Kimi To Boku

July 29, 2012

Hey! They’ve finally made a sequel for Ouran High School Host Club! Oh wait. It’s not. When I first laid my eyes on Kimi To Boku, I thought how similar it was to Ouran High School Host Club in terms of the main group of characters. Let’s see, both series have got this prankster twins, then we have a serious bespectacled guy, a lively one who acts like the idiot of the pack and yeah, an effeminate one that some can’t tell whether he is a guy or girl. Other than that, everything else differs and that means the storyline too. In Ouran, we have the host club members hosting rich girls in their school for a profit. Whereas in Kimi To Boku, it is just a focus on the daily lives of these high school boys who have been friends since childhood. Feels like nothing much, eh? Well, that’s why you have the twins to spice up things, no?

After seeing so much of these kind of genre lately and it all involves around a group of girls (A Channel, Lucky Star, Hyakko, Azumanga Daioh to name a few), it is somewhat a little refreshing to see one that revolves around a group of boys. Good news (for me) is that there isn’t going to be any yaoi stuffs. Just plain ol’ friendship among the guys that include moody Kaname Tsukahara, twins Yuuta and Yuuki Asaba, effeminate Shun Matsuoka and the returning overseas half-Japanese kid Chizuru Tachibana as they hang out with each other in their everyday life through adolescent-hood. Seems like fun?

Episode 1
Shun, Kaname and the twins are getting ready on their first day as second year high school students. The quartet have lunch together at their favourite spot on the roof with the twins as usual love picking on Kaname just to make him mad. Kaname and Yuuki have been put in the same class but Yuuki is the kind that doesn’t really ‘socialize’ with others. While others may look at is as ignoring others, Yuuki feels their words doesn’t resonate with him. The topic changes to one whereby Kaname was in love with their kindergarten teacher, Kaori-sensei and their belief that the person who slept in the middle will have years of his lifespan shortened. Shun really believed in it and thought Yuuta was going to die and invited Kaname to sleep with them so there won’t be an odd number to make someone in the middle. But the twins couldn’t sleep in peace even though they’re sandwiched between Shun and Kaname because as twins, naturally everyone will look at them as one individual, right? So Shun and Kaname switch to the middle but still, the twins can’t sleep when they’re apart. So it ends with Yuuki and Shun in between. But when Kaori comes to sleep next to Kaname, Shun ends up as the middle person! I guess he couldn’t get some sleep… Another reason for Kaname’s grumpiness is that he wants Yuuki to join a club. Not that he is really interested in joining any but Kaname insists. So he is forced to try out several clubs like basketball but Yuuki’s just being a pain. Just standing there like a stone… Maybe he really isn’t interested after all. And even if he did try, he bests everyone! Too good! At a dead end, their teacher, Kouichi Azuma advises to check out other clubs because sometimes people don’t always want to do what they’re good at. They check out more clubs but Yuuki continues to fool around (for instance, he thinks Kaname wanted his indirect kiss from the tea cup!). So eventually when Kaname finds out Yuuki’s love for anime and manga, he got so pissed off he should’ve said it from the start and saved them the wild goose chase. Kaname may seem mad but as Shun puts it, he has always cared for all of them. When Shun was worried he was sleeping as the middle person, Kaname offered to switch places even if it means giving up sleeping next to Kaori. Yuuki takes his first step into the manga club but finds nobody. I guess even if Kaname is upset that it feels like a Going Home Club, at least he got his goal of getting Yuuki to join a club, right?

Episode 2
While Shun is waiting for the rest at the rooftop, he spots a petite girl, Masaki Satou with a bruised knee nearby. He tries to help her but she asserts she doesn’t need his help and runs away. Eventually he catches up and gives her a band aid. When he returns to the rooftop, his pals are already eating and thought Shun was late. Masaki returns to spy on them and as Kaname got chopsticks splinter in his finger, this prompts another flashback during kindergarten whereby Kaori would whisk away the pain with some magical words. Shun finds a letter in his shoe locker. Not a love letter. A bad luck curse letter! Kaname feels it may be a prank and he might know who the culprit is. See Masaki staring intensely close by? Who else could it be? Over the next few scenes, Shun experiences ‘bad luck’ like Masaki pulling his chair away, switching his books to porn magazines and splashing the tap over his face. Man, what’s her problem. Kaname and Shun spot an obvious trap to trip the latter. They pull the string put only a mannequin is dragged out. A trap within a trap because the teacher thought they were pulling a prank and they got reprimanded. I guess slowly the rest of Shun’s pals also get a part of his bad luck. After Masaki partially blinds him with the mirror, Yuuki went after her but ends up in a room filled with girls changing. Thinking back what Shun did to earn her wrath, they think it must be the funny band aid he gave her. They observe her and notice she gets mad when people try to help her even though she has a hard time doing the task herself. Another flashback during their kindergarten days. This time when Shun was frantic about the tulips they planted will die during winter so he started digging the snow away with his bare hands. But he was told about the tulip’s toughness and how snow will eventually melt. In the end, their tulips bloomed beautifully. Suddenly a rock meant for Shun is thrown at Yuuta. He is bleeding! Shun can’t take anymore of this and chases down Masaki. He tells her off not to get unrelated people involved. She too says all she wanted was just to scare him and blames him that she doesn’t need his help. Then Yuuta flips up her skirt! WTF?! Before you jump the gun that he is a pervert, he did that to ascertain the band aid she is still wearing. He asks her if she was happy. Masaki starts breaking down that she was indeed happy. People usually ignored her. Shun feels he wasn’t bothering her or anything and apologizes if he had overstepped his boundaries. He might chase her again since he still got more band aids. Plus, it’s hard to tell her to stop if he doesn’t know her name. So they both made up as Yuuta notes how his feelings (for the tulips) weren’t for nothing.

