Ixion Saga DT

January 12, 2014

A boy who loves playing game. Gets sucked into the game he is playing. Has to find a way to get back to his world while putting his life on the life fighting enemies and traverse other dangers. No people. You’re not watching Sword Art Online. This is Ixion Saga DT. I’m sure many of us love playing heroes when it comes to MMORPG. That is as far as selecting a hero or a party. Then you take control of that character to go slay your enemies, power up, get treasures, move from one town to another, kill more enemies, level up your experience points and fight the final boss. You get to do it all at the comfort of your chair and in front of the monitor. So what happens if you become like this kid and really get sucked into this other world? Are you willing to put your life on the line? For Kon Hokaze, he is a reluctant hero. Whether he likes it or not, he has to join a small group running away from their pursuers, travel with them and prevent a war from breaking. Just for that little hope so he can get back to his own world. Oh, this is action comedy and don’t take anything so serious here. So don’t be surprised to see the gang making funny parody stuffs or just being plain silly in everything they do. Well, it makes the journey more fun, right?

Episode 1
Kon just lost in his video game. Just then, a pretty player, Flora wants to chat with him. He is smitten by her cuteness and agrees to help her thinking he has found the love of his life. Suddenly his chair falls through the floor. Meanwhile the military faction called Incognito led by Variation is chasing after the carriage carrying Princess Ecarlate Juptris St Piria. It crashes so her escorts, Sainglain the swordsman-cum-bodyguard and Mariandel the personal maid go fend off the enemy. Variation wants the princess to be handed over otherwise they will kill them. Suddenly the chair Kon is sitting on crashes onto Variation. Sainglain takes this opportunity to escape and brings Kon along. The native trio are curious of this miracle kid and Kon thinks this is a dream. He learns fast he can’t insult the princess or else Sainglain will kill him. Kon thinks he could get lucky with Mariandel till he was told he is a guy!!! Oh sh*t!!! Cross-dresser!!! The balls are still there!!! Disappointing, huh? Variation reports to his leader, Erecpyle Dukakis or Erec for short. Is there a pun on ED here? He is surprised he was defeated but is interested to see himself the kind of guy who defeated him. Kon travels with the trio and learns Ecarlate was heading to the capital to marry Lord Jugglaburk but the military faction didn’t want a union between both countries. Kon didn’t like a girl so young is getting married but Ecarlate doesn’t see a problem if it is for the stability and good for all. As they enter the next city, Kon decides to buy some shoes since walking through the rough lands will make his feet sore. I don’t know about his fashion sense but I personally thought those shoes don’t look very comfortable. Besides, they’re the most expensive shoes. The gang realize the military is tailing them and makes a run for it. Sainglain and Mariandel fend off the pursuers and entrusts the princess in Kon’s care. They try to escape the city but find it odd that there are no guards at the city gates. That’s because Erec is waiting for them and he personally told his men not to interfere with their fight. Sainglain and Mariandel engage in him but were easily defeated because of Erec’s Alma Gear sword power. Kon is the last line of defence. Can he do it? Well, he takes a beating first. But he gets up. He won’t forgive those making a girl cry. And he is not dying before he gets rid of his DT. What’s that? Doutei… Virginity… Erec prepares to unleash his ultimate attack but since it is taking too long, Kon kicks him in the crotch! I understand it is going to hurt a lot since the shoes he is wearing… Ouch is an understatement. Kon takes his sword as personal reward. Ecarlate appoints Kon as her knight. Can’t say no to a princess’ orders. Otherwise Sainglain will behead him. Welcome to the party, servant.

Episode 2
Erec wakes up in hospital and the doctor gives him the bad news. One of his balls was so badly damaged, it had to be removed!!! That DT is going to pay! Kon still doesn’t like to be the princess’ servant and is bent on getting back to his world. Erec returns to his men but their sentences unintentionally have this ‘balls’ word and it makes him uncomfortable. He’s only got half his balls. Notice how crooked he is walking? Erec goes to see his Ulga Sorority superiors who want him to get the job done fast. He promises he will since he wants to end this before they find out he lost his Alma Gear. Since Kon still has doubts about following the gang, Mariandel talks to him about the princess and shows him some of the workings of this world like a giant pigeon that is used for communicating. Later Kon tries to use Alma Gear but doesn’t work the way when he saw Erec pulling off that move. Sainglain explains what he knows. The Alma Crystal attached to the sword works as a power source but it is rare to see one this big. You can sell it and earn a lot. So Kon tries to break the crystal out for the money. No can do, buddy. Ecarlate then talks to Kon about the precarious balance of this world. To prevent that, she needs to marry some guy whom she has forgotten his name. Yeah. Not even trying, huh? In short, she cannot die and views Kon as a miracle because he saved them twice. He dismisses it as luck. Suddenly the city is under siege. Erec is firing randomly in his tank hoping to draw out Kon. So when Kon and the gang show their face, Erec is going to blast him to smithereens. But did he just miss? It dawned to him that the loss of his single ball may result in this crookedness! Say it can’t be true?! Sainglain wants Kon to do a third miracle as he clears a path for him. Kon draws out Alma Gear and somehow it starts glowing. Then it turns into a big hammer and he uses it to smash the tank. Erec is going to face him man to man but realizes he can’t even balance! Kon instantly understands the root of his problem and will gladly solve it. He hammers his crotch!!! CRAP!!! Double ouch!!! The military is forced to withdraw seeing Erec is out of commission. Kon agrees to follow and help them if they help him find a way back to his world. Ecarlate thinks he needs to head to the capital because a way to return might be found there.

Episode 3
Once again, Erec wakes up in hospital. Bad news. His other ball is removed. Oh sh*t! No balls left! ED for good?! The gang discuss about the emitting light from Kon’s Alma Gear then. They think Kon comes from Olvidia, the legendary continent that was lifted into the skies by Ixions. They were probably the first ones to use Alma Crystals. Suddenly a cute monkey squirrel creature strays into their path. Everyone is infatuated with it but not Kon. He is vehement that they should not pick up strays but the rest don’t see what’s the problem. Eventually Kon shoos it away. That night when they stop by an inn, the creature has followed them and sneaks in. Kon is rudely awakened by it next morning. Now he knows the source of last night’s nightmare. Kon continues to hate this creature although it settles in nicely with the rest. Mariandel will take care of it but Kon is trying to convince her with various excuses why it is a bad idea. This will affect her mission to protect the princess? They don’t give a damn on Kon’s opinion. Kon tries to secretly take out the creature itself but is forced to back out when his comrades caught him red handed. So they question his suspicious behaviour and Kon finally reveals he has pet allergy. But why doesn’t his body react when the creature is sitting top of his head now? Okay. Flashback time. When he was young, he brought home a couple of abandoned kittens. They lived happily ever after. So what’s the problem? After taking care of them for so long, they never liked him!!! That’s when he swore never to get involve with cute animals again. Uh huh. So does this give him the right to be mean to this little one? So when the rest manage to convince him to open his heart, just as Kon is about to reconcile with it, the cheeky creature plays a prank on him. Looks like it’s back to square one. Kon is going to kill it with his Alma Gear. Seriously? He smashes the place but the creature is too agile for him to land a clean hit. In the end, the creature wins by landing a direct kick in his face. And so the creature now travels with them… I hope Kon can get over being a sore loser.

Episode 4
The gang are trying to give the creature a name but Kon is rather picky with their odd choices. I think they settled with Pet. But this episode is about Erec. He and Variation go back to the former’s hometown as he is on temporary medical leave. Erec’s fiancée, Emilia greets him but doesn’t know the true extent of his damage. She wants to rub her lotion on that damaged part but he refuses. Can’t let her know, eh? What will become of their relationship if she finds out he has no balls!!! The trio spend some time in the park. Emilia asks how many children he wants. Traumatising, isn’t it? It this some test by God? When they return, it seems distant relatives Limpus and Gabriella Dascas are here to visit him after hearing about his loss. Gabriella hands him a drink that can recover anything and to Emilia’s dismay, he accepts. However as the Dascas siblings note, it isn’t just any potion. It is one that increases your libido. The plan is for Gabriella to seduce Erec and when Emilia sees this, she will fall into shock. Limpus will console her broken heart and marry her. Gabriella gives the drink to Erec. Looks like poison but he drinks it anyway. Gabriella tries to seduce him but has no effect. We all know why there is no effect, right? Limpus barges in and sees this. Everyone else too. Gabriella accuses Erec of roughing her up but Erec says he only grabbed her wrist and this is blown out of proportion. Limpus won’t believe him and will challenge him to a fight tomorrow. That night, Variation hears the siblings’ evil plot of using Erec and get his family fortune to revive theirs. He reports to Erec and wants him to turn down the duel. But this is all the more reason why Erec needs to settle this because it is no doubt he has hurt Emilia. Next morning as both sides meet. They throw down the conditions. If Erec wins, they must admit nothing happens. Otherwise, Erec must take responsibility by marrying Gabriella. However Erec says Emilia is his fiancée and they can take his fortunes instead. The siblings thought this is an even better plan and accepts. Because Erec refuses to have Variation as his aide, Limpus plays dirty and calls out mask wrestlers as his. Yeah, each one calling out another mask wrestler for help!!! How many are there hiding behind the bushes?! Well, those small fries won’t even rough up Erec’s hair. Limpus won’t admit defeat yet and sends in a giant bird to attack. He is fast losing his stamina when Emilia appears before him to give him motivation. But the bird charges at her. Erec draws all his energy to defend Emilia and defeat the bird. Limpus is out of cards in his sleeves, right? Erec lets him live since he admits all this was part of his scheme. But the sneaky guy kicks Erec in the crotch when he turns his back!!! NO EFFECT!!! Erec delivers a knockout uppercut. So the rest wonder how he could withstand that last attack. He has been training. Fullmetal Ballchemist… Erec and Variation soon leave but promise he will return to Emilia. For now, he sets his destination to Tamatsukure hotsprings to recover. I take it. No more balls trauma?

