Fate/Kaleid Liner Prisma Ilya

April 26, 2014

Because Ilya had very minimal role in the sequel prequel of Fate/Zero, so minimal to a point where you think that series could have gone on without her presence and that her appearance is just so that we don’t forget that she is part of this entirety of the Fate world, therefore a spin-off anime of her own was produced. Heh. That is how I came to conclude why Fate/Kaleid Liner Prisma Ilya was made anyway. Otherwise, why do you need to take a cute half-German half-Japanese loli and turn her into a magical girl? I’m not really familiar with the Fate universe so there are lots of speculations to what I have to say, so please forgive me. I’m not sure even if this is a proper spin-off created by them or just some anime-only series. Oh wait… I think I saw the manga cover somewhere over the internet. Oh heck, I wasn’t so interested anyway. I just wanted to see if Ilya could be both amusing and cute as a magical girl. Aren’t magical girls so? And no, I’m not a fan of Ilya, please…

Episode 1
Ilya walks home with her adoptive brother, Shirou. She is not pleased that her sister Liz has opened her anime package and is watching it. Well, she paid for the postage fee, right? Sella the house helper blames Shirou for not setting a good example as her brother. Not only that, because he always does the housework, she herself has nothing to do! Meanwhile Rin and rival Luvia return to Japan after a year abroad. They’re not happy and keep blaming each other. Their talking Kaleid sticks, Ruby and Sapphire respectively advise their masters not to fight in public. And so it is inevitable. Rin and Luvia in their magical girl form are fighting above the city at night. They are going to use their Class Card but it seems not to be working. Their Kaleid sticks have had enough of them and start lecturing how they have ignored their mission and everything. The disobedient sticks renounce them as their master. Goodbye. As Ilya is taking a bath, she thought she saw something in the sky and turns off the lights to have a better look. It’s coming closer… Shirou then comes in thinking the bathroom is vacant. Ilya is totally embarrassed and ducks to hide herself. Ruby flies in and knocks out Shirou in his face. Ruby tries to persuade Ilya to become a magical girl but she remains suspicious. Ruby is sad that young girls these days aren’t interested to become one anymore. Ilya tries to mention she is the wrong person but Ruby continues to advertise the perks of being a magical girl. Destroy enemies with your beam or maybe use a love romance spell. That last one has Ilya reacted so Ruby is quick to guess perhaps her loved one is Shirou. Embarrassed Ilya denies and is about to throw the stick away but suddenly her body can’t move on its own. Seems a contract is formed via direct contact and he love power as a young girl acts as an activation key. When Ilya mentions her name, Ruby officially announces her as her master.

We see first glimpse of Ilya’s transformation scene. Ilya is not too pleased but Ruby is happy that little girls make the best magical girls unlike ‘old hags’. Seems Rin has found them and heard the sarcastic comment. Rin wants Ruby back but she won’t go back to her as Ilya is her new master. Ilya tries to explain she has been duped. But Ruby won’t leave Ilya’s hands. Changing masters is not possible without her consent. Rin slams Ruby to the wall. Ruby then tells Ilya to point her towards Rin and curse her in her head. Rin is zapped and this is Ruby’s ploy to bluff and show Rin that this is Ilya’s answer! She even puts words in Ilya’s mouth she won’t be handing her back among other insults. Mad Rin fires away but because Ruby has the best defence, Ilya is unscathed. Rin then uses a blinding light to temporarily blind Ilya and then knock her out. Ruby thought of escaping via this confusion but Rin won’t let her. However since she has chosen Ilya as her master, Rin accepts it. Initially she didn’t want to drag her into it but now that it has come to this, Rin wakes Ilya up and wants her to listen to this important thing. Blame Ruby if you want. From now on, she will be a magical girl to collect Class Cards. Oh dear. Even Ilya can tell the mess she will be getting in. Is this what being a magical girl is all about?

Episode 2
Ilya explains her real parents are busy travelling around the world. Now that Ilya is a magical girl, Rin starts her explaining. She is a mage and a candidate for the London Clock Tower chairmanship. She is here to collect cards under orders from Clock Tower and the one Rin has now is Archer. Such cards possess high level magic and very special power. In the wrong hands, it could destroy a city. This job of collecting cards is difficult and thus she was lent Archer and a Kaleid stick. Of course the stick asserts her right to choose her master. Till Rin manages to change Ruby’s mind, Ilya will be helping her to collect cards. Is this what she has signed up for? In school, Ilya’s friends can tell something is bugging her but what are the chances they will believe that magical girl thingy? But Ilya chooses to be positive since she’s already in it, might as well have fun. She thought somebody left a love letter in her locker. Excited? But it turns out to be blackmail from Rin to meet at the school grounds at midnight. Disappointed? Back home, Ruby teaches Ilya how to use her as a weapon. Twirl around and smile cutely? Is she taking her for a fool?! I don’t know cuteness is the number one offensive magical girls have. Flashback reveals Rin and Luvia were sent by a Clock Tower member to Japan to collect cards. If they successfully complete this mission, the Grand Master will accept them as disciples. They have 2 weeks to complete this dangerous mission that could cost them their lives and must work together.