Episode 3
Erm… Why is there an extra person in the group now? Since when has Masaki become part of the circle? I guess you can say she’s here because of Shun. Yeah, you know why lah. And Shun was dense enough not to realize why her face was red. Maybe she’s sick? Yeah, lovesick perhaps… Yuuki’s class gets a new transfer student: Chizuru. The instant Chizuru takes his seat next to Yuuki, he gets so excited and loud that he is that kid he once played in the park before. Eh, who? Of course Chizuru thought he is seeing double when he sees the twins as he makes himself comfortable with the gang. Yeah, it’s going to get livelier with this blonde around. However Yuuki still doesn’t remember who he is and considers him a stranger. So did he get the wrong person? Then seeing Shun, he thought ‘she’ is Yuuki’s girlfriend! Attempts to tell him that ‘she’ is a boy failed. That flat chest reason… After school as the twins are at the bookstore, Chizuru talks to them once more. He tries to make them remember about the special toy he gave him back then. Yuuta seems to have fuzzy memories of it but doesn’t remember much in detail. Even so, he doesn’t remember him. Though Chizuru stopped bothering them, he accidentally gets into trouble when a group of delinquents thought he was laughing at them (he was laughing to himself). Chizuru tries to be tough but the guys are tougher. Then, the twins pass by. With a slick distraction, the trio make a run for it. Another flashback moment. When the twins were young, Yuuta was sick so Yuuki was out at the playground alone. He met a kid and they didn’t speak the same language (Chizuru was speaking German) but that didn’t stop them from playing together. Yuuki then taught him how to obtain a Gachapon and to his dismay, first timer Chizuru got a Gachapon figurine he had always wanted but never got. Chizuru offered to give it to him but he didn’t want it as he felt it was better to get it on his own. As they continue playing together, one day Chizuru fell off a tree and cut his waist. Yuuki wanted to get help from an adult but Chizuru dismissed it as nothing. Yuuki apologizes but of course it’s not like Chizuru could understand. Once Yuuta is well, it’s Yuuki’s turn to get sick. Yuuta is on the way out when Chizuru comes by to give him the Gachapon. His family is supposed to be leaving Japan. Of course Yuuta didn’t know what is going on and just accepted the Gachapon from the stranger. Yuuta gives the Gachapon to Yuuki as he wanted it so much and told him about how he got it from that blonde stranger. With their memories clear now, Chizuru had fun then so even if he got hurt, he didn’t want Yuuki to apologize. And so… The circle of friends expands with yet another member… Talkative, isn’t he? So when Chizuru finally learns Shun is really a guy, the shock has him passed out. The twins wish he’d never wake up. Or else he’d never shut up. Oh…

Episode 4
I don’t know how but Chizuru manages to get his friends to attend this night ‘mixer’ in the park. Not that everyone is enthusiastic about it. So Chizuru has everyone introduce themselves and talk about the kind of person they like. Then it starts raining… In school, Kaname bumps into Azuma and they talk about their precocious times during kindergarten. When Azuma was a high school student, he and his friend Akira were tasked to help out Kaname and co’s kindergarten. Of course Kaname didn’t like it and sees him as a threat to his beloved Kaori. Well, even the young girls are trying to vie for his attention. Kaname tries to look cool but it always ends up backfired despite Azuma always trying his best to be nice. The last straw came when Kaname and Kaori were creating a snowman. The snowball was too heavy for her and she fell. But Azuma caught her. Kaname ran off crying alone (because he felt he looked like a fool) so Azuma had the right words to comfort that little guy. He thinks Kaname was a cool kid because he’s there to fight and defend Kaori. But Azuma doesn’t seem to recognize Kaname when now that he’s all grown up. Later Kaname falls sick and his nice day of rest is ruined to see his friends in his room. In his room!!! While Shun is the eternal nice guy, you can expect a hard time from the trio. Yeah, Yuuki even took a photo of his sleeping face on his handphone! More irritation when Yuuki impersonates Kaname by wearing his glasses and even worse, Kaname’s mother, Youko comes in to join the fun. How? When Chizuru was praising her beauty, Youko mentions his friend was trying to make a pass on her. Kaname wasn’t the slightest concerned so this sends Youko crying! Then Youko ‘talks’ to him about not holding hands anymore or never saying he loves her and if they could go back to the way things were. Has the love disappeared? Dramatic mother… If this is how mommy always acts, is it a wonder why Kaname is always grumpy? So when Youko goes out to the supermarket, Kaname’s other childhood friend, Hisako Aida visits him. No reprieve for this guy because they start rummaging his desk to find a picture of him, Hisako and her older sister Shizuna. I think Kaname will end up getting even sicker because everyone starts diving onto his bed! But he’ll be alright because he ends up laughing with them. So when the guys leave, Chizuru notes how it’ll be better in school without him. Because he won’t have to put up with his yelling! But then again, it’ll be boring so he hopes he’ll be well soon. And all that racket has made him sweat a little so he’s a little better. Since he can’t sleep, he might as well go over his notes when Hisako points out the guys have already taken them. Yeah, I guess that was the real reason they came here, eh?