Episode 5
Kon is happy that they have arrived at the beach. Now he can go hunting for girls. Real girls. Then he realizes everybody in their group has some sort of extreme body. A Lolita, a bombshell cross-dresser, a macho hulk and a scrawny thin guy. Mariandel is a hit with the guys so jealous Kon won’t let others be happy while he himself is miserable and reveals Mariandel is a guy. Guess what? Balls or no balls, they find her cute and want to hang out with her! At least they don’t discriminate. Yeah, Mariandel is even popular with the girls. Kon is really having a problem with this. A transsexual with balls is getting more attention than the protagonist. Seeing he is so worked up over this, Sainglain and Ecarlate tell him Mariandel’s sad past why she gave up being a man. Mariandel was the youngest among 3 siblings and their father favoured him to succeed him and gave him a dagger as symbol. Middle brother did not like this and views the eldest one should have that honour. He is also not happy the elder brother is fine with this. Soon, a family war breaks out and the father is found murdered. The middle brother accuses Mariandel of killing father because he conveniently lost his dagger. But why does middle brother have it? It’s obvious he did it, right?! Middle brother brainwashes eldest brother to kill Mariandel but he fails. He knows everybody wanted Mariandel to be the successor but Mariandel views he is not qualified and will leave the family. He didn’t rat on anybody because that wouldn’t do any good. After Mariandel left, the tension lifted. Middle brother was good at scheming but couldn’t go against the eldest brother. Ever since, Mariandel had never returned to the family. Along his journey, he meets with a girl who saved him. She too was running away from her terrible lord and they travelled together. However she became sick so Mariandel did everything and even sold the dagger just to cure her. One day as they were sitting at the riverbank, she died in a sitting position but with a smile. Mariandel is the name of the girl he loved and by becoming her, she is reliving her life. Kon feels bad after knowing the truth so he tries to apologize to Mariandel. But Mariandel pushes him on the bed and gets on top of him. “Want to practice?”. Practice what?! Kon wakes up next morning and thinks he had a bad dream. Or not. Because he is really sleeping beside Mariandel! He feels guilty for making her betray her dead lover. Then the real truth. Sainglain and Ecarlate made up the entire story!!! They enjoyed seeing his reaction, huh? From Mariandel’s own mouth, she became a woman because she wanted to. She hints something about last night that it was a lie that it hurt the first time. So did Kon lose his DT?!

Episode 6
The sorority discuss about Erec’s delay in getting the job done. Learning about this mysterious guy, they want to find out more on him but one of them has a better idea. He sends his meat loving assassin, the kappa monster Georg to hunt down those fresh meats. While the gang are resting at an inn, Mariandel feels Ecarlate is acting weird. To their horror, they see an ahoge on her head. Is that bad? Apparently in their family it means they are going through a period of hyperactivity and they must take caution not to do anything to upset her. Otherwise it’s the end of the world and their lives. Really. Mariandel gets to work by cooking. Seeing the entire stock is not enough, she sends Sainglain and Kon out shopping. Sainglain warns Kon that once Ecarlate has 3 ahoges, it is game over. Mariandel has cooked so much food and it is a bloody sci-fi wonder how Ecarlate can eat all that in a blink of an eye! Puts Luffy to shame, doesn’t it? I mean, Kon just put down a freshly cooked dish and it suddenly goes missing!!! And this little girl still has not enough to eat? Then… Another ahoge springs out! That makes two. Sainglain even obliges her wish to end his sentences with “Meow” and even Pet is made to act like a bird! It can fly?! Kon does not believe all this crap and decides to go talk to Ecarlate. He puts it nicely that she is growing but is not nice to be unreasonable with them, blah, blah, blah. Surprisingly she helps out with the dishes. Mariandel and Sainglain are shocked with the turnout but it’s more of because that recklessness could have cost them their lives! Night falls and Georg who has been stalking them all day decides to go in for the kill. First he bumps into Mariandel cooking. He thought she is easy meat but Mariandel is in a bad mood. She has no time to play when lives are at stake! Georg becomes clumsy and spills all over and causes her to blow her top! Scary, huh? Retreat! Next, he meets Sainglain but since this guy is weird and intimidating, Georg gets scared off. Finally he enters Ecarlate’s room and thinks she will be easy. Just then, the third ahoge pops out. We hear Georg screaming for his life. So much so he runs into the toilet where Kon is taking a leak and pleading for his help! This guy is an assassin? To prove all that crap is non-existent, Kon leads the way back to the room but doesn’t find Ecarlate in bed. Then the candle goes out. Something is lurking in the dark. Georg got taken out. Ecarlate is now some kind of violent beast and almost got Kon! Kon got so scared that he jumped out the window! OMFG! Now do you believe? And so it is narrated that Ecarlate’s assassination came to an end. Few knew about this plan and even fewer knew about its failure. As for Georg, he was never heard of again. Seems he became a peaceful grandpa fishing by the bridge, telling kids stories about the 3-haired monster and scaring them with it.

Episode 7
Kon and the gang arrive at the hotspring. It’s just like home, eh? While Ecarlate and Mariandel have their own luxurious room with its own bath, Kon and Sainglain share a tiny room. Knights aren’t supposed to indulge in luxuries, right? When Kon soaks in the hotspring, he finds his erection at full and gets the wrong idea he may be turning gay for Sainglain! He gets out and to add to his dismay, Erec is also here! Everywhere he goes, Erec turns up so Kon always narrowly has to go hide since he doesn’t want to fight him (he has this feeling he will lose this time). He tries to get Ecarlate and Mariandel but they are too deep in their bath and massage. He tries to get Sainglain but he is gone. He then secretly sees Erec yelling to the gods to restore his ‘soldier’ while letting the gush of hotspring water gush at it. Embarrassing? Kon goes to find Sainglain at what he believes is the red light district area since Sainglain hints he wanted to come here. Kon thinks hard his fetish and concludes he is some hardcore furry type lover (think of how close Pet is to him). So when he really finds a store for cats, Kon sees Sainglain amusing himself with a little kitten. Nothing sleazy… Disappointed? Kon blows his top that he was looking all over for him but they have to hide since Erec is here. The hotspring they hid in seems to have another effect on Kon. Although his erection is gone, he is glowing! What a way to attract attention. Since he is too bright and can’t sleep, worried that his bright self means no bright future (which girl would ever want to sleep with him?), he decides to go soak again. It worked but Erec is there too! Oh no. Erec wants to settle their business so Kon gives excuses why they shouldn’t. Like how they will damage this place, the loser will die naked and this hotspring will suffer financial loss. At that point, Kon’s glow returns and his erection starts going back up in which Erec takes it as provocation! But they agree to put on some clothes and then resume. But Kon is sneaky. He is just wearing his robe while Erec is putting back his full military clothes. Kon immediately knocks Erec out with a broom as soon as he is done. And then he forces the rest of the gang to leave the place at night. That’s why Kon offers to light the way!

Episode 8
Kon is wrapped in bandages because he is still shining! The gang won’t even let him eat because that means taking off his mouthpiece and shine like hell. However the people of the village soon surround them. They think Erec has put them up to this and try to escape but the villagers grab Kon and unveil him. Then they bow down to him. It seems they believe this shiny fellow is God! Kon wastes no time in admitting he is one and introduces the rest of his companions as his slaves. Oh God. The rest wants Kon to give this up before his charade is discovered but do you think a guy who has been treated like God would want to give this all up? Before the crowd, Kon is forced to do a miracle. I don’t know if he did something consciously or not because he attracted lots of butterflies. Enough to make non-believers believe! He even helps make water flow again from a dried up fountain. So now do you believe in this God? The crowd asks him questions but he answers them all using video game lexicon! Consoles? Portables? Online? 3D?! His ‘servants’ are forced to revise his lines into something more understandable. The crowd grows even wilder. Even those who object are made to eat humble pie with his ‘wisdom’. There’s nothing but video games in his head, huh? He even comes up with puns like Kon-trol, Kon-vention, Kon-sumer and ultimately this religion called Konpika! Followers of this faith increase every day and they bring gold, food and everything! His ‘servant’s confront him once more to warn him about this getting out of hand. Not listening. Till Ecarlate slaps him to remind him why he is travelling with them in the first place. It is him who is lost. This opens his eyes and suddenly he feels scared at the immense crowd that stretches for miles! They’re all here to see the great Kon! They get restless if they don’t get to see him! The gang tries to sneak out and escape but was caught by his priests. They give excuse of wanting to go preach in the other lands so the priest thinks they need to go to war with the Ulga religious sorority in the south and expand this religion. Of course Kon is against any kind of fight so he gets an idea to have those people channel their excessive energy by building the biggest temple ever. Kon-struction! But this only stalls for time. When the temple is Kon-plete (heh), Kon addresses his believers and then shines as brightly as he can before hoping on to the hot air balloon powered by his shine. It is all part of their plan to escape and they make it seem like they are returning to heaven. The followers believe they need to continue and develop this holy land further in his absence. So with this issue over them, Kon’s luminance suddenly stops. Well, that’s the good news. The bad news is that the hot air balloon is falling! He can’t shine anymore! I guess it wasn’t in their calculations. Hold on tight!

