Kyoukai No Kanata

June 14, 2014

Got supernatural thriller and action? Check. Monsters to slash? Check. Got a dangerous weapon or thing that will cause the utter destruction of Earth and mankind if not contained? Check. Got the main protagonist character who is half human and half demon? Check. Got a character that utilizes her blood as a weapon? Check. Weird characters with equally weird if not sickening fetishes? Check. Cute girls? Check. But most important of all, does your girl wears glasses? Check, check and double check! Yes, got it! If you answered yes to loving your animes with all the above especially the glasses part, then please proceed and go ahead to watch Kyoukai No Kanata (Beyond The Boundary). Because glasses are what define this show. Glasses are what make this show move ahead. You cannot have this show without glasses. It is an abomination if there are no scenes lasting more than 5 seconds without glasses or spectacles. Glasses are a must! Glasses are compulsory! Glasses rule! Glasses FTW!!! Glasses… They are GOD!!!

Before I start sounding like a pervert with fetish for glasses, please keep in mind that my all time anime fetish still remains on maids. With glasses or not. Ahem. I don’t think I’m here to discuss my fetish in this blog so let’s move along, shall we? Ah yes. This show. How shall I put it? How should I explain it? I’ve already done so in the first few sentences of the first paragraph in this blog because that is what I feel best summarizes the show. Not the cursed blood, not the types of supernatural demons called Youmu, not the quirky characters that either want to make you laugh in ecstasy or puke in disgust, but the glasses. Oh… Looks like I’ve come back to that topic. I suppose with so many deviants and perverts with all sorts of fetish, I think the producers feel it is high time that those with glasses fetish should be given some due attention. Glasses fetishism in the world isn’t rare but they aren’t making much hype as maids or beast girls. Oh yeah. Glasses. Can’t live without them…

Episode 1
Akihito Kanbara sees Mirai Kuriyama trying to jump off the building to commit suicide. He tries to persuade her to stop. A girl like her is too pretty to die. He loves glasses. He should be careful in choosing his words. Mirai jumps back and stabs his heart with her crimson sword! And that is where their beautiful friendship began. A girl stabbing his heart he calls friendship? In the Literary Club, Akihito and Mitsuki Nase are screening through books when Mirai sounds like she is making a commotion outside. Akihito goes out to check on her. She’s being clumsy tripping on everything. Hmm… Meganeko… Dojikko… Total moe! Akihito tells her to give up because he is an immortal. No matter how many times she stabs him, he cannot die. Yeah, how many times has she tried to do that? He corrects her he is not a Youmu or possessed by one but a halfie. But she views as long as she is the Spirit World Warrior and he is somewhat a Youmu, what she does is not wrong. There’s your logic. Back in the clubroom, Mitsuki teases him the pervert he is, getting stabbed may just be his part in being a masochist. Akihito concludes the reason Mirai is persistently doing this: Love! Dream on. But Mitsuki warns him to stay away from Mirai as her family has jurisdiction over the Spirit World Warriors here. After school, there Mirai is again like a stalker, waiting to kill him. She materializes the sword from her blood, calling it a family curse because everyone was killed leaving her as the last survivor in her family. Akihito runs away while Mirai gives chase. Despite being clumsy, she still manages to catch up. He manages to outwit her when her stomach growls. Time for a break? Suddenly a real Youmu crashes in. Shizuku “Nino” Ninomiya swiftly fights and chases after this yeti and before they know it, they’re gone.

Akihito treats Mirai to a meal as she explains she has never defeated a Youmu before since her clan is hated for their ability to control blood, she tries to keep her powers hidden and avoid anything that has to do with subduing Youmu. But how come she has no qualms in killing Akihito and furthermore treating him as target practice?! Hey, what’s the use of being immortal then? He’s got nothing to lose, right? Although he cannot die, the pain is still immense and he doesn’t want to feel that. However he notes that killing a Youmu is easier than stabbing him so why doesn’t she do that? She didn’t answer. Later Mitsuki sees Akihito just to remind him to stay away from Mirai because her family is watching over Mirai, who is a newcomer in this city. And her family are the unwelcoming and over-protective type. Of course, this isn’t going to stop him. In the evening, he goes to ask Mirai the reason she moved here. She couldn’t tell. He wonders why she is eating outside instead of back home. From her reaction and answer, it seems the place she is staying has a Youmu. He is going to help her on this one so she can regain her confidence. He won’t have to live in fear of being stabbed by her again and again. But she doesn’t want to because she’s scared. If that’s the case, why not call it quits? She tried. She couldn’t because of her cursed blood. Akihito feels the same way too. As they enter her room, strange paranormal activities start to occur. The mummy Youmu attacks.

Episode 2
Mirai tries hard to fight back but it’s quite aggressive. All Akihito can do is give lip service to do this, do that, don’t this, don’t that. Eventually Mirai gets tired and the Youmu escapes. Akihito tells her to finish the job or else she won’t get paid. Money makes the world go round. And so reluctantly she chases it down and uses some secret technique that squirts out her own blood to corner it before stabbing right in its eye. It becomes a crystal. Akihito will accompany her to see Ayaka Shindou tomorrow to appraise this crystal. She is the official appraiser for the Society of Spirit World. Probably Mirai is feeling anaemic after using her blood so he might be taking advantage of her trying to persuade her to join his club. Because he likes megane girls. Just kidding. Really? There’s another member who is also a Spirit World Warrior she can talk to and can learn a few things from her. However Mirai refuses as she doesn’t want to interact with others. Next day at Ayaka’s place, they are greeted by her sister, Ai. Mirai panics because she senses Ai as a Youmu but Akihito explains there are some which are very docile. Ayaka is a Youmu too. As proof, they even show her the certificate of authorization. When Mitsuki comes into the picture, she doesn’t hesitate to insult the Playboy he is. Since Akihito’s persuasion for Mirai hits dead end, he has no choice but to look for Hiromi Nase. Akihito hates talking to this guy because of his tendency to call him some weird nickname. And even putting his fingers under his armpits… So gay… There’s some sort of agreement between them that Hiromi won’t go against him in exchange Akihito doesn’t side with anyone. Hiromi is in no obligation to tell him about the aggressive Youmu he ran into last night.

Later Akihito returns to Ayaka’s place and sees Nino trying to haggle with her. She didn’t think 26,000 Yen is enough. Due to some barrier Ayaka put up, Mirai can’t seem to find her place on her own. On the verge of tears. Luckily Mitsuki is there to guide her in. Mirai asks about her relationship with Akihito and she puts it as ‘watching him’. Akihito is embarrassed to see some magical postcard his mom, Yayoi sent. Because she is a nut case. Dressed up like a cat girl and acting so hyper active. This is not the first time. Imagine the number of times he could have died from embarrassment. It doesn’t help when Mitsuki continues taunting to torment him. “Just die already”… On to serious stuff, Yayoi warns the very powerful Youmu type called Hollow Shadow. It has no physical body and be sure to stay clear of it. Ayaka adds the last time she heard, it was so powerful that 5 A-rank Spirit World Warriors lasted only a few minutes against it. Last night Youmu may be influenced by its power since low level types do get influenced by energy emitted by others. Ayaka begins appraising Mirai’s crystal. Only a thousand yen. No wonder she’s furious. Mitsuki hints to Mirai that she can drop by the clubroom if she runs into trouble or needs advice. Mirai was kind enough to treat Akihito to a meal for his help. She doesn’t want him to bother with her anymore because their lives are totally different. She believes she is not allowed to enjoy life like him because she has killed someone with her very own hands.

