Oda Nobuna No Yabou

February 3, 2013

Oh no. Oh God. Here we go again. Not another one of those anime series where they turn the great unifier of Japan into a girl! How many times must they do this distasteful thing to attract viewers? How many more blasphemy must be endured till they understand that despite this is escapism, you can’t change history or attract viewers and get higher ratings just by changing a gender of somebody in this history books? Why do they love turning Nobunaga Oda into a girl, a woman? Why do they… Oh wait. It’s not Nobunaga Oda. It’s Nobuna Oda… Oops. My mistake Hehehe… Similar and close enough but still… After my stints with Hyakka Ryouran Samurai Girls, Sengoku Otome Momoiro Paradox and the recent one, Sengoku Collection, I thought I have seen my fair share of this gender bender thingy with history personalities. The titular character may be a word character off the real conqueror of Japan but still there are lots of other stuffs based on the real man himself, right?

Instead of letting my stereotypes get to my head and needing to give Oda Nobuna No Yabou a chance first, I will soon be proven wrong of trying to pass this series off as another one of those cheap gender bender thingy. Hey, not all characters are turned into a woman here. Albeit just a handful. But the rest are turned into pretty girls enough to be passed off a bishoujo anime ;p. During Japan’s warring era better known as the Sengoku period, there are lots of colourful characters, important places and events of turning points. Unless you’re a history buff and enthusiast like our main protagonist boy here, you’re going to find yourself killed if you don’t know your history facts right. You see, Yoshiharu Sagara loves playing games with Sengoku themes and this one in particular, Oda Nobunaga No Yabou and one day finds himself in the midst of the Sengoku battlefield. Did he get sucked into the game or is he dreaming? Either way, he finds out that it is not the man Nobunaga but Nobuna, a girl who will be the person responsible in uniting Japan. With him knowing the future of the events, he becomes lends his knowledge of the future in her quest to unite her country. But will his actions change history as we know it? Will Japan be really united by a girl?

Episode 1
Yoshiharu finds himself in the middle of the battlefield of Sengoku era. A soldier with him gets hit by a stray bullet and before his death, wants him to continue his dream to have a country with a castle and all the girls. Great. Shove your dreams to a young kid when you’re about to kick the bucket. Upon learning this guy is Toukichiro Kinoshita, Yoshiharu is devastated. He is supposed to be Hideyoshi Toyotomi and if he dies, history will get messed up. At least he knows his stuff. Too bad. He’s dead. And he thinks this must be a dream. If not an online game he’s playing. Think again. Suddenly a girl, Nobuna Oda rides into battle against the enemy forces and Yoshiharu gets caught in between. He tries to save her by scaring the enemies with his iPad ringtone of the sound of charging soldiers. Too bad it ran out of battery. Needing to protect this girl, he shoves her down as the enemies charge but Nobuna’s calvary arrives and sends the enemy retreating. There is this narration that during a time of civil wars and land divided into powerful warlords, any internal struggles is equivalent to inviting your neighbours to attack and conquer you. Thus the rule that any firstborn child will be the head of the family regardless of gender. This has given rise to Princess Generals such as Nobuna. Yoshiharu walks back with Nobuna’s troops and couldn’t help stare at the breasts Katsuie Shibata. This character was a beardy man as far as Yoshiharu is concern. Now he’s a woman. He would’ve been killed if Nobuna hadn’t ordered Katsuie to back down since Yoshiharu played a role in saving her life. Back at her castle, Nobuna offers him to serve under her. He’ll gladly do it. However he got stepped on the face since he still continues to confuse her name with Nobunaga. Learning he is from the future, she calls him Saru (monkey). Her tactician, Nagahide Niwa agrees. Though Yoshiharu is disheartened to be her slippers retainer, he thinks this will lead to greater things. Meanwhile the ruler of the eastern coastal province, Yoshimoto Imagawa learns of her troops’ failure to kill Nobuna and takes out her punishment on Motoyasu Matsudaira. By playing penalty shootout football?! However she laughs out loud upon learning Nobuna hired a monkey to be her retainer. Nobuna’s greatest spear wielder, Toshiie Maeda AKA Inuchiyo has Yoshiharu look around for a place to stay. Old uncle Asano takes a liking for Yoshiharu and would love to marry him off to his daughter Nene and take over his inn. I’m sure Yoshiharu would love to. Only thing is, Nene is still a little girl! He’s no lolicon! Suddenly the place is ambushed and a loli ninja, Goemon Hachisuka whisks Yoshiharu away. Toukichiro is her master and she has come here to serve Yoshiharu in place of him. Though Yoshiharu has no idea how he got here or how to go back, he needs to survive. Conquering Japan with a cute girl doesn’t seem so bad now, eh?

The ruler of Mino province, Dousan Saitou learns about Nobuna’s rise. His subjects wish to destroy her but he would rather have her as an ally. He wants to do something others would never consider. Meanwhile Nobuna also had this same idea to form an alliance with Dousan. Yoshiharu is going to prove he is from the future and tells them the location of their meeting at Shoutokuji Temple. She doesn’t believe him at first till a messenger informs of this exact location of their meeting. Yoshiharu proudly boasts he spent hours playing this famous game. As Nobuna and her army trek their way, Dousan and his little talented military strategist, Mitsuhide Juubei Akechi lie watching, waiting to ambush. Yoshiharu knows what’s coming and wants Nobuna to order her men to light her rifles. Because of that, Dousan backs down since any wrong move will blow everyone to smithereens. At the temple, Nobuna stuns everything when she comes in wearing a kimono. Dousan wants to know which province she will attack after she allies with him. She will attack Mino. Mino is the centre of Japan and gateway between east and west. She knows his past as a merchant and his ambition to make Japan a wealthy country where merchants move freely. Dousan isn’t going to just give it to her so Nobuna asserts she will destroy all old systems that wreaked havoc in Japan and turn it into a country that can compete with other countries. Dousan believes no one can follow her there but she’ll destroy anything that stands in her way. Yoshiharu butts in because he knows what’s going to happen. Since he knows what Dousan is thinking, he lets him speak freely. But one wrong word, he’ll find his head on the floor. Yoshiharu says once this meeting is over, he’ll tell his men to align with Owari because he knows his son can’t defeat Nobuna. So just how can he read his mind? Simple. He’s from the future. If he doesn’t, his entire life will have been a waste. Also, Nobuna is the only one who can continue his dream. With that Dousan will prepare a treaty to hand Mino over to her. Though Mino and Owari formed an alliance, Dousan’s son, Yoshitatsu refuses to accept it. Yoshiharu teases Nobuna when she can’t look him in the eye to thank him. When she learns he is keeping her slippers in his jacket near his chest, she thinks he’s some sort of pervert and is going to slice him apart. Don’t kill the hen that lays the golden egg.

Episode 2
Yoshiharu must be so level that he is eating cooked grass for breakfast. If only he is promoted, he gets better food. He even teases the lolis of eating better to grow their boobs as big Katsuie. Big boobs are only for decoration! Speaking of Katsuie, here she comes wanting Yoshiharu to follow her to town. There, they meet Nobukatsu Oda, Nobuna’s younger brother and would’ve been ruler had not she been born. Nobukatsu mocks her sister, something Yoshiharu doesn’t take lightly. He asks what he would do in her place. Advertise jelly?! Fail! Try again. Conquer some provinces and bring cute girls here? WTF?! Nobukatsu calls his sister a fool and mentions how their mom never liked her and said he was more inclined to be ruler of the land. Yoshiharu knocks his head and warns him never to badmouth Nobuna again. Katsuie restrains him and even though she is Nobuna’s aid, her position as prime minister means her loyalty is with Nobukatsu. Nobukatsu didn’t like the way things turn out and orders off with his head. Back at the castle, Yoshiharu gets chided by Nobuna. It’ll be troublesome if Nobukatsu starts a rebellion. Katsuie is in a dilemma as she doesn’t want to fight Nobuna and is going to cut off the monkey’s head! Not so fast. Nagahide says if Yoshiharu was higher ranked like a general, they could work something out since a soldier hitting Nobukatsu is clearly unacceptable. So for him to rise up the ranks so fast, Nobuna sets him a task to get him thousands of sacks of rice that will last a year for several men in a week with limited money. Otherwise, he’ll lose his head. Yoshiharu is all game for it and ropes in Inuchiyo and Goemon to help out. He knows how to increase his money. No, he isn’t using cheat codes but some buy and sell trick in different provinces. In the end, he’s got so much gold, he could swim in it! Only one problem. He forgot his original mission to buy rice! Oh sh*t! The deadline is this evening.

Yoshiharu sees Nobuna to assure his lolis are buying the rice as they speak. Better not make her wait too long. Because once she gets bored, she likes killing monkeys. Yikes! To kill time (at least not monkeys), Nobuna tests his knowledge on the world. He surprises her with common sense of our time. From where Japan is to the Europeans whom she terms as barbarians. Nobuna is stunned with his answer because to those she explained to, nobody believed her. She believes the barbarians will invade Japan someday and thus need a strong Japan to stand up against them. Yoshiharu softens her heart when he says those who laugh at her don’t understand her and that she is special. She notes he says the same thing as that person she deeply cared but refuses to divulge any further to leave him jealous. When it seems like they’re getting intimate, suddenly Nobuna draws her sword. Time’s up. He’s head is going to roll. However Yoshiharu has no qualms and is ready to accept death. No last words, no begging for mercy, no nothing. This has Nobuna feeling uneasy. Yoshiharu says if he begs for his life, it’ll make her suffer since she doesn’t like this kind of things. Just as Nobuna got the strength to cut off his head, the lolis come in to stop her and show her the sacks of rice they brought. To her surprise, he brought four times more than he was told to. See the relief on her face? However that’s not the end yet as they hear that Nobukatsu has started a rebellion and has raised an army at Suemori castle while barricading himself inside with Katsuie. Nobuna orders they’ll attack the castle because if Imagawa learns about the power struggle, they’ll be attacked. However Yoshiharu knows at this rate this is how the game went. She storms into the castle and kills her brother. So he makes a deal that all they need to do is make him surrender. Nobuna’s troops arrive outside Suemori and Yoshiharu leads the troops in a cheerleading fashion to chant Nobuna’s name. Because Nobukatsu is weak willed, they just need him to give up and surrender. With the chanting getting louder and louder, even Katsuie and Nobukatsu’s soldiers who doesn’t want to fight their princess start chanting Nobuna’s name. In the end, Nobukatsu couldn’t stand it and surrenders.