Episode 9
Pet checks everyone is asleep (some embarrassing weird dream they’ve got there) before sneaking out. Flora sees Erec and brings him to see one of the Takumi, the blacksmith who creates his new Alma Gear: Calibre. Flora puts her Alma Crystal to complete it and Erec vows never to lose it. Variation tells his fellow comrades, KT, Leon and Gustave that Erec is coming back. But they are irked that each claim to be Erec’s right hand man. So while drinking and celebrating for his return at the pub, the argument continues who is his right hand man. Since KT suggests telling stories of their greatest deed will determine that, Leon starts off by gloating about his tough personal training that seems more like masochistic methods in the eyes of the rest. He moves on about learning some deadly technique whose name is so long that I don’t think he himself can remember it. Gustave goes next to tell about his secret move. Despite sounding like a deadly mission being cornered by the enemy and eventually winning, Variation can tell he just went to the hostess club. Gustave dreads when the topic of why his wife left him is brought up. KT talks about his perverted love making fantasy with Erec… Remember, it’s just his fantasy. By that time, everyone is drunk. Leon is asleep, Gustave is sobbing over his wife’s abandonment, KT is just insulting. Variation needs to put a stop to this so in the end it turns out they’ll just have to fight it out to determine who is the strongest. The rule is that whoever delivers the finishing blow on the dragon has the right to become Erec’s right hand man. Everyone did well to injure the dragon but it escapes. Returning is an even bigger dragon! Is that its mommy? This one is too much for the generals to handle. Then, standing before them is Erec. He’s back! Thinking they have not neglected their daily training, he wants to take it from here and tests his Calibre. So great its power that not only the dragon is vanquished in a swing but it causes great shockwaves around its radius perimeter. The generals are glad he is back and Erec first apologizes that he thought of taking out Kon by himself would suffice. He decides to toss that idea away and wants their help to defeat him. That will be their next mission since he has located his whereabouts.

Episode 10
Camping in the wild has made Kon homesick. He really years for his games, animes, mangas and junk food. The rest don’t know what he’s talking about. When they arrive in the next town, we see how homesick Kon has become. Not only has he carved a gamepad out of a wood, he is in a delusion playing air video game! Even watching an anime via blank screen. Yeah. It’s all in his head. The rest try to give him junk food but they brought back insects and maggots delicacy. This isn’t the junk food he is talking about. So in order to understand what this hamburger food he craves so much, Mariandel goes out to buy all sorts of ingredients in hopes she can clone this hamburger. Kon is happy to see something familiar. Mmm… Tastes like the real deal. Even the cola too! He’s licking the plate clean. When he seeks for seconds, he enters the kitchen where Mariandel is making is burger and is shocked to see the kind of ingredients she used! Feels like a witch’s lair, doesn’t it? Kon becomes traumatized and locks himself in the room continuing to play his air video games. As for the mangas, they give him their world’s version. I’m not sure if it’s porn or not because despite the nose bleed, Kon becomes even more traumatized. His sense of reality is slipping further and further away. Sainglain decides to bring him to a real game. Kon thought it was gambling but was brought underground where an MMA battle royale match is underway. He sees Sainglain making a bet but Kon is not allowed to do so. Sainglain will treat him if he wins. Then it occurred to Kon why he can’t bet. Because Sainglain made him the participant to fight in the ring! And his name is called up! So this scrawny kid is up against burly muscular man? Does he stand a chance? However he advances to the next round in sneaky way. When the fight begins, he climbed to the top of the cage. The other guys duke it out. The last one standing is exhausted so Kon kicks him in the crotch and wins. Is this the only way he knows? He is up against the champion, Blood Heart. Kon is devastated the referee allowed Blood Heart to use a chainsaw. Well, Kon brought his sword, right? Kon is reduced to a feeling coward. What the hell is he doing? Doesn’t he know Sainglain, even Mariandel and Ecarlate have betted lots of money on him?! When a hole is created in the cage, Kon takes this opportunity to give up and run away. Big disappointment. Because of that, Kon returns to his normal self thinking if he lets his guard down or shows any weakness, he’ll die. Accusing them of trying to ‘poison’ him, losing face in front of the crowd and won’t let him escape reality peacefully. Yeah well. They’re just disappointed they lost big…

Episode 11
Incognito ambushes Kon’s group. The warning shot missed thanks to Sainglain. Our heroes are cornered at the cliffs as the army make their charge. They thought it’s going to be easy but sense that each of them has been given new Alma Gear weapons and their attacks are very well coordinated. When the Alma Gears of Erec and Kon clash, the ground below them caves in. Kon’s group and Leon got washed away below. Mariandel is missing and they see Leon unconscious. While Erec is searching for his missing general, his men have captured Mariandel. Back at the camp, they interrogate her but Mariandel plays dumb to stall for time as she acts like an S&M bimbo hoping for Erec to get naughty with her. Meanwhile Kon and the rest tie up Leon and try to interrogate him. Ecarlate’s stepping won’t work because Leon loves it! Definitely a masochist. So Kon does some reverse psychology to get Leon to indirectly spill out the characteristics of his comrades. A masochist in addition to being an idiot. Erec receives message that Leon is heading their way. Seems they found him tied to a tree and concluded he was being held hostage. He is baffled he was released unharmed. Attached to him was a letter. It’s from Kon to meet at a castle at a specific time to settle their rivalry. Erec returns the favour to free Mariandel. She returns to Kon as they prepare to ‘welcome’ their guests. Erec and his men arrive at the castle and they obviously know the markings are traps. However due to the nature of his generals, they easily get fooled into them. They never learn? Finally in a room, Kon speaks through a speaker and rants about crap. Then he pours pink lube on them and sends them crashing through the floor. Erec is fed up with his no-show and tricks and wants him out now. There he is and Ecarlate appearing before them. However Kon warns not to take a step closer as it is filled with traps that will kill them. Wondering whether to believe him after all the stupid traps they’ve gone through, Erec laughs it off and says if Kon thinks he will attain victory if he doesn’t approach him, he is wrong because he powers up Calibre and blasts them away! OMG! They’re both fried!!! The hero and the princess gone for good?! Erec declares the mission and his days of humiliation over.

Episode 12
Gustave is tailing Mariandel and Sainglain into a town. He felt that Kon and Ecarlate’s death were too easy although it could’ve been Erec’s superior power that vanquished. Nevertheless he decides to keep a log on the duo in hopes that they will meet Kon somewhere. They are spying from across the inn the duo are staying. KT is also helping him out but more to keep an eye on that dude so he won’t stray to some cabaret. So far nothing unusual happening. When Sainglain and Mariandel head out and split up, so do Gustave and KT. Gustave sees Sainglain waiting at the café. He thought the guy he meets is Kon but it’s just some old dude in his clothes. He continues to tailing but lost him due to a mist in the woods. He realizes this place is a graveyard. KT too has nothing to report since Mariandel just went ordinary shopping. And so the stakeout on the third day has become so boring that the duo resort to making adlibs while watching their targets. So Gustave decides to go out and do his own investigation and KT knows he is going to a cabaret club. Yeah. So predictable. So what ever happened to the real investigation and interrogation? I guess he prefers spending his time with the cabaret lady till he is drunk and passed out. Because of that, next morning he doesn’t feel good and gets beaten up by KT. A stern reminder he will be the one doing the watching. That night, Gustave follows Mariandel to a bar. Nothing much happening except she is sitting there drinking like a fish. He tries to match her and of course there is a limit to how much he can take. Eventually he can’t take it anymore, sitting here for hours without anything significant happening so he goes sit next to her and talk. Mariandel says there is no reason for them to fight and just doing what they can. I don’t know how this led to Gustave to Gustave talking about his wife. Anyway Mariandel leaves the bill to him and punches him because he still pisses her off. Next day, Gustave and KT pack up thinking there is no further use sticking around since Kon didn’t show up. Can he believe what Mariandel said? Thinking back, it just hit him that from her words, she knew they were spying all along. They have left the inn they are staying and looks like they’ve been had. Gustave has an idea where they will meet where nobody will see them: The graveyard. However they see Sainglain and Mariandel paying their emotional last respects to Kon and Ecarlate’s tomb. The old dude is a mortician. With that, Gustave officially ends his watch duty while Sainglain and Mariandel continue to travel together.

