May 26, 2012

Why is it that only young people have the ability to fight against extra terrestrial threats? Be it possessing super human abilities or piloting a certain mecha, I know teenagers are our future but what does that tells us about old people? It all started with that Evangelion series that only 14 year olds can pilot a particular robot. It is no different in Freezing. Though it is never mentioned any age limit for teenagers to fight against aliens, but why are they just confined to high school girls? Oh heck, like I care about that.

This series which is based on the manhwa (Korean manga) of the same name, is one of those typical man versus alien for the future of mankind and set in the near futuristic world. There are lots of sci-fi terms to learn but you’ll get by as you watch. Sometimes it might be a headache to remember the jargon but you won’t get any concussion at the end. Besides, how bad is it going to get for just a dozen of episodes anyway?

But if you want to watch this series, you watch it for the fanservice. Yes, fanservice. No doubt. What else would you want to watch this show for? However when the series was being aired, viewers were given 2 types of video resolution. Either you watch the 704 x 400 (16:9) screen but is censored or the 640 x 480 (4:3) screen in which you’ll get the much needed fanservice that is the point of this show. Sounds unfair, right? It’s either you get wide screen without the ecchi bits or else be contend with the black strips on the sides of your screen. Of course you can have the best of both worlds when you buy the DVD but that’s not the case. For me, I thought it was best to go for the full fanservice not because I’m a pervert but after my experience with Seikon No Qwaser, maybe I can see the larger picture of everything and not have any annoying censors. Okay, maybe I do sound like a pervert. Honestly, I have not watched the censored version at all so I can’t tell. But I did watch a couple of episodes from the DVD version. Which brings me to this point. If you’re watching the 4:3 resolution, you’re going to find it a little annoying because there are words from the side that are purposely cut out due to the insufficient screen length. This is evident especially in the title screen whereby the episode synopsis is listed. Yes, they actually put the episode summary but it’s in English. This is irritating when the words of the sentences are just cut off or blocked due to the screen size.

Episode 1
In a simulated combat training called Carnival, genetically female warriors dubbed Pandoras are brutally slaughtering each other to death! Amidst the bloody slicing and limb cutting action, they manage to put in some fanservice within the violence. Satellizer el Bridget is the Academy’s second year number 1 and also known as the Untouchable Queen because well, nobody can even touch her. Not even if the girls gang up and attack simultaneously, Satellizer efficiently kills them all! Yumi Kim is an instructor at the Military Academy of West Genetics. She is lecturing to her students about Pandoras fighting against extra dimensional aliens called Novas. Pandoras are infused with Stigmata that allow them to deploy their Volt Weapons and grant them physical abilities that far surpass normal humans. With Stigmata, any cut off or damaged parts is able to be recovered without visible scarring but the surgery must be done quick (see the surgery hall filled with screaming ladies. Ouch!). Arthur Crypton wants Yumi to tell them about her past. The time she was still an active Pandora. Four years ago during the 8th Nova Crash, Type-S invaded Japan, she and Elise Schmitz were the only participants that truly protected Japan. Elsewhere, Kazuya Aoi is praying at his sister’s grave. He remembers when he was young, he doesn’t want Kazuha to fight the Novas. She promised she won’t lose as they are the only people who can fight the aliens. But that was the last time he saw her. Kazuya is picked up by student council president, Chiffon Fairchild and is being explained about several terms like Limiter, partners for Pandora (that is what Kazuya is going to be). Ereinbar is a neural system that controls one 5 senses and during battle, a Pandora and her Limiter can synchronize their Ereinbar into one. Its rate is highest when the Limiter is a younger boy. The act of Pandora and Limiter synchronizing their senses is called Ereinbar Set. This is used to neutralize Nova’s Freezing Area with their own Freezing. As battles with Novas involve death, even so they have to fight just like his sister did. Yumi recounts how her team of Pandoras exposed Type-S Nova’s core but its counterattack left many wounded or dead. Yumi even lost an arm! With medics retrieving them, Yumi saw Kazuha sacrificing her life to destroy the Nova’s core. Kazuya arrives at West Genetics and is greeted by student council officer Ticy Phenyl when suddenly a blast within a building occurs. Seems to be the Carnival. Satellizer lives up to her nickname and viciously maim and kills her opponents. No mercy! But the Academy’s number 2, Ganessa Roland, that bratty b*tch isn’t going to let her get all the glory and attacks. Satellizer is obviously better than her but the battle ends up before Kazuya’s eyes. Kazuya recognizes Satellizer as Kazuha (at least that’s what he thinks) and hugs her. Woah! He touched her! Being the Untouchable Queen, this is how she got touched?! Unbelievable. Worse, Satellizer is making embarrassing girly reactions. Probably Kazuya is burying his face in her boobs. Can’t blame that kid because he really misses her sister. Maybe it’s the power of the hug that causes Satellizer to activate a Freezing area as well. Ganessa uses this chance to attack.

Episode 2
The military guys note that it is forbidden to use a Limiter during Carnival but they don’t know who this Limiter (Kazuya) is. Due to that, Ganessa becomes the new number 1 usurping Satellizer. Kazuya wonders why he thought Satellizer was his sister since she’s dead. Chiffon explains that although Carnival is a formal match to determine the rankings of Pandora throughout the entire academy, accidental interferences will also affect the result. In short, her loss cannot be overturned. Kazuya wants to apologize to her but Chiffon warns him to transfer to another school! He just got here! Due to Satellizer’s violent history and the trouble she caused at Genetics, she never forgives anyone who touches her. I guess that’s why they call her untouchable too. Oh speaking of the devil, here comes Satellizer. Probably Kazuya didn’t listen right because he grabs Satellizer’s hand! This causes her to have a horrid flashback as she fumbles losing her glasses. Kazuya returns it to her but she ignores him. Again he grabs her hand and apologizes for causing her that wound. She warns him not to get too close to her. Still he wants to grab her hand but before he could, she draws her weapon to threaten. Now do you listen? Ganessa comes by to mock her and rub salt to her wounds. She even goes as far as to say to find a lover boy and retire forever and forget about reclaiming her queen title. However Ganessa still wants to challenge her now to see who is really number 1 even if this is against regulations for Pandoras to fight outside Carnival. Ganessa deploys her Volt Weapon, Chains of Binding and attacks. But Satellizer was just cool and she didn’t even move much to send Ganessa to a crashing defeat! Eat your words b*tch! Ganessa couldn’t care less about anything now and activates her powerful Pandora Mode. It blows Satellizer away but Kazuya catches her. She doesn’t feel spiteful despite him touching her. Due to the distraction, Ganessa binds her and starts cutting her up. She is about to cut her right hand to commemorate her victory but Kazuya steps in to protect her. She slaps away the kid. Satellizer gets upset and unleashes her Pandora Mode. She breaks loose from the chains and in the final face off, all it takes is a single strike from Satellizer to defeat Ganessa. Yeah, she’s close to naked too. She could’ve been finished if Yumi and Elise didn’t refrain her. They order her to disarm her Pandora Mode since it’s only for experimental purposes and they don’t know what side effect it will have. Both ladies will get their punishment. Kazuya upon knowing who the lecturers are realizes they once fought along Kazuha’s side and believes that there are people who have returned from the fight with Novas. Principal Sister Margaret gives Kazuya his dorm key and advises him about the pairing between Pandora and her Limiter is left to the choices of each person in question. Kazuya finds his roommate is Arthur. He wanted to ask about Satellizer but was told not to get involved with her because she doesn’t even use a Limiter. But Arthur is so eager about telling his own Pandora, the most beautiful, strong and incomparable Pandora that loves him: Ganessa. Oh sh*t. He didn’t watch today’s ruckus, didn’t he? Limiter Eater, Miyabi Kannazuki takes an interest in Kazuya and feels he has got enough qualifications to receive her proclamation. Big breasted girl in her hot lingerie surrounded by her male harem? Doesn’t sound good.