In the aftermath, Katsuie seeks forgiveness and to spare Nobukatsu and will die on his behalf. She refuses since she is her trump card for Imagawa. She wants Nobukatsu to commit seppuku. Nobukatsu is afraid of pain and death and doesn’t want to. In that case, Nobuna will kill him herself. Yoshiharu tells her to stop but she needs to make an example out of this. As a ruler, she can’t show mercy to relatives for the sake of their conquest. She’ll kill anyone who goes against her. Yoshiharu is going to do just that. He believes at this rate, she’ll go on killing everyone she cares about. He knows this Nobunaga guy who killed his brother. It destroyed part of his heart and lost control. He doesn’t want her to end up like that and prefers her to stay as a girl who spins a globe talking about her dreams. He wants her to be honest. Does she really want to kill him? Of course not. So Nobuna forgives her brother and he promises to turn over a new leaf and never start a rebellion again. He also vows to work hard for her and casts away his Oda name and take on the name of his relative. He will be now known as Nobusumi Tsuda. Soon all rebels were forgiven and Owari is united under the one and only Nobuna. That night when Nobuna talks to Yoshiharu, she doesn’t want to think she is being controlled by him. But if he sees she’s losing sight of her own path, he’ll do something about it. She makes him swear loyalty to her (by kissing her hand?). At least till he finds a way home. And if her dream doesn’t come true, does that mean he won’t go back?

Episode 3
Yoshitatsu leads a large rebellion against Dousan. Even his main generals and other nobles have defect to him. Nobuna learns of this and knows Dousan intends to die on the battlefield. They can’t send reinforcements because this will leave Owari open to Imagawa’s invasion. So Nobuna isn’t going to send any reinforcements. Yoshiharu couldn’t believe it but sees the same kind of sad expression she had when she did for Nobukatsu. Later he goes to apologize for his outburst. She tells him all these odd items in her room, the globe to the piano and rifles and telescope were given to her by a barbarian. It was the beginning of her dream to travel the world. Unfortunately he’s dead. The same case with her father. And soon Dousan. All the people she loves die. Maybe she can’t love anybody. That’s why she won’t fall for him. Is that a confession? Soon, Nagamasa Asai, the young ruler of northern Oumi pays Nobuna a visit. He is here to remove her cause of suffering: Dousan. Knowing he will die in the next few days, he offers his force and hers to attack simultaneously. He is proposing an alliance between Owari, Mino and Oumi and such alliance means not even Imagawa can stand up to them. Nobuna feels this deal is too good to be true and wants to know his intentions. He gets straight to the point: He wants her to become his wife and conquer Japan together. Not sitting well with Yoshiharu. Well, you got to admit Nagamasa is better looking than that monkey. However Nagamasa says he doesn’t love her and that this is just a political marriage which is the way of the world. Nobuna refuses because she will choose her husband and will marry the one she loves. Nagamasa can guess it’s that monkey. But why did Nobuna had to get so worked up and beat the crap out of Yoshiharu while flatly denying it all? It turns into a lover’s spat so Nagahide had to put her foot down. Nagamasa ‘threatens’ her to think about it if she wants to save Dousan. Also, if she makes an enemy out of his clan, she will fall. Nobuna’s subjects discuss about the political marriage. Though Nagahide agrees to the marriage if the clan’s only interest is conquering Japan, but in terms of her as a princess she is definitely against it because women are not tools of conquest. Yoshiharu goes off to confront Nagamasa. He says if he is going to enter into a political marriage, at least tell her he loves her. However he notes that lying will only be worse because for a female ruler, you can’t stay as a woman if you are to survive civil wars. Yoshiharu has promised Nobuna he’ll help her achieve her dream of conquest and love so at least he could fulfil this one. However Nagamasa tells him straight he does not love Nobuna and never will. Yoshiharu is going to punch him but is held back by Inuchiyo. If he lets his emotions get the better and hit him, there’ll be a war.

Nagamasa returns for an answer and Nobuna is stammering to give one. Yoshiharu cuts in between them and isn’t going to hand Nobuna over to him. What he meant was he’s not going to make her his slave. Her other subjects stand up to protect Nobuna. I guess the marriage is off. Nagamasa hopes they won’t regret it. After he leaves, Mitsuhide arrives. Nobuna is worried about Dousan but in the carriage is only his daughter, Kichou. Mitsuhide hands her a farewell letter from Dousan. He is being realistic about life. Every man will die someday and he is happy Nobuna will carry on his dream. Nobuna is on the verge of breaking down but before she is about to order reinforcements, Katsuie knocks her out. Yoshiharu still wants reinforcements to be sent but Katsuie knows the risk of Imagawa attacking. Yoshiharu will be the reinforcement. Along with Goemon and a few men, they sail to where Goemon is. He catches Dousan before he leads his last charge. He tries to tell him the sadness Nobuna will be if he dies. He throws it back to him, Nobuna will be even sadder if Yoshiharu dies. Because he is from the future, he understands her dream and is her only hope. A dream of only one person is nothing but ambition. A dream is a dream because you share it with someone. Just like déjà vu, he’s pushing that fate thingy back onto Yoshiharu’s shoulders to lead Nobuna for him. He’s fine with that. Only thing is he is going to bring him back too. So I guess Dousan has no choice but to set sail with him. But they’re like sitting ducks sailing through the canyon because Yoshitatsu’s army is firing at them from above. So what now? Don’t ask Yoshiharu. The game didn’t turn out like this. Relying on heaven’s luck, no? I guess it was really lucky that some of them got out. When they reach land, Yoshitatsu’s army arrive on horse. Just when they thought they are done for, here comes Nobuna and her entire Owari army. They drive Yoshitatsu’s army back. Yoshiharu is appalled that the rest didn’t stop her and leave Owari unguarded. Well, they did but she insisted. Yoshiharu gets a slap for worrying her and leaving her all alone. That’s the thanks he gets for saving an old man. Just like one nightmare after next, it is reported that the Imagawa army has invaded Owari.

Episode 4
Nobuna could even joke it’s the end for her since Owari does mean ‘end’. Before Yoshiharu could give his plan (and confident she can win it since it’s written in history), Nobuna fires him. That’s for being selfish and leaving her. She slaps him and calls him a liar and all talk only since he promised to make her dream come trueYasutomo Asahina and Motoyasu are leading Imagawa’s attack and are attacking on all fronts. Slowly all castles under Owari are falling. Nobuna has since locked herself in her room while Yoshiharu feels guilty that he is indeed all talk only. But Dousan also tells him he saved others. Asking Yoshiharu about Nobuna’s chances of defeating Imagawa, in history it is only after winning this battle that she’ll truly become a conqueror. But that future is only true when Dousan is dead, right? He changed the future to save Nobuna from suffering so how certain is he that she will still win? Noting Nobuna is a genius and has perhaps realized this and decided not to take him into battle she has no hope of winning. Remember what she said about the people she loves dies? The only way she could show him how she felt was by firing him. Yoshiharu explains his love for period games. He is so happy to learn history and could help everyone. Maybe that changed the future but because he knew that history, he was able to save Dousan. So there is only one thing left he could do. Along with Inuchiyo, Goemon and a bunch of loyal men, Yoshiharu heads off to Okehazama to find Yoshimoto’s location and report it back to Nobuna. However he is dismayed to see Okehazama a mountain and not a flat plain. They can’t launch a sneak attack if it’s a mountain. Did the future change? If so, he might have followed the wrong route and will lead to a bad end! Suddenly before him are Nobusumi and his harem. No time to be jealous. He wants to help out and points out there is a part of Okehazama which is flat. True enough, Yoshimoto is resting in her camp while giving orders for her troops to soldier on despite being advised their force has suffered heavy casualties.