Episode 13
Sainglain and Mariandel meet up with Kon and Ecarlate in the desert. Why am I not surprised? In a town, Miranda must be the world’s happiest and airhead girl. Easily depressed. Easily happy. Dramatic girl. She wishes everything good morning and decides to visit her grandma who has broken her leg. As she waltzes through town, everyone hides and shuts their doors. Tells a lot about this girl, eh? Kon and co are in this town. Kon brags his plan of using mirrors and darkness to trick Erec into thinking he killed them. Suddenly his stomach hurts. Along the way, Kon and Miranda bump into each other and she falls in love with him (cue for her delusions on her Prince Charming). Because she heard he is not feeling well, she jumps the gun thinking he is dying. She decides to use her words to save him. However it seems she uses brute force to punch him and then spew insults! WTF?! So the rest thinks Kon was two-timing (three or four maybe) but he insists he didn’t do anything. When Mariandel accompanies him to see the doctor, Miranda gets jealous of this busty babe and feels she has been used. She’s going to kill him. Well, she almost did but since the sword is too heavy, she slips. Kon catches her. The mood is ruined when she thinks Mariandel is flaunting her boobs (while Miranda was slashing away, she didn’t realize she ripped Mariandel’s top). Kon gets beaten up. The doctor diagnoses him as having normal stomach ache… And a broken collarbone… While pondering what in blazes is happening to him, Miranda gets another delusion. She thinks he is playing hard to get and confronts him. Because he ignores her, she becomes a demon and attacks him. Is this the kind of woman you want as a girlfriend? Kon can’t die yet because there are things in life he must do first. Like delete all those questionable data in his PC. Miranda thinks he wants to confess and lets him do so but Kon uses this chance to escape. Realizing she is duped, she catches him and tells him she is giving him a chance to confess. Kon tries to understand what’s going on (I don’t understand his long rant either) so Miranda challenges him to a duel. Don’t ask how it ended up like this. Miranda goes on the offensive and Kon is reduced to a wimp. He even surrenders. Wuss. Because of that, Miranda gets cocky. Had he won, she would have allowed him to confess to her. Because he lost, she will deny him that right. Out of the fire, into the frying pan. And so the gang prepares to leave town. Kon came with a stomach ache and left all bruised up. What a way for a hero to return. The rest think he needs to go far away to mend his broken heart for stalking. I bet Kon doesn’t even know what hit him or how he got into this mess. Miranda watches them leaves and starts to fall for… Sainglain!

Episode 14
Because travelling by sea is too expensive, their only way left is by land. The detour will cost them extra 10 days. Although Ecarlate mentions about wanting to head to Nanripat for the sweets. But Kon wants to get to the capital as soon as possible so he can get home. After Pet scoots off by itself, Kon needs to urgently answer the call of nature. He can’t find a decent toilet in this town and stumbles upon Pet talking and communicating with some weird device. Surprised Kon tries to shake him for answers but he is not telling. So Kon had to make Pet undergo lots of S&M abuses (don’t worry, it won’t amount to animal abuse since Pet considers himself a human. Right?) before he gets talking. After all that riddle talking, it seems Pet is Kon’s father!!! WTF?! Squirrel got a human as an offspring? Only in fairytales… The absurd story includes Pet being the king, some evil wizard casted some evil spell on baby Kon, Kon lived a life of a princess and was almost raped by some frog. Just unbelievable. At the end of it all, to cut a long story short. Pet reveals he is here to look after him and give him advice since he is a special person. So the father part was just made up, eh? As they continue their journey, Kon tries to convince everyone that Pet can talk. Pet is acting like a pet so it’s not really convincing. The rest thinks Kon is so homesick that he has resorted to this and needs to reach the capital quick. Kon plays reverse psychology. Getting Ecarlate’s approval if she would like to see babies of this cute little thing, Kon makes Pet reveal his fetish for hairless older woman. So? So Kon is going to marry him off with a naked mole rat! Pet is refuses and rejects. Adding on, because Pet is in heat, he may become sick if he doesn’t get it on. However to raise quality of life and prolong it, this is where neutering comes into play. Kon is going to use his Alma Gear to cut off his balls!!! Pet panics and tries to run away. All these while, the rest have heard him talk but Kon denies he is hearing anything. Animals can’t talk, right? So it’s only your imagination if you hear Pet screaming and vehemently refusing the neutering. Your balls are mine!!! So evil that those words echoed and Erec felt this chilling effect!!! He thought he is seeing things after spotting Kon trying to get Pet’s balls on top of a carriage. Give me your balls!!!

Episode 15
Arriving at the capital, Kon is disappointed the castle is small. Well, it is just a portion of it because this moving castle will take them to the main one, which is as big as a country!!! Jugglaburk sees the king of St Piria to talk about his fiancée whom he has received information that she is dead. But the king is senile. He doesn’t know who he is or the princess he is going to wed off! When he does (albeit temporarily), he shoots down Jugglaburk’s words and knows Ecarlate is coming here. Jugglaburk talks to his subject about this info and it seems he can’t highly trust the sorority. When Ecarlate and her escorts enter the throne room, they see lots of old men. Kon is being told they hold higher claim to the throne than her. Imagine if all of them were to kick the bucket. Ecarlate sees her father to retrieve the token of betrothed. She tells him about Kon’s problem of wanting to return to his world. He thinks it’s a weather problem and tells him to go see the astrologist in the West Tower. He can feel Kon is different but before he can tell him about his destiny, he soiled his pants and returns to his senile ways. Ecarlate needs a few days to prepare to make her way to Jugglaburk’s domain. This means the rest will have some time off and Kon plans to head to the West Tower. I guess this is goodbye, huh? However he instantly gets lost in the dungeon and meets Pet making some shady deal, which is his part time job to supplement some income. This Dark Zone is where dark deals come about. Kon has Pet guide him to his destination. I guess they were lucky to pass all the dangers and they remind Kon of his video games. So similar. They also stumble upon secret underground society gatherings that want to overthrow the empire. Pet has Kon wear a mask (wrestler?) because in this part of town, everybody conceals their identity. Kon’s life is in danger when he stumbles upon the secret society’s plans and they want to kill him. They include Mr Z (Zoro) from AEP (Anti Empire People), Tiger Muscle (Sainglain?) from AEMP (Anti Empire Muscle & Pets – they support muscles and kittens) and Jet’aime Star (Mariandel?) from AEG (Anti Empire Girls – or Guys? Freedom for cross-dressers!). Kon manage to run away when the trio with past among each other start fighting. Along with other weird cosplayers claiming to champion their revolution cause. Whatever. Kon reaches the West Tower and sees the astrologist but is disappointed he can only tell his fortune. Then he hears a voice telling him to go to Jugglaburk’s domain and he will find the key to return. He follows the voice upstairs but loses sight of the person. He sees the floating island that is Olvidia. To reach it, he must head to Jugglaburk’s domain. Morning arrives and our revolutionists end their war since the empire’s army are coming. Kon heads back to Ecarlate and looks like he’ll be joining her. Suspiciously, Mariandel and Sainglain enter the room late and claim they have overslept. Jugglaburk’s subject says his master has offered them to take them to his domain. Kon feels he looks a lot like Mr Z! And they’re going to travel in Jugglaburk’s giant blimp.

Episode 16
The sorority are upset Ecarlate still lives and can’t trust Incognito anymore. They want somebody to take responsibility but the big boss tells them they have more pressing matters to attend to if they want to make their ideal world come true. Erec addresses his men that Kon still lives and will move out. However a message for him arrives. Seems they are not allowed to take any action till further notice. Basically, it’s a house arrest. His men don’t want him to listen and move out but Erec has no choice but to obey its order. This doesn’t stop Variation from acting alone as he sneaks onboard in disguise the blimp to kill Ecarlate. First he sees Kon jumping on his bed in his underwear, followed by putting his butt out of the window and taking a leak!!! Variation blows his top as Kon invites him in. They talk about Kon’s opinion on Ecarlate’s marriage. Not that Variation cares. When Kon thinks how familiar he looks, Variation shoots him in the heart. One down. And no, it’s not the nose that looks familiar. Next room, he sees Sainglain playing with his air cat. Same thing. Stumbles in. Asks opinion about Ecarlate’s marriage. Doesn’t give a sh*t. Look familiar this dude? Please, not the nose. Blam! Shot through the heart. Then, Mariandel and Pet. Déjà vu. Before you can say it’s the nose, they’re both dead being shot in the same place. He enters Ecarlate’s room and she knows he is here to kill him. Being the super sadist, he wants to talk first and assures he has done in all her servants and nobody will come rescue her. Kon wakes up because he had a stash of porn magazines hidden in his chest. Sainglain had a gold medal, Mariandel an iron bra pad (WTF?!) and Pet a sheriff’s badge. When they all rush to Ecarlate’s room, to their relief she is just sleeping. This was how their talk went. Variation asked about her marriage to Jugglaburk. It is to avoid war for a period of time. Thinking of all the lives she could say, sacrificing hers does not seem like much. Even so, there is no guarantee that won’t happy. So why get married despite all that? Because a human sacrifice is needed. Though, at times she feels she wants to run away. Would it have been easier if she played dumb? Either way, the end results will be the same. She wants to hurry up to kill her since it won’t be fair to her servants. Variation changes his mind to kill her because he is not doing things to make people happy. He ‘lends’ her this life and will take it back one day. He jumps out and parachutes down. Arriving at Jugglaburk’s capital, it seems Kon won’t part from them yet. As the marriage is a month away, Ecarlate will undergo 18 rituals. That’s a long way to go. And she’ll make sure she’ll squeeze him hard until then. Something tells me Kon Is happy to hear that.