Episode 5
It’s the hot summer and Chizuru tries visiting his friends’ house. Well the twins are busy ‘saving’ the world. Yeah, playing their video game shooting zombies. Then he visits Kaname and obviously that guy is trying to lock him out no matter how hard he is trying to get in. So the only one left is Shun, eh? I’m sure that guy won’t take no as an answer. Chizuru lost himself in making snacks with him till Shun finds out his real intention was to hang out with everyone else. Did he expect everyone to go out in this heat? At least wait till it’s night time when it’s much cooler. Besides, there’ll be a festival too. On his way, Chizuru meets Masaki who wants him to leave her alone. I guess he got her attention about Shun inviting everyone to the festival. At the festival, with their limited funds, they decide to buy different things and share. Masaki didn’t like Chizuru calling her Mary because of her hairstyle which somewhat makes her resemble a sheep. Masaki thought she could impress Shun at the goldfish stall but flops. She becomes depressed as Chizuru tries to cheer her up. However she gets further upset when he continues calling her Mary. Now it’s up to Shun to weave his magic. He gives her a keychain. That’s when Chizuru realized that Masaki may be in love but Kaname pulls him away. Meanwhile the twins suck at the goldfish stall but their sneaky comments of the owner cheating has them earn a few free goldfish. The gang also meet Hisako and Shizuna. Masaki realizes she has lost the keychain and tries to find it herself before Shun returns from buying fireworks with Hisako and Shizuna. Eventually she has to seek assistance from the other guys and they find it being used as a prize at a shooting stall. Of course the owner won’t just give it back even though he found it on the road. What proof does she have to say it is hers? Looks like she’ll have to shoot it down if she wants it. So when Masaki agrees to play, the first thing she targets is the owner!!! Oh sh*t!!! So everyone tries their best in shooting but they all suck. Till Yuuki steps in. Look at the way he coolly holds the gun! He just might pull this off! Unfortunately he shoots down the other prizes he wanted instead. Damn. Seeing how desperate Masaki is, he spends his last money on another try and down to the last bullet, Masaki prays hard. Very hard. I guess it worked, huh? Chizuru can’t help notice how cute Masaki is when she’s smiling. So when Shun returns, they all start playing the sparklers. Guess which grumpy guy did Chizuru target his fireworks at? It ends with them watching the fireworks.

Episode 6
Shun is going to get a haircut but the twins are treating this like a delicate surgery operation! You’re not in safe hands, Shun! He can’t stop worrying all the way! Shun got his hair short enough but it doesn’t look odd. With the gang studying together, Youko joins them. She wants Kaname to choose which is more important: His studies or his mother! Guess what he chose? Without hesitation, his studies! Oh man! The heartbreak! Enough drama material for his friends to reprimand him. Yeah, Kaname got even the guts to tell his mother to get out of here because she’s just in the way!!! After eating watermelon, I guess the rest aren’t so keen on studying even if they have brought weird study aid tools. When Chizuru wonders how long Kaname has been wearing glasses, this prompts another flashback. When the gang was in middle high, Kaname was already experiencing vision problems but refused to wear glasses. Then when his friends found out he got glasses, they wanted to see it real badly but Kaname vowed never to let them see him in glasses because he fears he will be laughed at. So Yuuki suggests a thumb wrestling match and if he wins, Kaname must show them his glasses. Yeah, they’ve drawn some cutely weird face on the thumb too. And the twins force one on Kaname… A couple of girls asked Yuuta to join the volleyball club but they got embarrassed when they realized they were talking to the wrong twin. The thumb wrestling match proceeds and of course Yuuki is trying every trick in the book to get Kaname to wear his glasses so he could see better. This only serves to upset him even further. Can Shun restrain that raging bull? Eventually Yuuki got bored with the match and just stole his glasses box to see what it’s like. They accidentally bump into some seniors. Though Kaname apologized, Yuuki didn’t. Later Kaname overheard and thought Yuuki got into trouble with the seniors and is in a dilemma to go save him and let him get what he deserves. I guess you know what he’ll choose. He rushes to his other pals to inform them to save Yuuki when Yuuta starts acting strange and just holding his hand. Then it dawned to Kaname that it wasn’t Yuuta but Yuuki. Yuuta whom the girls mistake as Yuuki actually went to the volleyball club as he was forced by the seniors to go watch them play. Shun wanted to tell him but he looked so desperate and in a rush that he didn’t have time to explain. In that distraction, Yuuki wins the thumb wrestling match. Ever since that day, Kaname put on his glasses because he felt nothing good comes from not being able to see. But his friends didn’t tease him and notes how good he looks with it. Those memories were something Kaname didn’t want to remember when the twins threaten to reveal it all to Chizuru. “Don’t say it!”. Shun on his way home runs into Masaki who is surprised by his new haircut.

Episode 7
The gang are surprised Yuuta is being asked out by a girl named Rina Takahashi. So they try to make him spill out the details without being too direct but I guess it didn’t work. He thought it might be someone who took his dictionary? As the gang ponders if Yuuta did reject her, it doesn’t seem to be the case because he can’t walk home with the guys and have something to do. I guess this means the spying and tailing him, eh? Yuuta walks home with Takahashi and it is obvious he knows his pals are following him. At the cafe, the gang continue to observe the pair. Takahashi likes books and Yuuta agrees to lend her his CD. Because his friends were relatively noisy, I guess Yuuta had to purposely blow their cover. Takahashi already left. So does he like her or not? Yuuta remembers helping out Takahashi during gym class. Takahashi’s friends are surprised that the shy girl managed to score with Yuuta though she isn’t planning on confessing to him. After they leave, Yuuta comes in to lend her his CD. As they walk to the locker, they hear her friends’ comments that they never thought Takahashi could pull this off. Seems she was challenged to do this dare and they were confident he’d rejected her. Takahashi realized Yuuta always knew about this and since she didn’t want her friends to hate her, she played along. In tears, she realized how she looked so stupid and apologizes. She also thanks him for not rejecting her and mentions her fear of being alone. Yuuta says she doesn’t need to force herself away from them and if she doesn’t dislike them, she should be with them. He wipes off her tears. Takahashi announces to her friends that they have broken up and that love isn’t a simple matter. Yuuta’s pals also find out about the truth and to make it up to them, Yuuta buys them a drink. But they all have to share.

