weakest link. Oh Chitose. You’re screwed. Actually he’s just joking. It’s to rank the members only. Haha. Everyone is burning with passion to be at the top. Competition is good, right? Though it starts raining, this doesn’t damper their spirits to play on. So we’ve got lots of antics like Chitose giving herself a handicap head start, a 5-minute rally between Asuna and Kotone (the wind is always blowing it back to Asuna), Kurusu being blown away to the sky, it’s raining fish (and shark!), Chitose riding a Japanese salamander naked (WTF?!) and a long streak of censor over the entire screen (WTFFFF???!!!). Once the storm gets too heavy, Misshi takes the girls down to a secret level beneath the school. Behind the giant metal sci-fi like door lies… A hotspring? So the girls soak in along with another teacher, Kyouko Miyoshi, take a sauna, ride a water slide (is this an amusement park too?), wash themselves clean and sleepover for the night. Feels like a training camp if you ask me. Oh, the pressurized water that Kurusu made with her hands caused a hole in the wall. It’s like a laser beam! Kotone thought she could drink a strawberry flavoured milk but it turns out to be something spicy. As they prepare for bed, the only pyjamas available are Kurusu’s weird costumes. I guess they would rather sleep naked rather than don those embarrassing outfits. Oh, it must be vegetables theme tonight. And I supposed Eri is the only one who takes after Kurusu’s weird fetish. They’re like a comical duo from now on. Due to the storm, nobody could sleep so they pass the time by practising their tennis. Misshi joins them and because they stayed up too late, they got reprimanded the next day for being late to school. Oh, as for the rankings: 1) Kurusu; 2) Asuna; 3) Eri; 4) Kotone; 5) Chitose. As expected.

Episode 4
The girls are going out to shop for soft tennis items with Misshi. Can you imagine all of them cramped into a car? So they borrow Miyoshi’s SUV. You can’t have an outing without ‘trouble’, right? See Kurusu fitting herself in a bag? See Kurusu and Eri trying out clothes that are over or under sized. As Asuna tries to get her dropped coin underneath a vending machine, Leo Amachi spots her and fell in love at first sight. Maybe it’s because of her panties rather than her angelic smile. He tries to strike up a conversation but it seems both of them are talking different things. As we know Asuna is here to find a new racquet but Leo misinterprets she’s here to find a new lover. Kotone thought she has found her dream racquet but she picks it up at the same time with Sumino Kiba. Both are hot-headed, both are stubborn, both aren’t giving it up. They learn Sumino and her captain Seriha Amamiya (I thought she look like a bug devil) are from Akadama Middle High School’s soft tennis club, their neighbouring school and powerful team that qualified for the prefectural tournaments every year. Kotone and Sumino continue to talk big about becoming champions so the only way is to settle it with a tennis match. Oh, Leo is Akadama tennis club’s manager. Kotone and Sumino are getting physical even before the match so Seriha tells them about some ancient Greek legend of how tennis came about. The word ‘te’ in tennis means hand because the used to hit the balls with only their bare hands. Wait a minute. Greeks know Japanese? Even if it was a load of crap, the stubborn ones believed her. Totally. Leo was made the referee and is in a dilemma to call which side is out. If he sides his team, he might lose Asuna and if he sides the opponent, he might get beaten up from his own. Eventually he screams out he wants them both to be happy. Eh? What? So the duo continue with their hard hitting moves complete with ridiculous techniques with equally ridiculous names and illusions. Just when they are to call it a draw and shake hands, Leo instantly gives them his massage as he believes this is to reduce muscle fatigue and for the body to stay in top condition. Well, he is so good with his hands that it may look something so stimulating… So good… So perverted. You can say he has God Fingers and comes from a family of famous masseurs. At the end of the day when the girls part and leave, Chitose feels that they are missing a few people. Yeah, Eri and Kurusu are doing some flower dance? WTF?! At least they got some money from their performance.

Episode 5
Misshi announces that they will be doing practice runs with Akadama since they offered a challenge. But they have no time for training because the match is tomorrow. Still that doesn’t stop them to do last minute tactics like the use of flashy moves to distract them. Asuna comes up with useless ideas of entertaining opponents, in-depth English study to make soft tennis a global appeal and a fashion show. Chitose then gives pointers to her mates (except for Kurusu who is perfect) on their weakness but she couldn’t do it for her own. Then she leaves for training in the mountains the salamander. Meanwhile Kotone gets irritated each time she sees Eri and Misshi together. So pissed that her Zero Gravity Lightning Lob sends the ball flying into the sky like a rocket and crashing down almost killing Misshi. Then she tries to impress him with her Ancient Dynamite Cut and almost murdered the coach. Luckily it was just a portion of his hair that got cut. While Kotone is upset about this fact, she thought she saw naked Chitose riding on a salamander like a wild horse. She’s chasing after her wild boar stew… Next day as the girls prepare for their match, they see how Akadama is really serious. They have a bunch of dedicated guys cheering out loud for the team and the number of members that could easily fill a football team. Since Sumino and Seriha are up first, this means Kotone and Asuna will be going up against them. Somebody wants to settle a grudge… Kurusu cheers them on with words, “If you die, there’ll be a replacement”. That’s not very supportive, isn’t it? Maybe it’ll work as reverse psychology.