Episode 17
The gang meets Mainess, the chief protocol for the 18 wedding rituals. Kon tries to get more information about Olvidia but was told nothing. There goes his lead. Pet’s information network leads Kon to Ixion Research Centre. The receptionist finds him suspicious for asking about Olvidia and calls security to arrest him. He is taken to a room to meet the lab chief, Alan Yodogawa. Kon couldn’t believe this kid has the highest authority around. So in some mutual exchange, Kon gets to ask a few questions after Alan conducts experiments on his body. Weird experiments that range from psychological to even questionable ones that makes you wonder if this kid is trying to kill him just to find out what makes a Hyperion. But Kon wastes his questions since he didn’t get the answers he wanted. Not that the kid knows anything about Olvidia or how to get there too. So from what Kon can gather, Alan tells him there are many versions and myths of this floating city depending on which civilization you come from. From a scientist perspective, Alan is interested to know if Olvidia uses Alma as its power source since a great need of power is needed to keep it afloat. Because Kon isn’t going to get the answers he want, he decides to leave the experiment, causing Alan to use his little brother pleading wiles to make him stay. He won’t let him go and ties him up to conduct the ultimate experiment. Because Hyperion is believed to gather Alma Energy and release it at their will, he wonders if there is a special organ for that. To prove it, a dissection is required. Oh sh*t! Before he can cut him open, the electricity is cut. Pet is here to rescue him and Kon makes a mad dash out of the research centre, leaving Alan to curse his ‘big brother’. What a kid. Meanwhile Erec thinks Incognito has been punished long enough and will take their own independent action to follow Kon and infiltrate Jugglaburk’s domain. Kon is not happy he has learnt nothing and has to go through the wedding rituals. Till he hears the final ritual called Olvidia. He pesters for more information but is told to be patient and go through the rest in order. And so the first ritual… He has to ride a tree down the rapids… He has got to do this 18 times, eh? Damn wedding rituals…

Episode 18
Kon nearly died riding the log and why the hell does he need to do this when he isn’t got anything to do with the wedding?! That’s why it’s call a ritual. Just do it. No matter how absurd or stupid, you just follow it. And so we have a glimpse of the few rituals that Kon is forced to undergo. Carve a pair of swans from wood, bonfire dancing, drawing a large picture made out of ash and now we’re at the fifth ritual of placing dominoes. Going crazy any time now… Meanwhile Incognito is spying on them and Erec is more preoccupied if they are pretending not to know their presence or really unaware they are around. So we have a round of flashback of Incognito trying to sabotage the rituals like how they tried to make Kon fall off the log via wavering his attention by ending up as naked men. But he sped by too fast to see anything. Seriously, naked men to shake his attention? Yeah, I know it’ll be a hideous sight. The rest end up as farcical bloopers and during the ash drawing ritual, Erec went up to confront Kon just to tell him how to draw properly and apply the correct thickness! Kon is amazed and gets poetic. They even shake hands agreeing to have their rematch one day! WTF?! And now, they’re going to sabotage the dominoes by buying up everything. However due to the wedding ceremony, prices of dominoes are soaring like nobody’s business. Seriously. Domino blocks? And Incognito has got no money due to lack of funds. A black market trader proposes to them but it caught Mariandel and Kon’s attention too. Erec and Mariandel fight over the trader and although he is unhurt in the tug of war (that’s red wine he vomited, no blood), Erec and Mariandel end up having their hand on each other’s crotch! Oh sh*t! This scene of them may seem romantically ambiguous but Mariandel realizes this man has no balls and Erec realizes this woman has balls!!!

Episode 19
Now we’re on the 14th ritual. In a packed stadium, Ecarlate drops an eyedrop from the second floor into Kon’s eyes… Success!!! Hooray! The crowd goes wild! WTF?! But it’s going to get worse for our heroes because they see Ecarlate’s ahoge popping up once more! Oh no! Must not aggravate the situation! Because she wants to go to the karaoke box, then the karaoke it is. Mariandel orders the drinks and food as starter. Kon learns Ecarlate must not sing because in the past when she did, she tried to be a perfectionist and sang for 72 hours straight, causing serious ‘tragedies’. Yeah. How many people suffered greatly and even the building got damaged and took months to repair. Remember. Don’t ever let her sing! The first to sing is Mariandel and is forced to sing a song picked by Ecarlate. About transvestite? Kon manages to excuse himself to not sing since he doesn’t know this world’s writing but he feels the pressure and realizes this form of new torture they are going through to please the princess. When it’s Sainglain’s turn, he makes himself drunk and starts singing a song of kittens. Meanwhile next door, Incognito is also having their own karaoke party but they are drunk and arguing among themselves so much so Erec who wants to sing so much doesn’t have a chance. Now that it’s Pet’s turn to sing, he is forced to earn 80 points or more or else Ecarlate will turn him into stew! Oh, the pressure. He is singing fine and well till he gets too confident and adlibs. Based on the scoring system if you don’t follow the words or tone correctly, points will be deducted. And so his pals know he will be doomed and prepare the stew! Counting the chickens? True enough, Pet scores 70 but Sainglain throws the sashimi at the scoreboard to try and make it as though he has scored 80. Ecarlate is not convinced so Mariandel ‘accidentally’ shoots the scoreboard. Ecarlate lets Pet go. He got lucky, no? Meanwhile Erec tries his best to get the controller to sing but his drunk men are continuing to hog it and fight among themselves. After Kon eases himself in the toilet, he wonders if he should return to this hell. But somehow he can’t escape because some compelling force drags him back into the room! Welcome back to hell! Because it’s Ecarlate’s turn to sing!!! Oh sh*t!!! She’s singing about dominance and total obedience! OBEY!!! This is what hell looks like!!! By the time Incognito has passed out, Erec relishes he gets to sing. However it is closing time. Bummer. Next morning, Ecarlate is one happy little princess. The rest are just tired and messed up. But they’re glad that it’s over. Thank God they still live.

Episode 20
Everyone witnesses the final ritual. After the head butting Triceratops, Ecarlate and Jugglaburk meet and the ritual ends. While Mariandel is overcome with emotion, Kon laments that Olvidia is just the name of this ritual and has learnt nothing. Meanwhile Erec too is lamenting if the sorority has abandoned them since they have heard nothing from them. They’re broke too. With no way of completing their mission now, suddenly he doesn’t feel angry just by looking at Kon. Variation and Gustave must have lost it as well so they went off on their own. Ecarlate is about to spend her first night with Jugglaburk and before that she mentions her gratitude to her underlings. She enters the room only to be pestered by Jugglaburk talking via his dolls (high pitch voice is annoying). Is this really his true colour? Ecarlate abides with his whims as he introduces to all his other dolls. She is made to dress in some lizard outfit (he in a giraffe). He suggests doing something fun (weird is more like it) but she starts counting the prime numbers. That’s when he suggests they go to bed. Kon can’t sleep and he can’t stop worry about what this sick Jugglaburk might do to the princess. What kind of fetish this guy has. When Jugglaburk closes in on Ecarlate, all her 3 ahoges stand up and a big blast blows a hole in the room. Kon rushes there and finds Jugglaburk crying like a wimp. Guards swarm the area and think he is trying to assassinate Jugglaburk. Meanwhile Erec is still in depressed mode when Kon and the gang run by him and make him deal with the rest. Before he knows it, Erec is attacked by the guards. Because Leon and KT heard his embarrassing act (though they unconvincingly deny it), he fights back. The guards accuse them of being in cohorts with Jugglaburk’s assassins and it dawned to him he may have been setup by Kon again. Faraway, Kon and the gang are relieved they are safe. They have kidnapped Ecarlate too. She recounts the events that led to Jugglaburk being beaten up. It wasn’t the fact of his dolls or being made to dress up as a lizard. She doesn’t mind that. It was seeing his single nose hair sticking out. Yeah. She can’t stand it.