Episode 3
Mirai is seen in another Youmu hunt but it is Mistuki who finishes it off. Although Mitsuki gives her the crystal, Mirai doesn’t want her charity and throws the tiny crystal back at her. Miroku Fujima, an officer from the Spirit World Warriors’ Observation Department is seen asking Izumi Nase about the Hollow Shadow. Her personal opinion on Youmus in general is that they are just monsters. Akihito finds Mirai and hands her a 10,000 Yen bill. It was how much that tiny crystal was worth. Oh sh*t! Mitsuki handed it to him and he got it appraised. So take it. Despite her mouth saying no, her hands are itching to grab it. Akihito is here to talk to her but again she reminds him not to get involved. First she used him for target practice and now she wants to run away? Later Mirai walks pass Nino and is told about Hollow Shadow passing through this area tonight. There are orders to stay away from it till it passes. Meanwhile Akihito and Hiromi are in some sort of fetish sick argument.  We know who has the megane fetish. What is Hiromi’s? Siscon. Man, he loves his sister, Mitsuki. He falls into despair when Akihito mentions he managed to get Mitsuki to wear one. And here she is in one. True defeat. She only wears this just to rile up her sick perverted brother. Then she throws the glasses away to show her disrespect for it. Much later, Mitsuki meets Akihito in a deserted place. She is here to warn him that Mirai may go after the Hollow Shadow herself. She also heard some sort of rumour that bad luck follows those who take in the ones who carry the cursed blood. A Spirit World Warrior, Inami took in the survivor of a clan. When she tried subduing a Hollow Shadow, she lost her daughter whom she cared.

A purple mist befalls on the town and Youmus are creeping up here and there. Of course ordinary people can’t see it. A big ominous mass of cloud is heading their way. Although some Spirit World Warriors remain in the sanctuary of their barriers, others like Hiromi are putting up barriers over town to divert it away. Akihito goes to see Mirai who of course is just going out to defeat the Hollow Shadow. As usual, she wants the stalker to go home as this is none of his business. He notices her ring as she explains the Inami family took her in despite she was cursed. The ring was supposed to suppress her cursed blood. Although she was isolated in the family, only their daughter, Yui played with her. They became best friends till one day Yui got possessed by a Youmu. Mirai took off her ring and killed her. Akihito says she is not at fault and that he’s alike. But how would he know? She blames he is the one in the wrong. Unlike him who got Youmu friends, people treated her like a demon and are afraid to touch her. So please don’t pretend he knows what it’s like. Mirai makes her way to the outskirts but as she prepares herself to fight the Hollow Shadow, she is attacked by someone she knows, Sakura Inami. They are swallowed by the mass and end up in some ghost town? Mirai runs away from her but is cornered. Her sword is slowly cutting through Mirai’s blood sword when suddenly here comes Akihito bumping Sakura away. Comical? I guess he got frustrated on what she said and has done lots of thinking (how long has it been since?). It’s she who is wrong!

Episode 4
Akihito takes Mirai and run but Sakura is relentless. Although the storm of Hollow Shadow has passed, it seems Mirai and Akihito are stuck in some mind maze of their own inside Hollow Shadow. Going up the endless escalators, they even have time to argue, nitpick and be stubborn while Sakura is hot on their ass. So who is this Sakura girl anyway? She is Yui’s sister and is out to kill Mirai. I guess it’s not hard to see why. Mirai sees illusions of Yui and gets attacked by her. Since she is in shock to attack whatsoever (‘Yui’ preparing to kill her while she just stares), Akihito throws her dropped ring and this made Mirai open her eyes and realize this is not the real Yui. She squirts her blood to break free of its grasp. ‘Yui’ transforms into Hollow Shadow. As Mirai stabs it, they return to the real world. Akihito wanted to get Mirai but was told to stay away. Mirai’s blood is raining down on the land and disintegrating it upon contact. All the surrounding trees and land die in that instant. Once it’s over, she asks if she looks normal to him. She looks like a beautiful bespectacled girl in his eyes. Suddenly Hollow Shadow stabs Akihito from the back and possesses his body. He wants her to stab her before it complete takes over him. He’s immortal, right? Otherwise everything will be in vain. That’s what she came here to do, right? Summoning her courage, she stabs through him and then squirts her blood to kick out Hollow Shadow. In the final intense battle, she manages to slay it.

Before she could go to him, Hiromi, Nino and Ayaka tell her to stay back. They are not upset that he fought the Hollow Shadow and then proceed to put up a barrier to seal him. As explained, after suffering heavy injuries like this, his half Youmu side will awaken. Akihito soon turns into one. A very powerful one that it is taking the trio all they’ve got just to keep him at bay. The little fiery projectile that escaped the barrier could cause a massive damage. Thank Izumi for putting up a barrier before it flies to town. In the end, he was too powerful to contain. The land is devastated and the rest knocked out. Mirai sees the monster in him and regrets what she said to him. Saying sorry now doesn’t quite cut it. Feeling responsible and the need to stop him, she dashes and jumps onto him. She doesn’t let go of him despite the struggle. Her burning blood soon calms him down and neutralizes his Youmu side. Then they get emotional after seeing the destruction they caused. In the aftermath, Mirai is seen devouring her food like there’s no tomorrow. Need to replenish her blood? Or maybe she’s just upset she took the wrong crystal. Yeah, that rock was probably worth 200 Yen. Akihito asks if he looks like a normal person. Well, a creepy perverted senior with glasses fetish. Yeah. That’s normal. The real crystal of Hollow Shadow is in Izumi’s hands and with it, this will delay the plan of Society of Spirit World Warriors for now.

Episode 5
Mirai is brought to the Literary Club after much pestering from Akihito. When she spots a gardening book in the shelf, she immediately takes interest. Without hesitation, she joins the club! That’s all it took. Then the guys are in cohorts, some sort of harassment conspiracy as they label and size up Mirai as the perfect girl with glasses and little sister features. 2 in 1. Everyone including Mitsuki pays a visit to the Nase’s family house. They meet Miroku on his way out who is just leaving after his observation stay. Because Mirai ignored warning to stay away from Hollow Shadow, she got her licence revoked for a month. She panics because no income means no food. How will she pay her rent? Don’t worry. Akihito will help out a little. Later Mirai and Mitsuki talk over food. Mirai still feels she is alone but Mitsuki wants her to ditch that thinking. She reminds him about Akihito being half Youmu and almost killed Hiromi, the reason why her family is keeping close watch on him. They spot a passer-by emitting Youmu aura and quickly go to draw it out and attack it. Mirai doesn’t hesitate anymore and kills the Youmu. Since her licence is suspended, she gives the tiny crystal to Nino who just came into the scene. Guess how much is that worth? 50,000 Yen!!! Such rotten luck this girl has with money. But as thanks, Nino treats her to a hearty meal. Mirai also notices a poster of a local festival but Mitsuki says she won’t be going like always since she is part of the Nase family.

