Sankarea OVA

March 23, 2013

Those who can’t get enough of zombies can of course watch more zombie movies. But those who can’t really get enough of the pretty zombie girl in the name of Rea, be glad that there is not only one but two, yes, you read that right, two OVA episodes. Sankarea OVA like many animes after the TV series are bundled with DVDs to give fans and viewers that extra 2 cents worth of their money with never-seen-before episodes. Despite not having any continuation from the TV series, the OVA episodes are still enjoyable for those who are fans or want to ‘close the chapter’ on this series.

Episode 13
Finally! We have Babu speaking! At least only in narrations or self comments. So we hear this little black cat narrate how there are 2 zombies in this town now thanks to Chihiro and his elixir. He also views how Chihiro has become more reliable ever since taking in Rea. I’m sure he doesn’t want to see her decaying, right? Better put in lots of effort to preserve her. Chihiro walks Rea to school and after that got ‘ambushed’ and beaten up Ranko for an unnecessary comment. Rea is glad to meet all her friends at school and during gym class, due to her mental limiters off, she aces in basketball. Without breaking a sweat! The girls are in awe they have never known she was such a good jumper. Yeah. They never knew… Meanwhile Chihiro is pondering where to take a girl out on a date. I guess that’s pressing the death button because Yasutaka goes crazy taking it out on him if he is going out on a date with Rea or Ranko or even following the sister-incest route of Mero! Elsewhere Babu is walking around and almost got run over by a car. The driver is glad Babu is not hurt and the cat notices a brown kitty feline inside the pet cage. I guess love sparks even for dead cats. Later, Babu meets up with kitty and they go on a date of their own. Babu shows off his zombie skills by jumping from one building to another distant one. Then he lets kitty have a ride on his back. It’s like almost they’re flying… Enjoying it, Babu? Even cats can have their own romance. After school, Chihiro accompanies Rea wherever she wants to go. He can’t help being a worrywart since Rea is getting too bold with her actions that might break her fragile limbs. Whether it is hopping through the rain, touching a snail and standing too close to the edge of the observation cliff for a beautiful night view of the city. He reminds her about her body being fatally wounded once and won’t recover. That is the more reason why she wants to treasure it and fill it with experiences she never had. Babu narrates about the difference between the living and dead on the topic of regenerating new cells. Of course the cycle continues for the living but for the dead, even though they are numb to pain while still conscious, eventually they will still rot away as that cycle has stopped. Babu is sleeping next to kitty when suddenly he enters into a trance and almost bites her neck. He manages to snap out of it and leaves. I guess romance isn’t what it’s quite what it used to when you’re dead, huh? Babu plans to enjoy his time to the fullest till his body decays when an owl almost swoops on him! Be careful… That owl seems to belong to some zombie freak who has just arrived in Japan. From her narration, seems she views zombies who are in a confused period to lose all rationality and devour their loved ones. She is sent by Professor Boyle to find samples in Japan. Doesn’t sound good…

Episode 14
Aria is one bored woman. Also a despicable one. Learning that Rea is entering a debate competition, she isn’t happy that none could find fault in her. But noticing Chihiro always accompanying her at the gates to school, she feels the need to punish her or else she will set a bad example. Her butler reminds her about Danichirou’s orders not to interfere in her life but she points out he never gave orders to let her get special treatment. Reluctantly, the butler will come up with a strict reprimand and as she wishes, with some substantial penalty. Moody Aria continues to take out her frustrations on her maids and then goes to drown her woes while soaking in a bath. Meanwhile Mero finds a young girl unconscious underneath the temple. Fearing she may have been abandoned by her parents, they bring her in and it seems she is not responsive. She doesn’t talk to Doon or the police and even screams when they want to bring her to the hospital. I think her piercing scream can break windows if it’s a decibel higher. No choice, the officer leaves and will bring the doctor here instead. Chihiro, Rea and Mero are advised to talk to her since they are around her age. She isn’t responsive to them either till Chihiro makes funny faces that she starts laughing. However, we can feel that the girl is targeting Rea.

One night when Rea walks down the stairs, she felt as if somebody pushed her down. Luckily she didn’t break anything. Next morning, her hydrangea leaves in the fridge are missing. She thought of getting some in the backyard but they were completely ravaged. On a side note, before grandpa gets hallucinations in seeing Sayo in the girl, somebody please wake him up! Even Chihiro thinks if they beat up grandpa, she’ll open up to them! WTF?! Grandpa doesn’t even mind! WTF???!!! More importantly… Who the hell is Sayo? Wasn’t it Sada or Kiyo?! Man, this old fart might be a player in his younger days. Rea talks to Ranko about the recent events and the latter feels that she isn’t out to get her. Maybe just try to talk a little to her and perhaps she’ll change. Rea then goes to nicely talk to the girl but she doesn’t respond in any way. Later she goes talk to Chihiro but she gets more and more confused if she is being hated or not. That night, she thought she saw the girl trying to kiss Chihiro while he is asleep. Rea confronts her and politely tells her not to do anything to Chihiro and knows she was the one behind pushing her down the stairs and ravaging of hydrangea leaves. Even if she hates her, she will keep quiet and won’t say a word on what she has done. But the girl isn’t going to let this die. In the bathroom, she punches herself. When Rea gets home from school, Doon sees her and though the girl can’t speak, she can still make nods to questions. The girl accuses Rea of beating her up. Of course Doon can’t believe her straightaway nor can he turn suspicious on Rea.

