Yondemasu Yo, Azazel-san Z

November 23, 2013

There’s always a little devil inside of us. Because we have this thing called conscious and don’t like to get our hands dirty, I suppose that is what summoned demons are for. To do the dirty job on our behalf or someone’s. After the devilishly hilarious and nonsensical first season, I never expected this series to have another so it is quite a welcoming treat to watch Yondemasu Yo, Azazel-san Z. If you think demons are scary and frightening, just wait till you see the ones here. So cute, so dumb and so hilarious, it makes you wonder if demon is just the name of a race and nothing to do with the evil personality that we all know. It makes you wonder if we humans are the one being true demons especially a certain cold hearted but insanely powerful boss of a detective agency that houses these demons. They are the ones who are at his mercy. So really. Can they call themselves demons? The demons along with the female assistant go around doing their detective work that needs the use of some demonic touch (how else do you break up someone who is cheating on you?). If you enjoy the devilishly funny first season, you’ll enjoy this equally devilish sequel too. Guaranteed.

Episode 1
Remember how Moloch died so fast in the first season without making any decent appearance? Looks like he gets his own cute opening theme (for this episode only anyway). Turns out it is an anime of him and his fellow chicken and pig friends running away from the curry chef trying to make them into curry stew. As Koutarou points out, due to the popularity of the mascot and thus the anime adaptation, Moloch plushies are selling like hot cakes. Thanks to the demon raccoon named Ose (who is under contract of Koutarou’s genius classmate Osamu Osanai), his ability to copy things is making the plushies selling off the shelves. Also pointed out that the plushies are a hit with girls so Azazel tries to scout Ose to make a sex doll for him. I don’t think his pubic hair bribe would even do the trick! Disgusting! He is kicked out. Going back to hell, Azazel and Beelzebub see Moloch. He is not the Moloch as we know from before but his brother. They show him the plushie and he finds he has become a disgrace to his race. As narrated if an angel takes a grimoire away and the demon dies, he will never be reborn. But the grimoire may pop up somewhere in the human world. Moloch wants to make Akutabe pay for his life. He is not doing this for his brother but for his race. Azazel notes he is powerful but not enough against Akutabe. Moloch is arrogant and dismisses Azazel’s warning. Azazel talks to Beelzebub that talking to this muscle brain won’t do them any good but Beelzebub has an idea and will agree to lend Moloch his wisdom. When they return, Sakuma is happy that Moloch is back but the rest try to dismiss it as a plushie. Sakuma doesn’t seem convinced. Because Sakuma continues to fawn all over Moloch, Azazel sticks his fork up he ass! The punishment? Sakuma pounds his head as he heads straight down to the Earth’s core! Oh sh*t! Azazel has doubts in this plan because if Sakuma can figure Moloch out, how the hell is their plan for Moloch to be a doll work out with Akutabe then? Beelzebub says that he too will have an opening if they watch him 24/7. Speaking of that ‘devil’, he just returns. So badass this guy that all the other animals start acting restless in his presence.

Episode 2
Instantly, Akutabe can feel that something is wrong with this room! Like there is something new… Oh sh*t! And if anybody dares say his intuition is wrong like Azazel, he did not hesitate to fire his finger gun! Beelzebub must be panicking so hard that his brain is jammed up trying to come up with an excuse and prevent their cover from being blown (because if it does, their ass will be as good as dead too). If he doesn’t do anything, he’ll be dead in the next scene! The sound of a cat is heard and Beelzebub points out this must be the thing he sensed. Beelzebub in cat outfit? Akutabe throws him out of the window! Animal abuse! Like he cares! Although Azazel survives the fall due to his agility of a cat, he becomes road kill. Sakuma returns and advises Beelzebub to stay away from Akutabe because it is that time of the month when his mood goes totally dark and his senses sharpen. Beelzebub wants to take Moloch and retreat but is forced away by Sakuma. Azazel thought of giving his porn to Akutabe to relieve some steam but was thrown out of the window and become road kill. In the next room where Koutarou is packing his Moloch plushies, Beelzebub tries to think of a way to get them out before it’s too late but Azazel seems to try to wash his hands off this case and acts like he doesn’t want to get involved anymore. When Akutabe is asleep, Moloch thinks he let his guard down and starts to pounce on him. However he is whacked away with in a single swipe. Like as though he knew it was coming. Moloch starts to fear as he sees Akutabe’s deadly aura. Now do you know the true meaning of fear? He runs as Akutabe tries to catch him. He hides in the plushies room. Akutabe plays mind games with Moloch, telling him that a demon as vulnerable without his grimoire. Thinking Moloch is at the end of the plushie row (because he is shaking), Akutabe gives him a chance to give up now and will spare his life. Since there is no response, he throws the grimoire at him and soon he explodes! Guts everywhere! The real Moloch is actually hiding inside the closet and very terrified he had witnessed the true evil. Flashback 2 hours ago, when Koutarou and the rest went out for lunch, Azazel snuck in and dressed up in one of the plushies in hopes he could get lucky with a girl tomorrow. That’s when Akutabe came in. He couldn’t hear a word he says and the poor ventilation means he is sweating and can’t breathe. That’s when the grimoire hit him. As he picks up his pieces, he sees Moloch turned pale. So dreadful that he passes out. Not that tough anymore, huh? When Koutarou returns, he is devastated that all the plushies are dirty. He needs to deliver at least one tomorrow. Seeing the pale Moloch as clean, he ships this one out. Gone forever?