Akihito is skipping classes since his Youmu transformation the other day continues to bother him. Mirai and Mitsuki take up a part time job at Ayaka’s place since the sisters will be going to the festival so they’re stand in to run the place. For extra income, Mirai is made to dress up as a maid and being taken photographs! Because a certain guy with bespectacled fetish requested it. No prizes to guess who this freak is. Ayaka is even willing to pay double if she is in the nude! But don’t worry, it’s for her personally collection. Ai even shows her nude photo collection to Mirai. It’s in her cat form… Oh, there’s the human form too. But we won’t get to see it… The sisters leave that evening and meet up with Nino, dressed all so sexy ready to grab a guy. Is this what the festival means to her? Mirai talks to Mitsuki about Akihito’s truant. She thinks he is alone like them all, perhaps a reason why she too never go to the festival year after year. I guess eventually they succumb to the allures of it and close the shop early. So happen Akihito is also there but the whiny kid is being brought in by Hiromi. Mirai says that everyone is here because they feel lonely. The fireworks lit up the sky. Everyone is happy watching it. Except maybe for Nino because her potential date stood her up because of his job. Hiromi is probably the happiest person since Mitsuki tells him to go get her a candy apple.

Episode 6
Mitsuki has a plan for Mirai’s school debut. First, start taking off those glasses. Akihito will not allow such defilement! Then they notice several bonsai plants in the corner that belongs to Mirai. She spent her money on this. No wonder she is always broke. So to make more money, Ayaka mentions about a fruit type Youmu that doesn’t go around attacking people. There is one detected on top of their school rooftop and could easily fetch 500,000 Yen. Immediately Mirai rushes to get the job done. Money face. What she didn’t know is the nasty surprise that awaits her. It seems each time it is easily agitated, it will let lose a very stinky liquid and flood the place. Yup. The duo stink. A lot. So much so others really stay away from them. Heh. Even Mirai made a fart sound with her mouth and pin the blame on Akihito. So they can’t get near it without a plan. Learning it has a fetish for girls, they need another person to distract it while the other attacks. So they beg Mitsuki to help out and she eventually relents when they ‘threaten’ with their stinky clothes. Desperate? I suppose the smell is going to last no matter how much they wash. Why not use Ai? Because she’s a Youmu. With Mirai doing sexy poses and attracting the Youmu, Mitsuki sneaks up behind it. All is going well till her pet who is supposed to attack it falters because it overate. Plan failed. Stink time.

Now they’re wearing gas mask because somehow Mitsuki got the direct hit. Though she herself cannot smell it, the only way is to defeat the Youmu if she wants to rid of this smell. So horrible that not even dear brother can stand up to it. She is put in a bubble as they figure out how to defeat it. The guys kinda like this idea of her in a cage and go on ranting about their fetish. Till Mitsuki just unzips and get out. Now start using your brains to defeat the Youmu! They learn that this Youmu also likes songs. At least if you sing and dance your body matching to the music’s rhythm, it will be attracted and lower its guard. Using the song that was believed to defeat this type of Youmu, Mirai seems embarrassed that they’re going to sing it. However she is a horrible singer! And instantly it’s stinkyville again! Mirai is fed up of being smelly and is at her limit. YOU STINK! But with the rest are so furious at this losing streak that they want to win against this Youmu, it made Mirai rethink her decision. And so they spend an entire week in training before facing in this final battle. Guess what? They have become idols! Oh yes. The girls put up an idol worthy performance with the guys equally as their backup dancers. The Youmu is totally fixated on them as they perfectly sing this song with flashbacks of their ‘harsh’ training inserted in between. They unleash their final weapon into the fray: Ai. She too joins the group as an idol and when the song ends, they have totally got the Youmu’s attention. They couldn’t believe it. They have won. But… Who is supposed to attack the Youmu? So much thought into practice and nobody thought about this last bit? Just sad… It’s going to reek again! Mitsuki is furious. The soap ran out… Washing and washing and washing and washing and washing…

Episode 7
Sakura is probably overkill the Youmus while thinking about her dead sister. All memories of her inside this little bell of hers. Meanwhile Hiromi is appalled that all his idol CDs have been replaced with hard on yaoi gay pictures! It must be a warning from Mitsuki. Because Hiromi secretly tried to submit an application of her to join an idol group. Yup. That’s it. Akihito even joins in the folly daydreaming about idols in glasses. Heaven. As for Mirai, she’s not too happy that for the umpteenth time the stray baseball destroys her precious bonsai plant. Nino is here (no, not to talk about some guy) to see Mirai. It seems Sakura has passed the necessary tests to transfer to this school. Of course they have no grounds to reject her but if they really want to, they could seek Izumi. Mirai talks to Mitsuki about the time she defeated Hollow Shadow. She learnt that as long as she as Yui’s murderer is still alive, there will be no closure for Sakura’s case. That night, Akihito sees Sakura at it again, over killing the Youmus. She passes out so he uses he weapon to destroy what is left. He has to let go of it as he feels an immense power being sucked away. Of course since Akihito is a nice guy who can’t let girls lie around in the street, he brings her home and even cooks her fried rice. Not that she even wants to eat it. That’s gratitude for you. Akihito learns her weapon grows stronger when she feeds Youmu crystals to it. She is still bent on killing Mirai because it is part of the deal to keep this weapon. She doesn’t remember the guy who gave it to her because all she cares is getting stronger to fulfil her sister’s dream of becoming the best Spirit World Warrior. Then Mirai is at the door. Sakura definitely wants to fight and doesn’t care if his house gets wrecked. He shoves her into the cabinet while he tries to fool Mirai. However she sees a pair of shoes. Akihito doesn’t have siblings or relatives, right? Then she becomes frantic. Naming all the girls she knows who could possibly be his company. Her delusions take a drastic when she thinks it is Hiromi!