Yoshiharu wants Nobusumi and his girls to buy time by serving the Imagawa forces drinks so they could return and report to Nobuna. However they are being ambushed by Imagawa’s ninja force. Yoshiharu is reluctant to leave his followers behind but somebody needs to tell Nobuna. Don’t worry, they’ll stay alive. One of the ninjas, Hanzou Hattori tails Yoshiharu and surprisingly the kid is able to dodge his shurikens. Of course he can’t dodge them all and got hit by one. Bleeding and wounded, he can’t give up now that he has dragged everyone into this fight. So he does what he does best: Tell history. He tells Hanzou, Yoshimoto will never let Motoyasu have Mikawa (Hanzou is Motoyasu’s ninja). If Motoyasu wants to split, this is her chance because Nobuna will defeat Imagawa and the battle of Okehazama will end in her victory. Hanzou doesn’t believe him and holds his sickle to his neck. Yoshiharu further says Nobuna will form an alliance with Motoyasu. Hanzou decides to take this gamble and lets him live. Otherwise he will return someday to kill him. Imagawa forces are making headway in their invasion and Nobuna is still cooked up in her room while her retainers are divided. Suddenly Yoshiharu limps in and Nobuna is shocked to see the monkey covered in blood. He tells her he has found Yoshimoto’s camp with approximately 5,000 guards. They are resting and completely cut off from the rest of their forces and that Nobusumi and his girls are stalling them. The rest is up to her to decide. He’ll shut up and follow. Nobuna rallies her army and orders a full force invasion at Okehazama. She makes a stop at a shrine to pray for victory and she seems confident that this rainstorm will be the perfect cover for their ambush. Aren’t the Gods mad? Not if you’re Nobuna. Yoshimoto’s soldiers are drunk and she realizes Nobusumi and co are nowhere to be seen. Suddenly Nobuna and her troops appear from the mountain top and charge straight into the camp. Yoshimoto’s forces are taken by surprise as most of them are drunk. Katsuie reaches Yoshimoto first and is going to kill her despite Yoshimoto pleading for her life. Katsuie is stopped by Yoshiharu who is fondling her breasts. WTF?! He can’t let a cute girl like that die. She agrees to let Yoshimoto live as long as he stops fondling her. Now she’s tainted… Yoshiharu uses his charms to persuade Yoshimoto to surrender. I guess she got taken in by her cute girl statement and decides to abide by him to make him look good. With Yoshimoto’s forces scattered, the once strongest forces in the east fell from power. Nobuna thanks Yoshiharu and he wants his reward. Yeah, here it comes. A kick and step to his face! That’s for fondling Katsuie’s boobs. And another for letting Yoshimoto off because she’s cute. Sometimes being too kind doesn’t pay.

Episode 5
Motoyasu now aligns herself with Nobuna. But as Yoshiharu notes, destroying Imagawa barely got her any territory and she’s trying to bribe them with food. Even so, Yoshiharu wants his reward. He wants the prettiest girl in Japan! At least he’s not afraid to say it. Nobuna and her army get lost in the mist and see stacks of stone. Yoshiharu remembers something like this from Romance of the Three Kingdoms and realize this is a trap set by the brilliant strategist Koumei Shokatsu. The trap is to lure them into the swamp and flood it with river water. Yoshiharu orders Goemon to destroy all the stones. Hanbei Takenaka decides not to flood the area nothing that his master prefers to avoid bloodshed. As narrated, no matter how much Nobuna advances into Mino and fights, she has lost every battle. Dousan mentions of a secret genius strategist in Mino. Before he could say his name, Yoshiharu upstages him and mentions Hanbei’s name. His reward for this late mention lands him a kick by Nobuna. Should’ve said this a long time ago. So the task now is to get Hanbei on their side. Yoshiharu once more volunteers himself to go get Hanbei (so he can get his prettiest girl reward). Mitsuhide seems pessimistic about his chances but Dousan believes in him and sends Mitsuhide to guide Yoshiharu there. However the thing that surprises Yoshiharu about Hanbei is that he’s an onmyouji. Outside his house, they are greeted by Morinari Andou, one of Yoshitatsu’s retainers and Hanbei’s uncle. Though he regrets he should’ve gone with Dousan since now Yoshitatsu is hard to get along, he warns they’re going to need more than words to convince Hanbei. But look who is here too. It’s Nagamasa and his intention is the same. He is also confident with Hanbei on his side, he will get Nobuna to marry him and has already sent wedding invitations to all the rulers. That’s light counting your chickens before they hatch, right? Of course Yoshiharu won’t give her to him so it’ll be a showdown who gets Hanbei.

Hanbei appears before them and he knows their background and intention very well. He shows them 4 buns. One of them is correct and the first one to eat him wins. But beware. One is poison. Unfair? They should be brave enough to stake their lives for the winner gets him. Yoshiharu grabs one first but turns out to be extremely spicy. Not wanting to lose, Nagamasa grabs one but it’s filled with wasabi. Down to two, they each grab one but it turns out to be rock. Hanbei transforms into a fox and clearly notes they have been deceived. Suddenly Inuchiyo kills him! Oh sh*t! I know monsters are supposed to be exterminated but she just killed the genius strategist! She snoops around and in a hidden compartment sees a little girl cowering in fear. Guess who? She is the real Hanbei! OMG! This shy, cry-baby and weak loli is the strategist?! The guy they just interacted is Zenki, her double. Because Hanbei is talented, she is often bullied so he took her place. She has this habit of angering people to see if they are mean to her. Yoshitatsu is fed up of waiting for Hanbei because as a retainer Hanbei should face his ruler and not go into hiding. He sends Andou to prison. So Zenki mentions Yoshitatsu’s plan to make Hanbei appear otherwise one by one his retainers will be executed. Nagamasa suggests letting Andou die and make Hanbei hate Yoshitatsu. This will make her attack Inabayama castle to avenge her uncle’s death and at the same time Mino will fall to him as well as Nobuna. However Yoshiharu refuses to accept that because he won’t do anything to make a girl sad. Goemon’s reconnaissance indicates Andou is fine in prison so Yoshiharu wants Mitsuhide and Inuchiyo to go rescue him while they buy time with Hanbei. But Hanbei feels dishonourable to deceive Yoshitatsu and feels he will understand if she tells the truth.

Everybody is shock to see Hanbei a little girl. What’s more, she is apologizing profusely each time she things she said something wrong. Yoshitatsu will only return Andou once he no longer suspects her of treason. She assures she won’t betray him but he doesn’t believe her words. Because she had multiple chances to defeat the Oda clan but let them escape. It’s a job of a strategist to slay the enemy! Now it’s Yoshiharu’s turn to tell him off. Enemies can return and attack but do they not realize the fear of soldiers who run? Thus attacking is useless. That’s why she allowed the enemy to live and one. However Yoshitatsu points that this makes her a far dangerous person. She may not have any intention to rebel but she still has the capability. Yoshiharu reminds him that a true lord uses the best men he can find to rule his country. He irks Yoshitatsu when he mentions Dousan’s name so Yoshitatsu orders to kill them. He sees the family crest Nagamasa bears and realizes who he is. Nagamasa defects to Yoshitatsu side saying Yoshiharu’s plan was to use Hanbei to assassinate him. He blames Yoshiharu for making this worse himself so now he’ll just join with Mino and take Nobuna himself. Unfortunately Yoshitatsu has no interest in that. He wants Nagamasa captured alive and doesn’t care what happens to the monkey. A smoke screen fills the place and Goemon reports they have rescued Andou. Yoshitatsu has Hanbei in his hands and plans to make her his concubine. He needs her power to surpass his father and conquer Japan. Hanbei got so scared that she releases several familiars and attack the place. Just like that, they captured Inabayama castle, no? Because she used too many spells, she falls into a fever. Yoshiharu is willing to abandon the castle just to get her treated. Later Hanbei is cured and she thought he should’ve ignored her. But Yoshiharu notes Nobuna wouldn’t want to get the castle that way. She is an important person to him and wants to let her shine while protecting her. Hanbei is taken in by his earnest words and because she can leave this idiot all alone, she serves not the Oda clan but Yoshiharu as her master.

Episode 6
As narrated, Sunomata is a strategic place and building a castle here means Mino will be as good as yours. However it is situated too close to Inabayama castle and any attempt to build anything there will be quickly met with overwhelming force. Still, Nobuna wants to build a castle there despite Dousan’s advice that she’ll be greeted with pile of bodies. Seeking Hanbei’s advice, she also believes one who controls Sunomata controls Mino and by doing the impossible can she prove herself worthy to rule. Nobuna is impressed that they think alike and wants her to drop that monkey and serve her. But she has made a vow to serve Yoshiharu so she is okay with it since Hanbei will help Yoshiharu and in turn that monkey will help her. To Yoshiharu’s dismay, she leaves the building of the castle to Katsuie. She doesn’t want anybody to think the monkey is being given special treatment. I mean, after Okehazama’s victory and Hanbei’s defection, some people may be jealous of him getting all the glory. Yoshitatsu tries to rally his soldiers who are having low morale after Hanbei’s defect. He even forbids his retainers, Inaba and Ujiie to say Dousan’s name because they suggest it would be best for them to ally with Nobuna. Yoshitatsu won’t forgive the humiliation that Dousan chose Nobuna and not him. Yoshitatsu receives report that a castle is being built at Sunomata so he sends his force to wipe them out. Katsuie has no choice but to abandon her mission. I guess now it’s up to Yoshiharu, eh? Still don’t want him to go? Worried? Yeah, he always does something crazy. But it’s just not reckless crazy. He has a plan. There won’t be a problem if they build a castle overnight. In a single night? Even Rome was impossible. I guess there’s no other way so Nobuna hands him her gourd, a symbol he is the general to lead her army for the construction. Yoshiharu realizes Hideyoshi conquered Japan under the symbol of the gourd as in history. He vows not to let that happen. Nobuna has an additional order for him: Come back alive. Yoshitatsu is being told Nobuna has taken almost her entire army to Kisogawa and thought she has abandoned Sunomata. He gives Inaba and Ujiie 2,000 men to go fight her as part of his plan. But it is also part of Nobuna’s plan to act as a decoy because with Yoshitatsu’s forces leaving Inabayama castle, this will give Yoshitatsu enough time to construct the castle under their noses. Besides, Yoshitatsu used modern construction tactics by building materials elsewhere and then carrying it to the place. Saves time and energy. All you need to do is to just put it up.

