Anime Idiotic Trio

October 13, 2012

They say two is a company and three is a crowd. Oh wait. That’s not right. Okay, they say that bad things come in threes. See what happened to the three blind mice? Or the three little pigs? Anyway in the world of anime, there are various types of roles that characters can take on. Some the main hero, others the supporting characters and in some genres the main villain. Then there are those who provide comic relief to give viewers that much needed tension relief or simply just because they are idiots. If having one is already a handful, what more not two but three of them? Triple the trouble but also triple the fun. They are like the 3 Stooges of anime. So listed below are the group of idiotic trio of anime:

Anime: Green Green
The Idiotic Trio: Popularly known as The Baka Trio consists of Tadamoto Ijuuin AKA Bacchi-Guu, Hikaru Ichibanboshi and Taizou Tenjin.
What makes them idiots: The first idiotic trio that I have ever known in anime, when Kanenone Academy is open to co-ed for a trial period, these extremely excited and perverted guys will do anything just to ascend to manhood. Good thing is that they always fail.
Fourth member?: Yuusuke Takasaki – Always get dragged into their pervert and unholy schemes.

Anime: Kaichou Wa Maid-sama
The Idiotic Trio: Known as Sanbaka, they consist of Naoya Shirokawa AKA Shiroyan, Ikuto Sarashina AKA Ikkun and Ryuunosuke Kurosaki AKA Kurotatsu.
What makes them idiots: Probably the most famous group of idiotic trio, previously delinquents, they became idiots after being ‘tamed’ by Misaki. Now they become her biggest fans (and losers) after they find out her secret part time job as a maid at Cafe Maid Latte. Challenges to get a single photo of her, they fail miserably. No skill, no luck, no use!
Fourth member?: Takumi Usui – At least that’s what they consider but Usui has always been a league on his own besting the idiotic trio anytime, anywhere and anything.

Anime: Shinryaku! Ika Musume
The Idiotic Trio: The MIT scientists of Harris, Martin and Clark.
What makes them idiots: Being geniuses in inventing stuff doesn’t necessarily translate into inventing contraptions that are useful, right? They have made so many inventions that could have benefited mankind but yet it has never benefited their single goal of communicating with aliens. Hmm… Maybe they took the wrong course at the university. Plus, their inventions have this habit of going awry for the main casts of Lemon.
Fourth member?: Cindy Campbell – Well if you have 3 idiots as your fellow researcher colleagues…

Anime: Jubei-chan 2
The Idiotic Trio: Bantarou Sabonmatsu, Kozaru and Oozaru.
What makes them idiots: It’s understandable that even delinquents like Bantarou can fall in love at first sight for a girl like Jubei. Even vowing to protect her from time to time, it won’t help much if your screen time gets lesser and lesser, right? What about to the point of breaking the fourth wall to protest your role’s infrequency with each passing episode? And when you have your underlings criticize you very often…
Fourth member?: Shirou Ryuujoji – They are known as Three Idiots + Shirou and form a pact to protect the girl they love.

Anime: Nogizaka Haruka No Himitsu
The Idiotic Trio: Nagai, Takenami and Ogawa.
What makes them idiots: What do you expect when minor characters like them enjoy discussing about idiotic things and even get the same results for just about anything they do together. Heck, even their wishes are the same. It’s just an idiot split into 3 different beings but the effects are multiplied 3 times over.
Fourth member?: Yuuto Ayase – He may be just their classmate and sometimes keep bugging him. If not perhaps Nobunaga Asakura could be the fourth member because he is a hardcore otaku. However he is rarely seen with this idiotic trio.

Anime: Rave and Fairy Tail
The Idiotic Trio: The bunch of hopeless robbers called Jiggle Butt Gang that consists of Wonderful Gocche AKA Boss, Kalen Berg AKA Lackey A and Marco Belunjay AKA Lackey B.
What makes them idiots: Everything that you see about them! Don’t even mention the silly faces they have, if wearing that black tight suit is bad enough, wait till you see their oversized butts and how they jiggle it when they’re excited (hence the ludicrous name of their group). Don’t they even know the meaning of true evil? True idiots maybe. Beware of their group fart, though. It really stinks! Just like their comical attitudes. That’s why they’re failures as thieves…
Fourth member?: Well in Fairy Tail, they worship Wendy Marvell as their absolute master…

Anime: Mitsudomoe
The Idiotic Trio: The Marui triplets of Mitsuba, Futaba and Hitoha.
What makes them idiots: Being mischievous is one thing, but when being too naughty to the point that your pranks backfire makes you look like an idiot, right? So we’ve got the eldest daughter as the glutton sadist, the middle daughter who is a muscle brain woman and the quiet youngest daughter who would be more appropriately described as ‘still water runs deep’. Scary when provoked but have her own peculiar weaknesses once you get to know her.
Fourth member?: Soujirou – Their father. Big fat guy who always gets mistaken as a child kidnapper? Fatherly love is one thing but…

Anime: Hayate No Gotoku
The Idiotic Trio: The student council members of Hakuou Academy that consist of Miki Hanabishi, Izumi Segawa and Risa Asakaze.
What makes them idiots: It was hard for me to decide and classify them under here but what the heck. Seeing that they have this mischievous nature when it involves Hayate and Hinagiku, I guess it’s enough for me the dump them in this category.
Fourth Member?: Hinagiku Katsura – Well, they’re all in the same student council and have her own quirks too.