Episode 3
It is Kazuya’s first day in class and he realizes Arthur isn’t around. That’s because he’s nursing Ganessa. Still didn’t know what happened to her, eh? Better don’t ask. Class rep, Kaho Hiiragi shows Kazuya around the cafeteria. She mentions she saw him standing up for Satellizer and though he still feels guilty for causing her to lose the Carnival, she advises not to get involve with her. But Kazuya is upset that she is saying bad things about people she doesn’t even know much. Speaking of Satellizer, she comes into the cafeteria and everyone just ran away like they saw a ghost! Guess what? Kazuya grabs her hand again! Shocking! She drops her food and runs away to the rooftop. Kazuya follows her and not only apologizes but also thanks her for saving him then. She says it’s her principle to return favours. Kazuya feels she is a nice person compared to how others paint and guess what next? He asks her to take him as her Limiter! Arthur and Kaho are eavesdropping and must be surprise at the developments. However third year Miyabi and her men tease them about making a pact at such a place. Arthur and Kaho know Miyabi as a Limiter Eater because she throws away guys once she gets tired of them and has no intention to fight Novas. Miyabi wants to make Kazuya her little brother and do a Baptism with her but he rejects. She doesn’t take light of this insult. In a shocking turn, Satellizer warns her not to lay a finger on him. Now she’s standing up for him? Miyabi feels she’s been underestimated and will show her the different levels between a second and third year. She uses her Volt Weapon, Homing Dagger followed by her high speed Accel Turn but to everyone’s surprise, Satellizer can also do that. Accel Turn is a curriculum only thought to third years. Miyabi goes crazy when Satellizer scratches her face. She orders her Limiters to do Ereinbar Set and sets upon them a Freezing Area. However Satellizer can jump out of it but she sees Kazuya stuck and goes back to get him. In that instance, she got stabbed by the Homing Daggers. Miyabi is going to teach her a lesson for scarring her face. All Satellizer wants is for her to let Kazuya go. But she isn’t going to let it be. She has her guys beat Kazuya up while she fondles Satellizer’s boobs. Adding to her humiliation, she pulls down her pantsu and has her guys take pictures of her nice ass to send it around later. Kazuya is so upset that he breaks free from Freezing Area and sets that area upon them himself. Without Ereinbar Set, how can he do that? Beats me but Satellizer is going to turn the tables on her. Chiffon gets word of what’s happening and rushes to the scene. Look at all the guys beaten up unconscious and Miyabi is begging for mercy! So badly beaten up that she promises never to stand up to her again! What the hell did she do? Chiffon pleads to Satellizer to disarm herself but she won’t listen. Not even the instructors can help. But Kazuya. He has had enough and Freezes Satellizer. Remembering Kazuha’s words, he says Pandoras are not meant to hurt each other. So that’s the end of that. Yumi and Elise research on Kazuya on how he is able to do Freezing. The number of Stigmata that can be matured within a Pandora’s body is between 2 to 4. However Kazuha’s body was exceptional and was able to mature over 20 Stigmata. Though males cannot mature Stigmata or is there any need for it, Kazuya’s body has 30% skeletal structure composing of Stigmata tissue. Whether or not he knows it, perhaps that’s why the government and Genetics knew about this before enrolling him here. Chiffon tends Kazuya’s wound and once again advises him not to get involved with Satellizer. Her actions went too far because in this place, school seniority is like rank in the army, which is absolute. With a third year losing to a second year, this will certainly force third years who have overlooked things so far to take action. Ingrid Bernstein and her Limiter, Leo Bernard are in another practice simulation with a Type-R Nova. As usual, their synchronization is perfect and allows them to easily defeat the enemy. On the way out, she meets Attia Simmons who wants her to take care of Satellizer.

Episode 4
Ingrid remembers her best friend dying in her arms after an attack from a Type-S Nova. Satellizer has been released from solitary confinement after a week. But trouble greets her again. Ingrid, The Guardian of Order as she is called is here to punish those who disturb the order at the academy with all her power. She wants her to find herself a Limiter by tomorrow afternoon so that they both will receive her punishment. The ever stalking Kaho heard the unbelievable and return to inform Arthur and Kazuya. They warn Kazuya to hide because they predict Satellizer will come looking for him. But guess what? He went out looking for Satellizer in her dorm instead! Such a rebellious kid. She is currently in the bath (why the hell didn’t she lock the front door) so Kazuya is tempted to read her diary! Bad kid. Thankfully she steps out and thinks he may have done so and pushes him away. Oh, her towel slipped off. Once both sides have calmed down, Kazuya reveals his intention to come here to find out about her answer in making him her Limiter. The answer is still no. That night Satellizer visits Ingrid and she attacks her because she believes one must strike the opponent while she is separated from their Limiter. So another power fight on the cards. But if Satellizer thinks she can beat Ingrid without her Limiter, she’s wrong because it doesn’t make her any weaker. In fact, she is much stronger and faster especially with her tonfa-like Volt Weapon, Divine Trust. Satellizer uses Accel Turn but Ingrid uses another high end skill called Tempest Turn that clones herself to beat her up. For the record, Ingrid is ranked 7th in her grade. With Leo coming into the picture, Ingrid once again gives her a chance to find a Limiter or else she’ll receive straight the punishment. And conveniently they’re outside the boys’ dorm. Would anybody care to be her Limiter? Oh, there’s one. No prizes guessing who. Kazuya is warned that by becoming her Limiter, he too will be an accomplice with Satellizer in disturbing the order. Heck, screw that. He can’t stand Satellizer being beaten up like this. Kazuya offers to be her Limiter but again she turns him down, citing she hates that dirty sensation of her entire body being licked all over. Ingrid explains her misunderstanding. Though it’s true there is some discomfort as they are sharing all senses, it is not dirty but a sacred bond achieved through deep trust. I guess time’s up so Ingrid charges. To everyone’s surprise Kazuya uses Freezing to stop her even if he hasn’t been Baptized yet. She thinks she should take him out first but was slashed by Satellizer. Kazuya wonders why Ingrid is so obsessed with the order so conveniently Ganessa was there to explain. A year ago before Satellizer transferred here, her grade went on a Carnival expedition but was ambushed by a Nova. Due to its sudden appearance, order within the ranks was thrown into chaos. If the first years did not abandon ship, Marin would’ve till been alive. By the time medics arrive, the Nova is suppressed and Marin died. Ingrid and Leo use Freezing on Satellizer but Kazuya stuns them again by using an omnidirectional Freezing that is normally used by Novas. Satellizer takes out Leo and then targets Ingrid. Ingrid activates Pandora Mode which allows Pandoras to move in Freezing Area without a Limiter. She is still obsessed in protecting the order to prevent unnecessary deaths like Marin. Kazuya using a stronger Freezing begs to differ. Though he may not know her well, but he believes she did not die in vain. She died while upholding her beliefs as a Pandora. He knows it because he too had a sister like that. Ganessa reveals the truth that the first years didn’t abandon ship. Marin purposely let them escape because she knew they couldn’t win as they were without Limiters. Marin stalled for time to let them escape to safety. Ingrid remembers Marin asking her about the first years before her final breath. Thankfully they were all safe. Hey Ganessa, why wait till today only to tell her? More impact? Ingrid feels guilty for even thinking that her best friend’s death was in vain. So end of fight. Kazuya thanks Satellizer for saving him for the second time.