Nobuna receives report that Yoshitatsu’s men are moving strangely. Realizing they are holing up at an abandoned gold mine, she knows it is a plan to lure them in. The most important thing is to act as a decoy and the castle’s construction. So they take the bait and it will be bad if they’re surrounded now. Suddenly Inaba and Ujiie lead the attack head on as both sides clash. The duo think this is part of Yoshitatsu’s plan to act as a decoy as Yoshitatsu will attack from behind with the main force. Unknown to them, that reinforcement will not come because Yoshitatsu plans to sacrifice them. As the fighting rages on, both sides realize something is wrong. Yoshitatsu’s force isn’t coming and that only Inaba and Ujiie’s men are fighting. Nobuna realizes too late when the entire gold mine bursts into flames. Nowhere to run. Dawn arrives and Yoshitatsu revels in his victory that Nobuna is dead. Counting his chickens, isn’t he? Suddenly a surprising report that a castle has been constructed at Sunomata. Can’t believe it? See for yourself. It’s standing right there! He sends his troops to take it down but with Hanbei’s strategy, they manage to keep them at bay and hope to hold out till Nobuna will return. Inaba and Ujiie face off with Nobuna and though realized they’ve been abandoned, they are going to die with honour and take her along. However Nobuna chides them for thinking about death and should think about living. She then orders her men to gather all the gunpowder they can fight. She fights fire with fire, blasting away the fire to make a hole enough for them to get out and gallop back to Sunomata. Inaba and Ujiie are impressed with her and can see why Andou and Hanbei joined her. The battle at Sunomata is taking its toll. Yoshiharu’s side can’t hold on any longer but he is confident she’ll come back. Suddenly the enemy fires at him but Goemon uses her body to protect him. Too late to regret now. Nobuna arrives but is devastated to see her castle up in flames. A moment too late? Where is her monkey? She’s so concerned about him. Is he done for? Not yet. She sees him waving the gourd and gets her confidence back and orders her troops to charge on. Yoshitatsu can’t believe Nobuna is still alive and what’s more, Inaba and Ujiie have defected with some of his troops. They are being routed as they speak. Nagamasa thought he could take advantage in this confusion by leading his army to attack but was stopped dead in his tracks by Nagahide. She has orders to even kill him if he tries to interfere.

Though the battle is won, Yoshiharu laments Goemon’s death when she suddenly springs back up to life. A ninja wears chainmail armour, right? She’s just knocked out for the moment and it was good to make Yoshiharu experience losing something precious. He couldn’t care about that and hugs her in his relief, bringing ire to those lolicons, I mean, Goemon loyalists. With Yoshitatsu captured, Mino is now under Nobuna’s territory and Inabayama has been renamed to Gifu castle. Yoshitatsu wants Nobuna to kill him because as long as he lives, he will fight her. Dousan even agrees but Nobuna won’t do that and wants them to enjoy their retired lives together. Father and son won’t even look into each other’s eye. Dousan calls her a fool because this naivety will cause her life one day. It’s her decision anyway so she frees Yoshitatsu and lets him walk. Later Yoshiharu talks to Dousan. He is moping that because of him, she left herself an enemy. Yoshiharu points out she doesn’t want him to carry the sin of killing his son. Dousan notes he should’ve been dead and not worthy to be her father. Yoshiharu wants him to look outside and says he is the only father she has got left. Dousan looks out at the Gifu town and sees it light up to resemble a snake. He realizes the name of Gifu bears the meaning of stepfather.

Episode 7
The capital Kyoto has fallen. Even the Ashikaga shogun and Muromachi shogunate which has ruled the area for 240 years has been destroyed by the Miyoshi Three who have been expanding their powers lately. There Nobuna goes complaining about her plans to march into Kyoto up in smokes. Yoshiharu thought he could use his future prediction again even if the shoguns are assassinated, the brother Yoshiaki is still alive and she can make him the shogun and march into the capital for any reason she wants. However the ladies point out the shogun Yoshiteru Ashikaga isn’t assassinated and that they have a little sister and not a brother. This makes Yoshiharu realize the change in history. If so, he is deemed useless if he can’t predict! Now it’s Mitsuhide’s turn to shine. Quipping that even ‘monkeys fall from trees’, she suggests to make captured Yoshimoto as the next shogun as she carries the blood of Ashikaga. They can use her and march into the capital. Before they could start, once more that pest Nagamasa seeks an audience with Nobuna. He thinks they should form an alliance but Nobuna is not cowed. She isn’t even bothered with him. Since he has told everybody they’re going to wed, if that plan falls apart, he’ll be a laughing stock. Not that she cares either. Like a sudden fall from grace, Nagamasa starts begging! He can’t return home if they don’t get married. Well, she can give him her sister. She has a sister? I guess he is desperate enough to accept. Yoshiharu thought it was the beautiful Oichi but it turns out to be Nobusumi in disguise! WTF?! This is fraud! All is fine as long he’s not found out. FRAUD!!! And he didn’t even know what hit him. Yoshiharu won’t be fooled with suck trickery and pesters Nobuna about his pretty girl reward. She tells him to wash up and get ready for tonight. Yeah, tonight is the big night. He is anxiously waiting which pretty girl will show up. Could it be busty Katsuie? The seductive Nagahide? Mitsuhide isn’t bad either. Though someone as elegant as Yoshimoto would be better, he didn’t discount Nobuna too. Wow. He can’t wait. And wait no more because here comes his pretty girl… Drum roll please… HERE SHE IS… NENE!!! This is his pretty girl reward? Nene wants him to be her onii-chan? He’s been bamboozled. FRAUD!!!

As Nobuna’s forces march her way to the capital, Yoshiharu and the lolis went ahead first to see Kyoto decimated. Ever since the shogun’s downfall, the place has become lawless with bodies everywhere and the living in misery. Hanbei suggests Yoshimoto should head to Yamato Palace where Himeko is waiting as she is the head of Yamato court while she and Goemon gather information. Unknown to Yoshiharu and Inuchiyo, they save a miko priestess who is Himeko from bandits. Meanwhile the antagonists behind the downfall of the shogunate, Sakihisa Konoe (the imperial advisor who controls nobility and politics behind the scenes), Soukyuu Tsuda (a merchant of Sakai who would do anything for money) and Gousei Shoukakuin (a master priest who hates foreigners) discuss about Himeko’s disappearance and their efforts will be in vain if Himeko is missing. They send Hisahide Danjo Matsunaga, the witch who will not bat an eyelid to rebel, to find and retrieve Himeko. Yoshiharu follows Himeko around as she is dismayed at the devastation of the place. They see a foreign nun, Louise Frois (her big boobs must be the main attraction for Yoshiharu) and her little sidekick, Bontenmaru (I though it’s mini Nobuna with an eye-patch) being surrounded by ruffians. Since preaching for peace won’t work, there’s only the hard way. Frois says she is a missionary from Portugal doing missionary work in Japan. She thought of seeing the court to get permission to take her mission throughout Japan but was turned away since Europeans are not allowed near the court. She thought of meeting Himeko because since they both are servants of God, she thought she would understand. Her wish (as with God’s) is to end wars and make nations live in peace. I’m sure as long as she doesn’t give up, it’ll come true. So says Yoshiharu. Nobuna and her subjects discuss their plan to invade castles after castles. However she prefers to send them a surrender notice and even offers them to escape if they won’t. She won’t have unnecessary bloodshed.

Konoe is upset that there are those who ran away and won’t fight to their very last lives to delay Nobuna’s march towards Kyoto. Together with the ruler of Echizen, Yoshikage Asakura they discuss their next move. Yoshikage takes an interest in Yoshimoto and would like to make her his. Konoe isn’t pleased because if she becomes the shogun, everything they’ve done will be for naught. If only they have Takeda and Uesugi on their side, they have a chance against Nobuna but it’ll take time as she’ll reach the capital first. Yoshikage will withdraw his men for now and set fire to Kyo. If it delays her, Takeda and Uesugi may get there. He also has reinforcements in a guy who hates Nobuna more than anything. Even underneath that mask, I’m sure that bushy moustache gave him away. It’s you right, Yoshitatsu? Himeko is appalled at the nation’s suffering and knowing Yoshiharu is from the future, asks him if this is what the future is like. Will there be a world with happy people? Yoshiharu is confident that Nobuna can do it. If she unites Japan, she’ll make a new world. Suddenly Yoshiharu and Inuchiyo feel sleepy and are knocked out. It is Danjo and she is here to bring Himeko back. She is going to kill the duo and give an excuse she’s been abducted by bandits. But Himeko doesn’t want her to lay her hands on them and will return. Once Yoshiharu wakes up and reunite with Hanbei and Goemon, they can tell he has been attacked by something supernatural though he can’t really remember. Once Yoshiharu escorts Himeko back to her palace, he realizes who she is. Finally Nobuna marches into the capital, regains its control and restores security to the land.

Episode 8
Konoe has ordered the impossible task of 120,000 kan (copper coins) delivered or else he won’t accept Yoshimoto as shogun. So what the hell are Nobuna and Yoshiharu doing in Sakai while the rest of her forces are battling Miyoshi? Even Katsuie is beginning to have her bout with Yoshitatsu and the Oda forces are having a hard time since the enemy is using elephants to trample over them! As narrated, Sakai is a very rare place in Japan not affected by the civil war and neutral. Trade between east and west are flourishing and the place is ruled by 36 merchants known as Egoushuu. The one leading them is Soukyuu Imai (no relation to Tsuda) and he is the man Nobuna and Yoshiharu seek to negotiate about the kan in her quest to unite Japan. Despite the Oda clan being splendid customers, he can’t accommodate them because 120,000 kan would bankrupt him. However if they split it among the Egoushuu it would be possible. Unfortunately that would also be tough seeing some of them don’t like him (especially Tsuda) as he is monopolizing the takoyaki stands. Mitsuhide reports the bad news that Konoe will not give further time for his demand. Nobuna is okay with that seeing she saw this coming. Mitsuhide wants to help to make amends for her failure so Nobuna asks for any suggestions to get the money. Burn down Sakai and chase away all the merchants! However she gets chided for that. This is a place where east and west meet. Everyone here is filled with life. Someday she’ll turn Japan into this because Sakai has true freedom this country never had. She will protect this place and destroying is out of the question. Mitsuhide reflects on herself and notes how her mother was the only one who praised her talents till Nobuna came along. She can’t fail again and will unite Japan with Nobuna.