Episode 6
As usual, Kotone and Sumino trade insults and taking big with their hyped confidence. The Akadama pair easily exploits of Shiratama duo’s weakness and earns an easy point. During time out, Misshi advises his girls, for Asuna ‘to show off her legs more’ (he meant running not being a sexy female panther) and Kotone not to get worked up and not use her brain but her instincts and play. With renewed motivation, Asuna and Kotone are able to make impressive comebacks to stun their opponents. However in the end, they still lose though it was a good fight. Meanwhile a girl comes rushing in to the tennis court. Actually ‘she’ is Leo cross-dressed as a girl, Leona. Is he defecting to Shiratama? I don’t know. Perhaps something to do for his one-sided love for Asuna. Next is Kurusu-Chitose pair. Chitose is confident that she brought something back to help for her game. My, THAT’S A GIANT RACQUET!!! You don’t need to even move to return any shots! But isn’t that legal in the first place?! They’ll be up against Azusa Mizumori and Ayaka Kazamada. Azusa unleashes her Seven Coloured Somethings (you see illusion of 7 balls) but was easily countered by genius Kurusu. And by Chitose because of her ridiculously big racquet. In the end, the big racquet turns out to be a big liability as the ball’s momentum was too powerful for Chitose to return, thus whacking her own head. With Chitose out means they lose the match by default. For the final game, Eri thought of pairing with Misshi but Leona offers to be her partner. They will be against Shouko Tsuchida and the very tall Shiho Nagumo (as found out, she wanted to be an actress). Leona’s reason for wanting to join the game is to show off to Asuna. Shouko sympathizes with Leona and gives ‘her’ an easy ball to take. When Leona does so, the wig came off. Leon shouts to Asuna if she had saw it all but his team noted they saw clearly everything that is happening. Prepare to face their wrath. At the end of the game, both sides shake hands over the practice match. Shiratama still dreams big of aiming to the top even though they lost all of their matches. But Seriha notes that an easygoing team like them might go further. As for Leo’s punishment, he is made to run back chasing after the bus.

Episode 7
The mysterious captain of Kurotama Middle School soft tennis club is asking her fellow club mate, Yura Hiratsuka to spy on the Shiratama soft tennis club girls. Yura happily accepts her assignment. Till she drools over that she’ll go as far as investigating their sexual desires and fetishes! Privacy invasion! Oh no. Another pervert. Yura’s job is going to be a tough one as she spies on Asuna reading a sex novel in class, Kotone’s super willpower to get up and finish her run (she was just acting), distracted by Chitose’s boobs, watching Eri do some voodoo doll curse as a love charm for Misshi and the mysterious Kurusu in a masked wrestling costume. Yura thought her presence was busted by Chitose but that dimwit thought she was interested in joining the club and invites her to look around. What an easy infiltration. Then meeting the members, she is made to put on a swimsuit outfit since they don’t have spare tennis clothes. This attracts the stares of the guys. The other girls also come back in swimsuits and Kurusu beats up the boys. Yura may get more than she bargained for when she gets hit by a returning serve and Chitose refusing to play with her citing she is not up to mark when we all know it’s an excuse to escape. Lastly, Yura ends up playing water with the girls. So when Yura returns with her report, all she has to say is to be thankful of the fun times. She sure enjoyed her stay, eh? Captain not happy… What was the point of this investigation again? Soon the Shiratama girls are happy to know they’ll be going on a training camp. But all that expectation of the clear blue sea by the beach and sunny skies came crumbling down when they start hiking deep into the mountains. Are they lost? Resting by a river that has unique attributes of a hotspring, they use stones as makeshift tubs to enjoy their bath. Suddenly they feel someone staring at them and even getting this weird feeling in the water. Turns out to be the salamander. Then as they prepare to leave, they encounter a giant bear. So huge that it’s taller than the trees! Kurusu fights it and it ends in a draw. So much so the bear acknowledges her and they shake hands. Did Kurusu just tame the wild beast? The bear gives them a ride to the training camp. The girls make their way to the tennis court but see the Akadama girls being beaten to a pulp. Seems the Kurotama captain, Misaki Shidou is disappointed that they couldn’t handle the warm up.

Episode 8
I don’t know. Akadama got beaten so badly that one of them was crushed into the ground. So deep till her butt is just showing up. One of them just the head sticking out. It’s like a war zone. But what is Kurotama doing here? Well, the mountain area belongs to them. So before even going through the prefecturals, they’re already at the ‘big boss base’. Oh, did I mention that Misaki is the current national champion? Shiratama is in real sh*t. Misaki invites to do several secret warm up training beneath the building. If they can pass it all, it means they have finished the warm ups without problems. But you’ll notice how the Shiratama girls breakthrough each one not with their sheer skills, but luck and coincidence. First test: Crashing Wave Dash to test strength and agility by jumping over hurdles; Breakthrough: Kurusu throws a daifuku for Chitose to crash through so the rest could run over with ease. Second test: Hand-eye coordination that will electrocute you if you don’t hit the ball at the sweet spot; Breakthrough: Asuna’s daydreaming perverted fantasy. Third test: Balance Heaven which has sitting on balance balls and bounce up the narrow path; Breakthrough: Kurusu dons the ball like one of her outfits and pulls the rest up like a train. Fourth test: Boobs Straining Hell is actually monkey bars; Breakthrough: The Shiratama girls start falling down and each grabbed onto the other’s leg till the last one pulled down Misaki’s panties and skirt. This has heart swing them away to the other end. Fifth test: Scorching Closet is just a hot sauna; Breakthrough: Just sit through for 20 minutes. With the trials over, Misaki hopes to get all the footage from Yura who was secretly filming them all. Unfortunately all she filmed are Misaki’s panty slip and cat ears… “Delete all that!”. Akadama has freshened up as they meet their Shiratama counterparts. As they prepare to sleep, they spot a kiddie-like futon which belongs to Misaki, though she denies. Yura is capturing footage of the girls frolicking in the room. She has been warned that if she films more unauthorized footage of her, she’ll end up in solitary confinement. I’m sure she would love to continue taking lewd photos and videos of her captain, eh? Better buck up this time. Then she accidentally took a footage of Misaki slipping on a banana slip (courtesy of Chitose) and revealing her private assets. Asuna and Leo talk outside and the latter finds the former more erotic than usual. Just his imagination? Elsewhere, Eri sees Misshi at the vending machine. She is happy to be with him now. To Kotone’s dismay, she sees them very close together. Close enough to kiss! In tears, she runs away. But actually Misshi was just trying to take off a civet that somehow crawled up Eri’s back. Asuna spots a very emotional Kotone. Because the way she ambiguously put it, Leo misinterprets something erotic must have happened to Kotone (notice the bloody background of the girls fighting each other?). Once it’s time to shut the lights, everyone cuddles up to Chitose because she feels warm. But she can’t breathe… Next morning, everyone is rudely awakened by distressed Asuna. She has found a note from Kotone that she has gone on a journey.