Episode 3
Koutarou has piles and is sent to see a doctor. However all the doctors that specializes in haemorrhoids recently started resigning. Rest assured, Koutarou is able to see Reika Kikukawa, the Master of Piles! Azazel is jealous that Koutarou gets to get his butt examined by a female doctor whose name sounds like a porn star! But Reika turns out to be a… Transvestite. Lost that excitement, eh? Koutarou refuses to have his butt stared by a transvestite but he assures he is a doctor first and wants to save lives. He doesn’t believe him and Beelzebub’s abilities to tell the truth reveals Reika’s true goal is to do ‘that’ with unsuspecting boys under the pretence of treatment! Reika restrains him and examines his ass. The diagnosis is bad. He must undergo operations in 3 days. I understand why Koutarou doesn’t want to and prefers to live with his piles. His chastity might be in danger with this transvestite around. He is made to stay and at the same time, a bald man, Nobuki Marukome with the worst piles ever is moved in as his roommate. It is rumoured that all the anal doctors who treated him gave up. He even refuses to undergo any operation. Koutarou is forced to listen to his talk on despair. He once worked in the Middle East disarming bombs left over by the war. There was a village kid called Tinpoi who looked so much like Koutarou. If he was alive, he’d be his age now. One day, they found a big bomb that would be big enough to raze the entire village. Though it was successfully disarmed, another big bomb went off in front of the villagers. It was the bomb of his ass! So that’s how his piles story came about?! Tinpoi and all the villagers laughed at him and he felt so ridiculed that he couldn’t believe in anything anymore. A person who disarms bombs has a weak mentality? Just then, his piles start acting up again and so big the explosion that the ceiling is covered with blood! Seeing the seriousness of this, Koutarou agrees Reika to operate on him but Marukome still won’t allow any operation done, still talking about the true despair of betrayal and is suspicious if Reika is a true doctor. Reika forces him to undergo operation so Marukome comments that today he will lose his title of Master of Piles today. As he is wheeled away, Koutarou’s butt experiences a huge bloody piles explosion. He then realizes Marukome is a demon summoner.

Episode 4
When Sakuma, Azazel and Beelzebub visit Koutarou, they find Reika had resigned right before the operation. He even quit being a transvestite! What happened? Koutarou is also in despair. Checking around, they see a pig punk demon next to Marukome. Azazel argues with Eurynome of Despair and both try to act tough. Azazel chickens out when Eurynome threatens to read his embarrassing school essay! WTF?! Marukome tells Eurynome to stop and explains this demon will not hesitate to steal someone’s life. His ability of despair robs people’s hopes. This is what happened to Koutarou and the rest of the people in this room. Marukome is doing this because he thinks it is better to die happy rather than to live a life filled with suffering and betrayal. Sakuma tells him off he has no right to rob other people’s happiness because of his own problem. Marukome challenges her if she can show him the beauty of this world and worth living, he will free everyone. Otherwise, she will lose her life. Guess what? Sakuma passes! Yeah. Nice move. She doesn’t want to die yet and doesn’t consider these people her friends. So why looks so disappointed, baldy? Azazel thinks he has a way to save him. That is, making him watch a porn video. Despite his healthy cock stand, he mentions this only brings empty delight. Satisfying your lust for the moment only to be brought back to solitude. So want to watch more? Thinking he is just lonely, Sakuma wonders if there was someone by his side to share his happiness and sadness. Marukome thinks back if he only had somebody like her then. Marukome’s eyes lit up thinking Sakuma may be her destined one but she instantly rejects him, making him fall into despair. Eurynome taunts her that if he despairs one more time, everyone will die. If what she said earlier is true, then prove herself to save him. A nurse walks in so Sakuma orders Azazel to make her fall in love with Marukome. Instantly she is all over him. So happy that he tells off Eurynome to stop and free everybody. Since he has found true love, he doesn’t need him anymore. Eurynome is not amused and won’t let him go but Marukome knocks him out with a book. And so everyone is freed and Koutarou’s piles got cured. When Marukome is out with the nurse, a burly guy confronts Marukome and beats him up. Blaming him for making Reika quitting and going home. Because Reika is his best partner! Oh sh*t! And since Marukome wants him to leave his woman alone, I guess there is only one thing left to take responsibility for this mess up. Yeah. He’s going to get screwed and his piles just recovered… Falling into the depths of despair once more…