Nobuna has an audience with all the Egoushuu. Tsuda notes the many enemies Oda has left and even knows this impossible task is Konoe’s way of refusing to accept her. Though Imai values her for caring about Sakai, Tsuda tells him to sell his takoyaki stand if that’s the case. He’ll buy it for 120,000 kan. Nobuna agrees and will sell something suitable to the palates of the Sakai people. She leaves this task to Yoshiharu. This doesn’t sit well with Mitsuhide as she pleads to Nobuna to give her a chance. Tsuda also will have Mitsuhide make something so this turns out into a competition. Tsuda will bet on Mitsuhide while Imai will bet on Yoshiharu. The winner gets the top position in Egoushuu. If Tsuda wins, he’ll buy Mitsuhide’s dish for 120,000 kan which isn’t a bad deal. Yoshiharu also thinks this isn’t a bad deal because whoever wins, they’ll still get 120,000 kan. However Mitsuhide is serious and vows not to lose to that monkey. She goes on ranting about her gratefulness to her mother (who is in hospital right now) and slashing everyone who stands in her way. Yoshiharu discuss the dish he is supposed to make and Imai could guess it is takoyaki because it is something that Tsuda too would make Mitsuhide make. He knows his goal has always been to join Egoushuu and get monopoly on takoyaki and the plan of using Oda was to ensure he benefits big from them all. For Imai, his instinct has him trust Nobuna that she will unite Japan. Konoe is horrified Tsuda made this decision because it would mean he will have to accept the new shogun. The rest remind him they are his allies and not servants. Tsuda chose the one who would make him more money. Likewise Shoukakuin will be just happy to drive out all the foreigners. Yoshiharu sees Frois to get some ideas. She has a feeling he is from the future and they talk about the peace they have in that era. Yoshiharu thinks it was human power like Nobuna who made that future possible. While looking for mayonnaise for his salad, suddenly the idea hits him. Meanwhile the Oda forces are losing ground and if not for Hanbei’s intervention to set fire to scare the elephants, they would not have sent the enemy retreating. The Miyoshi forces fled to Shikoku and Danjo goes missing.

Takoyaki battle day has Nobuna the cute lively host as we see Yoshiharu-Goemon against Mitsuhide-Inuchiyo team. The winner gets 120,000 kan while the loser goes to prison at Gifu. Yikes! Never heard that last bit! Mitsuhide makes a great start with all the best ingredients while Yoshiharu seems to be flopping. I don’t even know what he is making. Goemon made the fire a little too strong and nearly burnt everything. Yoshiharu hits upon another idea as he uses oil to make fried takoyaki. In the end, it doesn’t turn out appetizing. Even Nobuna made a statement that sounds so perverted. “It’s dark, hard and got this white gooey stuff splashed on it”. That white stuff is mayonnaise, missus. But when they pop it into their mouths, they start crying and the exquisite taste! Not wanting to lose, Mitsuhide pours miso sauce over hers. Doesn’t look as appetizing either. Just as it looks, it tastes awful. Those aren’t tears of joy. What the heck are they eating exactly? They note all the ingredients were perfect but she rushed in and ruined it. At the end, the Egoushuu votes Mitsuhide as the winner. As everyone knows, Tsuda has used lots of money to get the votes and leave the miso off when served to the customers. Imai agrees to the deal but wants the fried takoyaki. He is confident once Nobuna reunites Japan, Sakai will be his again. Mitsuhide is ecstatic with the win and doesn’t care how one-sided it was as long she has won. Then she wants Nobuna to give the orders to send Yoshiharu to dungeons but instead, Nobuna had this disappointed look on her face and just tells her to take the 120,000 kan to Konoe. She is left stunned that her comrades call her the worse. Konoe can’t believe he has to accept the new shogun but Yoshikage hints if there is ONLY a new shogun to accept. You know where this is leading to, right? So Konoe sends assassin Zenjuubou Sugitani for a job.

Episode 9
Yoshimoto revels in her new position as shogun. Nobuna and the rest discuss the outcome of the battle and especially Mitsuhide’s attitude at the end of the competition. Yoshiharu doesn’t mind about it since she was just too serious but the rest don’t view her cheating too lightly. Yoshiharu fears this would isolate Mitsuhide further and more likely push her to a snapping point. He vows to stop the Honnouji event from occurring. Mitsuhide apologizes to Imai but he is okay with it since it’s a game and she should be apologizing to Yoshiharu. Because she believes in a battle for promotion, there is no point if one doesn’t win, Imai points out that’s where she is wrong. To Nobuna, her retainers are like family and she doesn’t want to see them putting each other down. When Mitsuhide mentions that there’s a difference between family and retainer, he says she was just lucky. Unlike her who was loved by her mother, Nobuna was hated by hers. She put on a cheery face so as not to worry those around her. News reach Nobuna that Takeda and Uesugi have stopped fighting and make peace. With 50,000 strong army with them, it will be a threat to Nobuna. However Yoshiharu starts panicking because in history those 2 aren’t supposed to be allies. Is history starting to turn in a direction he doesn’t know? Was he responsible for the chance? How will he help Nobuna in her conquest now? The only way left is to trust himself. He tries to persuade that Takeda-Uesugi alliance is impossible and that a new era of shogunate is about to begin. However she is still bent on withdrawing forces so Yoshiharu said too much that they need to hold strong. Nobuna gets emotional and never thought he would say that. She can’t rule Japan if she abandons the people she cares since Dousan is in Mino and her mother in Owari. She dismisses Yoshiharu and doesn’t want to see his face again. Nobuna’s main forces led by Katsuie and Nagahide leave the capital leaving only a small guard in Kyo guarding Yoshimoto. Of course this is a trap set by Konoe as now he will have Danjo and her forces to deliver Yoshimoto alive. They also talk about Mitsuhide and the ‘interesting’ girl she is.

Yoshiharu feels guilty having said too much. He realized Nobuna is just a girl and all he thought was what she should do as a general. He needs to do more than just let her rule Japan and being a demon doesn’t suit her. Suddenly he is knocked out by Zenjuubou. Mitsuhide thought Nobuna hates her since she assigns her to protect Yoshimoto, leaving her all alone in the capital. She explains they can’t abandon Kyo but can’t take her back with them too. Nobuna is looking for Yoshiharu when she learns from Inuchiyo that she heard he has been kidnapped. Yoshiharu finds himself tied to a tree as Zenjuubou explains he is bait to bring down Nobuna. He’ll kill them both in the end and won’t be bought over money because he prefers fame. His name will live on as the person who killed Nobuna who is on the verge of uniting Japan. He doesn’t care if it takes another 100 years to unite Japan because with peace abound, people like him will be out of a job. Hanzou reports to Katsuie and Nagahide that Takeda and Uesugi forces are not moving. Though it is true they made peace but everything else were lies. They realize they have been set up to draw the main forces away from the capital. Soon Danjo’s forces invade Kyo as Mitsuhide faces off with Danjo. Danjo finds out about her dreams to see Nobuna rule Japan. She got so ecstatic that she masturbated?! She would love to see the despair on her face when her dreams fall apart. She sets the temple on fire and hopes they will kill each other. Nobuna rides fast to Yoshiharu’s rescue not knowing that Zenjuubou is lying in wait to snipe her. Yoshiharu thinks hard and he remembers his iPad. Danjo uses her spell to make Mitsuhide sleepy so she stabs herself in the thigh to avoid falling for her illusions. However Danjo strikes the deathblow when she says an assassin is hired to kill Nobuna and that she is dead now. Mitsuhide falls for this and her heart sinks into despair.

However she hears Nobuna’s voice telling her to snap out of it. How did she? When Yoshiharu played the charging soldiers ringtone on his iPad (I wonder how he charged it), it distracted Zenjuubou and his shot missed. This saved Nobuna by a whisker. The assassin fled and they rescue Yoshiharu and rush back here. Despite being told that Mitsuhide is part of her family and shares her dream, Danjo tries to persuade this is just a dream. And she was actually going to believe it till Yoshiharu dives and saves her from her death strike and Nobuna fires a warning shot to Danjo not to interfere. Still not convinced? Yoshiharu pummels into her head to believe in Nobuna. She needs her. And if she ever finds herself uncertain again, just remember the burning flames of Kiyomizu temple and how Nobuna appeared. The tables have turned for Danjo. So they think. She claims her wish is to see this country burn to the ground as her forces storm in to surround them. Can the little group win against her now? Yoshiharu thinks they can? They’re not alone because they’ve got Bontenmaru, the armies Frois, Justo Dom Takayama and Joachin Konishi coming to their aid. Danjo realizes these people are like her. Hated and with no place in this country. Seeing that Nobuna is different and that she can actually unite Japan, Danjo immediately surrenders. A few days later, Yoshimoto is officially declared as shogun as Nobuna speaks with Himeko (Konoe perhaps now reduced to a disgruntled minister by her side). Konoe tries to sow distrust in Himeko towards Nobuna and though it’s true she doesn’t know what’s in her heart, she knows Yoshiharu is a good man. You see, she has this ability to see and read the hearts of those she touches. If his feelings for her burn so brightly, she is confident Nobuna is a good person as well. Perhaps Himeko gave extra information for Nobuna to be careful because she warns Yoshiharu likes only girls and his head is filled with them. Finally she asks why she didn’t become shogun herself. She wants freedom. To remove the idea of ‘position’ from this country and show that she can choose her own future and life. But why does she feel like that? Looking back at Yoshiharu, she says it is for her dream. Himeko hopes her dream will come true.