Episode 8
Ryuunosuke Matsushita hopes Yuuki can help out and contribute his manga work for the club’s anthology event. Guess what? Yuuki delegates this job to his friends. Yeah, they’ll each draw a page and combine it into a story. After discussing on the genre they’re going to draw, they pick the drawing order. Yuuta is up first and his drawing of the classic hero manga is damn good! Wow! Watching Yuuki with his anime and manga helped improve this skill? WTF?! And he’s not even into it. It goes downhill from now. And you thought Yuuki would be able to draw decently, right? Wrong! His drawing sucks. Even the theme and story changed in his lazy drawing. Too simplified! Next is Shun but it turns out too girly! Is this a shoujo manga?! Bright sparkly eyes… It is Chizuru’s turn and after seeing the ‘youthful’ interaction between Yuuki and Matsushita (he came to check up on his progress), Chizuru changes the entire theme into that cliche high school romance! The theme now is friendship! How come the hero’s hairstyle looks like Chizuru? And why is there suddenly a happy ending with a marriage?! Kaname is handed a tough task as the final person and you know with idiots screwing up like this, it’s going to be hard. Anyway, his drawing is the worse among the quintet and everybody is just laughing their heads off! The gang thought they should make a copy as commemoration of their hard work but Yuuki sent it to the shredder! If they didn’t stop him in time, all their hard work would’ve been gone… Yeah, and he submitted that shredded work to Matsushita… Hey, the bottom’s cut off…

Going a little back in time, this is just after when Matsushita got Yuuki’s help to contribute his work. The manga club members are happy and couldn’t wait what kind of manga he’ll draw. They wonder what kind of hero he’ll draw. Matsushita also gets to work to draw his own hero manga based on Yuuki but it didn’t turn up well. First, he’s got Yuuki and his friends in a tokusatsu spoof but Yuuki ends up being the lazy one. Next, a samurai theme and Yuuki didn’t end up heroic as he should. Then a lone wolf delinquent idea with a gang fight and romance brewing. Of course the ending is screwed up because Yuuki had to leave in the middle of the fight to watch his favourite anime. WTF?! I don’t know how Matsushita can come up with all this and I’m sure if this was a comedy, it’ll be damn successful. Matsushita is close to coming to a conclusion that Yuuki may not be heroic after all since his stories turn out this way. Suddenly Yuuki pulls him away from an incoming football and a falling dustbin. Yuuki kicks the football away, equivalent to a baseball’s homerun. Matsushita narrates most heroes come from faraway places but the hero he admires is not from a distant planet (since that’ll be too much trouble instead) and thinks Yuuki is far greater than any hero.

Episode 9
The school cultural festival is around the corner and Kaname is the committee head is having his hands full with students bugging him with requests and favours. I wonder if he can handle the pressure. Well, if he can handle certain idiotic friends, I’m sure this is nothing. Chizuru and Yuuki slip out of class to show Shun and Yuuta something. They created some cardboard ride and want them to ride it. Chizuru is having a hard time dragging Shun (I’m sure he’s not that heavy) so the twins ‘cheat’ as they start running in-sync. Eventually they reach their destination, Azuma. They are here to ask him for some materials to borrow but get sidetracked in asking him if he has a girlfriend. They are surprised he hasn’t has any despite being popular. They thought he couldn’t settle down with one and changed one every day! Then it’s that grumpy beast coming to look for a couple of idiots slacking on their job! Chizuru and Yuuki are to make copies of a notice. But their ignorance on how to use a copier has them fooling around so Kaname has to do the job himself. If you want something done, do it yourself. Kaname is swamped with more requests so he has his pals put him down his role for the ghost house that his class is doing for the festival as the receptionist. You know this isn’t going to turn out well. True enough, Kaname is in a rage, searching for the irresponsible duo who put him as a ghost role. To avoid being caught, they hide underneath the skirts of Shun and Yuuta (their class is doing a cross-dressing cafe). Kaname senses something amiss underneath the skirt and tries to lift it up. What does this look like in the eyes of the public? Even if Shun mentions he is wearing jerseys beneath, I’m sure everyone would mistake him as an even perverted pervert because he is now adamant to lift Shun’s skirt. There’s nothing to be afraid if he’s wearing something underneath, right? Well, not what others would think. Especially now Masaki has seen what this pervert is trying to do to her Shun. He gets whacked! At the end of the busy day, Kaname remembers a forgotten request to get black out curtains for his ghost house. Unfortunately there are none left. At a loss, Azuma comes in with advice that some classes took more than they really need so if he borrows some, he should have enough. That really saved his day from being a total disaster. On the way home, the usual suspects continue to irritate Kaname but only Chizuru gets hit. He notes if he loses focus, he’ll be swept away. But then, he could see a change in scenery. Chizuru gets upset and threatens him with his ghost role thingy but Kaname fights back that he’ll use his council powers to make him do some dance at the festival. Power abuse?