Episode 5
Kaho and Arthur find it strange that Kazuya can use Freezing even without being Baptised. Kazuya himself doesn’t know and all he knew was he wanted to protect Satellizer. Again they try to tell him to stay away from her because even when he saved her, she didn’t even say a word of thanks. Speaking of which, here comes Satellizer. She wants to have a word with Kazuya. At the rooftop, she puts his hand over her cheeks and realizes that when he touches her, she doesn’t get this feeling. She agrees for him to be her Limiter with a condition they don’t do Baptism. I guess he’s happy enough with that. Rana Linchen has arrived all the way from the Tibetan Himalayas to West Genetics as the new transfer student and is fired up to find her Destined Man. Over lunch, Satellizer invites Kazuya to her room tonight. Could this be it? As Kazuya walks back, he spots Rana. Seems she got lost and is happy to see him because he’s the first person she met ever since stepping foot in this academy! WTF?! It took her the whole day?! Kazuya guides her to Margaret’s office and meets up with Kaho and Arthur. They learn about becoming Satellizer’s Limiter and his invitation to her room. They think this could only mean she may be just want to use his power because there is no Stigmata given as a symbol of bond and that the First Room Entry is some kind of custom for Baptism (I don’t blame you if you start having naughty thoughts. Besides it’s a custom for Pandoras to bond well with their younger counterpart). Outside the girls’ dorm, Kazuya bumps into 3 ladies. Once they know Satellizer has consented to join with him, they wish to celebrate with him by beating him up! Audrey Duval AKA Slash Maiden, Aika Takeuchi AKA Silver Leaf of Intoxication and Tris McKenzie AKA Twin Fang are the ladies who bitterly lost to Satellizer at an earlier Carnival. It doesn’t take a genius to guess that they’re doing this out of revenge. Kazuya is pinned down but the thing is, they too get rough with Kaho. They call it re-education or training, but it’s bullying-cum-punishment obviously. Tris and Kaho fight but of course a first year like Kaho is no match for her senior. If Arthur had not stood there and watch and go inform the teacher, he wouldn’t have got beaten up and stepped on especially where it hurts most. Seeing his buddies getting beaten up, Kazuya gets upset and unleashes his Freezing. The bullies are shocked. Meanwhile Rana once again lost her way to the dorm but sees Kazuya using Freezing. She saw the Kunlun Tears trembling. However Kazuya loses power and collapses. The bullies plan to leave a scar on his body but were stopped by Rana. She won’t let them harm this kid. Stronger and faster, she teaches those bullies a lesson they won’t forget. Elsewhere, Satellizer must be spending the entire evening just choosing which dress she will wear to meet Kazuya. But that’s not him at the door but Arthur. He brings her to the Recovery Centre where Kazuya is recuperating. Satellizer and Rana meet for the first time as the latter introduces herself as a transfer student beginning tomorrow. The former seems suspicious. The ‘it’s another woman’ kind of suspicion, get what I mean? Arthur chauffeurs Rana away to visit Kaho. Elise is surprised Satellizer is asking for Kazuya’s condition. His condition is stable, not life threatening and just overworked his body. At Kaho’s side, Rana explains that she was sent by her Elder to find her Destined Men as this is a fate for women who possess Kunlun Tears. Deciphering her terminology: Rana is a Pandora; Destined Man = Limiter; Kunlun Tears = Stigmata. She shows those Tears behind her back and she has 6 of them (Pandoras often have 2 only). Rana has already decided on her Limiter: Kazuya. But the duo mention he belongs to Satellizer. Oh, look at that expression. I smell a big cat fight coming up…

Episode 6
Kazuya wakes up with Satellizer sleeping by his side. He apologizes for not making it to her room but she is okay with it since they spent the night together. Nothing funny happened lah. Rana is in the same class with Satellizer. She is actually a year older than them but held back a year to learn the basics of being a Pandora. Guess where she sits next to? She gets straight in telling Satellizer that Kazuya is her Destined Man. During a free battle simulation, Rana fights against Ganessa. Rana’s Volt Weapons are her iron gloves and boots, making her a close combat type. She easily dodges all Ganessa’s moves and could’ve dealt the final blow if Yumi didn’t stop the match. Elsewhere, guess who are trying to tell Kazuya to stay away from Satellizer. So persistent, eh? They reveal 2 years ago before Satellizer was transferred here, she was from East Genetics and made a Limiter beyond recovery. That guy, Brooks Ribbon was just like Kazuya. Good looking, lots of girls chased after him and offered himself to be Satellizer’s Limiter. However Satellizer used him to a point whereby he couldn’t be a Limiter anymore. She served a year under house arrest and should’ve been a third year instead of a second year. Subsequently she beat up another second year Limiter who touched her by accident. Their talk is interrupted with Rana joining them. The duo leave so they both can get better acquainted. Rana gets picky on how Kazuya should call him and starts seducing him. They’re in the cafeteria, you know. Hope others don’t lose their appetite with her getting too close and intimate to him. And then… Satellizer comes in. She wants to have a word with Kazuya. Obviously that guy follows her. Attia soon takes her seat next to Rana and proceeds to tell her something ‘pitiful’. Gosh. That doesn’t sound good. At the rooftop, Satellizer wants Kazuya to call her casually too (don’t want to lose out to a certain transfer student) and invites him to eat lunch with her. Rana reflects what Attia told her. Because Kazuya and Satellizer became a pair without Baptism, this could only mean Kazuya has been tricked by her pretty face so she can use his ability. After that, she’ll just toss him aside and search for another one. Oh, great lie she’s telling but unfortunately gullible Rana believes her. Rana goes to see Satellizer in her room and wants them to settle a score at the simulation centre. She tells her to break up with Kazuya. Of course she can’t. Then why doesn’t she do Baptism? She’s not obliged to give her private reason, right? Haha. Because Rana touched her shoulder, she got punched. If that’s the way how she wants to settle it, so be it. Let the cat fight begin. If Satellizer wins, Rana will never bother them again. Vice versa. Rana wins and Satellizer breaks up with Kazuya. Instigator Attia is watching with glee as both powerful women duke it out. Both are evenly matched so Rana activates her Holy Gate Stigmata. This allows her to push her power to the limit so she becomes stronger and faster both in the short and long range. Though Satellizer gets pounded, she uses her Double Accel Turn and 3 attacks from 3 directions to return the favour. It ends with Satellizer stabbing her sword into Rana’s shoulder. But that is where she wants her so she can use her Burning Fang up close and do serious damage to her ribs and internal organs. Satellizer lost? Not yet. She gets up and claims it’s not over. Attia doesn’t like what she sees because these women are more dangerous than expected. Kazuya wanted to visit Satellizer’s room but finds nobody in. He overheard some girls talking about the said woman so Kazuya rushes all the way to the centre to stop them. Kazuya is adamant his partner is Satellizer and Rana’s perception of him being use is just a misunderstanding. Attia interrupts them. Mentioning just a little bit more and everything would’ve gone according to plan, she and her friends want them to do something more interesting.