Ilya meets Rin and after the former transforms, the latter explains she has detected distortions in this area. But the courtyard is empty. Seems Class Cards are to be found in a mirror world. Ruby does all the complicated dimension hopping stuffs to send them over. Instantly the Class Card of Rider starts materializing, preparing to attack them. So you have to defeat them before collecting it? So it wasn’t just a simple search and collect? Rats… As Rin’s magic doesn’t work on Rider, she leaves it all to Ilya. Letting her do the job, eh? Well, only pure magic can stop her. Close combat won’t work so Ilya tries to make some distance. Let’s say she’s good at running… Ruby tells her how to shoot magic beams with a swing. Ilya fires a powerful one. Rider takes a direct hit but it will take more than that to stop her. As Ilya gets the hang of firing beams, Rider easily dodges them all. Ruby advises Ilya to fire a barrage of smaller beams to cover wider area. Though it hits, her attack was weak. Rider is going to pull off some powerful kick ass magic so Rin wants Ilya to get back here to be protected by her barrier. Suddenly a mysterious magical girl wielding Sapphire enters the scene. She activates her Lancer Class Card and stabs Rider in the heart. Rider is defeated as she collects the card.

Episode 3
A familiar moronic laughter is heard. Oh no. It’s Luvia. Miyu Edelfelt is her apprentice. So annoying her insults that Rin deservingly beats her up. And yeah. They continue to let their fists do the talking. Hello, the mirror world is on the verge of breaking up and you still got time to punch each other? Leave it to Miyu to transport them all back. And they’re still fighting… Seems Luvia experienced exactly the same thing like Rin, the case how Miyu was turned into a magical girl. They call it for tonight and go home. But Ilya is surprised because this is not the end of it. There are more cards to collect! Didn’t sign up for this, did you? Guess what? Miyu becomes the new transfer student in Ilya’s class! So cliché. Miyu’s Finnish. There’s a vacant seat behind Ilya. She’s finished. Haha. Oops. Later Ilya gets to know Sapphire. Since Ilya knows nothing about the cards, the Kaleid sticks start explaining. Two weeks ago, the Mage’s Association detected some abnormalities in Fuyuki City. These strange magic is called Od. A team was dispatched to investigate and it was revealed the Class Cards were behind the distortions. There are 7 of them and 3 are already captured. Then they explain stuffs like Heroic Spirits, their different classes and Noble Phantasms which I believe Fate fans would understand easily. The conversation is interrupted when Miyu doesn’t want Sapphire to be seen in open.

Miyu must be an extraordinary super human because she excels way beyond an elementary kid in class. Her academic ability is so amazing that she puts up the most complicated maths formula on the board that Einstein could only understand. Her artistic ability is so good that she drew something like Picasso. Her cooking skill is so outstanding that she somehow manages to cook lots of world class cuisine with just a frying pan. Tastes so good that you want seconds! What about gym? Let’s say Miyu beat Ilya flat. No sweat at all. Do such perfect super human even exist? Well, there are magical girls, right? After school while Ilya feels down because she puts in so much effort and yet there is somebody who excels like a genius. Then she bumps into Miyu and respects her. She seems to have hit a nerve when she calls Miyu a fellow comrade. This has Miyu questioning why she is even collecting cards. She was duped by Ruby, right? What is she fighting for? Simply dragged into it, no? Because if she was serious in declining this job, Ruby would have given up. Ilya did mention she did want to do this because it feels like living out an anime or game so it’s exciting. Might as well enjoy while she’s at it. Miyu becomes upset thinking this is all a game to her. She tells her don’t bother fighting anymore and will collect the cards herself. Ilya is left baffled about Miyu’s offend and couldn’t understand why she got lectured. When she comes home, she is surprised to see a bloody huge mansion in front of her home! There wasn’t anything there before. How the heck did they make it all in just a day???!!! Don’t tell me it’s magic. And oh… Miyu lives here too… What a freaking coincidence. Surprise, surprise?

Episode 4
Everyone meets up to go on another card hunting trip. However they are well beaten up and had to retreat because Caster is one tough mother firing powerful magic beams from magic balls covering the entire sky! Luckily they escaped in the nick of time otherwise they would have been vaporised by her most powerful magic shot. They discuss their strategy and they think they’ll stand a chance if they can fly above those magic balls. However flying is a very advanced skill for magical girls. Say what? Then why is Ilya doing it so easily? Yeah. They can’t believe it either. How does she fly so easy? Simple. Don’t all magical girls fly? As Ilya trains, Luvia is going to have Miyu train to fly too. Yeah. Throwing her off the helicopter without a parachute! Leap of faith? Humans weren’t made to fly! She comes crashing down missing Ilya by an inch. If not for the magical barrier, she could have been flat. Look what a big crater it caused. Ilya offers to teach her how to fly but Miyu sucks. She just doesn’t get it. Or maybe Ilya is a bad teacher. Sapphire thinks there is some source that Ilya imagines that made her fly easily. That source turns out to be her magical girl animes. Miyu still thinks it will be impossible even if she watches the entire series. She starts explaining all the theory, logic and laws, quoting equations why it is impossible. I think Ilya’s brain is going to explode hearing all that. So the best advice to her to fly is: Don’t think, cast away your logic and imagine. I think Miyu may have a hard time buying that too.