Episode 10
During the festival, Chizuru and pals flop in some quiz. Were they even serious in trying? Only Kaname scored full marks. Chizuru also observes Masaki’s interaction with Shun. Kaname, Chizuru and Yuuki wait in position at ghosts but the latter duo aren’t interested in scaring people and ‘help’ them out with their romance. Then it is Yuuta, Shun and Masaki coming in. Shun and Masaki got freaked out but upon seeing Kaname, they realize he wasn’t that scary. Yuuki and Chizuru ditch their post to go walk with the rest, leaving Kaname to be alone. Masaki thought she held Shun’s hand during the duration but to her horror, it was Chizuru’s hand! Now that is real horror! Slap! Meanwhile Kaname scares his next victim but it turns out to be Hisako and Shizuna. They end up laughing upon realizing it’s him. Since his shift is over, they have him accompany them around the festival grounds. Chizuru and Yuuki line up outside Shun and Yuuta’s cross-dressing cafe. It’s a long line but Akira cuts in between them. Chizuru didn’t like that and especially the way he mocks his stature. But Akira goes off when he sees Azuma. Chizuru spots Masaki rehearsing her lines as her class is doing a play while she has a minor role as a mouse. Masaki accidentally has a paper cut so Chizuru got slapped for nothing when Shun comes by. She is happy when Shun promises to come see her play. Meanwhile Chizuru notes how she really isn’t cute and doesn’t like the help of others (that band aid incident) but as Shun points out, he went after her. As they are late to see Masaki’s play, they have no time to change and even drag Kaname with them. Masaki is nervous backstage as the Cinderella play begins. She thought she will be alright since she won’t be able to spot Shun so easily in the crowd. Who knows, because of their cross-dressing costume, they stick out like a sore thumb! Because of that, Masaki fumbles her lines and at the end of the play even as Shun congratulates her on the fine play, she runs away. Chizuru goes off and finds her sulking in the toilet (Chizuru is dressed as a female so I guess it’s alright for him to enter). He comforts her that Cinderella messed up more lines than her but you know, Masaki thought this was her chance to show off to Shun but failed. He stays with her till she feels much better. He notes her weird habit of running into the toilet when it is usually the rooftop or river. But Masaki also notes his weirdness because he is the only one who chased her into the girls’ toilet. He is stunned at her smile but realizes he can’t leave since he gave his wig to her. At the end of the festival, Kaname and co bum around in class tired instead of joining the others at the bonfire dance. Of course Chizuru had the worst experience because the girls called the teacher after discovering a guy in the girls’ toilet. And what a freak he was since he was in a girl’s clothes. However he can’t help think about Masaki. To defeat this depression, he tries to tell the guys on how the girls’ toilet looks like.

Episode 11
Because their usual rooftop has been closed due to wet paint, the gang have their lunch at the cafeteria. While ordering, Chizuru spots the girl who played Cinderella at the festival, Kayo who is helping her mom in the cafeteria. Mommy messed up Yuuki’s order but instead of giving the correct one, she adds more stuff as her token of love. WTF?! Yeah, if she was only 20 years younger… However Yuuki isn’t fond of eating here every day because he is collecting stickers from buying bread. Collect enough points and he’ll get a plate with a manga character he likes. And he is very far from achieving that goal. Chizuru comes up with a plan to help Yuuki get all the stickers by rotating their duty to buy and eat bread. Then they spot a couple of guys trying to make a pass on Kayo. Chizuru thought of playing hero but to everyone’s surprise, Kayo tells them off for being childish. Yikes. Don’t play play. Yuuki sees Kayo eating bread and wants her sticker but mommy misinterprets he wants her daughter instead! However Kayo is also collecting stickers so she can’t give it to him despite mommy asking her to make him an exception. Kayo tells him to collect them himself instead of taking from others. So mother and daughter get into a little argument about the former embarrassed to have the latter as her daughter who won’t even give away a measly little sticker.

Yuuki is at the bread shop pondering to buy bread himself when he meets Kayo. Taking a look at his sticker card, seems all he has are single points as compared to hers. At this rate, it’ll be a long time before he’ll get the plate. However those with higher points cost more. Something students can’t afford but Kayo is working part time so she has the money. Whether she can finish that big piece is another story. As they leave, Yuuki notices a bread without a sticker. Then Kayo realizes a couple of girls stole them and catches them to return the sticker. Yuuki felt embarrassed for somebody yelling just because of stickers. He is pretending that he doesn’t know her! Well, you wouldn’t want people to steal stickers without putting in effort too, right? During recess, Chizuru hates eating the bread despite he was the one who came up with this idea. He feels left out that he is the only one eating bread while the rest are eating cafeteria food. The ever nice Shun offers his food but Kaname warns not to spoil him. As usual Chizuru steals Kaname’s food and another bickering begins. Masaki comes by to ask for Shun’s assistance with her homework. And with Chizuru bugging her, looks like Shun has to sit in between them. Chizuru wanted to put ketchup on his food but since it isn’t coming out, he uses too much force and the ketchup ends up on Shun’s blazer. Chizuru helps wash it off as he asks Shun if he has anyone he likes. Not at the moment. Chizuru? He can’t really say. Shun wonders if the rest have any. Kayo enlists Yuuki’s help to clean the cafeteria table but he isn’t so interested till she agrees to give him some sticker. Well, the way he is cleaning the tables, this better be worth at least 3 points. Kayo needs to go home early since it is their family’s custom to eat dinner early. Seeing she is an only child, she doesn’t want mommy to eat alone. So about the sticker? It’s going to take a while to come off… And it was only 1 point… But as Yuuta notes, at least she was nice enough to give him one. Oh, and Yuuki can’t help think about Kayo. Is he really for real?

