Mondaijitachi Ga Isekai Kara Kuru Sou Desu Yo OVA

November 15, 2013

I almost forgot this series had an OVA. Mondaijitachi Ga Isekai Kara Kuru Sou Desu Yo OVA is another one of those many anime series to have their OVA released and being bundled with another volume of their light novel. Of course, don’t expect to find anything that furthers the plot and the OVA is just something extra and what this series is about. The problem children gifted with supernatural powers play Gift Game in an alternate world to obtain rewards for their community. This time, their Gift Game will take them to a potential hotspring if they win it. What is an OVA without a little fanservice, right?

An Account Of A Trip To The Hotsprings
A girl named Hifumi is being chased by a group of slave traders. Luckily for her she falls off the cliffs and into Izayoi’s arms. Hifumi realizes they know Shiroyasha and the kids realize belong to a community that Shiroyasha mentioned. Because the ruffians won’t give up the girl and laugh at them no names, Asuka summons Deen to take them out and the rest showing off their super power to put some fear into them. Now they know their place. Trudging along, Hifumi explains she is a pupil of Sukuna Biko Na, a mischievous deity who is responsible for protecting sake brewers and travellers. As part of the household, they are in charge of developing water sources. The kids were called in to participate and liven up this Dedication Festival. The slave traders were after her because they want her Gift of locating water sources as water is a very precious commodity in Little Garden. Hifumi and the kids meet up with Black Bunny, Leticia and Lili waiting at the town. Lili and Hifumi know each other since her mother is a Shinto theologian and relied on them for water in some of their offerings. The girls are motivated to participate in the game since not only they get to soak in the hotspring if they clear this game, they get a lavish banquet served as well. Gathering at the square, it seems there are lots of communities participating as well, including Ayesha and her Jack-O-Lantern.

Shiroyasha official starts the 2,234,464th Gift Game, Sukuna Biko Na Ferry. The conditions of the victory include pulling out unsealed stakes and knock them into the centre of Sukuna Biko Na shining waterway. But before they can get the right to pull out the stakes, they must clear mini games around the town. One win equals to one right of pulling out one of the many stakes in this giant crater. The gang split into teams so they can clear mini games faster. Izayoi-Black Bunny enter a room with possessed women in loincloths. Izayoi lets Black Bunny take the fall (they want to change her into loincloths) so he could meet the boss of this place (some moth) and easily defeat him. So easy? Black Bunny picks a stake and pulls it out. However it is the wrong one and milk starts gushing out over her. What does this scene look like? Did I mention pulling out the wrong stake would activate some sort of penalty? It’s going to be a long game… You-Leticia clear their eating game but also pull out the wrong stake to get an explosion of natural gas in their face. Asuka-Lili also clear theirs and also pull the wrong one. They got tentacle raped… And so our gang continue to win mini games but I can see this sort of pattern forming. Black Bunny always gets some sort of liquid spilled over her (Izayoi is smart to be left out), You-Leticia always get the explosion (they’re going to get a natural afro at this rate) while it’s tentacle rape for Asuka-Lili (I wonder if they can get married after getting violated for so many times).

It is already night fall and the problem kids are the only ones left in the game because the other gave up halfway and left. Who could blame them? Every stake they pulled are misses. Now they are at the last one. What are the chances? This should be it, right? When they pull it out, they thought they hit it but the water dissolves their clothes! I guess another miss. So as the gang take a break, they discuss what went wrong. Trying to reread the rules again, they find a line oddly written. Sukuna Biko Na is a deity from across the sea so the tile of Ferry should refer to the other end of the sea. However ‘waterway’ was written instead of ‘ferry’. They realize it shouldn’t be pulling out unsealed stakes but rather sealed stakes. Although there was no need to pull out all of them, they need to knock it in as stated. Izayoi has deciphered the rest of riddle. These stakes are supposed to be pulled out and then knocked in. But where? Because Sukuna Biko Na isn’t just a Shinto deity but also refers to a minor planet in the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter. This is where the waterway refers to. But they don’t have to knock it in that far. Because the actual location is in the middle of the reservoir. (The kanji word Mars and Jupiter is fire and wood respectively and those poles are located at the opposing ends of town. Drawing a straight line between them has it meet in the centre). Izayoi knocks a stake in and the hotspring water starts gushing out. Izayoi gets the best spoil because he gets lolis Leticia and Lili to scrub his back while admiring the moon in the open bath. Because controlling the waterway means controlling a greater area, he starts formulating a plan. Black Bunny is wary if he is going to come up with some prank. But the rest think if it is interesting, they want to participate too because they want to have a hand in teasing Black Bunny. She better watch out for herself… And poor Jin is waiting alone back home wondering when the rest will come home. Shouldn’t he have tagged along too?

The Games People Play…
Pretty much expected. Nothing much happens. Nothing serious. Nothing dramatic. No bad guys to fight. No storyline development. Just plain fun and games for our problem kids. There is nothing lost if you don’t watch the TV series but jump straight in to watch this OVA since it is like a filler and a standalone episode. Of course it is better you watch the TV series too. Nevertheless, this OVA is enjoyable by itself for those who love to see the problem kids flaunting their super powers in a badass way (which is of course legal in this world) and winning the Gift Games that they play. Black Bunny is still perhaps the ‘best’ character to tease and toy around with especially Izayoi. Who wouldn’t like to see rabbit girl’s reaction when being teased? Just like in the TV series, the explanations to the puzzle are based on some legend or fairytale. Since I am not well read, it takes a little enjoyment out of watching this OVA as I couldn’t really understand or connect the explanation at the end. It should have made me do at least a little research on it but in the end I got so lazy and didn’t even bother to even Google it. That’s why in the event if I ever participated in such games, I might just lose interest and opt out halfway or even before the start. And games that require some knowledge and thinking… Mmm… Not really my cup of tea. Not really qualified. I think I’ll pass even if the grand ultimate prize is a harem of beautiful 2D girls.

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