Episode 7
Rana didn’t like the fact she’s been tricked and used. Attia reminds them about the hierarchy of this academy and with Satellizer causing trouble, this won’t set a good example for juniors and thus her plan to punish her. She gives her a choice of who she wants to fight. Either 4th ranked Arnett McMillan AKA Slashing Trickster or 5th ranked Creo Brand AKA Lightning Hammer. Satellizer will take them both. It might seem like bullying with 2 against 1 and especially an injured but with Rana in the fray, it’ll be fair and square, right? Kazuya tries to stop them but gets knocked out. I guess now there really is a reason to fight, right? Satellizer fights Arnett with her Scythe Machina and got slashed here and there because her attacks come in opposing direction instead of where she believed came from. Yeah, it may even be Triple Accel Turn for all you know. How fast can they get? Arnett finishes off Satellizer with a deep cut. Meanwhile Rana meets her match as Creo beats her up with her Infinity Fang. Attia is willing to take them to the Recovery Centre if they say sorry but Satellizer refuses to acknowledge defeat or kneel down to anyone. Attia got so pissed that she orders Arnett and Creo to tear off their Stigmata. They fear they may be hold responsible for causing them to retire as a Pandora but Attia insists they already have crossed that line. The will of their seniors especially Elizabeth’s have been passed to them so in order to preserve that, she’ll gladly accept the academy’s punishment. Yeah, but why order them and not do it herself then? Satellizer close to death sees a vision of her mom, Noelle Allouache. Flashback time. When Satellizer was just 9 years old, she and her mom went to live at the el Bridget’s family mansion. Noelle is Howard el Bridget’s mistress and by this you can make what Satellizer is, right? Howard’s wife, Olivia didn’t like or acknowledged her but was forced to take her in due to Howard’s will. Plus, Olivia is suffering from an illness. The eldest daughter, Violet is kind enough to them but the youngest son, Louis hates Satellizer. He subjects her to harsh and cruel treatment. Violet tries to speak up to Olivia but she turns a blind eye and continues to hate that woman, thinking they’re only here for the family treasure. One night, Louis enters Satellizer’s room and wants her to become his doll. All she has to do is does everything he says and he will make sure her mom gets to stay here. He starts molesting Satellizer and at this rate, he could be a future rapist. She tried to tell her mom that Louis is doing funny things to her body but she brushes it off and tells her to put up with it. This outrage continues well until Satellizer is grown up. You could say this is where her touching phobia stems from. One night, Violet caught Louis in the act and slapped him. Probably he was moving on to rape. Yeah, the excuse of playing with her isn’t going to cut it. Doesn’t that make it worse? In view of Satellizer’s safety, she couldn’t stay here anymore. Then she got news her mother is dying. Noelle’s last words were to never lose, be stronger, surrender to no one, stand tall and live proudly. Wow. That’s a lot. Then she passed on. Satellizer’s strong unyielding will made her stand up. Then she emits bright lights like those from Holy Gate. She is so bloody fast, faster than her Double Accel Turn that Arnett takes a beating with a move she barely could see. Likewise, Rana gets back up and turns the tables on Creo with her Holy Gate skill of cloning herself to counter Creo’s Tempest Turn. The result of exerting her Holy Gate made her cough up blood. Attia panics upon seeing this nightmare. She is about to do it alone but Arnett and Creo stand back up to finish the fight. They probably would have another go if Chiffon did not stop them. Arnett couldn’t care less and lunges ahead only to be halted by Ticy and a single move by Chiffon. A move so fast that we weren’t able to see what she did. Attia and Creo back down as advised because they don’t want to go messing with the academy’s 1st ranked Chiffon with her Illusion Turn. With a battle ended, another one begins. That is, who shall take Kazuya to the Recovery Centre. Seems Satellizer got it. Chiffon is seen talking to Elizabeth Mably and the latter has no intention of backing down about Satellizer. Chiffon warns that many high ranking third years have been defeated by Satellizer and the results of challenging her may only bring the dignity of third years down even further. Even if Satellizer is a second year, she possesses abilities greater than third years. She feels she should only think of ways to subdue her once she has understood that fact because using plans based on powers will not work. Also as warned by Margaret, peaceful days may not be stay much longer. With all the cat fights, I can see why.

Episode 8
Kazuya wakes up and the first thing he did was to apologize for his uselessness. Satellizer berates him for jumping in without thinking but actually she’s worried he would’ve been hurt bad. Rana didn’t like how Satellizer is making Kazuya feel small. Instead, his bravery is the reason why she likes him even more. She is okay if it is one-sided. For now. Satellizer is starting to reveal her true colours as a tsundere because deep down, she’s in fact happy Kazuya came for her. But the highlight of this episode is the Prom night. Yes, which academy is complete without one of these nights to foster the couples closer to each other? In this case, Pandora and her Limiter. But the main event is the Pandora Queen contest which is somewhat similar to your typical Prom Queen. Last year’s winner was Elizabeth and her stunning beauty is no exception. Speaking of her, she tells Attia and co to leave Satellizer alone. With high ranking third years unable to do the job, what difference would it make? Besides, she is interested in the possibilities of her power. Attia still isn’t giving up but it’s not like she’s going against Elizabeth’s order because to her, there are other ways to punish that b*tch instead of fighting. Satellizer is looking for Kazuya to apologize but she didn’t count on Rana beating her into asking him for the Prom. Arthur and Kaho are smart enough not to get involved in the impending ‘fireworks’. Satellizer insists Kazuya is going to the dance with her and before the ‘fireworks’ really take off, Kazuya announces he did have intentions to ask Satellizer. Rana admits her loss this time and kisses him on the cheek! Hah. It’s not over by a mile. Kazuya comes to pick Satellizer up at her room but her dress was too long so she tripped on top of him. Hmm… Where is his hand grabbing? However they are interrupted by Attia who challenges her to see who can rake in the most votes in the Pandora Queen contest. Satellizer accepts the challenge. Oh Attia, be wary of her gigantic boobs. Hope you have not picked on the wrong area to challenge head on. Chiffon and Ticy are watching with Kim and Elise. The student council girls wonder if Margaret is coming but the instructors mention of recent dimensional disturbances (whether it is Nova invasion is still uncertain) so she is busy having meetings every day with Chevalier and the army. All the candidates for Pandora Queen go up to stage and strut their stuff. Why must they wear such revealing clothes? Even Rana. Yeah, every vote from the guys counts. However Satellizer got cold feet and mentioned she accepted Attia’s challenge at the spur of the moment. Now she’s too embarrassed to go out on stage. Rana gives her rival an uplifting advice that the honour of a Pandora is also the honour of her Limiter. Because of that, they can do anything no matter how unpleasant. The crowd is stunned when Satellizer finally takes stage. Never in their wildest dream the Untouchable Queen would even enter such event. However she is saying and doing nothing. Just standing there embarrassed. But you know how guys and their twisted pervertness. They think it’s the new form of moe!!! Following this event is the dance whereby Pandoras dance with their Limiter partner. I guess Rana without a Limiter ends up with Kaho. Kazuya praises Satellizer for doing her best for him. She’s about to confess into doing the Baptism together when it’s time for the announcement of the top 5 Pandora Queen. Miyabi comes in at 5th but due to her underhanded ways, she got disqualified and is replaced by Ganessa. Then in ascending order, they are Rana, Attia, Elizabeth… Oh wait. Last year’s Pandora Queen took second place? Then who the heck got first? You guessed it. It’s Satellizer winning by a mile! Sore loser Attia isn’t about to give up yet. She tells a couple of those organizer girls that this year’s winner is supposed to wear some outfit. She even made up a story Elizabeth let this year’s victory slip away because she doesn’t want to wear it. Well, the girls believe her and put Satellizer in that skimpy dress. Is that even considered to be clothes? Apparently not. As Attia puts it, a prank item. When it reacts to body temperature, it will gradually turn transparent! Satellizer is paralyzed on stage while Attia has her last b*tch laugh. Satellizer screams for Kazuya’s help. In an instant he uses Freezing to freeze the surrounding area. Isn’t that too much? Then he takes her hand as they make a run out of this place.