Episode 12
Because Shun’s brother, Fuyuki mixed up their textbooks, Shun has to go exchange it at his middle high. Chizuru is ecstatic to see the cute little brother he has but to his shock, he is nothing like Shun! Foul-mouth, violent and the rebellious kind, which part of him did Yuuki say he was totally similar?! The hair?! WTF?! Plus, Fuyuki keeps mocking Chizuru about his stature. And yeah, Fuyuki is a little pervy too because he is trying to look up at girls’ skirt when they’re going upstairs!!! How can he do something so shameless in public?! He blames Shun for not having any porn and if he doesn’t use ‘it’, it will rot away! Chizuru tries to be mister-know-it-all and that Fuyuki can ask anything relating to that subject. So is it true that a girl’s boobs feels like your upper arm? Hah! They don’t even have the answer for that. Then they are surprised to hear Fuyuki has a girlfriend! Serious?! Not even Shun knew! He’s not trying to pull a fast one, isn’t he? The rest pester him to show his girlfriend but the teacher confiscates his handphone. They’re more concerned about his girlfriend than his handphone so I guess Fuyuki has no choice than to bring them to the kendo club she is a member of. The kendo teacher remembers Shun and Yuuta who were once in this club and has them demonstrate to their juniors despite their reluctance. Finally Fuyuki’s girlfriend, Mamiya makes her appearance. She is surprised of his presence here but he says his brother felt like checking out the club again. Chizuru wanted to spill Fuyuki’s pervertness but got beaten up. Did he nearly die? Anyway Mamiya will call him tonight but Fuyuki panics because his handphone has been confiscated. He is worried if he doesn’t pick up, she’ll call the house. And if he is in the bath at that time, his parents might take the call and he won’t know how to answer them on whom this girl is. Why not just say she is his classmate? Chizuru agrees to help him retrieve his handphone and drafts in the rest. And the rest I mean only Yuuki tagged along.

Fuyuki isn’t having much confident with the duo because the way they said things, it’s like they’re expecting to fail! With Yuuki distracting the teachers (catching up on old times, eh?), the duo infiltrate but in order not to make the teacher suspicious of his handphone suddenly disappearing, Fuyuki wants to use Chizuru’s handphone as a decoy! A struggle ensues as Fuyuki accidentally trips and his hands touched the boobs of an old teacher. She just plays it cool and walks away. But Fuyuki is close to death because his question to how boobs feel like… Wrinkled plums… In the end, not only they failed in the mission, Chizuru got his handphone confiscated too. Meanwhile Mamiya is worried that her armour would stink and Fuyuki wouldn’t like it. Her lapse in concentration has her sprained her ankle. Shun and Mamiya talk about Fuyuki and the reason why he likes him despite some of his bad behaviour. I guess girls do prefer bad boys, huh? Shun agrees and remembers when they were young, Fuyuki tried to help out when Shun was in distress. So when Fuyuki return to Mamiya, he smelled something weird and this causes Mamiya to run away in tears. He thought she found out about his perverted habit. Fuyuki felt lifeless and wants to die. Thinking he is done for and that Mamiya hates him, Shun tells him he was too busy having dirty thoughts to even pay attention to anything else. Shouldn’t there be something else he should be worrying about than himself? Then it hit Fuyuki as he runs after Mamiya. He catches up to her and though she is embarrassed of the stinking smell of her armour, he pinpoints the smell from the source of her bandaged sprained ankle. He offers to take her home but she is worried she doesn’t know what to say to her parents. He just says to tell them he is her boyfriend. Plus, his handphone is confiscated and he would prefer her to call his house. As Chizuru and his friends walk home, he laments about this generation gap thingy but the twins point out a difference. Unlike Fuyuki, Chizuru has no girlfriend! Haha! Chizuru wants to know where Fuyuki went wrong and since Shun mentioned he is foul-mouthed and violent like before, that’s like he never changed, right? Yeah, he never did. And even so, there are times he shows his kind side.

Episode 13
While Chizuru and the twins are exerting their usual 100% stupidity over the fruit juice they bought, Shun comes by showing them a list for workplace experience. Among them is Hidamari Kindergarten, the kindergarten which they once attended. Chizuru feels left out so Shun invites him to come along. Maybe he was just waiting for this cue, eh? And yeah, a cue for the twins to start teasing Kaname about how his love life will unravel. Will Kaori still be there? At the kindergarten gates, Kaname warns the rest not to say a word that will make Chizuru know he was once in love with Kaoru. Or else. Hear the crunching of his knuckles? A little boy, Ken attacks them and thinks of them as trespassers. He even thought Shun is a girl because his hair got caught between the tree branches! Kaori greets them and is glad to see they have grown. Chizuru introduces himself and Kaname doesn’t like him trying to make a pass on Kaori. After Kaori leaves the guys with the kids, the little ones start jumping all over them! Naughty kids! Pulling Chizuru’s hair, stealing Kaname’s glasses, proposing to marry the twins (yikes!) and even a kid wanted to kiss Shun’s cute face! OMG! So playing toys and playing house isn’t easy with children these days. Little Sono even asks Yuuki how many kids he wants! Geez, kids these days… Dragging Kaname into playing house with them, the number of ‘kids’ just keeps increasing with Chizuru and Ken coming into the picture. But Sono feels having 3 kids will be tough. Ken thinks he’ll be the first son instead but that role has already been assigned to Kaname. So what will that specky be? A guard dog! Not going to happen. The drama takes a dramatic turn with Ken kicking the table over and running away. And Kaname gets blamed because he refused to be the dog. I guess it’s no surprise the guys are tired out during the toilet break. Kaname complains about Ken’s rudeness. However Shun feels he is a good kid but doesn’t know how to show it. Kaori comes in to invite everyone for snacks. Erm… Isn’t this the men’s toilet? What does this mean? As Yuuki puts it, Kaori doesn’t see them as men. Now and then… He was directing that to Kaname…