The girls meet up for another round of attack. The plan is to have Ilya distract Caster and let Miyu handle the offense. Things start off well and although Miyu doesn’t fly, she’s like walking on air. Well, it’s almost the same as flying. A miscalculation has Miyu shot down, bleeding and almost killed if Ilya had not acted fast to save her. To make things worse, Caster can teleport so their blasts cannot hit her directly. Ilya then purposely attacks Caster to make her teleport so when she reappears, Miyu will fire all she’s got. It worked as Rin and Luvia finish the job. Have they? Because Caster teleported at the last minute and is about to unleash her most powerful magic beam. Miyu rushes there but can she make it in time? Ilya fires a magical beam to serve as Miyu’s stepping stone to cut down Caster. With Caster down for good, we hear explanation from Sapphire and Miyu about her air walking in which she solidifies the mana in mid-air and using it as her foothold. Sapphire couldn’t understand Miyu’s words of fighting alone yesterday but their victory today is possible only because they cooperated. She believes Ilya can be trusted. Rin and Luvia feel strange that the world isn’t collapsing yet. Suddenly they are done in by… Saber! No time to rest yet. Here comes your next opponent.

Episode 5
There are only 2 choices: Fight and defeat Saber now or secure the others and escape. Since they’re not powerful enough I guess the second one is the only option. Miyu will distract Saber while Ilya secures them. However Saber is not moving an inch and this means Miyu cannot unleash a bigger blast. Furthermore, Saber’s black mist aura is one powerful mother whether in offence or defence. Saber shifts her attention to Ilya. She almost got killed. Because of that, she is in shock just like a sitting duck. It took Miyu to come to her rescue. The girls are in a dilemma what to do. Saber is good in both short and long range fighting. They cannot defeat or rescue their friends. What will they do? Saber gets caught off guard by Rin’s explosive gemstones. I guess sleeping time is over. Could you believe it, even at times like this, Rin and Luvia can still trade insults. Please get serious. They go on the offensive against Saber. Miyu and Ilya end up arguing because the former wants to play the heroine to hinder Saber, something which Ilya is against. Ruby smacks them both and doesn’t want them to fight among themselves. The Kaleid sticks agree to this last resort. Just when it seems Ilya and Miyu are joining the fight, they actually throw their Kaleid sticks to Rin and Luvia. For that brief moment, they register them as magical girls again. Rin and Luvia are temporary magical girls and their power back at full force just to defeat Saber. And please, enough with the insults. Just defeat Saber. Luvia fires her magic around Saber’s black mana mist to dissipate it so that Rin can go up close for melee combat to lead Saber stepping onto a magic trap. Just a minor setback for Saber. Despite the constant bickering between the ladies, it’s hard to admit that they make a good team as their teamwork is perfect. Rin goes in for another round of melee combat. This time purposely getting hit so she can fire a blast point blank. But all this is just to buy time for Luvia setting up her magic circles. They’re going to blast it all way.

Episode 6
So powerful that let’s say a huge ‘waterfall’ is created in the river. Now with Saber out of the way, the duo can get back to insulting each other at full swing. Uncivilized monkey. Shameful sausage curls. It’s like they were waiting all night for this… Before they can take it out on each other, Saber returns! Surprised? She uses Excalibur to swing the most powerful blast ever. Let’s say the entire place is almost decimated and the ‘waterfall’ is much greater now. Ilya and Miyu are seen left standing. Oh no. Ilya fears they are dead. But not Saber. She’s targeting them. No place to run. No place to hide. Ilya is so scared (or upset) that some inner lock breaks. Then it’s like she uses the Archer card and starts turning into a badass killing machine. Look at those killer eyes… Hmm… This scene looks familiar… Unlimited Blade Works? And here we are, Ilya becomes the Heroic Spirit of Archer! OMG! She’s powerful enough to stop Saber’s blast with a single hand! She’s fast enough to go up to her and slice her up while evading her counter attack! She’s cool. She’s badass. She’s… Ilya? She’s got loads of arsenal. From firing her arrows and summoning swords. We witness a cool swordfight between the both of them and when Saber is about to use her Excalibur again, Ilya also summons her own Excalibur. The battle of Excalibur. Who is going to win? Obviously Ilya. Once Saber is vaporized, Ilya returns to normal and collapses. She narrates she has no memory of what happened. Despite Miyu being the only witness, it was hard to understand what happened. Anyhow, they managed to survive. As for Rin, Luvia and the sticks, they managed to bury themselves underground so don’t worry, they’re still pretty much alive. Although Ilya is unconscious, that event put her body under great stress. Miyu carries her home.