Episode 9
Kazuya is being invited to East Genetics as he watches in awe, the academy’s number 1, Cathy Lockharte using her Quadruple Accel Turn (how fast can it get?!) to defeat 2 Novas simultaneously. The reason Kazuya was invited was because as Margaret points out, Cathy is one of the Chosen Pandora who inherited a Heroic Stigmata from Kazuha. However even if Kazuya praises her, Cathy is bent on retiring rather than being promoted to fourth year and joining the Chevalier reserves. She feels somebody more deserving should inherit the Stigmata and that her dream is to be a novelist. Even if it sounds embarrassing to her, Kazuya thinks it’s a wonderful dream and looks forward to her first novel. On the way back, Margaret laments Cathy’s retirement because she could’ve been Kazuha’s equal. Having a Heroic Stigmata, there has never been another capable of producing her level of compatibility throughout the world. Seeing Kazuha had 20 of them, Margaret lets Kazuya know that Satellizer inherited 6 of them. Cathy talks to her instructor Milena Marius. She entered Genetics because her father was a politician and wanted her to attain some distinction. She wouldn’t have enrolled here if he hadn’t made her. But even if she has retired, it’s not like she will stop fighting against Novas. She’ll still continue to protect those she loves. What scares her is that becoming someone that guides other Pandora. She knows she doesn’t possess the true strength of a Pandora and realizes herself as a coward. A fight with Satellizer made her realize that. On that day when Brooks was incapacitated, though he admitted he was forceful, if Cathy wasn’t there, he might have died for real. Cathy fought Satellizer but realized the outcome was apparent. Satellizer had that look in her eyes that never gave up, always standing back up no matter how many times you knock her down. She saw the difference in their reasons to fight, the burdens they carry. In the end, the third years came to suppress her but it made her realize she had no right to lead her fellow Pandoras against Novas. A dimensional disturbance is detected near East Genetics and all fourth and third years are put on standby. What they see next is truly shocking. Four S-Type Novas! Something unprecedented. Prior to this, it has always been 1 Nova at a time. I don’t know why they even bother using a normal military helicopter to fire missiles into it. Didn’t past experience tell you it’s useless? See, they died for nothing. And the Novas aren’t even slowing a bit. Due to shortage of Chevalier, East Genetics are roped in. They did well using tactics of decoys, strikers and finishers for the first Nova to expose its core. However when it is Cathy’s turn to finish the job, it was faster than her Quadruple Accel Turn to stop her from getting close to its core. Then another unprecedented act. The Nova fires a high energy blast! Satellizer is frustrated because she can’t be of any use during this point of crisis. She hears comments of some of the Pandoras feeling glad they aren’t third or fourth years because they are scared in fighting the Novas. Can’t blame them. Kazuya talks to Kaho and Arthur about Ereinbar Set and Baptism with Satellizer. Kazuya realizes why he thought Satellizer looked like his sister. The rest concludes it’s because Satellizer looked like Kazuha due to the Heroic Stigmata she inherited, the reason why Kazuya voluntarily wanted to be her Limiter. Oh, guess who is eavesdropping nearby? Oh, that girl. So broken-hearted. And she thought he was special and was ready to give her heart to him. Is this the right time to be sad? Meanwhile chaos and madness is what is left at the battlefield. The Nova did another unprecedented move by grabbing Cathy with its tentacles. No hentai play, please. More accurately, it is trying to fuse the Stigmata of Cathy and the other Pandoras by neutralizing their Volt Texture. Cathy tries to use her Quadruple Accel Turn but it is futile and got swallowed.

Episode 10
Here’s another surprise. All the Novas suddenly disappeared. End of invasion? Not quite. They reappear close to West Genetics and are surrounding it. Oh sh*t. So attacking East Genetics was just a diversion? Better scramble and on the double! Margaret narrates her observation of past Nova behaviours. When they appear, they seem like they are looking for something and the maximum time remained was 5 hours 37 minutes before self destructing. As West Genetics move out, Satellizer plans on going to fight too even if second years are on standby. She couldn’t care less about Kazuya but what made her stop? Ah, Rana trying to take him away. But still Satellizer isn’t fazed. Rana takes this as she has admitted defeat. Taboo word. Satellizer the eternal I’ll-never-lose woman. They gear up to face off but once again, it is Kazuya who has to come between them and remind them that this is not what being a Pandora is about. Besides, her sister too said never to lose. As the Pandoras take position near the Novas, they see one of them suddenly growing tumour. Actually, they are the East Genetic Pandoras it absorbed. However, they have become possessed zombies under its command. Each of them has a diamond-shaped Stigmata formed on their chest. Something Margaret recognizes and fears as Nova Form. These Pandoras bypass the defence and head straight to the academy grounds. Miyabi laments she has to watch the gates but soon she’ll have to eat her words because the Nova Form Pandoras bust their way in. They ignore Miyabi but when she attacks, she got blasted away for good. So much for defence. Kazuya finds out the reason behind Satellizer’s bad mood. She insists she is not his sister’s replacement. She thought she is special to him just because she inherited Kazuha’s Stigmata. Before Kazuya could dispel the misunderstanding, they get a call from Margaret. Satellizer, Rana, Ganessa and their respective Limiters are to meet her at the Ravensborne Nucleochede. Lesbian Nude Chichi (tits) what? That sums up what this show is about. Just kidding. It’s a chamber deep beneath underground that Margaret wants them to defend at all cost. Inside this chamber is Holy Body. Inside this capsule is Maria Lancelot, the body of the person who become the source for Pandoras to be created. Stigmata have been mass produced using this body and by transplanting it into women, they created Pandoras, the only means to fight Nova. Since the composition of the Stigmata is the same as a Nova’s core, it means very Pandora possesses the latent possibility to turn into Nova Form since to create a Pandora is to implant Nova tissue into humans. Just like how Kazuha did. Holy sh*t! You mean it’s like Bleach in which everyone including shinigamis has that potential to turn into a Hollow?! You mean it’s like in that Madoka series that every magical girl has the potential to become a witch? Because of the fact that the Stigmata can be a double edged sword for humanity, they begun to limit the number of Stigmata injected. But now the Novas are even capable of doing things like this. Speaking of the Nova Form Pandoras, they have already broken into the facility. They are so fast that the shutting walls could barely contain them. Due to the several security layers, they are trapped in an area as command centre releases some gas to disarm them. The walls are even hard enough that their blades but they regenerate. However the joy is short-lived when they blast a beam destroying the walls. Nothing can stop them. So how much do you know about your Novas?