Ken was straight to say to Kaname’s face that he hopes Kaori will turn him down! I hope he didn’t choke on his cookie. Yeah, these guys are really on bad terms. Kaname can sense that Ken likes Sono. Later when Ken tries to give some cookies to Sono, the rest thinks he stole them and starts mocking him a bad boy. He got upset enough to steal and eat everyone’s cookies. Hey, he’s living up to the nickname they gave him, right? Then he kicks Kaname in the guy when he tried to stop him. But Kaname chases him outside and comforts the little guy, letting him cry all he wants. And vomiting on his shoes too… He brings Ken back to the rest who are playing a group game. Sono is supposed to guess the person standing behind her and she can guess it right it was Ken. Why? Because he is always holding something sweet whenever he comes near her. Ken apologizes for everything and gives her his cookies. At the end as Kaori sees them off, she thought Ken was here to also do the same. But who knows, Ken pushes Kaori into Kaname’s arms! Then he signs off with a ‘V’ sign. Sono hopes she could see them soon and play house again because that guy was so cool she really wanted him to be her husband! She asks what Ken would like Kaname to be and he replied, his brother. Shun also notes how Kaname and Ken were like brothers but of course the latter scoffs it off. Shun unintentionally mentions Ken was just as passionate for the girl he likes as was Kaname for Kaori. Oops. Slip of a tongue. Chizuru now knows Kaname was really in love with Kaori and can’t help laugh his ass off. And the unlikeliest guy you’d never thought will get hit is going to get a piece of Kaname. Oh Shun… Ah well, there’s a first time for everything. Even first love.

We and Us = Wuss?
Well, a second season did come and go back in April 2012. So it’ll be some time before I sink my hands into the sequel. Yes, I plan to watch this series’ next season even though the ending wasn’t much and felt just like any other ordinary episode. Isn’t this what this kind of genre is about? Cute boys doing cute things in their own cute way. Sounds sissy? Well, I’d rather have these kinds of boys with mischief in the name of good fun rather than scary delinquents. But boys will be boys and they have their own brand of mischief and cheekiness as long as they don’t hurt others. The relaxing and calming pace of this series will either bore you or make it a casual entertainment. Nothing more than your laid back and light-hearted slice of life moments with some little laughs here and there. Nothing complex, dramatic, suspenseful or filled with twists. So don’t expect to see someone suddenly getting into a road accident or the sudden departure of a dear friend (to another country or world).

I can’t help compare the guys here to those in Ouran. First and foremost the twins. As compared to Ouran’s Hitachiin twins, the Asaba twins’ pranks are not as energetic and active as the former. You can say they are the passive type. Many of their mischief are confined to just words and even if they say it, it will be in an expressionless and monotonous manner. Ironically their deadpan expression and witty lines make them funny. Yeah, those one-liners can make them good stand up comedians. As twins, I thought their presence will be shared equally but I have this feeling that Yuuki somewhat stands out more compared to Yuuta. Plus, if you want to size up which twin is more mischievous than the other, I think Yuuki would be the one that would be more prominent. The other idiot of the group and the noisiest one has got to be newcomer Chizuru. He is like a cross between Ouran’s Tamaki and Honey. The former because he acts like an idiot and the latter because of his short stature and blonde hair. Every group needs to have a rowdy kid to liven things up, right? That’s where Chizuru comes in. Too bad he always bears the brunt of Kaname’s hit. So with Chizuru and twins being the interesting troublemakers, I’d say the group will have their own Baka Trio, eh? Kaname’s counterpart in Ouran would obviously be Kyouya. Both wearing glasses and are of the serious type. But unlike Kyouya, Kaname isn’t the kind that loves money. I guess in each group, you need somebody who easily gets pissed because it makes it fun to tease, right? Yeah, I suppose Kaname falls under this ‘role’ because the twins and Chizuru just love to pick on him and make his blood boil. Despite his hot-head and short fuse, Kaname still cares dearly for his friends. He just doesn’t show it the gentle way like Shun. Maybe that is what you call tough love. Finally Shun, he is like Ouran’s Haruhi because for both characters, you can’t clearly tell their gender and many would mistake their original gender as the other at first. Shun is the calmest and nicest among the guys and even if he gets mad, I won’t consider it as one since he sounds so soft and it hardly makes any impact that would indicate he is pissed off. If you want to know what real anger is, refer to Kaname. That guy really needs to take some anger management classes. Or, the Baka Trio should take some classes on etiquette. I would prefer the first one, though :).