That night, Rea catches the girl trying to kiss Chihiro again and warns her to stop. The girl gives off her shriek scream and seeks solace in Doon. Rea tries to tell what happened but Doon and Mero feel the girl is just frightened. Chihiro backs up Rea and confirms what the girl has done. He was pretending to be asleep. Now cornered, the girl runs off while Chihiro and Rea give chase. They catch up when she trips at the graveyard. Since they haven’t figured it out yet, the girl makes a hint and Rea realizes she is her mother. What the?! She’s Aria?! Well the mole below her left eye maybe but everything about her is so different. Oh, maybe her stinking attitude too. She thought she wants to take everything dear away from Rea but looks like there are too many ‘fools’ around her. She is upset everybody pays attention to Rea and none for her. Especially for a certain zombie freak who has never loved a human. Chihiro gives his piece of mind that she needs to grow up or else people will hate her if she keeps doing nasty things. That’s why she’s always alone. He even teases her if she’s so desperate, she can get intimate with him. Just kidding. This upsets Aria as she starts summoning some super power. What the hell? Is she raining hail storm? Suddenly Aria emerges from her bathtub and realizes it was all a dream. WHAT THE???!!! JUST A FREAKING DREAM???!!! Rea also thought it was some sort of hallucination. Next day, the butler reluctantly tells Aria of the punishment that doesn’t sit well with teachers and friends. Aria decides to drop it since she no longer sees the necessity in punishing Rea against her Danichirou’s intentions. Chihiro accompanies Rea as she tells her about the strange dream whereby her mother was harassing her and such. She thanks him.

Dead… And Loving It!
Well, it left me with mixed feelings. The first OVA felt like a little recap because recycled scenes are being used in certain scenes that make it feel like a fast forward recap of the important events that took place during the TV series. But the ending has left me desiring a little more because they introduced some seemingly crazy chick and then you don’t see her in the next episode. So if they decided to make a sequel out of this, I’m sure this character may play the main part. And then maybe they can add crazier things like obsessed cult zombie hunters. Yeah. Like a zombie movie with roles reversal. But that’s another story. For the second OVA, the mystery of the little girl was enough to keep me on my toes because we would always be wondering who this girl is and what her goals are in picking Rea. Then when it turned out to be a dream sequence, I felt that it somewhat ruined it all. The magic is gone. So it was just a surreal crazy dream… What a let-down. In short, the OVAs were like fillers and nothing more. Despite the disappointment, I still enjoyed the double OVA episodes. Well because, Rea is still pretty when she’s dead ;p. Could’ve been prettier if she was alive XO.

In both episodes, I can sense that Chihiro and Rea are getting closer to each other but I just don’t feel the impact. Am I saying that my senses are as dead as a zombie? Rea seems to be fitting into her new home just fine and getting along pretty well with her life as well as her school life. It’s perfect. She’s almost perfect. Nobody suspects her to be an undead. Chihiro continues to look out for her but I was hoping that the OVAs would at least address the mystery that grandpa said about some resurrection medicine he created. Even if it was a slight hint. Didn’t. Not a word. Or even the mystery surrounding Chihiro and Mero’s mom (my question was whether she was a zombie or not?). Babu at least gets more spotlight in one of the episodes here and sometimes it’s refreshing to see what this undead cat is up to now he has found a new lease of life. Oh wait. Don’t cats have nine lives? I guess even Babu can tell his limitations so it’s a little tad sad that he can’t continue to pursue his love. Ranko has been reduced to a background character so much so I thought she could have been done without. If she didn’t make her appearance (like Danichirou – the photos don’t count, okay), I thought the show would still go on. I suppose the only reason why I want to see her is because if there would be a potential love triangle. Don’t see any hint of romance at all. Except for Chihiro’s love for zombies. He’s still hardcore on that. And grandpa… The senile jokes where he always forgets the food he dislikes and the soonest after Mero explains otherwise, I figure it got too repetitive and stale in the TV series so they left it out here.

That’s the end of the road for me for this series. Unless they make another season, that is. Zombies and horror flicks aren’t my cup of tea. Sankarea wasn’t really a hardcore of that genre since it’s about a dead girl trying to be alive while she was dead when she was alive. Get it? Safe to say that I haven’t been converted into a zombie lover since I will still freak out if I see corpse moving. The more reason why I should run away if the corpse is a pretty young girl. I might consider if she is a dead anime maid girl… However I still don’t think zombies are ‘vegetarians’.

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