Episode 11
Two of the four Novas have been destroyed. Wow. So long and so much destruction just to take out half the numbers. Margaret reminds the Ravensborne-defending Pandoras about defending it at all cost because if it falls into enemy’s hands, they will have nothing to research on to stop the Novas. The Nova Form Pandoras encounter the first line of defence in the form of Attia, Arnett, Creo and Ingrid. Unfortunately their Limiters got taken out and a couple (Cathy and Milena) got through. But Margaret wants them to stand their ground and keep the rest from advancing as there are other lines of defence. The second line of defence is Elizabeth and Andre her Limiter. Elizabeth’s Stigmata Satellite System demonstrates that one is able to turn those girls back to normal without killing them by destroying the Stigmata. Oh sure. I know the enemy won’t tell you that but hasn’t anybody previously been curious enough to try destroying that piece sticking out like sore thumb on their chest? With this information, the rest pummel the other Nova Form Pandoras and destroy the enemy’s Stigmata. However Cathy unleashes a move that blasts a big hole in the ground and right down to the final defence at the bottom. It boggles me too. Why didn’t they just make a straight path down instead of being toyed around by the wall barriers? They are strong enough to destroy the walls and the floor, right? The first thing Cathy did was to pierce her blades into Rana’s shoulder blade. Still, Rana is strong enough to break free but Cathy’s blade regenerates. Ganessa thought she could help by covering Rana but ended up a liability because she can’t use Accel Turn. Rana had to cover her ass or else she end up as a casualty. Kazuya’s Freezing enables Rana to avoid the same fate. Rana runs out of steam and collapses. Ganessa got so scared she passes out. WTF?! All big talk only, eh? Now it’s Satellizer’s turn to do some serious butt kicking. She insists she doesn’t need Kazuya. Not only because she isn’t his sister’s replacement, she has a score to settle with Cathy. Well, they’re on different ends on sanity the last time they fought. Satellizer takes a beating when she couldn’t match Cathy’s speed. But she wouldn’t lose or give in. This means, she still wants Kazuya to stay out. Getting back up, Satellizer uses a high speed move, No Interval Double Accel (Accel Turn that looks like Tempest Turn. Man, how fast can it get?!) to damage the Stigmata but short of destroying it. This temporarily brings Cathy’s consciousness back but the Stigmata starts suppressing it against her will. Satellizer again uses No Interval Double Accel but finds she can’t keep up with Cathy’s speed. She could’ve lost if Kazuya hadn’t use Freezing on Cathy. He tries to make Cathy remember about their promise and that she’s not supposed to do something like this. Wait. Can mere words wake her up? Oh I forgot. Kazuya isn’t your normal kid. True enough, his words reach Cathy. She tries to fight the control. Kazuya is also Freezing so hard to the point he is bleeding. Satellizer still insists she doesn’t need him. Now he’s got an answer for her. Even if she doesn’t, he still does because she is his partner. She is an important person who inherited Kazuha’s Stigmata. He wants to protect everything that is important. Those words finally made Satellizer realize Kazuya didn’t wish for her to be his replacement sister. Besides, it’s not that she can become that heroine in the first place. Though it’s true he may have chose her because of Kazuha’s Stigmata, but without that, she wouldn’t have met him and would never have gotten a partner. So are you glad you met that kid now? Are you glad you got Kazuha’s Stigmata? She still won’t lose, though. Kazuya is at his limit and got blasted away. Satellizer too could have died if not for Cathy struggling to fight the mind control. She is in pain. Anguish. Torture. Pleading for Satellizer to stop her (do those blood tears convince you?). But why is Satellizer just standing there wondering what is going on? She had ample chance to strike the Stigmata but no… She was just starring in awe till Cathy starts glowing. Meanwhile Attia and co rush back to Elizabeth. She seems to have miscalculated her aim because when she let her guard down, Milena got up and drilled a hole right down to the Holy Body.

Episode 12
It’s not that the chamber is left totally unguarded. Chiffon and Ticy are there to keep Milena company. Cathy unleashes a powerful blast meant for Satellizer. But guess who stood up to protect her? No, not Kazuya. Ganessa! I wonder how her tiny body is able to block that big blast. But seriously, the blast is so devastating that Ganessa’s arm got ripped off!!! Holy sh*t!!! She might still be giving an excuse to protect weaker people as a Pandora’s duty but we know she means it on a deeper scale. Arthur is hysterically that his beloved senpai is dying and instead of talking, why didn’t he start carrying her? Look, she’s dead. Okay, maybe it doesn’t change the fact that she’ll die since they’re so deep underground and by the time they reach the nearest Recovery Centre, she’ll already be dead. Seriously, Ganessa dead? NOOOO!!! Satellizer has never felt so much rage inside her that she is entering what is believed to be Nova Mode or Abnormal Stigmata Assimilation on her own will. So fast, so powerful, so full of rage that she blocked every move Cathy struck. So angry that she tore off both Cathy’s arms!!!!! So pissed off she ripped the Stigmata out of her chest!!!!!! Man, she is one mad woman. Satellizer would probably have listened to Cathy’s plea to kill her (she got her consciousness back) but Kazuya stopped the rampaging Satellizer. He doesn’t want to see friends killing friends. Can mere words and hug stop her this time? Maybe Kazuya needs to try harder. To show that Satellizer is still in control of her destiny, she didn’t kill Cathy and reverts back. Oh, as not to end on a sour note, Ganessa is still alive. Better hurry and get medical attention to her. Cathy wonders why she didn’t kill her so Satellizer replies she doesn’t want to disappoint Kazuya as he has thought her an important lesson of those who bear the Stigmata and the sole purpose of a Pandora. Chiffon and Ticy aren’t the academy’s number 1 and 3 respectively for nothing. They disarm Milena and with the Nova down to only 1, it’s a matter of time they defeat it. But they’re not out of the woods yet. The Nova suddenly disappears. Using Milena’s Stigmata as a coordinate, it reappears right in the chamber! Oh, how does something so big fit into there? Never mind. So it’s time for the Pandoras to go into action but wait. Something strange is happening to Satellizer. Her Stigmata Abnormal Activation Rate has been surpassed and she is turning into a Nova herself! I know she tore out Cathy’s Stigmata, but how the heck did it get absorbed into her chest? Satellizer unleashes a powerful Freezing Area, immobilizing all the Pandoras. They think they have a trick up their sleeve as they activate Pandora Mode. But that is only short-lived because Satellizer’s Freezing is more powerful and cancels Pandora Mode.  The real Satellizer is sitting alone within herself, pleading Kazuya for help. Now she really needs him, eh? Kazuya uses Freezing on her and says he believes in her. Satellizer meets Kazuha who tells her to protect her precious people because she has the Stigmata to do that. She gets to extra power to break free from her Nova Form as the Stigmata itself breaks. Kazuya’s Ereinbar Set engulfs the ladies and they felt his warmth. They use this opportunity to strike the Nova’s core. In the aftermath as everybody is picking up the pieces, Kazuya sees off Cathy and Milena. Cathy thinks of joining Chevalier. What about her novel? She’ll do that too. I guess after all the amazing things that have happened today, doing both at the same time is nothing. Kazuya and his friends visit Ganessa recuperating in hospital (don’t worry, her arm is patched back thanks to her Stigmata as with the same with Cathy). Surprisingly, Satellizer also pays a visit as she thanks her for protecting her then. Something she would never have done. So she’s totally change, eh? I can think of one good reason. And remember Kazuya’s visit to her room? Yeah, they haven’t forgotten about that yet. And yes, it’s Baptism for real. Probably she took too long in choosing which dress she should wear that Kazuya and Rana are already at her doorstep. In her panic, she trips so when the duo see her in an ambiguous position, Rana thought she’s planning on doing something sly to seduce Kazuya. Rana doesn’t want to lose out and strips too. I guess the only aspect of Satellizer that hasn’t changed is her attitude of not wanting to lose. Yeah, she takes off her bra… What else has she got to lose?