Episode 9
Seems there is a sophisticated tracking facility in this camp too! Is this an experimental lab or what?! Everyone is so infatuated with the place instead of listening to what Misaki has to say. They manage to locate Kotone but since they also detected Misshi close by, they think he went after her and everything will be okay. Kotone is still upset and her thoughts are so distracted that she falls off a cliff. Luckily Misshi grabs her hand. But he also falls off… Kotone throws a tantrum that she doesn’t want to go back because she saw him having fun with Eri. Misshi understood that she too wants to enjoy the flavours of an adult. Is Kotone ready for this? Well, he gives her a Haba-Peach drink. What was she hoping? What were we thinking? Still, she doesn’t want to go back because it’s embarrassing if she returns too quickly from her journey. Kotone is afraid of the scary ‘faces’ in the cave (somebody thought this was a short cut) so Misshi carries her all the way. As for the others, everyone has a practice match with Misaki. Sumino thinks it’s revenge time and unleashes her ultimate killer technique, Moratorium Jet Fire but Misaki counters that easily with her Invisible Counter. The ball vanishes and appears right before Sumino and blasts her through the wall and away into the sky. If the ball is faster than the speed of light, don’t you think Sumino would’ve been blown away even before they finished talking or noticed that the ball is ‘missing’? Then Ayaka. Not even Seriha’s flashy named Flower Under The 16th Night’s Moon, Azusa’s Ten People Ten Colours and Shiho’s Paparazzi Requiem could defeat Misaki altogether and they end up the same fate as Sumino. Misaki thought there was all to Akadama but I guess after seeing people being blasted away, Shouko stays quiet (she’s acting as the referee) and agrees that there are no more Akadama players left. Outside, Kotone thought there was a human cannonball competition after seeing a few people flying away. But Kotone tells Misshi that she has powered up. Which part? Her heart.

Meanwhile the Shiratama girls are having a rock-scissors-paper game to see who fights Misaki next. Why do they all end up the same hand? It’s a ploy to stall her because they don’t want to be the next victim. Because everybody else finally volunteered to be next, Asuna felt she too has to play her part and volunteers. But it’s a set up for her to go next. Of course Asuna is scared because she doesn’t know how many kilometres she’ll be blown away. To stem that fear, Kurusu pairs up with her and puts make-up on Asuna to increase her confidence as a female panther. But still they are no match for Misaki. Kurusu pulls off a sly tactic by using a salamander as a shield. Misaki knows she’ll be done for if she hurts this endangered species. Because of that, Asuna gets targeted and is sent flying away. However she is caught by Kotone who has just returned. Kotone pairs up with Eri as Eri asks her if she likes Misshi. She can’t say so Eri gets straight with her and admits she likes him. Kotone doesn’t want to lose out and tries to be straightforward too but got smacked by the ball in the face and sent flying into the sky. So Eri thanking Kotone was it because she admitted her love or she took the hit for her? So the final one is Chitose. Oh, doom befalls everyone. However Chitose has psyched herself to see the ball as chewy daifuku so that’s why she is able to grab them all with her teeth! Because this goes on for several rounds, Misaki got tired and her ball hit the net. Would you believe it? It was Chitose, the first one who scored the first point against Misaki. Everyone leaves for home at the end of the training stint (the giant bear really does make a good transport). Of course they vow to score real points next time they meet in the real tournament. To Misaki’s dismay, Yura is still videotaping everything on her to the point of mimicking her voiceovers. So it’s confirmed, the solitary confinement for her.

Episode 10
When Yayoi Hiragishi was young, she wanted to follow in the footsteps of her sister in soft tennis but onee-chan was killed in a car accident. Asuna-Kotone pair defeats Chitose-Kurusu pair in a soft tennis practice. Wait a minute. The Kurusu team lost? Unless Chitose is totally useless that even a soft tennis prodigy can’t help. Because they felt sorry that Eri is always being left out without a partner and doing referee duties, they decide to recruit more members. However, the way they recruit seems to be scaring everyone away. What’s with those space idol-like jackets? They spot Yayoi spying from afar and their desperate instincts have them chase after her like a wild animal. They corner her to a river and they thought she was desperate enough to jump in. Actually she slipped on a banana peel. Who throw that skin there? Yayoi is saved by the salamander. She mentions that it isn’t her that wants to join their club but her sister. Big sis was a student at Shiratama. Was? She died 2 years ago on her way to a soft tennis tournament. Yayoi has a little experience in the game so they invite her to try out and demonstrate her skills. Unfortunately she is no better than Chitose! Yeah, her experience meant 1 year of experience. Suddenly Yayoi starts doing shadow boxing. Is it part of her training? Well, the truth is she can actually see dead spirits. Oh sh*t! That’s why she moves like that to avoid them. Oh, there are spirits everywhere! Even at school! As Yayoi continues to practice, we can see how clumsy and slow. Suddenly her aura changes and she turns into an evil-like person!!! WTF?! WHO IS THIS?! This profanity spewing tough chick is Yayoi’s elder sister, Uzuki and you could say this girl has somewhat a split personality. When she changes to Uzuki, I thought she looked like Grell from Kuroshitsuji… When Yayoi returns to normal, she explains that Uzuki’s soul continue to live in her. She can’t go over to the other world till she has a shot with that tough opponent she’s supposed to play with on that tournament day. So this means the girls will have to take Yayoi/Uzuki along to their matches and if they screw this up, she’ll haunt their f*cking b*tching lives forever! OH SH*T! So this girl is going to be Eri’s new partner? Well, she doesn’t mind.