Episode 7
Ilya is sick although she doesn’t want to admit it. Sella forces her to stay home. Bored as hell… Bored to death. Hey, better than dying in the battlefield. Ruby turns into a telephone so that Ilya can talk to Miyu. Since their conversation is getting awkward, Ruby turns into a projector so Ilya can do video conferencing and talk better. I didn’t know such sticks have so many functions in them. To Ilya’s surprise… MIYU IN A MAID OUTFIT!!! Suddenly a weird switch is flipped. She wants Miyu here, now, on the double! In those clothes! Like roles reversal, Miyu becomes the timid one while Ilya the sexual harassing monster. Miyu explains that she is Luvia’s maid in exchange for taking her in and helping her collect the cards. When Ilya praises Miyu for defeating the enemy in the last battle, Sapphire talks privately to Ruby. She witnessed the fight and says it was actually Ilya who defeated Saber. She connects the USB (I would really love such magical sticks) and transfers what she saw. They wonder if Class Cards are to be used that way but are glad they won anyway. When they return, they see Ilya dominating over Miyu! Oh sh*t! When did she learn to sexually abuse maids?! After they made up and renew their friendship, Ilya’s sick switch turns on again. She strips herself and wants Miyu to wipe her body. Then her friends come in for a surprise visit. Oh sh*t…  Some kind of advanced fetish play? After everybody leaves, Sella is seen dressed in her traditional Einzbern maid outfit just to please Ilya. However she is not amused and ignores her. Frills over tradition… Yeah. Don’t deny it. Behold the influence of maid power. Ilya notes that even if it’s just a little, she feels closer to Miyu than before.

The girls are in another card hunt. As they look around, Ilya’s neck is suddenly grazed by a knife. Everyone forms a defensive circle. Here comes Assassin. Or make that, Assassins. You mean we’ve got to defeat all 50 of them? Ilya’s vision starts to get hazy. Her thinking starts to be less sharp. The bruise on her neck is getting worse. Her mind starts going crazy, thinking about blades, blood and death. She now remembers what happened during Saber’s fight. The girls make a run but Ilya couldn’t and collapses. Rin realizes too late she has been poisoned. The Assassins throw all their knives at her. Her friends can’t reach back in time to save her. Ilya wonders if this is how they’re going to die when suddenly that inner lock of her unleashes again. This time a huge explosion occurs. Assassin is defeated and there is a huge crater covering a wide perimeter. Miyu lectures her that if she had not put up the defence barrier in time, she would have killed them all. She blames her for being hit first, messed up and caused her mana to explode. Although she defeated the enemy, if it wasn’t for her, they would not be in danger in the first place. She has had it. She doesn’t want to fight with her anymore. Broken hearted Ilya flies away. The truth always hurts… And it always tastes bitter.

Episode 8
Ilya returns to school but her friends can tell there is an awkward atmosphere between her and Miyu. They’re not talking. They’re not even looking at each other although they sit close to each other. The girls are to form groups to do artwork and tell a story from it. Miyu decides to become Lone Ranger and gets things done herself. Their friend Tatsuko seems to be drawing horror drawings instead of Japanese folklore… Ilya is being forced to do the storyline although she vehemently declines since it’s impossible for her. She’s a normal girl, right? The Kaleid sticks also sense the tension between the magical girls. Sapphire remembers when she first made a contract with Miyu. Soon after, Luvia came looking for the stick when Miyu popped out. She will collect cards on her behalf in exchange for a home, food, clothes and a place to belong. Even back home, Sella can tell something is wrong with Ilya. Like she is hiding something. Liz doesn’t give a damn so Sella chides her sister and for not even doing a proper job as a maid. Yeah. And here I thought she was a resident-cum-master of this house. Sella warns she will be fat this way but Liz replies all her fats go into her boobs. This causes Sella to be upset and start a boob war. Eliminate all unnecessary bags of meat! When Shirou comes back, he hears about the boob problem till and thinks they’re talking about Ilya till he realizes Sella was the subject. Now she blows her top. Since Ilya still feels down, Ruby suggests her to talk to Rin how she really feels. Ilya meets up with her and hands in her resignation letter. Rin expected this. At first, Ilya was curious and did it for fun but after nearly dying twice and reflecting on Miyu’s words, it’s not so fun anymore. Rin understands and relieves her from her contract. However Ruby won’t pick Rin as her master citing she wants to choose her own. Fine. Have it your way. There is only 1 more card left to collect. Rin thanks Ilya for everything and hopes she will have a normal life. But Ilya doesn’t feel relieved. In fact, she feels a little pain in her heart. Of course Miyu is there and heard everything. She has no qualms of Ilya quitting. Ruby still sticks by Ilya’s side because she feels their fates are intertwined despite Ilya not having anything to do with collecting cards anymore. She’ll stay with her even if she isn’t fighting. Sounds like annoyance… She is sure there comes a time when Ilya will need magical girl powers but Ilya believes that won’t ever happen again.