These are 3-minute specials that come with the DVD. There are a total of 6 of them and the only reason you watch this is of course, the nudity and fanservice. Not the plot or anything else. Duh. Like we need more of them since the TV series is filled with it. Ah strangely, you can never get tired of the same fanservice :p. I guess even if they have that tough ‘armour’ on the outside, they’re still sensitive vulnerable ladies on the inside.

Special 1 – During a Carnival, Satellizer’s accidental sneeze causes her Volt Texture to turn her clothes transparent. In short, she’s naked. Rana starts fondling her humungous melons and embarrassed Satellizer does the same to Rana for they misinterpret some idiom. Rana notices Kazuya’s eyes nailed to Satellizer’s bare skin so she too strips herself and gets dirty with Kazuya. Seeing Arthur’s eyes are wandering too, Ganessa also strips and uses a certain part (let’s say it’s that part down there) to attack Rana. The cause of their Volt Texture becoming unstable? Catching a cold. Achoo!

Special 2The third year ladies are bugging Satellizer about her First Room Entry with Kazuya on what she should do. Why the hell is Kazuya in the girls’ bath too? Anyway Elizabeth tells them off because they too didn’t properly do their First Room Entry. Elizabeth reveals all their embarrassing First Room Entry failures (all of which I feel are laughable). She feels they aren’t qualified to teach others so they want her to teach them the true way. When Chiffon learns what they are talking about, she starts laughing so uncontrollably hard. Perhaps Elizabeth’s First Room Entry was the worst? Yeah, she can’t even say…

Special 3 – It’s the physical examinations and Rana has this penchant of measuring one’s bust with accuracy by just feeling and rubbing. Some skill… Ganessa has that evil smirk on her face when she thought her bust size increased based on Rana’s measurement. Of course the one who dreads this day is the flat-chest Attia. Chiffon sees her alone and proceeds to measure her herself. She notes her cute tiny breasts are her charm. An insult? Attia vows to turn them bigger with her Volt Texture (can she?). Meanwhile all the guys are eavesdropping outside. This must be paradise…

Special 4 – I’m not sure what this swim meet is about but in this free-for-all race, the girls start getting dirty by trying to sabotage each other. That means, unstrapping and stealing their swimsuit. I don’t think this is a race anymore. All the girls are naked. And why is Kazuya the only guy in this race? He thought with the girls fighting, he will win this since he has been in the lead since the start. But the winner turns out to be a Nova?! WTF?!

Special 5 – Margaret, Yumi and Elise have detected a critical error that will corrupt the data in the Volt Texture system. They fear something terrible is going to happen. Meanwhile, I’m not sure what the heck is this PE class is about because the girls are to do group exercises while the boys watch with glee (they call it studying relations). The girls put up weird group poses with equally grand if not disturbing names. Finally the error in the Volt Texture gives in and all the girls’ clothes disappear. Wow. It must be paradise again for the boys. See how everyone starts snapping away with their cameras. Why the hell in the first place do they have cameras?! As for the principal and instructors, they too become naked. Look at those gawking eyes of the military men. Guys will always be guys.

Special 6 – In this special training session, not only the Pandoras must try and get out of Kazuya’s Freezing Area without activating Pandora Mode, they must also fight against this sensation that they are feeling with his Ereinbar Set. Hmm… Must be something stimulating, eh? Why is Yumi even joining in? How does everyone escape? The girls gang up and strip Satellizer’s clothes to reveal her sensitive parts! I’m sure Kazuya is knocked out after seeing this ‘amazing scene’, eh? Poor Satellizer is inconsolable. The Untouchable Queen just got violated…

Free For All!
At the rate the TV series was going, I thought it was going to be filled with cat fights, b*tch slaps and slugging out of petty egos. Well, at least for the first 2/3 of the series. Then with the final third having the girls needing to fight off Novas, I just felt this final bit was to remind us what the original plot of this show was about. That’s right. Fighting Novas. Not among each other. Ironically an academy which is set up to train Pandoras to fight against Novas, here we see them obsessed with keeping the order. Is it a wonder why we human race do not stand a chance against the Novas? With b*tches like this, it’s no wonder human race is doomed. Not even Superman can save the day. If they can display that kind of violent grit during Carnival, why can’t they do so when faced against Novas? Yeah, when you see the real thing, it’s going to be real sh*t. I guess everybody is also ‘blind’ in the sense that most of the girls who don’t like Satellizer try to pick on her and think they are damn powerful. Just because she lost her status as number one doesn’t make her any less weak. Besides, don’t they know that she is actually a third year and only held back due to her delinquent status? That’s why I say they are blind. They think she has been beaten and touched, a second year and therefore can be easily thought a good lesson. But thank goodness that they themselves receive the painful end of their own actions. You reap what you sow.

I guess there are lots more potential for this show since in the final episode, there is this professor, Kengo Aoi (I believe he is Kazuya’s dad or uncle) mentioning that it is their right decision to choose Satellizer. As because the Stigmata serving as a double edged sword, they will give birth to stronger Pandoras. I suppose this means if they are to make a sequel, they will have more characters, abilities, terms, shocking secrets, twists, revolutions and yes, the catty fights complete with fanservice. The Novas portrayed here are truly a scary creature. For one thing, there is nothing much you know about them. Because of this fact, it makes them dangerous and ‘scarier’ because you know nothing about them. You don’t know why they are here, what they are looking for, their goals and such. Even as I was watching, I couldn’t help feel a little frightened whenever a Nova appeared. Especially when they start making that creepy voice. It sounds so eerie and hollow. Yikes.