Miyoshi hands out test results to her class. Because she likes Asuna’s nice reply, she gets free 5 marks. Only thing is, she still fails her test. 15 points only? The other failure is Kotone and she is unfazed since her priority is the club not studying. However she has to start thinking of improving her grades when Misshi informs that the school will not allow those who fail their upcoming mid-terms to participate in tournaments. Remember Uzuki’s warning? Better buck up. So for some reason, the girls decide to use Misshi’s apartment to study. But first they have to clean up the bachelor’s filthy place. Causing more ruckus than anything. Especially when Kotone thought she touched his boxers, it actually belonged to Kurusu who purchased it at the 100 Yen Shop. Because Yayoi sees ghosts, I guess there are lots of them in Misshi’s place too, eh? The girls go through the numerous trophies Misshi won. But he just chucks them into a box. It’s like he has no respect for them. However he disagrees and says some of them are useful. Uhm… Why is he growing plants in them? Asuna sees a racquet with loose strings so Misshi explains this was the racquet that made him a champion. Though he lacks power and speed, he had accuracy but wasn’t good enough to go against big shots across the country. Everybody gets prepared to study so Chitose is willing to help them since this will be her last year and wants everyone participating in the tournament. However after seeing she can’t help them answer their questions, she changes her stand to say that they still have next year to participate. Late into the night, Misshi wants the girls to go home but they insist of staying. How did he agree? There are ghosts lurking in his place… The girls are surprised to see Shiki Nishioka coming in. She is the former soft tennis club’s president and to their surprise, she is Misshi’s cousin. And Kotone thought she was intimate enough to come over and cook for him. Shiki agrees to help Asuna and Kotone to pass their mid-terms. How? With instincts. She flips up all the books and randomly circles the pages. Then she tells them to remember the check marked parts. Oh my. Isn’t that just luck? And what do you know, everything she circled came out so the failures not only pass their mid-terms, they score a perfect 100! Shocking, eh? Next time I should just follow my guts too!

Episode 11
Again another training camp to focus on their teamwork. But this time it will be the Shiratama girls. I guess they want to make up for last time so bad that the training camp this time will be at the beach. Bikinis, sand, sun and fun. So where is the training actually? As Chitose points out, it’s about taking a break from training and refreshing your mind in preparation for the main event. So it’s like killing 2 birds with 1 stone because you’re levelling up and relaxing at the same time. Sounds neat but feels more like an excuse. As the girls prepare to dig in their BBQ lunch, they don’t see Yayoi around. Misshi spots her at the cliff alone and decides to call her. However he sees her talking to a spirit of a dead fish and changes his mind! After this, I guess he got so spooked that he went on a journey to visit different temples. All 88 of them! Kotone and Asuna have a series of competition but Kotone tops them all. Kurusu notes that her athletic performance heavily depends on her mood. Kotone teases Asuna to try harder or she can’t be her partner at this rate. Meanwhile Chitose returns with a giant shark! Ingredients for New Year? On the drive back home, everyone falls asleep except for Asuna and Miyoshi (she’s at the wheel). Asuna feels they’ve forgotten somebody. Yeah, they left behind Yayoi and she’s still talking to the dead fish spirit!

Back in Shiratama, Kotone’s words are affecting Asuna that she’s been slipping up a lot in practice. She is worried that she is not up to par as Kotone so much so she didn’t see a racquet coming her way (it slipped out of Chitose’s hand. Don’t ask). The racquet hits bulls eye at Asuna’s head and though the good news is that she didn’t die, the bad news is that she can’t remember who her mates are. Temporary loss of memory, eh? Kotone thinks her body may not have forgotten about soft tennis but it seems she totally does when Asuna plays the racquet and the ball like a circus monkey. They need her to regain her memories before the tournament so Kurusu has a chair that will jog her memories. Besides doubling up as a massage chair, it also sends shocking (literally) electric currents through Asuna. Is she screaming in pain? Asuna is sent back into her memories, the day she enters Shiratama as a first year. Many clubs were recruiting newbies but Asuna felt she wanted to join a club that can polish her feminity. Till she saw Chitose from the soft tennis club in her underwear. I guess that settles it. Yeah, Shiki thought such brilliant idea will attract members. They’ve got lots of perverted stares from the guys. What more a pervert like Asuna. Yeah, the first thing she did to join the club was to pull down her skirt! This club only attracts weirdoes. Soon, Kotone joins in for some personal reason of her own. The newbies are given the basic training by Chitose (seriously can she?) but Shiki doesn’t give them any since she would prefer them to practice by themselves and do whatever they want. She believes each one has their own style and if there were 100 people, there would be 100 different styles. Shiki observes that though they are weird, with more power and effort they should improve in no time. At the end of the day, Shiki announces that Asuna and Kotone will be a pair since she has her hands full with Chitose. But Kotone doesn’t want to play doubles and prefers to go alone. And if Asuna wants a partner, she’ll have to find another one. In present time, Asuna continues screaming… I wonder how long has it been.

Episode 12
Naturally the chair overheats and explodes. What do you expect? Because of that Asuna ends up in coma in hospital. Her flashback continues. Asuna is down and really thinks Kotone is really bent on going solo since the latter is asking if she has found a partner yet. Though they still practice together, Kotone’s powerful shots has her always hitting it out. Kotone thought Asuna was holding back while serving a weak shot but as told she always gives her best. She doesn’t believe it and will gladly teach her how to use her full strength in exchange for learning how to hold back. They practice so hard till it’s nightfall. On their way home, Asuna asks one more time if she would like to be her partner since she couldn’t think of anyone else. This was the first time she had so much fun that she lost track of time. She is sure it’s because of her. But Kotone still wouldn’t change her mind. In present time, Akadama members and Misaki pay Asuna a visit. Leo wanted to wake her up with his God Fingers but was taken away. Sumino is worried that Kotone doesn’t have much time to find a partner before the tournament. So Kotone remembers how Asuna was bloody persistent in asking her to be her partner. Yeah, she popped up just about anywhere. Shiki notices this and persuades Kotone to pair with Asuna against a handicap match with her. During the game, the pair got into each other’s way while being awed by Shiki’s amazing power. Kotone gets frustrated when she can’t return a single shot so Shiki tells her that what she’s doing is just gambling. All she does is rush to get the ball and if she hits it, how many points is she willing to lose? To put it bluntly, she may have athletic abilities but have no talent for tennis. Kotone is shocked by her words. Back to the hospital, Kotone continues to stay by Asuna’s side. Chitose feels that if Asuna doesn’t wake up in time for the tournament, she wants Kotone to pair with Eri. However Kotone says that if Asuna isn’t her partner she can’t do it.