Episode 9
It’s back to the simple and normal life for Ilya. Oh. Her mom’s back. Does she need an announcement to be with her daughter and do some skinship? Iri wonders if anything big has happened while she was away. It’s not the magical girl thing that she caught on. It’s that huge mansion across the road. Ilya mentions about Miyu who lives there and Iri would love to hear more about her. Ilya describes her as a quiet girl, good in everything and always like to do things alone. Ilya then indirectly explains the magical girl stuff they did together and one day they came close to losing. She feels she was completely useless and caused everyone trouble. Iri wonders if she was that scared to be blamed for her team’s failure. Of course she is. She screwed up big time and did something that cannot be undone. Iri asks if she is the only one who is scared and having a hard time. Miyu might not look like it and despite being good everything, being alone is always difficult. She probably said all those stuffs so she could shoulder the burden alone including Ilya’s since she was scared. Ilya then just realized. Why didn’t Miyu say all this in the first place? Well, she’s a quiet girl, wasn’t she? Ilya still feels scared of messing up again but she really wants to help Miyu. Iri answers that Miyu helped her when she was scared. Now it’s her turn to muster her courage so she can help Miyu. She is confident Ilya will do a fine job. With that, Ilya bolts out from the house to find Miyu. Without hesitation, she has Ruby transform her into a magical girl. Miyu, Rin and Luvia are fighting against Berserker. It’s insanely powerful and strong and you don’t want to get a direct hit. Worse, it can resurrect and heal itself. Rin suggests retreating and coming again another time. However Miyu teleports the rest away. Only she and Sapphire remains. She will take care of this once and for all. Because she saw how Ilya did it, she uses the Class Card of Saber to transform herself into a Heroic Spirit. Better say those lines fast because Berserker is charging in. Miyu slays Berserker a number of times but each time he heals to a point where Miyu’s sword cannot penetrate his skin as it has become immune to it. She will defeat him as long as it takes. She will not retreat because if she does, Ilya will have to fight next. And she already made it clear she doesn’t want to fight. She is after all the first person who called her a friend. Miyu loses all her mana and returns back to normal. Is it over? Apparently not. Here comes Berserker. Rising again. He has Sapphire in his grasp. Before Miyu could be squashed, here comes Ilya slicing Berserker into half! Why is she here? Because Miyu is her important friend.

Episode 10
Rin and Luvia are here too. They use higher magic to bind Berserker. I guess this gives enough time for the girls to reconcile. Ilya apologizes and admits she has been naive and foolish and ran away when things got dangerous. She wants to be by her side and fight with her. Likewise, Miyu expresses the same wish. I hope they’re done because Berserker is about to break free. Ilya has a plan. When the girls scatter, Ilya seems to be the bait for Berserker. Rin and Luvia temporarily blind Berserker with a blinding light so Ilya can fire a powerful magic point blank. This is followed by Miyu thrusting Lancer’s spear into his heart. Did they finally do it? Well, no. Berserker resurrects. Again. They’re out of options. Ilya feels hesitant to use her Class Card so Miyu is okay with that and will go on the offense while Ilya provides support. But Ilya casts away her fear and wants to do it with her. Thanks to her, she realizes that she can’t move forward if she abandons her friends. Miyu also realizes that there are some things you can’t do alone. They each summon Excalibur and blow away Berserker. Finally this dude is defeated. With all the Class Cards collected, Rin and Luvia thank them for their help. All that is left is to bring them back to Grand Master but Luvia snatches them and will claim all the credit for herself! Oh no. Here we go again. The real rivalry begins now! As for our young magical girls, they walk home hand in hand like best friends.

Ilya is awakened next morning by Shirou. She gets a little bold wanting a morning kiss and does it. Bad news: It was only a dream. Even bad news: She kissed Miyu!!! In fact, Miyu is okay with it and will go along this route if she wants. Before this turns into some loli yuri anime, Ilya puts her foot down. Thank God this weird fetish didn’t awake inside her. Iri also leaves as fast as she returns as she can’t leave Kiritsugu alone. She is glad to have watched her daughter grown up. Ilya and Miyu are running late to school. Because the Kaleid sticks are staying with them, they transform into their magical girl form to fly. As long as nobody sees them… In school, Miyu is so close to Ilya that it just gives off the wrong vibes. See how she holds her arm like lovers? Even her friends are stumped. What just happened? Yesterday they seemed like they had a fall out and today, it’s like they’ve been best friends forever. Could be even more. They are glad that they are getting along. However when they want to be friends with Miyu, she tells them off she doesn’t need them! She only needs Ilya as her friend! Who cares about the rest! Oh sh*t! I have a feeling this is going to be a yandere route if it’s left like this! Poor Tatsuko left crying like mad. Meanwhile, Rin has been told a devastating news by Grand Master. Although they have collected the cards as instructed, he will take them under their wing as promised. However there is another condition. Seeing that they lack common sense and need to learn it before they continue their magic studies. Conveniently they are in Japan, the land famous for good values of cooperation and harmony. Study there for a year and then we’ll see about it. I guess this is what happens when you fight too much. Now they’re going to be at each other’s throat again for another full year. I hope Japan survives… Oh, did Rin become Luvia’s maid?!