I thought Masaki would be a core member of the group but since her appearance was just on and off, it sometimes make me feel that perhaps the show wants to make it as though it is an all boys only group. Sure, this show is supposed to be about the guys and the stuffs they do but would a girl make a difference? Maybe. Just like in Ouran whereby Haruhi is the only girl among the boys, Masaki could’ve been the only female among the guys if she is considered part of the gang. But as we know, she is just sticking around because of her crush on Shun and too bad that effeminate guy doesn’t really notice it. Not a single bit. And don’t you notice that Chizuru is starting to have feelings for Masaki too despite saying how uncute she is whenever she gets violent or scorning him? Perhaps if he treated her kinder, she wouldn’t have given him all those cold treatment, don’t you think? Or she could ignore him like how she does for Kaname and the twins. Since Masaki is too focused on Shun, I guess she is oblivious to Chizuru’s crush on her. Maybe I’ll see a love triangle forming in the second season and see their friendship being tested. Youko is another amusing character simply because she isn’t your typical nice mom. The kind of mom who wants to delve deeper in a relationship with her son. So desperate that she doesn’t mind doing it in front of his friends. Would you like to have a dramatic mother like that? Sure, his mom and friends are the source of his grumpiness and mood swings but I hope Kaname won’t go as far as to say he is adopted when mommy’s dramatic act crosses the line. Hisako and Shizuna are the other pair of characters whose presence in this season is lacking. Feels like their role is just an introduction and that they are Kaname’s childhood friends and nothing more. From what I observed, Kaname may have feelings for Shizuna (with that photo he kept in his desk) but with his lingering feelings for Kaori, can he make up his mind or continue to just watch by the sidelines? Maybe that’s why the twins find it amusing to tease him and all. Now with Chizuru finding out his first love, it’s only going to get worse. Azuma and Akira are another set of characters whom I feel their role is just introductory. I had this feeling that they would play a prominent part later on but as it turns out, the main guys can do away with these characters.

So the romance part isn’t its strong point. Heck, the guys are good looking enough to easily get their own girlfriend and maybe even form their own host club. Hah. Just kidding. But I can think of a few reasons why they don’t. Kaname’s grumpiness is a turn-off, Chizuru’s monkey-around would have girls think twice if they want to have a noisy idiot as their boyfriend, the twins just couldn’t be bothered and not interested with anything and Shun… Is that a girl? Of course as mentioned Masaki likes him but seeing that it is a one-sided affair, I wouldn’t really count it. Oh, I just remembered. What happened to Yuuki and Kayo anyway? Was hoping to see something out of it but I guess I’ll have to wait for the sequel to find out if anything develops on this part. Yuuta seemed like he was the closest and the first among the friends to have a girlfriend but turns out he was just helping her out so she doesn’t feel bad. So yeah, no wonder they each haven’t got a girlfriend of their own. Even side characters Fuyuki and Mamiya seem like they have a higher chance of hitting it off. Speaking of that guy, even if he is totally different from Shun (you’d be wondering if they even came from the same mother), he still cares about his brother despite putting up his rebellious attitude. Maybe some love for a girl did that kid some good too, eh?

I’m not sure if the producers of this show and the manga author of this series are feline lovers because the episodes are peppered with them. Not that we see the characters owning cats as their pets anyway. So in certain scenes, sometimes they substitute what the gang is doing with the actions of the cats. Perhaps a distraction or a kind of ‘censor’? Mind you, there is nothing explicit in this series. Maybe just to give a different view and change of scene? Otherwise, you’ll have several mugshots or camera angles of the cats in what they usually do such as sleep, eat and play. I am not a cat lover so don’t hate me when I say that some of the cats do look ugly (there are cute ones too if that is what you want to be assured of). Well, maybe certain species of cats do look like that. The drawing and art of the series from the characters to the scenery are quite light and simple so much so the styles reminded me of Honey And Clover and Nodame Cantabile. Then I confirmed it was done by J.C. Staff who also did those animes.

I guess the voice acting is pretty okay. At first I thought the same seiyuu was voicing the twins. Besides, they sound so expressionless that they sound the same. Well, almost the same. So we have different people voicing the twins with Ryouhei Kimura doing Yuuki (Kodaka in Bokutachi Wa Tomodachi Ga Sukunai) while Kouki Uchiyama voicing Yuuta (Ichika in Infinite Stratos). Other casts include Miyu Irino as Chizuru (Syaoran in Tsubasa Chronicle), Toshiyuki Toyonaga as Shun (Mikado in Durarara!!), Yuuki Ono as Kaname (Arai in Kimi Ni Todoke), newbie Miyuki Satou as Masaki, Saki Nakajima as Kaori (Saki in Hayate No Gotoku), Sayuri Yahagi as Hisako (Haruna in To Love-Ru), Nobuhiko Okamoto as Fuyuki (Rin in Ao No Exorcist), Kousuke Toriumi as Azuma (Gennosuke in Basilisk) Yuuki Kaji as Akira (Akina in Yozakura Quartet) and Sakiko Uran as Youko (Setsuno in Toriko). A pleasant surprise for me is Mamiko Noto who is the voice of Shizuna. Yeah, it made my viewing pleasure even pleasurable. The opening theme is a rock pop piece entitled Bye Bye by the rock band named 7!! As for the ending theme, it is a slow and nice ballad, Nakimushi by Miku Sawai. Even if the song is about the singer singing about her own weak self, it gives off a feeling of friendship and trust of her friends that she can rely on to get her through rough times. The few insert songs such as Sora, Candy and Tomorrow (all by Shouta Aoi) aren’t bad either as they give out a soothing and heart-warming feel. Some of the background music are also nice and pleasant because of the acoustic guitar pickings.

With the theme of friendship as the main emphasis, it isn’t always necessary that the birds of the same feathers should flock together. Having unique people within your group is what makes your circle more interesting. This anime may not amount to anything extraordinary or groundbreaking but at least it shows that not only all-girl groups can have fun. Boys can equally have fun too. And the fun may not necessarily be outrageous or slapstick. Just as long you have your own gang to hang out with, everything works out fine. Unless you are the one who bears the brunt of the mocking and teasing then that’s a different story. Lesson learnt: Beware the twins as they can spell double trouble and the dumb blonde for he can magnify the annoyance. Triple the fun but also triple the trouble. That’s life for us boys.

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