More flashbacks as after that scathing remark, Kotone goes into overdrive training mode. Shiki meets Asuna to tell her she knows Kotone’s fault and that a partner is something of an equal relationship like a master and slave. Hope she didn’t get the wrong idea. Shiki wants them to play the same handicap game with her again tomorrow. As they start, Kotone starts losing confidence when she still couldn’t return a single shot. Shiki adds to Kotone’s misery by saying that only Asuna’s shot landed in her court even if it’s far from perfect. And since Kotone can’t even return a single ball, she doesn’t feel like this is a handicap at all. She confirms Kotone has no talent and will make them both single players tomorrow. To add salt to injury, Shiki says she won’t tell her to quit the club seeing she is serious but since she can’t let a useless player go up, she’ll just make her a bench warmer. Seeing Kotone crying, Asuna steps in for her and requests Shiki continue their game. She extents her hand to Kotone and imparts words of confidence. Kotone misses another shot but Asuna has got her back covered. It doesn’t matter how many times she fails, if they combine their strength, they can win. Shiki notices the teamwork between the girls and notes what she said to Kotone was only true if she was a singles player. With a partner that covers up her weaknesses, she’ll have unlimited potential. A player with wild beast instincts and a technical player who backs her up may seem like an odd combination but there isn’t a better pair if they know what they’re doing. Though in the end they still fail to land a single shot, Kotone agrees to become Asuna’s partner. With that, Asuna wakes up in hospital and has her memories intact. Kotone is so relieved that she hugs her so tightly that she could’ve killed her for real. Later both girls assert their togetherness and will move forward with their best. I don’t know why they keep the chair in the club room but the electricity is still running so it causes a chain electric shock for the girls when they touch it. So shock that could they have seen the future? Hmm… Looks like a pretty dramatic supernatural movie-like preview. Which of course will not happen!

These are actually short clips you get when you buy the DVD lasting around 3 minutes. It’s about the girls soaking in the indoor hotspring underneath the school while they chat about. Naked. The first one has them talking about the time Asuna was in coma. They note a mad bull came rampaging into the ward where she was. It is revealed it is her cow Hanako that she grew up with. Her mom tasked her of taking care of it but as soon Hanako grew bigger than her, their roles got reversed. The second special sees Kotone talking about her life growing up at the karate dojo. She practiced hard so she could be as strong as her dad who could take down bears. She won every competition undefeated and asked her dad if she could win if she fought a bear. He didn’t answer but smiled. Frustrated, she increased her training to the extent of going around picking fights with livestock. WTF?! With no true opponents, she was beginning to doubt herself when a ‘witch’ appeared before her and hand her a book with instructions on how to become strong. Turns out to be a ninja manga and she did test out one of the moves. To stand on water. Didn’t work of course. Chitose is supposed to tell her story in the third special but she wouldn’t reveal it and the rest are pretty much occupied with her big boobs. I wonder how many times they need to change the hotspring water each time Asuna goes into a nose bleeding frenzy. Kotone notes that around a year ago Chitose’s boobs weren’t that big. In fact it was flat like them. Eri starts pressing it and feels it’s as soft as pudding. I guess now it’s Asuna’s turn as she starts fondling Chitose’s boobs and wants to know her secret. Chitose is already knocked out in the fourth special. I think it’s not because of the heat but a certain people playing her boobs. Kurusu is supposed to tell her story next but she passed. Yayoi volunteers but the girls are surprised she could talk! Hasn’t she all the long? They even had some whispering discussion and when her aura turned scary, they relent. Seems this morning, Yayoi and Eri went on a day trip to several places and saw several ‘things’ like a Nessie-look-a-like (is that just finger shadow?), ‘two things’ connected by chains, some elephants and a park with bodyguards in strange outfits.

Chitose is already knocked out by the heat in the fifth special. Kurusu thinks of using this chance to do something dastardly. When she returns with a Dracula cape, behold! Beneath it, her boobs have magnificently matured!!! So much so it sends Asuna into a nose bleed frenzy. I think the water will be tainted at this rate…. Hey, even Liz and Yayoi sport big boobs now! WTF is happening?! Kurusu starts explaining about human evolution and pheromones. Yawn… We’re here to see boobs not hear your theories on them! So what she’s trying to say is that big breasts are essential to catch a man’s attention. Kotone gets pissed off with her explanation but Kurusu points out to her own big boobs. Woah. Now Kotone too has them. While she seems ecstatic, she realizes she hates this piece of junk and tears off the fake boobs. It landed on top of Chitose’s boobs as the girls note its resemblance. Double pair of boobs… Continuing in the sixth special, Chitose wakes up to realize that the girls have their boobs matured. Except for Kotone. She assures them that everyone has their own growth rates but the way she confidently says that pisses Kotone off. It’s like she’s bragging. Then realizing the fake boobs, she has a feel of it and finds it familiar. Kurusu explains that they are perfectly reproduced silicone boobs replicated from Chitose’s. Realizing Asuna is still drowning, Kotone goes to save her. Because Kurusu is fooling around over her, Kotone throws the fake boobs at her but lands on Asuna. When she wakes up, she notices her boobs grown big and starts fantasizing her horny delusions. Oh no. Another nose bleed bonanza. Just when you thought she is revived, here she goes dying again and dyeing the water redder. On to serious stuff, Chitose reminds them the tournament is in a week and though the girls get motivated to do their best and win. Time to get out of the bath and practice, eh? Chitose suddenly felt the extreme pressure. I guess she’s the one who has to work the hardest.

