High School DxD VS Dakara Boku Wa H Ga Dekinai

July 26, 2013

It’s been a long time since I have done another versus blog. I really wanted to do one between the ecchi themed animes of High School DxD (DxD) and Dakara Boku Wa H Ga Dekinai (Boku H) for a long time since I spotted several similarities but kept dragging my feet and that procrastination got the better of me. So one day I decided whether or not I have all the details I need to do this versus, I better do it now before I forget them. And so, not one of my best versus anyway but here goes.

School attended
DxD: Kuou Academy.
Boku H: Momozono Academy.

The main hero
They’re both perverted too…
DxD: Issei Hyoudo.
Boku H: Ryousuke Kaga.

The main heroine
They are both red heads and whom the hero is contracted to. Oh, they end up living in his place too.
DxD: Rias Gremory.
Boku H: Lisara Restall.

How the hero and heroine met
DxD: Issei noticed Rias looking at him from her club room after he got beaten up by girls accusing him of peeping.
Boku H: Ryousuke sees Lisara standing outside his house under the rain and offers her to come in and dry.

The hero almost died
DxD: Issei got killed on his first date by his first girlfriend but was revived by Rias.
Boku H: Lisara stabs him with a broken sword in his heart to take his energy. Later, Ryousuke learns he has got 3 months to live unless they find the special specimen to save his life.

Hidden power within him
DxD: A Sacred Gear called Boosted Gear in which he wears on his left arm.
Boku H: Half of a broken sword called Gram.

His expanding power
DxD: As the lowest ranking chess piece, pawn, his position’s specialty is Promotion whereby he can gain abilities of other pieces/opponents if he gets behind enemy lines.
Boku H: As long as he has got his perverted power, this will provide Lisara with the source of energy needed. Horniness = Love = Justice!

His pervertness
DxD: Wants to create his own harem by becoming the Harem King.
Boku H: His energy is derived from his ‘kingdom’, his ‘Cosmos’.

Her pedigree
DxD: Rias is from one the highest ranking families in the demon world, Gremory.
Boku H: Lisara is from the heiress of the highest esteemed family of Grimworld.

The club
The one that our hero joined.
DxD: Occult Club.
Boku H: I’m not sure what the official name of Ryousuke’s club is but he seems to be the emperor of this perverted club.

Other supporting friends
DxD: Akeno Himejima, Koneko Toujou, Yuuto Kiba and Asia Argento.
Boku H: Mina Okura, Quele Zeria and Iria Fukumune.

The classmate
Supposedly the hero’s friend or classmate.
DxD: Matsuda and Motohama. Perverted partners in crime with Issei.
Boku H: Ohira. Not much is known about him due to his short cameo appearance.

Main antagonist
DxD: Initially Reinare then Raiser Phenex.
Boku H: Galdarblog.

Antagonist’s plan
DxD: To marry Rias and attain ultimate control.
Boku H: To destroy the border between Grimworld and Earth so as to lengthen the lifespan of both sides.

Enemy types
DxD: Demons, angels and fallen angels.
Boku H: Grim Reapers and monsters.

The maid
DxD: Grayfia.
Boku H: Hild and Urs.

Emotionless girl
DxD: Koneko.
Boku H: Dalnia Earheart.

DxD: Ravel.
Boku H: Lisara.

DxD: Raiser.
Boku H: Hikaru Tamano.

DxD: Asia has a little dragon familiar called Rassei. It always zaps Issei if he gets too close to her.
Boku H: Ryousuke has a German shepherd dog named Caesar.

Hero’s parents
DxD: Issei’s parents know about his perverted nature seemed to have given up on him having to find a wife. Imagine their happiness when there is a girl they think ‘dumb enough’ to stay with him.
Boku H: Ryousuke’s single mother, Satomi is currently working away at Germany. His father has the same name as him and somewhat disappeared when Satomi was carrying her unborn son.

The big war
DxD: A three-way war between demons, angels and fallen angels that seemed to last for eternity ended with no clear winner and all sides suffering heavy casualties.
Boku H: A war breaks out between rival factions in Grimworld to take control of the Tuleslay tower that gathers and stores energy from humans and also the gate that links Grimworld to Earth.

Rescue mission
DxD: Issei and co go all out to save Asia when she is kidnapped by Reinare who wants her Sacred Gear.
Boku H: Ryousuke and the girls dive into Grimworld to rescue Mina after being kidnapped by Galdarblog. They might have saved her but it causes both worlds to fuse.

More rescue mission
DxD: Issei goes to confront Raiser in a one on one match at his engagement party to rescue Rias from being forever his wife.
Boku H: After Ryousuke goes into comatose state, Lisara has to separate her soul from her body and dive into Ryousuke’s mind to bring his soul back.

Games people play
DxD: Rias and her team play the Rating Game with Raiser and his chess pieces over their engagement. Rias surrenders and concedes defeat just to have Issei’s life spared.
Boku H: In order to keep Ryousuke from leaving home and to prevent him from finding out the truth of the world’s merger, they play a game of cards in which the loser stripes a piece of clothing. Guess who cheated and ended up getting busted with all the cards up his sleeve?

Training day
DxD: To prepare for the Rating Game, the 10 day period will be used to strengthen Issei for the game with the other friends giving him one-on-one lessons.
Boku H: Ryousuke does his training with an invisible dictionary! It replenishes his ‘kingdom’ power by associating perverted words and visualizes them.

Studio production
DxD:  TNK.
Boku H: feel.

Number of episodes
DxD: 12 episodes + 2 OVAs and 6 specials from the DVD. A second season started its run in mid 2013.
Boku H: 12 episodes + 1 recap episode and 1 OVA. No sequel has been announced yet.

Opening theme
DxD: Trip -Innocent of D- by Larval Stage Planning.
Boku H: Reason why XXX by Sayaka Sasaki.

Ending theme
DxD: STUDYxSTUDY by StylipS (consists of the seiyuus of the female members of Occult Club).
Boku H: Platinum 17 by Yozuca.

In many ways, I still prefer High School DxD as compared to Boku Wa H Ga Dekinai since the former has lots of potential in terms of character development and plot despite the various terms and many other characters that have yet to come in the fray. Just to cut a long story short, both animes have its own share of fanservice, action and romance but of course like I have said I still favour the former to be better in many areas than the latter. It goes to show that even being perverts, you can end up from being ero to hero and then maybe back to ero again. Haha! Once a pervert, always a pervert.

One Response to “High School DxD VS Dakara Boku Wa H Ga Dekinai”

  1. TheAgeOfDragons Says:

    Yes, defintely true. Highschool DxD certainly has more charming characters, plot, and music overall (this does not mean Boku H is a bad series at all, though). Having read and watched both series, out of the two, DxD simply feels fresher.


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