Episode 5
Undine’s mother is sick and the doctor tells her she has not long to live. 300 more years… Yeah. That’s pretty short for a monster. Her last wish is for Undine to marry. I can see where this is going. Sakuma declines to go to a mixer with her friends Yumi and Maki. When she returns to the office, she sees Undine wanting to resign due to her mom’s condition. Akutabe agrees. And then Undine gets all riled up because he didn’t stop her and throws a fit. She is appalled men are dense, blah, blah, blah. I guess that’s why we’ll never understand women. Undine then hears Sakuma getting a call from her friends wanting her to come to the mixer. Initially Undine is jealous and threatens to kill Sakuma for trying to have fun (although she declined) but in actual fact she wants to go to the mixer. So Sakuma brings her and Undine can sure run her mouth. Her friends didn’t expect to accommodate an extra person. Undine uses her jealousy power on Yumi. Just then, Yumi sees her boyfriend with another woman (much uglier). It’s going to get ugly. Because of that, Yumi can’t join the mixer and thus Undine takes her place. An angel named Gagiel is disguising himself as a university student in order to hunt down demons. Because Hameoka and Yarimura think this geek is looking down on them, they nearly beat him up but when he mentions about the mixer they are going, he forces Gagiel to come along with them so he could be the butt of jokes. And so this is how both sides of the gender meet at the mixer. The guys see pig face Maki and troubled jealous Undine and think this is bad. Their ‘saviour’ is Sakuma because she’s the pretty looking one. Undine gets jealous since Sakuma hogs all the attention so she lies about Sakuma’s brutal past. The guys know they will be in deep sh*t if they date Undine because she starts talking how her goal is to find a guy who would support her and her mother, blah, blah, blah. Maki manages to get the attention of the perverted guys by just boing-boing her boobs. Undine in jealous mode again. She unleashes her power and sends Maki into depression that she wants to die now if nobody wants to date her. Then she bites her own tongue and collapses. Gagiel couldn’t believe he has witnessed Undine using her demonic powers and targets guys in mixers. He vows to purge her. But Undine thinks Gagiel’s fiery eyes are looking at her as a woman. What did she say about never wanting to fall in love again?

Episode 6
Gagiel thinks Undine’s summoner is nearby and it is Sakuma. He plans to hit on her and retrieve the grimoire. Can he do it on another time? Her friend is dying here. Because Sakuma accompanies Maki away to hospital, Gagiel lost his lead on the summoner and decides to get close to Undine to get to Sakuma. Gullible Undine agrees to go out with this geek on a date. Gagiel reports to God he has found a demon and vows to retrieve the grimoire. But the angels remind him of his rank, Baby. As the lowest angelic rank, there are strict limitations of interaction with the opposite sex and thus unsuitable for this mission. However God is interested to see how this virgin takes down the b*tch (OMG! God said that!) and approves of it. Who knows it might turn into some novelty porn that He probably is interested. Gagiel meets Sariel on the way out. Because of his success, he has been promoted to Cherry and the most he is allowed is touching and groping the opposite sex. Gagiel is motivated to rise to this rank without fail. Because Undine is trying to piss Akutabe off that she has a date (not that she will listen to him either), Akutabe orders Sakuma to keep an eye on her to prevent her from doing anything stupid. It’s her responsibility since she took her to the mixer. The date starts off badly. Gagiel is an hour late (he just woke up when Undine arrived). He tries to get on her good side for now and takes her out to eat. We see his bad habits of making her wait while he goes to the toilet, his zip open, tripping and talking about his mother. WTF. He thinks Undine is enjoying herself? She’s just holding it in because she thinks she can brainwash him later. When Gagiel thinks it is safe to ask her about Sakuma, he just pressed the wrong button. Undine becomes jealous thinking he only used her to get to Sakuma. Undine runs away and curses Sakuma and due to that, Sakuma becomes an old lady. Gagiel didn’t know the old hag is her. Sakuma wants him to go after Undine (for the sake of undoing the curse) but Gagiel does so not because of an old hag’s advice but she is the only lead to the grimoire. He catches and says the words that girls love to hear from a guy. Don’t go. I need you. Undine is smitten that she kisses him (disgusting) in the middle of the street. Suddenly he starts to sprout angel wings and a halo. Undine and Sakuma are shock to realize he is an angel. The sky then turns dark. God is not happy because he kissed (even though it wasn’t his fault). If Undine’s beating is not enough, God zaps him with his lightning. He’s dead. Though Undine mourns her love is an angel, she quickly gets over his death (such unstable emotions, eh?) and looks forward to the underworld matchmaking.

Episode 7
Sakuma won a prize to the Ryuujin hotspring. She befriends Mayu Hanasaki who is here on a company trip. They get freaked out when some ugly geek girl, Yoshiko Kobayashi snaps a shot of them to update her blog (it’s her purpose in life). Hanasaki tells this to her senior, Kensaku Nishimura and he wastes no time in smashing her PDA to teach her a lesson. Sakuma eats dinner with the rest of the guests that includes Hanasaki’s chief Sanpei Noro, a husband-wife pair Funakoshi and Nagisa, comedian duo Hajime and Shinichi (Detective Conan look-a-like?!), inspector Souji Hashiba, wanted criminal, Masakazu Katsura, inn hostess Ranko Edogawa. Ranko shows them the legend of Ryuujin Lake whereby the people sacrificed themselves enough to fill the lake with their blood to the Ryuujin God so their famine can end. However, the God looks so funny and they can’t help laugh. But as pointed out, those who laugh at it will suffer a curse. Everyone tries to hold back but it seems Ranko is trying to make them laugh while playing a funny song. Nishimura then tells her off to stop frightening people with such stupid lies and doesn’t believe in the curse. Late that night, Sakuma is awakened by a scream. Everyone sees Nishimura dead in his own pool of blood. Is this the curse? Ranko points out the killings will go on till the anger is allayed. Furthermore on this stormy night, the only access to the inn is cut off and everyone is trapped with the murderer. Hashiba introduces himself and warns he suspects everyone as the suspects until the culprit is found. Katsura who was bragging about killing instincts suddenly become afraid. Hashiba interrogates him but how come it’s just about the candies he stole?! What about the murder?! Don’t tell me he likes those candies. Comedians Hajime and Shinichi stand up (pun intended) and mention they saw someone suspicious. Then they act out a comedy play of a murder case like this. The play is so stupid (accusing each other as the culprit) that they just can’t stand it. This causes Sakuma to blow her top and tell off everyone the seriousness of this case. Someone died! Help won’t come! And we’re stuck with a murderer in the midst! Calm down. Hanasaki then realizes she has an idea who the culprit is.