Those extra little episodes that lasts a handful of minutes when you buy the BDs. Funnier and cuter stuffs from Ilya and the gang… Laugh your heart out…

Special 1
In this segment, Ruby has Ilya and Rin as guests so that they can replay certain scenes and relive their mistakes. For her to criticize and have fun, no? The first when is during Rin and Luvia’s fight when they are still magical girls. Rin is not amused and leaves but falls through a trap door. Next is Ilya’s magical girl transformation scene. It’s very embarrassing to her but Ruby just digs this section and obsessing over how cute Ilya is. Isn’t this just bullying? Noticing the difference in Ilya’s and Rin’s magical girl outfit, it seems that Rin had ears and tail (Ruby’s way of teasing her). Ruby regrets not putting it on for Ilya and forces a complete makeover! Now we have Ilya in beast mode! This isn’t magical girl anymore. This is a pervert! Well, perversion is becoming more mainstream in Japan (so Ruby claims) and to stem that embarrassment, she has Ilya undergo some training. Posing in sexy poses for our viewing pleasure… You can’t fight it, Ilya! Go with the flow! Then Rin just walks in and saw the entire thing…

Special 2
Who wants to be a millionaire?! Ilya is just a step away from 100 million Yen and the final question is: Which of the following does Ilya have a secret crush on! Oh sh*t! How can she answer that! Can you guess? A) Ichirou; B) Jirou; C) Saburou; D) Shirou. Ruby the host forces Ilya to use a lifeline even if she declines. The 50/50 lifeline just made the choice more obvious. Saburou or Shirou? Ruby forces Ilya to call for help. Who is that Ruby has dialled? Her brother! Ilya smashes the phone and accuses her of doing this on purpose. But now it’s time for her answer. What will it be? Then she sees Tatsuko in a funny mask in the stand and thus decided. She picks Saburou. Is that her final answer? Yes. Unfortunately, that’s not the correct answer. She loses the money but if you think about it, the answer makes it obvious who she has a crush on, right? And Ilya is screaming like a mad woman denying everything. All the answers on screen were wrong! Everything!

Special 3
Sella is horrified she has gained weight! When the entire household says that aloud in surprise, only Shirou gets owned. Sella starts analyzing how this is even possible as she has taken care of every aspect, blah, blah, blah to maintain her weight. She becomes a strict Gestapo immigrant officer and will rid of this illegal immigrant known as fats. She undergoes extreme dieting and dinner has become extremely modest. Why do Shirou and Ilya have to suffer? Although she loses some weight and a few more to go, she even gets the idea that she can even lose more. But she loses consciousness and passes out. When she wakes up, she is told by Ilya that she misses her cooking and wants to eat her normal everyday cooking. She has rarely smiled since and that is not healthy. Sella is touched that she is thought a lesson by Ilya. Because she neglected Ilya and promises to return to her duties. So while Shirou cooks and they have a decent meal, it is when Sella realized something. Wasn’t Shirou on cooking duty for 2 nights in a week? Yup. He was trying out some Chinese cooking since he got a new wok. Ah well. Here is the criminal who made her fat. Sella the Gestapo punishes Shirou. Too bad about the new wok…

Special 4
Ilya is enjoying a good time resting in her room when suddenly somebody crashes through her window! It’s Rin. But in a maid outfit?! I’m sure Ilya is shocked at the developments of everything but care to explain? Seems Rin has become a maid to earn money. She was horrified when she found no more jewels in her box and became desperate for a job. She saw in an ad a high paying job as a maid, 10,000 Yen an hour! Too good to be true! Plus, additional 5,000 Yen bonus if she has certain traits. And those traits seem to fit Rin… Hmm… Without thinking much, she accepted the job and then she realized the trouble she has gotten into. Because she has become a maid for Luvia!!!! Holy sh*t!!! Despite Rin hating the job and place, she perseveres just to earn the money. However due to constant bullying and shaming by Luvia, she has had it and ran away. Before that, she smashed a pot on Luvia’s head! Oh well, kiss her pay goodbye. Will Luvia be alright? The phrase the series was infamously remembered for (a modified version anyway): “She wouldn’t die even if she was killed”. Oh God! Rin laments she needs to find another job although she won’t find one which is as good as this anymore. Suddenly here comes Luvia. She apologizes for being childish and should be ashamed of herself for beating her into submission. She hopes they will settle their grudge when they are on equal terms and promises she won’t let her personal feelings intervene. Rin accepts her apology and obediently goes back with her. But Ilya saw the killer aura emitting from Rin and Luvia… Lies? Not over by a long shot. But what she is worried about is the tendency of people to come in through her veranda these days… Maybe they need some sort of a dramatic entry?