The main characters are nothing to shout about. Satellizer is your typical cold and unfriendly heroine at first. Because of a persistent boy, she finally opens up and finds that being touched isn’t that bad. It’s always that traumatic period when you’re a kid that sets the tone and scars for the rest of your life. As the series progresses, I kinda noticed that everyone doesn’t fear Satellizer like they use to. Hmm… Maybe it’s because of her title as Pandora Queen that softens her outlook. Still, she has a potential to develop into a tsundere especially when cheerful honest-to-goodness Rana comes into the picture, expect some tussling. Though Kazuya has his sights set on Satellizer, you might never know in the future. Maybe they should have more of this love triangle in the future. Seeing the ladies got a taste of Kazuya’s Ereinbar Set, I’ll be guessing some would even start falling for him. Besides, that kid is also a mystery himself. Like how can he defy conventional science by using Freezing by himself without being Baptized. Don’t tell me he is a Nova too! I won’t cast away that possibility… Otherwise, you can say he is a nice kid and with a pinch of rebellion within. He keeps doing the opposite of what his friends tell him. But they are the right things. You can’t ostracize people based on rumour or just because one looks scary. Kaho and Arthur are minor characters that have a knack of popping up eavesdropping ‘important’ conversations so I feel this is not to make them being neglected. I mean, what business and role would Kaho have in the series seeing she isn’t a full Pandora herself and even so without a Limiter. As all other Limiters to the Pandoras are so minor (not to mention some of them look the same), their role is so forgettable so where would Arthur stand if he isn’t put into this kind of role? As for the other ladies who fought Satellizer, they may sound like as though they are just big talk but they do have the fighting skills to give her a good fight. Except Miyabi. Of course eventually they will lose out because you know, Satellizer is a bad loser.

Something still bugs me. If Pandoras are able to move inside Freezing Area without Limiters via Pandora Mode, why the heck do they need Limiters in the first place for? Perhaps it’s still under experimentation stage and they do not know the side effects when used often. Seeing this skill called Accel Turn in which Pandoras can use it to accelerate themselves at high speed to attack, it just dumbfounds me that there are double, triple and then quadruple faster speeds than the usual. I guess in the future I won’t be surprised that there will be faster terms to coin this. And if they are so fast, I’m sure you wouldn’t have seen anything, right? They’ll land the blow faster than they can even finish their sentences. It also boggles me that every Pandora has their own nickname. Though it suits their personality and attacking style, I just thought it sounds grand and doesn’t have any real impact in real battles whatsoever. Are the Novas going to stop in fear when they hear those names? Hearing them just made me go WTF sometimes. Even the term Pandora is a question itself. You know what a Pandora Box is, right? One word: Trouble. Ironic, eh? Considering that Pandoras can become Novas and when not fighting the enemy, they fight among themselves.

The action doesn’t disappoint but the fanservice always get in the way. Get what I mean? If you notice this, during the intense fights, the first part of the clothes to be ripped and torn apart are the breasts. It makes you wonder why they don’t make a stronger defence point at this place. Besides, seeing that all the Pandoras are armed with Volt Texture, couldn’t they just let it not rip? For realism? For fanservice is more like it. So for the most duration of the fight, you will see the ladies fighting out with their bare breasts and for extra added service, you’ll get to see some fighting in their undies. If Volt Texture can regenerate the clothes back to normal, then shouldn’t it automatically restore the torn part? The skirt is also so short that it makes you wonder why the hell do they need to wear it in the first place. Who approved of this kind of uniform anyway? They don’t need to even bend a bit, you just tilt your head a little and wahlah! You get a glimpse of panty shot satisfaction. Like as though the skirts were made this short for this purpose (which I think it is). Also, why is it Satellizer gets to wear a different uniform from the rest? It’s not like this was her previous academy’s uniform either.

The mid-intermission is another section to get your fanservice fix. In addition, you can glimpse the biodata of the focused Pandora of the series such as height, blood type, hobbies, nationality, favourite food and the all important 3-sizes. Guess what is Chiffon’s favourite food? Yeah, maybe she’s just living up to her name, eh? But the most mind boggling data is the one which states the weakness point when they are touched. What the heck is this info for? What usefulness would this provide? For instance, Satellizer’s weakness is to be touched on the boobs and under the arms for Ganessa. Huh? So are they saying you can ‘paralyze’ a Pandora simply by touching this area? I don’t know, it wasn’t really demonstrated in the series except for the single scene in which Kazuya hugged Satellizer for the first time. Rana is the only one without any form of weakness (heck, that girl came from the Himalayans, you expect her to have some form of sensitive spot?) while Ingrid is the total opposite having her weakness just about anywhere. I hope the Novas don’t find this information out because they can turn the entire Pandora squad into some hentai flick if they so wish. Another odd thing about the biodata information is that the final episode is focused on Kazuya! And here I thought which of the girls are left out (some episode features 2 Pandoras instead) and was guessing who would the final girl be. It could even be Satellizer again but no… Why would they put up the biodata of a guy?! Even his 3-sizes?! NOT STIMULATING! NOT FUNNY! And why does he have his hair as his weakness point?! Oh, I don’t know what else to say anymore. Sometimes the other reason than fanservice why you won’t want to watch this is the gore and blood. There are several scenes in which girls are violently slashed, their limbs falling apart and blood smearing everywhere. It is very graphic so if you can’t stomach this kind of scenes, don’t watch this.

For an ecchi series like this, there are quite a number of popular seiyuus. For instance, my favourite Mamiko Noto lends her voice to Satellizer. She also doubles as Kazuha so each time Kazuya thinks how similar his sister is to that ice queen, I can’t help smirk and say, “That’s because they are the same voice actress!”. I guess if not for her, I wouldn’t be really watching this series either. Sheesh… I had this feeling Rie Kugimiya was behind Cathy’s voice. If she doesn’t do her tsundere loli trademark, I wouldn’t spot her at first go. But still, her squeaky voice is still recognizable. Kana Hanazawa as Rana is so much recognizable like as though she is a much livelier version of Kobato. Other casts include Mitsuhiro Ichiki as Kazuya (Yukio in Bleach, Takeyama in Angel Beats), Eri Kitamura as Ganessa (Rin in Kodomo No Jikan), Kana Ueda as Attia (Rin in Fate/Stay Night), Marina Inoue as Chiffon (Laura in Infinite Stratos), Aya Uchida as Ticy (Ascoeur in Kiddy Girl -and), Yuko Kaida as Elizabeth (Ryomou in Ikkitousen), Ami Koshimizu as Ingrid (Horo in Spice And Wolf), Yuu Asakawa as Arnett (Sakaki in Azumanga Daioh), Izumi Kitta as Creo (Cordelia in Tantei Opera Milky Holmes), Natsuko Kuwatani as Miyabi (Suisei Seki in Rozen Maiden), Rumi Ookubo as Kaho (Chinatsu in YuruYuri), Nobuhiko Okamoto as Arthur (Usui in Kaichou Wa Maid-sama), Akeno Watanabe as Yumi (Rito in To Love-Ru) and Fumie Mizusawa as Elise (Juliet in Romeo x Juliet).

Hmm… Don’t you think Pandoras and their younger Limiters make them as cougars? Older women, younger boys… Sometimes it looks like the academy seems like a big match-making organization. So power up humans to save the world from highly advanced aliens? Sounds like a nice idea but first we have to get pass the prejudice and hatred among ourselves. Or else the aliens would just watch in glee how we kill and take each other out. They don’t even have to lift a finger to destroy us. We do a good job in that. Naturally. I hope there won’t be any kind of story whereby only otakus can save the day from menacing super aliens. At that point I’ll just be Fleeing. Don’t want to stick around to find out what happens next. Or worse, get my arms ripped off!

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