Akihito is forced to reveal the real person just to shut her up. Now she’s cowering in fear. Counting sheep? Perhaps she thinks she is dreaming… Sakura will not be his prisoner any longer so she breaks through his window and escape. Couldn’t she have just opened it normally? Next day, Sakura becomes the new transfer students in Mirai’s class. What are the chances? As usual, the inevitable grudge match between Mirai and Sakura happens. During battle, Mirai tries to reason with her that her regret never went away even after defeating Hollow Shadow. She doesn’t want Sakura to suffer the same fate. Mirai sizes up Sakura about her powers. Although she has killed lots of Youmus and gathered them in her weapon, she is weak and will not be able to become s Spirit World Warrior. It is her who will be the one for them all. Sakura loses her will and the weapon tries to consume her. Mirai cuts her free. She wonders if Sakura is jealous of her because Yui once told her she was for her. She wants Sakura to continue living as herself. Sakura reconciles with her and they walk home together. She narrates it was the memories of the bell. Each time she hears its ring, she struggled to a point she grew desperate and lost herself. She always wondered where is the one who mattered most to her. But looks like she knew the answer all along. Meanwhile Miroku picks up the weapon and notes it has absorbed enough Youmu crystals. Now to recover Hollow Shadow. Meanwhile Mitsuki notices Izumi staring out through her window. She sees the town slowly being covered in its own reflection. She notes the Calm is coming. It is time frozen where everything stops.

Episode 8
It might seem Izumi wants to do something yuri to whoever that is. Like practising on her… But it turns out she just froze her. Or so it seems to me. Mirai and Sakura are now like, erm, friends? Mirai trying to wake sleepyhead Sakura for school but she lost her motivation since she enrolled here just to kill her. Now with that goal gone, is there a reason to go? At the train station, Akihito is also feeling sleepy. Cheeky Sakura shoves Mirai’s face close to him. Still sleepy? Seems he was awake last night trying to decide which frame looks best on Mirai… Wasted time… When Sakura takes one and puts it on, Akihito revives! The power of glasses! Later the rest of the gang sees this magical postcard again from Yayoi. Yup, that weirdo act again. A hamster this time? You can’t blame her son for being appalled. So after all that fooling around, it’s just to warn them about the Calm? So basically during this period, all Youmus will somehow lose their strength and be weakened. During this time, all Spirit World Warriors will take this chance to eliminate strong ones that they couldn’t before and earn big money. Akihito has to be careful since he is half Youmu and will affect him in some ways. Mitsuki is being picked up by Miroku for a drive. He makes her look at the odd horizon, in which they believe is a Youmu. Powerful ones do not have a physical form and it is believed they spend time building its powers and are born from the hatred and evil of the heart. If left alone, they will lead to ruin like war, disease and famine. This is what is called Beyond The Boundary. He is here to ask het more information about it since Izumi is somewhat stingy. However looks like Mitsuki is also kept in the dark so she turns on the tables on him to ask more about what he knows.

Her family may be trying to destroy this Youmu in secret and that there is something that may be related to Mirai. When she killed Yui, she was marked for death but suspiciously Izumi stopped it. Miroku is then attacked by Hiromi. Don’t like some stranger talking to his sister, eh? Mitsuki becomes very concerned when Hiromi gets caught up in an explosion. Hiromi must have loved the moment she yelled out “Onii-chaaaaaaaaaan~”. And now she turns into a tsundere. Hmph. It just upped her moe factor. Akihito dreams that his friends were scared of him and didn’t want him to come near them. Because he was ran over by a car and yet there were no wounds on him. And then Akihito’s hands are covered in their blood… He is snapped out when he realizes Izumi is before him. And then she casts her spell on him. It results in him being weakened (both his human and Youmu side). He is confined to bed and in the care of Ayaka. When the clock strikes midnight, all the Spirit World Warriors like Nino have a field day exterminating the weakened Youmus. Even Izumi joins the fray. Mirai is obviously worried about Akihito so Sakura wants her to stay with him. Instead of telling it straight that she likes him whatsoever, she puts it as she treats her like a normal person when they first met. So if you want to go to him, just go. Miroku confronts Ayaka and wants to take Akihito into custody. Not on her watch. She transforms into her true form, a nine tail fox demon. She is still powerful despite the Calm but Miroku nonetheless has the upper hand. Ayaka could have been finished had not Izumi butt in. Meanwhile Akihito starts to turn into a Youmu.

Episode 9
When Mirai returns to Ayaka’s place, Akihito is up. But Ai is down. Hiromi and Mitsuki just finished disposing a giant Youmu. Wasn’t it supposed to be weak in the Calm? Izumi and Miroku begin their super power battle with magic, explosions and barriers. Because Miroku can project a duplicate image of himself, he manages to escape her blow. Izumi then returns to attack Akihito but he too escapes. So the gang go find him but in his place, they find something more disturbing. A cupboard filled with glasses! Even worse, many scrap books of Mirai in those cosplay shots and each with their own commentary! This scrap book is number 135… Oh sh*t!!! Ultimate horror? But what makes Mirai close to tears is the glasses catalogue that he wants to buy a pair for her birthday. They head outside when a slight earthquake rocks the place. In the forest, a big hole in the ground and they believed it was made by Akihito. After Izumi inspects it, she concludes with a speculation. The next time Mirai sees Akihito, she must kill him. It’s because the Calm has completely upset his internal balance between human and Youmu. If the Calm ends now, he will stay this way forever and his human side will never re-emerge. He will be nothing but a powerful immortal Youmu. Therefore the Calm is the only time where he is not immortal and vulnerable. Mirai is so in a dilemma that she didn’t realize she’s churning up the gas bill. Sakura’s kick may have made some respond but she’s still pretty emotional. Mitsuki too talks to her brother about what Izumi said. Hiromi could kill him to spare Mirai’s ordeal but to make sure Akihito is dead, Mirai is their best bet.

After Izumi reports to her higher ups about Beyond The Boundary will be theirs soon, Hiromi confronts her about her intentions for using Mirai. Based on the way she interacts with her, he knows she is manipulating her to kill Akihito. As there is no proof to show Akihito’s human half to drastically weaken, he deduces she must have used her frozen barrier on him. Her answer is that to beware the Society of Spirit World Warriors as they are trying to take the family down. Hiromi talks to Mirai at the school rooftop. He lets her look at the horizon which is believed to be Beyond The Boundary. He doesn’t want her to kill him. If she ever finds him, call him. Mirai tells him this was the first place she met Akihito. She clearly remembers the first thing he said to her was that she loves her freaking glasses. Crazy? Maybe. Now she wished they never met if she knew this was in store for her. It’s like someone wants her life to be a living hell. It’s like she’s really cursed. Hiromi does his investigation at the family library to find out what profit could his family make by tricking Mirai into killing Akihito. Then he realizes that a small part of Beyond The Boundary has only appeared. The rest of it must be spreading somewhere else and is frighteningly powerful. Akihito is the only one who fits this description. I guess this is why the family kept an eye on him. At the same time, Miroku breaks into the place to steal the Hollow Shadow’s crystal. Mirai has found Akihito lying somewhere in the forest. A timely call from Hiromi. He realizes she is going to kill him and had planned it from the start. The chatter is cut when Akihito attacks her. She has a tough time fighting back since he is able to neutralize her power. And partly all those memories with him start flowing through her mind and screwing with her heart. She takes off her glasses and charges. Her blood sword pierces through him.