Special 5
Wait a minute. A special without featuring Ilya?! How can this be? Iri, Liz and Sella are playing a modified game of Life made by Iri. Seems all the squares they land will either have them take off or steal clothes from others. Sella doesn’t want to play this and tries to leave but the duo become ‘demons’ to force her to stay in the game. It looks like the game may be rigged because Iri is winning while Liz and Sella are stripped to their undies. Liz might not care but it’s a big deal for Sella. Yeah, Iri just love this great feeling of being dominant. Sella laments all she wanted was a new frying pan. Iri could have bought it for her even if they didn’t play this game. That doesn’t sound related… But anyway Iri wins the game and the rules dictate the winner will have the losers obey. The duo are put in a sexy apron outfit and Shirou is shocked-cum-embarrassed to see this. They are forced to act like a maid-cum-housewife. Liz is pretty okay but Sella is blushing all over. Liz gets cheeky if Shirou wants dinner, bath or Sella first. When Shirou picks dinner, Sella gets mad and beats him up! What the heck did he do?!


The sports festival is around the corner but Miyu has never experienced one before. But the final and main event of this sports festival is the class dance. Miyu may be athletic and all but she certainly has never danced before. On the way out, the friends eavesdrop Fujimura being confronted by a teacher. Seems he wants her ‘meat’ and if her class loses in the sports festival, he will eat all her ‘delicious meat’ that he likes whenever he wants. Gosh! Guess what the lolis figure out? Yup. Fujimura might become his sex slave! Wow. Lolis do know their terms these days. So all they have to do is win, right? But they didn’t know Miyu sucked this much in dancing. Ilya tries out and looks like she has some talent but a little fine tuning is needed. Okay, don’t panic yet. There is still time to practice. So everybody works hard to practice their dance. Yeah, everybody brazenly falls asleep in Fujimura’s class. But Miyu continues to practice herself after school, though she doesn’t seem to make any progress. Ilya comes along to give several heartfelt advices and image training for Miyu to dance. Express that feeling in your heart to move your body. Imagine dancing with her friends. It’ll be so much fun. I hope Ilya didn’t rant too long that she herself fell asleep. I suppose she’s tired from all that training. Sapphire hints to Miyu that she can use her if she’s feeling tired.

During sports day, Fujimura tries to rev up her class but it seems they’re already very motivated. All for the win! Since all the classes’ points are close to each other, the dance will determine the winner. The friends notice Miyu’s different hairstyle but she doesn’t want them to touch it. Ilya thinks she knows what is going on and explains it is probably Miyu is in intense concentration and doesn’t want it broken. So when it’s Ilya’s class turn, they put up a cute idol group dance. Everyone is amazed Miyu could dance so well and didn’t slip up. Later up at the rooftop, it is revealed Sapphire was hiding as Miyu’s hair band and this enabled her to use some magic to smoothen the process for her mental image transfer thingy. Seems Ilya also did the same with Ruby. Everyone is glad they saved Fujimura and she too is happy for their win. So happy that she reveals she will get all the meat now! What? She collected stamps from the purchase of school equipment, sent them to a contest and won all the high quality meat. So when the teachers found out, they were furious and decided the winning teacher on sports day gets to keep all that meat. So, it was just literally meat. No sexual innuendoes whatsoever. Disappointed? I’m sure the kids are. So much so they plan to head to Fujimura’s house for a victory party celebration! They’ve earned it, right?! Oh yeah! Share the meat!

Believe In Your Magical Girl!
I guess that isn’t the end of it yet. Right after the TV series ended, the second season has been given the green light for production. I suppose Ilya must be popular enough to warrant another season. You don’t even need to be a lolicon to admit the cuteness and moe that Ilya exudes throughout this show whether she is a normal girl or in her magical girl form. Ilya is like the epitome of cuteness and moe! And that’s coming from me who isn’t a fan of her. No, I’m not being tsundere either. But looks like the next season would seem grimmer as we have been given a glimpse of a mysterious character with that feels ominous. But as far as this season is concerned, it is quite entertaining with the action, comedy and the power of friendship.

So this magical girl encounter for Ilya has certainly changed her in a lot of ways. Especially the importance of friendship, which I feel is the main theme of this series. The cute thing about Ilya (heck, like I said, everything about her is cute even when she is a sad loli) is when she first became a magical girl. The surprise in her face like as though she never expected this to be part of a magical girl’s job is just priceless. Never heard of it, eh? I’m sure she forgot to read the finer lines of the contract when she signed up for this. She’s pretty dangerous when she sees her cute friend in a maid outfit. Yeah. Not dangerous when she’s behind a wand or used a Class Card to power up. Pervert crazily dangerous. Now it feels like it is biting back at her when Miyu is sticking so darn close to her. This one as she said is going to be her toughest battle yet. How to get along with her and the rest of her friends without her turning into yandere. It makes slaying Berserker look like child’s play.

You can say that Miyu is like a complete opposite in terms of personality compared to Ilya. For she is quiet and stoic. She lacks the lively expression that Ilya has whenever she speaks. So monotonous (sometimes to a point that it sounds ominous) her talk that it is hard to guess what she actually feels. I suppose that’s why she is a good example for the meaning ‘still waters run deep’. That’s why it was easily for us to at first cast her off as either an obnoxious loner or a very serious responsible girl. Even when she becomes the closest friend to Ilya in the end, she still doesn’t show much improvement in her emotions. Although she did smile and it does make her look better, maybe she should work on her facial expression instead of flying as a magical girl. Overall, it boils down to the simple fact that Miyu just wanted somebody to call a friend. Just like how she wanted a place to belong and she found that in Luvia. Doing things alone is perhaps her way of trying not to hurt her friend and get her involved in dangerous stuff.