Anime: Prism Ark
The Idiotic Trio: Aira, Massie and Orthy.
What makes them idiots: I don’t remember much about them but they are a bunch of fan girls that pledge their loyalty to Priecia because they suck up to her. And what does that say when they are the only ones who failed the Puriken exam?
Fourth Member?: Priecia – At least from my point of view because even though she is less goofy than the trio but she is more annoying and irritating then all 3 combined.

Anime: Kampfer
The Idiotic Trio: From the school’s committee, they are only known as President, Vice President and Treasurer.
What makes them idiots: A President who is very pushy? The Vice President who loves smelling and sniffing things? And the very calculative and pricey Treasurer? What can you expect from them when their sole role in the anime is to make a profit and fun by exploiting Natsuru’s popularity? And Natsuru doesn’t even have a say in this…
Fourth Member?: Natsuru – He/she is like an idiot falling into their schemes…

Anime: Pokemon
The Idiotic Trio: Team Rocket’s Jesse, James and Meowth.
What makes them idiots: I don’t really see this show but I have an idea the kind of idiots they are despite only watching bits and pieces of it. Being the show’s main antagonist may be tough enough but somebody has to be the bad guy, right? What’s more, they are bumbling in their missions and they fail to accomplish their basic goal of capturing Ash’s Pokemons. Poetic speeches, failed traps and cheap disguises, is it no wonder they always fail in the end? That’s Team Rocket for you blasting off at the speed of light…
Fourth member?: Pierce – Their contact in Unova region.

Anime: Infinite Stratos
The Idiotic Trio: 1st year students of IS Academy, Sayuka Yorutake, Honne Nohotoke and Yuzu Tanimoto.
What makes them idiots: They don’t appear much in the series and their silliness may not have very much of an impact overall. But I guess I can classify them here because they love jumping to conclusions when it involves anything with Ichika to the point that they spread the ‘news’ throughout the entire academy.
Fourth member?: None.

Anime: Prince Of Tennis
The Idiotic Trio: Seigaku tennis club juniors, Satoshi Horio, Kachirou Katou and Katsuo Mizuno.
What makes them idiots: Horio may be the biggest idiot of them all because he thinks his 2 years’ worth of tennis experience is hell of a big thing. So why isn’t he in the regular team? Maybe it’s not fair to group them all together since the latter duo are more reasonable and down to Earth. The thing that made me consider them as a group of idiotic trio is that they tend to watch the Seigaku regulars play in matches and they act like ‘commentators’. Watching in awe, astonishment, excitement, all that drama and tension makes you think that watching and commenting on the game is more stressful than playing it.
Fourth member?: None, though sometimes I feel it’s Tomoko Osakada who often gets into an argument with Horio.

Idiots Unite!
The list isn’t really meant to be exhaustive as there are many other groups of idiots that have yet to be discovered by me (maybe I’m such an idiot after all). There are some which I contemplate not putting into the list for various reasons. For example, Gintama‘s Yorozuya trio of Gintoki, Shinpachi and Kagura along with their pet mascot Sadaharu. Though the trio are a bunch of idiots when their antics come a calling, it doesn’t feel that they belong as in an exclusive group of three. This was the same case for Daily Lives Of High School Boys‘ Tadakuni, Hidenori and Yoshitake because though the trio may be the main characters but it doesn’t feel they are a group by themselves. Then the Triomatic of Mahoromatic that consists of Miyuki, Rin and Chizuko, they don’t act idiotic enough to be labelled them as so, though each of them have their own weird personalities to begin with. Then in Naruto we have many of the Genin teams that are formed in threes but I didn’t see this show so I’m not really sure if I should list them here. Besides, an action adventure with ninjas won’t amount anything much to idiocies, right? Samurai Champloo‘s Fuu, Mugen and Jin only felt like strangers travelling together. Ai, Sae and Miya from Amagami SS lean more towards cute friendship rather than anything silly. In addition, idiots don’t come only in groups of threes but other numbers as well. Like the entire gang in Baka To Test To Shoukanjuu, they’re all idiots! Well, at least from an academic perspective. Then again, their characteristics are partly why they are big idiots too. Please note that this blog isn’t meant to belittle these idiots or honour them for their silliness. Everybody has a little fool inside. Even geniuses can sometimes be dumb, right? Because you’re too smart that the common others can’t understand you. Well, nobody’s perfect. But really, please don’t take me for an idiot.

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