Episode 21
As reported to the archbishop of the sorority, man-made Hyperion units called Ulbrion sabotaged Ecarlate and Jugglaburk’s first night by finding out Ecarlate’s weakness and then planting a nose hair in that bugger to make her go berserk. With the alliance broken, all they have to do is sit back and watch both sides go to war. Ulbrion units detect Variation sneaking in and intercept him. Before he is defeated, he is teleported away. So are the rest of Incognito and Kon’s group. Kon finds himself before the beautiful Flora and as expected, is taken by her beauty. She explains this is the remains of what was once the capital and has summoned him to save the world. Too big a task? Well, I’m sure he is smitten by her and wants to lose his virginity to her but risking his life just for that? Heck, if he’s dead, how is he going to lose his DT? She won’t force him and is willing to send him home but that guilty feeling at the back of his mind is making him hesitate. Should he go home like this? Or maybe he really wants to screw her that bad, huh? He discovers Pet works under her and was reporting all their status to her all the time. Incognito and the princess’ team wake up from their chamber and follow the path that leads to where Flora is. Erec is glad to meet her again since she is the one who granted him Hyperion powers. Flora insists that is just a nickname and she is just a mysterious woman. Erec and Kon’s side are about to clash when Flora explains about Ixion. They were once great people who could control Alma Energy freely but a civil war broke out and the great civilization perished. Now, someone is trying to recreate that technology by instigating a war. Because he doesn’t want to get his hands dirty, he is orchestrating others to go to war by instigating pro and anti empire actions. Ecarlate notes she was supposed to do that but failed. Variation cheekily mocks her she got screwed and knows all about the nose hair instead, sending her into utmost embarrassment. It is revealed that the archbishop of the sorority is the one pulling the strings so this makes Erec ponder about his purpose because Incognito is supposed to be knights fighting for peace. Because the archbishop is more powerful than she imagined, she summoned somebody from another world and made him a Hyperion. Seeing that wasn’t enough, everyone who is summoned here is now transformed into a Hyperion. Now all of them can use Alma Energy freely. Erec sinks into depression because this nullifies the proud reason why he was chosen in the first place. If he must know, he was chosen because of his qualifications to some degree. To some degree… Boy, that must hurt.

Flora wants them to select their own Alma Gear before they leave. Doesn’t that container look like a giant gachapon machine? Kon tries to hint to Flora about getting lucky with him but he got nowhere close. Everyone has their turn using their Alma Energy and immense strength to turn the gachapon knob. Not working. Not even when Ecarlate is close to having all her ahoges popped out. Meanwhile Erec is now a traumatized guy. Still murmuring about their great cause? Looks like he won’t be getting over it soon. Kon too is in a dilemma. About his virginity. To lose it or not. Yeah. Big problem that is. When Kon realizes this gachapon needs money to operate, the princess takes out her funds and it easily plops out. They have so much reserve that they can afford to pick and choose. While our Incognito are as poor as a church mouse. In fact, no money at all! So when the princess and her team have selected what they want, Incognito gets whatever that is left behind. Flora then returns them to where they originally were before being brought here. Before Kon leaves, he tries his last ditch attempt to hint to Flora that she would help turn him into a man. But Sainglain would do the honours instead! Oh sh*t! Yaoi misinterpretation?! Actually, he thinks of teaching him the ways of the battlefield. Phew. But it’s still not what Kon wanted. Keep dreaming. As he asks about Olvidia, Flora says that place is sealed off and is no longer accessible. All the trouble he went through just to be told of this crap? Frustrating, isn’t it? Back in the forest, the rest are suspicious to trust that mystery woman but Kon believes in her. Yeah. For the sake of his virginity. Maybe he didn’t realize it but he got screwed by her the moment he took up this quest. Mariandel misinterprets and wonders if Flora had ‘penetrated’ him and because Kon is frustrated she did not, he just realized he admitted he is a virgin. Why the rush to lose it?

Episode 22
An agent claiming to be sent by Erec is here to pick up Variation. I guess this is a good time for a flashback to see how Incognito was formed. A hard boiled vigilante, Bald Spot beats up thugs in a fight that isn’t his own. I didn’t know there was 70’s modern Japan in this world. He is picked up by Gustave who invites him to join a small organization that plans to become nationwide in the future to fight crime. Although Alma Energy had flourished the people’s lives, the people’s heart weren’t fulfilled and turned to crime, thus the high crime rate. The organization is looking for skilled people like him. Bald Spot is taken to meet the rest of the gang that includes KT (rowdy guy), Leon (kind weakling) and their boss Erec (quite the ambitious and positive fellow). Erec wants them to think up of a name for their organization when he gets a call for a case. As the gang moves out to solve cases, Bald Spot works efficiently with them solving the cases and earning their trust. This goes on until it is revealed Bald Spot is a spy sent to infiltrate the organization by some mysterious employer and his current mission is just to observe and not let them get suspicious. One day, Erec is jumping with joy because he has secured funding from some sorority called Ulga. Everyone except Bald Spot is happy since he is in a dilemma of what to do. One stormy night, he gets an order by his mysterious employer to assassinate Erec. He is really torn between his job and what he currently has now. A bank robbery with hostages involved is being held at St Piria bank so the guys move out. With well coordinated tactics and timing, they move in and cover each other’s backs to disarm the armed robbers and save the day. But Bald Spot who saved Erec twice from being shot, is now going to kill him. He reveals his true self and mission. Erec wonders if he will have regrets doing this. If so, there is nothing much he can do about it. What about the organization’s name? Bald Spot replies: Incognito. Erec likes it as it means anonymous. Suddenly Erec announces a candid camera moment. With the rest of the gang coming in, they reveal this was just a setup to test his skill and loyalty. The mysterious employer was Leon and the one ordered the hit on Erec was Erec himself. Everyone congratulates him but Bald Spot isn’t happy of this crap! How many shots were fired? Back in present time, Variation feels nostalgic thinking about those days but the agent is unhappy how the story went. Where was Variation?! He was Bald Spot?! FFFFFUUUUUUU!!!!!! Doesn’t even look like him, right?! And there were so many holes in the story that the agent was left in frustration. Yeah. So are we. Taken for a ride? Really. What the hell?

Episode 23
Kon and the gang charges into the enemy. Mariandel sees her big brother and loses the will to fight. Retreat! After discussing their strategy, they return to the battlefield. This time Ecarlate sees her brother and loses her fighting will. Retreat! Change of strategy. They’ll just go eliminate the archbishop himself. But before them another army is waiting for them. Guess what? Sainglain sees his brother in the opposing camp and thinks he cannot best him! WTF?! RETREAT!!! So Kon has a tough time trying to motivate these people and bring back their spirits again. It’s going to b a tough job… Yeah, they’re starting to get delusional and lost in their own fantasy world… Since they can’t think on an empty stomach, Kon brings them to an inn to fill their stomach and cheer them up. Since the direct and clean approach cannot work, Kon doesn’t care if historians label them a cheater because playing dirty is the only way to win the war. As they leave, Kon thought he is going to have bad luck when his sandal strap snaps and a black cat walks across him. On the contrary, it is actually good luck. His bad luck begins when he somehow has dog poo on his hand. Each time he tries to do something, the rest (with that silly pose to wish the bad luck to be gone) note each action only makes his bad luck worse. Yeah, even a part of Olvidia almost crashed on him! He is knocked out by a poisonous spider. How did it got there. Meanwhile the sorority pledges its support to the anti-empire side. Erec speaks to the archbishop for their next action but is told to be on standby. Erec couldn’t understand what they want when Variation returns and badly injured. He was attacked by Ulbrion. These new upgraded units are the reason why the sorority doesn’t need them anymore and are using these. Before Variation dies, he says the sorority’s real goal is to destroy the world instead of ruling it. We can’t have a pretty kid dead so Gustave heals him with his weapon. So where was he all the time? Though he claims the cabaret club, but it’s closed since the war announcement. KT can tell it has something to do with his ex-wife’s child support problem. Because they go to the same school together. But the ex went to an all-girls’ school. This means KT is a woman!!! Actually everyone knew about it because KT becomes so feminine in drunk mode. But not as shock as Erec because he realized all those close moments with KT (bathing together, body warming, etc). It’s like betraying Emilia, right? Kon’s bad luck stretches to his dream. But he wakes up and is happy to see Flora healing him. I guess she really is his ‘hope’. But she maintains her distance since she healed the poison and not the bad luck. Kon rendezvous with his pals outside. They have finished making some bad luck purifying mechanism. Looks like a big boiling pot. Are they going to cook him alive? Because they are short of time, Flora expedites the process and hints to the rest it all depends on what Kon feels. So it’s all in the mind? With Kon thinking he is cured, he is all fired up for the war. But the rest still keep away from him.