It just hit me when they said something in this anime about magical girls do not really fly. We have been so use to the fact that magical girls transform, wield some wand, have magic powers to fight evil and to some even a magical pet of their own. It never crossed our minds that they cannot fly. It’s like common knowledge, if I should put it that way. At least as far as this anime is concerned. That’s why it was rather funny to hear them say about it and be in shock that magical girls aren’t supposed to fly this easy. Yeah. It took Miyu quite some time to digest it and was quite in denial mode for a while. Hey, can science explain about magical girls? So what does that say about flying? Yeah. Don’t think so much. But when Rin and Luvia were first in action, we already see them flying in the sky blasting the hell out of each other. So only high level magic users can fly? Aren’t magical girls supposed to be filled with lots of magic power?

Ruby has been the liveliest character and perhaps the most amusing one because of her tendency to be sarcastic and is filled with wisecracks. I believe I have not seen a magic accessory this cheeky and talkative as Ruby. She is even temperamental to a point she acknowledges who she wants for her master. Or maybe she has loli fetish instead of ‘old saggy hags’. Sapphire is a complete opposite and lacks the liveliness or mischievous attitude that is so permeating out from Ruby and is more reserved and polite. Both sticks are like day and night if you want to size them up but they get along pretty well. The other amusing pair is of course Rin and Luvia. It gets amusing when they start bickering with each other for the pettiest things. It’s like a love-hate relationship but leaning towards more the hate side. Whenever they are not serious and cooperating to complete their mission, we are rest assured to be ‘entertained’ by their squabbles especially Luvia’s high class nobility arrogance (moronic laughter to Rin) or Rin’s uncivilized and unfeminine ways. Had they do this more often, they could have overshadowed Ilya and this series since they never really tire of it. That would be really bad, wouldn’t it? They’re a good combination in fighting but somehow I feel they make good comedians too if they keep up this arguing. They know each other so well, right?

Other characters feel okay and felt like a little side distraction to provide some comic relief to the entire series that otherwise would have been dominated by the new magical girls, the ‘old’ ex-magical girls and their talking sticks. Ilya’s friends come in all forms and variety from nice girl to hyper active idiot, tall bespectacled girl to petite little one. I feel Shirou’s role is just to provide some one-sided romance from Ilya’s side (but of course, what else?) but as expected, nothing in this section goes anywhere. Another day and night comparison is Sella and Liz. Both sisters and maids of Ilya’s house but one is serious and dedicated while the other very carefree and a slacker. So much so for those unfamiliar with them will start thinking Liz is a freeloader in this house. I guess life isn’t fair. Liz bums around watching TV every day eating snacks as she wants and she doesn’t gain a single pound. If not, it all goes to her boobs. Unlike Sella… No wonder she is so easily infuriated. My guess is if Ilya’s magical girl job is discovered by everyone she knows, I am sure that they will still love her as much as before because you know, she’s still the same Ilya inside and out, right? Otherwise, is there a rule saying that magical girls must keep their identity a secret?

Action is also nicely done and well executed. Each battle to collect the cards is filled with lots of power and magic blasting action of great proportions. I guess that is why the mirror world exists so that it gives them excuse to put their magic to good use and go wild. But my favourite battle has got to be Ilya’s match with Saber in her Archer form. That match was quite exhilarating, exciting, non-stop sword clashing, magic blasting bout and a reminder why I was enthralled by the Fate/Zero anime. Speaking of the drawing and art, although not obvious, I find that the characters are given a slightly cuter feel. It is more apparent for Rin because from my side, she doesn’t look like her teenager form as seen in Fate/Stay Night. The end card at the end of each episode illustrated by different people is quite okay, though I feel that the styles are very similar.

The opening theme is Starlog by Choucho and sounds like a lively anime pop. The main ending theme is Prism Sympathy by StylipS and sounds like your typical magical girl anime pop. The special ending theme for episode 9 is Tsunagu Kizuna Tsutsumu Kodoku also by StylipS, not as lively as the rest and filled with those ‘sad’ words about loneliness and hurting but eventually there is still hope. There are a couple of insert songs, all of them sung by Choucho and play to a slower tune.

And so it shows that being a magical girl isn’t necessary a bed of flowers. Nothing new, really. We’ve seen it in Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica already. You can fly and use your magic powers to fight evil in the name of justice. Maybe you’ll just have to put up with the embarrassing magical girl outfit. Some can be cute but some can be just tad embarrassing. Besides, doesn’t some magical powers are fuelled by pure innocence and embarrassment? And does it matter if magical girls can only be helmed by young girls? Is there such a rule saying that girls who have crossed a certain age are too ‘old’ to become one? Whoever came up with that rule must be a lolicon. Definitely.

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