Episode 10
Akihito wakes up in his place with Mirai by his side. His injuries are slowly healing. Like his waifu, she cooks him fried rice but there is only one lousy boiled egg since she used up the entire fridge as practice. There’s a pig’s head in it for celebration? Because the duo continue to act so annoying, Sakura had to pop up to tell Mirai and say it straight to this dense guy’s face. Be honest with him. Mirai has been nursing him since he went unconscious. It’s now summer. It seems it is switching back and forth between summer and winter scenes. In the latter, it is gloomier as Akihito is acting like a zombie much to Mirai’s dismay. In the summer scene, Mitsuki thinks she is seeing things since Akihito is here. He’s supposed to be dead 2 weeks ago. That’s her sarcasm. On a serious note, she hopes he can take a good look at himself because she has had enough of these nightmares. In the clubroom as they chat, Mirai starts to get emotional about him being kind to her. And then the scene outside the window turns into Beyond The Boundary. Mirai points out that is him. His Youmu side is a collection of tainted hearts that will destroy the world. She reveals she came to this town to kill him but couldn’t. She didn’t want to. However she did try to force it out from his body (the stab) but as a result it is she who disappeared. She is before him because they are in his dream thanks to the small amount of her blood in him. But soon he will be waking up. She tries to kiss him but finds it difficult. Even in dreams? She disappears before he could grab her. He wakes up in bed for real and only her glasses are seen remaining by his side. Don’t feel like getting excited over it, huh?

Flashback to 6 months ago. Mirai got a call from Izumi to meet so she packed her bags and took a train to this town. Izumi showed Mirai to her higher up and how her blood will help kill Beyond The Boundary. She is their best bet since Beyond The Boundary has regenerative abilities that makes him immortal. She will offer her full support as Izumi tells Mirai all she needs to know about this Akihito person. Her brother tried to do the job but was almost fatally killed. Although Mirai wanted to finish this job quick, Izumi wonders if she could because of her mental state. She is still reeling from Yui’s death. And so the montage of selected scenes in previous episodes now start to make sense. Like how Mirai killed Akihito many times under the guise as target practice. Of course she was really trying to kill him but she wondered if he is really a threat since he looked so cheerful and happy. And since he couldn’t die, Izumi advised her to observe him for a while. Each time Akihito talked to her and she puts up that sullen face was because she was thinking about her own predicament. Even those short ‘forgettable’ scenes of Mirai meeting Izumi. There was something much more to it. Like the reason why Mirai tried to push him away each time he wanted to get closer and refused to join any clubs was because Izumi told her to keep her distance away from him. The Hollow Shadow incident opened her eyes. She never knew he suffered this much and all the while was only thinking about herself. As she couldn’t do so during that Hollow Shadow moment, Izumi reminded her it will be the end of the world once his destructive powers are awakened. And during the festival, they meet up so that Mirai could tell her she does not want to kill him. When the Calm came, Izumi came up with this plan to freeze his human side and is certain Mirai will go with this option to save Akihito without killing him. She must use her blood and body to draw out Beyond The Boundary and let it absorb into her body. She didn’t hesitate to go for this so Izumi gives her his coordinates and wants her to act quickly before the Society of Spirit World Warriors do. Akihito would have wanted her to live and to kill him so she may do so. However she knows she is going to save him anyway.

Episode 11
In the winter world, Mirai is fighting hordes of Youmus and trying to find the core of Beyond The Boundary. Mitsuki is relieved to see Akihito up. Yes, it is true. No sarcasm involved. As explained, he has been in coma for 3 months and lost his immortality. Mirai is considered good as dead because when she used every last ounce of her blood to flush out Beyond The Boundary, she totally vanished. Akihito hears some strange explosion noises from the sky but the rest heard nothing. So after Akihito has his fill of 3 months of food, he wants to go see Izumi but Hiromi thinks it’s of no use. The siblings tried to do so many times but were turned away. Though they were shocked that the only 2 options were either Akihito gets killed or Mirai sacrifices her life. They were never told since it’s not like they were going to choose who to die, right? But great timing because Izumi is here to talk to Akihito. She tells him about the probably history of Beyond The Boundary and that being possessed by it means death but somehow Akihito manages to live with it. However he is not interested in all that but Mirai’s whereabouts. Only the clan with the cursed blood could kill it but there was a problem. Mirai refused to kill him. She had no choice but to use the other method which was only feasible by her clan during the Calm. It is her duty to protect her family and the world. Furthermore, Mirai did it on her own free will as there is this person whom she would give her life for. If not for her, the world will not be here. Sakura is upset that Mirai is gone that she double kicks Akihito but no answer. As he goes through his handphone messages, aside from the stalker Hiromi, there is one from Mirai. He frantically reads it. It was sent before she confronted him. It’s the usual about her past and cursed features, how she loathed it till she realizes her powers weren’t meant to hurt but to save others. She’s happy to live, so happy to have met him, so happy that she wasn’t cursed. Now that he is a mortal and can die normally, he should live his life normal too. Her last words weren’t a confession like we hoped for. It was that she now doesn’t feel unpleasant anymore.

Miroku believes the Nase family thinks everything is fine if Mirai is gone. He knows Beyond The Boundary escaped being killed by fusing it with Mirai’s blood. Although it is weaker and fighting against her, it is sucking powers from surrounding Youmu and Spirit World Warriors to amplify its power. He wonders what will happen if he further boosts it. Using his car battery (?!), he enhances the Hollow Shadow’s crystal. The place starts to rock. Mirai continues to fight off Youmus and protect zombie Akihito. The real Akihito sees a big mother sphere in the sky and all kinds of Youmus being sucked up from the ground into it. There is also a letter saying that Mirai is alive and to come to the Literary Club room. The rest also receive this letter and make their way. However Akihito doesn’t want them to come in yet because there is this big armour dude in their room. Turns out to be Yayoi trying to make a flashy debut. Can you not blame her son for beating her up! A son beating up his mom?! Aside Akihito screaming his head off and Yayoi’s weird outfit and character, she tells them Mirai is still alive and battling for her life. She shows them a Youmu crystal that has been sitting in the clubroom. It doesn’t belong to Hollow Shadow but Akihito. This means it is also part of Beyond The Boundary. Akihito takes it and absorbs it into his hand despite the repelling electricity force. Yayoi adds that thanks to Mirai’s strong emotions, she has created an empty shell of Akihito and he can go there using it. How does she know all this? Because she is his mother. Izumi barges in and wants to know what he can do. Not sure. But he is willing to do anything for a pretty girl in glasses. Izumi backs down and let him go. He dashes to the highest point of some building and makes a great leap and break into the sphere. Mirai is at her limit but before she collapses, here comes Akihito crashing him and grabbing her in his arms. Look who is back?