Soft Porn Tennis
So this is how it ends? Not very much, isn’t it? Very much of the series sees the odd and eccentric characteristics of the Shiratama soft tennis club girls and their misadventures. Nothing more. Heck, the supposed tournament hasn’t even start. It was never the focus of this series anyway. Therefore don’t expect to see it raking up to triple digit number of episodes like a certain tennis anime counterpart, each complete with their own special, flashy and impossible-to-pull-off-in-real-life moves and the tougher opponents they will fight that will eventually become their friend. Should this series be like a shonen genre? That’s why if you’re expecting all those, you might find yourself totally disappointed and thus it is better if you lose yourself in the wacky silliness this short series has to offer.

Having said that, it is pretty much the characters that make up for the story and plot of this show. But judging from the way it went, there wasn’t any deep character development besides the series ending with how Asuna and Kotone came to become inseparable pairs. The characters basically were the same as they were at the start of the series. Asuna is the ever perverted girl who wants to strut her feminine by any means so much the simplest misunderstanding could mean something perverted and sexy for her. She should’ve been a porn artist with such a creative mind. Sometimes I feel when she starts having those perverted fantasies, she reminds me of Maria+Holic’s disgusting lesbian, Kanako. It felt like she could burst into that nose bleeding lesbian just about any time. The only other pervert second to her is Yura if not for her crazy obsession over Misaki. Better watch out over your shoulders. Should’ve kept her in solitary confinement forever. Kotone dreams big and talks big but whether she’ll achieve her dream or not is another matter. Besides, she won’t achieve her dream of playing in Wimbledon. You already know why. If Kurusu was a genius, why hasn’t she been scouted by the national soft tennis people? Maybe her weird outfits are a turn off? Where does she get them by the way? The rate she wears those costumes, she could win the speed changing cosplay competition.

Chitose is still the lousy player from day one and she has never hit a ball. That one using the over sized racquet doesn’t count. She should’ve been in some food club or something. Her enormous appetite and love for food could be on par with Monkey D. Luffy. On second thought, it is better she did not stay in a food club or else she’ll eat up the world’s resources. See how determined she was when she was chasing down the wild boar for her stew? I was expecting a love triangle between Eri and Kotone over Misshi but even if that jealousy thing did happen for a moment, it lost momentum and never returned. So are they still love rivals in this area in the end? The love relationship for Leo and Asuna didn’t materialize too. Simply because it’s just one way and that guy just simply went ahead and assumed everything. Yayoi as the new member came too late and about after 3/4 of the series has passed. So it feels like she has no impact on the show. Like a ghost. Mind the pun. Badass Uzuki could’ve brought more hell to the club if she had appeared more. After all, the Shiratama soft tennis club only attracts weirdoes. That’s why in my theory if they should go into the tournament and play the usual way they are, they may surprise some big names and even landing the championship title. Not only their weird antics but their close knit friendship as well. Okay, maybe not so close but at least they treasure each other’s friendship and trust to work as a team when it matters most.

The Akadama soft tennis clubs members are equally as quirky as the Shiratama counterparts but just that they aren’t given more prominent screen time. Heck, this show is about the Shiratama girls, right? Though being just a practice match, it is the first and only real soft tennis match ever shown in this entire series (I consider the one with Misaki to be just a handicap practice game). Even that lasted for just about an episode. Which is much better than lasting for several episodes for a group match, right? Fast, funny and fun. Misaki may be last year’s national champion but she too is a girl beneath that exterior. So if we can take away that armour and expose some of her girly side, I guess anybody can take the crown from her. At first I thought the Hanako gag was going to be apparent at each end of the episode. Before the episode ends, Asuna will always be awakened by her mom in the middle of the dead night to find and secure Hanako who has somehow gotten herself loose. This gag stopped when the first training camp commenced and after that just to be safe, Asuna tied up Hanako to avoid her nightly wandering! Should’ve done that a long time ago. Besides Hanako, I feel the salamander seems to be another mascot of the series and Chitose’s ‘best friend’. It’s an endangered species in Japan after all.

I need to mention something about the fanservice. Yes, you have your typical panty shots zooming in and all but the annoying thing are the censors. But it’s not like the censorship is doing a good job anyway and it feels like they are doing a half baked job. Some scenes you will see the censors covering the girl’s ass. Then in other scenes the censor is absent and you can have a good view without any obstruction. It’s like as though that scene slipped through the hands of the censors who were probably half asleep while editing on what to censor. It’s like musical chairs being played. Each of the Shiratama girls has their own unique animal as their censor. It is always the cow censor that covers Asuna as with the salamander for Chitose and the bear for Kotone. I’m not sure if Eri’s one is a moth, butterfly or some bug. Sometimes you don’t need to pull off any flashy moves just for the fanservice. Get what I mean?

I’m not sure if Kanae Itou has been stereotyped to play perverted girls role. After that obsessed squid lover Sanae in Shinryaku! Ika Musume and the skirt flipper Saten in To Aru Kagaku No Railgun, is it any wonder if she plays Asuna here? Aki Toyosaki is very identifiable as Yura. If she was that airhead Yui in K-ON!, now she’s an obsessive pervert as Yura. And she sounds very convincing when she starts drooling about Misaki… Sayuri Yahagi is the voice behind Eri and I find her trying to make a foreigner trying to speak Japanese with an accent a little odd. It’s understandable that there will be some accent when British tries speaking Japanese but when her character says some English lines, it’s like as though there is some Japanese ‘Engrish’ accent to it too. So it’s a wonder if she’s trying too hard or on purpose. It’s not like she sounded like that in her other roles such as Suzu in Seitokai Yakuindomo, Miyoshi in Bakuman and the titular character in Karin. Other casts include Eri Kitamura as Kotone (Rin in Kodomo No Jikan), Satomi Akesaka as Kurusu (Chrome in Kateikyoushi Hitman Reborn), Shizuka Itou as Chitose (Hinagiku as Hayate No Gotoku), Haruka Tomatsu as Yayoi/Uzuki (Lala in To Love-Ru), Ayahi Takagi as Shiki (Otome in Da Capo II), Minako Kotobuki as Misaki (Tsumugi in K-ON!), Marina Inoue as Sumino (Kana in Minami-ke series), Kokoro Kikuchi as Seriha (Akito/Agito in Air Gear TV series) and Miyuki Sawashiro as Leo (Shinku in Rozen Maiden).