Episode 8
Hanasaki points out the culprit as Kobayashi because she remembers she was bickering with Nishimura. Checking out her blog, it seems there is murderous intent. However Kobayashi claims innocent. Funakoshi and Nagisa reveal they are detectives and chase after Kobayashi. They corner her and due to the psychological pressure, she jumps off the cliff! Looking further in her blog, it seems she has an alibi. Sakuma reveals she works for a detective agency and would like to help out. Employee Yoshirou Inoue points out he saw Noro going to Hanasaki’s room, which is close to the murder scene. Though Noro denies, Azazel sense that this old guy and Hanasaki are hiding something. Then he realizes the connection between the duo. Because Sakuma laments if only Beelzebub was here to make everyone tell the truth, Azazel throws a fit and wants Sakuma to apologize if he is to help her out. Whatever. Because nobody can hear Azazel, Sakuma points out Noro as the culprit. Immediately Hashiba restrains him. Sakuma becomes embarrassed to say that Noro and Hanasaki are in a sexual relation. Funny part is how when Azazel notes nobody can escape from his carnal relationship sense (because he can see a pink string around them) as he is the demon of lust, he sees Ranko having pink strings everywhere! She’s done in the members of her troop, the cow and even the carrot???!!! WTF is this lady?! Noro wants proof of Sakuma’s accusation so she mentions if he remembers where he left his spectacles. Everyone rushes back to his room to see S&M toys. Noro admits he is in such a relationship with Hanasaki but has an alibi he didn’t kill Nishimura because he was tied up by her. Hanasaki changes into her true character into a sadistic woman and beats him up for revealing it. As everyone continues to ponder, suddenly Nishimura wakes up! Not a ghost. Before he could tell what happen, he realizes something and feigns he can’t remember it and believes it’s the curse. This guy? Azazel also realizes something on him. First he has Sakuma tell everyone to recreate the sequence of events leading up to this incident and let Nishimura soak in the hotspring again. After he comes out, Azazel makes him erect. That is one gigantic DICK, maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaannnnnnnnn!!!!!!!!!! After seeing his unusual stretched underwear, Azazel explains when Nishimura was coming back from the hotspring, he saw Noro’s room. He got aroused and an erection. Because the bath made his blood circulation better, his big dick means the erection caused all the blood to rush there and he passed out. Nishimura couldn’t take this embarrassment and trips, knocking his head on the statue. I guess that’s how the blood came about. In short, he passed out from anaemia after the bath. Kobayashi’s blog indicates she is saved and alive. Noro is worried that his wife would find out but Hanasaki after seeing Nishimura’s gigantic manhood, dumps Noro and sleeps with him. What a whore…

Episode 9
Akutabe is called in to investigate a card left by a thief that he will steal the Philosopher’s Stone at the museum. This is no ordinary thief because this pervert, 48 Faced Freak is an extreme exhibitionist despite also being a demon summoner! Look how he loves swinging his gigantic dick around?! Sakuma and Beelzebub go around trying to find the culprit and it looks like this is not an inside job as all the guards are clean. Suddenly we see 48 Faced Freak starts dancing and swinging his dick around Sakuma and singing his Chinese song! Why didn’t she realize it? Thanks to his demon, Sargatanas who is able to hide his presence. When Azazel is arguing with Beelzebub and Sakuma, he thought he saw some guardian angel (48 Faced Freak) popping up behind them before disappearing. This act is caught on camera as Akutabe calls Sakuma to get out of there. But it’s too late. She vanishes. She finds herself in some sort of perverted land as 48 Face Freak interrogates her. Tell the truth or feel the wrath of his dick… Oh, she lied once about Akutabe… Beelzebub tricked to follow of trail of porn magazines into a trap. 48 Faced Freak asks him about Akutabe and he gladly tells all as long as he has his porn. He will punish Sakuma for lying. Sakuma realizes he is not an ordinary summoner. He is about to kill Azazel with a grimoire when Akutabe kicks him away. While Azazel and Beelzebub are silly in their antics over porn, Akutabe gets serious in butchering this guy. But 48 Faced Freak is no pushover and challenges Akutabe. It feels like a battle manga as they both emit huge deadly aura. Since 48 Faced Freak just wants to show off his perversion, Azazel wants to stop that pervert. Who else better than to stop one? Seriously. Azazel uses his move called The End Of Son by using negative erotic power to reduce libido and releasing them that is stored in his body. Because he took too long, 48 faced Freak escapes in the nick of time via Sargatanas. Akutabe hears his voice who is going to do something funny to Sakuma. Since Akutabe has forgotten his grudge against him, 48 Faced Freak reminds him that he took something dear away from him.