Episode 12
Mirai argues all her hard work was for nothing if he is here. He argues a future without her is meaningless. I argue that you’re both at fault! Meanwhile serious Izumi tries to interrogate Yayoi on her goal and what exactly is Akihito. Because Yayoi continues to fool around with bad puns, Sakura couldn’t take it and kicks her! Although Izumi stabs her, it was only her double. All Yayoi hints that Akihito and Mirai aren’t your usual Youmu and Spirit World Warrior. They’re very special so take good care of them. Akihito and Mirai continue to battle Youmus and the core itself. Akihito’s right hand is now a Youmu after absorbing that crystal. Since it possesses some Beyond The Boundary’s power, it might be just the thing that will end this battle. Meanwhile everybody else gangs up to fight Miroku. However he is only interested in Izumi and whisks her to another dimension to fight. Mitsuki tells Hiromi to go help Izumi because if she handles it herself as usual, nothing will change. Hiromi hears how Miroku mentions that they both are possessed by Youmu, something nobody else knows. However Izumi denies that unlike him, she refuses to give into it as a human being. So don’t compare himself to her. Miroku’s taunting and teasing continue to piss Izumi off. When she stabs him, a big explosion occurs and they return to the normal world. Back to the other duo, we see them in action of hacking and slashing Youmus along their way with Akihito speeding up his bike across the ravine, falling short and even pushing the pedal to the metal riding against gravity all the way up. I guess you can never do this in the real world. Also, they’ve been jabbing each other about stuffs. It’s like they thought the other knew something like the enemy’s weakness or something but actually, no. The next thing they know, they see visions of past and current people they know who don’t want to be killed. Akihito wants Mirai to close her eyes so as not to let the Youmu deceive her as they are just embodiment of human hatred. Therefore it manifests in their heart’s weaknesses and then into real forms before them. He holds her hand and reminds her he was always with her. She is not alone. When she opens her eyes, all those ‘people’ turn into their true hideous Youmu form. They have to fight them all. There’s no choice. Thankfully they get a little help from Ayaka and Ai.

Then the final boss has supposedly taken the form a giant human hand trying to pound Akihito. However he stops it with his puny fists as he knows well everything about it is also him. He rages on all the negative emotions like despair, jealousy and loneliness that he has always felt. All of it belongs to him and he is going to take it back. In the end, he successfully absorbs Beyond The Boundary. Mirai then wants him to pat her head and say thank you. Something feels odd. It’s because she’s disappearing! Because Beyond The Boundary has returned to Akihito, this space is dissolving. Mirai will cease to exist like she was long before. She is thankful for being able to meet him. She is thankful for being able to fall in love with him… But that confession isn’t going to mean a thing if she’s going to disappear like hell!!! Akihito cannot accept this he frantically tries to catch her but she completely vanishes. He only caught her ring as he crashes back down into the real world. In the aftermath as he narrates, he thinks that it is Mirai’s hard work that once again brought peace to the world. Everyone’s daily lives resume as normal. Miroku has disappeared though the Society of Spirit World Warriors denied everything and blamed he was acting on his own. Izumi also went missing shortly and thus Hiromi took over the family head, although he vowed never to become like her. Despite Mitsuki still verbally abusing Akihito in the clubroom, he feels that without Mirai around, there is no point having a future. I’m not sure if this is a pun and play on her name since it means future. I think it is. No glasses = no future. So he is somewhat ‘forced’ to face this reality. Then he gets poetic, ranting about light and darkness existing together, blah, blah, blah. Then one day Mirai’s ring vanishes from his hand and he realizes something is up. He rushes back to the rooftop and the first thing he yells out is how much he loves Mirai in glasses. There she is standing without one. He doesn’t know if this is fate/destiny, Mirai’s hard work or just his strong feelings for her that got through. But screw all that because all that matters is they are reunited. The first order of business? Put these glasses on, baby. Gladly.

Idol Saiban! ~Mayoi Nagara Mo Kimi Wo Sabaku Tami~

I am not sure what these ONA episodes are for despite just to bring in the laughs. It has no relation to the plot whatsoever in the series and only lasts about 7 minutes per episode. Instead, you see our girls in chibi form as judges as they try to judge a different character on a ‘crime’ they have made. But they are so relaxed and carefree that it makes you wonder if this is really a courtroom in the first place. Worse, could it be a kangaroo court?

Episode 1
Akihito is being brought in to face charges by the panel of judges consisting of Mirai, Mitsuki and Sakura. Why is he the only one in normal form while the rest are so chibi cute? Simple. Because he’s not cute. The head judge Ai makes her entrance but she’s acting and talking so much like an idol judge that it’s just pissing Akihito off. Cute, no? The other girls discuss it was a bad idea making her as the head judge but it can’t be helped since she ended up with the most votes via some online election thingy. After that folly is done, Sakura reads the charges and Akihito is being charged for grossness. How does he plead? Not guilty. Exhibit evidences are shown how he is engross with glasses. Are these shots taken illegally? Ai is going to hand down her verdict. But first everybody gets up on stage and sings a group idol song that makes you go “WTF, is this a courtroom or concert?!”. Ai passes down Akihito’s sentence and it is to have Mirai’s glasses broken. Eh? What? Now this really makes him panic but he can’t do anything about it as a concrete pillar smashes Mirai’s glasses into bits! He’s in despair… Big despair. And Mirai is so like WTF…

Episode 2
Today’s defendant is Nino. They explain that she is brought here to be judged for a crime but they sarcastically hint that she has been punished enough throughout her life. Then Mitsuki nails it to her that because she was a little popular back in high school, she set the bar too high and missed a chance to become a woman. Nino is disgusted and shows her frustration by using her power so they keep her lock in a barrier. With Ai coming into the picture, it seems she somewhat copied Nino’s hairstyle and it feels like it is an attempt to piss her off. Nino’s charges: For being painful. Huh? First photo exhibit shows a shop clerk addressing how young she looked in a dress but Nino acted that she didn’t want the flattery. Despite her smiling face, it is actually filled with pain. Next photo evidence shows her in a mixer. Throughout the duration, she has been constantly maintaining her posture in a certain position to attract the guys. Looks painful, doesn’t it? Of course she failed to get any guy of her own. So here is the verdict. After that idol dance thingy, Nino is sentenced to become a high school girl. She is forced to wear a uniform but it makes her look like as though she is cosplaying. Yeah, looking at it just hurts. Big despair for Nino…

Episode 3
Hiromi… Is to be charged with contempt of court! Because he is stark naked and only clad in his scarf!!! Posing and loving it?! Mitsuki tries to slam the concrete pillar on him but to no effect. Then she fires away all the machine guns but this only made him ‘dance’ and ‘strut his stuff’! Hiromi even can coolly tell them off his punishment has already begun before the trial started. He denies being a pervert but a siscon. Yeah. To his sister, it’s the same. And worse. She sends this proud pervert falling through a trapdoor. When Ai arrives, she is disappointed that there is no defendant. She came all the way here just to exploit and torture people and what’s this? No show? A judge that exploits and torture people? As long as she is cute, it doesn’t matter. Cute = justice! Looks like she gets her wish since Hiromi returns. Still naked. Cover your eyes! Mitsuki and Mirai even think of suing him for this harassment. Definitely sure to win. But Ai doesn’t need to read out his charges since he’s so obvious in flaunting his indecency. Her verdict is he is to be sentenced to Akihito. Eh? What? He is to put his hands under his armpits for 3 days. Hiromi looks like he’s enjoying it. Yeah. The one suffering is Akihito. What the hell is this hard on gay thingy?! Where the hell are his fingers touching?! If it’s any consolation, thankfully none of the girls turned into a fujoshi.