Episode 24
Kon’s company is blocked by a head priest leading an army of Ulbrion. Do they even have time to argue about the bad naming sense of Ulbrion? The war is going to start soon for heaven’s sakes! More time wasted when the priest rants about the sorority’s research and technology in turning these Ulbrion soldiers into ultimate killing machines. And so when the big fight starts, Kon senses something amiss and realizes their goal is just to delay them. With most of the world’s military deployed at the battlefield, the sorority will take control of the world once the empire and Jugglaburk’s side take each other out. More Ulbrion reinforcements are sent in but Incognito has arrived on scene. After reassessing their sense of righteousness and justice, they decided to sever their ties with the sorority and walk their own path. In other words, they are backing Kon. Incognito wastes no time in defeating all the Ulbrion soldiers. Especially Erec who got motivated (or rather disgusted) when Mariandel winks at him. Feel the ultimate blow!!! After the forces wiped out, both sides meet and it feels funny that everybody including his men steals Erec’s lines, rendering him unable to say a single world. Especially Kon with his I-know-you’re-going-to-say-that line. Making their journey there, Erec wonders how Kon can stop this war. All he understands is that he is just taking a big gamble. Before the armies of both sides can clash, Kon via loud speaker tells them to put down their arms and succumb to love and peace. Introducing themselves as the chosen Ixions and warning them about going against their will, Jugglaburk is not convinced and wants those traitors killed. Kon signals to Ecarlate as she demonstrates by destroying a few tanks. Not cowed, Jugglaburk still doesn’t believe and wants them to show a miracle. Kon now signals to Flora as she drives Olvidia above the battlefield. All the soldiers lose their will to fight and run away because going against Ixion is like going against God, right? With the war stopped, everyone including Kon himself this plan actually worked. Now it is Incognito’s turn to take the next step. They are going to capture the king and Jugglaburk and force them to sign a peace treaty. Meanwhile the sorority is discussing the recent setback but it does not matter to them as their plan will still be proceeding. The archbishop unleashes his trump card. A living weapon in the form of a giant fuzzy monster named Forezo? It strikes Olvidia and the ancient floating city turns out to be just a big air balloon. Busted…

Episode 25
Kon is throwing every reason he can not to fight this giant monster. So negative. Incognito on the other hand prefers to take this once in a lifetime gamble. With that, everyone except Kon attack Forezo’s tiny feet to knock it off balance. After all that fancy nonsensical special move names, did it work? No. Waste of time and breath. Forezo continues to go on a rampage. Kon gets so pissed off that he starts giving his piece of mind to the big guy. With all the insults and mockery, it’s Kon going crazy with his retorts with lots of anger in them. Guess what? Forezo suddenly speaks and apologizes!!! Then he takes control of Forezo to forcefully bring Jugglaburk and the king together to sign the peace treaty. There, nicely done. And talking did the job. Flora explains to the rest she chose Kon because of his Hyperion powers as seen in his games. However since coming to this world, he has been keeping his hands clean and never used them, causing Flora to feel disappointed. In the end, it was the power of words which was ironically greater than the Hyperion power that put a stop to the war and saved the world. In short, Flora didn’t expect this too. The archbishop and the sorority are trying to escape and start their plan again. However Incognito corners and knocks them out. In the aftermath, the king abdicated his throne to someone else, citing health reasons. Jugglaburk’s weird fetish was exposed so he has no choice but to relinquish his throne to his young nephew. Ulbrion units are made useful by being put to hard farming labour while the archbishop was tried and lost everything. Forezo went to live on an uninhabited island alone as suggested by Kon. Wow. This monster listens.

But now it’s for Erec and Kon to settle everything for good. The final showdown. Do they have to do this? Erec insists. So with the 2 guys clashing and each of their team trying to keep the other at bay, just when it seems Erec is to deal the final blow on him, Mariandel stops him. She heard him saying this is a revenge for his son. Doesn’t he mean his balls since he is not married yet? Erec admits it and everyone is shocked that he has no balls! But Mariandel says he can get them back. She has decided to stop being both gender and will give him hers. Seriously? How can you reattach balls? Leave it to Ixion technology! Why didn’t they do this in the first place? With Flora making her magic look so easy, the balls leave Mariandel and are restored within Erec. He is overcome with joy of this miracle. However this means he is in debt and thus Kon uses this chance to end their fight. Now Kon wants to lose his DT to Flora. Don’t resist! She promises to meet him in his room but obviously that’s a lie to get him off her back (literally). And just like that, she is going to send Kon back to his world. Some goodbye words please? Ecarlate becomes an emotional loli. But that comes with punches and slaps too. Kon hopes this one-time divorcee will grow up to be a fine woman. He wishes his pals to take care of the princess and for Incognito to take care of this world. When he opens his eyes, he is back in his room. He thinks he has just fallen off his chair and had the longest and weirdest dream. What kind of dream lasts for 6 months? But could everything be real? Because Ecarlate’s slap mark on his face still hurts. And that apology note from Flora. Though in shock, he smiles before putting on his jacket and exiting his room.

B.O. Balls Out…
So that’s it? Kon becomes the hero, saves the world and returns to his own just like that? Well, blame me if I really did expect some sort of flashy ending because after all the exaggerated jokes, antics and funny stuff we have seen and been through, ending on a note which is this plain doesn’t quite cut it. Maybe that is how the surprise ending is supposed to be. No surprise at all. But I can relate to why the ending is like that. It’s like playing your computer or video games. Once you have reached the end of your goal, you view the ending (many of them usually very crappy) and then that’s it. What more do you want? You leave your game behind only with nice (and not so nice) memories of times you had playing the game. Surely that after you have rescued the princess from the clutches of the evil dragon, marry her and lived happily ever after, you’re not going to really bug and pester for more details of what comes after that, right? That’s why in the case of Kon returning to his own world, the story for this anime ends there like that. But the end teaser of a second season for a second there made me wished it had continued. I mean, we see the preview as 10 years down the road, Kon is still a virgin, all unkempt and scruffy. He suddenly gets recalled back to this alternate world whereby he meets back with his old pals, all grown up. Ecarlate may still have her loli face but she’s all grown up and busty. Mariandel is so sexy. Sainglain packs a macho moustache while Pet is just furious looking like as though he has upgraded to a lean mean creature feature. So do we really want a sequel? After spending such a long time together, there is this bond created so that’s why in a way we get this feeling of reluctant to leave. But just like everything in this world, there is a beginning and there is an ending and all good things (and bad) will one day come to an end. And that day has come for this anime. Although I have been many months behind for this in this blog ;p.

What else can I say about Kon? He is the reluctant hero and unlike many heroes summoned from another world, he isn’t your typical chivalrous knight in shining armour or some super human warrior with talent. Just a scrawny kid with lots of negativism, pessimism, complaining and always taking the easy way out of things. When the going gets good, he takes advantage of it. When the going gets tough, he gets going. So does he have any Hyperion power to begin with? Well, I have theory. Flora might have misinterpreted his Hyperion power when she saw him playing his video game. When you play games, you take on another character that possesses super and cool powers. Then you get even cooler powers when you power up and upgrade. So I think that may have been the mistake. Otherwise, she did mention he has never once used his Hyperion power and that is because he has none! His mission to find his way back to his own world seems like a wild goose chase after we have seen Flora easily sending him back home. Even faster than you kids could type your SMS messages. So why the roundabout? Just to make him stick around, awaken his non-existent power and save the world. After giving excuses and somewhat being adamant of wanting to just find a way back home, the wild goose chase led him back to square one and with nothing in the end. So it was just as good as sticking around with the princess, travel from one town to another and do his job of saving the world that earned him the easy ticket home. Despite some of his un-heroic-like ways, he still cares for the group. They are after all like one small dysfunctional family, right? One thing about his DT still bugs me. Despite he is still one, there was one of the earlier episodes that he was believed to be screwed by Mariandel, no? Unless that was made up too. Let’s hope this is so.

Ecarlate seems like a brat at first and perhaps using her princess status to treat her subordinates as they are. Once you get to know her, she’s not that all bad although she does have a few quirks of her own. You don’t really want to make her mad when her ahoge springs out. Despite considering Kon as her slave, I think she values him for who he is. That last emotional bit proves it. She can put up her haughty princess-like attitude or make mature decisions for the sake and the greater good of the world. But remember, she is still a little girl. So it’s okay to throw a girly tantrum once in a while or be treated like a princess. Oh wait. She is one. Is it me or is her face ‘broken’ because she always seems to put up that annoyed frowning look on her face. If she smiles, it’s like a rarity. But even that her eyes are like some dead fish… Oops! Mariandel the transsexual… Closely authentic as a female that sometimes it slipped my mind that she is a guy. It doesn’t help she looks as pretty as a woman too. From time to time I had to remind myself that this is a guy and not a pretty maid you should be fawning over unless you have trap fetish! I don’t know why, I find it hard to do that…. You think every tough muscle guy is macho? Even guys like Sainglain have a soft spot for furry felines. That is his strength and weakness. Cats of the world can be assured that their kind will be protected as long as this guy is passionate about them. Or too much of it can be really disgusting. Then there’s Pet. I suppose he is the mascot of the series because I don’t really see him do much except from time to time secretly talking with his communicator. After his ability to talk is revealed, feels like he is reduced to a minor character just to provide some animal cuteness and some retorts.