Episode 10
When he was a good priest, there was this kind lady Maria whom the town loves. One night Akutabe showed up to let him see Maria’s true form. She’s a whore who sleeps with all the guys in town. At first he didn’t believe and thought the guys forced her into it for the money but Maria from her own mouth admits she’s a whore. That’s when his world broke apart, indulged in the temptations and vowed to make Akutabe taste the same pain. Akutabe remembers this clearly. After he left, he wanted to exorcise Maria’s demon: Azazel. Eh? So how is he in the picture? Let’s say he helped her manage the finance. So it’s his fault, eh? Despite the misplaced grudge, 48 Faced Freak still wants to do something funny to Sakuma. He is a pervert first before an avenger. Sakuma feels ticklish and since she is not lewd, he puts her out and will have her way with her then. Akutabe is cool. Because he punches and breaks through the next dimension where they are! Don’t even ask how he did that. But 48 Faced Freak soon collapses due to the effects of The End Of Son exploded. Now his dick is so tiny that you can’t see a thing! Akutabe leaves Sakuma and the demons to watch them. Azazel turns into a violent abusing officer. Looks who’s the tough guy now? It is revealed 48 Faced Freak was here to steal the grimoire and not the Philosopher’s Stone. Azazel’s The End Of Son’s effect also starts to kick in. He needs something perverted and Sakuma won’t let her guard down for a single second for his sake. He can die for all she cares, right? 48 Faced Freak feels sorry for him and allows him to read his porn. Azazel feels bad for him and thinks of lifting the curse but was thankfully stopped. Beelzebub reveals his true intention into tricking the dimwit to free him and escape. This earns Sakuma’s wrath that Azazel is a useless piece of sh*t and warns not to do anything. Feeling deceived, Azazel blasts him with another The End Of Son. However this is a wrong move. With so much magic inside his body, 48 Faced Freak’s dick becomes a monster! Taller than Tokyo Tower! He’s going on a rampage! What’s it feel like for a city to be smashed by someone’s dick? Even if Azazel seems pitiful, but Sakuma is obviously upset at this idiot. She warns him again not to do anything. Will he ever learn? Sakuma tries to convince 48 Faced Freak that the real Maria wouldn’t be happy to see him like this and points out the real Maria isn’t what he thinks. Till Azazel had to open his big mouth that Maria was a whore all along. The truth hurts. 48 Faced Freak goes crazier. Before he can smash the city and before Azazel can use The Final End Of Son, Beelzebub makes 48 Faced Freak has a bad stomach ache. So he is in a dilemma to whether poop or maintain his erection. The situation is brought under control so 48 Faced Freak will retreat for now but vows to steal the grimoire one day.

Episode 11
Sakuma thought Akutabe stole the grimoire from the museum but that place is too dangerous to be left there. He gives it to Sakuma and wants her to make a new contract. Meanwhile Azazel continues to sulk at his home. He is depressed ever since being called useless at the perverted incident. Not even mommy can help him so she brings Kyoko over. She is worried about him and reminds his promise to become the demon king. His negativity is so low that I think Kyoko’s slap sends him halfway around the world! I’m sure he doesn’t want to risk his life when she is in this killer mode so he agrees to fulfil that promise. But first he tells her how the guys at work are treating him and thus why he is not turning up. Yeah, being demon king is tough. Lots of enemies. Even America and Soviet Union. Kyoko wants to go talk to them but seeing how nasty this will get, Azazel returns to Akutabe’s office and the first thing he did was to profusely apologize. But Sakuma isn’t mad. Sure this is her? Even mommy and Kyoko are here to see things out, much to Azazel’s dismay. Azazel is touched by Sakuma’s kindness and can’t resist groping her. She knew this was coming and kicks him away. She introduces him to Incubus, a newly summoned demon whose powers is almost the same as Azazel. That’s why they had no trouble with work… Feeling more useless, eh? But Incubus seems to look up to Azazel as his senior greatly. Azazel changes his tune and becomes the boss to train this kid up. On their next field work whereby they’re supposed to break up a cheating husband with his mistress, Azazel shows how it’s done. Turns out after 2 hours, he’s just watching them in the love hotel! Then that guy has multiple partners and goes to sleep with her in her apartment. Again, Azazel moves into action but just watches them for another 2 hours! Can you not blame Sakuma for feeling mad? So she sends Incubus in this time and he gets things done by making them sleep and never to go sleep around with real woman anymore (because he prefers the woman of his dreams now. Literally). As narrated, his skill is temptation and those who fall under his curse lose their reason and give in to their temptation. Back at the office, Azazel’s mom and Kyoko can’t wait to hear the wonderful job he has done. They notice Sakuma giving Incubus a much grander sacrifice compared to Azazel’s little pathetic one. What is the meaning of this? They want an explanation. Azazel just eats the sacrifice from the floor like a sad pathetic useless demon. They can’t believe it and shriek in horror. That bad, huh? Welcome to reality. Strangely for once I feel bad for Azazel…