Beyond The Glasses And Little Sisters – How Unpleasant!
The ending… I don’t know what to make of it. I have some mixed feelings of course. Everything that happened in the last episode somewhat feels rushed. It’s like they want to close this chapter and pull things out from the air for explanation to viewers. It just boggles the mind. Like about this Miroku dude, I don’t understand about his intention except that he is supposed to be the main antagonist and I am guessing his ambition is to destroy the world, the reason he wants to unleash Beyond The Boundary. Bad guys don’t win, right? So he is made to go missing. How convenient. Why not just kill him off and save the trouble? Heck, Miroku and Akihito don’t even face off or hardly even meet. If I remember it was just only once and that was just a brief one when he was leaving the Nase’s residence. How can the Society of Spirit World Warriors feign ignorance for everything big that has happened especially when one of their members was going on a rampage? The world was going to end and they didn’t take action at all? Shouldn’t the Nase family who has absolute jurisdiction in this area have done something about it. I figure in that case they aren’t just as powerful I thought they are. Because Izumi can’t even defeat this single dude. Strangely and conveniently enough too, Izumi also goes missing. Going after him? Why, does she like that guy? I don’t know. It’s all so hazy. And conveniently also, Hiromi becomes the head of the Nase family. Heck, he doesn’t look and feel the least bit part of it but I guess it isn’t important. With this kind of character, he can lead the family? Suddenly I’m envisioning the doom of the family in the next few weeks… Thus everything in the just feels suspicious.

And then there is this absolutely unexplained part to a point some may call it rubbish because they just want the viewers to feel good and relieved in the end. It’s about Akihito reuniting with Mirai in the end. Somehow. We’ve given that crappy uncertain narration by that guy himself as reasoning why Mirai came back. Don’t know. Not sure how. That’s how it seems about Mirai’s return. But we couldn’t care less about it because our lovebirds are back together again and they can come up with the craziest and most ridiculous reason why she resurrected because in the end the things that matter most is her glasses Mirai coming back to Akihito’s side once more. Here is a ludicrous reason from me why Mirai came back: Because God does not have glass fetish! She was refused entry at the Heaven’s gate and sent back down to Earth just because of the prejudice of wearing glasses. Therefore people who wear glasses don’t go to Heaven. CRAAAAAAAAAAAAP!!! I know it is nonsense but it sounded better than Akihito’s reason that his strong feelings for her got through. Even if that were to be true, his strong feelings are for her glasses… Yeah… Really… I mean, look at the first thing he said about her when he finally laid eyes on her. Something to do with her glasses, right?

However to be fair to this show (and putting aside the glasses obsession), this anime isn’t really bad at all. Heck, mostly because I read in many online comments and many had good things to say about it. I just thought those people had glasses fetish and blinded them in making a non-prejudiced review… Oops! Just kidding. Although, the show is far from being perfect and each still have their grouses. Heh. Everybody is a critic. So this show has got a little twist and revelation that stunned many (in both good or bad ways), like yours truly because we were being so focused on the glasses that thinking of the serious stuff was, well, unthinkable. There were some great action scenes with Mirai swinging her blood sword and slashing through the Youmus. Perhaps it is the execution of those action scenes that made it a little more exciting than your usual hack and slash animes as there are some magic and supernatural stuffs and things that go boom in a big way. There were also some funny moments (especially Mirai looking and sounding like a joker whenever she’s not in killing, hack and slash mode) and some of the lines were funny and it really made me laugh. There were some drama moments that would possibly pull a heart string or two. So I suppose overall in these areas, it is not bad actually. Although animes mixing in lots of genres here and there tend to end up messy and all over the place, this one doesn’t feel so and perhaps the reason why many felt it was beyond expectations.

Then there are of course the characters. Each of the characters is so quirky and weird that it makes them memorable. Let’s start off with Mirai because this bonsai loving girl’s favourite word is “Fuyukai desu” which simply means “How unpleasant”. You can tell her mood the more she uses this word in her sentence. The more irritated, the more “Fuyukai desu!” you will hear. So much so it might just turn into some “Fuyukai desu” spam. And because she is always experiencing the unpleasant (according to her) and viewing herself as having rotten luck, she often takes out her ‘complain’ in her blog. In which you can see her whip out her PDA and start typing in like mad her frustrated and “Fuyukai desu” feelings. I have a feeling that it will make her a target for online bullies. Then there is Akihito whom everyone will remember him as not the halfie but the guy who has great fetish in glasses. You can see his extreme reaction to them whenever it involved them. Especially if it is Mirai. In a way it is as though glasses are what define Mirai just like what Gintama’s Shinpachi is. Fuyukai, no? I suppose they want to add another catchphrase to the series because towards the end, you could hear them say almost as often, “Zama miro” which means “Serves you right”.

Well, speaking of the romance between the duo, sadly they didn’t officially become a couple despite Mirai finally confessing it. But during her vanishing moments? Not romantic even for a guy. The interaction between the duo is hilarious at times and sometimes the way they have a go at each other. So that kind of bond and relationship forming between them, it’s so obvious where the duo are heading to that you just feel frustrated that they are not being honest about it that you want to shout out to them and tell them to confess and kiss. Even if I did say Akihito is in love because of Mirai due to her glasses, in the end I would prefer much to believe that he likes her for who she is. The glasses are an added bonus. A very big bonus. Same thing for Mirai. She likes him not because of his constant undying love for glasses but for who he is. Being a hard core glasses fetish guy is nothing compared to the pain they’ve gone through and I’m sure she can live with it. Or maybe not. Nino is one of the many female characters in animes whereby she is past that ‘prime age’ of being a lady and is desperately in need of a guy. No matter how hard she tries, she always ends up lonelier so it becomes a taboo word for her and you don’t want to test her patience because her ground stomping move can really, well, shake the ground.