This series didn’t get me interested in the world of tennis after all. After seeing how a bunch of weirdoes going about, I am more inclined not to even pick up the sport. Not even if they include lots of teasing fanservice as eye candy treat. Would that constitute disrespect to the sport? Heck, Asuna’s delusions may be causing a great disservice to the game itself already. Like in every sport and team games, it takes a lot of effort, determination, teamwork and trust to be the best, the cream of the crop. But if you are like this bunch of jokers and misfits, luck would definitely help. Lots of it. Hope they don’t turn it into a freak show and sully the reputation of the game while they’re at it. Out, 40-love, game over.

This is one of those OVAs that I initially thought would span more than 1 episode. So I waited and waited and waited and waited for Baby Princess 3D Paradise 0 Love to come out more episodes. Till I realized that there is only 1 damn episode! Well, that’s the thing with OVAs. Sometimes there is no fixed fixture of episode releases so it’s pretty hard to determine if there will be future episodes. Or maybe I wasn’t doing my homework. Sheesh… That’s why it took me a ‘long time’ to blog this episode.

So what is this single OVA about? Have you watched Sister Princess before? Yup. There is one very obvious similarity with this series. One brother, many sisters. Only difference is that instead of a dozen in Sister Princess, we have 19 sisters!!! YOU READ THAT RIGHT! NINETEEN FREAKING SISTERS!!! One Nine!!! And you thought having a dozen was a handful already. The eldest being 18 years old and the youngest a newborn who isn’t even a year old!!! So you’re going to have all kinds of personalities, cliches, shapes and sizes of all the sisters you’re going to see. Nineteen sisters… I really can’t believe this. And if you add the young hot looking mama called, erm, let’s just call her Mama, that will be 20 girls living in this big house! It’s chaotic! I’m sure it is. Hey, wait a minute. Did I say a young hot mama? If every sister is blood related and Mama is their real mother, then she must be one hell of a baby making machine, right? So who the hell is this amorous husband f*cking his wife to even get 19 daughters?!

The single guy who is currently living with them as I figured out from watching the series, Youtarou is not blood related to them because he is somewhat the latest addition to the family. Good thing or bad thing? Well, either way it’s going to be tough and I suppose lots of people would start thinking you’re living in a pimp house. Nineteen darn sisters, I’d say… It’s going to be hard suppressing all those male hormones. How can you not when you have 19 gorgeous sisters by your side? A house filled with only girls, eh? I really don’t blame him if this house ever turns into a pimp house…

So the chaotic episode opener sees us being introduced to all the girls in the Amatsuka household. Their names and their seniority. I’m still so darn surprised by the number 19 that I have a hard time remembering their names even if they are as simple as Jane and Jill (okay, none of the girls have western names here). Youtarou returns home from school to see his sisters in various activities. Some love him, some hate him. Tall ones, short ones. Cheerful ones, quiet ones. Responsible ones, cheeky ones. Big ones, small ones. Busty ones, flat ones. Yeah, sisters do come in all shapes and sizes. If physical appearance wasn’t enough, we have one sister who can see ghosts and has a nine tail fox spirit as her pet! So Youtarou as usually has a hard time pleasing some of his onii-chan fetish sisters and ends up flat on the floor, accidentally and almost saw the panties of Tsurara, one of the sisters that doesn’t like him and calls him a manservant. She isn’t going to accept him as part of the family. Mama heard that and it breaks her heart to hear her daughter say that. She has an idea to make them grow closer to each other. She has Youtarou be the cameraman to film a promotional video of his sisters. Some love it, some don’t. I hope this isn’t a start of the awakening of a voyeurism journey.

When you have so many sisters and want to make a promotion film, what is the best location and setting? Swimsuits and a river outing! Oh yeah, all the fanservice you need and desires you dream of in the world are here. Get that camera rolling! Another onii-chan hater, Urara slaps Youtarou when he touches her butt. Is he starting off his sexual harassment starting with her? Causing a commotion and not ever going to forgive him, 18th daughter, Sora pokes Urara’s butt to reveal a hole in her swimsuit. Urara gets embarrassed for jumping the gun while the rest comments Youtarou’s ‘kindness’. I’m sure he’s a kind person. Am I surprised his horniness isn’t awakened yet? Youtarou continues to film the other sisters, including giving his ice cream to daughter number 16, Sakura; daughter number 14, Mari allowing Youtarou to like this princess’ foot; filming Kosame’s shyness. Some of the lolis need to use the bathroom so Youtarou starts carrying Mizuki in his arms. Once that is done, Urara confronts him outside to thank him tsundere style. He compliments her beautiful swimsuit so she turns into 100% tsundere but eventually thanking him.

Youtarou plays beach volleyball with the elder sisters. I guess there are certain parts more bouncy than the ball so he couldn’t focus or take his eyes off them. Please, there are some flat chests playing too. As punishment for not paying attention, he gets hit by the ball in the head and almost got knocked out. Continuing the game as Youtarou spikes, his force must be too strong so much so he dislodges Hikaru’s top. It got washed away by the current. Meanwhile Tsurara and Watayuki are on a raft but the strong current means they’re heading down the waterfall if they don’t get off. Youtarou and Mizore swim to the raft to try and pull it aside but it’s too strong (they can swim with the strong current?). Hikaru throws a rope to pull them to the side but she also sprains her ankle.