When you have a group of hot looking men like Erec and his Incognito, making them as the antagonist won’t do justice (to about everything). They might not have as much spotlight as the main characters but there are a handful of episodes that are dedicated to them. So what does this tell us? They can’t be totally bad, right? They may start off as antagonists to Kon and the gang but as the series progresses and more plots uncovered, can you really stomach a group of bishonen as the bad guys? Villains usually are fat ugly mother f*ckers, right? So how can Incognito be scoundrels? True enough the sorority that hired them is the real culprit and so we have your shonen type anime with Incognito, once villains and now allies. Okay, maybe it is because they have a common enemy at the end. Just like Kon’s group, Incognito have their own quirks as well. Erec tries to be a good leader before and after losing his balls. But sometimes I can’t help feel that his men or some other people have this habit of usurping or cutting him off and making him feel frustrated or annoyed. He never gets the chance. KT is a feminine drunk, Leon a masochist and Gustave the womaniser and cabaret frequenter. I think Variation is the more useful one of the pack but with these guys around, sometimes it is hard not to get dragged into their flow.

Jugglaburk is a wuss. Making his real debut (not counting the opening credits) halfway through the series, he seems like the main antagonist for the rest of the show. I know what I said about hot guys being bad guys but I’ll make Jugglaburk an exception because he has got this arrogant evil look in his face. His first wedding night with Ecarlate revealed his true colours. A pervert. A sicko. Big handsome guy playing with dolls? Even Ecarlate is cooler than him. So can you blame Ecarlate for freaking out after seeing his nose hair? After that incident, Jugglaburk has been reduced to the background just like the sorority themselves. Their presence doesn’t feel that threatening. There are a bunch of other characters early on in the series like Limpus and Gabriella, Miranda or Kon’s cult followers. I wonder what happened to them. Ah well, I remember I just said something about video games reaching the end and forgetting about the detailed stuffs. Do we really care what happens to the NPC? Thus, do we care what happens to unimportant side characters? Emilia? She’s still waiting for Erec. Just a thought to ponder about. Now that he’s got his balls back, all is well, ends well, no? Just remember, despite Erec as the new owner of the balls, it doesn’t really belong to him, right? So can he make love in peace to Emilia if he ever thinks that these balls weren’t originally his to begin with?

The comedy bits are what make this anime fun and enjoyable. Some are really crap like the 18 rituals of wedding. So outrageous. So bizarre. So funny. And after all that hard work put into it, it just ends in a divorce? Why don’t they make an equally long 18 rituals for divorce too? I guess they’re trying to say that building up something takes a lot of hard effort but to destroy, it just takes seconds. There are a number of parodies but since I am not a very obsessed otaku, I didn’t really spot them and just a number of them. I think if I keep count, I would have more fingers left on my hand for those parodies that I have spotted. I thought the balls are going to be the main running joke of the series but thankfully it didn’t. Maybe for the first few episodes when Erec lost his balls. Then from time to time, we are reminded that he has none and so we go “Oh man! This guy is actually walking around without any balls!”. That’s why having 2 balls are important. Essential to keep the right balance of this series (and one’s balance as seen in this series – I don’t know how true this is because I have never lost my balls! I don’t intend to!) because too many balls would be just disgusting, right? As for the action bits, they are rather amusing and serves more to compliment the comical bits. I mean, anybody can go around swinging some stick while spouting crappy names you just come up with as you go along, right?

Fanservice? WHAT FANSERVICE? There is a beach episode and a hotspring episode but bear in mind, that is a pretty boy. And traps are no go for straight guys like me. Perhaps to ease my sanity, I keep hoping there would be some twist that Mariandel is a female or delude myself since she looks so pretty and girly, acts so girly, sounds girly (almost), then it must be a girl! Am I awakening to the trap fetish???!!! If it’s any consolation, since Mariandel gave her balls to Erec, I suppose that counts for her to be a true blue woman in the end. So all is not lost (even if she loses the balls). Thus I consider the only real female among the main bunch of characters is Ecarlate. But I’m not a lolicon either… Oh, I forgot about Flora. Because she wasn’t really part of the main gang till towards the end of the series. Her feminine curves and appeal could sure make DTs like Kon want to lose it. And there’s KT… Don’t even ask. I had a feeling this person was a woman but in order not to screw my mind, I consider KT a man just like the rest despite the feminine behaviour at times.

Jun Fukuyama being casted as Mariandel really raised an eyebrow or two. This guy who voiced Lelouch in Code Geass and Yukio in Ao No Exorcist is voicing a transsexual? I know he voiced perverted characters like Kakeru in Akikan and gay-like ones such as Grell from Kuroshitsuji but this? It was really odd at first but he sounded amusing as this cross-dressing maid. So much so that in his really girly voice I really began to believe that there was a girl behind his voice! Till he blows his top and shouts it out at the top of his manly voice! Then reality comes crashing down on me! Oh sh*t! But he’s done a good job in voicing the character. I didn’t realize it was Ryoko Shintani behind the voice of Flora. No matter how much I hear again her lines, I just couldn’t believe it is her. Her trademark voice I used to identify this wasn’t there. Not the Milfeulle of Galaxy Angel that I know. Not the Rihoko from Amagami SS as I know. Definitely not the Sae from Hidamari Sketch that I know. So really, Flora was voiced by her? Couldn’t believe it. But it’s her. Thankfully some of the other casts I recognized like Hiroshi Kamiya as Erec (Hibiki in Devil Survivor 2 The Animation), Kazuya Nakai as Sainglain (Zoro in One Piece), Tomokazu Sugita as Leon (Gintoki in Gintama), Yuki Kaji as Variation (Alibaba in Magi), Satomi Arai as Gabriella (Shirai in To Aru Kagaku No Railgun) and certainly that crazy voice that belongs to Yu Kobayashi as Miranda (Mariya in Maria+Holic). For the rest of the other casts that I don’t really recognize include Takuya Eguchi as Kon (Yoshiharu in Oda Nobuna No Yabou), Shiori Mikami as Ecarlate (Akari in YuruYuri), Yoshimasa Hosoya as Pet (Shichika in Katanagatari), Kouji Yusa as Jugglaburk (Ichimaru Gin in Bleach), Kenichi Suzumura as Gustave (Sougo in Gintama), Mitsuki Saiga as KT (Phantom in MAR) and Aya Endo as Emilia (Matsu in Sekirei).

The lively rock opening theme is DT Suteru by Golden Ixion Bomber DT. I take it as Kon and the gang’s seiyuu singing with the rock group Golden Bomber. There is Kon’s version for the second half of the series but I don’t hear any significant difference accept that his voice is just taking the lead while Golden Bomber swap places to be the background vocals. The ending themes are the more amusing one. The first one is Let’s Go ED and this wild but catchy rock piece is also sung by Golden Ixion Bomber DT but this time Erec and his men lending his voices. With such amusing lyrics about Erec’s, uhm, you know what and Incognito hogging the spotlight for the entire ending credits animation with their pretty boy poses and all, you can’t help sing along especially when it gets to the chorus part. Let’s Go ED, Ike Ike Go Go! One more time from the top! There is an Erec version but it doesn’t make a difference since I can still sing along! Let’s Go ED, Ike Ike Go Go! The second ending theme is my least favourite because DT Ondo, sung by Kon and the gang sounds like a festival song and it feels somewhat boring. I resigned myself that this would be the song for the rest of the season but reaching 4/5 of the series, the third ending theme takes over. This is another amusing piece since it is sung by Erec’s group. Cheekily named Stand Up ED and another Incognito focused ending, it feels like they’re singing about Erec’s you know what. There’s a bit of samba feel in it but this piece is still nevertheless fun although it still can’t match up to the first ending theme. And they had to make that cheeky gesture by using Erec’s finger firmly pointing upwards to make it look like that thing Erec lost… There is an episode that features the special ending song. That karaoke episode. Yeah. Erec and Kon belting out their respective issues in a solo karaoke session. Tama and DT respectively. How aptly named those songs are… I guess besides baldness, they are men’s greatest worries.

So you see how much trouble you would go through just to prevent a war or save the world? Is it no wonder why we prefer to lose ourselves in video games taking on avatars in third person to do the job? Can’t shoulder the heavy responsibility in real life. And to think that it is mere words that ended everything, I say it one of the ‘shocks’ of the series. At least Kon finally put his complaining to good use. If only it was that easy in real life. I suppose we can learn a thing or two from this anime even though it seems far-fetched to be applied in real life. 1) Action speaks louder than words. But words are sometimes more effective than any action; 2) Miracles may be mere coincidence or lack of knowledge on your part; 3) Child marriages are bad. They never work out. You’ll be labelled a lolicon; 4) Weapons of mass destruction can backfire so don’t even think of making them for your own gains; 5) You don’t need to go through all the crap and dangers just because you want to lose your DT. There are many places you can do so. For the right price; 6) Once you lose your balls, you can never ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever get them back. No two ways about it. So protect those family jewels like you will for your life. I know I’ll be sleeping with my legs clutched every now and then… 7) You don’t have to believe everything you just read…

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