I wanted to point out that Mirai is the only character in this series that wears glasses. Unfortunately Miroku for whom many of us would love to ignore also wears a pair. But like I said, nobody really cares about him, right? Because Mirai is a billion times cuter in glasses especially when she gets clumsy sometimes. Ultimate moe? Well, I figure that one goes to Ai because the only role she has in this anime even if it’s supposed to be some minor supporting role is to act cute and be cute. Because in all the action scenes that has her and big sister in their truly form fighting the Youmu, it is only Ayaka who is seen fighting them while Ai just hangs around. Those who aren’t obsessed with glasses can breathe a sigh of relief that there is still some cuteness in girls without them. So why didn’t they put every female characters in glasses? Perhaps is to put the sole focus of glasses cuteness on Mirai. It makes her stand out more that way. Fuyukai desu…

Hiromi is equally quirky too if not, even weirder than Akihito because of his little sister complex. He has this serious look and side to him but when he opens his mouth on his fetish, it’s very hard to believe that this guy is an idiot. And what is the deal about him liking to put his hands underneath Akihito’s armpits? Cold? Why not his own? They’re nearer, if you know what I mean. I hope he does not have this hard on gay thing for Akihito. That would be totally sick and dangerous. To a point that Beyond The Boundary in Akihito might just explode and do a nuclear bomb on the world. Seriously, if this is meant to be some sort of new fetish play, I’d rather stick to his little sister one. Speaking of her, the only thing I remember much of her is her love for verbally abusing Akihito. She has the knack for it and although sometimes the words she chooses are so high level that I could not understand, I still laughed because it felt funny. Like as though it’s a cue for me to laugh… Sakura somewhat felt redundant after her brief storyline. She has been made to sometimes become a comic relief character but not as a big joker as Hiromi (double the effect if Akihito plays along with him). She hated Mirai for so long and suddenly after the Hollow Shadow incident, it’s like everything has been forgiven. Now she hangs out by Mirai’s side but still with her facial expressions as deadpan as ever sometimes perhaps trying to play the straight guy whenever Mirai is around and in her emotion flustering thingy.

One character remains a big mystery is Yayoi. Perhaps nothing is explained about her to keep the mystery of this crazy-screws-loose mother. It’s good to have mothers who aren’t your typical strict go-to-your-room-and-study kind of moms. It’s good to have mothers who can be like your best friend. But this one acts like a big embarrassment so even her kid Akihito who isn’t 100% human can feel the total humiliation and discomfort whenever mommy starts acting and prancing like a childish joker. It only gives the rest more ‘ammunition’ to taunt and tease him with no mercy. Especially Mitsuki. And some just want to kick her. Like Sakura. Whoever she is, I’m sure she must be a real important character because you know, when characters act like airhead but possess some powerful and mysterious powerful, you better bet that the character must be super badass that it makes you regret knowing their true personality and would have preferred the idiotic one instead.

If the art and drawing looks very familiar, then you should know that this anime was done by Kyoto Animation, the same company who brought to you Tamako Market, Chuunibyou Demo Koi Ga Shita, Hyouka, and K-ON! Yup. The characters here have a very strange resemblance to those animes that I have just mentioned. For example, Mitsuki at certain angles looks like K-ON!’s Mio or the titular character in Tamako Market. Mirai is just a glasses version of K-ON!’s Yui. There is a striking resemblance between Ai and Hyouka’s Eru. Hiromi could have been Hyouka’s Houtarou with a different hairstyle while Akihito might probably be Satoshi’s twin from that same anime. The dead Yui in this anime somehow reminds me of Hyouka’s Mayaka. The only character which I find familiar but do not strike a chord with a Kyoto Animation design character is Ayaka. I thought she looked a lot like Bleach’s Unohana… Serious! Also, I thought the pair of hair buns on Sakura’s head makes her look like Mickey Mouse… Serious!

Generally the art style of the background and other scenery is also pretty decent. Then with all the added magical effects in certain scenes, I guess it provides some visual candy to a certain extent. The Youmus may not be given much prominence despite being the series’ main ‘enemies to slash’. But some do look hideous enough to give horror amateurs the scare. On a side trivial note, each episode has some sort of colour in their title. Well, I think that the colour is somewhat given prominence in that episode whether visually or figuratively. I wonder what the colours of glasses and little sister fetishes are… Don’t get me started on pantsu… Whoops!

Stereotyping somebody is bad. That’s why it never occurred to me that Minori Chihara was the voice behind Mitsuki. Expressionless girls are her forte. So I thought for a long time since this was how I usually recognized her like Chiaki in Minami-ke and Horizon in Kyoukai Senjou No Horizon. Heck, I even thought she was the one who voiced Sakura instead. Worse, she should have voiced Sakura. So as the sarcastic verbal abuser Mitsuki, I would never have known it was her if I didn’t do my usual seiyuu search. Risa Taneda did a good job in voicing Mirai making her feel so alive and cute. Goes to show that it’s not only the glasses. Or maybe that enhances the cuteness of everything. Risa Taneda’s previous voice acting roles include Xenovia of High School DxD New, Saki of Shin Sekai Yori and Yukari in Yuyushiki. Other casts include Kenn as Akihito (Jinbei in Mushibugyou), Tatsuhisa Suzuki as Hiromi (Haru in Tonari No Kaibutsu-kun), Moe Toyota as Sakura (Kurumi in Saki: Zenkoku-hen), Naomi Shindoh as Ayaka (Shizuru in Mai-HiME), Yuri Yamaoka as Ai (Choi in Tamako Market), Akeno Watanabe as Nino (Rito in To Love-ru), Ayako Kawasumi as Izumi (Saber in Fate/Stay Night), Masaya Matsukaze as Miroku (Ren in Jigoku Shoujo) and Hiromi Konno as Yayoi (Sae in Amagami SS).

The opening theme which is the same name as this anime is sung by Minori Chihara. Although I said that her forte is emotionless girls (but even that is my very personal opinion), it doesn’t mean that she cannot sing. She’s a good singer in fact having sung a handful of anime themes. Though, I personally think this opening song is a cross between the opening theme of Black Rock Shooter TV series and BTOOOM!’s ending theme, Aozora (which was sung by May’n). Daisy by Stereo Dive Foundation serves as the ending theme. Although the slow rock and ‘lazy’ feel in this song reminds me of Kamisama No Memo-chou’s ending theme, Asunaro (which was sung by Kenichi Suzumura), it doesn’t sound quite bad actually. The insert song of Yakusoku No Kizuna by the seiyuus of Mirai, Mitsuki and Ai during that ‘failed’ idol stint also sounds good. If I hear it a few more times, I may get addicted to it. Maybe I already am…

In the end, I don’t know what else to really say about this show. Except that it wasn’t really about a world where humans and Youmus co-habitat and roam together. It wasn’t about special people with special powers exterminating those demons. It wasn’t about discrimination of a hated clan for ridiculous reasons (why hate somebody who could control blood?) and the reason they got annihilated and left only a survivor. It wasn’t about somebody having the most destructive mass weapon of destruction lying dormant within that could blow up the world any time. So what is it about? GLASSES! Constant reminders and spamming for the love of glasses of a certain character seems to have created that lasting effect. Rest assured that I have not developed any obsession or fetish for glasses. And that is good news. Because it seems the only way that I will remember this anime in the long term is glasses. It could be worse. Any glasses in real life could remind me of this show! Who else can you blame for making me remember it this way? Fuyukai desu, isn’t it? Hah. Zama miro, serves them right.

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