Youtarou walks into the hotspring and becomes embarrassed upon knowing it is mixed. But Hikaru doesn’t mind him seeing this is their family bath and that he is part of the family. Elsewhere Rikka, Hotaru and Haruka are talking about their boob’s size and this irks Tsurara because she’s flat. She quickly heads to the hotspring but to her surprise finds Youtarou there. Not wanting to let him see her body and the bodies of her other incoming sisters, she forces him to hide underwater. Because that guy is struggling for air, his hands accidentally strokes Tsurara and Hikaru’s butt, causing them to make weird noises and baffling the other sisters. When Youtarou tries escaping via swimming underwater (using a submarine metaphor?), it’s too late because the other sisters jump in, blocking his path. He runs out of air and surfaces. Thing is, he surfaced when Tsurara was right on top of him. So it’s like she’s sitting on his shoulders! Some sisters surprised, some amazed. Tsurara starts beating up Youtarou so he slips and knocks them both out.

I guess some of them couldn’t sleep at night but why are Haruka and Hikaru teasing him to put dripping lotion all over their body?! Haruka was serious but Hikaru stops everything and reveals her impulse to just tease him while she takes her other sister away. But this isn’t the end of his troubles. He is soon forced (tied up to be precise) to watch Rikka and Hotaru’s mini skirt idol costume. Rikka is serious in wanting to show she is not a little girl anymore and pins him to the floor. Before the unimaginable could happen, they are scared off by Tsurara. The duo chat and Tsurara displays her tsundere part. She’s thanking him but she’s not. Get what I mean? Then their faces got too close to each other and they kiss! Seriously, did you expect this especially coming from a tsundere? Mizore saw everything and teases Tsurara so the latter excuses herself. Soon after that, Mizore also kisses Youtarou. Later Youtarou sees Hikaru trying to search for her lost bikini at the river. Seriously, at this time? The fish in the ocean must be wearing it by now. He carries her like a princess but she feels embarrassed. From a distance, this scene may look quite ambiguous the way Hikaru is struggling. Eventually she gives in. As he carries her back to the sleeping quarters, she mentions that it is a miracle that of all the countless people in the world, he became part of their family. I agree. A miracle and not a fluke indeed. Then they kiss. Not once but twice.

Back home when they are ready to watch what has been recorded, to their surprise it starts off with the girls changing into their swimsuits with some of them pulling off their pranks and antics. Oh dear. So this is what was filmed? Some like it, some don’t. Some embarrassed some just cool. Tsurara stars beating up Youtarou for this immorality but as they found out, it was actually the camera in Asahi, the youngest daughter’s toy. So she was the one filming? The real filming (which serves as the end credits) sees the girls dancing and doing other activities during the trip. As eldest daughter Miharu asks Youtarou if everyone was trying to kiss him. She reveals before the trip, Mama told most of them to be nice to Youtarou during the trip since he is having trouble fitting in with a big family and to perhaps kiss him. Hikaru who wasn’t there that time didn’t know about it and realized the kiss she made with Youtarou. So I guess her kiss is the most genuine and from her heart, eh?

Sister Empire!
Hah. This OVA wasn’t anything special in particular. With so many sisters in the spotlight, it’s hard for them all to get a fair share of screen time. Seems the ‘important’ ones like Tsurara and Hikaru do get more screen time but even so I don’t feel that there is anything significant other than to provide a little amusement and drama for this one-shot OVA. It would be a headache for me if I were to try and recall which sister is which. Their faint presence was precariously hanging on to my memory and once the episode ended, there is a big possibility I have forgotten about them. Not just their name (did I remember them in the first place?) but their appearance or any unique traits. There are quite a number of seiyuus that I know lending their voice here such as Yuko Goto, Rina Satou, Haruka Tomatsu, Ao Yuuki, Kana Hanazawa, Yuka Iguchi and Kanae Itou. They are instantly recognizable upon hearing their voice. Except for Natsuko Kuwatani as Mama. No “~desu”, no recognize.

Watching a series with a bunch of cuties like them, you would expect fanservice at every corner. Well, I won’t say that the fanservice is that mind blowing but are scattered throughout the episode. Even when Hikaru went topless for quite a considerable stretch, there are these natural censors that conveniently cover her boobs. Only at one point you’d be able to see everything clearly. With the wide range of ladies, I’m sure they cater to those who are lolicons or into mature ones. That’s why you have the first half of the episode with the girls in swimsuits and then the second half in the inn.

It still boggles me why Mama would want to take in Youtarou seeing her already huge family of girls. Maybe she’s got tired of having all females in the house and a male would do some good. So far so good. He must be doing a good job holding in his horniness. The occasional gawking is natural since he is a healthy growing boy. He must be the envy of his friends if they ever know he is living with a bunch of sisters. Well, if there is ever a perverted version of Youtarou, I’m sure this anime would have been rated as an H-game for adults only. Yeah, so many sisters, so much things to do, so little time. Will Mama be willing to have more additions to the family? I’m sure she’s up to the task. The world’s population has already hit 7 billion people, you know… She’s doing a pretty good job adding to that statistic if it’s not the fact this is just an anime story. I just thought about this too. Maybe the sisters are also adopted… They may be calling each other like as though they are a blood related family but that is just to show respect and act like a family because well, they are family. So maybe having 19 sisters who aren’t really blood related would work in this way.

An aspect of this series using such an extended family is perhaps to convey the meaning of what it is like to live with a very big family. Everyone may be different in each of his or her own ways, there may be big arguments and small squabbles but it boils down to one very simple and important fact: Everyone is part of the family. This special bond and love whether blood related or not is essential to keep the family unit together. Even if sisters like Urara and Tsurara don’t like Youtarou, rest assured it’s just their tsundere style of love and deep down, they love him as much as any other sisters. How I know? I’ve seen lots of these types to know they do! Hah. So if you think having 19 sisters is just so wrong, then have you heard of a certain man in a remote village having 39 wives, 94 children and 33 grandchildren! No joke! Yeah, he doesn’t mind having more and have what it takes to keep it coming. Well like they say, the more the merrier.

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