Episode 12
Though Azazel is depressed, Kyoko is there to give him some encouragement. So Azazel goes back to work but was made to clean the toilet bowl. I guess Sakuma thinks this is the best job for him now. She’s got Incubus, right? Because of that, Azazel tries to frame Incubus by pointing fingers at him that he stole Sakuma’s panties (the thief is so obvious) or even take away Koutarou’s hidden porn magazines and DVD collection (too obvious)! He even poos on Akutabe’s table! Better clean it before he com- oh, too late. Now he has to clean up his own blood. As the days pass, Azazel notices even his mother is getting well acquainted with Incubus to a point he suspects them of having an affair right in their home! It’s like Incubus is slowly taking away things from him because he even does Azazel’s share of the cleaning work! His world starts to break apart when Kyoko heard everything from Sakuma about him being a lousy worker. But she still hasn’t given up hope on him and wants to start over (even if it takes centuries!) to become a great demon. Azazel throws a tantrum. Few days later after he calmed down and returns to office, Incubus is nowhere. When Sakuma summons him for work, to their horror they see Incubus F*CKING Kyoko!!!!!!!!! That’s when Azazel snapped. He lost everything. After he runs out in the rain, Kyoko reveals to Sakuma that she was raped and had nothing really going with Incubus. It’s Incubus fault and not Kyoko who cheated on Azazel. When Kyoko was worried about Azazel not talking to her, Incubus was kind enough to listen to her woes. He tried to seduce her but to Kyoko, she only sees Azazel even if he is a useless pervert. Incubus knew that his tricks didn’t work and decided to rape Kyoko in front of Azazel just to break him. Incubus admits everything. He is a demon after all. He is confident Azazel is so broken nothing can fix him. Sakuma panics and doesn’t know what to do. She calls Akutabe and although she will find Azazel, she hopes he could be kind to him. She feels bad for being harsh and mistreating him. Isn’t that Azazel in front on Akutabe right now? Is he trying to jump off the bridge? Well, Akutabe shows his kindness by ignoring him. Then he further continues to ignore what he has to say when Azazel tries to get himself run over by the cars. I think Azazel is really dying to get Akutabe’s attention to hear him out! So once he is heard, Akutabe says he will cancel Sakuma and Incubus’ contract. Azazel is happy but that is just a what-if scenario. Akutabe chides him for depending on others when he is in trouble, what more on a human. He should be ashamed of himself. Is he really a demon? If he is so, he should take back what has been taken. If he can’t, just die. Shocking, no? I guess that’s Akutabe’s kindness for you. And Akutabe just tells Sakuma the truth about Azazel wanting to die and so he let him. Did he make matters worse? Is it really the end of Azazel as we know?

Episode 13
Sakuma and the demons find Azazel’s lifeless body on the street. Beelzebub fears he has entered into the Abyss, a mental state whereby demons suffer and enter when they cannot face reality anymore. It is said once they fall into it, they’ll never wake up again. Azazel is in the deep recess of his mind. He hears his inner voice talk to him but Azazel just happily goes crazy. What has he got to lose now? Till he stumbles into a room where this twin version of him is talking through the microphone. WTF?! Notice the Inception video on his table? Yeah. Mindf*ck.  Dark Azazel tells him most of his powers are sealed and could easily lose to a stray dog. He convinces him that Akutabe is at fault for sealing it and then expecting him to perform. The solution is to merge with him and become Super Azazel. But he refuses. Because with great power comes great responsibility. We’re not watching a superhero movie… Since the coward prefers to frolic in this sanctuary, Dark Azazel forces him to watch what is going on outside now. Sakuma and the rest are concerned about him but this only makes Azazel laugh at this drama. So he is shown another video whereby they drag his body back to the storeroom (because Akutabe doesn’t want his floor to be soiled) and they left him there. They discuss the need to take care of his body for the rest of his life and I suppose the person he wanted most, Sakuma immediately declines seeing she has a busy schedule. Don’t want to take responsibility, huh? Beelzebub suggests to let his body ‘return to the earth’ so his soul can go to heaven. Wait, seriously. A demon going to heaven? Seeing their indifference made Azazel mad. So mad that he powers up into some mad dog. He is going to take revenge on them and takes off Dark Azazel’s sex seal on his crotch. Azazel returns to reality as a fiery demon ready to bring hell to them. Yeah, they’re eating pizza and didn’t leave some for him. Dead demons don’t need to eat, right? Before he could unleash his power, Kyoko tries to convince him to stop. He learns she was raped and all and goes back down the Underworld to take his revenge on Incubus before coming back to settle their score. Later, it is revealed that this is a plan hatched by Kyoko and Incubus to get Azazel back on his feet. She calls him that super power Azazel is on his way to beat him up and to let him do so. Salamander heard it and wants to slice her. However she beats him out and cries rape. I guess to the unsuspected she does sound convincing. Kyoko notes she’ll be a demon for Azazel if she has to. Isn’t she already a demon? However Azazel never came back so Beelzebub returned and found him locked up in his room all depressed. After dragging him back up, it is known that when Azazel was on his way to beat up Incubus, he bumped into several weak demon punks and decided to beat them up for pissing him off. Guess what? He got beaten up instead! And all that confidence shattered once more. Kyoko assures to leave the rest to her so she goes to beat up Incubus for good. Azazel then becomes arrogant to tell Incubus off never to raise a hand on his woman or else she will beat him up. Look who’s talking? Azazel is back to his usual self but the rest are so appalled at what they witnessed, they just wished he was dead. So shocking to hear that, that Azazel falls into the Abyss once more and Dark Azazel is not happy this dude is back here again.