Episode 10
The only provinces that haven’t send a messenger to the shogunate are Echizen and Wakasa. With Danjo on their side, the rest get to know about the conspirators. Also noted is Asakura is allied with Asai clan as Nobuna Kanjuurou is in Asai. Yoshiharu remembers in history about Nobunaga attacking Asakura in Echizen. But Nobuna surprises him that she’ll attack Wakasa. She has Mitsuhide take the lead while it’s Yoshiharu’s turn to stay watch at Kyo. Before Mitsuhide leaves, she gives Yoshiharu a charm and reminds their mission to help Nobuna conquer Japan. Meanwhile Nobusumi can’t believe he has to sneak into bath in the women’s bath. He sees Nagamasa bathing and I guess it’s out that the wife is actually a guy. Nobusumi is cool in revealing he is a guy but he gets shock of his life to see Nagamasa having boobs! OMG! Nagamasa is a woman?! Nagamasa thought Nobuna knew she was a woman and sent a man to marry her. Nobusumi doubts it. On why Nagamasa acts like a man, she says her father will never allow a female ruler. Thus she was stopped being a woman and became a man. Otherwise she will have to go to Rokkaku as hostage. That’s why Nagamasa became bitter when she abandoned being a woman. She would seduce and use them but Nobusumi says that’s not necessary. Since they’re married, they’ll keep this a secret between them and wants her to act as a woman in front of him. Nene pays a visit to Yoshiharu and the other lolis who are treating Hanbei. She got sick after using too much of her powers to douse the flames at Kiyomizu. Also, Nobuna sent her so he won’t go flirting. Damn. As they talk, Yoshiharu says he was confident Nobuna would have attacked Echizen. Because in the game when she does, this would cause problems for Asai so they betrayed her behind her back and her forces cut off from Kyo. Hanbei is shocked and tells Yoshiharu that Nobuna’s real intention was to surprise attack Echizen as soon as she enters Wakasa. So if Asai cuts off her line of retreat, she’ll be caught in between and be annihilated. They need to tell Nobuna about this and find out what Nagamasa is doing. Since Hanbei is too weak, she sends Zenki in her place. Meanwhile Nagamasa’s father regains control of his clan by imprisoning his daughter (or his son) until he slays Nobuna. He doesn’t want Nobuna to rule Japan but Nagamasa.

Yoshiharu chances upon Nobusumi running away. He throws him a pouch he wants Yoshiharu to bring to Nobuna. Nagamasa is thrown into prison and Nobusumi can’t abandon him so he’s going back. Yoshiharu reaches Nobuna’s camp and tells her Asai has betrayed her and to retreat. She finds it hard to believe because Kanjuurou is married there. Giving her the pouch, he felt he was careless because he let his guard down when she decided to attack Wakasa. A report comes in that the Asakura forces are making their way here and their famous sister warriors, Naoki and Naozumi Magara are part of the pack. Nobuna wants her army to retreat while she stays behind to delay the forces. However they know death is only waiting for her if she does that. What will she do? Surrender? She is willing to give up her conquest as it’s not worth everyone’s life. But a betrayal of this size means they’re out for her head. Nagahide tells her she has no choice but to order a retainer to guard the rear. Order them to die. She can’t do that. Who else is up to the task? Yoshiharu will do it. I guess he needs to do a little storytelling to convince her. If he hadn’t met her, he would’ve died somewhere alone. Now that he helped her to conquer Japan, he is able to look forward in life and not backwards. If she’s dead, his life in this world is over. He gives her his iPad and wants her to do her best so that his future will not disappear. She is the only one who can destroy the old world and bring about the world he lives in. Nobuna gets emotional and calls him a liar since he promised to stay with her till her dream comes true. As pointed out, if she let others do it, they will die. But if he was called here as Hideyoshi’s replacement then it makes sense. Nobuna reminds us about everyone she loves dies so he promises not to do anything that will make her sad. He came to this time for her. If they both make it out alive, he’ll be taking the best prize in Japan. He wants a kiss from her. On the lips. That’s a promise.

Motoyasu and Mitsuhide stay back for a while to give their thanks to him. He needs them to live because they won’t have anybody left to rule the country after Japan is united. He goes on that Motoyasu will be the ruler once Japan is at peace and Mitsuhide will sail the seas with Nobuna. Hanzou stays behind on his own accord. The greatest retreat begins as Yoshiharu is given 500 men to delay the enemy the best he can. Yoshiharu deploys a firing tactic that scares the Asakura forces but they will return. Then he sends Goemon to run to Mino and get Dousan. If they scare Asai, their survival chances will increase. The soldiers and Goemon loyalists pledge their life to Yoshiharu. If they were only women I’m sure he would’ve preferred to get along with them. So now it’s on to their next phase as Yoshiharu orders his men to retreat. Nobuna and her army arrive at the treacherous Kutsuki Valley. If they pass here, it’s the home stretch. Nobuna feels guilty for ordering her monkey to his death and wants to go back. It took Inuchiyo a lot of courage to slap some senses into her because if she returns, there was no point of him staying. The army in Kutsuki Valley is seen charging in so Katsuie leads the forces to hold them off. Danjo points out another force in Odani castle, Mototsuna Kutsuki, the lord of this valley is an indecisive man. She will go try to persuade and bring him to their side. Nagahide tells Nobuna to drop everything she has and run. Just make sure she survives. Konoe and the conspirators are confident Nobuna won’t get out of this one alive. Nobuna gallops along and as she’s about to get back her confidence everything will turn out fine (because Yoshiharu has a clean record of never breaking his promise), suddenly she is shot off her horse.

Episode 11
Yoshiharu employs a fire-and-run tactic. He motivates the guys that they’ll be able to see Japan’s prettiest girls once they get home. Now do you have doubts making him the captain? As they retreat in the pitch black forest, Yoshitatsu attacks Yoshiharu but a man takes the spear in his place. Though reluctant, Yoshiharu has no choice but to run. Inuchiyo, Mitsuhide and Motoyasu turn back to go save Yoshiharu. Soon it becomes a competition between Asai and Asakura clan to see who can kill Yoshiharu first. More men die protecting Yoshiharu from enemies’ fire. Zenki and Hanzou note that because Yoshiharu is the hero of Sunomata, he is considered a general and have a high bounty on his head. They think they should kill Yoshiharu themselves. Yoshiharu wants to stay and fight to the death with his comrades but they remind him how Nobuna almost said the same thing but she chose to live. The men died protecting him but he wants to choose to die like a dog. Yoshiharu changes his mind that he wants to live but since he’s a greedy man, he wants everything else too. Yoshitatsu finds Yoshiharu so the latter pleads to let his men escape since he is the one he is looking for. Though he agrees, before Yoshitatsu could do anything, Hanzou drops a bomb right at Yoshiharu and blows him to bits! NOOOOOOO!!! Inuchiyo and the rest just return and saw this horrifying betrayal. Mitsuhide is engulfed in rage and charges at Yoshitatsu but was blown away by his cannon. Nene is taken to Nobuna’s room by Nagahide and Katsuie. Nobuna is still alive though she is in coma. Thanks to the iPad, it prevented the bullet from reaching her heart. The sniper Zenjuubou is baffled that Nobuna should have died instantly. He cowers in fear thinking that Heaven is protecting Nobuna. But Konoe doesn’t give a damn since Zenjuubou has done his role and it’s only a matter of time before Nobuna dies. The Asai-Asakura forces advance towards Kyo so Katsuie leads the Oda forces to defend from their enemies. If the enemy breaks through, it’s game over. Yoshiharu’s death finally reaches Nagahide’s ears but as Danjo points out, the problem is now Nobuna. There is no medicine that could cure the illness of the heart. But there is one way and that is to make her accept Yoshiharu’s death via some drug. The risk is that she may never awaken again so it’s a gamble.

Nobuna dreams she is in a western style marriage to Yoshiharu. Happiest day ever since all her friends and even her mom attended the wedding. Before they could kiss, suddenly everything changes. Her white bridal gown becomes a black mourning clothes and a coffin of Yoshiharu in front of her. She realizes Yoshiharu is dead and wakes up. She is told the truth about Yoshiharu being blown to bits so much so they couldn’t find his body parts. Another blow for Nobuna is that Mitsuhide has also died. Danjo smoothly tells her that the next course is to unite Japan by avenging those who have been taken from her. Nagahide didn’t like Danjo’s plan but she mentions she needs something other than Yoshiharu to keep her going. And that something is rage. Soon Nobuna even orders her army to attack peaceful Sakai. When the Asai forces see Nobuna leading her army, they realize they can’t win and retreat but Nobuna isn’t going to let them all live. With the Asakura forces along with Konoe and the conspirators fleeing to Hiei Mountain, Nobuna orders an immediate attack but was stopped by Katsuie and Nagahide to rethink her decision. That place is the centre of people’s faith and if they attack, the people will turn against them. Their quest to reunite Japan will be for nothing. Konoe knows they’ll stay safe in Hiei Mountain but it won’t be long before Oda forces surround them. Konoe sends Tsuda as the peace envoy to Nobuna. He also sends a gift and to everyone’s dismay, a head from a monkey’s statue is inside the box. The leader is a threat for Nobuna to go home or else she’ll have the heads of her previous retainers and family taken (Tsuda is unaware of this setting). Nobuna becomes angry and charges to Hiei Mountain for revenge, not heeding to Katsuie and Nagahide’s plea. Nagahide has no choice but to order her troops to standby to attack in groups and not alone.