Sex, Blood & Guts…
Too hilarious! Before I knew it, the series had already ended! Can we have more episodes next time please? This is one of the few anime series whereby the sequel is as good if not better than its predecessor and it is a good thing that this second season doesn’t disappoint. Even though the plot is random and can be said divided into mini arcs of its own (each of them lasts about 2 episodes), nevertheless it is a very fun watch despite all the crude talking, profanity, sex jokes, ecchi-like themes, over the top violence and other vulgarities. In short, everything is crap! In a funny way, that is. The characters are horrible and not to be mistaken as role models because they have no good qualities whatsoever. But who cares about character development or progression when you can just laugh your ass off. That formula is what makes this show highly successful. So if you’re the kind who finds such things offensive and repulsive, maybe you should go watch Barney and Friends. Or even Sesame Street. Because all of us have that little devil in our heart and what better way than to watch this with no holds barred.

If you want to make all those disgusting violence and sex, might as well go all the way without holding back. And I think this is what this series has done quite perfectly well without such restrains. Although it still is considered ‘safer’ than many other controversial shows since it doesn’t insult any race or religion and no full frontal nudity. Everything was done in accordance and in the name of comedy and to make us laugh. No hard feelings whatsoever. It doesn’t worry whether or not such negative and loose morals would be a bad influence to society. It doesn’t care if it invokes the wrath of some religious or moral police officer. It doesn’t give a damn if it gets banned or censured that would affect DVD sales. Let everything go now and let’s see what comes next. After all, all those who are watching this can be said are ‘impure’, am I right?

Azazel is still the dumb perverted demon that never learns. At this rate, I am very sure he will never become demon king even if he has the looks in his true form. Instead of working hard, he prefers to frolic, fool around and get perverted as much as his can. It’s like it is his destiny to become a clown. Heck, his role is supposed to be for comic relief and whipping boy of the series. Notice how most of the bloody gut spilling violence ends up on him? Without his resurrection, it’s like as though he died many times over and over again. And he still never learns. If he fails to become a demon king, I guess he can fall back on being a comedian because I also observed the way he retorts and makes instant and spontaneous loud mouth come back lines makes it as though he is such a stand up comedian pro. Really. Kyoko might be more dangerous than Azazel and as seen if she really gets mad, she doesn’t need to turn green and big just to make Azazel shiver in his pants. It’s a good thing she is on Azazel’s side. Though, she would do whatever it takes for her beloved demon to achieve his goal. Anything. It’s pretty okay, right? She’s a demon, no? So anything goes. Like they say, behind every successful (demon) man is a woman but behind every failure is just Azazel himself. Haha!

Sakuma must have gotten used to how things worked now so she is not that surprised when Azazel springs into his perverted motion. She even throws a serious face to Azazel which probably says “I’ll kill you for good if you do something stupid this time”. Speaking of that part, I guess it was with mixed feelings when Azazel was at the lowest point of his life. Despite knowing that this idiot deserves what he gets, you can’t help feel pitiful for him because for once he wasn’t faking it. His depression is real. What does this proves? That demons have feelings too! So if you reprimand Azazel so many times like Sakuma, even that demon has his limits and will go crazy. But why won’t any demon do the same when it comes to Akutabe? Simple. He doesn’t give a shit and will not hesitate to kill you! Better be on your best behaviour in front of this guy whether you like it or not. Although he somewhat obliged Sakuma’s request to be nice to Azazel in the final arc, he is still the same in and out. Maybe it’s his tough love. I don’t feel he really gives a damn about Azazel. I mean he knows very well he is dealing with demons and if you give them an inch especially idiots like Azazel, they’ll swamp and take advantage of you. So ignoring him is already the best treatment Azazel could get then. At least he didn’t get his guts splattered everywhere and that is already considered very good and lucky if you’re dealing with him. So ironically despite being human, I would say Akutabe is the only one without feelings and could be the next demon king if he wants to. Heck, is he even human in the first place? I always suspect that there is more than meets the eye to this guy. Oh well. Some things are better left unknown.