Episode 12
Little does Nobuna know that she’s walking right into a trap set by Yoshikage. Nagahide and Danjo are fighting the enemy soldiers when Danjo comes up with a plan to burn the mountain down. Even if this means turning everyone in Japan against her, burn it. Even if only a demon could do such a heinous act, burn it because only a demon could end these wars. The fighting rages on and several explosion rocks the place throwing Nobuna off her horse. Hanbei recovers from her fever and learns about the situation. She knows Yoshiharu is not dead yet. Speaking of which, so is Mitsuhide! Hanbei explains a ninja technique whereby a real bomb is replaced with a smoke bomb and during the smoke, Yoshiharu hid in a hole dug earlier on. Thus Hanzou actually saved Yoshiharu. About him being blown to bits, that was Zenki taking his place. Hanzou could’ve dug Yoshiharu out faster had Motoyasu not return. Because Yoshitatsu attacked them, his priority is of course to protect his master. He must’ve dug himself out and headed for Kyo by now. Mitsuhide is searching for Yoshiharu and she made this retard sentence, “If you die first without my permission, I’ll kill you”. WTF. She finds the charm lying around and not too far, his body! Thank goodness he is still alive but barely breathing. Mitsuhide is jealous because he is speaking Nobuna’s name instead of hers in his dream. But he is getting colder by the second and the small fire won’t be enough to warm him up. How? HOW?! Well, there’s only one way. Take off your clothes for some body heat! Now they’re even.

Soon Hiei Mountain is set on fire and Shoukakuin is appalled to find out that crazy Konoe was the one who set it on fire to pin the blame on Nobuna. Yoshikage orders his troops to withdraw and hopes to meet Nobuna some other time. Nobuna reflects on Yoshiharu’s words that it’s wrong to fight out of revenge. In order to make a world where this won’t happen again, she must defeat Konoe. While the troops are running down the mountain, Nagahide decides to go where her princess is and Danjo, she’s simply interested where Nobuna will end up. Katsuie faces off with the Magara sisters and beats them before advancing to the top of Hiei Mountain. Tsuda and Shoukakuin are captured and brought to Hanbei down at Oda forces’ base. But she unties them because priority now is to put out the fire. Dousan is also back with the rest (including Nene). He sees Yoshiharu more important than his Mino territory because someday this boy will marry his daughter. Nobuna enters the temple but faces off with Yoshitatsu who is still seeking answers on why Dousan chose her. He mocks Yoshiharu and Mitsuhide dying for her for nothing but she disagrees. They are very much alive within her (the iPad) and that it is her duty as unifier to create a world where dreams are passed on. Yoshitatsu finally understands why she was chosen. But before they can continue their fight, Danjo, Nagahide and Katsuie are willing to take him on. Yoshitatsu tells Nobuna that Konoe is waiting up ahead. He wonders if he can kill him but the ladies aren’t worried a bit and have confidence in her. Nobuna meets Konoe at the main temple. We know their different ideals so get on with the fight. Konoe is going crazier by the second and though Nobuna is clearly more skilful with her sword and break his, Konoe stabs her with it. But she is still standing. Is she really chosen by the Heavens? Though with a couple of slashes, Nobuna doesn’t need to get her hand dirty and kill the bastard because the flaming temple pillar comes crashing down on him. Good riddance. So this is the reason why Nobuna was unscathed by Konoe’s stab: The iPad was there. Oh man! This is really one useful item!

Nobuna sits around thinking about things when she sees Yoshiharu running through the flames to reach her. Is this a dream? Hell if it was, just go and hug him first. So after all that why-did-you-leave-me-stupid worrisome-but-relieved act, she’s glad he’s back. Now for the kiss reward. I hope this isn’t why he rushed back here so energetically to remind her about this. Their lips were this close, THIS CLOSE to meeting when they realize their comrades are staring with glee (or disgust/jealousy if you’re Mitsuhide). She realizes this isn’t really a dream and turns on her full tsundere mode. Poor Yoshiharu gets kicked and kicked and kicked besides being called a perverted monkey among others. But it’s sure good to have him back. Meanwhile Hanbei has just finished setting up for a ritual. Thanks to Tsuda’s wealth that all his money can buy for the equipment. Hanbei prays to call for the rain as it washes away the fire. See, this is the quality you get for the amount of money you put in. Shoukakuin doesn’t despise Frois praying next to him and thanks her instead. Nobusumi and Nagamasa watch the fire being put out from their prison while Yoshitatsu leaves the battlefield. Nobuna and her forces return to a rousing welcome. But as narrated, though Nobuna’s greatest danger is gone, she still faces an uphill task to unite Japan and many enemies in her way. The civil war will continue. Dousan hopes Danjo had learnt her lesson not to play such tricks again so she notes how much he had changed too. Finally Nobuna and Yoshiharu renew their vow they’ll be together till her dream comes true.

History, Her Story…
Wow. Amazing. Awesome. I didn’t really expect to enjoy this series very much. I find it very engaging and drawn into it as each episode passes and each one of them stir in me a variety of emotions. Whether it is the support for Nobuna against her adversaries or some heart wrenching or nerve wrecking dramatic moments. You could say this is one of the very few Sengoku themes that I really enjoyed and certainly the best one in terms of Nobunaga being turned into a woman. The ending leaves us with a cliff-hanger and another potential dangerous Princess General that Nobuna will inevitably have to cross path and swords. So it is my hope that Nobuna’s ambition will be continued with another season. As said, the road to conquest is long and tough and it is not over by a long shot. Even some of the characters seem to have unfinished business like Yoshikage (whom I think will be the next villain if a sequel ever arises) and Yoshitatsu (that’s not the end of it since he is let off the hook for yet another time).

Nobuna may seem like a Princess General in general but deep down as we have seen, she is just a girl. During such times of war, it is hard for girls to just be themselves and they are thrust into the battlefield. I guess you could say that tsundere goes back a long way and Nobuna is one classic example when it comes to her Yoshiharu. She might be using excuses that he is her monkey or retainer but you can tell from her reaction that she likes him more than a monkey or retainer. That’s what makes her cute, don’t you think? Is it a wonder why Yoshiharu sticks with her? Okay, that and her personality the reason why her retainers continue to be loyal to her and other people flock to join her. She has this certain charm and attracting power that everyone sees her with the power to change the old Japan. So for a good part of this season we see how Nobuna gathers more and more allies and retainers into her clan. The best part is that she has never forced them (maybe with the exception of  Yoshiharu when they first met and making him her slipper retainer) and they join or defect at their own free will. They know, they see and they can feel that she is a winning bet. Only a handful of those who don’t agree with her views will turn out to be her enemies. Because she is a girl, we see Nobuna going through a roller coaster ride of emotions. At times she needs to be tough to set an example and sometimes she loses it. Sometimes she is kind but too kind that her enemies take advantage of it and she would risk losing the ones she loves. Sometimes she has to play the devil’s role and like they say, you have to be cruel to be kind. But thankfully Yoshiharu was always there to bring her back to the right path. I hope when she grows up, she doesn’t have a nervous breakdown after all the fighting and killing. Especially those ‘other emotions’ with Yoshiharu. Wink, wink.

Yoshiharu is an amazing boy himself. If I should say, I might say he is comparable to High School DxD’s Issei. They both have their lives turned upside down for the better once they enter a different world. They both have their high principals and ideals of justice that they stick to and in turn earn the respect of others. They both are loyal to their master and will go through thick and thin with them. And also, they’re both perverts. If this series was going to be ecchi themed and filled with fanservice, I think you’ll see more tits but I guess it is a good thing it wasn’t because it might be distasteful and I wouldn’t have enjoyed it as much as I mentioned. So back to Yoshiharu, despite being honest he wants his harem, he doesn’t get that to his head and when he needs to get a job done, he does it his way, surprising everyone with his unconventional methods. After all, he is from the future so he makes use of his knowledge from his era and applies them here. As history gradually changes, he doesn’t rely too much on the outcome anymore. He realizes that with the power to change the future, he is going to ensure that the future is as peaceful and happy as he knows it. Like in many games these days, you don’t necessarily have to follow a strict linear route to reach the end. There are many other routes to take to arrive at the similar ending, if not, an ending that’s close enough. So I guess certain important people don’t have die or certain tragic events to happen for Japan to unite. He lays down his life for the one he cares without a second thought and despite admitting he is greedy that he wants things to work out his way with everyone coming back alive, it’s hard to save everyone. Especially when minor characters die for him. But don’t fret, they did it on their own free will and their deaths are not in vain. They wouldn’t have it any other way if it comes down to this. Yoshiharu’s actions also sometimes surprise us because for instance he was willing to die at the hands of Nobuna if he fails to live up to his end of the deal. He has no qualms or regret in accepting such death. Many of us even heroes would’ve think twice about doing such a crazy thing. Sometimes it makes Yoshiharu seems like a person who doesn’t value his own life. This is a little controversial and depends on your standing. Because you have nothing to lose, you are able to go all out and do your best. But sometimes having something to protect and lose makes you stronger. Get what I mean? Romance wise, I guess everything points to a potential for Yoshiharu x Nobuna though we can see that the other girls love him in their own ways. He’s already got an unofficial harem of his own if I should say. I’d say he’d get the raw end of the deal if he actually ends up with Nene! Touch wood!