By now, I think Moloch’s ‘death’ and the way he ‘exits’ the show must have become a running gag. It’s like he can never unleash his full potential and will meet his death one way or another. Although in this season he didn’t die, but getting delivered and sent away as a plushie is just like death itself. Yeah. That’s the last you’ll ever hear from him. You thought he was going to be a regular by appearing in the first couple of episodes but that is just about how much screen time he will get. Undine gets a little spotlight for this season too but I guess that is so much about it. It is freaking funny to see how she can just get jealous about everything due to her paranoia. Her mood swings are violent. One second she is against it and suddenly the next she is all for it. I feel Beelzebub plays a minor role in this series as compared to the first season. He didn’t get into much trouble and if I remember correctly, he didn’t get his guts spilled a single time by Akutabe here. Yeah. Azazel took the fall for everything.

Many of the characters in the previous season seem not to have made much appearance here. Take for instance, Salamander. He was practically missing for this entire season and I certainly would have written him off had he not made that appearance of searching for Azazel in the last couple of episodes. So where has he been? And I feel that his final appearance is so that he could take the fall for Kyoko’s false rape cry. Remember that Lucifer koala guy from the OVA? I thought he had some grudge to settle with Akutabe and would at least make a cameo. I guess it was not to be. Though Koutarou gets his fair share of appearance, it wasn’t the case for his monkey demon, Gusion. All you see him is just hanging around his master and nothing more. I also thought that with the introduction of Ose in the first episode, he might be a regular too but it seems he just appeared for that arc. I didn’t realize Eurynome has become part of Sakuma’s demons. I guess with Marukome not needing him any more (my condolences over his screwing), where else is this foul mouthed demon to go? So is it me or Akutabe’s office is multiplying in the number of demons working under him? I doubt Incubus would be going since it was just a plot to get dumb Azazel back. In no time, I speculate his office might become a refuge for all sorts of demons. Besides, what a better way to hide from the eyes of those heavenly creatures by hiding under a more sinister force?

God is also one weird character. It is a shame that we do not get to see more of His antics. Even more a let-down is that I was hoping to see some sort of showdown between God and Akutabe himself. I wanted to see if this guy have what it takes to stand up to demons since literally nothing in this world can stop him. Maybe next season? If that happens. The Almighty is such a crazy figure that it makes you wonder how can impure words like b*tch go through the mouth of the Lord? What about spending his time reading questionable magazines? If this is the ruler of the afterlife and creator of all life, it really smashes your all your holy and sacred perception. God. So fun. So sporting. So… Funny… Considering God is already a weirdo, I can imagine what the Demon King will be like (even if it isn’t Azazel). Heaven and hell are crazy places with crazy figures. You can’t tell between angels and demons anymore. Humans are screwed in life and death. There’s no escape, huh? Just like last season, another angel bites the dust due to technicalities. Since angels like Gagiel harbour perverted hopes too (that guy was lamenting how he wanted to have sex before God zapped the hell out of him from the face of this planet), it makes you wonder if they are pure in the first place. Sariel makes a cameo but that’s just about it too. Now that he is promoted, he gets to do slightly more perverted stuffs? Looks like it is a long way up the ladder if he is to get the green light for kinky sex. Maybe only God can do that.

With 48 Faced Freak, it proves that there is another human who is capable of standing up against or at least on par with Akutabe. In a way this shows that Akutabe still needs to keep his guard on and not merely seen as a demon bully in our eyes. Despite being the most perverted pervert of all perverts, 48 Faced Freak really has the skills and talent of becoming a demon summoner. How can a man of God suddenly fall like this? Being a demon is scary but being human is scarier. Which begs the question of, is there any more other demon summoners like him out there? If so, will there ever be some sort of a showdown with Akutabe? I’m sorry if I always talk about pitting people against him. He’s like my measuring stick of being the strongest of the strongest so if there is anyone who can really give him a run for his money, I’d love to see the outcome. Of course my bets are on Akutabe always.

The art and drawing still maintains like how it was in the first season. Some people are still looking horrible and ugly but that is mainly for the funny effect. Some look like they just pop out from some cartoon. Sometimes you want to cringe when you see these ugly people talk. Sometimes you want to laugh when you see such ugly people do things. Most of the time it’s rather both. Of course there are some good looking people around like Sakuma and Akutabe (cough, cough. Okay, so he looks pretty decent). Also in line with the bloody and gory theme like last season, there will be blood and body parts splattered everywhere and for viewers’ ‘safety’, some gory ones will be mosaic out. Violent and funny. Just like Itchy & Scratchy. The opening theme for the sequel is once more sung by Chihiro Yonekura. Entitled Revival, the rock outfit still has that demonic and mischievous feel in its tune and somewhat echoes first season’s Pandemic. Though, I still prefer Pandemic over this one.

So whether or not you are humans, demons or angels, this series proves that life is full of crap and sh*t. It doesn’t matter what kind of race or creature you are, because of life, you’ve been f*cked up with real sh*t. Oops. Forgive my dirty mouth since I somewhat got influenced by the flow and nature of this series. In short, everybody is just impure/devilish in a way but that is what makes us so interesting, no? Lesson learnt from this series: If you want a job done, do it yourself. Don’t send in an idiotic demon to do a man’s job. Since everybody has a little demon inside them, it’s okay once in a while to unleash that little devilish imp. What do I mean? You can watch this show without feeling any guilt while enjoying the sadistic evil humour that comes with it. Life is more enjoyable that way. Or it could be just sh*t…

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