Because there are too many characters in this short series, most of them aren’t able to be fleshed out properly. For example Motoyasu and Hanzou. They’re just there because they are part of the ally. With the exception of Hanzou’s bomb deception in the end, they don’t actually do much. Yoshimoto also felt like she became a puppet figurehead after her surrender to the Oda clan and officially installed as the shogunate. After that, you won’t see her anymore. Himeko, Frois and Bontenmaru? It feels a little redundant for them that the series could’ve moved on if they do not appear. I at least thought Bontenmaru would have a surprise in store for us as Nobuna’s long lost relative! Because I find his uncanny looks to Nobuna, that’s why. Later I found out that Bontenmaru was supposed to be the nickname for another historical figure, Masamune Date. For the rest of the supporting casts especially Nobuna’s retainers, each have a unique personality. For example, Nagahide when she talks, she always gives points to whatever is said or decision made. Like does it really matter? Perhaps why Goemon could garner so many grown men as her loyalists-cum-lolicons is because she tends to stutter and stammer if her sentences are too long. Cute, no? Me? I just find it funny. Thank goodness I didn’t convert into a lolicon. Hanbei is a brilliant strategist who is ironically shy of people (people are part of a strategist’s ‘tool’, right?), Katsuie prefers solving things face on with her fist while Danjo is one tricky woman that you never know what’s going on in her mind. Nagamasa was just bitter because she was forced to abandon her womanhood while Nobusumi was just initially jealous of his sister. Eventually both learn to accept and turn over a new leaf. There were lots of unstable emotions growing in Mitsuhide. She really wants to stand out and be better than that monkey so much so she would do just anything for that. She was in danger of being Nobuna’s first retainer to snap and betray her (despite her strong beliefs for her) because as real history has it, Mitsuhide’s infamous betrayal was the one that led to Nobunaga’s death at Honnouji temple. Of course, once more it is thanks to a certain monkey from the future to make her open her eyes. She can be tsundere number 2 after Nobuna when it comes to Yoshiharu.

The action is rather okay and I won’t say that it is that pulsating that it keeps me on the edge of the seat. But you get that feeling when you see a large calvary on both sides charging towards each other and the outcome is going to be bloody. Still it manages to bring some intense feeling in the battlefield because it gets messy and you won’t really know which side lady luck will shine. Of course we’ll know Nobuna will usually come out tops but as we keep in mind that certain parts of history are changed, there may be a possibility that it might not end in our heroine’s favour. The strategy and tactics displayed are rather good. At least for a dumb person like me to be left in awe. Especially we see the different thinking Yoshiharu brings because he is from the future and some of the methods that Hanbei deploys which makes her live up to her reputation as a brilliant strategist. Some funny and comical moments here and there especially when Yoshiharu starts going about on his harem and girls or when Nobuna takes out her tsundere attitude on him. Not every line is witty but there are some that raises an eyebrow or two while others are inspiring thoughts to think about.

While I don’t think that series has any major fanservice, do you think Nobuna’s style of dressing would constitute to any fanservice? Wearing her top robe halfway and purposely exposing her black bra, do you think that’s sexy? Don’t get distracted by it or be fooled by her cute looks. Heck, when you turn a bunch of historical warriors into girls, what’s the use of that if you don’t take advantage of a little fanservice. The closest fanservice moment you can get is when Mitsuhide undresses herself to share Yoshiharu her body warmth. Nothing really explicit. I guess in terms of sharing one’s body, you could say Mitsuhide beat Nobuna only in this department. I wonder what would happen if this is known to everyone. Another round of mayhem I suppose. You can call Yoshiharu’s action of grapping Katsuie’s boobs to stop her from killing Yoshimoto despicable. It’s like he took advantage of the moment just to grope her boobs while making her stop killing seems like an excuse. Yeah, an excuse for a little fanservice. Even a little yuri moment when Danjo groped Nagahide’s boobs and thighs in the midst of their enemy’s attack! I’ve got this feeling that in addition to matured ladies, there is a fair amount of lolis to satisfy lolicons out there. Inuchiyo, Goemon, Nene, Hanbei and Himeko. So is it really coincidence that a very big majority of first born are females? Shouldn’t women be more suited to broker peace? As the head of the family, girls should easily come together, put down their weapons and talk unlike men with their manly egos. Unless it’s a different story when you consider hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.

Kanae Itou as Nobuna certainly fits her character well. She doesn’t sound like a ruler-to-be of Japan but a girl who has to unite Japan. Her tsundere part reminds me of her role as Fumino in Mayoi Neko Overrun while her girly part in striving to do her best reminds me of Ohana from Hanasaku Iroha. Eternal favourite (for me, that is) Mamiko Noto does Yoshimoto. Other casts include Takuya Eguchi as Yoshiharu (Watanuki in Inu x Boku SS), Hitomi Nabatame as Katsuie (Margery Daw in Shakugan No Shana), Rei Matsuzaki as Nagahide (Sacchan in Kanamemo), Sayuri Yahagi as Mitsuhide (Haruna in To Love-Ru), Misato Fukuen as Inuchiyo (Eve in Black Cat), Tomoko Kaneda as Goemon (Chiyo in Azumanga Daioh), Yui Ogura as Hanbei (Mint in Yumeiro Pattisiere), Masumi Asano as Danjo (Manatsu in Uta-Kata), Suzuko Mimori as Motoyasu (Sherlock in Tantei Opera Milky Holmes), Takahiro Sakurai as Hanzou (Guiche in Zero No Tsukaima), Mugihito as Dousan (Zenjurou in Kamen No Maid Guy), Mitsuki Saiga as Nagamasa (Phantom in MAR), Emiri Katou as Nobusumi/Nobukatsu (Kagami in Lucky Star), Kiyoyuki Yanada as Yoshitatsu (Akagi in Slam Dunk), Seirou Ogino as Konoe (Himekawa in Beelzebub), Ryohei Kimura as Yoshikage (Kodaka in Boku Wa Tomodachi Ga Sukunai), Kanehira Yamamoto as Tsuda, Tomoaki Maeno as Imai (Junichi in Amagami SS), Eiji Miyashita (Takahiro in Princess Princess), Rina Satou as Frois (Misaka in To Aru Kagaku No Railgun), Rumi Ookubo as Bontenmaru (Tsumiki in Acchi Kocchi), Sumire Morohoshi as Himeko (Clara in Kuragehime) and Natsuki Kitakata as Nene (Ariyoshi in Hyouka). The opening theme, Link by Aimi is a rock outfit while the ending theme, Hikari is a slow-moderate pop piece by Makino Mizuta. Something about the ending credits animation that reminds me of the one in Sengoku Otome Momoiro Paradox. Instead of ribbons we see the main girls of the series clad in towel. Mmm… More fanservice I guess.

While I have said that this series was interesting enough for me and one of the best among the Sengoku themed animes, it is not like I have totally become totally infatuated in learning more about this period in Japan. I guess cute girls won’t even do the trick, huh? Though I really did do a little research but to the eyes of historians, such effort can be scoffed off as lazy bones. So the other point to ponder is the change in history. It would have been plausible if this was a parallel world or another universe that freakily resembles very close to Japan’s past over 450 years ago. Or maybe it is just one big game and that Yoshiharu is just wearing some simulator goggles and headgear. Something went wrong with the machine so he is ‘stuck’ in the game like as though it is his real life. Well, I’ll let that be another story for discussion some other time. Assuming he really went back into the past and changed history knowingly or unknowingly, it of course gives rise to many questions like will the future be similar. As we know that many of those historical characters like Yoshimoto, Dousan and ultimately Nobunaga and Mitsuhide themselves got killed. Now that none of these characters are dead and continue to breathe, what are the implications? They’re not supposed to be around history longer than they should but now they are. What would these ‘extra’ characters in time have an effect on down the line? The past already considered ‘changed’ when Yoshiharu first returned to that era. He says he might be Hideyoshi’s replacement but in reality Yoshiharu is Yoshiharu. They’re both different persons at the end of the day. And if Yoshiharu brought back his iPad and inspired Nobuna to many victories and saved her on many dangerous occasions, can you say that this defining moment is what led Steve Jobs many centuries later to create the iPad? Won’t somebody else be named the inventor then?

Speaking of iPad, even though we can’t live in today’s world without our iPad, iPhone and Tablet gadgets, now we should be cautious to say that such inventions are useless in the past. Yeah, even without doing its usual functions, see how useful it is in saving lives! It saved the life of the princess not once but twice! So never leave home without an iPad and always put it close to your heart (in both sense)! Especially if you’re going back in time to the Sengoku period. If Nobuna had one of these babies in her hands and knows how to use it, imagine how easy Japan will be conquered and tremble at her feet. Is there a downloadable app to conquer? Even if you don’t arm yourself with an iPad and get thrown into the past, I suppose this series is trying to tell us to learn and appreciate our history. The world would not be as it is today if not for the past. For Yoshiharu, that knowledge is the ultimate weapon and survival gear that makes him survive and earn the respect and admiration of others. See, you can still score and be hot with the babes if you know your history stuff well. Who says history is a dry and boring subject? Well, provided if they turn them into females. Forgive me as I need to excuse myself to go buy an iPad. I’ll just download history and read up whenever I feel like it. So it was really a girl who united Japan, right? Zero points!

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